Chapter 46: Nick Falls (Saturday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Debra had Nick exactly where she wanted him. It had taken her a long time of just lying in an empty bed, either watching TV or masturbating, instead of having fun at the party, but she considered it worth it. She didn't realize how lucky she was both to get him the very first time he'd ever gotten drunk and to have Maggie and Hillary lose their vigilance and leave him alone.

Pretending to act concerned, Debra rushed out of bed and ran to him. She wrapped her arms, and the rest of her fully naked body, around him. "Nick! Are you okay?!"

"Huh? Why wouldn't I be?"

"Because you're drunk! You're swaying badly. I don't want you to fall and hurt yourself!" It was true that Nick was swaying some and his head was spinning, although that was more to the lusty shock of seeing Debra than the alcohol. But it gave Debra the perfect excuse to press her naked body to him.

He didn't realize that in the confusion of starting to hug him, she managed to reach for the doorknob and lock the door. since it could only be locked from the inside.

Debra was very lucky that Nick was just the "right" amount of drunk. He was drunk enough to lower his defenses, but not so drunk as to be sick. However, an even bigger factor for him right now was that he was so horny for Debra that he wasn't really that averse to fooling around with her. He'd promised Maggie and Hillary that he'd try to resist her, and he really meant it, but once he saw her beauty and sex appeal right in front of him, and then felt her hugging him while she was completely naked, his resistance was torn apart like thin tissue paper.

Debra continued to "help" Nick by "holding him up." She stared up into his eyes with her best "come hither and fuck me" look.

He gulped again, as his traitorous penis began to rise in his slacks. However, he had a vague sense that this wasn't right and he needed to go. He asked her again, "What are you doing here?"

"I wasn't feeling well earlier, so I decided to skip the party and have a little rest."

He looked down at her naked beauty. Oh my GOD! Holy SHIT! She's so NUDE! So sexy! DAMN! But, uh... this isn't right!

He stammered, "Um... Why aren't you wearing any clothes?"

She giggled. "Because it's comfier that way. I always sleep in the nude. Don't you?" She purred, "But I'm soooooo glad you're here! I can't stop thinking about you, not after what you did to me."

"Uh, what did I do?" He was thinking it might be a good idea to get out of their embrace, but his thoughts didn't go beyond that.

"What didn't you do? The way you made me rub my sexy nude body all over your manly frame..." - she wiggled against him some, making a particular point to grind against his newly engorged dick - "and then forced me to lick and suck your cock!"

She stuck her tongue out and lasciviously licked her lips. "Oh my goodness! What a time we had! Why, I'd barely even met you, and yet you took full advantage of my helpless, naked, hot, and horny body!. You left me helplessly dreaming about you. You, and your amazing cock!"

As she said "cock," her hand grasped the bulge in his slacks. A second hand came up and cupped his balls through his slacks as well. "And now you're here to finish the job, aren't you? Is that what you want to do, turn me into one of your sluts?"

His brain was overdosing on intense lust. He was hot for Debra, period. Any other thoughts or worries were melting away.

Her fingers slid up and down his bulge. "You're going to make me suck your cock some more aren't you? You know I can't say 'no' to this bad boy. That's why you're here, isn't it? Are you going to enslave me with your big, thick cock?"

"Uh, n-n-n-no," he stuttered. "I don't, uh..." He was having a hard time remembering how he got there, even though it had just happened moments before. He was completely transfixed by her flawless body, not to mention the way her fingers were squeezing and stroking his erection through his slacks. His hands had somehow wound up on her bare ass cheeks, and he began caressing and even kneading her there.

She actually wasn't as hot for him as she was making it sound, and her submissive talk was just because she knew most guys loved that kind of thing. But she did really have a powerful desire to get fucked by him, and she was willing to say or do anything to make sure he gave in.

She simply wanted what Hillary and Maggie had. They had Nick, so she wanted to steal him from them. Furthermore, she was pissed at Hillary and Maggie and how they had opposed her, taken her camera, and even tried to blackmail her. (Not that they didn't have good reasons!) She loved sticking it to them by fucking with Nick as much as possible. If she could get him to fall for her so hard that he'd give up on one or both of them, that would be ideal.

