Chapter 43: Debra's Game Continues (Saturday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Maggie put her hand on her hip and gave Debra a challenging look. "That's a joke. You don't have a right to declare that. Nick's in charge here, and he makes the rules!"

Even those words that she'd just said got her hotter, since she loved the idea of Nick being in charge of them all. She tried to suppress any submissive feelings she had for Nick, since she was his mother, and she often succeeded, at least to some degree. However, she was so out-of-control horny right now that sometimes her usual restraints were temporarily forgotten.

Debra was really horny too, and wanted more. She was surprised at how fun and arousing the contest was. She liked competition, so the conflict with Maggie and Hillary just made it more enjoyable for her. Looking to Hillary and Maggie, she said, "You can't say that's not fair. There was no rule against what I did. I won, fair and square!"

"You did not!" Hillary complained hotly. "We said no orifices, remember?"

"Yeah, but they were MY orifices."

Hillary gesticulated wildly in frustration, causing her massive boobs to bounce. "But it's assumed his orifices too! Jesus Christ! Do we have to spell out everything?! No boy is going to last long through an anal fingering. That's not winning; that's cheating!"

Debra tried a different tack with Nick, since he was the one apparently who could set the rules (although he was too stunned to act like it very much). Still keeping a short distance from him, she asked, "Nick, what do you think about what I said?"

"What?" His brain definitely was on erotic overload.

Then she noticed that his dick was still stiff. She stood up and waved her hands, as if she didn't have everyone attention already. "Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Hold on! He's still HARD! Since you say that was against the rules, we CAN just have a do-over!"

Hillary and Maggie looked at each other and frowned. Although they were both extremely hot and bothered, they didn't want Debra there with them any longer than necessary. However, they couldn't let her go away angry. They also both were mindful of the camera Debra had left with the clothes she'd discarded. If they stole or broke the camera, they would make an enemy, but they couldn't let her take pictures either. The best choice seemed to play for time.

Debra knelt in front of Nick and started stroking his cock. She figured that was allowed since none of them were officially having turns in the game at the moment. She looked up at him and said, "Impressive! Not a lot of guys can do that!"

He didn't have anything to say to that. He was still semi-dazed. He couldn't believe all of this was happening.

Maggie and Hillary weren't surprised that he was still erect. They both knew about his tendency to "cum in twos." But they didn't want to tell Debra for fear of making her more sexually attracted to him.

They should have stopped Debra from jacking him off if they were thinking, but neither of them were thinking very clearly. Lust was definitely ruling the day, with anger still there, but in second place.

Debra looked up at him while she blew air onto his spongy cockhead. "So, Nick, what do you think about what I said, that we need a do-over? It's only fair, right? Besides, why stop when you cum? In fact, why should we go back to the party at all? Sure, I'll have to go back there briefly so my boyfriend won't suspect and the others won't look for us, but other than that, we can stay here all night! You look like a studly guy."

She didn't know if that was true, but she was trying to butter him up, and the way his dick stayed erect certainly was impressive. "And you must be an awesome fucker to have these two so hot for you." She was fairly convinced of that, since they did seem quite hot for him, and there had to be some reason for it. The mere thickness of his cock suggested he'd be a great fuck, even if he had no experience with it.

She added, "So I'm sure you can fuck us all night! What do you say?"

Hillary decided to resume the game. The fact that it was her turn next helped sway her decision. She moved in close to Nick and she plastered her nude body against his, even though Debra was still stroking his hard-on. "Talk and fondle all you want, Debra," she said snarkily, while licking Nick's neck. "You're doing my work for me."

Nick's hands went up to cup Hillary's huge tits, since there didn't seem to be any rule against that. But he remembered to be gentler with them than if they were Maggie's.

He thought, Are you kidding me?! I'm getting play with Hillary's tits while DEBRA jacks me off! This HAS to be a crazy dream!

"But I'm serious!" Debra complained to Hillary, even as she let go, stood up, and took a few steps back. "I'm glad we're resuming the game, but why stop there? We're basically having a stand-up orgy already. Why not get comfy and do it right? We should take this somewhere where there's a big bed. Nick, don't you want to cum on all of us?"

She added in an extra sultry, husky tone, "And IN all of us?"

Maggie coughed. "Excuse me, but don't you remember I'm his girlfriend?"

"Oh yeah." Debra had forgotten all about that. She started fingering her pussy, since she'd gotten very worked up and she'd seen the other two women do that. "But if you've allowed this much, you obviously don't mind sharing, and wouldn't it be fun to watch Nick take turns fucking the shit out of ALL of us?"

Maggie was seriously annoyed. "Debra, you presume too much. You really are a spoiled bitch. Nick's not going to fuck you just 'cos you want it. He's MY boyfriend! So shut up and sit down, and watch Hillary take her turn!"

Debra wasn't used to anyone talking to her like that, and she easily gave in. Nobody called her a "spoiled bitch," at least not to her face, and she didn't know how to react. Everyone she knew treated her like a princess, including her own family.

She didn't have any nearby spot to sit down, but she certainly shut up.

Meanwhile, Hillary was trying hard to think of ways to get Debra out of the room and away from Nick. She didn't want to let Debra seduce him with her cute yet stunning face and her shapely body. She decided to try to get him to cum right away, so Debra wouldn't get another chance to touch him.

Unfortunately, Nick had just climaxed, so to get him to cum again so soon was a very, very tall order. She could only think of one way to get Nick to cum quickly, and it was Debra who had handed her the solution on a silver platter. She slithered down to the same position Debra had last been in, and then plunged her index finger into Nick's asshole just as Debra had. She wiggled it around a bit until she found his prostate, and then she focused her concentration on stimulating it.

She didn't bother talking or doing anything else, although her body still wiggled against his legs somewhat. She knew if she kept this anal probing up, he'd be guaranteed to cum very soon, maybe even less than a minute.

Debra could see that too, and she barked out, "No fair! She's stealing all my moves! Mistrial! Mistrial!"

"SHUT UP!" Maggie yelled at her.

Debra shut up, and stepped back. Like a lot of intimidating people, she caved in quickly to people who intimidated her even more (although virtually no one knew that about her, since she always charmed everyone around her).

However, Nick felt this was grossly unfair - and he was having such a great time that he didn't want to possibly end it by cumming quickly. He said, "Debra's right. We just said that's not allowed for Debra, so why should it be allowed for Hillary?"

With a sigh, Hillary pulled her finger out. "Okay, fine." She tried to think of another way to get him to cum fast, but she was stumped. She didn't have many options, since handjobs, blowjobs, footjobs, and titfucks had all been ruled out.

Lacking any other ideas, she stood back up and resumed the strategy of rubbing her body and especially her tits against him. But her main focus was grinding her lower abdomen bulge just above where her bush should have been against his erection. From time to time, she French kissed him too, or whispered sweet nothings in his ears. But she didn't do either of those things that often, since her body was sliding around him so much.

She knew that it was extremely unlikely to get him to cum before her turn ended. She doubted if Maggie could get him to cum during her upcoming turn either, which meant Debra would get another shot at him. She was starting to realize that Nick had an uncommon sexual stamina, plus the fact that he'd had an orgasm mere minutes ago made the task very difficult. However, she reasoned that the hotter she got him, the fewer turns he'd have with Debra.

Thus, she tried to whisper the sexiest things she could think of, whether she meant them or not. For instance, she purred, "You lucky son of a bitch! I guess Maggie and I aren't enough for you? But don't worry; we're not mad at YOU. Only HER! This just happened. I blame her and her alone. So enjoy yourself as much as you can, while you can. Maybe she's right! Maybe you WILL cum on her face, and my face, and Maggie's face too!"

Hillary didn't realize just how pivotal that "sexy talk" was for his thinking. He'd been feeling guilty for any intimate contact with Debra. But he figured that he shouldn't mind so much if Hillary said that she and Maggie didn't mind.

