Chapter 51: Sharing Secrets (Sunday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Anushka was having such a great time that she'd almost forgotten she was supposed to feel threatened by Maggie, particularly by Maggie's recent physical intimacy with Hillary.

But she hadn't completely forgotten, and she wanted to make sure that got addressed. Dessert had ended, and she worried that time was running out before Nick or Maggie said it was time to leave.

So, during a rare lull in the conversation, she abruptly changed topics. "By the way, I wanted to get back to a serious matter I'd only touched on earlier. Maggie, I really like you. It's weird. We've been here for, what? Going on two hours now, and yet I already am seeing you as a friend."

Maggie reached out and took Anushka's hand. "I'm glad to hear you say that, because I consider you a friend now too. Like you, I was pretty worried about this meeting. I truly feel that the arrangement Nick's worked out with you, Hillary, and me is one that's going to last a long time. So that makes this a big deal. It would be such a delight if we can be friends instead of enemies." She smiled warmly.

Anushka smiled back. "I agree completely. And we're well on the way there. But I still have this big concern. Hillary tells me everything. For instance, she told me about your little adventure with Debra last night."

Maggie let go of Anushka's hand, because she drew her hands to her face as she gasped. Her face turned red too. "Oh God! You heard about that?!"

Even Nick was shocked by that revelation, and he looked like it.

Anushka said, "Like I said, Hillary tells me everything. Well, most everything. We're trying hard to be completely honest with each other, and that's not easy. Sometimes she tries to downplay certain things, and I must admit that I do too sometimes. But if I ask the right questions, she'll fess up eventually. I was talking to her on the phone this morning about possible plans, and I asked her how the party at Shannon's place went last night. Before long, she was cursing Debra to the high heavens, and then the whole story about the 'sex game' came out. I must admit, it sounds like quite the... adventure." She said that with impish mirth.

Maggie covered her eyes with a hand. "Oh God! I'm so embarrassed. That was NOT my favorite moment!"

Anushka quipped, "No, but it sounds like it might have been Nick's." She looked to him.

He replied, "True, in terms of sheer sexual pleasure, that was pretty great. But at the same time, it was a real low point for me too. I should have been helping Maggie and Hillary out with Debra. But I got so horny that it's like my brain turned off. I just stood there like an idiot. Or, I dunno, some kind of human dildo. Let's not talk about that, please. It's embarrassing all around. Trust me, we're working hard to minimize the damage and get Debra away from us. What were you starting to say about your concern about Maggie?"

"Oh yes. Like I said, Hillary tells me everything." She looked right at Maggie. "At first, she was very, very reluctant to talk about you. But, naturally, that increased my curiosity by leaps and bounds. Eventually, I squeezed some interesting information out of her. For instance, in that same phone call to me this morning, she also told me about how you and she smeared Nick's cum all over each other's bare breasts, and how she even fed some of it into your mouth. You can see why I'm concerned, can't you?"

Maggie blushed cherry red. She'd greatly enjoyed those times with Hillary when they'd happened, but now that she wasn't out of her mind with arousal, she was ashamed. However, she also knew that if the chance to do it again were to come up, she'd do it in a heartbeat. She had no doubt that she and Hillary would be frequently sharing Nick's cum with each other in all kinds of ways from now on, so it was no good trying to lie about it.

She put her hand on her forehead like she had a painful headache. She sighed. "God. I don't know what to say. That's too embarrassing for words!"

Nick said, "Let me speak then, on your behalf."

He stared intently at Anushka. "I think I'll need to explain, because Maggie gets very embarrassed about that kind of thing. It's hard for me to talk about it too, but I'll try, and I'm not going to beat around the bush."

He looked to Maggie and Anushka. They both seemed okay with letting him talk.

So he said, "Yes, that kind of thing is going on. I talked to you about the whole cum sharing play thing at the restaurant on Friday night, remember?"

Anushka nodded. She was getting very serious and worried now.

"Well, I don't want to repeat myself too much, but that's a big part of how Maggie, Hillary, and I sexually interact. Threesomes are our favorite thing. Not surprisingly, I absolutely love it when Maggie and Hillary take turns sucking my dick or licking it together. What guy wouldn't? Then, when I'm ready to cum, I love to cum over their faces and breasts. I think it's safe to say that both of them have a powerful fetish about that. Wouldn't you agree, Maggie?"

Maggie was dying of embarrassment having to hear Nick talk about this. Her face was cherry red and her eyes were shut tight. But she nodded her head.

He continued, "Ask Hillary too. If she's as honest with you as you say she is, she'll tell you all about it. Obviously, that's something that I as a man can give her that you can't - all this cum. HAS she talked to you about it?"

Anushka said reluctantly, "A little bit. But she doesn't like to talk about it, and I don't like to ask, because it's gross and freaky to me." She made a sour face.

That wasn't acting either. Back when she dated boys, she'd been very squeamish about male ejaculate. She'd never given a blowjob or titfuck at all, and only a few reluctant handjobs, so she hadn't had to deal with male cum much anyway. She had gotten fucked several times, however, mostly just to see if she'd like it. (It hadn't exactly rocked her world.)

He said, "It's important though. It's kind of a glue that binds us together, in a very literal as well as metaphorical sense. I'm not them, and we haven't actually done it that many times yet, but I believe that the cum on the skin thing, and then the sharing of it, is like half of the whole sexual experience that we share. I can't really explain it because, again, I'm not them, but it's more than just cum, symbolically. Right?"

He gave Maggie a nudge, since her eyes were still closed.

Maggie opened her eyes and grudgingly explained while shyly staring at the table, "He's right. It IS more than just cum. I don't know how to begin to explain it, but it's very important to binding us together. Not just Nick to Hillary and me, but between her and me too! After we've worked so hard as a team to get him to cum - and believe me, it's extremely difficult to get him to cum! He's no ordinary guy, sexually, as I'm sure you've noticed by now, and his penis is extremely thick! Both Hillary and I can barely fit it in our mouths!"

Anushka winced, and she pinched her nose between her eyes. "So I've heard. But please, let's try to minimize the penis talk, okay?"

