Chapter 64: Pleasure before Punishment (Sunday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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As soon as the three of them were all in the room they'd selected, Hillary said, "Nick, please, secure the door. Not just lock it, but put a chair under the doorknob, just to be sure. There's no telling, with Debra nearby."

"Good idea." He went to go do that.

Hillary added, "Meanwhile, I can't wait to get out of these stupid clothes!" She started to strip.

"Me too," Maggie said. "I think Nick has brainwashed me about the 'need' to get nude. Now, as soon as my clothes start to come off, I get so damn horny! I even start to salivate, because of what always seems to come next!"

"'Seems?'" Hillary laughed.

"Okay, what always comes next!" Maggie laughed too as she shimmied out of her clothes. "I'm salivating like crazy already!"

Hillary spoke as she practically tore her clothes off, "Me too! I'm practically drooling right now! Ugh! Too damn many clothes!"

Nick rushed to get the chair under the doorknob. He thought he was fast, but by the time he finished and went back down the short hallway into the proper bedroom, he was greeted with a stunning sight: Maggie and Hillary were both completely naked and kneeling side by side! They were in identical poses, with their knees together, their arms pinned behind their backs, and their big racks thrust forward. Even more astounding to him was the way their upper bodies were leaning forward, making their immense boobs even more noticeable.

Seeing that he was looking, they even lolled their tongues around their lips lasciviously.

"WHOA!" He had never seen such an incredible sight in his life! He very nearly fell to his knees, he was so overcome. It was the visual realization of his great sexual fantasies involving his two dream girls. There they were naked and kneeling, and eagerly waiting to pleasure his cock! It was hard for him to even breathe. He felt more drunk on lust than how he'd felt drunk on alcohol the night before. He doubted he'd be able to do something as simple as walk in a straight line.

The only thing that could have made the sight a little better was that, while he could just barely see that Maggie was still wearing her red high heels, Hillary's feet were bare. But that hardly mattered, especially for a full-frontal view.

Maggie and Hillary snickered and giggled with delight at his reaction. It was exactly what they'd been hoping for. Hillary was mildly concerned about acting this submissively; she didn't want to give him the impression that she was submissive in the way her own lover Anushka was towards her. But just seeing the rapturous look on his face made it worthwhile. She figured she'd explain to him about her submission limits at some later time.

He realized he was far behind in getting undressed, and he kicked his shoes off. Then he started to yank his slacks down. Oh, fuck me! This is so exciting! Hot damn! They're just so beautiful and busty. And they're here to have fun with ME! I can't even believe it! This literally can't be happening! I didn't even know one could actually live out a perfect wet dream like this! My heart is suddenly beating so fast that it's not even funny!

Maggie muttered to Hillary, "I know we said this would be a titfuck-fest, but can we start with a little bit of cocksucking? I can't wait to feel his thickness completely filling my mouth!" Knowing that Nick was watching, she licked her lips ostentatiously.

His heart thumped wildly. Ma is hot for my cock! My MA! I still can't get over that. But she's a woman as well as a mother, with sexual needs.

"I'm with you there!" Hillary replied. "Gaawwwd, I'm fucking slobbering right now!" She craned her jaw open wide several times, in practice for what was about to come.

Maggie also opened her jaw wide repeatedly. Like Hillary, she was trying to limber up her facial muscles so she could handle Nick's great width.

Nick was even more emotionally overcome. They looked just like two baby chicks waiting to be fed food from their mother, except they were waiting for his cock instead. It practically brought tears of joy to his eyes.

Maggie saw him step closer after he took his slacks off. She was eager, but she complained to him, "Wait! Just what do you think you're doing? Not a step closer until you take your shirt off too!"

Hillary remembered that she and Maggie had agreed to work together to help Nick get over his habit of keeping his shirt on. So she chimed in, "Yeah! Why is it you insist we take all our clothes off and yet you keep your shirt on? I say that's unfair."