After a couple of minutes of Hillary's body rubbing, sweet nothings, and especially her grinding against his boner, Debra began questioning the length of the turn.

So Nick called time.

Maggie was up next. She started with the same all-over body grinding strategy that Hillary had just used, but halfway through her turn, she came up with a different method. She dropped to her knees and put her face extremely close to the tip of his cock, as if she was going to lick it. However, instead, she told Nick to hold his own stiffness and rub it against her face. Technically that wasn't against the rules, as long as it didn't turn into a blowjob. She made sure that didn't happen, but whenever his cock was near her mouth she blew air on it.

Plus, she talked dirty in keeping with the on-going action. "Sport, if it weren't for the stupid rules, I would be lovingly lapping on your big fat cock right now! No, I wouldn't just be licking it! I would have it halfway down my throat and I'd be bobbing on it like my life depended on it! Think about all the other times I've sucked your cock while kneeling and wearing nothing but high heels! Doesn't that make you want to bust your nut all over my face?!"

He grunted and groaned needfully. But he was hanging on.

She went on, "And with Hillary and Debra watching too! That makes it so much more wicked and perverted! In fact, I don't want to just suck your cock! No! I want you to FUCK my face and then cum all over it! Remember last time you did that?!"

Debra had always been a selfish lover, since she could easily get away with that. For instance, she often had her boyfriends go down on her, and she would only stroke or suck them a little bit to make sure they'd cum from time to time and have enough fun to come back for more. What she was seeing and hearing was entirely different, and shocked her to her core. Hearing Maggie (or Hillary) say things like how she wanted to bob on Nick's thick cock "like my life depended on it" aroused and thrilled her because that passion and desire shone through.

Debra couldn't remember ever feeling even half that passionate about any boy in her life, because she hadn't. More and more, she wanted to feel what Maggie and Hillary clearly felt. The obvious way to get there was to imitate what they were doing.

Furthermore, Debra remained eager to win the contest, and what she was witnessing looked like a much better strategy. So, when her next turn came, she tried hard the same thing, in the same pose. She even imitated the dirty talk and the air blowing. She was getting into the spirit of it, and her dirty talk reflected that.

As an example, she said, "Nick, it's true that Maggie must be a great cocksucker. I can just tell. But don't you want to have a NEW pair of sweet lips tightly sealed around your cock?! I sucked your cock once already, but only oh-so-briefly! I want MORE! You're so THICK! I could barely even stand it! I thought I was going to cry, it was such an ordeal. But that makes me want to suck it even MORE! I'm realizing the thickest is the best, and I want the BEST!"

The strange thing was, the more she talked like that, and the more she heard and saw the others talking and acting as they were, the more she actually meant it. She was developing a desire for him that was completely unfamiliar to her life experience. The fact that he was enduring such extraordinary sexual stimulation was rapidly convincing her he really was a great catch who was worthy of her, even if he didn't look it at first.

However, she didn't just talk and rub against him. She wanted to win! And then meant using every trick in the book, especially as her turn was coming to an end. So she also started using a hand to explore his ass crack.

That move immediately led to howls of complaint from Maggie and Hillary.

But Debra pointed out that she was merely fondling all of Nick's ass, including his ass crack, and she wasn't fingering him deep in his anus.

So Maggie and Hillary allowed that. They were reaching the point where they were both thinking that anything to get Nick to cum faster would result in Debra having fewer turns.

Debra resumed her fondling, rubbing, and sexual talk.

One key difference was that when Debra talked dirty, she didn't limit herself the way the other two did. In the heat of the moment, she had no quibble with calling herself a "bitch," "whore," "slut," "fuck slut," or anything else she could think up. And, correctly sensing that Nick had very strong feelings for both Maggie and Hillary, she made sure to include them in her filthy talk as much as possible.

For instance, she said, "Nick, clearly, you have an incredible cock! I can see why Maggie and Hillary are your willing fuck sluts! You should make me your fuck slut too! Don't take no for an answer! Force me to be your personal whore! Your THIRD personal whore!"

An unexpected result was that Debra's words aroused Maggie and Hillary as much as Nick, if not more! It wasn't long before both women were freely fondling their clits, pussies, and breasts. And it wasn't much time after that before they started having more orgasms. Somehow, their anger at Debra only increased their arousal. They were the most hot and bothered during Debra's turns.

Debra had never completely let go in a sexual way, because she always worked hard to stay in command and in control. She'd done some fairly wild things in some other parties like this one, but it hadn't meant much to her because she'd remained emotionally detached and only somewhat aroused. But this time, Debra was letting her lust run wild, because the overall mood was so arousing and infectious.

With Nick's exceptionally thick cock almost literally smacking her in her face, these new and powerful feelings were largely getting imprinted onto her. She didn't consciously realize what was happening whatsoever though, and neither did anyone else.

Since Debra was having Nick rub his cockhead all over her face, near the end of her turn, she went from blowing air on his pole to sticking her tongue out and licking it a little bit whenever it came within range of her mouth.

Maggie and Hillary both protested this as another violation of the rules.

However, when it was their turns, when Nick ran his cock across their cheeks, chin, and nose, they found it nearly impossible not to do the same. Sometimes, Nick would even run his cockhead directly over their mouths with the excuse of wanting to go from one part of the face to another. Eventually, the rules were amended to allow "a little bit of incidental licking."

Nick made it through another round of turns, even though the "incidental licking" was becoming less and less incidental. In fact, the only thing that stopped things from turning into non-stop cock licking was that each woman wanted to do a lot of talking too.

He could have cum at any time, and Hillary especially strongly encouraged him to, but he was having too much fun to give up easily. He clenched and squeezed his PC muscle nearly non-stop.

Besides, he wasn't the only one having a great time. Everyone was extremely aroused. Hillary especially remained pissed at Debra, but she largely resigned herself that she couldn't stop what was happening so she might as well enjoy it until it was over, and deal with the consequences later. Whichever two women didn't have their turn with him fondled themselves lustily, and sometimes they even masturbated during their turns with him too. Each woman lost track of how many climaxes they had, because the entire experience seemed like one endless climax.

Another round of turns began. Slowly but surely, even the talking largely died down in favor of nearly non-stop and passionate "incidental" cock licking. Debra's idea to play with his ass was popular too, and while none of them went as far as stimulating his prostate for fear of being called out as a rule violator, his anal "starfish" was fingered and probed quite a lot, and to great effect.

During Hillary's next turn, "mere" cock licking somehow morphed into cocksucking. She had been nibbling on the tip of his cock, taking just an inch or so of his cockhead into her mouth at a time. But then she lost all control and engulfed his entire cockhead and then some!

Debra howled in protest. "Hey! That's not allowed!"

But only a few seconds after Hillary started to bob on Nick's sweet spot, he lost it. He started cumming hard.

At first, Hillary tried to hide what was happening. But she was having to gulp repeatedly to swallow his cum down, and Debra could see the tell-tale gulping movement in her neck. She complained loudly about that too. "Hey! You can't make him cum like that!"

Since the gig was up anyway, Hillary quickly pulled back. She was so far gone that the main thought in her mind was that she wanted Nick to cum on her face. At the same time, she took control of his boner, even though his hand was still on it. She had to aim it here and there on her face, since Nick was too blissed out to think or act with any purpose.

Some of Nick's cum had gone into Hillary's mouth, but there was still plenty blasting all over her face. She opened her mouth widely and basked in the joy of the cum bath.

Debra shouted, "Cheat! Cheat! Cheat!" However, she was strangely fascinated by what she was watching. Up until tonight, she thought cum was nothing more than a disgusting bodily fluid, and she never let any man cum on her skin or in her mouth. (She almost never deigned to give blowjobs, so the question of where else the cum could go didn't come up often.)

