Chapter 41: The Sauna (Saturday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Nick and HIllary split up and tried the doors. They quickly found that one led to a combination shower and bathroom, another to a changing room, and the last led to a sauna. The sauna was turned off and not much warmer than the other rooms, plus it looked the most comfortable, with long wooden benches to sit on. So they chose that one, and closed the door behind them.

"Finally!" she exclaimed, looking just as eager as she felt. Standing right in front of him, she thrust her chest out and pinned her arms behind her back. "Can you do the honors?"

"Gladly!" He reached out and pulled the straps off her shoulders. Within seconds, she was naked down to her hips.

He gasped out, "Hillary, I've missed you so much!" He was in awe of her tanned, fit, and voluptuous body. He was about as aroused and excited as he could get, and his heart pounded hard. Getting intimate like this in the middle of a party at a strange house only added to the naughty thrill.

She hefted up her huge, bare, and remarkably round tits. "Did you miss all of me? Or just these?"

"All of you!" He wrapped her in a tight hug. But then he took over hefting up her big boobs, and asked wryly, "But is it okay if I miss some parts of you a bit more than others?"

Her laugh was cut off as his lips found hers and they began to kiss. At times like this, his self-confidence soared, making him bold.

But he wasn't done there. He still had an urge to get her dress all the way off. After a minute or two of happy tit-fondling, his hands went off to pull her dress down past her wide hips.

Hillary could tell what he was doing, and she was happy to help out. She shimmied out of the dress herself, saying, "Oops! My dress seems to be falling off. Even my clothes want to be naked around you!"

She picked up the dress that had dropped to her feet and put it on a nearby bench. It was very expensive and she wanted to be careful with it.

Hillary found herself standing there in nothing but a necklace and blue high heels. She almost never wore high heels, but she was making an exception for the fancy party. Even then, they were only three-inch heels, not the four- or five-inch types Maggie had been wearing lately.

She told him, "My goodness! You're a randy bugger, aren't you?" She laughed as he brought his hands back to her tits while also nuzzling his face into her neck. "Am I naked enough for you now? I know how you demand total nudity for your sluts!"

He felt a shiver race down his spine from hearing her refer to herself as one his his sluts. Even if she only meant it as sex talk, it got his heart racing even faster.

He pulled back to appreciate the sexy pose she was making. One of her arms dangled over her head, and her gaze was simply sizzling. Amaaaazing! Whenever I see her totally naked like this, I can't believe it! What's she doing with me?! God, she's so fine! So tanned! So fit! So stacked! And she's posing like that for ME!

He nodded like a bobblehead, leaned his head down, and buried his face in her cleavage. He quipped, "But if you can figure out how to get any more naked, I'm all for it."

She laughed, especially when he playfully motorboated his face into her F-cups a little bit. However, she warned him, "Watch out, you naughty boy! The door isn't lockable, you know. Anyone could walk in at any time!"

"I don't care! I need you naked!" His worries about the party were long gone, and his only care in the world was Hillary. He thought, Could it be that this is it?! Maybe I made such a great impression on Anushka today that she gave permission for fucking. There's an actual chance I could lose my virginity to my dream girl Maybe right in this very room!

He tried to push that thought away though, because he figured it was a longshot and he didn't want to get his hopes up too high.

"Wait!" she pulled back a bit, but let him keep pawing her bouncy, bare breasts. "Before we go too far, I need to remind you that I still don't have Anushka's permission to go all the way."

"That's okay," he said. In fact, he had just been thinking mere seconds earlier, but he didn't want to admit that.

Also, although it was fun to fantasize, he wasn't in such a rush to actually do it yet. Of course, he loved the fantasy idea of fucking her. But with the real McCoy becoming more and more likely, it seemed a scary proposition. He wanted to work up to that, and gain sexual experience with her and Maggie along the way so he wouldn't make a fool of himself when the big moment came. He even hoped that Maggie would give him fucking lessons, just like she'd been giving him cunnilingus lessons. It was fun to hope that, even if it was highly unlikely.

She said apologetically, "I hope you don't mind, but I didn't even ask her about it after you left. I didn't want it to seem like all that fun time we spent together was just a sales pitch to get her to change her mind on that."

He eagerly ran a hand down to one of her bare ass cheeks, and squeezed her there. "That's fine, and I understand about not asking again yet. I just need you naked! You look so sexy, I can't stand it! I want to explore your perfect body!"

She was breathing hard already. "Oh! In that case, I need to do some exploring of my own. I thought we were just gonna neck a little so I could get you to stop worrying about the party, but what the heck."

She brought a hand down to the large bulge in his slacks, and ran her fingers up and down it. "So this is what makes Maggie scream at night, huh? I love how thick it feels!"

Her own mention of Maggie caused her to say, "I feel bad that we're here without her. Is it okay if I have some private time with you though? I'm thinking that later, she could have a private turn with you, and then we could have even more fun as a threesome after that!"

He looked down at her hand, which was effectively jacking him off through his slacks. "All at this party?!"

"Sure! The night is long. All you need to do is make enough of a social impact so that the others will say 'Oh yeah, I talked to that Nick guy. He's nice.' You could do that in a couple of hours. That'll leave a few more hours just for playing around!"

He felt a shiver run down his spine. Pinch me, I'm dreaming! I'm so glad I came to the party after all!

