Chapter 48: Up on the Roof (Sunday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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On, Sunday morning, Maggie woke up feeling surprisingly unbothered about what had happened at the party.

She was up before anyone else in the house. She ate a small breakfast alone in the dining room, and thought, I'm sitting here drinking my coffee, and I'm about to fall out of my chair trying to wrap my head around how totally bizarre and improbable last night was. I mean, us three quite beautiful women, all taking turns rubbing our naked bodies all over my son, trying to get him to cum? Even taking turns licking his big cock, and sucking it too?!

Debra! That's what kills me, that Debra took part, of all people. If someone would have seriously suggested to me before the party that SHE would be naked and taking turns on his cock with us, I would have laughed them out of the room!

The more I think about it, the more incredulous I am about what happened. The party would have been basically okay except for that so-called "sex game" with Hillary and Debra, and that was totally nuts! I blame the double cock licking and everything else afterwards on that, because it made us all too horny to think.

But at least this time Nick's not to blame. It seems to me he was just as swept along by events as the rest of us. In fact, now that I think about it, he wasn't really much to blame on other occasions either. Strange situations seem to develop on their own due to this whole fake girlfriend scheme, and it becomes really hard for us to get out of them. Events have their own momentum.

The REAL one to blame for yesterday is DEBRA! She ruined everything! God, I hate that stupid bitch! I can picture that damn smug, smirky face of hers when I tried to take those pictures of her and she just kept happily licking and sucking my son's enormous cock. I should have just up and slapped that smirk right off her face! GRRR!

Actually, Maggie was engaging in some pretty heavily revisionist thinking. For instance, she conveniently forgot all that had taken place in the sauna room before Debra even arrived. She and Hillary had gotten naked already, and she had already essentially given in to her urges and decided to stroke or suck her son's cock at the first opportunity. Undoubtedly, that would have happened in a matter of minutes had Debra not arrived when she did. But Maggie preferred not to remember how her willpower failed her again, and Debra was an easy scapegoat.

I've gotta get Debra back somehow. I don't know how, as I'm not really a mean person, but there must be something we can do. Maybe Hillary can think of something; it seems like she's got more of an angry or aggressive streak than I do, at least when it comes to Debra. But until we figure that out, we should avoid going back to Shannon's place today.

She thought about spending all day at home in Margaret mode compared to being at the party in Maggie mode, and rapidly changed her thinking.

Hmmm. Maybe if I call Shannon and confirm that Debra won't be there? Hillary did give me her number, and the party was fine except for that one sex game. Nick did get drunk and lead us on a wild goose chase, but other than that we got a couple of hours of socializing in that probably helped his standing at school a lot. It could be good for him if we go again. It's like Hillary said, he hasn't locked in his position with that elite crowd quite yet.

Again, Maggie wasn't being honest with herself. Even as she was trying to come up with rational reasons to go to the party, in the back of her mind she was picturing herself strutting back and forth in front of Nick while wearing nothing but bikini bottoms. She could practically feel her fingers caressing the stiff erection he got as a result. She even started to salivate in anticipation of fitting his thick cock in her mouth yet again. However, she tried not to think consciously about such things, as she was pretending she had her lusts for her son completely under control now.

The fact was, being "Margaret" was boring, dead boring. She longed to spend another day having fun with Nick and Hillary. Having Hillary there was half the fun, so even doing something sexual with Nick in the garage or on the sun roof or someplace like that wasn't as enticing. She thought back to how she and Hillary had kissed and rubbed their cummy, bare breasts together, and she wanted more of that. A lot more!

Nick, by contrast, felt terrible. He stayed in his room for a long while after waking up, because he was too embarrassed to face Maggie.

As he laid in bed staring at the ceiling, he thought, I fucked up so badly. And "fucked up" is literally true. I fucked myself into trouble! The party was the most incredible and awesome sexual experience of my life. Not only the sex game with Debra, but then fucking Debra later. I'm no longer a virgin. I get so excited and aroused from just thinking about it that it's crazy. But at the same time, I fucked... DEBRA! Why her?! That's something I can never undo.

My first time should have been with Hillary or Ma, even if I had to wait a long time for their rules to change. They're totally worth the wait! I feel so shitty that I can't believe it. It ruined what should have been a truly glorious day. I don't even LIKE Debra! Yeah, she's super sexy, and God, she was a great fuck! But that's no excuse. I was drunk and stupid and horny. I'm such an IDIOT!

This scheme of mine has worked TOO well. I'm losing sight of my grand dream, which is to have my two dream girls as my loves for ever and ever. I've got to get back to that!

After mulling the situation over for a long time, he decided that he needed to be honest about what had happened with Maggie. He wasn't sure if it was prudent to be honest with Hillary, since he considered his relationship with her still very tenuous, but he thought that was a decision Maggie could help him with.

He dragged himself downstairs, but he didn't see Maggie or Andy anywhere. It was already 11 o'clock, which was well past breakfast time, even on a lazy Sunday.

On a hunch, he went up to the sun roof to see if she was tanning there.

She was. She was lying face up on a lounge chair, with her tanned and totally naked body oiled up and dark sunglasses on.

Curiously, she was wearing a pair of red high heels too. He didn't know it, but she'd had them nearby just in case he came up, and she quickly slipped them on her feet when she heard him coming up the stairs.

Nick stumbled a few feet towards her and then stood there with a shocked look on his face. He'd been hoping she was nude sunbathing despite his distress, because his libido didn't have an off switch. He'd already been getting excited at the possibility, but to actually see her in all her naked glory, complete with her all-over tan, was another thing altogether.

Maggie sat up and looked around with a start, acting as if she was surprised to see him there. She pulled her legs up and closed them together to protect her pussy, and she covered her immense breasts with her arms. "Oh, no you don't!" she complained.

"Don't what?" he asked.

"Don't get started! I know you. You're going to go from stunned to extremely horny."

He grinned, and admitted, "That's already happening."

She glanced at his shorts and saw a noticeable bulge there, and it was enlarging before her eyes. She grumbled, "Figures. But still, don't start. If you're not here for a good reason, then you should go back downstairs, before one of us loses control. I'm supposed to be in Margaret mode!"

He pointed out, "But you're naked."

"'Margaret' can be naked too. She was working on an all-over tan before 'Maggie' ever existed."

He held his hands up defensively. "Right. Sorry. But don't worry, I only came here to talk. I have some really important things to say to Maggie."

Still covering herself, she asked him suspiciously, "Really? You're not just saying that?"

"Really. Actually, I have an important confession to make."

She sighed with resignation. "Fine. Sit down on the chair next to me. But no hanky panky! And keep your clothes on!"

So he sat down.

However, Maggie wasn't as reluctant as she was acting. True, her conscious mind was trying to stay in "Margaret" mode, but her subconscious mind and her body had other ideas. She knew on some level that if she went up to the sun roof to sunbathe when she did, the odds were pretty good that Nick would come looking for her eventually. She told herself that she was just doing her usual sunbathing thing, but her body craved her son's touch. She'd actually held off from masturbating as she usually did at the start of her tanning sessions, in the subconscious hope that she'd have more fun with Nick soon instead.

The fact that she was wearing red high heels was the "smoking gun" that revealed her true intentions. It made no sense to wear them while she sunbathed, and normally she never wore them on the sun roof. But it made a lot of sense to wear them if she wanted to look even "more naked than naked" for her perpetually horny son. The way she'd quickly put them on when she heard his coming was another smoking gun too.

