Chapter 49: Heading to a Meeting (Sunday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Nick was lying back on the lounge chair with his eyes closed and his hands behind his head, basking in the joy of Maggie's continued cocksucking efforts, when he heard Maggie's cell phone ring. He figured it was probably Hillary calling again, so he picked it up. "Hello?"

"Hello? Who is this?"

It was a female voice he didn't recognize. So he asked back, "Who is THIS?"

"My name is Anushka. Is this the phone number of Maggie Palmer? I'm sorry, I must have the wrong num-"

He spoke hastily before she disconnected. "No, wait! This IS Maggie's phone! This is Nick!"

"Oh, hi Nick." Her voice became warm and friendly. "Why are you answering Maggie's phone?"

He looked down at Maggie. She'd pulled her lips off his cock because she was curious about who was calling, and she figured she might be needed to answer the line. He said, "Well, Anushka, Maggie and I are hanging out right now, and I just happened to be a lot nearer to her phone." He deliberately said Anushka's name out loud so Maggie would know who he was talking to.

Maggie sat up and covered her huge breasts with both hands. For some reason, knowing that Nick was talking to Anushka was making her self-conscious about her nudity and her recent sexual activity. She longed to at least keep stroking her son's thick cock, but she felt it wouldn't be right to do that while he was talking to Anushka.

The Indian beauty asked him, "Oh. Well, can I speak to her please?"

Nick looked at Maggie's gorgeous naked body and he said to Anushka, "Sure. But before I hand the phone over, can I ask why you're calling? I figure it the odds are very good it's going to affect me."

Anushka sighed. "I'm bored. And curious."

That puzzled him. "Sorry?"

"What I mean is, I haven't seen much of Hillary this weekend. She's off on some stupid yacht right now, as you probably know. Then I hear she's going to be going back to that dumb party with you later on."

"That's right," he said cautiously.

Anushka said, "So I've been doing a lot of thinking about things. In particular, about this new arrangement that you managed to hammer through. If that holds up for any length of time, and the odds are pretty good that it will, then Maggie is going to play an important role in my life, if only indirectly. And yet I've never met her. I don't even have a picture of her. I'm bored and dying of curiosity, okay? I'd like to find out more about her. So can you hand the phone to her?" It sounded like she was getting a bit testy.

He said, "Sure, but in just a moment. Can I make a suggestion first?"

"Suggest away."

"What if the three of us meet up today? You, me, and Maggie. Wouldn't that be better than talking on the phone? I'll bet you're dying to find out what she looks like."

Maggie flashed Nick a concerned look about his suggestion. She wasn't sure if that was wise. She knew her looks were extraordinary, although she was naturally modest about them most of the time, and she worried that Anushka's jealousy would grow if Anushka saw how she actually looked.

Nick saw and understood his mother's look, but he had a gut feeling that it would be good for Maggie and Anushka to meet. He was getting frustrated at the lies and deception he was forced to maintain, and he figured this was one small thing where he could be more forthcoming without it leading to disaster. He was a lot more optimistic about the direction things were going with Anushka after the great three-hour meeting with her yesterday.

Anushka was silent as she considered Nick's suggestion.

While he waited, he started stroking his cock. It had nothing to do with the call; it was just that his boner was throbbing with pleasure and any touch felt great. But since he was thinking of Anushka, he couldn't help but picture her and her incredible G-cup breasts.

Maggie wasn't happy that he was masturbating during the call. But she couldn't admonish him for fear that Anushka would hear, and he wasn't looking her way, so she couldn't give him a sharp look either.

After a pause of about ten seconds, Anushka finally said, "Ah... sure. I suppose... that sounds... okay. If she's okay with the idea, that is?"

Nick asked, so both Maggie and Anushka could hear, "Maggie, would you like to meet Anushka today? We've got a couple of hours before the party." He finally looked back at his voluptuous mother, and did a double-take at the stunning sight. It was exactly like his vision of Anushka from the neck down, except for lighter skin and smaller boobs.

Maggie was frustrated by the idea of meeting Anushka. With Andy gone, she'd been planning on spending nearly all that time having fun with Nick's cock.

She'd already planned out their next few hours in her mind. She decided that she was going to suck and titfuck until he came. But she hoped to keep him on the orgasmic edge for a least half-hour before either he or she ran out of energy and he had to blow his load. Then, the two of them could eat lunch. He could go downstairs and get the food and drinks for them to consume on the sun roof so she wouldn't need to put on any clothes or mentally leave her Maggie mode. They could feed each other with lots of kissing and fondling along the way. Then she figured another long pussy fingering lesson was in order, with a lot of sixty-nine practice. Including cunnilingus practice for the first time. That would get both of them so worked up that it would naturally lead into another epic cocksucking session. And that was just for starters!

Needless to say, Maggie couldn't convey her thoughts and reservations about this if Nick had the phone next to his face. But she considered the idea and also had a gut reaction that it was probably for the best.

I need to put my selfish desires to the side. What's more important, getting to suck his cock for most of the day, or hopefully taking a big step forward in improving relations with Anushka? It's not even a close call. Besides, with the party later and all, I'll bet I'll end up sucking him as much as my jaw can stand before the day is over anyway.

So she said loudly, in order for Anushka to hear, "Sure. That sounds good. If that's what Anushka wants to do." While she had his attention, she tried to give him a discouraging look about his continued masturbating.

Nick pretended not to notice that look, and kept on slowly stroking himself. He was looking at Maggie's naked body while imagining what it would look like to see Anushka standing naked next to her, and the two of them maybe even kissing each other. It was a heady thought!

After a blissful pause while he pondered that, he remembered to ask Anushka, "Did you hear that?"

