Chapter 63: A Scary New Plan (Sunday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Nick and Maggie ate their pizza at the dining room table while Hillary just sipped on a drink. The room was big and no one else was near, so they felt like they could talk freely without being overheard. It was actually a bonus that they were in a large, open room, because no one could get near enough to hear their words without them being able to see them.

However, Nick, Maggie, and Hillary were mostly silent during dinner, because each of them had a lot to think about.

Nick thought, Phew! That was a good decision to be honest with Hillary. She was upset, but a lot less upset than I'd feared. Plus, she didn't seem that upset at me, but more at Debra. In fact, almost entirely at Debra! Bizarre. I would totally lose my mind if I found out that she was having sex with, say, Spencer. So thank God that she's so understanding!

But then again, the context is key. Ma and I were stuck without other options. We were blackmailed! The same thing even happened when Hillary was there with us yesterday, so she must be able to relate to that. It's totally different than if I just up and decided to have sex with someone else. I'd NEVER do that! I'm no fool. This is the greatest arrangement ever!

Of course, I still haven't told Hillary that I actually fucked Debra last night too. I have a totally good excuse for that as well, but it would be foolhardy to hit her with that at the same time. I can tell her in the next day or two, hopefully, when this situation blows over. We need to figure out how to put this whole Debra thing in the rear view mirror. Then I think Hillary will be able to be more forgiving about the fucking incident.

I've gotta remember that Debra is nothing to me. Nothing! Maggie and Hillary are all. What's happened with them has completely turned my life around. I'm living a dream come true! As much as I still lust for Debra and have enjoyed her sexy body, I'll be just as glad as they are when she's out of our lives. She's a threat to all our four-way relationship, and I'm not going to let her mess that up for anything!

However, he admitted, Of course, I still have that damn bonding thing with her. I can't simply will that away. In fact, after what's happened tonight, I'll bet it's twice as strong as before. The key will be to spend the whole school week avoiding her. With Hillary sticking by my side, I can do that. We need time for passions to cool and things to get back to normal.

Maggie and Hillary were mostly trying to brainstorm on what to do about Debra. Nick joined in too. However, none of them had any really great ideas.

After a while, Hillary said, quietly, "I think one thing we need to do is take away the power of the secrets Debra knows about. For instance, Nick, the fact that I'm your second girlfriend now. Well, second slut, actually, but at times like this, that sounds weird."

He nodded. "Understood."

She went on, "I've been planning on 'coming out' at school about that eventually. It's just that I haven't felt ready to do it yet. Geez, we've only been officially together for a day or so, so I haven't even had a chance. As I've said, I want my classmates to get to know as me, instead of 'Hillary the bisexual.' Then, once we're friends, they'll hear that and think it's no big deal. That was the plan, anyway. If I have to move faster on going public about that, then so be it."

She added, "Ditto with my relationship with Anushka, since Debra may know about that too, and I was planning on revealing that eventually too. People are going to think I'm pretty weird knowing I'm with both you AND Anushka, but I can handle the fallout. I don't care that much about what kids at school think anyway. It's just kind of a pain in the ass when people are mean."

Maggie said, "That's admirable that you're willing to do that. However, I've been thinking, and I'm wondering if that's wise. If you look further down the road, I'm sure the four of us will do a lot of things together, now that we're all getting along so well."

Hillary smiled, and said, "Speaking of which, Nick told me about the lunch with Anushka today, and how much the three of you hit it off. I'm so psyched to hear that! That's literally the best news I've heard all day!"

Maggie smiled too. "Yeah, it is. This problem with Debra will blow over one way or another soon enough, I'm sure. But what started today with Anushka hopefully will grow and grow. We already made plans to get together, just her and me, to talk about cooking and maybe actually cook a meal together. We only need to set a time and place to do it. I'm already excited about it."

"That's great!" Hillary said excitedly.

Then she frowned. "I'd love to hear more about all that, and we should talk later. But unfortunately, we should stay focused on the Debra problem right now. You were saying?"

Maggie said, "Oh, yes. I'm wondering if it's wise for you to come out in public about your relationship with Nick. The four of us will be doing lots of things together in public, I'm assuming. If Nick is openly dating both of us, that could cause trouble. It could even get back to some of our parents. Would your parents be cool about it?"

"They would be," Hillary said. "They don't know about this arrangement just yet, but I doubt they'll blink an eye about it. They've done a lot of unorthodox and even wild stuff, especially in their younger days, so they can hardly be judgmental about me."

Maggie said, "That's good, but what about the rest of us and our parents and friends and such? Especially Anushka's dad. I hear he's kind of a hard ass about this."

Hillary grimaced. "More like he's a total asshole! He lives back in the Middle Ages."

Maggie pointed out, "Imagine if he found out his 'precious daughter' is going steady with another girl. That would be bad enough. Then imagine if he finds out that girl is simultaneously going out with another guy! And if he learns about me, on top of that?! And the whole 'four-legged table' relationship we have?!"

Hillary stared off into space with a grim expression. "He'd totally flip out! He'd probably say something like, 'We're moving back to India to get out of this den of debauchery.'"

Maggie continued, "Whereas it would be the perfect cover if we double date with you and Anushka as one couple and Nick and me as the other. We could go to a nice restaurant like that, or a movie or a party or whatever, and no one would suspect a thing."

Hillary said, "Yeah, but what about the P.D.A.? You know, public display of affection. I want to have a lot of P.D.A. with Nick! I'm already getting way frustrated, seeing you two make out in front of the school, and I can't even kiss him where anyone can see."

She looked to Nick. "What do you think?"

He replied, "I don't know if I should get a say in this. I love the 'having two girlfriends in public' idea. But what guy in my shoes wouldn't? It's a huge ego boost. Of course, Hillary, I'd love to kiss you anywhere and everywhere, and tell everyone how great you are! I'm not sure if that's the wise thing to do though. I'm so hopefully biased about this in a lusty way that I can't look at it objectively at all."