She could have easily put her clothes back on while having a serious talk with her son, but she didn't. She kept an arm over her nipples and her legs strategically positioned to hide her pussy, but she knew her fantastic nude body would keep him erect and excited just the same. She kept her dark sunglasses on too, in part so she could look at his bulge without him knowing.

She relaxed her posture. "Okay, consider me in 'Maggie mode' now. But a limited, talking mode. Before you get started, I should mention that I just got back from dropping Andy off a little while ago. It looks like he's starting to come out of his shell a little bit, probably thanks to football. Watching the college games with his friends went so well yesterday that he's gone off to do the same thing today for the NFL games."

"Oh, cool," Nick said. It certainly didn't slip his mind that that meant Andy would be gone for hours and hours, probably two football games' worth. Plus, if this was the start of a trend, it would mean he'd be out of the house for many Saturdays and Sundays to come, at least until the end of football season.

But he didn't have much time to ponder that, because Maggie asked him, "Anyway, what's on your mind?"

He sighed and dropped his head in defeat. "Oh, Jesus! This is so hard to say... I'm really ashamed... I don't know how to say this, so I'm just gonna say it. ... You know when you were looking for me late last night? Things didn't happen exactly like I said they did. The truth is..."

She sat up higher, while keeping an arm over her nipples. She had a sinking feeling.

His bowed his head even lower. "The truth is, well... I don't know how it happened, but somehow I ended up having sex with, with... with Debra."

Maggie exploded, "DEBRA?! Are you kidding me?! DEBRA?! I thought she went home early!" She sat up all the way and gesticulated wildly, forgetting to cover her privates.

"Yeah, well, I thought that too, but she didn't."

"Wait! When you say you had sex, what do you mean exactly?!"

He was still too ashamed to look up. "I mean I fucked her. I'm sorry!"

"UGH!" Maggie threw her hands up in frustration. "You FUCKED her?! You're kidding me! Tell me you didn't do that!"

He dropped his head even lower. "I did."

"But you're a virgin!"

"I was." His guilt was crushing him.

"Hillary should have been your first! She's your dream girl! And DEBRA?!"

"I know! I know! I feel awful!"

They continued on like this as Nick started to tell her the whole story. He decided it was best to tell the full truth, however upsetting it might be.

This got Maggie so agitated that she stood up and paced around, still heedless about her nudity. However, it wasn't long before she sat back down in front of him and listened carefully to a thorough account of everything that he could recall. She asked many questions.

When Nick finished talking, he breathed a big sigh of relief. He found the experience of telling the story therapeutic. It was like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

Then he asked the big question he was dreading to ask, "So, what do you think? Should I tell Hillary the truth about this?"

Maggie stared at him intently. "No! Not yet! She's too pissed at Debra right now. I know this isn't a very ethical thing to say, but you've dug yourself pretty deep with your lies to her at this point. For instance, she already thinks you and I have had sex lots of times. So what's another lie?"

He replied with a sad face, "I know. But this feels different. Those other lies had good intentions and even love behind them. But this is just covering up for a major screw up."

"True," Maggie said. "But do you realize how much you were set up?"

"What do you mean?" Nick was startled.

"Oh, it was a total set-up, through and through! Do you think it was just coincidence that Debra happened to be lying in bed naked in the room Patty took you to?"

He went from startled to shocked. "I... I hadn't really thought about it."

"Well, think about it now! What happened to Patty, anyway? How did she manage to disappear at just the right time? She was supposed to take you to Shannon. Why didn't she come back to do that?"

"Um, maybe she heard what Debra and I were doing and decided to leave us alone?"

"Not likely," Maggie said bitterly. "I'll bet you anything that Shannon never was on any of the upstairs floors in the first place. I spoke to Shannon out by the hot tub right after we figured out you'd disappeared, so how did she get there so fast? She gave no hint at all of any elite upstairs party, and as far as I know, she hung out around the hot tub for most of the evening, if not all of it."

Nick started to get a sinking feeling. I've been had!

She went on, "I'm sure that was totally made up by Patty as an excuse to get you to the bedroom where Debra was. I'll bet we can talk to Shannon and confirm there was no smaller upstairs party going on at all. And what happened to Patty immediately afterwards, anyway? It's awfully convenient that she suddenly disappeared so she wasn't able to answer any questions. Such as why did she tell Shannon that she'd taken you on a walk outside to help you clear your head? That's an obvious lie!"

Nick stared at Maggie wide-eyed. For once, the fact that she was completely naked didn't arouse him, and in fact it barely even registered. "Oh my God! You're right! How did I not see that?!"

Maggie stated, "Because you were drunk. I'm sure that played a big role in it. And you were your usual super horny self. I'll bet that once you saw Debra lying naked in bed, your rational brain shut off and your big cock took over. Especially because of that whole 'imprinting' thing you were talking about. Let's face it, you were led like a lamb to the slaughter. That was the first time you were ever really drunk in your life, wasn't it?"

He nodded. "I didn't want to, really. I hate not being in control. I thought I'd only drunk a little bit, just two glasses over the course of a few hours, but it turned out that even that was more than my body could handle."

Maggie said, "I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if your alcohol was doctored to be unexpectedly strong. Since you've never really drunk anything before, you wouldn't have known the difference. Clearly, we're dealing with a conspiracy here involving at least Debra and Patty. Maybe others too."

The part about his beer being doctored wasn't true. But both Maggie and Nick were inclined to believe it, because it took more responsibility away from him and put it onto Debra.

He asked, "Why would Patty help out? What's in it for her?"

"Who knows? Probably she's a close friend of Debra's and they perform dirty favors for each other from time to time. I'm sure that if you were to look closely, you'd find that all of this goes back to Debra. She had such fun with you earlier in the evening that she decided she just had to fuck you. Apparently she has no morals, so the sneaky little bitch made it happen."

He pondered that. "Wow. Boy am I glad I talked to you! I was such a fool to not suspect that, even afterwards! I thought it was kind of odd how I wound up in that bedroom with her, but I was so focused on my own guilt and responsibility that I didn't really think things through. I feel... better now! At least it's not ALL my fault."

"No, it's not," Maggie agreed. "It is still partly your fault. But you were set up so perfectly that I can't imagine many boys your age could have resisted, especially since Debra basically has a perfect face and body, and she'd been sucking your cock with serious passion not that long before. As we know, you're young, dumb, and VERY full of cum!"

She lowered her sunglasses slightly and glanced down at his shorts. His penis had gone flaccid due to the serious discussion, but thanks to her glance, it grew hard again in mere seconds. She laughed. "See what I mean?"

He grumbled, "I'm not too happy about the 'dumb' part of that expression. I consider myself a pretty smart guy. It's my one advantage over the likes of Spencer."

She said, "True, of course you're a VERY smart guy. I'm so proud of how you're kicking ass in your Advanced Studies program. But I'm thinking of what happens when you get super horny and your little head takes control from your big head. That makes you temporarily dumb."

He frowned. "Oh yeah. That's true."

"But don't feel bad. Guess who else is the dummy?" She pointed at herself, right between her glorious bare breasts. "I totally fell for Debra's ruse that she'd left the party. Hillary did too. So we let our guard down, way down. We should have known better. The thing is, I didn't think Debra was smart enough to pull off something like that."

