Chapter 61: More Threesome Fun (Sunday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Nick slowly counted to ten, just to be on the safe side, and then opened his eyes. That was a big mistake! The first thing he noticed was the way Hillary and Maggie were kissing. Although they were still kneeling in front of him, they'd turned their upper torsos so they could rub their tits together in the way they loved to do so very much. Each naked bombshell beauty had her hands on the other one's rack, pushing the big tits together for more titty rubbing fun, as well as delighting in the fondling and caressing as well.

The urge to cum came surging back with a vengeance. He had to quickly look away before it was too much to bear. He actually felt dizzy in the head, almost entirely due to what he saw, with Hillary's distracted handjob a lovely afterthought.

But looking away from that titillating sight turned out to be another dangerous disaster because some part of him was curious about what Debra was doing, and he looked towards the closet door.

Not surprisingly, Debra was still watching and masturbating. She was being careful about not making any noise, because Nick hadn't heard anything suspicious from her direction at all. But she was being reckless about keeping the closet door mostly closed. It was open wider than ever before, so much so that he could see a good portion of her body as well as her face. At least the lighting meant Debra was hard to see due to the darkness of the closet.

Then their eyes locked. Debra's face was flushed, and she smiled with a "come hither and fuck me" look when she saw that Nick was looking at her. Then she pushed the door all the way open!

Nick held his breath, because the closet was so close that the door very nearly bumped into Hillary's foot as it swung wide. True, there was about half a foot of clearance, but that was far too close a call for him. He nearly had a heart attack!

What the hell is she thinking?! Does she WANT to get caught?! Isn't she scared of Hillary?! Jesus H. Christ! Thank God Hillary is totally distracted making out with Ma and jacking me off.

He was forced to close his eyes again, because everything was too arousing. But curiosity about Debra got the best of him and he opened his eyes about a minute later. This time, he could see Debra's gloriously naked body from head to toe, and with much better lighting than before. She had a hand at her pussy, and three fingers digging deep into her slit. Her other hand was on her left breast, and she was giving her nipple there a good work-out. He was stunned all over again at how beautiful she was. He had to admit that she was definitely in the same elite league as both Maggie and Hillary, which was the highest compliment he could imagine.

When his eyes finally made it up to her face, her gaze locked on his and she gave him an even more passionate and sultry look. She even ostentatiously licked her lips for good measure. Then, as if that wasn't arousing enough, she looked down at his boner, which was "only" being jacked off by one of Hillary's hands. She brought her hand from her breast up to her face, and mimed as if she was sucking him off. She even pushed her tongue into the inner side of her cheek repeatedly, making it look as if his cockhead was causing her cheek to bulge out.

He had to close his eyes. Oh God! Fuck me! I'm so fucked! How is it possible that my two dream girls are in love with me now, and then Debra totally wants me on top of that?! If it was just a physical thing, I'd be all over her in a heartbeat, literally! But I have to remember her personality. She's an amoral airhead! She has no loyalty to her boyfriend, or anyone else. Sure, she's a great fuck, and she'd be an even better one if I fucked her when I was energetic and fully sober. And she's really getting into sucking my dick, and getting better at it all the time.

But, fuck me, man! Why would I ever need anyone more than Ma and Hillary?! They're my future - I hope! I have to keep my eyes on the prize: my two dream girls, forever! Debra's just a sexy flash in the pan that could ruin everything. I need to get her sexy ass out of my life!

Oh God. This is so crazy. I want her so bad! I want to fuck her so bad! But I want Ma and Hillary way, way more. I HAVE to find a way to get out of this.

He had an epiphany. Hey! If I just cum, that'll solve everything! Then we can go to dinner and get rid of Debra. Why didn't I think of that before? I should have cum five minutes ago, at least.

However, he considered his situation. Hillary still had a hand around his cock, but it was barely moving. It wouldn't make any sense for him to cum now, when he'd endured such great pleasures earlier. He didn't even feel a great cum-need at the moment. He would just have to wait until Maggie and/or Hillary directed their attention to his erection again.

He decided that in the meantime, he needed to reduce the danger of Debra being discovered. He opened his eyes and smiled at her.

That caused her to smile back, and with an even more wanton and lusty look. She was very, very good at those.

But he ignored that as best he could, even though it gave him butterflies in his stomach. He waved his hand in the air, trying to gesture for her to close her door.

Debra either didn't know what he wanted or pretended that she didn't. She kept on masturbating while giving him sexy stares and suggestively licking her lips.

With Hillary and Maggie passionately kissing each other with their eyes closed, he didn't have to worry much about them noticing, at least for a while. So he mimed closing a door, a couple of times. Even that didn't work. So he pointed at Hillary's head. Then he silently punched a fist into his open hand.

That message got through. Debra's eyes opened wide in alarm. No doubt, she was thinking about Hillary discovering her and then beating her up in an angry rage. She carefully and quietly closed the closet door until the gap was only as wide as her face.

Nick figured that was about the best he could possibly expect. If he tried to get her to close the door more, she'd probably just open it again that much before long, because she couldn't resist the temptation of watching.

He rued that her lack of intelligence was both a blessing and a curse. For instance, she wasn't smart enough to pick up on the clues that Maggie and Nick weren't just role-playing about being mother and son, and then doggedly pursue that until she found out the truth. But her failure to think things through meant that she often acted without considering the danger, as she was doing right now.

He was so frustrated at this that he sighed heavily. Man! What a clusterfuck. I'll be very lucky indeed if we can get out of her without Debra cumming loudly and thus revealing herself to Hillary. Or doing some other totally stupid thing. Ugh!

He hadn't meant to, but that sigh made Hillary and Maggie turn their attention back to him. They broke their kissing.

Hillary smiled up at him, and said, "It looks like someone has had enough of a break."

To everyone's surprise, including her own, Maggie said to Hillary, "Excuse me, but I really need this!" Then she lurched forward and engulfed Nick's cock in her mouth.