Nick said with sudden bashfulness, "I'm sorry. It's just that I get kind of self-conscious about my looks, especially my chest. I'm not all buff and muscular." He was tempted to add "like Spencer is," but he resisted.

Hillary brought her hands from behind her back and waved at herself and Maggie kneeling in their naked and seductive poses. "Look at us! Does it look like we mind?! Now, would you rather stand there whining about your chest or do you wanna get your cock double-sucked?"

He broke into a wide grin. "If you put it that way, I'm taking my shirt off!" He immediately started doing so. As he finished pulling it off, he said eagerly, "However, before we start, I want to see the two of you kiss some more!"

Normally, both women would have loved that idea, especially Hillary. But they were in mutual agreement that now wasn't the time, due to their shared urgent cocksucking need. Hillary barked, "Later! Just stand in range to us already!"

He was trying to establish a tradition that they should always French kiss each other whenever possible, to help with the "conspiracy" he and Hillary had just agreed upon to get Maggie to get more physical with her. But seeing their eager and hungry faces, he decided that could wait. He stepped forward.

Maggie and Hillary immediately reached out towards his crotch. It seemed all four of their hands tried to hold his cock at once, which didn't work.

But within seconds, Hillary gave way, and let Maggie both hold his shaft and gobble her way down his cockhead.

Nick's sexy mother sighed contentedly. YEEEESSSS! Pure bliss! It hasn't even been an hour since I did this last, and that feels too long. I'm totally fucking hooked on sucking this magnificent cock! I love the way my mouth has to stretch open almost painfully, and the way his overly large knob completely fills my mouth. My son is so damn fucking well-hung!

However, Maggie only bobbed on his boner a couple of times before she pulled off and tilted it towards Hillary. She didn't want to be greedy, especially since Hillary had graciously let her go first.

Hillary did the same, only bobbing on him a few times before handing him back to Maggie.

They passed his cock back and forth several times in this fashion.

Interestingly, a tension that none of the three of them realized had built up was released. They all felt much better, and not simply due to the sheer physical pleasure.

Curiously, Nick actually relaxed, despite being buffeted by so many great waves of pleasure that few boys would be able to handle without cumming or even falling to the floor. He felt like he was back in his happy place and all was well with the world again.

He put a hand on each of their heads and ran his fingers through their hair. It was a simple gesture, but it comforted him still more, while arousing both of them tremendously.

Maggie exhaled contentedly while Hillary took a longer bobbing turn. "Aaaaaah! That hits the spot! I really needed that. I'm such a slut for my son's cock!"

Hillary pulled off, and looked at Maggie with curiosity and amusement. "'Son?'"

Maggie hadn't meant to say that with Hillary there; she was just thinking out loud. But she quickly recovered, since she had the role-play excuse to fall back on. "Sure. You know about our little mother-son role-play. I was just thinking about it some more, since it got us into such trouble with Debra today. You should try it. Hey, I have an idea! I've already got the mother role covered, so why don't you play the role of his sister?"

Hillary snorted with amusement at that. She thought it was ridiculous. But then she reconsidered, and said, "Why not?" She was so extremely horny at the moment that a "crazy" and kinky idea like that had a lot of appeal to her.

She looked up at Nick standing tall above her, and flashed him a sultry smile. "What do you think, Brother? Do you mind if your sister sucks your cock together with your mom?"

He gulped and his eyes bugged out. Even in his countless threesome masturbatory fantasies starring his two dream girls, he'd never thought of Hillary as his sister. He thought that was completely brilliant.

Maggie happened to be holding and stroking Nick's erection, so Hillary pressed her awesome, tanned F-cups together with both hands. She gave Nick her best "come hither" look while she sensuously rubbed her great globes together. "What do you think? I know our mom is really sexy, but couldn't you have it in your heart to fuck your sister from time to time too? Don't you have enough cum in your fuckin' fat cock monster to keep my breath spermy and my tits pearly and shiny, just like hers?"

