Chapter 55: Look Who's Here (Sunday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Shannon's mansion had three stories, but it seemed more like six, because it was a split level house on the side of a hill, so it was split roughly down the middle of the house and the three floors on one side didn't match those on the other side. Thus, there were a lot of floors to choose from, and many rooms in each one.

Nick had gathered that Shannon didn't have a big family. In fact, as far as he could tell, only Shannon and her parents lived here. He didn't understand what they needed such a big house for. In truth, it was a status symbol and most of the rooms were essentially unused, except if there was an event with a large number of overnight guests.

As soon as Nick and Maggie made it to the stairs leading up from the main floor, they felt they were able to talk to each other privately, if they were quiet. While they went up the stairs, Maggie muttered, "I'm sorry for taking you away from your important socializing, but I just... I can't take it anymore!" She looked all around, and then whispered quietly, "I need your cock! In my mouth!"

He quietly replied, "Are you kidding that you're apologizing? I've been treating to kiss and fondle you into leaving for the last half hour, at least!"

Maggie laughed. "Really?! If only I knew! But what about Hillary? I feel bad for her. What if she shows up and tries to find us?!"

"We've been waiting a long time. What if she doesn't show up for hours, or at all? We both need to take the edge off! Besides, Shannon was paying attention and I'm sure she knows we're heading to one of the bedrooms. Hillary will go to her first thing, especially since there are so few people here, and then hopefully head upstairs and find us. Besides, we can go back downstairs in a while and check."

There was an intense fire in Maggie's eyes. She growled in a husky, quiet voice, "I won't take MY 'edge off' until my jaw is sore and my face is soaked in your cum!"

"Oh man!" He gulped and looked around. Can we be there already?! Let's run!"

She laughed. "Hold your horses! I can't run in my high heels!"

They soon picked out a bedroom on the higher half of the second floor. It seemed nondescript, about midway between the furthest room they could have chosen on the floor and the closest one.

Nick's attempt to "bring Maggie to a boil" with his constant intimate touches had paid off. Both of them were so hot for each other that as soon as they closed and locked the door behind them, they started to make out. They began undressing right away too. That wasn't difficult to do, since Nick was only wearing his T-shirt and swimsuit and Maggie her bikini bottoms. Within seconds, they had those off. Maggie kicked her high heels off as well, since she didn't want to poke him with her stiletto heels.

The room had a big bed, which was one of the reasons why they chose it. But for now, they just stood in the middle of the room and kissed and fondled each other. Although they'd been out of the hot tub for a while, their bodies were still slightly wet and they thought it better not to be bad guests and sit down or lie down on the bed until they were dry.

Now that they had privacy, Maggie couldn't get enough of Nick's cock. She tightly held one of his ass cheeks while the fingers on her other hand slid up and down his shaft.

She loved doing it so much that she was downright giddy. She had to suppress the need to giggle out loud. Oh my God! I need this soooo badly! I'm so addicted to his cock, and I don't care! Damn! It needs to go in my mouth! NOW! I'm salivating like a panting dog!

Despite those thoughts, she wanted to tease him and bring him to a boil before she started in on the oral loving. She asked with smirky delight, "So, now that we're alone, whatever shall we do with ourselves?"

He laughed. "I don't know. I'm sure we'll think of something!"

She ostentatiously ran her fingers all the way down to the bottom of his ball sack, and then back up to the top of his cockhead. "I suppose you probably could use some... relief... after getting all horny looking at those other girls..."

She got even hotter thinking about how long she planned on giving him "relief." She pictured him sitting on her chest and shooting a thick and creamy load onto her face after a nice long titfuck, or blowjob, or titfuck/blowjob combo. Better yet, all three!

He was busy fondling and kneading her firm ass cheeks with both hands. "No, Maggie. I couldn't care less about them. It's you! It's YOU!"

She spoke as she steadily jacked him off. "Oh, come on. I saw how you were looking at Shannon especially. She's HOT! She's really hot! With her wavy red hair, her double-Ds, her sexy, sultry eyes, and her ass... She's got an amazing ass!"

He was secretly frustrated that he hadn't noticed Shannon's ass, since he'd never gotten a good view of her backside yet. But he knew it had to be fantastic since she had a fit hardbody all over. But he put that out of his mind.