Hillary chuckled. "That's okay. I can relate." She continued to hold and stroke the lower part of Nick's boner with one hand. She put her free hand on Maggie's back, and lovingly stroked Maggie's medium-length blonde hair.

Once Maggie had a good cocksucking rhythm going, Hillary cooed close to her ear, "That's it! Suck that fat motherfucker! Gag on that fat cock monster!"

Maggie loved that kind of language. She went deeper on her next bobs, enough to audibly gag a little bit.

Hillary was delighted. "That's it! Normally, I'm not for demeaning talk. Nick, if you ever call me your 'sex pet' or something like that, I'll strangle you. I had a boyfriend who tried to call me his 'pet' once, and let's just say he didn't stay my boyfriend long after that. But, that said, I'm getting off on the idea that Maggie and I are your 'sluts,' your cock-hungry, cocksucking sluts!"

Nick didn't say anything, but he thought back to last night when he'd been alone with Debra and Debra had seemingly reveled in "sex pet" talk.

Maggie moaned in agreement with Hillary as she continued to flirt with gagging and choking with each pass. She muttered around his fat pole, "Gooh sluhth."

Hillary made an intelligent guess, "You said 'good sluts,' right?"

Maggie moaned affirmatively.

Hillary beamed, as she kept on stroking Nick's shaft and Maggie's hair with different hands. "That's right! I told you that there's a big difference between being a 'good slut' and a 'bad slut,' and that's as true as ever. I fully and proudly embrace my good slut side. I'm feeling totally slutty right now sharing his cock with you, not to mention the fact that I'm co-girlfriends with you. That's just so very, very slutty! But in a GOOD way! In the BEST way! I love it!"

She looked up at Nick, and gave him a sultry look to rival or surpass any of Debra's recent sultry looks. "Nick, do you mind if I want to be your slut? One of your cocksucking sluts?"

He was too blown away to answer that. In truth, he could barely breathe. Between Hillary's words and Maggie's near deep throat bobbing, this was an ideal time for him to cum. But still, he held out due to some instinct to make the joy last as long as possible.

She loved the look on his face her words had caused. So she continued, "Oh, we'll FUCK. We'll fuck a LOT! You're gonna fuck Maggie and me constantly! But I think double blowjobs are going to be our special thing for our threesome, and we'll do that even MORE! 'Cos we're your personal cocksucking SLUTS! I'm not offended if you call me that. In fact, I want you to!" She licked her lips sensually.

Nick had the thought, Fucking incredible! But... probably not good that Debra is hearing all this!

Then Hillary looked at Maggie and said impatiently, "Dammit, Maggie, I'm sorry, but I really need to choke on that cock monster! Right now!"

Maggie pulled off his bulbous knob, and wiped her chin with satisfaction. "Please do! And, oh my God! I so completely agree with everything you just said!"

Nick only had a few seconds to recover from Maggie's fantastic oral talents before Hillary engulfed all of his cockhead and then some.

It turned out that Hillary wasn't just talking about choking on his thickness either - she wanted action! She immediately took him as deeply as she could. Hillary had never deep throated anyone before, and she'd never had any interest in doing so, because she'd heard that it was very difficult, dangerous, and mostly pleasurable just for the man. Furthermore, Nick's cock was so thick that she was fairly certain it wouldn't fit down her throat anyway.

But although she wasn't willing to fully deep throat him, she took him as deep as she could, just to see what would happen. Her gag reflex was triggered as she literally started choking and gagging on him. Tears came to her eyes as she struggled with his thickness and fought off the urge to throw up.

She'd talked about choking and gagging, but she'd loved the idea and never really done it except to tease with it a little bit. As a result, she was surprised at how very arousing it was to have his great thickness completely fill her oral cavity and make her truly choke and gag.

She had to pull back after just a few seconds, because it was too much to take. But then she went right back at it with even more passion. At the same time, she brought her hand that had been stroking his shaft down to her pussy and started frantically fingering herself.

Maggie was nearly delirious with desire as she heard the sounds of Hillary choking and gagging. Even the sight of tears streaking down Hillary's face gave her a powerful jolt of arousal. She exclaimed, "Oh my God! Hillary, you're doing it! You ARE a slut! Choke on all that fat cock, you shameless SLUT! Gag on it, you sexy bitch!"

Hillary was being honest when she said she didn't like being called demeaning names, and she'd made that clear to Maggie and Nick in recent days. She was very sensitive to any name calling that could be perceived as being demeaning to women. Normally, Maggie would have remembered that and refrained from calling her a "bitch," except she was so carried away that she forgot.

However, although Hillary was reluctant to admit it, her attitude on this tended to change and even flip when she got very aroused. Currently, she was so out of her mind horny that not only did she not mind, she totally loved it. It helped a lot that Maggie said "sexy bitch" instead of just "bitch" and clearly meant it in a positive, "good slut" kind of way.

Hillary still had one arm around Maggie's back, but now she was clutching at her in extreme arousal rather than lovingly stroking her hair. The tables were turned now, and Maggie put her hand on Hillary's back too. She meant to stroke Hillary's long, brunette hair in the same way that Hillary had been stroking hers, but instead her hand quickly wound up on the back of Hillary's head, and she ended up more holding Hillary in place than anything else.

Maggie masturbated with her other hand as she cooed in Hillary's ear. "Don't stop! Keep on choking on it! Surrender to the power of his thick cock! You're his sexy slut! His big-titted bitch! Just like me! We're his personal cocksuckers! So choke and gag until you drown in his cum!"

Again, normally, Hillary would have been offended by that language. Even Maggie would have been offended, and she tried not to say such things in her own mind, much less out loud. But Hillary's loud choking and gagging aroused both lusty women almost to the point of temporary madness.