She was panting harder, her huge tits heaving up and down. She stared hungrily at her hand pumping up and down his lewd bulge. "I can't wait! Please, can you take it out for me?"

"Are you kidding? As if you have to ask!" He was so worked up that he thought his heart would pound its way clear out of his chest.

Apparently, his hands didn't work fast enough to satisfy her, since he was still fondling her round boobs and it was hard for him to let go.

She unbuttoned his slacks and then unzipped the fly, causing his slacks to slide down his thighs to fully expose his balls too. She cradled his erection in both hands.

He brought his hands back to her ass, leaving her massive tits to mash into his chest,. But he let her pull back some (while keeping his hands in place) so she could have a clear view down to his crotch.

She exclaimed, "It's so... big! It's SUCH a nice thick one!"

He looked at the wonder on her face. "You're acting like you're seeing it for the first time."

She laughed, "Yeah. Guilty. Every time I see it, I'm surprised over how thick it is, so it feels like the first time."

He immediately started whistling Foreigner's hit song "Feels like the First Time."

She recognized the song and laughed. "Shut up! Overplayed corporate rock. Besides, you know what I mean. It's just the same as how your eyes bug out every time you see my boobs."

He laughed gaily. "You've got a good point there."

She laughed too. "Some things a person never gets used to. Besides, this is the first time I've had it all to myself, and up close under bright lights, no less."

He looked around the room, which was well lit. Jeeesus! We're doing this here, in a sauna! With a party going on not that far away. And a door that doesn't lock! This is madness! But I love it!

As her fingers started to stroke his hot pole, she spoke to it in a funny baby voice, "Mr. Cock, will you be my friend?"

Her fingers were sliding up and down his already trembling hard-on in a very arousing manner. "Oh no, he's not answering me. Must be shy. Maybe if I pet and stroke him for a while, he'll like me." She added in an extra sexy voice, "Or should I give him a kiss or two?" She stuck her tongue out and seductively licked her lips while staring intently into his eyes.

He just groaned lustily. He thought giddily, Note to self: the fake girlfriend scheme is a total fuckin' grand slam frickin' fuckin' frackin' success! YES! Hillary is as hot as she looks. Hotter, even! And it seems really damn likely she's going to blow me again! That's almost as good as fucking!

As her fingers tickled his sweet spot under his cockhead, he thought, I can't believe it! This can't be real! I think my dream girl is as into me as I'm into her! Dreams CAN come true!

She plastered her body against his some more, but kept right on stroking him. It was odd that he was fully dressed and she was completely nude, but both of them got off on that dichotomy.

They resumed their sizzling kissing. They changed positions and moved their hands from time to time, but still she kept on stroking him without any break. It was like at least one of her hands was permanently attached to his boner at all times.

He was quickly learning how to adjust his touch and his moves to better arouse her. He was gentle with her breasts and focused on her sensitive undersides even more than her nipples. Whereas she seemed to like his more aggressive kneading of her butt, and even some exploration into her ass crack.

She moaned in a very feminine and erotic voice to show her approval whenever her lust spiked, which was often. In fact, his tit and ass play was making her so horny that she began writhing her entire naked body against his, like a cat rubbing against a scratch post. But still, she kept on stroking.

Feeling encouraged, Nick thought about putting his morning's lessons on playing with a pussy into play. This was a very, very different situation than the one he'd faced with Maggie earlier. Then, he'd had all the time in the world, and he was lying down and up close to her crotch. He wished they'd role-played some situations like this, where he and Hillary were standing up and everything was frantic and exciting.

Still, he did his best. He threw out his earlier strategy of spending minutes before even touching anywhere on her pussy mound. But he ran his fingers just outside her labia and clit instead of touching either of them directly at first.

Hillary moaned, "Oh, yes! Touch me there!" She took his hand and moved it a couple of inches over so his fingers were directly on her pussy lips.

He was somewhat amused and chagrined, because he remembered Maggie's advice to start slowly down there. So much for taking my time! Oh well, maybe next time. At least I've had some practice on how to do this well too. She did say the starting slowly was for when she wasn't already worked up, and she's definitely worked up!

He started running his fingers up and down her pussy lips without actually pushing in. Her clit was already unhooded, and he occasionally tapped it or brushed against it.

Hillary appeared to love what he was doing, since she was going into erotic overdrive. In particular, she gave up all attempts at subtly stimulating his cock and pounded her fist up and down it with great speed instead. It was a "brute force" method that he'd never experienced to that extent before, but it was highly arousing just the same.

She was so relentless that within less than five minutes he found the urge to cum simply overwhelming. He knew it wouldn't be much longer. Given his unusual stamina, it surprised him that he would feel such a powerful desire to cum just from a handjob, but she was very forceful and insistent. He couldn't resist!

He idly wondered where his cum would end up. He hoped he would soon be painting her flawless tanned skin again.

Then there was a knock on the door.

They both froze. Nick started to pull his slacks back up, but Hillary didn't do anything. Her dress was up on a shelf, clear across the room, so there wasn't much she could easily do. But she had the sense of mind to ask, loudly, "Who is it?"

"It's Maggie! Hillary, is that you?!"

Hillary spoke back through the door with relief. "Oh, Maggie! It's me! I'm here with Nick. Are you alone?"


"Thank God! Then please come on in. But don't open the door much! We're not exactly presentable. It's unlocked, by the way."