Maggie bravely went on, despite her face burning cherry red. She kept talking to the table, afraid to make eye contact. "Sorry. Anyway, after all that, it's only natural that we want to celebrate together, and sharing his cum is the obvious way to do it. It's such a joy, basking in his cum! It's like running through a fountain when you're five years old again and you don't have a care in the world. You're totally free!" She smiled in blissfully memory.

But then she frowned, and shut her eyes tight again. "I'm sorry if that sounds crazy. I don't know how to explain it!" She fished, for Nick's sake, "Have you ever given a guy, you know, oral pleasure? And do you know what it's like to have him cum on your skin?"

Anushka said testily, "I'd rather not answer that. Let's just say that I definitely cannot relate to your cum fetish."

Nick said, "If I can help, the point is, when Maggie and Hillary kiss and rub their breasts together and the like, it's not really a lesbian thing. I'm sure Maggie feels some lust for Hillary, because we get so worked up and Hillary is so beautiful that it would be impossible not to. But Maggie doesn't naturally lean that way, like, at all. She's not about to fall in love with Hillary, except in a love-of-a-friend kind of way. It's all about the threesome relationship. It's all about sharing the dick, and sharing the cum. Maggie, am I off base here?"

Maggie still had her eyes closed, because her embarrassment was too much for her to take. "No, you're right. You're absolutely right. Anushka, believe me! I know this is an extremely bizarre thing. I FULLY understand your concern! But Nick is my BOYfriend. I don't have a girlfriend. I never have and I never will! Hillary and I wouldn't be doing any of that stuff if he wasn't there."

Deep down, Maggie wasn't as completely sure as she sounded. Some of her recent cum-sharing fun with Hillary had affected her greatly. She wouldn't consciously admit it to herself, but on some level she suspected they would go further with each other eventually, with Nick there or not. But she was trying to put a certain spin on things without completely lying, in order to put Anushka's mind at ease. She felt absolutely certain that she'd never fall in love with Hillary to the point that she'd steal her away from Anushka, and she figured that was what mattered here. She could gloss over a few minor details to get that point across.

Anushka sighed heavily. "I hear what you're saying. And I want to believe you. But I worry. This is kind of an embarrassing thing to admit to in front of Nick, but I don't believe female sexuality is all that fixed. It's definitely a different kind of beast than male sexuality, where homosexuality and heterosexuality is usually more clearly defined. I think, with most women, we're bisexual to some degree. There are some, like me, who are mostly lesbian, and some, like you, Maggie, who are mostly straight. But there's a lot of wiggle room."

She sighed heavily again. "God, I can't believe I'm admitting this in front of you, Nick. It's like I'm extending an invitation for you to seduce me. But I'm not. So please don't get any ideas!" She gave him a stern look.

He was definitely getting ideas!

She continued, "However, I'll press on, because this is an important point I have to make. With women, I think it often comes down to the person you fall in love with. I was still confused about my sexuality until I fell in love with Hillary. Maggie, you say you're straight, but what if you had a bad run of luck with men, and then you met a beautiful woman who was your perfect partner in every way, except she was a woman? Can you really say you wouldn't fall in love with her and have sex with her?"

Maggie finally opened her eyes again. "I can't say that. That's because you're talking in hypotheticals. I can't say because I can't know the future. Just about anything is possible. A five-headed alien might land in my backyard, and I could fall in love with her, or him, or it - whatever the hell it is. So I can't say anything for sure. But I can tell you what I know in my heart. And I know I love Nick with all my heart! Him and him alone!"

She reached out and took his hand on top of the table. She shared a loving look with him.

She glanced at his lap and saw a lewd bulge in his shorts. She was tempted to give it a brief, surreptitious squeeze. But then she realized that would be extremely unwise, since it might lead to more, right in front of Anushka. Furthermore, Nick had behaved himself extremely well, without any under the table touching at all, and she wanted to keep it that way.

She defiantly added, "I know he and I have only been going out since the start of summer, but we share a loving connection that's incredibly strong!" She drew on her fake backstory that she was detailing in her novella. "I dated another guy for four years. We were very serious. I thought we were going to marry. But my feelings for Nick are ten times as strong as they ever were for that guy!"

She continued, passionately, "Furthermore, the sex is incredible! I don't want to get too graphic here, but let's just say that a big reason I encouraged him to date Hillary too is that he's too much for me. Too much for any one woman!"

Anushka complained, "Are you kidding me?! A woman can have, like 40 or 50 orgasms in a day. Not very likely, but it's possible. A guy can have four, max."

Maggie laughed. "You obviously don't know Nick! Four would be a record low for him! And his size! My God!" She leaned in and whispered confidentially, "I don't want to get too graphic here, but I kind of have to. His penis is soooo thick! As you know. But when he fucks you with it... oh my Lord! Talk about seeing stars! And passing out! Then your kitty is sore for days! I definitely appreciate Hillary taking care of that monster sometimes, believe me!"

She sat back. "So when you suggest there's even a remote chance I could be interested in sex with another woman, let me just say you don't know what it's like to have sex with Nick!"

Anushka was secretly staggered by that. Her desire for Nick rose quite a lot. She'd had nothing but dissatisfying sexual experiences with boys. But she had to increasingly wonder if it would be very different with Nick. Hillary sang praises to the high heavens about sexual fun with him too.

Anushka tried her best to hide her feelings and continue on with her argument anyway. "That's nice. And you say all that now. But it sounds to me that if things do work out with Nick's long-term sharing plan, you could be getting naked and sexual with Nick AND Hillary many times, every single week! That would mean not just having fun with him and his penis, but kissing and fondling Hillary in all kinds of ways, usually when the two of you are naked! Over time, it would be natural if you and her fall in love with each other more and more. Hillary has sworn to me that she hasn't touched your vagina, and you haven't touched hers - thank God! But when you're put in that kind of super heated sexual situation day after day after day, isn't it just a matter of time before you do more with each other?"

Maggie was about to deny that, even though in her heart of hearts she suspected that it probably was inevitable she and Hillary would end up doing more to each other, much more. On a subconscious level she was trying not to make a promise that she wouldn't go further sexually with Hillary, since that was a promise that was likely to be broken.

