Chapter 58: Playing the Game (Sunday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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As Maggie stood with Debra while the two of them struck sexy poses for Nick, she noted with some embarrassment, "We got a little carried away, especially with the skirts. I feel kind of silly. No real flight attendant would wear this."

But she nonetheless struck an outrageous pose, bending over and exposing acres of tit-flesh without actually showing more than a hint of her nipples.

"No, you look great," Nick said encouragingly. "In fact, both of you look fantastic! And remember, you're not ordinary flight attendants, you're on a very special flight for VIPs. But don't just stand there; come here and tell me who you are."

Debra walked up first. She stood in front of where Nick sat and took his hand to shake it. "Hi! I'm, uh, Bunny! It's nice to meet you, sir." She bent over low, even lower than Maggie's pose. This caused her big orbs to spill completely out of her top and her hat to fall off. "I'm here to serve you."

Her voice grew sultry. "I'm really good at doing that, serving hunky men like you. Just tell me what I can do to make your flight more... pleasurable..." - she said that word nearly orgasmically - "and I'll do it. Anything!" To complete her seductive pose, she brought his hand she'd been holding up to her chest and made sure he firmly gripped one of her exposed tits.

Maggie realized that her competition would be tough, very tough indeed. Debra's little act even aroused her a lot, despite her antipathy towards the ditsy blonde. But she wasn't going to be outdone. As Nick continued to sit there, his erection poking up from under his T-shirt and with his hand on one of Debra's double D tits, she walked right next to Debra and held her hand out to her son.

"Hi! And I'm Candy! Do you know why they call me Candy? It's because I taste so sweet. Especially my pussy!" She giggled like a slutty airhead. "I'm also here to serve you."

She pulled her blouse open, popping a button in the process, causing her huge tits to pop all the way up and out. She added in an extra-sexy voice, "I just loooove to serve big... men... like you, sir!" She stared hungrily at his erection, making clear the word she was thinking of wasn't "men."

Then, out of the blue, she asked, "Would you like some peanuts?"

He laughed when he remembered the airline tradition of handing out tiny packets of peanuts.

She continued in her sexy airhead style, "They're salted too! I just love sucking salty things down my throat!" She licked her lips lasciviously, and then closed her eyes and made some gulping sounds, as if she was swallowing a big load of his salty cum.

Then she took his free hand and placed it on her bare breasts. "So, sir, do you like them? The peanuts, I mean?"

He was so excited that he felt sweat start to trickle down his forehead, even though he was doing nothing more than sitting in a chair and fondling one of Debra's tits and one of his mother's. Perhaps it was his wildly pounding heart that was making him sweat. He nodded eagerly in response to his mother's "peanuts" question.

Debra was highly annoyed that Maggie's come on was so obviously effective. To make matters worse for her, Nick took his hand off her boob so he could knead his mother's larger rack with both hands, and that really pissed her off.

She cut in, "And sir, would you like something to drink? Maybe some ginger ale or orange juice? The point is, my entire purpose on this flight is to do nothing but serve you. So whatever you want, I'll give it to you!" She licked her lips erotically, and then realized to her dismay that Maggie had just made that same licking tease.

"Why thank you, er, Bunny," Nick replied. "I have to say this service is first class so far." He was having a great time, and he was really getting into his pampered VIP passenger role. Getting to play with the bare breasts of two stacked women was a total blast!.

Maggie tried to one-up Debra. "MY entire purpose on this flight is to do nothing but serve you as well! Even if that means I have to spend the whole flight on my knees! I'll do it, gladly!" She suddenly dropped to her knees. She also licked her lips even more ostentatiously, showing just what she wanted to do while kneeling.

Debra was miffed that Nick seemed much more interested in his mother's massive mammaries than anything else. She abruptly turned around and bent over lewdly again. "Sir! I'm Bunny, come fly me! And when I say that, what I really mean is, stick that fuckin' huge cock of yours in my tight little pussy! Slide it in all the way, and make me scream!"

