Chapter 62: Catching Up with Hillary (Sunday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Nick, Maggie, and Hillary headed down the hall to the stairs on their way to dinner. When they got to the ground floor, they found the same group of four guys playing video games. But other than that, no one seemed to be around.

However, they kept moving through the house and they found a small crowd in and around the hot tub. More new people had arrived, so there are about a dozen in that crowd, most of them girls.

Maggie was displeased to see this. Most of the girls were topless, or at least wearing sexy bikinis. It was a reasonably warm night for September in Southern California, plus the hot tub was heating the air. Also, Maggie didn't realize it, but Shannon's family was so rich that they had outdoor heaters subtly built into the surroundings around the hot tub, which could be adjusted as part of the hot tub controls. As a result, the girls were far more interested in showing off their sexy bodies than worrying about any cold.

Maggie would have fit in nicely with her bikini, but she'd left it upstairs. Her only current option was wearing some of Belle's unfashionable clothes that didn't really fit her. Furthermore, she could see Shannon's mane of dark red hair at the hot tub. Since Shannon was Belle's daughter, she might recognize that the clothes Maggie was wearing belonged to Belle.

Maggie stopped in the empty kitchen before the hot tub group noticed the three of them. She asked Nick, "Can you do me a favor?"

"Sure. Anything for you."

She smiled at that. "I don't want to go out there like this, in clothes that aren't even mine. But I left my dress near the hot tub, just as you left your slacks and other things there too. Could you discreetly get my dress and bring it back here? And maybe you should retrieve your clothes too."

He nodded. "Good idea." He looked through the kitchen window to the hot tub group. The hot tub was well to the left side of kitchen, but it could still be seen through the window. He was feeling suddenly shy about mingling with that group of "beautiful people." His penis was flaccid and he was feeling totally sexually satiated, so he didn't have his horny courage that he'd often had in these situations lately.

He looked to Maggie and Hillary, and asked hesitantly, "Um... Should I go there alone?" He asked Hillary, "Maybe you could come with me?"

Hillary said cryptically, "My lips are cold."

Both Maggie and Nick just looked at her in confusion.

She let them be confused for a few moments, and then gave Maggie a very sultry look. She purred huskily, "I was hoping you'd keep them warm with me."

Maggie blushed and looked around. She was relieved to confirm that no one could overhear that. She pushed Hillary, but gently. "Behave, you! Remember, we're in a public place, where anyone might wander by. We're not supposed to be like that."

Hillary sighed sadly. "You're right. Sorry. It's just that you look so yummy."

Maggie's blush deepened, and she turned her head bashfully. But she muttered quietly, "You do too."

Hillary heard that, just barely. But still, she asked, "What was that?"

Maggie turned to resume eye contact with her, and growled with irritation, "You heard me. You do too. I would LOVE to kiss you until the cows come home! But not here. Not now." She looked around suspiciously again.

Hillary beamed. She commented gleefully, "I don't know when the cows come home. Nick, are there any cows around here?"

"None at all that I know of." He was smiling, because he loved that his two great loves were getting so intimate and sensual towards each other.

Hillary triumphantly concluded to Maggie, "Thus, they can't come home. So if we start kissing, we might have to never stop!" She pretended to be distressed by that, although she couldn't stop smiling. "It's too dangerous."

She turned to Nick. "I'd better go with you, because I don't know if I can control myself around your other sexy girlfriend. At least not until we get some intel on which cows live around here and when they're coming home." She smirked. "Besides, I suppose I at least need to be in SOME face time, so at least it's known that I came back to the party."

So Hillary and Nick started to head to the back patio while Maggie lingered in the kitchen. But before they went outside, Maggie said to Nick, "By the way, Sport, please talk to Shannon and ask her what we can do about dinner. I'll bet the others have eaten, but maybe there's still something we can have."

Nick wanted to just grab the clothes, ask about the food, and go, but it wasn't that easy. Once he and Hillary got to the hot tub bunch, they had to linger and make small talk. Hillary switched into a socializing mode and tried to work her way through the group so she could make some "face time" small talk with all of them.

Nick was still feeling shy. Even though the girls were generally beautiful, and usually topless, he wasn't interested. They seemed like nuns compared to what he'd just experienced upstairs.

He stuck near Shannon and talked just to her, both because she was one of the few people there he knew and also because he needed to ask her about dinner. She was topless and her breasts were spectacular, but he felt a level of comfort with her. He got the impression that most of the "beautiful people" would smile to your face and then stab you in your back, but Shannon was genuinely nice.

He got the clothes that he and Maggie had left behind, and he asked about dinner right away.

However, Shannon wanted to make some small talk before she got around to answering that. He was squatting next to the hot tub in his swimsuit and T-shirt, while she was sitting in it. She came all the way out, proudly showing off her sopping wet double-D-cups. She patted a spot on the deck. "Here, sit down for a minute. Dangle your feet in the tub. What's your hurry?"

He sat down, and said, "Maggie's waiting inside, in the kitchen. We're both really hungry."

"Ah. Then I'll be fast. I just wanted to ask you something. I noticed that you and her disappeared for at least an hour, and now you're back. I'm just wondering what happened."

He considered lying, but he couldn't think of any plausible one. So he bashfully admitted, "Um, ah... we might have been upstairs."

She smirk-smiled at that. "You 'might have been,' huh? But it's a mystery. Nobody knows for sure, not even you?"

He looked away shyly. "Well..." He knew there was no good reason to spend that much time upstairs unless something sexual was happening.

Shannon said, "You know, pretty recently, we heard some pretty weird and loud shouting. Prolonged screaming, actually. It sounded a lot like it came from the upper floors. And everyone else was accounted for, either here or on the ground floor, except for you and Maggie. Hmmm..."

His face was turning red, and he couldn't make eye contact. "Well..." He was totally stumped about what to say, but his lack of a coherent response said volumes.

She chuckled, and put a hand on his nearest knee.

That touch surprised him. He looked around for Shannon's boyfriend Devon, but didn't see him.

She said, "Sorry for giving you a hard time. Don't worry, it's totally cool. If you and Maggie want to have a little fun upstairs, feel free. God knows everybody else does."

"Thanks." He felt a little better hearing that, but he was still dying of embarrassment.

She added, "That said, you two are uniquely vocal. I suspect you were in a room without windows because your screams sounded muffled, but we could hear them just the same. That's impressive. You two make a great couple. I love that kind of passion."

He was still being silent, so she looked him over. "And you're an interesting one. Sometimes, like at the party last night, you come on like mysterious Joe Cool. But other times, like right now, you're the cute and bashful shy guy. Yep, definitely interesting."

He looked up and got a brief and tantalizing glimpse of Shannon's impressive and water-soaked bare chest. But he quickly looked past her to the others around the hot tub. "Well, it's just that I'm not used to this kind of scene. I haven't been to a lot of parties like this before." In truth, he hadn't been to any.

She still had a hand on his knee, but was merely keeping it still there. "Don't worry, you're definitely welcome here. As for your dinner question, the rest of us ate a little while ago. You missed out on a good meal. Unfortunately, I don't have a whole lot to offer. However, there are a couple of gourmet pizzas in the freezer. Help yourself to that and whatever else you can scrounge up. My kitchen is your kitchen."

