Chapter 42: Debra's Game (Saturday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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The person at the open door was Debra.

Nick, Maggie, and Hillary were all understandably shocked and upset. But Debra was about the last person Hillary in particular wanted to see. Hillary knew that, no matter what ever else happened, Debra would have tremendous leverage over all three of them.

Debra was wearing a bright yellow dress held up by two thin straps that showed a lot of cleavage. As she took in the scene as the door closed behind her, she smiled in wolfish delight.

She'd been trying to get some dirt on Hillary for the past month, in anticipation that Hillary would be her greatest rival in the coming school year. That effort only intensified once the school year began. But Hillary was such a straight arrow that she'd been foiled. (She did know how much Hillary liked to eat marijuana brownies, but that didn't help since that was actually considered cool with her fellow students. Ditto with Hillary dating a girl, which Debra hadn't found out about yet anyway.)

Now, she really had something good, because she knew Nick was dating Maggie, and yet here he was with a completely naked Hillary instead! She smiled triumphantly.

However, her glee turned to confusion as she realized that Maggie was in the room as well, and completely naked too. That threw her off, to say the least. She didn't know what to say, and just blurted out, "What's going on?!"

Hillary was horrified as she continued to gawk at Debra standing there at the door. She had often told herself she didn't care at all about popularity contests, but that wasn't entirely true. She'd seen Debra as a rival as far back as when they'd been going to different schools, because their beauty was so heads and shoulders above everyone else at their age level that Debra was an obvious rival even back then. Naturally, her concern had greatly magnified now that they were going to the same school, although she outwardly acted as if she'd love nothing more than to be Debra's good friend.

Unfortunately, by turning to look Debra's way, Hillary had made matters worse, because she'd completely exposed Nick's boner to Debra's view. It poked straight forward, and was obviously soaked in pre-cum. His slacks were still down at his knees, of course. There was a noticeable patch of wetness on Hillary's lower tummy where it had been rubbing.

Hillary racked her brain, but couldn't think of any rational excuse to explain the situation. It was hard to imagine a more compromising situation! And there had been no talk of her publicly sharing him with Maggie as official girlfriends.

Hillary wasn't ready for the public scrutiny and humiliation that would come if her classmates found out she was the girlfriend to a boy who already had a girlfriend. She might be ready for that eventually, but she wasn't now. She figured it was better that people got to know her before that became big news and threatened to define her. (Similar reasoning had her keeping her bisexuality under wraps at school for now.) So she had to try to keep Debra convinced that Maggie was the only one dating him.

It was a tall order, to say the least! She decided that Maggie and Nick obviously were no help at the moment. Maggie appeared to be waking, but from a slumber of erotic reverie instead of actual sleep. However, that would take time. Nick, meanwhile, was so close to climax that his hard-on was sticking straight out and its twitching could be easily seen from across the room, despite not being touched at all at the moment. He was even deeper in his erotic fog, and good for panted one-word answers at best.

So Hillary knew it was up to her to save the situation. The one advantage she felt she had was that she'd heard Debra wasn't very bright. To buy time, she went on the offensive. "What are YOU doing here? Just barging in on us like that!"

Debra was forced to explain herself. "I noticed Nick had been gone from the party for a while now, and then I realized that you two had disappeared as well. I was just wondering where you all were."

That was an artful lie, since in fact she'd known where Hillary and Nick were the whole time, and she was hoping to catch them doing something naughty. She'd even brought a camera, which she was holding behind her back, in hopes of getting some good blackmail material and/or proof for juicy gossip.

However, it was true she hadn't seen that Maggie had joined them. (That was ironic, since Maggie had worried about Debra following her while Nick and Hillary had no clue.) Maggie's unexpected presence there had overturned her plans, and now she was nearly as confused what to say or do as Hillary was.

As the public high school's two most beautiful juniors stared at each other, with their faces a changing mix of emotions, an excuse started to form in Hillary's mind. It wasn't great, or well thought out, but it would have to do. She knew a lot of sexual hijinks took place in parties like these. True, those would generally take place a few hours later when most everyone was drunk, high, and/or loosened up, but it was something to latch onto.

This group of partiers knew each other very well for the most part, because they'd been going to the same schools together for ages. In fact, Nick and Maggie were the only completely new faces at this particular party, while Hillary had only joined this party crowd at the party she'd attended the week before. Hillary had been forewarned by Shannon and others that, later in the evening, people typically started to play sexual games like strip Twister, or strip poker, and the hot tub was there mostly so the girls could show off their nearly naked bodies. Often, many girls took their tops off and flaunted their tits. At some parties, if they were really drunk or stoned and/or things got particularly wild, some girls would even wander around completely naked.

Almost everyone at the party was dating someone else there, and couples tended to break off and find empty rooms to have sex in as the evening wore on. More than a few spent the night. There wasn't any overt partner swapping per se, but there was a lot of flirting and rubbing body parts against other boyfriends and the like, and sometimes secret cheating took place.

Hillary had kept most of this information from Nick and Maggie, because she wanted to do some fooling around of her own with Nick, and maybe even Maggie too, depending on how things worked out. She didn't want to scare them off from going to the party, especially because she sincerely believed getting along with this crowd would be a big help to Nick's social standing.

Debra wasn't evil, just very self-centered. But Hillary had heard correctly that she wasn't smart. She fit the stereotype of the dumb California blonde to a 'T.' So the awkward silence stretched out for a seeming eternity while she tried to think up what to say.

Finally, she asked Hillary, "What are you doing with Nick?! And rubbing up naked against him, no less! I thought he was going out with Maggie?"

She looked to Maggie in confusion, because she honestly didn't understand.

Nick was somewhat reviving. Fear of Debra ruining things was making his penis go flaccid. However, he figured it was better to let Hillary talk, since his brain was still muddled, to say the least.

Hillary tried to hide her fear and make it seem like everything was casual and normal, but she didn't do it very well at first. "Oh, that? You're asking about that?"

"Yes, I'm asking about that," Debra replied testily, still keeping the camera hidden behind her back.

"Funny you should ask. You see, we're playing a game."

