Chapter 56: Danger and Games (Sunday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Maggie was feeling half-dead, thanks to her big climax that had just ended.

Debra wasn't doing much better, thanks to her big climax too.

Nick was the only one of the three in relatively good shape. He'd been about as close to cumming as he could get without actually going over the edge. However, seeing Debra there triggered some kind of automatic flight-or-fight response within him, and he was in more of an aggressive fighting mood. He stayed erect because his body remained so very aroused, but his urge to cum rapidly passed as he focused his attention on the Debra problem.

With Maggie lying on the floor, he took a couple of steps towards Debra. His fists were clenched and his eyes were narrowed with anger. His was heedless of his nudity or the way his boner poked straight forward. "What are YOU doing here?!"

Debra wasn't in any shape for a big discussion. Now that she'd been found out, she slid her ass down the wall and plopped it on the carpet. She rested with her back against the wall while she panted hard. "Long... story!"

"Let's hear it!" He stepped menacingly towards her.

But Debra just waved a hand. "In a... in a minute!"

Seeing that Debra wasn't going anywhere or saying much soon, he pivoted in place and dropped to his knees to take care of his mother. He brought a hand to her face, which was flattened against the carpet. He tenderly ran a finger along her jaw line. "Are you okay?"

Maggie was breathing so hard that her entire upper body was rising and falling with each breath. She growled, "Fine! Now... Get. Rid. Of. Debra!"

"Right!" He stood back up and turned his attention back to Debra. He wondered how long she'd been there. It occurred to him that they could be in very, very deep shit. They'd been careless about their language, because they were too aroused to think straight. He remembered that at the start Maggie had said "you-know-what" instead of "mother" a couple of times, but he suspected that after that they probably lost all restraint.

It looked like Debra had been in the room for a while without being noticed, if she'd worked herself up to a big climax. If she hadn't heard any overt incest talk, it was a matter of pure luck. But he had little hope of that, because they'd been so careless.

He was very, very scared. If Debra knows our great secret, we're totally fucked! Shit! We really screwed up. And why Debra, of all people?! She's the most amoral, shallow, and conniving person I know. She'll use this to her advantage, I'm sure. FUCK!

He said to her aggressively, "Okay, how long have you been here?! Talk!" With his anger in control, he hardly paid any mind to her near naked beauty.

— — —

Debra still wasn't in any condition to talk. As she struggled to regain her breath, she thought back to how she'd gotten here.

The phone call Shannon made to Debra in the morning had made Debra suspicious. In the past couple of years, Debra had been to other parties at Shannon's. Shannon was near the top of the pecking order of the high school's "beautiful people" elite, due to her extraordinary beauty plus her extraordinary wealth, and a nice personality to boot.

Shannon boosted her popularity even more by holding parties at her mansion on weekends when her parents weren't home, which was often. In fact, her mansion was "party central" for the social elites of both nearby high schools. Oftentimes, the party started one day and went well into the next day or even the next night. In all those parties, Debra had only gotten calls about when the party was starting and/or ending.

Yet Shannon had called her that morning to ask her if she was coming, supposedly so she could know how many people would stay for dinner. That made Debra suspicious, because there was always plenty of food to eat. If there wasn't, they would just order out for pizza or the like.

Although Debra wasn't that smart, she had realized there was almost certainly going to be some fallout from her successful scheme to have sex with Nick last night. She had been planning to go to the second day of Shannon's party because she was a party girl and didn't have anything better to do. But she'd given Shannon the impression that she wasn't going to be there. Then she had called another friend, Alice, who was going to be there, and she told her to keep an eye out for Nick, Maggie, and/or Hillary returning.

Alice was a sexy, slutty girl, just like Debra (although less gorgeous), and so they helped each other out from time to time, in the same way that Debra had gotten help with Nick's seduction from her friend Patty last night.

Debra didn't think that she'd be able to fuck Nick at the party again. At least, the odds of that were pretty low. But she had gotten some kind of vague promise from Maggie and Hillary that the four of them could have a sex game rematch, since the last one had ended unfairly in her mind. Actually, neither Maggie nor Hillary had really made such a promise, but they hadn't refuted the idea of a rematch either. They simply hadn't known how to deal with Debra at the time, and they'd pushed the issue off to be dealt with later.

But in Debra's highly biased view of things, she had been promised a rematch, after victory had been stolen from her. She figured that if Nick was back at the party with Maggie and/or Hillary, she would be able to manipulate them into having a rematch. She knew that Hillary was sexually involved with Nick but that Hillary didn't want that to become public knowledge, at least not yet.

Debra planned to use that leverage to get what she wanted. She was very keen to win a sex game rematch, so Nick would proclaim her the sexiest of the three women. Since Debra, Maggie, and Hillary were in an entirely different league of beauty than anyone else associated with the high school, that would mean to Debra that she was the very sexiest out of thousands.

Debra was egotistical, and already felt that she was sexier and more beautiful than anyone else. But she wanted "proof."

