Chapter 67: Debra Surrenders (Sunday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Maggie and Hillary continued to stare incredulously at Nick's still very erect cock. He was all but passed out on the bed, but his boner just wouldn't quit anyway.

Debra was practically passed out too, but upon hearing them speak, she managed to lift her cummy face just enough to stare up at Nick's crotch. She gasped to see that it was true and he really still had a hard-on. But that was all she could do for now, and she lowered her chin back to the carpet.

Maggie suddenly got very agitated, almost panicky. "Don't just sit and stare! One of us should do something to it or he'll go flaccid again at any moment!"

Hillary's face lit up like a searchlight was on it. "Ooooh! Me, me, me! Please, can I have another turn?!" (Although Maggie and Hillary were technically Nick's "co-sluts" now, Hillary still considered Maggie to be the one with the final say when it came to sharing issues like this. Maggie had "won" him first, and Hillary was pretty psyched just to be part of the threesome.)

Maggie laughed gaily. "Of course! My cock is your cock, if you know what I mean."

Hillary immediately started scrambling into position, despite her own post-orgasmic tiredness. She crawled off the bed so she could kneel between his legs.

As she did that, Maggie said while continuing to stare at Nick's fully exposed boner, "Before you do though, just take a look at it! I think I can see some lipstick smears halfway down. Almost a nice red ring. Debra, you were wearing lipstick, weren't you?"

Debra was surprised to be addressed. She muttered, "Uh-huh." She had been wearing lipstick and some other subtle traces of make-up, which was a sign of how very keen she had been to look good for Nick. Between her tears, the cum on her face, and her vigorous sucking motion, all those traces were gone. In fact, even the evidence of her tears was gone, due to the copious pearly cum dominating her face.

Neither Maggie nor Hillary had worn make-up. Maggie only wore any for special occasions, and Hillary believed in going natural at all times. So a lipstick ring around Nick's shaft was highly unusual.

Maggie was inspired to suggest to Hillary, "You should use that ring as a challenge, and an inspiration. Can you do better? Can you go deeper?"

Hillary was already in position between his legs, with her hand holding and stroking his boner. She said, "Actually, I was thinking I would merely lick and stroke him for a while. I want to explain the spanking rules. I was going to do that while Debra was sucking him, but things got so hot! Like center-of-the-sun hot!"

Maggie said, "That's probably a good idea. But still, that ring is going to be there, tempting you to beat it."

Hillary felt very tempted to see if she could suck below that ring. Despite her laid-back hippie persona, she actually was highly motivated and a hard worker. As she lapped on his sweet spot and stared at the ring, "I kinda feel like seeing if I could best that now. But would he even notice and appreciate my effort?"

Nick was feeling mentally and physically destroyed, but he wasn't actually asleep, and he was improving bit by bit. Despite staying lying down with his eyes closed, he managed to say, "Yes! I will!"

Hillary was taken by surprise. "Seriously?! Are you up for more cocksucking?!"

He rallied his wits to say, "If it's by your sweet lips, or Maggie's, I'm always up for more! My two dream girls!"

Hillary laughed. "I think you're a freak! But I mean that in the best possible way. Let's see if you mean it!"

She suddenly engulfed his cockhead and began bobbing down on him. She'd positioned a hand right at Debra's lipstick ring, and instead of stroking his shaft as usual, she kept her hand in place so she'd know just how far she'd have to go to beat her rival.

She was almost disappointed at how easy it was. After just a few bobs, her lips roughly got as far as Debra did. Then she pushed herself with some choking and gagging and made it down another half an inch. She kept on sliding her lips for the next minute or two with an extra tight lip-lock until she was certain she'd sucked all of Debra's lipstick away.

While she was doing that, Nick was reviving in a hurry. He'd been on the verge of drifting off to sleep altogether, but Hillary's vigorous sucking hit him almost like a cattle prod. He was so suddenly energized by waves of extreme pleasure that he managed to sit back up and open his eyes.