So this was a very unusual sight for her. What particularly struck her was how much Hillary enjoyed it. So far, everything Maggie and Hillary were doing was proving to be far more arousing and enjoyable than her own sexual habits, so she was inclined to think she had facials all wrong too. She noticed that Hillary was fingering herself with her free hand, and had another big climax right in the middle of Nick's unusually copious orgasm.

Nick had been aroused beyond all reason for a long time, so he had a lot of cum to give. Rope after rope after rope splattered across Hillary's beautiful facial features. She kept her face still and eyes closed, but kept on aiming his erupting boner this way and that, making sure to paint her forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, open mouth, and everywhere in between.

She knew Debra had to be watching, and she felt like she was making some kind of point by taking Nick's cum everywhere, although she wasn't sure what the point was, exactly.

Satisfied that she'd been thoroughly painted, Hillary aimed it lower and let the last couple of ropes hit her enormous tanned breasts. But he was mostly drained by then, so there were only a few streaks here and there dripping down her steep and curvy tit-slopes.

Then, with his climax done but his erection still hard in her hand, she began cleaning it, licking every inch thoroughly.

Maggie also fingered herself to another climax as she watched her son shoot his cum all over Hillary's face. However, like most of her previous orgasms with Debra there since her first one, she managed to be relatively quiet about it.

She knew for sure by now that she had a fetish about facials and pearl necklaces, but she loved it so much that she didn't care. In her mind, her son was marking and claiming Hillary with his cum, and she was proud of him for that.

Like Hillary, she felt Hillary was making some kind of important statement doing that in front of Debra. Perhaps it was that the two of them could go the extra slutty mile to please and pleasure their man in ways Debra wouldn't be willing to do. She wished she could have made that same statement with more of Nick's cum.

Debra was upset. She honestly felt Hillary had cheated by switching to an "illegal" blowjob. She also had been really looking forward to having her next turn with Nick where, in fact, she already had been planning to "illegally" suck him off some more.

Once Nick's orgasm was all finished, she complained, "Okay, that was NOT FAIR, and everybody knows it! The rules said NO BLOWJOBS! But how did Hillary get him to cum? With a blowjob! I could have done that with my turn and had him cum already. I declare a mistrial!"

She kept on griping loudly about how she'd been cheated, but no one seemed to be paying her any attention, and what Hillary was doing cleaning Nick's boner with her tongue looked pretty interesting, so she eventually shut up.

A minute passed, and then another. The only sounds heard were everyone's heavy breathing and Hillary's licking. It was starting to become obvious that Nick's dick simply wasn't going to go flaccid!

That was surprising even to Nick, because although he usually stayed erect after his first orgasm, he almost never stayed erect after the second one. But this was an extraordinarily arousing situation, to say the least.

Debra couldn't resist asking, "Is this normal for him?! He's stayed erect twice in a row! That's totally inconceivable!"

Of course, both Maggie and Hillary were well aware of his "cums in twos" tendency. Instead of explaining that, Maggie said it in a way that sounded even more impressive. "Nick is no normal boy. Let's just say I have NEVER seen him go soft after cumming only once. It's damn hard work to get him fully sexually satisfied!"

"My GOD!" Debra exclaimed. She was getting more and more impressed by Nick by the minute. He was making her rethink sex altogether. She had thought it was mostly a tool to control boys and make them do her bidding. That included getting them to lick and/or fuck her pussy.

She'd never been so interested in anyone's penis before like she was in Nick's penis now. Just seeing it fully erect was a constant thrill for her. She felt a craving to stroke, lick, and suck it that she most definitely had never felt for any penis in her life.

She was used to getting her own way. She didn't know how she was going to do it, but she already was starting to think that she wouldn't rest until she got Nick to fuck her!

Nick was still deep in his erotic fog, but he looked down at Hillary's face, and thought, Whoa! Check it out. She's totally doused in cum. MY cum! Plus, she's still licking my dick! Hillary, my dream girl! This is so fucking sweet. Is this really happening? It seems too good to be true. I'm just an ordinary guy. A sham. A fraud. But look: Ma and Debra are watching, and they look eager to take over if Hillary will let them. Yow!

Maggie slowly recovered from a particularly intense orgasm. She was ecstatic that Hillary had won instead of Debra, even if she had to admit that it wasn't exactly fair. But she also wanted things to get back to normal and have everyone put their clothes back on. She was well aware that the door was not lockable, and anyone else could walk in at any time.

However, seeing Hillary with her face and tits dripping with cum, and licking Nick's still very erect cock no less, was just too arousing for her to take. So she'd quietly begun masturbating herself yet again, wishing that Hillary's tongue was hers. She hoped her fiery lust would fade if she just climaxed enough times.

Debra was also quiet and horny, but upset too. She was quiet only because she was afraid Hillary and/or Maggie would yell at her or manhandle her again with her claims of a rigged contest. But she wasn't going to let Hillary win in that manner either, and she was biding her time to have the result overturned. Had she talked more now, she would have loudly and repeatedly yelled "Foul!"

Eventually, her irritation got the best of her, and she said in a quiet voice to Maggie about Hillary, "It's not fair, you know. She totally sucked him to make him cum. You saw it! That was against, like, rule number one. Now she's still licking his cock, and that was, like, rule number two. She's violating every rule!"

Hillary was busy with her licking, so Maggie cleverly replied, "The rules changed once he started to cum. Once that happens, the goal is to make his climax as pleasurable as possible. If you'd won, that could have been you doing that. And now she's not licking his cock, she's just cleaning it. That's all part of the procedure."

Debra bought that explanation, but it only made her more annoyed, especially the suggestion that she could have been the one licking his thick cock now. Nick didn't look that hunky in her eyes, but she was very impressed with his erection. She wanted the spoils of victory, even if that just meant licking his cock a lot.

She realized that Hillary may have started by cleaning Nick's cock, but since it had never gone down, she was cock licking him now, purely for mutual pleasure. Hillary had long since "cleaned" Nicks' shaft of any stray cum, and was using her lips and tongue to deliver maximum pleasure to his stiff rod.

In fact, as Debra stood there mulling over the rules violations, she watched as Hillary's mouth opened wide and her lips somehow managed to engulf Nick's wide and bulbous cockhead!

Hillary's eyes bugged out, because even though that wasn't the first time she'd done that, she remained surprised each time at just how difficult it was to stretch her lips wide enough to take him all the way in. But nonetheless, she persisted, mostly because she was so insanely horny. She even managed to slip her lips down another inch, allowing her to bob back and forth over his sweet spot.

She knew that Debra would have a hissy fit. But she was so hot for cock that she didn't care. She also got a kick out of knowing that Debra wanted to be doing what she was doing, and yet Debra could only watch in frustration.

Sure enough, Debra pointed in triumph. "A-ha! Maggie, what do you call THAT?! That's not cleaning; that's cocksucking, plain and simple!"

Maggie knew that Debra was right, but she didn't want to admit it. "It may look that way, sure, but what better way to make sure she's cleaned it thoroughly by sucking on the entire thing?"

"Oh, come on! You think I'm an idiot?"

Hillary heard this exchange, and she felt bad putting Maggie in an indefensible position. So she pulled her lips off and started licking down around the base.

That allowed Maggie to say, "See? She just bobbed on it a couple of times to clean the top. Now she's working on the bottom."

Debra harrumphed, and folded her arms under her ample double-D-cups. "Yeah, right." She quietly muttered, "Dammit! If I would have won, I could be cleaning him like that!"

However, Debra didn't continue to argue the point because she was getting increasingly horny watching Hillary lick and suck, and that was taking up her attention. She'd been in threesomes and orgies before, but she'd never been forced to stand there and watch another girl give someone a prolonged blowjob. It was sending powerful tingles down her spine, and straight to her pussy and nipples. She actually found it more arousing than those wild sex scenes, since she hadn't been emotionally engaged in those and she was very engaged now.

