Chapter 65: Planning Payback (Sunday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Nick walked around them to the bed and sat down on it near them.

That forced Maggie and Hillary to turn around in their sitting poses to face him.

He asked, "Let's talk about that while we're all resting. Do you think that's really going to happen? Is that wise?"

Maggie said, "I'm surprised you seem reluctant about it. She's not going to enjoy it; but I would think you'd have a great time."

"Yeah, I'm sure I will," he admitted. "I feel guilty that I'd have too good of a time. I don't want to risk losing either one of you. You mean way too much to me. I'm totally invested in our threesome future. If there's even a one percent of a one percent chance that Debra could screw that up, then I shouldn't enjoy any contact with her at all. But I have to be honest: it felt really great with her earlier!"

Maggie chuckled. "Of course it did, you goofball! You had two hotties sucking your cock like it was a life or death thing. They'd be something wrong with you if you didn't enjoy that."

Hillary sat up between his legs. In a swift move, she trapped his boner between her great F-cups. She flashed him a wicked smile as she showed she'd regained enough energy to at least get into position for a titfuck.

Still making eye contact up at him, she said, "Maggie's right. You shouldn't feel bad. As for that 'one percent of a one percent chance' idea, I think the odds are much better that she'll screw things up if we DON'T take drastic action tonight. Remember that our purpose is to make Debra lose interest in you. If, along the way, you happen to enjoy it, that's not a big deal. I won't be mad at you."

"You won't?!" He was very surprised to hear that, not to mention relieved.

"Well, not more than I already am." She noticed that he must have just cleaned his dick off (which he did, in the bathroom), because it was totally dry. Her own tits were somewhat sweaty, but she worried that wasn't enough for good titfucking lubrication.

Luckily, her pussy was quite wet from her fun with Maggie. So she swiped up her juices, and drooled some saliva down for good measure, until she had it as she liked it. Then she winked at him and tilted her head down. She started licking around the top of his cockhead and began moving her firm yet soft tits around his shaft at the same time.

She teased, "Clearly, you can see I'm very mad at you right now."

Nick was so overcome by joy that his head swam and he nearly fainted! Getting to titfuck Hillary had been one of his greatest masturbatory fantasies for the last couple of years, even more than titfucking Maggie's rack since Hillary's was slightly larger. This is happening! It CAN'T be happening! But it IS! Good motherfucking GOD! This is even better than losing my virginity, because it's with one of my dream girls!

The sight of the titfuck starting energized Maggie to scoot up right next to Hillary, even though she was still recovering from her most recent powerful orgasm. She leaned in with interest, right over Hillary's protruding knockers. She certainly noticed that Hillary had lubricated Nick's erection with her own pussy juices.

She thought, If I titfuck, lick, and suck my son's great fat cock monster shortly, which of course I'm going to do, I'll be licking and sucking Hillary's pussy juices off it too! I'll even be smearing them all over my breasts! That's so debauched and outrageous. But just thinking about it is making my kitty hum and vibrate like it's possessed!

I've fallen so far, so fast. Last week, I was an ordinary suburban housewife, more or less. Now, I'm about to lick another woman's cum off my son's cock! I should think that it's wrong, so very, very wrong. But dear God, I fuckin' love it!

Maggie's head was so close that she deliberately puffed air onto Nick's cockhead. She said to Hillary, "Oooh! That looks like fun. Can I be mad at him too?"

Hillary giggled at that. "Sure thing! Give me a minute or two to build up a good 'mad' at him, and then we can trade a couple of turns to warm up."

Nick was already flying high. He asked incredulously, "'Warm up?'"

"Sure," Hillary said confidently while she licked. "Remember, this isn't just an ordinary titfuck time. We're going to find all kinds of fun ways to share you." Her tits were sliding up and down at greater speed, now that his boner was well lubricated.

Despite being greatly enjoying the licking and titfucking, his pep talk to himself in the bathroom had left him concerned that he could blow his future with his two dream girls by letting lust do all his thinking about Debra. So he said, "I know the timing is weird, but can we talk some more about this Debra situation?"

Hillary replied, "Sure. I'm all for that so you won't feel guilty about what's going to happen." She kept the titfucking action on hold, since this was serious.

He said, "I just really, really don't want to screw this threesome up in any way. What if the worst case happens and I try face fucking her and she ends up being even MORE into me?!"

Hillary thought about that, then shrugged. "Then we'll deal with it. Together. But I would never break up with you over that. Now, if you snuck off with some other girl and fucked her, then yeah, I would be really hurt and that probably would be a deal breaker. But Debra's a different case. Given what's happened to you and her yesterday and today, it's something that just happened to you, like if you got kidnapped."

