Chapter 45: Nick Gets Lost (Saturday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Nick, Maggie, and Hillary finally left the sauna and went to rejoin the other partiers, who were mostly still clustered in the dining room.

The same 20 or so kids were there, slowly getting drunk. Nick remembered being told that there were "about 50" at the party. Even if the main group was more like 30, that left many unaccounted for, and he wondered where they were. He surmised that many of them were at the hot tub area, which he hadn't seen on his way back.

The trio waded into the crowd and grabbed new beers, except for the teetotaling Hillary, who got some juice. They mingled and talked.

Nick felt strange. After such an intense erotic experience with three of the sexiest women anyone was ever likely to meet, he wasn't suffering from any self-confidence issues anymore. In fact, he completely forgot about that being a possible issue, and he felt free to talk to anyone about anything. But he felt detached, almost like he was floating. It was as if a part of him was still back in the sauna room.

His presence was very different from earlier, when he'd been shyly lurking around and hardly talking to anyone. Luckily, few people paid him any mind then. Now, he made a very favorable impression when meeting most of the other partiers. In fact, by pure luck, his near total lack of worry or nervousness and his sense of detachment turned out to be big virtues. It was like he was the coolest of cool, precisely because he didn't give a fuck what anyone else thought about him.

He was particularly impressed by the girls.

Not long after rejoining the main group, he had to break away from a conversation that Maggie and Hillary had just become involved in to literally step back and look at the larger picture. Good God, man! I'm still startled by just how extremely attractive most of the girls here are. I've never seen anything like it in my life, except maybe a beauty contest on TV. Although I don't think any of them are quite on the same beauty level as Ma, Hillary, and Debra, there are a few that come very close, and that fact is a total mind blower, because nobody is even close! Well, practically nobody, anyway.

He eyed one stunning redhead in a skimpy outfit, with particularly large breasts and a jutting ass. Like her. Hmmm. She's really close! I wonder if I might change my mind if I got more used to some girls here, like if I saw her in a bikini. I know that I have a bias due to my love for my two dream girls, so I can't be a fair judge. Hell, even with Debra, now that she's licked and sucked my dick and I've seen and felt her naked so much, I'm hopelessly biased with her too.

He re-engaged with talking to other people. Since half of them were female, and the conversations took place in small clusters, that meant he was talking to at least one beautiful girl nearly all the time, and usually more. But he acted completely unfazed. That wasn't surprising from his point of view: having just been pleasured by three remarkable beauties, pretty much anything else seemed mundane by comparison. But nobody else knew that.

His blasé attitude set him apart, even within this elite "beautiful people" crowd. The girls were the cream of the crop from his school and the Academy as well, and they were used to guys acting shy and intimidated around them. They were used to even their boyfriends and other male friends acting daunted by their beauty, but that went doubly so to people just meeting them.

But Nick blatantly stared at their scantily dressed bodies, and most especially their breasts, like he couldn't care less if they saw him staring or not, and also if he didn't really care if they liked him or not. A couple of times, he even touched some of them. It was nothing scandalous, and just a matter of putting his hand on an arm, or on a knee if sitting down. But he did it with a kind of swaggering attitude that indicated he'd touch them anywhere he damn felt like if he wanted to, and he sometimes even did it while they were still holding hands with their boyfriends (who often were staying close to their hot girlfriends).

He left more than one girl's panties moist, even though he was just discussing ordinary things with them. There was no overt flirting on his part at all, and yet women were aroused by his overall demeanor. His budding ladies' man reputation at school was going to skyrocket after this party.

He also usually stayed close to Maggie, and quickly became known amongst the group as her boyfriend. That sent his stock soaring even higher, because she had to be at least tied as the most beautiful girl at the party, and social status was obviously very closely tied to looks for the girls at the party especially. Since nearly all of the others at the party were seniors, they generally had never even heard of him, but many had taken note of Maggie when she'd dropped him off or picked up in front of school.

So, although Nick's mingling was going about as well as he could hope for, inwardly, he wasn't enjoying the experience. Most of the people he talked to were just as shallow as he'd feared they'd be, and they gossiped about people he didn't know, or talked about petty things that didn't interest him. There were lots of in-jokes that went over his head. He had a devil-may-care attitude because he really didn't care. He still was a naturally shy guy most of the time, and the old, shy Nick hated parties. The new Nick did too.

He longed to be back in the sauna, getting passed around between Maggie, Hillary, and Debra some more. His thoughts turned more and more to those memories, plus the memories of other great erotic experiences in recent days.

Sometimes Nick stayed in the same cluster as Maggie, or Hillary, or both, but he often was on his own. He looked around for other friendly faces and saw very few, aside from Spencer, who he didn't want to talk to. He saw Debra pass through the room more than once, but he avoided her. Just seeing her from across the room made him highly aroused, so much so that it disturbed him.

But there were people sometimes coming and going from other parts of the mansion, including guys and girls who would stroll around in their skimpy bathing suits due to either coming or going to the hot tub area. Eventually, he saw not one but two familiar faces from school, and he went to talk to them. (They were wearing fancy dresses, not bikinis.)

Their names were Megan and Melody. He knew them because they were a part of the "lunch gang," the same group of people who tended to sit at the same table he did every day. They were both blonde haired and curvy, and beautiful (of course). In fact, he guessed they were probably the two most beautiful girls who regularly ate at the table, which undoubtedly helped explain why they had been invited to the party. They seemed to sit at the lunch table mainly to be close to Hillary, and he thought of them almost like her "flunkies."

After a little bit of small talk, he asked them, "So, are you two here on your own, or together, or with others, or what?"

Megan answered for both of them, "We're here with our boyfriends."

"Oh, really?" Nick replied. "I don't remember meeting your boyfriends."

Melody said, "That's because they don't go to our school. They go to the Academy."

