Chapter 66: Anger-filled Lust (Sunday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Maggie moved with a purpose to find Debra. She was so eager to return to where Nick and Hillary were that she would have run through the mansion had it not been for the high heels on her feet.

Maggie made it just far enough to peek into the living room from partially up the stairs before going any further. Considering that she still had some of Nick's cum showing on her face, she was pleasantly surprised to see the video gamers gone and Debra all alone.

Debra was wearing nothing but bright red bikini bottoms. She was anxiously pacing around the room, like she was fit to burst from anticipation. This was surprising, because she was supposed to be in the hot tub area, with Shannon secretly keeping a watch over her.

But Maggie didn't mind at all, because she didn't relish getting anywhere near the hot tub crowd in her current condition.

Maggie didn't know it, but Debra was in the living room because she was feeling so very anxious to take part in more sex games with Nick and his two "sluts." She'd been so distracted by thoughts about what would happen if and when she was called upstairs that she couldn't socialize with the hot tub crowd, so she'd come up with one reason after another to go to the bathroom or kitchen and so on, just to get away. Mere minutes ago, she'd given up all pretense and decided to just wait in the living room. But at the same, she'd been afraid of going upstairs and getting in trouble for trying to sneak up on them.

Maggie cupped her hands to her face and hissed, "Hey! Debra! Up here!"

Debra turned around and looked up at Maggie on the stairs with tremendous relief.

Maggie added, "Let's go!" She shook her head in amazement at Debra's topless beauty, even from a distance. Then she ducked back out of sight.

Debra skipped up the stairs with a wide smile on her face, her big bare double-D-cups bouncing freely. She wanted to give Maggie a hug, but she couldn't, because Maggie moved even faster than she did. So she sped up until she was taking the stairs two or three at a time. She had to clutch at her boobs finally, because there were swinging so wildly.

When Maggie finally reached the top floor where her other loved ones were, she slowed enough for Debra to catch up.

Debra was panting and still practically jogging as she finally spoke. "What's the rush?"

The truth was, Maggie was having a hell of a great time with Nick and Hillary, and she knew they were feeling the same. She wanted to get back fast, before the mood might be lost, and especially before they came down from their erotic highs. She would have moved even faster had it not been for her high heels. She strongly suspected that Hillary's attitude towards Debra's presence would be very different if Hillary wasn't so horny, and the same went for herself.

After thinking things over for a long moment, she decided to be mostly honest. "I'm trying to help you out. Hillary is in a horny mood, and as long as she is, she might not be quite so pissed off at you."

She slowed down some more, because they were nearing the room already and she had more to say. "Now, if you really are willing to go through your punishment, you've gotta listen to me."

Debra nodded. She was eager to behave so she could make a good impression. It would be a lot easier for her to take part in more sex games with them if she was openly invited instead of having to be conniving and scheming.

Maggie wagged a finger at her. "Do EVERYTHING we tell you do to. Don't talk back. Don't speak out of turn. Don't ask questions. Just be completely obedient."

She suddenly stopped to look Debra right in the eyes. "And this is the most important part: try not to show that you're enjoying yourself!"

Debra furrowed her brow. "Huh?"

Maggie said impatiently, "Look, this IS a punishment, but it's inevitable that there's going to be a good amount of sexual pleasure too. Maybe not at first, but eventually. Hillary especially will want to see that you suffer. If you start to enjoy yourself and say things like 'This is great,' then she's going to think that you haven't been punished enough, and do a lot more of the things you dislike the most. I just want to get this over with and not turn it into a torture session. So just... don't be enthusiastic, okay?"

Debra nodded. "Okay. Sure."

Maggie wasn't thinking clearly when she gave Debra that advice. Her arousal was driving her, blotting out nearly all of her jealousy and desire for revenge. She did want Debra out of Nick's sex life in the long run, but right now she was more interested in seeing him spank Debra's ass and fuck her face. She thought that would be extremely hot to watch, and she wasn't giving much consideration as to how well that actually furthered her long-term goals.

She also didn't want to see things get truly nasty and vindictive, because her personality was the exact opposite of that. She hoped they could do the minimum to cause Debra to lose interest in Nick, while still having great sex.

Maggie resumed strutting briskly along in her clicking high heels, forcing the bare-footed Debra to follow. "So remember: take your punishment. Don't complain, and don't be enthusiastic either. Be obedient. Then, before you know it, we'll be through this."

She couldn't resist looking at Debra's bouncing breasts as she added, "In fact, it's probably best if you try not to say much at all."

Debra frowned with worry, but she said, "Got it." Then, after a pause, she stared at the pearly white smears on Maggie's face and asked, "Uh, by the way, is that...?"