She paused, and looked down at the tip of his cockhead poking up through her tight cleavage. She could feel lusty desire washing through her body so intensely that it was hard for her to talk coherently. Then she looked back into his eyes. "To be perfectly honest, I found it kind of hot watching her suck you off last night! She's just so gorgeous! I want to see tears stream down her face as she sucks you off! So maybe that's affecting my thinking here a little bit, I don't know."

She frowned, puzzled at her own feelings.

Nick thought, Well, duh! Of course that's affecting your thinking! We're all too horny to think straight! This is probably not the right time to be talking about this, right when a glorious titfuck is about to start!

Maggie put a hand on Hilary's back and told her, "Don't feel bad. I feel the same way. It IS super hot watching her do that! You should have seen her struggle and cry today! And yeah, it's almost certainly affecting our thinking, but so what? We have the fun and sexy face fucking option, and the boring and safe 'tell her to get' lost option. I think the face fucking option is actually the better one! Because if we send her home now, she's going to be all moony for you, for sure."

Hillary said, "I agree! We can have our cake and eat it too. To be on the safe side, maybe we need to be more extreme. For instance, Nick, what if you wail on her ass too? Give her a harsh spanking that she'll never forget!"

Her thinking was highly influenced by her own sexually dominant relationship with Anushka and the way she often gave her sexy spankings. She was so very aroused that she wasn't thinking straight and mostly just wanted to see Debra spanked as well as face-fucked.

Maggie said, "That's a great idea! Let's do that!" She also was thinking mostly just about how much she would love to see Debra thoroughly spanked. Her great arousal meant she wasn't thinking strategically or logically.

Nick similarly felt such a surge of lust from imagining himself smacking Debra's bare butt on his lap that it short-circuited his thinking. But he still had to ask, "So doing stuff like that with Debra going to happen? For sure? For real? Have we made that decision, that it's going to happen, and tonight, even?!"

Hillary was about to say yes to that, but she realized she was jumping the gun with that assumption. She lifted her head up to look to Maggie to confirm they were on the same page first.

Maggie was pressed right up to Hillary, with an arm around her back. Hillary didn't realize just how close she was, and when she turned towards her, their noses practically touched. They were so hot for each other that their faces couldn't get that close without kissing some more, and that's what they did.

Nick's cock was relatively neglected for the next minute or two while Maggie and Hillary French kissed. Hillary tried to move her boobs up and down around his boner some, but it was a token effort because she was so transported and preoccupied by Maggie's sweet and talented lips.

Finally, the two busty babes broke their lip-lock, and then searched each other's eyes.

Maggie subtly nodded her head to show that she was okay with whatever Hillary was okay with regarding Debra tonight.

So Hillary turned back to Nick and looked up at him. "It's going to happen. Unless you veto the idea, that is. Somehow, I don't think you're going to do that, though. Trust me, you're not going to lose me no matter what happens with Debra tonight!" She winked, and then slid her lips over most of his cockhead. She didn't fully engulf him, but she sucked tightly on the top half of his cockhead while looking up at him knowingly.

He didn't have anything to say in response. She was right that he wasn't going to turn down this arousing opportunity, but he was kind of embarrassed to admit it.

Maggie wanted to get his attention, but every last inch of his hard cock was covered by Hillary's huge tits or her hungry mouth. So she reached behind him and caressed his nearest bare ass cheek.

As she did that, she said, "And Sport, you know I'm your slut no matter what! So whatever happens tonight won't change that. Besides, the more I think about it, the more I see she's just a pushover. She's so scared about Hillary that we don't have to worry, regardless."

Once again, her thinking was being dominated by her powerful lust.

Hillary pulled her lips off his cockhead so she could tilt her head back up for better eye contact with him. "Exactly. I'm sure it'll be okay. Between the face fucking, and the hair pulling, and the choking and gagging, and having you cum all over her, she won't know what hit her! She'll be way too freaked out, grossed out, and intimidated to ever want to ask for another sex game from us again."

With that said, she tilted her head back down and resumed her licking, as well as her tit sliding.

Nick very much wanted to believe that, because it sounded like so much fun for him. He asked, "You think?"

Hillary just grunted affirmatively, because she was really getting into the cock licking and titfuck combo now, and didn't want to get distracted with much talking.

Maggie said, "It'll be fine, Nick, I'm sure." Her hand that had been on the middle of Hillary's ass slid down to her butt cheeks. She slipped a finger into the ass crack, making Hillary squeal with surprise and delight.

Maggie told her son, "Consider this your VERY lucky day. You'll get to treat Debra as your personal plaything, and do whatever you want with her while Hillary and I not only watch but help out! Normally, we'd never let you cheat with anyone else, but consider this to be your one free pass. Right?"

She looked to Hillary for confirmation.