But much more than that, she just wanted to have lots of sexual fun! She particularly loved their spirited sex game. The danger and competition made it a greater challenge than anything else in her life in a long time. Nick had exceeded all her expectations, and couldn't wait for him to fuck her again. She adored his thick cock. She found sucking it surprisingly enjoyable, much more than any blowjob she'd ever given. (Once again the sheer difficulty created by his extreme thickness triggered her sense of competition.)

Plus, Debra was mainly straight, but partly bisexual. She'd had sex with other girls, but she'd kept it a secret since she thought that would harm her reputation in the highly conservative Orange County social atmosphere. Seeing Maggie and Hillary nude had been a great delight for her in and of itself. But seeing them totally horny and yet steaming mad had doubled the arousal of the entire sex game, and then some.

So she was keen just to play another round of their sex game, even if she didn't win. She'd figured rightly that the others would try to avoid her, so she needed to surprise them at Shannon's party, or some other event like that, in order to make the rematch happen.

Alice was her eyes and ears. When Nick and Maggie showed up and were introduced to the others around the hot tub, including Alice, Alice made an excuse to go to the bathroom a few minutes later. But, in fact, she'd gone into the house and used the land line there to call Debra and let her know they had arrived. She'd also conveyed the important information Maggie had told Shannon that Hillary wasn't there but was expected to show up within an hour or so.

Knowing that, Debra got ready for the party. She had to check in with the guard at the guard post, who had been told to alert Shannon that Debra was coming. Unfortunately for that plan, Shannon was hanging out by the hot tub non-stop, with no phone anywhere nearby, so she missed that the guard tried called her several times.

Debra had snuck back into Shannon's house, using the same little known alternate entrance she'd used as part of her scheme to get Nick to fuck her last night. And, just as in that scheme, she had snuck up to one of the bedrooms on the top floor and waited there for further information from Alice.

She'd changed into a skimpy bikini and kept her cell phone near her. Then she'd read a fashion magazine while waiting for Alice. She wanted to wait until Hillary showed up too before making her appearance known.

Eventually, Alice had given Debra another call. But instead of reporting that Hillary had arrived, as expected, she'd passed on the news that Nick and Maggie had left the group and gone upstairs. Alice hadn't followed them, because she thought it was too risky that she'd be seen. But she'd told Debra that Nick and Maggie had been very horny and amorous with each other, they'd returned to the mansion hand in hand, and she'd opined that they almost certainly were going to find a private room to have sex.

This had been an unexpected bonus for Debra. She hadn't figured out how she would get her targets alone so she could blackmail them, if necessary. Although she wasn't smart, she was very bold and self-confident. Just like last night's scheme with Nick, her scheme relied on luck, plus her belief that she could roll with the punches and make things go her way.

So, although Hillary hadn't arrived yet, Debra had figured this was too good of an opportunity to pass up. Besides, she'd been bored reading her fashion magazine. Having a sex game with just Nick and Maggie would be plenty fun, if yesterday's game was anything to go by. Plus, Hillary could join in later.

With that in mind, Debra had waited a few minutes until she assumed Nick and Maggie had selected a room to have sex in. Then, wearing just her skimpy bikini, she'd gone from room to room trying to find which one they were in. She'd brought a bobby pin with her. She'd had a lot of sexual adventures in Shannon's mansion during previous parties, and she knew from experience that even if the doors were locked, it was easy to unlock them with a bobby pin.

Debra had quickly and stealthily gone through all the rooms on the upper floors. She would put her ear to the door and kept it there until she believed the room was empty. Then she would open the door, or even unlock it and open it, just to make sure. Using this method, she'd found Nick and Maggie in about five minutes. Although it was a huge mansion, there were only about a dozen rooms that were likely candidates.

Since Debra had talked on the phone to Alice only about a minute after Nick and Maggie had left to go upstairs, and then she'd started her search a few minutes later, she hadn't missed much. She'd started listening in around the time Maggie stopped massaging Nick's prostate. She'd put her ear to the door, which allowed her to hear nearly everything they were saying to each other. Very shortly after she started eavesdropping, Nick shouted, "UGH! OH GOD! HAVE MERCY! HAVE MERCY, PLEASE!"

Not long after that, she heard Maggie say to Nick, "But I'm your mother! Isn't it wrong to turn your mother into your naughty hot slut? Don't you feel bad for making me totally addicted to sucking on your cock every day and every night??" They'd locked the door, and it seemed to be a solidly built house with thick walls and doors, so they had been under the assumption that there was no way anyone could hear them, unless maybe one of them was shouting. Even then, they'd figured the entire floor they were on was empty and no one would hear anything at all.

Furthermore, they'd been extremely aroused. Although they'd talked about being careful not to use any telling incestuous words like "mother," "Ma," or "Son," the truth was the taboo of such words turned them both on greatly. As a result, those wasn't the only incriminating words Debra had heard. For instance, the word "mother" in particular was overheard twice more, and "son" was used once as well.

Debra had been shocked to hear that Maggie and Nick were mother and son. She found that very hard to believe, because Maggie really did look to be college-aged. However, while Debra would have considered the idea of having sex with either of her own parents too unappealing to even contemplate, she didn't have a problem with Nick and Maggie doing it. She could tell from the sex game that they clearly loved each other and were very hot for each other. Debra quickly went from being shocked to finding it extremely kinky and arousing.

