Chapter 59: The Game Continues (Sunday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Nick was staggered with emotional and physical exhaustion. It had been like a life and death struggle for him to hold out that long, in the face of such overwhelming stimulation. He wanted to close his eyes and sleep a little while.

But he figured he needed to sort out this contest situation first. Besides, his dick had never gone soft, due to his usual "cums in twos" tendency. Not only had Maggie engulfed his cockhead as his orgasm was coming to an end, she'd immediately started sucking and bobbing on him at a good pace. It felt so arousing, and strangely energizing, that there was no way he could rest.

Once he got his breath back, he said, "Sorry, Debra. You lost."

Debra was pissed. "What?! Another rip off! Another rigged contest! This is bullshit!" She finally wiped her eye sockets clean of his cum and opened her eyes so she could glare angrily at Nick.

But he persisted, "No, you lost fair and square. It was a close call most of the way, neck and neck. But then you got all grabby and wouldn't share with Maggie. That was strike one."

Debra started to complain, "But that was because SHE-"

He held up a hand and cut her off. "Don't argue. Your turn lasted for well over five minutes, just like she said, and you STILL wouldn't share."

She frowned, realizing her behavior had been obviously greedy. Still, she protested, "You never set just how long a turn should last."

He waved a hand dismissively. "That's weak, and you know it. Then, when I shouted to get your faces together, you cried, 'Ewww! Gross! No thanks!' So that was strike two. I've gotta give you props for at least trying a couple of seconds later, but the sour look on your face ruined it. You would have won a point if you'd hung in there, because I know that wasn't easy for you. But you pulled away and complained some more only a couple of seconds later. That was strike three. You looked like you were sucking lemons. You did pretty well with everything else. But you gotta admit you lost that fair and square, due to those three things."

She could see he had some good points. She grumbled, "Well, maybe... But I can't help that I hate having cum all over me." She was feeling grossed out by all the cum of her face, and she didn't know what to do about it.

He responded, "Maybe so. But do you think those Swiss Air sluts hate cum? Or do they eagerly open their mouths when it flies toward their faces?"

"Damn fuckin' Swiss sluts!" she cursed. She actually scowled and shook a fist.

He chuckled, because Debra was acting like his imaginary Swiss Air flight attendants were real, and practically in the room. It was clear that she wasn't just acting, and "they" were really bugging her.

She frowned with disgust as she saw Maggie's cummy face happily bobbing up and down on Nick's shaft. "And look at her. She loves it! She's basking in it, as if having her face all grossed out like that is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It's not fair!"

She realized with a start, "Hey! And she's cheating too! She's already getting a head start on the next contest!"

Nick scrambled to come up with an answer. "No, she's just, um... making up for the missed turn. That's only fair, right?"

Debra grumbled, "I suppose. How is it you're hard again, anyway?" She quickly went from annoyance to amazement. "And that's not the first time I saw you do that. You really are some kind of stud!"

He explained, "I have this weird thing where I tend to cum twice. Once I cum, I rebound really fast. But it hardly ever works for a third time."

"But still, that's really incredible! I'd heard yesterday that you always stayed hard after cumming the first time, but I didn't believe it. But maybe it's true! My boyfriend Devon, he's got a pretty big dick, and he's very fit, but he never does that."

Nick shrugged. "I don't know. That's just how it is with me."

Debra pondered that. "Weird. But cool, I guess. Very cool."

She put a hand on her cheek, since she was feeling acutely aware of the cum there. "Yuck! I really need to clean up. Do you know where... Hey! While we're talking, Maggie's going to town all over your cock!"

That was true. Now that Maggie was completely consumed by lust, no one had to talk her into sucking Nick's cock, even with Debra there. At first, she'd started out trying to be subtle about what she was doing, since she wasn't "supposed" to be doing it. But since he had given the excuse that she was making up for a lost turn, she was having a grand time licking and sucking him for all she was worth.

She loved sucking Nick's cock at almost any time, but she actually was getting an extra thrill doing it in front of Debra. She thought, Debra, you dumb slut! You think you're sexy? God knows you look sexy enough; I'll give you that. But can you suck his cock the way I can? No way! I'm his fucking mother! That's right! I'm not just pretending; I'm his mother for real! As such, I know him and his moods better than you ever will. I love him with all my heart! Just look at how much love and effort I'm putting into this! Yes, it's thick - look at me straining to merely keep my lips wrapped around it! But I don't love it just because it's such a great, thick cock; I love it because it's my SON'S cock!

Nick was still in a relatively sedate post-orgasmic mood, even though his arousal level was rapidly rising, thanks to his mother's oral talents. He spoke calmly to Debra, "Don't worry. We can say this is the start of her turn. You'll get your equal chance in a minute."

She looked at Maggie with worry. She doubted that she could match her skills or enthusiasm. She'd been such a selfish lover that she'd hardly ever given a man a blowjob before prior to yesterday, and she remembered how difficult it had been then to deal with his thickness. But she was determined to win, and she also remembered how horny she'd gotten sucking him.

She asked him, "Are we only going to get one turn each?"

"Oh no," he said happily, as he considered the possibilities. "You'll get lots of turns. And you'll share too. Sharing well is worth lots of points. This could take a looooong time to sort out."

"Cool." Debra could see that Maggie was extremely passionate about sucking Nick's cock, and while she couldn't see inside her mouth, the way she was tilting her head different ways and varying her rhythm suggested that she had a lot of technical skill too. She figured the longer it took, the more chance she would have to catch up to her. However, she was daunted at the prospect of sucking on something so thick for very long. It looked like a lot of difficult work, and Maggie's great passion might give her more determination to keep going at a high level.

He saw Debra frowning with doubt, and told her encouragingly, "I have to say you were doing a great job right until the end there. You came really close to winning that round. I loved the role play, down to the two packets of peanuts joke you made."

Debra laughed and smiled, pleased to hear that she'd almost won. "That was good, wasn't it? But the role play isn't over."

She plastered herself against him, but she sat up on one of his legs and tilted her body in towards him from there, so Maggie still had room to suck. She rubbed her double-D-cups against his chest and brought her face right up to his. She breathed, with their noses nearly touching, "Here at Sexy Sluts Airlines, the customer is always right. And if the customer insists on having TWO beautiful stewardesses blow him for the next hour or two, who are we to argue?"

He thought in wonder and amazement, "The next hour or two?!" With these two?! Pinch me, I AM dreaming!

She gave him a sexy wink, and kissed his lips briefly. Then she pulled back slightly and smiled.

He felt his heart pound wildly. Whenever Debra smiled, it was like the whole room was filled with joy. He wanted to dance and sing like Fred Astaire in some cheesy yet classic musical. Her wink and kiss on top of that turned him to a puddle of goo. His feelings for Maggie and Hillary were many times stronger, but their smiles didn't affect him like Debra's did. There was a reason she was an up and coming professional model.

He was so taken with her smile that he almost forgot her suggestion. It was like he'd been struck stupid. But he remembered to play his role. "Um, can you help, uh, her?"

"I thought you'd never ask!" Debra said brightly. She started to slide down his body. But then she remembered the cum on her face. "UGH! I keep forgetting I'm all cummy. That's so disgusting that I can't even believe it. Quick, Nicky, get me a towel or something." She grimaced and closed her eyes.

He decided, Hey! Debra's acting like she's a queen, giving me orders, but I'm in charge here. Or at least I will be if I act like it. I need to put my foot down. I'm too nice. Ma keeps telling me that she's my "slut." I need to treat both of them as my sluts, as much as I can. Based on some sex talk from both of them, I think they actually get off on that. Debra was talking about being my slut last night. I need to rise into my role!

With that new resolve, he said to Debra, "First off, my name is 'Nick.'"

She pouted, "Awww?! Can I call you 'Nicky?' Pleeeaaase?!" She fluttered her baby blue eyes at him. She knew the exact right expression to get a guy's heart to melt, and Nick was far from immune.