Hillary had taken her hands off Nick's shaft, but she was so unworried by Maggie's presence given what the three of them had done together already that she went right back to holding and stroking it. However, she went back to a slow and steady style, as she didn't want him to cum right when Maggie was coming in.

Nick was more careful, and took his hand away from Hillary's pussy mound.

Maggie walked in and closed the door behind her. Her eyes practically popped out of her head because of what she saw. She had a side view of Hillary and Nick, but it wasn't his exposed cock that hit her at first. Between Hillary's hands and the way their bodies were pressed together, she couldn't really see it.

What struck her was the fact that Nick was (apparently) fully dressed in nice clothes whereas Hillary was completely naked, except for her black high heels.

That simple contrast hit her like a thunderbolt. She hadn't been aroused at all, despite all the 'beautiful people' at the party, but her nipples instantly popped erect in her dress. She felt she'd never seen anything so arousing in her life, especially given the way Hillary's high heels put her legs and hips in an even sexier pose than usual.

Only after a few seconds did she realize where Hillary's hands were and what those hands were doing. That just made her doubly aroused.

Then Nick, who'd been keeping his hands at his sides, brought his hands back to Hillary's ass after confirming it was only Maggie at the door after all.

That pushed Maggie's lust even higher. The way her son was matter-of-factly handling this naked sex bomb while knowing that she was standing there watching made it seem like he was taking for granted that she belonged to him now, and he could do anything to her or Hillary that he wanted.

Maggie was suddenly so horny that she practically swooned and lost her balance. She couldn't even breathe for a little bit. It helped that Hillary was simply so beautiful that she sometimes literally took one's breath away, especially when she was naked. Maggie held a hand up to her chest and just stood there with her mouth open and eyes wide.

Hillary said in an everyday tone, "Hey Maggie, I'm so glad to see you. Nick said you wouldn't mind if he and I snuck off for a little private time. Is that okay with you? I know you've let me do a lot with him already, but I just want to double and triple check that you're completely okay with it."

There was a long pause. Maggie thought it amusing that Hillary said this while actively running her fingers up and down Nick's cock, but lust so completely swamped her brain that she couldn't think of any joke or clever comment about it. She finally just nodded.

"You're good?" Hillary asked, double checking as she'd just said she would. She'd turned a bit towards Maggie, making it more blatantly obvious how her hands were sliding up and down on Nick's pre-cum soaked pole.

Maggie gulped as she saw her son's stiff prick come into full view. But she managed to say, "I'm good." Her heart was pounding hard, her palms were getting sweaty, and her pussy had gone from dry to moist to swampy in a matter of only a few moments.

She was so overwhelmed and aroused that the room was spinning. She could have gone back outside until she calmed down, or simply closed her eyes, but she didn't even think about those options. Instead, she sat down on a nearby beach in an attempt to recover. The truth was, she didn't want to stop looking because she adored what she was seeing.

As she panted hard, she admitted to Hillary, "This is great! I love that you're so bold that you didn't even pause in your stroking when I came in. That's... really hot!"

Hillary breathed a sigh of relief. She had been very worried that she was being too bold by doing that, or by sneaking off alone with Nick in the first place. She looked down at her slipping and sliding fingers, and admitted, "Yeah, well, it feels so good that once you start, you just can't stop!"

Maggie nodded in heartfelt agreement with that. Briefly, she remembered security concerns and looked back to the door with worry.

Hillary saw that look and explained, "It's not lockable, unfortunately. We'll just have to take our chances."

When Maggie heard that, it worried her greatly, but it also kicked her arousal into an even higher gear. She hadn't even touched Nick or Hillary yet, and she was almost deliriously aroused. Everything seemed just too sexy and dangerous to be believed!

Nick had been on the verge of climaxing when Maggie came in, but her surprise arrival gave him such a scare that it provided a second wind of sorts for his boner. Now that the shock was wearing off, he had a renewed worry that he would cum too soon to live up to his reputation. He forced himself to close his eyes and kind of tune out, to help prolong the joy.

Hillary continued to talk, like she was idly chatting with a friend while getting a haircut. She honestly explained, "It's funny. I saw Nick standing all alone, and I figured he was nervous. So I led him in here, hoping to neck a little while and get his mind off his worries. And maybe more. It seems that his confidence grows when he's horny."

Maggie was too winded to talk much, but she nodded emphatically at that.

Hillary continued, "But the first thing he did was to take ALL my clothes off! That got me so HOT that I just couldn't resist his BIG COCK! I was about to go down on him when you came in, but now we can go down together! Maggie, aren't we lucky to share him?!"

Her words hit Maggie like physical blows. When Hillary said "BIG COCK" with extra passionate oomph, Maggie felt a shiver down her spine and an extra powerful tingle in her pussy. She'd just sat in a spot where she didn't have to see the handjob while she tried to regain her breath and gather her wits.

But Hillary helpfully pivoted herself and Nick around, explicitly to give Maggie an even clearer and closer view of the handjob action than before. When Hillary mentioned his "nice one," she tilted his stiff cock Maggie's way, and stroked and held it in such a way as to show off just how long and thick it was.

Maggie found herself staring at it, but she also thought, Good Lord! That belongs in my mouth! In Hillary's mouth! No, both our mouths! We can finally take turns bobbing on it, just like in so many of my dreams and fantasies! We're his sexy, busty sluts, and it's time for us to prove it with our hot lips and busy tongues!