She especially wanted to stick it to Hillary. Hillary had been the closest thing to a local rival she'd had for a couple of years now, despite them going to different schools, strictly because of the competition over their remarkable looks. Now that she'd seen Maggie, she considered her possibly an even greater threat. And while she'd greatly enjoyed the sex game they'd played in the sauna room earlier, she also was in it to win. At the very least, she wasn't going to stop seducing Nick until he proclaimed she was the sexiest of them all. That was important to her ego.

So she was going all out with her seduction. She knew from experience exactly what aroused guys the most, and she was confident it was just a matter of time before he'd completely fall under her spell. Once she'd had her fun with him, and gotten her revenge on Maggie and Hillary, she figured she would move on to the next guy, and the next fun challenge.

The fact that she had a serious boyfriend hardly entered into her thinking. She felt no loyalty whatsoever towards Devon, since she felt no serious emotional connection to him. (And the same was true for her other previous boyfriends.) Her only concern about that at the moment was that Devon could limit her opportunities to keep seducing Nick. She did what she wanted, and if Devon found out about her cheating, she'd just find someone new. There were always more fish in the sea for a gorgeous girl like her.

But all of that wasn't her main motivation; pure lust was. Simply put, she'd had the most arousing and exciting sexual experience of her life playing the sex game in the sauna, and she wanted more of that. She was impressed at his earlier display of stamina in the face of such intense stimulation from three very sexy girls. She was even more impressed at the sheer thickness of his cock, and longed to find out how it would feel filling her pussy. More than that, she already was very jaded at her age, thanks to her selfish manipulations that almost always went her way. She'd never felt such a strong passion for any guy as she now felt for Nick. She'd never felt such passion and intense emotion in any sexually intimate act, and she wanted to experience a lot more of that.

She knew that guys liked to be the aggressors and think they were "forcing" her to have sex when she supposedly didn't really want to all that much, so long as it fell short of rape. It was a fantasy that aroused her too, even though she knew she was the one really pulling the strings the whole time.

She stared down at her hand stroking the bulge in his slacks. "Look what you're making me do!" she complained.

He didn't understand how he was making her do that. He looked at her quizzically.

Seeing his confusion, she added, "Because your cock is just so big and thick and tasty! How do you expect me to keep my hands off it? I want to, but I can't help it! Please! Help me! Don't make me stroke it like this!" A wet spot started to grow where the tip of his erection was pressing against his slacks.

Naturally, Nick's thoughts quickly went to Debra's high and firm double-D-cups. With her hands happily sliding up and down his covered shaft, she was also rubbing those hefty tits against his chest, almost like she was playing the game they'd played earlier. His hands went most of the way up to hold them, but before they got there, he asked, "Can I?"

"Can you what?"

"Can I... touch you... you know... there?" His hands hovered, waiting for permission.

"You mean my big TITS, and my hard NIPPLES? You want to grab them, and squeeze 'em, and knead 'em, until I cry out your name and beg you to keep going?"

"Yes!" His hands drew closer. His rational mind had mostly shut down and his libido was in charge.

"Why are you asking me? I'm sure you're just gonna take what you want, and there's not a damn thing I can do about it!"

This kind of talk was getting him even hotter than he already was, which was a feat, since he felt like his entire body was on fire. It became impossible for him to simply hold his hands right next to her breasts as they mashed their way up and down his shirt. He latched onto them, and squeezed firmly.

"OOOH! Nick! What are you doing?! See what I mean? I'm helpless and defenseless in your strong hands!" She panted with genuine lust as his fingers dug deep into her tit-flesh. Just because she was playing a role and was really the one in charge didn't mean she wasn't having a great time and loving everything he did to her.

She squealed in alarm, "Oh no! Next, you're probably going to finger my hot cunt too!"

He hadn't been planning on doing that just yet, but she put the thought in his head.

She squealed in pretend distress as he dropped one hand and immediately slid a finger into her wet slit. His recent pussy fingering lessons from Maggie were forgotten for the most part; he was just acting on instinct. At the same time, he dug even deeper into her soft and succulent tit-flesh with his other hand.

Again, she squealed with apparent real distress, even as she pumped his boner through his slacks, "Oh no! Nick! Don't! Don't do that!"

He wasn't the kind to rape a girl or do anything even remotely similar to that, so he started to take his hands off her body.

But she continued with her irresistible orgasmic gasping, "It feels too good! Oh! So hot! Ugh! Such BIG, STRONG hands! Just like your BIG, STRONG COCK!"

