Chapter 54: Hot Tub Party (Sunday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Nick knocked on the big front door to Shannon's mansion. No one answered, but he noticed the door was opened a crack. He pushed it all the way open and looked around. No one could be seen, so he decided that he and Maggie should just let themselves in, like they did last time.

They walked deeper into the house and found four guys playing an interactive video game together on a giant-screen TV in the living room. They were so into their game that they barely did more than glance up, wave hello, and briefly gawk at Maggie's curvy body in her revealing dress.

So Nick and Maggie walked on. The house looked fairly trashed -- it was clear no maid had been let in yet to clean up the beer cans, plates of food, and other items strewn about here and there from last night. There was even a mirror on a table next to the video gamers with white lines of powder on it.

Neither Nick nor Maggie needed to be explained that it was a very valuable amount of cocaine. They had no interest in hard drugs like that.

There were a couple of people getting food in the kitchen, but Nick and Maggie didn't really know them. Maggie had seen five other cars parked near the front entrance to the mansion. Since nearly everyone at the party last night had been couples who had arrived together, she calculated that meant there were roughly only about ten other guests there.

So they kept walking until they came to where most everyone else was: in and around the hot tub. As it was late in the afternoon, some shadows fell on the hot tub, leaving it only partly in the sun. But all five people there were sitting on lawn chairs or the wooden floor right next to the tub.

Four of the five were girls, with one lucky guy right in the middle of the group, but there was no sign of Hillary yet.

Nick checked out the girls in their bikinis - or not in their bikinis. Three of the four were topless, including the party host Shannon. He was able to ogle all four of them at length because they were engaged in conversation and not looking his way.

He'd seen Shannon topless last night, right before level, but he'd been so tired and out of it that he hadn't paid much attention. Now he could get a much better view of the group, and his interest focused almost entirely on her. Wow! Talk about a lot of lovely feminine eye candy. They all look sexy, but Shannon looks the best. Not counting Maggie or Hillary, of course. But still, she's close to even their level. She's a babe! A seriously stacked babe!

There seems to be a direct relation between who the elite of the elite girls are and who the most beautiful girls in school are. Is that because the rich can afford more plastic surgery, boob jobs, and things like that? Or do the rich have more beautiful genes from having trophy wife mothers? Or are all of them really rich, or is it just Shannon who's super wealthy? I'll bet most of them are beautiful AND really rich. Life isn't fair. Maggie and I are probably the only non-rich ones here, and even we aren't exactly poor.

I wish I was more clued in about this whole 'beautiful people' crowd, but I'm not too worried or intimidated; I'm a clever guy and I can roll with the punches. And I'm horny! Besides, yesterday, I basically had sex standing up with Maggie, Hillary, AND Debra, almost at this very spot! That does wonders for a guy's confidence.

That happy memory reminded him of the sauna room, while the door to that room could be seen not far away. He glanced at it, and then glanced at Maggie. To his surprise, she appeared to be staring at the door longingly.

Maggie's gaze at the sauna door was so overt that Shannon asked her, "Thinking about using the sauna? Go right ahead. Whatever you want to use in the house or outside, please feel free. Within reason, of course."

Maggie blushed slightly and looked away as she sat down at the edge of the hot tub and stuck a foot in the water. "Maybe later. That does sound nice."

She glanced at Nick and blushed a little more before quickly turning away. She felt saliva building up in her mouth in anticipation of sucking his cock. She had to stifle those urges and deny her desire to go back into the sauna room with him immediately. She was determined to just be a normal girlfriend, doing normal party things. Plus, she was aware the door to that room couldn't be locked.

She said to Shannon, "Although... I do need somewhere to change into my bikini. Can I do that there?"

"Sure, whatever you want," Shannon replied. She seemed completely comfortable in her topless state, and didn't attempt to cover up at all.

Maggie asked, "Where should I put my dress afterwards?"

Shannon nodded to a little pile of belongings on the deck a few feet away from the hot tub. You can put in it there with the other stuff. Don't worry, it's safe. We've never had anything stolen here yet."

Then Shannon looked down at Nick's crotch and stared long enough for him to notice.

He looked down at himself and saw that his bulge was tenting outrageously. He's totally forgotten about strategically covering up. He did so belatedly.

Shannon didn't say anything, but she smirked knowingly.

Maggie thought, Shit! He's showing that much, and he's not even wearing his swimsuit yet. All the girls are going to be on him like a pack of wild hyenas! At least Debra clearly isn't here.

Maggie went to the sauna room and changed into her bikini. She felt a great thrill getting totally naked while changing, especially there. Despite the fact that she still hated Debra and her scheming ways, she recalled what happened in the sauna with both fondness and great arousal. Had Nick been in the room with her, they wouldn't have come out for a long time.

