Chapter 60: Threesome Fun (Sunday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Nick went to the door. His heart was beating fast, and for once it was more from fear than arousal. But he told himself, Everything will be fine. Debra's safe inside the closet. There's no way Hillary can figure that out, nor would she want to go in there. We can tell Hillary we're hungry and want to go get dinner, and then Debra can sneak out undetected. No problem.

We'll have to tell her something about our "troubles" with Debra today, but later. Break it to her gently.

He was suddenly very conscious of the fact that he was wearing nothing but a T-shirt, but as long as it was Hillary at the door, and she was alone, he didn't see the need to put on any more clothes. He asked through the door, "is that you, Hillary?"

Hillary replied, "Of course it's me! Hurry up and open the door. I can wait to see you and Maggie. She's there too, right?"

"She is. Are you alone?"

"Yes, I'm alone. Now, open the door already!"

Nick had wanted answers to his questions, but he also was stalling for time, so Maggie could get ready. While he was talking through the door, Maggie hastily picked up her own flight attendant uniform and the left over scraps they'd made.

Although it wasn't strictly necessary, she hid all of those things in a cabinet drawer just so there wouldn't be any questions about the uniform that could lead to more difficult to answer questions. It had independently occurred to both Nick and Maggie that if Hillary saw the sexy flight attendant outfit, she might want to dress up in one of her own. That would logically lead her to look for another one in the closet, and she would almost certainly find Debra hiding in there.

Plus, she also picked up Debra's bikini as well as her own. Although Hillary would have had been very unlikely to know one of them was Debra's, it was still best not to have her see them and wonder why two bikinis had been left on the floor. She had to hide Debra's too.

Nick waited a couple more seconds while Maggie finished cleaning up. To further stall for time, he said, "Just a sec. As you may well imagine, we aren't exactly decent."

Hillary said mirthfully, "I was hoping you'd say that. But don't you dare get decent for me!"

He chuckled. "Don't worry about that." He glanced behind him and saw Maggie standing there naked. She smiled at him and gave him the thumbs up sign. She looked so good standing there with her all-over tan and voluptuous curves, that he actually gasped out loud, and his erection twitched like it was a living creature.

He could never get over just how hot and sexy his mother was. He particularly loved the sight of cum trickling down her inner thighs, plus some cum and/or drool still on her face that had leaked down her chin. He loved that she was proud of showing herself to Hillary like this. Certainly, she at least was aware of the streaks down her chin, and she deliberately failed to wipe herself clean.

He double checked to make sure his T-shirt was pulled down over his boner, just to be extra careful.

Finally, he unlocked and opened the door.

Hillary came rushing in, straight into his arms. "Oh, Nick! I'm so sorry it took me so long." She bumped into his erection right away, and laughed. Within seconds, she had one arm wrapped around his back and a hand on his boner.

She glanced at Maggie standing a few feet behind, long enough to notice that she was completely naked. "Hi, Maggie!"

But nothing more was said, because Nick and Hillary started French kissing. Mere seconds later, Hillary had his T-shirt up above his privates so she could jack him off without any hindrance.

Maggie looked on with amusement. Hillary was fully dressed in "normal" clothing, probably the same clothes that she'd worn on Spencer's yacht. But only a second or two after Nick locked lips with her, both of his hands got busy taking Hillary's clothes off. Maggie chuckled at his strange need to have his women completely naked as much as possible.

She also snickered at the way Hillary was already energetically stroking his erection. She was amused, but also very satisfied. Aaaah! Now, THAT'S a sight that warms my heart. Hillary knows she doesn't have a normal girlfriend relationship with him and she never will. She's his slut! And she's behaving like a good slut should!

After a few more moments of staring, Maggie noticed that Hillary had been in such a rush that she didn't completely close the door behind her. So she walked around them, closed the door the rest of the way, and made sure to lock it.

She thought, That's good I caught that. But now that's not only locking us in, it's locking Debra in! We're going to need to do something about that soon. What if she coughs, or gets all horny and moans or screams? Talk about creating an awkward situation! I shudder to even think about it! I think Hillary would forgive us eventually, if only because she'd direct most of her ire towards Debra, but it would not be pretty.

After a minute or so of very satisfying kissing with Nick, Hillary had to stop the necking and briefly disengage because Nick was struggling to successfully pull her shirt over her head. While she assisted him with that, she said, "I'm SO sorry for being so very late! And I'm sorry for not calling too."