He continued, "I think we need to think about this carefully and not just rush into it right now due to Debra. At the very least, let's take a few days and really sort it out. Surely we won't have any trouble with Debra during the school week, right? Hillary, I can just stick to you like glue between classes."

"Which I'd love to do anyway," Hillary pointed out.

"So we have some time before next weekend, when she'll probably want to get together for another sex game."

He went on, "A key thing is we have to consult with Anushka. This will affect her almost as much as the rest of us. For instance, I know her mother knows about you and her and she's okay with it. But would she be more or less upset to find out you're dating me too? She might see it as a positive, as a sign you two aren't so serious."

"But we are!" Hillary hotly complained.

"I know. I'm just trying to put myself in her shoes. And what about her dad again? I guess the plan is that he shouldn't know anything at all. But if things do last in a serious, long-term way with all four of us, what's the Plan B, in case he finds out at least some of it?"

There was a long silence in response to that.

Maggie said, "I think I'd need to know more about him and the whole situation before I could give any good advice."

"Same here," Nick said.

Hillary commented, "For sure, We'll have to get together soon, all four of us, so you can hear directly from Anushka. Would that be okay with you?"

"Of course!" Nick and Maggie said simultaneously.

There was a long pause. Hillary was deep in thought. She finally said, "Nick, we should save this whole issue for another day, but I'm just kind of thinking out of the box. Do you think you'd be willing, in theory, to pretend to be her boyfriend, just for her father's sake? He's been getting increasingly suspicious why a total fox like her isn't dating at all. That would put all of his suspicions to rest."

He looked to Maggie and they shared a non-verbal communication. The gist of it was, "Here we go again!" because they were both thinking of the fake girlfriend scheme and how that worked out.

He said, "Of course I'd be willing to consider that, but talking about that now would be putting the cart before the horse, don't you think?"

Hillary just nodded.

He concluded, "I like the idea of the four of us getting together and sorting things out, and not just the problem with her dad. Hillary, you and Anushka share everything with each other anyway, so she'll know all about the Debra situation soon, right?"


"Once she does, the four of us can discuss how to best deal with the secrets problem. We've been kind of thrown together by circumstance, but we're a team now, so we should start acting like one. That will help us work through other problems in the future."

Hillary said, "Wow. Great idea. I really like the sound of that, and your general attitude. That's a very mature approach. And I'm glad you're open to the 'beard' idea. The more I think about it, the more intrigued I get."

Maggie asked, "The 'beard' idea?"

Hillary explained, "That's the name for a guy who pretends to be the boyfriend or husband for a closeted lesbian, but you can also use it to for a woman who pretends to be the girlfriend or wife of a gay man. Like wearing a fake beard to hide your identity. That kind of thing used to happen all the time in Hollywood, since the big stars are under a lot of pressure to be seen as straight, and it probably still does. You hear a lot of rumors that are hard to prove. But in one proven example, the famous actor Tab Hunter, who was completely gay, dated the famous actresses Debbie Reynolds and Natalie Wood at different times. But it was totally pretend."

"Ah," Maggie said. "I did not know that."

Hillary said, "So Nick might make one or two appearances at Anushka's house and pretend to be Anushka's boyfriend for a few hours. Just for her clueless dad. Her mom would be in on it, of course. I'm sure Anushka would really appreciate that. But while that's an interesting idea, it doesn't help us at all with Debra."

Switching gears, Hillary asked, "By the way, what would your parents think of this situation, Nick? Or yours for that matter, Maggie?"

Nick and Maggie both felt panicky on the inside, but tried not to show it. These were questions they were dreading, since there were no good answers. Nick didn't even want to talk about his father, since it was highly dangerous for Hillary to ever meet and talk to him. Maggie's parents were both alive, but there was no way she wanted Hillary to ever meet them either, since facts like her true age and relationship with Nick, their grandson, would almost certainly be exposed.

Nick had discussed this with Maggie, and they'd decided that if push came to shove, he should claim that his mother was dead. However, that was only as a last resort. He wanted to see if he could bluff it out by being vague, at least for a while. He made a slightly anguished face. "I don't like talking about my parents because there are some painful things going on. You know how it is; nobody can hurt you worse than family."

Hillary gave him a sympathetic look. She reached out and put a hand on his. "Oh my. I'm sorry to hear that."

Nick tried to act pained yet stoic. "It is what it is. I can't do anything about it. I'd like to open up to you sometime, but not here, not now. Let's just say that revealing that I had two girlfriends at once would not be good."

He was very careful with his language so he wouldn't even have to reveal how many parents he had by using a word like "they." That left his future options open, in case they decided to change the cover story.

Maggie chimed in with her own lie. "As for my parents, they're nice, but far away. Out of state. So we don't have to worry about them learning anything. Not unless I choose to tell them, that is, and the less they know, the better."

Luckily, it was true that Maggie's parents did live out of state, in Illinois. But she was trying to be as vague as possible, to cut down on follow-up questions.

Hillary easily believed that, since she thought Maggie was going to college and it was common to go to college far from home. "Well, that's something that they're far away, I guess. But I suppose we have to be careful about what Nick's parents think, since they live right here. Plus, there's Anushka's dad. Even Anushka's mom might balk at her being part of a four-way relationship, if she knew the full truth. In fact, even a relatively cool parent like her is going to freak out about that."

Hoping to change the subject away from the difficult parent topic, Maggie said, "I think time will help us out. As I mentioned to you a little while ago, I get the impression that Debra is a 'live in the moment' kind of person. In a week or two, she's probably going to forget half or more of the stuff she heard, so long as we don't draw attention to it and tip her off about what we really want to keep secret. I think we should play along and pretend to be nice, tell her not to say anything to anyone about anything, and hold out some carrot for something a couple weeks down the road as a reward if she's good."

Hillary nodded. "That sounds smart. I especially like the part about not cluing her in on what the real secrets are. And I agree with you about how she 'lives in the moment.' She and I went to different schools until recently, but I heard a lot about her through mutual friends. Everyone keeps treating us like we're supposed to be rivals because we're said to be the two most beautiful girls in the area for our age. And ironically, now we are rivals, although in a VERY weird way. But anyway, everything I've heard suggests that she does have a short attention span. Mainly, we have to wait for her interest in Nick to blow over."

