Chapter 50: Lunch with Anushka (Sunday)
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Nick's dick went flaccid while he relaxed and cleared his mind. He was encouraged by this, since he had the same concerns about getting too horny while meeting Anushka that Maggie did.

However, once he was out of the car and walking towards Mama Mia's restaurant, his penis engorged again, just from thinking about how Anushka would look and what she might wear. Thinking about her G-cups in particular was his downfall.

Had he not been fully aroused before seeing Anushka, he certainly would have been once he saw her, because she looked fantastic! He enjoyed looking at the unusually sexy Mama Mia's waitresses, especially since they'd switched to a much more revealing uniform early in the summer. But once he saw Anushka, sitting in a booth and waiting for them, he forgot all about the waitresses.

Maggie had been correct that Anushka had dressed to impress. But she'd underestimated just how far she'd go to impress. They'd talked about having a "casual" meeting, but Anushka stretched the bounds of "casual" to the breaking point.

She saw Nick and Maggie enter the restaurant and come close. She stood up to greet them.

That gave them a chance to see her from head to toe. She wore a short pale orange skirt. It wasn't a miniskirt, but it allowed her to show off the fact that she had very nice legs. Her four-inch high heels put her legs on even better display. But what she wore below her waist almost didn't matter, because the sight of her breasts was so breathtaking. She wore a simple, pale yellow top that matched her skirt nicely, and also contrasted dramatically with her dark skin. The top kept her shoulders bare and showed off a surprising amount of cleavage. The bottom of the V of exposed skin reached down to the same level as her nipples (which made two noticeable bumps).

She didn't wear any jewelry or have any obvious signs of make-up. However, she did wear a bindi (the Indian dot of dye on her forehead between her eyes), which was orange colored this time to match her clothes.

Nick was delighted at her appearance, but not very surprised, since he already knew how beautiful she looked.

Maggie, however, was surprised, if not downright shocked. As she walked closer to Anushka, she almost stumbled, she was so blown away. Whoa! Wow! Nick warned me that she was busty and beautiful, but I didn't think she'd be THAT busty and THAT beautiful! Jesus fucking Christ! Those are G-cups, at the very least! But her face! Her body! Gaawwwd, her entire body looks picture perfect, but her face really takes the cake! He's right, she DOES look like some kind of Indian movie star!

Phew! This is not good. Nick's calmed down some, but it won't take much to get him super horny again. I should have sucked him to a second orgasm, if I knew she was going to look THIS good. The poor boy is going to have a raging boner for our entire meeting, I'm sure. It IS a shame that she's lesbian!

Nick was aroused enough so that his shy side was nowhere to be seen. He walked right up to Anushka and gave her a hug. Then he kissed her on the cheek. "Hi, Anushka! Great to see you again!"

Anushka was surprised at his boldness, but since it was a friendly hug and just a simple peck, she decided to let it slide. She was particularly mindful of any contact with her breasts, but although his chest bumped into them, they were so large that it was fairly impossible not to make contact there. He made nothing of it and didn't let the contact linger, which was a relief for her.

He kept a hand on Anushka's lower back as he waved Maggie closer. "Hey, Maggie, don't be shy. Aren't you going to greet her too?"

Maggie stepped forward hesitantly. She was so awed by Anushka's beauty that she was at a loss for words. She smiled and mutely held her hand out for a handshake.

But it turned out that, if anything, Anushka was even more stunned by Maggie's looks than Maggie was by Anushka's. Although Maggie had tried to play down her looks and especially her buxom curves with her loose, dark blue T-shirt and medium length shorts, Anushka could still see that Maggie was a raving beauty with a very impressive chest of her own.

Furthermore, Anushka had come to grips with her desire for women. Plus, like Hillary, she wasn't shy to express how she felt. So she exclaimed, "Lord have mercy! Hillary said you were beautiful, but I wasn't prepared for... well, YOU! WOW!"

The two bombshells shook hands. But it seemed awkward and almost rude to merely greet like that. Anushka stepped forward, and the two of them hugged and kissed each other's cheeks.