"She's no genius," Nick said. "But I have the feeling that she was more lucky than clever. I mean, there were all kinds of things that could have gone wrong. She seems pretty reckless. For instance, what if you and Hillary figured out where we were? Given the way Hillary was carrying Debra around like she was carry-on luggage during the sex game earlier, I sure wouldn't have wanted to be in Debra's shoes if she got caught!"

Maggie nodded. "That's true. She does seem to have a kind of 'devil may care' attitude. Hell, it's more like an 'I just don't give a shit' attitude. That makes her dangerous, because who knows what she's capable of?" She pointed at him accusingly. "You need to stay away from her!"

"I know!" He sighed. "Right now, I'm 100 percent with you. But what if I was put in that exact same situation again? To be honest, I don't think I could resist! Heck, even if I was completely sober, I don't know if I could resist. Remember what I said about how I felt weirdly bonded to her after the sex game? Well, now that feeling is worse. Way worse! I hate it, but I can't turn that feeling off. And..." He cut himself off and shyly turned his head away.

"What?" Maggie asked impatiently.

"Well, it's just..."

She raised her hands in frustration. "What?!"

"It's just that... sex is so good! Full-on fucking, I mean!" He looked shyly at Maggie, but she seemed poker-faced. He couldn't help but continue, "I know I shouldn't say this because it happened with Debra, but... geez! It's so incredible! The feeling of pushing in... the tightness... UGH! So good! And then, when I'm thrusting forward and she uses her hips to, well... you get the idea."

Maggie felt her lust skyrocketing. She was imagining Nick lying on top of Debra and pumping in and out of her, and it drove her absolutely bonkers with desire, even though it was Debra. Then Debra slowly morphed into herself, which wasn't hard to do since they both had long blonde hair, and her arousal rocketed up even more! It was all she could do to maintain a relatively neutral face and keep her hands still.

He blushed slightly, fearing that he was getting too graphic. "Anyway, I know you and I aren't allowed to do that. And I respect your concerns there, I really do. But I can't do that with Hillary either, due to Anushka's restriction. But, now that I've done it with Debra, I want to do it some more! A LOT more! God, I could fuck all day long! It's the best thing ever!"

He checked his enthusiasm, and added slightly apologetically, "So, uh, that could be kind of an additional problem."

Maggie frowned. A problem? I'll say! She glanced at the tenting in her son's shorts. Just look at that. He'd been flaccid, or at least without a prominent bulge, but then he says a few words about fucking and it's like his shorts are about to rip into two! What am I going to do?! Well, there's a lot I could with THAT.

She stared longingly at his bulge, safe behind her sunglasses. For starters, I could give it a nice, long tongue-bath! Mmmm. I swear, I'm getting addicted to his cum. It's not that it tastes so great. Sure, it tastes good, but mainly I love it because it's his! What I wouldn't give to lick fresh cum gobs straight from Hillary's big breasts, and then snowball it back and forth into her mouth! We could jack him off together as we kiss, getting him nice and hard for a long dual sucking session! We could do that ALL DAY LONG!

She realized with a start that she'd gotten way off track. Shit. Wait, what was I thinking? Oh yeah. I need to deal with this situation, and merely sucking on his cock isn't going to help, no matter how much fun it would be to choke on that fat cock monster. Now that he's discovered the joy of fucking, it's like he said: he's going to want to fuck a hell of a lot! We can't put that genie back in the bottle. If Debra wants to fuck him again, his resistance is going to be near zero.

"Ma?" Nick was getting Maggie's attention because it looked to him like she'd spaced out, even though he couldn't see her eyes due to her sunglasses.

Startled, she looked up at his face. "Oh, sorry. I was just thinking. Give me a minute, okay?"

"Sure. By the way, it's getting kind of hot and I'm in the sun. Would you mind if I put some suntan lotion on?"

"Good idea. Knock yourself out." She nodded to the bottle of suntan lotion next to her lounge chair.

He took the bottle, returned to his chair, and started putting the lotion on himself. He was wearing his usual T-shirt and shorts, so he only had to put the lotion on his legs, arms, neck, and face.

Maggie went back to her intense thinking while she watched him apply the lotion to himself. We could easily find ourselves in a situation where Nick is fucking Debra on a regular basis! That would be a disaster. My son's cock is no ordinary cock. A lot of women wouldn't be able to handle his girth, especially girls his age. But Debra is a slut, it's pretty obvious to see, and not in Hillary's "good slut" kind of way. Girls like that get pretty loose and probably crave extra thick cocks like Nick's. That creates all sorts of dangers of STDs, pregnancy, angry boyfriends, and who knows what else.

Plus, I'm sure she'd love to fuck him again and again, just to give Hillary a poke in the eye, and maybe me too. I noticed she seems very, very competitive about being seen as the most beautiful girl around. She seems to hate both of us because she thinks we're a threat to her imaginary title as "the fairest in the land."

So we've gotta keep him away from her! Unfortunately they're in the same school, but thankfully she isn't in any of his classes. It's not like they'd get a chance to fuck on school grounds anyway. But she could tempt him and make plans to meet up later. Hillary is going to have to be made aware of this problem and be extra vigilant, and trying to keep him from having sex with Debra again isn't exactly going to make Hillary happy. She might even break up with him over this! Shit, shit, shit!

I'm going to need to step up my game. True, there's no way I can fuck him! Sure, that would be a great solution and it would probably solve the "Debra problem" right away. But there are limits as to what I can do. I'm his MOTHER, for crying out loud!

But there are other things I can do, including keeping his cock a lot more satisfied. The more times he cums with Hillary and/or me every day, the less sexual energy he'll have to even think about Debra. I'd already been thinking that I should take him to school every day, and this just further confirms that. And I need to do more! More sexual willingness and wildness. If I'm his perfect big-titted sexy slut, that'll keep the Debra danger at bay.

She very much loved that "logic." She wanted to spend more time adoring his cock anyway, and this gave her a valid excuse.

No more rules or restrictions! Like him not being able to touch or even lick my pussy. Except for the one rule that must remain, no matter what: no fucking! I can't do that, ever! God knows the idea turns me on, powerfully! So very powerfully! Just like the way his cock would thrust into me so deeply and powerfully. He'd have me scratching, sweating, screaming, and crying his name in total ecstasy! I can almost feel what it would be like to be skewered by his fat, fat cock monster! UGH!

That said, I can fantasize about it all I want. My cunt is throbbing and leaking now, as if it's getting ready to be filled by my own son's great thickness! That's okay. I can fantasize all I want. I can even fantasize about him fucking my hot cunt while he fucks my face! But I can't actually DO IT with him, ever!

Shit! I'm going to need to think more seriously about this Debra problem later. But right now I'm just too fucking horny!

She looked down at herself and realized that she'd unthinkingly started running her hands over her E-cup breasts. Then she looked up at Nick and saw that he was watching those hands very closely. She looked to his crotch and saw his boner tenting his shorts even more outrageously than before.

She thought, Busted! But so fucking what? Damn, I'm horny! It feels so GOOD to be completely naked for my son! And thank God I have the red high heels on. That makes it even better! I feel fucking sexy. And hungry!