"I did," Anushka replied. "I don't know if I'm ready for a face-to-face meeting though. I thought we could just start things rolling with a phone call."

"Well, you can do that too. I'll hand the phone to her in a minute. But first I want to sort this meeting idea out." He was getting more and more worked up mentally picturing Anushka naked and kissing Maggie. To see them rub their bare racks together would be incredible!

Anushka said shyly, "I don't know. Shouldn't Hillary be there too?"

He spoke confidently. "I'm sure Hillary would approve. But she's on a boat with Spencer right now, and I understand you're deliberately staying away from Shannon's party, so if we wait for Hillary, a meeting won't happen today, and maybe not for a few days or longer, with the school week starting back up tomorrow. Aren't you just dying of curiosity to see what Maggie is like?"

Anushka growled, "You know that I am, because I just told you that!" But then she sighed in resignation. "Fine. I suppose there's no harm in meeting in person today for a cup of coffee or something. But when?"

Nick asked, "Maggie and I haven't eaten lunch yet. Have you?"


"Okay, then. Let's meet for lunch. I'll hand the phone over to Maggie now so you two can get acquainted and work out the details. Sound good?"

"Geez! You pounded that into place in a hurry. When you want something, you really make it happen."

He thought, That is true. But only when I'm horny and thus surging with confidence.

He looked down at his still very erect cock, and his hand sliding back and forth of it. I guess I really do have a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde kind of thing going on, in a way. Except I never wanted anything badly enough to push for it until this fake girlfriend scheme started to come together. And Anushka, you're key to making that work.

He told her, "That's true. I figure there's no point in beating around the bush. I think it'll be great if you two meet. Then you won't worry about her and she won't worry about you."

Anushka asked with surprise, "She worries about me?! Why?!"

"Simply because everyone worries about the unknown. But you're a nice person, and she's a nice person, so I'm sure you two will become fast friends. Now, here she is."

Maggie didn't feel she was ready, but she had no choice but to take the phone from Nick and speak. She sat on the edge of the lounge chair next to Nick with her feet on the ground. As she repositioned near him, she slapped a hand near his erection without actually hitting it, and gave him a dirty look for good measure. "Hello? Anushka?"

He got the message and let go of his hard-on.

Anushka said in a friendly voice, "Hi, Maggie. You've got a VERY persuasive boyfriend there! Geez!"

He quickly repositioned so he was sitting behind Maggie. That kept his head only a foot of two away from hers, so he could hear what Anushka was saying. It also allowed him to resume lightly stroking his boner without Maggie seeing and getting annoyed.

Maggie laughed a bit nervously. "Yeah, he can be like that at times. But really, he's not a pushy guy. Most people who know him think of him as a shy, unassuming type."

Anushka replied, "That's what Hillary said he was like last year, but I find that hard to believe from what I've seen of him. Did something cause him to change recently?"

Maggie replied carefully, "Well, kind of. I guess I'm largely to blame. When we started going out, his confidence emerged and he went from wallflower to, well, quite the lady killer. Anyway, I've heard a LOT about you. I can't wait to meet you! It'll be nice."

"Same here," Anushka said. "The more I think about it, the more I'm warming up to this meeting idea. We can surprise the heck out of Hillary when she comes back from her boat trip and finds out we met and managed not to kill each other."

Maggie joked, "That is if we DON'T kill each other." She chuckled at her own joke, along with Anushka. "Don't worry, I'm sure it'll be fine. It's like Nick just said. We have nothing to fear from each other, it's just the fear of the unknown."

Maggie and Anushka continued to make "getting to know you" small talk. Within short order, both of them found themselves very comfortable talking to each other.

Nick was chagrined, in a way. Like Maggie, he'd been looking forward to a couple hours of uninterrupted sexual bliss, interrupted only because they needed to eat lunch at some point. Although they could have still risked having sexual fun on the sun roof if Andy was home, the fact that he was gone made them feel more relaxed and adventurous. Unless he also watched Monday Night Football with friends, he probably wouldn't be out of the house like this until the next weekend.

Furthermore, he was extremely horny at the moment, even more so than usual. He'd been having a great time getting his cock sucked by his increasingly orally talented mother. Even now, he kept on lightly stroking his hard-on. It was only a pale reflection of how good it was with Maggie, but he was so aroused that it was like he couldn't stop.

However, he was trying harder to think with his brain instead of his dick. He felt chastened from letting his libido rule him last night with Debra. Even though he would certainly be missing out on lots of great sexual pleasure with Maggie, he was certain that having Maggie and Anushka meet and start to become friends was much more important to his long-term goals.

Besides, he had an ulterior motive: he figured that the better his relationship with Anushka got, the more likely Anushka would remove the restriction on Hillary and him fucking. And now that he found out how truly great fucking was, he was more than willing to meet Anushka every single day, if necessary, until she gave permission. Plus, he genuinely liked Anushka and she certainly was easy on the eyes.

Now that Maggie was talking to Anushka on the phone, she was fully focused on that and she didn't pay Nick any mind. Even if she felt like touching him sexually, she wouldn't have felt it was right to do that with Anushka on the line.

However, Nick was sitting behind his completely naked bombshell mother, and he couldn't simply ignore that fact. He came up with an idea to at least have some fun. He found the forgotten bottle of suntan lotion, squeezed some of the lotion into his open hand, and started applying the lotion to Maggie's bare back.

Although Maggie wanted to concentrate on the phone call, she figured a suntan lotion application was harmless enough. So she just kept on talking and let him do what he wanted.

The call went on for a while. Maggie and Anushka were both trying to make a face-to-face meeting easier by getting to know each other on the phone first.

