Chapter 53: To the Party (Sunday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Maggie was annoyed at having to pick up Andy from watching football with his friends. She and Nick were already going to get to Shannon's party later than expected, and doing that would delay her even more.

She wasn't a big football fan, but she knew the game well enough since both Nick and especially Andy were big fans. She was aware that on Sundays there usually was a game or two on TV that started a little after one in the afternoon, West Coast time, and those games generally ended around 4:30, unless there was overtime. After showering and dressing, she went downstairs to the living room and turned on the TV to see how the games were faring. There was just one game being shown, and it was a blowout that was nearly finished.

She went upstairs and found Nick. He was still in the shower, since he was taking an extra long one to try to revive himself. She spoke loudly through the bathroom door. "Nick?"


"I'm going to go pick up Andy now. I'll be back shortly."

"Okay. What should I do while you're gone?"

She was merely wearing ordinary clothes now, because she didn't want to be seen in something special by Andy when she picked him up. She realized she still needed to pick out something to wear to the party, plus they'd been told to bring bathing suits. That problem inspired her to suggest, "Why don't you pick out something for me to wear to the party? Actually, pick out several outfits and lay them out on my bed so I can choose. And pick me a bathing suit too, okay? And get dressed with a bathing suit for yourself too. Then we'll be able to leave quickly once I get back. Okay?"

"Cool! That sounds like fun. By the way, are you in Margaret or Maggie mode now?"

She quietly sighed to herself, because that pointed to an increasingly vexing problem. "I'm mostly in Margaret mode, but we're bending the rules slightly to get to the party. Try not to ask me that sort of question in the house though, okay? Because you wouldn't ask Margaret that, since she doesn't know anything. Just use your common sense."

"Okay. Sorry."

Maggie left to pick Andy up while the televised game was still going on. She figured that by the time she got there, the game would be over or nearly over, and if she just showed up, Andy would be obliged to leave rather than dawdling around and drinking more beer before finally calling to get picked up. So that's what she did.

Things worked as she'd hoped, and she made good time getting Andy back home. She and Andy even had a nice discussion about football during the ride.

With that thankfully sorted out, she went to her bedroom and found Nick there all dressed up for the party. He was wearing a fancy red and blue dress shirt and dark brown slacks, and he had a sweater picked out too in case it got cold later. He explained that he was already wearing his bathing suit instead of regular underwear.

She told him he looked good. She didn't say anything about it to him, but she was secretly pleased that he chose dark brown slacks, because the dark color could help hide whatever pre-cum or cum stains that developed. And she was certain there would be stains. That gave her a secret thrill and a tingle in her pussy.

Then she inspected the three outfits and the one bathing suit he'd selected for her. He'd also left a pair of red high heels with the other items.

She put her hands on her hips and looked at him sharply. "I see you managed to pick out the three most revealing dresses I own. And the very most revealing bikini I own!"

She would have said more, but she felt she couldn't while in Margaret mode. She picked up the bikini top. "I can't wear this! It's borderline pornographic. The only reason I have this is for tanning purposes. I wore this for a while before going au naturel."

He just shrugged with a slight smirk. "Hey, you told me to pick out what I liked. This is what I like."

She rolled her eyes with chagrin. "Then you should wear it." She walked towards her dresser. "I'm going to get a normal bikini, like the one I brought to the party yesterday. In fact, I can bring that one again, since I didn't get a chance to wear it."

But he said, "Hold on. Remember last night when we said good-bye to Shannon, just before we left? Remember how some girls were topless in the hot tub, or wearing microscopic bikinis? The sexy bikini you say is too revealing is actually on the conservative side for a party like this. Do you want to see as the fuddy duddy?"

Maggie stopped and thought, Not my sexy yellow bikini! It's positively obscene! I've never worn it in front of anybody, not even my son! It'll actually be WORSE than going topless, because it's the kind of thing that only a shameless slut would wear. It's true I AM his shameless slut, but I certainly don't want anyone else to know that, besides Hillary!

But then she thought, However... if Nick's gonna be seen as cool by the school's elite, he's gotta have a cool and sexy girlfriend. I remember I thought my dress last night would be seen as fairly sexy but I ended up feeling like the "fuddy duddy" then. I don't want that to happen again. I am his secret slut, one of them, that is, and while I don't want to look TOO slutty in public, it's good for his reputation if everyone thinks he's banging a total hottie!