"Thanks." He started to get up.

She reached out and touched his arm. "Oh, and Nick?"


"Sorry for kind of teasing you about the whole upstairs thing. I couldn't resist. It's just that when you're acting all bashful and shy, you're irresistibly teasible."

He stood up and forced a smile. "No worries. We're going to go inside and see about one of those pizzas. Maybe we'll see you in there."


He breathed a sigh of relief when he was able to get away from the hot tub crowd without having to do any more talking. He noticed though that Hillary stayed behind. She was sitting in a cluster of several people and engaged in conversation.

He came back to the kitchen, found Maggie, and gave her her dress.

Maggie went to a nearby bathroom to change into it.

Meanwhile, Nick found the frozen pizzas. He discovered one was just a cheese pizza, which was key since he was vegetarian. He remembered that Hillary was vegan, which would have been a problem, but he also was aware that she'd already eaten dinner with Spencer. So he started getting the pizza ready. Just cheese pizza seemed boring, but he found green peppers, onions, and other things to add to it in the refrigerator, so he started working on spicing it up.

Maggie came back in her gorgeous dress, looking even better because she wasn't wearing any underwear. She took over working on the pizza while Nick went off to change into his slacks.

He didn't need to, since pretty much everyone else was in a bathing suit, if not partially naked. However, he worried about getting obvious erections, and his slacks would at least provide some cover. He was particularly concerned about popping a boner due to Shannon. After everything that had happened with Debra, he didn't want to get into any more trouble.

When Nick came back, Maggie gave him a discouraging frown. "Awww! What did you go and do that for? Now I can't see any bulge at all."

"You don't know the half of it," he replied. "I'm wearing my swimsuit under this for double layer protection."

She pouted. "Now, you're just trying to make me sad."

He drew up to her and whispered in her ear. "Sorry, but it's better if I don't get ill-timed erections, especially with Hillary around. What if I do get a big bulge in my pants, and she sees it and overtly licks her lips or something?"

"That's true," Maggie grumbled. "I suppose."

He whispered, "Look on the bright side. I'm flaccid now anyway. And soon the three of us will be back upstairs, sans Debra, and you and Hillary can have a cocky, cummy feast!"

Maggie licked her lips ostentatiously. "Mmmm! Now we're talking!"

He stepped away from her. "All we have to do is behave until then."

She nodded, but thought, That's easy for YOU to say, Son! You don't have this craving to suck that I do. To strip naked and suck your big fat cock like the total slut that I really am! Tonight, there shall be much rejoicing, and sharing, and throbbing hot cock, and sliding lips, and busy tongues, and cum-soaked faces! I can't wait! Oh, and I want some serious titfucking action too. Maybe even face fucking. That's my favorite!

Maggie and Nick were both working on the pizza a couple of minutes later when Debra came into the kitchen area. Debra had put on her bikini at first, but then she'd gone to the top floor and found the clothes she'd originally arrived in and wore those over the bikini. So she was wearing a sexy and revealing dress much like Maggie's. She'd also freshened up in the bathroom, and she looked great.

She pretended like she'd just arrived at the party and greeted Maggie and Nick like long-lost friends, even though the three of them knew very well that wasn't true.

She even had the chutzpah to give Nick and Maggie hugs and pecks on the cheek. She could smell the faint residue of Nick's cum there, and that gave her a thrill, but she didn't mention it.

Maggie just rolled her eyes after the hug and said to Debra, "Save your act for Hillary. She's outside by the hot tub right now, you know. When she sees that you're here, she's going to be pissed!"

Debra went to the kitchen window and looked to the hot tub, where she saw Hillary still with the others and making small talk. Since no one else was in the kitchen, she felt she could talk fairly freely. She asked, "Why would she be mad at me? She doesn't know that I was upstairs too, right?"

Maggie said, "SSSSH! If you're going to talk about that, can you at least whisper?!"

"Sorry," Debra said in a whisper, not sounding that sorry.

Maggie moved closer to Debra so she could quietly whisper to her. "As to your question, no, she doesn't know, and you should be damn thankful about that. But she's still upset over what happened yesterday, with you trying to take pictures of us and all that. If I were you, I'd skedaddle before she sees you."

Debra didn't seem alarmed. She quietly asked, "Hey, speaking of taking pictures, what happened to my camera?! Do you still have it?"

Maggie replied, "I do. And I promise I'll give it back to you soon. But just the camera. I'm keeping the pictures!"

"Fair enough." After a pause, curiosity got to her, and she asked, "How did the pictures turn out?"

Maggie gave her an exasperated look. "I can't tell you that!"

"Why not? Come on. Can't you just give me a vague idea? I'll bet they were super smoking hot!"

Maggie couldn't help but grin a little as she recalled the pictures. "Yeah, they were that."

"Even the ones of me? I know there have to be a lot of pictures of me trying to slip and slide my lips over Nick's incredibly thick dick."

Maggie was growing flustered and aroused, thanks to thoughts of the photos. Thinking about Debra bobbing on Nick's shaft aroused her nearly as much as thoughts of her doing that to him. "Stop asking so many questions already!"

"Okay. But just answer that one, please? Did the ones of me with Nick's bone crammed in my mouth look hot?"

"Yes, they did. Okay? Enough of that topic!"

Instead of leaving, Debra continued to linger and chat. It was suddenly like she was best pals with both Maggie and Nick, which the two of them found strange.

Yet what was even stranger was they managed to chit chat just fine, despite practically a whole herd of metaphorical elephants in the room.

After Nick put the pizza in the oven, he began worrying how Hillary would react when she came back and saw Debra. He decided it would be better if he cut her off at the pass and alerted her that Debra was here, to help her deal with that fact. Besides, he had some other things he'd been wanting to say to her in private.

So, with Debra and Maggie talking to each other and keeping an eye on the pizza, he explained that he was going to go back outside to talk to Hillary.

He found Hillary still chatting with some of the hot tub group, but he managed to take her away from that to a private spot elsewhere on the back balcony. It was a big balcony that wrapped around the entire backside of the big mansion, so he was able to take her far from both the hot tub and kitchen areas, around a bend so they couldn't be seen from afar.

However, there was still a chance of some strangers coming around the bend and seeing them up close, so it was dangerous for them to intimately hug or kiss, given that he was supposed to only be dating Maggie

Hillary gave him a hug just the same, but she kept it short. "What's up?"

"There are some things I wanted to talk to you about."

"Okay, cool. Lay it on me."

"Things have been moving fast, very fast. Both between me and you, Maggie and me, Maggie and you, and so on. Including Anushka too. Did you know Maggie and I had lunch with her today?"

"I got a message on my phone from Anushka that that was a plan. But then my phone died, and I couldn't get a signal to call her back, so that's all I know. But I must say that I'm very glad to hear that happened, especially if it went well. Did it go well?"