With her boyfriends, she'd said that sort of thing because she knew it got them worked up. But the funny thing was, with Nick, it really was getting her worked up too. She was feeling an uncommonly powerful desire for his erection, and panting about his "BIG STRONG COCK" was like throwing more fuel onto her fire.

Somehow, his impulse to take his hands off her body due to her apparent distress slipped his mind, as she distracted him with her reminder of the way her hands were sliding up and down the bulge in his slacks. His wet spot was growing, and even his balls felt great from the way her other hand was continuing to cup them and very carefully give them gentle squeezes through his slacks as well.

She decided it was time to kiss him. Maggie and Hillary were tall and about his size, so kissing them was easy, but she was shorter, and she was barefoot. She had to get up on her tip-toes while he was forced to slouch down a bit and bend his head some too in order for his lips to meet hers.

Their French kiss was brief, but full of promise. Despite all their wild fun during the sauna room sex game, they'd never kissed before.

As she kept on stroking his lewd bulge, she complained, "Nick, what are we ever gonna do with your pants? You've got me so hot and horny that you're probably going to make me take your big cock out next, aren't you? So I can stroke it directly with my hands!"

He didn't know how to answer that. It sounds like a great idea, but if it's against her will... That would be wrong, right? But she seems so horny... God, I'm so confused!

She panted lustily, "You naughty, naughty boy! You know that I can't deny you anything, don't you? You're going to embarrass me, humiliate me! You're going to force me to beg for it, aren't you?"

Actually, that thought had never occurred to him. He'd never made anybody beg for anything.

She could sense that he still had some resistance. She could tell he had a strong moral sense and didn't just want to fuck her on the spot like a wild, unthinking animal.

She loved that. It just made corrupting him many times more fun than usual. She loved a good challenge. She could have easily unzipped his fly at any time, and she knew he wouldn't have stopped her from doing so. But she realized she'd have to be more convincing to get him to "force" her to take out his boner. It would be even more fun for her that way.

She rose up on her tip-toes and kissed him on the lips again. This was a much more prolonged and passionate kiss.

She discovered he was a really good kisser. He certainly was a boy filled with strong lusts and desires, and he had a knack for channeling that into his kisses. Maggie even liked to think of him as having "magic lips," and with good reason, because of the way he could express his overwhelming passion through those lips.

Debra was very impressed. It further confirmed in her mind that he was very different from all other boys she'd been intimate with. His passionate kissing was making her increasingly passionate too.

They necked for a while. His hard-on was temporarily neglected, because she had to hug him tightly to maintain her slightly precarious position up on her tip-toes. However, she did her best to at least grind her body against it some.

He squeezed her tightly as the necking went on and on. At times, he nearly lifted one or both of her feet completely off the floor.

But when the kiss ended, she pretended dismay. "Nick! Why'd you do that?! We can't! Don't make me into one of your sluts or slaves! Please, I beg you!"

He was confused, as he had vague thoughts that she'd been the one to start the kiss, not him. He also was befuddled by the "sluts or slaves" talk. But she had him so frazzled and overcome with lust that he didn't know what to think.

With her heels firmly back on the ground, she complained, "Nick! I'm so frightened! Look!" She took his hand and placed it on her right bare tit, just over her heart. "Feel that? Can't you feel my heart pounding? That's because you've got me so hot and horny! I'm terribly afraid, because I know you're going to have your way with me, and there's not a damn thing I can do to stop it!"

He actually could feel her heart beat a little bit, but no thanks to her. She was taking that hand and moving it all over her round tit, sliding it down into her cleavage, over and around her nipple, and everywhere else. Then she brought his other hand to her other tit and treated it the same way, and of course there was no heart on that side.

But logic and thinking had flown out the window for him. She had him right where she wanted him, and she couldn't resist smirking with glee. She slid down his body until her face was level with his bulge.

Again, she could have just unzipped his fly to get faster to the "action." But she prided her ability to tease boys almost to the point of torture. It was great fun for her, and it was just about her greatest talent (aside from always looking her sexy best). So, as a matter of both pride and principle, she wanted to get him to unzip his fly instead.

She dropped down to her knees in front of him. Then she rose up on her heels, thrusting her impressive rack forward while simultaneously leaning back, as if she was recoiling from him. "Oh no! Nick, don't! I can tell that you're going to make me suck your cock next, aren't you? You know that there's just no way I can resist sucking your fat sausage, don't you? You remember when I sucked it earlier, and it was soooo delicious! All I can think about is running my lips and tongue all over it! You know I need it now, and I can't get enough of slurping and sliding my lips on it! Please! Don't, don't... be too rough with me when you fuck my face!"