She didn't understand it on a conscious level yet, but certainly on a subconscious level it dawned on her that her own passion had been the missing ingredient in her sex life. Her boyfriends had been plenty passionate for her, but her lack of feeling for them limited how good the sex could be.

She resumed poking two fingers in and out of her pussy, since no one was paying much attention to her. (She'd gotten away with it earlier, and she'd seen the other women masturbate too.)

But she also complained to Maggie, "You know what I think? I think you're making the rules up as you go, just to foil me. Look at them!" She pointed to Nick, still standing, and Hillary, kneeling in front of him while adoringly lapping on his sweet spot. "That is soooo not just cleaning! She's totally licking the same sensitive spots, over and over, and nothing else!"

Maggie was trying to think of some clever answer to that, but she couldn't. All she could think of was how desperately badly she wished it was her slathering her tongue all over her son's fat cock.

Debra continued, emboldened, "And look how she's pumping his long rod with her hand too. Is that supposed to be more cleaning? Harrumph!"

Maggie just bit her lip. She could easily imagine those were her fingers dancing up and down Nick's thickness. She was sure that if Debra wasn't in the room, she would have been on her knees next to Hillary, looking to lick and stroke her fair share of her son's throbbing cock.

Debra griped, "You know I'm the sexiest one here, although I'll admit it's a close call, but how can I win against a rigged game? I demand a retrial!" Her boldness was growing as the sting of how Maggie and Hillary had intimidated her earlier faded in her mind.

Maggie replied, "Sorry, no retrial. I'll admit the rules are kind of evolving, because we're playing this game for the first time. But you lost fair and square. You way overstayed your time limit each time it was your turn anyway."

"I did not! I do demand a retrial. Right now!"

Maggie said, "Come on. We have to get back to the party. People are looking for us. Don't you need to check in with your boyfriend?"

Debra realized she had been gone for a suspiciously long amount of time, and it wouldn't be good for her boyfriend to find her like this. Even though she didn't care about his feelings, she didn't want the scandal since she had a reputation to maintain. She huffed, "Fine. Whatever. Later, or at the next party, then."

Maggie finally tore her eyes away from the sight of a kneeling Hillary happily licking and fondling her way around Nick's stiffness. She belatedly realized that Debra was playing with herself. Actually, that fact had been obvious for a long time now, but Maggie had been too absorbed watching what was happening with Nick and masturbating herself to look at Debra's body. Besides, she'd been trying hard not to look at Debra, almost as if she'd pretended Debra wasn't there, she'd go away. Clearly, that wasn't working.

Maggie also belatedly realized that Debra could just as easily see she was playing with herself too, since they were both still standing a few feet away from each other. She knew Debra must have seen her masturbating by now, since Debra wasn't trying to avoid looking at her like she had been with Debra. But still, it was embarrassing.

Maggie pulled her fingers out of her slit, even though she was extremely close to cumming once more.

Since Maggie hadn't replied to her yet, Debra added, "If you say no to having a rematch, I'm gonna tell everybody what you did, and how you were so terribly unfair at it."

Maggie looked at Debra with alarm, and said with great dismay, "You wouldn't!"

"I would, and I will!"

The conversation died out after that, because Maggie was so transfixed watching Hillary slurping and stroking Nick's hard-on. Besides, she didn't know how to respond to Debra's threat, and wanted to delay talking about the threat until Hillary was free to speak about it too.

As for Nick, he was in such a lusty fog that she didn't expect much coherence from him anytime soon.

Finally remembering that she'd brought her digital camera with her, and seeing that Maggie was distracted, Debra walked over to where her clothes were piled on the floor and picked her camera up. She was thinking that she could use some good blackmail photos, just to make sure that everything went her way, especially with a rematch.

She took a couple of quick photos of Hillary licking Nick's big boner. Luck was with her, and just as she started clicking, Hillary stuffed all of Nick's fat cockhead in her mouth yet again, and slid deeper and deeper down his throbbing pole.

For the first few pictures, Hillary's eyes were wide open and she was struggling mightily to gobble down all that massive cock meat. Her face looked alarmed, and even tortured, because it didn't get any easier the second time around. But for the next few pictures, she had her eyes closed and a very satisfied look on her face, as she made it past the difficult stage and was able to relax a bit and just slide her lips back and forth over his most sensitive spot.

Thanks to all that effort, Hillary hadn't noticed that Debra was taking pictures.

Maggie was so excited watching Hillary's impressive sword-swallowing act that she'd held her breath, longing that she was in Hillary's place.

Needless to say, Nick was so delirious with ecstasy that a herd of elephants could have tromped through the room and he wouldn't have noticed. He was extremely glad that he had the ability to stay erect after cumming. He couldn't think of a better time to be able to quickly revive like he just did.

Due to all of these factors, none of the others noticed Debra was using her camera at first. It was only after things had calmed down a bit and Hillary was repeatedly bobbing just past his cockhead that Maggie exhaled and noticed the sound of the camera clicking. She yelped.

The last picture Debra took showed Hillary's lips a good one-fourth of the way down Nick's rod, but in it, Hillary's eyes were open again and looking Debra's way in alarm.

Then Debra took a wider angle and clicked a couple of photos that included a nude, sweaty, and cummy Maggie as well as all of Hillary kneeling and sucking back and forth on Nick's shaft. She couldn't be more pleased with the pictures and how incriminating they were.

But her blackmail attempt was foiled, at least for the moment, because Maggie simply stomped over to her and snatched the camera out of her hands. Maggie was seriously pissed!

Hillary had the same idea, and was on the way over to do the same thing. She was only beaten out because it took her longer to snap out of her cocksucking lust, pull her lips all the way off Nick's thickness, and get up off her knees.

"You can't do that!" Debra protested, trying to grab her camera back from Maggie.

"I can and I will!"

The two nude women struggled a bit, which made an extremely sexy sight for Nick. To see an actual catfight in the flesh was remarkable enough, but to see two centerfold-worthy and fully nude women go at it was almost beyond belief.

Maggie's and Debra's big tits repeatedly bounced into each other as they fought for the camera, like bumper cars. Maggie held the camera up high and away though, just out of Debra's reach.

Hillary soon joined in. That quickly "settled" the dispute. Earlier, she had wrapped her arms around Debra's body and forcibly pulled her up and a few feet away from Nick, right when he had been about to cum. She got physical with Debra again, but she was even more aggressive about this time: she lifted Debra all the way up in her arms and carried her clear across the room before not-too-gently dumping her down on a far bench.

"You can't treat me like that!" Debra bitched, her sense of outrage temporarily overcoming her awe at Hillary's strength.

Debra knew she didn't stand a chance, so although she complained, she didn't physically struggle that much. Hillary was only of medium height, the same as Nick and Maggie, but she was significantly taller and all-around larger than Debra. Plus, Debra and Maggie were both firm and fit, but Hillary took it to another level. She had more muscle in her, and more of a "don't fuck with me" attitude.

Debra had no doubt that Hillary could kick her ass if she wanted to. That was indicated by the way Hillary easily lifted her up and carried her away like she weighed no more than a suitcase.

Hillary aped Maggie's earlier words. "I can and I will, because you're trying to blackmail us! And you're NOT getting that camera back! You got a problem with that?"

Debra looked at Maggie's angry face, and then at Hillary's much, much closer and even angrier face. Again, she completely caved in the face of such angry opposition. "No," she said meekly.

But, trying to win back some dignity, the bitchy blonde said more firmly, "But I don't care. I don't need a camera. I have all the evidence in my head. I'll tell everyone what you did and that you cheated, unless I get my rematch!"

To Hillary's surprise, Maggie said with a sigh, "Fine. You'll get your rematch."

Maggie looked to Hillary, and said to her, "You have to admit the way you made him cum was against the rules."