She cleared her throat to get his full attention. "Son? As you can see, I've just been checking my skin and I think the suntan lotion I put on earlier is fading." She ran her hands down to her tummy and then along her hips to make her sensual fondling seem less obvious. "Can you apply another coating?"


"Good. But you'd, uh, you'd better take your clothes off first so they don't get all sticky with, uh, the, um... suntan lotion." She'd gotten momentarily distracted, thinking about how she was bound to "get all sticky" with his cum before very long.

"Cool!" He quickly whipped his shorts and underwear off, letting his big boner spring free. Then, with the bottle of lotion in hand, he moved towards Maggie.

But she wagged a finger at him. "What about your T-shirt?"

"But Ma," he whined. As usual, he loathed to take his shirt off.

"No buts. You have nothing to be ashamed about. You may think you're a 'nerd' due to your smarts, but you really aren't, and you don't have a nerdy body. You exercise fairly regularly and you do well at sports in school. Take off your shirt and be proud!"

He complained, "But I don't have a 'six-pack.' I hardly have any muscle definition at all. And I don't have any chest hair. None! When I take my shirt off, I look like I'm 12."

She said, "I'll have you know that the hairless chest look is very 'in.' Pick up any female fashion magazine and look at the male models in them. They're all hairless too." She cupped her huge globes from below. "If you want to get your hands on these, and slather them all over with lotion, then take your shirt off already!"

He smiled from ear to ear. "Well, if you put it that way..."

She enticingly pushed her tanned tits together and lightly rubbed them against each other. "I do! Now, take off your shirt, come here, and I'll make sure to give your big fat cock a very thorough application of sunscreen while you do me. We wouldn't want it to get burned would we?"

His heart was racing and his breathing was growing heavy. He whipped his T-shirt off with gusto. "No, we wouldn't!"

He practically threw himself onto Maggie, making her laugh. Within seconds, he had her lying all the way flat on her lounge chair, and he was lying right on top of her. She didn't get much chance to laugh, because he started French kissing her.

Her hands quickly found his boner and she started jacking him off. Damn! He's so aggressive! I'd better start stroking this naughty cock monster, before it pokes its way into holes where it doesn't belong!

Thinking about his erection "accidentally" slipping into her pussy got her so hot that she felt goose bumps all over, and she moaned loudly into his mouth. Now that he'd fucked Debra, the danger that he might lose control and fuck her too was much greater in her mind. That made moments like this even more thrilling to her than ever before.

The two of them kissed and fondled for several minutes. Nick's hands kneaded Maggie's breasts extensively, but he'd dropped the bottle of suntan lotion and forgotten all about lathering her up. In terms of actually protecting her skin, it didn't matter much since he was keeping her body covered with his, and she had a deep, rich, all over tan anyway.

However, her loving motherly concern made her realize that now Nick had his T-shirt and shorts off, he could get a sunburn if he wasn't carefully covered with the sunscreen. He was considerably less tanned, especially because he always kept at least his shirt and shorts on while outside. So she called a temporary time-out to their fondling and kissing. She picked up the bottle and quickly covered his ass, back, and chest with the lotion. Even then, she typically had one hand stroking his erection while her other applied the lotion elsewhere.

As she did all that, she made some sincere compliments about his physique. In truth, his body was typical for his age. He was neither fat nor skinny, neither tall nor short, and neither buff nor out of shape. He did have more muscles than most, but he was a far cry from looking like a cheesecake "hunk" like Spencer. On the surface, it defied belief that he had two girlfriends with the centerfold-quality looks of Maggie and Hillary.

But Maggie was looking at him through heavily tinted rose-colored glasses, with the combined bias of a mother and a lover. To her, he was very nearly the definition of handsome!

She quickly finished covering him in lotion. She laid back down, and let him lie on top of her nakedness again. They happily resumed kissing and fondling. Once again, Nick didn't even bother with the suntan lotion, since they both knew she didn't really need it.

Maggie had imagined that she'd just stroke Nick's cock for a long time while he applied the suntan lotion in a very sensuous and arousing manner. But she was simply too worked up to keep that relatively languid pace. Having to pause to put suntan lotion on him had only heightened her anticipation and her sexual need. And once he started pulling and twisting her nipples, she just about lost her mind, as usual!

Nick was very worried that he'd done something wrong when she started pushing forcefully against him like she was trying to get him off of her.

She was trying to get him to move, but not because she was upset. However, he didn't move quickly enough, so she somehow managed to spin the both of them around on the lounge chair so she wound up on top. With that accomplished, she kissed him deeply again, and then suddenly scooted down so her face was at his crotch.

She was embarrassed at her ravenous cock hunger, so instead of saying anything, she closed her eyes and engulfed his cockhead!

The resulting feelings of pleasure in him were so great that his entire body writhed and twisted, like he was trying to get away. But of course, he wasn't! He clutched at her head with both hands, although he didn't know what good that did. He kept on twitching and squirming in the lounge chair for a minute or more until he settled down and started to "cope" with the tremendous amount of pleasure coming from her sliding lips and her dancing tongue.

She thought, Okay! This is more like it! This is what I need! Er, but, uh... I'm doing this to help him. To keep him away from Debra! Yeah, that's it. The more I suck his cock, and titfuck it, and generally love it and pleasure it, the more sexually satiated he'll be. Which means he'll be a lot less tempted by Debra.

Especially if Hillary can get totally slutty with me. We'll keep his big fat cock throbbing with pleasure in our mouths for so damn long! Yes! When are we finally going to get to trade turns bobbing on him?! UNGH! I can't wait!

The initial surge of pleasure and excitement slowly faded. He started to relax, running a hand through her silky blonde hair. He figured this could go on a long, long time. Last time he'd been up on the roof, she'd sucked him on and off for over two hours! He felt like the king of the world as he petted and stroked her hair. His worries about Debra weren't forgotten exactly, but he put them aside for a while.

Then he heard the sound of a cell phone ringing.

Maggie suddenly pulled her lips off his boner and looked up at him. "Son, can you answer that? It could be Hillary. I've been thinking she'd call this morning." And she said that, she nodded her head towards where she'd left the phone.

He quickly found the phone. Luckily, it was within easy reach, since he would have had a hard time getting up with his naked mother sprawled over his legs. He got to the phone in time, but didn't say anything into it, because he thought it would sound weird for a man to answer a woman's phone.

There was a pause, and then a confused Hillary asked, "Maggie?"

Nick breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh, hi, Hillary. It's me, Nick."

Maggie had merely been holding his cock until she found out who it was. When she heard Hillary's name, she smiled and resumed jacking him off.

Hillary said, "Oh. That's cool. But why are you answering Maggie's phone?"

Not thinking clearly, he repeated the question. "Why AM I answering Maggie's phone?"

Unlike last time Maggie overheard a phone call between Nick and Hillary while her face was in her son's crotch, she couldn't quite make out what Hillary was saying. Partly it was because of the ambient noise from being outside, but also Hillary was calling from a place with a lot of background outside noise too and she wasn't as loud and clear as last time.

However, Maggie figured the situation was safe enough. In the last call like this, Anushka was listening in the background and found out that she was doing something to Nick's cock, and nothing bad came of that. So she immediately dove right back down on Nick's boner and started bobbing on it with gusto.

Nick couldn't help but grunt and moan in a lusty manner as he felt a sudden and unexpected rush of sexual pleasure. His instinct was to clutch at her head with both hands, but he had to stop that, as he nearly let go of the phone.