"Then how did you meet them, then?"

Megan said, "We go to a different school now, but we went to the same junior highs, and before. And my boyfriend lives right down the road from me. Our two schools are tied together in all sorts of ways, like the tennis club, the country club, the yacht club, and all sorts of things."

Melody added to that, "Well, at least some groups are linked, like this one."

He asked, "Where have you been hiding out? I would have recognized you, but I haven't seen either of you at all until now."

Megan said, "Oh we were in the theater room, watching a good show. Our boyfriends are in the game room. One of them, anyway. There are all sorts of fun rooms all over the place!"

Melody chimed in, "This place is, like, the perfect party palace!"

He said rather blandly, "I see. I should look around more."

Nick could read between the lines that Melody's comment about some groups being linked meant it was really just this group that was linked, only the elite "beautiful people" of both schools that lived the country club lifestyle. He had only gotten to know Megan and Melody at a surface level at lunch, so he didn't know they were a part of that crowd, although both of them definitely looked the part.

He found it all rather depressing. After some more mindless small talk, he thought, Well, that's a bummer. Both those girls certainly look pretty hot and sexy, but it's a turn off just knowing they're a part of this group, the whole country club crowd. Maybe they do have some hidden sides, some depth to their personalities, that aren't obvious at first. Hillary seems to like them, so she must have a good reason, right? Maybe I'm being too shallow in judging them just for their generic blonde bombshell looks and for being here. Heck, I'm here too, so what does that say about me?

What AM I even doing here, anyway?! Hillary said there would be plenty of eye candy for me. I think she said I would just get diabetes from looking around. I get that. And I can see how these are the movers and shakers, and it's good to have them with you, not against you.

But it's all so clichéd. Why is it always people like this who rule the world? I almost feel racist just being here, for one thing. There's, like, four Hispanic kids here, max, and Orange County is half Hispanic! Sigh!

Eventually, perhaps an hour later, he found he couldn't concentrate on the party any longer. Spencer ran into him and tried to be chummy with him some more, and while Nick pretended to be friendly with him, that was the final straw. He walked back to the outside pool balcony with his latest beer to collect his thoughts.

(He usually had a beer in hand, but it was more of a prop and he'd been careful not to drink much alcohol.)

Maggie didn't want him to disappear on her again, and she'd been keeping an eye on him. She took her beer and joined him there. She gently stroked his arm as he stared out into the night. "Hi, babe. How you doin'?"

"Okay, I guess."

"What are you thinking about so intently?"

"I dunno." He sighed as he stared up to the stars. "This party is weird. I feel like we're in the Land of the Shiny, Plastic People."

Maggie snickered at that. "I know what you mean. But you pretty much knew it would be like this, didn't you? And there are some interesting people to talk to. And talk about visual splendor! I've never seen so many pretty girls in one place!"

"I know. But that's not even the main thing on my mind. I'm distracted. I guess I just can't get that game we played with Hillary and Debra out of my mind. I mean, it was soooo intense that this party pales in comparison. I don't know if I'm EVER going to be the same!"

He turned to face her. "I know that sounds overly dramatic, but I mean it. I feel... different. I can't explain. I don't know how it is with women, exactly, but I imagine a female orgasm is pretty much like a male one. All I know is that when I cum, for a few seconds, there's a feeling of pleasure so intense that there's absolutely nothing like it. It's like you feel like you're gonna pass out, or just somehow be completely overwhelmed. You know what I mean?"

She replied, "Certainly. It's like that with women too, although we have more of a variety of orgasms. Some are longer but less intense, for instance. But what's your point?"

"Well, pretty much the entire time we were playing that game, I felt like that, like those few orgasmic seconds. Except it just kept going and going and going! Can you imagine feeling such incredible pleasure for so long? That's why I was so out of it, and you kept saying my brain was fried. It kind of was. I'm still reeling."

"Wow! But Son" - she looked around and checked to make sure none heard that slip, but the balcony was otherwise empty - "how could that be? I was pretty amazingly high too, but we didn't give you THAT much pleasure. We could have done more. What if all three of us licked your cock together, for instance?"

He grinned from ear to ear. "Wooooow..."

She playfully slapped his shoulder. "Don't even think of that. With Debra? Yuck. No way!"

She thought to herself, But if it's just Hillary and me... Yum! YES! I want that to be our special thing that we do for him all the time!

He tried to explain, "Yeah, well, it wasn't so much the physical pleasure. That kind of waxed and waned. It was more just the mental pleasure of thinking about the whole thing. I mean, up until not that many days ago, I'd never even truly kissed a girl. And do you know how hot and sexy the three of you are? Each one of you is off the charts! And yet it was like you were all fighting over each other just to pleasure me. That's pretty heady stuff! Do you know how mind-blowing that is to a kid like me? I still can't think of anything else. I'm sure I'll be mentally replaying that scene in my head until the day I die. And hell, the double blowjob afterwards was pretty damn memorable too!"

She wanted to correct him that that had only been a double cock licking. She and Hillary still hadn't given him his first "proper" double blowjob, and she considered that a very different thing. But she let it slide.

He looked around to double check that they were alone. Then he continued, "I'm torn. On one hand, I'm always conscious about the fact that I'm just a fraud."

"You're not a fraud," Maggie insisted.

"Well, I feel like one. I know I've said this before, but I'll say it again: Hillary's attracted to me to some degree because of you. That's the magic that makes everything work. Sure, I have some appeal on my own, especially my penis size. But if it was just me asking her out versus Spencer asking her out? Forget it! So that's old news. But the weird thing is that after what just happened with you two and Debra, I'm almost believing my own hype! I feel like I'm king of the world!"

Maggie scrunched her face up in frustration at her son's confidence issues. "You ARE pretty great, and don't forget it."