That put their hefty racks into direct contact. Both women were so busty that it was almost impossible for them to hug and kiss without pressing their big tits together in a significant way, so they did make contact there.

And both of them felt an electric thrill run down their spines and through their bodies as a result.

Maggie tried not to let this contact affect her. However, she couldn't help but recall the similar way her breasts had rubbed against Hillary's recently, except while both of their chests were uncovered and smeared with Nick's cum. She visibly shivered as she had a brief flash of possibly doing the same with Anushka someday. But she mentally shook that naughty thought away.

Nick stepped back and to the side, just so he could take a mental picture of their busty bodies in contact. Oh, man! What an epic meeting of world class bodies and world class racks! Phew! Lord have mercy, indeed!

Anushka sensed he was ogling. While continuing to hug Maggie, she turned his way and gave him a discouraging frown.

He grinned impishly. "Don't stop hugging on my account! Please, do continue!" He wiggled his eyebrows in a cartoonishly encouraging fashion.

Maggie and Anushka couldn't help but laugh at that.

Anushka turned to him and lightly punched his shoulder. "You wish!" But it was clear she wasn't upset because she kept on smiling. He had defused any issue by embracing his lusty nature and making a joke out of it.

That broke up the hug though, so the three of them sat down in the booth Anushka had already been occupying. Anushka sat on one side, and Nick and Maggie sat on the other. Nick took the seat closer to the aisle.

Anushka wagged her thumb in Nick's direction as she asked Maggie, "Is he always like that?"

Maggie smiled widely. "Yeah, pretty much. He has two modes: horny and normal. At least, that's what he claims. I have yet to see him in normal mode."

Nick said happily, "That's because it's impossible for me not to be horny when I'm near you. If you want to see me in normal mode, you need to wear a heavy disguise and watch me from afar with binoculars."

The women laughed at that.

"It's true!" he insisted semi-seriously. He was well aware that he was "normal" most of the time, but those were the boring times when he wasn't near Maggie or Hillary.

Maggie said to Anushka, "By the way, sorry we're late."

Anushka said, "No worries. Thanks for calling to warn me. You never did explain what the problem was though. Did you run into traffic?"

Maggie immediately blushed, and she looked away. But that didn't hide her suddenly guilty expression.

Anushka was confused.

Nick felt obliged to explain, "The delay was kind of, uh, self-induced. We were going to put some clothes on and leave right away, but then, well, one thing led to another and, uh, we didn't." He started to blush a little bit too.

But Anushka didn't mind, and her smile returned and grew. "I see. Well, no harm done there. 'Put some clothes on,' huh? It's good to see you're both so in love."

He blurted out, "And then, on the way here, we kind of got a little too excited, and Maggie had to pull the car over, and well... We got delayed again." He fully blushed now too.

Maggie turned to him and thwacked his shoulder with her hand. "Niiiiick! Why'd you have to tell her all that?!" Her face turned redder and redder.

"Sorry. It just kind of slipped out."

Actually, he was "accidentally" revealing this information on purpose. Due to Anushka's confession during their last meeting that she'd dated boys in the recent past, he was hopeful that she was at least partially bisexual. And it was clear from that meeting that she "clicked" with him to a pleasantly surprising degree. He was feeling proud of his growing sexual skills and successes, and he figured it would be a good idea to present himself to Anushka as sexually talented and insatiable whenever possible.

He rubbed his shoulder with exaggerated hurt. He joked, "Both of you just hit me in the same shoulder, you know. I may have to go to the hospital."

An amused Anushka asked him, "Does Maggie hit you there a lot?"

He played up his injury even more. "Oh, all the time! And not just her, but Hillary too. You should see under my shirt. There's bruises on top of bruises! And now you're starting too. It seems that only beautiful women with enormous breasts like to hit me, for some strange reason."

Anushka smirked. "Hmmm. It might have something to do with the way YOU behave around such women, don't you think?"

He played dumb. "What do you mean? I'm a total angel. I've been talking to you for a good two or three minutes now, and I haven't fondled your breasts even once!"

