Chapter 68: Surprise Guest (Sunday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Hillary was the first one to identify the source of the voice. She gasped, and exclaimed, "SHANNON!"

Shannon was standing where the short hallway from the front door entered into the main room. She was wearing nothing but her dark blue bikini bottoms, and not even bothering to cover her double D-cup breasts. She exclaimed right back, "What the hell is going on here?!"

Hillary stopped with her cum smearing on Debra's face and bolted upright.

Maggie also stopped stroking her son's erection underneath Debra's body and stood up. She was so embarrassed that she covered her pussy and nipples as best she could.

Nick would have stood up as well, except that he couldn't due to Debra lying on his lap.

Debra was alarmed too, but she was still so out of it from her recent orgasms that she couldn't get up to save her life.

He couldn't go anywhere unless he pushed her to the floor, and he wasn't about to do that.

He did twist his upper body around to look Shannon's way though. He was stunned to see that she was topless. She was looking fantastic, as usual.

Debra glanced at Shannon to confirm it was really her, then she shut her eyes tightly. She had never been so ashamed, due to her still very cummy face, not to mention her position lying naked across Nick's lap. She wanted to cover her face with her hands, but she was afraid to so much as touch her face, due to all of the cum there.

All that took place in a couple of seconds.

Hillary tried to do damage control. The top thing on her mind was that she knew Shannon had heard Maggie refer to herself as Nick's "mother." Since she fully believed that they weren't related, she wanted to clear that up right away. So she said, "It's not what you think! Maggie's not his mother! No way! She's barely 20 years old, for crying out loud! She just said that because of their three-year age gap. They like to play a game where he calls her 'Ma' and she calls him 'Son.' It's totally innocent sexual role-play stuff. Really!"

Hillary was wildly gesticulating as she said this.

Nick was having trouble with his feelings, because he knew that they were in a fix, but he couldn't just turn his arousal off. Seeing Hillary's awesome F-cups bounce around as she gesticulated so much made him a little crazy. He found himself reaching for one of Debra's dangling tits to fondle it, without consciously realizing what he was doing.

Shannon's face was inscrutable. She stepped further into the room, now that her presence was known, but just held her hands on her hips.

Maggie said anxiously, "It's true! It's just a role-play!"

Even Debra reluctantly spoke despite her great shame, because she didn't want the others to get in trouble and have their spanking fun come to an end. (After her epic orgasm, she considered it fun.) She muttered, "It's true. It's all just playing around."

Shannon finally reacted. "Whatever. If you say so. But that's just ONE thing! I've got questions! Lots of questions. So many questions! Just what the hell is going on here?! I heard talk of spanking... Debra?! And the three of you... and NICK?! All naked?! Seriously, what the hell?!"

Hillary was reacting the fastest, with a "best defense is a good offense" attitude, so she took charge for the others. "I know this looks weird, but trust me, it all can be explained! But first, what the hell are YOU doing here?! We're just as shocked to see you!"

Nick was looking back and forth between Hillary and Shannon while he idly fondled Debra's sopping wet pussy and her tits. He knew that was wildly inappropriate for the situation, but he couldn't help himself. Shannon was a few square inches of fabric short of buck naked, and she looked fabulous with her wavy red hair falling around her face. And he couldn't see Hillary's front side, but just the sight of her firm bare butt was making him nearly woozy. He didn't even dare look at Maggie or Debra.

Shannon rolled her eyes. "This is my home, remember?! And you asked me to keep an eye on Debra."

"Yeah? So what?" Hillary folded her arms under her massive tits.

"Well, I did, at first. But then she kept going back into the house for one thing or another, only to return a short time later. Then more time passed and I realized she hadn't returned for a while. I didn't want to let you down, so I left the others to go find her. I looked all over, but I didn't see her anywhere. And I checked all over, including much of the backyard, which as you've seen is very large. I did a cursory check of all three floors and the basement, and didn't see her anywhere. So I started checking closer, looking in every room. I was still at that when I heard screaming. Distant and muffled, yes, but I could tell it was very loud and desperate!"

Maggie's heart sank as she realized what that meant: Shannon probably had discovered them a while ago.

Shannon went on, "I immediately rushed to the source of the noise, which took me right to this room. I was already on the third floor, so it didn't take long. I tried the door, and it opened right up."

Hillary twisted her upper body to look back at Maggie, since she knew Maggie had been the last one to use the door. "MaaaaAAAAaaggie!"

Maggie winced and smacked a hand just above her forehead. "Oh no! Sorry! I screwed up! I didn't even realize I forgot to lock the door again, much less use the chair. My mind was on other things."