Maggie stopped completely, put her hand on her hips, and stared Debra down. "Yes, that's Nick's cum. Do you have a problem with that?"

"Um, no!" Although Debra was grossed out by the cum, she thought it was very hot that Maggie dared walk around like that outside a private room. Plus, it got her thinking more about Nick's thick cock and all the great sexual fun she must have missed.

Maggie resumed walking. "Good! And don't be surprised if you've got a pearly sheen on YOUR face before long, and you have to keep it there. Do you have a problem with THAT?!"

"No." Actually, Debra did mind, but she was feeling cowed. She was determined to be obedient, even if it meant doing things like that. Plus, she figured Nick wasn't likely to cum on her face unless she got to have a lot of sexual fun with his cock first, and she was willing to put up with a lot to have that happen with him. Her desire for more sex with him was off the charts.

Maggie knocked on the door a few seconds later. "Nick? Hillary? I'm here with Debra." Then she remembered that the door almost certainly wasn't locked or propped shut since she'd left just a couple of minutes ago. So she turned the knob and let herself in.

She still wasn't in view of Nick or Hillary, but she told them, "Don't worry, I got it."

Then, once Debra was in, Maggie didn't think to prop the door closed with the chair, or even just lock it. She didn't think about security at all because she was so very horny and eager to resume the fun times. Their concern had been keeping Debra out, and that was a moot point because Debra was invited in with them now.

Nick had been about to get up to open the door, but he went back to what he was doing, which was sharing a very pleasurable cuddle with Hillary. She sat in his lap on the bed, and they were keeping each other on a low boil of arousal while they waited for the others.

Debra shyly stepped forward into the main room. She stared wide-eyed at Nick lounging there naked with an equally naked Hillary sprawled all over him. She was starting to get the impression that he was no ordinary guy, but some kind of sexual superman. Just being in the same room as him set her heart thumping hard.

She was experiencing feelings for a boy that she'd never felt for anyone else before, and it felt very strange to her. It wasn't exactly love, but it definitely included lots of intense lust!

Maggie got out of her clothes in a flash. She quickly got up on the bed and cuddled in to Nick from the other side. Nick's penis was untouched by Hillary at the moment because it was still flaccid from his recent climax.

But Maggie took it in hand (once Hillary obligingly slid off his lap so Maggie could have easy access to that area), and started trying to stroke it to full size. As she did so, she said, "Sport, look what I brought for you."

Debra shyly came closer. She was feeling extremely vulnerable in just her red bikini bottoms, which was how she was dressed because that's how most of the girls at the hot tub had been dressed. It was one thing showing off her fantastic, topless body in such a crowd; she was used to that from other similar parties. But it was another thing to expose herself to Nick while he had two nude goddesses cuddling into his sides. For once in her life, she felt a little bit inadequate.

Taking a closer look at Maggie, she saw more of Nick's cum on her enormous tits, especially deep in her sexy cleavage. Then she saw plenty of his cum on Hillary too. Although she thought cum was gross, she was impressed at the way the two of them brazenly kept his cum on their bodies.

Actually, the fact that she thought cum was gross made it seem even more of an impressive "sacrifice" for them to do that. The only logical conclusion she could come up with was that they'd do just about anything to please their man. That was a breathtaking concept for her.

Hillary barked at her, "YOU again?! UGH! Well, I suppose it's about time for you to get properly punished anyway. What are you just standing there for? STRIP!"

Maggie eagerly added, "And don't just take your clothes off. Do it like a professional striptease would. Put your heart into it! Remember, we're all mad at you, but Nick is in charge of your punishment. So if you want him to have at least some mercy on you, you'd better make him happy!"

Debra looked around nervously, as if searching for hidden cameras. She looked down at her gorgeous body. "Um, but... I'm only wearing my bikini bottoms already!"

Hillary waved a hand dismissively. "We've noticed, believe me. Take those off, obviously. Then I guess it will technically be less of a striptease and more of just showing off your naked body. Be creative! As you can see, Nick's cock is flaccid at the moment, and we want you to help inspire him back to full hardness."

"Um, okay." But she just stood there with her face turning redder and redder with embarrassment. She'd never done a striptease for anyone before, much less danced completely naked. Her boyfriends had always bent over backwards to please her. She was tempted to say no, but then she thought about how badly she longed to feel Nick's fat cock in her hands and even in her mouth, and she forced herself to give it a try.

After a pause, she asked, "Here? Like, now?"

Hillary barked some more, "Of course! You have to get naked so Nick can give you a proper spanking. Don't you know anything?"