His face lit up with fond memories. "Are you kidding me?! It was GREAT! I couldn't believe it. The three of us were like best friends by the end. Seriously. It was a super long lunch, and we really bonded. Like, three hours long long! I was already getting along well with Anushka from the last time we met, and we got along even better. But what really surprised me was Maggie and Anushka. They connected on many levels."

He hesitated. "I don't know if I should say this..."

Hillary said, "Trust me, Anushka and I talk about EVERYTHING. If it happened at the lunch, I'm gonna hear about it from her, and in great detail."

"Well, even so, I don't want to say much, because it's up to Anushka to decide what she wants to reveal to you. But I can say that Anushka really opened up emotionally to us. She told us some secrets and generally treated us like we were already great friends."

Hillary asked with great interest, "What kind of secrets?!"

"Again, that's up to her to share with you. I wouldn't want to say the wrong thing and get her mad at me." He strongly suspected there were secrets Anushka wasn't going to tell to Hillary since they concerned Hillary, so he definitely didn't want to say too much. "But my point is, it really was like instant good friends. And that's such a relief, because I thought they could become enemies of a sort."

Hillary smiled widely. "That IS very good news! I've been worried about the same thing. Tell me more!"

"Later. I need to keep this short because I have other stuff I want to discuss, and we've got a pizza in the oven that'll be ready in about ten minutes. By the way, I hope you don't mind, but it's a cheese pizza. I figured you've eaten already."

She waved that off. "Don't worry about it. I did eat, so I'm good. Besides, pretty much all pizza is cheese pizza. Have you ever tried vegan pizza, with fake cheese? I hate to admit it, but it's not very good. One of the biggest problems with being vegan is the lack of good pizza."

He was impatient. "Let's not worry about that right now. There's stuff I've been dying to talk to you about one-on-one. For instance, the way you and Maggie are getting along."

"What about us?" Hillary asked guardedly. She worried that he might want her to scale back her physical intimacy with Maggie.

He pointed out, "In a very short time, things have gotten VERY physical and intimate with you. Remember how I 'forced' you two to kiss on the lips? That seems like years ago to me because so much has happened since, but it was just a couple of days ago!"

Hillary smiled as she thought back to that time. "Thanks for doing that. That was great."

He said, quietly and confidentially, "Look. You're bisexual. You're very open about it, and I think that's very cool. But it's also obvious that you're extremely attracted to Maggie. That would be a big problem if she was completely straight, like she claims to be, but after what's happened between you two in the last day or two, I think it's safe to say that she's not, and she's in denial about it. She's very attracted to you too."

Hillary stared dreamily up into the starry night sky, obviously thinking about Maggie. "You think?"

"Do I think?! I know! Good God! Do you not remember the way you two were kissing and fondling upstairs?! Geez, even in the kitchen a few minutes ago, the two of you were talking about kissing until the 'cows come home.' I don't know who's more happy about that idea, you or her."

Hillary looked at Nick with renewed worry. "Is that bad? Are you worried that she and I might fall in love?"

"No! I'm not! In fact, I'm hoping that's what's happening. I want you two to fall in love and in lust, big time!"

"Really?! That's surprisingly understanding. You're not worried that I might steal her away from you, or something like that?"

"No way. I'm VERY confident about my relationship with her. I know she loves me, and I love her. And I've discovered through my strong feelings for you and her that it's very possible to, uh, feel strongly for two people at the same time."

She smiled widely. "Nick, when you say you 'feel strongly' for me, is that just a roundabout way to say 'love?'"

He blushed a little. "Maybe. But I'm not ready to say the 'L' word to you yet, at least not until I'm sure you're ready to 'L' me back. We've only been going out two weeks, so I think we need to give it a little more time to see if these feelings can last. But make no mistake about it: my feelings for you ARE very strong. And I'm sure they're going to last."

Her heart swelled with powerful emotion. "Nick!" She suddenly wrapped her arms around him and kissed him on the lips.

It was a good thing that he'd chosen the farthest part of the balcony, and a spot that was out of the line of sight to the hot tub area, because their French kiss was a long and very heartfelt one. The facts that they were wearing clothes, for once, and they were outside in a spot where others might come along, stopped them from getting too touchy-feely.

He was still feeling time pressure to talk about all the things he wanted to talk about before he was called away for dinner. So he broke the kiss after a minute or two, and said to her, "I'm psyched that we're connecting like this, but I didn't come here to talk about us. I'm confident that our feelings for each other are going to grow and blossom, and all kinds of good things are going to happen. I think it's almost inevitable, because we fit together so well."

She smiled, and rubbed her nose against his, since they were still in an embrace. "That we do. I can't wait until we fit together well down below as well, if you know what I mean."

She pressed her lower body closer against his, and was surprised that she didn't feel a bulge there. She asked with concern, "Is something wrong?"

He chuckled. "Nothing at all. You two drained me dry upstairs. I don't have an erection 24 hours a day, you know."

Her frown turned back into a sexy smile, and she continued to rub against him in a sensual manner. "Well, you could of fooled me. Maybe twenty-THREE hours a day."

He forced himself to disengage for her comforting hug. "We'd better not hug like this. Remember that Maggie is supposed to be my one official girlfriend at this point."

"Oh, you party pooper. But I guess you have a good point." She crossed her arms under her massive breasts because otherwise she wasn't sure if she could stop her hands. Plus, she loved tempting him to look at her F-cups.

He pointed out, "Anyway, don't be offended. Remember that I just had THREE orgasms upstairs, and that's not even counting the fun I had with Maggie this morning. I'm trying to move this conversation along because I've got a lot to say and this could be our only private time to talk tonight. Let's talk more about you and Maggie."

"Yes, let's do that."

"Like I said, I would love it if you two get even more intimate. I think that will only strengthen the bonds of our bizarre four-way relationship, if you include Anushka. I do worry about you breaking up with me eventually, even as great as things are going, because you have a track record of short relationships."

Hillary said, "That's true. But what's been happening lately is like several quantum leaps above any other kind of relationship I've had before."

She drew closer to him and put a hand on his chest. "You're a very special guy, Nick. I can't stop thinking about you. You make me so HOT! What we did upstairs tonight, and pretty much every other time with you, that also is quantum leaps better than any other sex I've ever had. I would be a fool to break up with you for that alone. But it's much more than that. We DO fit together very well. It just seems so RIGHT, you know? Like we've been going out for months already, instead of days."

She lovingly ran her hand-over his chest. "I don't want to say too much right now, because things are moving fast, like you said. Just tonight, I'm having to get used to being one of your official SLUTS instead of your girlfriend!"

She emphasized "sluts' more by whispering in than saying it loudly. A lusty fire flashed in her eyes, showing that she was actually relishing her "slut" status.

She went on, "Do you realize how strange it is to have to share you as 'co-slut?' That should be a killer blow to our relationship right there. But it's just the opposite. Being part of a threesome makes me love everything ten times more, as I was saying earlier. That said, it still mostly comes down to you. I can definitively state that my feelings for you are stronger than any I've ever had for any previous boyfriend. This is a whole new experience for me, and I'm loving it!"

They shared another French kiss and a hug, because they simply couldn't contain their feelings for each other.