Plus, he will love it if I show off my figure! His cock will get stiff and thick and full of tasty cum, crying out for sweet release into my mouth. We'll be able to sneak off to some upstairs bedroom, with Hillary as well, and she and I can finally show him just how good we can be at sucking and licking his cock together without any time limit or restraint! Hopefully, Hillary will wear something super sexy too, and we'll be able to keep him stiff and throbbing most of the evening. Hell, I hope the three of us spend more time in private upstairs than actually mingling with the other guests!

Well, that and school politics. So I guess I should wear it.

She turned back to face him, and growled. "Okay, fine. I'll wear that damn bikini. But I'm warning you!"

She narrowed her eyes and pointed at him. "If I wear that around you, I'm liable to get all horny, and then I'll start tingling and even salivating. The only cure to such a condition it seems is to give your cock a nice long sucking, so I hope you can handle sneaking off to some private room!" She wagged her finger at him aggressively.

He chuckled. "I'm just going to have to suffer with that, then. By the way, aren't you supposed to be Margaret now?"

She blanched. "SHIT!" She waved her hands at him to shoo him away. "Okay, that's it! Out of my room, now! I'll pick one of these outfits out and put it on. You chill out and act like Margaret's son until we get to the garage, so there won't be any more Margaret mode violations."

"Yes, Ma."

She looked back to the items she'd selected for him, and focused on the five-inch high red high heels he'd put there. She complained, "And what's with those high heels? We're going to a hot tub. Is that really necessary?"

He replied, "I know, but is that all we're going to do, hang around the hot tub? This is hard for me to discuss while you're in Margaret mode, but won't there be times when we're in a private room and you're, uh, doing very nice things to me with your mouth?"

Her arousal level went up a notch or two as she had vivid thoughts of sucking him off while wearing nothing but those red high heels. But she teased him, "What do you mean? Kissing you?"

He said abashedly, "Um, not exactly."

She was having fun teasing him, despite supposedly not being in right mode for it. She asked the leading question, "Why those heels only? I've bought a few sexy pairs lately that I want to try out. Why don't you give me a choice?"

He shuffled his feet shyly and looked down. "Uh, ah... they have special meaning to me. The red color, for sure, since you know what that means. That you're hot for more oral action with me, and I don't mean kissing my lips! And, uh, those particular heels have a special history for me. When I see those, I think of you naked and kneeling, wearing them and nothing else while your lips slide back and forth on my, uh, you-know-what, and your tongue does all sorts of amazing things to me!"

She realized that her teasing boomeranged on her, because she was getting extremely hot and bothered. She said, "Okay, I'll wear them. No, go!" She pushed him out the door before she lost her self-control, which she couldn't allow to happen while in Margaret mode, especially in the house.

Once the door was safely closed, she leaned against it and started playing with her nipples and pussy through her clothes. God damn! Here I go again! Too hot! If he thinks I wear red high heels whenever I think about sucking his cock, then I should wear them 24 hours a day, because I can't stop thinking about it! And doing it! HNNNG! GAAAAWWWD!

— — —

A short time later (and after Maggie secretly masturbated herself to climax), the two of them were fully dressed and in the car. Maggie's dress was so revealing that she couldn't wear a bikini top or bra underneath it. So she'd put her bikini in her purse. She chose to wear thong-styled panties so she wouldn't have any visible panty lines on her ass. She had her red high heels on her feet already, a fact that definitely made Nick happy.

As they drove away, she said, "By the way, please keep your hands to yourself until we get to Shannon's. This hanky panky business while the car is driving can't go on. It's far, far too dangerous! We almost got killed driving home earlier, as you know."

He said slightly glumly, "Don't worry, I'm not even erect right now."

"Be still my beating heart! I never thought I'd hear those words!" She chuckled.

"Hey, it happens." He asked her, "By the way, what excuse did you give Andy for the two of us being gone together until late?"

"I didn't. Well, I gave him an excuse, but I didn't explicitly mention the going together part. I told him that you had plans with your new girlfriend Hillary. And I told him I had plans with friends. Technically, all that is true, it's just that my friends are you and Hillary." She smiled at her cleverness with that.