He loved the sound of that. He was too aroused to coherently reply. But the look on his face said volumes, especially the way his jaw hung open in amazement.

Maggie and Hillary shared some knowing snickers as they watched his flabbergasted reaction. Hillary was loving this role-play idea already.

Maggie said with glee, "You know, speaking of shiny tits, mine are still smelly and glistening from before dinner. How cool is THAT?!"

Nick thought, Fuck me! Seriously, fuck me! Ma is so damn HOT! She totally loves every aspect of cocksucking; even the "gross" cummy part. Hell, especially that!

He looked back and forth between the two nude bombshells kneeling in front of him. And Hillary! UNGH! Too much! I'm gonna cum before long, even if they don't touch me!

Maggie got back into role-play mode. "Daughter, I sure hope you love cocksucking, because your brother's pole is stiff, hot, throbbing, and needy all day long! If you want to be one of his sluts, it's mainly about sucking his cock a hell of a lot" She leaned forward and lovingly kissed around the top of his cockhead, especially licking and kissing his piss hole.

He was still too blown away to say anything. His heart seemed to be racing out of control. The idea of Hillary being his cock-loving sister was almost too much for him to take.

As Hillary waited for Maggie to finish her affectionate kissing, she said, "Then I guess I'm just going to have to get used to slobbering all over my brother's cock, every single day! I know it's wrong, so very, very wrong, but after seeing you do it, I can't help myself!"

He was triply blown away. Seeing and feeling what they were doing to him was awesome to begin with. Then the incestuous role-play added another layer of excitement. But on top of that, when Maggie said "If you want to be one of his sluts, it's mainly about sucking his cock a hell of a lot," it was clear she really meant it. And Hillary accepted that without question.

That was possibly the most thrilling aspect of all, that both of them didn't just wanted to be his "girlfriends," they wanted to be his blowjob-loving sluts!

Hillary followed up her comments by licking his sweet spot before he even had a chance to get his panting breath back under control. He felt powerful chills and thrills race up and down his spine. His body visibly trembled.

Maggie saw his body's reaction, and she chuckled. "Look! I think he likes the idea!" She'd had enough bobbing to satiate her need for now, so she joined Hillary in licking near his cockhead.

Despite licking and stroking his pole, Hillary was running with the verbal teasing. "Sorry, Brother. I can't help myself! Since my bedroom is next to yours, I constantly hear Mom sneaking into your room at night. And then I hear the screaming! Oh, the screaming... such screaming! She screams your name into the wee hours until her voice is hoarse! And the thumping and pounding, and the bed springs squeaking! Thump, thump, thump, thump! You fuck your sinful mother to your heart's content in your own bed, don't you? I couldn't take it anymore. I decided I had to get myself a taste of that!"

Hillary had no idea what she was really doing when she said that. She thought she was just playing along with a fun but meaningless role-play. But in fact, her words hit both Maggie and Nick like punches to the gut. For instance, her comment "You fuck your mother to your heart's content in your own bed" startled and aroused both of them so much that they nearly forgot to breathe. Their heads swam and spun.

Nick had to close his eyes and steadily squeeze his PC muscle. He felt like his entire body was on a hair trigger, because he could feel the most enjoyable tingling all the way down to his toes. He had to consciously work on breathing in and out, because Hillary's incestuous words on top of everything else nearly had him on the verge of hyperventilating.

Maggie was greatly delighted that Hillary was getting into the spirit of the role-play. It was especially impressive since Hillary was expertly licking Nick's throbbing pole at the same time. Maggie tried to keep her arousal to manageable levels. She worried that if she showed just how much the fantasy was getting to her, Hillary might get suspicious.

After some long moments, Maggie managed to add to the fantasy, even as her tongue brushed against Hillary's, since they were both so keen on licking Nick's sweet spot. "Sorry about the racket, Daughter. It's a wonder your father sleeps through it every night."

She found herself thinking malicious thoughts about Andy as she said that, and that took her to an even higher erotic high. Her head was dizzy as she lapped on her side of Nick's thickness.