But he still was feeling the time pressure, as well as the danger of being "caught" in an intimate position. So he broke the kiss before he otherwise would have, and disengaged from the hug too.

He said, "I love to hear you say that. That's really great! I feel that way too, not counting my strong feelings for Maggie too. But that's the funny thing. I don't feel like my feelings for Maggie lessen my feelings for you in any way, and vice versa. In fact, it's the opposite. The more I long for you, the more I long for her too, and again it works both ways. The three of us make a great team, don't you think?"

Hillary was energized to reply, "Definitely! Sexually, no question! I think threesomes are where it's at! I never thought I'd say that. I considered myself monogamous and loyal, and I still do. But I want to have sex with both of you at the same time every single fucking day! I really mean it! Double blowjobs, yes! Oh, yes, yes, yes!"

Her eyes widened with excitement. "But that's just the tip of the iceberg. For instance, just wait until Anushka gives you permission to fuck me! Can you imagine the all-day fuck and suck sessions the three of us could have?! I'm already starting to worry how this is going to affect my grades, because I'm having too much fun with you two to do my homework!"

He chuckled. "Me too. Believe me. But can you see why I'm not concerned about what you and Maggie do together, even if you two fall in love to some degree? I think it'll just strengthen the bonds between all of us. Which is why I think you and I should conspire together."

She grinned impishly. "Go on. I have a good feeling that I'm going to love what you say, but say it!"

"We need to conspire to get you two to go all the way with each other. Total lesbian lovemaking."

Hillary pumped a fist in the air right in front of her chest. "YES! I'm so there! Sign me up already!"

He chuckled at that. "Obviously, we're on the same page here. But there's a snag: Anushka."

Hillary frowned. "That's true. Look. I need to be honest with you. My feelings for her are very strong too. I'm in love with her like I've never felt for anyone else before. Everything has changed for me with you, but also with her. Just because I'm falling for Maggie, that doesn't mean I want to give Anushka up."

He gripped bot of her upper arms, because he was feeling so emphatic. "And I don't want you to! Far from it. I'm committed to this four-way relationship thing that seems to lack a name. Whatever you call it, I think it works, and it's the best way to keep us all together for the long term. And a key part of that is Anushka. I've gotten to know Maggie really well these past few months since we started going out."

That last comment was part of his cover story, of course. Obviously, he knew his own mother much, much better than that!

He continued, "She's in denial when she claims that she's totally straight, but she still is mostly straight. I don't think you could have the same relationship with her that you have with Anushka right now. No matter what may happen physically between you and Maggie, you can go much deeper with Anushka emotionally and romantically. And that's important to keep this four-way thing going."

He let go of her arms and continued, "So I don't want you to break up with Anushka, ever. No, no, no! No way! I've made promises to her to make this thing work for her as well as the rest of us, and I mean to keep my promises. Instead, we need to fix things so Anushka won't be threatened no matter what happens sexually and even emotionally between you and Maggie. I have another crazy conspiratorial plan to do just that."

She laughed. "Let's hear it!"

"Hold your horses for this one: we need to get Maggie and Anushka sexually intimate too!"

Hillary silently pondered that. She raised a curious eyebrow and put a hand on her chin as she continued to mull it over. "Hmmm..."

He couldn't handle the suspense. He'd been hoping that she would immediately cheer the idea, and he was concerned that she hadn't. She seemed torn, at best. He asked, "What are you thinking?!"

She said, "Well, I feel jealousy. The idea of Anushka getting intimate with anyone else makes me angry. But then again, I think about the three of us together, and that opens up so many possibilities. Hell, even the four of us together!"

He asked with rising excitement, "'The four of us?!'"

She still had her hand on her chin. "Yes, the four of us. Anushka isn't as much of a lesbian as she thinks she is. I have high hopes you could wow her with your big fat cock. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. I'm still thinking about your 'Maggie and Anushka' plan. I'm not sure if I want to punch you or kiss you."

He grinned impishly. "What if you punch me and then kiss me? Just as long as if it's a great kiss."

She laughed at that silly suggestion. "You're a real case. But let me tell you how I feel, okay? This has been a very pivotal and exciting time in my life, these past weeks. Not only have I discovered you and Maggie, but my relationship with Anushka has been growing deeper and deeper in the most wonderful way. I'm in totally new territory with you AND with her. I'm loving life! Anushka is a stunning beauty, as I'm sure you've noticed, and she's got a heart of gold too. She really loves me a lot. I think she and I have a great future together, and I don't want to endanger that."

"Understood," he said earnestly. "And I wouldn't want you to."

She nodded. "That said, I'm also very open to sexual possibilities. I truly pride myself on being a 'good slut.' The threesome fun I've been having with you and Maggie is something that's way more than just the sum of its parts. The idea of me getting to be in bed together with Anushka AND Maggie pretty much blows my mind!"

She leaned in close, and whispered in his ear. "It's making me totally cream myself right now!" She took his hand and brought it towards her crotch.

But he forced himself not to touch her privates. He still worried about their lack of true privacy, as well as a lack of time. They wound up just holding hands.

She wasn't dissuaded by that, and kept on, "What you're suggesting is scary, for a variety of reasons. What if it wouldn't work? Or what if it works TOO well, and they get too into each other? But I think this is a case where the reward is definitely worth the risk. Let's do it!"

"Are you sure?"

She considered everything again, and then nodded.

"Okay!" He gave her a tight hug, and they necked a little while. His intention for them not to show any intimate affection here wasn't exactly working well. He figured that sometimes others wanted to retreat to this spot for some privacy, and that made him anxious. But kissing her simply felt too good to stop.

This time, she broke the kiss first. They remained in a loose embrace.

She said, "I must admit, I'm scared. I'm going to have to cope with my feelings of jealousy, for starters. I'm very protective and possessive of Anushka. I think of her as 'mine.' I kind of have, I guess you'd call it, well... a kind of dominant relationship with her. I don't want to reveal too much about our intimate times together, but to give you a sense of how things are, I call her my 'Little Bitch,' and I kind of call the shots in bed. We both like it that way. So it's going to be painful seeing her with Maggie."

He pointed out, "But it's worth it overall, right?"

"Right. I think so, at least. I'm as keen on making this four-way thing work for the long term as you are, and this would certainly help stabilize things. I love that they got along so great when they met today, but they still are kind of natural rivals for my attention, unless they can get intimate with each other too. But do you think they'd go for it? Do you think they'd be sexually attracted to each other?"

He exclaimed, "Oh, man! How could they not?! For starters, they have so much in common and click as friends so naturally that that's a huge first step. Of course, sexual attraction doesn't always develop from a good friendship, but luckily they're both so hot and sexy that it isn't even funny! Maggie is... well, I don't have to tell you how sexy and desirable she is. And Anushka's got a face and a body that really SHOULD make her a Bollywood movie star. Hell, a Hollywood star, for that matter. And she's got breasts the size of, well, small moons!"

Hillary chuckled at that. She took both his hands in hers and brought them to her own breasts. She teased him, "Is that the kind of thing that you like?"