He stammered, "Uh, um, er... we'll talk about that later." He found himself unable to tell her no, so that was the best he could do. He tried to regain his footing. "Secondly, I'm not your servant. If anything, you and Maggie are MY servants! That is, if you want to win the game. There are no towels around here that I know of. But you were cutting up the flight attendant uniforms. Why not use some of the scraps instead?"

Debra considered that. She recoiled at the idea of being anybody's "servant" at any time. But she did have a strong desire to win the game, so she figured she could play the role for a little while. However, she didn't want to admit that.

So she merely said, "I really should clean myself up properly in the bathroom..." She looked at Maggie happily slurping and bobbing away. "But I don't want to miss out. Isn't it time for my turn to start already?"

"It is."

She bit her lip as she considered what to do. She looked at Maggie bobbing some more. Not only did she want to win the sex game, but Maggie looked to be having so much fun that she was very much looking forward to taking her turn too. She'd never been into blowjobs before, but she found herself salivating and licking her lips.

Finally, she said, "Dammit! I guess I'll just have to use the scraps. Hold on." She pulled away and went to the scraps to clean her face.

The scraps didn't clean her face nearly as well as if she'd used soap and water in the bathroom, but she got most of the cum off. She still felt "icky," but she didn't know where the nearest bathroom was, and she was craving to get her lips around Nick's fat pole.

She was surprised at the strength of her desire to suck cock, but she had felt something very different about sucking Nick's cock last night, alone or during the sex game. She couldn't put her finger on what it was, but her heart was racing just from the thought of bobbing on him. So seeing Maggie enjoying it so much was another big motivator.

Debra came back, sashaying her bare hips all the way. She rested a hand on Maggie's back to let her know she was ready.

Maggie obligingly stopped her bobbing and let Debra have a turn. She moved slightly to the side so that both she and Debra were tightly squeezed together between Nick's legs.

Debra wasted no time. She engulfed his cockhead straight away, before she lost her resolve.

Her eyes went wide at the great difficulty of simply getting the entire thing in her mouth. Even though she'd done it before, just yesterday, she still felt fairly amazed at how thick it was. She felt chagrined, because she vividly remembered the pleasure of it and not the pain, but now that she had her jaw craned open and her lips stretched wide, pretty much all she could think about was the pain.

But she recovered quickly. She remembered that it got better and better the more she stuck with it. She didn't realize it, but on a deeper level she actually preferred the great difficulty. It was similar to going on a roller coaster ride: she was the kind of person who would want to go on the biggest and scariest one. Even though she feared she was on the verge of shedding tears from the struggle, she started bobbing on his throbbing pole right away.

Nick felt a great surge of pleasure that almost made him swoon. It wasn't the physical sensation that made him heady, since Maggie's lips had felt much the same on him mere seconds earlier. It was the psychological realization that his cock was being passed from Maggie's mouth to Debra's that blew his mind.

Just the sight of them shoulder to shoulder and hip to hip between his spread out legs was nearly orgasm-inducing all by itself. Seeing traces of his cum still on Debra's face here and there was an extra kick.

Maggie lifted her head up and wiped her chin free of cum and saliva. She said to Debra, "It's a damn monster, isn't it? I'll bet even those Swiss Air sluts don't get to choke on a cock that fat!"

Debra found that funny and laughed, which caused a problem, since she already had to be very careful about breathing. She had to pull off all his cockhead for a moment. She gave Maggie a quick look, as if saying to her, "No more funny jokes when I'm cocksucking."

But then she took a huge breath and engulfed it all over again.

Nick put a hand on Debra's head and another one on Maggie's. He felt shivers race up and down his spine from that simple gesture. Fuck me! Seriously, fuck me and then shoot me in the head! This CAN'T be happening! I can stroke two blonde heads of stunning beauty while they take turns bobbing on my cock! I feel like a fucking lord! Or even a GOD! Sweet Jesus, this is great!

And Debra made some comment about doing this for an hour or two. Was that just sex talk on her part? Maybe. Probably. But it could happen. Ma would be all for it, I'll bet! She's seriously into this game, Debra or no Debra!

He saw that Debra was struggling mightily, to the point that a few tears were leaking from her eyes. He asked Maggie, "I have no idea what it's like. Is it really that hard to swallow?"

Maggie gave him a sour look. "You have no idea! You want to try? Here, try this. Find a really big flashlight. Not some tiny one, but one of those you could use to club someone over the head with. Then stuff the damn thing in your mouth, and KEEP IT THERE, for five minutes non-stop, at least! But don't stop there. Slide it in and out, and use your tongue on it too!"

He was secretly impressed at how difficult that sounded. But he didn't want to show it, especially in front of Debra. He replied with a gentle tease, "Wow. When I think about how long those Swiss Air sluts took turns blowing me on my last trans-Atlantic flight... maybe next time I'll give them a tip or something."

Maggie gently thwacked him on his head with an open hand. "You and your Swiss Air sluts." Wanting to get in on the action, she cradled his balls while she watched Debra in action from inches away.

While it was true that Debra had blown him twice yesterday, he was drunk on extreme lust each time that he hadn't really appreciated it as much as he should have. It had been just one more thing in a series of events that kept him as high as a kite on pure lust. Now he paid close attention and tried to figure out just what she was doing to him.

What she was doing felt great, for sure. But it was obvious that she wasn't very good at cocksucking, relatively speaking. It felt great mostly because there was no such thing as a bad blowjob, especially because it was obvious she was trying hard and not just going through the motions.

The tears leaking down her face was a sign of how determined she was. Maggie, by contrast, hadn't shed any tears at all. Maggie's greater experience was a big reason for that, as well as the fact that her mouth was just a little bit larger than Debra's.

Actually, Maggie hadn't been particularly good at blowjobs either until very recently. But in the just the past week, she'd made tremendous strides, particularly in being able to cope with Nick's unusual width. She had mastered it to the point that she could bob on him almost indefinitely, so long as she took short breaks when necessary. (Luckily, the times she needed a break usually were similar to when he got overexcited and needed a break too.)

Debra, by contrast, was clearly struggling just to keep Nick's cock in her mouth. She was managing to slide her lips back and forth on it, but any tongue movement or other special technique was too difficult for her to even contemplate at this point.

Maggie could see Debra's trouble, and she felt obliged to help out. That surprised her. She'd been sorely tempted to punch Debra in the face not that many minutes ago. But when she got near Nick's cock, a kind of lusty fever overtook her. She wanted to pleasure her son's cock more than anything, and in her current mindset, Debra was a tool to help with that, almost as if Maggie had been able to clone herself.

With one hand still fondling Nick's balls, she ran a hand down Debra's long blonde hair just below where Nick's hand rested on Debra's head. She told Debra, "There, there. It's really tough, I know. But trust me, the bigger the cock and the more difficult your struggle, the bigger your pleasure will be in the end! The key thing is to not give up. I know you must be feeling tempted to give up, but don't! Hang in there! It WILL get better!"

Debra was encouraged by Maggie's advice. She was tempted to pull off to ask her questions on how she managed cocksucking so well, but she feared that if she did she wouldn't be able to engulf his cockhead back into her mouth. So instead she steeled her nerves and kept at it.

Maggie continued to be supportive and offer helpful advice, while just watching and fondling Nick's balls. She said things like, "That's it! You're doing it! If you keep this up, you just might win the second round. Don't stop now, when you're so close to victory. But you have to use some tongue too. More tongue! And suction! I want to see your cheeks cave in to show how hard your sucking him!"

Maggie was confused why she was being so helpful, almost like she was watching someone else. After another minute or two of saying encouraging things and running her hand through Debra's hair, she took some time to contemplate the situation. This is strange. Why AM I helping her out? This is Debra, not Hillary, after all. I don't understand it. I guess a part of it is that I'm so very, very horny, and I've come to have a general love for sharing Nick's cock, thanks to all the great times I've shared with Hillary already.