Maggie added in a jokey way, "That's pretty good for him."

Anushka said, "You two crack me up." She grew more serious, and looked intently at Maggie. "It's nice to finally put a face to your name. I should probably feel threatened by you. Hillary tries to play it cool, but whenever your name is mentioned, her face lights up."

Maggie said, "I'm not surprised. Hillary and I have grown very close in a short amount of time. But don't worry, not in THAT way, if you know what I mean. We're bonding closely over Nick, but as friends."

She was being sincere, but only because she was having very selective memory about some recent times when she'd been kissing and touching Hillary. She was deceiving herself more than Anushka.

Anushka didn't seem entirely mollified by that, but she decided not to push on this tricky issue at the very start of their meeting. However, she didn't know what to say instead, so the group fell silent for an awkward moment.

That gave Maggie the opening she was looking for, to make the Aishwarya Rai comparison Nick had suggestion. She said with a slight smirk, "So, Ms. Rai, I have to commend you on going undercover like this for your next role. Has anyone been able to see through your disguise?"

Anushka was befuddled. "'Ms. Rai?' What are you talking about?"

Maggie pretended confusion too. "You ARE Aishwarya Rai, aren't you? I just assumed, because you look exactly like her."

Anushka's jaw hung open in shock. She looked back and forth between Maggie and Nick. Both of them has serious expressions on their faces. She practically shouted, "SHUT UP! Shutupshutupshutup! I am SOOOO not her!"

Maggie broke into a big smile. "You're not?! You could have fooled me!"

Anushka's face beamed with delight. She practically glowed. "Shut up, already! If you're trying to win me over through flattery, it is SOOOOOO working!" She laughed joyously.

The three of them shared a great moment with lots of laughing and smiling.

Nick loved to make Anushka laugh in particular. Her yellow shirt was rather tight, and the heaving the resulted literally took his breath away.

Once Anushka calmed down, she said, but jovially, "You lie! Nick put you up to that, didn't he?!"

"He did," Maggie said. "To be honest, I didn't even know who Aishwarya Rai was until he mentioned it on the car ride here. He told me, 'If you want to know what Anushka looks like, just picture the most incredibly, extraordinarily gorgeous Bollywood film star you can think of. That's Aishwarya Rai. She's regularly on most beautiful women in the world lists. Then triple the size of her bust so she's even MORE jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and then you have Anushka!' So while I don't know how Aishwarya Rai looks like, you look pretty much exactly as I expected."

Nick hadn't said those exact words, but it was a faithful summary of his general attitude about both the Bollywood film star and Anushka.

Anushka's eyes widened and bugged out again. "NO!" She looked back and forth between Nick and Maggie. "SHUT UP! Shut up so much! I'm not all that!" She was blushing as much as Maggie was, since Maggie's face was still very red from Nick's mention of the roadside blowjob.

Nick said confidently, "You are, in my book. And you know it's not bullshit, because if you don't know you're off-the-charts stunning, then you have to be blind."

Anushka looked to Nick with a fiery gaze. "I hate you! You're lucky we're not sitting near a balcony, or I'd throw you off it right now! If you were a girl, I swear, I would kiss you so hard!" She gasped as she realized what she'd just said.

Maggie chuckled at that. "Don't worry about it. He has that effect on women. When he turns on the charm, it's kind of overwhelming."

"I'll say!" Anushka still looked and felt stunned, not to mention highly aroused. She tried to change the topic, and said to Maggie, "But enough about me. What about YOU?!"

"What about me?" Maggie asked.

"You two go on about my looks, but what about YOUR looks?! Hillary said you were 'beautiful,' but... come on! That's the understatement of the year! You're ridiculous! And I mean that in a good way. In the best way!"

What followed was a fun conversation where Maggie and Anushka tried to out-compliment each other, with both of them trying to modestly deflect all the kind words. But both of them were left flattered and very delighted. Nick occasionally chimed in with compliments too, but kept them from being too sexual.

A great time was had by all, and it definitely put Maggie in Anushka's "good book," just as Nick had predicted, and Anushka in Maggie's "good book" too.

