Chapter 52: Going Home (Sunday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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As soon as Anushka was out of hearing range, Maggie muttered to Nick, "You cheeky, cheeky bugger!"

He chuckled as they walked away from the restaurant. "What?"

"You know what. You were so forward with her, I'm surprised you didn't just sit in her lap!"

"Hmmm. I hadn't thought of that."

She gave him an exasperated look, but remained silent until they got to her Prius.

Once they were buckled in and she started to drive, she said, "Okay, now we can talk. First thing is, how is your penis doing? How are you hanging?"

"Cool!" he replied with glee. "How cool is it to have my mother ask me how I'm hanging, and have it refer to the state of my penis? Very, very cool, if you ask me!"

"Hey, Mr. Walking, Talking Penis, seriously, are you okay? Can you make it to the party without having to cum, or should I help you out? I'm worried that you've been hard for most of the past three hours. That can't be good."

He replied, "Actually, I was doing just fine. But now that you mention it, I totally 'need' a blowjob."

She gave him another disparaging look, even though she felt butterflies in her stomach as she hoped he really meant it,

He said, "In all seriousness, I'm fine for now. It hasn't been a painful blue balls thing, but more of a constant, erotic tingle of pleasure. I did go flaccid from time to time, after all. But I'm totally psyched that you asked. Thanks. Best. Mother. Ever!"

She spoke while keeping her eyes on the road. "Remember, I'm Maggie your girlfriend now. And I'm a hot and sexy girlfriend who loves to suck your cock, so don't you forget it!"

"Yes, ma'am! By the way, did you notice the way I didn't secretly fondle you, not even once?"

"I certainly did."

"It was tempting, but I was trying to be on my best behavior, with Anushka there."

"Good for you. Now, let's talk about what just happened there with her. I have to say again that you're one cheeky, cheeky bugger! You were restrained with me, but what were you thinking, being so forward with your teasing of her?!"

He grew serious. "Ma, I mean Maggie, I told you that my last meeting with her went surprisingly well. Way beyond my best hopes, actually. We just got along like a house on fire, somehow. And then the same thing happened today, only between you and her too. Don't you think?"

She nodded.

He said, "It makes a lot more sense after what I learned today. She and I are almost mirror images of each other, like with the way were we secretly in love with Hillary for years, and kind of changed ourselves radically to be more like her. No wonder she and I get along so well! It's really cool!"

Maggie quipped, "'Mirror images?' I don't see two basketballs on your chest."

"Okay, besides that." He laughed. "I'm not totally oblivious, you know. I was watching her carefully. If my joking didn't go over well, I was ready to switch gears or cut it way down. But the total opposite happened. She was lapping it up! Or am I being totally delusional here?"

"No," Maggie said, "she was definitely enjoying your banter. You two have a kind of a strange rapport, but it's obviously something you both enjoy."

He said, "And you and her have a fun rapport too. You were getting along great! I love it! It's hard to believe that that's the first time you ever met. By the end, you really were carrying on like old friends."

Maggie smiled in fond memory. "Yeah, it was pretty neat. I must admit that I'm so tickled pink that I'm kind of giddy. That was NOT how I expected things to go at ALL. I thought she'd be very cautious and wary of me. But she opened up her heart to us, out of the blue! I feel bad for her. This arrangement does kind of screw her over. Plus, her unequal love situation with Hillary is a heart breaker too."

He nodded. "I know, and I totally agree. But if we all can become good friends and help each other out, that'll help a lot with both things, I think. Imagine how much worse she'd feel if she felt like she was constantly at war with us. What if we ended up fighting over Hillary's time and attention like a bitterly divorced couple fighting over custody of their child? That could be brutal."

"Yeah," Maggie said. "Let's not even go there."

"Definitely. But the fact that she shared some of her most personal and painful secrets with us, and had a good cry with you and everything, that's huge. It's like, in one meeting, we developed the kind of close bond that it might normally take a 100 meetings to make!"

She said, "Well, I don't know about a 100 meetings, but I think your general point is correct. I was shocked at how quickly we bonded and how open and honest we were with each other despite the fact that we're almost total strangers. But upon reflection, it makes a lot of sense. She has a natural connection with us. Given this new four-person relationship thing, a thing that's so unique that I don't even know what to call it, you could almost divide the world into us - the four of us - and them - everyone else. Nobody else knows about our special relationship, not a single person, and it's probably best we keep it that way. So it's almost like we MUST become good friends!"

Nick said, "Yeah. It's kind of like if you joined some special program that sent you to some remote village in Siberia to do charity work or something, and one other American was sent there too. It wouldn't matter who that person was, you'd pretty much be guaranteed to become close because you share so much in common compared to everyone else around you. Well, either you'd become good friends or intense enemies. But you certainly couldn't stay neutral."

"Good point. But, given that you're getting along so well with her, where are you planning on taking this?"

"What do you mean?"

She glanced over at him. She was both pleased and disappointed to see the bulge in his shorts had gone down. "Come on, you know what I mean. You're planning on seducing her, aren't you?"

"What? No way!"

"Hey, don't play dumb with me. I'm not just your hot girlfriend, I'm your you-know-what too. I'm still getting used to the new, aggressive Nick, but I can tell when you're not being completely honest."

He admitted, "Okay, it's true that the idea has crossed my mind."

"HA! Understatement of the year!"

"You're right, that's kind of an understatement. It's just that it's occurred to me that if I were able to get intimate with her, that would help bind us all together. We'd all be closer and love each other even more. I understand that when people have sex, it releases some chemicals that make you care more for the other person. I think one of them is called oxytocin. Anyway, another big effect is that Hillary would be even less likely to lose interest. Imagine if Anushka and I could make love to her at the same time. She'd be over the moon! Plus then Anushka wouldn't feel like the fifth wheel in all of this. There are all kinds of positives."

Maggie said sarcastically, "Boy, you sure are a selfless hero, to suggest that course of action. You should call up the Vatican and see if you might be eligible for sainthood. I'm sure your enthusiasm has nothing to do with the fact that Anushka is a friggin' walking wet dream, with the largest, most perfect breasts on the planet!"

He grinned impishly. "Okay, that may have something to do with it. Maybe." Her turned to Maggie, caught her attention, and winked.

She gave him a chagrined look. "There's just the little problem that she's lesbian, of course."

He fired back, "Or is she?! That's the million dollar question. I honestly don't think she is. I believe she's bisexual with a strong preference for women. That's VERY different from a total lesbian! She even used the word 'maybe' to say that maybe she's bisexual. And remember her theory that all women are at least partially bisexual?! What about that? Doesn't that apply to her too?!"

"Obviously it does," Maggie replied. "But even if that's true, there's a big range there."

"Yeah, but she's admitted that she's dated guys! And she wasn't just doing it so her parents could think she's straight, although it did have that bonus benefit."

"Wait, what's this?"

"Oh, I didn't tell you that? When I saw her with Hillary, she told me that she's come out with her mother, and that's worked out fine. But she hasn't told her father, and her mother has advised her not to because he's close-minded about that kind of thing. But her dad doesn't suspect anything due to the fact that she has dated boys."

"Ah. I see. Sounds like trouble brewing there, eventually."

"Probably. Remember, her parents are from India and they're probably very conservative about this kind of thing. At least her mother is on board. But anyway, she talks a big talk about how she's 100 percent lesbian and would never think of even touching a guy, but she's been dropping clues that say otherwise. At least I think so."

"Such as?"

