Chapter 47: Falling Deeper (Saturday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Debra had already guessed that Nick was sexually intimate with both Maggie and Hillary in a serious, long-term way, and not just for a party sex game. Now she believed he'd unwittingly confirmed it.

She considered that more potentially useful blackmail material. She was thinking about how Maggie had taken her digital camera, and she was already considering getting revenge somehow. Mostly, she just wanted to have lots more sexual fun with Nick, but if she could stick it to Maggie and Hillary at the same time, that would be all the sweeter.

She tried to figure out how to use that information to help her current situation. The things she thought she was best at were looking beautiful, and seduction. So, rather than come up with some logical argument to convince him, she used her body and her naturally sexy voice. "Nick! Nicky! I think that's soooo hot that you have two girlfriends. And not just any two girls, but girls that are as beautiful as me. Well, almost."

As she spoke, she stretched out along the bed, like she was reaching out as she yawned. But there was no yawn, and no other excuse for the dramatic pose, except to keep his erection stiff. She also prided herself on just how flexible her body was. As she continued to talk in extra sultry tones, she posed this way and that, showing a surprising amount of gymnastic prowess.

She purred, "Nicky, the way I figure, if you have two girls as beautiful and sexy as they are, then you must be the biggest stud the school has ever seen! Do they love your big fat cock as much as I do? Do you fuck them every night and every day, you super hung horse-cocked stud?"

"Uh, no, not exactly." He didn't want to admit that he was still a virgin. He thought she was laying it on a little thick with the "horse-cocked" stuff, and he was going to say something about it, but he lost his concentration while staring up and down her long legs, and especially at her bald pussy.

As she pulled one of her feet up behind her head to show off her flexibility, the only thing he could think was, Wow, I didn't know legs could do that!

She could tell she was making some progress in getting him to forget his concerns. He still made no move to get off the bed, even though he could have easily done so. And though he still wore his dress shirt (due to his continued shyness about his lack of a more muscular chest), she could see his erect cock poking up between his naked, crossed legs. "Nick, don't worry about them! They're not here; I am!"

She struck another impressively flexible pose, kicking a leg straight up in the air, and bending the other leg in a way that drew his eyes to her wet pussy.

But if anything, her latest comment made him more skittish. He scooted back a little bit. Any more, and he'd fall off the corner of the bed.

She realized she needed a more persuasive argument, and struggled to think. "Nicky, think about it: Maggie lets you play with Hillary, doesn't she? I could tell. And Hillary lets you play with Maggie. And both of them love it when you play with me! Let's all be friends and play with each other!"

"They do?" he asked hopefully. But then he frowned. "That's not what I remember. Weren't they kind of mad at you? I seem to remember that they-"

She cut him off before he could recall too much. "Nooooo, of COURSE not. They were playing around, pretending to be angry. Don't you remember how they loved it when I rubbed my naked, sexy body all over your cock? I remember they were playing with themselves. Don't you remember that?"

He did, and that helped. Yeah, we were all really horny! All of us! I even remember when Hillary whispered to me that she and Ma were okay with everything! He forgot all about the conversation he'd had with Maggie and Hillary later in the evening, where they'd made their distress at him getting sexually intimate with Debra very clear.

At the same time Debra was talking, she slowly but steadily moved towards him. From his behavior during the game, as well as his choices of the super busty Maggie and Hillary, she could tell he was a tit man. So she hefted her double D's up as she drew near, and then ran her hand around in circles all over them, like she was in a shower and giving them a very vigorous washing.

She continued, "Besides, you're obviously not a normal guy. There's something special about you, to have two girls like that. Why stop at two? The normal rules don't apply for you. You should get to fuck anyone you want!"

Her words echoed Maggie's comment earlier that there was something special about him, and they struck a chord in him. He found himself selfishly thinking, Yeah! Why should I stop at two?!

Nick was already feeling like his brain had stopped working, and the alcohol in his system certainly wasn't helping. But once she started rubbing her tits like that, he felt like he was struck stupid. Then she moved closer, and he lost himself in her gleaming eyes.

She saw his glassy yet horny stare aimed at her big tits, and knew she had won. "Come here, big boy. You're with me now. I think a total stud like you needs THREE girlfriends!" She pulled him in the middle of the bed.