Debra looked very doubtful, and almost cross. She started to fold her arms under her breasts, but then stopped when she remembered she needed to keep her camera behind her back. "You are? What kind of game?"

"Um, well, the truth is, we came here to smoke some pot and get high. The three of us. But, uh, uh... Maggie made me a bet, and uh, the challenge was to see which one of us was the sexiest. And uh, um..."

She was blatantly making this up as she went along, and she was very nervous and inarticulate, because she was a bad liar. But Debra was just dim enough to wait her out before making up her mind about it.

After a particularly long pause, Hillary had the good idea to add, "I'm having a hard time saying this, because it's kind of embarrassing."

Seeing that had mostly mollified Debra's suspicions about her slow reply, she continued much more confidently, "So we started by comparing breast size. We had to take our dresses off for that. But Nick said he thought we both looked great, and he couldn't choose between us. And that's understandable, right?" She looked down at her F-cups and over at Maggie's E-cups.

Maggie remained standing there, but she was covering up her privates as best she could. However, she was so busty that one arm couldn't cover much of her breasts, since she needed a hand-over her pussy too.

Debra looked back and forth between Hillary and Maggie. She reluctantly nodded.

Hillary continued, gaining still more confidence as she spoke, "Then we, uh, we started taking off more clothes, showing him this and that, but he still couldn't choose. So finally, we decided that the first one who could make him cum would win, and she'd be declared the most beautiful. However, since he's dating Maggie, I wasn't allowed to use my hands on his... you know, his dick. But that wasn't fair, so she wasn't allowed to use her hands either."

Hillary straightened up. Unlike Maggie, she wasn't attempting to cover her privates at all, since that could be seen as a sight of weakness and/or guilt. She concluded with a steady voice, "So when you came in, that's what you were seeing. We were passing Nick back and forth between us, trying to get him to cum. As soon as we did that, we were going to go back out and rejoin the party. Really."

There was a silence while Debra looked around and considered all that.

Hillary was quite proud of herself for coming up with that on the fly. It wasn't that far from the kind of crazy shenanigans she'd heard took place at parties like this later in the evening. She crossed her fingers behind her back, waiting and hoping that Debra would buy it.

Maggie had sobered up from her lusty fog. She was trying to look alert and in agreement with Hillary's explanation while still "casually" covering her privates.

Nick was slowly coming around some more as well. The shock of discovery had pushed him back from the brink of orgasm, just as it had when Maggie unexpectedly arrived here. In fact, his dick really was drooping into flaccidness this time. But even though he was alert enough to converse now, he decided Hillary's lies were much better than anything he could come up with in his still mentally muddled condition, so he wisely kept his mouth shut.

Debra surprised everyone by suddenly smiling, and declaring, "Oooh, that sounds like fun! I want to play! Can I?"

Hillary was astounded to find that Debra was so completely fooled that she even wanted to join them. She was particularly amazed because she knew Debra already had a boyfriend named Devon, who in fact was there at the party. Dumbly, she just nodded, and said, "Uh, sure."

It seemed to be the best way to pacify Debra, especially since Hillary had just seen some peeks of a camera Debra was trying to hide behind her back.

As Debra started to unzip the back of her dress, Hillary looked over at Maggie and held her hands up in a helpless gesture. She didn't dare speak, but she gave Maggie a very bewildered "What was I supposed to do?!" look. Since Debra wasn't looking, she pointed at the camera that Debra had temporarily forgotten to hide while she undressed.

Maggie had no answer to Hillary's non-verbal query. She didn't know what to say or do either. It was slowly dawning on her that Debra would be rubbing her naked body all over Nick's clothed one, but that seemed like the price she would have to pay in order to get out of this situation with her status as Nick's sole girlfriend intact.

Needless to say, Debra's body looked awesome naked. After all, she was already a professional model on a national scale. Her breasts weren't as large as Hillary's or Maggie's, but they were still a very sizeable double-D-cup, and they looked more like an E-cup on her, because she was shorter than the other two women. She also had an almost ridiculously curvy body, with a thin waist and wide hips (much like Anushka's hourglass figure). She also had an incredible ass that jutted out even more than Hillary's did. At school, her ass was almost legendary.

But her greatest asset was her face, framed by her long light blonde hair. It was a face that was striking enough to be on the covers of national magazines (although, in truth, she hadn't graduated to covers in her modeling career just yet). Her face looked so breathtakingly beautiful, especially whenever she smiled or pouted, that one felt an urge to forgive her of any crime or mistake, no matter how horrible. Every facial feature was perfectly shaped and perfectly sized, and her baby blue eyes were her best feature of all.

It was no surprise that she was spoiled and self-centered, given the body and face she had. She considered her face and body her financial meal ticket for many years to come, so she was obsessive about exercising, eating well, and keeping it free of any scratch or blemish.

She also knew how to use her face and body to maximum effect. She didn't just take her clothes and underwear off; she made a slow, sexy striptease out of it. She knew everyone was watching, and she loved being the center of attention. That was particularly true when there was a horny male around. She was a shameless cock tease.

She stripped down to nothing but her silver five-inch high heels, since she saw Maggie and Hillary had their red and blue heels on, respectively. Then she struck a very sexy pose, with a leg slightly bent so the toe of her clad foot barely touched the ground, and then a hand on a cocked hip.

Nick was still quiet, but his penis was no longer flaccid, thanks to what he was seeing. He'd never anticipated seeing Debra naked in any circumstance. No way! This can't be happening! No friggin' way! A lot of amazing things have happened to me lately, but standing in the same room with a naked Hillary, Ma, AND Debra so they can take turns rubbing against me takes the cake!

Debra hadn't even been in his fantasies, but after looking at her naked body he was feeling he'd been remiss in that. Good fucking LORD! Debra is a BABE! I'm pretty spoiled. If a girl isn't as sexy as Ma or Hillary, I'm just not interested. But Debra is right up there, for sure! Whoa! Some seriously impressive tits, especially on her smaller body. And I love how she has an all-over tan too, though her skin is lighter and rosier. But mostly, that face. That face! To see that face on that porn star body is too much! No wonder she's getting to be a famous fashion model!