Nick mentally patted himself on the back for coming up with the idea of having Maggie make the Aishwarya Rai comparison. It worked even better than he'd exacted.

After a few minutes of this back and forth, Anushka tried to change the topic. She said to Maggie, "So, Nick tells me that you're quite a good cook, and you're even working on a cookbook! Please do tell!"

Maggie replied bashfully, "Well, I don't know about that. It's more like an idea than an actual book at this point. I doubt it'll ever be completed, much less published."

Nick stepped in. "Hey, that's not true! She's got it all worked out. She already has tons of recipes and notes and pictures, and all kinds of things. It just needs organizing and polishing. And I'm going to help. There's no way I'll let her stop before she's done!"

Maggie scoffed, "Yeah, it needs organizing in the same way that if you want to make a dictionary, all you need to do is organize the whole English language."

He said, "Don't listen to her. She's just shy about it. She lacks confidence."

Anushka said, "Well, I think it's a GREAT idea. I especially love the focus on little known dishes and foods from around the world. I could seriously use a book like that. Heck, I'm still in high school, but already I grow tired of the same foods. Imagine someone who's 30. Or even FORTY! There has to be a market for that."

Maggie was secretly chagrined. Anushka makes it sound like even 30 is absolutely ancient. If she only knew I'm actually 33 years old! And 34 is coming up soon. Crap. I AM old!

She told Anushka, "I think it is a good idea, but there are a couple of problems. One, most Americans aren't very adventurous with their eating habits. Look at all the fast food chains. People find comfort in the familiar. And secondly, even if someone is willing, it's hard to find exotic ingredients. Who is going to buy a cookbook when they can't make most of the recipes in it?"

Nick said, "Obviously, this isn't going to become the next 'Joy of Cooking' and sell millions of copies. But it's not trying to be. Only a tiny, tiny fraction of books become big best sellers. The rest need to find a niche market. And this has a great market. Who is going to be interested? Some farmer in Kansas? No. Probably worldly urban elites in places like San Francisco, Seattle, New York, and the like. And in places like that, they DO have Asian markets, Middle Eastern markets, Mexican markets, and so on, where you can buy 99 percent of the ingredients that'll be going in the book. One just has to put more effort into finding the rare stuff. But it can be done."

"I agree," Anushka said. "I mean, look at us. We live in a small town in Orange County. That's not exactly Manhattan. But Nick and I were talking about this with Hillary last time. We can buy all kinds of exotic foods. The three of us discovered we share of love of some tropical fruit most people in the US have never heard of, and nearly all of them can be bought nearby."

The discussion about Maggie's cookbook continued for a long while, because it was something all three of them were very interested in. Maggie was discouraged and modest at first, because she knew just how much her efforts with her book had been lagging. But Nick and Anushka were so enthusiastic and supportive that she soon caught their spirit. Before long, she felt an urge to rush home just so she could work on her book some more, thanks to all the ideas they were giving her.

Furthermore, Anushka was very knowledgeable about Indian foods. Since Nick had told her in their previous meeting about Maggie's cookbook, she had been thinking about what Indian dishes she would want to put in a book like that, dishes that could have a wide appeal to Americans. She was full of good ideas, and eager to share them.

Nick came up with the idea of begging for some paper and pencil from the waitress. He gave those to Maggie, and she took detailed notes of Anushka's ideas.

Furthermore, Anushka hit it off with Maggie so well that it wasn't long before she was talking about teaching Maggie how to cook certain difficult recipes. She liked cooking a lot too, and she very much looked forward to having fun cooking with Maggie.

That meant a lot, because it assumed they were already friends and would be getting together again socially in the future. Neither of them gave that any thought, because it seemed so natural that they were friends already.

Nick was secretly delighted by this. He knew that Anushka had plenty of reason to be antagonistic about Maggie, since she knew how Maggie had extensively French kissed and fondled her girlfriend Hillary while both of them were naked. Furthermore, Maggie's great beauty could have made her feel even more threatened. But it seemed like all that happened in some other universe. The issue of intimacy between Maggie and Hillary wasn't broached at all.