"Uh, ah, sorry!" Debra felt like she was dying of embarrassment already, and she sensed things were going to get worse. Even though technically she was the most clothed of anyone in the room, given the bikini bottoms she had on, she felt the most exposed.

She was so frazzled about the demand for her to perform that she almost didn't catch Hillary's mention that she was going to get a "proper spanking." Then, a few seconds later, that finally hit home. Her embarrassment doubled in an instant. But her arousal at least tripled too. She felt it was outrageous that anyone would dare even think of spanking her, when she was on the verge of being a world famous fashion model (at least in her own mind). But Nick dared, and that made her desire for him soar still higher, especially since he was being so silent and mysterious.

She finally started to strip. All she had to do was pull her bikini bottoms down her legs, so she began doing that. She tried to do it slowly and seductively, but she was feeling so nervous that she doubted she was at her sultry best.

Maggie looked around the room while she continued to fondle her son's penis. She was glad to feel that it was starting to engorge already. "Damn. I wish we had some bouncy music so we could do this right." There was no music player of any kind to be seen.

Hillary smiled. "Bouncy music, coming right up!" She was within arm's reach of an end table, so she cleared a space on it and then started to beat out a rhythm on it, like it was a pair of drums.

The others were impressed, because it sounded surprisingly good.

Nick exclaimed, "Wow! It's like you're playing drums for real! How are you doing that?!"

Hillary turned to him and grinned. "I've got all kinds of talents, kid." She winked. "If I wasn't feeling so comfy cuddling with you, I'd find some contrasting surfaces and then you'd really see what I could do."

Debra was still just standing there, with her bikini bottoms pulled down a few inches below her pussy. She'd paused to look at just how soaked her pussy was. She could hardly believe it herself.

Maggie turned her attention back to Debra, and said to her, "Hey! What do you think you're doing? Quick, take that damn thing off and let's see some nude dancing, while Hillary still has the beat going!"

Debra quickly pulled her red bikini bottoms all the way off and tossed them aside. She started to sway and groove around. She'd never felt so truly naked, and it embarrassed her tremendously. But she was so very aroused at the same time that it completely baffled her. She wasn't even touching Nick, and he seemed more interested in Hillary's drumming than her, but that lack of attention from him only further set her entire body on fire!

She closed her eyes, and that made it easier for her to forget her situation and move to the beat. Before long, she started to actually get into it. Her extreme lust was overcoming her reluctance. She concentrated on thoughts of Nick's cock growing stiffer and thicker, and that put a smile on her face. She imagined kneeling naked between his legs and cramming his cock into her mouth, and that made her smile grow larger. She felt a powerful tingle in her pussy and a jolt of excitement racing up and down her spine as she thought about sliding her lips back and forth on his incredibly thick cock. Her mouth watered, her heart raced faster, and her smile grew and grew.

Meanwhile, Nick was definitely getting into the spirit of things. His brain was reeling as he watched Debra's flawless nude body, and he considered the exciting possibilities of what he could do with her. Plus, there was the fact that he was in the middle of a "cuddle sandwich," with Maggie on one side and Hillary on the other. He could freely play with their pussies and huge breasts, and he took full advantage.

He got so excited about all this that his penis fully engorged again, despite his sexual exhaustion.

Maggie was delighted to see and feel him get hard in her hand. She quickly repositioned and bent over. Then she started to suck.

Hillary was having a fun time beating out a steady yet subtly changing rhythm on the table top. When she heard loud, tell-tale slurping noises behind her, she briefly turned around, saw what Maggie was doing, and laughed. Maggie's cocksucking enthusiasm was infectious; she salivated and wished she could have a turn soon. She turned back and resumed keeping the beat.

Debra kept her eyes closed most of the time, but she had to peek from time to time in order to more or less stay in place and not bump into something since she didn't have much space to move around in. During one such peek, she noticed Maggie's head was in Nick's lap, and she could see it bobbing up and down!

This was extremely thrilling news to her. A mere 24 hours ago, she'd basically hated blowjobs. Her attitude had changed so much that just seeing the back of Maggie's head bobbing like that put butterflies in her stomach and made it hard for her to breathe. She started salivating even more than Hillary was.

Debra faltered in her dancing, then stepped closer to get a better look at what was going on. She had been feeling more afraid than aroused, especially due to her worries that Hillary would physically hurt her. But once she'd moved enough to the side to actually see Maggie's lips sliding on Nick's thickness, her arousal soared into overdrive.

The change in her mood immediately showed up in her movements. She went from merely shuffling and swaying to a much more sensual dancing. She didn't have the talent of an professional belly dancer, much less any experience doing this whatsoever, but she did have natural talent and rhythm to go along with her great beauty. It felt very strange for her to dance with all her clothes off, down to her bare feet. She had to be constantly mindful of the way her big tits bounced freely so they didn't bounce too much.