She was going to say that she thought Nick's fake girlfriend deception was necessary at first, but now Hillary liked him so much that she'd stick with him even without that. But she realized that if she said that, she'd be admitting that she didn't have a real excuse to continue her girlfriend role.

So, instead, she said, "I think the truth is somewhere in between. If you were a total fraud, Hillary wouldn't have come this far with you, and I wouldn't have either. You have some special magic of your own."


"Really. And never doubt it." She gave him an encouraging smile. "From our very first real kiss, there was something special going on. It's like you're the horniest kid in the world, and you somehow channel that into your kissing and fondling. I've told you how I think of you as the 'magic man' with the magic touch. AND the magic kiss, I would add. Your overwhelming passion makes a woman VERY aroused, VERY fast, to be that desired."

"Really?" He grinned.

"Really. And it's not just because I'm your you-know-what. I'm sure Hillary feels the magic too. And don't underestimate the power of your big cock! And I don't use the word 'power' there lightly. It's addicting. Hillary is hooked, I can tell. I know, because I'm hooked too. You really don't have anything to worry about from Spencer. Not now, not that you've gotten Hillary so hooked on you."

He sighed. "I wish I could believe you." He remained convinced that Hillary would have great trouble lasting with him more than a month, and then Spencer would make his move.

She went on, "Now, as for what happened back there in the sauna, what's done is done. I can understand where you're at, but you just have to move on. I know there was talk of a rematch, but don't worry, Hillary and I will figure something out to stop that. We really don't like Debra, and we're not going to let her worm her way into our special thing." She shuddered in disgust.

"But Maggie. I can fully understand why you don't like her, and I know you're gonna kill me for saying this, but I can't help but root for a rematch. Something happened to me in there with her; something weird. It was like... imprinting."

She frowned. "Whatever do you mean?"

"I dunno. It's like... I shared so much total ecstasy with the three of you, that now my feelings for all three are locked in, and I can't do anything about it. I was totally lusting after and loving you and Hillary since way back, so there's not much change there, but now I kinda feel that way about Debra too."

She gave him a horrified look.

He held his hands up defensively. "Wait! Hear me out. I know she's selfish and vain and all that. I don't like her at all. In fact, I almost hate her, after what she did tonight. But in the last hour or so, when I was mingling in the crowd, every now and then I'd look around and see her talking to someone, and my heart would skip a beat, my throat would get dry, and I'd get a silly grin on my face. I'd feel a bit tingly and giddy too. All those things happen to me when I look at you or Hillary."

"Oh no!" Maggie said, aghast.

"I know! It's bad! On a rational level I know it's bad, and she's no good, but I can't help myself. Whenever I see her face, it's like I turn to goo, and I want to make love to her. What I'm hopeful about though is that this is just a temporary feeling, maybe driven by hormones or pheromones or something, and it'll fade in a few hours, or maybe a few days. I'm totally happy with my two dream girls, and I don't want her getting in the way. But I have to be truthful about how I'm feeling so we can overcome it together."

That made Maggie feel a lot better. "Wait a minute. She's almost unbelievably beautiful. Hillary says she's a professional model and everything. Aren't you just reacting to her beauty, like any other heterosexual male?"

"I'm sure that's part of it, but not all of it. Remember, I've seen her sometimes in school. We're not really in any classes together since she's not in the gifted track, but still. I even talked to her at length during lunch a couple of times. And sure, I found her really attractive then, but I wasn't overwhelmed. I'd been warned about her personality, and that was a big turn-off. In fact, I pretty much gave her the polite blow off when she'd try to talk to me, just like I told you. I didn't even get a hard-on when I talked to her up close and personal, and she was flirting with me to boot!"

"And now?" Maggie asked, full of worry.

"Totally different! Major boner city, for one thing. Of course, it's like that whenever I look at you or Hillary, and naturally I'd be really hard right now, just 'cos you're near me."

"Are you?" she whispered huskily. For once, she hadn't noticed, because they were outside and there weren't many lights near them. "Right now?"

"Um, yeah." He blushed a little bit. "And when I think about what we did earlier, with you rubbing your sexy body all over mine, my pants are ready to rip apart. But all of a sudden, Debra makes me all giddy and horny too."

Maggie felt a sudden urge to check with a hand if he really did have a boner. With them being outside in the darkness, and his dark slacks, she couldn't visually confirm. But she worried that if she did that, she would wind up holding it and even stroking it. She didn't want to do that in the middle of a concerning discussion about Debra.

She said, "That's bad! That's really bad! Maybe it's like you say, and those feelings will fade soon, especially if you keep away from her."

"I hope so. I really don't like her as person. It's just that my body's reacting in an automatic way to her physical charms. I know I'll mess up the good thing I have, if I get involved with her in any way. I don't want to ruin our threesome joy for all the riches in the world! That's one reason why I'm warning you about this, so you can keep me from her and stop me from doing something foolish."

Maggie nodded grimly. "I'll do what I can. But also, remember that I'm your you-know-what. True, I'm your, well, you know that too."

She didn't want to say "mother" or "fake girlfriend" for fear someone might somehow overhear, despite the fact that nobody was anywhere near them, but he knew exactly what she meant.

She added, "I probably won't be the second thing for all that long, in the greater scheme of things, but I'll be the first thing forever. So don't get too addicted to having me always take care of your erections."

She didn't want to say that, but she felt it was her duty as a good and responsible mother to give him proper warning at times like these. She was certain that their relationship was ultimately doomed, so the stronger his feelings grew, the more painful it would be in the end. It was healthy to try to limit the damage.

He nodded sadly. But he hoped against hope that she was wrong.

Trying to change the topic, he asked, "So how's your new perfume working out?"

Maggie's nipples grew hard in about two seconds and her eyes bugged out, thanks to that reminder.