But also, it's kind of fun to be magnanimous, knowing that she'll never be half as good as I am! She's trying, bless her heart, but she clearly doesn't have the love, talent, OR experience that I do. I can afford to be nice, because I'm going to wipe the floor with her in this competition, and there's no way she'll be able to cry "Unfair!" this time when I did everything to help and to share, and she still comes up short! Ha!

After about four minutes, Debra pulled off on her own. She sensed her turn was up, and she didn't think she could last much longer anyway. She gasped for air. Streaks of tears rolled down her cheeks, making her eyes red. Her face felt sore, especially her jaw.

She complained, "Holy FUCK, that's hard! I thought it would be easier than yesterday, but it's twice as hard instead. I don't get it! Maggie, how are you able to do it like it's no big deal?!"

Maggie said, "First off, it's harder today because you were even more aroused yesterday than you are now. The hotter you are, the less difficult it gets, because your passion to pleasure his cock drives you on. But it never gets easy. It IS a big deal, every single time." She just lightly fondled Nick's boner as she talked, to give him a little respite.

Debra noticed Maggie's tear-free face. "Why am I all teary, and you aren't?!"

Maggie replied, "It never gets easy, but it does get EASIER. There's a difference. I suck him a couple of times a day, every day, if not more! That doesn't make his cock any less thick, obviously, but it does help." That was true, although Maggie was oblivious that Debra's mouth was smaller enough to make a significant difference.

Nick thought, Whoa! Ma's talking about the future! She doesn't regularly suck me two or more times a day yet, but she will! She will! She knows it and she wants it! WOW!

Debra complained, "If it's that hard, then why do it all the time? Jesus! I could barely last five minutes!"

Maggie replied, "That's what love is all about. Besides, just because it's hard doesn't mean I don't like it. Au contraire! I love it! And somehow, the fact that it's so difficult is a big reason I love it so much. It would get boring fast if it was easy. I get plenty of pleasure out of it, especially if I touch myself at the same time. Here, let me show you, since it's my turn next anyway."

With that, Maggie lowered her head and engulfed his thickness again. She immediately got busy sliding her lips up and down her son's shaft. She also made a point of fingering her slit. But she was playing to her audience of one, Debra, with most of her oral actions. For instance, at times, she sucked him so hard that her cheeks hollowed in, and at other times she made sure his thick knob made her cheek bulge out.

Debra was amazed. "Wow! I'm totally jealous. I like sex. A lot. But you LOVE it, obviously. I wish I could feel that kind of passion. I guess I'm too jaded." She sighed. "Man! There's no way I'm going to win this round, is there?"

Maggie didn't reply, since her mouth was stuffed to the brim with cock. But she didn't need to, since the answer was obvious. She bobbed on him in silence for another couple of minutes.

Nick did reply though. He stroked Debra's gorgeous blonde hair with one hand, and said, "It's going to be tough for you to win. But I'm going to try to give you a bonus for inexperience. What matters most to me is effort. If you can show as much passion as she is, you'll win due to your inexperience bonus."

That gave Debra some hope, just as Nick hoped it would. "Okay!" she said excitedly. "This is cool!" But then she flip-flopped back to being doubtful. "But how do I even come close to matching her?! Look at her. She loves it! She totally loves sucking your cock!"

He said as he kept petting her hair, "That's easy. Just love it too! I suggest turning your mind off. Forget all your selfish thoughts, like 'when am I going to cum next,' and just totally focus on the task at hand. Surrender to the moment! Surrender to your lust!"

Debra's hope and excitement returned. "I can do that! I can totally do that!" All of a sudden, she couldn't wait for her next turn.

Debra was in such a jubilant mood that she actually helped out by fondling Nick's balls all throughout Maggie's turn. She knew that she wasn't going to win, at least this time, because she could see that Maggie was just that good. Maggie was in her element, like she was born to suck Nick's cock. But Debra was trying to become more involved to keep her own arousal level high while also hoping that Maggie's enthusiasm would be infectious.

Even though Debra was merely fondling Nick's balls and watching, she was extremely aroused and getting more so all the time. It helped a lot that she played with her pussy with her other hand. But she would have been nearly that horny anyway. She was right that she'd become very jaded in regards to sex, as well as relationships as a whole. She realized that she wanted the passion that Maggie had. Just watching Maggie's sliding lips greatly increased her already strong desire for Nick, since she figured there had to be something special in him that made Maggie love him so much. She redoubled her resolve to try to match Maggie's cocksucking efforts as part of her goal to reach Maggie's sexual passion too.

After about five minutes of Maggie's turn, she pulled off and handed Nick's cock over.

Before Debra could start though, Maggie said, "I was listening to what Nick was saying to you, and I completely agree. Surrender to the moment! I know it runs counter to all your instincts, but the more you give, the more you will receive. If you haven't enjoyed sucking cock before Nick, and I'll bet you haven't, it's because you haven't had the right attitude."

Debra said sadly, "I haven't enjoyed it, like, at all. But even with my last turn, it was way better. I don't get it! Why is that?!"

Maggie explained, "It's all about YOUR attitude. Think about, say, a pillow fight with some girl friends. If you were just six years old, that would be totally fun, right?"

"Right." Debra looked down at her hand. She was stroking Nick's boner to keep it "warm" for when her next turn started.

Maggie said, "But at your age, a pillow fight probably wouldn't work anymore. You and all your friends would feel weird and awkward, because they're supposed to be too mature and too cool for that. But maybe if they get drunk or high, they could get past those hang-ups and enjoy it just like they were little kids again."

"Totally!" Debra smiled widely, because that rang true for her. She'd had experiences exactly like that, including taking part in lame sober pillow fights and fun drunken pillow fights.

Maggie said, "Sucking Nick's cock is exactly like that. Except you don't need to get drunk every time to do it right. You just need to get super horny and get totally carried away in the moment. It's all about YOUR attitude. Surrender to the moment and selflessly pleasure his cock with everything you've got! The more passion you put into it, the more you'll love it!"

"Okay!" Still stroking Nick's cock, Debra craned her mouth often wide and engulfed it in one fell swoop. She began bobbling on it with even more passion and determination than her last turn.

Nick felt the difference immediately. He groaned loudly and approvingly, while also patting Debra's head while running his fingers through Maggie's hair.

Those positive signs encouraged Debra even more. She especially liked the head pats. She recalled last night, and how she'd gotten so insanely horny sucking him off that every time he patted her head practically gave her an orgasm. She'd even openly called herself his "sex pet," mostly due to feeling like a sex pet from all his patting.

She hadn't been thinking of those things up until now, mostly because he hadn't patted her head until now. She wouldn't have been horny enough to be receptive, even during her last turn. But suddenly, she relished the whole "sex pet" concept.

Since it was Debra's turn, Maggie had think to watch and think. As she watched Debra's lips vigorously sliding up and down her son's cock, she thought, Damn! She's doing better, a lot better! Not as good as me, but still, I'm surprised. I'm almost regretting giving her that pep talk. It clearly pushed her to another level.

I should be pissed. This immature girl could give us a lot of grief, and the better she gets at sex with Nick, the more difficult things could get. I'm sure I'll be pissed at this entire event later, but right now I'm so high on lust that I don't care much. Right now, I'm just loving that she's making my son's cock throb and tingle with joy! I see him patting Debra's head, and the way he's stroking my head, and it makes me totally HOT!

It's like we ARE his sexy, naked, big-titted sluts! As one sexy big-titted slut to another, how can I get mad at Debra about anything?! This is where we belong. We're the sexiest sluts in town, along with Hillary, of course. He has the thickest, biggest, best, most superior cock. It's only right that we worship it with our mouths!