Hillary said while licking, "Well, he can't do just anything to her. It has to be with a strategic purpose to kind of shock her into having a big rethink."

"True," Maggie agreed. "Still, I'm sure this guy is going to have a LOT of fun." As she said "this guy," she took her hand that had been on his ass and raised it over Hillary's nearest boob until she touched his throbbing cock. Most of it was buried between Hillary's great globes, and Hillary's lapping tongue was slurping over much of the rest. But there was about an inch between that tongue and her sliding boobs that was relatively untouched. Maggie brought the fingertips of two fingers to that part and started rubbing.

Nick couldn't believe how pampered his cock was being treated. He felt a thrill race down his spine just from what he was seeing, never mind how intensely pleasurable it felt on top of that!

Maggie could see what a good reaction her touching was having. His sweet spot was just below where her fingertips were rubbing. That spot was in the "danger zone" where Hillary's boobs were sliding, but she reached down anyway and started rubbing right on the bulls eye of his most sensitive spin. That meant her fingertips were enveloped by tit-flesh from time to time, but she didn't mind. In fact, it felt nice.

She said, "If you enjoy what happens with Debra, that's good! You're not the one being punished; she is. The more you enjoy it, the more humiliated she will be! You need to fuck her face for a long time, with a lot of passion and aggression, for it to really work. She should completely give up and surrender to the power of your cock! You've seen how much she loves trying to win our sex games. Well, let's see her suffer a total defeat!"

Hillary suddenly pulled her head up from her licking and looked to Maggie with wild eyes. "I LOVE the sound of that! I can't agree more!"

She narrowed her gaze as she turned up to Nick. "She's such a stuck-up bitch who always gets her way. I can't wait to see that look of abject surrender on her face as her body goes limp and she stops trying to fight your cock from completely dominating her slutty face!"

Maggie added, "And then the spankings! My Lord! If she has any resistance left, he'll spank it right out of her!"

"For sure!" Hillary agreed. "Just between the three of us, I've spanked Anushka more than a few times, and let me tell you, it works!"

Nick thrilled to those ideas too. And hearing Hillary mention that she spanked Anushka was such a total mind-fuck that he couldn't even let himself think about it. In fact, he was so turned-on that he was already very worried about cumming. But he had a sinking feeling that Debra might end up really liking being treated like that.

Hillary started to tilt her head back down, but then she had a change of heart. She said to Maggie, "Here, you take over. If I don't stop my turn now, I never will."

Maggie and Hillary made some quick adjustments so that Nick's boner was engulfed by Maggie's big tits instead of Hillary's even bigger ones. They were both so well-endowed that the difference wasn't really noticeable to Nick's happy shaft.

As they did that, Maggie asked Hillary, "Did I hear you right?! Did you say you spank Anushka?!"

Hillary responded, "Oh, shoot. Did I really say that out loud?! Pretend I didn't, okay? She'd be really mad at me. But believe me, I know all about spankings!"

All three of them felt a sudden rush of arousal as their thoughts went to sexy spankings. The three of them alternately imagined Debra getting spanked and Anushka getting spanked. Hillary's feelings were the most powerful, since she had lots of vivid experiences spanking Anushka to draw from.

Maggie was acutely aware of the fact that Nick's boner was still well lubricated mostly from Hillary's cum and her saliva. Just knowing that fact nearly made her dizzy. Then she decided that his shaft wasn't lubricated enough, so she quickly brought her hand down to her sopping wet pussy and smeared her pussy juices in with Hillary's.

Hillary saw that and she loved it. She unthinkingly licked her lips repeatedly, because the thought of sucking or licking Nick's cock with Maggie's juices on it was such a tantalizing two-for-one bonus.

Maggie tilted her head down and licked around Nick's cockhead. But she was tentative, as if she'd never done it before, because of the knowledge that Hillary's pussy juices were lingering there. In actual fact, there wasn't much of Hillary's cum left on the cockhead area, since it had been thoroughly licked and sucked by the way Hillary had lubed it up. But still, the idea thrilled Maggie so much that she could hardly think straight.

In fact, Maggie decided that slurping on Hillary's juices was more than she could take at the moment. Her heart was pounding so hard that it truly bothered her. So, in order to give herself a chance to adjust, she said to Hillary, "Instead of taking turns back and forth, let's start the sharing! Titfuck sharing!"

Hillary asked, "Okay! But how would that work?!"

Maggie said, "I'm thinking there are two ways to do this. One would be to trap his cock right between our breasts. For instance, we could pin it between my right boob and your left one. But that sounds more advanced and tricky. For starters, we can be like this, but instead of me craning my head down to lick and suck as much as I can reach, YOU should!"