"Such as, do you remember her telling me today, and this is an exact quote, 'It's like I'm extending an invitation for you to seduce me.' Hello?! That sounds like an invitation to seduce her!"

Maggie responded, "Of course I heard that too, and I definitely made note of it. But I'm sure you remember what she said next: 'But I'm not.' This is not a clear-cut thing at all."

"Okay. True. Still, what do you think? Am I way off base to think there might be even a slight chance with this?"

She said sternly, "I think you're way off base in assuming that I'd be fine with it! I am your girlfriend, you know! True, I'm your 'fake girlfriend,' and I'm secretly your mother, and Hillary is your girlfriend too. But I'm still your girlfriend! Just because I'm sharing you with Hillary, do you think that gives you the right to go and have sex with any hottie you feel like? You already broke my heart by losing your virginity to Debra last night, of all people! That wasn't right! That can never be undone. You can never give your virginity to Hillary instead. And then now, mere hours later, you're already scheming to bed Anushka too?"

He suddenly felt terrible. He covered his eyes with a hand. "I'm sorry, Ma! God, I feel awful! I didn't think."

He took his hand away and stared out the window because he was too abashed to look at his mother. "I'm really sorry about the Debra situation. You're right that can't be undone. But I'll bet that bothers me even more than it bothers you. It's my virginity that got squandered, after all."

He sighed again. "But about Anushka, in my defense, things happened so quickly that when did I have a chance to consult you? I mean, prior to this meeting today the idea had crossed my mind, but it had been a wild daydream fantasy. It was never, ever going to happen. I can dream about being emperor of the universe too, but who would take that seriously? But then, today with her, I was horny and saying all kinds of suggestive things, and she didn't mind!"

He added, "Hell, she was giving me all kinds of unexpected signs. For instance, near the end there, did you see how she leaned forward with her elbows on the table and gave me a provocative view of her boobs swaying forward?"

"I saw that," Maggie admitted. "And yeah, that was kind of flirty."

"That was totally flirty! There were all kinds of signs I noticed, including just the way she was looking at me with interest. She said a bunch of stuff that totally blew my mind. She revealed that she's sexually submissive, for crying out loud! And then let's not forget 'It's like I'm extending an invitation for you to seduce me.' Come ON! I never would have expected that in a million billion years! So I'm starting to think I at least have a chance with her, but it's all due to this meeting. When did I have a chance to talk to you?"

"Okay. Fair point. But we can discuss it now."

"I know. And that's what we're doing, and that's good. I'm sorry for not bringing it up right away. But now that it's out in the open, let me make something perfectly clear. I have two loves: you and Hillary. That's it! Yes, Anushka is super hot and super busty, but I certainly don't love her. Two wonderful women to love is one more love than 99.9999 percent of men on Earth ever have. I don't want to screw that up for anything!"

He went on, "Last night with Debra, I was drunk and tricked, but I'm not going to let that happen again. When we go back to Shannon's party today, I'm not even going to touch any alcohol. I've learned my lesson. Even though Debra won't be there, I want to stay in total control. But the point I'm trying to get to is that, whatever you want me to do with Anushka, that's what I'll do. You and Hillary, that's what matters to me. Period, end of story!"

Maggie glanced at him and smiled lovingly. "I'm glad to hear that. Even though I'm your mother and our romance can't last, it still warms my heart to hear that."

"So, what should I do with Anushka? All we've done is some joking and teasing, so this can go in any direction. I'm a slave at your command."

There was silence in the car for a couple of minutes while Maggie seriously pondered that.

Finally, she said, "Before I answer that, I noticed that you didn't ask her for permission to fuck Hillary, even though you were getting along with her so well."

"Yeah, I thought about that briefly. But I realized if I asked her that, it would seem like my befriending her was nothing but an attempt to schmooze to get her permission on that. But that's not true. I really like her as a person, in addition to being very attracted to her. I figure that she'll give permission about that soon enough, once she feels more at ease about all these dramatic relationship changes that are happening. If I push her, it'll probably just backfire anyway."

"That's wise, Sport."

"Thanks. But what's your answer to the big question?! Should I try to get something going with her or not? For the good of the group?"

Maggie paused again. Finally, she said, "This is not an easy decision to make, but I think you should go for it. Seduce her!"

She surprised herself by saying that out loud, and with gusto. She was feeling highly conflicted, but she was going with her gut.

He could barely believe it. "Really?! Are you serious?!"

"I am. I have to admit that I'm feeling jealous. I don't want to share you with another woman. But I have to remember that I AM your mother. Our relationship is ultimately doomed to end someday. I can't think of this like a normal girlfriend would. The 'hand-over' is our all-important goal. Right?"

"Right." He didn't want to say that. He wanted to keep his mother as his lover for forever. But he felt like he couldn't tell her that because she wouldn't approve. So he had to play along with the hand-over idea.

She was crushed to hear him say that, but she kept her feelings to herself. "Given that, we have to think about what's best for your relationship with Hillary, and the hand-over. We agree that if it's just you dating Hillary, that's probably not enough to keep her in a long-term relationship. Anushka is a vital part of the overall plan, correct?"


"So, if that's true, if you DID seduce Anushka, that would almost certainly strengthen the stability of the entire arrangement. You're right that would be a big incentive for Hillary. The two of you teaming up on her in bed would probably be her ultimate sexual dream. So... it's worth a try. The only danger is if you try and fail, and make Anushka an enemy in the process."

He sat there staring through the windshield. "Wow!"

After a long pause, Maggie asked him, "'Wow?'"

"I'm just letting this wash over me. I mean, the odds of me actually successfully seducing her are still a long shot at best. But the fact that there's even a chance is like a major, major mind fuck! Pardon my language."

Maggie chuckled. "I think, given the fact that I can't seem to stop sucking your cock, the fact that you say 'fuck' when we're not totally horny with each other is more than okay."

He shook his head in disbelief. "Wow, man. Just think if it worked with her! That would be SO COOL! Can you imagine if our emerging double blowjob tradition with you and Hillary turned into TRIPLE blowjobs?! Can you picture me standing there with the three of you kneeling naked in front of me, each of you hefting your big tits up and your mouths wide open as I'd start firing my cum? I'd go down the line, dousing and painting you, Hillary, AND Anushka! I'd cum on your face! I'd cum on your tits! But then I'd squirt just as much on Hillary and Anushka!"

Maggie had only been mildly aroused prior to this. (Lately, it seemed she was never completely unaroused if she was with Nick.) But by the time he finished that description, she was clenching the steering wheel with both hands, as if for dear life, and panting hard. Suddenly, she was so dizzy, and her heart was thumping so loudly in her ears, that she started to worry she wasn't fit to keep driving. Her nipples and pussy were madly tingling and burning too.

She glanced at his lap and saw a lewd tenting in his shorts. She bit her lip. It looked so tempting that she wanted to cry or scream. Why is that vision so incredibly arousing to me?! GOD! It's so hot that I almost can't even drive!

However, Nick wasn't finished. "Then, when I was done cumming, I'd just stand there and watch. The three of you would turn to each other. There would be no need to speak, because you'd have done this many, many times before. You'd crowd together and immediately start kissing and fondling each other! The one in the middle - let's say she's you - she'd be the lucky one! 'Cos you'd get it from both sides! You'd turn one way and Hillary would be French kissing you, and snowballing cum into your mouth. She'd be rubbing her huge, cummy tits against yours too."