Maggie responded, "Agreed. But that's the problem. You weren't there earlier when she was having sexual fun with us. It's hard to convey in words just how much she enjoyed it. She didn't really say anything, but I could tell. Hillary, you're starting to find out just how great sex with Nick can be, I'm sure. I have totally mind-blowing orgasms, again and again, and I'll bet you do too."

'Definitely," Hillary nodded. She looked at Nick and smiled.

Maggie said, "Well, unfortunately, I think that's what's been happening to Debra, and it's a brand new thing for her. I gather that she's had a lot of sex with different partners in a 'bad slut' kind of way. But quantity is different than quality, even if you're beautiful and you're having sex with other beautiful people."

She went on, "Take her relationship with Devon. Now, I'm just completely speculating, but I'd suspect they have good sex with each other, maybe even athletic sex with some big orgasms for them both. But there's no love between them at all, no genuine passion, and probably not even much affection. So the whole experience is hollow and emotionally empty. I think that sort of thing has been a pattern for her. She seems very jaded."

Hillary nodded. That sounded very plausible.

Maggie continued, "Then she had seen how Nick and I interact. And that includes you some too, yesterday. We have sex, but with a ton of fun and love. Tons and tons of passion! She saw that close up, and she started to get into that spirit. For instance, she said that she'd pretty much never gave blowjobs to anyone, ever. She only reluctantly did it for a minute or two if she really wanted to get a guy erect for more fucking. But that was it. I don't think she even knew cocksucking could be a pleasurable act for a woman. Then she saw me do it, and she started imitating me during our double blowjob. Before long, she was really getting into it, and sucking Nick with real intensity and effort!"

Nick chimed in, "Plus, she kept on going and going, which surprised the heck out of me. Even with her face wet with tears from all the struggling."

Maggie nodded. "Yeah, she did. She complained about getting tired, but she was determined. In fact, she was loving how challenging it was!"

"I can relate to that," Hillary admitted. "Nick, there's something about your cock. Its thickness is just perfect. Any thicker, and it would be physically impossible or too painful to suck. Any thinner, and it wouldn't be enough of a challenge to keep one's full attention."

Maggie said, "Exactly. Now, she's kind of hooked on that. I could tell that it was like a whole new experience for her. She's going to want to have more of that. A lot more! And where's she going to find another cock like Nick's? You know how wildly improbable that is."

Hillary groaned unhappily. "Oh, Maggie! How could you let that happen?! That's a total disaster. That makes this problem twice as bad!"

Maggie dropped her head. "I know. I wasn't thinking. The thing is, I just get so very passionate about sucking Nick's cock! Once I get going, I can't deliberately do a bad job of it. I just love it! I love everything about it. I get totally transported, and it becomes my whole world!"

Hillary groaned again. "You see?! That's the problem right there, the way you get totally transported. I'll bet Debra saw that, and how fulfilling and arousing it is for you, and now she's going to want a lot more of that for herself. And she certainly won't get that from Devon. He's as jaded as she is. Ditto with the rest of that crowd. What they're all missing is passion, real, heart-pounding passion. And that's what you two have in spades."

She pointed in the vague direction of the hot tub as she said "that crowd." She concluded with dismay, "She going to want to have a lot more sex with Nick!"

Nick said, "If I can add my two cents here... I agree with everything that's been said. But I also want to point out that it's not just the passion that she likes, but the fun too. Debra is basically like a big kid, in terms of emotional maturity. She loves to play. But she also has an adult body, and she loves sex. We came up with the 'sex game' idea as an excuse to explain what we're doing with each other, but now it's taken on a life of its own. For instance, Hillary, as I mentioned to you, Maggie and Debra got into this whole flight attendant role-play thing, and I think Debra had more fun with that than anything she's done in years! She loves the whole competitive game aspect."

Hillary shook her head sadly at Nick. "This just goes from bad to worse. Between the passion and the fun, not to mention the sheer size of your cock, she must think sex with you is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Which it pretty much is, by the way. It's looking like she's not just going to forget about it in a week or two, after all."

Nick noted, "Now that I think about it, I remember that in the middle of the role-play, Debra said to us, 'I swear, this is ten times more fun than having sex with my boyfriend.' That's an exact quote. Don't you remember that, Maggie?"

"I do," Maggie said gravely. "And I'm sure she means it, which is bad. But what can we do about it?!"

Hillary said grimly, "It's VERY bad! I don't think we're going to be able to get out of having more sexual contact with her. Especially you, Nick."

She said sarcastically, "I know that's not exactly a hardship for you." Yet she still didn't seem mad at him.

He was genuinely upset about this. He clutched his head with both hands. "Ugh! I'm really torn. A part of me is excited to hear that. I'm sure I'd enjoy it, physically. But I also know it's a REALLY bad thing overall! I mean, if that happens, won't she just like the idea even more, and want to do it still more?! I honestly don't want that!"

Maggie suggested to him, "What if you have really bad sex with her? Take out the fun and the passion."

However, before she could elaborate on that idea, something caught her eye. She looked up and cursed, "SHIT! Speak of the devil, she's coming this way!"

Sure enough, Debra was walking towards the back patio door that led into the kitchen and dining room area. Clearly, she was looking for Nick, Maggie, and/or Hillary, and when she saw them she waved and gave them a big smile.

Hillary muttered under her breath, "Fuck! She certainly has a lot of chutzpah coming to us with a smile like that. Nick, I thought you said she's scared of me?"

He responded, "She is, but it's weird. She doesn't seem to stay scared for long."

With Debra opening the patio glass door, Hillary muttered, "Shit! What should I do?! Should I be angry at her or pretend to be nice?! And should I let on that I know she was in the closet?!"

Time was running out. Because the mansion was so big, there was a lot of space between the door and the table. But Debra would be with them in a matter of seconds.

Nick quickly and quietly muttered back to Hillary, "Play up the anger!" But that's all he had time to say before he feared Debra would be in range to hear, or at least before she'd wonder about all the quiet muttering.