He was getting increasingly aroused, although his penis still was struggling to get erect. He couldn't resist caressing her great F-cups with both hands through her clothes, despite his intention to behave in this location. "You know I do!"

She bit her lip uncertainly as she felt her arousal spike from getting fondled like this, especially in a potentially dangerous plan. Still, she asked, "But more importantly, would Maggie be attracted to that? And to Anushka in general?"

He lightly rolled Hillary's erect nipples between his fingers, despite her clothes being in the way. "Oh, sure! They didn't overtly flirt with each other at lunch today, but I'm sure that's because they didn't consider that something they were at liberty to do, due to all of the complexities of this four-way thing. But still, I could tell that they were checking each other out and liking what they saw. A lot! I'm sure the physical attraction is a big reason why they were getting along so well. There was a real spark there."

"Hmmm." Hillary frowned. She was having jealousy issues, even as she found that very encouraging.

Nick saw that, and hastened to say, "Keep in mind what I said, about Maggie being mostly straight. I'm very confident about that. I'm pretty confident she could come to enjoy getting more physical with both you and Anushka. After all, you can see how things were developing upstairs. But she's in love with ME."

He switched to cupping Hillary's enormous knockers from below, despite the incongruous timing. "That's her main emotional connection, just like you're Anushka's main emotional connection. Maggie's totally happy with that. She doesn't need to be in love with anyone else. She's not going to want to step on anyone's toes either. There's just no way she's going to madly fall in love with Anushka, nor is Anushka going to madly fall in love with her. Anushka loves YOU! She told us all about it. I don't want to say too much without her permission, but her feelings for you are very STRONG, and unique."

Hillary gave him a tight hug. "Thanks for saying that. You know just what to say to make me feel better." Indeed, hearing that was a big relief for her.

He still had his hands on her breasts, and now he couldn't really move them because they were pressed together so tightly. He said, "I'm just telling you the truth. I wouldn't lie, because if this wasn't true, things would get all screwed up if we tried to act on these ideas. And think about Maggie and me. I'm feeling some jealousy too, thinking of her getting intimate with both you AND Anushka. But, just like you, I believe it's worth the risk."

Hillary loosened the hug a bit, and slid a hand down to his crotch. She could feel through his slacks that his penis was half-hard, and that encouraged her. She started to stroke it through the fabric. "Come on. The idea of seeing us busty ladies get all hot and heavy with each other has to turn you on, big time. And you'd get to watch, up close and personal, I'm sure. Wouldn't you like to see Maggie, me, AND Anushka all naked in bed and kissing and fondling each other? Can you imagine a three-way titty war?"

He asked with increasingly labored breaths, "What's that?"

"I don't know exactly, but it sure as hell sounds like fun to find out! Imagine the three of us all kneeling up in bed, holding our lubed-up tits and rubbing them against each other at the same time! That's one war where everyone is a winner!"

He laughed loudly at that. He could feel his penis starting to stiffen some more, thanks mostly to her "titty war" idea.

She could feel that too, and that encouraged her to stroke his bulge some more. She slipped a hand inside his slacks so she could be more effective, skin-on-skin. She was annoyed to discover he was wearing his swimsuit too, but she just slipped her hand inside that as well.

She added, "That, naturally, brings up the question of you and Anushka. Here's a REALLY crazy thought we hinted at already: what if you two got it on as well?"

He squeaked in excited disbelief. Even though it had been hinted at already, it was almost too amazing for him to imagine. "Me? And her?!"

She chuckled, because his dick suddenly engorged to a very stiff full size. "I can tell that one part of you definitely loves the idea." She began aggressively rubbing his sweet spot, while he still caressed the undersides of her breasts through her clothes. "I don't know if it's possible, given that Anushka IS mostly lesbian. We'll have to worry about that later. But I wouldn't be entirely opposed to the idea. If it did happen, then our four-way relationship would become truly four-way, and it would become as stable as a table, with each 'leg' firmly connected to all the others. I'd have big jealousy issues with that too, but there would be potential big rewards as well. Can you imagine ALL FOUR of us naked and in bed together?! I can!"

Nick was so excited by this that he could barely breathe. He simply panted hard as his reply.

She chuckled at his obvious arousal. "Yeah, there's no way you'd turn down THAT idea. And I don't even need to ask if you're attracted to her, Mr. Tit Man."

"I am!" Then he added, "But, uh, I'd never do anything about it, unless I got approval from you and Maggie."

"Good! Don't!" She just stroked his boner for some long moments as she thought things through. "Let's see how things develop between Maggie and me first. Maybe Maggie and Anushka too. If that doesn't work out, then you and Anushka would be a non-starter. But if it does... who knows? You know what I'd like to see?"

"What's that?!" He was panting even harder.

"I'd love to see Maggie, Anushka, and I all licking your cock at the same time! The three of us kneeling naked side by side by side while you stand there! And then, when you cum, you'd shoot gallons of your hot and sticky seed all over the three of us! Then it would be just like when Maggie and I rub our sperm-covered tits together and snowball your cum back and forth, except Anushka would be doing that too! God, that would be so hot!"

Nick gave his reply by aggressively kissing Hillary's mouth. He took a hand off her breasts and brought it to the back of her head to better support her as his tongue dueled with hers. Meanwhile, her hand jacked him off frantically inside his slacks, and his other hand pinched her nipple between her clothes.

They were still going at it like that, with visions of a foursome in both of their heads, when a cough interrupted them a couple of minutes later. They both froze, and then disengaged like moving from hot coals.

"Well, well, well. I should have expected this."

They turned to the sound of that voice, and felt great relief to discover that it was only Maggie after all. She stood there with her arms crossed under her great melons. She had an amused yet chagrined look on her face. Seeing that she had their full attention, she said, "Aren't you worried at all that someone else could see? Hillary, I thought you aren't ready for your relationship with Nick to be public knowledge?"

Hillary took another step back from Nick in embarrassment. "I'm not. I'm not against the idea, but things are moving so fast that I think we shouldn't rush into that. But you know how it is with him." Her heart was pounding wildly from lust and the danger of almost getting caught, but she managed a sly smile. "He's such a fucking stud!"

She looked to the lewd bulge in his dark brown slacks, which was easily visible even in the darkness now they were standing apart. "He claims that there are times when his dick goes flaccid, but I don't believe it."

Maggie snickered. "I don't believe it either."

"Hey!" he protested to both of them. "It's not me, it's you! You're the sexy ones. I was as sexually satiated as a guy could be. But you should hear what Hillary was talking about, and how she was looking at me and touching me. She could wake me from a coma!"

Maggie grinned. "I'm sorry I missed out on all that. I just came by to say that the pizza's almost ready. Plus, I pretty much figured something like this would happen, so I thought I'd better cool you two down before things got REALLY out of hand. To be frank, Hillary, I'm semi-surprised that I didn't find you kneeling naked and sucking cock."

Hillary chuckled and rolled her eyes. "That was coming next. I think you WOULD have seen that if you came five minutes later." She realized that was almost certainly true.

She looked over the balcony she was standing next to, into the darkness below. "Knowing him, he would have stripped me of my clothes and tossed them over the edge."