But before she could respond, Nick said, "It IS very possible that those things could happen, Anushka. You make a good point. I know this must be hard for you to take. If the tables were turned on me, and I had to share Hillary or Maggie with another man who was kissing and fondling her naked body, I don't think I could handle it. Maybe guys have more trouble sexually sharing, I don't know."

He continued, "But we're all going to have to suffer and make sacrifices. I love Hillary. A LOT! Sure, she's beautiful and busty, but it goes much deeper than that. I adore her! I click with her on all sorts of levels. I believe I told you last time that I had a crush on her for two years before we went out, to the point that I didn't date at all during that time."

"Until Maggie came along," Anushka pointed out.

"Well, of course. But that's a whole other story. I believe a person can love two people with all their heart and soul, and I think I'm living proof of that. Hillary is too, with her love for both you and me. But my point is, there will be many times, I'm sure, when I want to be in Hillary's arms, but she'll be with you. That hurts!"

Anushka said with much anguish, "Yeah, but you can 'drown your sorrows' with Maggie. What can I do? When she's with you, or you and Maggie, I'm all alone! You'll get to have these wild, kinky threesomes, and I'll be sitting at home twiddling my thumbs."

Nick said, "I know. And that sucks. I'm sorry. I was getting to the point where I was going to say that we're all going to suffer, but you're the one who's going to suffer the most. I want to do what I can to make this better for you, and more fair for you. Tell me what you want and we can try to make it happen, within reason."

Anushka said bitterly, "I want to have Hillary all to myself!" Then she added, with greater sadness, "Unfortunately, I know that isn't going to happen. So at least I want to share her only with you. But you told me that the threesome arrangement is the key to you keeping your relationship going with Hillary, so I can't have that either. What can I have? I'm fucked!"

Nick had a daydream vision. In it, he, Maggie, Hillary, and Anushka were together in Hillary's room, naked, getting high, and listening to good music. All four of them were sexually intimate with each other. From time to time, maybe Hillary and Maggie decided to have sex, and they did so even though the other two were there and watching. Another time, perhaps it was Hillary and him who decided to get it on. Or maybe Hillary, Anushka, and him. They would have sex in every possible combination, including all four of them at once! All four were good friends and lovers. Sometimes sex happened, sometimes they just talked and hung out.

He thought, Wow! That's the ultimate fantasy. Life for me couldn't possibly get any better than that! But is it possible?! Who knows?! It sounds like a long shot at best. But my fake girlfriend plan was a long shot at best too, and that's worked out beyond all my expectations. You can't succeed if you don't try! There's no way that vision can come true all at once, but I can help it along, step by step.

With that in mind, he said, "I have a wild idea here. Slap me for being a male sexist pig for even suggesting this-"

She reached across the table and slapped his shoulder before he had a chance to explain. She gave him a naughty grin.

He was encouraged that even though she was obviously feeling very sad and frustrated, she could still be playful like that. Although, he also figured that part of it was just that she wanted to slap him to release some frustration.

He grinned back at her, and said, "Touché. But I'm going to throw this crazy idea out there anyway, at the risk of further slapping. First of all, I'm NOT saying that you and I should have sex! I'm NOT saying that!"

Anushka grumbled, "Good. Because that's not going to happen! Not until Hell freezes over!" She crossed her arms under her massive breasts, inadvertently pushing them up and out in an extra sexy manner. She was sending mixed signals because her own feelings were very confused.

Nick continued, "But, that said, what if you and Maggie were to get a little bit intimate? Wouldn't that help our group bond closer together?" He sensed that Anushka was attracted to Maggie, so he was throwing that possibility out there to see how it went over.

Anushka gasped, and gripped the edge of the table with both hands. "What?!"

"I'm just saying that anything's possible. If Maggie enjoys French kissing and fondling Hillary's naked body, then maybe she'd like to do the same to yours. Women do kiss on the lips a lot, and sometimes it's more of an expression of friendship and love than a totally sexual thing."

Maggie was very curious where he was going with this. It didn't look like it was going over well at all, and she was tempted to step in and shut him up.

Anushka put her hands on her hips defiantly. "You're just suggesting that to set up a situation where YOU could have sex with ME!"

He said, "Sure, I won't lie. I'd love for that to happen. But you say you're a lesbian. I'll kid and tease you to the moon and back, but I respect your sexual choice, if that's what you want." He was careful to add the "if that's what you want" loophole.

She said with growing irritation, 'Yeah, but even so, in that situation you describe, you'd get to see me naked all the time, and even see me make love to Hillary." She added with heavy sarcasm, "That sounds like a hardship to you!"

He held his hands up defensively again. "Hey. Forget it if it bothers you. Like I said, I was just throwing out a crazy idea. But I think I've got a legitimate point that you worry about Hillary and Maggie falling in love, but shouldn't I worry just as much about you and Maggie falling in love?"

Anushka's eyes bugged out. "What?! Now, that's real crazy talk!"

"Why? Think about it. You're an extraordinary, busty beauty, and so is she. The two of you are practically the best of friends after just one lunch together."

"Not even," Anushka complained.

"No, true. But think how much closer you'll be in a few weeks or months, given this great start. Anything is possible, after all. Besides, if you were to get intimate, what could I do about it? Nothing. It would be kind of fitting, actually, because it would balance things out. Everyone in our foursome group would have two lovers."

Anushka shrank back in her seat as far as she could, as if trying to get away from Maggie. "Well, it's not going to happen! Ever! Right, Maggie? I love Hillary, period! I'm not into sharing!"

Maggie was secretly finding the idea very appealing. Nick was right that Anushka was extraordinarily beautiful, and given what Maggie had been doing with Hillary recently, she couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to kiss and fondle Anushka too.

But she certainly wasn't willing to admit that, not even consciously to herself. So she said, "Right. Anushka, please, have pity on Nick. He's like a walking, talking penis. He gets all these erotic ideas in his head. I think he thinks he's living in some cheesy porno movie. Just ignore him. He's harmless."

Anushka pointed out, "Well, he IS living in a porno movie 24/7, pretty much. Having you AND Hillary as his TWO girlfriends? What guy wouldn't give his right arm for that? And that doesn't even count the sex game with Debra yesterday."