She realized she was practically hyperventilating, and tried to regain some control. She also realized that she was burning with jealousy that Hillary had possession of Nick's raging boner and she didn't, even as she rejoiced at Hillary's wanton behavior with him.

Okay... Calm down! Gotta stay calm. There's nothing in him stripping her naked and turning her into his hot little slut-bunny!

She got an extra kick from the term "slut-bunny," which she'd never used before.

He can do that. In fact, he should be doing that. It's the whole point, right? To hand him over to her? I can't get mad at him for taking full advantage, ripping off all her clothes, and squeezing that gorgeous bubble butt like he owns it! And I certainly shouldn't feel jealous of her for sliding her sexy fingers all over his cock monster!

Of course she's stroking that fat cock of his, so hot and pulsing with energy, practically bursting out in a geyser with all that delicious cum? That's exactly what I'd do most anytime I could get him alone. I should be happy, right? It's not like I need to get up and take all that thick, delicious fuck-meat away from her and hold it in my hands, and stroke it and pleasure it and love it until its squirts a big delicious load all over my face. No, that would be wrong!

We're his co-girlfriends, co-sluts, and she deserves as much cocky time as I do! The main point is that his cock is getting properly serviced by at least one of us. I'm just gonna sit here and relax and give her the one-on-one time she so richly deserves! Really, I am!

Maggie's chest was wildly heaving, but she wasn't that arousing a sight to look at, because of her conservative black dress. It showed some cleavage, but compared to the other revealing outfits at the party she almost seemed like a prude. She was seriously regretting her choice of outfits now.

She reached under her dress, pulled her panties to the side, and started playing with her pussy under the dress. She was afraid of someone else coming in at any time. Meanwhile, her eyes kept wandering up and down Hillary's body. Incredible! I don't consider myself bisexual, obviously, but Hillary is like a walking orgasm! And Nick's won her! And me! That's a simple, known fact, but it still is really HOT!

Maggie loved the way Hillary's huge, bare tits were mashed into Nick's stylish dress shirt. But much of Hillary's rack couldn't be seen from Maggie's point of view, since Hillary's current stance was emphasizing her ass instead. It jutted out to a surprising degree, partly thanks to her high heels. But what was also noticeable was Hillary's perfect, all-over deep tan.

An epiphany hit the horny mother: Hillary! She's me! She looks so much like me that it's scary! Okay, from the neck up she looks quite different, but from the neck down, her body could be mine. Especially the big breasts, the jutting ass, and the tan. Even our hair falls down straight and long; it's just brunette instead of blonde. That must be what I look like jacking off my son. WOW!

That upped her arousal even more. She tried not to look at Hillary's head, or her straight brown hair running a short way down her back, so she could truly pretend she was looking at herself. I look really hot! Just look at me go, jacking him off like that! My entire body is in heat, rubbing up and down his like the shameless slut that I am! Go, me, go!

I wonder if he's so in lust and love with her because she reminds him of me on some level? Or is it that I remind him of her? Or both? Or is it just any boy his age would love a shapely woman who has a stunning face and big tits? God, I want him to FUCK the HELL out of me! I don't even care that I am his mother. That just makes it better! And he should fuck Hillary too! Son, treat us like the sluts we are and leave our cunts hurting and sloshing around with all your baby-makers!

She knew that she wouldn't actually let him fuck her if he tried - at least not yet. But it made for a thrilling fantasy when she was in this highly aroused condition.

Maggie also couldn't help but see and appreciate Hillary's talented finger work. The buxom teen had two fingers on Nick's sweet spot and she was working it relentlessly. Maggie still felt jealous that those fingers weren't hers. But at the same time, she looked up at Nick's face and saw the tortured look that showed he was experiencing total ecstasy. She couldn't help but love that, and approve.

Hillary asked Maggie with surprising calm, "By the way, how did you know to find us here?"

Maggie closed her eyes and forced herself to calm down, because she realized she was so worked up that she would have a hard time talking. Her chest was still tight and heaving, and she was still playing with her pussy, but she tried her best to answer, "I started talking to people... and got... caught up in it and... And... After a while... I... I... I noticed Nick was gone... So I..."

Hillary interrupted during one of Maggie's long pauses. "Are you okay?" She'd noticed that Maggie was even more aroused than she was, which was saying a great deal.

"I'm fine. I'm just, uh, winded... From... uh... running here."

That was a bald-faced lie, and all three of them knew it. But neither Nick nor Hillary felt it necessary to call her out on it.

Maggie was feeling so very horny that she closed her eyes, to try to reduce the amount of sexual stimulation bombarding her brain. However, she had a mental image of Hillary jacking her son off that she couldn't shake. It didn't help that she could hear the squishy sounds of the handjob as well.

She soon was forced to open her eyes again though, because her image of Hillary jacking him off kept morphing into an image of herself doing the same. Looking directly at the cock stroking was actually slightly LESS arousing than thinking about it!

But her breathing did ease up a bit, thanks to her attempts to calm down. She continued, "I looked around... and didn't see you or Nick. ... I worried he'd gotten shy and gone off somewhere. ... I asked a couple people, and they told me... you... you'd come here."

"Who told you?"

Maggie wanted to get at her nipples too. She pulled her dress down and started to remove her bra. "Blonde... Unusually beautiful blonde. ... Looks like a movie star."

