Chapter 44: Cleaning Up (Saturday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Hillary came back to the sauna a few minutes later, and she explained that she hadn't suffered any problems with the shower at all. She hadn't seen Debra, her face was clean and cum-free, and she was fully dressed in her revealing and lovely blue-green dress again.

She didn't mention it, but she'd left her panties in the trash in the other room. She'd used them to finally clean her finger off after sticking it in Nick's anus, in the exact same way Debra has used her panties to clean her finger.

Maggie felt awkward, to say the least, to still be naked, sweaty, cummy in places, and next to her equally naked son. He was leaning against her side, but she gingerly pulled herself away from him without waking him up. That wasn't too hard to do, since he was still completely dead to the world.

She stood up to take her shower and dress. She was still bashful about her newly shaved pussy, and now that she wasn't so crazed with lust, she strategically positioned a hand to make sure it wasn't completely exposed to Hillary's eyes (ignoring the fact that Hillary already had many good views of it since Debra came in).

Hillary took Maggie's exact place on the bench, allowing Nick to rest his head on her shoulder instead. She also closed her eyes and rested like he did, but she hummed a few songs to make sure she didn't fall asleep as well.

Maggie came back from a quick shower a few minutes later. She hadn't had any trouble. She felt reborn after she was freshly washed and fully dressed again. But if anything, she was even more disappointed at how conservatively cut her black dress was. In an attempt to make up for that, she'd not so accidentally left her bra behind. She hoped Nick would sometimes notice the way her big breasts bounced and jiggled underneath.

Together, the two women gently woke Nick.

He looked around in confusion. As soon as his eyes found Maggie, he began to say, "I just had the most incredible dream!" Then he felt Hillary leaning on him from the other side. He looked at her as well, and the sauna room in general.

He exclaimed, "Oh my God! It really happened! Didn't it? Tell me: was Debra in here, and did she do all kinds of crazy things to me, including sucking my dick?"

"Unfortunately, yes," Maggie said bitterly while idly staring at Nick's erection. It had gone down while he was sleeping, but it was already springing back to life, since he was awake and vividly remembering what had happened.

She thought, Look at that thing! I've heard of morning wood, but this is getting ridiculous! He has morning wood, evening wood, noon wood, night wood, and every other part of the day wood! Why can't the damn thing stay down?! It makes me so hungry for cum all the time. Hungry to SUCK!

She added, "But let's not talk about it now, and please spare us your thoughts on how 'awesome' it all was. Hillary and I aren't exactly too happy about what happened with Debra. We can discuss all that later. But first things first. You need to go to the shower room next door and get cleaned up."

He looked back and forth between Maggie and Hillary. In a way, they looked even more tempting with clothes on than without, because their outfits were exceptional. It was a nice change of pace from the nudity, at least. He looked down at himself and saw that he wasn't wearing anything, not even a T-shirt. But he felt surprisingly unbothered by that.

Hillary asked Maggie, "What about his boner? Shouldn't we take care of it?" She was still feeling her way regarding how to act around Maggie, but she was resolved not to be too shy discussing such things.

Maggie complained testily, "Why does everyone keep suggesting that? That damn thing keeps getting me in trouble, because it never goes down. Sport, you'll just have to grin and bear it."

Hillary grinned saucily at Maggie. "Ah, come on, you know you want it. I hate Debra, but that whole thing left me horny as fuck!"

Maggie rolled her eyes, but she smiled too. She thought, I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way. "Horny as fuck" is exactly right! I'm starting to hate Debra, but she IS exceptional beautiful, and seeing her gorgeous face is a sight I won't soon forget!

She made her mind up that she needed to suck his cock, and soon. But she said to Nick, "Please take your shower first at least, okay? Then we'll see what we can do with your cock."

He was secretly amused, because that was the exact same tone and sentence structure she used when telling him in a motherly fashion to do his homework or chores before he could go do something fun. He referring to the "grin and bear it" comment, he replied, "Awesome! I'm gonna do a whole lot of grinning, at least, through the whole shower! You're awesome!" He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her.

Soon, mother and son were necking, and Maggie had her hand sliding up and down his erection. But it was more a case of reconnecting and reaffirming that familiar pleasure, rather than starting a full-on handjob. Besides, she was mindful that Hillary was watching, so she was able to stop herself after only a minute or so.

She pulled away, and said, "That damn thing keeps turning me into a hypocrite! Enough of that already. Like I said, go take your shower already and then we'll see about fixing your blue balls. And no more insistent boners all the time, please!"

"Yes, ma'am." He saluted, but in a playful way, with a wide grin on his face. He knew he'd be having a lot more "insistent boners" around his mother from now on, and he felt pretty confident that she'd be helping out with them a lot. That made him feel so good, he felt he could fly.

Hillary joked, "Well, maybe not quite so many. You're gonna tire us out!"

Maggie laughed at that.