Maggie had been sitting up too, staring blissfully at Hillary's bobbing head while running a hand through Hillary's long brunette hair. At times like this, she felt a growing emotional bond between herself and Hillary. That's it, girl! You slut! You sexy, sexy slut! You're making me fall in love with you, in a way. I can tell you love sucking him off as much as I do! At least it's close. That means everything to me. Things would be totally awkward between us if you wanted to have a normal boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with him. But you don't. Together, we'll be able to suck him so much!

Maybe... maybe I won't have to feel bad about not getting fucked by him if we can take blowjobs to such a high level that it's as good or better than fucking. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Nick sat up next to her. Without thinking, she wrapped an arm around him and started making out with him.

Debra was surprisingly energized by Hillary's cocksucking too. She obviously couldn't feel it, but she definitely could hear it, and the sounds of choking and gagging pretty much made her crazy with lust. She'd never gone deep enough to tempt triggering her own gag reflex. It sounded debauched and depraved, not to mention painful and unpleasant. But after about a minute of hearing Hillary do that, she couldn't wait to get her next turn on him to try it too!

This was exactly the sort of thing that drove Debra to have such a powerful desire for Nick and these types of sex games. It was nearly the exact opposite of her previous sex life, as well as all her expectations. It wasn't the taboo thrill of incest, but it was a similar thrill of doing wrong by willingly overturning her own social order. It was the same reason a girl of royal nobility might find herself uncontrollably attracted to a lowly servant or farm hand. In her current mindset, the more "wrong" it felt, the more she wanted to do it.

The others had no clue that the more they tried to punish her, the more they were actually further increasing her desire to be a part of their group.

Debra felt frustrated as she watched Hillary's sliding lips and carefully noticed the last vestiges of her lipstick ring disappear. She knew she'd been beaten. She didn't realize though that her slightly smaller mouth size made everything that much more difficult on her, including reaching further down his shaft. She vowed to redouble her efforts in the future to take him still deeper into her mouth, as well as suck him better than any of his other lovers in general.

Hillary finally pulled her lips off his shaft after a few minutes when she started to get tired. She wasn't back to 100 percent since she'd never fully recovered from her last big orgasm. Sensing Debra just behind her, she turned around and said, "A-ha! Debra, check it out! Do you doubt I made it further down then you?"

Debra said, "No, I don't. But I didn't even know choking and gagging was a real thing! How did you do that?! Is it awful?!"

Hillary replied while only lightly rubbing Nick's sweet spot. "It depends on your attitude. It is pretty tough. Try sticking a finger down your throat until you think you're going to throw up."

Debra pulled back. "Ewww!" She was particularly affected by those words because she took it as a given she'd have to step up her choking and gagging efforts in order to beat the others.

Hillary was still in revenge mode. She liked Debra's adverse reaction (or at least that's how it appeared). She smirked. "Maybe we'll have to have you do some of that very soon. But, for now, it's spanking time!"

Debra recoiled even more. Sensing correctly that Maggie was the more lenient and soft-hearted one, she looked to Maggie and asked, "Do I really have to do that?!"

Maggie was keeping an eye on the interaction between Hillary and Debra while she necked with her son. She broke the kissing to say, "Sorry, this is Hillary's show tonight. What she says goes." Although Maggie did tend to be lenient, she also still was on board with the plan to scare Debra off by pushing her way out of her comfort zone. It was just that she was often letting her lust muddle those plans.

Hillary smiled triumphantly. "Okay, I've been thinking about this, and here's how it's going to work. First, you'll lie across Nick's lap, like a little girl. That's very important symbolically. Then it's very simple. He'll smack your ass as hard as he can 50 times."

"FIFTY TIMES?!" Debra gawked in shock and dismay.

Nick had just resumed making out with his mother while freely fondling her huge tits. But he pulled his head away to ask, "Hillary, do you have any idea how hard I spank or how much 50 times will actually be?"

Hillary admitted, "No to the first, but I have a pretty good idea about how many smacks someone can handle, due to my own experience spanking... you-know-who."

She was going to say Anushka's name, since she knew Nick already knew a bit about how she spanked her, but she realized that probably wasn't prudent to do in front of Debra. The less Debra knew, the better, especially about Anushka.