"Did he ask any follow-up questions?"

"Only about dinner, just like I thought he would. I told him he'd have to fend for himself and I suggested he order some take out. I'm sorry to be brutally honest, but he's totally checked out of this family. He doesn't give a shit. It makes it easy for us since we don't have to try hard to cover our tracks, but it makes me sad."

Nick nodded. "It bums me out too. That's gotta be the first he's heard about me dating Hillary, since I haven't been keeping him in the loop about anything lately. Did he ask any questions about that?"

"No, and that really upset me. No matter what happened between him and me, he's still your father. It shows he's been checked out for a long time now. If he'd been paying any attention to what you've been talking about at meals, he'd remember that you've been raving about Hillary for ages. He'd remember that you haven't dated anybody yet, so this should be a huge, huge deal. But all he cared about was who was making him dinner."

She suddenly got angry. "Fuck him! Fuck his dinner! I'm tired of being his free maid and his free cook! This situation needs to change. I'm sure he was secretly delighted to find out he was going to be alone all evening for a change. He'll probably use it to watch porn on the big screen TV."

Nick was shocked. "Porn?! Why the heck would he watch porn?!" He thought about that, and asked, "Do you think he still gets some mental arousal from that, despite not being able to get it up?"

She glanced over at her son as she drove. "Maybe. But I'm guessing that he actually CAN get an erection, and he's been able to for some time now."

"WHAT?! Are you serious?! What makes you think that?!"

"He's been very careful to cover his tracks, I'll admit. You know he doesn't like for me to go into his office, so I don't. But still, I have to go in there once in a blue moon for one reason or another, like to empty the trash. And for months now, there's been a slow build-up of a funky smell. It's a very subtle thing. You wouldn't recognize it. But since he and I used to be sexually active, it finally grew strong enough for me to tell that it was the smell of his cum."

Nick was blown away.

She went on, "Mind you, I haven't seen any wet spots or soiled towels or anything like that. He must have a good disposal system. Maybe he cums into some tissues and flushes them down the toilet. And of course I haven't SEEN any direct signs of his erection. But how else could he be making that smell? His body must be healing by itself to some degree, despite his near total failure to do any physical therapy. They say time heals all wounds, after all. So I'll bet he masturbates to porn on the Internet a lot. He's probably delighted we're gone, so he won't have to be sneaky and quiet about it, for once."

Nick asked, "If that's true, and it sounds like it is, why would he go to great lengths to keep it a secret?"

"That's obvious. He's milking his injuries as much as possible so he doesn't have to do jack shit! It's probably not just his penis function that's getting better; I wouldn't be surprised if he can walk better too. For instance, why can't he drive a car? I'll bet he can. His legs aren't non-functional, it's just that he hobbles around on a cane. Supposedly, that is! He could be faking that too."

"What?! Why?!"

"He's got a sweet deal. I get to be his maid, cook, and chauffeur. If it became clear to me that he could function on his own, maybe I'd tell him it's time we separate and then divorce. Either he moves out or I do. He doesn't want to stay here for the love of me or you. Like I said, he mentally checked out of being part of the family a long time ago. But think what a hassle it would be for him having to live on his own. He doesn't know the first thing about how to cook for himself, for starters, or even how to do his own laundry. He'd have to get his ass in gear and start living a real life again, which he obviously shows no sign of doing. Or, he'd have to hire someone to do all that, and that's not cheap. It's much easier to hype up his injuries and have me do it all for free."

Nick griped, "Oh, man! That sucks! I'm really pissed off at him right now. How long have you known this?"

"Well, I don't know anything for sure. All I have to go on is that smell, and a few other clues. Maybe his cum is leaking out in some dysfunctional way or something. Maybe his penis is working again but the rest of his injuries are still totally legit. There are lots of possibilities. But I'm pretty sure he's faking his injuries to some extent, due to something I just found out a very short while ago. That's why I'm telling you these things now."

"What did you find out?"