Oh Gaaaawwwwd! Did I really just use the word "worship?" I can't believe that. Sacrilegious. I need to remind myself to NEVER say that. But when I see Debra's lips slipping and sliding, and hear her slurping, and see her cheeks caved in... UNGH! HNNNG! I get soooo horny! Too horny!

She tried to calm herself down some, but to only limited effect. She sighed. It's hopeless. I'm hopeless! Maybe this is what it's like to be addicted to hard drugs. All I care about is having sexy fun with my son! I love sucking his cock so much that even watching Debra do it sets my entire body on fire! Every inch of my body is tingling with excitement and pleasure. Never mind my throbbing nipples and pussy, I can even feel it down in my toes!

After a few minutes, Debra pulled her lips off again. She exclaimed, "Sheesh! That's really tough!"

Maggie teased gently, "You said that already." She took control of her son's boner and rubbed his sweet spot, causing him to gasp with pleasure.

Debra looked to Maggie hopefully. "I did a lot better that time, didn't I?!"

Maggie chuckled. "It looks that way to me. But don't ask me, ask him!" She nodded up towards Nick's face. "As long as the game is going on, we're HIS sluts. His wanton, willing sluts! The only thing that matters is HIS pleasure."

Debra looked to Nick with just as much hope. "Well?! Well?!" She was bursting at the seams, dying for some validation.

He smiled widely and patted the top her head. "Very good. Much better, in fact. Much better!"

Between his words and his head pat, Debra shivered all over and nearly spontaneously orgasmed. She'd never had fun trying to make someone else feel good, much less this much fun. She didn't understand it at all, but she was definitely getting a thrill out of it.

Maggie exclaimed, "Congrats!" She stroked Debra's hair down the back of her head and onto her back. "See? The more you put into it, the more you get out of it. And you didn't even cry this time."

"Really?!" Debra checked her cheeks and realized there were no fresh tears. She wiped away the tears from earlier. "You're right! COOL!"

Then she looked down at Nick's pulsing erection still in her hands. "The only problem is THIS dang thing! Nicky, when are you going to cum?! Aren't you ready to cum yet? Come on! After all I did for you, aren't you even close?"

Nick started to say, "Well..." He didn't know how to respond though. The truth was that he still wasn't close, but he wanted to be modest. Although Debra was getting better, she wasn't near Maggie's level yet. He was having a hell of a great time no matter who sucked him, but it was only during Maggie's turns when he started to get closer to cumming.

Maggie spoke for him. "He's too polite to say, but he's not close yet."

Debra sighed heavily. "Oh, man! That sucks! My jaw, it's like, sore."

Maggie said, "His impressive stamina is a double-edged sword. You have been fingering your pussy most of the time, haven't you?"

"Yeah," Debra admitted.

"And you've been feeling pretty good, haven't you? Aren't you close to cumming yourself?"

"Definitely! This is a lot of fun. Sharing doubles the fun, somehow, especially since you let me play with his balls and the rest of him when it's your turn. But I want him to CUM! I'm not used to this. I never suck off Devon, ever. Well, almost never. He wouldn't even last ONE round of this. And we're on the third round!"

Maggie said proudly, "Nick isn't Devon. My son is a class by himself!"

Debra frowned at the reminder of that earlier incest controversy. "'My son?'"

Maggie was secretly upset at herself for making that slip-up, but she realized she could just shrug it off. "Hey, I say what turns me on and what turns him on, and I feel like saying that. Nick is incredible! Can you imagine taking turns sucking him off like this for a full hour?"

Debra's face actually brightened. "Oh my God! That would be rad!"

Nick couldn't resist smirking as he continued to stroke Debra's hair. He didn't know anybody said "rad" anymore.

But then Debra reconsidered and frowned. She looked at Nick's cock, which she was still holding and stroking. "That would be cool, except there's no way I could last even close to that! I'm falling behind in this round, and I'm gonna run out of energy altogether." She groaned in frustration. "That's just embarrassing. Can't we do something else for a while?"

"That's not a bad idea," Maggie responded. In truth, she was getting tired and sore too, especially considering she'd done a lot of cocksucking before Debra showed up. "But let me take my next turn, and then the three of us will talk about it, okay?"


"Meanwhile, during my turn, why don't you relax by kissing him?"

"Okay!" Debra liked that suggestion a lot. But she said, "Um, by the way... I don't mean to be rude, but do you realize that your face is still all cummy?"

Maggie replied, "I do realize that. And I don't have a problem with it." She thought, In fact, I love it!

Debra rolled her eyes and made a disgusted face, but she was too eager to kiss Nick to dwell on that issue. She immediately scooted up his body and started making out with him.

Mere seconds later, Maggie slid her lips around his cockhead and got busy sucking him. But unlike Debra, who had used lots of suction and motion in her last turn, Maggie kept her head mostly still so she could focus on her tongue work. It wasn't as visually impressive, but she knew it could be even more arousing for him.

Nick brought his hands to Debra's double-D-cup breasts and played with her erect nipples while he kissed her. He was careful not to get as aggressive with the tit play as he usually was with Maggie though.

He thought, Hot damn! This is so great! True, Debra is immature and I wouldn't trust her further than I could throw her. We have no future. But come on! She has an awesome body and an absolutely incredible face! How can I resist?! How can I not totally love this? This might be my last chance to be with her, especially with Ma here too, so I should take full advantage. Plus, she wasn't half bad that time. She needs to be rewarded for being a sexy little cocksucker!

He briefly brought one of his hands from Debra's rack to the top of Maggie's head, just to confirm her blowjob really was happening to him. Of course he knew it was, but he was almost incredulous just the same. I mean, I'm making out with Debra, and playing with her firm tits, and Ma is sucking my cock at the same time! How great is that?! Nobody could possibly believe my luck!

Plus... Hillary! Heck, she might even come here and join us later tonight. She's overdue. I wonder what's taking her. Fuck Spencer. He's up to no good, I'm sure. But I'm not going to worry about that right now. Hell, I can't, not with the way Ma is blowing my mind as she blows my cock!

He was flying so high on lust that he didn't stop to think what might happen if Hillary found Debra in a situation such as this.

After a couple of minutes, he realized that he could easily reach Debra's pussy, since she was sitting up while they necked. Since she wasn't fingering herself at the moment, he took it upon himself to do that for her.

He didn't realize that she'd been riding close to the edge of orgasm for a long time now. His unexpected finger-fucking quickly pushed he over the edge. She actually screamed into his mouth until her climax ended a minute or two later.

Nick loved that he'd made her have such a big orgasm. Since Maggie kept on cocksucking non-stop, it was a close call that he didn't lose his load at the same time. But Maggie wanted him to last a very long time, so she eased up on him just enough to allow him to "endure" the tremendous pleasure.

He didn't realize it, but helping to give Debra big orgasms like that was only making her even more convinced that sex with him was much better than sex with anyone else. If he wanted to avoid her sexually in the future, he was doing the exact wrong thing.

While Maggie continued to bob contentedly on Nick's cock and fingered her own pussy, she thought, Mmmm! This is so tasty! I just can't possibly get any more aroused than when I'm like this. Whenever my jaw gets tired or my energy flags, all I have to do is think about the cum slowly oozing down my face, and it's like a shot of adrenalin. Not like I ever forget how he has so thoroughly splooged me. It makes me feel wonderfully slutty all the time!

Plus, I have to admit the fact that having Debra here is kind of humiliating, but it's turning me on, big time! I love that he made her cum, and that she's lying propped up on top of him so he can use his magic lips and magic hands on her.

Debra, you thought that all your many previous sexual encounters had prepared you for Nick, right? HA! No way! Last night he fucked you good, and that was when he was drunk and out of it. He's blowing your mind tonight, isn't he? You get to borrow him a little tonight, but he's mine every single fucking day!