Nick also understood why Hillary wouldn't say that name, so he was careful not to say it either. He said, without even revealing gender, "I understand that. But... this person... probably has a lot of experience being spanked, and gradually went from not being able to handle much to handling more and more. True?"

Hillary realized that she was so very horny that she wasn't thinking clearly about such things. "True." She leaned back in to his crotch and resumed licking his cockhead some.

He said, "The thing is, we don't really know. I've never spanked someone, and Debra's never been spanked. So rather than setting a number, let's just try it for a while and see how it goes."

So that's what they did. The four of them repositioned.

Nick sat on a hard chair, because the bed would have too much give if he continued to sit there, softening the effect of his smacks. His chair was positioned to face the bed though, so Maggie and Hillary could sit on the edge of the bed and have a "front row view" of the spanking.

Maggie suggested that he'd enjoy it better if she could get underneath him to stroke or even suck his cock during the spanking.

However, he saw logistical trouble in making that work. But more importantly, he didn't want to get too distracted for delivering his very first spanking, especially since it was supposed to be a harsh one and not a sexual one.

But although Debra wasn't supposed to be highly aroused by it, that didn't mean he couldn't have some sexy fun along the way. Just having her lay her body face down across his lap was a trip for him. He knew that was extremely humiliating for her, and he got off on that in a big way. He was discovering that he had a devilish streak in him when it came to sexual games, so long as nobody was emotionally hurt or offended.

He spent a few minutes just playing with Debra's body while Maggie reached under his body and jacked him off. Although he'd told her he didn't want that during the spanking, she figured he was fair game until the actual spanking part began.

During this "warm-up" phase, he had a field day, generally groping Debra's dangling double-D-cups with one hand while fingerbanging her or diddling her clit with his other hand. Although the spanking was supposed to be a punishment, that seemed to be forgotten for the time being as he worked her up to a fever pitch.

All the while that was happening, Nick, Maggie, and Hillary talked as if Debra wasn't there. Nick and Maggie filled Hillary in some more on what she'd missed at the party earlier. The conversation was interesting and arousing in and of itself, but mostly they did it to embarrass Debra that much more by absurdly acting as if Nick wasn't having his way with her as she stayed sprawled naked across his lap. It wasn't long before her entire body was writhing and she was panting hard, even as she fought with all her might not to cum and scream out.

Debra was already feeling extremely humiliated yet extremely aroused from her naked crawl across the room, and pretty much everything that happened since. A part of her hated it, especially the cum on her face, but another part of her loved it. She was discovering a submissive side she never knew she had, or maybe one was being newly forged due to experiencing so much intense arousal. She actually relaxed, practically melting in place, because getting fondled all over by Nick felt so divine to her.

Funnily enough, the "ignore Debra" approach not only greatly aroused Nick and Debra, but it had a big effect on Hillary and Maggie too. Hillary definitely had a side where she got off on dominating Anushka, and she was finding it just as thrilling to dominate Debra too. Maggie wasn't quite the same, but she was coming to enjoy submitting herself to her son's sexual desires more and more each day. Seeing Debra "forced" to submit to him too was a big turn-on for her.

The four of them could have gone on a long time like that, because although the sexual action seemed rather tame, the overall situation was almost literally endlessly highly arousing for all of them.

Finally, Nick deemed that the time was right, mostly because he and Debra were about as worked up as they could get, and he particularly worried that he might lose control and climax if he got any more overheated.

He had Maggie end the reach-under handjob and return to her seat.

Then, just as he was about to start the spanking without any sort of preamble, Hillary said, "Wait! There are more rules about how to do this right. We should make Debra keep count and thank you after each smack. That's part of the usual spanking tradition. Normally, I'd have her say something like the number of the smack and then, 'thank you for teaching me a lesson, sir.' But I don't want her to call you 'sir' because she might start thinking of you like that all the time. Instead, let's try it with 'kind gentleman.' Give it a try, Debra. What will you say after his first smack?"

Debra had been loving the "warm-up" phrase, and was sad to have it end. She was falling in lust with Nick more and more, thanks to times like this. But she was starting to tense up and get nervous as she realized the spanking was coming very soon, for real. She said, "One! Thank you for teaching me a lesson, kind gentleman."