"When I picked him up at his friend's house, I just dropped in without him calling to be picked up first. There were a handful of guys standing around, talking, and drinking beer. They weren't even paying attention to the game on the TV because it was the end of a blowout. That's nice that he's getting more social, finally. Good for him. But he was standing and walking just fine without his cane! Then he saw me, and this 'Oh shit!' expression crossed his face. He went and got his cane, and then he walked with me to the car as if he needed the cane for help." She narrowed her eyes angrily. "Bullshit!"

Nick was silent for some long moments as he absorbed all that. Finally, he said, "Wow. So what are you going to do about it?"

"Like I said, things need to change. What's been happening sexually between you and me lately has been making me wonder why I've been putting up with this charade anyway. Supposedly, the plan has been to keep the family together until you graduate from high school, but what's the point when he's totally neglecting being a father? Tell me truthfully: would you be traumatized or upset if our family split before then?"

"No way. Far from it. It would be much better if he's gone! And I'm not just saying that because of our new sexual relationship. He's just a roommate, not a dad. He doesn't do any fatherly stuff with me at all, and it's been that way since well before his injury. The fact that he didn't react when you told him I was dating Hillary says it all, and makes me both sad and mad at him. Maybe even worse than hating him, most of the time I just don't feel much emotion for him, period. Like you said, he checked out of the family a long time ago."

She glanced at Nick again to read his expression. "That's how I feel too. I think the only reason I've stuck with our current sucky living arrangement is because I feel guilty somehow about his injuries. It's not my fault whatsoever. He's the one who cheated! Repeatedly! But I let him drive off when he was dangerously emotionally upset."

Nick spoke emphatically, "You can't blame yourself for that! It's not like you could have stopped him anyway. He was in a mad rage, even though the anger was directed at himself."

"I know that. But, like I said, I felt some guilt about it anyway, even though I knew it was illogical. Plus, I have a kind of a Florence Nightingale urge to nurse him back to health. I think that's something that's biologically programmed into women, to be nurturing types. We make great nurses. I did love him once, you know, and even though he cheated on me, I wanted to see him get better. But if he's faking the extent of his injuries, then fuck that! I'm washing my hands of him. What do you think of that?"

"Good for you! Go, Ma! But what does that mean, exactly?"

She explained, "Well, first I'll need to gather some evidence to see if I'm right. When he was with his friends today, maybe he was in pain trying to hide that he needed the cane so they wouldn't think of him as a cripple. I could still be wrong. But my gut feeling tells me I'm not. So first, evidence. He may be faking for me, but I don't think he can fake for his doctor. I'll need to see how he's really been doing on his regular check-ups. By the way, he doesn't let me attend his doctor visits or even see the paperwork, and now I can see why."

"Wow! I had no clue."

She sighed. "Yeah, well, that's a sign of how little interaction you have with him, which is another sad thing. That's on him, not you."

Nick sat forward as he had a sudden realization. "Hey! It just occurred to me: you must have known about this cum smell thing well BEFORE the whole fake girlfriend plan got rolling, right?"

"That's true. I've been fairly certain a couple of months now, but scared to take the necessary next steps. Being with you has inspired me to get my act together. Why do you ask?"

"Because had I known that he had a working penis, I might never have proposed the fake girlfriend idea in the first place. The fact that he was completely impotent and unable to sexually satisfy you was a big reason I was morally okay with going ahead with it."

She replied, "Interesting. But it's a moot point, because he and I are never going to have sex again anyway. We don't even kiss anymore. So what difference does it make?"

"I don't know. Somehow, it matters in my mind. Of course, that was then and this is now. I have no regrets!"

"Good. Neither do I. Anyway, if the evidence shows what I think it will, then I'll confront him about it and tell him that I'm initiating the divorce now instead of later. That doesn't mean he's going to suddenly move out. I'm not cruel. He'll need time to make new living arrangements and get his ass in gear. The process could take months. I'll bet he's gonna drag his feet every step of the way. But eventually, he'll be gone."

Nick took a heavy breath. "Whoa! Do you know what that means?!" There was a new sparkle of excitement in his eyes. "No more Margaret! You could be Maggie 24-7! Right?!"

To his surprise, she frowned. "Well, I don't know about that. I'm not sure how healthy that is, for either of us. I told you that I've been getting concerned that things between you and me are spinning out of control. The passion is great, but it's almost TOO intense! I'm starting to lose all perspective. All I want to do is have fun with you in Maggie mode, all day long. I think forcing myself to be Margaret for most of the time is a very healthy and necessary thing, because I have such trouble having any restraint whatsoever when I'm Maggie."