Hillary was loathe to admit that, but she didn't want to blatantly lie either. So she stayed silent to see where Maggie was going with this.

Maggie added to Debra, "Just so long as you don't tell anyone, ever, what we did here. I AM Nick's girlfriend, and a lot of people wouldn't understand our little game."

"Fine! It's a deal!" Debra looked smug and satisfied, although she was still miffed about the camera.

She looked back at Nick, who was mostly just trying to remain standing, after all he'd been through. Needless to say, he was too out of it to take part in the ongoing arguments, or even think about them deeply. He was still struggling just to get his breath back.

He was utterly floored at what had happened. It was all so crazy and improbable that he thought it was quite likely he'd wake up from dreaming at any time.

Debra pointed at his erection, which was pointing straight out as surely as if someone had been holding it that way. "Look! That's another thing. It's STILL as hard as a crowbar!"

Maggie and Hillary looked, and they both gasped. They certainly weren't surprised, since Hillary had been the one licking and sucking it for a couple of minutes now, and Maggie had been intently watching all the while. Debra was just stating the obvious. But their brains were so addled with lust that it was like they'd rediscovered his erection all over again.

Softening, Debra purred, "I'm beginning to see why you two are so hot for him. He IS a stud! And he's definitely got the biggest, thickest, best cock I've ever seen! Hey, are you sure you don't like my idea to just keep going, including take turns getting fucked? I could check in with my boyfriend and then meet you upstairs. There are lots of beds there. I want Nick to fuck me!"

"NO!" Maggie said vehemently. "However, since you're being a good sport about the somewhat flexible rules and all, I'll let you suck him for one minute before you go. But one minute only!"

"Sweet!" Debra was off the bench and kneeling in front of Nick practically in the blink of an eye. She didn't waste time, but immediately dove down his shaft, taking in his entire cockhead and more.

She was surprised at how easily she did that, despite his great thickness. When she'd sucked him a little bit earlier, it had been a struggle, even an ordeal. She knew his cock hadn't changed size in any significant way, since it still felt the same in her sliding fingers on his shaft. She concluded, rightly, that the difference was her passion.

She also was surprised at how much she was starting to enjoy doing this. She'd never sucked cock except as a means to an end, to get some boy to be in debt to her. It had been a chore. But with Nick, she loved it! She wasn't even thinking about whether she would cum or not, and she wasn't touching her privates either. The act of sucking on him was such a pleasure that she didn't need more, at least not at the moment.

In terms of skill, Debra was way behind Maggie and Hillary. Neither of them were that experienced with Nick's cock, and his size was so unusual, that practice on other cocks didn't count for much. But they both were very determined to get better fast, and it showed. By contrast, Debra just slid her lips back and forth over his sweet spot with no significant tongue action, and little to no variation in rhythm or technique.

But she had caught the passion bug, and that made all the difference in the world.

Nick was tripping out. Once again, he could only gawk in disbelief. This is Debra! Fucking DEBRA! Motherfucking Debra is sucking my cock! With Ma's permission!

As Debra kept on bobbing, Hillary turned to Maggie across the room, and gave her a "What the fuck?!" kind of look. She couldn't understand why Maggie made that concession when she didn't have to.

But Maggie grinned and held up the camera in her hand. She saw it was a digital camera. It took her some long moments to figure out how to use it, and all the while Debra happily bobbed back and forth on what was now her new favorite erection. Already, it had been over a minute.

Hillary caught on to Maggie's intentions right away. She silently walked over to help her. She'd mostly forgotten that her face was splattered all over with cum, and that there was more on her enormous tits, which were still slightly heaving due to her heavy breathing.

Luckily, all digital cameras had similar controls, so Maggie figured out what she wanted to do, and began snapping photos of Debra sucking Nick's cock. She took some that included Nick's face, then walked closer and got some zoomed in on all of Debra's face and Nick's lower body. She kept coming in, and took even more close-ups of Debra's cute yet sexy face with her lips sliding back and forth on his shaft.

Debra quickly realized what was going on from the flashing and clicking. She knew they were trying to get incriminating photos of her. But she seemed not to care in the slightest. She didn't stop or slow her sucking. She even kept her same happy expression, complete with caved-in cheeks that showed how intensely she was pleasuring him with great suction.

And that happy expression wasn't exaggerated or faked. She was having a great time. She'd had no idea blowjobs could be this enjoyable.

Maggie was annoyed all over again, and lowered the camera. "Stop that! Your minute is up! In fact, it's way over!"

Debra pulled her lips off his boner and stopped her frantic cocksucking, mostly because she didn't want to be picked up and carried away by Hillary again. But she stayed right there on her knees and kept licking her way around his cockhead instead. She also held his shaft and began stroking it too.

Several moments passed without anyone saying anything. The sound of long slurpy licks seemed to fill the room. Debra had already figured out the entire underside of his dick was extra sensitive even compared to most men, and she was concentrating on that.

Finally, Maggie said with even more annoyance, "Stop that too! Aren't you going to ask about the picture taking? Now the shoe is on the other foot, and I can blackmail YOU!"

Between long and satisfying licks, Debra asked, "How?"

"By showing the pictures I just took to your boyfriend! That's how! And speaking of boyfriends, stop licking the cock of mine!"

But, between more nut-busting licks, Debra just asked, "And this bothers me... how? I'll just tell Devon the pictures were taken before he and I started going out." She happily stroked and stroked and licked and licked.

She glanced at Hillary, who was staring at her with a look to kill. "What are you looking at, cum-face?"

Hillary remembered all the cum on her face, and blushed.

Debra belatedly added while she kept on licking, "Besides, if he does believe you, and if it bothers him - both big ifs - I'll just break up with him and get another boyfriend. Like I care. I can have anyone I want."

Now, Maggie was feeling like the fool. She took a few more pictures, including some of Hillary, without really knowing what good that would do. But another idea came to her. "Then I'll show them to other people. In fact, I'll spread them all around! I'll even show them to your parents, and ruin your modeling career!"

But Debra didn't even bother to look Maggie's way, and just kept on with her talented and satisfying licking. "Boy, you're new here, aren't you?"

Maggie didn't like the sound of that at all. She figured there must have been a previous scandal or something like that that made her threats moot. She barked, "Hillary, pick her up and carry her off again! And don't feel the need to be gentle about it, either!"

Hillary was already thinking along those same lines. She'd been wondering why the two of them had let Debra lick Nick's erection for so long in the first place, not that the necessary picture taking was over.

Hillary was so athletic and fit that she picked up Debra and carried her around like she was an empty basket. She dumped her back on the bench.

Maggie took some pictures of that too, because she found it amusing.

However, Debra remained unfazed. She sat up on the bench and licked and smacked her lips with satisfaction. "Mmmm! That was yummy!" She made bedroom eyes at a still blissed out Nick. "I reaaaally like you, Nick. I can't wait until the rematch."

Maggie and Hillary both groaned, remembering the rematch idea. Since Maggie's counter-blackmail idea apparently didn't work, it looked like they might have to go through with that after all, unless they could come up with something to stop it in the meantime.

Maggie smacked her own forehead in frustration. Needless to say, things weren't exactly going as she'd planned. She lowered the camera because there didn't seem much point to taking more pictures.

Nick was acting like he was brain dead, which he very nearly was. This wasn't exactly his best and brightest moment, because it was like his mind had snapped from too much arousal and naked beauty. All he could think about was sex and pleasure.

For instance, when Maggie smacked her forehead, he didn't even directly notice that, because his eyes were totally focused on watching the resulting tit-quake on her chest instead. He was grinning like an idiot at everything.

Even though he'd climaxed twice in a relatively short amount of time, he was already close to shooting off again. Hillary was a very good cocksucker, and Debra was doing surprisingly well at it too, thanks to her new passion. It was probably only the extra endurance gained from those two recent climaxes that kept Nick from having climaxed for the third time already.