Nobody else was paying her any attention at the moment, but Debra was having a strong reaction to what she was seeing and hearing too. Had Devon said any of those things to her, she would have slapped his face. But hearing all this "good slut" talk made her long to be one of Nick's sluts too. Clearly, Hillary had a great sexual passion, just like Maggie, the sort of passion sorely missing in Debra's life. Nick's cock seemed to be like a key that unlocked a door for both Maggie and Hillary and allowed their uninhibited spirits to run wild. Debra longed for that too.

Debra was careful to stay quiet, so she was trying her damnedest not to cum. But that was a losing battle, because she was getting so very worked up masturbating to the sight of the back side of Hillary's bobbing head. She couldn't directly see much of the action, but she knew what was happening, and that was plenty hot. By chance, the choking and gagging made for one of the most arousing auditory experiences she'd ever had, so seeing wasn't that crucial for her anyway.

Nick was excited to the brink of some kind of horny insanity too. He started thrusting forward without really planning to. He couldn't really thrust much since he was sitting on the bed, and he only managed to move forward and back about an inch or so. But since Hillary already had his cockhead to her gag reflex, that one inch was a very big deal. She felt like she was being vigorously face fucked - and she loved it!

On the fly, Hillary was figuring out how to choke and gag on his cock with each pass without having to vomit or eject him from her mouth. She'd never done anything like this before with any of her previous boyfriends. It was a crazy, desperate challenge, but it took her pleasure of cocksucking to a whole new level. She was frantically fingerfucking herself at the same time, and she was ready for a big orgasm. But she held back, because she figured, correctly, that it wouldn't be long until he came too if she kept at it like this.

She also was figuring out on the fly how to choke and gag louder and louder with every pass. She loved just how debauched and wanton it sounded.

But Maggie loved those sounds even more. She was practically delirious just from hearing Hillary's struggles. Yet she kept watching Hillary's face closely as well, and seeing still more tears stream down Hillary's cheeks and the desperate struggle in her facial expression took her to an entirely new level of arousal.

She rapidly finger-banged herself as she screamed, "Nick, fuck her face! Fuck it! And Hillary, you sexy slut, choke on it! Choke until you die! Suck and choke and drain him dry, you big-titted BITCH!"

Nick had forgotten all about his plan to cum on purpose as soon as possible in order to go to dinner. He was struggling not to cum as if his life depended on it, because this was the most arousing thing to happen to him yet. But his overstimulated hard-on could only handle so much, and he could feel his control slipping away.

As if he wasn't aroused enough, just as he felt his balls tightening up and he knew he'd passed the point of no return, he looked up to Debra. She wasn't there! At least, that was his first reaction. But then he saw that she'd fallen to her knees. She was masturbating herself with total abandon, with one hand on a breast and one on her pussy. Her eyes were wide open, like she simply couldn't believe what she was seeing and hearing. He realized that when she'd dropped to her knees she must have accidentally bumped the door, because it was wide open again.

He also worried that if her pussy was leaking copiously, as it almost certainly was, would Hillary detect the musky smell? Debra was so very physically close that it was crazy!

He closed his eyes and screamed out loud. Cum fired out of his cock straight down Hillary's throat. He was truly insane with arousal. He actually saw stars, and he came close to passing out in the middle of his climax. Thanks to the fact that he'd just looked at Debra, she was still on his mind, despite everything.

Normally, he tried not to make much noise during his climaxes, as he considered it "unmanly" for some reason. But he yelled without restraint. It felt damn good, but he was also hoping that would drown out any sounds of Debra cumming if she came at the same time.

And it was a good thing that he did, because she did cum too. It would have been nearly impossible for her not to. She'd been masturbating more or less non-stop since she'd gone in the closet, but she'd hadn't climaxed a single time for fear of making too much noise. She was way, way overdue. Furthermore, Hillary and Maggie started cumming too, and the urge to do so was infectious and irresistible. Happily, Hillary and Maggie seemed to be trying to outdo Nick in a contest to see who could scream the loudest. As a result, nobody paid any attention to Debra, even when she screamed some too.

Hillary could scream because she pulled away from Nick's cock just as soon as he started to cum. His first rope of cum did go into her mouth, because she could only move so fast. But she considered taking his cum down her throat a waste since she couldn't even taste it. And while cumming on her tongue was better, she much preferred taking it on the face or tits.

Even better for her was sharing that experience with Maggie. So as soon as she pulled his bulbous cockhead out of her mouth, she aimed the tip of it in Maggie's general direction. It all happened so fast that she didn't even know where Maggie's head was at first. But Maggie had been thinking and wanting the exact same thing, and she pinned the side of her head against Hillary's so they each had an ear pressed against the other's.

This enabled Hillary to correctly estimate where Maggie was. She let some cum fly towards Maggie's face, but she quickly redirected the aim towards Maggie's breasts. This was even more important for Hillary, because while she very much enjoyed the earlier tit rubbing with Maggie, she'd sorely missed having Nick's cum as sexy lubrication. She already was anticipating more tit rubbing after all their orgasms were done.

Unfortunately, Nick didn't have as much cum to squirt out as usual. This wasn't so surprising, given that this was his third orgasm in a relatively short time period. As a result, by the time Hillary was done "painting" Maggie's face and especially her tits, there was hardly any left for herself. She had to make do with the last weak spurts. But she didn't mind, because she knew that the cum on Maggie would be freely shared between them.

Once Nick was all done, Hillary lurched forward and bobbed and sucked on his cock some more. She was hoping against hope that he'd simply stay erect yet again. If so, the three of them could postpone dinner some more and keep on having spermy fun.

But that was not to be. It was nearly unprecedented that Nick had stayed erect through two orgasms, and there was no way he could top that. In fact, his penis went flaccid with unusual speed, even with Hillary doing all she could with talented tongue and lip work to keep him going.

However, Hillary didn't mind much. She was finally sexually satiated, after going without his cock all day long. Plus, if Nick's cock was done, she still had all the cum on Maggie to enjoy.

Nick flopped all the way back on the bed and laid there like a dead man.