Their food arrived, and the three of them ate lunch while continuing to talk about cooking and other shared interests.

As they were finishing their food, Anushka commented about her pasta, "This is a good meal, but not a great one. Maggie, since you're obviously a food connoisseur with an interest in exotic foods, I'm curious why you took us to an out of the way yet fairly standard Italian restaurant."

Maggie obviously couldn't give her the main real reason, that she'd hoped that the busty and beautiful waitresses would make her own looks seem slightly more ordinary. Besides, that wasn't having much effect since they were so absorbed talking to each other that they hardly noticed anyone else, Nick included.

So she went with the other real reason, which was closely related anyway. "Nick loves this place, and, well, I kind of spoil him."

Anushka looked to Nick for an explanation.

He turned to Maggie. "Should I tell her?"

"Go ahead."

He said, "I like this place mostly because of the waitresses. I don't know what it is about them, but they have a certain je ne c'est WHOA!" As he said "WHOA!" he clutched the air in front of him as if he was squeezing a large pair of breasts.

Anushka laughed and shook her head. "I should have figured."

Nick added with obvious genuine enthusiasm, "For instance, have you noticed our waitress Laura? I had no trouble reading her name tag, because it was about two feet closer to me than the rest of her." That was a wild exaggeration, since Laura probably had D-cup breasts, but it was an amusing one.

Anushka rolled her eyes, but she couldn't hide a grin too. "I'm going to have to watch myself around you. Hillary said you're a 'tit man,' but I had no idea just how true that was. Although, looking at your two girlfriends, I shouldn't be surprised."

She couldn't help but eye Maggie's rack in a rather lusty manner, before she caught herself.

Nick said with a touch of pride, "Guilty as charged. But that goes for you too, doesn't it? If I look at YOUR girlfriend, I must guess that you're a 'tit woman' just as much as I'm a 'tit man.' And I saw the way you were checking out Laura and some of the other waitresses too, so you can't be too displeased at this place."

Anushka blushed in a very telling manner. She turned her head in embarrassment.

He spoke in a friendly manner. "Hey, don't be ashamed. You and Maggie are bonding over cooking and exotic foods. I like that too, but you and I can bond over our shared love of big, round, firm breasts."

She chuckled at his chutzpah. "Yeah, right."

"Come on. What's wrong with that? If you see a busty hottie, point her out to me. And if I see one, I'll point her out to you. It's win-win. Plus, if you ever need anyone to help you properly size your own breasts, I have an almost unlimited amount of time to help you with that."

He gazed wantonly at Anushka's extraordinarily large and perfectly shaped boobs.

She couldn't help but snort mirthfully. "You DO know I'm lesbian, right? Never forget that key fact!"

"How could I forget? That's totally hot! What's hotter for a guy than to see two women get it on?" He wiggled his eyebrows.

Anushka huffed to Maggie, "Turn him off! Does he have an off switch? Find it and turn him off." But she couldn't stop smiling.

Normally, Anushka never would have tolerated that kind of sexual teasing from a man, but there was something about the way Nick was bantering with her that amused and entertained her instead of annoyed her.

A key factor was that she was sexually attracted to him, although she was trying hard to deny this even to herself. She was attempting to be a "pure" lesbian for even more complicated reasons, despite having enjoyed dating boys not that long ago. She also didn't want to be seen as trying to "steal" him from either Maggie or Hillary.

It also helped that there was only the occasional burst of jokey teasing like this. Most of the time, they talked about non-sexual things.

For instance, after they'd finished eating, Anushka marveled to Maggie about Nick's knowledge of Bollywood films, although in truth he didn't know that much.

The three of them had a normal discussion about Bollywood, with Anushka educating Maggie, who knew way less than Nick.

But, as that discussion was winding down, Nick decided to take it in an unexpected direction. He could see how well the three of them were getting along, so he boldly suggested, "You know what? We should have a Bollywood film night one of these days. Just the three of us here, plus Hillary."