Hillary smiled from ear to ear. Clearly, she loved the idea, especially since Maggie had freshly lubed Nick's boner with Maggie's pussy juices. "All right! I've never done that before, but it sounds great!"

Maggie tightly squeezed Nick's pulsing pole with her globes, and then began sliding them up and down. She purred lustily, because she loved the slippery sensation so much. She also loved how very hot it felt against her skin.

Then she told Hillary, "I'll give you enough room to cram all of his fat cockhead in your mouth. Make sure to slide your lips back and forth over his special spot a lot too! You'll be bumping into my breasts a lot, I'm sure, but so what? I'll be more squeezing intently than going fast, so it'll be fine."

Hillary started to lean over, and she lightly blew air onto Nick's cockhead. "Great plan! I can already tell this is going to be a regular thing that we'll all love. Maggie, I'll leave it up to you to say when to switch. Okay?"


With that, Hillary engulfed Nick's cock and immediately bobbed her way down to his sweet spot. She felt tingles up and down her spine, because she could clearly taste Maggie's pussy juices. She loved the taste, and could hardly wait to lap up even more directly from the source.

Nick was largely oblivious to how much Maggie and Hillary were secretly obsessing about the mixed cum on his hard-on. But what Hillary was doing with her mouth was so extremely stimulating just the same that he growled like a wounded animal. "Arrraaaiiiieeerrrgh! So good! So good! UGH! Gonna cum already!"

Maggie and Hillary immediately froze. They didn't want that to happen.

Hillary pulled her lips off his cockhead and looked up at him with obvious disappointment.

He wasn't actually cumming yet, since he was frantically squeezing his PC muscle. Some long moments passed and the lack of any spermy shower became clear.

He sheepishly said, "Sorry! Almost cumming, that is. Too close! It's just that it's too arousing! Plus, all this talk about overwhelming Debra with the 'power' of my cock! Jesus! I need a breather here!"

Maggie and Hillary looked at each other and laughed, but in a friendly way. They realized his "distress" was a complimentary sign of their effectiveness.

Hillary said, "Okay, take a breather, stud! But hurry up about it, please. You've got me really hot for your cock!" She started to bend down towards it, where it was still encased in Maggie's pillowy orbs, but she caught herself just before she reached it. She sat back and bounced on her heels in an antsy way.

He watched her doing all that titty bouncing, and nearly came anyway. Aaaargh! Too fucking much! How can I calm down?! First, I get to titfuck Hillary for the first time in my life! Now they'd got this dual titfucking thing in the works that's motherfucking INSANE! It's all so great that how can I ever be normal again?! School tomorrow is going to be torture, except that I get to sit next to one of my dream girls most of the time.

Maggie suggested to the others, "While we're waiting, what if we talk some more about the Debra situation? Nick, are you still having doubts about the wisdom of this?"

He said, while carefully taking heavy breaths, "I am, kinda. It just seems to be that if we're enjoying it so much merely thinking about it, how it is that she won't enjoy it some too?"

Hillary said, "Oh, she will, I'm sure. She's going to cum, big time. How could she not, if she's bobbing on your fat cock? But she can cum bucket-loads and still be grossed out and intimidated. Especially if you go hard core in spanking the hell out of her! You know the expression 'If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen?' That's what we're going to do to her. It'll be arousing, but so freaky, wild, and 'gross' that she won't be able to keep up."

Seeing that he was still doubtful, she added, "Let me give you an example. Imagine you get involved with a very, very sexy woman who lights your fire in a big way. You start having sex with her, but it turns out she likes to dominate her men. The sex is great, but she starts doing things that are way out of your comfort zone, including wanting to drill your ass with a strap-on. What would you do?"

Nick blanched. "I'd get the hell out of there! I don't care how sexy she is; nobody is going to fuck my ass!"

Hillary smiled triumphantly. "Exactly. Get it now? It's not a matter of arousing or not. It's pushing her so far out of her comfort zone that she decides she'd better hook up with someone else. As for Devon, I'm sure she'll be done with him, after she's found how good sex with you can be. But there are PLENTY of other guys who'd love to satisfy a total hottie like her and who don't insist on fucking her face until she chokes and gags, and then cums all over it for good measure. Get it?"

Maggie said, "I do. I'm convinced! We'll have our cake and eat it too. And a nice thing about it is that even though we're technically punishing her, we don't actually have to be mean. We can make it look like it's a mismatch of different sexual styles. 'Tough luck, but no hard feelings. See you around.'"

"True," Hillary said. "But we are going to be mean to her too. At least I am. I've got a lot of anger issues I need to work out, after all the sneaky things she's done to us."

Nick was calming down from his close orgasmic call. He thought, Geez! If only Hillary knew that I fucked Debra last night. She'd go postal, and maybe on Debra AND me. Shit. How am I ever going to tell her about that?! But I don't want to lie. I certainly can't mention it right now, though!