Hillary chuckled, while lapping happily on her side. "Oh yeah, poor Dad. Good thing he's so oblivious, Mom. It seems that every time I turn around, you're sucking my brother's cock somewhere in the house. Like those hour-long showers you two take together all the time. I always hear a lot of thumping and screaming, or loud slurping and moaning, over the sound of the water running. Heck, you were even blowing Brother under the table all through breakfast yesterday while Dad just sat there reading the paper. How he could miss your loud, slurpy noises is beyond me!"

Maggie was secretly amazed, because disrespecting Andy through breakfast was something she'd fantasied and dreamed about from time to time. She felt that Hillary had to be reading her mind. But she reminded herself that there were only a limited number of fun home ideas to play around with, and mealtime was an obvious one.

Maggie didn't want to play with herself, because she worried that she was too worked up already. This was just about perfection for her, getting to lap on her son's thick cock while feeling Hillary's naked body up against her side, even as they freely shared a hot incestuous fantasy. But she started diddling her clit while she talked and licked, because she was so very horny that she couldn't stop herself.

She breathlessly continued the shared fantasy. "He knows, Daughter. Your father knows! He just pretends not to. It's embarrassing for him to admit that his son has taken over as the true head of the house in every way. And now that's going to include keeping YOU well fucked, with your belly full of sperm, just like mine always is!"

Nick thought, Fuck me! This is so fucking HOT! I hate that I'm having to keep my eyes closed, because the two of them look too sexy to be believed! That's been happening a lot lately. But then, you add this incestuous talk on top of it?! Seriously, kill me now, and let me die the happiest guy ever! I can't take this much arousal and joy at once!

Hillary was really getting off on the fantasy too, and she started masturbating at well. "Dad knows?! Wow! That explains a lot of things, like the way he's never said anything about how you've been preparing breakfast in just an apron, while Brother sometimes strokes your bare butt, or how he's silent when Nick kisses you good-bye in the morning for five minutes or more!"

Maggie snickered. "We do a lot more than kiss good-bye, you know. I usually end up 'kissing' him on my knees." She loved that they were having this discussion while they both licked on or near Nick's sweet spot. That allowed her to add, "Special kisses! Kind of like this." She planted some slurpy kisses all over her favorite spot to show exactly what she meant.

Hillary snickered right back; she was loving the role-play as much as the cock sharing. "I know! I've seen your bobbing head at work, believe me. That 'I dropped my contact lens in my son's shorts yet again and I need to spend the next ten minutes sucking and licking it out' excuse has definitely gotten old!"

Maggie and Hillary shared a hearty laugh at that.

Nick was too horny to even think of laughing. He was clenching his teeth, clenching their hair in each fist, and fervently clenching his PC muscle too. He groaned lustily with such vigor that it was practically a roar. He was loving this storytelling even more than they were, because they were jointly licking him all the while. The pleasure was so intense that he wondered if he'd manage to remain standing before he gave up and shot his load.

Maggie teased, "Has that grown old? Darn it. How 'bout when I'm topless and I say I dropped my contact lens in my cleavage, then ask Nick to get it out with his cock?"

Hillary laughed at the growing absurdity of their story. "Yeah, that one got old fast too. But it's not as bad as the way you keep asking him to check the back of your vagina with his cock. You didn't even give a reason for him to check!"

Maggie was laughing so much that she had to temporarily stop licking. "Why should he need one? He 'checks' it whenever he wants!" She laughed yet more at that.

She realized she was getting carried away with her lust, so much so that she could hardly keep licking. She was masturbating herself into a frenzy, but she didn't want to cum just yet (since she'd gotten hooked on mutual orgasms lately), so she forced her fingers to go slow and easy.

Then she managed to get more straight-faced, and said, "I'm just trying to show my husband his proper place. Maybe once you and your brother start fucking and sucking all over the house, he'll finally get the hint and permanently switch beds with Nick."