But she'd also been highly excited because she knew this would give her ideal blackmail material, if it really was incest. She knew that what she had on Hillary was weak. If she revealed to everyone at school that Nick was having sex with Maggie and Hillary, that would knock Maggie's and Hillary's reputations some, but it would blow over eventually. It would actually boost Nick's reputation in a big way. So it was very possible they would simply refuse to be blackmailed. However, the incest secret would put them in her total power. She'd be able to have as many sex games with them as she wanted! The possibilities seemed endless.

Because she was so confident in her position, she hadn't been worried much about being discovered. After she'd heard Maggie's "But I'm your mother!" outburst, she'd used the bobby pin on the doorknob. She'd wanted to peek in on them as well as listen in.

She'd gotten lucky, because Nick happened to be facing away from the door, and Maggie had her face in his crotch, so she hadn't been able to see anything. As a result, Debra had kept the door open a crack and spied better that way. What she'd heard and saw was highly arousing, especially since she now was almost certain that Maggie and Nick were mother and son. (She'd had to admit there was a tiny chance they were playing a role-play or something like that.)

At first, she'd pulled her bikini bottoms to the side and started fingering her pussy while she'd peeked through the door. But she'd soon realized that Nick and Maggie were so into each other that they weren't likely to notice if a herd of elephants came charging by. She'd found herself opening the door more and more. She'd wanted more of a side angle so she could see what Maggie was doing with her mouth and hands instead of mostly just seeing Nick's bare ass.

She'd been trying to stay quiet in case she might learn more valuable secrets. Plus, she hadn't wanted to interrupt the sexy scene she was getting off on watching. But since she'd thought she knew the incest secret, she hadn't cared much if she got caught. In fact, it was just a matter of time before she revealed herself, if they still failed to notice her. So she'd eventually opened the door all the way and then closed and locked it behind her. She'd moved a few feet from the door and rested against the wall there. She'd resumed masturbating. Mostly, she'd fingered her slit while trying not to make any noise. But also, her bikini top had fallen to the floor when it got in the way of her playing with her breasts and especially her erect nipples.

So that's how she had come to be where she was when she finally got so extremely horny that she couldn't help but scream in orgasmic ecstasy. Now that she'd been caught, she wasn't worried, because of what she'd overheard. It's just that she needed to catch her breath first.

— — —

After Nick asked her, "Okay, how long have you been here?! Talk!" she spent the next minute just panting hard while she recalled how she'd gotten here. She was mentally patting herself on her back for her cleverness, because she was sure her plan was coming together even better than she'd hoped. The only fly in the ointment for her so far was that Hillary wasn't here yet. She wasn't sure if Hillary knew the incest secret, but she was winging it and she figured that one way or another she'd get blackmail control over all three of them, because the secret was that good.

Finally, she was ready to talk. "Hi, Nick. Glad to see me?"

"NO! What the hell are you doing here?" He was glad that at least his penis had gone fully flaccid while he waited. His body was still surging with arousal, but even more anger and worry, which made it too difficult to stay erect.

She stood up. "It's a long story." Her bikini bottoms were askew, and as she got up, she pulled them off altogether. She tossed them aside.

Nick saw that, and he was incredulous. "What the hell are you doing that for?!"

She struck a sexy pose, with a leg cocked and a hand on her hip. "Because I figure we're going to have a lot of fun. Aren't we? This looks like a good time for our promised sex game rematch, don't you think?"

Maggie was listening. She managed to sit up out of sheer determination to get rid of Debra, despite her orgasmic exhaustion. "NO WAY!" she practically screamed. "GET LOST, YOU FUCKING BITCH!"

Debra wasn't perturbed by that in the slightest. In fact, she smiled. Then she brought a finger to her lips. "Ssssh! You need to be quiet. There's no telling who might overhear what you said. For instance, the way I've heard what you two have been saying for a while now."

Maggie blanched. The color actually drained from her tanned face as she realized what that meant, especially considering Debra's insinuating tone. OH NO! OH NO! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO! TOTAL DISASTER!

If Nick had any hope that Debra had only recently arrived and hadn't heard any incestuous talk, that hope was crushed. He dropped to his knees next to where Maggie was sitting on the floor, and he squeezed her hand for support. Clearly, this was the worst case scenario for both of them. Their entire lives were in Debra's hands.

But then Nick had the thought, We're totally screwed! Unless... Unless! Oh God! Maybe there's hope! Maybe we can convince her that we were just role-playing all along! We have the fake driver's license, after all! True, it's downstairs, but we can get that. Debra's not smart. We can pull the wool over her eyes! Deny, deny, deny! Deny everything! It's all a role-play only. It's our only hope. The alternative is too scary to contemplate!

He bent over and whispered very, very quietly into Maggie's ear. "We're role-playing. Mother-son role-playing. Stick to that story! She's got nothing on us, not really. Remember your fake ID. We can pull this out of the fire!"

Maggie breathed a huge sigh of relief. Her entire body had been tensed up, but she visibly relaxed. She turned to Nick after he pulled away and she nodded in understanding and smiled.