Nick took his clothes with him and peeked his head out the door. Seeing that the coast was clear, he looked back at his two lovers, and said, "Maggie, remember how you promised to kiss Hillary whenever I said so? Well, I want you two to keep busy with some sexy kissing until I get back. And that's an order!"

Maggie shook a fist at him. "You crazy bastard!" But she was secretly delighted by that order.

Nick peeked out into the darkness again. Then he walked the few feet to the next door while holding his clothes over his privates.

That left Maggie and Hillary. Hillary couldn't wait to start kissing, but also didn't want to push Maggie into something that she didn't really want to do. So she said, "You know, we don't have to kiss. I don't want you to feel uncomfortable. We could just tell him that we did."

Maggie nodded. She could feel her pulse quickening. "You're right, we don't have to. But I did promise him he could tell me when to do that." She was sitting right next to Maggie on the bench, and she leaned in closer towards her. But she stopped, and said, "That is... unless you don't want to..."

Hillary didn't want to appear too enthusiastic. So she replied, "Well, we wouldn't want to disappoint the horny bugger." She leaned in toward Maggie.

Maggie smiled and leaned in still closer. "That's true."

Their lips touched. However, although both of them were still in a very horny mood from all that had happened with Debra, the kiss started out quite restrained. In fact, their lips barely touched at first. This was much more of a loving and reaffirming kiss than an all-out lusty one.

Hillary unexpectedly broke the kiss to ask, "By the way, can I ask you about him giving you orders? What's that about?"

Maggie's face suddenly turned red with embarrassment. "It's complicated. Maybe we can talk about that later." She thought, She's going to think I'm his sex slave or something! How humiliating! Especially if she knew that I'm his mother!

Hillary just say, "M'kay. Later."

Then they resumed more loving and reaffirming kissing.

At least, that's how it was for the next minute or so. They stayed relatively restrained, even as their tongues started to explore. Since they were sitting side by side, their bodies weren't touching much either. But Maggie's thoughts about being given an order by her son and having to obey it, and knowing that Hillary had witnessed that, made her lust soar to "dangerous" levels.

She might have been able to contain herself with just that. But mere seconds later, she realized, I can taste Nick's cum in Hillary's mouth! That's so HOT! And I'm sure she can taste the same in mine. It's like we're snowballing, except without the cum, if that makes any sense. God, I love it! Joined together by our love for my son's cock!

It wasn't a strong cummy taste at all, but it was there, and that's what mattered.

With that, Maggie couldn't restrain herself anymore. She loved the intimate and loving kissing, but she wanted something more passionate and fiery. So she channeled a lot more lusty desire into what she was doing, and Hillary eagerly responded in kind.

Suddenly, the fact that they were kissing while sitting side to side wasn't good enough. By some mysterious, non-verbal understanding, they both stood up at the same time. That allowed them to face each other directly, and kiss with even more fervor. That also put their big breasts together, a fact that both of them loved.

But after a minute or two, that wasn't good enough anymore either. Their titty fun was being seriously constrained by the fact that they were both wearing their dresses. So, again by some unspoken mutual understanding, they pulled down their dresses at the same time. They couldn't even stop their kissing for a few seconds to make things easier, because it was like their lips were locked together. They both pulled their dresses down enough to fully unleash their bare breasts. As soon as they did that, they began grinding their racks together.

Maggie was so eager that she brought her hands to her boobs to push them together and better guide them in pressing against Hillary's. Hillary still had her rule not to do anything Maggie wasn't already doing, but as soon as Maggie did that, she did the same. Somehow, and it wasn't quite clear how, in the next minute or two they both went from holding their own breasts to holding each other's!

Maggie thought, Nick told me that Hillary and I would end up kissing and rubbing our big breasts together a lot. Sometimes just for his perverse amusement. And I can't stop it because he has the right to order me to do that at any time! Gaawwwd, that's so fucking HOT! And Hillary's hot! Debra is a true beauty, but Hillary is on a whole different level, in my book. And her tits are just so much bigger!

She gave Hillary's tits an increasingly sexual caress while holding their outer sides. HNNNG! That feels good! Damn! I can relate with my son and why he loves "big tits" so much! Hillary's are the biggest and best! God, they feel good! And she's such a good kisser! UNGH!

When Nick walked back into the sauna room after showering and dressing, he was already grinning and feeling good. His erotic fog had lifted, thanks to the cool shower water shocking him into full consciousness. He felt refreshed and even reborn.

Then, after closing the door behind him, he looked at Maggie and Hillary necking, and especially the way their massive racks were rubbing and sliding together. His grin turned into a smile that very nearly stretched from ear to ear.

He didn't get much chance to enjoy the view though, because the women heard him coming. Hillary didn't care if he saw, but Maggie felt embarrassed. Her black dress had come off her shoulders, just like Hillary's, but she broke the kiss and held the dress up enough to cover her nipples. Taking her cue from Maggie, Hillary reluctantly did the same.