He was so horny that that sounded like a very good idea.

Things got pretty hazy for him at that point, because he was in the grip of an uncontrollable urge to fuck. One moment he saw her lying back with her legs spread at an obscenely wide angle, and the next moment he had his erection up against her pussy lips and was pressing in.

She laid back in a great fucking position with her knees up at her chest. She wanted him to drive in deep. "Do it, Nick! DO IT!"

He did it. He felt a flicker of sadness as he pushed in. My first time should be with Ma! Or Hillary! Stupid rules!

But even though he knew his first time should have been much better, thoughts of fucking his mother and Hillary made him more aroused than regretful. There were just too many insanely arousing things happening to him lately, and Debra had caught him at a time when his arousal level was way off the charts, he was drunk, and his willpower was almost entirely in tatters.

But even those little regrets fled as he pushed in deeper. He thought, That's okay, I'll fuck them all soon enough!

Debra knew she'd never win any academic awards for her intellect. But if there were awards given for fucking, she'd do pretty damn well. Unlike her previous reluctance and half-heartedness with blowjobs, as well as many other sex acts, she loved to fuck. At least that was true if it was with someone whom she deemed "worthy" and who could make her feel really good.

The difference was that with blowjobs, titfucks, and the like, she felt she was mainly doing it to pleasure her boyfriend, and there wasn't much in it for herself. Whereas with fucking, she could definitely enjoy some great erotic feelings and big orgasms if she was fucked well.

As a result, when she fucked, she often fucked with a passion that she otherwise lacked in her life. She also had great pussy control, as she had worked extensively on Kegel exercises. She loved a challenge, and she considered his unusually thick cock a deserving challenge. The only downside to her fucking was that she tended to do it a lot less often than she otherwise normally would have, in order to use it as a tool to control her boyfriends. In her opinion, the person in a relationship who could hold out longer with no sex had most of the power in that relationship.

Therefore, although she felt way out of her league when it came to quality cocksucking, she hoped to wow Nick with her impressive fucking skills. His thickness was difficult enough when he'd fucked her face, but she'd overcome that and even enjoyed it. So that had given her confidence that she'd do just fine getting fucked by him as well. Furthermore, one reason she'd been sticking with Devon as her boyfriend was because he had a penis that was both longer and thicker than average.

But when she felt him slide into her hot, wet, and very tight cunt, she worried that she might have bitten off more than she could chew. It hurt! She wanted to scream or have him pull out right away. It turned out Devon's large penis hadn't prepared her at all. Devon's felt no bigger than two or three fingers, compared to this!

She had to say, "Whoa, there, kid! Slow down! Let me... UGH! ... Adjust! JESUS! Your pecker isn't exactly normal-sized! GOOD LORD!"

He paused all movement. He'd pushed his cockhead all the way in, plus an inch or two more, and he rested like that. He didn't realize it, but her need to stop and adjust to his size was a great help for him. He'd been so aroused at getting to fuck for the first time, plus his drunkenness had lowered his self-control to such a degree that he was liable to cum far too quickly to fully satisfy either himself or Debra. His body couldn't zoom up heedlessly to orgasm now.

Her words also gave him pause because deep down he still lacked confidence, and only his great arousal covered that over in times like this. He asked, "Not 'normal-sized?' What do you mean?"

She couldn't believe he had to ask. Her eyes were as big as saucers while she continued to struggle with his size. "FUCK! FUUUUUUCK! You're so thick! Almost TOO thick! I thought I was used to some big ones, but this thing is a fucking MONSTER!"

He went from insulted to flattered. That gave him an extra surge of arousal that resulted in him pushing the rest of the way in without him consciously intending to.

Debra cried out, "FUUUUUUCK! UGH! STOP! STOP!"

He stopped again, but only after he was balls-deep in her. He felt bad. He thought about pulling out, but he wasn't sure if that was what she wanted, so he waited for further direction.

She laid there with her eyes tightly closed and a grimace on her face like she was suffering, because she was suffering. But there was great pleasure too. She knew from previous experience that if she just relaxed and waited, her vagina would adjust to his girth. At first, she just panted heavily, and exclaimed, "GOD DAMN! This must be a tiny taste of what it's like to give birth!"

She was sweating and trembling. The feeling of fullness inside her was alien and uncomfortable. But she also found it strangely arousing.