"Do you remember her name?!"

"Name's uh, Debra, I think."

Hillary cursed, "Fuck! It figures. I knew she'd be at this party. This is THE Debra! Remember? We've talked about her."

Maggie had a realization. "Oh! Her!" She'd only known that the Debra both Nick and Hillary had complained about was both blonde and extraordinarily beautiful. It was an indication of how many of the girls were both blonde and beautiful that Debra didn't immediately stand out. The name should have been a big tip off, but Maggie hadn't been thinking about Debra at all.

Hillary groused, yeah, her. "Debra's always after me, like we're in some kind of competition. I couldn't care less about her, but she's always on my case. I'm not surprised it was her. Did anyone else know?"

"I don't think so." Maggie tossed her bra further down the bench she was sitting on. She sighed with relief about others not knowing as she started to twist her erect nipples, Nick-style.

Hillary cursed, "Shit! That's bad, because she's probably keeping an eye out for me in this very room, and we can't even lock the door! Shit, shit, shit! Maggie, if you don't mind, I think it's best if you keep your clothes on. Then, if Debra or anyone else knocks on the door, you can peek out and tell 'em to go away!"

Maggie was disappointed to hear that, since she'd just pulled her dress off her shoulders and taken her bra off. But she said, "Okay." She kept the bra off, but pulled her dress back up into position, more or less.

Hillary told Maggie, "I'm really sorry to have to say that to you, because it's so fun to be naked with Nick!"

Maggie found it increasingly difficult to talk, because her breathing was becoming ragged and heavy.

Ironically, Hillary still was feeling calmer, even though she was the one sliding her fingers up and down Nick's slicked-up shaft.

Nonetheless, trying to at least pretend play it cool, Maggie noted, "You're telling me! Nick loves his women completely nude. Just in the past week, he's put me in some very embarrassing situations that I haven't told you about yet, when he took ALL my clothes off."

Hillary asked eagerly, "Oooh! That sounds sexy. Like what?"

"I-I-I... I can't say right now." Maggie was too embarrassed. Plus, she was suddenly so aroused that it was getting hard for her to think or talk. She pulled at her dress with her free hand while she continued to finger herself under her dress. She felt like she was burning up, and she longed to get completely nude like Hillary. But she reminded herself she had to be careful in case Debra or anyone else came by.

"Oh, come on. We're friends now, aren't we? I won't tell a soul. What happened?"

Maggie was so proud of her son's exploits that she couldn't help but say, "Well, let's just say that I found out that it's possible to get seriously titfucked while lying back in the front seat of my car, wearing only my high heels. In a very public place!" She was thinking of her time with Nick at the "lover's lane" parking lot.

Hillary giggled. "Oooh! That sounds like fun!"

A couple of minutes passed as Maggie and Hillary discussed that incident. Both of them got even more worked up about it.

Hillary said while still stroking his hard-on, "I'd LOVE to get titfucked just like that."

Nick had been completely silent for a while now. He felt it was a major accomplishment if he just managed to not cum, and he had no mental capacity left for thinking or talking. He'd long given up on trying to finger Hillary's pussy, since it seemed all he could do was grip her shoulders in an attempt to hang on a little longer.

Nevertheless, Hillary asked him, "Would you like to fuck my tits like that?" She took his hands from her shoulders and brought them to her breasts. "Would you like to do it in public, where everyone can see?" She went right back to jacking him off.

Maggie was more than encouraging to Hillary. "Oh, you just have to! It's so much fun! You'll cum and cum and cum again!" She was conflicted about the hand-over plan, to say the least, not to mention her jealous feelings caused by only being able to watch. But when she got all worked up, she found it a lot easier to be generous about sharing him with her.

Nick, meanwhile, was practically like a statue. He'd discovered that if he kept his eyes closed and his hands still, he could somehow ride the edge of a climax without actually shooting off, so that's what he was doing. Even with his hands holding Hillary's huge globes, he didn't do anything more than unthinkingly squeeze them a little bit. He didn't talk, and he hardly even had conscious thoughts. He just focused entirely on what was happening to his boner. True, he wished he could play with Hillary's fantastic body a lot more actively, but he had to make choices, and prolonging the joy took priority.

Maggie was still feeling worried about Debra. Out of the blue, she asked, "Do you think Debra will catch us here?"

Hillary spoke while still focused on the handjob. "I think we'll be okay. We don't want her to know that we're both intimate with Nick, or she'll have a field day with that. She's dangerous and sneaky, and even though she and I have been nothing but outwardly nice to each other, I think she hates me. It'll be tricky for all three of us to get out of here without her noticing, but let's deal with that later. Maybe we can leave one by one, just to be safe. The first one out will make sure the coast is clear."

She groaned erotically, and looked down past her big tits to her hand on Nick's cock. "But first, I wanna give Nick a really nice cum." She looked into his eyes. "Just think how mellow and good you'll feel after a great big orgasm. I would totally drop to my knees right now and suck your fat cock hard and long, but we have to be ready to move fast in case Debra comes knocking. We'll have other chances to sneak off later in the party, hopefully more than once."

She looked around and realized there wasn't anywhere to hide. There was no furniture in the room at all, except for long benches built into the sides of the wall. Still, she said, "We can, um, hide in the corner or something."