Pushing that thorny issue aside in his mind, he said, "I get it now. I feel much better about the whole thing, now that you put it that way. Still, I want to be sure that we do go 'too far.' I think I should be really dominating and aggressive with her. I've heard a lot of spanking talk in the past few minutes, and I'm thinking that's a good idea. We can have a thorough spanking as our ace in the hole. If she isn't freaked out enough, that'll be the final straw, for sure."

Hillary said brightly, "Oooh! I'm so glad to hear you say that! Have you done that kind of thing before though?"

Since Nick was taking a break, her hands were starting to wander over Maggie's nude body. She'd noticed the rough way Nick treated Maggie's nipples, so she experimentally twisted the nearest nipple in a similar style.

Maggie's eyes went wide. She turned to Hillary in very pleasant surprise. "Do that! A lot more of that!"

"Okay!" Hillary laughed with glee. She twisted that nipple in the other direction.

Nick finally got to get a word in edgewise to answer Hillary's question. "I've never spanked anyone before, no. Maggie and I aren't into that kind of thing. But it's not rocket science. I'm sure I'll do fine."

Hillary said, "I'm not into it either, at least when it comes to getting spanked. I wouldn't let anyone do that to me, not even you. On the other hand, when I made Anushka lie naked across my lap-" She cut herself off.

She was about to reveal more about the spanking ritual she gave Anushka. It was a big part of their sex play. But she belatedly realized she might be revealing something Anushka would want to stay secret.

She'd said enough to fire Nick's imagination some more. His cock, still buried between Maggie's tits, throbbed ever more energetically. He vividly imagined a nude Anushka lying across Hillary's lap and getting a harsh spanking.

Maggie couldn't help but react to the throbbing. Without thinking, she said, "Oooh! Someone here seems to find that idea exciting!"

"What idea?" Hillary asked Nick suspiciously.

"Um..." He looked away in embarrassment.

Hillary said, "Shit! I said too much, didn't I? Please don't tell Anushka about any of that! Please? It's just a fun game we play from time to time, when I give her a sexy pretend punishment."

Nick gulped, because his arousing vision was confirmed. That has to happen for real, in this world! Not in some kind of sex heaven, but right here! Man, I'd kill to be a fly on the wall for THAT!

He forced himself to say, "My lips are sealed. But in a way that's good, because you can be my spanking advisor with Debra."

Hillary considered that, and then nodded. She continued to idly twist Maggie's nipple. "I can try. I've only given sexy spankings, not real punishment ones, but if I can give you any helpful advice, I will."


His head spun dizzily as he tried to imagine what giving Anushka a "sexy spanking" would be like. He pictured himself groping at her dangling G-cups while she lay naked across his lap. He was more interested in that than the spanking part.

Hillary added to him, "The main thing is to go all out. Be really harsh. The danger is that she could end up finding the spanking VERY enjoyable. You should see how Anushka gets sometimes when I wail on her ass. I swear, the harder I hit her, the more it seems she just screams and cums! But don't worry, I'll guide you to make sure you do it right."

"Thanks again." The sweat was rolling down his forehead. His cock wasn't getting much of a break, due to the talk about spanking Anushka.

As arousing as a vision of Hillary spanking Anushka was, he was more focused on an image of Anushka lying across HIS lap instead, her bare butt squirming as she begged for mercy. Then he realized, That's just a pie in the sky fantasy with Anushka, at least at this point. But something very much like that is almost certainly going to happen with Debra in a short while! WOW! Fucking... DOUBLE wow! And with Ma and Hillary looking on and APPROVING!

Needless to say, that didn't help him calm down at all.

Furthermore, his boner was still trapped deep in Maggie's cleavage. Although she wasn't actively sliding her big tits around, she'd started rhythmically squeezing his shaft.

He thought she just didn't consciously realize what she was doing.

In fact, she was so hot to trot that she couldn't help herself, so she was "cheating" on the break time in a way that she hoped Hillary wouldn't notice.

He also noticed that not only was Hillary aggressively playing with Maggie's nearest nipple, her other hand seemed to be angled down to Maggie's ass instead of just resting against her back. He figured, correctly, that that hand was having fun down there.

He was sure that Maggie would have wanted to do something similar to Hillary, but Maggie's hands were occupied holding her tits in place around his pulsing hard-on. He realized his own hands weren't doing anything, so he took over the holding task with both hands. Despite feeling dangerously close to orgasm, he couldn't bear to withdraw his boner from the warmth and comfort of his mother's pillowy breasts.