Nick's dick was already stiff in anticipation of seeing his two lovers again, but his arousal level grew even higher. He knew that Maggie was very sensitive about her kisses with Hillary, so he decided to act as if he hadn't seen anything worth commenting about. Instead, he said, "Good news! The shower was a total success! I feel like a new man."

Maggie smiled, but rolled her eyes. She was trying to look cool and collected, but her heart was thumping so hard she worried Nick could hear it from a few feet away. She made some light chat, to cover up her embarrassment. "I've never seen anyone as happy about just taking a shower. But unfortunately, you're not a new man. You're still the same old Nick."

A worried look crossed his face. He didn't have a lot of confidence, and that sounded like the start of an insult.

But Maggie clarified her meaning by briefly pointing at the lump in his slacks. "What the hell is THAT?! It's like I said: your dick is always hard. Are you carrying a loaf of French bread in there, or are you just happy to see me? Er, us?"

Her words didn't have any sting to them, as she couldn't completely hide her true lusty feelings. And she couldn't point for long, because her dress slid down enough to uncover a stiff nipple until she had both hands holding her dress up again.

Nick looked back and forth between his two women. He saw the eager and lusty look on her face and the equally eager and lusty look on Hillary's face. His confidence came surging back, and with a vengeance. "Actually, it IS a loaf of bread. Here, let me show you."

With that, he unzipped his fly and pulled his erection out. He also confidently stepped closer so he stood within easy reach of the other two.

With his fat boner wiggling in the air, he looked down at it with pretend surprise. "What? Oh! It's a penis after all. My bad."

Maggie looked exasperated, but she reached down and held his stiff shaft. "I suppose you're going to complain that you still have a painfully stiff erection and need our help with it."

"Yep!" he happily agreed.

Maggie still had her upset look, even as she gave his boner a friendly squeeze. Her attempt to keep her breasts covered was forgotten, and her dress fell back down to her waist.

She gave Hillary a sheepish, red-faced look, and muttered to her, "Well, we did kind of promise to help him out. I suppose there's nothing we can do but make it fast." Her fingers started to slide back and forth over his shaft.

Hillary also stopped bothering to keep her dress up. "I know what'll help." She knelt down in front of Nick and leaned forward. She began licking the part of his cockhead sticking out past where Maggie's hand was stroking.

Maggie was torn about several things. She couldn't tell if she was being sincere with her complaining or not. She was annoyed that Nick expected "help," but she also very much wanted to give him that help.

She also was conflicted about watching Hillary lick his cock. On the one hand, this was a good sign suggesting Hillary was making a commitment by getting ever more sexually intimate. It was a good sign that Hillary was on her way to being a "good slut" who helped take very good care of his cock instead of a typical "girlfriend."

But on the other hand, Maggie recently had made herself a vow not to do anything sexual with Nick during rest of the party beyond a kiss or two, yet she very much wanted to join in. She didn't have Debra's presence as an excuse to do that anymore as part of some game she was forced to play.

She thought, Should I be good? Or... bad? My life has changed so much in such a short time. A few days ago, I was so steadfast in my "no cocksucking" rule, even if I did kinda bend it with the titfucking. And a few days before that, it was just kissing and fondling. And before that... Mary, mother of God! Whoa!

Whereas today, this morning, I sucked him for the better part of two hours. And it still isn't enough! I'm so hungry for cock, my son's cock! I'm salivating and licking my lips. Again, I want to see her and me take turns bobbing on him, and that hasn't happened yet. So frustrating! That needs to happen soon. And often!

But I'm spoiling him too much today. I sucked him for TWO HOURS and then some! I even jacked him off on the way to the party. I need to show some resolve, if only to myself. My vow is a good thing, a necessary thing. Let Hillary have her fun all by herself.

She kept on stroking near the base of Nick's shaft while Hillary licked around his cockhead. But simply stroking him didn't feel like enough at the moment.

Dammit! Hillary looks like she's really enjoying that. Just listen to her aroused moans. I think she's loving this more than he is! MMMM! She's kind of sucking him from the side, like she's trying to give his cock a hickey. Seeing her lips sliding along the side of his shaft like that is making my mouth water even more. I can't stand it! She's probably wondering why I'm not joining in. She might think I'm symbolically showing some kind of resistance to having a full girlfriend partnership with her, and I can't have that. I NEED to join in, for the good of our agreement!

No! No! That's just a pathetic justification to cover the fact that I want it so much. All the way in my mouth! So terribly much! But... just look at her go! Nick's probably not even noticing what my fingers are doing, despite the fact that my other hand is playing with his balls too. A big cock like that needs a lot of stimulation. It needs two mouths! Maybe I could just... No.

She bent forward, and then backed off. She swallowed, because saliva was starting to accumulate in her mouth. She was seriously in danger of drooling, she was so cock-hungry.