He thought about that. He was disappointed, naturally, but he could see where she was coming from. He hoped she would change her mind as she grew more accustomed to her new sexually uninhibited lifestyle.

She went on, "In a way, I'm glad Andy is living with us and prevents us from getting it on at home all the time. Just think if he wasn't there. Would you ever want to leave the bed?"

Nick chuckled. "No! Definitely not!" After a pause, he said, "Okay, I can kind of see what you mean. I need to stay focused on my homework and other school stuff, and when you're in Margaret mode I don't feel like I'm missing out when I'm doing that. Still, I can't help but root for living with just you, as Maggie, full time! That would be waaaay beyond awesome!"

She couldn't help but suppress her smile. "Yeah, it would be. But don't get too excited just yet. Andy probably won't be out for months. The divorce progress can take a long time. And a lot could change between now and then. What if, for instance, you and Hillary get so serious that she doesn't want to share you with me anymore? That would be your dream come true, no?"

He slumped down in his seat and frowned. "Um, yeah." After a long pause, he asked, "Ma, can I be totally honest?"

"Of course, Sport. You should never have to ask me that."

"My ultimate dream come true would be to have Hillary AND you forever! I don't want to 'break up' with you, ever! The truth is, I love you and want you just as much as her. I've always had two dream girls all along, as you've suspected already. You're my TWO loves!"

"Really?!" Maggie beamed with delight. Her heart soared. She knew this was a very big deal. It meant she didn't have to fear the "hand-over" any more! Not unless Hillary forced him to choose between them, that is.

She was frustrated that she was driving the car, because otherwise she certainly would have given him a big kiss, just for starters. She would have much preferred to celebrate with a passionate, long cocksucking.

"Yeah. Most definitely. So if Hillary were ever to say to me she wants me exclusively, that would be a total dream come true, but a nightmare too. I don't know what I'd do!"

Maggie turned sad again, because she forced herself to say, "If you ever have to choose between her and me, the choice is clear. You have to choose her! Our relationship is ultimately doomed. Never forget that. In the end, I AM your mother, and that fact can never change, no matter how convincing our cover story is. It's a biological fact. What we're doing, I really shouldn't be allowing this, but I'm weak. At the very least, we can never go all the way. You can't marry your own mother or live with her forever. Society would never allow that."

She dropped her voice to a shameful whisper. "And we could never think about having children! That's impossible!" She shuddered just to think about that possibility.

She resumed her usual voice. "Enjoy this special time we're having while it lasts, because all good things have to end eventually."

He huffed, "But why does it have to end?! Why?! So what if 'society' doesn't allow it? 'Society' doesn't have to know!"

"Don't try to talk me out of this. My mind is made up. I hope we can be together like this a long time. I'd love for it to last until you graduate. But then you have to grow up and move on. You'll go to college in some distant town and start a life of your own. To stay with your own mother beyond that point would be unhealthy. For you to end up with Hillary, that's very healthy and good. We need to keep the 'hand-over' in mind. Sure, it can be a very, very slow hand-over, but it has to happen just the same."

She didn't completely believe that. In fact, she was hoping most of that would turn out to be wrong. But she was hedging her bets. She didn't want to raise her hopes too high, or get his hope up too much either.

She added, "I could insist on kicking Andy out right away, at least once our divorce process begins. But, to be honest, I'd be afraid to do that, and I'd be afraid to be Maggie all the time. It could completely consume me. Having Andy there forces me to calm down and be relatively normal most of the time. I need that."

He pouted, "Oh God. That sucks! I don't agree with any of that. I think you and I should be together all the time! But I'm not going to argue with you. For one thing, we're out of time."

He didn't have to explain what he meant by that, because it was obvious that they'd just arrived at Shannon's mansion. In fact, just a few seconds later, Maggie had to briefly stop the car and get approval from the security guard to drive onto the spacious property.

As they drove up the long private road that led to the mansion, Nick said, "Shifting gears before we're totally out of time, I must say that I'm feeling kind of nervous right now."