Nick asked her, "What happened? And by the way, Maggie, can you help me get Hillary the way nature intended her?"

Maggie chuckled. "Sure." Nick already had Hillary bare from the waist up, but Hillary's skirt and panties were stuck part way down her legs, and she had her shoes and socks on too. Maggie got down on her knees and started by taking Hillary's shoes off.

Hillary sighed about her delay. "It's a long story. I'd rather kiss and stroke and suck than talk, so can I just give you the short version now?"

"Sure," he replied. Figuring that Hillary would be doing most of the talking for a while, he hunched over and started sucking on one of her erect nipples. He also held both of her enormous and newly bared F-cups, and lightly caressed them too.

Hillary squealed with delight in response to his attentions. "Oooh! This is the kind of thing I've been waiting all day for! Well, that, plus this." She squeezed his cock to show what she meant, and then she went back to stroking it. "Gaawwwd, I've missed this so much!"

She looked down as if talking to his cock, although she couldn't actually see any of it due to the way her huge melons were sticking out, with his head and hands all over them. She directly asked his hard-on, instead of him, as she lovingly stroked it with both hands, "Has Maggie been taking good care of you?"

He laughed. "She's been taking VERY good care of him, and me too. We've been having our own party in this room for the last hour or so."

Hillary asked in a teasing voice, like a chiding parent asking if their child broke a curfew, "Has there been cocksucking?"

Maggie joyfully replied before he could. "You damn well better believe it! So much sucking! Can you see it on my chin?"

Hillary looked to Maggie's chin and saw the cum and drool there. She laughed some more. "All right! I love it! But I'm so late that I'm disappointed that I don't see multiple loads splattered all over your face and chest!"

Maggie said, "That's because you know how long it takes him to cum. He's only cum twice. You should have been here just a little while ago. I had to wipe my face clean because the cum was drying up."

"Awwww!" Hillary pouted.

He went back to licking around one of her nipples while continuing to caress her globes with both hands. Oh, man! How do I let myself get distracted with Debra at all? Debra's a perfect ten, but Hillary is off the scale. And she's smart and fun and has a heart of gold. I can't risk this by having Debra hiding in a closet, but what am I supposed to do? These weird things with Debra keep happening to me!

He happened to be positioned so he could turn his head just enough to glance at the closet door. He was distressed to see that it was closed nearly all the way. Last he'd checked, seconds before opening the door to the hallway to let Hillary in, it had been completely closed. Damn! What the hell is Debra thinking?! Does she want to get caught?! I'll bet she has a sneaky side to her and she wants to listen in. Hell, I don't have to bet, I know from what she's done to me yesterday and today!

He made a mental note to make sure nothing incriminating was said. (However, he wasn't sure what that might be, since Debra knew so much already, and what she didn't know he generally couldn't tell Hillary either.)

He'd meant to prod Hillary to explain what happened with Spencer, but he was so carried away having fun with her nipples and her round tits that he forgot.

Luckily, Hillary was keen to explain herself, so she didn't need prodding, so long as their mutual fondling kept going. She said, "Anyway, the yacht had some engine trouble. We were stuck in open water for far too long. And we were out of cell phone range. Once we finally did get back into range, it turned out my cell phone had gone dead anyway, and Spencer's had too. It was like the perfect storm of problems. I'm REALLY sorry. But at least I'm here now, right? We can still have lots of fun, can't we?"

Nick pulled his lips off Hillary's stiff nipple long enough to say, "Sure we can. But I find the engine trouble highly suspicious."

"You don't trust me?"

"I don't trust HIM! Did you end up having dinner with him on his yacht?"

"It's his parents' yacht, but yeah, I did. People still need to eat, you know." She sighed contentedly as she stroked his cock in a counter-clockwise direction with one hand while tickling his sweet spot with her other one. His shaft was getting slippery with pre-cum already, and she loved when that happened.

"We haven't eaten dinner yet," Nick pointed out. "It's not THAT late. You must have had an early dinner. And I'll bet you ate with just Spencer, in candlelight, with a gorgeous view of the ocean and the stars."

Hillary looked abashed as she realized all of that had happened. "Yeah, I have to admit that's all true. How did you know that?"