She could have at least tried to say that she'd done enough and asked if she could stop. But she kept on dancing just because she was truly enjoying it. She could see that Nick was paying her more and more attention the more she let go of her inhibitions and danced freely and erotically. His rising interest caused her excitement and arousal to rise still higher, resulting in her dancing ever more provocatively.

She kept her mind on Nick's cock. Even though she couldn't see it, she thought back to how much she'd enjoyed sucking on it, and how much she'd love to suck it some more. She'd drifted to a spot more to the side where she could directly see Maggie's sliding lips, and she found herself rooting for Maggie to suck him good. She hoped that her own erotic dancing would send Nick's arousal skyrocketing, helping him to enjoy Maggie's oral talents even more.

These powerful feelings about Nick were unfamiliar to Debra. She was wholly unused to being at all interested about how much pleasure her sex partners were feeling. But she'd come to believe what Maggie had told her, that the more pleasure she gave Nick, the more it "boomeranged" back and increased her own pleasure, because she'd seen it work each time she'd been intimate with him.

Nick was very impressed, and even more aroused, by Debra's sultry dancing. He gawked at her curvaceous beauty to his heart's content while his mother expertly licked and bobbed all over his fat erection. As if that wasn't great enough, he got to play with Hillary's body while she beat on the table like a drum.

He thought, I feel like a sultan of old with my own harem, including erotic belly dancers. This is so perfect that I almost can't believe it! Debra is a total fox! Hell, that even is her real last name! God, what a face! What a body! And Ma helps me enjoy it with her incredible sliding lips! I could die happy right now!

Even Hillary was grudgingly impressed at Debra's sexy motions, not to mention her remarkable beauty.

Then Hillary twisted in place to check out Maggie's blowjob some more. But this time, she stopped drumming and muttered, "Gotta get me some more of that. My turn!"

Maggie pulled her lips off with a loud, satisfying pop, and sat up. She smirked at Debra as she wiped her chin. Except she didn't actually wipe any cum or drool away; she just drew more attention to it.

As Hillary repositioned, she said to Maggie, "Now, it's your turn to drum." Then she engulfed Nick's cockhead and started to bob on it.

Maggie looked around in confusion. "Drum on what?!" Unlike Hillary, she wasn't sitting near a flat and solid surface. She knew she had no drumming talent anyway, so she just fondled Nick's balls with one hand and turned her attention to Debra.

But Debra had just stopped dancing, for obvious reasons. She was fully naked and had been for a while now, and the drumming had stopped. She had been dancing with such energy that she was starting to get a little tired as well.

Maggie judged the situation and decided that the "striptease" and dancing had served its purpose. Nick was fully erect again, and Debra was obviously aroused and excited too.

So Maggie said to her, "Okay, Debra, welcome to your punishment time. You've been a very bad girl, constantly trying to steal our boyfriend away from us and making trouble-"

Debra interrupted, starting to complain, "I did not-"

"HUSH!" Maggie stared at her hard. "Remember what I said out in the hall? Including you do NOT speak out of turn! Is that understood?"

Debra bowed her still blushing face. "Yes."

"Now, I could talk a lot about what you did wrong and how you need to improve, but we can do that later. The bottom line is, we're going to have to punish a sense of right and wrong into you, starting with a VERY harsh spanking. Let's get this show on the road!"

Debra's jaw dropped. "Are you SERIOUS?!" Then she remembered that Hillary had made a passing mention to her getting spanked before her erotic dancing began, and she realized it probably was no joke. She already remembered that she wasn't supposed to be confrontational, or even talk much. So she said, "Um, er... what I mean is... Oh God! I've never done this before!"

Her red face had mostly faded during her dancing, but her blush suddenly came back with a vengeance. She fidgeted with her hands, fighting the urge to cover her sopping wet pussy, or her stiff nipples, or both. "Wh-wh-what... what am I supposed to do?!"

Maggie was a very kind-hearted person (a fact that Andy took advantage of every day). She imagined herself in Debra's shoes, and her heart went out to her. She tapped on Hillary's head. "Hillary? Can we have a little mercy on Debra, please? I think she'll warm up to the spanking idea a lot better if we give her a couple of minutes to suck on Nick's cock. We can explain how it's going to work while she does that."

Hillary thought that over and decided it was a good idea. She wanted to see Debra suffer, and since she'd missed what happened between Nick, Maggie, and Debra earlier in the day, she didn't realize just how much Debra had come to love bobbing on Nick's cock. She thought this could be part of her humiliating punishment. So she pulled her lips away, and turned back to face Debra. "Hmmm... very well. If you insist."

