Chapter 57: Another Game (Sunday)
Written and illustrated by Spacer X <>

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Debra exhaled with exasperation. "Finally!" She walked to where Nick and Maggie were standing. "Maggie, seeing you stroke his fat cock was kinda arousing, but I've gone cold. Can I play with him while you tell me the rules?"

"Um, sure." Maggie balled her hands into fists again as she thought of Debra "playing" with Nick and his stiff hard-on. But she forced herself to smile. She decided not to think about that. Besides, she had the big problem that they'd supposedly been discussing which sex game to play, when they had done no such thing.

Nick's cock throbbed with need as he looked back and forth between the two stacked, hot, and gloriously naked women. They truly were fantasy women that really could be Playboy centerfolds. He gave his mother a guilty and apologetic look.

Maggie responded with an understanding slight nod. She couldn't blame him, because she doubted any heterosexual male could resist being helplessly aroused if put in this situation.

She looked around the room and noticed a closet. To buy some time, she said, "I'm going to check that closet for clothes. With this next game, it would help if we have some sexy outfits."

Debra seemed mollified by that, at least for now. She nodded. Then she walked up to Nick, wrapped her arms around him, and kissed him on the lips.

Nick was feeling very confused. He thought, Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place! Yes, it's distressing to feel powerless, but if I have to have someone lording over me, I could do a hell of a lot worse than Debra! God, she's such a fox!

He couldn't think straight though, because in addition to kissing him quite fervently, Debra wrapped a leg around one of his and slid her hard body up and down against him. True, that meant her big tits were sliding against his chest some, but her main goal was to slide against his stiff cock as it poked up towards his belly button.

While Nick and Debra continued to make out, Maggie walked to the closet and found that it was full of women's clothes. They also looked like "mothballed" clothes that hadn't been used in a long, long time. She didn't pay much attention to the clothes, but she stood there until she came up with an idea for a role-play sex game that could appease Debra while hopefully not letting things get too carried away.

When she turned back, she was relieved to see that Nick and Debra had parted and Nick was sitting in a chair. Leaving the closet door open, she went back to where Nick was sitting. She pulled up another chair and sat next to him.

Debra was all smiles as she brought over a third chair next to Nick and Maggie, but she remained standing. "I can see you two are looking and feeling more excited about playing some games. That's good. I want to repeat that I'm not out to get you guys. I just want to have some more fun, like what we did yesterday. And Maggie, I really want to be your friend too. Girls like us, we need to stick together."

"What do you mean, 'Girls like us?'" Maggie asked warily.

Debra struck a proud and sexy pose. She waved a hand down her nude body like she was trying to sell herself. "You know. Our bodies. Our faces. We're in an elite class. There's so much we have in common, just from that. It's kind of a drag for me to never have anyone to talk to who's my equal."

"Physically, you mean," Maggie noted.

"Well, YEAH! Of course." Debra obviously considered looks to be extremely important, and the main basis for friendships.

Maggie strongly disagreed, and couldn't believe how shallow Debra was if she thought that. She wanted to say something like, "So we girls are nothing but our bodies? What about brains? Personality? Heart? Humor? So much more!" But she realized that antagonizing her wasn't going to help. She just smiled, hoping it would look at least somewhat convincing.

Debra said excitedly, "Anyway, we can talk later, but right now I'm totally keen to play some more games!"

Debra had told Maggie she was going to "play with" Nick for a while to "warm up" again. Maggie had thought the kissing and fondling she'd done with Nick had been the warming up. But now Debra sat down on Nick's lap instead of choosing the empty seat. She directly faced him and scooted up close. His cock poked straight up instead of sliding underneath her.

She briefly kissed Nick's lips, and then took his hands and brought them up to her double D-cup breasts. She cooed at him, "What do you think, Nicky? Do you want to play a game?"

Maggie thought, "Nicky?" Make me vomit! Now she's making up cutesy nicknames for him. GRRR!