"Nervous? Why?"

"Maybe this seems preposterous to you, given all the great sexual success I've been having, but I still feel like a fraud. At times, I feel totally confident and on top of the world. That's how I feel most of the time when I'm horny. But at times like right now, when I'm not aroused at all, I still feel like a fraud. In fact, the more success I have while I'm horny, the more of a fraud I feel when I'm not. It's like I'm building a taller and taller house of cards. The higher it gets, the more inevitable the fall, and the more dramatic the fall will be."

She'd reached the end of the driveway. She parked the car in a line of a few other cars that undoubtedly belonged to the other party guests. She turned off the engine and turned to him. "'Fall?' What do you mean by a fall? What fall?"

He gesticulated to express his frustration. "I don't know! I'm not saying this is totally logical. I feel like I've been wearing a mask, and someone is going to come along and rip the mask off. I worry about Hillary the most. When I'm actually with her I'm always at least somewhat horny, and thus my shy and worried side goes into hiding. But at times when I'm alone, I get scared that she's going to rip my mask off. And that's not counting the danger of her finding out about the incest. I'm just talking about her discovering the real me."

Maggie said tenderly, "This IS the real you! The real you is great. We love the real you, her and me! How many girls get so totally dedicated to pleasuring your cock so fast as she and I have? Yes, part of that is because your huge, thick cock is so much fun to suck and play with. But more, it's because of your personality and your charm. It's fun for us in large part because we like making you feel good because you mean so much to us! Her AND me!"

That threw him for a loop. "Really?! Wow!" He was flattered, but he still didn't feel worthy.

She smirk-smiled. "Really! Besides, remember what I told you? No matter what happens with her, I'll still be there for you. Remember how I promised that I wasn't going to stop having sexual fun with you if Hillary were to break up with you?"

"Of course! I love that. And it eases my worries a lot that I won't suddenly go back to how I used to be. It's kind of like Cinderella going from an overworked maid to a magical princess for one night, only to go back to being a maid. Except instead of a princess, I got magically turned into some kind of irresistible sex stud. But I don't deserve it at all! I don't just worry about Hillary, I worry about you too!"

"Me? Why me? I'll always be there for you."

"I know. And I love you so much that it hurts. But what if you wake up one day and think, 'Hey! Why on Earth am I intimate with Nick?'"

He looked around to double check that the coast was clear, and it was. "'He's my son, and that's wrong. Furthermore, he's not handsome, or tall, or rich, or charismatic, or anything else! He's Joe Average! And he's only half my age. I can do better, a lot better! Look at me. I'm a goddess of beauty. I should be with Richard Branson or someone like that.'"

She chuckled. "Richard Branson? The jet-setting, charismatic billionaire? With ME?"

"That's the one. Or whoever. You could have anyone you want. Anyone! You're that beautiful and sexy and loving and all-around amazing. What the hell are you doing with me?! I'm so unworthy that it's ridiculous! Then, once you stop, Hillary will wake up and stop too. Suddenly the dream will be over and I'll have to go back to being the old me."

Instead of answering him right away, she said, "Let's get out of the car."

Nick was crushed. He thought she didn't want to reply because she basically agreed with him.

But she just wanted to speak to him up close, face to face. She walked around the car to where he stood and wrapped her arms around him. She purred, "Sport, listen to me. You couldn't be more wrong! Let's say by some freakish twist of fate you lose both Hillary and me. If that's the case, the hotties will be lining up around the block to be with you! Everything's changed, thanks to what you set in motion with your scheme. Look what great lengths Debra went to get you last night, and she probably wants you even more now. Heck, even Anushka, who's almost certainly much more lesbian than straight, is intrigued by you after only meeting you three times."

He said, "Yeah, but all of that is just more of the fake girlfriend effect. They're only interested in me because you and Hillary are!"

"Maybe that's a part of it, but that effect will linger and grow. You know why?"


"Because you live up to the hype! You're not just a shy nerd pretending to be a sex stud, it turns out you're a natural! You've got an ideally sized cock, and stamina and recuperative powers that are truly amazing! In fact, I can't even say you have recuperative powers, because your cock simply never goes soft!"