Maggie gave him a grateful smile, and then immediately brought a hand around Hillary's backside and down to her ass. Then her other hand started "wandering" around Hillary's front side, roaming from Hillary's great globes nearly down to her clitoris.

Because of so many arousing things on his mind at once, Nick realized that although the "titfuck-fest" they'd planned to do for a long time had barely begun, he might not be able to delay his climax for long.

This was such a problem that he said, "Ladies, my sexy sluts, I love the titfucking plan we've been talking about, but it's all so arousing that I could blow my load at any moment! And what if I'm done for the night after that?!"

He breathed a secret sigh of relief that neither of them batted an eye at his use of the phrase "sexy sluts." As he'd correctly guessed, they were so hot and bothered that they enjoyed that language. He also figured the "sexy" part helped a lot, and made a note to use that more often.

Maggie said to him, "I'm not worried. You've only cum five times today, so far. That's not much by your standards. You might be running low on cum, true. But I'm fully confident that Hillary and I can get your cock nice and stiff again. When you do cum, where is that cum going to go? On the two of us! We'll have to kiss and lick it up off each other. Just picture that. How does that make you feel?"

He groaned lustily. "Oh God! So horny! I'm already erect, but my boner is getting a boner!"

Maggie and Hillary had a good laugh at that. Maggie said, "See? And if that isn't enough, once we bring Debra in and you have her spectacular naked body writhing on your lap, tell me you're not going to have a hard-on for that!"

He groaned some more, because that was such an arousing thought too. He said, "Okay, you got me there. But still, I have my limits. This is all so intense! At some point, I'm going to collapse from sheer exhaustion!"

Hillary looked to Maggie with concern. "Maybe we should save the full-on 'titfuck-fest' for later. I'm think he should cum on Debra at least TWICE! Don't you agree?! Let her get doubly grossed out, until she's swimming in cum!"

Maggie smiled wickedly. "Yes! So much yes! A thousand yesses to that!"

Hillary laughed at the intensity of Maggie's agreement. "Let's just give him a taste of titfucking heaven, and then bring her up here. If he's still got the energy and a fully loaded gun after all that, we can do the titfucking once Debra is gone. Besides, I have to admit that I can hardly wait to see him put her through the wringer!"

Maggie said, "Okay. That sounds pretty good to me too."

Nick warned, "I don't know if I could make it through ALL of that!"

Maggie commented, "Don't worry about it. If you're up for all of it, then great. If not, we can save the first full-on titfuck-fest for after school tomorrow. We're your sluts, not your girlfriends. We're all about pleasuring your cock! You're going to get titfucked so much in the weeks to come that you'll look back to your pre-titfucking days in fond memory."

He snorted with laughter. "Yeah, right! If I ever do that, shoot me for being the world's biggest idiot!"

The titfuck talk was making Maggie antsy, as well as super horny, so she replaced Nick's hands with her own again, so she could up the action level. She resumed maintaining the tight squeeze around his boner. Almost immediately, she also resumed secretly squeezing him.

With their break time supposedly continuing (not counting the secret titfuck squeezing), Hillary said to Maggie, "So you know I get really pissed off at Debra. Hell, I wouldn't mind smacking her ass a few times myself. But what about you? Aren't you going to be steaming with jealousy too, when she comes up here?"

Maggie shrugged. "Maybe. Almost certainly, in fact. But I'm looking forward to it anyway, for some weird reason. After all, she's done so much with him already. What's a little more?"

"Good point."

Had Maggie been more honest in examining her feelings based on what had happened with Debra's sexual situations already, she would have realized that her anger heightened her lust, and vice versa. But she couldn't truly be that angry with Debra when she got insanely horny. Lust had a way of taking over.

Hillary leaned in towards Nick's cockhead again. It was so enveloped by Maggie's E-cups that only the top half of it was poking out. She breathed on that, and said, "I'm super horny! Can I at least suck for a few minutes before we go get Debra?"

He was trying some more to calm himself with steady, deep breaths, so he couldn't answer at first.

While Hillary was waiting, she brought a hand to the top of Maggie's closest breast and held it there as it rose and fell. She said, "Besides, I deserve a turn because somebody here hasn't exactly been honoring the break we're supposed to be having." She looked Maggie in the eye with a mischievous twinkle. "You've been giving him a sexy squeeze or two, right?"

Maggie looked down in embarrassment. She blushed. "Shit! You caught me. I was, until his hands took over."

Hillary chuckled. "'Was?' You're still doing it now!"

Maggie looked down at her hands and saw how obvious her "secret" squeezings looked, after all. She chuckled too, but then complained, "YOU try keeping your tits still with his hot and throbbing cock monster buried in YOUR cleavage!"

Hillary chuckled some more. "Good point." Her mouth was drawing closer and closer to the tip of his bulbous knob. She glanced up towards his face. "Can I?"