He told her as he continued to play with her ass cheeks, "Yeah, she's all that, but so what? I don't care. She's not you. I want YOU! Why can't you accept that? I love you 'cos you're a great, well, you-know-what at home, and you're just a great and loving person all around. But I also lust for you 'cos you're built like a brick shithouse! Jesus Christ, I can't get enough of these goddamn GIGANTIC tits!"

He brought his hands back up from her ass, and cupped her melons from below. He grunted, "UGH! So hot!" He squeezed them tightly together. "Holy fuck, look at that cleavage! That's like, deeper than the Grand Canyon!"

Maggie tingled with arousal all over. She'd never been so happy that she was so unusually endowed. Having to carry such large breasts on her hourglass frame was a pain, literally, especially in the back. Together, they were even wider than her upper torso, which created additional annoyances (and made them look even bigger than they actually were). She didn't enjoy all the extra attention from strangers either. But now all the hassle seemed worth it, and then some. She looked down at the long line of cleavage he'd created, and she felt dizzy as she imagined her son's thickness nearly entirely enveloped in her soft tit-flesh.

He exclaimed, "And then there's the rest of you!"

He looked down her body, even though he couldn't see much below her huge globes pressing into his chest. He ran his hands over the body parts he started to mention. "Your firm tummy. ... Your cute belly button. ... Your graceful neck. ... Your face!"

He caressed her cheek with one hand while caressing the underside of one giant breast with his other hand. "Oh my God, how I love your face. Such sexy eyes, with your narrow, knowing gaze and everything. You're just... I'm... Arrgh! It's all too much! I feel like I'm gonna cum already!"

She laughed gleefully, proud of her figure after that passionate outburst. As her hands steadily pumped, she said, "Okay, okay! I get it! So you kinda like your big-titted... you-know what." She hotly whispered right in his ear, "Your seriously stacked MOTHER!"

That sent a jolt of electricity right down his spine.

She giggled some more, as she knew that "kinda like" was a vast understatement. "And I'm sure it doesn't hurt that she's so hot for your big cock." She gave his boner a nearly painful tight squeeze, and then resumed stroking and fondling it, but with both of her hands.

She took a big whiff near his neck, but imagined she was smelling his cum drooling down his throbbing pole. "Mmmm! I even love the smell of it when it's leaking. And I especially love the taste! But keep your voice down, okay? We are in a strange house, after all."

He had resumed clutching her fantastic ass cheeks with both hands. But since she was so hot and bothered, and lavishing his erection with talented finger work, he didn't see any reason why he couldn't reciprocate by fingering her pussy, now that she'd given him pussy fingering lessons. So he rubbed his fingers against her labia.

She was so wet there already that he quickly plunged two fingers in, and started pumping.

She asked, trying to be stern and reluctant, "What do you think you're doing, Sport?"

"I'm practicing my lessons." He brought his other hand up to her big breasts.

"Okay, smart ass, but what about all the slow build-up I taught you about? That was half the lesson!"

"I know, but there's a time for that, and there's a time for this." He kept on pumping, and despite the way her tits were pressing into his bare chest, he managed to reach a nipple and pull on it. "I can tell when you're totally fuckin' hot to trot! Because you're not just my loving mother, you're my naughty hot slut!"

She groaned lustily. "UNGH!" Already, she was panting hard. "Son, watch your language!"

He kept fingering her aggressively. "Are you my naughty hot slut of a girlfriend, or what?"

Her eyes narrowed with anger. She let go of his boner and slapped his cheek. "I said, watch your language!"

He thought he'd seriously offended her, and he felt bad. "I'm sorry! I didn't realize! I thought that sounded sexy."

She let go of his ass cheek too, and quickly dropped to her knees. She grabbed his boner and squeezed it tightly.

Then she engulfed his cockhead and started bobbing. Aaaaaah! Finally! I've been waiting HOURS for this! Mmmm! Just feeling the pain in my jaw and the stretching of my lips is starting to arouse me each time!

She liked the way he'd been fingering her, so she used the same rhythm on her pussy with one hand while stroking the rest of his shaft with her other.

He was confused, even as he felt the great surge of pleasure that washed over him whenever she started to suck him. What the heck?! If she's mad at me, why the hell is she doing THIS?! But... whatever. Gaawwwd, it feels great!