Nick had been hanging back slightly so he could check out the scene - and all four of the beautiful girls in their bikinis or only their bikini bottoms. At the same time Maggie left for the sauna, he turned around and stepped away from Shannon so he could strip down to his swimsuit. He tried to slowly take his shoes, socks, and slacks off so he wouldn't have much alone time with the others before Maggie came back. He kept his T-shirt on since he was still embarrassed about his chest.

His bathing suit was fairly typical in terms of what it covered and how loosely it hung on him. But he still had the problem of his raging erection. He knew that it would take some time for Maggie to walk to the sauna, change, and then walk back, so he had no choice but to turn back around. He strategically kept a hand draped over his bulge to make it less obvious though.

He worried about having to make small talk with Shannon and/or the others without Maggie there. He wasn't that intimidated by their near naked beauty, but after what happened with Debra last night, he didn't want to put himself into any tempting situations whatsoever. He hoped to stick by Maggie's side or Hillary's side the whole party if he could help it.

Luckily for him, while he was stripping down, Shannon had turned back to the other girls in the hot tub and had resumed talking to them. He didn't want to just stand there, so he went back into the mansion to get a glass of water. He quickly downed it, even though that was just an excuse to have something to do.

Maggie had a very emotional moment just returning to the sauna again. Being there brought back memories good and bad, but mostly it just made her very, very horny. She had to close her eyes and change clothes quickly, because merely being in that room was making her entire body burn up like she was standing too close to a fire.

Once she was back outside, she had to take some long moments to calm down and gather her wits. It didn't help that the bikini she'd just put on was so very revealing. Had Nick walked up to her just then, she certainly would have dragged him back to the sauna and let her lips and tongue go wild over his cock.

She slowly walked back to the hot tub. She put her dress in the pile of clothes and belongings that Shannon had indicated. She took her red high heels off and put them there too, since she was going to get into the hot tub soon. Then she stood there checking out who was there and which ones she'd met yesterday.

Nick returned to the hot tub area a few moments later, now that it was "safe" to do so with Maggie back. But before he got all the way there, he positioned himself so he could gawk at a side profile of Maggie while she in turn took a closer look at the girls in and around the hot tub.

He held his breath in awe as he looked Maggie over. He eagerly ogled her from head to toe, and then focused mostly on her sizable rack. Oh yeah! Bright yellow string bikini! That's what I'm talkin' about! Heck, I didn't even know she owned something like that until I found it today. And look at the rest of her. What legs! What a shapely tummy! What a face! Such a hardbody, like a professional athlete.

She's the most beautiful AND the most stacked girl here, and everybody knows it. AND, she's my frickin' Mother! She's at least 15 years older than everyone else here, but no one suspects because she's just so fucking sexy, and she really does look to be about 20. How sweet is that?

He felt a great surge of lust seeing her in that bikini. He was already feeling lusty due to what Maggie had done to him after parking the car, so seeing his mother like that was almost too much for him to take, She was much more arousing to him than the other four beautiful girls combined, even including the stunning Shannon.

He was slightly afraid to talk to her, for fear that he or she would say something to make him feel even more aroused. Instead, he just walked over to her and put his arm around her possessively.

The only person out of the five others around the hot tub that either Nick or Maggie knew from last night was Shannon. And even the contact with her had been very brief, either Maggie asking her where Nick was or both of them saying good-bye right before going home.

Shannon also felt she'd hardly gotten to speak to either Nick or Maggie last night, and yet she was intrigued by what she'd heard of them. She wanted to spend some time getting to genuinely know them beyond the usual small talk, which is why she'd invited them back for this relative downtime before the party got crowded again in the evening.

She walked over to where they stood. She announced for everyone in the hot tub area to hear, "Now that you're both dressed for the occasion, welcome back to day two of Partypalooza 2002: Behind the Orange Curtain!" She held her arms out for a hug.

Maggie was surprised at that gesture, but she stepped forward and embraced Shannon in a hug. They kissed on each cheek and then pulled away.

Shannon had a very ample and impressive pair of breasts, at least as large as Debra's, if not larger. Plus, she was topless. So Nick was very interested in watching the way Shannon's and Maggie's racks pressed together during their brief hug and cheek kisses.

Again, he was so horny that it was almost more than he could stand to watch, but he couldn't resist not watching. It was just as sexy as he'd hoped.

Then he was surprised to find it was his turn for a hug. Shannon turned to him and opened her arms in invitation. He didn't know what to do, due to her being topless, not to mention very sexy and sultry all over. Plus, he was way too horny, almost to the point he worried he might not be able to fully control his hands.

However, Shannon showed no shyness or hesitation, so he didn't have much choice but to get hugged. He opened his arms, but otherwise let her hug him. He was very determined to be on his best behavior after the Debra "fiasco" last night. Shannon pressed her bare breasts into his T-shirt-covered chest.

The hug lasted longer than the one with Maggie, and a lot longer than he expected. He could feel her nipples harden as the hug went on. She briefly kissed each of his cheeks, and then pecked his lips for a second too. He carefully did the same, in exact imitation of her.