Hillary asked suspiciously, "What's going on there?!"

Nick had to explain, "Um, I'm answering Maggie's phone because her mouth is kind of busy... at my crotch."

Hillary gasped. Then she laughed. "I can't believe it! This happened when we talked on the phone before! What is with you two?! Do you just sit around and fuck each other all day long?!"

He sighed longingly. "I wish. I would be totally up for that. No, you just had lucky timing, I guess."

"I'll say! I wish I could turn this into some hot phone sex, but unfortunately I can't talk long. I have a confession to make."

"What's that?" Nick reached down and put his hands on Maggie's head. He was trying to slow her bobbing pace some so he wouldn't completely lose his mind while talking to Hillary.

"Remember how I told you that I might go boating with Spencer today?"


"Well, that's kind of happening. I hadn't called him to cancel, but I hadn't firmed up plans with him either, so I didn't think it was happening, at least not until I talked to him first. But he just showed up at my house today, all ready to go. He was so eager that I couldn't say no. He can be very persuasive."

Nick couldn't help but sigh heavily. He was crushed. Typical! Spencer is such a fucking sneaky sneak! Of course he "just showed up." He knows she's the prize of the century!

Hillary hastened to add, "But I didn't want to leave you in the lurch either, since we'd kinda talked about doing something today. So I got him to agree that we'd only have a half-day on the ocean. Then you, Maggie, and I can still make it to part two of Shannon's party in the afternoon. How does that sound?"

"Okay, I guess." He couldn't help but show his disappointment in his tone of voice, despite that concession on her part.

Maggie picked up on his voice too. She stopped sucking him and lifted her head to get closer to his phone, until she could just make out what Hillary was saying. She still couldn't quite make it out though. She kept right on jacking him off without even thinking about it.

Hillary said, "I know, I know. It sucks. To be honest, I'd rather be with you and Maggie. But if it makes you feel any better, Spencer is bummed too. He had big plans to have a fancy dinner on his boat and everything."

Nick grumbled in a jealous tone, "I'll bet he did!"

Hillary responded, "Don't worry. He's persuasive, but not THAT persuasive. I'm NOT going to let him seduce me, or even touch me, so don't worry. I'm YOUR girlfriend now. If it makes you feel any better, there's gonna be several other people on the boat too, including his sister. So it's not really a seduction situation. I wouldn't walk into something like that willingly."

Nick had big doubts about the yachting trip just the same. He was mindful of the trick Debra had played on him, and he worried Spencer could pull some similar move. But he didn't want to sound whiny and jealous, so he tried to ask in a neutral tone, "Where is Spencer now?"

"We're at the marina. He's off getting the boat ready, so I'm alone. I was going to call you earlier, but Spencer just showed up at my door, and since then this is the first moment I had to call without him being near me. That's why I can't have any phone sex fun now."

Nick thought, I'm sure he's right next to you all the time. Probably with his arm around you! Fuck!

But he kept his feelings to himself again, and said, "Maggie's with me now. Can you hold on?"

"Sure," Hillary replied.

Then he said to Maggie, not minding if Hillary overheard, "Hillary says she's going to go boating with Spencer for the first part of the day, and then she'll join us at day two of Shannon's party for the rest of the day. How does that sound?"

Maggie was very glad Nick explained that, because now she fully understood why Nick was unhappy, since she'd missed hearing the first part of Hillary's explanation about her plan for the day.

However, this made Maggie conflicted. She was fully in Maggie mode, to the point that she still didn't stop rubbing his sweet spot. She very much looked forward to returning to the party, to give her an excuse to stay in that mode for most of the day. But she worried about Debra being there. So she simply asked, "Debra?"

Nick spoke into the phone, "Oh yeah. We like the idea of going back to the party, but only if Debra isn't there. You wouldn't want to be there either if she's there, would you?"

"No way!" Hillary's voice turned almost angry. "I've been so busy talking to Spencer that I'd almost completely forgotten about all that. Now that you reminded me, I'm pissed off all over again! If we go back and she's there, I'm sure she'll try to push us into even more sex games, using the fact that I don't want my true relationship to you to come out yet as blackmail material. ARRGH!"

Nick asked, "Is there any way we could find out for sure if she's going to be there or not?"

Hillary said, "Maybe. Let me try to call Shannon. I'm sure the party hasn't resumed yet. There are bound to be some people who spent the night, but they won't be doing anything at 11. So Debra won't be there now. However, hopefully, Shannon can call Debra and find out in a subtle way if she'll be coming later. Then Shannon can call me back, and I'll call you. How does that sound?"

"Sure. Do that." He was still feeling hurt about Hillary's boat trip with Spencer, so he was being curt. He figured that was better than venting his feelings.

"Okay. I'll call you back as soon as I can. I'd like to get this sorted out before Spencer gets back. I already told him that it's a given I'm going back to the party."

Nick had an unpleasant thought. "Is Spencer going to go back to the party too?"

"I hadn't asked, but I assume so."

Nick had to suppress the sound of an unhappy groan.

Hillary said, "Okay, I'm gonna go now. Oh, by the way, is Maggie still doing something fun to your big dick?"

Nick looked down to his lap. "As a matter of fact, she is! As I hinted, she was sucking me off when you called. But wanting to hear you talk kind of interrupted that. She's still giving me a very nice handjob though."

Hillary laughed. "You two are awesome! I knew it!"

He cut in to accurately report, "Oops! Update! She heard me talking and just dropped her head back down. She's lapping all over my cockhead now."

Hillary laughed some more. "That is so great! Tell her I wish I was there too. And that we'd finally be taking turns bobbing on you, like we should have done many times by now already!"

He said to Maggie, "Um, Hillary says she wishes she was with us, and if she was, you and her would finally be taking turns bobbing on my cock, like you should have done many times by now."

Maggie groaned lustily, speaking loud enough for Hillary to hear, "Damn straight! Hillary, we'll do that today for sure! At the party!"

Hillary replied to Nick, "I hope we do. Now I'm getting all excited. I can't wait to see you both later! I'm going to be super pissed if Debra's there. Please don't be mad at me about this Spencer thing?"

Nick said, "I'm not mad. Just worried. I'm sure he has his sights set on you."

"I know he does, but YOU won me, not him! Remember, I'm not just your girlfriend, I'm your slut! One of your TWO sluts!" There was a pause.

Then she said, "I can't believe I just said that out loud while standing here at the marina! I just had to double check again to make sure nobody heard that. Especially Spencer! Can you imagine how frustrated he'd be? Anyway, I've gotta go to make these calls. I'll talk to you later."

"Later!" Nick heard the phone line disconnect, so he put the cell phone back down. He sighed heavily and closed his eyes.

Maggie sat up on one arm, so she had to stop her licking. But she kept on jacking him off. She asked eagerly, "So, what did I miss? I heard some of it, but not everything."

"You heard that Spencer is taking Hillary on his yacht. She was already calling from the marina, while he was off getting the yacht ready." He sighed yet again, letting Maggie know what his feelings were about that.

She asked, "But what about Debra and the party?"