Anushka's face lit up. "That's a great idea! That would be totally fun!" Then she tempered her excitement, and asked Maggie, "That is, if you'd be up for it? Some people find Bollywood films kind of shallow, with all the dancing and singing and general silliness. And most of my American friends just don't like foreign films, period."

Maggie said, "It's true I've never really seen a Bollywood film, but I'm game. I know their general reputation, and I love singing, dancing, romance, adventure, and happy endings. Actually, that's not too different from your typical American 'chick flick' romantic comedy. The only difference is that musicals have gone out of style in the US for some reason. But I like musicals and foreign films and all that stuff. So, yes, I'd love to take part in a Bollywood movie night. Besides, to properly enjoy an Indian film, we should cook up a great Indian meal first, don't you think?"

Anushka beamed with delight again. "Cool! Ohmigosh! You're, like, my new best friend!"

Nick was secretly pleased with himself once more. A Bollywood movie night would help strengthen the rapidly emerging friendship between Maggie and Anushka, and give them something else to bond over. Hopefully, it would improve all the bonds in their four-person group. And it could easily become a weekly tradition. Plus, he actually enjoyed watching Bollywood films.

Anushka complained, "My girlfriends at my school are not into ANY of this stuff. They're all as American as apple pie, and they expect me to be the same way. Heck, blueberry pie would be too weird for some of them. Going to an Indian restaurant? Forget it! 'Too spicy.' Watching a Bollywood movie? Are you kidding me? No way!"

Nick pointed out, "You know, when we first met, you said you knew very little about your Indian heritage."

She was slightly abashed. "Well, okay, that's not entirely true. I mean compared to someone actually living in India. But I guess I kind of downplay it because there's this pressure to fit in. I've told you all about my troubles at the Academy."

A short conversation followed, in which Anushka explained her difficulty fitting into the elite, snobbish, and nearly all white and "white bread" Academy culture. Maggie actually knew the gist of that from Nick debriefing her about his conversations with Anushka, but she pretended that it was all new to her.

That led to some complaints about the "beautiful people" at Shannon's party last night, since half of them were from the Academy. Nick and Maggie sincerely commented that they could relate to Anushka's woes since they didn't get along with that crowd, and only socialized with them because they felt obliged to for various reasons.

Eventually, Nick asked Anushka, "What about Hillary? It's my impression that she's open to new things."

Anushka smiled brightly. "Oh, she's very open to new things! That's one reason I love her so much. But she's literally the only one I know."

Nick brought the conversation back to the movie night idea, to help make sure it would actually happen. "So you think she'd be open to a Bollywood movie night with the four of us?"

"For sure! I've pushed a few Indian movies on her, and she's enjoyed them well enough. Although, no local movie theater would show one, so our only option has been to rent a video and watch it in Hillary's bedroom. As a result, to be honest, we don't always make it through the whole movie, if you know what I mean."

Nick grinned impishly, and played dumb again. "You get tired and fall asleep."

She could see he was teasing, and shook her head. She leaned towards Nick, causing her enormous globes to swell forward. "Not exactly." She added in a provocative tone, "Although... a bed is usually involved."

He played even dumber, and pretended to be scandalized. "Wait! You two?! The two of you... you get... all kissy and stuff?!"

Anushka had a good laugh at that, and Maggie did too. Anushka played along with him. "Yes, we do get 'all kissy and stuff.' But I promise we'll behave if the four of us make a night of it."

He had a brief vision of himself sitting on Hillary's bed in the dark, making out with Maggie, while Hillary and Anushka sat further down the bed making out with each other too. He couldn't wait for that to happen!

He teased, "Don't behave TOO much, just on my account. After all, they DO say that Bollywood films are best seen while bare breasted."

She couldn't stop smiling. "Who the heck says that?!"

He waved his hands for emphasis. "Everybody! It's a well-known fact. The larger the breasts, the more true it is, so you should probably get topless if we so much as discuss Bollywood films!"

She complained, but with a big smile, "We're discussing Bollywood films right now!"