He stood all the way back up, since he was being forced to talk too much to keep sucking or licking Hillary's nipples consistently. "Because he's trying to seduce you, of course! Did he kiss you on the lips at some point, or make any other kind of move on you?"

He brought his hands to her fantastic bare ass, since her tits pressed tightly against his T-shirt after he stood up straight, making it hard to fondle much there.

Hillary looked down in embarrassment. "He did, actually, when it came time to say good-bye. At least, he was aiming for my lips. But I turned my head and made him kiss my cheek instead. And that's ALL that happened! I swear! I didn't even let him hug me!"

Nick possessively kneaded and squeezed Hillary's bare ass cheeks some more. "Good. But mark my words, he's trouble! He's out to get you and seduce you. This is just the start of his charm campaign, I'm sure."

Hillary continued to stroke Nick's cock with one hand. She had her other arm around his back at the moment, to pull him in closer. Maggie had just finished taking the rest of her clothes off, so Hillary wrapped a leg around one of Nick's in a sexy manner.

She stated emphatically, "He can try all he wants, but I swear to you that he's not going to get anywhere with me. I belong to YOU! I'm YOUR girlfriend! One of your girlfriends, I mean. And a gloriously naked one, I'm happy to say. Thank you, Maggie." She smiled widely at Maggie for helping to get the rest of her clothes off.

Maggie, who was standing within arm's reach, smiled back. "No sweat. I figure I'd better help take them off before he tears them into shreds."

The two hotties chuckled knowingly at that.

Nick thought, It's ironic and hypocritical that I get so upset about Hillary possibly kissing Spencer, when I've just spent the last hour getting my cock sucked by Maggie AND Debra! Shit! Okay, it's way worse than hypocritical, if there's an even stronger word for it. I could and will argue that it's a very different kind of thing since we were basically blackmailed into it, but still, it's bad. This stuff with Debra has GOT to stop!

He forced himself not to glance at the closet. Too much looking in that direction could make Hillary suspicious. He silently sighed to himself. At the very least, I need to give Hillary more slack about a kiss on the cheek or a hug, given what I've been doing with Debra! Sheesh! And at the same time, I've gotta deal with Spencer in some other way, before matters get worse.

Ironically, Debra and I have done everything, but she's no real threat because she's not even close to girlfriend material. Whereas Spencer and Hillary have done nothing, but he IS a real threat because he's ideal boyfriend material!

Hillary looked from Maggie back to Nick, and leaned in to kiss him some more.

However, Nick tilted his head out of range. As he did that, he said, "No offense. I'm dying to kiss you some more. But I think Maggie needs a big kiss too, for her help just now. And because I'm sure she missed you."

Hillary's face lit up. "Oh! Great idea!" Nick completely disengaged, allowing Hillary to turn to Maggie and wrap her arms around her back.

Hillary directed all her attention at Maggie and said, "I hope you did miss me, because I sure missed you!"

Maggie was flustered, since she wasn't expecting any of this. But she didn't have time to protest, because Hillary locked lips with her.

From that moment on, the two raving beauties were transported to another world. Maggie was worried to show too much "lesbian" affection for Hillary, since she was fairly certain that Debra would be peeking on them from the closet. But within seconds, she forgot all about that and let her passions run wild with Hillary.

With her hands freed from Nick, Hillary pulled Maggie in so close that it was like she was trying to squeeze the air out of her. Soon, her hands went down to Maggie's ass cheeks, just as Maggie's hands went to her ass cheeks.

The two of them didn't even try to maintain a pretense that they were "just" kissing, because it wasn't long before they were concentrating as much on rubbing their huge racks together as locking lips and tongue dueling.

Nick stood back and lightly stroked his boner as he watched. WOW! That's the ultimate vision of two tanned and naked perfect bodies. Seriously, it doesn't get any better than this. How can their lips even meet with that much boob in between them?! I'm so blessed!

I don't know which one is more beautiful. Heck, that's a stupid question in the first place, because they're both beyond beautiful. I swear, they almost make Debra look ordinary. God, just look at their flawless all-over tans, and the way their hands are sliding all over their silky skin!

I suppose that some other people might say Debra is as beautiful as they are. But not to me, because I love them so very much, and I don't even like her. True, I lust for her in a weird way, but even that is a couple of notches below how much I lust after my two dream girls! Gaawwwd! I'm so fucking horny right now! I'm going to have to stop stroking myself or I'm going to cum!