He was uncertain what to do, especially after that "give birth" comment of hers. He tentatively asked, "Should I start pulling back?"

"NO!" She gesticulated wildly at him, and her eyes bugged out again, just when she'd started to calm down. "Stay where you are!"

They remained in place for another minute or two.

Nick was highly, highly aroused. The feeling of having his cock fully sheathed in a woman's vagina made him think he could flap his arms and fly to the sky. His earlier tipsiness had mostly faded, due to the intense emotions and experiences going on, but that was replaced by a drunkenness from intense arousal.

Debra was slowly calming down, and her body was adjusting to his thickness. Out of the blue, she complained, more to herself than him, "I'm so stupid! I thought this would be easy! Well, not easy, exactly, but not a constant struggle that brought tears to my eyes like sucking his cock!"

Then she looked at him with fire in her eyes and said, "I should have known! With YOUR cock, nothing is easy! Damn you for being so fucking HUGE and irresistible! UNGH!"

He couldn't quite tell if she was angry at him or not. But her use of the word "irresistible" gave him hope.

She closed her eyes and seemed to be intensely concentrating on something. In fact, she was just savoring the feeling of fullness. The more she got used to it, the more she liked it. She also began experimentally squeezing her pussy walls around him. That was an almost entirely new experience for her too.

Nick's lust soared even higher, thanks to those squeezes. They felt fantastic! Her cunt was very tight, much tighter than he'd imagined. But that powerful squeeze all over his cock kept him horny even when she wasn't trying out her squeezes.

With her eyes still closed, she said, "Okay, Nick... that wasn't ideal, but what's done is done. Just stay like that, all the way inside me."

After another half minute, she finally opened her eyes and stared at him sternly. "Don't start thrusting in and out just yet! You understand?!"

He nodded. "Sorry. It's just that you're so hot and sexy."

She couldn't help but smile at that compliment, despite her discomfort. "That's okay. While I recover, why don't you, I dunno, play with my tits or something? Judging from your other women, you seem like a tit man."

That comment was both thrilling and painful to him. He was thrilled at first, because he indeed was a tit man, and an invitation to play with her double-D tits was like letting a sweet-toothed kid loose in a candy store. But the "other women" comment reminded him of Maggie and Hillary and gave him another sharp pang of guilt. But he was so horny that he didn't think about what caused that guilt. Instead, he leaned forward and reached for her boobs.

Debra had her knees up towards her shoulders, because she knew from experience that was a pose that helped her vagina open up to cope with an unusually thick cock such as his (although she'd never had one THIS thick!). She kept that same basic pose, but she moved each leg to the side of her torso so he could have access to her chest.

He immediately started squeezing her big breasts with the vigor he usually squeezed Maggie's. He was too drunk to remember that Hillary at least didn't like that kind of treatment at all.

Debra didn't like that, and she wasn't shy about expressing her discontent. She grunted in an obviously unhappy way.

That clued him in enough to reconsider his approach. He switched to simply holding and caressing them for a while, since he figured he couldn't go wrong with that. It was true that her breasts weren't as large as Maggie's or Hillary's. However, Debra was more than a few inches shorter than either of them, so her breasts probably were about as large as Maggie's in a relative sense.

Besides, he wasn't one to quibble. He loved big tits, and these qualified as "BIG!" in his mind, so he was in seventh heaven. Furthermore, she had a perfect fashion model body from head to toe, and that included her breasts. Everything about them was ideal in Nick's mind, from their symmetry to their firm, round shape to the placement and color of her nipples.

It wasn't long before he couldn't restrain himself. He tried not to knead her melons aggressively, but he did let his hands wander all over them, and even more of her. He actually was eager to explore every inch of her flawless figure. He kept a boob focus, but his hands often wandered to her taut tummy and most everywhere else on her upper torso. Debra truly had an impressive body as well as a fashion model face.

Happily for both Nick and Debra, Nick's tit focus kept him erect and horny, but also distracted from wanting to thrust for a while. That gave his penis a chance to come down from the cusp of orgasm, and it gave her vagina a chance to adjust to his size.

Finally, Debra started to squeeze her Kegel muscles. She'd done a little of that already, but just to test how full he really filled her. Now, she was starting to do it for their mutual pleasure. It went well, and it felt great. So she did it some more, and more aggressively.