Maggie slapped her forehead. "Oh no! Please don't bring that up again! What a fiasco!"

"Sorry. But it did happen."

Nick said soberly, "Maggie's right. I AM a very lucky guy, but I do also think with my dick a lot. So please forget what I said about the four of us hanging out together in the nude. That was probably my penis doing my thinking for me again." But then he got a silly grin on his face. "Still, wouldn't that be pretty fun?"

Anushka huffed, "Sheesh! You're a case." But she smiled again. She liked his irrepressible nature.

Then she grew serious once more as she considered her situation. "Still, putting all crazy schemes from Mr. Dangerous here aside, where does that leave me? Maggie, I'm kind of blown away about how much I'm liking you and how well we're getting along. But I'm still concerned. The fact that you're so likable makes it even more probable that Hillary could fall in love with you someday! What if she cuts me out and decides to just stick with both of you? She is bisexual. She could get all she desires without me being involved at all!"

Maggie reached out and took Anushka's hand. "Anushka, I swear to you. I SWEAR to you! That is NOT going to happen! I won't let it happen! You and Hillary have a deep and loving relationship. I get all of that with Nick. I'm mainly straight. I'm NOT someone who can love two people at the same time. Nick clearly is. I am not. I can't explain how I know, but I know. I'm a thousand percent convinced of that. Furthermore, I'm way more convinced that I could never fall in love with another woman in particular!"

She continued, very passionately, "So what you fear is impossible! Hillary doesn't just want to have sex with you, she LOVES you! I know she does. There are all kinds of things she'll get from you that she can't get from me, no matter what she and I may do physically in the wildest scenario, because we won't love each other, except maybe as friends. And we never will."

She added, "The only way I could possibly imagine falling in love with her is if I fell out of love with Nick first. Because, like I said, I just don't share my heart like that! I just don't! And if I did fall out of love with Nick, then the whole arrangement between the four of us would fall apart anyway. Don't you see?! I understand your worries, but they're unfounded. We work as a four-legged chair, not a three-legged one."

Maggie meant every word of that. On some subconscious level, she could see herself getting much more sexually intimate with Hillary. But she felt there was a world of difference between that and romantic love, and she considered the idea that she'd ever fall in love with Hillary beyond unbelievable. One reason was that she truly couldn't imagine romantically loving two people at the same time.

Anushka said suspiciously, "Everything hinges on your claim that you can't love two people at once. I'm putting my heart on the line over that. And how can I know that it's true? I want to believe it's true, so much! But how can I know for sure?!"

Maggie said, "That's not the only thing this hinges on. There's also the fact that I'm basically straight. Sure, I'll admit that I enjoy kissing Hillary and even fondling her. But it's a heat of the moment thing that's all bound up with my love and lust for Nick. If it was just Hillary and me, alone, we would never get intimate! Never! It wouldn't even come up. We'd just be normal friends."

She was on shakier ground with some of those comments. But she was trying to look at things in a certain way to help Anushka, and she meant what she said as she said it.

Anushka sighed heavily. "Keep telling me that. Please! I want to believe you, so much. I feel like I'm being played for a fool. The truth is... Well, no. I can't tell you this."

She came to a complete stop, and stared off into space. Then, she continued impulsively, "Oh, fuck it! I'll tell you anyway. How much more screwed can I get?! And you're going to find out soon enough anyway."

She leaned forward dramatically, even as her face started to redden again. "The truth is... I'm kind of submissive. Hillary is the dominant one in our relationship, and I'm the submissive. She pretty much does what she wants, in and out of bed, but especially in bed, and I love her so much that I end up going along with it. So I'm kind of used to getting screwed over." She leaned back and slumped down unhappily.

Nick was secretly delighted to hear that, to say the least! But he tried not to show it. If that was true, perhaps he had a better chance to seduce her with his aggressive style than he'd previously thought possible. He couldn't imagine how great it would be to have Anushka as his submissive sex toy, if he could keep his relationships with Maggie and Hillary too!

Trying to stay calm, he couldn't resist asking, "Is that like 'butch' and 'femme?' I've heard of those terms lesbians call each other."

Anushka wearily replied, "Not exactly. I fit the 'femme' stereotype pretty well, but Hillary is harder to pin down. She can get around well in a masculine environment, and she doesn't like 'girly' stuff, but she's not a tomboy. It's not like she constantly orders me around or gets off on dominating me either. It's just that she's the one who's in charge and we both know it, if you know what I mean."

She said with increasing despair, "Unfortunately, at least out of bed, I think it's less a sub-dom thing as it is the fact that I love her more than she loves me. Unequal love is a painful, painful thing! Nick, keep in mind that I was crushing on her in a big way for two full years before I started going out with her. Kind of like you, so I can relate to your past. When I dated other girls, or even boys, it wasn't so much that I was interested in them, but they were stand-ins for her."

She spoke from the heart, with an agonized expression. "I love her so much that it hurts! All the time! And now she has you too! So I only get half of her heart and half of her attention, but she gets all of mine." She slumped in defeat. "I guess I'm just doomed to suffer. I tell myself that it's better to love and lose than not love at all, as the famous quote goes. And that is true, so at least I have that consolation."

She said to Nick, "Now you can see why I agreed to your totally bizarre sharing plan. I knew I'd lose her before long anyway, so it's a desperate hail Mary pass, and yet it's one that might actually work. Yeah, she says she loves me, and I believe she does, but not like I love her. I wish so much I could get her to love me more, but what can I do?! If I get all needy and pushy, that'll just drive her away faster."

She hadn't planned to reveal all of this, but it came pouring out unexpectedly. She had been keeping a lot in for a long time. It felt good to unload her feelings onto someone else. Strangely, she felt she could trust Maggie and Nick, even though she was just starting to get to know them. If nothing else, it was in their interest to help strengthen her relationship with Hillary, to strengthen the overall balance and dynamic in their four-person group.

Nick said encouragingly, "Just keep being you."

Anushka was surprised he was giving her advice on this. "What?"