Hillary suggested, "I think we need to wrap this up now. It's amazing nobody else has come looking for us after all this time." She crossed her arms over her tits, feeling new concern about her nakedness, as well as all the cum on her skin.

Maggie shuddered, picturing other partiers bursting in and catching them. It was hard to imagine a more damning scene, especially with Nick's cum slowly dripping down from Hillary's face to her F-cups. The sight of three nude bombshells and one boy with his erect and saliva-coated cock pointing straight out would create quite a stir with both high school gossip networks, no doubt.

"What about the rematch?" Debra pressed.

"We'll worry about that later," Maggie said, already trying to sweep the unpleasant thought out of her mind. She hoped they could come up with something to stop that before it happened, but at the moment she was at a loss over what that would be. She had no intention of letting Debra leave with the camera, or at least with the memory card. However, she wasn't quite sure why, but it seemed the pictures she'd taken wouldn't help at all.

Debra pointed at Nick's hard-on, which was still sticking straight out and quivering as the throbbed. "What about that? Are you just gonna leave him like that? Some girlfriend you are! I say we make a new cocksucking competition right now and see who can get him to blow first."

"NO!" Maggie shouted. "Now, get out of here, before I really get angry!"

"Okay, okay. Sheesh!" Debra stood up and started to put her clothes back on. But even now, her thoughts were on Nick and arousing him. She wanted more of him; a lot more, whether there was a rematch or not. She still wasn't really that interested in him for him, but he'd suddenly become a challenge. If she could seduce him away from Maggie and Hillary, she'd prove in her own mind that she was the sexiest of them all.

Besides, his thick cock was a great temptation for her, even without the competition. She had to admit that the way that he'd stayed erect through so much stimulation was quite impressive. She didn't know how much of it was due to Maggie and Hillary being there, but she enjoyed licking and especially sucking his cock more than anything she'd done in ages. She was of the opinion that she was the "best" in a general way due to her beauty, and she deserved the best. That meant she "deserved" more fun time with Nick and his oversized and always erect cock.

She knew that it would help a lot if she could get him more attracted to her. So she didn't just bend down and pick up her clothes, she made as big an erotic production out of it, as much as she thought she could get away with without Maggie or Hillary giving her more grief.

Then, knowing Nick was still erect and watching her, she made an even bigger production out of putting her clothes on, turning it into a reverse striptease. She stared at him with a sultry look all the while. She even licked her lips, winked, and generally hammed it up outrageously.

Hillary did eventually give her some grief for being so slow, and that forced her to speed things up in the end.

Debra looked down at the rivulets of cum flowing down her thighs, even after she was dressed, and she tried to figure out how she would clean herself up. She'd have to deal with that elsewhere, since she clearly wasn't wanted here.

Debra finally made her way towards the door.

The others only stood and watched, while contemplating their nudity and worrying who might be standing outside.

But Debra stopped, and said, "You all need to lighten up. I was just trying to have some fun with you guys. I don't see why you have to be so mean about it. I had a great time, actually, a really great time. That was better than fucking my boyfriend! And just to prove that I can be nice if you treat me nice, I'll point out that right next door is a bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower stalls and everything. That's where I'm gonna go right now, since I got all sweaty and cummy."

"We knew that already," Hillary said testily. That was true, although they'd forgotten about it in all the excitement, and the reminder was helpful.

Debra was unfazed. "Well, you really should use it, especially you, Hillary. Do you know how funny you look, walking around with your face like that, all dripping with Nick's cum?"

She brought a finger to her own mouth and ran it back and forth over her lower lip while staring seductively right at Nick. "Mmmm. Nick's cum. I can't wait until you do me like that, Nick. Not only do you cum as much as a horse, I noticed you taste pretty good too."

She sniffed the air. "Your cum even smells good." She meant that, too, although the smell in the air was much more due to the three very wet pussies in the room.

"That's not gonna happen!" Maggie yelled, even though she had a sneaking suspicion that it somehow would. After all, it seemed that everything that could go wrong for her usually did go wrong when it came to resisting sexual situations with him. Plus, she didn't see how she could avoid the rematch.

"Whatever. We are on for a rematch later though, right?"

Maggie grumbled. "Maybe. First, you have to prove that you can keep what happened here a secret. A total secret. If anybody finds out about anything at all, forget it. And I AM keeping all the pictures taken here. I'll get your camera back to you later."

"Gee, thanks," Debra said sarcastically. But, remembering how Hillary had picked her up and carried her around like a light suitcase, she decided not to argue about getting her camera back right away. She figured she didn't need any blackmail pictures anyway, at least not yet. Right now, she didn't want to do anything to jeopardize having a rematch. After that, she'd see.

She said, "There WILL be a rematch, and I AM going to win it. You'll see. Don't worry, I'm not going to tell anybody anything. I'm not a snitch. See you later!"

With a friendly little wave, mostly in Nick's direction, Debra walked out.

Hillary immediately rushed to the door Debra had just closed, and opened it a crack to peek out. She watched and reported, "Looks like she is going to the showers right next to us. Other than that, the coast is clear, thank God. I'd half feared some people would start using the hot tub already." She said this because the hot tub was right out in front of the sauna.

She closed the door and put her hands on her hips. She hadn't thought how odd it would look for anyone to see her cum-soaked face peeking out.

"Oh my God!" Maggie exclaimed. "That would be terrible! Can you imagine us trapped in here, and with your face looking like that? We don't even have a towel to wipe you clean. And even if we did, your face would still look all glazed and smell cummy. We need to get you a proper shower." Her cum fetish was overtaken by her concern about getting caught before they could clean up.

Hillary was increasingly concerned, thanks to that talk. She tried to wipe away some of the more cummy areas on her cheeks, and then she flung the cum to the ground, but that approach could only get so much off. "Well, we'll just have to wait here for a little while until Debra's done. I do NOT want to shower with her! I think we'll be okay."

She and Maggie walked back to where Nick stood in the middle of the room. They had to walk around the splatterings on the floor from his first orgasm.

Nick still had a dazed and silly look on his face. He was staring at whatever body part was bouncing the most, or looked the most interesting at the moment. But his eyes were constantly shifting, because there were so many nice things to look at. His boner was as stiff and hot as ever.

The two women stood there with their hands on their hips, looking at him curiously. They had no idea how much that position, with their hips cocked, made his erection surge with pure arousal. The fact that they were still wearing high heels made their poses even more alluring.

Hillary waved a hand in front of his face, and didn't get much of a reaction. "I think his brain is fried from too much stimulation. Seriously!"

"No," Maggie said with a heavy sigh. "He'll be fine. He just needs to sit down and chill out for a while." She took his hand and led him to a bench. She pulled him down to it and sat down next to him.

Hillary sat down on the other side of him. "You sure he'll be okay?"

"He'll be fine. Don't worry. I've known him a lot longer than you, and I know exactly what he's like."

"Should we just leave him like that?" Hillary pointed at his still-hard cock. Even now, she was still so horny that she was tempted to stroke it or suck it. "I mean, that must hurt, being all... stiff like that."

Maggie felt even more tempted to help relieve him, but she pointed out, "Given that his brain is kind of overloaded from too much sexual stimulation right now, I think it's best if we just leave him alone for a while. Otherwise, we'd be adding more fuel to the fire. It'll go down on its own."

"Yeah. Probably." Hillary sighed.

Maggie brought her hands to her own face. "While you're waiting, maybe you should rub his cum into your skin, like this." She gestured with rubbing motions of her cheeks. "That'll be better than just letting it drip."

"Like this?" Hillary started rubbed the cum. "Mmmm, I like that, actually." She kept rubbing Nick's sticky seed in a sensuous manner, oblivious to how much that aroused Maggie.