Debra wanted to clap her hands like a little girl winning a big teddy bear at a state fair, but she remembered Maggie's advice not to show enthusiasm if she could help it. But she couldn't entirely contain herself, and her hips writhed sexily as she tried to stand still.

Nick, Maggie, and Hillary repositioned to take into account Debra joining them. Nick sat up stiffly at the edge of the bed, with his legs spread wide for Debra. Maggie and Hillary sat on either side of him and resumed cuddling into him. He felt even more like a king or sultan, because he was able to fondle one of Maggie's tits and one of Hillary's even as he waited for Debra to come suck him off.

Debra started walking towards him.

But Hillary had an idea. "Wait! Stop! Debra, I think you have the wrong idea about all of this. This is your punishment! You've been very bad. You need to make it up to all of us, but especially make it up to Nick. So go back all the way to the door and CRAWL your way to his cock!"

Debra gave Hillary her best doubtful and displeased look. "'Crawl?' Really? You expect me to crawl?! I don't fucking crawl for anybody!"

Hillary pointed to Debra's red bikini bottoms, lying forgotten on the floor. "I don't care. Then take your 'clothes' and walk to the door, but then keep walking right out of here! That'll mean more thick, delicious cock for me and Maggie. I really don't care what you do."

Hillary was bluffing. She didn't want Debra to leave, because that would be a lot less fun. But she waited to see who would blink first.

Debra blinked. She sighed and slumped her shoulders. "Fine! Whatever!" She stomped off nearly to the front door. But then she got down on her hands and knees and started crawling back towards Nick's stiff cock and spread legs.

Again, Maggie's kind-hearted side came out. When she saw Debra crawl out of the short hallway from the door and into full view, she said to her, "Don't think of this as a bad thing; think of it as a good thing! You know what a supreme challenge it is to suck Nick's extra thick cock. It goes a lot easier if you can get yourself psyched up. Use this to get yourself psyched up as much as possible!"

Debra wanted to complain that she was already as "psyched up" as she could possibly get, and this was overkill. But she was mindful of Maggie's advice to stay quiet as much as possible and not complain.

Maggie continued, "Think about how great it'll feel once you get to him and you feel his thick pole invading your mouth! Yeah, you'll suffer and struggle and probably shed some tears, but isn't that part of the joy? How many other girls get to suck a cock this big in your entire high school? None, that's how many! Just us in this room! Nick's is the best of the best, and only totally uninhibited sexy sluts get to enjoy it! Every time you feel your lips stretched painfully around his throbbing hot pole, that makes you one of the ultra elite!"

Those words went straight to Debra's heart. She especially loved the idea of being one of the "ultra elite" of just three. Although her humiliation at being on her hands and knees like a dog never lessened, her desire grew so much that she relished the opportunity to feel her jaw and mouth struggle in pain due to his great size.

So far, she'd been keeping her head down, but as she crawled closer, she dared to look up just enough to see his crotch. His legs were still splayed out wide, but Maggie and Hillary both had brought a hand back to his cock and they were stroking it in tandem.

Debra nearly came on the spot due to witnessing that! From her position down on all fours, it seemed as if that wasn't a human penis, but something otherworldly or superhuman, because how could any mere mortal boy handle that much stimulation and not cum already?! She'd had lots of sexual experience, admittedly nearly all with fucking, not blowjobs. But regardless, she knew none of her boyfriends would be able to handle all this. Yet Nick could!

Then she looked up at the threesome in front of her a little more closely, and saw that Nick had two fingers in Maggie's cunt and two fingers of his other hand in Hillary's cunt. And both of them were so incredibly beautiful that even she felt daunted! They seemed to be glowing radiantly with sexual pleasure. Furthermore, they were leaning into him from either side, and their huge, bare boobs were sliding up and down his chest in time to their heavy breathing. It was all too much! She wondered how all three of them weren't cumming already.

Nick, meanwhile, was peaking with sexual ecstasy. Debra was frozen in place in front of him, stretched out in a jaw-droppingly erotic pose and with unabashed lust painted across her face. He took a mental picture, because that was a sight worth remembering a long, long time. He was frantically squeezing his PC muscle, which was his main "secret weapon" that helped explain how he could handle this much stimulation when most other guys could not. The way his two dream girls were jacking him off together felt fantastic, to be sure, but it was almost background noise compared to the total rush from seeing Debra on her hands and knees and practically growling with need to suck his cock!