Debra was pretty oblivious in general, but she couldn't help but notice some kind of important secret communication had just taken place between Nick and Maggie. She asked, "Hey! What?! What did you whisper to her?!"

He decided the best defense was a good offense. "I was just reassuring her that we don't have to worry about you misunderstanding us. Clearly, you've been here for a while. I don't know how you got in here, since I know we locked the door, and I don't know how we didn't notice you, but it is what it is. So you must have overheard our role-play."

Debra looked at him in confusion. "'Role-play?'"

"Sure. Our role-play. Maggie's almost four years older than me, you know. We teased each other about the age difference thing. It started out with me jokingly calling her 'mother' or 'Ma' when she was kind of treating me like a child and telling me what to do. Then she started joking around with calling me 'Son.' One thing led to another, and we both found it was a big turn-on. So sometimes we role-play that we really ARE mother and son. It's totally hot! We really get off on it. As you probably saw."

Debra furrowed her brow, and put her hands on her hips. "Wait a minute. So you're saying you're NOT actually mother and son?!"

Nick laughed. "Of course! You didn't think for a second that we really ARE, did you? That would be utterly ridiculous! I mean, look at Maggie. Does she LOOK like my mother?"

Debra walked closer to Maggie and gave her a skeptical look over. Finally, she said, "Well, there is a kind of a resemblance..."

Maggie was feeling a lot better, after she thought her world had ended. She had high hopes that Nick's approach would work, and she was warming to playing along. She said with confidence, "Resemblance? Really? I'm blonde and he's got dark brown hair, for starters."

Debra asked, "But are you a natural blonde? I mean, you have a pretty nice tan." She was very confused now.

Maggie didn't want to answer that. She was afraid her darker roots might be showing. She thanked her lucky stars that she'd shaved her brown bush off recently.

Luckily, Nick quickly said, "Don't just look at the hair. Look at her age. Maggie is 21 years old! Are you seriously suggesting she looks like she's 40?!"

Debra said with clear disappointment, "Well, no..." She looked Maggie over some more.

Maggie still felt totally wiped out from her recent orgasm. But the threat from Debra had energized her, almost as if she was being physically attacked and needed to rally her defenses. So she managed to stand up. She stood straight and tall with her arms at her sides, showing off her fantastic physique.

She faked a smile and thought, Come on, Debra! Buy it! Buy it! All these years of working out and eating right, please tell me they're going to pay off right now! Please, please, please! Dear Lord, please!

Debra examined Maggie from up close, one buck naked woman to another. She found Maggie extremely beautiful and sexy, so she was tempted to examine her with her hands. But she held back from doing that because she was so confused. Finally, she said, "Yeah, there's no way you could be 40, or even close to 40. Thirty maybe, though?"

Nick laughed. "Then she would have had to have been 12 when she gave birth to me. Come on!" He was fudging the numbers there a little bit, figuring correctly that Debra didn't like to think too hard about a math problem. (Actually, Maggie gave birth to him at only 15, which wasn't that far off from 12.)

Debra frowned. "But I don't get it. You were totally calling each other 'mother' and 'son' when nobody was listening. I mean, you were going on like you really mean it. What's up with that?!"

He said, "But of course. We wouldn't talk like this when someone is around. Duh! Sexy role-plays are a private thing. If you dress up as a sexy doctor or policewoman or something like that for your boyfriend Devon, would you do that in public? No! You'd do it in the privacy of a bedroom. We thought we have privacy here. By the way, where is Devon anyway?"

She waved her hand dismissively. "Oh, I came here alone. Don't worry about him."

Nick asked, "How did you find us here anyway? And how did you get in?"

Debra lied, "I'd just arrived to the party, and I was walking to the top floor because I left something there last night. On the way there, I heard some screaming coming from this room. I put my ear to the door and I realized it was you two. I thought you might be hurt or something, so I opened the door. It sure wasn't locked for me. But I saw that far from being hurt, you were having a lot of fun. I know I shouldn't have, but once I started watching, I couldn't stop."

Neither Nick nor Maggie believed that for a second. It was far too coincidental that Debra, of all people, would find them when there hadn't been any sign of her at the party. They knew she'd done some clever scheming to get Nick alone in a bedroom last night, so it was probable she was doing more of the same. But they both also realized that was her cover story and she wasn't likely to admit that it was false.

Debra said, "But enough about me. I still don't get this whole role-play thing." She narrowed her eyes suspiciously. "I heard you say a lot of dodgy stuff."

Maggie defiantly asked, "Such as?"

Debra waved her hands with frustration. "Such as the whole thing!" She gave Maggie an especially suspicious look. "What about the way your face practically went white when I told you I'd overheard the incest talk?"

Nick swiftly answered that before Maggie could, because he had a clever response. "Imagine YOU were taking part in an incest role-play and some stranger came along and told you they'd overheard everything. Wouldn't your face turn white from the embarrassing misunderstanding?"

"Well, yeah, I guess..." Debra was feeling increasingly disappointed. "But... but... it totally sounded like you really were mother and son!"

Nick scoffed, "Well, duh! That's the whole point of a mother-son role-play. The point is to arouse, and that's like a hugely arousing taboo. You must know that like half the erotic stories on the Internet have an incest theme."