Suddenly, Nick's attention was back on the fact that his thick cock was fully sheathed in Debra's pussy. He forgot Debra's high and firm globes and looked to her face with a hopeful expression.

She nodded warily. She still wasn't sure if she was ready to cope with his thickness, but she doubted waiting any longer would help much. She braced herself for another possible crying spell.

He carefully and slowly pulled his cock back until he was nearly all the way out.

Debra didn't seem to react badly to that, so he slowly pushed back in.

She winced and shut her eyes tight. But she nodded for him to continue. It was painful for her, but it wasn't as bad as she feared, and she certainly didn't need to cry. Already, the pleasure greatly outweighed the pain.

He kept on pushing until he was fully sheathed in her again. He rested there for a few moments until he saw her nod again, and then he started pulling out.

And so it continued. He was very careful and slow with his thrusting at first, frequently waiting for feedback from her before continuing. But she kept nodding affirmatively, so he started thrusting with greater speed. After a couple of minutes, he was thrusting at what he would have considered a normal speed, had he ever fucked anyone before.

With each thrust, it seemed the pain she felt was lessening and the pleasure was increasing. She still felt apprehensive though, because she knew this was unlike any previous fuck she'd experienced. The orgasms she was bound to feel eventually were almost certain to be mind-blowing!

He'd been so preoccupied at making sure that Debra was okay and approving that he hadn't fully luxuriated in the sensations of what was happening. But now that he started thrusting at a steady pace with a good rhythm, he was able to close his eyes and try to enjoy the experience.

He had an epiphany. In recent days, he'd experienced many sexual pleasures, some far better than he ever could have imagined. But he realized that no pleasure could match the simple but profound joy of sliding in and out of a wonderfully tight pussy. It was like he was back playing the game from earlier, where he'd felt he was experiencing the never-ending euphoria of a constant and steady orgasm without having to actually reach an orgasmic ejaculatory climax.

Eager for another hit of that heady drug, he began thrusting in and out with a bit more power.

She'd been quiet for a while, mostly due to the fact that she was either clenching her teeth or panting for air. But she suddenly squealed with genuine joy, "Oh God, yes! Nick! Oh! Nicky! You fill me up! So FULL!"

That encouraged him. He was pumping into her with a steady, driving rhythm now. Luckily, he was in good shape, because it was much like he was doing push-ups on top of her. It was tiring, but thrilling.

The more he fucked, the better it felt. He didn't fully realize it, because he didn't have anyone to compare this to, but Debra was very experienced and talented at fucking. Furthermore, her cunt was tighter and even hotter than normal. Now that she'd adjusted to his size, she knew just what to do to maximize their mutual pleasure. It was like her pussy was sucking him in, squeezing the remaining shreds of his sanity out of him with her pussy walls, and then pulling him out so he could dive back in with another deep thrust.

The only problem was that it all felt too good for him. Having to wait five minutes or so while she adjusted to his size had helped to calm him down a lot. But the problem he'd had when he'd first entered Debra's tight slit, that he was too aroused and everything was spinning out of control, was suddenly back with a vengeance. He felt the excitement of a wild bucking bronco ride, but also the surety that he would fall off that bronco in a matter of seconds, not minutes.

And that's what happened. He started to shoot his cum into her. His climax snuck up on him so suddenly that he didn't even have time to cry out in warning.

His brain was too frazzled for him to worry about protection in advance. Even now, pregnancy and STDs didn't cross his mind.

Luckily, Debra did worry about those things. She loved to fuck, but she didn't just fuck anyone at any time. She knew getting pregnant or getting an STD could ruin all her fun, so she took precautions. She was on the pill, and she wore a diaphragm too. She also normally didn't commonly let a near stranger fuck her without a condom like she was letting Nick fuck her now, but she figured that if both Maggie and Hillary were happily and regularly fucking him, he couldn't have an STD. Besides, her desire to best those other two women, and enjoy his unusual size and passion, was so great that she was willing to take an unusual risk this time.

In any case, Nick discovered there was a pleasure even greater than fucking a talented pussy, and that was shooting off inside one. His erotic euphoria was all the more powerful because she started cumming too, and that caused her pussy walls to spasm in incredibly stimulating ways.