Maggie and Hillary both had great orgasms of their own. In fact, they continued to be hit by significant orgasmic "after shocks." But although their bodies were exhausted and liable to shut down for a while, their sheer desire for each other, and Nick's cum, overrode that. They began kissing and fondling each other within seconds of Nick collapsing on the bed.

But Hillary didn't simply make out with Maggie. She carefully licked up a couple of big gobs of cum off Maggie's left cheek first. That allowed the two of them to snowball the cum back and forth as they kissed.

At the same time, they luxuriated in rubbing tits together.

In fact, now that Nick was done for a while, they reoriented their entire bodies towards each other. They remained kneeling, and their knees touched while they kissed and fondled. At first, they clutched each other's ass cheeks for support, but their attention was on the necking and the tit rubbing. It wasn't long because his cum was equally smeared between them.

As time passed, their initial fervor mellowed out. But they remained extremely aroused, even though the pace slowed. From time to time, Hillary swiped another cum gob from Maggie's face and fed it into her mouth. Sometimes, Maggie would suck on Hillary's fingers, or even a few bunched up fingers.

Maggie also ran her fingers through the cummy upper slopes of her tits, above where their tits were rubbing and smearing the cum into each other's skin. Then she would take the cum on her fingers and smear them across Hillary's cheeks, chin, and so on. She even rubbed some of the cum elsewhere, such as on Hillary's ass cheeks and thighs.

In actual fact, there wasn't that much cum to go around, since Nick didn't have much cum left in him at the time. But the two of them made a little go a long way.

Debra, meanwhile, remained on her knees in the closet. She'd had a great orgasm too. It had left her so wiped out that she wouldn't have been able to stand even if she wanted to. But at least she managed to close the door most of the way. Now that she'd come down from her erotic high, she was much more mindful about the danger of being discovered by Hillary. As a result, she kept the door closed enough so there was only a couple of inches for her to peek out.

She was extremely curious about the way Maggie and Hillary were sharing Nick's cum. Her initial reaction was to dismiss it as extremely disgusting. However, many of her attitudes about sex had been overturned in her relatively short time interacting with or watching Maggie, Hillary, and/or Nick. Despite not being that smart, some part of her surmised this could be something else that she'd probably very much enjoy if she could get past her hang-up about cum being gross.

However, it was difficult for her to get past that. She struggled and flip-flopped between being aroused, intrigued, and disgusted by what she was seeing. But one constant was that she was too fascinated to turn away. Besides, there wasn't anything else for her to do but watch. She tried to focus on the parts that she enjoyed as someone who was mainly straight but enjoyed having sex with women sometimes. She liked seeing Maggie and Hillary kiss, fondle, and rub their tits together. She tried to ignore the cummy aspect, but that was next to impossible, because the cum was getting smeared everywhere.

She had a similar attitude about some of the other things she'd witnessed. For instance, it couldn't be denied that watching and especially hearing Hillary choke and gag on Nick's fat cock was one of the hottest things she'd ever seen or heard. But at the same time, she'd hated the few times that her gag reflex had been accidentally triggered. She knew that she was nowhere near ready to choke and gag on any cock, much less one as thick as Nick's.

Yet she couldn't help but feel very envious about the experience Hillary just had. Strangely, she found herself both hating and loving the idea of trying it as well. And although Nick's cock was significantly thicker than Devon's, she was only interested in doing it to Nick, even though she figured it would be extra difficult and painful with his size.

After a while, the kissing between Maggie and Hillary lessened, giving them a chance to talk between the occasional lingering kiss. Even without the kissing, they couldn't get enough of rubbing their cummy tits together. In fact, they had mostly recovered from their great orgasms, and they were getting worked up again.

Maggie looked over to Nick and saw that he was still wiped out. She guessed that he was still either sleeping or otherwise totally out of it. She said to Hillary, "Good job! Look what you did to him. I think you killed him."

Hillary chuckled at that. "Better him than me. After all, you told me to choke and gag on his cock monster until I drowned in cum."

Maggie blushed profusely. "Ohmigod! I'm SO sorry about that! I'm so very, very sorry!" Her blush deepened as she suddenly recalled some of her other colorful language.

Hillary teased her, "I believe you told me to 'Choke until you die.'"

Maggie wailed in distress, "Oh no! I'm sorry! I'm so, so sorry!"

Hillary chuckled some more at Maggie's embarrassed response. "Don't worry about it. I just had about the biggest orgasm of my entire life, so I can't exactly complain. It was totally hot in the heat of the moment. Those sorts of comments made me feel even more wanton and slutty, which in turn gave me even more hunger for his cock. So it's all good. And obviously you didn't literally mean that I should die." She rolled her eyes at the absurdity of that.

Maggie breathed a sigh of relief to hear that. However, she was still concerned she'd gone too far with her language. "But all the other things I said too! I'm so ashamed!"

She had both of her hands on Hillary's great F-cups, and she was feeling her up as much as holding those tits together for the tit rubbing. She simply couldn't get enough of Hillary's tits, even in the middle of being profoundly embarrassed.

Hillary was doing the exact same thing to Maggie's tits. There actually was a lot more fondling than tit rubbing going on at the moment, although their nipples were frequently rubbing against each other. She said, "Don't be. There's nothing to be ashamed about. I know I said to Nick that I get offended about being called names, but what happened was very different somehow. In fact, it's making me rethink the whole crude name thing. I really got off on it!"

Maggie breathed another big sigh of relief.

Hillary added, "Mind you, I still don't want to be called anyone's 'pet' or 'cum dump' or something like that. I'm not into that submissive kind of stuff. I'd rather chew off my own leg than call Nick or anyone else my 'master,' even though he is kind of, well... taking charge of both of us. How do you feel about that sort of thing?"

"Oh, I definitely agree with you." In truth, Maggie could tell that she had less of an aversion to that sort of thing than Hillary did. Lately, and more and more, she'd been having some submissive thoughts, and she found them powerfully arousing. But she tried hard not to think along those lines, and tried even harder not to say them out loud, although she didn't always succeed.