Maggie sighed in frustration at Debra's lack of subtlety. She thought about providing her some advice on how to be more suggestive, but she decided to keep quiet for now.

Debra bent lower, causing her handkerchief to slide way down. Her skirt slid down, fully exposing her ass and pussy from behind. With her legs spread the skirt tightened around her upper thighs, nicely framing her jutting ass and pussy. She exclaimed, "Touch it, sir! Touch my ass, for starters!"

He took a hand off Maggie's tits to touch Debra's ass. It was impressively firm at any time, but extra firm now, thanks to the way she was bending over and stretching her muscles with her straight legs spread wide. He brought a second hand-over and ran both hands over her butt cheeks. He looked closely at her pussy in between and was surprised to see just how soaked it was already. Obviously, Debra was really getting into this little role-play.

Maggie was steaming with jealousy. She thought, Okay, I've got some tough competition. I've got a lot of things going for me, including a knack at verbal seduction, but Debra obviously is an expert in body language and facial expressions. And that makes perfect sense, since I hear she's got some kind of part-time job as a fashion model. She probably spends hours in front of the mirror perfecting certain stances and looks.

She angrily directed her thoughts at Debra. But Nick's my fucking son, you slutty bitch! When it comes to him, nobody is going to out-seduce me, not even you! I'm just going to have to step up my game, including out nice-ing you.

As Nick fondled Debra's butt, he said, "This is a fine ass. Why, I dare say it's even nicer than the ass of that Swiss Air flight attendant I fucked last week. And she had a great ass! I fucked it most of the way to Zürich, as I recall."

Now it was Maggie's turn to be miffed, especially since Nick had stopped playing with her tits entirely to explore Debra's ass instead. Maggie knew she had a firm and shapely ass, but it couldn't compete with Debra's outrageously jutting one. So she snapped her fingers at her. "Don't just stand there. Get him some peanuts already."

This rankled Debra even more, as she didn't want to become second fiddle to Maggie. Furthermore, there obviously were no packets of peanuts, so she didn't understand what she meant. She stood up and turned back around, causing her skirt to slide back up into place, more or less. "What peanuts?" she finally asked in exasperation.

"Oh, that's right, we're all out," Maggie replied, looking completely sincere. She deftly brought Nick's hands back to her breasts, since he'd just had to take them off Debra when she moved. "We'll just have to give him something else he can put in his mouth instead, then. Bunny, what about your fingers?"

"My fingers?!" Debra was really confused. Despite her considerable sexual experience, she'd never had anyone suck on her fingers before. But the idea sounded like it had some potential, and at least it was better than just standing there watching Nick play with Maggie's bigger tits.

She brought a hand to his mouth and let him suck in one extended index finger. She immediately discovered it could be very erotic and arousing if done right, and Nick was doing it right. Her nipples were already hard, but now her pussy started to get more than a little moist as well.

Then Maggie said to her son, "Deb-, er, Bunny says that she'll serve you until the flight is over, but I like you so much that I want to serve you even after that! Tell me your hotel and room number, so I can continue to give you VERY special service there. Heck, I think we should even give you TWO packets of peanuts! And not just salted peanuts, but the really fancy honey nut roasted kind!"

He laughed again, very amused by his mother's joking about the peanuts. He was glad to see that she was in a good mood now, and even cooperating with Debra somewhat by giving her the finger licking suggestion.

Debra couldn't think of anywhere to go with the peanuts idea, since she wasn't smart enough to be very witty. So instead she said, "In our eagerness to continually serve you, and keep your big... uh, smile, uh, up..." -- she stared wantonly at his slightly swaying erection - "maybe you should order what you want to eat for dinner."

Maggie happily added, "Yes, sir! Orders! Order us around. Give us orders! Tell us what to do! Make us work hard to keep you... satisfied!" She ran a hand up his leg, nearly reaching his bouncy boner, but she pulled her hand away at the last second.