Dammit, if I don't do something fast, Hillary's gonna be offended! She might even pull off! And that's not a justification, that's a fact! So there!

Pushing her doubts aside, she dropped down to her knees. She bent her head down to Nick's erection with new, lusty desire.

Unfortunately, Hillary's head was in the way, so she couldn't quite reach where she wanted to be. But Hillary sensed Maggie's hair brushing next to hers and repositioned herself.

Hilary was bothered by the fact that her dress was still partly on, because it was blocking access to her pussy. Plus, she adored how Nick usually was very insistent that she get completely naked in situations like these. So she wiggled and pulled it the rest of the way down, letting it crumple to the floor.

She said to Maggie as she watched her start to lick, "Good! I was beginning to think you didn't want to join me."

See?! Maggie thought. I was right! It's not just a justification. This is an important, er, bonding moment for us. It really is. Besides, we haven't left the sauna yet, so the vow hasn't started yet.

She was feeling sharp stabs of guilt as she thought about breaking her vow, but lust and pleasure allowed her to push those thoughts away for the time being.

Seeing that Hillary was one step ahead of her, she also pulled her dress the rest of the way off. For some reason, it didn't seem right to her to lick his thickness unless she was completely naked. And the fact that she was still wearing her high heels made every lick and slurp that much more satisfying, somehow.

The two women shared a very lusty and knowing look as they put their tongues on Nick's hot shaft at the exact same time. There had been a lot of talk in recent days between them about sharing Nick's cock, but now they were starting to turn all that talk into action. Although their tongues began working on Nick, their eyes remained locked on each other.

Nick cried out like he'd been scalded. But it was just because he was loving life so very, very much. Whoa! This can't be happening! If I have a number one fantasy involving both Maggie and Hillary, this is it! A double blowjob! YES!

Hillary's smoldering and sexy look was mainly reflecting her desire for Maggie. It wasn't that she didn't also strongly desire Nick, but her current focus was on the pair of eyes just a couple of inches from her own.

Maggie, however, was still oblivious and interpreted Hillary's look as a shared lust for Nick. She repaid it with a gaze every bit as intense and lusty.

Needless to say, Nick was absolutely over the moon with these latest developments. He couldn't be happier, or more aroused. Fuckin' A! This is just too awesome! I never could have dreamed... Okay, I'll admit I did have some masturbatory fantasies about this very thing happening, but I never really thought... I mean, just LOOK! Whoa! God DAMN!

Several minutes passed, incredibly wonderful, highly arousing minutes for all three of them.

He couldn't get enough of watching Maggie and Hillary lick. Both of them were doing it so lovingly that it looked and felt like their tongues had simply fallen in love with his cock. Their heads kept tilting this way and that, as they approached his shaft with new angles and new techniques. Occasionally, such movements would set their big tits jiggling, temporarily taking his attention away from the two tongues.

Only two tongues were slathering Nick's cock, but it felt to him like there were at least seven or eight there. Partly that's because both women were very busy with their lips and fingers as well. Neither completely swallowed his cockhead (as they didn't want to be seen as too greedy by the other), but they kissed and nibbled and sucked with their lips all up and down his shaft. And many fingers were lightly playing and stroking with whatever inches of his shaft were otherwise untended. His balls were never neglected either. It was no wonder that he felt like an entire team of women was working on him.

The pleasure was so great that he felt giddy and nearly delirious. He was frustrated that he happened to be standing, because he truly felt weak in the knees. But he didn't want to sit either, because being treated like this with him standing and them kneeling naked was an extra thrill.

He knew he wasn't going to last long in the face of such an onslaught of ecstasy. He moaned and groaned like some kind of wounded bear.

Both women knew his frenulum, his sweet spot, was his most sensitive spot by far, and their tongues and lips soon migrated to it and generally stayed on it or near it, while their fingers stayed busy elsewhere. That meant that their tongues and even their lips sometimes accidentally touched each other.

This excited Hillary greatly. It had happened to them once before, so she didn't have to feel shy about it happening again. She soon found herself trying to repeat those "accidents" as much as possible. Before long, and just like the last time it happened, it became a bit of a game, with both women lapping against each other's tongues nearly as much as Nick's sweet spot.

His moans were so loud and urgent though that Maggie and Hillary could sense his climax coming, and then pulled off at roughly the same time, to give him a well-timed rest.

Their heads wound up a few inches above his ramrod-straight pole. Both of them were grinning at each other, flying high thanks to all the fun they were having.

Hillary said, "You have something here," and pointed at Maggie's chin.

In fact, there was nothing on Maggie's chin except for some saliva dripping from her mouth, but Hillary just wanted an excuse. She moved in and licked. Within seconds, that somehow turned into both of them French kissing each other.