His eyes wandered all over her, but he particularly noticed that her pussy was shaved bare, just like Maggie's and Hillary's. SHIT! I'm actually comparing their pussies as I'm LOOKING at them! Three totally shaved pussies, too. Talk about beyond... Wow! His jaw was hanging open like it was distended, but luckily no one was paying attention to him to see the stupid yokel look on his face.

However, as the seconds passed, he did a rethink. Hold on. Aren't I being disloyal to both Ma and Hillary just from getting aroused by the sight of Debra's super sexy body? I know Hillary doesn't like her. I'm going to close my eyes and try to tune out, so my dick can go flaccid.

Remarkably, he did just that. He was mentally exhausted from so many arousing moments, not to mention the stress of the party, so he essentially shut down his mind for a while.

Debra asked no one in particular, "Who's next?"

Hillary replied, "Uh, it's still my turn, and then it's Maggie's turn. Then I guess it's your turn." She couldn't think of how to keep Debra from Nick just yet, but that progression would delay it as much as possible. She hoped she could come up with something else by then.

Debra asked impatiently, "And what will I win?"

"Nothing, except that Nick will think you're the sexiest out of us, if you do win."

Surprisingly, this was enough of a reward for Debra. She'd taken an interest in Nick lately not because she cared about him, or found him particularly attractive, but because she knew he was dating Maggie and had Hillary's interest. If Nick found her the sexiest, that would be solid proof in her own mind that she was undisputedly the sexiest of any girl associated with her high school, and that was a very tempting prize for her indeed.

Debra certainly was no prude. She loved sex, if it meant fucking or cunnilingus. She was far less interested in handjobs or blowjobs or anything where the focus was on the man's pleasure. However, she didn't enjoy sex as much as she wanted to, because she used the denial of sex as a tool to control her boyfriends.

She looked around the room, appraising Maggie's and Hillary's nude bodies. "Hmmm. Well, it is pretty tough competition, I admit. In fact, I'm really impressed with you, Maggie. Where did YOU come from? But I'll win anyway." She stated this with absolute conviction, and even an obvious smugness on her face. But it was such a beautiful face that even Hillary was tempted to nod, and say, "Yes you will!"

With everyone still standing there, Debra asked, "So... what are the rules again? We can rub up against Nick and touch him in any way we want, except for our hands?"

"That's right," Hillary replied, hoping she wasn't forgetting something important.

"And what's the time limit? How do you figure out the time?"

Hillary looked around and realized that none of them had been wearing watches, not even back when they'd been wearing clothes. There wasn't any clock on the wall either. "Um... Well, we don't have any way to keep time, so we just do it for a minute or two, until he says 'next.' He's the judge and jury anyway."

"Okay! Sounds good!" Debra was quite perky, now that she'd sorted out the situation to her satisfaction. "Go for it, Hillary!"

Hillary thought she'd stepped through to the Twilight Zone. Debra wasn't an enemy per se. Hillary got along with everybody and had no real enemies. But Debra was the closest thing to an enemy she had, even if their rivalry was almost entirely just in her mind and Debra's mind at this point. She never imagined she'd be doing something like this right in front of her.

She flashed a fake smile at Debra, but she said, "Hold on, I need to talk to Maggie about something for a minute first."

She took Maggie in hand and walked her a few feet away from Debra so they could whisper in private. She didn't bother to confer with Nick as well because he was clearly in such a sexual fog. She hissed quietly, "Quick, Maggie! Think of something to get us out of this!"

Maggie whispered back, "I'm trying, but I'm stumped. Except... what if we just call her bluff and tell her to get lost? So she'll tell others about what we're doing with Nick. That wouldn't be the end of the world."

Hillary frowned. "I know. We could do that. Except I'd really rather that we didn't. I'm not ready for that. I mean, I JUST agreed to be Nick's second girlfriend. I'd like a little reassurance that this actually is going to work out long-term before I start telling everyone about it and taking the hit."

Maggie asked, "'The hit?' You mean a hit to your reputation?"

Hillary winced. "Yeah. It's not like I'm all hung up on my reputation. But I just want to get along without making enemies. Remember that we live behind the 'Orange Curtain' in super-conservative Orange County. Some girls will be very judgmental and will never forgive me for being such a 'slut.' And I wouldn't care, except that I'll have to see many of them in class day after day after day. I don't want to make enemies unnecessarily. I just want to get along in a low-profile kind of way. Keep in mind that it's going to come out soon that I'm going out with Anushka too."

"I see," Maggie said. She had sympathy for that, especially due to the complicating Anushka factor.

Hillary continued, "Furthermore, you probably haven't heard much about Debra. I've heard of her mostly through reputation, and they say she basically acts like a spoiled child. If she doesn't get her way, she's liable to throw a hissy fit and then you'll be on her enemies list and she'll give you all kinds of trouble until she gets distracted with someone else to hate."

She made a decision on the spot. "I think I'm going to reveal that I'm Nick's co-girlfriend soon. In fact, I'd like to even do it in the next week or two to take Debra's ammo away from her. But I want to do it on MY terms after I confirm that everything is cool with you, Nick, and Anushka. If Debra tells the story when she's on the warpath, she'll make my life hell in all kinds of ways. I'd like to avoid that, if at all possible. And she's got a camera, as you must have seen by now."

Maggie had seen the camera too. She said with distress, "Then what can we do but go ahead with this? I can't think of anything else!"

Hillary nodded grimly. "I can't either."

Maggie was upset, but she looked at Hillary nude body in front of her, and then over at Debra's. She had the feeling that something extremely sexual was going to happen. Her newly emerging "good slut" side couldn't help but feel excited.

Hillary walked back to where Nick was standing, and said to Debra with another fake smile, "Okay, we're ready to begin."

Debra flashed a toothy smile. "All right! Let's do it!"

Hillary took a heavy breath and resolved there was nothing to do but just go ahead with this "sex game." She wrapped her arms around Nick and pretty much resumed what she'd been doing right before Debra came in. She started rubbing her huge tits against his chest, and writhed all over the rest of him for good measure.