Debra said, "Well, yeah. 'Duh' back at you. I read those kinds of stories too. And they are super hot."

"You see?" Maggie said. "We're just acting that out. And it works. We do a lot of role-plays, but that one is our favorite."

Debra was extremely disappointed. She'd thought for sure that Maggie and Nick really were mother and son. She'd considered that great news because it gave her the perfect blackmail material. She'd thought they would be her sex pets forever. But if it was all just a role-play, that was only mildly scandalous at best.

She tried to think carefully about all that she'd heard, hoping to find something incriminating. It was a lucky thing she wasn't that smart or perceptive.

She asked, "If it's all a role-play, then what was this comment Maggie made about 'Margaret mode?'" She pointed at her. "You said something about how you'd give him all the blowjobs you want except when you're in 'Margaret mode.'"

Maggie replied, "That's my real name, of course. By the way, my full name is Margaret Palmer. Nick's full name is Nicolas Stevens. See how the last names are different? We're NOT related! I don't have my purse with me, but it's in my car parked out front. In there, you can see my driver's license. Check out Nick's in his slacks downstairs too. Not only will that show our last names are different, it'll also show that I'm only four years older than him. Feel free to take a look."

Debra said, "I'd like to do that. I'm mostly convinced, but it would be good to be totally convinced. I mean, Maggie, what if you're just a super-young-looking stepmother or something?"

Maggie thought, Drat! Stepmothers! Why did she have to think of that?! That would explain everything, including the last name difference, and it would still be very scandalous. Especially if she finds out I'm still married!

Nick was frustrated by that idea too. But he didn't show it. He said, "Fine. Let's go downstairs right now and check it out."

Debra quickly said, "No!"

She was very against going downstairs. She remembered overhearing that Nick and Maggie were planning on going downstairs after Maggie's orgasm in order to find Nick's cell phone so they could call Hillary. Debra didn't want that to happen just yet. She felt her leverage slipping away, but she still had hopes that she could have some sexual fun with Maggie and Nick, at least. It was better to try that out now.

She could sense that they were still trying to hide something, and were attempting to appease her. Hillary might arrive and join in the fun later, but her arrival might also ruin everything. A bird in the hand was worth two in the bush.

As a result of that reasoning, Debra said, "We'll do that later. First, what's this about 'Margaret mode?' It seems like you're dodging the question."

Maggie replied, "We're not dodging anything. Like I was starting to say, my full name is Margaret, but I'm usually called 'Maggie.' So I basically have two names. Nick and I play the mother-son role-play a lot. It never stops being arousing, so we have sex like that a lot. We don't need any special costumes or anything either. All we need to do is start calling each other 'mother' and 'son' and it gets totally hot. So, when we do that, we call it 'Maggie mode' and when we don't we call it 'Margaret mode.'"

Maggie was proud of herself. She thought that was a pretty believable explanation to explain that away.

"I see," Debra said. She was frustrated, but that did sound believable to her. She couldn't find any way to poke holes in their role-play explanation, and she was very nearly totally convinced now. The biggest factor was that she imagined a mother to Nick would have to be 40 years old, or close to it, and Maggie looked far too young for that.

She didn't put much stock into the idea of Maggie being Nick's stepmother, because it was so unlikely for Nick to have a father who'd married someone only about 20 years old, and she'd decided Maggie had to be about that age. Plus, if the stepmother idea was true, it wouldn't be nearly as scandalous as "real" incest.

However, she wasn't about to entirely give up on having some leverage over them. She narrowed her eyes and looked at them both suspiciously as they stood there side by side, totally nude from head to toe. She said, "I guess you're not really mother and son. But still, something weird is going on here. I don't know what, but something is. And what's up with you two and Hillary, anyway?"

Nick thought, Uh-oh! But he asked in a clueless tone, "What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean. The three of you have a lot of fun together. Sexy fun! Like the game you were playing yesterday when I found you."

"That was just a one-time thing," Maggie said.

Debra shook her head, as if disappointed. "Maggie, why lie to me? I'm really not out to get you. I might not be some Einstein, but I know body language, and it's obvious that Nick and Hillary's bodies are already very familiar with each other. Furthermore, not only did I hear all your incest role-play talk, but Nick I heard you say to Maggie, 'You're mine!' Then, Maggie, asked him about Hillary, and he said, 'She's mine too.' Remember that?"

Both Maggie and Nick deflated a little in response to that. They knew Hillary didn't want it publicly known that she was Nick's second girlfriend, at least not now. And she especially didn't want Debra to be the one to release and color that information.

Debra noticed their body language, as well as the lack of an immediate response, and that gave her hope that she still had some good blackmail on them. She tilted her head, and asked quizzically, "What's up with that? Nick, are they BOTH your girlfriends? Or your 'sluts?!' That's what I heard, that they're your sluts! That sounds VERY kinky!"

Maggie replied testily, "It's complicated! It's none of your concern anyway. But I'd appreciate it if you don't tell anyone about that. Or about anything else you might have overheard here today."

"Why should I do that?" Debra asked. "What's in it for me? Who would I tell? What would I get in return? Nah, I don't wanna be like that. I'd rather be friends with the both of you. In fact, the four of us should be close bosom buddies. Get it?"