"That's good!" Maggie said a bit too enthusiastically. So good! Now, Nick's smell is gonna be in her skin forever. Just like his cum still lingers in the pores of my skin all over, down to my knees. Phew, that's hot! I noticed Spencer is at the party. He'll take a whiff, or maybe even try to kiss Hillary on her cheek, and he'll know deep down that she belongs to Nick now. The proof is in the cum!

Nick was listening to everything, but his eyes were closed. That made it easy for the women to keep talking and acting like he wasn't there.

Hillary commented, "Boy, that Debra! I've never really had an enemy before, but I think I do now. The nerve of that bitch!"

Maggie got huffy too. "You're telling me! She has no respect whatsoever for the fact he's my boyfriend. She thinks she can get whatever she wants. With you, it's different. When I see you suck or stroke Nick, I want to cheer and join in. But when I see HER do it, I just wanna strangle her neck!" She raised her hands up and choked air.

Hillary was very glad to hear the part about Maggie wanting to cheer and join in, and she was even happier to see they felt the same way about Debra. She commiserated, "I KNOW! I feel exactly the same! Just because she's so beautiful, she thinks she owns the whole world. Well, I'm beautiful too, and so are you, and we didn't let it go to our heads."

"It's how you're raised," Maggie replied knowingly. "She's obviously been spoiled rotten."

Her inadvertent "how you're raised" comment reminded Maggie all over again that Nick was her son. She gasped in horror, and a guilt attack hit her.

"What?" Hillary asked, wondering about the gasp.

She tried to cover her mistake. "Oh, I'm just thinking about Debra's tricks. At least I still have the camera." She picked it up off the bench and held it up.

Hillary was successfully distracted by that dodge, and said, "Yeah. Maybe those pictures will help us out somehow, although it sounds like she's a hard one to blackmail. I don't know of any scandals of hers any more than you do, but it seemed like she was almost hoping we'd spread those pictures around. And she's not the brightest bulb, so I doubt that's a trick."

"Yeah, I know what you mean." Maggie sighed again and slumped her naked body lower on the bench. She pointed out, "It could be she's just a really big slut, and she doesn't care if everyone in school knows."

"True." Hillary was going to add that she certainly acted like it, but then realized it wasn't like she and Maggie had been much better. They'd all gone a little cock crazy, and they were only starting to come out of it.

Maggie asked, "Haven't there been some actresses who deliberately released sex tapes of themselves?"

"There have."

Both of them could see the logic in that, so there was no need to say more.

There was a long pause as they rested and waited.

Maggie found herself thinking, What just happened is NOT good! Like I was just saying, I don't mind sharing with Hillary at all. In fact, I love it! But two is enough. Debra's a very different story. I have a sinking feeling that now that she knows how big and thick Nick's cock is, and how great his stamina is, she's going to keep coming back for more.

Hillary was having very similar thoughts. Neither of them knew how to fully stop Debra.

Maggie finally said to Hillary, "I appreciate what you tried to do in coming up with that game plan, though. It was a good idea, and quick thinking, even though it kind of backfired."

"Thanks. I tried. And at least we managed to keep her thinking that you're his only girlfriend, more or less. I'm not ready to 'come out' as Nick's second girlfriend, at least not yet. I'm sure Nick had lots of fun though, no matter what happened." She laughed with some chagrin at that.

The two bedraggled but still gorgeous naked women turned their attention back to Nick, and stole frequent glances at his stiff boner.

Maggie asked, "Nick? Anybody home? Any thoughts?"

"Yeah," he replied, opening his eyes and seeming to spring back to life. His smile widened. "Wooooow! That was fuckin' AWESOME!"

Hillary laughed again. "He lives! ... Any more specific thoughts than that, kid?"

"Yeah." His face was suddenly beaming with joy. "Did I say that was awesome yet? 'Cos that was seriously awesome! That whole entire experience is gonna be permanently burned in my brain, like, forever! Every last second. The three hottest girls in the universe, all fantastically nude, and taking turns rubbing all over me. And licking my dick! And sucking it sometimes, even! AWESOME!"

"Well, he's reviving, at any rate," Maggie noted, somewhat chagrined at his pure glee. She felt guilty at having allowed what had just taken place. "Nick, I'd ask you about Debra, but you're probably just gonna say she's hot and sexy."

"She IS! Sooooo sexy... And hot. Hot and sexy!" He giggled, almost deliriously.

Hillary noted, only half-kidding, "I think his brain is still partly fried. Don't mention Debra any more, or he's gonna start drooling." She was annoyed at Nick's obvious attraction to her rival.

But Maggie persisted, "Nick, honey, I want you to stay away from Debra, okay? She's bad news."

The smile that had seemed permanently drawn on his face finally vanished, and he looked over at Maggie. "Okay, I'll try, but..." His words trailed off and he closed his eyes. "Oh God, I can't do this. The damn thing's never gonna go down."

Hillary was confused. "What's going on?"

Maggie explained, "He took one look at my nude body and he got all horny all over again, so he had to close his eyes. And he was referring to his dick."

She asked, him, "It's having trouble getting soft, isn't it?" She couldn't resist, since it was pointing straight up in his lap: she reached over and flicked a finger at it, causing it to bounce back and forth.

Hillary also playfully flicked at it, setting it bouncing again. "It is a pesky thing, isn't it?"

She suddenly leaned forward and looked past Nick to make eye contact with Maggie. She asked with more than a little eagerness, "Should we? ... Help it out with our mouths, I mean? We could share it together."

"Nah," Maggie said with an even heavier sigh. "God knows I'd love to, especially since we haven't truly shared him with a proper double blowjob yet. I've been thinking about that so much lately. You and me, kneeling naked side by side between his legs, just taking turns bobbing on him over and over again! I can't wait to do that."

"Me too!" Hillary happily agreed. "I've been thinking about that a lot lately too. In fact, when I think about us, as a threesome, that's how I picture it in my mind."

"Me too to that too!" Maggie said, her face lighting up with delight. "I know people would think it's strange, but I think of myself more as a 'good slut' and less as a girlfriend. And a good slut has to love sucking cock. And since we're a threesome, it's the ideal way to share!"

"It is," Hillary happily agreed.

Maggie unexpected shifted mental gears, and sighed. "Unfortunately, we need to calm him down, not excite him all over again. And besides, we've got to get out of this room, pronto. Remember, Debra is out there, and she knows we're in here. She could come back any time. With reinforcements, even."

Nick moaned in agony. "Gaawwwd! It hurts so bad. The blue balls!"

Maggie frowned. "Don't listen to him. He's fine. He just thinks he can take advantage of us."

He groaned again. "No, it's true. It really hurts!" He held the base of his dick like he was holding a bruised knee.

But, in fact, Maggie was right and he was faking for the most part. At the moment, his dick was in control of his agenda.

"I dunno," Hillary said, uncertain. "I'm not a guy, but don't you think that would hurt after a while, for it to be so long and thick and hard like that?"

Maggie could feel her resistance crumbling already. But she said, "First things first. Let's get cleaned up and dressed. Then we can take care of his pesky member. It'll be less incriminating if we're clothed, at least."

"Right," Hillary agreed firmly, trying to mask her disappointment. She asked hesitantly, "I know it's a bit late to ask now, but I just want to be sure that you're completely okay with sharing Nick. You REALLY didn't mind watching me sucking his cock?"

"Well, I can't say I didn't feel jealous at all," Maggie admitted. She kept in mind the importance of the hand-over plan. "But I'm sure those feelings will pass as I get more used to sharing. It also aroused me greatly. So I'm good. I just need time to adjust. The problem I have is sharing him with Debra, not you."

Hillary nodded. "I hear you on that!"

Maggie thought to herself, Ain't that the truth! I'm gonna need YEARS to adjust, just to what happened here today alone! I'm doing all kinds of sexual things with my son that are just plain wrong. I could see him and myself in therapy for a long time. If I had the guts to talk to anyone about it, that is. But I know that and I can't stop. I don't want to stop! And as long as there's no incestuous fucking, it's not THAT bad.