His voice was growing ragged. "Then you'd turn the other way, and Anushka would be kneeling there, waiting with a tongue-full of cum to share with you! You and her would kiss and kiss with indescribable spermy passion! Meanwhile, her even HUGER tits would practically envelop yours! Your nipples and hers would slip and slide together, sped along with copious spermy lubrication! You'd clench her perfect ass cheeks and pull her closer, because you can't get enough of her!"

Maggie was thinking, Stop! Please stop already, or we'll have an accident! But I can't say that or he'll know how much I love that!

If she thought she could hide her arousal, she was delusional. He looked at her and saw her big tits heaving up and down in her dark blue T-shirt. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was hanging open too. She was struggling to keep driving the car, but she was weaving all over her lane.

Encouraged, he continued with the fantasy. "But what about Hillary? She taps you on the shoulder, because she'd be feeling left out. So you turn back to her. She bends down and starts licking more of my cum directly off your boobs! While she's there, she sucks on your stiff nipples some too. Anushka thinks that's a good idea, and sucks on your other nipple. But then she realizes she hasn't kissed Hillary yet, so the two of them lap up more cum from your face and then snowball it back and forth right past you! Now, you'd be feeling left out, except you plow your head right between their great racks and bury your face in their soft, pillowy knockers, smearing and spreading even more sperm all over every inch of your cum-drenched face!"

Maggie suddenly screamed, "STOP! FUCK!" She looked around for somewhere to pull over so she could suck Nick's cock. She was too horny not to! But they were on the same highway they'd been on when that happened. She remembered what happened on the way to the restaurant and the danger of being caught by the police if she pulled into the emergency lane.

Luckily, there was a highway exit coming up, so she got off the highway and came to a stop at a stop sign where the exit road met a larger road going over the highway. Acting on impulse, she suddenly got out of the car, and yelled, "You drive!" She ran around the front of the car with the intention of getting in the passenger seat he was currently in.

Nick was very confused. He could tell she was extremely hot to trot, but he didn't understand why she'd want him to drive instead of parking the car somewhere. He managed to slide over from the passenger's seat to the driver's seat. He quickly put the driver's seat belt on.

Maggie slammed the door behind her and collapsed into the seat where Nick had just been. She closed her eyes and slumped way down. But she also pointed forward, and shouted, "Go! Go, go, go!"

The car was still running, so he held the steering wheel and prepared to drive. But he asked, "Back on the highway?"

"Yes! We have to get back home and fast! So, DRIVE!"

"Okay! I'm driving!" He carefully got back on the highway, and soon they were driving just as fast as before. His heart was thumping wildly. At least there wasn't a lot of traffic behind them and they'd done it very quickly.

Maggie waited with her eyes closed until she sensed the car was going at highway speed. Then she unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts and dug in with both hands. She started pumping two fingers into her now very wet slit, and she fiddled with her clit for good measure.

Nick asked her in shock, "What are you doing?!"

"What the fuck does it look like I'm doing?! I'm too hot and horny, and it's all your fault!"

He said, "Well, okay. But at least put your seat belt on."

"Right!" She opened her eyes, found her seat belt, and clicked it into place. She was annoyed at that minor delay, because her need to cum was so great.

She closed her eyes, plunged two fingers deep into her hot cunt, and drifted into a fantasy world. Her fantasy was exactly what Nick had just been describing. She was with Hillary and Anushka, and the three of them were covered with an improbable amount of cum! It was dripping copiously from their faces to their big racks, and from there to the floor. For some reason, she imagined the three of them in the sauna room at Shannon's mansion. Nick was there too, recovering from his orgasm, but he had Debra's camera and he was taking pictures of his three cum-hungry women.

Maggie masturbated with an almost animalistic passion as she imagined sharing Nick's cum in a variety of ways with Hillary and Anushka. No matter how much of his cum got eaten, or smeared into skin, or dripped away, there was always plenty more somehow.

She was annoyed that she couldn't easily get to her breasts, because this was a very breast-centric fantasy. She was slumped way down in her seat, until she was almost curled into a ball with her knees up above the dashboard. As a result, she was below window level, and she didn't think anyone could see her, except maybe a trucker looking down into the car. Even that didn't scare her off, because she pulled her T-shirt up to her shoulders and then frantically struggled with her bra. She was so violent in her efforts that she ripped the bra's seam in front between the underwires as she frantically pulled it up to her neck. This caused the underwire to pop through the seam.

Realizing that the bra had just been ruined, plus the fact that her window was partly rolled down, she reached up and tossed her bra out the window. She giggled with glee.

He saw that, and his eyes practically bugged out. "Maggie! You just tossed your bra out the window!"

"I know! I'm a naughty mommy, aren't I?" She was feeling wild and uninhibited, and it felt great.

He kept glancing over at her, with his mouth hanging wide open. "Ohmigod! You are! Shit! That's so fucking hot! I'm so horny!" He was particularly surprised that she used the word "mommy," since she hardly ever did that. It was a sign that she was nearly out of her mind with arousal.

She was so incredibly aroused that she was feeling reckless and practically wicked. She spoke in a husky, sexy voice. "Excuse me. Where are my manners?" She reached out to his crotch with her closest hand and unzipped his fly. She didn't unbutton his shorts, but just fished his boner out through his fly and then started stroking it.

However, her main interest was on masturbating to her fantasy, which was a continuation of the fantasy he'd described. So she closed her eyes again and resumed playing with herself. Her only problem was that she wished she had at least three hands, because she didn't have enough hands to stroke Nick's cock, finger her pussy, and pull on her nipples too. She had to alternate between her pussy and nipples, because she certainly wasn't going to stop jacking him off!

He looked down at her fingers sliding up and down his shaft, and then over at her sitting there topless and masturbating. He thought his heart was going to pound right out of his chest. He exclaimed, "How am I supposed to drive like this?!"

She said to her very surprised son, "That's your problem. Now, please, be quiet. I'm having a very nice little daydream here, based on what you were saying."

That at least explained things somewhat for him. He stayed quiet and tried to drive. It was a struggle, but he was determined.

Luckily for him, Maggie was jacking him off in a very absent-minded manner. She wasn't using her usual bag of talented moves, but it was more like she just wanted to feel his hot and newly pre-cum soaked cock sliding in her hand.

Thankfully, he felt he could manage to drive like that without crashing the car if he was careful. He was very mindful not to look over at her, because she looked too wanton and sexy to be believed.

Maggie went back to masturbating for a few seconds, but her shorts and panties were still bothering her. She lifted up her ass and yanked them down her legs until they came all the way off and fell to the floor. Nick's idea that she needed to be completely naked during their sexual fun was starting to be internalized. She felt much better with her shorts and panties off. She would have wanted to take her T-shirt all the way off too, but since it was out of the way at her shoulders and it would be a bother to pull it over her head, she decided to ignore that for now.

With the situation around her settled to her satisfaction, she closed her eyes again and went right back to her fantasy world. For some reason, her extreme arousal put her in a mental state where her daydream had the vividness of the most realistic sleeping dream. She could feel Anushka's giant breasts sliding against hers! She could taste Nick's cum on her tongue! She could smell wet pussy and Nick's sweet cum! It was so intense that it was almost more real than reality.

She was back in the sauna room, continually sandwiched between Anushka and Hillary. It was like the three of them were playing a game of trying to rub their three racks together at the same time, and it was just about the most fun Maggie had ever had! But then she felt something brush her nose, and she opened her eyes to see what it was. It was Nick's cock! It was fully engorged again, and ready for action!