Nobody had a chance to reply to that, because Shannon quickly continued, "I probably should have knocked, but at the time, the screaming was so loud there was no way anyone would have heard me, I think. And I was worried someone might be getting seriously hurt! So I rushed right in. Then I saw Debra as she is now, across Nick's lap, and I worried she WAS getting hurt. But then I realized she was having a truly powerful climax that kept lasting forever, and you Hillary, and you, Maggie, were cumming too."

She went on, "At that point maybe I should have left, but come on! This is like the most shocking thing I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot! I still don't understand what I'm seeing! Role-play or not, it looks like Nick is sexually involved with the three sexiest and most desirable girls in the entire town! What IS going on with that?!"

Hillary lost her aggressive stance, and slumped her shoulders a little bit. "Um, yeah... About that..." She turned to Maggie and looked to her for direction. She still considered Maggie to be Nick's "first" slut, even though they were officially co-sluts now, so she didn't want to say something Maggie wouldn't approve of.

Sighing, Maggie walked over to where Hillary was standing, so the two of them were directly facing Shannon. She put a hand on Hillary's shoulder in a gesture of solidarity. Then she bravely said, "The truth is, we're his co-girlfriends, okay?" (She wasn't about to use the "co-slut" term with an outsider.) "Hillary and me. I know that's weird, but... that's how it is. Can you please keep that a secret?"

Shannon was startled and intrigued. "But of course! You can trust me to have total discretion. God, that's incredible! But... what does that make Debra?!" From where she stood, she could easily see the cum smeared all over Debra's face, not to mention more cum in her blonde hair.

Maggie reluctantly explained, "That's more complicated. Er, you see... when we were at your party yesterday, the four of us got involved in some sex games that kind of got out of hand. After the fact, Hillary and I decided she needed to be punished for getting too intimate with our man, so here we are."

"Hmmm," was all Shannon said at first. She walked past Maggie and Hillary until she was standing right in front of Nick, with Debra still lying face down on his lap. She positioned herself so she was close but still had a full view of Debra's face. "So this is what you call a 'punishment?' It looks more like a reward to me."

Nick had still been unthinkingly fingerbanging Debra's tight cunt while groping one of her dangling boobs. It was tough to stop, but with Shannon standing only a few feet away and staring at him, he managed to remove his hands. He held them up in the air.

Shannon smirked at him. "It looks like YOU'RE having fun, in any case!"

Maggie and Hillary reluctantly walked over to where Shannon was.

Hillary said, "I know it might look one way, but we've only just begun. Nick's supposed to give her a really harsh spanking. I was thinking 50 smacks, but maybe that's too ambitious. It'll be as much of that as she can stand, at least. We'd only made it through smack number two when she started cumming like it was the biggest orgasm in the history of the world. I guess the totality of the situation hit her, or something. But believe me, she's going to be sobbing soon."

Shannon looked extremely skeptical. She stared right at Debra's face, still streaked and smeared all over with cum. "Uh-huh. And I suppose she just tripped and fell, and spilled a bucket load of his cum all over her face?"

Hillary didn't normally blush, but her face was starting to redden. "Um... uh... She really hates male ejaculate. Detests it, actually. So we thought having her take it on the face would be another good way to punish her. We're thinking about having him fuck her face and deposit another load on her face for good measure."

Shannon's smirk grew into a wide smile. "This is the most interesting punishment I've ever heard of in my life! I think I'll stick around and see how it all turns out." She stared into Nick's eyes. "And what do you have to say about all this, Silent One?"

He sheepishly said, "I know it seems kind of ridiculous, but it's all true." He wanted to say more about the logic of what they were doing, but he felt like he couldn't, with Debra fully alert and listening in.

Plus, it was hard for him to think, or even breathe. Maggie, Hillary, AND Shannon were standing in a line in front of him, and each one of them was more stunning than the next! The sum total of clothes on them was just enough to cover Shannon's pussy, with almost no fabric left over. Even their hair was an impressive mix, with blonde, redhead, and brunette heads side by side. Then, if he looked down, Debra's flawless nude body was still on his lap!

Shannon suddenly frowned, took Hillary's hand, and started pulling her away. "Come with me!" she barked.

Maggie was left standing there blushing and uncertain. She asked, "Should I come too?"

"No!" Shannon said harshly. "This is just between me and her."

Shannon took Hillary to the hallway that led to the front door, then let go of Hillary's hand. She whispered, "What's this about you being Nick's co-girlfriend?! Does Anushka know about this?!"

Hillary felt she'd been pole-axed. "WHAT?!"