Nick didn't reply to Debra. He was wide-eyed and his heart was pounding hard. He was in danger of slipping back into the same heavy erotic fog that enveloped him during the sex game yesterday. He could feel a sense of déjà vu, since this was so similar to what happened yesterday, except for Hillary not being there.

Debra then turned her head towards Maggie, but Maggie was being deliberately poker-faced in order to hide her irritation. Due to the blank looks, Debra felt she needed to explain, "You know, like what we did yesterday. It would be great if Hillary was here too, but Maggie, you, and I can compete. I was thinking we could have, like, a fucking contest! Let's take turns getting fucked by him! Won't that be a trip?" She bounced up and down in Nick's lap excitedly.

All that bouncing and jiggling of such a gorgeous and naked girl on Nick's lap made him moan lustily. He was glad that at least Debra was leaving his erection alone for the moment, because he was giddy with excitement and he doubted he could handle much more. Not much was actually happening yet, compared to recent events, but he was thrilled at the idea of another sex game.

He was having a hard time figuring Debra out. She certainly looks sophisticated, and her voice sounds fairly sophisticated, but she's acting in an almost child-like manner. It's like she has some new toys and she's excited to have someone to play them with. But the problem is, we're both the playmates and the toys. Childlike? Maybe. But perhaps emotionally immature is more like it.

Despite being stunned, he certainly had heard Debra's suggestion to have a fucking contest. He realized that he might be able to use this situation to fuck his mother. He might not have another chance this good for a long time, if at all, if she was really sincere about maintaining her limits. But he didn't want his first time with her to be like this, done under duress with someone she hated present. He was sentimental, and wanted it to be a glorious and loving experience they would treasure forever.

However, he certainly was up to having some sexual fun with the both of them. After all, he was a very horny male teen, and both their bodies practically drove him crazy with lust. But there were things he felt he needed to sort out with Debra first. So he asked her, "Could I speak to you in private for a moment?"

Debra sighed theatrically. "Do I really have to move? I'm comfy here!" She smiled and bounced a little bit on his lap.

He insisted, "I'll just take a minute. I need to talk to you in private. It's important."

She rolled her eyes, but she reluctantly got up, allowing him to get up too. She walked with him to a corner of the room. She was impatient to get the fun started already, and it showed in her demeanor.

This wasn't an ideal private situation, but he whispered very quietly. He didn't want to confess that he'd never had intercourse with his mother and that Debra was in fact his first time, as that would only give Debra more power over them. But he did have to address the issue somehow, so he said, "A fucking contest sounds like a great idea, and maybe we can do that another time. But instead, why don't we start with another game that Maggie, Hillary, and I play sometimes? A contest to see which one of you can get me the most aroused. The winner gets bragging rights to say she's the most beautiful, at least until next time."

Debra liked that, especially the bragging rights part. "Okay!" She smiled happily. "That's just like what we did yesterday, and that was way fun."

"Right. But you've got to let me run it completely, alright?"

"I guess... But no cheating this time!" She playfully poked him in the chest.

"Of course not."

She asked, "But why are we whispering?"

"Oh yeah. I have a favor to ask. Can you please not tell Maggie that you and I fucked last night? Please keep that a total secret from everybody, okay? She's had a hard enough shock today, and you don't want her to get all angry at you, do you?"

Debra was secretly delighted, because that gave her confidence that she had good blackmail of them. But she played it cool for now, and merely asked, "Why would she get angry?"

He said with slight exasperation, "She's my girlfriend!"

"Oh. Right. I get it. But there's a problem: I told a couple of my friends already." That was true. Both Patty and Alice knew.

His heart sank. "Shit! Well, try your best to get them to keep it a secret, okay? At least for now. Promise?"

She smiled in her usual radiant, stunning way. "Promise. Seeing how we're all sex friends now."

He bristled at that "sex friends" hint, but decided to let it slide. "And please don't mention it to Hillary either. She would get VERY jealous and angry about that. If she finds out, she'll probably come after you. Remember how she picked you up and carried you around yesterday?"

Debra nodded with growing fear in her eyes. She felt very intimidated by Hillary at times. She'd been feeling that way even prior to the events of yesterday.