As a result, Nick had a field day applying lotion all over Maggie's body, both front and back. He didn't get too intimate with her private parts because he knew she was busy with the important phone conversation. But he loved simply exploring every inch of her body, including some of the harder to reach places that he hadn't paid much attention to up until now. It was thrilling enough to keep his cock still and throbbing with arousal. Occasionally, he stroked his boner with his other hand to help keep his erotic buzz going strong.

Eventually, Maggie and Anushka wound down their phone call after sorting out a time and place to meet for lunch.

As soon as Maggie got off the line, she stood up. "Okay, time to go!"

Nick was surprised by that. He hadn't been paying close attention to what was being said in the call, since he'd been tuned in to exploring Maggie's fantastic body instead. He asked, "What? Go? Now?"

Maggie turned around to face him. Totally unashamed at her nudity, she put her hands on her hips in an impatient gesture. "Yes. Now. We're overdue for lunch. Anushka and I decided we're hungry, and I'm sure you're hungry too."

He was hungry, since this was past his usual lunch time. But he was very horny too. "Yeah, sure, but can't we kind of finish up first?" He looked down bashfully at his rigid erection. "You've had a nice orgasm or two today, I noticed, but I haven't had any yet. Besides, I can't go like this!"

Maggie said, "Son, you're always stiff as a rod. Always! And your stamina! Good Lord! Do you know how long it takes to get you to cum each time? I love it, but it's a serious trial. Besides, even if I help you cum, you'll just stay hard, like you always do after the first time."

"Not always," he said.

"Almost always," she replied.

He suggested, "Wouldn't it be better if I could meet her without having a raging boner? Especially since she's lesbian."

"HA!" Maggie thought that was genuinely funny. "I understand Anushka is quite the looker, and very busty besides. Even if I got you to cum twice, you'd just get erect again within five minutes of seeing her, if not less."

He didn't have anything to say to that, because he realized it was probably true.

Maggie chuckled at his lack of reply. "A-ha! See? I'm right. Oh, to be a teenager again, for real. Your sexual energy is boundless!" She held out a hand to help pull him up. "Come on, let's go, Mr. Boner Man."

He took her hand and reluctantly stood up. In so doing, he somehow managed to pull Maggie's hand that had been helping him up to his crotch. Her fingers curled around his shaft. He kept his hand-over hers to make sure she wouldn't let go.

He put on his best needy puppy dog look. "How 'bout just one minute of cocksucking before we go? Just one minute?"

"No!" Maggie said with determination. "We have to go, now!" And yet she wasn't making any attempt to let go of his thick pole. She'd even started rhythmically squeezing it.

He still persisted, "Come on. Wouldn't you like to kneel naked and suck?"

She was weakening, and her determined voice was sounding uncertain. "You know I love that, but we just don't have time." She was blatantly stroking his cock now.

Sensing he was making progress, he went on, "I love it so much when I'm standing up and I see your naked body kneeling there, with your gorgeous face bobbing rhythmically, and your sweet lips stretched around my shaft. It feels soooooo great! And I proudly think, 'That's my mother! My centerfold mom! She could be doing anything, but she chooses to show how much she loves me with her lips and tongue!' Don't you kind of like those same things?"

He eyes widened as she emotively answered, "So much! I love all those things so much! But..." She looked down at her fingers sliding on his thick erection, and bit her lip. She was salivating like crazy. "But... we don't want... to... uh, to be late..."

He added, "And then, seeing you wearing high heels, RED high heels, knowing that's your secret signal that you're hot to trot and ready to suck! That makes me so horny! Just seeing those makes me want to cum all over your face!"

She whined helplessly, "Why'd you have to mention the heels? And facials! No fair!" Her fingers were sliding faster, and she was repeatedly licking her lips. "If only I didn't tell Anushka that we're leaving straight away. Gaawwwd! Your cock looks so yummy! But.. I don't want to make a bad impression..."

He pleaded, "I swear, I'll count to 60 out loud so we don't go over a minute. Besides, we've already wasted a minute talking about it. Wouldn't it be faster-"

She interrupted, "Fine! But only because it'll be faster this way." She quickly dropped to her knees. "Start counting!" She swallowed his cockhead and then some, and began bobbing on it.

He grunted and groaned, and clenched the sides of his own head. "UNNNGH! Such a RUSH! Damn!"

Maggie felt a great erotic rush just like he did. At first, she was so overcome by all the joys of cocksucking that she'd come to adore that she forgot about the counting. But then, after about a minute, she calmed down enough to remember. With her mouth crammed full of cock, she muttered, "Tharrd counding ahhreadhaah..."

It took him a few moments, but he realized she'd said "Start counting already." He coughed. "Oh. Right. Sorry." He started counting, but extremely slowly "One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi..."

As he did that, he thought some more about Anushka. Fuck, man! I'm psyched to see her again. She's seriously hot! There aren't a lot of women in the Ma and Hillary league, but she's right there! Even if she'd been at the party last night, she would have totally blown everyone away, if only do to her breast size. God, what fucking TITS!

It's such a shame she's lesbian. But she said she dated some boys before she hooked up with Hillary, so maybe she's not totally lesbian. I hope not! I even get kind of a flirty vibe from her. Or is that only in my imagination?

God! Wouldn't it be fucking awesome to get it on with her too?! It almost defies belief! I know it's probably just a fantasy, but it's a totally hot one! Since Hillary's having sex with her, how could she get upset if I did too? We could go wild together! And Hillary could make it a threesome! Oh, man! So fucking HOT! And Ma is sucking my cock right now too! Everything is too fucking great!