He couldn't help but notice her suddenly erect nipples, given she was bra-less.

She didn't know how to respond to that. What am I supposed to say?! Should I be honest, and tell him how much I've loved it, how it's kept me on a constant erotic buzz? It's better than getting drunk, to be honest! Every time I get bored, I just take a good whiff of my own "perfume," and it's like someone's playing with my pussy AND my nipples! Electric shocks everywhere!

She tried to wear a poker-face, although that was a farce given her initial reaction. She began to blush too. "Um, it's been okay, I guess..."

He knew those words were a farcical understatement. He asked with heavy skepticism, "Just okay? Somehow, I don't feel like you're being entirely honest with me. Did anyone notice?"

She blanched. In fact, nobody had noticed as far as she could tell, but just thinking about the possibility of someone commenting about it was like someone had shoved a vibrator up her pussy. Her knees nearly buckled.

She imagined a voice asking, "Hey, Maggie. That's a real interesting perfume you're wearing. And your skin seems curiously shiny. Are you wearing your boyfriend's spermy cum? And look at the age difference between you two. Is he actually your son?"

Her big melons started to heave up and down inside her dress. She was starting to regret not wearing a bra.

Seeing that he was getting a good reaction from her blushing and heavy breathing, he pressed, "Did any pretty girls kiss your cheeks? Did any of them try to lick my cum right off your face?"

That was too much for her to take. She threw her arms around him and kissed his lips like she was trying to kill him with pleasure.

He was taken aback, and didn't know how to react at first. He even kept his hands in the air. But then he realized there wasn't anything wrong with a little public display of affection. They were supposed to be a couple after all, and he'd already seen some couples necking in secluded spots, or even a few showing off out in the open. He brought his hands down to her ass cheeks, and opened his mouth so their tongues could dance together.

Sure, she enjoyed the kissing, but she was on an entirely different level of arousal than he was. Her head was filled with images of girl after girl walking up to her and licking her cheeks. Never mind that there was little to no cum still there (she'd rubbed more of it behind her ears and on her neck, and even dabbed some down her cleavage), but she was inspired by the kinky scenario.

Without really thinking about it, one of her hands found its way to his crotch, and she began stroking his erection through his slacks. She forgot about where she was and who might see, but with the way their bodies were pressed close together, no one would be able to notice the movement of her hand unless they were standing a few feet away.

When the kiss finally ended, Nick exclaimed, "Whoa! Wow! You really like that idea, don't you? But what if it was true? What's that girl's name with the shiny silver gown? Vivian, I think." He picked Vivian because she was on the most gorgeous girls he'd seen at the party so far, and one of the most stacked.

"Can you just imagine Vivian licking your face with big, long slurpy licks, like an adorable puppy, and asking where you got your perfume? Your big breasts would inevitably mash into hers while she licks you face, you know."

Needless to say, Maggie loved that, especially the choice of Vivian. In fact, she was so extremely horny, that even after she realized she was standing within the view of many strangers (though distant ones who were still inside the mansion), she couldn't stop jacking her son off through his slacks. However, she repositioned herself so she was at an angle where the people inside couldn't see.

She acted like she was talking to Vivian and answering that question. "It's from my boyfriend, actually."

At that point, Maggie was so overtaken by desire that she had to French kiss Nick again. But the dialogue continued in her mind. "Oh really?" Vivian asked. "I love it! What it is, exactly?" Maggie replied, "It's his cum!" Far from being shocked, Vivian just smiled. "Mmmm! What a good idea! Can I have some more?" Then Maggie imagined Vivian licking behind her ears, where the scent was much stronger. That caused their two ample racks to rub together a lot more.

Even though that was all in her mind, it was such a powerful fantasy that she practically tackled Nick to the ground with her ardor. Somehow, she managed to unbutton and unzip his slacks, and began jacking him off flesh-on-flesh.

When they paused to gasp for breath, Maggie panted erotically, "Oh! Sport! I need you so much! Right now!"

"Wow! You two are amazing!"

Nick and Maggie froze, because neither of them had said that. They looked around frantically, and saw that it was Hillary, standing a few feet away.

"Holy Christ, woman!" Maggie complained. "You nearly scared me half to death!" She was still holding her son's hot, throbbing erection, and she wasn't about to let go.

Hillary laughed. "Sorry, but I can see you're not so scared as to stop your stroking." She nodded at Maggie's hand, which had just resumed sliding up and down Nick's slicked-up shaft, mere seconds after realizing they had only been interrupted by Hillary. There was just enough light to see, mostly due to the tell-tale motion.

Maggie sheepishly squeezed in closer, which blocked what her hand was doing from Hillary's view. Her blushing face turned even redder, and her heart raced faster.

A mirthful Hillary explained, "The reason I came out here is 'cos I was keeping an eye on you two from inside, and I worried you were getting a little too amorous. I was right to worry. If I could see you, other people could too, even if the handjob action isn't noticeable... yet. Besides, what if it was someone like Debra who came out here to say hello? Would you keep on stroking him, Maggie?"

Maggie's eyes grew as large as saucers as she imagined still secretly stroking her son's cock, even while talking to a stranger.

"Don't answer that!" Hillary laughed, guessing Maggie's thoughts. "But I must say, you two are an inspiration! Every time I think you two can't possibly be more hot for each other, you do something that blows me away even more."

Feeling embarrassed, Nick muttered, "Yeah, well, we were just kissing."

"Just kissing?" Hillary asked in disbelief. "That kissing was so hot, it's seriously warming my hands over here." She rubbed her hands and held them out next to them like she was warming them by an open fire.

Maggie's cummy fantasy was mostly ruined by the interruption, plus the warning to behave. With Nick still pressed up next to her, she managed to zip and button his slacks back up.