He was confused. She seemed to be protesting she didn't want it while showing how eager she was for it at the same time. Also in his muddled, drunk, and lust-fogged brain was a vague sense that he wasn't supposed to be doing sexual things with Debra. But he couldn't quite remember why. It all seemed so hazy and distant.

She opened her mouth wide, and ostentatiously licked her lips. In the process, she showed that she had a very skilled tongue by extending it as far as it could reach in every direction. She could practically touch the tip of her nose with it. Clearly, her tongue was significantly longer than either Maggie's or Hillary's.

He couldn't imagine how good it would feel to have a tongue like that sliding all over his erection. She seemed so eager that it was like she was ready to lick his cock even before it was pulled from his slacks. The room was still spinning slightly due to his drunkenness, making him feel even more giddy.

He gave in. He didn't say anything, but his heart raced and he panted hard as his fingers frantically fumbled with his slacks. He managed to get them unbuttoned. Then he yanked them partway down his legs, just to be sure.

"OH!" she gasped, acting like she'd never seen his erection before. "It's so BIG and SCARY! Oh no! You're gonna shove that down my throat, aren't you? You're not going to FUCK my FACE?!" It was easy for her to act worked up, because she really was that horny now.

"Damn right I am!" he growled.

She soon discovered that she'd teased, provoked, and aroused him a little too much.

He stepped forward and slid his bulbous cockhead into her mouth. He put both hands on the sides of her head and held her head firmly in place too.

Debra was taken aback. She'd forgotten that it was one thing to rave about the thickness of his cock out loud or in her mind, and it was a very different thing to actually get her lips around it. Her eyes grew as wide as saucers as her lips stretched and stretched until all of his fat knob had passed into her. She'd forgotten about the actual physical pain and difficulty of sucking on him earlier, since the pleasure had been even more intense. Now, there was no way not to notice that pain, though luckily the pleasure was more intense once again.

She realized in a flash that the time for teasing and manipulating him was over. She had to fully concentrate on sucking his cock, almost as a matter of self-preservation. She was unused to being challenged, sexually or otherwise, so she actually relished her difficult situation.

But he only gave her a few moments to adjust, because he was so insanely horny. She'd goaded him to "fuck her face" and that was exactly what he was going to do. Holding her head with both hands, he immediately started thrusting in and out, while keeping her head relatively still. It wasn't just a blowjob; he really did start vigorously fucking her face. He normally wouldn't have been anywhere near that aggressive, but she'd provoked him into an erotic frenzy.

This wasn't what she'd wanted, even though it was exactly what she'd just told him to do. She'd hoped to tease him mercilessly with a combination of cock licking and sexy talk for maybe ten minutes or more, leaving him so horny and needy that he'd forget his own name. Nobody had ever actually fucked her face before, since she always had been in control.

However, while it wasn't her plan, it wasn't like she was upset, either. At first, she thought she was in real trouble. It was tough enough just breathing through her nose with such a large intrusion filling her mouth, if his cock was staying still. But having him start off with a vigorous face fuck quickly brought her to the verge of wanting to pull off to breathe and recover. Tears started pouring down her face, and she made gagging and gasping noises.

She managed to hang on, if only just barely. She actually liked the very great challenge, because she was so unused to any sort of challenge at all. She felt a powerful desire well up within her to make it through his face fuck. She told herself that there was no way he could maintain his current pace for long. Either he would cum or he ease up considerably.

She was right about that, and he knew it at some level too. He didn't want to cum too soon, so he eased up instead, after a minute or two. However, he only eased up in a relative sense. He continued to steadily thrust his cock in and out of her mouth.

She was relieved, and went from more suffering than enjoyment to more enjoyment than suffering. She wished she could have conveyed to him to ease up still more, but there was no way she could talk. That frustrated her to no end, since she was used to giving orders and having them obeyed. But she also got off on it in some way she couldn't understand. She gripped his ass cheeks tightly and continued to hang on.

At first, his grip on the sides of her head was so strong and firm that she could barely move her head, but he began to relax all over as the pleasure of her sliding lips ran through his body, and so his grip on her head relaxed too.