It was all too much for the overwhelmed boy. He simply passed out.

Debra was a little chagrined. She'd been enjoying the fucking greatly, but she was surprised and disappointed by the abrupt conclusion. She did let go and have a nice orgasm of her own, but she would have much preferred to last a lot longer and only cum when she'd hit a truly delirious peak.

But upon reflection, she realized she couldn't really be disappointed in him. She recalled the amazingly arousing temptations he'd endured when they'd played the game earlier, and also how he'd climaxed a short time ago and yet stayed hard. She figured everyone had their limits, plus she correctly assumed he'd had other sexual experiences with Maggie and/or Hillary during the day. (In truth, it was a record setting day of sex for him by just about any measure.)

In actual fact, he'd met or exceeded all of her high expectations. Getting fucked by him was the absolute best, she easily decided. It was just that the ending was so abrupt and unexpected.

In fact, his impressive yet "interrupted" performance only whetted her appetite to have a "proper" sex session with him. She was already thinking of a next time, and she wanted to make sure she'd get him well rested, sober, and fully primed to go. She was even more convinced that he was some sort of extraordinarily talented stud.

In actual fact, his fucking lacked any kind of nuance or skill. He'd just pounded in and out at a steady pace. However, he had been very sensitive to her desires when they'd started and she had wanted him to go slowly or not at all. Plus, his sheer thickness was ideal for her, since she was already used to Devon's thickness, yet he was even more delightfully thick.

Luckily for him, she didn't mind his lack of skill. His penis size, overwhelming passion, and the overall exciting and illicit situation made up for that and then some. Plus, she mistakenly assumed that he kept it very simple because he was drunk, when in fact he'd largely sobered up by the time they started to fuck. She also took it as a given that in the future he'd take his already impressive fucking abilities to another level when they could do it under better circumstances.

She had no interest whatsoever in loving him or being his girlfriend. The only person she really loved was herself, and boyfriends were just props to look good with and sometimes have fun with. But she most certainly wanted to keep fucking him. He was much more fun to tease and fuck than, say, Devon. She grinned as she thought how she could really stick it to both Maggie and Hillary when she deemed it time to tell them what she'd done to him.

However, Nick was dead to the world now, and she was left with the problem of what to do with him. With all the alcohol in his system, she figured he would be hard to wake. She also mistakenly assumed that the alcohol was the main reason he'd passed out in the first place. She would have loved to get him to wake up for some more fucking, but she could tell that wasn't going to happen, at least not any time soon.

She was worried that if she stayed with him in this room for too long, Maggie and/or Hillary would find her, and then she'd really be in trouble. She took it as a given that he would lie to them about what happened if he could get away with it, so it was her aim to make sure he got away with it.

Luckily, she'd been in this kind of situation before, due to secret fucking in parties like this one, and even in this very mansion before, so she came prepared. This bedroom had a bathroom attached to it, so she went there, got a wet towel, and used it to wash and clean him all over. She used another towel to do the same to herself. Then she put his slacks back on him so he was fully dressed. She smoothed out and cleaned the sheets, and moved his sprawled out body to the middle of the bed. She even carefully washed or dabbed parts of his clothes, trying to get the smell of perfume and sex out of them.

Finally, and most crucially, she took a can of air freshener out of her purse and heavily sprayed the room with it.

The one problem was that he was left wet in many places, and his clothes also had wet spots. The pre-cum soaked spot still on the front of his slacks was an especially tricky problem, because that whole area ended up even wetter after her cleaning efforts. She rubbed the wet spots as best she could with a towel. But there was only so much she could do, especially since she was afraid she'd wake him up if she rubbed him too vigorously. She hoped time would take care of the lingering wetness before he woke up or anyone found him. It helped that he was wearing black slacks, which made the wet spot harder to see.

Satisfied, she gave him a final kiss on the nose. She whispered to him, "That was great fun! Nick, you're a blast! I'll be seeing a lot more of you, and your cock, very soon!"

She snuck back out of the mansion sight unseen, just as her friend Patty had done after handing him off to her.

— — —

Nick slept on the bed for over an hour. He finally woke up because the urge to pee became too great, thanks to all the alcohol he drank. He rushed to the adjacent bathroom and peed for a very long time. Then he staggered back to the bed.