Once they were both presentable, she pulled away enough to show Hillary there wasn't any hanky panky going on anymore. She was still extremely aroused, but she was trying to control herself.

Then, mostly to change the topic, she said, "Hillary, we've got a big problem. It's Debra."

"What? I already knew that."

"No, it's worse than you think. Nick, explain your 'imprinting' concept please."

Nick and Maggie explained the concept to Hillary over the next couple of minutes.

Hillary fully understood, but if anything, she was even more upset about it than Maggie was.

Trying to get Hillary to understand more sympathetically, Nick asked her, "But don't you see what I mean? I can't help it! Didn't something similar happen to you too, and Maggie too? For instance, after that intense experience, haven't your feelings for me changed somehow?"

Hillary thought about that. She started to look this way and that, as if afraid to look Nick in the eyes, and her faced turned flush.

Maggie grabbed her arm. "What? Spill it girl!"

Still looking away, Hillary spoke haltingly to him. "Well, I have to admit, I do feel more attracted towards you. In fact, I'm kind of in the same mood you're in, right now. I can't stop thinking about what we did. So much so, that I'm having a hard time concentrating on anything else. All I can think about is rubbing my naked body all over you, and especially the way your big cock felt when I was sliding all over it. And even more, when I was sucking it!"

Her eyes grew wide and her voice was higher pitched. "And then, when I shared licking you with Maggie... That was the hottest thing I've ever done! And then, when you blew your load on my face.. Jesus Christ! I DO feel changed! Mostly, my lust for you is even stronger than before! And that's pretty remarkable, because it already was pretty damn strong already. God! I start thinking about your cock... your big, thick cock... and I kind of lose my mind!"

Suddenly, she turned to Maggie and stared at her fiercely. "Tell me you don't feel the same way!"

Now it was Maggie's turn to blush. "Yeah. Okay, it's true. But I thought that was just me. Frankly, I've been kind of having those kinds of thoughts about Nick most all the time lately, and the game with Debra just stepped it up a notch."

"What kind of thoughts?" Hillary asked with growing arousal.

"Don't ask me that!" Maggie demanded. Her blush deepened, and she shyly stared down at her feet. But she explained, "I think about Nick's... cock. A lot! His big fat cock, so thick and hard all the time. I think about how it feels in my hand, how it throbs with heat and life! I think about how happy it makes me to stroke it and hear him grunt and moan with pleasure. Obviously, you just caught me, because I lost control of my hands again. It's just too... Mmmm! I can't put it into words. It's too much! And, especially, I think about... Don't make me say it!"

But nobody said anything, especially since they didn't even know what she meant exactly. Hillary was staring intently at Maggie, and her own big breasts were heaving up and down even more outrageously as she grew aroused hearing Maggie's confession. Hillary's nipples were poking out as much as Maggie's were.

Maggie closed her eyes and continued on her own. "I think about it... in my mouth! Licking it... sucking on it! Bobbing on it... so much! Loving it with my tongue and lips! God help me; I can't stop myself! I think about the waves of pleasure washing over me as I slide my lips up and down it, over and over and over! And, so help me God, I think about sliding it between my tits, and letting him fuck me that way too! Especially since I can suck his cockhead at the same time. He's SUCH a good titfucker! And that makes me think about the way he twists my nipples, and caresses and fondles and kneads my big tits in general, and dammit, I get so horny that I don't know if I'm coming or going!"

Now Maggie's round globes were heaving wildly up and down too, clearly showing how they were unencumbered by a bra. She brought her hands up to try to still them, but wound up sliding her hands all over them instead, in fond imitation of some of Nick's moves on her. She even twisted her nipples a little bit.

Luckily, she remembered the other partiers, and positioned herself facing away from the mansion, so no one from inside would be able to see the way she was touching herself.

Nick was really hard and horny too, but tried to play it cool and silent for fear of ruining the mood. His two girlfriends were getting so worked up on their own that he didn't need to add anything.

Hillary excitedly asked Maggie, "What about what we were doing not long after Debra left?"

"You mean both of us licking him at the same time?"

Hillary nodded emphatically. She had to hold her huge tits in place because they were heaving up and down so much too.

Maggie carried on enthusiastically, "Don't get me started! It's like you said; that was the best part! And then, when I think of you and me taking turns bobbing on his cock... I want that so much!"

"Me too!" Hillary nodded vigorously. "What are we waiting for?! We need to do that later tonight!"

"I know!" Maggie sighed with longing. "But we do have to put in some face time, meeting some other people. How can I act normally though, with all these thoughts running around my head?! Especially after what we did in the sauna! I don't know how I'm supposed to just walk around and socialize, like everything is normal, after that! It's all I can do not to steal away with you two so we can lick it and love it and drown in his yummy cum all night long!"

"Sounds good to me," Nick quipped.

But the other two didn't respond to him. Their eyes were intently locked on each other.

Hillary quietly whispered to Maggie, "What about... fucking? I've noticed you hardly ever talk about that. And I know how near and dear sucking his cock is to you, but don't you think about that too?"

"Oh God! SO MUCH!" Maggie nearly screamed, overwhelmed by that idea. To fuck my SON! I can't even go there! But what if his thick cock DID plow into me?! So deep! She grunted lustily.

"I do too!" Hillary added, in her normal yet still highly excited voice again. "I think about that fat cock sliding in my tight slit, and as he grabs my hips and starts to-"

"STOP!" Maggie screamed. She put her hands over her ears. "I can't take it! Too horny!"

The three of them stood there, just panting.

As their breathing came back to normal, Nick said, "So you see what I mean about how one can have some profound experiences that kind of intensify your feelings? I think that happened to me on our first Tuesday together too, with both of you. And then the movie theater date was another big milestone. Those times bonded us together is a powerful way."

Maggie and Hillary nodded firmly at all that. Those events had been pivotal for them too.