Maggie was so turned-on with her continued cocksucking that she didn't think things through and realize that the more Nick blew Debra's mind, the more eager Debra would be for more sexual experiences with him. Like Nick, she was letting her libido do all her thinking.

Maggie took an extra long turn while Debra recovered from her big climax.

Eventually though, Maggie's tongue-centric style got Nick too worked up and she sensed it was time. She pulled her lips off and sat back some.

Debra slid back down so she was kneeling next to Maggie again. Since Maggie was still stroking Nick's cock, Debra looked at Maggie's stroking fingers, and asked, "Okay, can we try something else now? I say it's fuck time!"

As much as he would have loved it, Nick knew that "fuck time" was out of the question. Instead, he piped up to say, "I'd love a titfuck!"

Maggie looked up at him and smirked. "Why am I not surprised to hear you say that?"

Debra said, "Actually, that sounds like a really good idea. I'm not too into titfucks either, but I'm pretty sure that with Nick it's going to be a totally different thing too. Plus, at least that would give my jaw a break." She playfully ran a finger up and down Nick's shaft without getting in the way of Maggie's busy fingers. "This thing is so thick that it's scary!"

Maggie was holding Nick's hard-on straight up, since it was less than half a foot from her face and Debra's face. "You're not that into blowjobs OR titfucks. What ARE you into?"

Debra responded, "Straight up fucking. That's the best! The other stuff is just warm-up as far as I'm concerned. Why is it we can't take turns getting fucked again? Right now!"

Maggie knew Debra would keep pestering about this unless she got a good answer. Luckily, one came to her. "Remember, he's MY boyfriend. I'm not about to let his dick touch your pussy unless and until you get tested and show me PROOF that you don't have any sexually transmitted diseases."

"Oh." Debra frowned, because she didn't have any good answer to that.

"Furthermore, there's the whole pregnancy issue."

Debra hastened to answer, "Oh, that's no problem. I'm using TWO kinds of birth control at once. Plus, he can use a condom."

Maggie thought, Was he wearing a condom last night? She felt a sudden surge of jealousy as she recalled all over again that Debra got to take Nick's virginity last night. It was as if all the joyous joint cocksucking fun they'd just shared had never happened. Her fingers curled into fists and she clenched her teeth. She had to use all of her self-control not to get angry and reveal that she knew Nick and Debra had fucked.

She managed to say in clipped tones, "Even so, you can't be too careful. Are you ready to get pregnant?"

Debra didn't reply. Clearly, she was not.

Maggie, continued, "I didn't think so. So let's not have any more talk about fucking tonight. And I don't know about you, but I plan on being here a good long time. Plus, Nick's cock isn't going to go down anytime soon. If it does, it bounces right back up again, like you noticed earlier. Can you handle lots of titfucking and cocksucking, or are you going to wimp out and give up?"

Debra wasn't about to back down from a challenge. "I can handle it. Definitely!" She boldly took hold of Nick's boner near the base of his shaft and started jacking him off there, below Maggie's fingers working on his sweet spot.

Maggie kept talking like she didn't hear that. "If you don't have what it takes to be a real slut, what I call a 'good slut,' then-"

Debra interrupted, "Wait. What's a 'good slut?'"

Maggie explained, "A 'bad slut' is a girl with no self-respect, who gets so hot for cock that she'll have sex with just about anybody. She cheats and lies and maybe even whores herself out because she has no honor. Whereas a 'good slut' loves sex, but just with her special guy!" She looked up into Nick's eyes with love. "She knows the sex is a thousand times better because of the emotional connection. She can go completely wild because she trusts him and he trusts her. She feels safe and loved, and that gives her the freedom to be, well, a raging slut!"

Debra laughed gaily. "Awesome! That sounds great!" She gave her best stern and serious expression. "I have what it takes!"

Maggie's surge of anger at Debra had almost entirely passed already. She looked at her skeptically. "Do you? I doubt it. Nick's cock isn't like normal cocks. I doubt you've got the backbone and the passion. Maybe you should go back downstairs to be with all the normal people who will never enjoy the extreme joys of sex done right!"

Debra had generally been looking at Nick's boner, which was practically poking up into her face. But she stared at Maggie with even more determination while doing her best to ignore the cum on Maggie's face. "No, please! I don't want to leave. I'm having a really fun time, despite the hard work. That orgasm I had a little while ago was one of the best ever!"

Maggie said, "The more you put in, the more you get out of it."

Debra considered that, and nodded. She looked back at her fingers sliding up and down Nick's lower shaft. "I guess so. Totally true, even. And I don't care about the rest of the party. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to last as long as you, and I know I'm gonna lose this game unless I'm saved by a miracle, but I'll keep going as long as I can so at least I'll have a better chance next time. The only thing is, I do want to have dinner at some point."

"Fair enough," Maggie said grudgingly. Like Nick, she wasn't thinking strategically whatsoever, because she was so very horny that she wasn't thinking clearly, period. Even Debra's mention of wanting to do better for "next time" didn't really register. The truth was, there was little Nick and Maggie could have said or done to more encourage Debra to want a "next time," when they were supposed to be discouraging her.

It was always like they were in a cult and trying to recruit her into it, except they did it entirely unwittingly. Mostly, they were influencing Debra by the sheer amount of fun and sexual pleasure they were all feeling and sharing. Even as they were talking, Maggie and Debra were having a grand time jacking him off together.

Maggie searched her feelings, and commented, "To be honest, I'm getting hungry too."

"Me too," Nick said.

Maggie suggested to Debra, "Let's wait, though, until Nick cums again. I'm figuring it'll take him a while to recover, since he doesn't stay hard straight through twice in a row. We can go downstairs and scrounge up something to eat. We should put in an appearance so people don't look for any of us. Then, by the time we come back up here, he'll be stiff and throbbing again."

Debra smiled widely, and licked her lips at the prospect of lots more thick cock to slurp and suck after dinner. "Good plan!" She thought about her boyfriend Devon, but she didn't give a shit about him. Their relationship seemed fine on the surface, but she'd been thinking of dumping him already anyway.

Nick looked at his mother idly fondling his sweet spot while Debra stroked his shaft further down, and he thought, Ma, you're the greatest! God, tonight has been beyond belief already, and it's only going to get better! Great ideas. But I need to do more than just be on the receiving end. I don't want to come across as sexually greedy.

So he suggested, "By the way, let's not forget about sixty-nines and cunnilingus. I don't want to be selfish. Maybe we could have a contest about that too. We could do that right now."

In truth, he was getting close to cumming but he didn't want to lessen his growing reputation by admitting it. So part of his motivation was thinking a round or two of that would give his boner a more prolonged chance to recover. Dinner could wait, since this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Debra's eyes lit up. "GREAT idea! You and Maggie can take turns licking my cunt, and then you and I can do the same to her!"

In Debra's girl-on-girl encounters, she didn't like licking pussies, but she definitely liked having hers licked. She hoped they'd finish before it was her turn to do any licking. That was in keeping with her usual selfish attitude towards sex, as well as her squeamishness towards bodily fluids.

Maggie cut in, "Wait! What?! Sorry, I don't swing that way." She asked Debra incredulously, "Do you?!"

Debra replied a bit bashfully, "Well, yeah. Kinda. I mean, I mainly like guys, but a talented tongue is a talented tongue. You know what I mean?"

Maggie thought, Oh great. I've had enough of a bisexual problem with Hillary, and I really like her. Hell, I practically love her. She's the best. But now it seems Debra's bisexual too, and I don't like her at all!

She said harshly, "No, I don't. Let's have Nick go down on us later. Maybe we can make that a reward round."

"Awww," Debra pouted.

Maggie gave Nick a curious look. She couldn't speak to him with Debra there, which was frustrating. But she thought, as if she was talking to him, Son, what are you thinking?! You're not ready for that. You've only practiced pussy fingering with me so far. You really want to have your cunnilingus trial by fire with Debra here?! She's a spoiled princess AND she'll be comparing you to girls, who I'm sure can lick circles around you. She'll judge you harshly.