In a way, it was more pleasurable than if she'd touched it. He felt a shiver of anticipation run down his spine.

She added, "I love being ordered what to do by a big, strong hunk. Don't you, Bunny?"

Debra was somewhat confused. Sometimes, Maggie seemed to be stealing all of Nick's attention, but other times she seemed to freely direct him to her. She wasn't a deep thinker, especially when she was horny, and decided not to worry about it right now and just focus on the seduction instead. She figured that she was having a lot of arousing fun, and that was the important thing.

"Yes!' Debra replied in a breathy, eager voice. "For instance, if you were to order me to touch my toes, then I'd have to do it! Whatever you say, because we're a full service airline!"

Even though he hadn't asked her too, she bent over to touch her toes anyway. She had to pull her finger out of his mouth to do so, but she made up for that by giving him a great show of her ass and pussy when bending over. Naturally, her skirt slid down her thighs, only coming to a stop above her knees because her legs were spread wide.

Since he didn't see any reason not to, he reached out and fondled her ass. After a few moments, he ran a finger along her wet pussy lips.

Debra stayed in that position longer, while grasping her ankles. She actually did a 180 while bending over, so he could admire and even caress her dangling tits too. She was getting annoyed at her skirt getting in the way, so she took a few seconds to bring her legs together, causing the skirt to fall to the floor. She stepped out of them. Then she literally draped her boobs in his face when she pulled back most of the way up.

She cupped her big tits, making sure his nose was buried in her cleavage. She said, "Getting back to your meal, sir, we have a selection of prime cuts of chicken. I was wondering... do you like breasts? Big breasts?" She giggled. She was having a lot of fun, and getting into the word play, and she also liked the competitive aspect.

Nick could hardly reply, because she was rubbing her soft and pliant tits all over his face. It wasn't so much that his mouth was covered as it was that he was enjoying the experience so much that he couldn't think of anything else. But he forced himself to say, "Uh, yeah!"

"Goody!" Debra giggled some more. "But that's not all we have, sir. We also have legs." She kept her tits in his face, but came closer and let her silky smooth legs run against his. "And we also have asses! Er, I mean, uh, rump roasts." She took his hands and brought them down to her luscious ass again.

He'd been a bit intimidated to run his fingers down Maggie's ass crack in the past, since she was his mother after all. But he didn't feel any such hesitancy with Debra. She shivered and moaned as he explored her most sensitive areas there, including fingering the ring of her extra sensitive anus a little bit.

Now, Maggie was feeling left out. She was almost convinced it was game, set, and match, because Nick was groping Debra all over while she wasn't being touched at all.

But she wasn't about to give up. "Sir, what about dessert? We have a nice selection of hot buns. Would you like to try mine?"

Hearing that, his hands went from Debra's ass to Maggie's. She'd just pulled her skirt all the way off in the same way Debra did, giving him free rein.

That was better for Maggie, but Debra was still the one between Nick's legs now, with her hefty tits actually resting on his face. So Maggie upped the ante some more by adding, "And we also have some juicy pudding. Would you like that, sir? Would you like to feel my juicy pudding?"

"Oh yeah! I'd love that!" He opened his legs wider as he sat in his chair, allowing Maggie to scoot in right next to Debra, with her head up near Nick's, just like Debra's. The two of them couldn't be any closer to each other, or to him.

So far in this role-play, his cock hadn't been touched at all, except incidentally. Even now, with Debra sprawled all over him, it was sticking out, untouched.

But that gave Maggie an idea. She whispered into Debra's ear, which wasn't hard to do, since Debra's head was mere inches from hers already. "Hey! Bunny! Reach down for his cock and just hold it there for a while, okay?"

Debra liked that, and immediately made the move. She'd been wondering why something like this hadn't happened already. She didn't just hold his cock, but she subtly rubbed his sweet spot with two fingers as well.