She was flying high as she got into a good bobbing rhythm. Oh yes! Yes, oh yes, oh yes! I need this! What torture it's been for the past hour plus, having to sit there topless with my sexy son while he was touching and kissing me and driving me crazy, and I wasn't allowed to touch his big fat cock AT ALL! Well, I could have underwater, but it was too risky.

But now it's time for my REVENGE! I'm gonna suck him so long and so good that he won't believe it! The only respite he'll get is when my mouth gets tired and I titfuck him for a while instead! And that's no respite at all! She chuckled to herself. He's gonna cum and cum and cum all over me until my face and tits are DRENCHED!

After about a minute, she pulled off and switched to licking his sweet spot, so she could talk a little more. "You call me your 'naughty hot slut,' but if I'm your naughty hot slut, would I be doing this? Would I be so eager to suck and lick your cock that I just can't get enough of it?"

Confused, and unbelievably turned on, he said, "Well, uh... To be honest, yes! I, uh, I think?"

"Huh!" She pulled her wet fingers out of her pussy and brought them to his perineum (his "taint"), and started tickling and fingering her way from there up his ass crack. "Would I be so naughty and nasty that I'd play with your ass crack too?"

He wasn't sure what he was supposed to say. He decided to stick with being honest. "Um... yeah! That sound exactly like what a naughty hot slut would do."

"Maybe," she conceded. She was trying to sound stern and reluctant when in fact she was having the time of her life teasing him. "But if I'm a really naughty, big-titted, cock-hungry slut, would I plunge my finger in your asshole while sucking your balls into my mouth?!"

She already had her lubed-up index finger probing around the starfish of his anus, and once she finished saying that, she dramatically pushed it in. She kept on steadily pushing until she was fingering his prostate.

His eyes just about popped out of his head! His heart thumped out of control and he forgot to breathe. He couldn't believe how good that felt.

Maggie wasn't keen on this kind of anal play. The thought of putting her finger in her son's asshole made her a bit squeamish. However, she remembered how effective it had been for Debra when she'd done it to him yesterday during the sex game. Furthermore, with all this arousing talk of her being his "naughty hot slut," she wanted to do something outrageously naughty without breaking her rule against fucking. This fit the bill, and she gloried in the taboo of her anal play.

It was such a huge rush for her that it took her some long moments before she remembered to suck on his balls for a while, since she'd promised to do that too. She fit one of his balls in her mouth and started sucking on it. She'd never done this for him, or anyone else for that matter. Nick's balls were extra large, which seemed fitting given his extra thick and long penis and his unusually copious cum production, but compared to getting all of his stiff cock in her mouth, this was easy.

That left a hand of hers free, and she used it to jack him off too. She slid her fingers from base to tip and back again repeatedly. It wasn't as effective in arousing him as if she'd been focusing on rubbing his sweet spot, but it made her feel extra naughty to be caressing and loving so many inches of thick cock.

Nick's eyes rolled into his head. Then he closed his eyes and clenched his teeth. His heart was racing and his chest was heaving for air. God fucking LORD! Ma is such a SLUT! But in the best way! She's just going all out to arouse me and tease me and please me! No limits. She even stuck a finger up my ass! FUUUUUCCK! It's so fucking incredible!

He leaned forward slightly and tightly held the tops of her shoulders. He didn't know how long he could hold out. What she was doing to his cock and balls felt incredible, but he was used to the incredible from her, and his body was becoming increasingly capable of "enduring" such great arousal for long periods of time.

However, what she was doing with her anal fingering was another thing altogether. It felt beyond amazing, like a non-stop orgasmic peak, but he seemed to have no resistance to it whatsoever. Clenching his PC muscle didn't seem to help stave off his orgasm at all when she did that to him. So he panted, "If... if you keep that up, I'm gonna cum!"

She had mercy on him and stopped fingering his prostate - for now. But she kept her finger in his asshole and pumped it in and out a little bit. She kept on sucking his balls and stroking his cock too.


He sounded so desperate, and close to the edge, that she decided to ease up some more. She didn't want him to blow his load this fast. She took her finger all the way out of his ass, and just lightly probed at his anus.