Technically, this was violating Hillary's policy not to initiate something with Maggie unless Maggie did it first, but she was too damn horny to stop herself!

Maggie hadn't seen that coming, even though nearly the exact same thing happened the last time they'd licked his cock together. It took her a few seconds before she realized how carried away they were becoming. She felt embarrassed, because she knew Nick was looking down. She broke the kiss.

Quickly scrambling for an excuse to have ended the kiss, she looked up at Nick and said with a sultry purr, "Ready for more?"

He was incredulous. "Are you kidding me?! After that kiss?! Was I supposed to be recovering then?! I can barely breathe!"

Hillary laughed gaily. "I knew it! Nothing gets guys hotter than a girl-on-girl kiss!" She shot a look at Maggie so hot it nearly melted her. "Wanna do it again?"

Maggie chuckled nervously. Something had been bothering her, but she didn't consciously know what it was. But now she remembered. "No thanks. Not now. If we heat Nick up any more, he's gonna spontaneously combust. In fact, we'd better get back to the party. They must be missing us." She started to stand up.

That caused Hillary to share Nick's still incredulous look. "You're kidding me!" the busty teen complained.

"No, really," Maggie said as she finished standing. She explained what worried her: "If we keep doing this, we're gonna get caught! Think about it. Debra knows we're in here, and she knows how long it'll take us to shower and get cleaned up. The longer we stay beyond that, the more curious she'll get. What if she comes in AGAIN, and catches us, AGAIN? That would be a disaster!"

Hillary couldn't deny Maggie's reasoning. "Hmmm. Good point. Still, we can't just leave Nick like this. Another minute or two won't make a difference, and Nick's right on the verge. Right?" She looked up into his face as she took his cock in her hands and stroked its slicked up surface.

Nick nodded vigorously. "Hell, yeah! Oh God, I'm so close! That break didn't help at all!"

Maggie was distracted, and looked to the door. She suddenly felt strangely nervous about getting caught again. She had a feeling in her gut that something bad was going to happen unless they left soon. Besides, she felt it was only fair if Hillary got some more one-on-one time with Nick's cock. Plus, she was belatedly trying to maintain some semblance of her vow not to get intimate with Nick at the party.

So she said, "You go ahead, Hillary. Finish him off. And do something wild to get him to blow his load fast. I'll keep watch."

Hillary was confused, but pleasantly surprised. "Really? Okay!" But she was so eager for cock, she didn't even try to get Maggie to change her mind. She shifted positions and got between Nick's legs so she was kneeling directly in front of him.

Hillary looked up at him, and hefted her huge tits up. She said in a sultry voice, "Would you like to fuck these?"

He gasped, "Oh God! I'd love to!" Fucking Hillary's tits was one of his great dreams.

She smiled and played with her fulsome globes a bit, hefting one up and then the other.

But after only a few seconds, she winked up at him, and said, "Later. We'll do that a LOT later. I love a good titfuck! But right now, I NEEEED to do this!" She grasped his stiff pole, stretched her mouth open painfully wide, and lunged her head forward.

"Oh God! God! GOD! AAAAIIIIEEE!" He screamed as Hillary's lips closed all the way around his cockhead. He started to shout, "No! No! No!" because it just felt too good. It wasn't just the physical pleasure, but the mere fact that his dream girl was sliding her lips farther and farther down his shaft shook him to his core. As soon as those lips slid past his sweet spot, he started to erupt.

Hillary was surprised at his quick reaction. That didn't fit with her impression of his impressive stamina that she'd seen lately. But she made do. She played with her clit while her other hand jacked him off furiously. She deliberately held back from cumming until Nick exploded into the back of her throat, but then she found her body still wasn't quite ready. She fingered herself faster and faster in hopes they could still achieve mutual climax before he was done.

Maggie had started to move towards the door to take a quick peek outside, but that was completely forgotten now. She was already sorely regretting her decision, because she didn't know he was going to cum that quickly. Some of that cum blast could have been hers! She drifted back towards Hillary and Nick with a desperate longing on her face. She clutched her boobs with both hands.

Hillary let a couple of Nick's shots go straight down her throat, but then she pulled back and aimed his cock so it fired onto her face from only an inch or two away. As she did so, she kept on frantically fingering herself. Feeling his cum splash on her face was the final trigger that pushed her over the edge into orgasmic nirvana.

Seeing the cum rocket onto Hillary's face was pretty much more than Maggie could take. She came closer still, her fingers aggressively twisting her nipples, her tongue hungrily licking her lips. It was all she could do not to fall on her knees in lusty overload, just from watching the cum fly.

When Hillary aimed the last couple of Nick's ropes at her chest, Maggie actually cried out louder than Nick's loud orgasmic wail. She too touched her pussy and started fingering herself into an orgasm.