"Good," Hillary said. "I like how you pretty much shouted the 'one' part. Trust me, you'll be shouting and screaming a lot soon. Oh, and keep in mind that if you forget to say your line perfectly, that smack doesn't count. And if you lose track of the number, then he'll have to start all over. Those are the rules."

Debra gulped. Her fear was soaring by the second, even though Nick was still fondling her tits and pussy some. She asked, "How will we know when it's over?!"

"That'll be up to Nick, I guess," Hillary said. "But think back to when you were a toddler. Did you ever get spanked then?"

"Are you kidding me?!" Debra asked incredulously. "My parents and nanny would have never even dreamed of doing something like that!"

Hillary sighed. "That figures. But let's put it this way, if you're not crying before long, he's not doing it right. And once you start sobbing uncontrollably, then that's a sign he's on the right track."

Debra squealed in dismay. "Oh my God! That sounds awful!" She started writhing in place even more, and it wasn't just sexy wiggling this time. Her lower legs kicked the air helplessly.

Nick couldn't resist squeezing her fabulous bare ass cheeks with both hands. It didn't really stop her writhing, but it was fun. Then he plunged two fingers back into her hot, wet cunt. Again, that didn't help much. In fact, it made her writhe even more. But it was great fun too.

"This IS a punishment," Hillary warned her. "Remember that. If you want to continue to hang with us, you've got to get through this. You did wrong trying to blackmail us, and much more. Do you deny that?"

Debra said miserably, "No." Funnily enough, she was feeling guilty, but mostly about tricking Nick into fucking her. Yet, as far as she knew, neither Maggie nor Hillary knew anything about that, so she wasn't actually getting punished because of that. But such distinctions were lost to her in the heat of the moment. She was teetering on the brink of orgasm, especially with Nick continuing to fingerbang her.

Hillary swiped a cum gob up that was about to drip from the tip of Debra's face, just to remind her how cum-splattered her face was. (Not that Debra could forget for a second!) Hillary asked her, "So are you ready to accept your punishment?"

"NO! But... I guess I'll never be fully ready, so... let's get this over with already!" Debra shut her eyes tightly. She shouted, "HURRY!" Now that the reality of the spanking was fully hitting her, she wanted to get it over with as fast as possible, because her sense of panic was rising by the second.

Nick was just as eager to get started, because he was getting increasingly nervous in his role as the spanker too. So he brought an open hand up above his head, and exclaimed, "Okay! Get ready! Here it comes!"

He watched as Debra's flawless, round ass cheeks suddenly clenched up. He felt woozy as the thought hit him, How did I ever come to have Debra fucking Fox sprawled naked across my lap and tensing up to get spanked?! While Ma and Hillary watch! The three hottest girls in town! I'm not even dating her. I don't even know what my relationship with her is. But here we are! Oh well. There's nothing to do but to just do it!

He sent his hand swinging down until he made contact with a very loud smacking sound.

Debra immediately cried out, "OWWW! Fucking... OWWW! Are you fucking kidding me?! That hurts!" She reached back with a hand to rub her ass. Only then did she remember to say, "Oh. And, uh, One. Thank you for teaching me a lesson, kind gentleman." Her voice was dripping with sarcasm and bitterness, because she was seriously pissed off.

Hillary stood up out of her seat. "Time out! Time out! This is all wrong. Nick, you did okay. I thought you'd give her some weak, half-assed smack, but that was pretty decent. You can do better though. Channel your anger!"

She put her hands on her hips, striking an unwittingly very sexy nude pose. She glared at Debra. "But you! You're the problem! No way did that smack count. Yes, you can curse to the high heavens, but only AFTER you've said your line. Furthermore, you can't criticize your spanker or any of us in any way! If you do, the whole thing starts back at zero. He's right and you're wrong, about everything. Period."

Debra complained, "That sucks! What can I complain about then?!"

"How much you're suffering, mainly. Beg for mercy all you want. And no sarcasm either! If you don't have the right attitude, we're going to be here a looooong, long time."