He forgot what parts Maggie probably overheard, since he was highly distracted with talking on top of her stroking and licking, so he simply told her everything he thought she needed to know. "Oh yeah. Hillary doesn't want to go if Debra's there. No surprise on that. She's going to call Shannon and hopefully find out for sure if Debra's going or not. She's going to call us back shortly about that. If she's not there, then we can go."

"And if she isn't?"

"I don't know," he said gloomily. "I'm afraid to ask. But I suspect she will spend the whole day with Spencer. He already said he had plans to wine and dine her on his family's yacht. How can I compete with THAT?!"

Maggie said, "Now, now, don't you worry. If you ever feel any doubt, remember that Hillary is YOUR girlfriend. Spencer can only wish he was in your shoes. Plus, you have me too, your busty and beautiful mother! If Spencer knew that, it would literally blow his brain right off!"

To help make her point, she leaned forward and resumed licking the tip of Nick's cock.

He opened his eyes at that. Since she was still sitting up on one arm, not only did he see her hand stroking his erection and her tongue licking around his cockhead, but he could see her huge, tanned tits dangling down too.

That did make him feel a lot better, as well as more aroused. Still, he complained, "That's true, but this is all a mirage. It's all based on lies and deception! Once Hillary discovers the truth, she'll drop me like a hot potato. Spencer will sweep in, like a vulture. And the tangle of lies grows thicker with my having to keep secret what happened with Debra last night."

Maggie said as she licked in swirls around his bulbous knob, "First off, this is NOT all a mirage. I'm real, aren't I? Does this feel real or fake?" She suddenly engulfed his cockhead and bobbed down to his sweet spot, using a corkscrew slurping pattern.

He couldn't help but close his eyes to luxuriate in the joy. He smiled widely. "Oh, man! So good!"

She meant to get back to responding to his comment in a minute or so, but she enjoyed sucking his cock so much that she forgot to stop! She was still going at it a couple of minutes later when Hillary called back.

This time, she didn't have to pause in her bobbing at all.

He picked up the phone and answered it. "Hello?"

"Nick, it's Hillary. Is she still... you know?"

"As a matter of fact, she is! She's doing amaaaazing things with her tongue as we speak!"

Hillary chuckled. "Sheesh! Figures. Are her cheeks caved in as she sucks? That looks so sexy, whenever she does that to you."

He passed the message on to Maggie. "Hillary wants to know if your cheeks are caved in."

They weren't, but she switched styles immediately upon hearing that. She switched from busy tongue work to powerful suction and sliding lips.

He moaned needfully and put a hand on her head to try to get her to ease up a bit. He told Hillary, "She is now! Jesus! She's sucking me deeper with sunken cheeks, like the infinite power of a black hole!"

Hillary laughed. "Nice! That's my favorite astronomical blowjob metaphor of the day." She laughed some more. "Anyway, Spencer is still getting his yacht ready. I just finished the second of two calls with Shannon."

Nick couldn't help but interrupt with the question, "I thought you called it a 'boat' in our last call?"

Hillary said with obvious discomfort, "Yeah, well, as I've been sitting here I've seen the boat Spencer and his helpers are fussing with, and it's definitely a yacht. I don't even know what the difference between a boat and a yacht is, but this is a yacht. Anyway, Shannon says that Debra definitely isn't coming, so no worries there."

Nick asked, "How can we be sure? And wouldn't the mere fact that Debra was asked if she was coming make her suspicious, and likely to do something sneaky?"

"Nah. You're getting too paranoid. Shannon's really nice. I told her that I was having a problem with Debra, without telling her what it was, and that you, Maggie, and I would only come back if Debra wasn't there. So Shannon cleverly told Debra that she wanted to know if she was coming so she'd know how many guests to make dinner for. Also, remember about the guard at the guard house. Shannon volunteered to have the guard make special note if Debra comes through, and then pass that on to her immediately. So there's no way she can sneak in, unless she has a team of ninjas helping her get over that huge fence around the property."

"That's a relief," he said.

"And there's one more thing. Curiously, Debra did ask her if the three of us were coming back, and Shannon told her that we weren't. So we're good."

He said, "Okay, that's even better." He said to Maggie, "Hillary says Debra definitely won't be at the party."

Maggie had paused with her cocksucking, but she gave a thumbs-up and went right back to bobbing without ever having taken her lips off his shaft.

Hillary let out a long, sexy sigh. "Time out! I can't believe I'm talking to you while Maggie is sucking your cock! That is just so arousing and amazing! She still is, isn't she?!"

"She is," he said proudly. "I'm stroking her hair as I speak. She's my sexy little naked slut!"

Maggie let out a loud, near-orgasmic moan, so loud that it was almost a yell. She let it out because she felt a jolt of pleasure race down her spine in response to his comment. But she also made it that loud to make sure Hillary could hear it.

Indeed, Hillary exclaimed, "I heard that! Damn! If I wasn't standing here at this marina... Ugh! And what about me?" Her voice turned sultry and provocative. "Nick, aren't I your 'sexy little naked slut' too?"

His head swam, because he was having a hard time fathoming his long-time dream girl would ever say things like that to him. He said, "You are! You are! So much!"

He groaned again, because Maggie was continuing with her intense sucking style, complete with caved-in cheeks. It was starting to get to him. He was forced to start squeezing his PC muscle.

Hillary laughed. "This is so much fun! I can't see, but I can hear how much you're in a kind of sexual agony, because she's sucking you so hard!"

He thought, Man! Too much! She's right! I've gotta move this conversation along before I cum right in the middle of the call! To that end, he asked Hillary, "Switching the subject... So when will you be done with your yachting thing then?"

"Unfortunately, I don't know. Spencer agreed we'd only go out for a few hours. But it's almost 11:30 already and we haven't even gotten started. I'm going to try to keep this short, but I'd guess three at best, maybe four. Actually, more like four, since we have to drive back and all that. Is that okay?"

Nick replied, "Yeah, but hurry please. I want to see you in a bikini at Shannon's hot tub."

Hillary smiled widely. Nick couldn't see the smile, but he could hear her delight in her tone of voice. She said, "Don't worry, that's definitely gonna happen! And you'll see me in even less! There's like a million bedrooms in the upper levels of Shannon's mansion, and I have some ideas what you, Maggie, and I can do in them!"

He joked, "Oh, good. We're probably thinking along the same lines. I'm a big Scrabble player too." He was proud he was able to come up with that while Maggie was still going all out in her power sucking style.

Hillary laughed. "Funny. What I don't get is how you can make a joke like that while Maggie is sucking you off. She still is, isn't she?"

"Oh, she definitely is!" He brought a hand back to the top of Maggie's blonde head and resumed stroking her hair. "Maggie is a friggin' fantastic cocksucker! If you want to see sunken cheeks, you should see what I'm seeing right now! And feeling! Good Lord!"

He said that knowing it would embarrass his mother. But he also had started to realize that getting embarrassed in a sexual way usually greatly aroused her too.

Sure enough, Maggie blushed and closed her eyes. But despite her "power sucking" style, she'd been sliding her lips and back on him fairly slowly. She didn't want to get too carried away, so she could try to keep track of the phone call conversation. Now, to get sexy revenge on him, she started sucking his erection with even more fervor and speed, like she was determined to get him to cum before the phone call ended.

Nick realized he was going to have a hell of time just coherently finishing the call with Hillary. But what Maggie's sliding, ultra-tight lip-lock was doing to him felt so great that he was willing to ride that tiger.