He grunted. He was past the talking stage by now. He was still holding Hillary's tits with both hands, but he was doing that mostly just to hang on for dear life. He had his eyes tightly shut as he tried to focus entirely on prolonging the pleasure. God! I can't believe it! This is SO much better than my best Hillary fantasies!

Hillary added to Nick, "That said, don't be too worried about Debra or anyone else here. By and large, they're a bunch of posers and losers who happen to have rich parents. Don't feel intimidated! Remember, not only is the hottest girl here your girlfriend, but I'm your girlfriend too."

Nick was so out of it he couldn't even reply. The pleasure was so great that it was like his brain was melting. However, he recognized the importance of her question, and somehow managed to nod his head.

Maggie opened her eyes as she thought through the logic of Hillary's comment. "Hey! Hillary, what are you talking about? You're the hottest girl here, by far!"

"Ha! Me? Are you kidding?" She pulled away from Nick, but kept a hand on his erection. Even though her fingers stayed in place, they continued to subtly rub up and down on his sweet spot.

He finally opened his eyes to see what was going on, since he'd had to let go of her soft and squeezable tits.

Hillary waved her other hand-over her body, and complained to Maggie, "Look at me. I'm fat!"

"Fat? HA! That's a laugh!" Maggie was stirred from her erotic haze by sheer incredulity approaching outrage that Hillary didn't consider herself the sexiest girl in town. "If you're fat, then I'm a sumo wrestler! Where?!"

Hillary stopped stroking Nick's erection, but kept it in a firm grip. She hefted up one of her bouncy melons with her free hand. "Here, for starters."

"What?! Hillary, that's all good. You WANT fat there!"

"But it makes 'em saggy." Knowing Nick was watching closely, she slapped it lightly, setting off a jiggle-quake. "Besides, they throw off my body fat percentage."

"To what?"

"Sixteen percent."

"Are you kidding me?! That's almost what professional female swimmers or runners have!"

Hillary knew that, and she was more boasting than complaining. Normally she was modest, but she couldn't help but be proud at how well she kept her body in shape. She continued to gripe, "But I'm fat all over! Look at my ass!"

Finally letting go of Nick's erection after one last loving squeeze, she turned around and bent over. But she didn't just bend over. She spread her legs wide, grasped her ankles, and dropped her head to within a couple inches of the floor, keeping her legs stiff and straight all the time. "See?" she complained.

Maggie figured out what Hillary was really trying to do, because it dawned on her that she wasn't pointed towards her at all, but was perfectly positioned for Nick to see her instead. She's giving his cock kind of a much needed break AND arousing him mentally even more at the same time! Brilliant!

Maggie looked at Nick, and saw that he was holding his shaft around the base. He had a pained expression on his face, because he was struggling so very hard not to cum. It appeared he was squeezing his shaft hard at its base, not from pleasure, but in a desperate attempt to delay his climax. (It was a technique he'd read about in a porn story on the Internet, but he never figured he'd be using it in a trial by fire situation in real life.)

If he were to lose control now, he would start shooting his cum directly onto Hillary's ass from only about a foot or two away. He felt dizzy as he contemplated shooting his load directly onto Hillary's bald pussy, peeking at him between her ass cheeks. In fact, if he really had his act together, he could have put his hands on her ass, stepped forward, and plunged into her hot cunt!

Somehow, the technique worked, giving his dick a second life. But it was surprisingly taxing too. He impressed himself that he managed to remain standing.

Meanwhile, a still-masturbating Maggie was so aroused by Hillary's sexy bent over pose that she thought, Fuck! If I had a dick, I'd totally be plowing it into her about now! Look at her, with that shamelessly dripping pussy in perfect view! She's complaining that she's FAT! HA!

"Where's the fat?!" she persisted in asking Hillary.

"Here." Hillary briefly took a hand off her ankle just long enough to wave it vaguely towards her ass. "Can't you see?"

"No, I can't see!" Maggie said emphatically. "There's no fat there! In fact, the only fat in this whole room is my son's fat cock!" She was horrified she'd just said "my son." She belatedly covered her mouth with a hand. Oh shit! I fucked up royally! The secret is out!

Even Nick was alert enough to look horrified. That was different than just having playful "Ma" and "Son" nicknames, especially since Maggie said it as if she meant it and not as part of an obvious role-play. He held his breath, hoping Maggie could somehow pull out a miraculous save.

Luckily, Maggie didn't need to, since Hillary still thought of the "Ma" and "Son" "role-play" from the previous day and assumed this was an extension of that. It was a very lucky break that she was turned around and bending over so she couldn't see the aghast expressions on Nick's and Maggie's faces.

Hillary started laughing so hard at that that she was forced to stand back up for fear she'd topple over, especially considering she was wearing high heels. "Good one," she said, still laughing. "Your son. Right. Are you playing that game again? Anyway, you're hardly that old!"

All that laughing kept her tanned tits constantly swaying and jiggling. Nick had a hard enough time not cumming when Hillary was bent over, but the situation wasn't any better now that she was back up. She was orgasm-inducing all over, from any angle. She still had her back to him, and he was amazed at the amount of "side boob" he could see. At least the squeezing at the base of his shaft trick seemed to be working, and his imminent orgasm crisis had passed.

Maggie realized that she'd dodged a bullet, thanks to their previous incestuous "role-play." Furthermore, she figured Hillary thought the "my son" comment was her making an indirect joke about how old she was as part of the self-put down battle they seemed to be having. Trying to play along with that interpretation, Maggie complained indignantly, "I am old!"