As the hug continued, she pulled back somewhat to make eye contact while staying in a loose embrace. She said, "So! I finally get to meet the famous Nick. I know we met last night, but it was so brief and you were so out of it that that didn't really count."

He just said, "Yeah." He was feeling more than a little "out of it" again, due to his high arousal level that was getting higher by the second the longer he remained in a hug with Shannon, even a loose one. She was gorgeous, and had a sexy, sultry way about her that was hard to define.

He also was tongue-tied due to an embarrassing problem. Since he hadn't been expecting the kissing and hugging, it didn't occur to him to lean into the hug to prevent the bulge in his swimsuit from coming into contact with her. There's no way she couldn't have noticed the seven-inch long phallic shape trapped between their bodies, but she showed no reluctance to pressing up against it and even slightly rubbing it by subtly moving her hips.

She asked him, "Cat got your tongue?"

His brain rallied, causing him to say, "Sorry. Meeting extraordinarily beautiful girls sometimes leaves me speechless."

She laughed and finally broke the hug. She looked to Maggie and said, "I can see why you're dating him. He's a keeper!"

Just then, Nick had a realization. When he'd first arrived at the party last night, he'd looked over the main crowd of about 20 partiers and had been stunned to see just how beautiful all the girls there were. But even amongst that exceptional group, one stood out: a stunning redhead in a skimpy outfit, with particularly large breasts and a jutting ass. He hadn't tried to speak to her at the time, because back at that time he was lacking confidence and felt especially intimidated by her.

Now thought, That was Shannon! We were looking for her then and couldn't find her until much later, yet she had been standing nearby. But never mind that. What's this about her being such a babe?! A seriously stacked and topless babe, too! I'm going to stick to Ma's side like glue, that's for sure! The last thing I want is to be tempted and have a repeat of the whole Debra fiasco again.

I mean, yeah, it would be totally hot and arousing and fun, at the time. But I would totally regret it later! My mind is all muddled because I'm way too horny. It's best if I just stay quiet, stick to Ma, and calm the hell down!

Just when he thought the Shannon temptation was over, she gave him a head to toe look over and laughed. But it was a mild and friendly laugh. She asked him, "What are you wearing a T-shirt for?"

"Um..." He almost blushed. He was very abashed. He didn't know what to say, so he didn't say anything.

She goaded him, "Take it off already! Look around. You're way overdressed." She put her hands on her hips, striking a sexy pose while drawing more attention to her toplessness.

He looked to Maggie uncertainly.

She nodded at him encouragingly. She didn't like the way Shannon had been hugging him, not to mention looking at him with obvious interest. But she was trying hard to get him out of the habit of wearing his T-shirt all the time.

So he took his T-shirt off.

As soon as he did so, Shannon moved in close and hugged him again. She purred in a naturally sexy voice, "That's much better." She added in an even more sultry voice, "I've heard a lot about you lately, Nick. All good things."

Nick very gingerly placed his hands at the middle of Shannon's bare back, just below the bottom of her wavy, dark red hair. There was no way he could avoid feeling and enjoying her bare breasts pressing into his equally bare chest. He could clearly feel her erect nipples poking into him.

He looked past Shannon to Maggie and gave her an apologetic look while thinking to her, Don't be mad at me! I don't want this!

Maggie's eyes narrowed in anger, but she was staring at the back of Shannon's head, not to his face. Fucking bitch! Get your hands - and your tits - off my man!

Although Shannon wasn't facing Maggie, it was like she'd heard that command, because she pulled away from him a second or two later. Then she said to both of them with a friendly smile, "I'm glad you both could come back. Especially at this hour, when it's not all crazy. We're going to have a lot of fun today. But where's Hillary? Do you know if she's coming too?"

Maggie was secretly peeved at Shannon, both for looking so sexy and for acting so forward with Nick. But she pushed those feelings to the side and said with a forced smile, "She's off doing something else right now. But she should be here later. Probably within the hour."

"Ah. Cool." Shannon took Nick's hand in hers. "Here, you two, come on. I'll introduce you to everyone else." She smiled at Maggie.

Maggie was peeved at even the hand holding, but she forced herself to smile back.

Shannon brought Nick and Maggie closer to the hot tub, and introduced them to the others sitting around it. Nick and Maggie recognized a couple of the faces from last night, but they hadn't spoken to any of them. All the others had been out of the hot tub, but now they sat back in it.

Out of the four others in the hot tub area, the only guy there was named Brian, and he was introduced as Shannon's boyfriend. He shook hands with both Maggie and Nick.

Most of Maggie's animosity towards Shannon disappeared as soon as she realized that Shannon both had a boyfriend and that he'd been right there all along. That made Shannon much less of a flirty threat in Maggie's eyes. Maggie also liked that Brian was a handsome and hunky guy, nearly as much as Spencer was, with short blond hair and a medium tan. That made it less likely that Shannon would have a wandering eye, or wandering hands.