To quickly divert attention from the cunt licking issue, Maggie said, "We've been talking so long that Nick's cock is in danger of going flaccid."

That was far from accurate, since both Maggie and Debra had been stroking it through the entire discussion, but Nick wasn't about to complain. She asked, "Why don't we just lick him together for a while?"

Debra smiled. "Okay! Sounds fun. But how will that count in terms of the competition?"

Maggie replied, "Let's not worry about that for a while and just have fun licking. If you must, consider it practice for future competitions."

"Okay!" Debra eagerly agreed. She was so horny that even the contest wasn't on her mind much anymore. She immediately started licking in a swirly pattern around Nick's cockhead.

Maggie was temporarily relegated to the less sensitive areas down Nick's shaft. As she licked there, she thought, "Future competitions?!" Did I really just say that? I must be out of my mind. There will be NO future competitions with Debra, period. I can't tell her that point blank right now, since she knows too many secrets about us. But we're going to fix that soon enough. In the meantime, I certainly shouldn't be encouraging her with talk of future games.

Personally, I'm kind of enjoying sharing Nick's cock with her. Okay, hell, I'm having a great time. But I think I'm being blinded by her great beauty and her friendly and fun attitude today. I guess I just really love sharing his cock in general. Doing it with someone else is a million times better. I feel even more wonderfully slutty knowing there's a buck naked bombshell pressing on my side from my shoulders down to my hips. So hot! And tongues can do a lot more than one. Everything is just... BETTER!

Even so, I can't forget this is DEBRA next to me. I can't forget that she's the same girl who tried to blackmail us yesterday, and used an elaborate scheme to trick him into fucking her with implied blackmail from her again! Good God! What am I thinking, being so chummy with her?!

UGH! But lapping our tongues on his huge cock like this... it's magic! Pure magic! I love it so much! But... I can't forget that she has the emotional maturity of a 12 year old, if that. We should be moving quickly away from her. I can get all my cock sharing joy with Hillary's help, thank you very much. But, instead, I somehow find myself here, lapping around the base of my son's hot cock while letting her lick the more sensitive part. How did that happen?!

The two busty beauties continued to cooperate with licking Nick's stiff cock. Both of them were continuously playing with themselves, fingering their pussies or playing with their nipples or just generally fondling their own bodies. As a result, they were about as hot and bothered as could be, and they channeled much of that lust into lapping all over his throbbing pole with gusto.

In sharp contrast to the sex game yesterday, the only sense of competition between them now was a friendly one. They both strived to outdo or at least match the efforts of the other one, but without being pushy or greedy about it. In fact, the tips of their tongues often touched, since they both wanted to lick his sweet spot so much.

Maggie thought as she licked, I'm getting kind of annoyed at myself. The more I share Nick's cock with Debra, the more I'm kind of actually... bonding with her! That's right, bonding! I'm feeling this strange sense of camaraderie. She's still just as dangerous and annoying to us as ever; I can't ever forget that. But look at how she's lapping like a hungry cat at a water bowl. She's really into it now! I'm happy that she's starting to be less of a selfish lover. She's damn horny, I can tell! All she cares about is licking that cock, and making him moan and groan with endless pleasure! How can I not bond with her over that? Those are my very favorite things too!

And she's so fucking beautiful! Every time I catch a glimpse of her face, I practically forget to breathe. I'm not attracted to her in the way I am with Hillary and Anushka... Shit, did I just say that? Anyway, I'm not. Really. But I can't help but appreciate that a girl this beautiful is really getting into sucking my son's cock. I feel this weird sense of pride that he somehow helped make this happen, when he was a total virgin just a short time ago.

After this much stimulation, Nick was thinking that he desperately needed a break to prevent himself from cumming and ending the fun. But before he could put a plan into action, his dick gave up the fight and he started to shoot his load. The combination of what Maggie and Debra were doing to him was simply too much.

As it so happened, Debra happened to be the with her face over the tip of his cock when he started to blow. His orgasm come upon him so unexpectedly that he didn't have any time to warn her.

She opened her eyes wide with alarm when she felt his shaft spasming and spurting. Then, a second later, she remembered the danger of getting cum in her eyes and shut her eyes tight. She didn't have time to think, and made the instinctive decision to engulf his cockhead so no more cum would splat on her face.

Normally, she would never let any boy cum in her mouth, but she was so horny that she forgot all about that. In fact, she immediately sucked and bobbed on his boner as his ropes splattered against the back of her mouth, just because it turned her on to do so. Despite her great arousal, a lingering disgust about cum caused her to plan to store his cum in her mouth so she could spit it out after he was done. But there was so much cum, and his thick cock filled so much of her oral cavity, that she had no choice but to swallow it just as fast as it came in. Even then, some of it spilled out and dribbled down her chin.

However, there was too much going on for her to mind that much. She'd been fingering her slit all through the dual cock licking, and she'd been building up to a very big orgasm indeed.

Now that Nick was cumming, she mentally let go and started to cum too. At her absolute height of ecstasy, guzzling down his copious amounts of cum only added to her peak experience instead of detracting from it.

Precious seconds passed, and even as her own climax practically shattered her brain with an overwhelmingly arousing and intense experience, she still had to deal with Nick's cum flooding into her mouth. And it truly felt like a flood to her. She had no choice but to gulp and gulp, desperately attempting to swallowing it all fast enough.

Her eyes watered again from the intense effort, and yet, she found herself greatly enjoying it! Somehow, the ordeal raised her climax to an even higher peak. Even though she doubted she could keep up with his "flood," she hoped he would keep on cumming and cumming, causing her orgasm to go on and on forever too.

Maggie wanted to be a part of Nick's climax, but Debra was passionately and rapidly bobbing on him, as well as stroking the rest of his shaft for good measure in an attempt to coax even more of his cum out. So there didn't seem to be any room for Maggie, especially considering the startling speed of Debra's frantic bobbing. However, Maggie wouldn't be entirely denied. She tilted her head and managed to suck all of one of Nick's balls into her mouth, and sucked tightly on it.

That effort of hers came just as his orgasm was petering out. It made Nick feel so shockingly good that he was inspired to squirt out a couple more ropes before dwindling down again.

Maggie was in the exact same situation as Debra in that she'd been masturbating for a while and she was more than ready to cum. So, just like Debra, she let go and came too, except that she came slightly after Debra and Nick started. She had a nice orgasm, but it wasn't as intense or as prolonged as Debra's, especially since she'd been denied nearly all of her son's cum.

When Nick's climax finally ended, Debra felt a great sense of accomplishment, since she'd managed to "survive the flood." It helped a lot that his cum didn't taste that bad. In fact, she decided (again) that she even kind of liked the taste, although she wasn't about to admit that out loud or even to herself. She had such a strong anti-cum stance that she was slow to change her mind. It helped that there was a warm and satisfying feeling in her tummy, which was something she'd never experienced after a blowjob before.

As Maggie's climax faded too, she looked to Debra with a curious kind of triumphant satisfaction. She pulled back from Nick's crotch just to watch Debra.

She thought to her as if she was speaking out loud, How'd you like THAT, you skanky slut? You think you're the most beautiful girl in the world, don't you? You want everyone to wait on you hand and foot. But my son just turned you into his personal cum dump! You just got SPERMED! You had no choice but to guzzle down his copious, creamy load. And he cums a LOT, doesn't he? He sure does! Believe me, I know. A good mother isn't supposed to know that from personal experience, but I do!

You really piss me off, you know that? You took my son's virginity, and I will NEVER forgive you for that! It's only fitting that he punishes you with a cum flood, straight down your throat! Look at you, with your lips still lewdly stretched around his fat pole and tears sliding down your cheeks. You want more, don't you? Well, beg for it, Cockbreath! Beg! Maybe if you're lucky, we'll let him fuck your face!