Debra sighed heavily. She could feel a copious amount of Nick's cum slowly dripping down her face, and that was one reason her face was burning fire red. She briefly considered getting up to leave, but it was only a fleeting thought. She was determined to see this through.

Debra was still lightly rubbing the ass cheek that had gotten smacked.

Hillary said, "Oh, and take your hand off your ass too. That also is forbidden. If you do that again, we may have to bind your hands behind your back. At this point, consider that you're Nick's plaything. His sex toy. You're helpless and he has all the power. So you can't touch your ass, cunt, or tits, because they belong to him!"

Debra felt a sudden rush of pleasure thanks to those words. It was becoming increasingly clear to her that she liked it when Nick was in charge of her body. In fact, she loved it. The pleasure she got was orders of magnitude better than when she'd had her "selfish sex" when she was in charge and some handsome "boy toy" did his utmost to pleasure her.

She thought back to how Nick had called her his "sex pet" during their fuck session last night. That phrase rang her chimes, for some reason she couldn't explain. She had to hide her eagerness as she asked Hillary, "You mean... like I'm his sex pet?"

Hillary grinned wolfishly, mistakenly thinking that would be something that greatly offended Debra. "Exactly like that! In fact, for the duration of this spanking, you ARE his sex pet!"

Debra loudly exclaimed, "Oh GOD!" Her face looked like it was contorted in distress, but in fact she was on the verge of cumming already. The idea of being Nick's sex pet aroused her more than just about anything else in her life! She thought about the cum on her face and the way she'd crawled naked and danced for him, and took that as proof that it was true. That thrilled her even more.

All of a sudden, she needed to cum so badly that she didn't know how many more moments she could last before screaming in ecstasy. She didn't want her shame to deepen with the other seeing her cum due to this sort of talk. So she said, "Okay, I'm ready! Let's get this over with! Quick!"

Nick was eager to get it over with too. So he said, "Right!" Then he brought his hand high up.

Debra clenched her ass cheeks, shut her eyes, and gritted her teeth.

"Here we go!" Nick yelled. Then he swung his open hand onto her opposite cheek.

Debra let go and started to cum hard. Somehow, she managed to scream, "TWO! THANK YOU FOR TEACHING ME A LESSON! KIND GENTLEMAN!" The only reason she was able to do that was because Hillary had just reminded her of her expected behavior and she was desperate not to have the smack invalidated.

Once those words were out of her mouth, she was free to completely let go. She came and came, and screamed like her hair was on fire! Her body had been writhing on Nick's lap some already, but now it was like she was having a major seizure. Her arms and legs flailed in every direction. Gobs of cum flew off her face due to her head jerking around spasmodically.

It was such a wild physical reaction that Nick was obliged to use both of his hands to hold her torso in place, for fear that she'd writhe her way off his lap and slam to the floor.

Debra bounced up and down on his lap like a bucking bronco for nearly two minutes. She just kept on cumming and cumming and screaming and screaming! Her hope that she could climax unnoticed by disguising it as part of her reaction to the smack was obviously a non-starter because her physical reaction was so wildly out of proportion.

In fact, by the end of her climax, she'd forgotten all about her attempt to be subtle, because she was so out of it that she pretty much forgot everything. That was the biggest orgasm of her life! The only ones that had even come close had all been with Nick in the last 24 hours.

It was such an epic orgasm that she'd squirted, and she wasn't even prone to doing that. She didn't even know her body could do it.

Her squirting wasn't noticeable at first, because she squirted right onto Nick's leg.

He noticed, and his eyes went wide with concern, because he assumed that she'd lost control and peed on him. Needless to say, he wasn't happy about it, but he was willing to brave things out a little longer before dealing with it.

Eventually, Debra's orgasm came to an end and her body more or less stopped its writhing, though she continued to tremble all over.

However, he figured she was still in a very sexually heightened state. He loved making women cum hard, so thoughts of punishing her went to the back of his mind. Instead, he brought a hand to her dangling tits and another to her pussy, and he started fondling her from both ends.