But it wasn't effective like before. For one thing, Nick's effort to keep his eyes closed and go flaccid was succeeding. His dick wasn't even half-hard, so Hillary couldn't trap his dick against her lower tummy as she'd been doing before. It needed to get stiff first, but she wasn't allowed to hold it and stroke it.

Furthermore, Nick was just standing there. He was too blown away by the prospect that the three most beautiful women he'd ever seen in his life were going to take turns rubbing their naked bodies on him until he came to be of much use. He'd opened his eyes, but he just kept his hands at his sides, waiting for Hillary to take the lead.

Hillary decided she needed to be more proactive and creative. It occurred to her that there was no rule against taking HIS clothes off, so she started to unbutton his dress shirt. That took time, but she hoped it would pay off later when she'd be able to rub her fulsome melons directly against his exposed chest. She also doubted that he would pay close attention to the time anyway.

Furthermore, she realized that she hadn't mentioned any rule against talking. So she purred to him, "What's the matter, babe? Why don't you put your hands on my ass and squeeze it, like you did before?"

That got immediate results. He shook himself out of his stupor enough to clench her ass cheeks with both hands. Enjoying that, he started to knead them.

Hillary was pleased that she was starting to affect him. She purred in a seductive voice, "Nick, I know you're Maggie's boyfriend, but would you like me to rub my big breasts against your chest?"

By this time, she'd managed to get the last of his buttons done, and she opened his shirt wide. Then, as she actually started to rub him skin-to-skin while also licking him around his neck, she continued, "Just like this? Do you like that?"

He nodded like an eager puppy.

"Does it excite you that the girl with the biggest tits in school is rubbing them all over you? It excites me! I just luuuuuuve rubbing my naked body all over you, you stud! Maybe you should take off those stupid pants and hold your big cock up so I can rub against that too!"

Nick's dick was rapidly becoming turgid, and he quickly complied. His shirt was still on and hanging open, but that was no impediment to enjoying the way Hillary was now slithering all over his front side. Her main effort was on her tits, but she was using everything she had, even wrapping a leg around one of his on occasion.

Once Nick held his erection in place with it pointing straight up and resting against his body, he was able to let go and have it stay there, since her body started pressing into it so firmly.

Rubbing against his boner became her new focus. Her ass swirled around in a circular motion, allowing her lower tummy to rub his soaked pole with just as much friction and pleasure as if she'd been using her hands.

Debra was getting increasingly distraught, not because she disapproved of what Hillary was doing, but because she was worried that Hillary was being too effective and might win the contest. She was getting increasingly aroused too.

Hillary cooed, "How do you like that? I love your cock! It's soooo... BIG! Gaawwwd, and THICK! So THICK! This one is a real cunt-stuffer! Do you like that I'm rubbing your cock with my naked body while your girlfriend watches? That's 'cos you make me so HOT! I can't help but rub my big tits on you, 'cos you're such a stud! I want you to cum all over me! All over THEM!" She looked down at her sliding breasts to show what she meant by that.

She continued, "Can you do that for me? Cum on my tits! Bathe them in your hot cum!" She'd been working herself up to a fever pitch, and was practically squealing as if she was already climaxing.

Maggie was conflicted. On one hand she was jealous once again that it wasn't her rubbing Nick and telling him those things. But on the other hand, she absolutely loved every word that was said. She was reaching her own orgasmic bliss, picturing Nick cumming on Hillary's hefty rack.

Debra was even more annoyed. Hillary clearly had an awesome body, and she was just as clearly using it to excellent effect. Debra knew she wasn't going to win the competition at this rate. She turned to Maggie and asked impatiently, "Isn't it time yet?"

Maggie had drifted over to stand next to Debra, because that's where the best view was, directly in front of the action. She tried to stall for time, hoping Hillary would get Nick to cum, which meant Debra wouldn't have to touch him at all. She asked, "Don't you have a boyfriend?"

"Yeah? So what?"

"Wouldn't he mind if he saw you playing this game?"

"Yeah, he'd mind, but even though he's at the party, he'd never know to come in here. So don't worry."


Debra interrupted, "Don't worry about it. It's between him and me." She and her boyfriend both cheated on each other from time to time and they both knew it, and that's just how it was. She didn't want to be bothered with annoying questions about it. Besides, she figured this wasn't really cheating anyway, since there was no actual fucking going on.

As for Nick, she barely knew him, and he certainly didn't look to be in her league, or even anywhere close to her league. She'd had sex with guys who looked like they could be professional strippers, and some who even were professional strippers. However, if he was going to be the judge as to who was the sexiest in school, she was determined to wow him and seduce him.

Additionally, she couldn't fail to notice that Nick did have an unusually thick dick, and she was very interested in getting to know it better. She could start to understand why both Maggie and Hillary were interested in him, from the size of his cock alone.

She was antsy to get her turn. She asked, louder, "Isn't it time already?!"

Nick heard that, and reluctantly said, "Time."

"Sheesh, finally," Debra complained. "That was more than two minutes, I'm sure of it. So that means I get more than two minutes too." She warned Maggie, "I'm gonna be keeping track!"

Maggie stepped up to take her turn. Lust was taking over, and she was tempted to just have fun rubbing her body all over her son's. But she remembered she had a task to perform. I have to save him from Debra. She's trouble! I'm the last line of defense to stop Debra from getting her hands on my Nick! Or from him getting his hands on HER! If I can get him to cum in the next two minutes, then our cover story will be saved, AND we'll be able to get rid of her before she so much as touches him. I have to do my best!

She didn't have to psych herself up much. She was insanely horny before Debra even arrived, and she hadn't gotten more involved already mainly due to her fear of getting caught, as well as wanting to give Hillary some well-deserved one-on-one time with him. Even Debra's interruption and continued presence had barely cooled her ardor.

But she stood little chance of making him cum in her allotted time. Nick had gone flaccid before Hillary started her turn, so most of Hillary's turn had been devoted to getting his dick fully hard again. And although he was erect now, he had a long ways to go before he'd be ready to cum. He truly did have an impressive sexual stamina.

Maggie tried her best anyway. She walked up to him with a sexy strut, and shucked his shirt the rest of the way off. She knew he didn't like that, especially with Debra there, but she and Hillary had started a campaign to get him to take his shirt off frequently so he'd get used to it and thus hopefully stop worrying about the appearance of his chest, which was nothing to be ashamed about in the first place.