She smiled up at him lovingly. Then she craned her jaw open as wide as possible. He naturally slid his cockhead right in between her hot lips, and she started to suck and lick with great suction. Hillary and Anushka had their faces right next to hers. They leaned in and started licking all the inches of his cock that weren't in her mouth already. His erection seemed even longer and thicker than usual, so there was plenty of cock to go around.

As Maggie vigorously finger-fucked herself, she thought, FUCK YEAH! This is the life! If only this was happening for real! To think that a few minutes ago I was wavering about whether Nick should seduce Anushka or not. Of COURSE he should! For all the logical reasons he pointed out, plus this! Especially this! Fuck me, this is so good! The three of us need to be sisterly cum sluts, bound together by our love for his cum! MMMM! YESSSSS!

She alternated between fondling her nipples and pussy with one hand while steadily jacking Nick off with her other one. She was so far into her fantasy world that she forgot all about the fact that she was in a car speeding down the highway. But in another sense she still remained aware of that fact and it made her even MORE horny!

He couldn't resist occasionally glancing over at his masturbating mother as much as he looked at the road ahead. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. He got a particularly big jolt of shock the first time he noticed she'd stripped down to just her T-shirt rolled up to her armpits.

He shook his head in disbelief. Holy fuck! One minute, we were having a sober and serious discussion about what to do with Anushka, and then the next minute... THIS! How the hell did that happen?! Boy, I sure as hell must have said the right thing with my little fantasy. Clearly, this cum sharing thing turns Ma on in a big, big way. I should emphasize that even more.

Just look at her! It's like she's totally lost her mind! I'm all for seeing her fuckin' totally buck naked, but I never thought she'd do that while driving down the friggin' highway! Without me prodding her about it at all! And she's jacking me off, to boot! Damn, Ma is one seriously horny and sexy babe! She's like a sex goddess for real!

He was very defensive about not wanting other men to see his naked mother. As a result, he had to focus on driving much more than he wanted to. Whenever he saw a truck in a nearby lane, or a high car such as an SUV, he'd either have to speed up, slow down, or change lanes, so nobody would have a chance to look down into their relatively low Prius. But in a way that was a good thing because it kept him busy and focused on his vital driving task. Although Maggie was giving him a "bad" handjob by her usual high standards, the situation was so arousing that he was dangerously close to cumming anyway.

Maggie wanted to cum so badly that it nearly physically hurt. But she held back and held back, because she didn't want her vivid daydream to ever end. She'd never had any daydream even remotely this good. In her fantasy world, she was still busy freely sharing Nick's cock with Hillary and Anushka. Sometimes they'd alternate sucking down to his sweet spot, but usually the three of them would lick him at the same time. But his cum was still all over the place, and at times they'd pause to French kiss each other or just lick up a particularly tasty looking cum gob off a face or a breast and then swallow it down.

Eventually, she knew she could hold back from cumming no longer. So in her dream, she let Nick cum. His ropes of cum blasted out, seemingly splattering on the faces of Hillary, Anushka, and herself all at once. At the same time, her own orgasm raced through her body and hit her like an electric shock. She actually saw stars for a few long precious moments.

Despite the fact that she knew they were driving down the highway, she screamed out loud. Very loud.

Nick looked nervously at a couple of the adjacent cars. Maggie's scream had been so piercing that a couple of passengers were looking around, trying to figure out where the noise was coming from. He slowed the car to get away from those cars.

He breathed a sigh of relief when he looked over at Maggie a minute or so later and saw that her fingers were out of her slit and she was just breathing hard with her eyes closed.

The sight of her E-cup breasts rising and falling was mesmerizing, but he forced himself to look to the road. Most of the time, anyway.

Yet, somehow, even though Maggie was practically passed out from the intensity of her orgasm, she still managed to hold his cock. She was too out of it to actually stroke it, but she held it and felt a lot of comfort from that.

A couple of minutes passed. Nick was finally able to get off the highway, and that was a big relief. They were still a ways away from home, but he knew a route that mostly went through residential, single lane streets. It took longer to get home that way, but he figured that was prudent because he doubted Maggie was going to put her clothes back on before they got home. She didn't even have a bra to put back on anymore.

It seemed that she had fallen asleep, or at least she was close to it. But, out of the blue, she opened her eyes and said, "Okay, you win."

He glanced over at her. "What? Excuse me?"

"You win. You're right. I'm totally sold now on the idea that you should seduce Anushka. I know I already agreed to that a little while ago, but I was still feeling highly conflicted and uncertain about it. No more!"

As she rejoined the world, she looked around and saw that her knees were up above the window level. she brought them back down below the dashboard, but there wasn't much room for her long legs if she stayed slumped way down. So she tilted her seat all the way back, allowing her to nearly lie flat.

"Ah, that's better," she said as the seat came into position. "Boy, this reminds me of something. I wonder what." She looked to her son and shared a knowing smile with him as they both fondly recalled the times he'd laid on her naked body in that exact seat position in the garage.

He said happily, "Good times! But you're forgetting something." He brought a hand to his shoulders to indicate what he was referring to on her.

She felt at her shoulders and realized that her T-shirt was still bunched up above her breasts. She flashed a naughty grin. "You're so right again. What kind of blowjob-loving big-titted slut would I be with my shoulders covered up?" She laughed. "I raised a smart kid."

She managed to pull the T-shirt off while staying below window level. She considered tossing it out the window too, but some vestige of being a responsible adult stopped her from doing so. Besides, she liked that shirt. She tossed it into the back seat behind Nick's seat instead. "Aaaah. That's better. Much better."

She needed to use two hands to get her shirt all the way off. When she was done, she remembered to bring a hand back to Nick's boner. But that also reminded her that she hadn't been stroking it for a while, so she resumed jacking him off. Now that she wasn't masturbating herself silly, she was able to focus more on giving him a great handjob.

She let out a long, blissful sigh. Aaaaaah! This is the life! I feel so free! So naked! So ALIVE! Yeah, it's kind of humiliating finding myself more and more dedicated to pleasuring my son's big fat cock, but it's SO MUCH FUN! I have no regrets! None!

He glanced over at her repeatedly.

As a result, he was watching when she brought her other hand to her face and examined it curiously. He didn't understand what she was doing, and he was even more puzzled when she stuck her index finger out like she was going to point at something, but instead she sucked it into her mouth! She closed her eyes and sucked on her finger with a blissful and happy look on her face.

Then he looked at her other fingers on that hand and saw something shiny glistening in the sun. It dawned on him, That's cum! HER cum! Her pussy juices! She's cleaning her fingers by sucking her juices right off them!

Oh, man! If I didn't have a raging boner already with Ma jacking me off like this, I'd get one in two seconds flat seeing that! How smoking hot is my mother?! Fuck me, man! Fucking UNREAL!

He continued to watch her suck her fingers clean, with only occasional glances at the road ahead. It's too bad I'm driving, or I'd literally be all over her right now. I'd climb up her tanned, naked body, sit up at her face, and give her something better and thicker to suck on!

He almost accidentally drove the car off the road due to looking at her too long, but jerked it back just in time. After that, he forced himself to look ahead more often and less at his centerfold worthy mother.

She knew what she was doing, and she was deliberately driving him wild. Simply jacking him off wasn't enough, since she was in such a reckless mood. Her orgasm had drained her of energy for the time being, but she was just as horny as before, and she was biding her time until they got home. While flashing him a sexy, sultry look, she switched from sucking on her index finger to sucking on her middle finger.