The other three girls just stayed where they were sitting during the introductions, mostly covered by the bubbling hot tub water, rather than standing up to shake hands or even hug or kiss. Maggie was secretly glad because she didn't want Nick to take part in any more hugs, especially with the two other topless beauties.

Nick sat down in the hot tub water next to Brian, with nobody on the other side. He could sense that Maggie was a little miffed after Shannon's hug with him, and he figured sitting with a guy was the safest thing he could do. Maggie also got in the tub along with Shannon. End ended up sitting next to Shannon because Shannon was being very friendly to her and sticking to her side.

Both Nick and Maggie sank into the hot water almost to their necks. Nick was glad that the water was very hot, and hoped that would help his erection go away. Maggie also enjoyed the hot water, but wanted to cover her breasts because she was embarrassed to be wearing such a skimpy bikini.

Brian wagged his eyebrows at Nick, and said, "Lucky us, eh? I don't know about you, but if I have to choose between playing video games or sitting with some lovely ladies, I'll choose the ladies every time."

Nick replied with an easy smile, "I certainly wouldn't disagree with that." He was trying to keep his eyes only on Brian. Hopefully that would help make his erection go flaccid faster.

Brian then said in a friendly voice, "So, Nick, what's this I hear about you being 'famous?'" Clearly, he'd heard Shannon make that comment just before she'd hugged Nick.

Nick said, "I'm not famous. I think the only reason Shannon said that is because I'm going out with Maggie. I get to be famous by association."

Shannon was listening, and said, "And let's not forget that you've become known as Hillary's new best friend. That makes you intriguing. You're snatching up all the very most lovely ladies around here!" She chuckled good-naturedly at that.

Nick wanted to protest that he didn't "snatch up" Hillary. He wanted to make sure everyone thought he and Hillary were just friends, even though that wasn't true.

But he didn't get a chance, because Brian turned his focus to Maggie, and said to him, "Speaking of lovely ladies... wow! Nick, where have you been hiding Maggie? I don't remember seeing her at school, and I would remember a stunner like her."

Maggie was sitting in the tub between Nick and Shannon. She scooted over to Nick and she put an arm around him. While she did that, Shannon repositioned, squeezing in between Brian and another girl sitting on the other side of him. That allowed her to put an arm around her boyfriend too.

Brian asked Maggie and Nick, "I take it neither of you go to the Academy?"

Maggie said to Brian, "We don't. But it's a moot point in my case. You wouldn't know me anyway because I'm in college."

"College?! Wow!" Clearly, Brian was very impressed. He looked to Nick again. It seemed he was even more impressed that Nick was dating a college girl.

Shannon said to Brian and the others, "Not only that, but Nick here is only a junior."

Brian looked to Nick in surprise. "Wow! Nick, you sly dog! A junior? Dating a college girl? And one who looks like Maggie?! That's pretty unusual."

Nick said to Shannon with chagrin, "You've been reading my mail."

Shannon smiled as she replied, "Nah. Just talking to Hillary mostly. Although we got to different schools, I met her at a party last week and we really hit it off. She sings your praises."

Maggie felt the need to claim possession of "her man" a little more. She said, "Well, I'm his girlfriend, so if you want to hear someone singing his praises, come to me." She pulled him in closer with the arm around his back and cuddled into him.

She made a point of pressing her nearest breast against him. It was underwater so the others couldn't see, but she knew he'd like that.

"So tell me all about you two," Shannon said to Maggie and Nick. "I want to hear all about this romance that spans different schools and a three-year age gap."

That began a long, casual chat as Maggie and Nick trotted out their made-up cover story detailing their fake history. They were the center of attention for a while, and the others in the tub generally stayed quiet or asked an occasional question.

But Maggie didn't like the attention since they were telling a false history, so she made a point to ask about all the others in the tub. There were no particularly interesting stories, but it was a pleasant conversation in any case.

Nick mostly stayed silent. It took a while, but eventually his lusty mood settled down to something more manageable, and his dick even went flaccid. The hot water certainly helped with that.

In the course of all the friendly chatting, Nick and Maggie learned some basic details about the others at the party. They learned that there were six couples currently in or around the house, and Maggie and Nick were considered the seventh couple. No one there was unattached.

Nick figured it was almost a requirement for the "beautiful people" to always be dating someone, as being single was a sign that you weren't desired or popular. He figured that if any of these girls around him broke up with their boyfriends on a Friday, they'd have a new boyfriend by Monday. He was pretty much correct with that guess.

The mood at the hot tub was relaxed and even languid. It soon became clear to Nick and Maggie that most of the others had been up very late and were having a late siesta time energy crash.

It was nearly five o'clock, but the sun didn't set until seven at this time of year. The entire hot tub area was directly in the sun and the shadows weren't going to overtake the area until about sunset time. As a result, it was very pleasant wearing just a bathing suit or bikini - or less.