Hillary dropped out of her role to say, "Maggie, time out! This is so friggin' hilarious, but it's totally hot too! I love it!" Her eyes bugged out with amazement, because she was having such a blast that she was almost incredulous about it. Once again, this far surpassed anything she'd done with her previous boyfriends, and Maggie was the special factor even more than his tasty, thick cock.

Maggie said proudly, "Now maybe you can start to see why we do the mother-son role-play so often." Her entire body seemed to be on fire, but most especially her pussy.

She thought, What if Nick DID sleep with me in bed every night?! Jeeesus! My voice probably WOULD be constantly sore from always screaming late into the night. To be honest, I don't think I'd be able to take it. It would be TOO good! I'd literally cum to death! She giggled inwardly at that prospect.

She thought more seriously while still slobbering on her son's sweet spot, with Hillary's tongue less than an inch away. Hillary thinks I'm a "good slut." If she only knew the truth, that I really AM his mother! I'm soooooo baaaaad! So wicked! She'd probably totally hate me. And I've lost all my moral bearings. Isn't it just a matter of time before my own son fucks me for real?! I'm dreaming to think it won't happen eventually, given how much I've fallen in love with him and all this. How can I resist him?! Look at me, hopelessly hooked on sharing his cock!

She was trying to feel guilty about that, but she was enjoying it too much to be very bothered. Mmmm! I can't stop licking and loving this cock monster for anything! MMMM! Soooo delicious!

There was silence for a minute or two while Maggie and Hillary just licked and licked, and played with their pussies. They were trying hard not to cum yet, but they were so worked up that it was a prideful struggle not to be the one who would give in and cum first.

It was truly remarkable that Nick was still holding out. But he was having to resort to increasingly desperate measures to do so. He was panting so loud and so hard that it was impossible for the others to ignore.

Maggie looked up at Nick and snickered. "Look at your brother. Look at the poor guy!"

Hillary looked up. Both she and Maggie finally stopped their licking, to have some mercy on him. He had his eyes closed, his teeth clenched, and he was huffing and puffing like he was in the middle of running a race. He'd let go of their heads because he thought it was rude to pull on their hair. He was flailing his fists in the air instead.

Hillary noted, "Uh-oh! It looks like that role-play was a little TOO effective! We'd better back off. Remember, he said could be done for the day at any time."

"Good point." Maggie didn't believe he was close to being "done for the day," but the fewer times he came, the better. She still had a hand on his erection, but she let go. With both hands free, she pulled hard on one of her nipples while still fingering her pussy.

She took a deep whiff. Aaaah! The smell of Nick's cum, and two soaking wet pussies! The smell alone would send any normal woman into a desperate, cock-hungry heat. And then she'd look up and see Nick's cock monster towering above, like an impossibly tall and thick redwood tree. This is the life! It's so depraved, but so good! No wonder Debra wants in on this.

That thought made her say out loud, mostly for Hillary's sake, "But you see? This is the problem with Debra. This is the kind of fun we were having with her earlier, using a different sort of role-play. She had a blast. I'm sure she'd be totally psyched just to watch us right now."

Hillary replied while also playing with her pussy and nipples. "Well, she's not here, and we are. Sucks to be her! I'm not even jealous about her getting intimate with you two earlier. Okay, I am, but more than that, I pity her."

Maggie nodded. Even though she was on the brink of climaxing, she was still managing to be thoughtful about Debra's situation. She commented, between increasingly heavy breaths, "It's like... it's like, she has a big hole in her life. No real love or joy."

"Yeah, it's kind of sad," Hillary agreed.

She also was having to fight the urge to cum. She couldn't stop staring at Nick's cock. Although it was untouched at the moment, it was so stiff and stimulated that it was sticking nearly straight out in a very tantalizing way. She loved seeing all the saliva and cum covering it and threatening to drip to the carpet.