He sighed with profound happiness. His erection had been neglected for too long, and any contact with it felt great. Then he remembered his mother's "juicy pudding" comment. He couldn't see, due to the way he was now licking his way around one of Debra's nipples, but he quickly felt his way up one of his mother's legs until he reached her pussy.

She didn't even flinch, so he ran his fingers along her slit.

He held his breath with renewed excitement. Oh my God! She's letting me touch her pussy again! This is totally awesome! It's soooo wet! I'm just rubbing her pussy lips a little bit, but they're as wet as a water slide! I wish I could see it all too, but I gotta admit it's pretty awesome licking the sweat off Debra's tits at the same time!

Maggie was very horny, and she wanted to reciprocate. Nick's cock was poking out between Debra's thighs, so she held as much of it as she could, and started rubbing his sweet spot. She asked, "Sir, are you giving some more thought on what you'd like to eat for dessert?"

He grunted lustily, and then exclaimed, "It's all so sweet!" He meant that in more ways than one.

Debra craned her head around and saw where his hand was going, and she could feel what Maggie was doing to his cock through her thighs, while she subtly squeezed his shaft with her thighs as well. She asked, "Okay, this is a lot of fun. I've never really done this role-playing stuff before, and it's a total blast! But who's winning already?"

He thought about that as he fingered his mother's pussy lips, and generally explored that area without pressing into her slit (since he was trying to remember at least some of her "training" to have some build-up). He would have easily chosen his mother as the winner so far, just because he loved her so much, but he realized he was biased and that wouldn't be fair. He had to objectively admit they'd both been outstanding teases, so he said, "I know you'll probably both kill me for this... It seems like a cop-out, but I have to say that it's a tie so far. Honestly! Both of you have been awesome, totally awesome, and it's just too tough to choose."

He thought for sure they'd groan in frustration, but they were both genuinely pleased.

They pulled back and smiled at each other. Debra even held up a hand to be high-fived, and Maggie high-fived it. Somehow, they were feeling cooperative and competitive towards each other at the same time.

"All right!" Debra said, surprised at how pumped up and aroused she was feeling. "I can buy that. We both did pretty good, didn't we, Maggie?"

"We did! Although I think you should have won 'cos you came up with the idea for the outfit."

But then Maggie thought, Wait! What am I doing here? I'm getting all psyched and even complimenting Debra, of all people! She's the enemy, and not just in this game. I've gotta get a hold of myself. I'm acting like a total slut again. I'm getting WAY too excited by all this!

And this role-play with Nick as the VIP and submissively serving him... how did that happen?! It's far too arousing! I think I got more worked up telling him how eager I was to serve him than he was! What's up with that?! It looks like I'm not just his big-titted slut, I'm his submissive big-titted slut! I'm totally getting off on this!

Debra moved her body up and forward, pressing her ample globes tighter against Nick's chest. That caused his cock, and Maggie's hand on it, to slide up so close to her pussy that he could feel the extra heat coming from it.

Maggie nearly freaked out, because although her hand wasn't directly touching Debra's pussy, it ended up less than an inch from it. She could feel its heat too. She'd never touched another woman's pussy before, and she certainly didn't want her first contact to be with Debra's. She carefully repositioned her fingers around her son's hard-on to give her some more distance from it.

As Debra slid her stiff nipples against his skin, she asked, "So... Nicky! What's next?"

"Next?" He had been enjoying himself too much to be thinking of a next. But the obvious next step came to him, "Uh, I think we should try a handjob contest. And then, uh, a blowjob contest. But since you're both still wearing those outfits, well, kind of wearing parts of them, anyway, I think we should continue with this flight attendant role-play theme we've got going on."

"Cool!" Debra said happily. "Great idea! I swear, this is, like, ten times more fun than having sex with my boyfriend."

That startled Nick, arousing and disturbing him in equal measure. He remembered her boyfriend Devon from yesterday. Devon looked like the kind of big guy who could easily beat him up. "Uh, your, uh, boyfriend?"