Maggie kissed him on the lips (open-mouthed, of course), and they resumed a pose they'd come to enjoy so much recently: her hands went to his ass, while his hands went to her tits. She began to knead his ass cheeks, while he twisted, pulled, and generally aggressively abused her nipples.

That was all highly arousing, but the fact that his boner was trapped between them was key to her plan to get him to cum. At first, Maggie just luxuriated in the fact that it was there and pressed straight up against her lower abdomen. But as the seconds passed, she started to churn her hips, increasing the pressure and friction against it. She slithered up and down his body like Hillary had done, so it wasn't an original move, but it felt fantastic for the both of them just the same.

She found herself thinking, I'm such a slut! Sure, I have to do this to save him from Debra, but I don't have to love it so much! I'm his MOTHER, for crying out loud! What would Debra think, or Hillary for that matter, if they knew the truth about THAT?! That Nick's mom is shamelessly rubbing her hot naked body all over her son, hoping to get him to cum! Why, his fat cock monster is only inches from my cunt, and all he'd have to do is adjust things a little and it would plunge deep inside me! Imagine that: my son FUCKING me, and in front of two totally hot naked beauties, no less!

I don't mind that they're watching me right now. Hell, I like that they're watching. Fuck. The truth is, I LOVE that they're watching! They look so sexy standing there naked in their high heels that they make me even MORE horny! They must know by now that Ma is a shameless horny slut for her son! They can see him rubbing a steady stream of pre-cum onto me, and it's running down to my cunt! My soaked and swampy pussy is actually getting even MORE wet from my son's CUM! Oh my God, that thought is making me so hot that I'm gonna pass out for sure, especially with the way he's twisting and tweaking my nipples!

As her arousal grew, her moves became wilder, more instinctive, and even animalistic. She started to slither against him in a way that put even Hillary's impressive sexual moves to shame. She had long broken the kiss because of her new focus on rubbing her tits, and other body parts, all over him. She would slip her entire body down, and back up, and then further down with each pass. Between Nick's sweat, her sweat, and the remains of Hillary's sweat on him, lubrication wasn't an issue. The fact that it was a naturally stuffy sauna helped. The room trapped their heat and was becoming warmer all the time.

Maggie felt like she'd become a completely different person. She had lived without any sex of any sort the last couple of years, of course. But before that, her sex life with Andy had been fairly vanilla. She'd never performed a striptease for her husband, for instance. Since she'd gotten intimate with Nick, her libido had been set on fire. But even so, she was reaching a new level of totally wanton sexual abandon and release with her nude writhing.

Hillary was trying to keep her wits about her while she watched, because she very much wanted to get rid of Debra and somehow get back to where they'd been before she came in. But she had been very hot and bothered already, and Debra's arrival had only temporarily dampened that. She also lusted after Maggie as much as Nick, if not more. Seeing them naked together, with Maggie aggressively rubbing her body against him, was just about the most arousing sight she'd ever seen. Had it not been for Debra being there, she would have started masturbating in a heartbeat.

She was proud of the fact that she and Anushka had such a close relationship that they shared all their experiences and secrets. Already, she was wondering how the hell she would be able to explain this!

Before long, Maggie began dipping down so low that her tits nearly touched his erection. He kept his fingers on her nipples all the while, which actually meant she was getting a lot more aroused than he was.

But just when she got the idea that maybe her tits should touch it and even envelop it, Debra called, "TIME!"

Hillary immediately roused herself from her lusty staring, and said, "Wait a minute. Nick's the one who's supposed to say that."

"But he must have forgot. It's been three minutes, at least!" Debra complained.

Nick spoke. "She's right. It probably has been too long. Time. Sorry, Ma--aaggie."

Since he was a naturally honest person, he was trying to at least be somewhat fair. Besides, he didn't want to embarrass himself by cumming too soon. Phew! That was a close call! He looked over to Hillary and Debra standing next to each other and nearly felt dizzy enough to fall over. Good Lord! So sexy! This can't be happening to me!

Shoot! Maggie thought, not even noticing his near faux pas about her name. I blew it. I could have given him a titfuck, and that would have been within the rules too. He's been on the edge for so long that he would have cum for sure. Plus, it would have been super fun and super hot! Damn! Now I have to watch Debra touch him. UGH!

Debra stepped forward towards him. She looked at Maggie disdainfully. "Huh. Interesting strategy. It seemed the main thing was the way he played with YOUR nipples, and you didn't say a word at all. Interesting."

As soon as Maggie pulled away, Debra took her place. She wrapped her arms around Nick and pressed her fabulous naked body against his, including her double-D-cups against his bare chest. She fluttered her eyelashes at him, and beamed her devastating smile his way.

"Hi!" she breathed, as she looked up into his eyes. "I'm Debra, nice to make your acquaintance." Of course, they'd met at school a few times before and talked some, but she still hardly knew him since he'd been rather aloof, and she found it amusing to pretend that rubbing her naked body against his was her very first contact with him.

He looked to Maggie and Hillary, and then to Debra. No, this can't be happening! No way! I hope my two dream girls aren't going to be upset at me later. What can I do?! It's not my fault!

Debra had decided that her entire future would be based on her looks and sex appeal, so she'd devoted a lot of time and energy to being sexually desirable in every way. That included her voice. She had trained it to be sultry at all times, but she could turn the seductive tone up even higher at will, and she did that now. "I'm a professional model, and a kind of famous one to boot, but the only thing I am tonight is your slut!" She took one of his hands and brought it to her ass.

He could actually feel the difference in just how much more curvy and jutting her ass was, even compared to Hillary's and Maggie's extremely impressive asses. Whoa! I get to touch Debra's naked body too?! She's got a flawless bubble butt. I sure am one lucky guy! He brought his other hand down to better explore her remarkable derriere.

She continued in her boner-inducing extra sultry purr, "I hardly know you, but I really like you! I have a boyfriend, but he doesn't have to know that I'm gonna get your cock all stiff and hot so you'll cum all over my face! That'll be our little secret, okay?" She winked saucily.