He boldly held her hand from across the table, and he squeezed it encouragingly. "Just keep being you. Like Maggie, I'm only starting to get to know you. But from what I've seen so far, I believe you're a truly extraordinary person, and extraordinarily beautiful too. And that's not some come on. This is serious, no teasing here. You ARE remarkable! You have to know that deep down. I mean, G-cup breasts on your thin body frame, and with your Bollywood movie star face?! That's like a one in a million combination! I don't know much about this Academy you go to, but you must be the most beautiful girl there. Come on. Try to deny it."

"Well..." She blushed bashfully. She knew there was a general consensus that she was the most beautiful and desired girl in her grade, at least, and she felt an ego boost being reminded of that, even though she generally tried to downplay her looks to herself.

He said triumphantly, "See? I can tell it's true from your reaction. And it's not just your looks. It can't be denied that looks are important, but there's so much more to you than just beauty. From the little I've talked with you, I can tell you're quite smart. Furthermore, you've got a winning personality. I love your sense of humor. So many gorgeous girls let their beauty go to their heads and they become vain, bitchy, high maintenance, or whatever. But you're none of those things."

Anushka admitted, "I can be high maintenance at times."

"Okay, fair enough. But see? That's good, because it helps confirm to me that you're surprisingly honest too. I like that a lot. I can also tell that you're a naturally kind and good person. That's practically the most important thing of all, in my book."

Anushka's face was still red from her confession, and she was blushing even more from all the compliments. She was having trouble handling so much obviously sincere praise. "Stop, already! I'm not all that. I told you that before."

"You ARE! Hillary has a ton of reasons to think you're very special. For instance, why do you love Hillary so much? Sure, she's a raving beauty too. But it goes much deeper than that. You and she click on many levels. From what I know already, you two share so many interests and values that it's uncanny. You even like the exact same music!"

Anushka dropped her head. "Confession time here. God, I don't know why I'm baring all my secrets to you, but I am. And it feels good in a weird way. Anyway, the reason we share so many interests is because whenever I'd find out that Hillary liked something, that would make me like it too! For instance, speaking of music, I didn't have any strong musical preferences of my own a couple of years ago. But when I'd hear that Hillary liked a certain group, I'd rush out and get that music too. And then I'd like it, just because she liked it. Weird, huh? I feel like a fraud."

Nick laughed heartily.

That upset Anushka, and she pulled her hand from his.

He quickly said, "Sorry! I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing at ME!"

She growled with distress, "Explain!"

"I'm laughing because I feel like I'm the fraud!" He thumped his chest each time he said "I" or "I'm." "I've done the exact same thing you have! Exactly! Remember, Maggie only entered the picture recently. For the last two years plus, I had a crush on Hillary so intense that it hurt. The same time frame you did the same thing, by the way. I tried to learn everything I could about her. If I found she liked a certain group, I'd rush out and get their music too! Just like you. And I'd love it because she did, just like you!"

Anushka was amazed. She could tell he was sincere.

He continued, "And it's not just music. Oh no! It's lots of things. You know why I'm a vegetarian? Because she is! It was a super hard ordeal to give up meat. But I kind of enjoyed doing it, because it was a way I could express the intensity of my love for her, even though she'd never know. Isn't that weird?"

Anushka grinned in understanding. "It IS weird! But I TOTALLY relate, because I did the EXACT SAME THING!" She reached out and grabbed his hand again. "No way! This is amazing! It's like we're having a mind-meld!"

He nodded. He also was very gratified to find someone who could relate so well to what he'd felt and done. "It is! And I like it. So I laughed when you said you're a fraud, because I totally feel like a fraud too. For instance, yeah, I'm an environmentalist, but how big on that would I really be if it wasn't that I'm trying to impress Hillary on some level? I don't even know the answer to that."

He added, shyly, "Please don't tell her any of this, okay? I'm so glad she's not here today, so I can confess this kind of thing to you."

Anushka nodded. "Your secrets are safe with me. And don't tell her what I've told you either, okay?"

"Of course!"

Anushka smiled with relief. "I'm glad too. I feel like I'm starting to truly understand you. You really DO love her, don't you?!"

"I do. With all my heart!"

He looked to Maggie. "I say that and I mean it, but I love Maggie with all my heart too. I suppose not many people can do this, and Maggie can't, but I can love two people totally and utterly. That's the weird situation I find myself in, due to some twists of fate. Maggie, it goes so much deeper for me than just big breasts or a beautiful face. Just saying your name in my mind gives me a little joyous tingle, every time. And that's true for Hillary too, and it doesn't lessen my love for you one iota."

Maggie smiled lovingly at him. "I know." She quipped, "And don't get me started on your 'joyous tingles!' You 'tingle' all the time!"

She leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. It wasn't a short kiss either. She put all the passion and love into it that she could muster, and Nick responded in kind.

When they finally pulled apart, Anushka said, "Wow! I feel kind of honored to have witnessed that. I can see you two love each other a great deal."

Nick nodded. "I feel like I'm the luckiest guy in the world. Maggie and I are in a good place right now, very good."

Anushka asked him, "Even with what happened with Debra last night?"

Maggie replied for him. "What could he do? It was a comedy of errors. We were backed into a corner. I know he had a great time, but still, I don't blame him. I blame Debra all the way."

Anushka reluctantly nodded at that.

He went on, "My great fear is losing Hillary. My romance with her has only just started, and I don't know how serious it's going to get or how long it's going to last. I'm like you in that I fear I love her a lot more than she loves me."

Hearing that affected Anushka profoundly. She reached out and gripped his hand tightly. "We have so much in common!"

Curiously, the more she bonded with him over their shared Hillary feelings, the more her sexual desire for him grew as well. She tried to keep that very well hidden though.

He responded, "We do. Now maybe you can see better why I'm willing to share her with you. I'll do just about anything I can to keep her. And I know you'll do the same. That's why we'll make a good team. I don't want to steal her from you. Far from it! If she were to break up with you, that would be a major disaster for me! Then anything can happen, and I'd probably find myself out in the cold before long. I'm happy with the status quo, and I want it to continue as long as humanly possible."

Anushka nodded. "Me too. It's true that I'm still having trouble swallowing some aspects of our deal, Nick." She looked to Maggie. "For instance, knowing that she's getting increasingly intimate with you, Maggie, and that such intimacy may just grow and grow. That's the worst!"