"You heard me! Oh, you didn't know I know about you and Anushka, did you? That's understandable. As you know, I go to the Academy, like her, and she's been keeping it a secret from everyone, including me. But we're friends going way back. Not great friends mind you, but I'd guess I'm probably the one she trusts and respects the most there, which admittedly is a very low bar. Recently, she came to me and asked for my advice about a 'friend' who might be in love with someone who could be in love with someone else. It was all vague and mysterious, but I tried to give her some useful general advice. But that made me curious, and since I sit next to her in a couple of classes, I noticed how she likes doodling your name in grandiose letters and even draws sketches of you when she's bored in class."

"She does that?!" Hillary whispered in surprise. She hadn't known, though upon reflection she wasn't that surprised after all.

"She does. She's a pretty talented artist, by the way. I haven't told her that I know, because I'd be embarrassed to reveal how I know. And I'm pretty sure nobody else knows. But the fact of the matter is, I can put two and two together, and it's obvious that you're cheating on her!"

"Now, hold on!" Hillary quietly protested. "I'm not cheating at all. I detest cheating! Maggie knows everything about Anushka. Can I bring her in to this as a witness?"

"If you wish."

Hillary called Maggie over.

Maggie was relieved, because she was just standing there by Nick and Debra and not knowing what to say or do. Everything was frozen in amber until the situation with Shannon was clarified, it seemed.

Nick was even keeping his hands suspended above Debra, because he worried that if he touched her at all, he'd lose control and go back to full-on fondling.

Once Maggie was standing close to Hillary and Shannon, Shannon whispered to her, "So what's the deal with Hillary and Anushka?"

Maggie looked to Hillary with worry.

But Hillary gave her a reassuring look, and said, "Be completely honest, please."

Maggie wasn't sure about that, but said, "The two of them are steadily dating."

Shannon put her hands on her hips suspiciously. "I know that already, actually. And?"

"And..." Maggie looked to Hillary again. After another nod, she went on, "And... Hillary is going steady with Nick too. And he knows about Anushka and she knows about him. It's all above board. I know it's strange, but there's kind of a logic to it. Hillary is the linchpin. She's dating Nick and Anushka. Normally, a guy wouldn't be able to handle sharing for long, but he's dating her and me at the same time. So there's a balance of sorts that makes the whole thing work."

Shannon sighed. "Huh. I want to believe that, but I'm concerned for Anushka. She's kind of a friend of mine, and I'm convinced she's deeply in love with you, Hillary. What if you're lying to Nick and Maggie, and Anushka doesn't know the real deal?"

Hillary said with some irritation, "That can't be! Nick and Maggie have met Anushka and everybody knows everything! Hell, they spent like three hours with her today while I was off yachting."

Shannon said, "So you say, but maybe you're all duping me. If it's all so above board, do you mind if I call her right now to confirm? You're probably being honest, but I don't abide with cheating at all. I've been there and done that and had my heart broken in a big way. I would just prefer to have total reassurance."

Hillary said, "Be my guest! You can tell her anything you want. She and I keep no secrets."

Shannon nodded. "Good. I'll be back in a minute. I've got a cell phone in my room and it's just down the hall." She left shortly thereafter.

As soon as Shannon was gone, Maggie whispered to Hillary, "This is a major disaster! What are we going to do?!"

Hillary was frowning severely. But she said, "Yeah, it is, but it's not so bad. It could be a lot worse. I only directly met Shannon last week, but I've heard a lot of things about her from way before that, since people compare my looks to hers sometimes, like they do with Debra. I've heard only good things. She's a cut above the usual stuck-up Academy type. And I know she and Anushka are friends, of sorts."

"'Of sorts?'" Maggie asked.

"Well, they're not friends to the point that they do stuff together outside of school, except see each other at parties, but she's probably the closest thing to a girl friend she has at school. She's really isolated there, both for her extreme beauty and for being Indian."

"Is there a lot of racism there?"

"Not the hardcore KKK kind. It's more they just don't like that she looks different, plus her exotic looks make her even more of a threat. But Shannon's so gorgeous herself that she's not so intimidated or jealous or whatever."

Hillary added, "Anyway, my point is, had it been anyone else, we'd be pretty fucked, but I think Shannon can keep her lips sealed. I hope I can talk to Anushka myself when..."

Her voice trailed off, because Shannon returned just then.

Shannon already had her cell phone in her hand. She whispered, "It's ringing."

A short phone call ensued. Anushka was home and awake, so she was able to explain things over the phone to Shannon that everything was above board and fine, just as Hillary had claimed.

Once Shannon was reassured, Hillary asked for the phone, and was able to talk to Anushka for a couple of minutes about Shannon. Anushka confirmed Shannon's claim that she'd asked in a very vague way for advice about her romantic situation. She confirmed Hillary's sense that Shannon had an excellent reputation about being honest, trustworthy, and able to keep a secret. That's why she had gone to Shannon, though she'd been too vague explaining her problem to actually get much advice.