Hillary rolled her eyes. "Yeah, old. You're what, two years older than me? Three maybe? I wouldn't even believe that much except you do go to college."

Maggie deliberately avoided answering that, by saying, "And I strongly object to your implication that I'm the prettiest woman in this room. We both know that's not true. You're both younger AND more stacked, for starters. And if you want fat, just look at me." She stopped masturbating and stood up. She thrust her hip out, acting as if she had fat thighs.

"Okay, now you're the one being a liar," Hillary said, inadvertently revealing that she knew she didn't have an ounce of unwanted fat on her body. "Where's all this fat?"

"Where?" Maggie threw up her hands. "Everywhere!"

"Show us," Hillary challenged her.

"Okay, fine! I will!"

Maggie bent over, but haphazardly, not in the deliberately seductive way Hillary had. "On my ass, for starters."

Hillary crossed her arms under her huge rack, pushing her tits out. "Maggie, the only thing we can see is that you're wearing a nice black dress."

"Sheesh! Fine!" Maggie was very worried about other partiers finding them here, especially Debra, who seemed inordinately interested in the whereabouts of both Nick and Hillary when she'd talked to her at the party earlier.

But she thought to herself, I'm gonna take some of my clothes off, but just for a second. Then I'll put them right back on, and my son will never touch me. I have to prove to this silly slut that she's wrong. Her? Fat? Puh-lease! I'll show her fat!

Nick continued to hold his cock while he waited with Hillary for Maggie to disrobe. But he was careful to only stroke his sweet spot a little bit now and then, since he was trying to give his cock a relative rest. He was still in some sort of erotic fog, or daze, but at least he managed to keep his eyes open and watch what the others were doing.

Maggie had to pull her dress over her head to get it all the way off, since it was a single piece.

As she did that, Hillary sidled up to Nick and whispered to him, "Look at that! You've got an incredibly sexy college girlfriend, you know that? You lucky dog. Look at how she's struggling to get that dress off. Is she really having trouble, or is she putting on a sexy show for you? Either way, you win!"

Nick couldn't disagree with that.

In fact, Hillary wasn't just praising Maggie's body for Nick's sake. She lusted after Maggie so much that it almost hurt like a physical pain. True, she loved and lusted after Anushka too. But she was increasingly feeling that she might be able to have both, especially since Nick was leading the way in having two girlfriends.

Maggie put her dress aside on the bench and stood there wearing nothing but her panties and her high heels. She was so hot and bothered that she stood proudly in a sexy stance, with her hip cocked.

Hillary practically drooled from watching Maggie stand there. She silently mouthed the words "FUCK ME!" But to quickly cover up from that slip, she asked her, "What's your body fat percentage?"

"Almost the same as yours, but that's not the issue. My breasts are smaller too, so my percentage should be better, not worse!"

Huffily, Maggie kept taking her clothes off. She wanted to show off her supposedly "fat" ass, and she couldn't do that very well in the "granny-style" panties she was wearing, so she slowly and seductively wiggled them down her legs. Besides, she wanted Nick to look at her more, instead of only having eyes for Hillary. She loved the fact that he was devoting all her attention to her at the moment

He definitely was watching! She bent further forward the more she shimmied the panties down her legs, and that in turn caused her huge tits to drop and sway.

Finally, she was naked except for her heels. She stood back up, only to immediately turn around and bend over outrageously again. Her lust was getting to her, and she was forgetting all about needing to be cautious. This time, she bent over the exactly same way that Hillary had just done, deliberately putting her bare ass on display for Nick to enjoy. In fact, she spread her legs even wider than Hillary had. Her stiff legs were spread so very wide that they almost made a right angle at her crotch.

"You see? You see?" she complained as she clutched at her ankles. "That's a fat ass. So don't go talking to me about fat asses!"

What Maggie didn't fully realize was that Hillary loved the display just as much as Nick did.

Hillary started walking to where Maggie remained lewdly bent over. However, she realized she didn't want to move too far from Nick. So she took his hand off his cock and replaced it with her own, and resumed jacking him off. Then she gently but firmly pulled him along with it until they stood right behind the insanely horny mother.

He had to shuffle along awkwardly, since his slacks had slid nearly down to his knees.

With pre-cum and even some real cum dripping down her sliding fingers, she asked Nick, "I don't see any fat on your quote 'mother' unquote. Do you?"

"No." He wasn't good for much more than a one-word answer. He was panting like he was about to hyperventilate. The fact that Hillary overtly called Maggie his "mother" nearly put him in a tizzy of delight. Even if she was being somewhat mocking about it, every time such words were used by or around Hillary made their incestuous secret a little safer. Plus, it was hot!

Maggie continued to pretend she was fat, even though it was really just an excuse to show off. "I suppose it isn't obvious at first sight, but it's there."

Hillary would have loved to touch and caress Maggie's gorgeous (and completely fat-free) butt, but she felt she shouldn't. She was trying to keep her lust for Maggie in check for now, especially since she worried they were in an unsafe location and would need to move soon. Plus, she had to take into account Anushka's concerns.

However, she could live vicariously through Nick. Besides, she loved making him so aroused that he could practically cry. So she suggested to Nick, "Touch her ass! Give it a good feel. See if you can find any fat there."