He kept on counting, but he spoke slower and slower, with bigger pauses between each count. She occasionally tapped his leg when he stopped, only to have him remember to say one more number and then stop again. One minute passed, and then another.

Maggie knew he was counting far too slowly, and it was driving her crazy. She knew the "one minute" had stretched to at least five minutes already, if not ten. But her cock lust was driving her on, and she couldn't bear to pull off long enough to admonish him.

Instead, she played with her pussy and clit while she used every trick she could think of get him to cum right away. She knew it was probably a hopeless task since his stamina seemed to be improving by the day, and his penis had a big break while she spoke to Anushka, even if he was fondling himself sometimes. But she figured the meeting with Anushka would go better if he came once, so he wasn't out of control horny.

Eventually, Nick's count reached 50. Knowing that he was running out of numbers, he started stalling even more outrageously. Instead of just saying a number and then "Mississippi," he began babbling about Mississippi in a stream of consciousness way. He figured that was better than increasingly long silences.

A couple more minutes later, Maggie thought, FUCK! This is getting ridiculous! We're only to 55! And he's not even close to cumming, the clever little shit! He knows I love sucking his cock too much! MMMM! I can't get enough!

If merely sucking his cock is this good, imagine how much better getting fucked by it would be! Frankly, I don't even think my pussy could handle it. He'd split me in two! I'd be bawling like a baby, clawing at his back, screaming my head off, and generally getting drilled deep into the ground with his jackhammer mommy-splitter! I'd have to work up to his thickness with increasingly large dildos to even have a chance!

God, that's SO HOT! Getting fucked by my son's awesome cock! It's not fair to have a son this endowed! How am I supposed to resist? Sucking on it is an ordeal, but the best ordeal in the world! Mmmm! You know what? Fuck Anushka! I'll just tell her the car broke down. Or hell, at least we can make an excuse to be late, VERY late! I want Nick to properly fuck my face, and he hasn't done that yet today, not even once!

But no, we have to be responsible. This meeting is important! UGH! If only I could get him to cum already! He's never going to reach 60. He's too fucking clever!

She continued to act as if she was helpless to pull her lips off him until he counted all the way to 60, which was bullshit. But it was a good excuse to take the decision to stop out of her hands.

She realized that she wasn't likely to get him to cum soon, but she could cum herself. She decided that if she did that, she'd probably be able to rediscover her willpower and stop. She'd already been fingering herself most of the time, but now she put more emphasis on that. She even brought the hand that had been alternating between stroking his shaft and fondling his balls down to her chest and she pulled on her nipples.

That pushed her over the edge. She had a nice climax, although not an overwhelming one. Talking to Anushka had cooled her down and she hadn't had time to rise up to her usual great peak when having sexual fun with her son.

Her plan to rediscover her willpower after cumming herself actually worked. As soon as her orgasm ended, she pulled her lips off Nick's thickness and stood up. "Okay, that's enough. Let's go."

He was surprised. "Wait! What? I'm only at 57!"

She gave him a disparaging look. "Yeah, and 50 was about five minutes ago. Your one minute turned into ten, easily, so don't complain! You've had PLENTY of fun. And if you cum, you'll just stay erect anyway. I told Anushka we'd leave right away, so we have to GO! NOW!"

"Now, for real? Do I have time for a shower?"

"Yes, I suppose we have to get the sex smell off, but make it a quick one. I'll take a shower too, in MY bathroom. We don't have any time for shower fooling around. Besides, I turn back into Margaret as soon as we leave the roof and go back into the house."

He asked, "Even if it's just to shower and change and then leave? And with Pa not at home?"

"Even then. Always. I've been too weak with these garage and sun roof exceptions, but I guess it's too late to change that. But the house itself remains inviolate. The firewall! Imagine a literal wall of fire around the whole building. Is that clear?"

He nodded reluctantly.

Maggie wasn't kidding about being in a hurry. Nick took quick showers, and it was easy for him to change into a shirt and shorts. (Since he wanted to impress Anushka, he wore a dress shirt instead of his usual T-shirt.) But Maggie finished showering and dressing just as quickly as he did. She felt guilty about giving in to his "one more minute" ploy, and she was trying hard to make up for lost time.

Ironically, given Nick's choice of a dress shirt instead of a T-shirt, Maggie wore tan shorts and a dark blue T-shirt. While still in the house, she modeled her outfit for him. "What do you think? And remember I'm Margaret now, so don't say anything lewd."

He replied, "You look great. You always do. But I'm sure you put some thought into wearing this particular combo that's beyond what my non-fashion mind can figure out. What's the logic here?"

Maggie was finding and putting on a different pair of heels. "I'm trying to look casual, like I didn't dress in any special way for Anushka. But really, I'm trying to cover up. I'm showing a lot of skin on my legs and arms, but this T-shirt is thick and it doesn't show any cleavage at all. It's also rather loose and the dark blue is almost black. The combined effect is to downplay my breasts about as much as possible. I don't want her to get hung up on my looks and have that turn into some kind of competitive thing."

"Smart," he replied. Of course, he loved to ogle her tits at any time, but he saw the logic for this lunch to not be one of those times. He saw the dark blue heels she was putting on, and commented, "Is that why you're changing heels too?"

"Exactly. These only have three-inch heels." She didn't mention it because she was somewhat embarrassed about it, but the ones she'd been wearing on the sun roof for Nick had five-inch heels. It also was significant that the heels were dark blue, or, more specifically, any color other than red.

He asked, "You think she'll dress the same?"