Nick's face lit up. "Hey! Nice idea!" He was mostly joking.

She gave him an exasperated yet amused look.

Maggie said, "Yeah, well, remember where you are, and who's around. That bunch at the hot tub are right over there, just out of sight." She pointed back towards the hot tub. "And Nick, did you tell her about... you-know-who?"

Nick blanched. "Not yet."

"Please do. I'll see you inside in a few minutes okay?"

Nick and Hillary nodded at that, as Maggie walked away.

Maggie made one parting shot. "And BEHAVE! And remember that dinner's almost ready."

Once Maggie was gone, Hillary put her hands on her hips and asked suspiciously, "What's this 'you-know-who' stuff?"

Nick sighed heavily as he recalled the Debra problem. "Promise me you won't get upset, okay?"

She folded her arms under her huge tits, pushing them up and out. She narrowed her eyes. "No promises."

He said reluctantly, "It's Debra. She's here."

Hillary slapped the middle of her face and kept her hand there. "Oh, great! That's just fucking great. Dammit! What the fuck is SHE doing here?!"

He made a spur of the moment decision, and decided to come clean about what had been happening with Debra. Mostly clean, that is. He didn't think the time was right to mention that he'd fucked Debra last night. He wanted to confess that too, but he knew he'd be asking for trouble if he mentioned it all at once.

He said, "It's worse than you think. Much worse."

She stared at him with laser eyes. Her voice dropped ominously. "What do you mean?"

He held his hands up. His boner was rapidly fading. "Promise me you'll hear me out before you go ballistic!"

She growled, "No promises!" But then, upon reflection, she sighed. "Okay, fine. I'll try. Hit me with it."

"The truth is, she's pretending to have just arrived, but she's been here for a while. And Maggie and I got ourselves in a compromised situation where we were kind of forced to take part in another sex game with her, just like yesterday."

"ARRGH!" Hillary clenched her fists and raised them to the sky. "FUUUUCK! I knew you were going to say something like that! What the FUCK?!"

"My thoughts exactly! We really didn't want this to happen, believe me! We're in a real fix. Maybe you can help us get out of it." His penis had gone flaccid in record time, because he hated to see her upset.

Hillary looked around with daggers in her eyes. "Where is she?! I'll fucking KILL HER!" She shook her fists, as if she was about to sock Debra in the face.

He raised his hands defensively. "Hold on! Hold on! Before you do something rash, hear me out so you know just what's going on!"

She sighed very heavily and reluctantly lowered her fists. "Right. Dammit! I don't even want to know. But I guess I have to know. What happened?!"

"Maggie and I got here and spent about an hour socializing around the hot tub. There was no sign of Debra, and we were sure she wasn't here. We mostly talked with Shannon, and you remember she was supposed to alert us if the guard noticed Debra coming in. But nothing. No warning."

Hillary muttered, "I'm going to have to have a talk with Shannon about that. Grrr!"

"Then we snuck upstairs to have a little private fun in the room where you found us later. And we did, and it was great. We locked the door, and everything. Maggie sucked my dick for a long while, and that was totally great, of course. But then, at one point, we were loudly cumming together, and we heard someone else cumming too! We looked around and saw Debra in the room! She'd taken her bikini off and she was openly masturbating while watching us!"

Hillary smacked her own face again. "Fuck! You're kidding me! Wasn't she concerned AT ALL about being caught?"

"It turns out no. I don't know how she got there in the first place. She was very elusive about that, so there's probably some sneaky scheme behind it."

"I'm sure!" So far, Hillary was directing all her ire at Debra.

Nick was secretly relieved about that. He continued, "She'd started out listening to us through the door, and she'd heard me call Maggie 'Ma' and Maggie call me 'Son.' We were just doing some mother-son role-playing, like we've told you about before, but Debra thought it was REAL, so she figured she'd had the blackmail to top all blackmails, so who cares if she gets caught?! Even though we'd locked the door, she picked the lock and snuck in to watch as well as listen. Once she was discovered, she wasn't even fazed, and pretty much implied that we'd better play another sex game with her or she'd tell people what she'd heard."

Hillary looked at him with less anger and more concern. "But you WERE just role-playing, right? And I assume you told her that?"

"Of course! Unfortunately, we'd gone upstairs in just our bathing suits, plus my T-shirt, so we couldn't show her our IDs to prove how close our ages are to each other. We have them in the car, and I want to make a point of letting her see those before the evening is' over, just so she's sure and won't spread any nasty rumors. Luckily, it's blatantly obvious that Maggie is only 21, so she believed us."

Of course that wasn't true, Maggie only looked that young, but Nick was careful to maintain the crucial lie with Hillary too.

He went on, "But that means she still knows that we role-play about being mother and son, and that's pretty bad. We don't want to be on her bad side and have her telling everyone that in school. I've got this feeling that somehow people will think it's not just a false rumor. Like, someone will tease me about it and I'll get way too embarrassed for it to be seen as just a lie. Because of course I'm gonna get embarrassed from the role-play alone. These things have a way of causing trouble."

Hillary put her hands on her hips. "Is that all she's got? That's not such a big deal."

"No, by itself it wouldn't be. But she knows other stuff too. Maggie and I were talking for a while about all kinds of things, and Debra was listening with her ear through the door, or she was actually in the room with us unnoticed, the whole time."

"How did you not notice her?!"

"By that point, we weren't saying much. We were so sexually into each other that we wouldn't have noticed a herd of buffalo stampeding by. But still, some of our sex talk might have been embarrassing. I don't even recall what we said, to be honest."


"Anyway, remember, she already knew that you were sexually involved with me. Now she figured out that you're my second official girlfriend. And that's just for starters. I can't even remember all the stuff we accidentally told her. For instance, Maggie talked openly about being my 'slut' instead of just my girlfriend. Debra could get a lot of mileage out of that, because it's true and Maggie will blush in a telling way if she's confronted with that."

He added, "Oh, and we also mentioned Anushka's name a couple of times, kind of in the context of her being your girlfriend."

"SHIT!" Hillary exclaimed much louder.

"I know. To be honest, she even knows a secret we haven't told you yet."

Hillary growled, "Which is what?!"

He flopped his hands helplessly. "I can't tell you, because we haven't told you yet!"

Ironically, he was referring to the fact that he'd fucked Debra last night. It was definitely true that Debra knew that secret, although not because it was something she'd overheard. The bigger secret, that the incest was true, was so dangerous that he didn't even want to hint about it.

He said, "Don't worry; it's not some deal-breaker kind of thing. But we haven't known you that long, and it takes time for people to grow close enough to reveal all their secrets. Note for instance how you just told me a few minutes ago that you call Anushka 'Little Bitch' and you hinted at some kinky dominance and submission stuff going on with her. I'll bet there's more you're not ready to tell us."

She didn't try to deny that, because it was true. Her silence was telling.

He said, "That's very understandable. But Maggie and I still have secrets too. Don't worry, you'll learn about them all by and by. But the point is, now Debra knows way more than we want her to."

Hillary sighed with frustration and dropped her arms to her sides. "That sucks!"