Seconds later, Debra resumed jerking and thrashing around on his lap. Her multiple orgasm hadn't actually come to an end; she was still being hit by smaller ones and her body was too wiped out to fight them. Then, with his fondling, her smaller ones suddenly became much bigger. She resumed her incoherent screaming too.

While all this was going on, Maggie and Hillary were watching and masturbating. They hadn't planned to, but Debra kept on cumming so loudly, boisterously, and almost violently that it was impossible to resist. It made both of them think about their very most intense orgasms and mentally relive them, as if they were in Debra's place.

Maggie in particular was thrilled to imagine that she literally was in Debra's place, getting spanked by her own son, and for no good reason. She felt she could never allow that sort of thing to happen. Even though she was increasingly realizing that she was sexually submissive, she felt she had to draw certain lines, such as staying in Margaret mode most of the time, or else her authority as his mother, and effectively his only caring parent, would crumble. That made her spanking fantasy all the more powerful for her, because it was an even more tempting forbidden fruit.

Maggie and Hillary both had orgasms. They were actually subtle about it, because each of them didn't want it known that they got off on seeing Debra got off, and their orgasms weren't so intense that they had to uncontrollably scream. Plus, Debra stole all the attention and provided aural cover with all her breathless wailing.

Nick was the only one who didn't cum. Even he came close, because feeling a gorgeous woman like Debra writhe spasmodically in his lap for about three minutes was quite an ego-boosting trip.

Eventually, another minute or two passed, and after some more orgasmic after-shocks, Debra finally went still, all but for her heavy breathing.

Nick broke the silence by joking, "Okay, that was smack number two. I can't wait to see how much bigger her reaction will be with smack number three!"

Maggie and Hillary chuckled obligingly. Then, with Debra effectively insensible and incoherent from her orgasms, they began discussing her like she wasn't there.

Maggie said, "That was pretty crazy! I certainly didn't expect THAT! But... isn't that a problem? We're trying to punish her. That seems like a really big reward instead."

Hillary considered that. She was still unthinkingly caressing her own huge breasts. "Yes, that's true, I suppose." She thought back to her spanking traditions with Anushka, which kept her hot and bothered. "It's not uncommon at all though. In fact, when I spank Anushka, this happens all the time."

Nick was more alert than the others, since he hadn't climaxed. He said, "You mean when you spank 'you-know-who.'"

"Right." Hillary looked to Debra with worry. But it was clear Debra was off in her own little world, even with her eyes closed. Her cum-splattered facial expression could only be described as "delirious."

Hillary continued, "In a way, that's bad, but I think it'll be okay. We can use a carrot-and-stick approach. Punish her if she's bad, but reward her with orgasms like that one if she's good."

Nick wondered about that. That made it sound an awful lot to him that Hillary was conceding this wouldn't be the last 'sex game' that included Debra. That gave him hope, because his lust was in charge of his brain at the moment, and three busty bombshells sounded even better than two. But he didn't dare ask that because the mere asking of the question might cause a rethink.

So instead he changed the subject by saying, "Um... This is awkward, but... I think she peed on my leg. I'd like to go get cleaned up."

Hillary raised an intrigued eyebrow. "Are you sure? She might be a squirter."

Maggie asked, "You mean... like a female ejaculator?"

"Exactly." Still lazily caressing her F-cups, Hillary said to Nick, "You should check. Put your finger in it and bring it to your nose and smell for pee."

He scrunched his face in disgust. "Really?! Isn't there some other way?"

Maggie pointed out, "Come on. If it's pee it's all over your leg already, a little bit on your fingertip isn't going to kill you. Why, if I could count the number of times I..." Her voice trailed off.

She was going to continue to say, "got piss or shit on me when you were a baby," but luckily she realized in time she couldn't say that with Hillary there. She might have been able to explain it away as a joke relating to their mother and son sex talk, but at the very least Hillary would become suspicious.

She shut her eyes tightly so her expression wouldn't give her away. Her heart beat fast, because she realized with horror what a dangerous double life she was living. Even with their incest sex talk excuse, there still were moments like this where she might say the wrong words and ruin everything. That was very sobering.