That allowed her to go with the flow better, pulling back a bit when he thrust forward, and then sliding her lips back up his wide shaft when he pulled back. Before long, her mouth was doing just as much of the work to keep the motion and friction going as his thrusting hips were. But regardless of who was leading, the pace was hard and fast. There was no chance for her to do any fancy tongue work, or any tongue work at all.

The "old" Debra of even earlier in the day would have just passively let him use her mouth until he blew his load. But the "new" Debra was inspired by seeing the passion of Maggie and Hillary, and feeling her own considerable passion. She wanted to explore sucking Nick's cock without the time constraint of those two women glaring at her impatiently.

However, a lot of Debra's previous lovers annoyed her by popping off far too quickly. If she was going to truly enjoy and explore this strange and thrilling experience, she didn't want Nick to just frantically fuck her face for two minutes and then cum down her throat. So the more she took over, the more she tried to slow things down. She bobbed even more vigorously back and forth on his shaft, making it increasingly unnecessary for him to thrust his hips so much, since she was getting the job done just fine.

Once she more or less stilled his hips, she continued the fast pace for a little while. She mentally crossed her fingers that he'd be able to get through the rest of this fast part without blowing his load.

It was a close thing indeed, because the pleasurable sensations she was giving him were that great. But ever so gradually, she successfully slowed the pace down. A couple more minutes passed, until she was just tenderly suckling on it.

She was very proud of herself. She felt like Nick was a raging beast that she had tamed. She had wrestled with his lusty, angry outburst, and come out ahead. She was in charge now. It was a great sense of accomplishment for her.

He didn't mind in the slightest, as long as she kept on sucking and licking. In fact, it was all great, as far as he was concerned. He loved the face fucking while it lasted, but he knew that pace couldn't be maintained for long. He liked the prospect of enjoying Debra's mouth for a more prolonged time, and in a different way.

So far, he hadn't said a word since the oral action began. But he sensed that Debra was a spoiled bitch who could use motivation. So he muttered, "Okay, girl. You're in charge for a while. This is your show. Let's see what you can do with it. Let's see if you're worthy."

That sounded cocky, and it was. But it was exactly what Debra needed to hear. As the "sex game" in the sauna showed, she was highly motivated by competition and wanting to be the best. He didn't say much, but it was enough for her to reframe the blowjob action as another competition between herself and Maggie and Hillary.

The only problem was that now that she had total control over his cock, she didn't know exactly what to do with it. She thought back to the blowjobs she gave her various boyfriends and actually felt ashamed at what a bad job she'd done. Typically, those boyfriends were so wowed by her beauty that all she had to do was let them stick their cocks in her mouth and thrust back and forth some, and they'd blow their loads. Clearly, with Nick, it was an entirely different matter. If she was going to best her two rivals in this, she would have to practically start from scratch.

So that's what she tried to do. She began experimenting with varying her sucking intensity and/or rhythm. She also tried to get her tongue involved, pretty much for the first time. That brought a whole new set of difficulties, because just keeping his thick pole in her mouth was a constant challenge. But she realized it also brought many new opportunities, especially if she could coordinate her tongue with her lips. And instead of just holding his shaft, she had two hands to play with it and his balls.

Happily for both of them, Nick realized that she was in a tentative and experimental mood. He began grunting and moaning loudly and erotically whenever she did something he particularly liked, which was more often than not. He also continually rewarded her behavior by keeping two hands on her head, often running his fingers through her full, long blonde hair. When she did something he especially liked, he would pat her head like she was a pet.

Nobody had ever treated Debra like this, not even close. She was used to boys falling all over each other to please her. Her even parents spoiled her rotten. So she was surprised to find just how much she was responding to his encouragements. When she could elicit a particularly load and sexy groan of him, that would get her tingly and almost giddy. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter, and her nipples were so stiff that they ached. Soon, she was licking more for his encouragements that for the hypothetical contest between herself, Maggie, and Hillary in her head.

But she found the best was when he patted her head, since she quickly figured out he saved that as his highest praise. Whenever she got some of his rare pats, she would get giddy. She'd immediately try to figure out what she did to earn that, and then she'd do a lot more of it.

It was hard work for her though, very hard work. Her tears stopped leaking from her eyes after the pace slowed down, but it remained a constant ordeal for her just to keep his cock in her mouth. She didn't know it, but out of the three of them, Hillary had the largest and widest mouth, Maggie was in the middle, and hers was the smallest. The difference wasn't much, but with the thickness of his cock, even a fraction of an inch was very important.