She also took his ball sack out of her mouth. But that latter move wasn't a respite at all, because she went back to licking at his sweet spot while still stroking his shaft too.

She purred sexily, "Does that feel better, Sport?"

"UNNH! HNRRG! You have no idea!"

She giggled. "Goody! Anyway, do these seem like the actions of a woman who is a 'naughty hot slut?'"

"Yes! Yes, they do!"

She laughed with even more glee. "Maybe you're right!"

She added in a pouty purr, "But I'm your mother! Isn't it wrong to turn your mother into your naughty hot slut? Don't you feel bad for making me totally addicted to sucking on your cock every day and every night?" The "every day and every night" part was clearly untrue, at least so far, but it sounded highly arousing to her at the moment.

He just grunted and groaned lustily. Fuuuuck ! Fuck me! Lord have mercy! In my wildest dreams about Ma, I never knew it would be like this!

"Well?!" She kept on lapping at his sweet spot while playfully running her fingers up and down his shaft as if he was ticklish there. "I'm going to probe your prostate more AND bob on your cock all the way down to your balls until you give me an answer!"

She'd never even tried to deep throat him and she didn't have much desire to, because she thought it was probably impossible, or at least nearly so, due to his unusual thickness. But it made for more good sexy talk.

He grunted and moaned some more. It was next to impossible for him to seriously think, given what she was doing to him. Her index finger was pushing in slightly against his anus. It felt divine, but knew he wouldn't last more than a few seconds if she probed his prostate some more.

So, thinking that he was about to blow his load regardless, he wanted to go out on a dramatic note. He exclaimed, "Hnnnrgh! Maybe it is... UH! Maybe... maybe it is wrong! But I don't fucking care! YOU'RE MINE!"

She felt shivers all over, and goose bumps too. That's right! I'm yours, Son! You told me today that we're going to be together no matter what happens with Hillary, so that means I truly belong to you! Gaaaawwwwd, that's such a rush, to think that!

Despite practically swooning with delight on the inside, she kept her poise on the outside. She stared up into his face with her sparking brown eyes and smirked with delight as she lapped around his cockhead. "Oh I am, am I? I suppose you're right! Son, you've made me your SLUT! Not your girlfriend. There's a big difference! A girlfriend wants some kind of balanced relationship. A slut, a good slut, just wants to serve your cock!"

She moaned erotically, because she brought a hand to her pussy and started fingering it. "Unnnnggh! HNNNNG!" She pulled herself together somewhat, and asked, "But what about Hillary?"

He growled, "She's mine too!"

"Good answer! She's just going to have to accept that as a FACT!" She licked up to his piss hole, and rubbed his sweet spot with two fingers. At the same time, she pushed her index finger about half an inch back into his anus.

He grunted so loudly in response that it was almost a scream. The pleasure was so intense that it seemed his head was spinning, or maybe it was the entire room that was spinning.

He didn't know how it was possible he wasn't blasting his load all over her face already, because he wasn't even trying to squeeze his PC muscle. The pleasure was so intense that he was almost delirious.

She spoke while fervently licking all around his cockhead, drenching it in pre-cum and saliva. She teased him, pretending to be doubtful, "It sounds like you're right again, even though you have to share her with Anushka. But do you think it's fair? Is it fair to take the two most busty and beautiful girls and make them your personal sluts who love to worship and adore your big fat cock monster?! What gives you that right? Is it just because you have such an unstoppable and deliciously suckable fat cock? Does that give you the right to hook the very most desirable girls in town on your cock? Even if one of them is your very own mother?"

He was riding so high on lust that he doubted he be able to stay standing much longer. He put his hands on her head in part to provide support for his wobbly legs. He growled triumphantly, "Especially if one of them is my mother!"

She chuckled. "You naughty, naughty boy! Good answer! But still, I think you need to be punished for such a cheeky answer. I'm gonna give you a lashing! A good tongue lashing!"

She stopped talking for some long moments and just lapped against his sweet spot while jacking off his lower shaft. Her finger was inexorably pushing deeper into his asshole too.

He thought, FUCK! Fuuuuuck! Mercy! That finger in my ass is too much! UGH! Mercy, please! He was discovering that getting his anus fingered was unusually pleasurable for him. But, strangely, it didn't seem to trigger him to ejaculate.