Maggie's face lit up as an idea came to her. She took her slippery fingers from her pussy and put them on Hillary's shoulder. "Hey! Since we have to pass the time anyway, remember how 'your brother' said you and I should kiss?"

"Say no more!" Hillary pretty much leaped on Maggie and tackled her to the floor. Within seconds, she was lying on top of her, fiercely kissing her lips and rubbing her clit.

She was acting with newfound aggressiveness, now that she and Nick were in secret agreement about where her relationship with Maggie should lead. She still didn't want to go much ahead of what Maggie was already doing to her, but her lusty enthusiasm made her a little reckless. The clit rubbing was unprecedented, since she'd only done a little bit of that before, and supposedly accidentally, after Maggie accidentally did it to her in the heat of the moment.

Maggie had expected that she and Hillary would both stand up and then kiss and fondle in a relatively "normal" manner. She was literally left both breathless and bowled over. She wanted to verbally protest that Hillary was going too far with the way she was touching her clit, but she couldn't say even a single word because of the delightful tongue duel going on.

It was too much for her to take. She had a great big trembling orgasm, and Hillary's clit diddling was the final straw that pushed her over. She screamed into Hillary's mouth as she came and came for well over a minute.

Hillary was also worked up to a fever pitch. She figured this was a great time to share an orgasm, so she switched to fingering her own clit a little bit. Soon, she was screaming into Maggie's mouth too. Or at least she did for a few seconds. Neither of them were getting enough oxygen, so they wound up screaming out loud.

Nick stood there panting hard. He heard the sounds of Maggie and Hillary smooching and moaning, and it was so arousing to him that he actually covered his ears with his hands. That didn't actually help any, though. He was right on the verge of cumming, and he didn't know if he could hold off, even without any stimulation to his dick whatsoever. Of course, his eyes were already closed as part of his desperate attempt to ignore the extreme sexiness in front of him, but that didn't help much because he could imagine them so very clearly and easily.

He squeezed his PC muscle over and over as he attempted to clear his mind. It felt like a losing battle though, because the sounds from Maggie and Hillary just a couple of feet in front of him were growing louder and more erotic all the time, until there was no doubt they were both screaming their lungs out in mutual orgasm.

His imagination ran wild as he vividly pictured their flawless bodies entwined together. He particularly got off on imagining them rubbing their massive breasts together, which they actually were doing.

Despite the total lack of any stimulation on his erection, his lust continued to rise, due to him tripping out on rapturous euphoria over his entire situation. He sensed he'd crossed the orgasmic point of no return, which was awful timing since his two dream girls weren't even paying him any attention. He didn't even know where they were due to the way he was keeping his eyes tightly shut.

Luckily, he knew of a trick to stop ejaculation by squeezing his shaft painfully tight right at the base. He'd used it once and it had worked, so he tried it again. It felt painful, strange, and unnatural, but it worked! The seconds passed, and he was incredulous that no cum rocketed out the tip of his boner. Yet he stayed just as aroused and erect as before.

A minute passed, and then another. Thankfully for him, the erotic female screaming stopped, replaced by very labored breathing.

He could tell that he'd narrowly come down from the edge, but he was still dangerously close. He was afraid to even put his hand on his hot and throbbing erection, because that alone might be enough to trigger him off.

He thought, Wow! That worked! I'm going to have to use that a lot more, because it looks like I'm going to be in a lot more of these situations and I can only cum so many times in a day. Fuck! The possibilities simply stagger the imagination!

And it's still so fucking horny! It's not even the incestuous role-play that's driving me wild. Okay, that was pretty great. Hell, it was more than great; it was totally awesome! But now it's the sound of Ma and Hillary getting it on that's keeping me in the danger zone. I swear, if I so much as open my eyes, I'm gonna cum all over them like a fire hose! And God knows I'd love it and they'd love it. I'll bet they'd roll in it and smear it in and lick it up in the most motherfucking sexy manner imaginable! But then I'd miss out on all this titfucking stuff they're been hinting at all evening. No way am I going to miss out on that!