Before long, both she and Hillary were screaming in erotic triumph! Maggie was particularly loud. She was thankful that the room appeared to have thick walls and a thick door. She couldn't believe how much she liked the sight of Nick's cum splattering all over Hillary's smooth and nicely tanned skin. Just seeing that was practically better than fucking. She had a very nice climax, thanks to what she was seeing even more than what her fingers were doing to herself.

Somehow, Nick managed to stay conscious, although his orgasm was so intense that it was a very close call. Now that the orgasm was over, he staggered back against the wall behind him. Then he slumped down into the bench to recover.

This gave Maggie an unobstructed view of Hillary's cummy face and chest. She dropped to her knees nearly in front of Hillary and stared hungrily. She particularly loved the way two copious cum stripes crossed, making an X right over Hillary's nose. God! I have SUCH a cum fetish that it's not even funny! What's with that? I used to think cum was kind of gross! Why did I miss my turn to share in all this cummy goodness? Why?! Why was I so stupid?! Some hunch that was. Dammit! I just missed out!

Hillary remained kneeling, just recovering.

But after some long moments, she looked at Maggie with a funny face. "What's up with you? You look like you're seeing your first food after starving for years!"

When she got no reply to that beyond an embarrassed but still ravenous look, she added, "What's up, already? You want to lick this off me? That would work out nicely, because I shouldn't have made this mess in the first place."

She looked down to her chest. "In a minute, some of this is going to drip down to the floor. So... can you help?"

Maggie's mouth hung open. She had visions of burying her face deep in Hillary's cavernous cleavage and lapping up the streaks of cum there like a happy, hungry dog.

"YES!" Maggie shouted. But she quickly followed that with a "No!" Then, "Yes! I mean... No! No, really, I shouldn't!" She looked as conflicted as she sounded. She turned to the door. "There's no time!"

It was true she remained worried about getting caught, but she could have had Nick keep a lookout once he recovered in another minute or two. Her real objection was that the strength of her desire to lick Hillary clean of Nick's cum scared her. She wasn't sure how much of that was due to her love of his cum or her strange new feelings for Hillary. It was like she was standing on the edge of a very deep, dark hole, and she was afraid to fall in.

Hillary shook her head and chuckled. "Okay. Whatever. Boy, you sure are acting strange today. But that just means more for me." She started to eat some of the larger gobs off her face.

Maggie sighed and frowned. "I know. It's just... I'm too worried to feel at ease. That whole thing with Debra really rattled me. And the door's not even lockable! What if she comes back right now? We keep pushing our luck until it's like we want to get caught again. How can you feel so calm?"

Again, this was mostly a cover story, but she also was making a good point. She was so aroused that she didn't even realize she was twisting her nipples some more.

Now it was Hillary's turn to sigh. "Sorry. I keep forgetting about the possibility of Debra coming back, maybe with reinforcements. I sure don't want to take part in another game like that. We really should get cleaned up for good." She stood up.

Maggie felt a pang of disappointment seeing all that tasty cum move away. She immediately stood up too.

A wicked look crossed Hillary's face. "I was just thinking what to do with this mess. What if I smear it in, like before? It's not nearly as much cum this time, probably both because Nick shot out most of what he had left the last time, and I swallowed a good deal of it. And, his cum smells and taste a bit... different. I wouldn't really say it's a good or bad taste, just different from the other cum I've had. I'll bet no one will notice if I wear it as a new perfume!" She grinned triumphantly.

Maggie loved that idea so much that she very nearly swooned. In fact, she'd had nearly the exact same thought earlier. She quickly exclaimed, "I can't let you take that risk! At least, not... alone. It'll seem more natural if we both do it."

That didn't make much sense, but Hillary loved the idea, and she wasn't going to argue. She looked to Nick. He was having a post-orgasmic crash, and he was doing well just to keep awake and keep listening. He wasn't going to argue about anything at all, and besides, it was only natural he would love the idea.

Hillary grinned wickedly again, and said, "Okay. Let's do it!"

Her fingers trembling with excitement, Maggie swiped up a big cum gob from Hillary's left cheek and smeared it along her neck. Then she continued to smear more cum behind her ears and in other spots she normally put her perfume.

She said, "The more that's on me, the less noticeable it'll be on you, and the less likely you'll get caught." Again, she was making up excuses after the fact.

Hillary kept smiling, and she smeared more of his cum on herself. "You're kinky. I like that. A lot." She was using the cum from her chest, since Maggie was reluctant to touch her there and was using up most of the cum off her face instead.

The two buxom babes spent the next couple of minutes smearing and rubbing cum all over their own bodies. Before long, they started smearing cum on each other too. They even smeared cum all down each other's cleavage, once Maggie got so aroused that she lost her weak reluctance to touch Hillary there.

This was so exciting for Maggie that she thought for sure she'd have a completely spontaneous climax. Sharing the cum and touching each other like this made her swoon and tremble in an exceedingly powerful manner, and she didn't know why.