"Hi, guys!" Debra said with a friendly wave and winning smile.

Hillary stood up and slammed a hand down on the table. "YOU! You have some NERVE showing up here!"

Debra faltered in confusion and then stopped. She defensively clutched a hand to her chest. "What? What did I do?!"

Hillary stared daggers at her. She came around the table towards Debra in a menacing way. "You know what you did! They told me the whole story, about how you hid in the closet, and the rest of it!"

Debra stepped back, her eyes full of fear. "What?! What's wrong with that?! They told me to!"

Hillary stepped into Debra's personal space, moving forward faster than Debra could backpedal. "Sure, try to act like you didn't do anything wrong! Need I remind you that Nick is MY boyfriend?!"

Debra stammered, "B-b-but... They said it was okay!"

Hillary poked towards Debra's chest, nearly touching her just above her breasts. "Only because they felt like you'd put them in a bind!"

"A bind? About what?!"

Hillary didn't know what to say to that. She remembered that it wouldn't be wise to clue her in on which secrets they considered important.

Luckily, Maggie saw that problem, and she rescued Hillary from having to answer. She'd already stood up too, and now she rushed to Debra. "Here, Debra, come with me. Remember, you asked to see my driver's license?"

She walked right past Debra and acted like Debra should follow.

Debra was more than glad to get away from a glowering Hillary. She muttered, "Oh yeah. Um, sure." Then she turned and hastily followed Maggie.

Hillary stayed where she was, but she yelled at Debra's backside, "Hey! Don't think you can run from me! I'm not done with you!"

Debra waited until she and Maggie were out of the dining room. They moved towards the front of the house, past the four guys still playing video games in the main living room. She muttered to Maggie, "What's she so angry about?"

Maggie spoke as she walked briskly towards the mansion's front door. "She told you: she's Nick's girlfriend. She doesn't like sharing, not for any reason."

"But she shares him with you," Debra pointed out. "You're his girlfriend too!"

"That's totally different. We have a mutual agreement about that. It's complicated and based on a long series of events. As for you, you'll be lucky if she doesn't kick your ass!"

Debra protested, "But I didn't do anything wrong! I had permission! Even with her, we talked about having a sex game rematch. Do you remember that from yesterday?!"

"I do. That's why I gave permission to what happened earlier. But try explaining that to Hillary. If you do, you'll only make her even MORE angry!"

They reached the front door. They went outside, but Maggie left the front door partially open in anticipation of coming back shortly. She headed towards her car.

Debra asked with great worry, "What am I supposed to do?! I don't want to make her angry. She's way bigger and stronger than I am."

In fact, Hillary was only of medium height, the same as Maggie, and that make her only a few inches taller than Debra. But Maggie thought it would be good to hype up the supposed Hillary danger some more. "She is! Plus, she's a trained fighter. Did you know that? She can beat up big men, no problem. She'd snap you in two, like a twig!"

Debra could be conniving at times, but also gullible at other times. She completely bought that. "Oh no! I don't want to be snapped like a twig! What do I do?!"

"Do whatever she tells you to do, for starters. Trust me, you do NOT want to make her mad. This is nothing. She acts all nice at school, but when she gets angry, it's scary!"

Debra said with wide eyes, "I know! It's WAY scary already!"

Maggie was secretly pleased at how frightened Debra was. She figured that could only help keep her in line about what she knew. But now she'd reached her car. She'd needed an excuse to get Debra away from Hillary, but she also wanted to show Debra her driver's license, just to completely (and falsely) convince her there was no real incest going on.

Maggie was wearing the dress she had come in, and it had a secret pocket with her car fob. She took it out and beeped the car open.

Debra asked her, "Where are we going?!"

"We're not going anywhere. I wanted to show you my driver's license, and I left it in my car."

"Oh yeah."

Maggie quickly found her purse. She furtively checked inside it to make sure she would give Debra her fake driver's license and not her real one. Then she handed the fake to her. "Here. Check this out. Look at my birth date, and then do some math."

Debra stared at the driver's license, but she frowned. "I'm not good at math."

Maggie rolled her eyes. "Look at the year I was born, and add 20 to it. Then add one more year, and you'll get 2002. That shows that I'm 21 years old."

"Oh yeah."

Maggie pointed out, "That means that if I was Nick's mother, I gave birth to him when I was four years old! Obviously, that's impossible! And check out my last name. It's different from his too. He's Nick Stevens and I'm Maggie Palmer."

Debra handed the driver's license back. "Yeah, whatever. I don't care about that. I totally believe you already. The only thing I'm worried about now is Hillary! She's totally scary! I'm just glad you took me away from her. But what do I do now?!"

Maggie thought, That's a very good question. What DO we do now?!

She was somewhat chagrined that Debra didn't even seem to care about the driver's license after all the effort to show her the "proof," but she realized that was probably a very good thing. The less suspicious she was, the better. Maybe she'd forget about the incestuous role-play too.

After some consideration, Maggie said, "I don't know. But it's like she said, you can't run from her. Even if you skip the party now, she'll find you at school tomorrow, or sometime later. I think you should go back there and find out what she wants you to do. And then do it! Be nice and apologetic."

Debra thought that over. Then she said with an even more worried face. "Okay. I guess. I really don't have much choice, do I?"

"No. No, you don't."

Maggie came back to the dining room a couple of minutes later, with Debra sheepishly following her.

Nick and Hillary had been chatting about what to do about Debra. They stopped talking and stood up. Hillary put on her angry face and glared at Debra. "What now?!"

Maggie pushed her closer towards Hillary. She'd just prepped Debra on what to say.

With a bowed head, Debra said, "Um... I just wanted to say... I'm sorry... for whatever I did."

Hillary spoke loudly, still acting angry. "'Whatever you did?!' You don't even know what you did?!"

Debra added, "For, uh... for doing things with your boyfriend. Even though I didn't really know he was your boyfriend before I started. But I'm still sorry." She meekly looked up.