She kept right at it though. She was determined. And again, although she didn't understand it, the sheer difficulty of the sucking was one of the things she loved about it the most. Her entire sex life was turned on its head, and she found that exhilarating.

Eventually, however, it reached a point where Debra could tell he'd need a break if he was at all able to keep going without cumming. Plus, she desperately needed a break herself, just to let her jaw and facial muscles recover some. She pulled her mouth off his shaft and started lightly licking his sweet spot instead. (In fact, that felt so good, it didn't give him much of a breather.)

She also took the opportunity to resume her sexy talk. "Nick! Whoa! I'm so impressed! The way you just fucked my face like you own me... WOW! You don't care what I want, do you? It doesn't matter. You're just using me for your pleasure!"

Nick didn't want to be like that to anyone, not even Debra. He protested as he panted, "No! That's not true!" He didn't get that she was getting off on being "used."

She persisted in telling him, "Oh, but it is! Don't worry though... I love it! In fact, the more you force me to do your will, the more I love it! Look at me! Look at me, Nick!"

He'd been sort of swaying slightly, drunk on alcohol and lust, while staring off into nothingness. The room was mostly dark anyway. But he looked down at her and was staggered by what he saw.

It wasn't like there was anything particularly surprising to see. She was still kneeling on her heels and lustily licking her way around the crown of his erection. But it was breathtaking how beautiful and sexy her naked body looked doing it. He realized he was missing out not taking every chance he had to look at her while she was positioned like this.

He loved the way her head was tilted so she could better get to the sensitive underside of his erection with her tongue. He loved how that made her straight, long blonde hair fall down, even if that meant her big tits were partly covered by all the hair. But there was more than enough of her luscious orbs to see, and he loved how they heaved up and down in time to her steady panting and bobbing. He wished he could reach down and hold them, but he was still so drunk that he was having enough trouble simply standing, and he needed to hold onto her head to steady himself.

Most of all, he loved being reminded what a perfect, curvy hourglass body she had, and especially what a perfect face she had. It blew his mind that her cute little turned-up nose was occasionally bumping up against the side of his boner, or that her big, baby blue eyes were gazing adoringly either up at his face or at his saliva-covered pole. Most of all, he loved watching her tongue snaking out of her puffy red lips, searching for new parts of his cock to please. The sheer reach of her tongue was jarring. It wasn't like her tongue was all that long, but it seemed to be able to reach everywhere!

She was becoming a talented cocksucker fast.

In fact, she looked so sexy and beautiful that just looking at her made his already heavily pounding heart seem to beat twice as fast. His excitement grew to such a fever pitch that he had to concentrate on simply breathing.

She sensed his increased arousal, and cooed, "Nick! My sweet Nicky! What's making your cock throb so much all of the sudden? Is it what my tongue is doing to you?" She stopped talking to show off more of her new tongue skills. Somehow, she didn't have the same limits in moving her tongue around that nearly everyone else did. She showed off by slathering his sweet spot with a series of rapid flicks that seemed to come at the spot from every angle.

Then she said proudly, "Bet you didn't know I could do that! Is that what's making you so horny, the fact that you're forcing me to lick you so good? Or is it the fact that you know you're going to be fucking a magazine model in a few minutes?"

He gasped. Oh Jesus! I'm gonna fuck her?! FUCK her?! Wait. Why the hell not? Yeah! I'm gonna fuck her!

"Why are you acting all surprised? After all, you're the one in total control here," she lied. She had a hand just holding his shaft, to keep it steady, but her words were getting her increasingly aroused too, so she found herself jacking him off with that hand even as she continued to lick his pole near the tip. She'd mostly forgotten to use her fingers while she'd been sucking, but it was easier while she was just licking.

He watched her red lips slide most of the way over his cockhead, but she found it an ordeal trying to get all of him in her mouth again. So she gave up on that and went back to licking his sweet spot. "Oh yes! You're in control; that's for sure. Look at me! You've got me acting like your personal whore. Hell, I AM your personal whore now! I love how you pet my head when I do something especially sexy for you."

That shocked him. "You DO?!" He hadn't been thinking about it, because he'd been completely carried away by the passion of the moment. But now that she'd brought it to his attention, it seemed very demeaning.