The problem is they're so damn beautiful, and I love them so damn much! Yeah, I love Hillary with all my heart. I wish I could tell her that. It's not just her perfect beauty; she's the ideal girlfriend for me in every way. She's beautiful on the inside too! She's soooo out of my league by almost every measure, and yet she's totally into me. And she's really into sharing me with Ma. I can't fuck this up for anything. Debra needs to go take a hike!

His thoughts turned to worries about keeping Hillary interested in him, and that unwittingly helped him reduce his still great urge to cum. By the time he started to worry more about Spencer, he was practically back to being merely "normally" extremely aroused.

But then he heard more loud sexual noises, and he opened his eyes.

It turned out that Maggie and Hillary had only been temporarily winded by their mutual orgasms. As soon as they regained their breaths a minute or two later, they'd continued right where they'd left off.

Now it was another minute or two after that, and they were going after each other with wild abandon again. Hillary was relentless about fingering Maggie's clit and slit, and Maggie "retaliated" by doing the same to her.

Maggie's intention to tell Hillary to stop playing with her clit had been shattered and forgotten by her epic orgasm, largely triggered by Hillary's clit play. Since then, she was so out of her mind that she even plunged two fingers into Hillary's slit without really realizing what she was doing. Hillary was on top of her, and Maggie felt like she was being relentlessly molested, but in the best possible way. She figured anything was fair game as she tried to "fight back" and stimulate Hillary as much as Hillary was stimulating her.

So, given that intense activity, plus the fact that they were both worked up from the incestuous role-play and licking with Nick, it was inevitable that they reached another orgasmic peak.

Maggie was set off first, like firecrackers shooting to the sky. She screamed and yelled like a howling hyena, and tried to roll over on top of Hillary to at least gain some control over the situation. She wasn't successful with that last effort though, because Hillary was unusually strong after all (although not "Incredible Hulkstress" strong!), and she loved having Maggie pinned naked underneath her.

But even though Maggie was in the middle of another great climax, she didn't ease up on her efforts to get Hillary to cum too. One of her hands frantically switched between Hillary's clit and pussy lips, and she hit paydirt about halfway through her own screaming peak. Hillary fought to fend off her orgasm a little longer, but she started really screaming and wailing around the time Maggie's orgasm was winding down.

Suddenly, Hillary's strength drained away, and she was weak as a kitten. Her body trembled while she shrieked without restraint.

Maggie took full advantage. She managed to roll over on top (bumping into Nick's feet in the process). She cried out triumphantly, "A-ha! Who's on top now, bitch? You sexy, sexy bitch!"

Hillary was gasping for air right as her screaming came to an end, but Maggie planted her lips on Hillary's and gave her a supernova kiss that left both of them truly breathless some more.

By the time that kiss ended, the two bombshells were weak, sweaty, and sexually satiated. They found themselves in more of a cuddly and tender mood.

Maggie was still on top, and she purred as she kissed Hillary's nose, "Who's the sexy bitch? YOU'RE the sexy bitch!"

Hillary beamed with delight. She kissed back, aiming for Maggie's lips. "No, you're the sexy bitch! You slutty goddess! You're so fucking HOT!"

Maggie replied between more kisses, "No, you're fucking hot! Don't deny it!"

That was the last they said for a while, because they seriously got into kissing and fondling some more, despite maintaining more of a cuddly energy level. Nick's stiff cock was forgotten, at least for a while.

The horny mother found herself thinking, My son has the best choice in girlfriends EVER! I remember I used to kind of feel sorry for how strongly he felt about Hillary. She would never, ever, ever want him back, right? But look at us now! She and I are gloriously naked and sweaty and cummy. There must be a God-damned LAKE of cum underneath her!

She ran a hand down to one of Hillary's bare hips. Aaaah! I love the way she feels! Such silky skin. And her enormous breasts really are like comfy pillows! She's even more "stacked" than I am! Hillary, I'm in danger of falling in love with you. Physically, emotionally, spiritually... in every way! But not as much as I love my son. God, I love him twice as much as before!