Hillary was suddenly all business. She wiped her face with her hands, but that only succeeded in smearing Nick's cum into her skin even more, while also leaving her hands somewhat cummy. "I'll go to the door and check again if the coast is clear. Then I'm gonna go take a shower, if Debra's still there or not. We can't wait for her forever. She might even be playing a trick on us." She stood up.

Maggie asked, "What about your face?"

Hillary made another, greater effort to wipe the cum into her skin. Then she took her hands away, and asked, "Better?"

"Somewhat, but there are still some white streaks here and there. Plus it has kind of a glazed look, overall. And look at your breasts."

Hillary looked down. "Oh yeah." A lot of the cum from her face had dripped down and joined the few streaks that were already there.

She said to Nick with more amusement than annoyance, "Geez, Nick, when you cum, you sure do cum. If I didn't know better, I'd think you came on me three times already, not just once."

"Sorry," Nick said with a forced lack of emotion in his voice. He was trying to hide how horny he got looking at all of his cum still on her.

Gaawwwd, that's so hot! Maggie thought as she especially stared at the cum still on Hillary's round and tanned boobs. So it's not just me - Nick really does cum a lot! He's wonderfully virile. Not at all like Andy, even before the accident. Andy would have to cum on me, like, four times to make up a huge load like that. Not like he'll ever get the chance, even if he fully recovered. I'm Nick's girl now!

That hit her like a profound epiphany. I am! I'm his girl. His girlfriend. His slut! His lusty, busty, constantly naked and cocksucking-loving slut, even. He's my son, so there are limits in what we can do and what that means, but I can't deny we have something special going on, including a magical physical touch. It's like a thrilling electric shock whenever we touch in any way at all.

With the new deal we've forged with Hillary, it's likely that I'm going to be one of Nick's two girlfriends for months to come, at a minimum. Months! And hopefully years instead. I can't allow him to fuck me, ever, but that just means he's going to be fucking my face and my tits a lot! I'm going to get VERY good at sucking his cock, probably with Hillary there and helping most of the time. How fucking hot is that?!

But what about Andy? He's still my husband, and I'm totally disrespecting him.

So he cheated on me. Maybe this is payback! No, I can't be mean like that. My need for revenge has faded over time. Hasn't it? But still, look what I'm doing. Oh, the wicked and completely fucked up webs we weave!

She looked up at Hillary. Oh God! Look what she's doing now. Too hot!

Hillary was smearing Nick's cum into the upper slopes of her tits. She kept looking at her hands on her tits and said, "I see what you mean, Maggie. But, I think my cummy hands are just making it worse. There's just so much!"

She put her hands on her facial cheeks and deliberately smeared more into her skin there. "Besides, the problem is, doing this is actually getting me all horny again."

Maggie bit her lip. It was all she could do not to volunteer to help. She even had visions of licking Nick's cum straight off Hillary's hefty globes. She tried not to think of such taboo things. She probably would have given in and French kissed Hillary extensively, except she was trying not to do anything that would keep Nick's cock erect.

Hillary hefted her huge globes up with both hands, then craned her head down to her own cleavage and took a big whiff. "MMMM! Don't you just love that smell? It's the smell of male virility. But never mind weird me. I'll just go pop next door. It's only like five or ten feet away. Debra should be gone by now."

Nick complained, "Don't go!"

She laughed. "Don't worry, stud!" She was still holding his tits up, and she rubbed them together a bit. "This party will go on for hours and hours, until the early morning hours. I don't know about you two, but I hope we can spend a majority of that time in one of the bedrooms, just the three of us!"

She finally let go of her tits. She let her promising words sink in.

She went to see about the shower situation. First, she peeked out the door to confirm that the coast was clear. Then she left the room while merely holding her clothes over her privates, since she wanted to get the cum and sweat off herself before she dressed. She was glad that it was very dark outside, in case someone was looking in her general direction from far away.

Once Hillary was gone, Maggie thought, "Weird me," she says. Weird her? If she only knew what I was thinking! She'd think I'm a complete freak! If I had my way, I'd aim Nick's cock at her face from inches away, let him blast out even more cummy goodness, and then rub all that yummy cum into her silky skin until she was shiny like a glazed donut! But only after the two of us took turns bobbing down on him for one solid hour, non-stop! How's THAT for weird?!

But she stifled such thoughts, and turned her attention back to Nick.

He was still reviving, but he remained dazed, plus emotionally and physically exhausted. He leaned into his mother, closed his eyes, and rested his head on her shoulder. Soon, he began to breathe heavily, and in less than a minute he fell asleep altogether. But even after that, his dick remained stiff.

Maggie gently stroked his hair while pondering the bizarre evening's events with Debra. I wish I could sleep right now too, and just sleep all my troubles away. Maybe I could wake up and discover it was all a dream and I've been in my own bed the whole time. Goddamned Debra!

All I wanted to do was come to this party dressed in normal, non-sexy clothes, and have a normal, non-sexy time talking to people. Well, okay, I wanted to do more to him, but only with Hillary there! Debra is an entirely different matter! How did I wind up taking turns with TWO other women rubbing my naked body all over my son's big cock instead? Seriously, how did I get from there to here? I don't get it. I have the worst luck in the world.

Or the best. Hmmm. I honestly can't decide. I have to admit that seeing Debra with him was pretty damn hot most of the time. Hell, it was super hot basically the whole time! If only that was all just Hillary instead! Debra is bad news. I can feel it.

She looked into her son's lap, where his erection was still as hard as ever, and still poking up. Part of my bad luck is my son. Apparently, he's some kind of natural sex maniac. For instance, why doesn't his fucking cock EVER go down?! Even now, with him sleeping, it's so tempting for me to reach over and start stroking it. I must be a terrible mother.

She tore her eyes from his turgid dick and stared straight ahead instead. Starting right now, I'm turning over a new leaf. I've made some mistakes, but it's not too late to show some backbone. I have to be a good mother and a moral person. It seems like we've been in here for ages, but really, the party's only just begun. I lost all track of time, but we couldn't have been in here more than an hour. I need to start my do-over by going out to that party crowd and having a nice normal time. No more incestuous contact tonight. Maybe a friendly hug with Nick, or a kiss on the cheek, just to show we're dating. But that's it! That's what I'm gonna do, dammit, and I'm sticking to it!

And no cocksucking! Period! No slurping my way up and down his delicious cock until he shoots a tasty load down my throat. That's right out! If Hillary wants to take him to a private bedroom and suck him for a good long while, that's her right. I'll just kind of keep watch or something. I deserve to be punished for what I let happen. I can't admit it to Hillary, but I was totally getting off on watching Debra lick and suck his cock! I didn't even feel that angry or jealous about it at times. That's fucked up!

She frowned. And as for tomorrow and beyond, that's even trickier. I'm getting seriously addicted to being his girlfriend. I'm afraid tonight has just made my addiction that much worse. Especially my sucking addiction.

I don't want to hand him over to Hillary ever, dammit! Share him with her? Definitely! I love that. I prefer that, even. For years and years, I hope! But even that's fraught with danger. If she ever finds out I'm his mother... God! Everything is so fucked up!

But I made a vow to help him win her, and I've got to stick with it, even if I'm shooting myself in the foot in the process. No matter how long she and I share him, I need to find ways to help them fall deeper in love with each other. That's what mothers do, they sacrifice for their children.

He'll probably break my heart down the line, when he finally decides to let me go so he can marry her, or go off to college, or who knows what. I can't stay his lover forever; that's just not possible! But it's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all, right?

Sighing, she continued to gently stroke Nick's hair as he slept. She was glad to see his penis finally go flaccid.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, BDGV, lew54321, GWB, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.