Meanwhile, as soon as the other three left Nick and Debra, Debra unexpectedly showed that she wasn't as incapable of getting off his lap as she'd appeared. She sat up in his lap and pressed her firm double D-cups into his chest. She purred quietly and sexily, with her face right up to his, "Nicky! That was so great! That was literally the biggest, best orgasm I've ever had! I would totally kiss you, except my face is all yucky and I probably have sperm-mouth too."

He didn't know what to say to that. But before he got much of a chance, she surprised him again by sliding off him and down to her knees between his legs.

He whispered with worry, "What are you doing?!"

She whispered back, "They're going to be a long time, I can tell. In the meantime, I can't let your big fat cock go flaccid. They'll get even more angry at me."

Debra took his boner in her hand. It had been starting to soften a little bit, but she began stroking that problem away. She looked up at him and spoke while breathing heavily onto his cockhead. "Besides, you're in the middle of making me your next sex pet, and you're totally succeeding! After making me cum that hard, I kind of have this need to reward you! Besides..." She looked around conspiratorially and whispered even more quietly, "....the truth is, I say I don't like doing stuff like sucking your cock, but I totally love it! As long as it involves sex and you, I'm all in favor, even if means you brutally fucking my face! Or even if it's a harsh spanking!"

As soon as she said that, she dramatically opened her mouth wide and engulfed his entire cockhead. She started bobbing on him right away, and with just as much passion as right before his most recent climax. And that was a hell of a lot of passion!

Almost immediately, he had to clench the sides of her head and force her from bobbing too vigorously, because the surge of pleasure he felt was so intense.

Thankfully, she got the message and settled down some. But she continued to suck him with energy, using lots of tongue and a very tight lip-lock.

As he continued to hold her head, he looked down at her cummy face and her lips stretched around his thickness and felt nearly dizzy. Jesus H. Christ! This is bad. But it's also so very, very good! What Debra just said kind of rips away the excuse that we're punishing her. But I pretty much knew that already. We're all super duper horny and that's making us do stupid but very arousing things! I already feel weirdly bonded to her, and that's only growing by the minute!

He looked down at her just in time to see her open her eyes and look up adoringly at him while her lips continued their relentless sliding.

He thought, Good God, is that true! She knows our time is limited, so she's going all out! Even me holding her head isn't slowing her down much! And what are we doing, anyway?! This is so reckless! They're going to come back any minute. What's my game plan here?! What's my excuse?! We were just trying to convince Shannon that this is Debra's punishment. There's not even a pretense. But it feels so damn awesome! I can't fight it!

With that realization, he stopped gripping the sides of her head so tightly.

Surprisingly, she didn't change her technique much. She'd settled down into a groove already. She pretty much forgot about the other three bombshells in the room and just luxuriated in the joy of sucking him. His cock was just as difficult for her to deal with as it ever was, but that was increasingly becoming a positive for her. She leaked tears not necessarily because she had to due to her struggle, but more because it was part of the whole experience for her, and a sign that he had an extraordinary cock that demanded special attention from her. The more her jaw ached and her stretched face hurt, the more it turned her on.

She wouldn't have cared or tried a fraction as much had it been anyone else, but Nick's cock made all her senses come alive. She felt he'd broken her repeatedly, and the spanking (so far) was only the latest example. She didn't know if she'd been unwittingly submissive all along or if he brought something special out in her specifically, but she loved the idea of being his sex pet. And after seeing the example Maggie and Hillary had set, she figured the main way she could express her newfound submissiveness was with her mouth.

As a result, all she had to do was let her desire for him flow though her body and she sucked him almost as well as Maggie, which was high praise indeed. She tilted her head this way and that and experimented with different techniques, pressures, and rhythms. She got so into it that she used her fingers, lips, and tongue all at once, shedding tears all the while, and yet she felt she had no cares in the world.

She didn't exactly forget about the others in the room, because thinking about them being so nearby made her hotter than an oven, but she ceased to care if they'd get caught. In fact, she relished the prospect, because she felt so wicked and wanton kneeling naked with her face splattered with his cum, her cheeks also teary and blushing red. She wished someone could take a photo so she could have a memento to help her remember what total cocksucking bliss felt like.

She was so inspired that she remembered how Hillary had choked and gagged on him to surpass her lipstick ring, and she wanted to try that too. She wished she had lipstick handy so she could make a new ring to see if the others could surpass it. Failing that, she figured she could make a mental note by measuring how many fingers she could fit between her sliding lips and the base of his shaft.

But just when she was ready to try out choking and gagging for the first time, she heard a nearby cough.

She couldn't see who it was, because it came from directly behind her, but she recognized the voice as Shannon once she began to speak.