Hillary said to him, "You continually amaze me. I've heard of insatiable, but you take the cake! Save some of that cock for me at the party, okay?"


Looking down at Maggie's bobbing head of hair, he remembered how things had ended the last time the three of them were together in the sauna room. Maggie and Hillary had smeared his cum all over their tits and then rubbed their tits together! It was such an orgasm-inducing sight that he could only take a couple of quick peeks.

That memory inspired him to say, "If I save some of my cock for you, then I'm going to have to save some of my cum for you too. If I do, will you promise to lick it right off Maggie's bare breasts?"

"You know I will!"

Maggie couldn't hear Hillary's reply, but just hearing Nick's question practically made her heart stop. She froze with Nick's cock still filling her mouth, opened her eyes, and looked at Nick expectantly.

Nick explained to his mother, "Hillary just said 'you know I will,' so that is definitely going to happen. I'm gonna blow a big load all over both of your faces, and I fully expect you to feed it to each other, snowball it back and forth, smear it all over your skin, and lick it off each other too! Then, I want you to suck me hard again, together, so I can paint you with another layer of cum! Then we'll do it again and again until you both leave the party naked and dripping with sperm everywhere!"

That sounded so good to Maggie that she held her breath until he was done saying all that. Then she attacked his cock with an even more ravenous need than before. She sucked him with still great power and suction, and she stroked the saliva-soaked inches not in her mouth for good measure. But she left his balls alone, because she brought her other hand down to her crotch and started urgently fingering herself as well.

Nick had spoken those words mainly to arouse Maggie. But his mouth was still at the cell phone, so Hillary heard it all too.

She complained, "Damn you, Nick! That's too damn HOT! What am I going to do now?! I'm all hot and bothered, but I'm about to go on Spencer's yacht!"

"Shit!" Nick was suddenly very regretful.

Hillary laughed. "Don't worry. I'll calm down soon enough. Trust me, Spencer is no threat to you. For one thing, he could never say that... and deliver! I can't wait until I see you two later! Give Maggie this message, okay?"

"Okay!" Nick was panting hard, mostly because of Maggie's renewed oral attack.

Hillary said, "Maggie, take good care of Nick's cock until later..."

Nick repeated, "Maggie, Hillary wants me to tell you: 'Take good care of Nick's cock until later...'"

Hillary added, "But don't let him cum too much. He's gotta save that cum to blast all over our faces and boobs! And then we're going to snowball it back and forth with our hot kisses!"

Nick repeated that too, word for word.

Hearing that excited Maggie tremendously. But she already was extremely aroused, and she was fingering her slit, so a big orgasm suddenly hit her. She almost bit down on Nick's boner unthinkingly as she struggled not to scream. Instead, she managed to pull off. Then she was about to scream, but she remembered she was outside, on the roof, where neighbors might hear! That naughty fact knocked her for a loop and made her nearly deliriously aroused. She somehow held off from screaming loudly, and let out a series of frustrated stifled yelps and gasps instead.

Hillary heard those curious noises, because even though they weren't full-on screams, they were loud enough to reach the cell phone. She asked Nick breathlessly, "Is Maggie cumming?!"


"Dammit! Now I'm even MORE aroused! You'd better get off the phone before you work me up to the point where I really WILL attack Spencer, just to get some relief!"

He got nearly panicky, even as he was struggling hard not to cum himself. "Don't do that, for God's sake! Don't do that!"

Hillary purred sexily, "I'll be good, but only if you baste me in cum later! Slather me in gallons of your potent seed! Fuck! I really am going to have to get off the phone before I start masturbating here. I'm going to need to take a quick walk or even a run to burn off this energy. Quickly, before I go: so the plan is to meet back at Shannon's. I'll see you there around four-ish, maybe five-ish. If there's some problem, I'll call, but otherwise we'll met there, okay?"


"Good! Now, have fun with Maggie, but not TOO much fun! Bye!"


Nick was emotionally and physically exhausted all of a sudden. He surely would have cum in a minute or less, except that Maggie's long climax ended shortly before the phone call did, and she was even more tired out, since she'd been doing all the physical work. She had pulled her lips off his hard-on near the start of her orgasm, and she felt unable to do anything to his needy, pulsing cock for a while. All she could do was rest with her head on one of his thighs.

She thought, I'm SUCH a slut! How do these things keep happening to me? Yes, I'll admit that I was naked and ready for him to come here and find me. I knew deep down that his cock and my mouth were going to have some fun here together. That's why I had my high heels ready to go. But then Hillary called and just knowing she knows I'm sucking him is such a fucking HUGE turn-on! Then, on top of that, he had to say all those things about sharing his cum with her! GAAWWWWD!

Does he have any clue what that does to me?! That's my secret weakness! Well, one of them. The way he twists my nipples is pretty damn devastating too. Oh Jesus! I just had a scary thought: what if he twisted my nipples and fingered my pussy while Hillary licked some cum off my breasts and snowballed it into my mouth with a sexy kiss? I think I'd just DIE! I would literally DIE of some kind of sexual overdose!

And that's without even thinking about my son fucking me, which suddenly is starting to seem not totally impossible! I might even have to do it to save him from Debra!

Oh God! God! Dear Lord, fucking have mercy! I just had a massive climax, and I'm already getting this worked up again, just from my thoughts! I can't take it! My body can't take it! Even my pussy can't take it, and he hasn't touched it yet! What if he wants more pussy training today? And not just with fingers like last time, but with tongue?! Then I very well could die! Jesus H. Christ!

Even though she was wiped out, she managed to sit up. She looked down upon her naked son. Wow! He's handsome! Okay, maybe not movie star handsome like Spencer, and he's never going to win any bodybuilder competitions. And maybe I'm hopelessly biased because I love him and lust after him so much. But he sure is handsome to me! When I see him like this, my heart does backflips!

God! And that COCK! Just poking up like a flagpole, totally unattended by even my hands or his hands. I need to fix that. It belongs in my hot mouth, or deep in my cleavage!

However, she was still exhausted, so she contented herself with conversation for a while. She was too wiped out to even stroke him some more. "Son, before Hillary called that second time, we were talking about something. Do you remember what it was?"

He had been breathing hard with his eyes closed, recovering from a near orgasm. He thought back to what had been said earlier.

He opened his eyes, and said, "Oh yeah. I was complaining how none of this is really real, because I'm a fraud. It's all a mirage. But you were saying it's not a mirage, and that you're very real. Then you started to suck my dick to show how real you were, and we kind of forgot to keep talking after that, until Hillary called."

Maggie nodded. "Right. Good memory. Thanks, because there's more I wanted to say about that."

Despite her weariness, she took his erection back in hand already, since she was worried it might go flaccid due to neglect. She needn't have worried, with her fulsome E-cups on display.

Once she held it, she couldn't resist resuming pleasuring it too, even if all she had the energy to do was rub his sweet spot. "I AM real. And, as you can tell, I've gone far beyond taking part in your fake girlfriend scheme just so you can get Hillary to date you. Can't you see that I love your cock? I love playing with it! I'm really tired right now, after you made me cum so hard. You have no idea. You meanie!" She smirked playfully at him. "But it's like I can't stop! See?"