He added, sadly, "But now I'm getting that kind of feeling about Debra too, and I don't know what to do about it."

Hillary grabbed his hand and started deeply into his eyes. "I know we're all still keyed up from before. Hell, I'll be the first to admit that I still feel horny as fuck! Even though I hate what happened with Debra, it was so damn arousing that it continues to affect me. I even got off on watching her lick and suck your cock, and generally rub her body against yours!"

She looked pleadingly to Maggie. "That's a hard thing for me to admit, because I really do hate her. Please tell me I'm not the only one!"

Maggie replied, "You're definitely not! I'm so glad you said that, because I don't think I'd have the guts to admit it to you. It was one of the hottest things I've ever seen! But that doesn't mean I LIKED it or wanted it to happen, if that makes any sense."

"It makes total sense!" Hillary replied emotionally. "I hated every moment! I wanted to kick her ass and throw her out the door! But that doesn't means I wasn't panting with lust while watching the whole damn thing!"

She looked back to Nick. "That just shows how complicated and tangled our emotions can be. So I'm not mad at you, and I'm glad you've leveled with us. The key thing is where we go from here. Don't give into those feelings you have for her right now. Fight them! Avoid her! Don't even LOOK at her! You don't want the problem to get worse, right? After all, it's Maggie and me that you want, not her, isn't it?!"

He said emphatically, "Of course! I don't care about her at all. You two are all I want and care about. It's just that my body has other ideas. I'm gonna fight it as best I can. Really. I'm sure this feeling will fade with time. I don't want to ruin this special thing I have with both of you. Nothing is more important to me than that!"

The three of them stood there for nearly a minute, each of them trying to calm down some more. They were all very emotionally worked up.

The rest did help them some. Nick's erection continued to visibly tent his slacks, but they all tried hard not to notice that.

Finally, Maggie suggested, in a calmer voice, "Hillary, you know what we need to do? We need to run interference for him. If Debra tries to talk to him, or even get near him, we need to protect him and keep her away. What he's feeling for her isn't love, it's just a purely biological thing. Probably some chemicals in his brain have been released somehow, some evolution-driven procreation urge. But if he just avoids her for a while, I'm sure those feelings will quickly fade away."

Hillary smacked her fist in her hand. "You're right! And I'm gonna do that at school too. If she so much as looks at him, my claws are gonna come out." She stuck her hands out and clenched them into claws for dramatic effect.

Nick said, "I appreciate that, but come on. She's not THAT bad. You're acting like she's a mass-murdering vampire or werewolf or something."

Maggie replied, "Maybe she's not, but when you have a lover and someone else tries to steal him away from you, you do anything you can to keep him."

"Yeah!" Hillary emphatically agreed.

Maggie was suddenly struck with the realization, Nick IS my lover! I love him just as much as before, plus a whole lot more, but in a completely different way! This is about so much more than just a great sexual connection and being his uninhibited slut. I'm in love with him! I get so jealous thinking of him with anyone else. Except for Hillary, of course. However, I'm still his mother, and life as "Margaret" is going okay when I'm in that mode. I can be both things at once. I really can!

That was startling for her, and downright disturbing, but it also made her very happy. It actually eased her heavy guilt somewhat. It was much better than if her lusty feelings for him blocked or lessened her motherly feelings.

Nick looked back and forth between Maggie and Hillary. "I probably shouldn't be asking this, but if you're feeling very angry at Debra, then why don't you feel like that when it comes to each other?"

Maggie and Hillary stared at each other. The truth was that, far from feeling jealousy or anger, their sexual feelings for sharing him with each other were growing stronger, practically by the hour. Also, their sexual feelings directly for each other were steadily growing too.

Maggie said to Nick, "That's totally different. Hillary and I are allies, not enemies. We've come to an agreement in advance. I still don't know her that well, but I just know we're going to be the best of friends. I know Hillary's a good, kind person, and I think she's very good for you. Also... Hillary, correct me if I'm wrong, but you're so virile, frankly, I'm glad for the help taking care of your cock!"

Hillary nodded. "Definitely. What we have is just right, and that's one reason. Frankly, I prefer sharing you with Maggie than having you all on my own. It makes everything work somehow, including with Anushka. You're the one who's talked about balance. You know what I mean."

Maggie resumed talking to him, "But Debra, she's just a taker. She only cares about herself. She'll trample all over you and break your heart if she gets half a chance. The situations couldn't possibly be more different."

Hillary added, "The only thing I can say to all of that is: 'ditto.'" She looked at Maggie warmly, and held her hand. "I especially like the part about becoming best friends. I couldn't agree more."

The look that passed between the two women was so loving that Nick half-expected them to draw together and start making out. Their heads actually started to come close but then they turned away in embarrassment. They were both mindful of the fact that they could potentially be seen by other partiers inside the house.

Filling in an awkward silence, Hillary said, "I never would have even considered sharing a boyfriend before, but I couldn't be happier about our situation. And Anushka says she's okay with it, so everything's good."

Maggie stared back at Hillary with a bright smile, and looked at her almost longingly. She felt so good about her that she actually found it disturbing, so she finally broke eye contact. She looked back at the other partiers inside the mansion. "You know what? I say we go back in there, and give 'em hell! Let's knock their socks off with our charm and wit, and at the same time, keep Debra at bay."

"Sounds like a plan," Hillary agreed.

Nick whined, "Do we have to?" His shy side hated the idea of more mingling.

Sounding like the mother she secretly was, Maggie firmly said, "Yes. We do."

Hillary noted, "There is another option, something we can do first." She added more tentatively, "Um, uh, I don't mean to be too bold here, but I've noticed Nick still has his hard-on, and don't you think that maybe, uh, we could help him out? Take him to one of the many bedrooms on the upper floors, maybe, and take turns sucking his cock until he cums, like we keep talking about doing but never do? It's kind of cruel to give him a handjob and then just tuck it away."