He was so overwhelmed by lust and love that he couldn't stand by and watch. He stepped forward and wrapped his arms around both of them at once. It was meant as more of a loving hug than an attempt to get sexual with them. He simply couldn't keep away from them.

Hillary and Maggie could feel the love coming from him, and so they very much appreciated his joining in. Hillary was pleasantly surprised, because she was only starting to truly understand how strong his feelings for her were. She loved kissing Maggie, but she was so moved by his gesture that she broke that kiss and kissed him instead.

However, Maggie didn't feel left out. She still had Hillary's awesome body to play with, including their continued tit rubbing, and she started stroking Nick's cock too. That was a combination that put her on cloud nine.

Then it was her turn to kiss Nick, so she did. But that didn't last long, because the kiss between Nick and Hillary ended and she found herself kissing Hillary some more.

The three of them continued like this for several minutes. They traded kisses randomly, as their passions dictated. It was the same with their hands and bodies. Hillary and Maggie made sure that at least one of them had a hand stroking Nick's cock at all times, and often they were both stroking him, or at least playing with his balls, at the same time.

But that was just one attraction in a bounty of delightful sexual temptations. The two busty beauties were just as attracted to each other, and of course Nick's hands explored everywhere as well.

So far, in all the intimate interactions between Maggie and Hillary, Maggie was being very careful not to touch Hillary's pussy, and Hillary was trying to respect that and maintain the same policy in return. That effort continued.

But Nick no longer felt such a limitation with either of them. In fact, he was especially interested in playing with their pussies since he'd been denied the chance to do that until recently. At times, he had fingers in their slits at the same time.

The three of them grew so passionate that it was truly as if they were all but fucking while standing up. Nick's three-way hug started out mostly loving, but it became very lusty too. This was so true that the three of them tended to forget who was doing what and what the rules were. As a result, there were times when Maggie played with Hillary's clit or pussy lips a little bit, or when Hillary did the same to her.

Maggie didn't even realize what she was doing until she mentally woke up as if from a deep sleep and realized that she somehow had just pushed two fingers into Hillary's slit! Furthermore, she felt Nick pulling on one of her nipples, and that was very okay, and he was stroking her wet pussy lips with a couple of fingers, and that was perfectly fine with her too. But there were fingers from a third hand lightly tugging on her clitoris, which meant that had to be Hillary's hand.

She thought, SHIT! That's not supposed to be happening! What's going on here?! She belatedly pulled her fingers out of Hillary's cunt. I've never even TOUCHED another woman's pussy before, and look what I'm doing now. This is so wrong! Anushka would be pissed.

However, as distraught as Maggie was, she knew that she was so very aroused that she was likely to go back to playing with Hillary's clit if the three-way fun continued. Plus, she didn't know how to get Hillary to stop playing with her clit without having to ruin the great mood the three of them were sharing.

So, instead of talking, which would include admitting the pussy touching violations, she decided to force any such touching to stop by dropping to her knees in front of her son. That was certainly no hardship, because she loved sucking his cock, especially when she shared the experience with Hillary. She started licking his cockhead right away.

But as she did so, she said to Hillary up above, "Nick's cock monster misses your sweet lips. Do you miss him? Here, let me warm him up for you." She engulfed his cockhead and started bobbing on it.

Hillary had been loving the three-way kissing and fondling, especially since she'd been able to touch Maggie's clit and pussy lips for the first time. (As before, her attitude was that if Maggie was doing it to her, she could do it back.) But when she looked down and saw Maggie's lips sliding back and forth on Nick's thickness, as well as her cheeks sunken in with great suction, she had a new craving. She was suddenly so hungry for cock that she started salivating like mad.

She dropped down to her knees next to Maggie, wrapping one arm around her back. She reached out and fondly slid her fingers on the soaked inches that were out of reach of Maggie's talented mouth.

She purred, "Oh, Nick! I missed this SO much! You may think Spencer is handsome, and he is, but I swear, most of the time I was with him today, I was thinking about THIS! Kneeling naked next to Maggie and taking turns bobbing on your cock monster!"

She giggled at the "cock monster" nickname, which she thought was both silly and accurate. She'd heard Maggie use it from time to time, and she decided she wanted to use it more too.