She giggled, because between her double D-cups, Maggie's E-cups, and Hillary's F-cups, the words "bosom buddies" had a clear double meaning.

Maggie and Nick both knew that even though Debra claimed she had no plans to blackmail them, the threat that she could was hanging in the air. She didn't need to state it overtly for them to know that she had them over a barrel, and there was absolutely nothing they could do about it.

Had it just been what she knew about Nick's secret sexual relationship with Hillary, they would have been okay. Hillary wouldn't have been happy, but she could handle the problems at school that would cause. But Debra knew more.

For one thing, she hadn't mentioned this yet, but she thought that Nick would be very eager for her not to tell Hillary or Maggie that he'd fucked her last night. In fact, Nick had already told Maggie about that, so that wasn't a problem, but Hillary didn't know yet, and he thought it would be a total disaster if she did find out. She might well break up with Nick.

Additionally, the mere idea that Nick and Maggie frequently engaged in incestuous role-plays was scandalous. It wasn't as scandalous as if she thought they really were mother and son, but it could still cause trouble. If Debra started telling other people about that, some people would find that disgusting. But worse, it could start some to question what the exact nature of their relationship was. And if anyone did any digging, there were all kinds of public records that could show they really were mother and son. Nick and Maggie didn't need to confer with each other to decide that they didn't want Debra to tell anyone even their "role-play" secret. It was too close to the truth.

Then there was the talk about Maggie and Hillary not just being Nick's girlfriends, but his "sluts." That would cause the gossip grapevine to go wild. And such things would get back to the Academy and cause trouble for and with Anushka there.

Debra could tell from body language that she had good leverage over them. She still wasn't sure which information was the most valuable, or if it was just the combination, but she could sense she had them where she wanted them for now. She decided she didn't even need to drop a heavy hint to Nick about their fucking last night. Besides, she was reluctant to do that with Maggie there, because she assumed Maggie didn't know the truth about that.

Nick and Maggie could tell that Debra knew she had them.

Maggie narrowed her eyes and asked her in a peeved voice, "What do you want?"

But Debra was still playing nice. "It's not what I want; it's the fun we can all share. Remember the sex game yesterday? That was a blast! But you cheated at the end to deny me my victory. You promised we'd have a rematch. I'm ready!"

Maggie crossed her arms under her impressive bare rack. She asked skeptically, "So you want to have a sex game rematch? Right now?"

Debra nodded eagerly.

Nick certainly would have loved that idea from a physical pleasure point of view. But his feelings for Maggie and Hillary were far more important to him. Even though he continued to feel a curiously powerful sexual desire for Debra, and she was standing fully nude right in front of him, he was determined to ignore that. Besides, he was getting all the sexual pleasure he could handle lately anyway.

So he said, "That sounds like a fun idea, but we can't. A rematch would need Hillary here, and she's not here. We'll have to do that some other time."

He figured the best he could do was play for time. He remembered that when the sex game ended yesterday, Hillary and Maggie had tried to imply the rematch should be next weekend. If they could postpone the sex game rematch until then, that would give them a week to make other plans that could hopefully put the rematch off forever.

However, Debra was undeterred. "Good point. It won't be a true victory if I don't defeat both you and Hillary, Maggie. But I overheard you saying she'll be coming here later, so we can do it then. In the meantime, why don't the three of us play some other kind of sex game?"

Maggie felt like screaming, or maybe punching Debra in the face. But she knew she was helpless. She asked with narrowed, angry eyes, "What kind of game?"

"I don't know. You tell me. Something fun. Like what we did yesterday. That was a total blast! I don't think I had that much fun since... well, since forever!"

Maggie couldn't entirely hide her anger. She spoke through clenched teeth. "And as part of this 'game,' you expect to get sexual with Nick again?"

"Of course! That's what makes it fun! Nick, you have a great cock!" She took a step closer to him and ran a finger up and down his penis. It had been flaccid for a while now, but Debra was extraordinarily gorgeous, and she was standing buck naked in front of him, after all. Plus, she had some weird hold on him due to both the sex game and the fucking yesterday.

So he blushed with embarrassment as his penis started to quickly engorge in her hand.

Before long, she was firmly holding his full thickness. She giggled with delight. "This is so cool!"

Maggie looked at Nick's fully erect cock and silently sighed to herself. She wasn't mad at Nick, since she knew how easy it was to get him stiff. She blamed Debra. She really wanted to punch her in anger, but she knew that if she did that would make their predicament ten times worse. She couldn't even tell her off.

She said in clipped tones, "I don't want to share my boyfriend with you."

Debra asked, "Not even for one teeny weeny sex game?"

"Not even for that!"

Debra pointed out, while still holding his erection, "But you're already sharing him with Hillary as co-girlfriends or co-sluts or something. You can explain that to me later when you're not all freaked out. If you're doing that, what's the big deal with sharing him with me just for a sex game or two? I'm not all that interested in him, actually. I don't want him to be my boyfriend or anything like that. I've got one already, and to be frank, Nick's a nice guy and all, but dating him in a public way wouldn't be good for my image. Besides, it looks like he has two girlfriends already. All I want to do is just have more fun from time to time, just like the sex game yesterday. I want to do something that fun right now!"