As Debra crawled closer to him, she could sense three pairs of eyes watching her every move. This sent her humiliation skyrocketing, but her arousal level rose just as much. Her overwhelming desire to get Nick's cock in her mouth gave her courage to keep going forward. Soon, her shameful ordeal would be over and her cocksucking bliss could begin.

Maggie and Hillary were loving every moment too. Despite their mixed feelings about Debra, they were so consumed by lust that there was no way not to be moved. It was like watching a hungry panther stalking its prey. The fire and desire in Debra's eyes set the internal fires of Maggie and Hillary burning brightly too.

With Debra still a couple of feet away, but slinking forward steadily and even confidently, Maggie muttered to Hillary, "We really should get this on camera for posterity. Do we have a camera handy?"

Hillary muttered, "I know! But we don't. Next time. She's so HOT! Like an animal!"

Maggie muttered back, "A wild, feral, ravenous beast!"

Nick was even more blown away from hearing them talk, because although he doubted the other knew fully realized what they were saying, Hillary had mentioned a "next time," implying they'd be doing this sort of thing with Debra again!

That was such a mind-fuck that he was struggling hard not to cum before Debra already reached him. He knew that he'd been riding a crazy sexual roller coaster just to get this far, and he wondered if he might just shoot his load as soon as Debra slipped her sultry, hungry red lips around his cockhead.

Luckily, he had just enough sense left to remember the trick he'd twice used to squeeze his shaft painfully hard at the base to stave off orgasm. He kept that in mind, because he had a feeling he'd be needing that in the very, very near future.

Debra forward crawled a little more, until her nose was up against Nick's balls. She took a deep whiff of his masculine scent and let out a blissful sigh. She'd thought she'd enjoyed sex before, but this was on an entirely different level. She felt all of her senses had been greatly heightened. Even smelling his balls was a big turn-on for her.

She considered getting on her knees, but by this time she was getting such a perverse thrill being on all fours that she decided to stay that way.

Maggie and Hillary helpfully pointed Nick's boner straight out instead of up, so she wouldn't have to raise herself up at all. She arched her body backwards a few inches to make room, then opened her mouth outrageously wide and engulfed all of his fat and purple cockhead!

It was still very difficult to do, since her mouth was slightly undersized and his erection definitely hadn't gotten any smaller. But her desire was so great, thanks to all of the build-up and especially the crawling, that she didn't mind. It was actually just as Maggie had suggested, and she felt the pain in her jaw and her stretched lips as a kind of badge of honor.

She could have resisted shedding tears, but she did the opposite and let them flow. They actually were a mixture of tears of struggle and tears of joy, because this was such a rapturous experience for her. Nick, Maggie, and Hillary had no idea just how emotionally moved Debra was feeling. She had been missing any sort of genuine passion in her life for a long time now. In fact, she'd become so jaded and numb in general that it was like all of her emotions were dulled and there was very little worth doing. Her fashion model work still excited her, but that took up very little of her time.

However, with the other three people in the room, it was the exact opposite. All of her emotions were greatly magnified just from being with them and catching their spirit, especially their seemingly endless lusty enthusiasm. She couldn't get enough of it. And she felt Nick and his remarkable cock was the key!

She immediately began bobbing on his thick pole. At the same time, despite her blushing cheeks and her great shame, she looked up at him and stared deeply into his eyes.

Nick was on a hair-trigger already. Not only had Debra started sucking on him with an almost painfully tight lip-lock, but Maggie and Hillary continued to hold and stroke his boner. They had to move their hands back to make room for Debra's lips, but they seemed to try to make up for that by sliding their fingers faster and faster, and in perfect synchrony.

But, as intense as that all felt, the real killer for him was the expression on Debra's face as she looked up at him. Her face was stunning and sultry at all times, and there was something almost magical in her baby blue eyes that was truly captivating and was probably the main reason she was having such success as a fashion model. But seeing her lips stretched impossibly wide around his thick shaft was a serious mind-blower. And seeing tears start to fall from her eyes was another mind-blower! Then, there was a longing, a lusty desire in her expression, that was the greatest mind-blower of all!

It was all too much for him to take. He would have blown his load even without the long build-up to get to this point. But with that build-up, he stood no chance, not even with his most desperate PC muscle squeezing. He felt his balls tighten up, and he knew he'd crossed the point of no return.

But, thankfully, he remembered his special trick, because he certainly didn't want this special moment to ever end! He actually had to bat Hillary's hand away, and then Maggie's hand. Then he squeezed the base of his shaft like he was trying to squeeze his penis off!

He felt an orgasmic peak well up inside him, along with some pain from the frustration in his cock. His entire body yearned and craved to cum, to ejaculate, but nothing happened! Somehow, he'd done it! He'd survived!