The four girls with Maggie, including Shannon, seemed a bit intimidated by Maggie's great beauty, not to mention her impressive breast size. Only one girl kept a bikini top on, and it seemed probable that was because her breasts were smaller than most and she didn't like to draw attention to them.

The others generally sat with their boobs out of the water, while Maggie sat deeper down so her boobs stayed covered by the water. She was shy because of her skimpy bikini, and also didn't want to be a show off.

However, the group continued to have a nice time chatting, and the water was too hot to stay submerged for very long. More often than not, they sat all the way just out of the water, or with only their lower legs in it. As a result, Maggie couldn't use the water as cover to hide her body and especially her huge melons.

Shannon clearly had an interest in getting to know Nick and Maggie better, just as she said she did. She made sure to ask them lots of questions and keep them fully engaged in the conversation. The others, including Brian, had more of a take-it-or-leave-it attitude.

Thanks to Shannon's obviously friendly attitude, Maggie's irritation at Shannon's overly friendly hug with Nick was gradually forgotten. Maggie and Nick were feeling welcome and included, and were having a good time. There was a lot of joking and playful teasing and the like, but no overt flirting.

After maybe 20 minutes, as part of that playful teasing attitude, Shannon said to Maggie, "I hope you don't mind me saying this, but you're beginning to make me uncomfortable."

That threw Maggie for a loop. "I am? Why?"

"You're still wearing your bikini top. Does it bother you that the rest of us aren't?"

"Of course not," Maggie replied. She looked to Davena, the rather flat-chested girl who still had her bikini top on. "What about Davena?"

Davena said, "I'll take my top off if you take your off."

Maggie felt peer pressure from the entire group. She didn't want to be seen as "uncool," and she felt comfortable with Nick right next to her. But she also didn't like going topless in front of any other male except for Nick, and Brian was right there.

She decided to simply admit the truth. "I would take it off, but... Brian, no offense, but I feel a little shy with you right here."

Brian looked to her, and then to Shannon. Some sort of non-verbal communication passed between him and Shannon, because his facial expression changed. Then he said, "Ah. Well, don't be shy on my account. I've been in the hot tub for so long that I'm about to shrivel into a prune. I'm going to go to the game room for a while, so don't you worry about me."

After some good-bye small talk, he got up and went back into the house.

Nick and Maggie both strongly suspected that Shannon gave her boyfriend some unseen signal to make himself scarce. But they didn't mind, because they both felt more comfortable without him there.

With Brian gone, Maggie had no excuse to keep her bikini on, so she took it off. (Davena did too.)

Maggie wasn't exactly thrilled to do that, but a sense of competition with Shannon gave her motivation to be bold. Although Shannon made no further attempt to touch Nick in any way, and didn't show any more flirty behavior with him, Maggie felt challenged by Shannon's unusual beauty.

Shannon was about her same height, yet had breasts that were about the same size as hers, or maybe only a little bit smaller. Shannon also had her naturally sultry face framed by her gorgeous, voluminous and wavy dark red hair. She looked to have an Irish background, as her name suggested, with shining green eyes and rosy but very fair and light skin.

Nick tried not to look at Shannon much, but he was a young horny guy, and he didn't do too well with that. She was sitting across from him while Maggie sat right next to him, so it was a lot easier to be facing her most of the time. Plus, she was stacked and topless! The three other girls (Davena, Margo, and Joni) were plenty beautiful, but Shannon was in another league.

As a result, Maggie felt like she had to take her top off in order to make sure she kept most or all of Nick's interest. Plus, her yellow bikini top was so skimpy that it wasn't hiding much more than her nipples anyway.

Having Maggie go topless more or less forced Nick to take another dip in the hot tub. He sank down just enough to hide his newly engorged erection under the bubbly water.

A few minutes after Brian left, Shannon said to Nick, "So, stud. How are you enjoying your new topless harem?"

He didn't want to encourage that sort of teasing, since he was determined not to get into trouble like yesterday, nor did he want to make Maggie upset at him. So he replied, "It's nice to feel like king for the day, I'll admit. But let's not even joke about that, since each of you have a boyfriend."

It seemed as if Shannon had been planning to tease him some more, but that answer stopped her short.

Other than that, nothing really sexual or flirty took place for a while. Maggie had been secretly hoping that she and Nick might be "forced" to kiss each other on the lips to help show they were really dating, but that hadn't come up. With no other boys there, she didn't have to match what other girls were doing to their boyfriends.

The conversation continued to flow easily and pleasantly. Nick found that he was enjoying himself much more than in his conversations yesterday. The difference was that Shannon was a great hostess. She kept an eye on all of her guests, and made sure that everyone stayed involved and interested. If someone started to look bored, she would find a way to draw them back in.