"That's right," Debra answered, showing not even the smallest trace of guilt. "You've met him. He's soooo boring. He just sticks it in and starts thrusting. I don't think he even knows what 'foreplay' means."

She turned to Maggie and said to her, "I love these games, 'cos if it were up to me, Nick would have totally blown a big load of splooge on my face or in my hot cunt already, but this forces me to go slow."

Actually, she hated the idea of Nick's cum on her face, but she said that because she thought it would titillate both Nick and Maggie. She was right.

Maggie didn't know how to respond to that, so she just nodded. Her heart raced faster and faster as her imagination ran wild with facial fantasies. She actually wanted to see Debra's face splattered with Nick's cum even more than her own.

Debra suggested, "Since I'm already in position between his legs and everything, I'll go next, okay?"

Maggie nodded in agreement.

Debra took his erection in her hand, taking over from Maggie's control. She moved it from between her thighs, then knelt down on her knees and lower legs. As she started to stroke his thickness, she asked, "So Nicky, what are the rules?"

It rankled him to be called "Nicky" yet again, but the way her fingers were dancing up and down his shaft did a lot to take that annoyance off his mind. He was aware of the fact that he'd have to be extra careful not to cum too soon, thanks to all this non-stop visual, mental, and physical stimulation. So he explained, "The goal this time is NOT to get me to cum. If I cum while in your hands, then you automatically lose that round. Instead, you need to keep me as aroused as possible, but just short of climaxing."

"So how do we know who wins?" Debra asked. As usual, she was very keen on winning. She was doing a very good job of rubbing his sweet spot while occasionally stimulating the rest of his boner too.

He answered, "Like the game yesterday, I'm the judge and jury. But don't worry. I'll admit that was a bit unfair yesterday, but I'll be totally fair this time."

"Okay," Debra replied while still expertly stroking his most sensitive spot. "I know it'll be tough competing against your 'mom,'" - she winked at that - "but that'll just make the victory all the sweeter! Seriously, Maggie, just look at you, with your big tanned breasts busting through your outfit. You're way more beautiful than most of the professional models I've come across, even the famous ones!" She surprised herself by admitting that.

Then she spoke with spirit and determination. "But I'm more than just a pretty face, I'm really good at sex too, and I'm going to beat you. So let the handjob begin!"

Nick laughed at that last comment, since she'd been doing such a good job on his boner already.

Debra's fingers didn't stop stroking, but her demeanor suddenly changed. She became a slutty flight attendant again. "Sir, how are you enjoying Sexy Sluts Airlines? Is our service to your satisfaction?"

"Yes! It's awesome!" He was all grins as he added, "I've gotta say, you're even better than those Swiss Air sluts, which is saying a lot. They kept my cock hard and warm in a variety of holes all the way across the Atlantic last time."

Debra frowned. "Is that so? Then why haven't you splooged on my face even once? To me, the flight hasn't really begun until my face is dripping with cum. YOUR cum!" Again, she hated facials, but she sensed that sort of talk was getting to him.

He joked, "It's funny you say that, because that's like the Swiss Air slut motto. You should have seen how cummy all their faces were when they waved me good-bye."

Debra cursed with genuine frustration, "Damn those Swiss Air sluts!" Funnily enough, she was feeling competitive with them, even though she knew they were entirely imaginary.

Maggie groaned lustily. In trying to arouse Nick still further, Debra had unwittingly triggered Maggie's facials fetish even more. Maggie had been trying to remain detached from the proceedings, pretending it was all just an acting job, even though her body was already fully into it. But those facial comments smashed and destroyed the last of her resistance.