Nick witnessed most of their kissing and cuddling, since he'd opened his eyes before the start of the second round of orgasms. He was so inspired that he stroked his boner a little bit, just to take his enjoyment to another level, now that he felt it was safe to touch it without cumming on the spot.

He loved how passionate they were for each other. Nothing could have made him happier than to see them get it on like this, because he knew this meant very good things for the long-term future for all three of them.

As he watched their voluptuous, tanned, nude bodies while they went back to more cuddly kissing, he started to worry about Debra. He had a niggling fear that she was outside listening in, since she'd done something sneaky to him three times in the last 24 hours.

Since he was just standing there anyway, he went down the short hallway to the door and quietly removed the chair under the doorknob. Then he dramatically opened the door and looked down the hall, even though he was buck naked.

There was no one there. He was slightly disappointed, but more relieved. Good! It looks like Debra has at least some self-control, after all. He closed the door, locked it again, and repositioned the chair under the doorknob, just to be sure.

The reason there was a short hallway in the room was because of the bathroom attached to it. He went into the bathroom to pee and splash some water on his face.

After he did those things, he looked himself in the mirror. Man, I've won the lottery of life! Look at me. I'm not a handsome hunk by any means. What do I really have going for me, other than my smarts and my unusually thick dick? And yet, here I am, with those two in the next room. THOSE TWO! My dream girls! Seeing their tanned, flawless bodies entwined together makes me so happy that I truly want to cry tears of joy.

Until the day I die, I'll never forget the sight of walking into the other room and seeing them kneeling naked side by side, with their hands behind their backs and their huge tits thrust out! And their faces! Such passionate, hungry looks on their sultry faces! Gaawwwd! I don't know which is more surprising, that Ma is THIS into sucking my dick, or that Hillary is!

He stared at his reflection with determination. I swear, I am NOT going to screw this up for anything! Especially not because of Debra. I don't care how much my body has this weirdly powerful attraction to her, I'm not going to let my lusts rule me. Ma and Hillary are my future; Debra's just trouble. Very sexy trouble, true, but trouble just the same.

Feeling refreshed, he walked back into the bedroom.

Maggie and Hillary weren't moving at all. It seemed as if Maggie was sleeping on top of Hillary. But then they heard the sound of footsteps, and they both roused themselves enough to open their eyes and see who it was.

It was like they'd completely forgotten about Nick, and they were rediscovering him all over again.

Maggie sat up slightly, and said with genuine surprise, "Nick!" Then she calmed down, and smiled blissfully. "Mmmm. Hi, Son."

She nudged Hillary, "Hey, Daughter, check out your brother."

She reached up towards his stiff cock, because he'd walked right up to her, but she was too tired to stretch her body high enough to touch it.

Hillary managed to slide out from under Maggie. She sat up on her bare ass and looked up at Nick and his impressive boner. "Mmmm. So, Mom, is it our duty to take care of that thing?"

Maggie sat behind Hillary. She put her hand on her shoulders, and her big tits pressed into her back. "It is. I hope you know what you're getting into, because it needs a LOT of tender loving care. Jaw-breaking, lip-stretching care!"

Hillary slumped back against Maggie, reveling in their new intimacy. "That sounds yummy, but I'm going to need to take a little break first. You wiped me out!"

Maggie looked up at Nick and asked him, "Sport, you're not mad that we kind of ignored you for a while?"

He replied, "Are you kidding me? That was well timed. If you'd so much as breathed near me, I was going to shoot my load. And I don't know how much gas I have left in the tank. It's not just my dick either. I'm pretty much mentally and physically exhausted in general. So many totally intense and amazing things keep happening to me, which is great, but it feels like two days ago was two years ago!"

Hillary said with a sexy, knowing smile, "That's a shame, because we need you to fuck some sense into Debra's face."

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, lew54321, BDGV, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.