Still, she had no interest at all in calling Nick something like 'sir' or 'master.' She was his mother, after all, and she couldn't imagine thinking of him as her boss in that way, even though he was increasingly taking charge, as Hillary had just pointed out.

Hillary said, "That's good to hear. But hearing those things you said, it hit me in a very different way. I think the main thing is that YOU were saying them. You called me a 'sexy bitch.' Remember?"

Maggie's face was red. "Please don't remind me. I don't know what came over me!"

"It's okay!" Hillary caressed one of Maggie's cheeks, where Nick's cum was mostly smeared into her skin already. "If Nick were to call me a 'sexy bitch,' that would smack of him trying to be smug and superior in a male chauvinist pig sort of way. But, coming from you, it sounds like one 'good slut' giving a compliment to another 'good slut.'"

Maggie brightened. "Exactly! That's exactly how I meant it. It's not a 'let's bow down to Nick' kind of thing, it's a 'let's revel in how totally slutty and wanton we're behaving' kind of thing. Gaawwwd! The way you choked and gagged on his cock? That was literally the sweetest music I've ever heard! That was like a symphony of sex! I was so hot that I'm surprised I didn't melt a hole all the way down to the bedrock!"

Hillary laughed at that. She leaned in and French kissed Maggie in approval. The kiss was loving, intimate, and very arousing. She was so turned-on that she couldn't resist fingering her pussy some more, even though that meant she had to let go of squeezing Maggie's tits together.

After the kiss, Hillary swept up one of the few remaining cum gobs on Maggie's face and fed it into Maggie's mouth. She was going to say more, but Maggie leaned forward, eager to snowball the cum back and forth.

They did that for a while, getting hotter and hotter by the moment.

Debra was slowly recovering. She was paying close attention to everything. She could see how much fun the other three were having. She longed to be a part of it (minus all the cum smearing and snowballing). But her fear of Hillary in particular was just enough to keep herself in the closet. Had she thought she would have been welcomed with open arms, she would have joined them in a heartbeat.

Hillary said to Maggie, "Just between you, me, and Nick, I like being a 'sexy bitch' and 'big-titted slut,' and a 'personal cocksucker,' and all those other things you said. Let's not take it any further than that, at least not for now, but you struck just the right tone. It's not really demeaning... Well, maybe a little bit, but in a good way, if you know what I mean."

Maggie nodded. Again, she was very relieved that Hillary wasn't offended. Plus, she was secretly delighted that she could "let go" and use that kind of language in the future. In her opinion, it had definitely taken the already great erotic peak to an even higher level.

Hillary turned back to Nick lying on the bed (although his feet were still on the floor). She asked, "Nick? Are you awake?"

He grunted.

"Good. Have you been listening to what we've been saying about name calling?"

He grunted again. He really did feel half-dead, and he still couldn't do much more than grunt. But he'd been listening carefully.

Hillary said, "I don't know about YOU saying any of this kind of stuff. If I get all worked up and call myself your 'sexy bitch' or Maggie calls me that, or I call her that, and so on, that's one thing. But if you do, it has a whole different connotation. I don't think I'm ready for that, at least not yet. Is that okay with you?"

He realized that it would be good for him to give a coherent answer. He tried sitting up, but he only made it up a few inches before flopping back to the bed. He didn't open his eyes either, since he knew he wouldn't be able to see much more than ceiling in his current position. But he managed to say, "Understood. Is it okay if I think that kind of stuff though?"

Hillary snickered at that. "Fair enough. You can THINK of me using the kind of language Maggie used. Even now, I'm still so horny that the idea of being one of your two personal, big-titted, cocksucking sluts sounds pretty good. But don't go any further than that in your thoughts though, okay?"

"Okay," he grunted in exhaustion.

Hillary brought her face close to Maggie's so they could kiss some more. But before they resumed, Maggie said, "Wait. As long as we're talking about names, can we address the whole 'girlfriend' issue?"

"Sure," Hillary said.

"We're so NOT his girlfriends, not in the traditional sense. Plus, there's two of us, which blows all those traditions away. It's not like Nick is going to show up at one of our doors with a suit and some flowers and take us to a fancy dinner and then lover's lane for a little necking. No. It's not to say there won't be fancy dates sometimes, but the vast majority of the time, I'm picturing you and me naked together and having fun with his cock. Am I way off with that?"

"Not at all," Hillary replied. "I've never been super orally focused, but when I think of our threesome, the first image that pops into my mind is you and me naked and kneeling between his legs and taking turns bobbing on his fat cock monster. I hope there's going to be a hell of a lot of that, because it's the best way to share him."

"Exactly!" Maggie said brightly. "That's exactly what pops into my head too. And I hope we can do that every single damn time we meet!"

Maggie and Hillary giggled at that, and playfully rubbed their cummy noses together. Clearly, they were on the same page.

Maggie went on, "So, getting back to 'girlfriend,' of course we can use that sort of term in public. But in private, I think we're more like 'co-sluts.' Is it okay if we call ourselves that, just with each other?"

Hillary thought that over. After a pause, she said, "I can't believe I'm saying this, but... okay!"

Maggie was so happy to hear that that she put a hand behind Hillary's head and pulled her in for another long, scorching hot French kiss. The passion they shared showed how that sort of language helped turn them on.

But after about a minute, Hillary broke the kiss and looked to Nick. There wasn't much to see, since he was still flopped back on the bed with his eyes closed. She said to him, "Hey, Nick. You listening?"

"Uh-huh," he mumbled.

"You heard what we said about being your 'co-sluts.' But I've been thinking about it, and again, I'm much more comfortable imagining me say that or hearing Maggie say it. I'm not saying you can't say it, but please be careful and respectful. If you say, 'Hey, slut, come here,' that's going to piss me off. But if you say in a provocative way, 'Hey, you sexy slut you, give me a great big kiss,' I'll probably really like that."