She started to blatantly stroke his hard-on as she talked. She leaned forward and down towards his crotch, both to get a better look at his remarkably thick boner, but also because she knew that would make her big tits dangle forward in an enticing manner.

Nick was extremely upset at himself, as well as at Debra. He felt like his body was betraying him - just like what happened with Debra yesterday, twice! But he couldn't help it. After all, she was truly breathtakingly beautiful, and she was standing naked in front of him staring hungrily at his cock while she stroked it. He also had the secret knowledge that she was a really good fuck, and no matter how angry he was at her, a part of him was eager to get his cock back inside her hot cunt.

Maggie clenched her fists as she saw Debra stroking Nick's erection from base to tip and back, over and over again. This was very different than sharing him with Hillary. Had it been Hillary playing with Nick's cock, Maggie would have actually rejoiced at that fact, and cheered her on. But she felt utterly helpless and humiliated seeing Debra do it. Strangely though, that helpless and humiliated feeling aroused her greatly, but in a painful and bittersweet way.

She had to force herself to keep her fists at her side and not say something nasty to Debra.

Debra could tell that Maggie was steaming mad at seeing her fondle and stroke Nick's cock, and yet Maggie wasn't going to do or say anything about it. That made Debra feel powerful and very aroused. Already, this was the kind of fun she'd had yesterday that she'd been looking to repeat. She brought a second hand to Nick's balls, and said to him, "Wow! Your balls are, like, big! There must be so much cum in them."

Maggie raised a fist and took a step towards Debra, but then she stopped herself. Her teeth were still clenched.

Debra continued to act like nothing was wrong. She pressed Maggie, "You wouldn't be opposed to that, that I have some fun with him? Maybe sometimes just him and me, and maybe sometimes we could all play together. Wouldn't that be great? I don't have to ask him, since he's obviously a red-blooded male, and I look like I do."

She smiled and winked his way. Then she looked down at her stroking hand and ostentatiously licked her lips.

Maggie wanted to tell her, "Fuck off and die! Over my dead body!" But instead she said, "We'll see." She figured she at least had to try to negotiate, despite her position of extreme weakness.

Debra nodded. "We can talk about it later. But for now, why don't we play a game? You were saying that you like doing all kinds of role-plays. Why don't we try one of those?"

Nick didn't know how to stop that. It looked like Maggie didn't either, since she stayed silent. But it occurred to him that maybe they could put their heads together and come up with something. He asked Debra, "Can I talk to Maggie in private for a minute?"

"Sure thing." Debra let go of his cock and balls. "But have her keep that warm for you with both hands. I can't wait to get my mouth on it again. Can you believe that? I've never been into giving blowjobs, like, AT ALL. Devon certainly doesn't get to enjoy my oral talents very much. But your cock, I don't know why, I really get off on licking it and even sucking it! Weird, huh?"

Maggie certainly could relate to that, since she felt the same way. But hearing Debra say that gave her a sinking feeling about what was coming.

Nick and Maggie walked to a corner of the room, as far from Debra as they could get. They hugged each other for support. Maggie whispered, "We're fucked! We're so fucked!"

He replied in an even quieter whisper, "We are. But at least we seem to have convinced her that the mother and son talk is just a role-play. That's huge! Everything else pales in comparison to that!"

Maggie said just as quietly, "I know! Believe me, I know! My heart is still recovering from that. Thank God you thought fast and acted fast instead of admitting it. You saved our asses. You're my hero!"

She kissed his lips. It was a loving kiss, but a sexual kiss too. It certainly didn't help his erection go flaccid. His hands wound up on her ass and her hands wound up on his. Plus, they both enjoyed the way her big globes and especially her hard nipples pressed into his bare chest, and the way his hot cock practically branded her pubic mound. Despite the situation, they aroused each other so easily that they both had to mentally remind themselves not to get carried away with lust.

When the kiss ended, Nick said, "I just did what had to be done. But what can we do now?! Do you see any way out of this game?"

She grimaced. "Not really. She knows too much! For instance, she hasn't even hinted at it yet, but what about the fact that you fucked her last night? I'll bet she thinks you'll do most anything to keep that a secret, and she's right! Sure, you told me already, and thank God for that. But Hillary's the real problem. We need to buy time. For instance, we need to break that gently to Hillary over the next few days. That'll be difficult enough, but it'll be much, much worse if she hears it first from a smirking Debra!"

Nick's heart sank upon hearing that. He pointed out, "But if we play some sex game with her now, won't that just be something more to keep from Hillary, and something else she'll have over us?"

"Well, maybe. But this is very small potatoes compared to fucking. At least, if we can limit what you and her do. Hopefully, we can just keep it to blowjobs, titfucks, and handjobs, so that'll be no worse than what happened yesterday."

Nick's cock twitched against Maggie's mound as he realized he probably was going to get sexual with Debra in some way today, probably very, very soon.