She looked back to Nick. "It's like if you had to share her with another man. I'm sure it would tear your heart apart day by day. But I'll just have to suck it up, because that's still a million times better than losing her. I get so emotional! I don't even know how I could go on without her!"

Out of the blue, Anushka started to tear up. She began by wiping a stray tear or two away, but only a few seconds later, she was sobbing without restraint.

Nick quickly stood up, allowing Maggie to get out of her booth seat. He figured Anushka needed some consoling, but it would seem pervy it he tried to hug her right now. It was better if Maggie did it.

Maggie didn't need it spelled out for her, because she already wanted to give Anushka a loving hug too. She stood up and then sat back down on the other side of the booth next to Anushka. She put her arms around her in the least sexual way she could manage (which was hard to do given the size of Anushka's breasts), and just held her tight.

Anushka cried on Maggie's shoulder for a couple of minutes.

Maggie cooed supportively and ran a hand down her back sometimes, but mostly she just let Anushka cry herself out.

Nick waited patiently back in his previous seat. His heart went out for Anushka. He knew that she was getting the worst part of the arrangement between the four of them, and he wished he could help ease her pain somehow. But he didn't know how. He'd offered to adjust their arrangement to make things easier for her, but she hadn't suggested any changes.

Finally, Anushka stopped her sobbing, lifted her head, and started to wipe her face.

Nick was ready for that, and handed her some napkins.

"Thanks." She was still crying some, but not much. "You two are too good to me."

Maggie said, "Pshaw! It's nothing. We're friends now. Actually, we're more than friends, we're equal partners in a weird four-way relationship. In a way, we're kind of going steady, all four of us, with everyone else in our group. It's just that some of the bonds are non-sexual. We should consider ourselves a team. We all should support each other in any way we can to make sure this works. Besides, it's easy for me to help you because I genuinely like you a lot."

Anushka sniffed, "Thanks! I like you a lot too! You too, Nick! And I agree about us being a team. I'm so glad I met you two today!" She was still in a highly emotional state.

She groaned. "Gaawwwd! I needed that cry so badly! I've been holding so much in for a long time, and it all came out at once. I'm sorry for unburdening myself on you like that."

Nick said, "Don't be sorry! I feel honored that we could help. And I'm even more honored that you opened your heart to us."

Anushka said as she kept drying her face with the napkins, "I shouldn't have, you know. That was pretty stupid. Now you know too much about me and my weaknesses. I didn't plan that or want that. But I needed to confess to somebody! There are things I can't really talk to Hillary about. For instance, I have to hide just how deeply I love her, because the more you love someone, the more they take you for granted. It's sad but true."

Maggie spoke while still hugging Anushka in a comforting way. "That is true. Do you know how Nick got Hillary to go out with him so quickly?"


"By playing hard to get, thanks to my advice. If he'd done the opposite and told her the truth, that he'd been madly crushing on her for two years, that would have just turned her off."

Anushka said, "You see? I'm glad you agree with me, because sometimes I've been doubting my approach. She already knows I love her more than she loves me, and that's bad enough already. She's such a kind and loving person, but still, it creates a power imbalance."

Maggie said, "You know, we are all natural allies. There's nobody in the world more keen on seeing your relationship with Hillary succeed than Nick and me. If you ever need go to someone for advice, or just to vent, try one of us. Or both of us. We'll be glad to listen."

Nick said, "Especially Maggie. She's three years older than me, of course, but it's like she's 20 years wiser." He said that knowing full well the secret truth as to why she seemed to have all those extra years of wisdom. "Of course, I'd be honored to help you in any way I can. But she's the one I go to for advice. Plus, you two can relate woman to woman."

Anushka looked to Maggie with hope. "That sounds good. Can I? Can I go to you with my problems? Especially about Hillary?"

Maggie smiled brightly and gave her a friendly squeeze. "Most definitely! Let's be not just friends, not just good friends, but GREAT friends!"

Anushka positively beamed with joy upon hearing that. Clearly, she really needed a friend who wasn't Hillary, to talk about certain things.

Nick couldn't believe how well this meeting was going. In a surge of lusty confidence, he suggested, "You two should seal that with a kiss!"

To his total shock and delight, Maggie and Anushka kissed on the lips! True, it wasn't a passionate kiss, just a loving kiss. And Nick would have been disappointed to find out that they didn't actually use tongue. But still, a kiss on the lips was a significant development. And it lasted for a surprisingly long time, considering that they'd just met two hours earlier.

Anushka kept her eyes closed with a blissful smile on her face when the kiss ended. She mumbled, "Mmmm. That was nice. Thanks."

Maggie said with opened eyes, "Anytime. Thank you. You know, we've done a lot of talking about you today. But I've got problems I haven't been able to talk to anyone about as well. Nick and Hillary related problems. No one else knows about this new and highly unorthodox relationship we have, so I can't tell anyone anything. But I could talk to you about it. Could we do that some time, when Nick isn't around?"

Anushka opened her eyes and smiled. "I'd like that. A lot. It's the same for me, you know. Anything I can do to keep this four-person relationship going, I'll do it."

He said in an obviously joking manner, "Anushka can I come to you with my problems about Hillary and Maggie too?"

Anushka crumpled up her wet napkin into a ball and threw it at him. "Yeah, right! Like you have problems!" She mocked Nick's voice, "'Anushka, you have to help me. Hillary likes licking the left side of my dick, and Maggie likes licking the right side. But I'd like them to switch sides sometimes. What can I do? And lately it seems like I haven't been getting enough titty fucks. What's your advice there?'"

Anushka and Maggie laughed at that, while Nick blushed. But he didn't mind being the target of a joke, because it was helping put Anushka back in a good mood.

He joked back, "Hey, those are serious problems! But the great thing is, with the titfuck problem, you could be a big friend and make up the deficit all on your own."

Anushka snorted with mirth and derision. "Dream on!" She wagged a finger at him. "Remember my vow about you touching me sexually."

He scratched his head, like he was trying to remember. "Oh yeah. That I don't do it nearly enough. Don't worry, I'm determined to improve."

She laughed. "Ugh. You're something else. I should totally smack you upside the head."