Maggie suddenly pulled off. She continued to hold and stroke his fat pole, but she turned to look at Hillary. She couldn't resist licking his fat knob some more, but after a few seconds she pointed it towards Hillary's lips. "Here! I've been thinking about this moment much of the day too. Even though I've been bobbing on it a lot today, I've just been keeping it warm for this. It's five times as much fun with the two of us!"

Hillary nodded. "Ten times!" Her head drew in closer, as if she was mesmerized. She stuck her tongue out and closed her eyes in sweet bliss.

But before she could start licking, Nick suddenly staggered backwards.

During the three-way hug, he'd completely forgotten about the fact that Debra was hiding in the closet nearby. But now that he was the only one still standing, he happened to look towards the closet and saw Debra's face peeking out. Although it had probably grown dark outside (he couldn't tell, since the room didn't have any windows), the room was well-lit from the overhead light, and he was surprised at how easily he could see Debra's face. Clearly, she had been both watching and listening with fascination, and in the process of doing so she'd carelessly let the closet door open wider. He could even see some of her naked body, enough to notice that her visible arm seemed to be angled down towards her pussy.

Seeing Debra had freaked him out and got his excited heart racing even faster. He had been relieved that Debra noticed him, because as a result she withdrew deeper into the darkness of the closet so he couldn't any sign of her anymore. She also had closed the door back to how it had been before, with a crack of just an inch or two.

However, he had realized, Yeah, the door is mostly closed for now, but how long will that last?! Debra isn't likely to be careful for long. She's got nothing better to do in the closet than watch us and play with herself. It'll be a lucky thing if she manages not to make enough noise to get discovered by Hillary! Plus, with the way the three of us are situated in the middle of the room, it will be pure luck if Hillary doesn't look to the closet eventually. I've got to relocate this whole thing before a double blowjob gets started!

This had all taken place within the span of only a few moments, and that was the reason he'd disengaged.

As he staggered backwards, he said to Hillary and Maggie, "Wait! Before you do that, let me at least sit down on the bed and get comfortable."

His kneeling bombshells smiled at that idea, because him getting comfortable suggested a prolonged sucking session.

Hillary said, "Okay, but hurry! It sounds like I have a LOT of cocksucking to catch up on. I won't feel right until I have a face and chest full of cum!" Then she seductively sucked on two of her fingers while giving him her best "come hither" look.

Nick quickly moved to the bed, even as he gawked at that look and her enormous bare, tanned tits. Hot damn! Hillary! So fucking sexy!

He paused before sitting on the bed, because he had an important choice to make about what side of the bed to sit on. The easiest and nearest choice would be to sit on the side facing the door leading to the hallway. But that wouldn't be a strategic improvement from where they'd been standing. If he chose the side of the bed facing away from the closet, his back would be to the closet, and Maggie and Hillary would be facing it. That was bad for a variety of reasons, including the likelihood that Debra wouldn't be able to see much, and might dare to move into the room for a better view.

So instead he chose the side of the bed facing towards the closet. This brought him closer to the closet, so he sat looking right at it from only about five or six feet away. Getting that close was bad, due to the danger of Debra masturbating and/or panting too loudly, but he figured that was more than made up by the fact that Maggie and Hillary would be facing away from Debra. Plus, because he'd be looking right at the closet, he could keep an eye on Debra and hopefully somehow signal her if she got too loud or otherwise obvious.

Interestingly, his original plan to quickly get out of the room with the excuse to go get dinner was totally forgotten. It would have been the safe thing to do, and he even was quite hungry, but there was a sexual momentum that couldn't be stopped. Hillary, in particular, was ravenous to suck Nick's cock after being away from it all day. Clearly, there was no way she was going to let him leave before she had a chance to suck on it for a long while.

As soon as he sat down on the bed, Hillary and Maggie knelt in front of him, squeezing together between his legs.

Maggie put an arm around Hillary's bare back, and said, "Good idea, Sport. This is MUCH better." She turned to Hillary, and said to her. "I think this is just about my favorite thing to do, ever! Being with you, and slurping and gagging on his fat cock!"

"Definitely!" Hillary leaned in and French kissed Maggie again. Their bodies were still facing Nick with their heads turned for the kiss, so they couldn't do their usual tit rubbing. But within seconds, they each were caressing the other's hefty tits.

Maggie had thought briefly about Debra in the closet while Nick was making his move to the bed. She understood why he chose to sit on this side of the bed, and she was ready to play her part in distracting Hillary from Debra, if need be.