He said, "Imagine her doing that to you, repeatedly, except throwing you into things each time instead of gently letting you down. Trust me, you do NOT want to piss her off!"

Debra was scared now. "Oh shit! What do I do?!"

"Like I said, don't tell anyone else what happened last night. And if you told a couple of friends, make double sure they don't spread the word. Plus, don't piss her off in the future with more stunts like that."

Debra nodded obediently.

He was surprised how intimidated Debra seemed to be. It occurred to him that he might be able to use her fear of Hillary getting violent to keep Debra in line in the future. He highly doubted that Hillary would actually hurt her in any circumstance, since violence ran contrary to her hippie ideals, but she didn't realize that. Curiously, it seemed that Debra could be quite conniving, but also gullible, since she wasn't very smart.

Debra smiled him, and asked, "Promise kiss?" She closed her eyes and leaned forward.

He certainly wasn't going to turn down a chance to kiss Debra. She was a naked bombshell, he was erect and horny, and she had some strange power over him, due to the way they'd bonded yesterday. He briefly looked over at Maggie and gave her an apologetic look. Then he leaned in and French kissed Debra for a while.

It was nice for him, but not incredibly intense and passionate like kissing Maggie or Hillary always seemed to be, because his feelings for Debra were very different and very conflicted. His hand roamed Debra's fantastically fit body. But even holding and caressing her bare breasts and then exploring her bare bubble butt wasn't nearly as fun for him as doing that to Maggie or Hillary, because of the lack of love between them.

However, the way she repeatedly rubbed her pussy mound against his erection certainly felt great! It got increasingly wet with his pre-cum and her pussy juices. His cock got so very stimulated that it knew no loyalty.

But he didn't want to get carried away with Debra there and then, because he figured Maggie was liable to get very upset unless she was involved the sex game and then so very aroused that it swamped her other feelings.

He didn't realize that was happening to Maggie already. Although she was steaming mad, watching her son run his hands all over Debra's perfect naked body while making out with her aroused her so much that it left her confused, and upset at herself.

He managed to disengage from Debra, then led her back to where Maggie still sat. He had Debra sit back down, but he remained standing in front of them with his erection pointing straight forward. "Okay. Maggie, I was just telling Debra that this isn't the time to play a game involving fucking. Instead, we should do something like what we did yesterday, since that worked so well. The two of you will compete to get me the most aroused."

He'd told Debra that a minute ago, but she hadn't fully gotten it. She asked, "Wait. Isn't the game supposed to be to get you to cum first?"

He replied, "That's what we did yesterday, but that's not really fair, is it? I mean, what if you work me up to an incredible degree, but then you run out of time, and then Maggie gets me to cum shortly after she starts to touch me? That doesn't seem right, does it?"

"Well, no..." Debra admitted with a frown.

"So, instead, we'll have different rounds. Maybe I'll cum a lot, or none at all. Hopefully, you two will cum many times either way. But cumming isn't what matters for winning. I'll judge after each round who aroused me better, or if it was a tie. The winner of the most rounds will win the game."

Debra said, "But aren't you going to be biased?"

He shrugged, and went to his seat. "Yeah, that's probably true. I can't entirely help that, since my feelings for her are so strong." He turned to Maggie and smiled warmly. "However, I'll try my honest best. If you ask people who know me, I'll bet they say I'm a pretty honest and decent guy."

Debra reluctantly admitted, "Yeah, that seems true."

"Besides, I know you think you're pretty hot stuff. If that's true. You should win anyway."

"Yeah!" Debra suddenly brightened. "Tell her what I'll win," she added. "Er, I mean, what the winner will win."

He said, "The winner gets to be called the 'most beautiful' until the next time we play."

Debra asked excitedly, "Like, are you gonna make a big announcement at school or something?"

"No, of course not. Most people don't know Maggie at school anyway. It'll just be something between the three of us. This is a PRIVATE game!"

He gave Debra a stern look until she nodded. He was puzzled how she could be so demanding at some times and acquiescent at other times.