He was still resting and recovering. He was afraid to lift his head and open his eyes for fear of getting hit without overwhelmingly sexy sights. He wasn't ready for that. But he forced himself to be more lucid and sound more lucid. "Okay. I definitely hear you. It's a fine line, isn't it? I'll probably make some mistakes, but I'll try my best. I'm guessing that what is okay will vary wildly by our shared mood, right? Just like there was a very small window in which Maggie could tell you 'choke until you die' and have you love it instead of smacking her face."

Hillary laughed at that. "Good point! And good example. Yeah, it's tricky, because it obviously will change big time depending on mood. I'll try to cut you a lot of slack. The key thing though is your attitude, that you don't show any disdain or disrespect, like you're better than us just because you're pretty much in charge of this threesome now. So far, your attitude has been great, which is a big reason why I'm falling for you so fast. Keep it up and good things will happen."

"I think good things are already happening!" He chuckled. "But I get what you mean. And I totally do respect you. I'm 100 percent behind the whole 'good slut' concept. I think it's a beautiful thing to see your or Maggie completely lose yourself in the moment and let your sexual passions run wild. Why the hell would I ever have disdain for that? It should be celebrated!"

Hillary said to Maggie in a playful manner, "Maggie, you've gotta watch out for that 'son' of yours. He's a smoooooth talker. A real silver tongue. With those sort of comments, he's going to make me want to choke and gag on his cock until he showers a rain of cum all over my face!"

Maggie laughed. "I hate to break it to you, but that's exactly what just happened!"

"Oh yeah!" Of course, Hillary knew that and was just jokingly pretending otherwise.

More laughter ensued.

With that resolved, Maggie and Hillary French kissed some more. Both of them were masturbating too, and they were working up to another orgasmic peak. They still rubbed tits together, but not as effectively as before, since they only had one free hand each. The focus turned more to the kissing.

Maggie found herself thinking, I'm turning into such a slut! It's even official now. If it was just me and Nick, I'd feel bad. But Hillary makes me feel positively thrilled about being a 'good slut.' That 'good' in front makes all the difference. There's nothing wrong in letting one's sexual urges run completely wild! It's the most liberating and exhilarating feeling in the world! And without Hillary, I'd be worried about letting my sexual side run out of control. But with her here and sharing the experience, I know everything is going to be okay. She'll catch me if I go astray, and I'll do the same for her.

Hillary broke the kiss and looked at Maggie with a curious expression.

Maggie asked her, "What?"

Hillary said, "Even during the kiss, I could somehow totally tell you were smiling in a big way. And sure enough, you are. What put that big smile on your face?"

Maggie explained, "I'm just thinking how good it is that we're co-sluts now. I love sharing Nick's cock and his cum with you, but it goes so much further than that. These threesomes make me so happy that I don't know how I could EVER go back to a normal one-on-one relationship! What we have is so magical!"

Hillary raised a curious eyebrow at that. She French kissed Maggie again while she pondered that. Then she ended the kiss, and said, "I know what you mean. I'm getting pretty hooked on all of this too. And yet, Anushka remains very important to me as well."

"Oh, Anushka is great," Maggie started to say.

Nick sat up and opened his eyes. He was mindful of the fact that Debra had to still be hiding in the closet, and still listening to every word. He didn't want Anushka to be discussed with Debra listening in. He was pretty confident that Debra didn't have a clue who Anushka was, and he wanted to keep it that way.

So, to cut the conversation off, as well as to finally solve the Debra-in-the-closet problem, he suddenly exclaimed, "Oh my God, I am SO hungry! This is way past dinner time for me. Let's eat!"

Hillary looked at the streaks of cum on Maggie's face. She ran a finger through a streak and sucked her finger clean. She teased to Maggie, "I think he means eating something other than his cum."

"Awww. Darn." Maggie was all smiles.

Hillary said with impish delight, "HE needs to eat real food and drink, so he can make more cum for us."

"Good point." Maggie turned her head to Nick. "On second thought, Sport, you need to eat. A LOT! Have a BIG dinner!"

Hillary giggled at that. She leaned forward and licked her way along Maggie's jaw line. "He needs to have a big, fat, THICK dinner."

Maggie moaned with arousal. She tugged a little on one of Hillary's nipples with her free hand. "Mmmm! Yes! He needs a big, fat, thick, hot, and throbbing dinner!"

Nick's energy was reviving. The fact that he was sitting up was helping to take him out of his sleepy stupor. He joked, "Um... I'd rather not eat any dinner that's throbbing. How 'bout something normal and non-throbbing, like a pizza?"

Maggie and Hillary were still very much into each other, and still masturbating themselves closer to climax.

Maggie moaned, "Mmmm... Suit yourself. As for me, I definitely want something that's throbbing! Hot and throbbing, and FAT! And about seven inches long."

Hillary moaned erotically in sexy agreement. "Mmmm! Yes! Something that we can suck on for the next few hours!" She glanced at Nick's crotch to see if his penis had engorged again. It hadn't, so she French kissed Maggie again.

This time, Nick could only watch, because their lust for each other spiraled higher and higher. The conversation was forgotten, and the women returned much of their attention back to their tit rubbing.

He thought, Dear God! This is way too hot! They're such SLUTS! Total sluts! I might get in trouble saying that out loud, but I truly mean it in the best "good slut" way. They're so naked! So tanned! So cummy! So curvy! It's like they're both sex goddesses, not human! And they're both mine! You've gotta be fucking kidding me!

It soon became clear that Maggie and Hillary were frustrated, because they both wanted to hold each other's huge melons so they could stay in place for some firm tit rubbing, but they also couldn't stop fingering themselves towards climax. They both wanted three hands (at least!) when they only had two.

Nick roused himself a bit more in order to help out. They were still kneeling between his legs, since nobody had really moved since the blowjob action, except for Maggie and Hillary turning in place to face each other. He leaned forward and held the side of the nearest boob for each of them.