But then she started kissing and fondling Hillary, and she was transported back to a magical nirvana. That drove all thought of Debra out of her mind, at least for now.

Nick watched Maggie and Hillary kiss and fondle each other. WOW! I don't even need to take part or direct them to do that. If I lived for a thousand years, I don't think I'd ever stop feeling totally thrilled seeing my two great loves loving each other like this. He chuckled, because Maggie reached out without looking, found his stiff cock, and started stroking it. But her main attention was still on Hillary.

He sighed in satisfaction from the stimulation of Maggie's renewed handjob. Aaaah! This is even better! It's true I don't even need to take part, but this does feel much better. All right! Furthermore, I find it adorable that Ma pretty much can't keep her hands off my dick. She's not really doing much to it right now with her attention on Hillary, but it's like she just finds it comforting just to feel it slipping and sliding through her fingers.

He snickered out loud, because Hillary suddenly reached towards his crotch in exactly the same way Maggie had just done. And just like Maggie, she didn't open her eyes, but blindly fumbled around until she found his shaft. She felt Maggie's hand already there, but that didn't bother her in the slightest, and soon the two of them were stroking him together. However, that remained a side attraction to their main interest in kissing and fondling each other.

Nick felt his stomach grumble, and that took his thoughts in a new direction, even while he was flying high from erotic euphoria. What time is it? I've lost all track of time, but it has to be seven o'clock by now. It's definitely past dinner time. What happened to my idea to go to dinner to get Debra safely out of here? I know my two lovely dream girls are cock hungry, but I should at least give it a shot.

With that in mind, he cleared his throat to get attention. "Um, excuse me, ladies..."

They stopped kissing and looked up at him.

"It just occurred to me that I'm getting pretty hungry. I think I just heard my stomach grumble."

"Poor you," Hillary teased. Now that the kissing had been broken, her attention seemed to return to his cock, and in full force. She leaned forward and started licking his cockhead, even as she and Maggie continued to stroke his shaft. "Here, does this make you feel better?"

"Much. Thanks! But we really should go downstairs and eat something. Don't you agree, Maggie?"

Now that Hillary had her attention on his boner, and she even closed her eyes to concentrate on licking it, he wanted to nod knowingly towards the closet as a secret reminder to Maggie why going downstairs would be a good idea.

But before he could even finish saying "Don't you agree, Maggie," his mother already tilted her head forward too, and got busy licking his hard-on as well. In fact, she moved her hand from his shaft to his balls so there would be more room for both her and Hillary to lick. Clearly, she didn't catch on to his intention in wanting to leave the room now for strategic reasons.

As she licked his sweet spot, she said, "Son, er, Nick, I'm hungry too. But I'm MORE hungry for your cock than food. Don't you agree, Hillary?"

Nick noticed the "Son" mention. Fuuuuuck! I'm sure Debra heard that and took note. As if we don't have enough trouble convincing her that we're just role-playing the incest. Sheesh! And now she knows that Hillary knows. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but that's how it is now.

Hillary replied to Maggie, "Definitely! Can I?" She didn't need to spell out that she was eager to bob on Nick's cock.

"Please do," Maggie replied. She still had a hand on Hillary's nearest boob, and she gave Hillary's nipple a playful pinch.

Then Hillary chuckled. "'Son.' I can't get over how you two play those incest games. You're such freaks, but I mean that in the best possible way!" She laughed some more.

Nick thought, YES! Thank God! Hillary, I could kiss you! That was the perfect thing to say! And totally unscripted. What a lucky break! Debra will have noticed that, and it'll reinforce that we're only pretending, big time! YES!

Maggie noticed that too, and was also very glad. She didn't have much in the way of coherent thoughts about it though, because she was so cock-hungry.

Hillary still had a hand on Maggie's nearest boob, ever since their latest French kissing. She leaned in towards Maggie and licked her way around Maggie's erect nipple. She pulled back, and said with a naughty grin, "That's a hint of what I'm going to do to you later. But right now... I've been waiting far too many hours to do this!"

She craned her mouth open wide, and engulfed Nick's cockhead.

He groaned loudly and lustily. Not only did her lips feel fantastic, but she started sucking and sliding with great passion from the get-go, as if trying to make up for lost time. He closed his eyes and clenched his teeth, and tried his best to "endure" the tremendous pleasure.