Her arousal reached such a high point that she complained, "Nick just cums too much! It's crazy. It's like he's a human cum fountain. Just smearing it in isn't enough. We might have to eat some of it as well to 'dispose of the evidence,' if you know what I mean."

That was a patently absurd thing to say. In actual fact, although he regularly shot out more cum than most men, the average cum load of a man was surprisingly small. Furthermore, most of his load had already been smeared into Maggie's or Hillary's skin already. Clearly, this was a wafer-thin excuse Maggie gave so she could enjoy eating some of his cum.

Hillary saw that as such, and she loved the idea, but she was smart enough to realize Maggie needed that excuse. So she nodded, "Definitely! Good idea! Let's both do it!"

Luckily, there were still a few cummy streaks on her face, so she swept an index finger along one and fed it into her own mouth. Then, acting quickly, she ran that finger through the same area and fed the finger into Maggie's mouth.

For Maggie, it was like a lightning bolt of erotic arousal hit her. She felt tingles and shivers all the way down to her fingers and toes. She closed her eyes and savored the cum like it was a sip of ambrosia from Heaven. Then, although the small amount of cum was quickly sucked up, she continued to suck on Hillary's finger. She wasn't sure why she did that, but it felt too good to stop.

Hillary was trying hard not to be too forward in getting sexual with Maggie, but she couldn't resist leaning in enough so her big tits made contact with Maggie's. She was encouraged because Maggie visibly shivered and moaned sensuously. Figuring it wouldn't hurt to give Maggie another fig leaf excuse, she said, "You know, if we rub our bodies together a little bit, that could double the whole cum-smearing process."

Maggie stopped sucking on Hillary's finger to say, "Good idea! That will speed things up. But we should probably still use our hands too."

"Definitely," Hillary joyously agreed. She brought her hands up, but she grabbed Maggie's breasts instead of her own.

Maggie did the same. Holding Hillary's tits felt so great that she thought the mere act of doing that would trigger her climax. It didn't, but it was a close thing.

The two of them started subtly rubbing their bare racks together, with an emphasis on directly rubbing their nipples against each other.

Then Maggie remembered to swipe more cum off Hillary's face and put it in her own mouth. She felt more shivers and goose bumps as she sucked her own finger clean. God, this is so fucking good! I'm almost enjoying this as much as sucking Nick's cock! Well, not THAT much, but this is awesome!

I only wish we had more cum to get rid of. There's just one big smear left on her beautiful face that needs cleaning. Fuck! We should definitely savor that.

Hillary wasn't on the verge of orgasm like Maggie was, but she was nearly as aroused just the same. She couldn't resist fondling as much as Maggie's hefty tits as she could reach, considering that their racks were pressed tightly together, under the guise of "smearing the cum in."

Maggie did the same.

Hillary was so enthused that she said, "You know, I can foresee that disposing of his cum is going to be a big problem for you and me in the future. It so happens that we don't have a towel, but even if we did, it would be a shame to use one, don't you think? It'll just get the towel dirty, and then it needs to be washed, and you can't put it in with other things because some of the cum will move to them."

"Oh, absolutely!" Maggie emphatically agreed. "I know you're a big environmentalist. If we kind of smear and eat up his cum, that's the natural, eco-friendly solution, isn't it?"

"It is!" Hillary was so overjoyed by that "logic" that she took the last cum smear on her face and fed it into Maggie's mouth with two fingers.

Maggie closed her eyes and luxuriated in the taste sensation. She sucked on Hillary's two fingers like they were a small penis. Mmmm! Aaaah! Fuck! Pardon my French, but this is the shit! Hnnngg! So good! Who says going green can't be fun?!

Again, she came tantalizingly close to climaxing, but she didn't. Had she touched her clit, she certainly would have, but she was afraid of having a loud and obvious orgasm with Hillary right there.

Once she sucked Hillary's fingers clean, there weren't any noticeable cum streaks left. But they were having far too much fun to quit now. In fact, the passion between them grew and grew. Both women were almost desperate to start kissing each other, but each one was afraid to be the first to start. So they were content to focus on fondling and rubbing their great racks together.

They'd completely forgotten about Nick. They couldn't stop staring into each other's eyes with looks full of lust and even love. Their intimate feelings for each other seemed to be growing stronger by the minute.

Eventually, Maggie reached a point where her desire to kiss and fondle Hillary was almost unbearable. She knew she'd have to stop or lose all control. Somehow, she found the willpower to stop. The danger of Debra coming back, or others coming, was an important factor.

Finally, the two women put their dresses all the way back on. They attempted to fix their hair and make themselves look as publicly presentable as they could. Then they turned to Nick.

Hillary asked him, "Hey, Nick! How do we look?"

Nick had been keeping his eyes closed, because he simply couldn't handle watching what Hillary and Maggie were doing to each other, as well as his cum. He was teetering at the edge of some kind of erotic mental overload. However, he mostly physically recovered while he waited for them. So he opened his eyes, stood up, and walked towards them to take a closer look.