With her body pressed tightly against his, she squeezed an arm between their torsos and cupped his balls through his slacks. She stared lustily in his eyes while she ran her fingers up the shape of his penis. It was only half-hard at best, but she rubbed her big globes against his chest and leaned in for a kiss.

She continued to stroke him through his slacks as a lot of tongue-dueling went on. She only broke the kiss when he was fully erect about a minute later.

She triumphantly stroked his sweet spot through the fabric. "See? It's so easy to get you stiff at any time. And such fun! You make me so hot for your cock all the time that I've had a drastic personality change. That's all due to you!"

He looked around nervously to see if anyone could see. There was nobody else in sight, plus his mother was pressed up so closely to him that it would be tough to see what she was doing anyway. He said to her, "That's not me, that's YOU! I get this horny this easily because you're too hot and sexy to be believed!"

She replied, "No, it's me AND you. Believe me, you're in the top one percent with your ability to cum four, five, or six times a day. Maybe you can cum even more once Hillary and I really start working on you, who knows? And your stamina? Good God! And your penis thickness is in the top one percent, at least! Probably a tiny fraction of that!"

She went on, "You're no Joe Average, that's for sure! You've got all kinds of great non-sexual qualities and skills too. The fake girlfriend scheme got Hillary to go out with you for starters, but it's your qualities that keeps her coming back for more and inspired her to commit to you. That's remarkable! Yeah, I'm still part of the appeal, but if she genuinely didn't really like you and find you sexy, all this wouldn't be happening."

Seeing that they were alone and their tightly pressed bodies were hiding what she was doing anyway, she reached a hand inside his slacks and bathing suit and resumed stroking him, but directly skin on skin.

She looked around carefully as she kept talking. "If you were a fraud, your fake girlfriend scheme would be over. But what's happened? I've totally fallen for you! My own..."

She stopped and triple checked if the coast was clear. Even though it was, she carefully said, "My own you-know-what! I'm so hot for you that it's not even funny. Even when I'm in Margaret mode, it seems that all I can do is think about you and your cock, and what I'd like to do to it next!"

She looked down towards his crotch. She couldn't see her hand disappearing into his slacks because of her huge globes pressing into his chest, but they both knew what she meant when she said, "See what I'm doing to you now. This is not normal! But you make me so hot and horny that I can't help myself!"

He gulped. Her sultry face was up close to his. He was overwhelmed by the passion in her sparkling brown eyes.

She lowered her voice to a conspiratorial yet sexy whisper. "Confession time: I even think about how it would feel to get fucked by you! It can't happen, I know, but I think about it a LOT!" She kept on rubbing his sweet spot with different rhythms. "I think about what it would feel like to be deeply penetrated by THIS! To be skewered and drilled by you! But we can't! It would feel so great that it would probably break my mind and turn me into your helpless slut forever! What do you think about that?"

He groaned lustily, "Oh, Maggie!" He was unable to help himself even though they were standing in the sun a short distance from the front of Shannon's mansion. He reached up with one hand to fondle Maggie's rack through her dress, and he blatantly kneaded her ass cheeks through her dress as well.

She snickered with delight, because this was the kind of "hug" with her son that she loved best. In addition to rubbing his boner inside his slacks, she fondled his balls, but she had to do that part through his slacks. "Look at me! Look at my hands! See how I can't stop playing with your cock and balls? That's the effect you have on me. YOU! Nobody else but you! If I had to choose between you or Richard Branson, I'd tell Mr. Branson to go take a hike. Maybe I could win a handsome millionaire playboy if I wanted, but that doesn't appeal to me at all. You and I have a special love nearly two decades in the making that no one else can match! I'm afraid you're stuck with me!"

She whispered quietly in his ear, "You're just going to have to put up with your mother naked and kneeling and sucking and titfucking your cock every chance she gets! That is, when Hillary isn't doing the same to you, and more! And we're going to help you get Anushka addicted to pleasuring this cock too! Do you think you can handle all that? Or are you going to still whine and complain about being a fraud?"

He gulped again. He was so horny that he was dizzy. "I... I can... handle it!"

"Good!" She gave him another kiss on the lips. It was so passionate and loving that it even felt better to him than fucking Debra did! And that wasn't even counting the way she was fondling his cock and balls too. He was convinced he could feel her love flowing into him through her mouth and her hands, like it was some invisible physical force.