"You're telling me! The one silver lining is that she's not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I don't think she's realized the importance of some of this stuff. For instance, she might not have even picked up on our brief mention of Anushka. But it's hard to tell. We can't exactly question her about it, or that'll tip her off. If I remember, it was kind of vague anyway, like, 'When it comes to Hillary, we can't forget about Anushka.' I don't remember exactly. It was something like that that didn't directly reveal your relationship."

Hillary sighed heavily. "Well, at least that's something. I hope! I want to come out as bisexual soon, but not via Debra spreading gossip about me!"

"Exactly. That's what we figured. So we didn't know what to do. We decided to just placate her, at least until we could talk to you and figure out a strategy on how to deal with this."

Hillary smacked her forehead this time. "Let me guess: that meant doing sexual stuff with her. And let me further guess that it involved her sucking your cock a lot."

He winced. "Yes. To both of those things. I'm sorry! She had so much fun with the 'sex game' yesterday that she wanted to do that again. In fact, she wanted to stage a fuck contest where I'd fuck both Maggie and her and then declare a winner. We talked her out of that, and had a handjob contest instead. And then a blowjob contest of sorts. We mostly did that, in fact, with her and Maggie taking turns bobbing on me."

Hillary still had her hand on her forehead. She winced with her eyes tightly shut. "UGGGH! Don't tell me that!"

"Sorry, but I've gotta tell you that. Maggie and Debra found some old flight attendant uniforms that I guess belonged to Shannon's mother, and they kind of made a role-play about it. And I have to admit that I'm a horny heterosexual guy, and I enjoyed it. A lot! I hate to admit that, but it's true. I'm sure Debra enjoyed it a lot too. Hell, I think even Maggie enjoyed it."

"I did."

That startled both Nick and Hillary, because it was Maggie speaking to them from close up.

She stepped out of the shadows. She was grim and frowning.

Hillary asked her, "How long have you been there?!"

"A minute or two. But I don't think I missed anything, since I just lived all these events. I came by to say the pizza is ready. I turned off the oven and left it in there though, so we're not in a hurry. And Debra finally went off to hang out with the hot tub crowd, so hopefully we don't have to deal with her right away. But I figured I'd let you finish this important conversation."

Hillary put her hands back on her hips and asked Maggie in an accusing voice, "Did you really enjoy it?"

Maggie's expression soured. "I did. And don't be so surprised. Think back to the sex game with Debra yesterday. You can't tell me you didn't enjoy the hell out of that. Just like me, you were totally pissed off at Debra. But at the same time, the body responds to the sexual stuff going on. Today with Debra, I was REALLY angry, and yet REALLY horny as well. I had to play nice and bury my anger, and somehow that seemed to make me even more aroused. For instance, Debra and I gave Nick a very prolonged double blowjob until he came in her mouth."

Maggie gesticulated emphatically as she added, "How could I NOT respond to that?! It wasn't nearly as good as it is sharing him with you, but it was still a double blowjob with Nick's great, thick cock. We licked his cock together too. You know how I get when my mouth gets anywhere near his cock. My body responds, pretty much uncontrollably!"

She asked pleadingly, "Can you forgive me?!" She even folded her hands over her huge rack in the classic begging gesture.

There was a long pause as a frowning Hillary looked back and forth between Maggie and Nick. Finally, she said to Maggie. "Yeah. Give me a hug, dammit!"

Maggie rushed to Hillary and threw her arms around her. The two busty women threw caution to the wind and French kissed for a minute or two.

Nick carefully kept a look out to see if anyone was coming. There wasn't much he could do if someone did show up, though. He thought, I'm glad that they're patching things up. But it's weird that Hillary only seems to be mad at Ma in the first place. What about me?! I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I was the one who was kissing Debra, and playing with her naked body, and kicking back and loving it while she sucked me off.

Maybe this is the calm before the storm, and she's going to lay into me when she's done with Ma?!

After the kissing ended, Maggie smiled in Hillary's arms. "Thanks for being so understanding. You're the best!"

Hillary smiled back. "How can I stay mad at you? Or at Nick?" She looked at him with hunger in her eyes. "I'm not going to hug you again, though. We know what happens when those start. And Maggie, I think you're right that there's a fine line between the passion of anger and the passion of lust. One can fuel the other in a weird sort of way. In fact, let's break this hug before I get too horny with you."

Maggie reluctantly pulled away.

Nick shyly asked Hillary, "So you're not really mad at us?"

"Well, I am, but I also understand. I don't see how you had much choice. I try to put myself in your shoes, and I don't know what else I could have done. Plus, I'm glad that you at least confessed it all to me right away."

Nick looked away bashfully. "Well... That's not all of it. For instance, we haven't gotten to what happened when you showed up."

"Oh shit! What DID happen then?!"

He pointed out, "You called out our names from down the hall. We didn't want you to just burst in on us with Debra, because we didn't know how you'd react. You might assume the worst and all kinds of bad things could have happened before we got the story cleared up. So we told Debra to hide in the closet, and she did."

"Waaaait a minute!" Hillary said. She stepped to Nick and poked an accusing finger at his chest. "Are you telling me that Debra was in the closet the WHOLE TIME I WAS THERE?!"

He nodded fearfully.

"SHIT!" Hillary threw her hands up high and then slapped them on the top of her head. "This just gets worse and worse!" She paced around in a circle with great agitation.

He nodded some more. "I know! Remember how I kept suggesting that we should go downstairs and have dinner right away? That would have gotten us away from Debra so we could explain. But you were super eager to have some sexual fun, and there was no talking you into delaying it."

Hillary dropped her hands and ruefully admitted, "I'd been waiting ALL DAY to have fun with you two. There was no way I was going to be denied with a delay. Damn!"

Maggie pointed out, "And remember that Nick and I were super horny too. So the inevitable happened, and the three of us got so carried away with a double blowjob that we kind of forgot all about Debra hiding in the closet and watching."

Hillary growled, "'And watching?!'" Upon consideration, she said, "But of course she watched. And I'm sure she masturbated too. ARGH!"

Nick nodded. "She did. Remember that I was sitting facing the closet door. I picked that spot on purpose so you wouldn't accidentally find her there. That would have been awkward."

Hillary couldn't resist laughing loudly. "Yeah, that would have been VERY strange!"

The three of them shared a laugh that relieved the tension considerably.

Maggie and Hillary hugged again, but more for support than lust.

When they all calmed down a little more, Nick pointed out, "I saw her peeking out from time to time and making eye contact with me. Which was very weird, believe me, since I couldn't say or do anything about it!"

Hillary asked, "So, wait a minute. While Maggie and I were taking turns slobbering all over your cock, and even choking and gagging on it, you sometimes looked up to see a completely naked Debra playing with herself and making googly eyes with you?!"

He sheepishly admitted, "Um... yeah." He braced himself for a blast of anger.

Hillary did curse, but not at him. "Dammit! That BITCH! What a fucking... aaaaggh! I could strangle her!" She shook her fists in the general direction of the hot tub, since that's where Debra currently was.