Debra barely even noticed his orgasmic struggle. She'd shut her eyes tight and devoted all of her attention to her cocksucking. Her great goal and ardent desire was to suck his cock with all the passion and skill of Maggie or Hillary. She certainly had the passion this time around! However, she still lacked the skill. But she tried to do her best to catch up, just the same. So far, in her previous blowjobs with him, she hadn't used her tongue much, and often not at all. But the crawling had taken her to such a higher level of sexual need that she began lapping and lashing with her tongue while she continued to suck with the intensity of deeply caved-in cheeks.

Nick soon discovered that his squeezing trick could stave off an imminent orgasm, but it wasn't a "penis reset" by any means. He was just as extremely aroused as right before he'd felt that overwhelming urge to cum. So he found himself on another wild roller coast ride amost immediately. The pleasure was so intense and spectacular that his desire not to cum and end the euphoria was even greater than before. But he needed Debra to ease up to give himself a chance, and he could tell she wasn't going to listen to reason.

At least Maggie and Hillary had kept their hands from his boner after he'd swatted them away, but that made little difference, thanks to what Debra was doing with her lips and tongue. She was determined and relentless to get him to cum right away!

He still had one more card to play though. He put both hands on Debra's head and used considerable force to stop her from bobbing. That helped some, but not much. For one thing, she was doing a lot more with her tongue, usually lapping right on his sweet spot. She also still had enough mobility to move at least an inch with each pass forward and back. In fact, she put her entire body into it, creating a sexy sight of swinging tits and swaying ass cheeks that he was too far gone to even look at, since his eyes were shut tight, just like hers. That one inch was all she needed to drive him into insanity with her tight lip-lock, especially in tandem with her improved tongue work.

It was all so incredibly pleasurable that after another minute since the use of his squeezing trick, he was forced to use the trick again. And it worked again. He was astounded at what a wonderful trick that was. But even that was only delaying the inevitable a little longer. After two uses of that trick in short order, his erection was starting to feel strange and oversensitive. He didn't want to push his luck and use it a third time.

He clung on, like a man hanging over the edge of a cliff and feeling the clump of ground he'd been grasping to save his life slowly crumbling in his fingers. He lasted about another minute, but he knew there was no escaping cumming this time. So he shouted, "Gonna... gonna... gonna CUM!"

Both Maggie and Hillary had been in a trance of sorts. The sexual arousal level in the room had been sky high already. But Debra's sexy crawling and then her fervent or even fevered cocksucking raised that level still higher. After Nick had slapped her hand away from his cock, Maggie had wound up reaching across him to play with Hillary's nearest nipple, and Hillary was doing the same to her. Both of them were playing with their own clits and/or slits too.

But Hillary had a strong desire to see Debra sexually punished, so Nick's warning spurred her out of her trance and into action. She shouted at Debra, harshly, "Pull off! Let him cum on your face! That's an order!"

Debra obeyed Hillary like she was a pack mule and Hillary had cracked a whip on her ass. Responding automatically to that no-nonsense, demanding voice, she jerked her head back. He eyes had opened wide in alarm upon hearing Hillary's harsh order. But in the last second or two before Nick's cum blast began, she remembered to shut her eyes tightly. Since she still considered male ejaculate "gross," she shut her mouth tightly too.

When Nick's cock started to fire off like a shotgun, nobody was holding his hard-on at all. Luckily, it was naturally pointing right to the middle of Debra's face. But after the first rope or two began to rocket out of him, the "recoil" set his cock wobbling in unexpected directions.

Hillary saw that and quickly moved a hand in place to hold his trembling boner. As his cock continued to shoot off, she had the time of her life. She resented Debra's gorgeous face, since that was the main thing that made Debra her beauty rival and even enemy of sorts, so she found it a very satisfying thrill getting to mess with that face by splattering Nick's cum all over it. She was careful to make sure he blasted onto her forehead, eyebrows, eye sockets, temples, nose, cheeks, chin, lips - everything. She even deliberately aimed some at her ears and hair. If she could have accurately directed some of his cum right up her nostrils, she would have done that too.

Luckily for Hillary and her cum painting fun, Nick has been so extra aroused by Debra's erotic nude dancing, crawling, and especially her ultra-passionate cocksucking, that he shot off a particularly large load.

Hillary couldn't have been happier by the time his cum load finally petered out. Even the petering out was great, because his last couple of ropes were too weak to make it to Debra's face and rather remarkably hit her dangling double-D-cups instead.

Hillary was careful not to speak out loud, but she mouthed the words, "Take it! Take it, bitch! That's what you get for trying to steal MY guy! OUR guy! May you drown in his cum, you filthy whore!"