Maggie knew her thoughts weren't logical, especially since she wanted Debra to stop all sexual involvement with Nick. But they were strangely emotionally satisfying. She noticed some of Nick's cum had dribbled all the way down his balls, so she leaned back in to lick it up.

Debra's own orgasm kept on going and going, for at least another minute after Nick's was finished. Time passed, and she kept on bobbing up and down his shaft. Even to her own surprise, she simply couldn't get enough.

Eventually, Maggie pulled her lips off Nick's balls and asked her, "What are you doing?"

Debra spoke with his great thickness still filling her mouth. "Aaah dunnh naahhh." She tried to make a puzzled, shrugging gesture.

Maggie asked uncertainly, "You don't know?"

Debra nodded, and kept on slurping and lapping.

Maggie chuckled at that. She thought, Welcome to the club! It's addictive! I don't know what it is. Maybe it's the sheer thickness, or the smell, or the taste, or some kind of pheromone thing, or the very difficult challenge of getting him to cum. Probably it's some combination. But God, it's fucking fun!

She ruefully realized, This is almost certainly a bad thing, that Debra is discovering just how very enjoyable sucking Nick's cock can be. Definitely. But I plead temporary insanity. I'm too damn horny too!

She looked up at Nick. His eyes were closed and he was slumped down in his chair. He seemed thoroughly out of it, if not actually asleep. However, she could see the lower half of his erection between Debra's slowly sliding fingers, and it looked just as stiff as ever. That genuinely puzzled her, because it didn't fit with his "cums in twos" tendency.

She asked, "But... isn't he going flaccid?"

Debra raised her hands and held them out with open palms in a kind of "I don't know" gesture. She also shrugged to help convey that she didn't have any answers.

Maggie persisted, "But is he still hard? Is his cock long and stiff and throbbing with life?!"

Debra grinned around his shaft, and nodded. She ran a finger up and down it to show off just how long it was. Then she went back to her bobbing, and she resumed stroking it too.

Maggie asked her with some eagerness, "Are you loving it? Are you totally loving it?!"

Debra was keeping her eyes closed most of the time, but she opened them to glance at Maggie, and there was a clear twinkle of delight in her visible eye. And even though her lips were stretched about as wide as they could physically be, she somehow managed to smile enthusiastically. She gave Maggie a thumbs up for good measure.

Maggie huffed with more than a little envy, "Okay, then. I guess I can't complain that you didn't stop. That's a good thing to do. After all, tonight you get to be one of his sluts, and a good slut puts serving his cock first! But can I take over for a while? You got a mouthful of cum, so I should get an extra long turn!"

Suddenly, Nick sat up in his chair, withdrawing his erection all the way from Debra's mouth. He protested, "Stop! Stop! Hold on. Give me a chance to rest here."

Debra lurched forward, trying to cram his cock back into her mouth again.

But he held his hand-over his cockhead, making that impossible.

She asked him impatiently, "What's the problem? You're still hard, so the game can go on, right? Or am I the winner already?"

He sighed with exhaustion. "No, it's still going on. But give me a break! Even though I'm still hard, my dick was getting all super sensitive just now, until I just couldn't handle any contact anymore. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll be okay again in a couple of minutes."

Actually, he wasn't sure about that, since none of this had ever happened to him before, except very rarely. But he was being hopeful.

In truth, he didn't understand how it could be that he was still erect. Even now, as he sat there with his eyes closed, his cock still poked up insistently in his grip, as firm as ever. He thought, Staying hard through one climax is no big deal for me. But TWO?! That's never happened, that I can remember. Never! Well, at least not until all the craziness with my two dream girls began. But even then, it's been super rare. I'm facing some extraordinary stimulation here, to say the least! I guess maybe I should throw all I know out the window.

The two nude bombshells eagerly waited for him to recover. They were still wearing one last remnant of their flight attendant outfits: the handkerchiefs around their necks. The only reason they still had those on was because they didn't get in the way and had been forgotten. They quickly undid those and tossed the last vestiges of their outfits on the floor.

With that accomplished, Maggie looked to Debra's face and saw some cum on one of her cheeks where Nick had first blasted her before she took him in her mouth. There was more dribbling down her chin. She pointed out, "You have some cum on you."

Debra felt her face carefully, and said, "Ewww. I guess I should clean that off." She got up and found more scraps from their earlier flight attendant outfit alterations. She came back with one for herself, and she handed another one to Maggie. "Here. I know you like the cum on you, with is SO WEIRD! But it's been there a while and it must be getting gross, even for you."

Maggie felt her face and realized that the cum was starting to dry out and get crusty. So she took the scrap and cleaned her face while Debra cleaned her own.

As they did that, Nick was so tired that he moved to the bed and laid back on it with his eyes closed.

Maggie said to Debra, "You seem to be a lot more enthusiastic than earlier. Are you having fun?"

Debra snorted. "Are you kidding me?! This is totally great! I'm having so much fun that it's downright BIZARRE! I mean, cocksucking isn't supposed to be actually enjoyable. When I do it with Devon or anyone else, it's just something I have to put up with for a minute or two to get him fully erect so he can fuck me some more. But with Nick, it's, like, it's as fun as fucking. I still don't get it."

Maggie shrugged. "I don't quite get it either, but I completely agree with you. Do you want to do it some more?"

"Oh yeah! Definitely!" Debra ostentatiously licked her lips and smiled one of her glowing smiles.

Maggie thought with a curious viciousness, I'll bet you do, Cockbreath! I can't undo the fact that you took my son's virginity, but maybe I can knock your sneaky ass down to size by getting your hooked on being his cum-guzzling personal cocksucker! That would serve you right!

She dismissed that thought as being illogical and counterproductive. Wait. Wait. We're trying to get her LESS interested in doing that. Ungh! I must be losing my mind!

Maggie tried a different tack. She asked Debra slightly teasingly, "But weren't you getting too tired?"

"That's true," Debra admitted. "That is a problem. But maybe if we alternate with titfucking and him doing some cunnilingus, plus taking turns, we could go a long time. Pretty much for hours, so long as his cock holds out!"

That sounded good to Maggie too. But she tried to remember who she was dealing with, and the problems of sharing with Debra. She asked, "What about Devon though?"

Debra shrugged. "He's not downstairs, so who cares?"

"Don't you feel guilty cheating on him?"

Debra replied in a blasé fashion. "Nah. We don't have a lovey-dovey relationship. That's not what we're about at all. He cheats on me and I cheat on him, and we both know it, and we're cool with that. He's just a guy I'm going out with until someone better comes along, and he knows it. Speaking of which..." She looked at Nick curiously.

Maggie's friendly demeanor suddenly changed. She pointed a finger aggressively at Debra's face. "Don't even THINK it! He's taken! Doubly so! That's right, he's going out with me AND Hillary. And no, there's no room for a third."

Debra held up her hands defensively. "Okay, already! Sheesh! I didn't even say anything."

"No, but you were thinking it, weren't you?"

"I'll admit the idea crossed my mind. But I'll also admit that it probably wouldn't work out. Nick and I don't seem to click, except sexually."

"GOOD!" Maggie said emphatically. "You two are very different kinds of people. Anyone can see that. So don't even try to befriend him. What's happening here is a special sort of exception."

She thought about how to explain that. The truth was that she was playing for time until she and Hillary could figure out how to take away the power of the secrets that Debra knew. But she couldn't say that to Debra, obviously.

Instead, she said, "We did kind of promise you a rematch yesterday, so consider this the rematch. I'm soft hearted. But Hillary, she's not at all. I'd be afraid to even propose the rematch idea with her, unless you liked how she picked you up and carried you around."

Debra blanched. "No! Definitely not!"