She said as she kept right on lapping, "I'm going to have to lash this super sensitive spot on your cock at least a thousand times tonight! And that's just for starters. I'm gonna bob on it a couple thousand times too! I further sentence you to fuck my tits with at least a thousand thrusts!"

Thanks to that comment about titfucking, she suddenly sat up higher and enveloped his entire shaft with her big melons and squeezed him tight. She jiggled up and down on either side of him while also craning her mouth down and licking the top of his cockhead.

Not surprisingly, that felt so arousing that it just about blew his head off. But in a way it was actually a relief, because she needed to pull her finger out of his anus to hold and move her tits with both hands. She'd been getting dangerously close to his prostate again, so this felt like an orgasmic crisis that had been narrowly averted.

Still, he was relentlessly building up to a great climax just the same. He clutched at her head with both hands and rhythmically clenched his PC muscle too. But he knew he'd be blowing his load soon no matter what he did unless she eased up.

She sensed the same thing at the same time, and she did ease up. She kept on doing exactly what she was doing, but slower and with less vigor.

She said, "I hope you like this room, because we're going to be here a long while! We made our face time at the hot tub, and I suppose we should go back down for dinner at some point. But otherwise, you're going to serve your sentence right here. A very long and cocksucky sentence! I'm going to make you cum over and over again until your balls are literally drained completely dry! What do you think about THAT?!"

He thought, I can't believe how fucking wanton and sexy my Ma is! She's so into this that she's blowing my mind! I love her so much, and now I'm in total lust too!

He opened his eyes and looked down at her perfectly tanned tits sliding up and down on either side of his shaft. Now that she'd made that big statement, it seemed she'd finished talking, because she had most of his cockhead in her mouth, and she was licking around his piss hole for good measure.

Oh, man! Fuckin' unreal! She's so STACKED! And fit! And that look on her face! Good Lord! It's like staring into pure lust, and love too! Her eyes! There's so much fucking passion in those eyes! The only way this could get any better was if Hillary was here too!

That last thought reminded him that Hillary should have been here by now. He had a brief vision of Hillary on a yacht with Spencer. She imagined him in a bikini and Spencer in Speedos, with his arm around her back. The bile of jealousy ran up into his throat.

However, that unpleasant thought passed out of his head after a while, at least for the most part. Maggie kept him blissfully distracted with her titfucking motions.

For a while, she just gently slid her tits up and down his thick shaft, with one going up while the other went down, and vice versa. She knew he was still dangerously close to the edge of climax, and she had to bring him back to a "safe" level. As a result, she didn't use her mouth on him at all.

But then, after about five minutes, she figured she'd used enough restraint, and he wasn't even panting anymore. So she not only got her mouth involved again, she craned her neck down and swallowed her entire cockhead!

Then she spent the next ten minutes, at least, on a titfuck/blowjob combo. She'd gotten pretty good at that, thanks to doing it on him more than once already. She managed to go about two or three minutes before she'd have to pull all the way off, because keeping her head craned down got increasingly painful until she could have a break to shake it off.

Nick was on cloud nine. His mother was keeping him at just the right level of erotic bliss, a smidgen below where he'd need to continually squeeze his PC muscle not to cum. His legs stabilized. He wished he was sitting down on the edge of the bed a few feet away, but not enough to disengage to go there.

His kept his hands on her head, but just so he could tenderly stroke her long blonde hair and pat the top of her head.

She loved his hair stroking and patting. Sometimes, she would feel shivers when she did some particularly difficult combined lip and tongue technique on his boner and got rewarded by a pat, or maybe a particularly loud erotic groan.

She was blissed out just as much as he was. She was perfectly happy to do this sort of thing all evening long, so long as she could take periodic rests when all or parts of her body got too tired. She sorely wished that Hillary was there too though, because if they worked together they could keep him on or near the break even longer and more effectively. Plus, it was way more fun sharing the experience.

After a while, she got a little overexcited with the vigor of her titfucking and sucking. She had to take a longer break, because he'd gotten overexcited too.

She pulled her lips off him and stared up at him with adoring eyes. She kept his hard-on enveloped in between her E-cups, but she didn't move them at all. "Sport, how do you like that?"