Maggie sat back to watch. She took her hand off Hillary's boob, but kept a hand around the base of Nick's cock to help hold it in place - and stroke it some. She exclaimed to Hillary, "You go, girl!"

Maggie felt chills and thrills running up and down her spine just from watching Hillary's bobbing head. Incredible! I love this so much! I really meant it when I said this is five times as great as sucking him by myself, but it IS more like ten. It was fun sharing with Debra, but doing it with Hillary is an entirely different thing. Look at the love and the passion she's showing! Look at those sunken cheeks. That means she's got a tight seal and she's practically sucking his cock right off!

Debra's never done that, I'm sure. She can barely even lick and suck at the same time. Amateur!

Maggie reached out and ran her hand-over Hillary's firm tummy. She slid her hand down, dangerously close to Hillary's clit, right over where Hillary's bush would have been. But she pulled her hand back at the last second, remembering that she wasn't supposed to touch her there.

Then she ran her hand up Hillary's tummy some more, exploring her hips and sides as well. This is incredible too! My son sure knows how to pick 'em! I'm not bisexual, but if there ever was a woman who could tempt me, it would be Hillary! So fit and flawless! AND she's sucking his cock like her life depends on it! God, look at her go!

Maggie's attention went from Hillary's body back to Hillary's bobbing head. But her hand continued to roam up to the underside of Hillary's great globes. Mmmm... I love the feel of these hefty puppies. Hillary is turning me into a tit lover. There's going to be a lot of titfucking tonight, that's for sure! Of my rack AND hers!

She let go of Nick's boner because she needed two hands to push Hillary's tanned tits together. Aaaah, yes! So fuckin' HUGE! Look at that. Debra has a nice rack, but Hillary's are TWICE as large! Nick's fat cock monster is going to plow right through all that titty bounty, while I lean in from the side, swallow his fat knob, and bob on it until he covers the both of us with a sticky, pearly cum bath!

Despite being coherent enough to occasionally think about Debra's sexual skills, Maggie was too horny to carefully think through Nick's suggestion about going to dinner now, and thus hopefully getting rid of the Debra-in-the-closet problem. Maggie remained vaguely aware that Debra was in the closet only about five feet behind her and almost certainly watching and masturbating, but she figured that was something they'd just have to put up with for a while.

Besides, she kind of got off on the thought of Debra watching. She hoped that Debra would be awed and daunted seeing how a "real" double blowjob was done. In her current extremely horny mindset, she thought it would be a fitting punishment if Debra's desire for Nick grew and grew, but all Debra could do was watch and want without ever actually being allowed to play with Nick and his exceptionally thick cock again. She was too hot and bothered to think through how that approach could just make the problem with Debra even worse.

However, Nick still had the Debra problem very much on his mind. He'd had his eyes closed and his teeth clenched as he frantically squeezed his PC muscle, because the erotic pleasure he was experiencing was beyond intense. But after he somehow survived the initial surge of Hillary's cocksucking without shooting his load, he opened his eyes and took a peek at the closet door right in front of him.

Just as he'd feared, he could see Debra's head peeking through the slightly opened door. To make matters worse, she'd opened the door a few inches wider, like she'd done before, so she could easily see all the action instead of just peeking with one eye through a crack an inch or two wide.

He couldn't believe the absurdity of the situation when she noticed he was looking at her and they made eye contact. Instead of expressing alarm or shame, she smiled widely with her extremely winning smile. That was the smile that would probably put her on the cover of fashion magazines before long. She even waved at him, and accidentally (or not so accidentally) opened the closet door a little wider in the process.

Nick didn't know what to say or do. This is nuts! Debra is, like, RIGHT there! Hillary's so absorbed with sucking my cock that I could probably wave Debra to come closer so I could hold her hand right above Hillary's head if I wanted to. It would be totally insane, but I could do it.

Luckily, Hillary is slurping so loudly, plus the three of us are moaning and breathing heavily in general, that it would take a lot of noise for her to notice Debra is there. Still, people have a strange sixth sense about being stared at from behind. What if Hillary senses something and abruptly turns around?! How the hell would I explain THAT?!

Man, as much as I am LOVING this awesome double blowjob action, I have GOT to get out of here! I need to be more insistent about my dinner plan. Ma and I need to eat anyway, and that'll safely get rid of Debra. Even if she stubbornly stays in the closet for some stupid reason, I could come back ahead and make sure she leaves. Or, hell, we could go to a different room and lock and friggin' barricade the door. Anything is possible, once we manage to leave for dinner!