Shannon said with obvious amusement in her voice, "What do we have here, Nick? Is this more 'punishment?' Judging by her lusty, adoring moans and slurps, I'm thinking you and I have very different understandings as to what that word means."

He'd had his eyes closed while he was reveling in the erotic glory, but he opened them to give Shannon a peeved look. However, his breath was taken away because Shannon, Maggie, and Hillary were all standing in front of him side by side, like before. It was impossible that three girls could look so very sexy! He couldn't imagine if Debra was added to the line too.

He tried to recover enough to intelligently respond. It helped a little bit that Debra stopped her oral action on him, but only a little bit because she didn't actually take her cock out of her mouth. He said sourly, "Very funny. The truth is, she noticed my penis was starting to soften, and she wanted to make sure I didn't go flaccid. It would kind of ruin the rest of our plans."

He looked to Maggie and Hillary to see how they took that excuse, since that was more important than what Shannon felt in the long term. He was relieved that they seemed chagrined and amused, but not upset.

Shannon put her hands on her hips, and said, "Speaking about those plans, I'm going to stay and watch."

"WHAT?!" He was shocked. He looked back and forth between Maggie and Hillary, as they stood on either side of Shannon. A part of him was very, very interested in getting sexually intimate with Shannon. She was standing nearly naked in front of him, and as impressive as she looked fully clothed, with her luxuriant and wavy dark red hair framing her beautiful face, she looked even better naked. She had a "hardbody" just like the other three in the room.

However, his heart was set on his two dream girls. Things were getting tricky enough with Debra - especially since she'd just resumed sucking his cock! And she wasn't even being subtle about it, bobbing so the others would know exactly what she was doing. He didn't want to ruin a great thing by pushing his luck doing anything intimate at all with Shannon too.

He started to say, "Um, Shannon, no offense, but, uh... I have two girlfriends, and uh..."

Shannon chuckled. "Don't worry. If you're thinking about the wisdom of getting it on with me, or the lack of wisdom thereof, it's a moot point. I have a serious boyfriend. Brian. You've met him, remember? We've been going out all summer, and it's been good. I'm not about to cheat on him, not even one little bit. But I'm dying of curiosity to see how this 'punishment' turns out, and it is my house." She snickered at that.

She went on, "So I just made a deal with your two girlfriends, assuming you agree. I can stay, but I'm going to sit in a chair clear across the room and not touch any of you even one tiny bit."

He looked from Maggie to Hillary and back, to see if they actually agreed to that.

Maggie said, "Sport, she knows everything, pretty much. She knows all about the whole four-legged table thing, including all four legs of the table." That was a clever way to tell him that Shannon knew all about Anushka without having to reveal anything to Debra.

Debra was listening, but she was so deeply into her cocksucking again that she was only paying half attention. She wasn't about to pull off to ask about the weird table mention, and quickly put it out of her mind.

Maggie added, "So we figure what's the harm of having her stay? We spoke on the phone with the 'fourth leg' just now, and got confirmation that Shannon is in a serious relationship and can be trusted with our secrets. Also, Shannon has pointed out that our punishment plan may not exactly be working as expected because we get too horny to think straight. So she's going to keep us on the straight and narrow."

Actually, after the phone call with Anushka, Maggie and Hillary had just spent a couple of minutes quietly explaining to Shannon how Debra had been sexually intimate with Nick and Maggie earlier in the day, and how they worried that she was becoming too sexually attracted to him. So not only were they punishing her, they were trying to push her to such an extreme that she would find sexual fun with Nick not worth the price, just as in the example of Nick getting alienated from some hot babe who wanted to "peg" him in his ass.

Shannon got all that and understood it. She was going to advise them from a "neutral" point of view if she thought they were succeeding with that goal, or going too far, or not far enough. But they had to be circumspect discussing their true intentions while Debra was listening.

Nick thought that over, and said, "That sounds okay, I guess."

Shannon clapped her hands together just once, to signal a change, setting her impressive tits swaying. "Good! Now, obviously you should start by taking Debra back across your lap and resuming the spanking. This is the exact opposite of a punishment. It really is."

Everyone repositioned. Shannon found a chair and pulled it all the way to the far wall. It wasn't a very big room, but it put her well away from everyone else. The others returned to how they were before. Nick stayed sitting where he was, with Debra back across his lap. Maggie and Hillary sat on the edge of the bed right in front of him.

Once the others were all set to resume the spanking, Shannon repositioned her chair. She stayed just as far away, but she chose an angle to the front and side of Nick, instead of behind him, so she'd have a much better view of all the spanking action.

The others didn't mind that, so long as she kept her distance. Because she was behind them, it was mostly a case of "out of sight, out of mind," They were far more interested in the spanking action.