Maggie felt that, and smirked. "You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

He said earnestly, "Actually, no. My dick likes it. He has no loyalty or morals. But my brain doesn't. I'll admit that I'm conflicted. I have that whole weird bonding thing with Debra that makes me all mixed up too. But if I had my way, I really wouldn't do this. Especially when the alternative is the thousand lashes."

She looked at him quizzically, and then she remembered that she promised to "punish" him tonight by tongue-lashing his cock a thousand times, as well as other such "punishments." She chuckled. "Yeah, well, maybe we can still do that later. It probably hasn't even gotten dark yet." She thought about the time of day, and realized she'd lost track. "Or maybe it has. But in any case, if we can get rid of Debra, we still have a lot of time tonight. Maybe we can even find Hillary and turn this whole thing around."

He sighed. "I'd like that."

"Me too! But first we've gotta get through this."

Debra asked from across the room, "Hey, what's taking you guys already? And Maggie, why aren't you keeping his cock and balls warm for me?"

Maggie rolled her eyes. She loudly told Debra, "Just a minute. We're almost done." She took his cock and balls in her hands and started reluctantly stroking and fondling them.

Then she quietly said to him, "You know, it's not nearly as much fun doing this when Debra tells me to."

He said, "I'm really sorry. I wish there was some way we could get out of this. I feel like we're missing something. Maybe we could fake an emergency?"

Maggie pondered that, but then shook her head. "No. That's not remotely plausible. She knows we have no plans to go anywhere. Maybe if we stall for time, Hillary will find us and save us. But I'm not holding my breath. It seems Spencer somehow hoodwinked her into staying for dinner."

Nick slapped his hand against his forehead in frustration. "UGH! As if we're not having enough problems with Debra, you had to mention him!"

"Sorry." She was starting to get into stroking his cock, and she was pumping her fist up and down with a steady rhythm. Even though she'd been forced to do it, she loved doing it too much to be reluctant for long.

She said, "On the plus side, I'm kind of surprised that things aren't worse with Debra. She could be a total bitch about this, but she hasn't been, at least so far. I know she's no Mother Theresa, but if we play along and act friendly, maybe we'll get off relatively lightly."

He nodded. "I noticed that too. She hasn't even directly mentioned blackmail, at least not yet. She's just heavily hinted at it. That's surprisingly sophisticated for her."

Maggie nodded back. "Here's an idea. Debra says she wants to be our friend, right? What if we take her at her word, and really try our best to be friends with her? The more she likes us, and gets along with us, the less likely she'll turn on us and expose our secret, don't you think?"

He said, "You mean for now, right? Even though a part of me is dying to fuck her again, I have no interest in being friends with her at all."

"Of course for now only. We have to stall for time, until you can let Hillary know in a delicate way that you fucked Debra, and until Hillary can reveal that she's your second girlfriend at school in the least damaging way possible. She's not that smart; maybe we can get her to forget the whole 'two sluts' thing too. We can accomplish all that by next weekend for sure. Then she'll only have the incest role-play on us, and that's not much. She may even forget about it. I get the impression she's not a strategic thinker. In fact, it seems like we're dealing with a little kid. Right now, she wants to play with us, and that's as far as she's thinking."

He nodded. "Totally. She does have a kind of childish mentality. Except she has a very adult body and her idea of play involves a lot of orgasms."

Debra called at them from across the room, "Hey, come on you guys! I'm getting bored." She was looking visibly annoyed, with her hands on her hips. She looked stunning in that pose.

Maggie called back, "Just one more minute. We're thinking of a really fun game to play with you, and what the rules should be."

Debra brightened at that. "Oh. Cool. But hurry, okay? I'm losing my mood."

Maggie nodded. Then she resumed whispering to Nick. "Let's go ahead and do some stupid game. I know that YOU will enjoy it."

She looked down at her fingers sliding up and down his cock. "This damn cock monster is in charge most of the time. Don't worry, I won't be upset with you. And frankly, I think I'll kind of enjoy it too."

"Really?! But you're totally pissed at her."

"I know, but it seems there's a fine line between anger and lust. I have to admit that even though the sex game with Debra yesterday was infuriating, it was about the most arousing thing that ever happened to me! Getting angry at her somehow makes me even MORE turned on. So let's try to get into it. If we act like we're having fun and want to do it again, I think she'll let us go soon. But if we act like this is going to be the last time, she'll try to keep us here as long as she can, in case it is the last time."

"Good point." He briefly kissed her lips. Then he said, "I do have one hopeful thought though."

They pulled apart slightly, but she continued to stroke his cock, and they kept whispering.

He said, "You know I'm pretty clever, right? And you are too. I'll bet that before long, we'll be able to find some dirt on her. And you KNOW she's got dirt. I can just tell. And since she apparently wants to become a professional actress or model, a little bit of dirt could ruin her career before it really gets off the ground. In fact, the more I think about this, the less worried I am. I truly feel it'll just be a matter of time before we learn some kind of secret that'll turn this into a Mutually Assured Destruction kind of thing. You know, we'd both have the power to destroy each other, so we both have to stand pat. Then we'll be able to breathe easy."

"That is something to be hopeful about. Let's do this!" Maggie let go of his boner, finally, and turned to Debra. "Okay. We're ready."

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, lew54321, BDGV, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.