"Almost," he panted. He worried that he was still too aroused. Now that Maggie had been "caught," she'd given up all restraint and was rhythmically squeezing his boner even more vigorously. That wasn't exactly helping him get a real break.

Hillary groaned in frustration, and started licking the tip of his cockhead anyway. She'd been planning on swallowing his cockhead to bob and suck on it, so she figured mere licking was relatively restrained. She was fingering her pussy and sometimes fondling Maggie's beasts. She was horny as hell!

He said, between increasingly heavy breaths, "I'm just thinking about cumming. Although I'm dying to do it now, and with the way you're licking me, I probably will... too soon! And... fuck! Maggie, what you're doing to me! Good God! But maybe we should wait until Debra gets here. Please? Ugh! We, we... can finish the dual titfuck then, and let her see me cum, cum... UH! Cum all over both of you! That'll start things out on a disgusting note for her, for sure!"

Hillary said, "I like! But I need this right now, so don't cum! Please!"

She couldn't restrain herself any longer, and swallowed all of his cockhead. That meant she "took" some of his pole from Maggie and her sliding boobs.

Maggie was okay with that. It was all good to her at this point. She was masturbating and fondling Hillary too, and she was just as eager to cum as Hillary was. She figured that although it was better Nick didn't cum until Debra was here, there was no reason why she had to wait that long too. In fact, she was almost certain he'd be able to have a big cum now and then another big one or two then, if not more.

So, not long after Hillary started her bobbing, Maggie let go and started her climax. She tried to be subtle about it, but she couldn't entirely stop herself from yelling out loud.

Hillary heard Maggie's erotic yelling, and knew what it meant. She didn't want to give in just yet, but hearing Maggie climax sent her over the edge. She actually screamed into Nick's hard-on for a few seconds before she had to pull off in order to get enough air to breathe.

Nick could smell a new burst of wet pussy in the air. He closed his eyes, but he could still hear both of his women screaming in orgasmic ecstasy.

Somehow, on top of all that, he found himself thinking of spanking both Debra and Anushka. In fact, in his brief fantasy, he imagined Debra's bare ass writhing on his lap while a totally nude Anushka stood to the side, clutching her massive G-cups with one hand and fingering her pussy with her other hand while she wiggled and writhed in place, eagerly waiting for her turn to get spanked on his lap.

It was too much for him to take. He wanted very much to wait until Debra was in the room before he came, or at least keep the titfucking fun going longer. But he was tired from a long day of incredible sexual fun, and everything was simply too arousing to be believed. He managed to cry out, "Gonna cum!"

His orgasm came upon him so suddenly that his cum began to shoot out only a second or two after that. Since his cock was pointed straight up due to the positioning of Maggie's titfuck, his first rope at least would have flown high up and then landed who knows where. He couldn't control where the cum would go because he was still holding Maggie's massive knockers with both hands.

But even though Hillary had pulled off his cockhead, her face was still only a couple of inches directly above it. And it was a lucky thing she was screaming, because that meant her eyes were closed and her mouth was opened very wide.

Hillary felt a jet of hot cum smack her left cheek. Without thinking, she started to dive down to bob on him. But a split second later, she decided she wanted the cum on her face instead. So her head jerked down and then right back up. Meanwhile, the cum kept on flying.

Maggie wanted in on the cum bath, naturally. But she wasn't going to be selfish about it and push Hillary away. Still, she tilted her head forward until it touched Hillary's, so Hillary would know she was waiting and ready.

Hillary did remember to share. Unfortunately, Nick's cum load wasn't as copious as usual, after being drained so many times relatively recently. Just when she thought he was about halfway done and she was going to pull her head out of the way so Maggie could move in, she realized that he was nearly all the way done. There were only a couple final weak spurts that didn't even fly up high enough to hit her face, but landed on the top of Maggie's breasts instead.

Hillary was sorry about that, but she was still incredibly horny and cock-hungry. Her own orgasm, as wonderful as it was, barely put a dent in her lusty energy level. She dove back down on his thick cock, determined to try to suck him vigorously enough so he'd simply stay erect, as he'd shown the capability of doing surprisingly often in recent days.

She bobbed on him for a couple of minutes.

Maggie had the same idea, and did her best to help by resuming fucking his shaft with her tits.

But even their combined efforts weren't enough. His boner went flaccid to such a degree that Hillary had no choice but to stop sucking, as it disappeared down into Maggie's cleavage like a frightened eel sliding back into a hiding hole.

Hillary exhaled with exhaustion and regret. "I'm sorry, Maggie! I didn't know. I thought he was going to cum a lot more."

Maggie shrugged. "That's okay. It's the thought that counts."