He felt his heart making back flips. Debra was so cute and adorable, yet somehow mature and sexy too, that she was simply irresistible. Mostly, her face and especially her eyes had an almost hypnotic allure. As long as their eyes were locked, he was eager to grant her any wish, no matter what it was.

She started to slink and slide her naked body up and down his, just as Hillary and Maggie had done. But after a few dips, she took a very deep dip and wound up fully squatting. Then, without saying anything, she simply captured the tip of his stiff erection and swallowed it in her mouth!

Her eyes went wide as she realized just how difficult it was to engulf such a thick cock. She hadn't fully realized what she was getting into until she tried to stretch her lips around his cockhead and found her lips stretching wider and wider until it was slightly painful. But she was committed by that point, and determined to win. She thought she was being clever with her sneak oral attack, and she felt that she had to act fast before anyone told her she couldn't do this.

Her eyes bugged out as she struggled to just keep all of his fat knob in her mouth. She had never sucked a cock even remotely this thick before! But she was a trooper and managed not to gag or pull off. Again feeling that time was of the essence for her sneak attack to succeed, within seconds, she started bobbing up and down on his sweet spot.

Hillary and Maggie realized what had happened immediately of course, but they were so shocked that they were slow to react. Finally, well after Debra had started her bobbing, they found their voices. "Hey!" "Stop!" "NO!" they cried out, alone and together.

Debra gave them an innocent "Am I doing something wrong?" look, but kept right on bobbing on Nick's hot and throbbing hard-on. She didn't see the need for a lot of extra work to win the contest when she could go straight for the jugular.

True, it was a constant struggle to suck on it. She was used to boys fawning over and practically licking her feet to impress her, so it was no surprise that she wasn't a particularly talented or experienced cocksucker, period. And thanks to Nick's size, it was all she could do to keep her lips moving on it while still breathing through her nose.

However, she figured that didn't matter much. She was confident she could get Nick to cum pretty quickly due to the excitement of the situation, plus her extraordinary beauty.

Maggie was upset, but Hillary was absolutely livid! Hillary realized she hated to see any woman other than Maggie sucking Nick's boner, but the fact that it was Debra, of all people, practically made steam shoot out of her ears. She clenched her teeth and clenched her fists, and seriously considered punching Debra hard.

Yet both Maggie and Hillary were finding out they could be very horny and angry at the same time. It was a thin line between hate and lust, and in some ways the intense emotion of one fueled the other, and vice versa.

Debra kept right on bobbing and slurping, thinking that her innocent act would get her through until he came. But he didn't cum right away, as she'd expected. It wasn't until Hillary and Maggie both angrily marched towards her and stretched their hands out to pry her off him that she stopped and pulled off.

Debra acted like the picture of innocence, even as she wiped the slobber running down her chin. "What? Did I do something wrong? The only rule is no hands, right?"

But even as she said this, she knew she would lose the argument, and her time was limited. So, with his saliva-soaked boner practically bouncing off her nose, she changed positions slightly, pushed her nice round tits together, and trapped them in her suddenly very tight cleavage.

Nick thought, I'm sorry, this can't be happening to me! I barely even know Debra, and she was just sucking me off! And now she's starting a titfuck! Come ON! I MUST be dreaming! God, she's so fucking sexy AND stacked! It feels great!

Hillary screamed, "STOP THAT!" It really pissed her off that Debra had the gall to start titfucking him now. She was very ready to do her bodily harm.

Debra saw Hillary standing right above her with her hands clenched into fists and a fierce expression. She literally backed off, scooting backwards while kneeling, just like a frightened crab. She held her hands out and up to show they weren't taking part in any hanky panky anymore, or even touching Nick at all. "What? Don't tell me I can't do that either?"

"No, you can't!" Hillary defiantly folded her arms under her heaving rack.

Maggie stood next to her in the exact same position, also looking extremely pissed off. "YEAH!"

Debra pretended to be hurt and miffed. "Okay! Sorry! Sheesh. You should have specified. I didn't know! All you said was 'no hands,' and I didn't use my hands."

Hillary calmed down a tad, but just a tad, as she realized Debra had a point, since they hadn't explicitly prohibited what she'd been doing. She huffed, "Fine. Now you know. No fucking, no titfucking, no cocksucking, and no handjobs. This is supposed to just be a game, not full-on sex!"

Nick thought, If this isn't full-on sex, then what is?! Damn, it feels so awesome that I can't even begin to imagine how good "real" sex is! I think my sexual pleasure is already set on max! And with the three hottest girls in town! And one of 'em is my fuckin' MOTHER! Phew!

Whatever happens now, it can't be undone that Debra had my dick in her mouth and was bobbing on it! And she had it between her big tits too! That happened! He looked from one naked beauty to another. What the hell is going to happen next?!

Wisely, he kept his thoughts to himself.

Debra didn't want Nick to go flaccid while she was arguing, so she stood back up and plastered her voluptuous body against his, making sure that his erection was up and pressing tightly against her lower tummy. She got busy rhythmically grinding her hips against him as she asked Hillary, "So those are the rules? Is there anything else I can't do? 'Cos I don't want any more of this 'Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you,' bullshit."

Hillary and Maggie looked at each other, trying to make sure they weren't overlooking anything.

Maggie said, "Let's put it this way. His dick can't enter any of your orifices."

"Damn!" Debra quietly muttered.

Hillary shook a finger at her. "No footjobs, either! Just rub your sexy body against him and say sexy things, like we did."

"But that could take forever," Debra complained, even as she rubbed her nakedness against him.

"Well then, maybe you're not deserving of being declared the sexiest of the three of us!" Hillary said that angrily and defiantly, like she was throwing down a gauntlet.

Debra loved that challenge. As she bent down to lick one of Nick's nipples, she asked hopefully, "Would that be some kind of public declaration?"

"Of course not! You can't tell anybody about this. It's just something that he'll think."

That hardly seemed like an adequate reward for Debra. But then it occurred to her that not only would Nick think she was the winner, but Hillary and Maggie would too. And that would be a sweet victory, since they were the ones she wanted to impress and defeat the most.