At first, she mainly wanted to clean off her cum-soaked fingers in a sexy manner. Then she started to get off on teasing him with a pretend-blowjob sucking motion. But by accident, the more she did it, the more she realized she was enjoying the taste of her own juices. She was glad when she finished her middle finger and moved to her ring finger to consume the wetness there. Then she sucked her pinky clean, and finally, her thumb.

Now that she was running out of juices to suck clean, she considered switching hands. But she was cuddled up against her door as much as possible to lessen the chance of being seen from her side (although she was still exposed if someone looked down from above while passing in the other direction, and the Prius was not a high car). She could reach his cock easily enough with her left hand, but it would be much more difficult to reach it and stroke it with her right hand.

But then she had a better idea. She brought her just-cleaned right hand back to her pussy, and plunged four bunched up fingers into her slit! She groaned lustily. UGH! So good! That's Nick's cock! Fuck me, Son! Except his cock is even thicker. It would be more like getting fisted! Oh God, he's gonna fuck my CUNT with his cock monster one of these days, isn't he? So hot! So wrong, but so hot! He'll DESTROY me! He'll ruin my cunt for all other cocks!

Feeling even more worked up, as well as increasingly breathless, she pulled her four bunched up fingers out of her slit, brought them up to her face, and crammed them into her mouth! Now, she wasn't just kind of simulating a blowjob; she was sucking on her fingers exactly like it was his cock!

He saw that and groaned lustily and loudly. He seriously considered pulling the car to the side of the road so he could vigorously fuck her face, but they were so close to home by now that he resolved to stick it out until they could have fun in the safety of their garage. He was determined to give her something hot and throbbing to suck on as soon as they got there, though.

She thought, My son has turned me into a total slut! And I'm loving it! Just look at me: I'm stark naked and sucking my pussy juices off my fingers while fucking my own face in the Prius, and I've never been happier! He broke my brain, he really did! The only thing is, four fingers isn't enough to get the full Nick "cock monster" experience!

She pulled her fingers out of her mouth, but only to bunch her thumb together with her other fingers and then cram all five into her mouth. Aaaah! That's better! But it's STILL not enough! Sure, if I went down to my knuckles, but I'm kind of chicken to do that.

He continued to look over at her, totally amazed to see that much of her hand in her mouth. His cock was throbbing with so much arousal that he figured the odds were good he would cum into her sliding hand before they got home even though they were almost there. He exclaimed, "Ma, you're so fucking sexy and gorgeous! It's unbelievable! I'm the luckiest son in town!"

She pulled her hand out of her mouth to reply, "That's true. Unless there's some lucky guy near here who's working on building his own harem of busty beauties, including his mother. But what are the chances of that? Sheesh! You may wind up with a mini-harem if you can win Anushka too. As you very much should!"

"Wow. So cool! What brought about your big change of heart?"

She licked her fingers one by one instead of using all five fingers at once, since she figured she'd probably have to talk for a while. She exclaimed, "It was your goddamned cummy fantasy! I don't know what you said, but something there practically broke my brain. So fucking hot! It's like molten lava! Can you imagine if the three of us DID end up naked and kneeling, begging for your cum? That would be the ultimate!"

He laughed. "You're telling ME that?! Geez, Ma, that's supposed to be MY fantasy." He chuckled some more.

"Well, make it your reality! Soon! I don't think it's as unlikely as you think. I'm willing to help you seduce her. Just let me know what to do."

He shook his head in disbelief as he watched her suck another finger clean while giving him her best "Your cock is going to get sucked next!" look. He enthused, "Okay! Sweet! What about Hillary? Should we tell her too?"

She stopped her finger sucking into order to give more attention to the way she was jacking him off. "Hmmm. Maybe not. At least not right away. The truth is, we don't know Hillary or Anushka that well yet. We don't know how possessive she is of Anushka, for instance, if she is at all, in this sort of case. I think you should joke and flirt with Anushka like you did today, but with Hillary there, and see how that goes over with her. If she's receptive, then we can bring her in on our plan. If she's not, then we'll regroup and rethink."

"Sounds like a plan." He looked down at his boner poking through his fly, and Maggie's hand sliding up and down it. He shook his head in disbelief at that too. He hoped they'd make it home soon, because he was getting much closer to cumming, now that Maggie was focusing on the handjob. She was using a corkscrew motion right now that was making him wonder where the cum would go if he unexpectedly lost control.

After a pause, Maggie said, "Of course, it could very well be that Anushka really is a lesbian. Actually, I highly doubt that. But maybe she's mostly lesbian. I strongly suspect that. That could be a big problem. You'll probably be fighting a very uphill battle because of that. And even if you're successful, victory might not be so sweet for you as you think. For instance, what if she's okay with kissing and touching you, but she doesn't want to have anything to do with your penis? It's very thick and daunting, believe me."

Nick shrugged. "If that's how it is, that's how it is. This isn't about my possible pleasure with her. That's a secondary concern. The main thing is bringing our foursome tighter together and keeping it going long-term. If I only end up kissing her, that'll help with the overall goal, and that's what matters."

Maggie said with a wicked smirk, "That's a very mature perspective to take. Especially considering your naked, big-titted mother is jacking you off while you drive us home. Where are we exactly anyway?"

He told her what street they were on, since she was crouched down too look to see out the windows herself.

That information gave her a thrill, as she thought about some of the people who lived nearby that she knew. If only they could see me now! Actually, one of them might be looking at me through a second story window at this very moment! True, they'd only see a flash of flesh for a second or two, and the odds are like a billion to one. but still, it's kind of hot to think it COULD happen. I guess I'm turning into a shameless exhibitionist. My son has turned me into a wanton slut in one week! And I LOVE it!

Despite the exquisite on-going handjob, she kept on thinking intensely. She focused on the problem of Anushka. You know, it's a pretty scary thought, but not only would it be good if he were to seduce Anushka, it might be good if I seduced her too!

She quickly clarified in her mind, Well, I don't mean a FULL seduction. I'm not about to take part in a sixty-nine with Hillary, much less Anushka. But if I were to get kind of kissy and touchy with her, that would help things a lot.

After all, in this daydream I just had, the three of us were kneeling naked, kissing, and rubbing our tits together. How are we supposed to get from here to there? At some point, I'll probably have to start kissing and touching her in a very intimate way. Actually, that could be more important in bonding our group together than if he can do that with her. She is mostly lesbian, as best as we can tell, and that means she's going to be much more receptive to me than to him. And it would take away her worry about me, which is her main worry now.

But can I do it? It can't be denied that she's VERY beautiful. And I can see why Sport gets so ga-ga over her breasts. Good Lord, they're impressive! It's pretty hard for me to deny that I felt a sexual spark with her. But I can't just start French kissing a stranger, especially another woman! I need to get to know her better, for starters. And what does she think about me?!

He could see that she was thinking intently about something, due to her furrowed brow. He asked, "A penny for your thoughts?"

"Oh, it's nothing." She looked abashed.

"It's not nothing. Come on."

"Fine. I'm just kind of thinking about Anushka. This is kind of an 'out there' question, but do you think she finds me physically attractive?"

"Are you kidding me?! Did you see the way she was looking at you?"

Maggie had seen that, but she wanted confirmation. "How was she looking at me?"

"She was totally checking you out! I saw her gazing at your chest more than once. And you were wearing that baggy, dark T-shirt. Just imagine if you were wearing something sexy and revealing. She wouldn't have been able to stop ogling you!"