She repositioned so she could lick and suck him some more. But she came up with the good idea of lying down between his legs in such a way so that his thick pole was trapped between her tits. Now, she could titfuck him and lick his cockhead too. She was too tired to move her big tits much, but she kept his shaft in a tight tit-squeeze while licking down to his sweet spot.

He groaned and moaned with pleasure. He closed his eyes again to better savor the erotic sensations. Plus, the sight of his boner trapped between her round melons was too arousing for him to handle.

She wasn't done talking. "A lot of women don't like giving blowjobs. I used to be one of them. But not with you! Even though I'm your mother - and yes, I'm in Maggie mode now, but I never completely stop being your mother - even though I'm your mother, I love to suck your cock! Especially right here, where you love it the most!" She tenderly kissed his sweet spot several times, and then resumed licking there.

She continued, "Frankly, it concerns me that things with Hillary might end for one reason or another, and then where will I be? Where will I get my daily fix of sweet son-cum?"

Apparently she couldn't help herself after saying that, because she engulfed his cockhead again and bobbed on it some more. That was fairly remarkable, considering she was still recovering from her massive orgasm.

Nick loved it, naturally, but he felt obliged to point out, "It's hardly a 'daily fix.' You only get to be Maggie on Tuesdays and Thursdays, plus if there's something happening with Hillary after school."

Maggie pulled her lips back off to answer that, because it was a very important topic. "Yes. True. But I'm thinking we may need to change that, at least for a while. I'm very concerned about this situation with Debra. She's going to try to get her hooks on you at school, I just know it. She'll think up some sneaky excuse or another to get you alone, and then you'll be fucking her again before you know what hit you!"

She paused to lick his cock for a while, so that point could sink in.

He thought about fucking Debra again, That doesn't sound like a bad idea at all. Not at all! But the fact I'm reacting that way is a serious problem. Debra is a dangerous distraction. It would be crazy-stupid to get this far with my ultimate dream with Hillary AND Ma only to lose it all due to some stupid thing that might happen with Debra. I can't let my dick do all my thinking for me!

Maggie was getting her energy back. She started to move her tits a little bit, mostly by squeezing and unsqueezing them with her hands. As she did that, and licked his boner too, she said, "Hillary and I are going to need to talk about this. We'll have to work together to keep you from even getting close to Debra. So, for the time being, I'm probably going to have to take you to school every day."

He bolted his upper body up, sitting up in the lounge chair like he'd heard a dangerous gunshot. He was careful not to take his boner out of her cleavage though. "No way! AWESOME!"

Maggie snickered. "Don't think that means I'm going to suck you off EVERY day." She paused, and then admitted, "Okay, truth be told, it probably does. Probably more than once a day, if you include titfucks in that."

"YES!" He pumped a fist in the air.

She felt goose bumps all over, because her admission just made that a lot more likely. Yes, indeed! I'm such a shameless slut! My Maggie mode is rapidly taking over, and I can't seem to stop it. Or want to stop it! I love being his busty, nude mommy slut! Although it is for a good cause, to keep Debra away... So really, I have no choice!

She luxuriated in the joy of licking his sweet spot some more. "Anyway, my thinking doesn't stop there. If things ever go completely astray with Hillary, you'll still have me. At least for a while. I can help you bridge the gap until you find your next girlfriend. And with the way your reputation has soared, you'd have your pick of total hotties, I'm sure. Maybe you'd even be able to find one who'd be willing to share. If you're smart, you could make that a requirement."

She looked up at him and gave him a sexy wink. "So you and I might not have to stop at all, at least not for a long time."

That was a brand new idea, even for her. She hadn't planned on saying that, and it screwed with the entire "hand-over" idea, but she was so very horny thinking about sucking his cock at least twice a day from now on that it just came out.

Nick was flabbergasted. "Jeeeesus! Holy shit! That sounds amazing! Even though no other girl could compare to Hillary... I wouldn't exactly be suffering, would I?"

She felt embarrassed at what she'd just said, but she didn't want to take it back. So she tried to downplay it by lying to herself. I'm just saying that so he won't be so worried about losing Hillary to Spencer. It's not like that HAS to happen!

She went on, "No, you wouldn't be suffering at all. And that's your worst-case scenario. So don't be talking about how this is all a mirage. It's not! You have TWO hot sluts at your beck and call, your two dream girls! That's the new reality. You're the new you. I'm the new me. The old Nick is dead. The new Nick is a total fuckin' STUD with a giant cock monster in his shorts that just won't quit! So get used to it! That's an ORDER, from your big-breasted, beautiful, and cum-hungry MOTHER! You got that?!"

Since he was sitting up, he looked down at her. The sight of his boner trapped between her E-cups was thrilling enough, and the way she was eagerly licking the part that stuck out through the top of her cleavage doubled his joy. But that was just the start, because he could see the rest of her body, all the way to her high heels. Her all-over tan was simply to die for, but her musculature and curves were what made the sight truly breath-taking.

He thought, Fuck! Seriously, fuck a duck! My mother is so fucking gorgeous that I almost can't breathe! If only I could fuck her! Now that I know what fucking is truly like, and how great it is, how can I NOT fuck her?! But not today. I need to be a patient, good son. But soon! Soon! And until then... shit! Getting driven to school every day?! That means fun in the morning and after school, five days a week! God, that's such a mind-blowing prospect that I'm getting shivers down my spine!

Ma is right. This is NOT a mirage. This is the new reality! And THAT is a major mind-fuck! WOW!

Maggie looked up from her licking and saw the awestruck expression on his face. She smirked knowingly. "It's starting to sink in, isn't it?"


"So I don't want to hear any more moaning about how you're a so-called fraud. You're not. People can change. You've just changed, because you took action to achieve your dreams. Don't let it go to your head. Live the dream!"

He nodded, in a blissed-out daze.

Maggie thought that was the end of the conversation, so she started to devote more attention to sliding her tits up and down either side of his shaft, and licking his sweet spot too. She figured they didn't have anywhere to go, and Andy was gone for most of the day, so she could take her time to truly enjoy her son's cock. It was true they would need to eat lunch at some point, but she was more hungry for Nick's cock right now.

However, he wasn't done talking. "Thanks for cheering me up. I feel so much better. But I'm still worried about stuff. For instance, this Debra situation. I'm thinking I should tell Hillary the truth about what happened last night. It's bad enough what I did, even if I was tricked into it, but wouldn't lying about it just make things worse? The fact that I was tricked makes it easier to be honest, because hopefully Hillary will direct more of her anger at Debra than at me. Right?"

Maggie's sexual energy was all the way back, and she was impatient to return to some serious cocksucking, combined with titfucking. She couldn't completely ignore Nick's serious question though, so she had to answer that first. "That's a very tricky issue. Let me think about it. Then we'll talk about it later, okay? But don't say anything about it to Hillary today. At the very least, we should wait a few days until her anger about what happened yesterday fades. It's true that time heals all wounds."

"Okay." He was relieved not to have to worry about that problem right now. More sexual fun sounded good to him too.

Finally, there were no more distractions or phone calls, and nothing else urgent to discuss. Maggie wasted no more time. She engulfed his cockhead yet again and got busy bobbing on it. She started out trying to do that and the titfucking at the same time, but it was uncomfortable and difficult to do both in her current position. The titfucking portion quickly went by the wayside. But she didn't mind, because she was so hungry for more of his thick cock-meat.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, BDGV, lew54321, Greyshadow, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.