Hillary just glowered at her. She figured that would seem more intimidating than if she acknowledged the apology.

Maggie said to Hillary and Nick, "I'm thinking the three of us should talk and figure out Debra's punishment while she waits in the living room."

"Good idea," Hillary said. "An apology is hardly enough. She needs to be punished in a big way." She pointed accusingly at Debra. "Go! Now!"

Debra quickly fled to the next room.

Maggie walked up to Nick and Maggie, who were both standing. She gave each of them a hug.

Hillary quietly asked her, "How did I do? Nick and I have been talking about how we should be hyping up the 'good cop, bad cop' routine."

Maggie said, "Brilliant! Seriously brilliant. I'm about ready to pee in my pants just from being a bystander to your rage. And I like how we think the same. I've been playing the 'good cop' as best I can."

Nick put an arm around Hillary, and said to Maggie, "She's fucking scary! I love it!"

Hillary said a bit sheepishly, "I'm really not a mean person. I never yell at anyone, ever, much less physically threaten someone. That was really weird for me to do. She's the closest thing I've had to an enemy in years."

Nick impatiently asked Maggie, "But what did she say to you? Is she shaking in her boots?"

Maggie replied, "Oh, definitely. She's scared shitless. And she's totally buying my 'good cop' act too. But where do we go from here? We haven't had any time to discuss it."

Hillary put a hand on her chin. "Yeah. We've got to come up with a plan, and fast."

Nick asked her, "By the way, didn't you have some fun acting all mean?"

She grinned wickedly. "I did. It was weird, but fun too! I was able to vent some of my frustration about her. To be honest, I get a kick out of being the Incredible Hulk!"

He joked, "The Hulkstress, that is. You're scary good at it!"

Hillary pointed at him with narrowed eyes. "Just remember that if you ever think of cheating on me. On us!" She grabbed Maggie's hand to show they were a team.

Nick was secretly relieved that Hillary didn't seem to consider what he'd already done with Debra cheating. But he wasn't about to push his luck and say something about that.

Instead, he said, "Believe me, I wouldn't think of it." He squirmed uneasily on the inside, thinking about how he'd fucked Debra last night. He told himself that she'd tricked him in a way that made it impossible for him to resist.

Maggie suggested to the other two, "I think we should let Debra twist in the wind. Warn her to stay quiet about everything, but otherwise leave her be. Meanwhile, let's not allow her to ruin the rest of our evening. We should go ahead with our plans."

Hillary's face lit up at that idea. "Which, if I recall correctly, involved a hell of a lot of cocksucking! And let's not forget titfucking! At least, that's what I've been looking forward to."

With titfucking on her mind, she gave Nick a look filled with animalistic hunger. She looked down at her hefty F-cups and then at his crotch, and then back and forth, in a very knowing manner.

Nick gulped as he thought of titfucking her for the first time. It was one of his favorite masturbatory fantasies.

Maggie smiled from ear to ear, "It's like you're reading my mind. Even while I was eating my pizza and trying to brainstorm about how to handle Debra, I couldn't stop thinking about our titfucking plan. I'd like to figure out some ways we could both titfuck him at the same time. I've got some ideas I want to try out!"

Hillary spoke with growing excitement. "Oh, definitely! Let's make double titfucks the new double blowjob! Then we'll have a whole new way the three of us can have fun together!"

Nick couldn't believe his good luck with their titfucking ideas. However, he remained worried. "If I can cut in here, needless to say, I love that idea too. But what about Debra? She's in the next room waiting to hear something from us. What'll we tell her?"

Having been reminded of Debra, he was suddenly filled with concern that she might be eavesdropping. He thought they were talking quietly and couldn't be heard by anyone, but he wanted to be sure. He stood up, and held up a hand to indicate they should ignore him for the moment. He quietly hurried across the room.

Hillary said, "I like the idea of letting her twist in the wind. Let her wait a while."

Maggie said, "Yes, indeed. That's a good idea. We should let her twist in the wind." But she was just blabbering to stall for time. She and Hillary watched as Nick peered his head around the wall and into the gap between the dining room and living room.

He hurried right back to Hillary and Maggie and sat back down. He told them, "Don't worry. You know those guys playing video games? She's sitting with them, looking bored. She didn't even notice me pop my head in."

It was true. Debra actually had tried eavesdropping, but she'd been unable to hear anything but unintelligible mutterings from her distance, so she'd quickly given up.

Hillary said, "Good. Thanks for checking." Then a strange expression crossed her face. "You know what though?"

"What?" Maggie asked.

"While we were waiting for Nick just now, I had the craziest idea. It's so crazy that I don't even know if I should mention it."

"Go ahead. It's just words," Maggie suggested.

Hillary paused, and looked at both Nick and Maggie. Then she said, "The way I see it, half our problem is that Debra has such a positive idea of what sex with Nick is like. That's not something I can change just by getting her really scared of me. In fact, if we make sex with Nick more of a dangerous proposition, that'll just increase the taboo excitement of doing it. So, what I'm thinking is we should let her have some sexual fun with him again to completely destroy her idea of how good it is."

A startled Maggie asked, "What, do you mean TONIGHT?!"

"Yes, tonight. I know it's upsetting, but given what already happened, to have it happen some more isn't so bad. And it's important to act fast before her opinion firms up. We don't want her to spend an entire week thinking about how great sex with Nick is."

Maggie said uncertainly, "I can see that. I think. But how do we change her mind? Do you like my idea of Nick acting like she's just really bad at sex?"

Hillary replied, "I've been considering that, but I don't think it'll work. Even if he just sits there and does absolutely nothing, she's already all psyched up about sucking his cock. He can just sit there and literally do nothing and she'll have a great time if she has the right attitude about it, which she probably will, due to her earlier experience. Plus, there's something about sucking his extremely thick cock that's a lot of fun in a difficult challenge kind of way. as we've discussed. And it would be really hard to plausibly pull off, given that she already knows he's NOT bad at sex. So, no. I'm thinking of a totally different approach."

He was trying to stay quiet for the most part, since he was wary of being seen as pushing for more sex with Debra. But he couldn't help but ask, "Such as?"