Maggie smiled, and gave his cock a happy, tight squeeze, then went right back to stroking it. "Well, I don't know about that."

"I do," he said firmly. "But what about you? Do you find her attractive?"

"Well, I don't know..."

"Come on! You have to know."

Maggie said honestly, "I love the cum sharing vision, but that's all I really want. I'm not lesbian, you know. I'm not even bisexual. At least not much."

To even admit the "not much" was a significant change for her.

He couldn't believe he was having this conversation while his mother was buck naked and jacking him off as he drove down a suburban street! Hearing her say that "not much" admission made him even more giddy. But he forced himself to stay calm and mostly look at the road.

He prodded, "Maybe so. But still, do you find her attractive?"

'Of course! If you ask anyone with eyes that question, male or female, straight or gay, they'll say she's attractive. She's a total knockout! But that doesn't say anything about me; that just says how very gorgeous she is."

"Okay, let's put it this way. Do you feel some kind of sexual spark when you look at her?"

"I just told you I'm not lesbian."

"I think you're dodging the question."

She searched her feelings. How can I lie to my son? Especially now that I'm his devoted slut. She's one of the most sexually attractive people she'd ever seen, male or female. There's no shame in admitting she turns me on. Plus, I can't deny the intense arousal my daydream gave me, and Anushka's role in it obviously played a part in that.

Finally, she said to Nick, "Let's put it this way. Kissing Anushka? Fine. Taking turns kissing you and her while we're all naked? Yes, please. Sucking your cock while kneeling naked next to her? Great, if she's into that! Rubbing my tits against hers in that situation? That sounds very hot! Sharing your cum with her in all kinds of naughty ways? Even hotter! Taking turns bobbing on your cock with her, with her face and mine already splattered with your sweet cum?! YES! SO MUCH YES!"

She was getting herself more worked up, and channeled that into rubbing his cock faster and with more pressure.

He winced and was forced to start squeezing his PC muscle.

She pulled herself together and slowed her cock stroking a little bit. She went on in a calmer tone, "But I don't want to, you know, actually have sex with her. Like with a strap-on, or going down on each other or something like that. Yuck! That doesn't appeal to be at all. Ditto with Hillary. But if she's mostly lesbian, she'll want to do that with me."

He asked excitedly, "But you would be open to doing something with her? Like what you've done with Hillary? Kissing and fondling each other?"

"I suppose. If it helps our group." That sounded modest, and almost reluctant, but her head was spinning with the sexy possibilities.

He was over the moon to hear that. In truth, he'd been thinking how good it would be if Maggie and Anushka got it on with each other, but he was afraid to bring it up with her. He could scarcely believe that she'd mentioned it on her own.

He enthused, "COOL! Oh, man! I wish I wasn't driving! That makes me soooo horny!"

She chuckled. "Everything makes you 'soooo horny.'"

He glanced at her with a grin. "Everything about YOU makes me soooo horny."

She rubbed his cock a little faster and pressed in a little harder to help him enjoy his horny surge. But she also said, "Don't get carried away though, Sport. I would definitely want there to be limits on what she and I might do with each other."

He pointed out, "You can just set your limit. I'm sure she'll respect that. She did say she's sexually submissive, so it's not like she'll be ordering you around like a dominatrix."

"I'll think about it," Maggie said uncertainly. "Things are moving faster than the speed of light. I'm having a hard time mentally adjusting to a weird idea like doing ANYTHING sexual with her. I literally just met her today!"

He teased, "So says the woman who's jacking her son off while crouched down naked in a car driving through her own neighborhood."

She giggled. "Okay, you got me there. I feel so wanton and naughty and free!" She told him a husky, lusty voice, "Party or no party later, you do realize that as soon as we get home and in the garage, I'm going to be sucking your cock, right?"

He chuckled. "I don't know if I approve... sounds kind of scary."

She snorted mirthfully. "Shut up! You love it! And this time, you ARE going to fuck my face! Nothing will stop us now. And I'm so fucking hot that I need a good face fucking! There's just one thing that I ask."

"What's that?" He glanced over at her, even as he hit the garage door button. They were home.

"That you stop with more seductions after Anushka, if you manage to seduce her. You're the big stud now. Success breeds success. All the girls in school are going to want you, if they don't already. If you're serious about being in love with just Hillary and me, then you're not going to jump in bed with just any girl, right?"

"Just a sec." He waited to answer until he parked the car and closed the garage door.

Then Maggie had to let go of his hard-on while he took his shoes, shorts, and underwear off.

With nothing but his T-shirt on, he twisted in his seat to Maggie, and she sat up so they could talk face to face. He held her hand.

To his pleasant surprise, her hand went back to rubbing his sweet spot, even though she could tell more earnest discussion would follow. It was like she couldn't stop. It kept him high on lusty pleasure all the time.

He said, "I'm going to be completely 100 percent honest with you, I'd be tempted to sleep around, but I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to let my success go to my head. I really am the luckiest guy in the world. All I want is you and Hillary. If something were to develop with Anushka, that would be an awesome, awesome cherry on top. But I could easily live without it. I'm not in love with her and I don't think I ever will be. You I can't live without. Hillary I can't live without."

He went on, "As for those other girls? Like all the hotties at the party last night? Forget it. They don't even show up on my radar screen."

Maggie was very gratified to hear that. But she asked, "What about Debra?"

"What about her? I don't even like her. Right now, she has a small hold on us, because Hillary doesn't want her to publicly reveal that she's my second girlfriend. But if Debra starts to cause trouble, I hope and I even assume that Hillary will have to bite the bullet and publicly reveal that herself to take away her leverage. Then we'll be done with her. So she's not a problem."

Maggie nodded. "What about her strange hold over you though?"

"Oh yeah, that. You and Hillary just need to keep me occupied so I'm not tempted, until her weird sexual hold on me fades away. I imagine that'll take a week or less. Remember what I was saying how fucking releases bonding chemicals like oxytocin? I think I've got Debra-linked chemicals flowing all through me right now, making me have some kind of puppy love feeling for her. But those will flush out of my system in a few days, and then we'll be good."

Maggie gave him her best "come hither" look. She reached out for his thick pole and resumed fondling it. "I wonder how Hillary and I will occupy you until then. Whatever will we do to keep you distracted?" She smirked. Then she started to lean over and down towards his crotch.

But he said, "Not here." He opened the car door, extricated himself, and stood up.

She was momentarily miffed, but then she realized there were much better places than the car. She got out and stood up too. "Quick! I need you to slam your cock monster in my face, and I need it now! Where to?" She walked around to where he stood, in a narrow aisle between the Prius and the Explorer.

He said, "No, not here. The sun roof! It's much nicer up there than in this dark cave."

"True. But we can't go up there. I can't run through the house naked."

"Andy's not home. Come on!" He took her hand.

"Shit. I'm going to have to pick him up soon. But it's not just that. As soon as I go through that door to the laundry room, I go into Margaret mode. Margaret can't run through the house naked to get her face fucked on the roof by her son!"

Nick let go of her hand and clenched his hands in the air in frustration. "Fine! Whatever. Then you say where?"

She thought about that for a moment. They had a typical garage, with junk and tools piled up along the walls, and not much free space. She opened the back door of the Prius, reached in, and grabbed her T-shirt. She closed the door again and put her free hand back in his grip. "Over here."