That said, if any of them wanted to just chill out and not talk, that was okay too. Most of the conversation centered on Nick, Maggie, Shannon, and Joni, while the other two girls were mostly content to listen and bask in the sun,

Nobody overtly said anything about it, but it slowly became clear just how much the other girls were intimidated by Maggie's beauty and her bust. She was obviously both the most beautiful and endowed, which was saying a lot, since these girls were most of the cream of the crop at school. The others continually stared at Maggie from across the hot tub. Sometimes, the envy and jealousy could be seen on their faces as plain as day.

Shannon had quite extraordinary beauty too, but even she seemed a little in awe of Maggie. Certainly, she stared at Maggie a lot, even sometimes when someone else was speaking.

The group continued to periodically move in and out of the hot tub. The water wasn't scalding hot, but it was hot enough that they generally spent more time out of the water than in it.

Nick had a problem. Maggie was wearing nothing but her yellow bikini bottoms, which were about halfway between normal bikini bottoms and a G-string. The triangular patch of fabric in front was just big enough to cover her pussy lips, and the triangle in back was even smaller than that! Furthermore, although she didn't dare touch his crotch, she was continually touching him here and there in a possessive way. Then, everywhere else he looked, he saw four topless beauties.

As a result, his dick stayed continually erect. His condition wasn't an obvious problem when he was all the way in the tub, especially when the jets were turned on and the water bubbled and churned. But his swimsuit didn't hide much when he was out of the tub. He had to be very careful in how he sat, with his legs strategically positioned to hide his continual bulge.

He was dying to sneak off to an upstairs bedroom and have some private time with Maggie.

Maggie was thinking the same thing. However, Hillary hadn't arrived yet, and Maggie felt that as Nick's mother, she was obliged to do the responsible thing and make sure he made social connections with the other partiers. She figured this was the best time to do it, because she much preferred threesome fun. Once Hillary showed up, the three of them could sneak off to one of the many upper floor bedrooms and have some double blowjob, facial, and pearl necklace fun. But time passed and Hillary still was nowhere to be seen.

There was wine, and Maggie drank a little from time to time. But Nick, true to his word, completely abstained.

About an hour later, three of the girls left, leaving just Maggie, Nick, and Shannon. But at the same time they left, Shannon's boyfriend Brian returned, along with another beautiful girl named Alice. Since their numbers had decreased to just five, they clustered together on one side of the hot tub, just outside of the water.

Maggie was very chagrined about Brian returning, because she was topless now. She considered putting her top back on, but she had gotten used to being topless in front of the others and was actually enjoying it. Besides, she figured her bikini top was so skimpy that it didn't make much of a difference anyway.

She also felt she had to compete with Shannon and her toplessness. Shannon wasn't quite as beautiful as Debra, Hillary, or herself, but she was very close. Furthermore, Debra was rather dim and overtly selfish and had other personality issues, but Shannon came across as very nice and fun to be with, as well as smart. So Maggie felt more threatened that Shannon could be the exact type of girl Nick would be interested in, if he didn't have herself and Hillary already.

After some introductory small talk focused on Alice, the newest one of their group, Maggie asked Alice, "So where is your boyfriend?".

Alice snorted and replied, "Playing that stupid video game."

Maggie, with her arm sill around Nick, then asked her, "Wouldn't your boyfriend mind if he knew you were sitting within easy arm's reach of another boy?" Alice was sitting right next to Brian, with Shannon on Brian's other side.

"He might," she replied with obvious irritation at her unnamed beau. "But only if he ripped his head out of his ass long enough to notice. I swear, he does that every time we come here. Give those guys a big screen TV, PlayStation 2, and a line of coke, and forget it. You won't see them again until the party's over."

"Or until there's food," Shannon commented, more as a statement of fact than a joke.

"Yeah, that's true," Alice replied with another contemptuous snort. "If only they knew what they were missing, they'd all come running, I'm sure." She stared overtly at Maggie's bare chest as she said that, making her meaning clear.

"What, these things?" Maggie asked modestly. But at the same time she brought her hands underneath them and proudly hefted them up just a little bit. She was a bit tipsy, and that was loosening her normal behavior slightly.

Now that the elephant in the room, Maggie's enormous breasts, had been directly mentioned for the first time, follow up questions inevitably ensued.

"Geez!" Alice complained. "If you don't mind asking, how big are they? I'm only a B-cup."

"They're E-cups," Maggie replied, with more than a little touch of pride.

"Is that all?" Alice asked. "I'd swear they look even bigger than that! A lot bigger! Like, I dunno, H- or I-cups, if that's even possible!"

Shannon noted, "That's because she's so fit and trim overall, and has a narrow waist. So they do look bigger on her."

Nick couldn't resist asking about Shannon's, since it seemed nobody else was going to. "Shannon, if you don't mind me saying, yours seem to be just as large."

"Oh, not even!" Shannon replied with a mirthful chuckle. "Mine are double-D's." She held and even slightly caressed her bare breasts from below. "That's not so different, but Alice is right, Maggie's seem a lot bigger. Those cup sizes are a very crude measure. They differ greatly by brand, for one thing. And I've heard something like 80 percent of women wear the wrong sized bra. Maggie, I'll bet you wear the wrong size too and you're an F-cup, at least. You should be professionally fitted. Have you ever tried that?"