Maggie felt a shock of excitement race up both her splayed out legs and continuing straight to her pussy. By the time her son reached out and touched her, it was all she could do just to stop herself from screaming out in orgasmic ecstasy. And all he did was put one hand on her!

Nick ran his hand-over his mother's bare ass, but lightly and tenderly. Strangely, he was so aroused that it was like he'd become docile. That was because he was in an erotic fog as thick as pea soup, and his brain was barely functioning. The tanned and firm bare ass bent over so lewdly for him didn't even seem real.

Maggie had been half-hoping he would plunge his fingers into her wet pussy (her rule against it be damned!). But instead, he continued to just lightly graze her ass cheeks. Ironically, his light touch aroused her more than if he'd resorted to the heavy groping style he usually used on her. It caused her to tremble and tingle even more as he stimulated the fine, invisible hairs there.

She realized that if she didn't get back up, she'd likely climax and topple over, so she reluctantly stood up straight.

As if in a confused dream, Nick pulled his mother close and twirled her around so she'd be facing him. His eyes were slightly glazed over. Without thinking whatsoever, his hands went straight for her magnificent globes and he hefted their sensitive undersides.

Maggie probably would have let him keep doing that, and then give in even more, but she felt a hand just above her pussy, and looked down at it. It was Hillary's hand! True, it was only the backside of the hand, and the contact was (mostly) inadvertent because Hillary was still gently stroking Nick's cock, so her hand was unexpectedly trapped between Nick and Maggie when Nick started to hug her.

But Maggie was so shocked by Hillary's unintended touch that she jerked back, breaking out of Nick's grasp. She stumbled back to her bench and sat down. Her heart was pounding so loudly that it felt like there were tribal drums beating in her ears.

Nick's "ass check" was technically inconclusive, since he hadn't taken the opportunity to firmly knead her luscious bubble butt. But the visual evidence was overwhelming that Maggie's ass was as incredible as the rest of her body, and very much the equal of Hillary's. Sadly, Maggie really did think she could lose some weight, but that was only because, like most American women, she lacked confidence in her looks.

Hillary triumphantly concluded, "You see? I think we can safely conclude that there's no fat on you whatsoever. And yes my breasts are one size bigger than yours, maybe, but that just means they're TOO big. And you're a couple of years older, but that just means you're more womanly and curvy. I'm still growing into my body. You see how my legs are still coltish?"

She kicked up a leg nearly as high as her waist, like some kind of chorus line girl.

That move made Nick moan. He couldn't believe how sexy both women were, and the fact that Hillary was still jacking him off with one hand made his pleasure that much greater.

Maggie conceded the "fat fight," because she was too horny to talk. She decided her best bet was to mentally shut down for a while. She closed her eyes and tried to shut out the outside world. Once again she thanked her lucky stars that her mention of "my son" didn't ruin everything.

She could still hear the rhythmic squish, squish, squish sounds of Hillary's hand sloshing all over Nick's big erection. She found herself thinking, I wonder how long she was doing that before I arrived. I'll bet her hand is getting tired. I wonder if I should take over. It would be the polite thing to do, after all. Her hand definitely has to be very tired, now that I think about it. And if I don't take over, all her hard work could be for nothing, if his hard cock goes flaccid!

Her bare boobs kept heaving up and down, more and more. It's imperative that my son has a nice cum! He's all wound up and nervous being here at this high-powered party, and I'm sure squirting a huge load of cock cream all over his busty mother would help him out! In fact, why settle for a handjob? Since we're at a party and all, it's probably better he shoots it all down my throat after I suck, and lick, and joyously suck and suck and lick and lick on his fat knob, and all that tasty cock-meat! I can still almost feel what it was like this morning, cramming that entire huge cockhead in my mouth, and it felt soooooo good...

Better yet, you know what would be really great? If he cums on my tits and face right now! Then I could rub all that sweet cum into my skin! I'd go back to the party smelling of his cum with a pearly, shiny sheen. No one would know except maybe Hillary, but I'd know! And my son would know! Too hot!

But Maggie was exhausted and struggling just to breathe. She got so carried away with fantasies about handjobs and blowjobs that she didn't think to actually open her eyes and ask Hillary if she could take over. Besides, some residual fear about being caught held her back from getting more involved. She'd forgotten about Debra specifically, but she still had a nagging feeling that she was only supposed to stay naked for a short while and they needed to leave soon.

However, Maggie was right that Hillary had been jacking Nick off for a while now, and Hillary's hand was in fact tired. Hillary knew it wouldn't take much at all to get him to cum, but before she did that, she wanted to make out with him a little longer. She let go of his shaft and brought her hands to his ass instead.

This didn't give his hot pole any respite whatsoever, because it got trapped pointed straight up between her naked body and his clothed one, since he still wore his dress shirt and his slacks were down around his knees. When the kissing resumed and she also resumed writhing all over him in delight, she was effectively jacking him off with her lower tummy instead.

He still felt like he'd climax at any second, and he didn't understand how he was managing to hold out for so long (although his squeezing the base of his cock trick had helped a lot).

That's how they were, with Maggie slumped on the bench, her eyes closed and her pussy copiously flowing, and Nick and Hillary hugging and kissing in the middle of the room, when there was a knock on the door!

But none of them had any time to react, because after only three quick knocks the door flew open.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, BDGV, lew54321, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.