He was wondering where he was and what had happened to him.

It slowly came back to him. Oh shit! I just had sex with Debra! DEBRA?! Are you kidding me?! She blew me pretty damn good after I fucked her face, and then I fucked her pussy and everything! My God! I've had sex! I'm no longer a virgin. Whoa!

But... DEBRA?! Seriously?! Why did I do that with HER?! I have TWO awesome dream girls. Not one, but two! How many guys can say that?! And one of them is my freakin' super sexy MOTHER! And yet I fucked someone else to lose my virginity!

He fell back on the bed, feeling defeated and very disappointed in himself.

Well, I know why I did it. How could I not? She was just too hot, and I was drunk and stupid! But what a nightmare. Now I'm gonna be even MORE imprinted on her. Shit, shit, shit! And it felt soooooo good! Hell, if she walked back in this very second, I'd probably give in again. I know it's wrong, but I'm a horny teenager! I get too damn aroused. I can't help myself.

He had to fight back the urge to cry. I'm weak. Too weak. I totally fell for her line about having as many women as I want. That's not true. All I want or need is Hillary and Maggie. That's one more than 99.9 percent guys ever have, not even counting their total awesomeness and beauty, and that's way more than I deserve. Especially after what I just did. Jesus! If I'm going to win them for the long-term, I have to be a much better man!

His thoughts went back to Debra and her temptations. Phew! Debra's too hot and too sexy. Fucking her is waaaay too much fun. I'll just have to completely avoid her from now on until my weird feelings for her fade away. And I can't tell Ma or Hillary what happened. They'd both freak out and totally hate me. Although, don't I have to tell them?!

No. No way Especially not Hillary. Ma would forgive me because we have such a deep and loving life-long relationship, but Hillary and I are just starting out. Our new thing wouldn't survive it. Besides, Hillary really hates Debra! She's the absolute worst girl I could have fucked, from Hillary's point of view. Ugh!

I hate to be a liar, and a cheater, but the only thing I can do is pretend like this never happened. It never happened! The fucking was so quick that it shouldn't count anyway. I was never here, dammit!

He felt the urge to leave the room, which was now tainted in his mind, like the scene of a crime. He checked himself and was surprised to find no signs whatsoever that he'd had sex. The wet spots Debra had made on his clothes had dried off, and now it was like the clock had turned back to just before he entered the room.

He got up and went to the bathroom to pee again. Afterwards, he checked himself in the bathroom mirror and was surprised to see that his hair had even been combed somehow. He realized Debra must have made him presentable before she left.

It's like it never happened, and I just woke from a dream. But I know it did happen. For one thing, my penis is feeling, well, weird. It's not really painful, but it's not good either. I wonder if penises always feel like that after fucking?

Damn! Fucking! DAMN! That was just too awesome! I can still remember sliding into her hot cunt. That was the best feeling, ever! Like, ever, ever, EVER! The human body must be perfectly designed for fucking.

He sighed, as he thought of Maggie and Hillary again.

God, I betrayed them! I feel like shit. Well, there's nothing I can do now except go downstairs and face the music. Ma and Hillary probably have been waiting for me, and God only knows how late it is already. I'm sure they'll be mad at me, but I can say I got too drunk and came up here, saw a bed, and went straight to sleep. That'll be a lot better than telling the truth. Ma would be totally disappointed in me, but Hillary would probably just rip my head off!

So he went downstairs, found them, and told them lies.

They'd recently returned from wandering outside, and were starting to search the mansion more thoroughly, but it was so big that they hadn't reached his floor yet. They would have been foiled by the locked door if they'd made it that far anyway, and with various other couples fucking or sleeping in some of the rooms, they weren't going to break into or yell into locked doors.

There was a lot of frustration and gnashing of teeth. Maggie and Hillary asked him some probing questions, especially about what had happened to Patty.

He replied he didn't know -- he just had a vague memory of walking around the mansion with her.

But he had a sterling reputation of honesty with Maggie, and the idea of him getting too drunk and sleeping it off made perfect sense, especially since Maggie saw him get drunk and knew that he'd never gotten drunk before. Plus, they had no clue that Debra had come back.

They berated him for making them so worried and causing them to wander all around the neighborhood, but eventually they settled down. They ended up feeling only slightly miffed since it had turned out he was okay after all.