Maggie was tempted, incredibly tempted. But she thought, No. I'm his mother! Okay, maybe technically I'm Maggie and not Margaret right now, but still. I've had enough with these total willpower collapses already. I made a vow not to get sexual with him for the rest of the party. If I don't stop now, we'll probably end up bobbing on his cock together for most of the evening! I'm still riding a buzz from earlier that'll probably last all night.

Good Lord, does that sound good! But not tonight. Not tonight!

If we go to a private bedroom, who knows what'll happen?! My feelings for him are even more intense and wild than usual, thanks to that sex game in the sauna. The very fact that I'm so horny and sexually needy now is why I can't allow that to happen. I could very well lose ALL control. Nick could end up taking turns fucking us!

This is a pivotal moment. Do I have self-control or not? I have to prove to myself that I can resist him. I need to turn over that new leaf, and now's the time to do it!

Seeing Maggie waver, plus knowing how hot the smearing of the cum got her, Hillary added, "If he cums, we'd have even more 'perfume' to play with."

Maggie bit her lip and groaned with frustrated need. But she was determined to be good. So she said, "No. Good idea in general, but no, now's not the time for that. Nick's right -- maybe we're still feeling the effects of what happened earlier. We're TOO horny. At least, I am. Things are in danger of spiraling out of control."

"Would that be so bad if it did?" Hillary asked. Clearly, she was chomping at the bit.

"It would. Remember that Anushka still hasn't given him permission to go all the way with you."

"Damn!" Hillary had forgotten about that.

Maggie continued, "I know. It sucks. But we have to stop thinking about sex so we can get back to normal. He'll be fine. Besides, we have people to meet. This party is very important for the two of you, right? If you make a good impression, you'll be invited to many other parties like this and generally be accepted by all the 'beautiful people' for the whole rest of the school year."

"Well, okay..." Hillary replied, although she wasn't too happy about it. She was really looking forward to sharing Nick's dick with Maggie a whole lot more, and hopefully sharing more intimate kissing and fondling with her along the way. She had particularly exciting visions of smearing Nick's cum all over Maggie's breasts, since she'd been able to do a little bit of that earlier.

— — —

The three of them went back to the party. They resumed mingling for the next hour or so, and they were more engaged in doing so this time around.

Debra was sticking with the main group. She tried to approach Nick a couple times, just to chat with him. But each time she did, Hillary or Maggie gave her a scary look that just about set her hair on fire. As mentioned before, she was easily intimidated, since it happened to her so rarely (although she typically didn't stay intimidated for long).

Thus, each time, Debra backed off before she had a chance to say a word to him. Now she really regretted not talking to him in the previous hour or so, before Maggie and Hillary were watching him like hawks.

Debra was lusting after Nick like she hadn't lusted after anyone in a very long time. The fact that she was being denied the chance to even talk to him increased her desire for him still more. Even though she was standing next to her boyfriend Devon most of the time, she started scheming how she'd be able to be with Nick alone, so she'd be able to properly seduce him. She was impatient and wanted him that very evening. Plus, she knew she'd have a much better chance getting him alone in the chaos of the party than at any other time.

She knew it wouldn't be easy though, and she'd have to pry him away from Maggie and Hillary without them suspecting. She wasn't the brightest bulb, but she spent a lot of time thinking it over instead of mingling so much, and eventually a workable plan came to her. She went off to talk to Patty, a good friend, to start to put it into motion.

Then she returned to Devon and told him that she wasn't feeling that well. She made a public display out of announcing that she'd had too much to drink and was going home early. She made sure Maggie and Hillary saw her and Devon leave the party.

Hillary was so keen to make sure Debra was out of her hair that she went to a window at the front of the mansion and watched Devon and Debra get into a car and drive away.

Devon was still hoping to have sex with Debra, but she rejected all his advances. Then, once he'd dropped her off and drove away, she got in her own car and drove back to the party. She knew Shannon's mansion well, thanks to previous parties there, and she knew how to sneak into it without being seen. She went straight upstairs and waited for Patty to play her role.

Time passed. At first, Maggie and Hillary remained wary, even though Debra was gone. There was always a chance she could come back. But an hour went by, and then another, and there was still no sign of Debra, so they stopped worrying about her.

Meanwhile, everyone was getting more and more intoxicated. Hillary didn't drink alcohol, but she loved to smoke pot (or better yet, eat it, since she considered smoking of any kind very unhealthy), and there were some pot cookies at the party that she couldn't resist. Maggie did drink. She'd been feeling stressed out trying to maintain her fake girlfriend pose and also trying to keep her raging lust in check. She figured she deserved a drink or two to help chill out. Soon, that turned to three.

Nick had almost never drunk any alcohol before. He'd been carefully nursing his beer for fear of getting drunk because he'd never been drunk in his life and he was afraid to lose control. However, he had only drank one beer and didn't feel any effect at all, so he'd eventually tried another. Suddenly, the impact caught up with him. A big part of the problem was that he didn't realize he was drinking a heavy, dark beer with a much higher alcohol content than he'd expected. Due to his inexperience, he knew almost nothing about the differences between beers.

Eventually, Maggie and Nick were drunk, and Hillary was stoned.

The party was also steadily getting wilder. Most everyone wanted to end the night with sex, usually with the boyfriend or girlfriend they came with (though not always!). The hot tub was a key element for that. No serious hanky panky took part at the hot tub, at least not yet, but it gave people excuses to change into their bathing suits. The mansion was well heated, despite being so vast, and as the night went on, more and more partiers took a dip in the hot tub and then stayed dressed in their bathing suits. This eventually caused a jarring contrast between the girls in the house, with about half of them still mingling while in their fancy outfits and the other half mingling while in skimpy bikinis.