He went on, "Now, I'm thinking we should start with a dress-up round. For that, we're gonna need some clothes." He'd gotten the idea for that suggestion because he'd seen Maggie looking in the closet full of clothes, and he figured Maggie would feel more comfortable around Debra if she could wear at least something.

Debra stood up excitedly, showing off her nude hourglass figure. "Oh, I know! We're actually in Shannon's mother's room right now, and she's got lots of clothes in here."

Nick was surprised by that, because even though there was a big bed and lots of closets, the room looked more like a guest room than a master bedroom.

Debra asked, "Maggie, did you see any sexy stuff in there?"

Maggie said, "I was looking, but not very closely, because I figured we probably don't have the right to use someone else's clothes."

Debra started walking to the closet. "Oh, pshaw. This isn't her actual, active bedroom. That's one level up. She's got more stuff than she knows what to do with. This is more like one of her extra bedrooms, to store her older stuff she never threw out. But clothes are clothes, right?"

She reached the closet and looked inside. "Wow! See what I mean?"

It was a deep walk-in closet, and crammed full of clothes, and yet it was only one of the closets or cabinets in the room. The only problem with the closet was a faint smell of mothballs.

Maggie reluctantly got up and went to look at the clothes. She wasn't happy, but she was at least appreciative that Nick found a way so she wouldn't have to stay completely naked. She realized that Shannon's mother had so much old clothing that it was practically criminal. No doubt, nearly everything in the closet would never get used again, so she didn't feel that bad using a couple of items for some kind of role-play.

She and Debra began going through the clothes and talking about them. They were the typical clothes of a wealthy housewife. The problem was, this wasn't her best stuff. In fact these were the very items she'd given up on, and they were all at least a decade old or older, so it was a challenge finding anything particularly sexy or stylish.

Nick stayed in his chair. He figured he could use the time to calm down. However, he wasn't having much luck with that. He sat in an ideal location to see into the whole closet, and his cock stayed very hard as he watched the two beauties standing naked and turning or bending this way and that to check out the clothes.

Damn! I'm one lucky bastard! In the long term, we've gotta figure out how to get Debra out of our lives. But in the short term, I can't resist the lure of some great sexy fun with her. She's just too fucking hot! And I have that weird bonding thing with her. I feel all giddy when I look at her in a way that goes beyond just her great beauty. I didn't have that feeling at all before yesterday. The bottom line is, it's hard for me to feel upset when I'm too busy thinking about all the things I'll probably be doing with the both of them soon!

But I need to keep things as light and basic as I can, since I know Ma doesn't want to do all that heavy stuff. I need to get us all to cum and finish this game long before it gets close to any real fucking. I made a bad mistake last night, and sure, I was drunk and tricked and all that, but things have a way of getting out of control fast. The last thing I want to do is make the same mistake here.

Suddenly, Debra cried out, "Oooh! Check this out!" She pulled out an outfit and held it up.

It was dark in the back of the closet, and Maggie couldn't see what it was at first.

So Debra explained, "It's a flight attendant outfit. If I remember correctly, Belle -- that's Shannon's mother -- used to be an attendant before she got married. In fact, that's how she met her husband, when she was working on a plane flight. These must go waaaay back, 20 years or more. I wonder if we can fit in them."

"These?" Maggie asked, running her hand-over some clothes.

"See here? There's a whole bunch. I hope Nicky has a flight attendant fetish, 'cos we hit the mother lode!"

Maggie found herself getting a bit excited by the dress-up and role-play possibilities, even though she detested Debra with a passion. The truth was she was too horny to resist playing a sex game, even with Debra there. She focused on how happy and horny she could make her son with the flight attendant outfits. She smiled a bit as she pictured herself stroking and even bobbing on her son's cock while wearing the outfit she now held in her hands.

Debra and Maggie quickly put their matching dark blue outfits on. There were some accessories for each outfit too, including a small, brimless hat, and a handkerchief. However, Debra was upset at the outfit itself. The skirt was tight and short, and it fit her well enough, but the top was way too snug to fit over her big tits, and even if she could, it went all the way up to her neck in the front and didn't show any cleavage whatsoever.