They quickly caught on to what he was doing, and they appreciated it. It was clear he wouldn't have to hold them like that for long in any case though, because they were spiraling up to orgasm.

He considered saying something to help push them over the edge. He longed to say something like, "Cum for me, you sexy bitches!" But he remembered Hillary's warning that it wasn't the same if he said it. So instead, he said the much more diplomatic, "Cum for me, my beautiful ladies!"

His timing was excellent, because they both started to cum just a few seconds after that (which they would have done anyway). It wasn't as powerful or intense as when the three of them (and Debra!) came together, but it was still very satisfying. Because Maggie and Hillary didn't feel the need to scream this time, they more or less managed to keep on necking through the entire peak experience. They did moan and even yell into each other's mouths some, which only served to thrill them still more.

When the orgasmic kissing ended, they turned around and sat with their backs against the bed to rest. This was dangerous, because it meant Hillary was facing the closet with Debra in it.

Luckily, Debra had enough sense to hide deeper in the closet, and away from the open crack, before Hillary and Maggie finished repositioning. She'd been deeply impressed by the latest kissing. Her desire was growing ever higher all the time, and not just for Nick, but increasingly for Maggie and Hillary too.

Maggie had forgotten all about Debra even being in the room, but seeing the closet door brought a lot of recent history back into her mind. She breathed a secret sigh of relief that there was no sign of Debra. Yet knowing that Debra had to still be there gave her a secret thrill.

She glanced to Hillary beside her and was relieved to see that Hillary was showing no interest in the closet at all. She said to Nick, "Hold on, Sport. Give us a minute to recover, okay?"

Nick grunted affirmatively. He repositioned too, just to get more comfortable. He scooted up the bed so he was leaning on some pillows against the headboard.

He was as sexually satiated and as happy as he could be. Man! Wow! What an evening! The whole thing with Debra has been scary. There was a close call with her when my dream girls repositioned. But we've made it this far. We're almost out of the wood. I feel positive we'll be able to make it out of the room without Hillary discovering Debra. Thank God for that!

Boy. If we can make it out of here without disaster, I'm going to have to believe in God, because there must be a supernatural power looking over me. Fuck, man! Debra! Ma! AND Hillary! This CAN'T be happening. But it IS!

Maggie and Hillary held hands while they rested with their eyes closed.

Maggie found herself thinking, This is nice. So nice! I have to admit... God, this is so hard to say! But I have to admit that my feelings for Hillary are growing. She's rapidly becoming my very best friend. I still don't know her that well, but times like this are a bigger bond than many hours of conversation. I really LIKE her. She's so nice and smart and funny and... everything. Boy, does my son have great taste!

But the scary part is that my feelings are much more than that of a friend. I'm really enjoying kissing and fondling her, and it's not just because of Nick's cum! True, that's a lubricant, in more ways than one, but I'm perfectly delighted kissing and fondling her even without his cum, like we were doing when she first came in this room. To be honest, just thinking about her starts my heart racing! She's so HOT! There's no way to get around that. I still think I'm totally straight, but she's so very sexy that she turns even someone like me temporarily bisexual.

Her body is so curvy and flawless! And her breasts! Dammit, I could spend hours just playing with her squeezable, bouncy breasts. Not to mention the rest of her! Heck, I even touched her pussy and clitoris for the first time, and she touched mine, and I liked it! Hell, who am I trying to kid? There was a lot more than just some incidental touching. Somehow, my fingers actually wound up INSIDE her! And in the heat of the moment I liked that too!

This is bad. I shouldn't be feeling this way. Anushka would be pissed. I feel like I lied to her when I insisted I didn't have any feelings for Hillary. I don't know what do to about that, but I'll need to think of something. And to make matters worse, my feelings for Hillary seem to be growing by the day. No, by the hour!

Not that I'm loving Nick any less. In fact, I'm loving him more and more too. Dammit! All I want to do is lie around naked all day, sucking Nick's cock and then licking his cum off Hillary's tits and snowballing it back and forth with her! It's going to be so hard to try to go back to normal tomorrow when they go back to school.

Shit! That reminds me that they're both high schoolers. I could probably go to prison for this. It's fucked up. But I can't stop. No way!

A few minutes later, Maggie and Hillary roused themselves. They stood up and started looking for their clothes scattered on the floor so they could go downstairs with Nick. (Even though Hillary had eaten dinner with Spencer earlier, she wanted to accompany them.)

Now that Maggie had admitted her lust for Hillary to herself, she was even more intimate and touchy-feely with her. They helped each other dress, with a lot of kissing and caressing along the way. In fact, had it not been for Maggie's growing hunger, it was doubtful she would have had the willpower to actually put any clothes back on.

Nick would have felt jealous, except that he knew how much they lusted for and loved him too. (Although he and Hillary hadn't used the "love" word with each other yet, he knew he loved her dearly and he could see her feelings for him were growing stronger all the time. Maggie was right that experiences like this were more bonding than many hours of conversation.)

Maggie faced the problem that she only had her bikini to put on, which she'd put in a cabinet drawer along with Debra's bikini and the cut-up flight attendant uniforms. Night had certainly fallen by now, and she didn't like the idea of going downstairs in just her bikini, especially when Hillary was fully dressed. So she suggested out loud that she check the closet to see if she could borrow some clothes there that might fit her.

Hillary certainly didn't have any objection to that. But she said, "Okay, you can do that. But you need to pay the price for borrowing the clothes of a complete stranger."

Maggie asked, "What's the price?"

Hillary replied with a sexy smile, "Borrowing without asking is a very naughty thing to, and that makes you a naughty girl, so you need to dress as such. Borrow what you like, but no underwear or bikini underneath. AND, you still have a lot of Nick's cum smeared into you. You even have some visible streaks on your boobs. You're not allowed to clean that up either!"