"Oh, man! You're the greatest! The best of the best! I'm so unworthy!" He was still panting heavily.

She teased him, "'The best of the best?' I don't know about that. What about Hillary? If she was here and heard that, she might be offended."

Since Maggie wasn't doing anything to him at that moment, he was already starting to breathe a little easier. He words caused him to say, "Hey, that reminds me: what happened to Hillary?! We've been here, like, what? Twenty minutes already? And still no sign of her."

Maggie was startled by that. Time was flying by since they were having so much fun. She took her hand off her breasts. "You're right! Here, take over."

He bent down some and held on to the sides of her great boobs, right where she'd been holding them. He enjoyed that a lot, and he started fondling and even kneading them more than using them to titfuck his own boner. But his aggressive fondling style caused them to move and squeeze tighter together, which meant he'd resumed the titfuck and was ably keeping it going too.

She wanted him to take over because she needed the use of her hands. She was so worked up that she felt like her cunt was on fire! But she hadn't been able to play with herself for the last 15 minutes, due to needing to use both hands to keep the titfuck going.

She resumed licking his sweet spot, but she brought both hands down to her crotch and she fingered her clit with one hand while lightly tugging on her clit with her other hand. She knew it wouldn't be long until she came now that she was doing that, but she was trying to hold out until they finished discussing this Hillary situation.

She complained, "She should be here by now!"

"I know!"

"She should be sucking on your cock with me at this very moment! I have such big dreams of her and me taking turns bobbing on your cock, and we haven't even done it a single time yet. That really bums me out."

"Me too!"

She complained while slurping on his sweet spot, "I've been dreaming of this party all day long. Fuck the people downstairs! I'm not talking about being with them. I mean I've been dreaming about spending most of the evening in a room like this with you and Hillary, so that she and me can lick and suck your cock together until we drop! Where is she?!"

"I don't know!" He was panting hard again already. Ironically, he was doing most of the work getting himself too excited, because it was like he couldn't stop the titfuck motion. It felt too good!

Their talking came to a stop for a while as Maggie fingered herself with a quickening pace. She also couldn't resist Nick's cock, and she crammed about the top two inches into her mouth yet again. That wasn't even all of his cockhead, but that was the best she could do given the way he was using her tits to fondle her and keep the titfucking going.

Finally, he asked, "Should we call her?"

"Mmmm!" she replied. She didn't want to pull off, but she realized that she couldn't give a coherent answer unless she did. So she went back to just licking around his cockhead, and said, "Good idea. Why didn't I think of that before?"

He laughed. "Because you're too cock-hungry!"

She laughed too. Then she asked, "Your cell phone is in your slacks, right?"


"You left those by the hot tub though. Damn. And I'm about to cum! Let me cum and then I'll go get it!"

"Okay!" Then, thinking a little more, he asked, "Can I cum too?"

She spoke between breathless gasps. She was still licking him a little from time to time, but she was too far gone to make any talented moves. "If you must. But I'd rather you don't. We've got all evening. I want you to stay stiff for hours and hours! If you can hold out for just a little longer, you can take a rest while I get the phone!"

"Okay, I'll try." He was getting dangerously close to the edge again. "When I do cum, can I... Can I cum all over your face?!"

She looked up at him and laughed. She was amused at how earnest, eager, yet shy he was, since she could hardly wait for that to happen too.

She resumed lapping against his cockhead while she said, "Gaawwwd! You really love doing that, don't you? What's the fascination? Do you love to see your thick and sticky cum dripping down my forehead? My cheeks? My chin? Even covering my nose? Do you like getting it in my hair? Does that make you HOT, seeing every inch of my face dripping wet with your manly seed? Which PROVES what a hot slut I am for you and your sperm, and how long I'll choke and gag on your cock to get it?!"

He groaned loudly. It was a deadly struggle, trying not to cum after hearing her talk like that. Even though he knew he was courting danger, he kept on steadily titfucking his shaft by moving her big knockers up and down.

She belatedly realized that her words were more for herself than him, and that her voice was so excited that she was giving away how much she loved facials. But then again, he pretty much knew that already. She knew he was on the verge, and she didn't want to encourage him too much. So she teased, as she licked, "We'll see."

He was incredulous. "'We'll see?!'"