"No," Maggie sheepishly admitted. "My bras do feel uncomfortable and tight sometimes."

"A-ha!" Shannon said. "I'll help you out with that. I know a good fitter. What's your band size?"


"There we go again. I'm only a 34. You've got a wider torso in general, so yeah, when it comes to volume, yours are significantly larger than even mine."

Maggie's face was slowly reddening due to all the focus on her breasts. She sat with her knees to her chest to at least cover her nipples by pressing her knees into them.

Nick was having a hard time trying not to look at Shannon's big boobs. But with the way she kept holding them and even subtly moving her hands over them, he couldn't resist. His erection throbbed with frustration inside his swimsuit.

"Are they all real?" Alice asked Maggie about her breasts, with real interest.

Nick had been silent, but he replied, "Definitely! Believe me, they're all real." He smiled widely.

Brian suddenly reached across Shannon and gave Nick a high-five. "Woo-hoo! You da man! You lucky bastard."

But then Brian remembered his girlfriend, and he blatantly cupped Shannon's bare tits in front of everybody, causing her to let go. He said proudly, "But these are all real too, and they say more than a handful is a waste." He showed exactly how he could hold both of them in his hands.

Shannon was obviously annoyed at his interest in Maggie, but she tolerated his comments and his groping. She asked Nick and Maggie (especially Maggie), in reference to the way Brian was openly fondling her, "You don't mind, do you? You know, this kind of touchy-feely thing. That's one reason why we invited you back today, because Debra said you're totally understanding and cool about stuff."

Maggie bristled at the mention of Debra, but tried hard not to show it. "She did, did she? And how would she know that?!"

Shannon explained, "She said she accidentally stumbled onto you and Nick getting it on in the sauna room."

Maggie grimaced, then glared at Shannon. She was upset at Debra, not Shannon, but Debra wasn't there for her to vent her feelings to.

Shannon saw that look and quickly added, "Don't sweat it! You're hardly the first guests to find that room useful for that. Anyway, we do get a bit touchy-feely around here when there aren't many people around. You are cool with that, aren't you?"

Maggie was really struggling to hide her anger at Debra, and Nick noticed, but the other three didn't. She was relieved that at least it seemed Debra hadn't made any mention of Hillary being there too, or actually taking part herself!

She forced herself to stop scowling, and said, "Oh, definitely cool. Do what you like, as long as we remember who came with who. Is that all she told you, by the way?"

"Pretty much," Shannon replied innocently, completely clueless about any animosity between Debra and Maggie. "Oh, she did mention how you let her stay and watch, and that you and Nick were really sexy together."

"She did, huh?" Maggie clenched her teeth together. She was disturbed at Debra's claim that she had been allowed to stay and watch. That made Nick and Maggie seem like slutty exhibitionists.

Nick decided to try to tweak Debra's account, and also draw attention away from Maggie's increasingly angry face before the others noticed. "That's not exactly how it happened. We were so into what we were doing to each other that we didn't know she was there. Once we noticed her, it was hard to get her to leave."

Shannon asked huskily, with obvious sexual interest, "What were you doing that was so... absorbing?"

Nick replied, "I'm not the kind to kiss and tell. But let's just say that I love Maggie in every possible way!" He leaned to her and kissed her on the lips, while also boldly yet gently fondling the side of her nearest bare tit.

To his surprise, Maggie wasn't a passionate kisser, as usual. She was too inhibited by the others sitting nearby. But at least his kissing distraction blunted her anger towards Debra for a while. (Although, had Debra told Shannon about Hillary being there in the sauna room too, she would have completely lost it!)

Even though the kiss wasn't that great by Maggie's or Nick's usual standards, it was still very steamy for the others to watch. And Nick continued to hold and caress more and more of one of Maggie's great globes.

Alice joked, "Hey, you two REALLY need to get a room!"

That made Maggie remember where she was and who she was with. She was especially nervous about Nick's hand holding her breast. No, not again! I have to stop this! Technically, it's okay, because it's what Brian has been doing to Shannon, and if Nick really was my boyfriend, that's what he'd do too, to show his feelings for me. But can't he let go already? Okay, we get the point! You love my body, and especially my breasts!

Yet the more Maggie thought about the other three people watching the kiss, the hotter she got. Soon, the mostly posed kiss was turning into something very intense and steamy.

Maggie in particular was quite a sight to see. Her upper torso began twisting and writhing with obvious arousal. Her hands ran up and down his back like she couldn't get enough.

She thought, Oh no! I'm too horny! Way too horny! He's broken me, broken my willpower! When he gets going with his magic touch, I just HAVE to suck his cock! I just have to! I need to get completely naked, get on my knees, and show him what a great slut mom I can be! But not here! Not now! Sport, please! Have mercy!