Luckily for her, Nick was already in the process of testing out the liquid on his leg while she was talking. He figured that if he was going to do it, he wanted to get over with it fast. He took a quick sniff and said, 'Hmmm. It doesn't smell like pee. And, to be honest, there isn't that much of it in the first place. It's not like she flooded my leg."

Hillary said, "Let me check." She started to get up. But then she realized she was going to taste or at least smell Debra's cum. That disturbed her because she still very much considered Debra her rival. Also, it would be one more difficult thing to explain to Anushka. So instead, she said, "Actually, Maggie, can you check? I want to do something to her face."

So Maggie got up and wound up on her knees near Debra's ass. She reached a hand under Debra's body and swiped a finger through a wet spot on her son's leg. She brought it to her nose and smelled it. Not only did it not smell like pee, it actually smelled pretty good. So she tested it on her tongue.

She announced, "Sport, you can relax. That's definitely cum."

"Phew!" He grinned and ran a hand through his hair in relief.

Since Maggie was there on her knees anyway, she reached under Debra's body again, but this time between Nick's legs, and found his erect cock. "How are you holding out?"

His grin grew as she started to jack him off. "Much better now."

Hillary was busy kneeling in front of Debra's face. She said with wry amusement. "Let me guess: he's as stiff as a board down there."

Maggie proudly replied, "If that board is made out of titanium, yes. By the way, what are you doing?" She could tell Hillary had her hands on Debra's face, but she couldn't see from where she was kneeling what was going on.

Hillary explained, "I'm smearing Nick's cum into her skin some more. Did you see how much cum flew off during her orgasm?"

"I did," Maggie said. "Such a shame! We must have lost almost half of it." The more she fell in love with cocksucking and facials, the more she considered Nick's cum a precious and very limited commodity.

Hillary said, "Not that much. But yeah, a lot. I'm smearing in his cum gobs so they'll still be visible but far less likely to go flying." Indeed, she held Debra's chin up with one hand while she carefully smeared the cum around with her other hand.

Debra kept her eyes closed, but she was still very much awake, and she was starting to revive. She muttered, "God! This is so embarrassing!"

Hillary snickered. "She lives!" Then she asked, with sincere consideration, "How are you doing?"

Debra simply replied, "Ugh!" Her wits were returning, and she remembered she wasn't supposed to show enthusiasm. Otherwise, she would have raved about what an incredible series of orgasms she'd just had.

Instead, she asked Hillary, "Is my face as red as I think it is?"

"Redder!" Hillary jovially replied. "But don't worry. With all the cum and the tears, it's more of a pearly white mess."

"UGH!" Debra groaned again. But she found that seriously hot. She still hated "gross" cum, but that hatred only made her feel even more sexually dominated by Nick.

Hearing that Debra was awake and recovering, Nick resumed playing with her body. He ran a hand along her long blonde hair, which was tussled but still mostly streaming down her back. With his other hand, he cupped one of her ass cheeks. He commented, "Speaking of red, Debra, you've got some seriously impressive ass cheeks!"

"Thanks!" That comment delighted her to no end, because Nick was the one who said it. Her heart fluttered and she felt positively giddy. She would have blushed had her face not already been so red.

He went on to explain his "speaking of red" comment by adding, "By the time I'm done spanking you, it'll be curious to see which is redder, your face or your ass."

Debra groaned sexily and loudly. She was trying not to reveal how much such a comment aroused her, but she couldn't entirely help herself. She suddenly relished the idea of Nick spanking her ass red so much that she flexed her muscular ass cheeks and humped her whole ass up, as if that would bring it closer to his spanking hand.

Maggie was getting so comfortable kneeling while jacking off her son that she rested her E-cups on Debra's side. She looked up seductively and said, "Hey, Sport. Don't just play with Debra. Your mother needs you to play with her titties too!"

His big smile grew bigger. "Okay!" He moved his hand from Debra's hair to twist one of Maggie's nipples.


That word caused all four of them to freeze, because none of them had said that! The voice was coming from somewhere else in the room. They frantically started to look around to see who it was.

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