She said, "Of course I do! I totally get now why Maggie and Hillary are so hot for you, why you've turned the two hottest girls who aren't me into your enthusiastic cocksucking sluts! Sucking your cock is a total blast! Especially when you give me those pats. That lets me know when I'm doing something really good. It makes me feel like your sex pet!"

He was staggered and amazed all over again. He wanted to dispute that and claim she was just putting him on. But as he watched her fervently lapping her way around his cockhead, he realized that she had to be at least partially sincere, because that sort of enthusiasm couldn't be faked.

He asked, cautiously, "And you like that?"

She easily answered, "Oh, yeah! Totally! You're way different than all my other boyfriends. It's like night and day. They're all a bunch of losers. They don't have a clue how to please a woman. But you! You're really different. I like it! You kind of force me to do your will. It's super hot!"

He wanted to ask incredulously, "It is?!" But he held back this time. It was starting to dawn on him that if she was getting hot and bothered by the idea of being forced and dominated, he should roll with that instead of continually doubting and questioning her.

She looked back up at him with her eyes sparkling with delight while her tongue lapped steadily on his sweet spot. "It's like you've TURNED ME ON! Like, literally, and not just the saying. Like you flipped a switch inside me. You're making me love licking and sucking you, and I've never even LIKED it before!"

She looked back down to his erection and spent some long moments just stroking and licking it, as if she needed to demonstrate what she meant. Then she looked but up at him with her heartbreakingly cute yet sultry face. "And the night is young, so I know you're going to have your way with me, and do anything and everything you want before you're done! UNNGH! GAAAAWWWD! I've never felt so SEXY! I'm your BITCH! I'm your SLUT! Your sex pet, for sure! And since you have such a powerful cock, it goes without saying you're gonna fuck my pussy hard and long, and there ain't a damn thing I can do about it, but spread my legs and take it!" She squealed with glee at that prospect.

His heart practically stopped. He hadn't considered the possibility that he could actually fuck her, and the reality of that prospect was still sinking in. When it came to Maggie and/or Hillary, fucking still seemed like a distant dream due to the rules against it.

He thought, What's gonna stop me from fucking Debra tonight? Nothing! Holy shit! Holy, holy fucking shit! I can really do it! No way!

She added, "But for now, you're forcing me to be your cocksucker, so I'd better get back to it before you get REALLY mad!"

He was confused, since he didn't see where she'd gotten the impression that he'd been mad at all. But that worry dissolved as she swallowed his cockhead again and took him far into her mouth.

She'd gotten herself so excited with her own words and actions that she wanted his spermy load sooner rather than later. Things had gotten pretty mellow for a while, as she hadn't done much with her lips while she focused on experimenting with what her tongue could do. But she began rapidly sliding her lips back and forth over his erection in an attempt to quickly get him to bust his nut.

As a matter of fact, Nick was just a hair away from cumming already, so it only took her a few lunges down his shaft before he lost all control. With a strangled gasp, he started to shoot.

Debra didn't like to get messy, and she wasn't very fond of bodily fluids in general, so she kept him in her mouth. She definitely didn't have a facial fetish. She didn't like swallowing either. In fact, in her opinion, there was no good place for a boy's cum to go, except maybe into a handkerchief or towel. But she was in a strange room and didn't want to mess it up, and she also didn't want to be seen as squeamish in Nick's eyes, and less willing and slutty than Maggie or Hillary. So she didn't see much choice but to swallow as his stream of cum pounded the back of her mouth.

She gulped and gulped, guzzling down his load just as fast as he shot it out. She was at least relieved that it didn't taste too bad, but as it went straight down her throat, she didn't get to taste it for very long in any case.

She'd never done that for any boy before, and even though she wasn't keen on doing it, the mere fact that she was doing it made her feel sexually uninhibited and wild that was almost entirely new to her. It felt bracing and thrilling. She immediately decided it was something she'd be willing to do again, at least with Nick.

For Nick, he'd been feeling so much pleasure for so long that his actual climax was a bit of a let-down. Sure, he felt the usual ecstatic surge of orgasmic pleasure, but it was a disappointment that he couldn't cum all over her face or chest, and that she'd rather clinically swallowed it all down instead. He was already getting used to facials and pearl necklaces, thanks to how much both Maggie and Hillary loved them. Debra was a good actress, but she couldn't completely hide her dislike for cum.