She walked him deeper into the garage, where there was more room once they were past the two cars. Then she tossed the T-shirt to the floor and put her knees on it so she wouldn't be kneeling on the cold concrete.

He walked around to stand right in front of her.

She struck a sexy pose with both of her hands behind her head and her back arched slightly. "Here! It's good to face fuck your naughty busty mother while standing up. And they say mothers are best face-fucked when they're naked, kneeling, and wearing heels."

She looked back to her feet, frustrated that she only had three inch heels on. "Even if they're not exactly high heels, they're still heels. I'll do better next time, I promise."

He very much liked her idea. He was already standing in the right place, so he held his throbbing hard-on and brought it towards her face.

She took control of it from him with her hand, and opened her mouth very wide.

But before she could start, he said, "Wait! I just want to warn you. You've brought me close to the edge with your non-stop handjob most of the way here, plus just seeing you naked and playing with yourself in the passenger seat was a total mind-fuck! And thinking about face fucking you again is a huge thrill. I remember how super intense it was yesterday. Once we start, I don't think I'm going to last very long at all. In fact, I might just blow my load right away!"

She shrugged, and started rubbing his sweet spot already. "So be it. Son, my mouth belongs to you now. It's here for your pleasure! You can fuck my face whenever you feel like it! Whenever I'm in Maggie mode, that is."

She briefly let go of his hard-on to stretch her arms out dramatically. "Look at me! This is who I am now! I'm so far gone from the old Margaret you knew. I AM your naked, blowjob-loving, big-titted slut, so please think of me as such! And treat me as such!"

His heart skipped a beat, and he forgot to breathe. She was a true vision, a nude goddess.

"So use my mouth as you like, whenever you like! If not a face fuck, maybe you'd prefer a nice long cocksuck that lasts an hour or more. And my tits too, for a nice, long, squeezy titfuck! Or a blowjob-titfuck combo. I particularly enjoy those. You really make me work and suffer to coax the cum out of your balls that way!"

She lowered her arms and resumed jacking him off. "We'll do it all, for hours and hours! Usually with Hillary there too, I hope! I'm your girlfriend and your mother and your busty slut and your personal cocksucker now, and I love it! So if you don't last long before you cum, who cares? My lips will be stretched wide around your thickness before long again anyway! You'll probably stay erect, like you usually do! If it involves you and you cock, I'll love it, I promise!"

She thought she was done, but then another thought came to her. "And if you stay hard and we're very late to the party because I'm bobbing on your ridiculously thick knob for an hour or more, so much the better! Which would you rather do, talk to those preppie, stuck-up losers, or bask in the joy of your very own mother loving your cock a whole lot more?!"

Nick loved that question. He didn't feel the need to answer, because the answer was so obvious. And he loved that he didn't even have to close the short distance to her mouth, because she opened wide again and lunged forward until she had his fat pole as deep in her mouth as she could manage.

As she started to suck and bob, she thought in her own mind, Let me reiterate: I'm your horny, naked, kneeling, busty, cocksucking slut-mother! God, I love doing this! I don't think there's anything I enjoy more than taking your cock in my mouth or between my tits, unless it's when you cum on me! I'm yours to play with, Son! You've turned me into your willing and wanton sex toy!

She felt too embarrassed to say all of that out loud, since she was even more extreme to herself with her "sex toy" type language. Plus, she wasn't about to take his boner out of her mouth now.

He wasn't sure what the face fucking protocol was supposed to be. His penis wasn't moving now, and how did he go to moving it quickly and aggressively into the face of a woman he dearly loved? Even though it ran totally contrary to the face fucking idea, he stayed still and let Maggie take the lead.

She reached up and fondled his balls while stroking the lower half of her shaft for good measure. At the same time, she lovingly sucked tightly back and forth over his sweet spot while also lapping at every sensitive spot she could reach.

With each new blowjob she gave him, far from being bored, she was loving it more and more. She'd realized that she'd held back sexually with Andy. She'd been good, but not great. Only now was she learning to let her sexual spirit fly free. She was learning to release her passion and her joy by the use of her tongue, lips, and fingers on her son's cock, and she absolutely adored doing it. The more she loved it, the more he loved it, and that inspired her to suck him with even more love and passion, creating a positive feedback loop. This was turning her into a truly great cocksucker.

She decided the face fucking could wait a little while. Especially since he'd said he was close to orgasm already, she wanted to prolong the joy some first. Part of her improving talent was that she was learning how to drive him absolutely wild while keeping him just shy of actually climaxing. Since he was already close, she set a challenge to keep him at the very cusp for at least five minutes. Then she'd see about the face fucking.

She decided that she didn't really need both hands on his cock and balls, so she brought one down to her pussy and started finger-fucking herself.

As she twisted her head this way and that, she thought, I love my son! I love his cock! Son, I love sucking you so very much! Normally, I find sex talk names like 'slut' or 'bitch' degrading, but I get a thrill thinking of myself as your personal cocksucking mother-slut! Does that turn you on? Because it turns me on!

Debra has despoiled this wonderful cock of yours with her filthy, slutty cunt! And I mean that in the "bad slut" way, like a shameless skank, not in the "good slut" way, like a cock-hungry, busty, and beautiful mother who uses her mouth to express all of her endless love for you! She's dirtied this absurdly thick jaw-breaker, but I'm cleaning it with my loving, tightly sucking lips! And it needs a hell of a lot of cleaning and loving!

I can't wait until the party! Sure, we'll do some mingling with the other guests, but mainly I'm looking forward to stealing away with you and Hillary to some remote upstairs bedroom and then showing you just what your two big-titted loves can do once we finally start taking turns bobbing for cock for the first time! We're gonna blow your mind with just how long we can do it! It's going to be an epic suck-fest! Then you're going to blow your load all over our faces and chests like you're a one-man gangbang!

Then Hillary and I are going to kiss and clean each other. We're going to get so fucking clean! I'm going to clean your cock so long and so good, and then I'll clean her face and her wondrous round tits - everything will be so fucking shiny and clean that we'll sparkle! Then we'll get you to cum again with still more epic sucking, licking, and titfucking, and that'll give us even more kissing and cleaning to do!

Son, I wish I could tell all of this to your face, but it's embarrassing saying some of this out loud. Plus, I don't want you to get too big of a head. What if you DO seduce Anushka? Oh, sweet Jesus! I love it! Don't just kiss her and fondle her incredible gigantic tits - fuck her too! Fuck Hillary! Fuck me! Especially fuck ME! Yes! I need a good long fucking with your huge cock monster! Daily! Fuck us all, every fucking day! Just don't fuck Debra. Fuck the sluts you love! Be a literal motherfucker! That'll be fucking perfect!

She didn't actually change her mind about not letting Nick fuck her, she was just reveling in forbidden fantasy as her arousal spiraled to dizzying heights. But the temptation was growing the more she let herself fantasize like this.

All the while, she kept on vigorously bobbing on his thickness while fingering her slit. Somehow, she'd managed to keep him from cumming - just barely - while bobbing on him faster and deeper.

Eventually, she even let herself gag and choke on him a little bit. She loved the feeling, and the idea of it, as well as the sounds that made. She wanted to explore that a lot more in the future.

The way she was getting increasingly energized and excited was energizing and exciting him too. He didn't consciously plan it, but he started to move his hips a little bit back and forth at first, and then more and more. Before long, he realized that he was doing more of the in-and-out movement than she was.