"No, I think she'll have a different strategy. Remember, she's worried that Hillary and I will get intimate in some fashion. The more attractive I look, the more she's liable to worry about that. Whereas she and Hillary already are fully intimate, and there's nothing I can do about it. In fact, I wouldn't want to change that, since it's good for the overall balance of our foursome arrangement. So instead I think she'll dress to impress. Us women, we do have a tendency to want to impress and even outdo each other. But she'll also be mindful of the fact that you're there, and she knows you're a very horny and excitable kid, so she'll tone down for that. For instance, I'll bet she'll show some cleavage, but just enough for me to know she's got huge breasts and not enough for you to ogle and drool."

He considered all that, and said, "I'll bet you're right. Now, let's go find out."

— — —

The two of them headed to the car. Maggie picked her own Prius instead of the significantly larger Explorer SUV. She figured there wouldn't be any backseat fun this time, plus she might be out of the house until she got the call from Andy to get picked up from his football watching, and it was better if he didn't realize she was using his car more often.

As Maggie drove the car into the street, Nick asked her, "By the way, where are we going?"

She replied with a smile, "I picked a place I know you love: Mama Mia's!"

He did love Mama Mia's. It was somewhat out of the way to the south, and the food wasn't so great that it merited the extra distance. It was a typical Italian restaurant with typical Italian fare. However, he loved it because the waitresses were uncommonly beautiful, and usually fairly busty too. Even the owner, who sometimes mingled with the guests around dinner time, was an Italian hottie. He'd been to the local Hooters, and he thought the waitresses at Mama Mia's looked better and more voluptuous than the ones at Hooters.

Maggie said, "The reason you like it is why I picked it. I agree with you the waitresses look pretty good, and are often endowed. I figure that if there are other beautiful women around, my own looks won't seem like such a big deal."

He tapped the left temple on his forehead. "Smart. Very smart. Plus, more eye candy for me. So it's win-win all around."

She chuckled. "That's true. But remember, don't get carried away ogling Anushka, no matter what she's wearing. She happens to be a lesbian, and we need to respect that. If you want to alienate her, the fastest way to do that is to try and hit on her. And no hanky panky with me. None! Understood?"

He replied sheepishly and obediently, "Yes, ma'am."

She looked to his lap. She wasn't surprised to see a bulge in his shorts. "And for God's sake, try to make that damn thing go down for a little while! At least when you're standing and it's particularly noticeable. I assume we'll sit in a booth, so your cock can burst right through your shorts at that point and it won't matter."

He grinned impishly. "Really? Cool! Sounds like a challenge to me."

She rolled her eyes. "You know what I mean. Behave!"

He said in resignation, "Okay, fine. You're no fun."

She spoke with a mixture of chagrin and amusement. "Says the son to his mother who just spent the last hour plus lying naked and sucking your cock!"

"Okay, good point. I stand corrected."

"You do. Although that's the last 'mother' or 'son' comment for a while. If we slip up with Anushka, it wouldn't be a total disaster, since we have the role-play cover story that Hillary believes. Plus, I have my fake driver's license with me. But still, it would be a minor disaster, at least. Instead of impressing and hopefully befriending Anushka, she'll just think we're freaky. Don't slip up!"

"Don't worry. I'll be on my best behavior. At least, I'll try. The problem is, I'm so horny! You had at least two orgasms, including one a few minutes ago, but I still haven't had any! I'm really, really, REALLY horny!"

He reached to Maggie and put a hand on her thigh.

She swatted his hand. "Behave! You're always 'really, really, REALLY horny.' Don't infect me with your horniness."

He hadn't removed his hand, despite her swat. But he was content to just caress her leg, on her exposed skin from the edge of her shorts nearly down to her knee. "I know I'm like that a lot, but this time it's at least three or four extra horny's on top of the usual! It's going to affect my behavior with Anushka, I know it."

She said, "Let it affect you, because when you're super horny, you get super confident and charming. But keep it in check." While still keeping her eyes on the road, she took his hand from her leg and brought it back to his body.

"Awww, man!"

"Don't complain. I should be totally pissed at you right now for that little 'count to 60' trick. Good grief! I should have known. You could have counted to 600, or even 6,000, you were going so damn slow."

He grinned impishly and unrepentantly. "But wasn't it fun? Come on, it was fun. It was totally worth being ten minutes late. Wasn't it?"

She didn't reply, and pretended to be distracted by the traffic. However, she thought to herself, So worth it!

He said, "See? You can't deny it. You're such a great cocksucker, Ma!"

"You mean 'Maggie.'"

"Right. Maggie. You really are. But I especially love it when you suck me while you're naked and on your knees. No, what's even better is when you're wearing high heels too. And you were! Red ones, no less!"

"You said that earlier," she pointed out, her face turning red.

"True, but I have to say it again because I feel so strongly about it. I know you don't wear high heels for sunbathing. You had those on just for me! I really appreciate it. You're such a great, sexy mother. I love it! And you're so fucking busty!" He reached out to fondle her nearest breast.

But she saw his hand coming, and she swatted it away before it could reach its target. "Hey! Control yourself!"

"I'm sorry. It's just that you inspire and arouse me so much. And Anushka does too. Just wait until you see her. She's like a Bollywood movie star, she really is. Except she's seriously STACKED too! I'm not sure of her exact bra size, but her breasts are definitely bigger than Hillary's. So that makes them G-cups, at least!"

Maggie rolled her eyes and puckered her lips sourly. "Oh, Good God."


"I think I may have to bind you with rope and tape your mouth shut for this meeting. You really need to behave! Do NOT try to come on to her! That's an order!"

He sighed. "Okay. Hey, I've got an idea. Have you ever heard of Aishwarya Rai?"

"No, who's that?"