At this point, Debra was worried. She knew guys felt a post-orgasmic comedown that often involved regret. She feared that, while his lustful urges crashed and his dick grew flaccid, his sex fog would clear enough for him to remember about Maggie and/or Hillary, and he'd recall that they wouldn't be happy for him to be here with her. She planned to keep a steady patter of sexy dialogue going, so he wouldn't have the chance to really think.

But her worries were moot, because once he'd shot his load, it dawned on her that his erection wasn't fading in her mouth. She remembered that the same thing had happened during the game they'd played earlier, and Maggie and Hillary had boasted that he always stayed erection at least after his first orgasm, if not the second one too.

She already thought of him as a sexually talented guy with lots of passion and a truly impressive thick cock. She thought that was pretty great. But after seeing his cock stay stiff, she began to think of his as someone who was even above that and in a league of his own. Not surprisingly, her desire for him soared even higher as a result. She figured she was the best (meaning the most beautiful, which was pretty much synonymous in her eyes), and she deserved the best. If he was the best guy around when it came to sex, then why should she settle for anyone else?

It was true that he did have a greater libido and stamina than most men, and his penis size was a simple, undeniable fact. But also, he'd been facing some of the most arousing situations he ever could have imagined all day long, and the Coolidge Effect was coming into play (where a man gets extra aroused due to the introduction of a new sexual partner). Many factors were converging and adding up, making him feel and act truly inspired and energized.

She repeatedly ran her tongue over his stiff boner in her mouth, trying to ensure that she wasn't mistaken that it was staying erect. For the next minute or two, she continued to lick around the cockhead while maintaining a tight lip-lock, although she was temporarily too tired to suck with her lips as well. She still felt daunted by his sheer thickness.

Once her lips recovered, another minute or two of happy cocksucking passed, leaving no doubt in her mind that he indeed his cock remained stiff, hot, and pulsing with life.

She pulled off, and exclaimed, "My GOD! What a STUD you are! Nicky, there's just no stopping you, is there?"

He wondered why he was "Nicky" all of a sudden, since that was the second time she'd used that name for him. He didn't like being called that, as he thought it sounded feminine. But one look in Debra's beautiful baby blue eyes made him completely forget about complaining.

The fact that he was still erect aroused and inspired even a jaded slut like Debra. She canceled her plans for further sexy talk and slow teasing to get him hard again, since that obviously wasn't necessary. She genuinely longed to suck him more, a lot more, but her mouth was tired out. Besides, there was something else she wanted to do even more than that.

She pulled away from him and crawled to the big bed in the middle of the room. But she was still a natural tease, and she made sure to crawl on all fours in the sexiest way possible, showing off her bare ass cheeks and her wet pussy peeking out between them.

She crawled up the bed and laid on top of the sheets. She quickly and carefully wiped the tears from her face. Then she struck a sexy pose, like she was in a porno magazine photo shoot.

She cooed, "Nicky, what are you doing just standing there? Don't you want to bring that hard cock over here and show me how a real man fucks his sex pet? Make me one of your sluts! Make me one of your SLAVES! Fill me up all the way! Make me beg! Make me scream!"

Again, mentions of being a slut and a slave was just talk, but very effective talk. Or at least it was mostly talk. She was so insanely horny that she liked the idea of being his "sex pet" and/or "slut," at least. Before he'd entered the room, those sorts of ideas would have been laughable to her, but sheer lust was making her think and do all sorts of crazy things.

He didn't need to be told twice. However, he'd been standing in the same spot ever since he'd entered the room, and his slacks had been hanging above his knees for most of that time. So he stumbled as he stepped forward. In his drunken state, he fell to the floor. He wasn't hurt, but there was no way to look suave about it, so he just pulled his slacks the rest of the way off and kept his mouth shut.

He staggered up and stumbled onto the bed. He hadn't been thinking much, just taking everything in and having a hell of a great time. But now, as he crawled forward, he thought, Wow, I'm actually gonna get to fuck a girl! And not just any girl, but Debra!

But as great and lucky as that seemed, it suddenly hit him that his first real intercourse should be with Maggie or Hillary, the two women he'd been in love with for a very long time. He hadn't given either of them any thought since he'd entered the room, and now that he did, he felt tremendously guilty. He froze, and then sat at the corner of the bed, as far as he could get from Debra without actually getting off it.

Debra didn't need to be smart to see there was trouble, and she had a good idea what it was.

He removed any doubt by saying, "I can't do this! It wouldn't be fair to Maggie or Hillary!"

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, BDGV, lew54321, Greyshadow, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.