She explained, "I think we should emphasize the aggressive aspect, and act like that's the standard way of doing things. Debra is spoiled rotten, like most girls with her great beauty are."

"You're not," Maggie pointed out.

"And neither are you," Hillary replied. "But I'm lucky that I have VERY excellent parents who worked hard to make sure I wouldn't get spoiled. I assume the same happened to you, since you're pretty cool." She smiled at Maggie, which turned in a smoldering look of desire.

Maggie was startled at first, but she responded with her own sultry stare. She felt a tingle all the way down to her pussy.

However, Hillary quickly recovered and looked away, because she was trying to stay focused on Debra. "Anyway, I gather she's pretty lazy about sex too, such as how she's almost never given anyone a blowjob before. I'm sure she's never let anyone actually fuck her face. Just imagine how freaked out she'd be if Nick really vigorously fucked her face! It would totally shock and destroy her! Nick, you can do that pretty well, can't you?"

He nodded. "Yeah. I've done it with Maggie. Not a lot, but I've done it."

That was technically true. He didn't want to mention the fact that he'd only done it twice, and he'd been fairly tentative about it, especially the second time. However, he figured he'd been tentative because he loved his mother so much that it was hard to treat her roughly. Whereas he felt he'd have no trouble doing that to Debra. In fact, he'd relish the chance to let out his considerable frustrations on her.

Hillary asked Maggie with a wicked grin, "What do you think? Can you imagine Nick giving Debra a vigorous face fucking? Don't you think that would give her second thoughts about having fun with Nick?"

Maggie replied, also with a wicked look, "I have to admit... that's a very emotionally satisfying idea! I'd LOVE to see Nick fuck her face! And then cum all over it! And on her tits too! She really hates cum, you know. She finds it utterly disgusting."

Hillary said, "I was about to get to that. I figured as much. She's the exact type who would. Let her be completely disgusted as he drowns her face in sticky cum! He can force her to choke and gag on his thickness too!" She was feeling a curious sexual thrill thinking about Nick fucking Debra's face.

Maggie's eyes lit up. "Yeah! Definitely! Actually, he was kind of doing that to her when he came in her mouth earlier. She didn't actually choke or gag, but he flooded her mouth with so much cum so fast that she couldn't handle it! Tears actually streamed down her cheeks, and some cum dribbled down her chin! You should have seen it! It was great!"

Hillary said with growing excitement, "Exactly! That's exactly the kind of thing he should do to her tonight! Have him act in a totally aggressive and dominant way and treat her like his sex slave! Actually, he should cum on her face and breasts first. Leave her totally sticky and unable to clean up. Because his cock will simply stay fully engorged like it often does, and he'll cram it right back in her mouth! Then he'll just keep on fucking her face, deeper and deeper, until she'd forced to choke and gag!"

She was starting to breathe heavily. "She'll be totally desperate and panicky. Finally, he'll treat her as his personal cum-dump and blast a load straight down her throat! That'll show her! That'll make her think twice about ever messing with my man! With OUR man!"

"Yeah!" Maggie agreed, making a short jab with her fist. "That'll show her for sure! She won't think sex with Nick is all fun and games, not after that!"

Nick's penis had been flaccid for a while, but it started to twitch to life as he envisioned himself fucking Debra's face.

He looked from Hillary to Maggie, and back again. It looked like they were both excited, and he wasn't sure if all of that was from thoughts of giving Debra her comeuppance, or sexual arousal, or both.

Then Maggie said, "That sounds like a plan. The only problem is, he can't just dominate her alone. That would seem too suspicious. He'd need to dominate you and me too, to make it plausible."

Hillary said, "Fine! Then so be it!"

He thought, Hmmm. So bizarre! I'm getting a hunch that they ARE getting aroused by this. And while one part of me loves that, another part says: danger! But I can't tell that my suspicion 'cos they'll deny it.

He decided to play devil's advocate to that idea. "Hold on. I have to admit that sounds appealing, but I have to give this idea a reality check. For one thing, I don't think my dick would be up for that. Firstly, we've been talking about doing a lot of titfucking with just the three of us, and I don't want to miss out on that for anything. My dick has had a great and VERY busy day. But the downside of that is I don't know how many more times I can cum. I know I can get hard again. In fact, I'm starting to feel it right now, thanks to this kind of talk. But I might be done after one more orgasm. Yet you seem to think I'd be up for the titfucking and then one or two more times with Debra on top of that!"

There was silence as Maggie and Hillary had their bubbles popped with that comment. Finally, Hillary said a bit sheepishly, "I guess I've been assuming that you really can pretty much get erect at any time, over and over again. But I suppose that isn't true."

"No, it's not!" he complained. "That's not even close. You're getting that impression because both of you inspire me so very, very much. But even that has limits."

Maggie said, "Wait a minute. I've been with you and I've been keeping track. You've only cum five times so far. That's nothing, by your standards. That would be average for you back in your masturbation days."

He cut in to ask, "'Back in my masturbation days?'"

Maggie smiled sexily and knowingly. "Of course. I speak of that as a finished chapter in your life, because that's exactly what it is. You have TWO hot sluts now. If you masturbate at all, we're going to be upset! All your cum belongs on us or in us!"

"Yeah!" Hillary said with a grin.

He grinned widely and held his hands up defensively. "Okay. I stand corrected."

Maggie smirked. 'You do. Getting back to the rest of tonight, with the kind of inspiration you have now, I would hope we could coax another three or four orgasms out of you. That's how it was yesterday. I think you had nine or ten orgasms!"

He thought back. He hadn't kept track, but that sounded about right. He said, "Well, okay. Good point. I guess it's only been five today. It feels like a lot more, because the sexual pleasure has been so prolonged and intense. But yesterday was an outlier, I'm sure. Maybe I could cum three or four more times, but there's no telling. We can give it a try, so long as you're mindful I may run out of gas at any time. I'm really not an endless cum machine."

Maggie and Hillary nodded eagerly at that. They were so delighted that it looked like they were on the verge of clapping their hands in glee.