"She's a super famous Bollywood movie star. She's pretty much unknown in the US, but she routinely makes the most beautiful women in the world lists. She's a total babe! Anyway, I thought Anushka really did bear a resemblance to her, and I told her so. She flipped out! I think I got in her good books after that. Anyway, my idea is that YOU should tell her that she reminds you of her. Boom! You'll be in her good books too!"

Maggie briefly glanced over at him and gave him a doubtful look. "That wouldn't be honest. I don't even know who that is or what she looks like."

"That's easy. She looks like Anushka. You'll see. They even have the same blue eyes. But don't worry, if she calls you on it, just say I put you up to it. She'll get a good laugh out of that. You'll win points with her either way."

"Well... okay. What's her name again?"

"Aishwarya Rai."

He helped her practice saying the name several times until she had it memorized with the correct pronunciation.

Then he said, "Let's change the subject. Maybe that'll help my dick go flaccid. I've been meaning to ask you: whatever happened to Debra's camera?"

Maggie couldn't resist smiling in triumph at that reminder. "I've still got it. I took the memory card out and put it in that card reader you gave me a couple of Christmases ago."

"Oh, cool! So you downloaded the pictures?"

"Yep. This morning after breakfast."

He gesticulated wildly, he was so excited. "Don't just sit there all smug and silent! What do the pictures look like?! And why didn't you show me?!"

She smirked. "Hey, you snooze, you lose. In this case, you literally snoozed right through it."

He bounced in his seat excitedly. "You should have woken me up! Oh, man!"

She frowned. "I was tempted, but unfortunately I couldn't. If I did, the danger of a 'Margaret zone' violation would have been too great."

"If you were Margaret then, how is it you were downloading and looking at erotic photos?"

She grimaced. "Let's not look at these contradictions too deeply, okay? Just be glad that I downloaded them."

He resumed his eager bouncing. "So what are the pictures like?! Tell me everything!"

She chuckled at his enthusiasm. "Unfortunately, I only had a few minutes, because Andy called for me to take him to his football watching thing, and when I got back I went to sunbathe on the roof. But I did see them all, and there are some really good ones in there."

She smiled widely, and bubbled with enthusiasm. "Okay, I have to admit that it's pretty much the mother lode of sexy photos! Even if most of them are of Debra. She's a conniving airhead, but she looks damn good naked. Too good!"

She glanced over at Nick, and saw that he was dying to hear more. So she added, "It starts with a long series of photos of Hillary sucking your cock. Those are the ones Debra took. And damn, is Hillary one sexy babe! Just looking at them, I can practically taste your cum and feel your incredible cock monster make me choke and gag! Her face is sweaty and cummy, and there's even a few tears rolling down her cheeks, because sucking on your great thickness is such a fucking incredible, endless struggle for her, just like it is for me. But you can tell she's totally loving it!"

Maggie was keeping her eyes on the road, but she glanced over at Nick again and saw he had a hand in his shorts now. "Hey! What do you think you're doing?!"

"What does it look like?" Since he'd been found out, he unzipped his fly, whipped his cock out, and resumed jacking off.

She groaned with frustration and lust. She was having a hard time focusing on driving, because she couldn't stop staring at his hand pumping up and down his big pole. "God dammit! That fucking thick tree trunk of a cock. It's the bane of my existence. Put it away!"

"Awww, come on. How can I NOT masturbate when you're talking about this?! I'll stop if you can honestly say that you weren't masturbating too when you looked at the pictures."

She groaned lustily as she recalled what an intense masturbatory experience she'd been having with the pictures before Andy called her away. She cursed, "Fuck you! You know I did! How could I not?! I was even jilling to the ones of Debra!"

"Tell me more about those!" He had to slow his stroking because he was getting too worked up already.

Maggie kept one hand on the wheel, as always, but her other hand was pinching a nipple through her clothes. "God, how I hate that fucking bitch! And now that you've fucked her, I hate her even more! But I can't deny that she has an incredible, incredible face. Such sultry bedroom eyes! And a body too, but especially her face. It's so delicate and innocent looking, but somehow sultry and wanton at the same time, especially those beguiling eyes. And to see her jaw craned wide open and your huge cock filling her up, and then this kind of incredulous expression on her face, like she can't believe she fit it all in, and furthermore she can't believe she's actually enjoying the jaw-breaking ordeal... priceless! Totally priceless!"

She narrowed her gaze on the road ahead and growled angrily, "It serves the bitch right to fuckin' CHOKE on all that cock! Choke and gag on it, Debra! Fuck her face GOOD, Son! Make her work for it!"

She turned to Nick and said in a surprisingly casual tone, "By the way, that reminds me, I've been looking forward to having you fuck my face again today, since it was such fun yesterday, but the time is never right. We keep getting interrupted right when I wanted to do that, for instance with Anushka's call."

The car had just come to a halt at a stop light. Nick took advantage of that to take Maggie's hand that was pinching her nipple and bring it to his boner. As he did so, he said, "Look how horny I am for you! I'm going to fuck your face with this at the first chance I get! I'm going to pound it right down your throat! And then I'm going to keep on fucking it, every fucking day!"

She would have been mad at where he'd put her hand, but she was so very worked up that she started vigorously jacking him off instead of pulling away. The light changed and she had to resume driving, but she kept right on stroking him.

She said huskily, "Is that a promise? Are you going to treat me like I'm your mother or like I'm your slut?"

"I'm going to treat you like you're my mother AND my slut! Because that's what you are! You're my personal cocksucker mother-girlfriend-slut! Now that you'll be taking me to school five days a week, I'm going to be cumming on your face so much that it'll always smell like sperm!"