"Exactly." He looked around the restaurant. "If you take your top and bra off right now, I'm sure no one will notice. Heck, even I probably won't notice."

She laughed. "Right!" She was loathe to admit it, but this sort of talk was making her especially horny. Her nipples popped erect, a fact she hoped the other two didn't notice. She was grateful that she was wearing an extra heavy-duty bra, and a thick shirt (though also a tight one).

He further suggested with a sly grin, "And if Hillary gets tired of fondling your bare breasts, keep me in mind as a kind of a pinch hitter."

Maggie could see Anushka was having fun with this kind of playful banter, so she added, "Watch out, Anushka! He's less of a pinch hitter and more of a nipple pincher."

Nick ran with that idea, and joked in a silly voice, "I am the human crab!" He held his hands out like crab pincers and pinched them in Anushka's general direction. He pinched closer and closer until she cried "Eeek!" and covered her massive breasts with both arms.

Maggie worried he might have gone too far with that. She was truly surprised at how receptive Anushka was to his teasing.

Happily, Anushka just laughed some more. "Maggie, your boyfriend is seriously dangerous!" She looked to Nick. "As for your so-called helpful suggestion, Hillary does just fine with my breasts, thank you very much! And do you remember what I told you about my breasts when we first met?"

Nick remembered what she'd said, word for word, and how angry she'd been when she'd said it: "How 'bout these G-cup breasts?! See them and weep, because it'll be a cold day in Hell before you get to know what it feels like to touch them! If you ever try, I'm going to smack you so hard your head will land in a different state!"

But he deliberately and jokingly misquoted her. "Sure. You said, and this is an EXACT quote, because I have an excellent memory: 'How 'bout these G-cup breasts?! Feel them and weep, because on any pleasant day in Southern California you can get to know what it feels like to touch them. Although evening is good too, or night, and it could be hot or cold also.'"

Anushka couldn't help but laugh at that twisted version. "Yeah, right! That is soooo wrong!"

He pretended to remember more. "Oh yeah! And then you added, 'If you ever try, I'm going to smack your lips so hard your head will wind up in my lap, and then we'll see just how good you are at cunnilingus.'"

Maggie had heard Nick tell her the original version of the quote. She was certain he'd gone too far now.

But again, Anushka just laughed. "You WISH! Sheesh! 'Excellent memory,' my ass!"

She was feeling increasingly aroused, to the point that it was starting to concern her that her face would flush and give her feelings away. Despite her dark skin, her face still could flush very red. She didn't want to be attracted to him at all, but she couldn't help herself. She actually found him more fun and arousing than any of the boys she'd actually dated, back when she dated boys.

He said with a naughty smile, "Sorry, I'm all confused, because when you said that you had your arms pinned behind your back and your chest thrust forward provocatively. I'm kind of a visual memory guy, so I can't remember well unless you were to strike that pose again."

She complained, "That is so NOT going to happen! Argh!" She explained to Maggie, "I want to be mad at him, but he's so over the top and funny that it's hard to work up a good mad. Help me out here."

Maggie was relieved. She said in a fun way, "Well, for God's sake, don't encourage him. Or, the next thing you know, he WILL be lapping in your lap. Which is something he's surprisingly good at, by the way."

"Yeah, right!" Anushka scoffed. "He's a straight guy. Straight guys are terrible at that. I had a number of boyfriends, and they generally weren't willing to go down on me at all. A couple made half-hearted efforts, but they didn't arouse me."

Maggie lied, "Nick is different." She made a mental note that she'd better give him more pussy lessons so she wouldn't look bad if, for instance, Nick tried to go down on Hillary, did a bad job of it, and then word of that got to Anushka.

She added, "He cares about giving his partner lots of good orgasms." She was glad that at least she didn't have to lie about that. She couldn't resist adding effusively, "So many orgasms! Big ones!"

Since she was skating on thin ice praising Nick's still non-existent cunnilingus skills, she quickly switched the topic. "By the way, I know you're a lesbian, but you speak of having had these boyfriends. What's the story there? Could you be at least partly bisexual?"