In truth, they were mostly annoyed because the search for him, plus his condition, meant they didn't have a chance for another threesome sex session in some locked bedroom of their own.

The three of them wound up back on the main floor near the front door while they discussed all this. Nick looked around, and asked, "By the way, where is everybody? I was wandering around a bit looking for you two just now, and I didn't see anybody."

Hillary said in a slightly peeved grumble, "If you'd looked a bit closer, you'd have noticed some of the bedroom doors are locked. I swear, it seems there are more bedrooms in here than there are rooms in my whole house! Actually, that's probably true, now that I think about it. Anyway, Maggie and I found to everyone's mutual embarrassment that some of the guests are using some of those bedrooms, and a couple of them forgot to lock the door."

"What, you mean for sex?" he asked with deliberate cluelessness.

Maggie sighed. "Let's not go into it. The really embarrassing thing is that Hillary and I felt the need to turn the lights on, just to make sure it wasn't you with someone like Debra."

"Oh." He hoped his face didn't give him away with a guilty look. "Whatever happened to her, anyway?"

"She's long gone," Maggie replied. "Thank God."

"So you mean all the other guests have left, except for us?"

"Not hardly," Hillary said. "Aside from the unknown number that paired off for some hanky panky, there are about ten or a dozen of 'em still out in the hot tub. That includes Shannon, the girl who actually lives here. You should see them. The girls are strutting around in the skinniest bikinis imaginable, if they're even wearing that much. Sometimes, they go topless at these parties."

Maggie asked Nick uncertainly, "You wanna go out there?"

He felt she was testing him, and she would be disappointed if he answered yes. So he replied, "Are you kidding me? I'm all partied out. I just wanna go to sleep. I count myself lucky that I didn't throw up all over the place. But we should probably go out there just for a minute, just to say good-bye to Shannon, our host. It would be rude not to. I never even got to meet her in the first place, so it'll be a hello and good-bye for me."

Both women were satisfied with that reasonable answer. The three of them did go to the hot tub area, but they didn't stop to change into their bathing suits to do it, since they were leaving right away.

Sure enough, there were beautiful and curvy girls "strutting around in the skinniest bikinis imaginable," and some were even topless. The hot tub area was unlit so the starry night sky could be seen. But there was still enough moonlight to allow one to ogle at all the exposed teen flesh.

However, Nick was so emotionally and physically drained that he hardly cared.

Shannon was in the hot tub with most of the others. Nick, Maggie, and Hillary went straight to her to say thanks and good-bye.

But, surprisingly, Shannon got out of the tub and walked with them some ways away to talk to them in private. She was very beautiful and busty, and she was one of the topless ones.

But again, Nick hardly noticed. That was fairly remarkable, both given Shannon's looks and his usual lust. Furthermore, she had gorgeous wavy dark red hair that made her stand out in a crowd. But his body was crashing and it was all he could do to keep his eyes open. He wasn't the type to party late or even stay up late for other reasons, and this was way past his usual bedtime.

Shannon told them in a pouty voice, "I'm sad you're leaving already. It's not even midnight yet, and the real party's just getting started. Not only that, but I hardly got to talk to any of you. Especially you, Nick."

As she said his name, she gave him a very interested look-over. She'd heard a lot about him even before the party began, and he'd made a very good impression when he'd been socializing. The fact that he was known to be dating Maggie made him a boy of unusual interest in and of itself.

Maggie replied, "We'd love to stay, but Nick's feeling a little ill from drinking too much, and since we came together, we'll leave together. But we had a great time. If you do it again, please let me know."

Shannon took Maggie by the hand, and said, "Then you simply MUST come back tomorrow. I'm disappointed that I didn't get to talk to any of you at all." (She had spoken to Maggie and Hillary some, but only in the context of them asking around for Nick.) "Some people will leave tonight, and others will leave tomorrow, but the party isn't really gonna stop."

Maggie was surprised by that. "Really? You're just gonna keep going?"

"Sure! My parents are gone all weekend, so why not take advantage and party till you drop? There will still be, oh, I dunno, maybe about two dozen sleeping night, I'll bet. Then some will leave and others show up tomorrow, giving the party a second wind."