She exclaimed, "Okay! YES! You know you can, anytime you want! You know how much I love it! Whenever I'm not in Margaret mode, that is. You know how much I love it when you cum all over me and leave me drenched in your pearly seed! But I don't want you to cum just yet! Should I slow down?"

"De-de-definitely!" He shuddered as the urge to climax very nearly overtook him.

She stopped her frequent licking of his cockhead. But she realized with amusement that that didn't help much, since the main problem right now was the aggressive way he was continuing the titfuck. He was so far gone that he genuinely seemed unable to stop himself. So she took her hands from her crotch and brought them up to his hands. She kept her hands there and more or less forced him to slow down and then stop his titfucking motions altogether.

"There," she said. "Better?"

He nodded. He closed his eyes and took some deep breaths.

Figuring he was good for now, she allowed him to continue to hold her increasingly sweaty and thus well-lubricated E-cups from their sides. That allowed her to resume playing with her pussy and clit with both hands. She also got back to licking the tip of his cock.

As soon as her hands moved away, he resumed the titfuck motion, but less vigorously than before. He worried that he was on a hair trigger. He exclaimed, "Stop licking, please!"

She did. She was fine with that, because she was getting totally absorbed fingering herself.

He grunted and clenched his teeth. Sweat was dripping down his forehead. "I don't know if I can make it!"

"You can! I'm gonna cum right now! Then I'll go downstairs, so just hold out a little longer!" She'd been on the cusp for a while now, and all she needed to do was mentally let go. So that's what she did. She yanked on her clit slightly painfully, and dug into her pussy, trying to find her G-spot. She did, but that was just icing on the cake, because she was cumming already.

She reared her head back, away from his cockhead, and screamed. "AAAAAIIIIIEEEEE!"

Nick very probably would have cum too, because just hearing, seeing, and feeling her cum was a huge turn-on for him. However, she'd stopped her occasional licking to scream, and he felt obliged to simply hold her tits in place around his hot pole, since her entire body was trembling and there was no telling what she might do next.

But then he noticed something very strange. About halfway through her screaming orgasm, he heard what sounded like not just one but two voices! And the second voice wasn't his, yet it was obviously coming from somewhere very near, inside the room!

He quickly looked all around, but he didn't see anything. Then he realized that the door to the room was directly behind him, and he hadn't looked that way since just after entering the room. Maggie hadn't either, since her face had been up against his crotch the whole time.

With great trepidation, he twisted his upper body around and turned his head too to see what was right behind him. What he saw was a totally unexpected shock: Debra was there!

She didn't see him, because her eyes were closed. She was leaning against the wall a few feet from the closed bedroom door, wearing nothing but a pair of silver bikini bottoms.

The reason her eyes were closed was because those bikini bottoms had been pushed to the side and she was finger-fucking herself with three fingers while caressing one of her double-D-cup tits with her other hand. Her head was tilted back and her blonde hair was up against the wall. Clearly, she was trying hard not to scream, but she was in the middle of an orgasm and the onslaught of pleasure was too much for her to stay quiet.

Her screaming wasn't actually that noticeable at first, because she was managing to at least somewhat restrain herself, while Maggie was screaming in total ecstasy and with utter abandon. However, it appeared that Maggie's orgasm started first. It went on for a minute or more, but her screaming lessened as it started to peter out. By contrast, Debra kept right on screaming a little longer.

Debra suddenly realized that she was the only one making any significant noise, and she opened her eyes in alarm. The first thing she saw was Nick staring angrily right at her. She cried out, "OH SHIT!"

Maggie still hadn't realized Debra was there. Furthermore, her orgasm had completely wiped her out. Luckily, she was kneeling already, but she was about to collapse to the floor so she could rest for a few minutes before going to get Nick's cell phone.

However, Maggie heard the "OH SHIT!" and the clarity of it made her realize it had to be coming from within the room, and directly behind Nick. Even though she had no energy left whatsoever, she somehow managed to move to the side of him to see who was there. As she did so, her boobs disengaged from Nick's boner, and she stumbled down to all fours, with her tits nearly dangling to the carpet.

She looked up and saw Debra. She yelled the same thing she's just heard: "OH SHIT!"

With that, she collapsed the rest of the way to the floor.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, lew54321, BDGV, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.