The sight of more and more exposed skin was raising the sexual temperature, and the consumption of alcohol and/or drugs was helping that along. Some couples started making out in very visible areas, and others snuck off to dark corners or other rooms. But that was typically just a prelude. Many of those couples went home to fuck, or went to use one of the many bedrooms or other rooms on the upstairs levels.

Debra had been carefully biding her time through all of this. She'd told her friend Patty that there was a boy she needed help in seducing, and since Patty was even more of a shameless and amoral slut than Debra was, they sometimes did favors like this for each other. Patty's job was to wait until Nick, Maggie, and Hillary were drunk, and then lure Nick upstairs without Maggie or Hillary noticing. Debra didn't know that Hillary didn't drink, and her plan was almost foiled because of that, but Patty saw Hillary getting high, and she decided that was just as good.

Nick had been very careful not to drink too much beer, or so he thought. But he'd never drank alcohol before in his life, and the beers that he'd been slowly nursing for hours finally caught up to him. He started feeling woozy and tired from the effect of the alcohol hitting him unexpectedly. He told Hillary and Maggie that he needed to lie down and rest it off for a little while. He went to a sofa that was within sight of where his two loves stood.

Furthermore, luck helped the plot. Spencer was still trying to befriend Hillary with every chance he could get, and getting to talk with another raving beauty like Maggie at the same time was an unexpected bonus. So he occupied the attention of Hillary and Maggie with his charm and conversation as effectively as if he was one of the plotters. He even took them to the balcony, saying the fresh air would do them good. They agreed, because they saw Nick on the sofa and it looked like he was zonked out or fully asleep anyway.

Once, Hillary and Maggie moved out of sight to the balcony, Patty made her move. She shook him gently back to full consciousness.

He opened his eyes in confusion. "Who are you?"

She smiled down at him. "I'm Patty. I'm a good friend of the host, Shannon. Have you met her yet?"

"Um, no." He felt bad about that, especially since he'd forgotten all about it.

"She wants to meet you. Here, come with me."

Between the alcohol and having just woke up, Nick was so out of it that it was surprising he could even rise from the sofa. He followed Patty without thinking. Had it been Debra leading him somewhere, he would have known not to go, but he didn't suspect anything from Patty. He didn't think to talk to Maggie or Hillary first, because he thought he was only going to go a short distance to meet Shannon, maybe somewhere else in the room.

In fact, Shannon was elsewhere in the room, but Patty ignored her and took Nick towards the front of the house. Nick was none the wiser because he still didn't know what Shannon looked like, except that she was busty and beautiful, but that described most of the girls at the party.

As they walked, Patty made small talk with him, asking him questions for the purpose of keeping his mind too preoccupied to question what was happening.

However, as she started to lead him up the stairs, that was strange enough for him to ask, "Where are we going?"

Patty lied, "Oh, didn't I tell you? There's a smaller private party going on upstairs. There's a great balcony up there too. Shannon's up there. You should consider yourself really lucky that you're getting to go up here. She must be really impressed with you."

As he walked up behind Patty, he felt befuddled. "How could she? I don't remember meeting her yet. Did I?" He was so drunk that it was a challenge for him just to make it up the stairs.

Patty replied, "She hasn't met you yet, but your reputation precedes you."

"It does?!"

Patty continued to make distracting small talk with him until he reached the door to a bedroom on the top floor. Patty pushed Nick into the room. "Wait here. I'll go check on Shannon and let her know that you're coming." Smiling wolfishly, Patty closed the door behind a very confused Nick.

Debra had been lying on the bed under the sheets with her eyes closed, as if she was sleeping off being too drunk as well. The light in the room was dim, with only one lamp turned on. She acted as if the door closing woke her up, and she sat up. "Nick?! What are you doing here?!"

As she sat up, the sheets "accidentally" slid down, revealing that she was topless and probably completely nude. She rubbed her eyes, but in fact that was just an excuse to strike a sexy pose and keep her double-D-cup breasts jiggling.

Nick stared at her in drunken confusion. "Debra?! What are YOU doing here?!"

She smiled knowingly. She figured that if he didn't rush off immediately, she had him in her trap.

He suddenly felt dizzy, confused, and overwhelmed. Plus, very, very horny! He hadn't been lying when he'd told Maggie and Hillary that Debra had some special sexual grip on him after what had happened in the sauna. His reaction to seeing her lying there topless was proof of that. He nearly lost his mind!

Patty went back downstairs to where most of the other partiers were gathered. She quietly told Shannon that Nick wasn't feeling well because he'd been drinking too much, and she was going to help take him on a walk outside so he could clear his head. Seeing as she still hadn't met him yet, she didn't care much about that. But she made a mental note of it.

Patty did that to create a false trail, if and when Maggie and Hillary went looking for Nick. Then Patty left the party altogether so she couldn't be questioned about where he'd gone.

Hillary and Maggie noticed Nick's disappearance eventually, while they were still talking to Spencer on the balcony.

Spencer didn't mind at all that Nick was gone, since that increased his hopes he could maneuver himself into an intimate moment with Hillary. But he pretended to be concerned and helpful, in order to score more points with her.

The three of them started asking around about Nick. They found out from Shannon that he was going for a walk. That made perfect sense because he'd never really gotten completely drunk before, and it seemed highly probable that he'd want to clear his head. They made a quick search of the house, but many of the bedrooms were locked, with amorous couples inside them, so they weren't able to actually check every room.

Besides, since their best information said he'd be outside, they concentrated their efforts there. But all they knew was he was going for a walk, so they were led on a time-consuming wild goose chase, aimlessly wandering around Shannon's large estate and the nearby dark neighborhood streets as well.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, BDGV, lew54321, GWB, Greyshadow, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.