Shannon was very serious about not wanting to cheat on her boyfriend. But at the same time, she wasn't that serious about Brian. She'd had a fun time with him over the summer, but the arc of their relationship was coming to its natural end soon. With the new year starting up, she had other potential interested partners. So, while she wanted to stick to her no touching restriction, she mainly wanted to watch because she figured it would be an extremely hot sex show. And as part of getting herself more hot and bothered, she wasn't above flirting with Nick some.

But first, she wanted to make sure the others were all fully committed to the spanking. She just sat patiently in her chair, still wearing nothing but her skimpy bikini bottoms and not touching herself.

Nick resumed the spanking. Both he and Debra were very worked up, especially from her recent blowjob help, but not so worked up that either of them were on the cusp of cumming. So things continued more or less like they were supposed to. He smacked her ass for the third time, and she exclaimed, "Three! Thank you for teaching me a lesson, kind gentleman!" Then, without wasting much time or rubbing her ass, he smacked her again, but on the other cheek.

He wanted to prove to the others, and especially to Shannon, that they really were trying to punish Debra, so he smacked her about as hard as he physically could each time.

And so it continued for a while. By the time he reached the tenth spank, Debra was crying, because this was a very serious and harsh spanking! It was definitely painful for her. Nobody had ever treated her anything like this in her entire life. But at the same time, she was getting more and more aroused. Each smack seemed to ratchet her arousal level up a notch, even though he was trying for a punishing spanking and not a sexual one.

Debra had two problems though. One was that she craved for him to play with her clit, or slit, or even just fondle and caress her increasingly red ass cheeks. But he wasn't doing any of that. So she had started reaching back to caress her own ass, only to have him grab her wrists and prevent him from doing so each time. That alone aroused her still more, because it increased her feeling that she was his helpless sexual plaything.

Her second problem was that her urge to cum was becoming almost overwhelming. And she'd held back so much through all these spankings that she worried if and when she did cum, it would be a loud, screaming orgasm, like the last one. And that wasn't supposed to happen. She worried that if she came in that way again, the others might call off the rest of the spanking for fear that it wasn't working as a punishment and deterrent whatsoever. But she wanted and needed to cum so much! She didn't know how she could hold out much longer, no matter what.

Meanwhile, the other girls found the spanking to be seriously arousing, whether it was a "harsh" one or not. Seeing Debra kick and scream and yell out her lines after each smack looked a lot like she was deep in the throes of an orgasm even when she wasn't, and that was hot. Simply seeing her perfect naked body writhing on Nick's lap was hot. Maggie and Hillary couldn't stop themselves from masturbating, pretty much as soon as the spanking resumed, and looking at the other one masturbating was hot too. Everything was hot!

Shannon held out for a few more smacks before she started masturbating too. Not only did she have Nick and Debra in her sights, but she could see the backsides of Maggie's and Hillary's bodies too, and she could see from their arm movements how they were masturbating, so she figured they couldn't really complain if she did the same.

For a few smacks, she simply pushed her bikini bottoms to the side and fingered her pussy like that. But after the tenth smack, she decided they were getting in the way, and it would be silly to keep them on when everyone else in the room was completely naked (except for the red high heels Maggie continued to wear).

Nick hadn't been paying much attention to Shannon during the spanking so far. Sure, she was hot, even "super hot," but then so were the other three in the room, and they were much closer. In Debra's case, he had her entire naked body at his fingertips.

Then, after the tenth smack, Shannon caught his attention when she stood up to pull her bikini bottoms down her legs. She still didn't know Nick very well at all, but she figured he had to be an incredible sex stud to turn Maggie and Hillary into his co-girlfriends and then get to play with Debra with their permission on top of that, so she was very aroused and intrigued by him, even though she typically had boyfriends who looked like handsome hunks in the mold of Spencer.

Thus, she was all in favor of flirting heavily with Nick. She didn't just pull her bikini bottoms down. Knowing that Nick was looking her way, she gave him her best "come hither and fuck me" look. She knew Debra was too busy getting spanked, and Maggie and Hillary were too busy masturbating, for any of them to look her way. So she basically was putting on a private striptease of sorts as she slowly shimmied her bikini bottoms down her legs.

Already, she was so deeply into the sexual mood that she put on a great show. She turned to the side and bent over as her bikini bottoms slowly inched down her thighs. She was thinking of Nick's big cock. She'd only gotten a few glimpses of it since it was either in Debra's mouth or under Debra's torso most of the time so far. But she'd seen enough to realize that it was improbably, remarkably thick, and impressively long to boot.

She was determined to stay loyal to Brian as long as their relationship lasted. But that wouldn't last forever. And if Maggie and Hillary could be persuaded to share him, and it certainly looked from how Debra was being handled that they were soft touches about that, she definitely wanted to "take him for a ride" to see what all the hype was about!