"This sucks!" she complained. Walking around the room in just her blue short skirt, red scarf, and matching blue hat, she began rifling through drawers, looking for something. "A-ha!" she proclaimed, once she found what she wanted. She held up a pair of scissors and gave a wicked grin.

Maggie complained, "You're not gonna cut the clothes up, are you? These aren't ours!"

Debra replied, "Of course I am, and so what? I don't see you concerned about wearing clothes that aren't yours without any permission. Besides, she's retired! I'm sure these clothes haven't been worn in 20 years and won't be worn again. She's just being a pack rat in keeping these. I'll just take mine home, so Belle will never know. And she's got some other ones too just like these, so what's the difference?"

Seeing Maggie still looking skeptical, she added with a haughty flip of her long blonde hair, "Do what you want. I'M gonna do what it takes to win."

Maggie found herself filled with an irrationally powerful desire to win. She knew the "contest," such as it was, was completely meaningless, but she didn't want to see Debra outdo her in anything, and especially not when it came to sexually satisfying her son. So she found herself helping cut up Debra's outfit while Debra helped cut up hers. They followed the seam lines carefully, so the end result didn't look cut up at all.

She found it strange that she wasn't more pissed at Debra. It helped that once Debra got her way, she was a very happy camper, and thus she was easy to deal with. True, Debra maintained a competitive attitude, but it was very much in the spirit of having fun while playing a game. Plus, Maggie was distracted because she was still quite aroused despite everything, or maybe because of everything, including Debra's nude presence.

Nick had been tempted to jack off while watching them work, but he knew he'd be experiencing much greater pleasures soon, and it was wasteful to use up his energies now. He turned away and closed his eyes instead, so he could be surprised by the result when they were all done. This also gave him more of a chance to give his dick a genuine rest.

It took about five minutes, while he heard nothing but inaudible whispering between the two women. But finally Debra said to Nick, "Okay, I think we're just about done. I've just gotta wiggle into my... okay! I made it! Phew. What now, Nicky? We want to show off! Should we come to you one at a time, or together, or what?"

Still turned away, he replied, "Um, together at first, I think. Why don't you both pretend you really are flight attendants, and I'm your special customer you have to team up to please? Then we'll get around to the individual competitions after that."

They liked that, so he picked up his T-shirt and put it on. Since he was supposed to be a passenger, he figured it was better to wear at least some clothes, but he didn't bother to put his swimsuit back on since wanted his boner easily accessible. He took his time with the shirt to help build up the suspense, and stood at a side angle while making sure to keep his stiff boner bouncing around.

By the time he was done, both Maggie and Debra were breathing hard. He heard Debra whisper to Maggie, "Your boyfriend has a really thick cock!"

There was obvious pride in Maggie's voice as she replied, "I know."

He finally turned and looked at the two busty beauties. His dick was already as stiff and long as it could get, but it seemed to lengthen a little more under his T-shirt as the reality of what he saw outdid even his vivid imagination.

Both Maggie and Debra had cut open the front of their tops all the way down past their belly buttons. In fact, it wouldn't have taken much more to have opened the fronts altogether, but the two parts were precariously hanging together just above where their belt lines would have been. This meant that nearly all of their big breasts were exposed. In both of their cases, their tits were pressed tightly together, creating a long line of deep cleavage, with just a hint of nipple showing.

They also hadn't spared their skirts from the cutting, even though the skirts had been fairly short to begin with. Both of them had adjusted their skirts until they were just above their shaved pussies. (Debra had cut hers a little more, exposing almost half of her pussy.) They'd cut slits up both sides, but it was almost a useless gesture, since there was so little of the skirts left. It almost looked like they were wearing very wide, low slung belts.

Their hats and red scarves completed their very sexy looks.

He wanted to rub his hands together with glee. I'll deal with the Debra problem later. This is going to be so much FUN!

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