She thought, Dammit, this game is so demeaning! And Debra! DEBRA, of all people! Fucking evil blackmailer! Nick needs to put her in her place with a face full of sperm! That'll show her! Son, I want you to fucking drown her slutty ass in your cum! Then fuck her face so hard that she'll forget everything she heard today. And shoot your sticky seed all over those perfect tits of hers! And me and mine! Don't forget me! Cum everywhere, on everyone! Just like you did with those Swiss Air sluts!

Maggie was still kneeling between Nick's legs, pressed up tightly against Debra. She repositioned herself so she had an ideal view of the on-going handjob. She was so close that she could have easily reached out to help with the stroking. She held back from that, for the moment, but she said, "Excuse me, Sir. I'm Candy's supervisor. As you know, she's your very personal attendant for the duration of this flight. The other passengers are miffed, but extra studly passengers like you call for extra special service. Anyway, is her service to your satisfaction?"

Debra complained, "Hey! Don't butt in. This is MY turn!" She possessively brought a second hand to his crotch, and used it to fondle his balls.

Nick said, "It's not a matter of turns. I'll make sure you both get equal time in the end. Just roll with the scenario, okay? Cooperation is a big part of your score."

"Okay," Debra reluctantly agreed. She still was flip-flopping in her attitude sometimes.

Turning to Maggie, Nick groped her huge tits, since they were practically in his face. "Well, uh, Bunny, is it?"

"Wait a second!" Debra suddenly realized. "I think I'm Candy, and she's Bunny!"

Maggie laughed. She looked at Debra with a very ditsy expression. "Is that right?"

Debra played right along, realizing how silly it was that she supposedly couldn't even remember her own name. "Um, I think so. I forget."

Nick laughed too. "Whatever. In any case, her service is excellent."

"Is it?" Maggie asked. "Are you sure?" She put a hand on her son's hard-on, around the base and between Debra's hands.

Not wanting to be seen as uncooperative, Debra reluctantly pulled both of her hands away.

Maggie said, "She's new. She's not used to handling a big and powerful cock like yours, so I need to check on quality control. Has she been using a corkscrew move, like this?" She slid both her hands all over his shaft in a corkscrew motion.

"Uh, yeah," he agreed. He suddenly felt much closer to climaxing, especially when his mother started alternating that with a reverse corkscrew.

She brought a hand down to his balls. "And has she been playing with your balls? Like this? We believe no real man should fly Sexy Sluts Airlines without having his balls tugged and juggled and caressed for half of the flight, at the very least!"

"Uh, yeah!" He was panting harder all the time.

Actually Debra hadn't even touched his balls yet, but Maggie let go of his balls to concentrate on his cock, so she tried to make up for that now by using both hands to play with his balls while Maggie continued to jack him off.

Nick looked down in total disbelief. Maggie was jacking him off with both of her hands, and Debra was playing with his balls with both of her hands. Holy shit! FOUR hands! Four hands at once! And not just any hands, but Ma's and Debra's! Gaawwwd, just look at them, with their big tits jiggling in time to all their stroking!

Maggie asked him, "And peanuts? Has she offered you a packet of peanuts yet?"

He laughed hard at that. "Yes!"

"Were they the honey-roasted kind? All our women passengers and most of our male ones just get the regular salted kind. But our big-cocked studs get the honey-roasted packets!"

Trying not to be left out, Debra added, "I gave him TWO packets!"

All three of them laughed at that.

Maggie added, "Wow, she must really like you. Oh, and has she been concentrating on your special spot?"

Annoyed, Debra took control of Nick's boner, forcing Maggie's fingers to retreat to his balls for a while. "Look, Bunny, how can you even ask that?"

Maggie said, "Um, I think you're Bunny."

Debra grinned. She was loving this. "Oh yeah. But my point is, it's an insult. Any flight attendant at this airline knows our service begins and ends with stimulating that spot! Why, I've even got my own special thumb move."

She started showing off her move, over and over again. "See how I can keep my thumb working that spot while I can do all this with my other fingers? And that's just with one hand!"

Maggie whistled appreciatively. "Impressive." She looked up to Nick. "But sir, has she been blowing on your cock as well?"