Maggie felt a jolt of arousal shoot down her spine. She smiled from ear to ear. "I wouldn't have it any other way. After all, we're a couple of sexy sluts. But the same rules apply to you. I know I have more cum on me, but I managed to smear a lot on you. Keep it that way. I want you to smell like Nick's cum from head to toe. And no undies or bikini for you either."

Hillary bowed politely towards Maggie. "But of course, my slutty lady." Standing up straight again, she wagged a finger. "But I warn you: you're gonna smell like Nick's cock from head to toe too. Which means I don't know how I'll be able to keep my hands or my lips off you, even in public."

Maggie beamed. "What a horrible fate!" But then she frowned, and said more seriously, "Unfortunately, you need to try. We don't want the people downstairs to get the wrong idea."

Hillary had to frown too. "Yeah. I know. Especially because half that crowd are from the Academy. We have to be extra careful not to do anything in public that Anushka's girlfriend wouldn't do."

With that agreed, Maggie went to the closet. In addition to finding some clothes, she also wanted to find out what had happened to Debra and at least confirm that she was still there.

Nick knew that Maggie would have to have some kind of contact with Debra when she went to the closet. He also knew that it was vital that Hillary didn't go to the closet to help Maggie find something to wear, or even just to look at her over there.

So he immediately went to Hillary and put his arms around her. He said, "Hey, please don't forget about me. Can I have a nice kiss from you too?"

Hillary smiled brightly at that. "Certainly!"

The two of them started to neck in the middle of the room. Nick was careful to angle their bodies so Hillary wouldn't be able to look over his shoulder towards the closet. And Hillary wasn't wearing any clothes yet while Nick just had his T-shirt on, so the kiss turned serious fast. There was a lot of fun being had by wandering hands.

Maggie looked back to see Nick and Hillary going at each other hot and heavy before she got to the closet. That gave her confidence that she could deal with Debra discreetly, if she was very quiet about it. She was careful to open the closet door as little as possible, and then close it nearly all the way behind her once she was inside. She left a slight crack though, to allow enough light in to see where Debra was.

It was a big walk-in closet, and it got dark fast with the door closed nearly all the way. Furthermore, it was clear that Debra was hiding. So she didn't see Debra at first. She whispered very quietly, "Debra, it's me, Maggie. I know you're in here. We can talk if we're very, very quiet. Where are you?"

Debra whispered back, very, very quietly, "Over here."

Maggie followed the sound of her voice and found Debra behind some racks of clothes. She still couldn't really see her in the darkness since her eyes were only starting to adjust, but she could sense she was there. She started looking for some clothes to wear to dinner, since she couldn't stay in the closet for long.

She whispered, "We're going to go have dinner now. You DON'T want Hillary to find you here! You know how mad she'll get. So you need to be gone by the time we get back. Clear?"

"Clear." After a pause, Debra shyly added, "By the way, what you all did... that was so very, very hot! I can't even believe it!"

Maggie was secretly pleased to hear that. But she whispered with warning, "You'd better not tell anyone about any of it, or Hillary will find out one way or another, and then she'll kick your ass!"

Upon consideration, Maggie figured that Debra would be greatly tempted to tell someone about what she'd seen, since Debra didn't seem to have a lot of self-control or common sense. So she added, "If you must talk to someone about it, talk to me. Okay?"

Debra whispered back with pleasant surprise, "Okay. I'd like that."

Maggie replied, "Okay, enough talking. It's too risky. I'll see you later. Leave a couple of minutes after we've gone. Oh, and I left your bikini in a cabinet drawer near the front door."

"Okay. Later."

Maggie felt awkward leaving things with her like that.

Apparently, Debra did too, because she silently pushed her way through the clothes until she was standing right in front of Maggie. She stood there looking down, seemingly bashful about the situation, not to mention her total nudity. She cupped her pussy at first, but then dropped her arms to her sides.

Reacting on impulse, Maggie stepped forward and gave Debra a hug.

Debra firmly hugged her back and briefly kissed her lips. She whispered with new energy, "Thanks!" Then she withdrew back into her dark hiding place behind the clothes.

Maggie felt curiously heartened by that hug. She wanted to still hate Debra, and she told herself that she did, but she also knew that she'd bonded with her in some strange sort of way. She understood much better what Nick meant when he talked about his bonding with Debra. She was gladdened to end things with her on a positive note.

Maggie kept quiet after that, and tried to act like Debra wasn't there. She opened the door some more to better see the clothes, and then picked out something to wear. She chose several different outfits to try on. She didn't select them by how sexy they were. She figured Nick had been plenty aroused lately, and he could stand to cool down during dinner. Instead, she looked for baggy or loose clothes than stood a better chance of fitting her voluptuous body.

A few minutes later, Maggie stood back in the main room in some clothes she'd picked out. She wasn't going to win any fashion award with them, but luckily Belle had been roughly her size with a surprisingly voluptuous figure, and they more or less fit. She figured it was close enough to get through one dinner, in any case. She hadn't ever seen even a picture of Belle, but given how curvy Belle's daughter Shannon was, it wasn't a surprise they had similar figures.

Nick and Hillary reluctantly disengaged and put their own clothes on. Nick pulled his swimsuit back on, leaving him in just that and his T-shirt. There wasn't anything he could do about his lack of more clothes at the moment, since all the other clothes in the room were for women.

Neither Maggie nor Hillary wore particularly sexy outfits. However, they felt very sexy in their minds, because they went without underwear and they "wore" Nick's cum as well. The underwear factor wasn't that big, but the cum factor was a great secret thrill.

Finally, the three of them left the room together. They walked hand in hand down the hall. Maggie had put her red high heels back on. She relished merely walking in them, because even that helped make her feel sexy and slutty.

Both Maggie and Nick secretly breathed big sighs of relief that the crisis of Debra hiding in the closet appeared to be over. They thought that with Debra gone, they could come back upstairs and have even more fun with Hillary without worries about Debra getting in the way.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, lew54321, BDGV, GWB, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.