Thus, she licked her lips as thoughts of getting fucked by his huge cock filled her head, even as she kept on slowly pulling her bikini bottoms down towards her knees. Since she was still in a side profile from him, she bent way over as if she needed to do that to reach further down her legs. She did, but mostly she just wanted to give him a good show of her impressive double D-cups dangling and swaying.

Nick was so transfixed watching the redheaded beauty that he was forgetting all about continuing the spanking. He realized that wasn't good, because the others might come out of the erotic fog and see why he was staring so blatantly in Shannon's direction. So he muttered, "Let's take a break here for a minute or two. My hand is getting tired."

Then, with Shannon's dangling double D-cups on his mind, he reached under Debra and began fondling her breasts with one hand. They were actually almost exactly the same size as Shannon's, so he felt like he was playing with Shannon's body by proxy.

Shannon continued to stare at him with lust in her eyes as she bent over more. She kept her legs perfectly straight and did all her bending at the waist, which was a very sexy sight in and of itself. But with that, plus her sexy stare, plus her dangling tits, Nick was kind of losing his mind. And he was getting to ogle her with Maggie and Hillary sitting a few feet away from him and totally oblivious, since each of them were moaning and on the cusp of cumming.

He was so inspired that he unthinkingly used his other hand to caress Debra's ass cheeks some.

Debra mewled unhappily at that, because her ass was so red and sore from the ten harsh smacks already that he needed a feather-light touch, and he was too horny to be subtle or careful.

But at least he got her message and switched to playing with her sopping wet slit. He figured he couldn't go wrong there.

He did go wrong though, if his goal was to punish her. But he went very, very right if his goal was to wildly arouse her instead, because she'd been teetering on the edge of cumming already. His tit and nipple play took her breath away and made her struggle for dear life not to shamefully scream and cum uncontrollably again. She might have been able to hang on if he stopped there, but when he added pussy play to that, she lost her freaking mind!

Debra began cumming hard, much like she did during her last big orgasm, after the second smack. This one wasn't quite as intense, but it was close. That meant more ear-piercing screaming and writhing around on Nick's lap.

Now that Nick had started fondling her, it was like he couldn't stop. He kept right on playing with her tits, alternating between them, while fingering her pussy. She wasn't thrashing about like last time, only writhing, so he could do that without worrying about her sliding off his lap.

Yet while this was going on and taking all the attention, Shannon was continuing to take her bikini bottoms off. She was having such fun with her secret sexual connection with Nick that she hadn't even gotten them down to her knees yet. She realized that Debra's orgasm was the perfect distraction, allowing her to get even more outrageous without Maggie or Hillary having a clue. She turned until she had her back to him, because she knew she had a fantastic ass, and she wanted to show it off to him. She bent way over as she suddenly pulled her bikini bottoms down below her knees.

Then she kept pulling them down and all the way off her feet in just a matter of a few seconds, after taking a couple of minutes just to get them halfway down her thighs. The reason was that she didn't want to be bothered with them, especially since having them down her legs forced her to keep her legs together.

But once they were all the way off and left on the carpet, she was far from done with her sexy show. She turned back around to see how Nick had been enjoying her bare ass cheeks. She was pleased to see that his eyes were still locked on her body and he was practically drooling, even though Debra was writhing and wiggling in his lap and screaming like a banshee. He truly was enjoying Shannon's body by proxy, since he was looking at her and thinking nasty thoughts about her while having his way with Debra.

Shannon also was thinking of him with unrestrained lusty desire. She wasn't going to come any closer to him - she figured she owed Brian that much - but she also figured that fantasizing wasn't really cheating. And she spent a lot of time at the parties in her mansion, as well as in other places with basically the same crowd, being topless in front of lots of guys, and with Brian often right here too, so being naked in front of Nick wasn't really something Brian would object to.

At least, that's what she told herself. Had Brian actually seen her, and the lust in her eyes, he would have been hurt and appalled.

With the bikini bottoms dispensed with, Shannon was free to spread her legs wide, and she did. She brought one hand to her pussy and started diddling her clit while her other hand caressed her tits, one at a time. And all the while, she stared at Nick with unabashed desire, her head filled with all the sexual things she wanted him to do with her. She thought a lot about fucking, because getting skewered by a cock that thick was something she was eager to experience for the first time. But she also had cocksucking very much on her mind after seeing Debra bobbing on him with such lusty vigor.

Nick would have loved to continue their "stare off" with Shannon, but Debra's orgasm only grew more and more intense as it went on, not less, and he was forced to use both of his hands to try to still her body as her writhing threatened to spiral out of control.