With that in mind, he cleared his throat again. "Um, ladies?" He looked down at Hillary's head and tried hard to pretend Debra wasn't there, also in his line of sight. "Hillary, I love what you're doing. Love, love, love it! But what if we have dinner and then come back and do this to our heart's content? We can sixty-nine and do all kinds of fun stuff. But we should probably eat first."

Neither Maggie nor Hillary replied at first. Hillary kept on steadily bobbing, while Maggie seemed perfectly content just to watch while idly playing with Hillary's boobs from the side.

But then, after a minute or more, Maggie finally looked up at him and said, "Good idea. But only AFTER we get you to cum. We're not in any big rush, right? I say fuck the party! This is where the real party is. Fuck hunger! Hillary NEEDS your cock, trust me. I know exactly how she feels."

Hillary couldn't speak, but she moaned in loud approval. That actually was precisely how she was feeling. She was grateful to Maggie for making the argument on her behalf.

Maggie added, "By the way, Hillary, did you know that Nick came twice since we got to the room, and he didn't go flaccid at all after EITHER time!"

Nick was disappointed because Maggie had totally shot down his argument. She had no idea about his plan to go downstairs in order to get rid of Debra, and he didn't know how to convey that to her. He thought about using hand gestures if she was looking up while Hillary was sucking with her eyes closed, but he couldn't figure out what gestures would successfully convey his message. To be honest, he was so very aroused from Hillary's cocksucking that it was remarkable he could think or talk at all.

Still, he made one more try. He asked, "I agree. Fuck the party. But why not eat now, to get it out of the way? I could use a long break now anyway, or I'm gonna cum!"

That was definitely true. He was squeezing his PC muscle constantly now, and he knew that if he let up at all, he'd cum right away.

Hillary pulled off his cock in order to respond coherently. She looked up at him while still licking his cockhead. "I totally agree with Maggie. I need this cock in my mouth! I've missed it! But do you really need to take a break?"

He looked at her incredulously. "Yeah?!" There was a questioning tone in his response, as if he was asking, "How could you doubt that after all your fantastic blowjob work?!"

She snickered. "Good!" She went back to licking right on his sweet spot. "I'd hate to think my work isn't being appreciated. Here, Maggie, help me out." She put an arm around Maggie's back and pulled her in close.

Maggie happily got busy licking on one side of his erection while Hillary licked on the other. Both of them were playing with their pussies too, so they were riding right on the edge of climax.

He was even more incredulous. FUUUUUCK! Too intense! I really am going to cum, Debra or no Debra! He spoke with increased urgency. "Did you not hear me?! I really need to cum! How is this helping?!"

Hillary replied, "I don't know. But it's fun! MMMM! Maggie, I don't know about you, but I want to do this every day from now on. Every day! The two of us together, kneeling naked side by side!"

Maggie replied as she licked, "Agreed! And we will! Maybe not every single day, but most days. This is heaven!"

Hillary moaned erotically. "Mmmm! It is!" She'd been monopolizing Nick's sweet spot, but Maggie was trying to move in to that very favorite spot of hers. Hillary let her, but then she licked up to and all over Maggie's tongue. The two of them had a brief open-mouthed tongue duel of sorts before they started jointly licking his sweet spot.

Nick's eyes bugged out, both from seeing their tongues dance together over his cock, and then from their combined licking effort on his very most sensitive spot. He groaned desperately, and his eyes rolled back into his head. He was sure he'd be cumming in seconds, since they weren't heeding his warning.

But Maggie was getting very attuned to his different moans and other noises, and she could tell from his latest sounds that he was very close to the edge indeed.

So she suddenly pulled off and French kissed Hillary instead. She turned towards Hillary and wrapped both of her arms around her, forcing Hillary to move her head well away from Nick's crotch.

Hillary had been holding the base of his shaft, and she continued to hold it and stroke it some. But nearly all of her attention and lust was diverted to kissing Maggie for the moment.

Nick closed his eyes and concentrated on breathing. He tried hard to completely clear his mind of sexy thoughts and images. After a minute or two of that, his orgasmic crisis more or less passed. Hillary was still giving him a pretty good handjob, but that was practically nothing compared to the double-tongued attack he'd been enjoying before.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, lew54321, BDGV, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.