Maggie was asking that question mostly for Nick's sake. She was wondering if Nick might be able to seduce Anushka eventually. She had mixed feelings about that, for sure, but she could see big advantages for their four-person arrangement if it were to happen. The chances of that arrangement falling apart would go way down if they all were intimate with each other.

Anushka frowned. Clearly, this wasn't something she wanted to talk about. She was trying her hardest to deny her lusty feelings for him, and she didn't want to make that harder to do by encouraging him. So she replied very carefully, "Maybe. But I highly doubt it. I thought I was bisexual not that long ago. But you know stories about how a guy finds a lesbian and 'fucks her straight' that's popular in pornography and such?"

Nick said with exaggerated eagerness, "Yeah? I sure do! Let's hear more about those!"

Anushka laughed, then gave him a chagrined look. "Color me surprised. Anyway, the reverse basically happened to me. I dated boys at first, but none of them made me happy. To be frank, including not sexually satisfying me. So I started dating girls too, and that was better. Much better. But I was still uncertain. Then I got intimate with Hillary, and that was all she wrote. Pardon my vulgar language, but she 'fucked me lesbian.' Now, I wouldn't even THINK about having sex with a man."

She looked pointedly at Nick. "So don't get any big ideas. Maggie, next time we all hang out together, we should keep him in a cage."

Maggie quipped, "Oooh! Kinky!"

Anushka rolled her eyes. "You're no better than him!" But she was having lots of fun, and it showed.

Nick said to Anushka, "Awww, come on. It's fun to tease you as if you would fall for my charms. We both know it's not going to happen, but it gets us talking about boobs a lot, And that's win-win! I think that's something we both enjoy, right?"

She shook her head in disbelief again. "Geez! Nick, you win the Chutzpah of the Year Award. Fine. Tease all you want. But remember my warning about touching."

He nodded soberly. "Right. Never touch your fantastic breasts, unless it's hot, cold, or warm in Southern California. Got it."

Maggie said to Anushka, "Don't worry. He'll tease you up the wazoo, but if you set firm boundaries, he's not going to violate them."

Nick suggestively said to Anushka, "I hadn't even thought about going up your wazoo. Frankly, I don't even know where that is. But it sure sounds like fun!"

Anushka laughed heartily. She said to Maggie almost apologetically, "He cracks me up too much for me to get mad."

They continued to talk all through dessert. There was more teasing than previously, and they had a lot of fun with it. Earlier, his penis had gone flaccid sometimes, when the three of them were talking about serious things, but more and more it was staying stiff.

Nick hadn't anticipated instigating so much sexual banter. But he had been very horny from before he'd even set foot inside Mama Mia's, and his lust was driving him to say things he otherwise never would have.

More importantly, far from Anushka discouraging him, she continually encouraged him. Even though she frequently grimaced, groaned, rolled her eyes, or otherwise complained, she almost never stopped smiling, and she laughed a great deal. Clearly, she was having a great time.

But it wasn't just that. Nick was getting an interested vibe from her, a lusty vibe. Actually, he noticed that she seemed quite aroused and interested in both him and Maggie.

And he wasn't wrong to be seeing such things, because Anushka really was finding herself sexually interested in both Maggie and Nick. At times, that confused and bothered her. She was determined to stay loyal to Hillary and Hillary alone, because she truly loved her. It was understandable for her to get a little flushed and giddy around Maggie, since Maggie was such a beautiful, intelligent, and charming woman. Plus, Anushka was very much a "tit woman," and even though Maggie's T-shirt she could see that Maggie was extremely endowed.

But she was confused and even sometimes distressed by her attraction to Nick. As she'd said, until recently she had considered herself bisexual, with a marked preference for women, but in the last month she'd had such a great and loving experience being with Hillary that she thought no man could interest her again. Furthermore, normally she would have been repulsed by Nick's aggressive style, and she couldn't understand why it was working on her.

However, she figured that the three of them were doing nothing but talking and looking at each other, so that was completely harmless.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, lew54321, BDGV, GWB, Greyshadow, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.