That level of antagonism was highly unusual for Hillary. In fact, she surprised even herself. But Debra seemed to have a unique emotional effect on her. A lot of it had to do with the fact that Hillary's bisexuality meant she was far from unaffected by Debra's considerable sex appeal. She didn't know how to handle her lust for the girl she hated, so her lust and anger got all mixed up into a very powerful force.

Debra hated cum. Since all of her emotions were greatly magnified at this time, she was hating it with an even stronger passion than usual. But somehow, getting plastered by all the "disgusting" cum in such a helpless and demeaning fashion fired her lust even higher than before. That was incredible, because she was delirious with sexual need already. She began cumming while Nick was in the middle of painting her face, even though she wasn't touching her private parts at all.

Then she dared to touch her clit. She needed both of her hands to stay on all fours, but she could use one for a while without losing her balance. She was already cumming, but playing with her clit set off an even bigger orgasm, like the effects of a small bomb hitting a hill being obliterated by a much larger bomb targeting that same hill a few seconds later.

She had to take her hand from her clit because she suddenly found it very difficult to stay up on all fours. Even with both hands on the carpet again, her entire body trembled and wobbled. She somehow held on until Nick's cum shower came to an end.

Then she crumbled the rest of the short distance to the floor.

She couldn't scream all through her orgasm, because her desire to keep her mouth shut tight and keep the "yucky" cum out was that strong.

But once she was down on the floor, she let out a pent up screaming need and yelled like her life depended on it. In fact, her orgasm wasn't over by any means. She was being wracked from head to toe by a prolonged multiple orgasm, so she had a lot to scream about.

She felt utterly destroyed, but in the best possible way. She'd never had an orgasm that epic and intense in her life, not even with Nick! And it wasn't over yet!

Nick was just as overwhelmed and destroyed. He fell backwards to the bed like he was a puppet and his strings had been cut. All through his climax, he growled and groaned like an angry and wounded bear. Then, as he fell back, he yelled out, "Oh, FUCK ME!" That pretty much said it all for him.

Maggie and Hillary watched, wide-eyed, as all that happened. They were particularly impressed by the healthy amount of cum dumped onto Debra's face. They could tell that both Debra and Nick had had particularly intense orgasms, and that in fact Debra's was still going on. This brought both of them to a natural orgasmic peak too, especially Hillary, who got an extra kick out of being the "painter" of Debra's thoroughly cum-splattered face.

Wanting to make sure Maggie would have a major orgasm along with everyone else, Hillary reached to Maggie's cunt and started alternately diddling with her clit and sliding her fingers on her soaked pussy lips.

Maggie could feel her orgasm coming on, but she still had the sense to reach over to finger Hillary's slit and clit in the exact same way. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she still had a lingering issue about not wanting to allow this sort of "lesbian" pussy touching. But that was for when she was a lot less aroused. Right now, she was so far gone that rules like that were thrown out the window.

Thus, Maggie and Hillary had big orgasms too, though they came slightly later and weren't as epic as the ones Debra and Nick had. They still were very satisfying though.

All in all, the idea to have Debra crawl on all fours and then suck Nick a little to get in the proper mood had been a raging success. In fact, it was so sexually satisfying for everyone involved that it was binding the four of them together in ways they didn't even begin to understand yet.

Nick laid there with his feet still on the floor but his legs closer together and his head resting on the bed. He was too winded and overwhelmed to do anything but breathe.

Maggie and Hillary had remained sitting up and even leaning towards each other, now that Nick's body was effectively out of the way between them. When their orgasms finished, they leaned even closer and shared a passionate and even loving French kiss.

Both of them wished they had some of Nick's cum to snowball back and forth. Then they remembered each of them still had some on their bodies from his last orgasm. So they scooped up the biggest cummy gobs or streaks they could find and fed the cum into each other's mouths.

This sort of behavior also was having a binding effect that was far beyond their understanding. They were becoming intimately joined, bound together in part for their shared love for Nick's cum. So such kisses were actually strengthening their entire threesome, even though Nick wasn't directly involved.

After a couple of minutes of lusty and loving necking, Maggie broke the kiss to look around and especially check on how Debra was doing. She found her still collapsed on the carpet, as if she'd been shot dead.

But something else caught her eye and took her breath away. She exclaimed, "Hillary! You won't believe it! Nick! Nick's cock! It's still erect!"

Hillary's eyes had been closed as she blissfully savored some of Nick's cum still on her tongue. But she opened her eyes and gaped in disbelief as she saw it was true. "NO! NO WAY"

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, lew54321, GWB, and BDGV.