He added, "And one more thing. Yesterday was an unusually busy day for me all around. I ended up stayed way past my bedtime. I hate to sound like a parent, but tomorrow is a school day. I don't want to stay up too late because then I'll be miserable all day long at school tomorrow."

Hillary said, "But of course. I go to school too. Shannon's parents are supposed to come back late tonight and everyone else has school, so this place will clear out by ten, for sure. That still gives us, like, two and a half hours, if we go all the way to ten. That's a lot of sexy fun time! I don't mind 'giving' one of your cum loads to Debra, if it'll help us scare her off for good."

"True." He looked around. "By the way, isn't Shannon cutting it close with her parents coming home?"

Hillary replied, "No. For one thing, the parents know the parties happen. They just don't want to be here when they do. But also, the Blaines have a full time, live-in maid. She's out of sight, out of mind, most of the time, but she cleans things up in a jiffy. In fact, do you see any mess?"

He looked around more carefully. "Now that you mention it, no."

"That's because the guests are very well behaved. The elites may be stuck-up and selfish and so on, but they always know their manners. And the maid is like a ghost. She cleans up a room as soon as the last guest leaves it."

He shook his head in mild wonder. "Weird. It's like I'm in a different world. But anyway, getting back to the 'aggression with Debra' idea, I can't believe I'm the one to say this, but I feel obliged to say that it could backfire. What if we do all that with Debra later tonight and she actually likes it? Wouldn't that just make things worse?"

More awkward silence followed. Maggie and Hillary didn't want to admit it, but their libidos were doing a lot of their thinking on this. While they both detested the idea of Nick having normal sexual fun with Debra, the idea of him putting her in her place with a face fucking was thrilling.

He added, "I fear you both might be letting your emotions get the best of you. Heck, I'd be doing the exact same, because it does sound VERY appealing. The only reason I'm not is because I've already fucked up so much with Debra lately, and I don't want anything to mess up the great thing the four of us share, including Anushka. God knows I would LOVE to fuck Debra's face and really put her in her place! But I worry that I love the idea too much!"

He couldn't admit it, but his guilt over having fucked Debra was driving him to be extra careful with her.

Hillary sighed. "You have a point. My gut tells me she would hate this kind of sex, or at least it would give her pause. I mean, she's such a stuck-up priss! She would have a cow if she saw someone so much as pick their nose. Seeing all that cum on her face and hopefully her chest too? That would seriously traumatize her! I think we could change her mind about you just on the 'gross cum' factor alone. I'll admit that I could be wrong though."

Maggie said, "Nick, I appreciate you trying to play the devil's advocate, but I think we DO need to get her to rethink how much she'd like to have sex with you TONIGHT, before a certain opinion gets fixed in her head. If we're worried that she might enjoy it, to me, that means that we're probably not going far enough in doing some extreme things to her."

Hillary had a fiery look in her eyes as she said, "Good idea! I like that! Let's get MORE extreme! Do you have any more ideas?"

Maggie chimed in, "Oooh! I've got another idea! Nick, you should yank on her long blonde hair while you're fucking her face. Pull on it until it hurts! She'll have a hissy fit about that, only she would be able to, due to all those cock monster inches sliding deeper and deeper down her throat!"

Hillary responded so eagerly she actually briefly rose a few inches off her chair, like she was about to leap up and give Maggie a hug. "YES! That'll show her!" She wasn't about to admit it, but these ideas were getting her pussy wet.

Maggie was getting horny and wet too. She crossed her arms under her hefty boobs in an attempt to hide the way she was breathing heavily.

Hillary forced herself to calm down a bit, and said, "What do you think, Nick? Would all THAT be enough?"

He groaned lustily. If anything, he was even more turned-on than they were. "Come on, you can't ask me that! That sounds fucking awesome... for ME! But is it a smart plan for dealing with Debra? I have no fucking idea. I'm way too biased here. And I'm getting horny too."

He admitted, "I've got a full-blown hard-on now, just from talking about this stuff."

Maggie and Hillary were getting even more aroused and excited after hearing that. But Maggie managed to say, "I think Nick has a very good point that we need to be careful. We could be thinking irrationally here. So I have a suggestion. We tell Debra to sit tight and hang around. Maybe we'll include her in a 'sex game rematch' later tonight, and maybe we won't. Let her twist in the wind. Meanwhile, the three of us will go find a room upstairs and have our titfucking fun. Then, once we're done, we'll see if Nick's cock is up for some revenge sex with Debra or not. If it is, then we can do some more strategizing to make sure we do this in a way so Debra couldn't possibly come out of it wanting Nick more than before. How does that sound?"

Hillary said, "That sounds VERY good to me! I especially love the 'titfucking now' part of it!" She chuckled at that. Then she turned serious. "But what about the danger of Debra spying on us again? She'll have a good idea what we're going to do and where we'll do it. She can figure out what room we're in easily enough and then put her ear to the door, just like she did before."

Maggie thought out loud, "Hmmm... We could just go back to your place, Hillary, and then come back here..."

Nick said, "I think if we do that, the odds are pretty good that we're not going to come back tonight. And we'll lose sexual momentum, including maybe the hard-on I have right now."

Maggie responded, "Good point. Instead, we could just warn her against spying. And we'd use the 'Hillary, the Incredible Hulkstress' threat." She looked to Hillary and grinned impishly. "Plus, we'll tell her that we'll make a periodic surprise check into the hallway just to make sure. Which we should do anyway. I don't think she'll want to lose out on a chance at another sex game later if we frame it like that."

Hillary nodded. "That sounds reasonable. Although I want to say for the record that I don't like how butch this 'Incredible Hulkstress' thing is making me sound. I'm not some kind of female gorilla!"

Nick said, "Don't worry. I know that, and Maggie knows that. You certainly look and act all woman to me. But perception is everything. You're somewhat taller than Debra, and a little bit stronger. That's it. But if she thinks you're some kind of unstoppable 'Hulkstress' fighting machine, that's all that matters. Let her be deceived."