"Then enjoy having fun with Nick and me while you can, because this is it. Luckily for you, Hillary was supposed to come to the party but she didn't show up. You'd be a fool to let her or anyone else know this even happened."

Debra had no intention whatsoever of stopping with Nick after tonight. She was having way too much fun! But she figured this wasn't the time or place to make her true intentions known. She ran a finger across her lips as if zipping them up. "My lips are sealed."


The two women were tense after that, and they both chose to close their eyes and rest by leaning against Nick's legs and/or the side of the bed rather than continuing to talk.

After a few minutes, Nick sat back up and looked down at them. But he immediately had to close his eyes again, because seeing them both naked and on their knees between his legs wasn't helping his cock recover.

His penis had gone half flaccid while he was resting, but looking at their stunning beauty made it as stiff as can be in very quick order.

They had their eyes closed and seemed to be resting contentedly. He almost hated to interrupt them, but he was raring to go again.

He cleared his throat to get their attention, causing them to open their eyes and look up at him.

He was staggered by their naked voluptuous beauty yet again. But it was the cock-hungry looks in their eyes that was the real killer. He had to suppress the urge to groan loudly.

Maggie smiled at him and asked, "How are you doing, Sport?"

"Pretty damn great, I must say," he replied with an even bigger smile. "And how are you, fine ladies?"

Debra said excitedly, "We're raring to go!" She looked to Maggie for confirmation. "Right?"

Maggie nodded and grinned at her.

He said, "Okay, let's keep going with the game. But first, we should kind of take stock of how things are going so far. Now, mind you, the blowjob round isn't over yet, but at this point, I'd have to say that Maggie is in the lead. However, her lead is a fairly narrow one."

That last comment didn't really reflect his opinion, but he wanted to encourage Debra. If nothing else, he didn't want her complaining again about being cheated.

"YES!" Debra triumphantly pumped a fist in the air.

He was surprised. "Hold your horses. Didn't you hear me say that Maggie is the one in the lead?"

"I did. But to even be close is a pretty big victory for me. I can tell that she's, like, a super good cocksucker."

He smiled, and reached down towards Maggie. To his surprise, she took his hand and brought it to her face. She bunched two of his fingers together and started sucking on them.

That blew his mind all over again, especially considering the sultry look she was giving him. Her eyes were telling him how much she wanted to suck his cock some more even more than the sexy way she was sucking his fingers.

"See?!" Debra pointed out. "This is what I have to contend with. I never would have thought of that. And I can't match that look in her eyes. You two are really into each other."

"That's true," he said proudly. "But, that said, I've been impressed with your enthusiasm too. So that's one point in your favor. The other is that you've been really cooperative. And yet you've got a competitive spirit too. For instance, you're obviously eager to win, but you helped fondle my balls during Maggie's turns. That's pretty cool. I'm really impressed with your overall attitude."

Debra beamed so much that she was practically glowing. She admitted, "Yeah, I know, it's weird. To be brutally honest, I'm not normally like this. Partly, I was doing that because you said cooperating would help us win. But also, I'm just really getting into having fun with your cock and your balls! I mean, when it's Maggie's turn, I don't want to stop, but I don't want to get in her way, so that seems like the thing to do."

He nodded approvingly. "It is." He looked to Maggie, who was looking disappointed, even as she kept sucking his fingers. "Now, Maggie, I have to say that you're doing really well too. You're beating Debra with your talent AND your sheer enthusiasm. Plus, you're good at sharing too. But I've come to expect a sky high standard from you, whereas I have to reward Debra for such obvious improvement in a short time. She even swallowed my load when I know she's kind of grossed out about that kind of thing. So I'd have to say that it's close at this point. Maggie, it's true that you're currently winning, but anything still can happen."

Debra's competitive instincts were fired up after hearing she was that close to winning. "Well, fuck! Let's keep going then! It's my turn next, right?" She ostentatiously licked her long tongue all the way around her lips, twice.

But Maggie protested, "I think it's my turn. Isn't it?"

In fact, both women had lost track of whose turn it was, especially since they'd licked his shaft together last time. But Nick's talk and seeing his raging hard-on had them focused on winning again, so they quickly worked it out.

Debra took her turn next. Her enthusiasm was barely dimmed because of the break. She engulfed him without too much trouble and managed to bob on him without shedding any tears. She considered that significant progress.

But Nick's dick had a good break while he was resting, so she had a long ways to go to get him as worked up as he'd been just prior to his last orgasm. Furthermore, he decided to keep the turns shorter than before. She was downright disappointed when he called time after only two minutes and said it was Maggie's turn.

Maggie was determined not to be bested. She didn't realize that he was only saying that the competition was close for diplomatic reasons. She'd licked his balls during Debra's turn so she could win points for being cooperative. Then, when her turn started, she engulfed her son's cockhead and got to bobbing with great suction while also using her tongue. She did her best to go above and beyond anything she'd done to him before.

Debra too wanted to be seen as fully cooperative, so she licked his balls during Maggie's turn. This set a pattern that the two of them would assist during the other woman's turn, usually by doing something pleasurable to his balls or his lower shaft.

After Debra started bobbing with her next turn, while Maggie still licked and fondled his balls, Nick thought, Holy crap, this is great! This competition idea is awesome. It makes them both so eager. Man, I can't believe this is really happening to me! For some reason, I keep thinking of those guys downstairs, playing video games and snorting lines of coke. I've never used that drug and I'm not gonna start, but I'll bet anything this feels way better than that drug, or any other drug! Shit! I'm on such a winning streak lately that I can't believe it.

Even bad things are turning out good. Yeah, it kind of sucks that Debra pressured us into this, but for the long term. In the short term, it totally rocks! She's such a sexy fox, and she's getting better at cocksucking literally by the minute! I never would have imagined that the whole fake girlfriend thing would work out THIS well!

Each woman took another turn on his shaft. Nick figured he wasn't anywhere near having to cum yet, and nobody had anywhere else to be. His plan was to keep alternating relatively short cocksucking turns until either Maggie or Debra started to show signs of getting tired, and then they'd switch to something else, such as titfucks or cunnilingus. He was truly looking forward to going down on the two women, but he thought he'd need to get Maggie extremely worked up first before she'd agree to it.

Debra had just started her next turn when the three of them heard the distant sound of Hillary calling out from somewhere not far away. "Maggie? Nick? Hello? Are you there?"

Nick and Maggie immediately looked to Debra with alarm.

Debra pulled her lips off Nick's boner. She whispered, "Oh shit! What should I do!"

Nick looked around frantically. He didn't want Hillary to find them like this. She would go ballistic first and only ask questions later. He saw the wide open closet door where they'd gotten the flight attendant uniforms. He whispered to Debra, "Quick! Into the closet! Hide there for as long as it takes!"

"Okay!" Debra was petrified. She had visions of Hillary picking her up and tossing her across the room like a strong farmer tossing bales of hay. She quickly got up. Then she remembered her uniform scattered on the floor, and picked it up.

Maggie was very nearly as worried as Debra was. She belatedly realized she'd been enjoying pleasuring Nick's cock with Debra way too much, instead of figuring out a way to get rid of her before long. She helped gather up Debra's uniform. As she did so, she whispered, "Hurry! Hurry!"

Debra nodded. Her eyes were bugged out and her heart was racing wildly. She quietly but quickly scurried to the closet after taking some of the uniform from Maggie's hands. She quietly closed the door behind her.

Just as she did that, Hillary called out again, from much closer this time. "Nick? Maggie?"

Nick looked to Maggie for confirmation. When she nodded at him, he braced himself, and then shouted, "Hillary? We're in here. Let me unlock the door."

He stood up to open the door. His heart was racing wildly, just like Maggie's and Debra's. As he walked to the door, he thought, Damn! I totally forgot about Hillary. I thought for sure that she wasn't coming. We need to get her away from here, and quick, before Debra blows her cover!

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, lew54321, BDGV, GWB, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.