Besides, she was having such a great time that she didn't mind if this had to stay a secret. She hadn't even finished her first turn yet and she was already having more fun than she'd had in ages. There was a general erotic buzz in the air that was so intoxicating, that she already thought it was almost better than actually fucking. The presence of two nude sexpots like Hillary and Maggie, plus the way all three of their pussies were copiously flowing and stinking up the room, had done more to add to that atmosphere than anything Nick had done.

She turned all her focus back to Nick. But, even as she kept on rubbing her body against him, she said to the others, "Okay, but I was interrupted there, and that wasn't fair. My time is starting from scratch, starting now."

She was used to just declaring what she wanted and getting her way, so she didn't even wait for a reply, or expect one.

There was something about her that was so difficult to say 'no' to, that even Hillary and Maggie in their angry moods let that one slide. Besides, they were so very aroused that they wanted to see what she'd do to him next, so long as she didn't do something to make him cum.

The interruption had disrupted Nick's arousal, but Debra had had some long moments of bobbing on his cock before she'd been forced to pull off. She figured she'd be able to get him to cum soon, even if she stayed within the newly clarified rules. She continued her sweaty sliding over the entire front of his body, and resumed her sexy talk.

"Nick, you're such a hunk!" She didn't actually believe that. In fact, she was wondering what Maggie and Hillary saw in him, other than his cock, since she considered that even most of the other guys at the party were more handsome than he was. His face was nice, but his body was ordinary, except for his penis. However, that was an extremely big exception, both literally and figuratively. She had to admit his penis was the thickest she'd ever seen, and rubbing against it and especially sucking it had turned her on much more than she'd expected.

She could be an extremely convincing liar, but she decided to focus on what sincerely aroused her the most. "Did you like it when I was sucking your cock? Because I did! Geez, Nick! You're, like, some kind of sex god with a cock THAT thick! I could barely get it in my mouth, and my jaw still hurts, but I'm sooooo glad that I managed! Did you like the way I wrapped my tongue around your-"

Hillary cut in. "Hey! That's not fair! You weren't supposed to suck his cock, so now you can't talk about it!" She knew that wasn't really fair, but she was desperate for Debra not to win. She was so frustrated that she wanted to scream. She was gritting her teeth, rooting hard for Nick to hold out.

But Debra said to her, "Sorry, I asked you to clarify the rules, and you didn't say anything about that." She looked back into Nick's eyes, and fluttered her baby blues. "Nick, you know what I want to do? You know what I NEED to do? I need to drain your cock! It really bothers me that your cock is full of cum. It bothers me that I can't slide your cock deep in my mouth and swirl my tongue all around it, like I was starting to do. That tasty cum should be on my face, and on my big, bouncy tits!"

Maggie let out a surprisingly loud groan at that. Even though she was hating Debra more and more by the minute, she was increasingly aroused by the minute too. Just seeing Debra's flawless, curvy body rubbing against her son's was making her deliriously horny. Adding to that the mental image of Nick's cum splattering onto Debra, as well as herself and Hillary for good measure somehow, aroused her so much that she suddenly ran her hands over the upper slopes of her big tits, as if wiping through all the cum there.

The same was true of Hillary. Her intense hate and lust were getting tangled together more and more with each passing minute. She had vicious thoughts of Debra, but instead of wanting to punch her, now she wanted to see Nick vigorously fuck her face! She was tempted to masturbate, but she felt she would somehow be losing if she gave in to doing that in front of Debra.

As Debra's nude body slithered all over Nick's front side, she stole a quick glance at Hillary and Maggie to see what the groaning was about. She could tell her latest words had hit home with them as well as Nick too, because their faces were morphing from angry to lusty right before her eyes.

She decided to continue in that vein, and include the other two nude bombshells in her hot talk to help appease them. With Nick kneading her ass cheeks again, she said to him, "I want you to do me first, but I want you to do us all! We're three busty vixens, and we're all naked and horny for you! Our big tits NEED your cum! Our cute faces need your cum too! I want you to cum on my face!"

A curious thing was that Debra had never let any boy cum on her face before. She liked to stay in complete control of her boyfriends, and that would be seen as a sign of weakness, if not total submission. But she was so very worked up that she realized she really meant what she was saying.

She went on, with even more enthusiasm, "I won't be happy until you've shot your load over ALL of us! Think of us as your little harem. We don't have to go back to the party at all. Paint your fuck sluts! Let's just stay here so we can take turns sucking and fucking you, until our faces are so covered with your jism that we can't even see!"

Again, in the heat of the moment, that sounded like a great idea. She hoped that could actually happen. She didn't care much for her boyfriend Devon, and had no qualms about cheating on him. As the REM song went, he was just a simple prop to occupy her time.

She looked around again to see how she was doing. Little did she realize, but both Maggie and Hillary had or were developing cum fetishes, so this kind of talk hit the bull's-eye. In fact, that kind of talk aroused them even more than it did Nick.

Hillary and Maggie were drawing closer to the spot where Debra and Nick stood. Their big tits were heaving up and down, and their hands were on their pussies. (Hillary's resolve not to masturbate had just crumbled after what Debra had said.) They were trying to hide what their hands were doing, but Debra could see clear signs of fingers sliding in and out of soaked and pulsing slits just the same. Their faces looked sweaty, hungry, and desperate.

Even Debra was moved and aroused by how sexy they looked standing there in nothing but their high heels.

Maggie spoke to Debra, but only in her thoughts. Stop! Please stop! No more talk about needing his cum, and wanting it dripping down all over our sexy bodies! If I get any hotter, my pussy and nipples are going to start smoking! Oh God! And Nick having a harem? A harem of sperm-covered fuck sluts? Yes! Yes! YES! No, stop, no! Yes! God, yes! No! It's so very wrong, but... More! Tell me more!

Maggie had a self-imposed limit about the kinds of things she'd allow herself to fantasize about, and the language she would use. For instance, she tried to avoid the word "mommy" because she thought it sounded juvenile and demeaning. Hillary had similar restraints. However, Debra didn't care, so she used "forbidden" words like "harem" and "fuck sluts" freely. Their very forbidden status gave them an especially powerful erotic charge. That was why Maggie was so very keen to hear Debra to say more of the things she wouldn't allow herself to say.