That made Hillary feel better. But Nick got up and gave Hillary a hug anyway, not because she absolutely needed it, but because he knew it would be something they'd both emotionally enjoy. However, they had to restrain themselves because they were in an even more exposed spot than when they'd been talking on the balcony. Anyone could wander inside from the hot tub at any time, and it was a lucky thing that hadn't happened yet.

They were just about to go back inside the mansion when Hillary said, "Wait! I have one more idea. Shannon can kind of be Debra's babysitter. She owes us."

"She does?" Nick asked.

"Sure. She told me there was no way Debra could come here without the guard in his guard post noticing. But clearly, that didn't work. All we'd have to do is tell Debra to stick with wherever Shannon is at, which is usually the center of the party action anyway. Then ask Shannon to keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn't leave, until we come get her. That's no sweat for her at all."

Nick and Maggie agreed that was a good idea.

Maggie went to the living room and found Debra still looking bored, watching the video game the four guys were playing.

Maggie took her aside to a private spot and quietly explained to her what the plan was. She was careful to use a "carrot and stick" approach, and emphasize that a sex game later was only a possibility. That would allow them to keep all their options open.

She further advised Debra to hang out with Shannon and the rest of the hot tub crowd, and not tell anyone about the potential plan. If she got called on, they'd look to find her there.

Debra agreed to everything, including going to the hot tub. After all, she didn't have anything else to do, and she liked to socialize.

At the same time, Hillary went to the hot tub and asked Shannon to keep an eye on Debra. Shannon readily agreed, since it didn't require her to do anything or go anywhere.

Hillary decided that Shannon shouldn't let Debra know she was monitoring her, because if Debra did know that and had sneaky plans, she would try to find some way to distract Shannon first. This way, Debra would be taken by surprise if she tried something.

Then Maggie hurried to catch up with Nick and Hillary, because her conversation with Debra took significantly longer than Hillary's conversation with Shannon.

Maggie knew they'd already headed upstairs, as planned. She found them going down the second floor hallway and systematically opening every door they could. They were looking for a room where it would be harder to be spied upon. Unfortunately, so far, it seemed that none of the rooms were any better than the one they'd used earlier.

The three of them continued the search together. As they did so, Maggie said, "So, my talk with Debra went okay. She's going to hang out with the hot tub crowd until we go get her. I really doubt she's going to try to spy on us this time. I put the fear of God into her, thanks to the menace of the Incredible Hulkstress!"

Hillary rolled her eyes. "That was kind of funny at first, but I'm starting to dislike that name."

Nick said, "I think it's cool. You're incredibly fit, and you should be proud of that fact. It's like you have the body of an Olympic athlete, but one of the super sexy ones who'd get a photo spread in Maxim's."

Hillary groused, "Oh, please!" But she was secretly delighted by the compliment. She did work out religiously, and she was glad that it showed.

She said, "By the way, my talk with Shannon went as expected. She'll keep a secret eye on Debra, no problem."

As Maggie opened another door further down the hallway, she said, "Good. By the way, although Debra isn't likely to spy, she certainly will be tempted. How's this room?"

"No better than the others," Hillary replied. She glanced at Nick's crotch, and she was pleased to confirm that he still had his hard-on.

The three of them moved on down the hall.

Maggie continued to explain, "She knows we're going to have some sexual fun, and she asked me if she could watch. When I told her no, she pretty much pleaded and begged, but I still said no."

Hillary said, "Good. But you see? That's the problem right there. She's too into the idea of having sexy fun with us. She literally thinks it's ten times better than sex with Devon. We have to change that, tonight!"

Maggie snickered, "I could believe that it actually is ten times better, or more. We even were talking how great threesomes are earlier and we literally used the 'ten times' number. It's not just about being handsome and having a big dick, which Devon apparently does. Attitude and emotion matter way more. And passion!"

"Not to mention sexual skill," Hillary said, as she opened the door to the next room and peeked her head in to check it out. She quickly determined it was no better than the last one.

She turned to tell that to Maggie and Nick still standing in the hall, only to discover that they were necking and Maggie had a hand down Nick's slacks! Maggie's hand was clearly sliding up and down.

Hillary asked with chagrin, "What do you two think you're doing?"

Maggie broke the kiss, but kept on obviously stroking Nick's boner in his slacks. "I'm making sure his big cock stays nice and stiff. What if he goes flaccid by the time we find a good room?"

Hillary realized that was a good point. She said, "Fine. But I call dibs on doing it next, a couple minutes from now."

"Agreed!" Maggie went back to French kissing Nick and jacking him off, while he fondled her boobs through her dress.

Hillary tried to ignore that and maintain a normal conversation. "Anyway, I was saying that most big-dicked guys think they can coast on size alone. It's rare to find a guy like Nick who actually cares that his woman gets as much or more pleasure than he does." She looked at him and smiled.

Nick was glad to hear that, but he wasn't sure if she was right that he was so skilled and giving. As he continued to make out with his mother, he thought, I do try, and I do have the passion in spades. How could I not, with Ma and Hillary?!

He reached inside Maggie's dress with both hands and gleefully pulled on her hard nipples. Gaawwwd! Ma is fucking HOT! And Hillary's just as scorching. But I am kinda coasting on my size too. Especially my thickness. I need to be more proactive. I'm getting so much oral loving lately that it's crazy, and I should be giving as much oral tongue work back. Maybe I can start with that tonight. I'm actually really excited to try that out!

Hillary said with some chagrin, "Okay, you two, stop now or get a room."

Nick disengaged from Maggie, but pointed out with amusement, "That's exactly what we're trying to do. How was that one, by the way?"

"The same as the others." Hillary took his hand rather possessively and led the way down the hall.

The three of them ended up going all the way to the last room on the third floor (the top floor), since it only took a few minutes to check all the doors. They found one room on that floor that had a narrow hallway before it opened up into a bedroom, due to an attached bathroom. Plus, it had a balcony that looked out over the expansive front grounds. They decided to use that room, because the hallway would make it more difficult to eavesdrop.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, lew54321, BDGV, GWB, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.