He was so incredibly aroused that he lost all restraint. He'd been fondling a boob through her dress, but he pulled a shoulder strap down and clutched at her nipple directly. That felt so good that he brought his other hand from her ass, pulled her other strap down, and pulled on that exposed nipple too.

Maggie had to break the kiss. Chuckling to herself, she pushed his hands away from her fantastic rack and managed to pull her straps back up.

She took a step back. "Phew! I had to break away, and it's all your fault!"

"My fault? Why?"

"Because I know you! If I didn't stop you, you would have had me buck naked in another minute or two! You get so very aroused that you lose all track of where you are and what the danger might be. As it was, I came close to having my dress fall right down my body!"

He groaned lustily at that, because he knew she was right. He stepped towards her with an unquenchable fire in his eyes.

But she nimbly stepped further back. "Oh no you don't! We have a party to go to, remember?" She looked up at Shannon's great mansion. "Don't forget where we are!"

"Oh yeah," he said with obvious disappointment, because he had completely forgotten.

He looked down at his crotch. Although his slacks were still all zipped up, there was a ridiculously lewd bulge sticking way out. Even though he was wearing slacks and a bathing suit underneath, the crown of his cockhead could be clearly seen poking up above his belt line. There was a small wet spot there too.

He adjusted his boner just enough to keep all of it hidden inside his slacks. But he was so very hot and bothered that that didn't help him much. "How am I supposed to go to the party like this?!"

"That's the best way, going in like you're ready to fuck any girl with a pulse," she pointed out. "That'll give you a horny confidence surge to end all horny confidence surges. You're going to charm the pants off of everyone there."

She stepped forward and loosely hugged him again. "Just remember, don't be literally charming the dresses off any of the girls. Well, at least not until Hillary arrives. Then, you're expected to charm her clothes right off! And mine too!" She winked at him.

"Oh, man!" He closed his eyes and tried to calm down for the party, but it was tough with Maggie holding him. She wasn't pressing tightly into him, but he could still feel her erect nipples against his chest.

He fought with his libido. It was tough, but he managed not to hold her ass cheeks or otherwise get started with her again. He broke her embrace and stepped away because he didn't think he'd be able to resist for long.

With the hug broken, she reached back into the car and got her purse. She decided at the last minute to keep her purse in the car so she wouldn't have to worry about it. Her dress didn't have any pockets at all, so she gave the smart key to Nick, since his slacks had good pockets. She found a small, disposable plastic bag, and put her bikini in that.

She contemplated giving him her cell phone, since she didn't have a way to carry that either. But then she asked him, "Do you have your phone? And does Hillary have your number?"

"Yes, and yes." He patted his pocket with his cell phone in it.

"Good. Are you good to go?"

He put his dark sunglasses on. Then he spoke with confidence and dramatic flair. "I'm here to chew bubblegum and charm pants right off, and I'm all out of bubblegum."

She chuckled at that. "Good! Let's go." She took his hand and they started to walk to the mansion. Her high heels click-clacked as she walked on the concrete path.

He looked down at her red high heels and felt shivers race up and down his spine. Sweet! My dick is gonna get so sucked! Between her and Hillary, they might just suck the damn thing off tonight!

She said, "By the way, if you're ever in a 'I'm feeling like a fraud' mood, just let me know. I think I'll be able to stroke and suck that feeling right out of you. And if that doesn't do it, the sight of your cum dripping down my face and breasts will cheer both of us up, I'm sure."

He asked eagerly, "Really? You'd do that for me, at any time?"

She frowned. "Well, not just any time. Almost any time. I can't do that when I'm in Margaret mode, of course."

He griped, "But you're in that mode literally 95 percent of the time!"

"Not that much. But yes, a lot. And I'm sorry about that. I'll tell you what. If we're at home and you have a severe crisis, let me know in a subtle way. Maybe I'll be able to be Maggie on the roof or in the garage for a little while. Maybe. I'm not making any promises. We'll see how it goes."

"COOL! You're the best! I love you so much!" He made it to the door of the mansion with a spring in his step, a rampant erection in his slacks, and a great big smile on his face.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, lew54321, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.