Nick was puzzled again that Hillary seemed to direct none of her ire at him. But he was grateful. He resumed, "There's a bit more. At the end when the three of us climaxed together, she did too! She even screamed. But we were so loud and out of our minds with our own orgasms that it was easy to miss."

Hillary shook her head in disbelief. "No way! I didn't have a clue! Wow! That's crazy! She was, like, right behind me! That's super creepy too."

Maggie said, "I know! It was like a comedy of errors and unfortunate timing. Total bad luck, piled on top of what happened with her yesterday. And now we don't know how to get rid of her. As if everything you heard isn't bad enough, to make matters worse, I think she had the best sexual experience of her life with us, both yesterday and today."

Hillary briefly raised her hands in dismay again, like she was a referee signaling a touchdown. "Oh, great! What next?!"

Maggie continued, "Luckily, she doesn't want to be Nick's girlfriend. She's clearly said as much. I suppose she realizes that she and him aren't compatible personally, emotionally, or intellectually, whatsoever. But she very much expects to play more sex games with us, including with you."

Nick added, "The weird thing is she didn't even really try to blackmail us, at least not after she realized we're not actually mother and son. For her, it seems like it's just playing a fun game of Monopoly or Twister or something, except with sex. She's more child-like than evil, I think. But if we tell her to get lost, then she might get angry like a kid who had its favorite toy snatched away. Then she could use all these secrets she knows about us."

Maggie asked Hillary plaintively, "So what should we do?!"

Hillary asked suspiciously, "Are we caught up to the present? Or are there more unpleasant surprises?"

Maggie replied, "I think that covers it. Except that in the last 15 minutes while you two were talking, Debra was hanging out in the kitchen with me and acting like my new best friend. I didn't know how to act, and we didn't have much in common to talk about. It was really awkward."

Hillary sighed heavily. "This is really fucked up. And it's so crazy that I want to laugh."

She opened her arms wide for a three-way hug. "But I'm way more mad at her than at you two. Don't worry, we'll get through this."

Nick and Maggie moved to Hillary, and the three of them shared a reaffirming hug. This time, it was a hug between friends needing support instead of a sexual thing. All three sighed and purred contentedly, because it felt so good, and it drained away more of the tension.

With the three of them still holding each other, Hillary looked to Nick's face from mere inches away, and said, "You! It must suck to be you now, don't you think? Poor guy. You just had to suffer through a double blowjob between Debra and Maggie, and then another one between Maggie and me." She smirked. "You must be traumatized for life!"

Then she pulled back and realized with a start, "No wonder your cock stayed hard straight through two orgasms!"

He carefully replied, "It's true that I enjoyed it a lot. But at the same time, I swear that I would much rather have wanted to be with you and Maggie the whole time, with NO Debra! Think back to the fun we three were having upstairs. What's better than that? Nothing! I've decided that Debra isn't really mean or evil, she's just immature. But that's dangerous. There's no telling what she may do. She could have some kind of temper tantrum because she doesn't get her way, and then cause us all kinds of grief. Whatever you want to do to try to get her off our backs, I'm on board. All the way."

Hillary nodded grimly.

He added tantalizingly, "However, there is one bit of good news I discovered in all this."

Hillary asked, "What's that?"

"I know of one tool we can use to control her: she's really scared of you! Remember how you picked her up and effortlessly carried her around yesterday?"

Hillary smiled maliciously. "That was fun!"

He chuckled at that reaction. "Yeah, well, we've kind of been hyping that up, as if you have this side where you'd turn into the Incredible Hulk without the green skin and toss her around the room like she was a paper airplane. For instance, you should have seen the look on her face when we heard your voice in the hall and I whispered that you'd go postal on her ass if you found out she was there. I think we should continue to hype that up to help keep her in line."

Hilary said, "Hype it up? There's nothing to hype up. I WILL throw her around like a paper airplane! FUCK! She totally pisses me off!"

Maggie asked, "You don't really mean that, do you?"

Hillary sighed. "Well, no. At least not yet. I haven't been in an actual fight since kindergarten. But she fucking tempts me!"

She shook a fist, and growled, "Let's put it this way: I won't have to do ANY acting to 'pretend' to be mad at her! I'll totally relish intimidating the shit out of her. Hopefully literally! Let her piss in her pants in fear."

She looked back and forth between Maggie and Nick. "Maggie, I don't mind sharing Nick with you. On the contrary! I love it! With the three of us, the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts. And I guess that dulls my anger here, because I've come to think of sharing Nick's cock with you as just about the hottest thing I can imagine. It's not that different imagining Debra in your place. I kind of even get a little bit aroused imagining her crying tears from struggling with his cock monster in her mouth." She asked Maggie, "Did she cry at all?"

Maggie replied, "Did she ever! Her cheeks were soaked! I didn't cry because I'm used to it, but she was suffering and struggling, big time. To her credit, she never gave up."

Hillary stared off into the dark night. She didn't want to admit it, but imagining how Debra looked then was making her nipples and pussy tingle. She bit her lip and forced the sexy images out of her head.

She resumed, "You see? That's the problem. That sounds super hot. But I have to remember this is Debra we're talking about. With her, it's a totally different situation. She's a threat that could ruin everything for all of us!"

Maggie and Nick grimly nodded in agreement.

Hillary asked, "Do you think my going all 'Incredible Hulk' intimidating would be enough to keep her away from any more sex games with us?"

Maggie responded, "You saw how that worked with her yesterday. One minute she'd be all intimidated, and then a few minutes later it was like she was unfazed. I gather she's very much a 'live for the moment' kind of person, so threats don't stick in her mind."

Hillary grumbled, "Damn. I might have to get violent with her for real. That would stick in her mind for a while." She didn't mean it about the violence though, and the others could see that.

Maggie said, "There has to be a better way. We don't want to actually make an enemy of her, do we? Right now, she's all pals-y with us. You'd think we could use that to our advantage."

Nick chimed in. "Yeah. She's not that smart. And all false modesty aside, we are. I mean, Hillary, you and I are both in the Advanced Studies program that's even a notch above the gifted track. We should be able to run circles around her with our smarts if we put our heads together and come up with a good plan."

Hillary nodded. "You're right. I'm still riding some kind of surge of anger from hearing all this bad news. But violence never solves anything. She has a LOT of pull at school. She's one of the queen bees because of her beauty and her professional model status, plus she plays the popularity game way more than I do."

She ominously told Nick, "She could make life VERY difficult for you and me if she becomes our enemy. I don't know if you know how girls can be. When guys get angry, they just beat each other up and call each other names and then move on. But girls, they can be backstabbing and vicious in ways that make a fist fight seem like a walk in the park in comparison. That's one reason why I try to be friendly with everyone and not make waves. I can't wait until I'm done with all the high school immaturity bullshit!"

He nodded. "Me too. But we've got a long time being in the same school as Debra until we graduate."

Hillary sighed again. "Tell me about it. Anyway, I say we go inside so you two can eat that pizza. Let's steer clear of Debra if we can until we're done eating. Meanwhile, we can all put our thinking caps on and figure out how to outsmart her."

The other two thought that was a very good idea, so the three of them went back to the kitchen.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, lew54321, BDGV, GWB, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.