He was incorrigible. "Is that the latest slang term for 'blowjob?' Then yes, please, 'smack me' all you like. Maggie 'smacked me' by the side of the road on the way here. But I'm ready to go again anytime."

Maggie griped, "Nick! Do you have to tell her everything?!"

"Yes. Yes, I do. Especially if it's blowjob related. Besides, she knew that already."

Anushka shook her head. "Oh, please. Spare me. Nick, you're such a.... guy!" But despite sounding chastising, she wore a big smile.

The three of them continued to talk about less important matters for a while. It was like they all needed to recover and reconnect on a lighter level after talking about such weighty emotional issues.

Their waitress Laura came by a few times to see if they needed anything, but she could tell they were having a very important discussion and she generally left them alone. The lunch time crowd had left the restaurant a long time ago, so there was no need for Laura to kick them out to make way for new customers.

Eventually, after 3:30, Anushka pointed out that Nick and Hillary had a party they were supposed to go to.

Maggie said to her, "I'm having such a nice time with you that I'd kind of like to stay here with you."

Anushka said, "Me too. But I feel like we overstayed out welcome. The only reason we ordered dessert was to drag out our meal some more, but that was over an hour ago now."

Nick suggested, "Why don't we call Hillary and see where she is? That'll help us know if we have more time or not."

The other two agreed that was a good idea. Maggie had her cell phone in a pocket, so she made the call. The phone rang, but Hillary didn't answer.

When the attempt ended, Nick pointed out, "That could be because if she's still on Spencer's yacht, she's out of cell phone range."

Anushka pointed out, "I tried calling her not long before leaving to come here, and her phone just rang and rang then too. I figured it was because she was out of range on the yacht, like you said."

Maggie commented, "True, but I also feel like we're pushing our luck here with what's ending up more like a three-hour lunch. Besides, Hillary thought she'd probably make it to Shannon's party around four o'clock. We still have to go back and change clothes and all that, so we probably won't even get there by four."

Nick said, "I suppose you're right. Too bad. This has been great." He didn't even regret missing out on more time with Maggie up on the sun roof. There would be other times for more sexual fun, but they'd had a breakthrough with Anushka that was pivotal.

The check had already been put on their table a long time ago, so they paid it. Nick wanted to pay it all, but Anushka insisted they split the bill, so they did.

While they were waiting for the waitress to return with the change, Nick asked, "By the way, Anushka, speaking about Spencer, what do you think of him?"

Anushka replied, "I haven't met him, but Hillary sings his praises."

Nick groaned. "Ugh!"

Maggie pointed out, "Nick isn't exactly Spencer's number one fan."

"I gathered. I'm not keen on him either." Anushka said to Maggie, "When Nick and I met last time, he suggested that Spencer could be a big threat for us all. Do you agree with that?"

Maggie nodded. "He's the biggest potential threat right now. He hasn't actually done much yet, as far as I can tell, just 'making time.' But even Hillary admits that this yacht trip is part of his long-term seduction plan. She claims she likes him anyway and she won't let him get anywhere with her. We'll see."

Anushka said, "Yeah, she told me all that too. I didn't want her to go on his stupid yacht trip, and I told her that in no uncertain terms! But I don't seem to have much ability to stop her."

Nick said, "Let's not talk about Spencer and ruin such a nice time. But please do keep an eye out for him. If anyone can seduce Hillary and destroy our special arrangement, it's him. He looks like some kind of Greek god, and that matters."

Anushka nodded in understanding.

Then Nick said, "On a very different note, Anushka, I'm curious about one thing. You and Hillary go to different schools, and you didn't go to the same school the past few years either. If you did, I'm sure I would have remembered you."

She leaned forward, and planted both elbows on the table. That caused her enormous breasts to swell forward in her yellow top. "I can't imagine why, Mr. Tit Man."

Secretly, Nick was very delighted by that. It was the first time she'd titillated him in a deliberate, physical way with her boobs. He considered that highly significant. His penis had gone flaccid for a while now, but it roared back to full hardness in seconds.

For once, he didn't know how to flirt back, or if he should. He ended up just asking, "So my question is, how is it that you and her got together in the first place?"

Anushka sat back up straight. "That's an easy one. Her parents and my parents are very close friends. So I've known her a long time because of that. And we did go to the same school for a long time, until I started up with the Academy. Then, one day, I up and fell in love with her. I'm not sure how or why, but I fell in a big way. We were close enough friends by then that we'd do some things socially with just the two of us, but I didn't want to come on too strong. So it just so happened that all of a sudden I ended up joining a lot of the same extracurricular activities that she did. It was an almost perfect match, as a matter of fact. Purely by coincidence." She winked knowingly.

He winked back. "'Purely by coincidence.' Right."

Anushka said, "Needless to say, there was nothing coincidental about it at all. So I got to see her a lot. I even repeatedly pleaded with my parents to get me to transfer schools, but already they had me on the expensive private school track, and they refused to even consider that I might go to a 'lesser' public school. But that kind of shows you how Hillary-crazy I was, and I still am."

She sighed with relief after saying that, and even looked around in surprise. "My God! That feels good! I've never told that to anyone before. Not Hillary, not my parents, nobody. It feels good to let it out."

She added with even more astonishment as she searched her feelings, "And not only that, but I feel a great relief from the other secrets I've shared today. It's like a big weight has been lifted from my shoulders!"

Maggie still sat next to Anushka, and she gave her another supportive hug. "We're here for you now. We share a lot of the same secrets, since we're part of this four-person arrangement that no one else knows about. Next time, when just you and I meet, I'll share some of my personal secrets with you. That'll strengthen our trust bond and bring us even closer."

Anushka nodded. "I'd like that. Very much! You know, it's funny. I was totally afraid of Nick until I met him, and then it was a complete 180. Then I was totally afraid of you until I talked to you on the phone today, and then met you too, and it was another 180!"

Maggie smiled from ear to ear. "Thank God we listened to Nick and met face to face. He is a tit-crazy sex fiend, but somehow he has a brain and some good ideas from time to time too." She winked.

Anushka smirked at that. "Imagine if 90 percent of his brain wasn't thinking 'BOOBS!' all the time. He'd have cured cancer by now."