He sensed this was the time to begin the face fucking in earnest. He started thrusting his hips ever more vigorously. He also put his hands on her head. He entwined his fingers in her blonde hair and slipped his hands back down towards the back of her head in anticipation of even more intense and arousing motion.

Sure enough, as the moments passed, he continued to thrust more and more vigorously with his hips.

It wasn't long before she completely stopped with her bobbing. She still kept a tight seal around his shaft as best she could, given the situation, but she hoped her lack of movement would encourage him to get still more aggressive.

And he did. He desperately needed to cum by now, but he realized that he was truly face fucking, and it was such a great thrill that he was determined to hold on a little longer so he could fully experience the joy. Whoa! I'm fucking Maggie's face again! No, I'm fucking my mother's face! My unbelievably beautiful and extremely sexy mother! This is a dream come true! Sure, I did it once to her yesterday, but it's even better the second time, because now I know what I'm doing.

Plus, I can compare it to real fucking! It's just like the way I was thrusting into Debra last night, except shorter and faster strokes of course, but it's so much better because it's with Ma! In a way, I really am fucking my mother! God, I love it, but too much! Now that I'm in this rapid rhythm, it's like I can't stop! Gonna cum, for sure!

He'd already been on the verge of cumming before the face fucking motion began. By some miracle, he held on for one full minute of truly all-out, no-holds-barred, glorious face fucking. He was gripping the back of her head tightly.

She could sense from his extremely labored gasps that he was going to cum at any second.

She quickly pulled her two fingers out of her pussy and stuck just her index finger into the air. She brought it up to her face to double check that it was thoroughly lubed up with her juices. Her plan was to then probe deep enough into his anus to stimulate his prostate. She'd never done it to Andy, but she'd heard it could be incredibly amazing for the man. In addition, she'd seen Debra do it to him last night, and how he'd had a powerful reaction to it.

However, she slid her finger up through his ass crack on the way to his anus, and just that unexpected sensation was the final straw for him.

He cried, "CUMMING!" and started to do just that.

He thrust forward hard and pulled at her hair as he began to cum. He was having a hard time being as forceful as necessary for a "true" face fuck, but at that moment of climax he was so out of control that he didn't think and just acted.

She gagged and choked as his cockhead pushed in deep and threatened to enter the back of her throat. His first rope shot straight down her throat and into her stomach, creating a powerful tingle in her clit. Then she started to pull back, causing his second rope to streak her tongue.

While this was happening, she still wanted to get to his anus, but she couldn't because she had to bring that hand around and use both hands in an attempt to still his thrusting motions enough to safely get his rapidly moving erection out of her mouth. She enjoyed when he shot his load right into her mouth, but she much, much preferred it when he splooged on her face and/or tits instead.

As his orgasm washed over his entire body in the most remarkably pleasurable way, his legs grew weak and wobbly. He was doing well just to remain standing.

By the time his third rope blasted out, Maggie had taken full control of his hot cock as it slipped all the way out of her mouth. She held it like a hose, blasting cum onto her face. But she didn't know how much cum he had left to give, so after a couple of seconds she redirected the aim to her round tits. As it so happened, she didn't get back to her face, and let more of his cum paint her great bust.

Unfortunately, she didn't get a chance to simultaneously cum with him, for once. At first, she was fully fascinated by the task of aiming his cum on her skin. Then, as his climax finally came to an end, she could sense his legs started to shake as his body seemingly turned to jelly and he rapidly lost the ability to keep standing. She had to move quickly to grab him with both hands and guide him safely to the ground. By the time he was resting on his ass, the opportunity to share a mutual orgasm had passed.

She was still so very aroused that she could have continued to touch herself and have a very nice climax. But she was getting used to mutual climaxes with her son, and she wanted to make a habit of not settling for any less than that. However, she didn't mind much either way, because the sensation of feeling his cum splatter on her face and breasts was an intense mental orgasm just the same.

It seemed that her cum fetish was growing stronger each time he gave her another facial and/or pearl necklace. Her only regret - and it was a big one - was that Hillary wasn't here to help clean up all the cum. She licked up a lot of it herself while Nick was resting, mostly by directly licking it off her tits. She rubbed and smeared the rest into her skin. That was a lot of fun, yet she knew it paled in comparison to having Hillary there doing it with her. That frustration only increased her desire for a double blowjob with Hillary later at Shannon's party.

It so happened that Nick's dick didn't stay hard after that. In fact, it quickly became clear that he wasn't going to get erect again anytime soon. The intensity of the experience had totally drained him.

Maggie couldn't decide if this was in keeping with his "cums in twos" tendency or not. This was his second orgasm of the day, but the first one took place hours before, with the Anushka meeting in between. Yet he'd stayed erect more often than not through that meeting.

It was a moot point though, because he was so clearly wiped out. Had there been a bed nearby, he would have flopped onto it and gone straight to sleep.

Since they were in the middle of a somewhat dirty garage, he didn't have anywhere to lie down. He rested while sitting for about five minutes, with his mother hugging him for their mutual comfort and to help keep him upright. They were silent, since they were both so overcome by what they'd just done together.

Eventually, he had no choice but to stand up and stagger back into the house. He wanted to rest in his bed, but he wanted to go to the party more. So he managed to get into his upstairs shower and use the cool water splashing on him to help revive him.

Maggie had a much easier time getting up and going inside. But, once he was gone, she collected his and her clothes scattered in and out of the car first.

Then she looked around the garage.

Hmmm. I'm going to be sucking a lot of cock around here, that's for sure. And more face fucks! That was even better than the one yesterday, which means it was pretty damn great! Short, but great. True, he was rather timid this time, but that's kind of cute because it shows he loves me so much that he's reluctant to get aggressive. But I'll set him straight on that for next time. Plus, I'm sure that next time he'll start out fully "cocked and loaded," so he'll fuck my face into sweet oblivion!

God! We're going to have so much fun! If things keep going between him and Hillary like they are, and like I expect them to be, I'm going to be his naked daily cocksucker for many months or even years! Please, Lord, let it be years! Which means this garage could be the sight of hundreds or even THOUSANDS of blowjobs! Holy FUCK! That's an incredible thought! Totally hot!

She put her hands on her hips and looked all around the garage. There's really only two places we can use most of the time, here and the sun roof. So I need to fix this place up a little bit, and clean it up.

She looked all around some more, thinking about how she could rearrange things. Maybe I should make a little cocksucking corner where I can kneel and suck and titfuck in comfort. Wearing nothing but high heels, of course! I could make it my own little blowjob palace!

What a naughty yet wonderful thought that is! I've come so far in such a short time. His fake girlfriend scheme has got to be the best thing that's ever happened to me. To us! It's turned me into his unabashed personal cocksucker. I know that's totally unfair. It's like I've become his sexual servant or even his sex toy. But so what? He loves it, and I love it, so why the hell can't we do a lot of it?! I've never been so happy! Bobbing on his thick cock is always the highlight of my day!

And you know what? I AM going to make a comfy cocksucking corner here, though obviously in a way so Andy won't suspect. So there!

She went inside to shower and dress for the party. Since Nick wasn't with her and Andy was out, she walked through the house naked and with cum on her face and breasts. It was a violation of her rule never to be in Maggie mode inside the house, but she figured it was silly to try to get clean and dress up in the garage when she was going straight to take a shower anyway.

Their latest garage blowjob hadn't actually taken that much time. She was pretty sure that she and Nick would still be able to get to Shannon's before Hillary did, even though she'd have to pick up Andy and take him home first.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, lew54321, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.