She groaned lustily. "Oh Gaawwwd!" She took her hand off his boner and brought it back to steer with both hands.

That surprised and disappointed him.

She explained, "Sorry, but I'm getting TOO horny! I can't crash the car!"

He sighed. "Fair enough. But tell me more about the pictures then." He left his boner fully exposed.

"Okay! There are so many of Debra slurping and sucking and lapping all over your great thickness! I must have taken over 100! Because it's a digital camera, I was just clicking the button constantly. You could almost put them together and make a continual action sequence movie. It looks so hot! We need to take more pictures of those sorts of times, definitely!"

Nick moaned lustily. "Yeah! Definitely!" He was jacking off since Maggie had let go. "And video!"

She groaned like she was going to cum on the spot. "Oh God! Video too! Yes!"

"What about the rest of the pictures?! Tell me more!"

Maggie forced herself to calm down some. "There are a few others. I have some full-bodied ones of Debra sucking you, with Hillary looking pissed in the background. She's got her arms crossed under her big tits and her face is drenched in cum! Your cum! She looks so sexy when she's angry! Especially when she's angry and cummy and jealously watching Debra choke on your cock! It's so sexy looking that it makes me want to scream!"

Maggie impulsively reached out and removed Nick's hand from his erection. But that was only so she could take its place! As she resumed stroking him, she sheepishly explained, "We're on a straight stretch of road, so we should be okay. Besides, I'm so fucking horny that it's worth the risk!"

He laughed with pure delight. "You're the best! So, are those all the pictures?"

By this time, she was panting hard, causing her huge tits to bounce inside her T-shirt. "No, there are some more. For instance, I took some of Hillary physically carrying Debra away from you. They're hilarious! But even while she's being carried, Debra looks so fucking fuckable that I can't stand it! Nick, Her sexy legs kicking helplessly in the air! HNNG!"

She had to take a few moments to breathe slowly and deeply and try to calm down and focus on driving.

She soon resumed without so much panting, "I can't blame you at all for fucking her. I'm not saying you should do it again, although I'm getting so hot and bothered that even that's sounding pretty good to me right now! But I'm glad that you drilled her with your relentless cock-meat! Did you spear her and skewer her, and make her scream in ecstasy?"

"I did, Ma! I did!"

"GOOD! That'll show her! I'll bet you've ruined her for all other cocks!" Her hand was practically flying up and down his boner now. she screamed, "FUCK!"

"What?" he asked.

She growled, "I think we need to make an emergency stop! Too horny!" They were on a four lane highway and there were no turn offs in the near distance. So she put her blinkers on, pulled the car to the emergency lane on the side, and turned the car off.

This talk about Nick fucking was the last straw for Maggie. She was talking about Nick fucking Debra, and that alone would have aroused her plenty, but she was mostly thinking about him fucking her instead. She felt like her entire body was on fire! As soon as the car was safely parked, she undid her seat belt, bent over towards Nick's lap, and engulfed his cock in her mouth.

At the same time she began bobbing on him, she used both hands to unbutton and then unzip her shorts, so she could get to her pussy and clit. Then she masturbated with wild abandon.

In less than a minute, she had a good climax. Mindful that she was in a public place, she made muffled moans with her mouth stuffed full of cock, but she stopped herself from uncontrolled screaming.

But that was just the start. Nick hadn't orgasmed yet, so she kept on masturbating and cocksucking, and kept on cumming.

Then he did cum, triggered by the realization that she was cumming. He was as worked up as she was, and it took a lot of willpower for him to hold off as long as he did.

She was so insatiable for his cock that she kept on bobbing and sucking right through his climax. She'd come to love facials and pearl necklaces, but now wasn't the time or place for that, since she didn't want a cummy mess when they were about to meet Anushka.

After a while, it occurred to her that his orgasm was long over, and yet her son's dick was definitely still hard. She hadn't even paused or slowed down in her cocksucking, and she still didn't stop now. She belatedly remembered his tendency to "cum in twos," which he was proving yet again.

She was in an erotic daze, because she didn't stop masturbating either, and more orgasms wracked her body, over and over again, in a seemingly never-ending series. She was so over the moon that she barely had an idea where she was or who she was. Sucking Nick's cock as she fingered herself was her entire world.

As a result, it took her a while to realize that Nick was systematically removing all her clothes! By the time it fully dawned on her what he was doing, he had her T-shirt pulled up to her armpits and her bra off. She was so blissed out on her cocksucking joy that she only noticed this because he was trying to lift her ass off her seat to slide her shorts and panties down her legs.

Somehow, the fear of public nudity shocked her out of her deep erotic fog. She slid her lips off his fat boner and sat up. It was like all of her senses returned at once, and she was overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of other cars whizzing by on the highway. Then she was hit with the realization that her top was pulled up so high that her E-cup breasts were in full view of the other drivers. And because she was driving the Prius and not the Explorer, there were no tinted windows to protect her.

She quickly dropped back down below the window level, but she stayed slouched in her seat, because she was afraid to get her face anywhere near Nick and his throbbing boner. She knew that if she got too close, she wouldn't be able to resist cocksucking him a hell of a lot more until she coaxed another load out of him. She hastily yanked her T-shirt back down into place and then sat up straight again.

She looked over to Nick and gave him an angry glare. She was going to chastise him, but then she realized she was at least as much responsible for this situation as he was. Her facial expression softened, and she sighed heavily. "Son, what am I going to do with you?" She stared at his still stiff cock with disbelief. "Put that thing away, please!"

"Do I have to?"

"YES! We're late for Anushka already, and now we're five minutes more late, at least. Come on! This meeting is important!"