"Um, no," he admitted, mostly to see what would happen.

Maggie shook her head sadly while making a "tsk-tsk" noise. "That's too bad. Let us make it up for you. How long are you staying in town?"

He made up an answer. "A week."

"Good. During that week, we'll keep Bunny naked in your hotel room, ready at all times to practice her sex skills on you. She needs to learn. Free of charge for you, of course."

"I think you're Bunny, actually," Debra pointed out. She spoke between puffs of breath, because she was trying to make up for her "failings" by blowing air all over his cockhead, while keeping her ten fingers busy up and down his shaft. She loved the naked in the hotel room scenario.

Maggie laughed. "Am I? My bad. We're not trained to remember names, we're trained to serve big cocks! Since I messed up, I guess you'll have the both of us for the week. Because at Sexy Sluts Airlines, the customer cums first! And he cums a lot!" She chuckled some more.

Everyone was having a very good time, even Maggie.

This continued for another five minutes, with plenty of joking and playing around, as well as plenty of fondling and stroking of his cock and balls.

Eventually, Maggie added, "Since she's still in training, let me take over and show you how a real professional flight attendant does it." She put her hands over Debra's, ready to take over.

But Debra held Nick's boner tightly with both hands, covering up almost every inch of it. "Oh no you don't! That's just an excuse for you to get more time than me. It's still MY turn!"

Maggie grimaced, and hissed in Debra's ear, "Don't blow it! You've had it for well over five minutes. Let me have a turn. Don't ruin the mood with your selfishness."

"Selfishness?! I'm not the one trying to-"

Nick cut them off. He didn't want to see them argue. Besides, he was on teetering the verge of cumming, and had been for the last five minutes or more, and he realized he couldn't hang on any longer. Even while guarding his cock from Maggie, Debra was still unthinkingly sliding both her hands up and down it. So he shouted, "Gonna cum! Get your faces together!"

Maggie happily moved into position. She closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and pressed her tits together.

But Debra moved away. "Ewww! Gross! No thanks!" Earlier, she had encouraged him to cum all over her face, but now she was revealing that she had only been teasing. In truth, she thought all bodily fluids were disgusting, including cum.

Maggie took a quick peek at Debra. "Fine! More for me! Looks like I'm the winner!" She was still talking when her son's cum started to fire onto her forehead.

Debra hated cum, but she hated to lose even more. With her mouth and eyes shut tight, she moved her head next to Maggie's and braced herself.

Nick saw that, and happily directed his next cum ropes in Debra's direction.

Debra had a look like she was being forced to eat a most hated vegetable. In a matter of a few seconds, she decided she didn't need to win that badly, and pulled her head back out of range. As she did so, she cried out, "Ewww!"

But Nick had been focusing his aim on her, so by that time, her face was as covered with as much pearly cum as he'd splattered onto Maggie.

Additionally, Debra's mouth was wide open, so some of his cum flew into her mouth before she moved her head away. She found this even more disgusting and demeaning.

But she was puzzled too, because she couldn't help but taste his cum some, and it tasted pretty good. It definitely wasn't bitter like Devon's. Without thinking about it, she ended up swallowing the cum on her tongue. That disgusted her even more, yet a part of her wouldn't have minded tasting some more of it.

As Nick's last shots petered out, Maggie moved in until his still stiff cock was resting on her cheek. Within seconds, she'd swallowed his cockhead, and was nursing on it to coax out every last spermazoid he could muster.

Meanwhile, Debra was groping the air like she was blind, since she wanted to find out what was happening, but she was afraid of the cum dripping into her eyes. She bluffed, "I won, right? Did you see how I stuck my face in the torrent, even though I hated it? That means I won!"

Nick found himself thinking, No, I won! God, that was so fucking awesome! Ma and Debra! Jacking me off together! How could it get any better?!

Oh yeah! The blowjob round comes next!

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