He examined their faces closely, and even took whiffs from just inches away. All the cum had been smeared away or eaten, so there were no visible signs left at all. But a spermy smell lingered, especially on Hillary's face. He concluded, "Hmmm. I'm sad."

"Sad?" Maggie asked in confusion. "I would think you'd love what we're doing."

She thought, God knows I do! Even though his cum is pretty much totally undetectable now, he will know, and Hillary will know, and I'll definitely know, that I've marked myself as his slut! My son! I'm not just his girlfriend, I'm his full-fledged, shameless, busty slut! I'm proud to wear his cum anywhere on my body, at any place, any time!

He answered, "I'm sad because of that." He pointed at their covered chests. (For Hillary, with her sexy and revealing dress, it was a stretch to call her boobs covered, but at least her nipples were.)

Maggie laughed in surprise. "You horny bastard! Forget about that; what about the cum on us? Do you see any traces left?"

He replied honestly, "Unfortunately, I can't tell just from looking. I wish there was more of a shiny sheen. True, there's a slightly funny smell, but who's gonna notice that? I love it though, because I saw it all and I'll know the truth!"

Maggie thought, Who is gonna notice? That's the rub, so to speak. I hope there's a lot of kissy-kissy introductions at the party from this point on out, so everyone will have to kiss my cheeks and have a good smell of my son's cum! My son! MY SON! Gaawwwd, that thought always makes me weak in my knees! Come on, I've gotta keep my shit together!

Hillary asked him, "How do we look, otherwise?"

He freely ran his hands up and down her body, as if he could only see by touching. However, he kept his hands outside her dress. "Very nice. Your hair is all back in place and perfect. You still have that 'fresh from a shower clean' sheen too."

She teased, "You sure that's not just the sheen from your sperm cream?"

He smiled, while casually but lightly squeezing one of her tits through her dress. "Maybe." Damn. I had no idea Hillary would be such a horny nympho. I love it!

He turned to his mother. "Ditto with you, Maggie." He ran his hands all over her as well, although in both cases he kept them over the clothes. He was still able to twist her nipples through the clothes pretty well, though.

Hillary grinned wickedly again. "In other words, there's no way to tell that I'd just been nibbling on your fat knob."

She turned to Maggie as a thought hit her. "By the way, how the HELL do you suck on that thing on a regular basis? You must have jaws of steel. It's so damn thick and big, I could barely get it in my mouth! I thought it would get easier, but it hasn't so far. That's not the longest I've ever had, but it certainly is the thickest!"

Nick immediately thought, How many has she had? He couldn't help feeling jealous about her previous lovers.

Maggie shrugged. Even though she'd only started sucking Nick's dick in the last week, she acted like she was an old pro at it. "You get used to it after a while. Or, maybe you don't get used to it, per se, but you learn to cope."

In truth, she didn't have as much trouble as Hillary seemed to be having. She figured she probably had a slightly bigger and wider mouth. Or perhaps she got off on the struggle more. Or both.

Hillary examined her face closely. "Hmmm. Maybe you have more of a mouth for it. It's strange: I do really well with running and sports, but I've always had trouble blowing up balloons and stuff like that. I'm no Louis Armstrong. And you definitely have lips for it. Jesus Christ, woman, those are perfect cocksucking lips, if I ever saw any!"

"They are?!" Maggie was taken aback, but also pleased. No one had ever told her something like that before. It redoubled her desire to suck off her son, and very frequently!

She shot a devastating look at Nick. "Did you hear that, Sport? If I've got cocksucking lips, then it sounds like I'm obliged to suck your cock. A lot!"

That hit him like a punch in the chest. He just about fell over.

Both women chuckled at his wide-eyed reaction.

After some more small talk, the three of them got ready to rejoin the party. Although Nick's penis was flaccid, for now, he was still feeling randy. He showed a lot more interest in Hillary's dress than in Maggie's, no doubt because it was a sexier and more revealing dress.

This only increased Maggie's frustration with her relatively conservative dress choice. But she felt there was nothing she could do. It wasn't like she could take a pair of scissors to an expensive dress. She consoled herself that at least she was going bra-less, and she had her son's cum as her perfume.

That last fact made her feel good, really good. I'm weird, I know it, and I don't care. But I can't let him ever find out about my new cum fetish. My formerly shy son is out of control as it is. If he finds out how much I secretly love being covered in his cum, he'll go hog wild. Hell, he'll probably fuck my incestuous, son-loving cunt like it needs to be fucked!

Whoa, girl. Calm down. Did I just think that? That's the very kind of thing I can't even let myself THINK about! Much less say out loud. Much less DO! I may be loving being my son's girlfriend far too much, but no matter what, I can't even let THAT happen!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, BDGV, lew54321, GWB, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.