Although Nick couldn't read her mind, he decided to have mercy on her. He was having a hard time reading her emotions and body signals (and in fact, Maggie herself was wildly flip-flopping on the inside). He was scared of going too far in front of others, and he worried that he might get a prudish backlash from her later. So he broke the kiss, removed his hand from her boob, and went back to just holding her tightly.

Despite Nick and Maggie being quite restrained compared to their usual standards, the effect on the others from just that much passion between them was electric. Shannon and Brian started making out in much the same way as what they'd just seen, with Brian making no effort to hide how he played with her breasts too. Alice was left frustrated, but she secretly masturbated under the bubbly waters.

Nick wasn't quite done with Maggie. He was tired of waiting for Hillary. For all he knew, Spencer had talked her into staying on the yacht for dinner, and she wouldn't be here for hours, if at all. There was no telling. But he was dying to go upstairs with Maggie for some private sexual fun. He decided to try to get her hot and bothered enough to get her to do so, without doing anything too sexually overt.

Every now and then, he'd still play with her nipples some, or cup the underside of her nearest boob, or maybe lick the side of her neck, or whisper something sweet in her ear and then lick that ear too. He felt like he was cooking a meal, and he had to be careful to keep the oven temperature just right. He couldn't let her get too cold, but it was also dangerous to let her get too hot in front of others. He wanted to keep her on a constant but low lusty simmer until she finally gave in.

So things more or less went back to normal chatting with the group, but it wasn't the same. For one thing, everyone was more alert and engaged now. And there was an erotic feeling in the air that hadn't been there before, even though all the girls were already practically naked in just their skimpy bikini bottoms.

After a while, everyone in the group moved back into the bubbly hot tub, up to their midriffs. That made it easy to pretend that everyone was completely nude. Even when another couple came and joined them, they quickly picked up on the erotic vibe.

Although Nick refrained from getting too crazy with his topless mother in a public place, he used the situation to do many less sexual, but still intimate, things with her that he'd always wanted to do. They constantly cuddled, and shared little loving gestures, like rubbing their noses together, kissing the other all over the face, licking ears, tickling, caressing, and much more. They were in constant contact, and soon Maggie was as much of an initiator in these kinds of fun and loving touches as he was.

Had anyone been in doubt that they were a real couple, their behavior in the hot tub would have wiped that doubt completely away. They acted like they were madly in love with each other, and were simply completely unable to keep their hands off each other. And in truth, that wasn't an act for either of them, at least when Maggie let her hair down and fully embraced her "Maggie mode."

The other three were impressed, because that kind of joyfully expressed deep love was very rare within the jaded "beautiful people" crowd. Far too often, partners were chosen for petty and cynical reasons, and then easily dropped when someone with better prospects and status came along.

Mainly thanks to the loving and sexy vibe Nick and Maggie were giving off (not to mention the novelty of Maggie's huge, bare breasts), the hot tub grew more popular as time went on. Over the next hour, all the others joined them except for the four guys addicted to the video game. That meant there were eventually two other guys and six other women in the tub with Nick and Maggie.

Maggie was chomping at the bit to sneak a hand under the bubbly water and stroke Nick's boner inside his swimsuit. She figured the odds of her getting caught were very low, if she was careful. But she held back, as difficult as that was, because she feared that once she started doing that much, she would slip more and more out of control, and in front of eight other people!

Just like Nick hoped, she began longing more and more to take him somewhere private and have her way with him. It was reaching the point where she felt she might not even have a choice, unless she wanted to make a public spectacle of herself.

Nick and Maggie started to feel increasingly self-conscious with so many others around and often staring at them, especially since most of the others were near strangers. So their intimate touches petered out, and they wound up just cuddling closely to each other. Maggie was increasingly uncomfortable about the fact that she was topless. She found it fun to be a little exhibitionist in front of three others, but it wasn't fun with eight. She was careful to keep her nipples covered with either her hands or her arms, or by bringing her knees to her chest.

She was beyond frustrated that Hillary still hadn't appeared. She was dying to go upstairs and give Nick a blowjob or a titfuck, at the very least. She wished they would have done that half an hour ago. She didn't realize that he felt the exact same way already, and she was trying to think up an excuse that would get him to leave with her without making the others suspicious.

Finally, she decided a simple excuse was best. She said, "You know, Nick, I think I'm all hot tubbed out. Plus, it's starting to get a bit cold. Why don't we go inside for a while?"

"Sounds good to me!" He had a hard time hiding his enthusiasm.

Maggie was secretly thrilled too. She picked up her bikini top from the pile of clothes and put it back on while saying her good-byes for now. He also picked up his T-shirt from the pile and put it back on, since he was so self-conscious about his chest.

Then the two of them hurried inside. They both hoped nobody tried to follow them or speculate out loud where they were going.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, lew54321, BDGV, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.