Debra turned back to Nick. "Would you like that? Would you like to see my face so thoroughly covered with sticky cum that I can't even open my eyes? Do you want to make me one of your big-titted bitches for your growing harem?"

Maggie squealed orgasmically upon hearing that, and an orgasm did in fact hit her. She started deeply fingering her pussy. She was so overcome by lust that it was a near thing she didn't fall to the floor.

Hillary noticed Maggie's screaming and quivering. Like Maggie, she'd already been secretly playing with her pussy by pretending that she was just covering her pussy mound with her hands, although in fact she wasn't fooling anyone who bothered to look her way. But she decided that if Maggie could do it that openly, she could do it too. So she dropped one hand, spread her legs wider, and plunged two fingers deeply inside her gash.

She was immediately rewarded by a big orgasm too. However, unlike Maggie, she still had enough self-restraint not to shout out. Her embarrassment at being "found out" by Debra was greater, giving her more willpower.

Debra turned to Maggie briefly, puzzled by her loud and strong reaction. But she continued, "I wonder what my boyfriend would think of that, but he won't be my boyfriend any more, not after you fuck me and make me totally addicted to your cock!"

She was hamming it up, and didn't think she was being serious about such extreme statements, now that she was talking about harems and the like. She was just saying what she thought would arouse. But interestingly enough, her words were getting to her as much as anyone else. With every passing second, she was actually finding herself lusting after Nick more and more, and believing her words on some level.

She started to slide her way down Nick's body again, pressing her hard nipples deep into his skin wherever she went. "Now, those big-titted meanies say you can't fuck my tits, at least not yet. That's probably 'cos they only want your cock sliding through THEIR tits every day. I hope that soon you'll be fucking all our tits AAAAALL the time! Make us your fuck sluts! Would you like that?"

His only reply was a helpless, horny grunt.

She continued in her extra sultry voice, "But for now, I won't do that. However, there's nothing stopping you from holding your cock and rubbing it all over me, including on my nipples. Can you do that? Can you paint my nipples with the cum dribbling out of your cock?"

Nick's brain had basically shut down again. He was enjoying everything to the utmost, certainly, but he wasn't really capable of rational thought. In fact, he would have already climaxed a long time ago, except that rubbing one's body against an erection without using hands to hold it still wasn't a very efficient method of making someone cum.

But he was happy to do anything she told him. When she told him to rub her erect nipples with his cock, he immediately started doing exactly that.

Debra squeezed her double-D tits tightly together, and as she was kneeling down at the moment, it was easy for him to target her nipples with his cockhead. But she knew her time was running out, if it wasn't over with already, and she needed to do something drastic to make sure he climaxed before she was called away.

So, while he was busy poking at her erect nipples, she took her finger and plunged it into her pussy. She was very wet, so it was easy for her to get her finger lubed up. Then she reached between his legs, fondled her way up his ass crack, and then suddenly thrust her index finger deep in his asshole. She really hated putting her finger in such a "disgusting" place, and she'd never done that to anyone before in her life. The fact that she did it showed just how determined she was to win.

Nick cried out loudly. She was stimulating his prostate, and it felt so good that it was like he'd discovered he had a second erection that already was being wildly stimulated, in addition to his first one being stimulated just as much. In fact, the feeling was so pleasurable and intense that he knew it would just be a matter of seconds before he'd be cumming all over her.

She purred, "That's it, Nick! Cum on my face! Point your cock up and cum on my face! Make me your slut!"

Hillary and Maggie were horrified by how obviously successful Debra's "attack" was going. Neither cared much if the other one "won" this contest of sorts, since they felt they were part of the same threesome team. But they weren't willing to stand by and let Debra win. They snapped out of their masturbating bliss.

Maggie struck first. She lunged forward and yelled, "Time's up!" At the same time, she grabbed Debra's hand that was in the middle of poking in Nick's ass, and pulled it away.

Hillary was a little slower on the uptake, but she similarly wrapped her arms around Debra's body and forcibly pulled her up and away from Nick. Her big tits mashed into Debra's back briefly, and she wasn't happy about such intimate contact, but she had little choice.

However, they were too late. Nick just couldn't take this incredible level of stimulation anymore, and he started to cum! The finger-in-the-ass move was the absolute final straw.

"Hey!" Debra complained, even as she was being safely deposited a few feet away. "No fair! You never said that wasn't allowed!"

Hillary wasn't happy to be touching Debra's naked body, and quickly let go of her. She started to say, "I never-" But she cut herself off when she saw Nick's cum flying through the air!

Because Debra had just been rather forcibly moved away, Nick had nothing and no one to cum onto. His ropes of cum arched up in the air a foot or two, only to come splattering down onto the floor.

Debra, Hillary, and Maggie could only watch. Both Hillary and Maggie were filled with a strong desire to move quickly so the cum could land on them, but they were too embarrassed to actually do that with Debra there with them.

Debra, by contrast, thought cum was disgusting. The facial talk was fun, and aroused even her, but she didn't want to actually do it if that could be helped. She was glad to be out of the way, and she scooted further back just to be on the safe side.

She also thought putting her finger up someone else's ass was disgusting, and she wanted to get her finger cleaned off right away. Unfortunately, she was in a room without a sink or towels. She saw her panties on the floor where she'd dropped them, and she decided they could be sacrificed and she could go "commando" for the rest of the party. With the other three highly distracted by Nick's cum shower, she used what little fabric her panties had to wipe her finger as clean as she could manage.

Nick's powerful cum blasts were reduced to a trickle, and then they stopped altogether.

Debra had the presence of mind to shout, "Victory! I win! YES!"

Nick was having a great time, no matter who was pleasuring him, but he had enough of a brain left to realize it wouldn't be good for the threesome dynamic if Debra won. So he raised his hands in the air like a football referee indicating a touchdown, and said loudly, "Foul! Unfair touching. That didn't count!"

Debra stamped her foot and crossed her arms under her luscious tits. "Unfair! I declare a mistrial! And a do-over!"

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, BDGV, lew54321, GWB, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.