Hillary nudged Nick to get his attention, and asked him, "What happened to you always cumming in twos? Shouldn't this be the second one?"

He was feeling thoroughly wasted, practically half-dead. But he managed to reply, "Dunno. Cumming so much... It's all screwed up."

Maggie explained to Hillary, "The poor guy. I'm not sure how it works, but when he stayed erect through two orgasms in a row, that probably did screw things up."

Hillary sighed. "Now I feel bad. I was assuming he'd stay erect for Debra."

Maggie responded, "I've been thinking, and it's actually better this way. One of us needs to go downstairs to get Debra. You're cummy. And looking at Nick now, he's getting the post-orgasmic sleepies. So that leaves it up to me. It's better I'm at least semi-presentable."

"Oh," Hillary said, as she considered that. "Good idea. Go, now! And get back in a hurry. Then we'll have some cum to share, and Debra can still get all grossed out over it."

Maggie felt weak after her recent big orgasm too, but she was determined to get Debra quickly, so the fun could go on. She said, "Good idea. I'll go now. And Nick, have a good rest so you'll be ready to face fuck Debra into oblivion!"

Since Nick had been sitting on the edge of the bed this whole time, he'd already flopped back on it. He was practically in sleep mode already. All he could do was grunt to let her know he'd heard. He had no idea how he was going to rebound in time for Debra's arrival.

Maggie was about to get up.

But Hillary put a hand on her shoulder, and said, "Wait! I just realized you can't go like that." She stared obviously at Maggie's tanned boobs.

That forced Maggie to look down at herself. She saw that she still had a good deal of cum dripping down her cleavage, since Nick had squirted a couple of last weak blasts that had landed on her tits.

Hillary asked her shyly, "Can I help lick it up a little?"

Maggie practically squealed with glee, she found Hillary so adorable at that moment. She said, "Sure!"

Hillary leaned over and started to lick. But as she did so, she said, "I'm not actually going to lick it all up; I'm just going to smear it in a bit, and push it down deeper into your cleavage. I want you to absolutely REEK of Nick's cum for Debra! And we can have her give you a kiss or two right there. That'll give her a spermy surprise!"

Maggie laughed. "You're so evil!"

Hillary cackled theatrically. "I try. Debra inspires me."

Maggie was so aroused by that spermy cleavage surprise idea that she felt tempted to push Hillary to the floor, kiss her hard, and have her way with her. But she was still too tired to do much. She just closed her eyes and tingled with delight as Hillary licked her sensitive tit-slopes.

After a couple of minutes of happy licking and fondling, Hillary pulled her head back, and declared, "Good enough. Like I said, I don't want you to get too clean."

Maggie managed to pull away and stand up. She looked down at Hillary and smiled. "You're so naughty. Maybe Debra isn't the only one who should get spanked tonight!"

Hillary chuckled with glee. "Yeah, maybe YOU should! You sexy bitch!"

Maggie shot back, "You wanton slut!"

Hillary responded, "Big-titted cum-lover!"

Maggie retorted, "Cocksucking cum-GUZZLER!"

Hillary laughed. "Ooooh! You got me with that one!" She clutched her right breast, pretending she'd been shot. Then she playfully squeezed the huge orb, since she was holding it already.

Maggie loved it. Had she not been standing already, she would have given Hillary a big kiss on the lips, or two, or three.

Maggie staggered a couple of steps and then dropped to her knees near where her clothes had been tossed aside. As she tried to pick them up and put them on, she said, "By the way, Hillary, keep in mind that things got pretty cummy when Debra was here earlier. She got spermed herself, and Nick was firing a big load at that point. So she won't be totally shocked and surprised by your face. But still, it'll help gross her out."

Hillary grunted to acknowledge that she'd heard that. Now that she didn't need to be active for anything, she simply laid down on the floor. She was careful to keep her face pointed up, so the cum there wouldn't get messy. She closed her eyes to take a quick rest too.

Maggie managed to put her clothes on (sans underwear) and silently left the room a couple of minutes later.

She was a bedraggled mess, and she knew it. While Hillary's licking job was great fun for both of them, she still had a scandalous amount of cum on her visible cleavage, since her dress was low-cut.

She was frustrated that she didn't have a way to call Debra and tell her to come up. She still felt dangerously horny. Just walking down the hall in her red high heels kept her heart beating hard, because those heels were a vivid reminder to her of sucking her son's cock. She was half-tempted to stop in the hall and finger herself to another orgasm.

However, she highly doubted Debra had her cell phone on her at this point, and she didn't know Debra's number anyway.

She had no choice but to go downstairs and get her. Her plan was to call to her from afar so none of the others could get a close look at her "just fucked" appearance.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, Johnny Galt, lew54321, BDGV, GWB, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.