Maggie chuckled. "Probably."

He pretended to be hurt. "That's not true. Sometimes I also think, 'Boobies!' Or 'Me want big boobs!' Or even just 'Booooooooooobs!'" He stuck his tongue out like he was drooling, Homer Simpson-style.

Anushka and Maggie had a good laugh.

Anushka resumed her story more seriously, "Anyway, for the longest time, I was chicken. I saw Hillary date many guys and many girls, and it was painful having to watch. She'd come crying on my shoulder after painful break-ups. I didn't know how to get out of the dreaded 'friend zone.' But it helped that Hillary was a nudist. That helped, big time! Eventually, she let me into her nude world. It seemed platonic on the surface, with the two of us hanging out naked in her room, listening to music and doing homework and such, but the sexual tension started to grow. Then, one magical night, the two of us were in her hot tub together, and one thing led to another, and, well, the rest is history!" She beamed in fond memory.

Nick said, "Wow. That's cool. Thanks for sharing. Next time we meet, can you tell that story again, only in more detail and with a multimedia slide show presentation of the nude scenes?"

She smirked. She crumpled up another napkin and playfully threw it at him as her answer.

He asked, "By the way, Hillary has a hot tub?!"

"Sure. It's in her back yard. You didn't know that?"

"No. I guess I've only gone straight to her room and back. Now that I think about it, I've never been inside the rest of her house at all." (Hillary actually had told him that once, but he'd forgotten, probably because he hadn't seen any sign of it.)

"Well, you should check it out. It has a great atmosphere, and her parents are really nice. By the way, how did you and Maggie meet?"

Nick and Maggie proceeded to tell their agreed upon cover story. Namely, how Maggie supposedly was renting the bungalow behind Nick's house, and they gradually drew together because of that proximity.

Then the waitress Laura came back with their change, and they had no more excuse to stay.

Nick led the way to the front of the restaurant. (Going first helped him hide his ever-present boner.)

Once they were outside, Anushka said, "Well, I suppose this is it. I just want to say again how much I enjoyed this. What an unexpected delight that we all get along so well. And even though I basically spilled my most personal secrets to you, I have this weird gut feeling that I can trust you and it's going to be okay."

Maggie gave Anushka another hug, only they were standing, and face to face, this time. "It's going to be very okay. Believe me, we're very good, trustworthy people."

She gave Anushka a kiss on each cheek, and Anushka responded with the same. They both tried to ignore the fact that their huge bosoms were pressing together, even as they secretly delighted in that contact.

Of course, Nick was in seventh heaven watching that. But he threw his hands up as if he was truly upset. "Oh, come on! What kind of kiss is that?! A peck on the cheek? Anushka, you call yourself a lesbian? I'm taking away your lesbian card!"

Anushka chuckled, and then kissed Maggie on the lips. It was brief, and again there was no tongue, but there was definite electricity there, and both women noticed it. While still hugging Maggie, Anushka turned her head to Nick and asked him, "How was that?"

He grumbled grudgingly, "Better. Marginally. I'll give it a C minus."

Anushka added in a knowingly sultry voice, "What about the fact that our breasts are touching? Surely you noticed that."

She briefly glanced at his shorts and saw an extremely prominent bulge there. But she quickly looked away, and didn't mention it.

"I did," he replied, "and I factored that in already. But that is a passing grade, if just barely. You can keep your lesbian card, for now."

She reluctantly broke away from Maggie, and said, "There's no such thing as a 'lesbian card,' you doofus."

He joked, "You're just saying that to cover up the fact that you must have misplaced yours. Check in the sofa cracks."

She rolled her eyes. But, as usual for her around Nick, it seemed she couldn't stop smiling. Then, after a few seconds of consideration, she opened her arms in a gesture that invited a hug.

He immediately moved in and gave her a hug. He followed that with a peck on each cheek. But then, to Anushka's surprise, he pulled away.

She had been fairly certain that he would try to kiss her lips. If not that, her enormous breasts had been pressing into his chest in a noticeable way, and she thought he'd try to prolong that contact as long as possible. But he didn't. Furthermore, he'd carefully leaned in to make sure that the lewd bulge in his shorts didn't touch her.

She was so surprised by his restraint that she commented, "Well, that's kind of out of character. Given your ultra-horny reputation, I'm almost offended that you didn't try to molest me."

He said, "Hey, I take your lesbian status seriously. Joking around is one thing, but touching is a whole different thing. Remember, you made that clear, and I respect that."

"Oh. Okay." She was glad to hear that, yet she also felt strangely disappointed. In fact, she was more disappointed than relieved. But she tried not to show it.

He added with an impish grin, "But, I must say that I certainly DID notice that your boobs touched my chest. And... it was glorious! Furthermore, my head is still attached to my body, and it's still in the state of California. And I wasn't even thrown off a balcony! So, all in all, it's been a very good day."

She shook her head, but she still didn't stop smiling. "Nick, you're a weird one. But... in a good way. I guess."

He quipped, "That's the nicest thing anyone's said to me in ages! Let's do it again soon, shall we? And with more boob-contact hugging please."

Anushka laughed as she started to walk away to her car. "That's more like the Nick I expect." But after taking a couple of steps, she stopped, turned around, walked up to Nick, and slapped his face.

"Ouch!" Nick said. He rubbed his cheek, even though it hadn't been that harsh of a slap. "What did you do that for?!"

"I should have slapped you like 80 times for being so cheeky. That's like one symbolic slap to take care of all that. It was overdue!"

He would have been bothered by that, but she was grinning widely, so he could see she meant it in good fun. Still, he milked the situation. "Ouch! I'm seriously wounded here. Luckily, I happen to know a good home remedy: I've heard it said that if one rubs G-cup-sized bare breasts against a man's face, it makes him fell all better right away."

She laughed and shook her head. "You! Argh!" She stamped her foot, causing those wonderful G-cups to jiggle and shake. "I should slap you again, but it would only encourage you."

She waved and walked off again towards her car. "See you later."

"Later!" Nick replied. "I'll send you the medical bill!"

"HA!" She said, laughing again.

He and Maggie walked off in the other direction hand in hand.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, lew54321, GWB, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.