She went on, "It would be great if you could come by in the afternoon especially, 'cos it'll be mellow then, with just close friends. We'll be able to talk. Who knows, we might play some tennis or watch some DVDs on the big screen. It's not like a party party; we'll just be hanging out and having fun. But in the evening, more and more will come over until it's kind of how it was tonight."

She had thrown lots of parties in the last year or two, so she knew how the ebb and flow of such parties went. When her parents were away for the weekend, two-day parties were the usual thing.

Maggie looked at Nick, and then at Hillary. Their faces were mostly blank.

Nick was slowly coming around to the realization that he was standing in front of a gorgeous topless woman with a very sizable rack. But he was trying hard to keep his eyes on her face. He didn't want to make a bad impression with Shannon, or get Maggie and Hillary annoyed at his boob-obsessed ways.

Maggie said to Shannon, "We'll think about it, and try our best. I'll have to check to see if I've got something else planned already and all that."

"Sure," Shannon replied. "Whatever. You don't even need to call; just show up whenever you want. The guard knows you now, and he'll buzz you in."

The three of them left a short time later, after saying all their good-byes.

— — —

Once they were out of the mansion and in their car, Maggie asked, "So, what do you think? Should we go back?"

Nick quickly answered, "I vote 'no.'"

Hillary asked him with a bit of a tease, "Really? Why? Don't you want to see all those topless girls walking around?"

"Yeah, sure, I am a male teenager, after all. Still, would I rather see some hotties walking around, or be alone with you two?"

"Good point!" Hillary laughed. But then she added, "That said, there's a lot of hours in the day. Even you can't have sexual fun all day long."

He said, "True, but it's a moot point, because Debra might be there. And I just want to avoid her for a long, long time."

He meant that, although he was unable to tell them the full truth behind it.

"Oh shit," Maggie said. "You're right. I forgot to ask Shannon about her. If she's there, definitely, no way! But what if we call Shannon tomorrow and find out she's not there?"

Hillary sighed. "I don't know either. If she's not here, it would be kind of nice to bond with this crowd so they'll be on our good side for the rest of the year, and I don't think we've fully done that yet. And it would be a major coup to be included into Shannon's exclusive group in the afternoon. But I'm kind of partied out too. And if I were to go then, I'd have to cancel the boating trip with Spencer."

Hillary saw canceling her plans with Spencer as a negative, but Nick saw it as a big positive. He was going to say he didn't want to go even if Debra wasn't there, for a variety of reasons. He was still an introverted type at heart who didn't like the party atmosphere, or the people. But also, he wanted to punish himself and go into hiding for a while until he could figure out why he'd had sex with Debra.

However, he was still extremely worried that Spencer would steal Hillary away, or at least make progress to steal her away later. The thought that Hillary might cancel her plans with Spencer to return to the party in the afternoon changed his thinking dramatically.

He said, "If Debra's not there, I'd be game. I think it's good to meet people here at the start of the school year, since we're in a new school and all. And I have to concede joining that small afternoon group probably would be a big social coup for each of us. Plus, I don't have any homework to deal with."

Hillary said uncertainly, "Yeah, maybe." She was reluctant to cancel her plans with Spencer, especially if she had to do it at the last minute. She was very much looking forward to the yachting trip.

Nick asked Maggie, "What do you think?"

Maggie was feeling especially conflicted. The 500-pound gorilla in the room no one was talking about was what had happened during the game with Debra, when the three of them lost control over their libidos. She was scared something like that would happen to her again, regardless of who was there besides her and Nick. Her restraint and willpower was in shreds. She worried that if things continued as they were, she would end up getting fucked before long. She wanted to put her "Maggie mode" away for a while and be "Margaret" for the rest of the weekend, to restore some balance to her life.

But on the other hand, a part of her really wanted to be in Maggie mode and do more naughty things with her son. That part had been winning a lot lately. Going back to the party would give her the excuse to be Maggie for much of tomorrow, and that was very tempting. The thrill of doing naughty things in a dangerous place like that was even more tempting.

She decided she wasn't in a good frame of mind to make that decision yet. So she just said, "I'm tired. I'm not gonna worry about it until tomorrow morning. Let's sleep on it, and talk about it on the phone then."

So that's what they agreed.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, BDGV, lew54321, GWB, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.