He sheepishly tucked his hard-on away and zipped up. "Oh, man! You're right. Sorry. It's just that what you were saying about the photos was too hot to handle. And to think, I sincerely changed the topic to that to help us calm down!"

They both shared a good laugh at that, since it had backfired so spectacularly.

After another weary sigh, Maggie said, "Don't worry about it. It's probably more my fault than yours. I should have known better than to get started with the vivid descriptions."

She'd zipped and buttoned her shorts by now, but she asked, "Have you seen my bra?"

"I think I tossed it in the back seat. Just a sec." He crawled between the seats, reached for the bra, and then gave it to back her.

"Thanks." She carefully put the bra on under her T-shirt without exposing herself. "Sheesh! What is it with you and taking my clothes off all the time? Or Hillary's for that matter?"

"I honestly don't know. Both of you just look so good in the nude. Some women, they look their best fully dressed in an evening gown and jewelry and all that. But you and Hillary, it's like you were meant to be naked! Especially with your rich, all-over tans. It's like... I just have to see all of you! Every last inch! Sorry. It's this weird compulsion that I have."

He'd given a similar explanation to her many days ago, so she wasn't too surprised. "That's understandable, I guess. Like I said recently, you're 'young, dumb, and full of cum.' Actually, I should change that to young, hung, and full of cum."

Nick grinned widely. "I like that better."

"Yeah, I figured you would. I do too! But seriously, look where we are! By the side of a highway! What if a police car stopped to see why we were pulled over, and the cop found me completely naked and sucking on your cock?! And then would I show him my fake driver's license and hope he didn't realize it was fake? Or show him my real one and have him possibly realize we're related?"

Nick winced. "Ouch! That would not be good."

"Duh! Think, Sport, think! I like your enthusiasm and aggression, but sometimes you go too far. Anyway, can you get me my phone? I'd better call Anushka and tell her we're running a little late."

So Maggie called Anushka. Luckily, it turned out that Anushka was being fashionably late and she hadn't made it to the restaurant yet either, although she was almost there. It was a quick call, because Maggie was eager to get back on the highway before a police car really did come by.

She gave herself a minute or two to freshen up and calm down. Then she was able to get the car back onto the highway without trouble.

Once their car was speeding along again, she breathed a big sigh of relief. "Phew! We dodged a bullet there. I probably still have that 'just fucked' post-orgasmic glow, but that can't be helped. How are you doing?"

He said, "I'm trying to think about unsexy things, but it's not working. My dick is still stiff. Between thinking about what we just did, and the pictures, and how Anushka is going to look, and simply seeing you sitting next to me... Man! It's hard to think of anything that isn't totally mind-blowing and arousing. But, in an attempt to change the subject again, where are these pictures now? And when can I see them for myself?"

Maggie smiled knowingly. "They're in a very safe place. A secret place. Along with the pictures that you took of me in my nurse outfit... and out of it. Remember that?"

"Holy... Whoa! How could I forget THAT?! Man oh man! Now that you mentioned it, I'm totally dying to see those too! The pictures from yesterday, you're not in any of them, are you?"

"No, I'm not. Debra was just taking pictures of Hillary, and then I took the rest. But trust me, the nurse photos more than make up for that. As to when you'll see them, that's tricky. I can't show them inside the house, and right now they're only saved as computer files."

"That's right!" he said with sudden realization. "The 'safe' and 'secret' place has to be a folder on your computer!"

"That's true," she conceded, "But don't start poking around my computer or you'll be in big trouble. Don't upset the goose who lays the golden blowjobs." She winked playfully at him. "Don't worry, I'll print them out on some of that glossy printer paper we have soon enough. Then I'll bring them to the sun roof and we can have a private viewing there when I'm in Maggie mode, okay?"

"Sweet!" He pumped his fist in the air.

"BUT," she carefully added, "only if you're good. We're almost to the restaurant, thank God. Can you calm down enough to behave like a semi-normal person around her?"

"I can. It would help though if we stop talking and I can just close my eyes and tune out for a few minutes. I've never actually tried to fully meditate, but I can kind of relax and clear my mind if I put my mind to it."

"Okay. Please do that. And in the future... ugh! I was going to say 'let's not get so worked up,' but that's easy to say and hard to do. We're both so hot for each other that as soon as we get close, the clothes start flying off. This is NOT how I thought the fake girlfriend scheme would go, not in a million years. And then if you add in Hillary, our raging fire turns into a towering inferno!"

He grunted. He already had his eyes closed, and he was slouched in his seat. "Please don't remind me. I'm already trying to calm down. But I'm sure we're going through an initial thrill phase, and things will calm down after a while. Think about a newlywed couple. Many couples don't even leave their hotel rooms for their entire honeymoon vacations, they're so hot for each other. But eventually the passion cools. Nothing can stay this hot forever."

She said, "That's true. Thanks for pointing that out. Frankly, I've been getting concerned that things are getting out of control, and specifically that I'm getting way too out of control."

She glanced over at his crotch and saw that his cock was still making a lewd tent in his shorts. She growled, "It would help if your cock would go flaccid and stay that way for at least five minutes, someday! One distant day!"

He chuckled. He said, while keeping his eyes shut, "Come on. It's not that bad."

"It is!" But after that she stayed quiet and let him rest and relax.

Once Nick went quiet, Maggie focused on driving. She obviously couldn't close her eyes and tune out like he did, but by simply focusing on the road she was able to clear her mind to some degree.

By the time they arrived at Mama Mia's, she was still horny, but not overwhelmingly so. She considered that a victory. She just hoped that Nick was more or less back to normal too.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, BDGV, lew54321, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.