Then he could tell from their panting and heaving chests that Maggie and Hillary started cumming too, triggered by what they saw was happening to Debra. The urge for him to cum as well was infectious, but he didn't want to. It was all he could do to squeeze his PC muscle, clench his teeth, and shut his eyes tightly, until the orgasmic frenzy seemingly filling the entire room passed.

Eventually, after maybe two minutes in total, Debra wound up more or less lying still on his lap.

Maggie and Hillary went back to merely caressing their own enormous breasts, trying to act like they hadn't just climaxed again too.

He finally had a moment to look back at Shannon. He was disappointed to see that she was sitting in her seat again. She was completely naked now, the bikini bottoms on the floor and forgotten, and she looked sexy as hell. But her sexy striptease of sorts was over, and she wasn't staring at him with the same intensity anymore.

He thought, Whoa! What the hell was THAT all about?! I thought Shannon was just supposed to watch. And I guess technically that's all she has been doing, but still, that's about the most fucking arousing "watching" I've ever seen in my life! She's such a BABE! Man! How lucky am I?! Maggie, Hillary, Debra, AND Shannon, all completely naked and in the same room as me! The only way it could get any better is if Anushka was with us too.

There might be a couple of seniors either at my high school or the Academy that are as hot and sexy as these four. I saw a few at the party that might be in the same general ballpark, at least, though I didn't catch their names and I have no idea who they are. But that's only because the selection is so absurdly great. It was like a room full of Miss Universe contestants or something! And I've got the lion's share of the "super hotties" right here, naked and masturbating or cumming, in this very room! Wow!

I don't know what the hell is going to happen with Shannon in the future. I guess she has her serious boyfriend and wants to stay loyal to him. Which is good. I don't like cheaters. (It completely slipped his mind that Debra technically was dating Devon, which meant he was cheating at that very moment.) Still, that's some major flirting from a majorly scorching hot redhead! If her goal is to get me wanting to fuck her, she is soooo succeeding!

He tried not to look more at Shannon and instead concentrate on Debra. He put a hand on her head and gently caressed her hair. "Debra?"


"How are you doing, after that?"

"Oh my God!" She giggled. She was in much better shape than after her last major orgasm. She was feeling very weak, but she could still talk okay.

"What does that mean?"

Debra didn't want to praise her orgasm, or rave about how much fun she was having in general, because she remembered Maggie's admonition not to sound too positive about what was supposed to be a punishment. So she carefully said, "It means, 'oh my God!' It's so intense! Did you know I've been crying?!"

He replied, "I could't see your face, but I definitely heard. You're not supposed to cum like that, you know. This is meant to be a punishment."

"I know," she said. Again, she was trying not to sound enthusiastic, but her big orgasm was plenty evidence that she was finding this very sexually arousing.

Nick was genuinely confused, not to mention conflicted. He was having a great time and a very sexually arousing time playing with Debra's flawless body. But he also was mindful that he had to stay on track with his "two dream girls" ultimate plan, and not get too sidetracked with Debra. His goal for the evening was to have as much fun with Debra as he could, but also leave her freaked out enough that she would be wary to push for any sort of repeat, at least any time soon. However, between this big orgasm and the last one, he doubted they were getting the effect they were aiming for.

So he said to the others, "Should we keep going with the spanking? I'm thinking it's kind of backfiring. With orgasms like that, not only is this not a punishment, she's going to get some kind of spanking fetish!"

He said that not realizing that had already happened to her!

Hillary had essentially the same goal for the evening as he did: lots of sexual fun, but leaving Debra too freaked out to want a repeat performance. She sighed heavily. "Yeah. That is a problem."

Shannon spoke up from the wall behind and to the side from where Maggie and Hillary were sitting. "Could I make a suggestion?"

"Please do," Nick said. He felt a jolt of arousal just from looking Shannon's way and seeing her in all her nude glory.

Shannon said, "Debra's not used to being treated like this. As you can guess, she's always been the one to call the shots. As far as I can tell, her boyfriends have all been like puppets. When she said 'jump,' they said' how high?' So this whole role reversal thing is a huge turn-on for her."

The others all silently agreed with that, since it was so obvious. Even Debra listened and thought that was spot on.

Shannon went on, "But that effect is wearing off and the pain of the harsh spanking is coming on. She had a really massive orgasm after just two smacks. Now, you went eight more before she had another big orgasm, but it wasn't as big as before. Your problem, Nick, is that you seem to have gotten distracted by something and you started unthinkingly playing with her private parts. Had you not done that, she might not have climaxed at all."

Nick was secretly miffed yet impressed by her chutzpah. "Distracted by something?" More like distracted by someone: YOU! Good grief! You totally made me do that with your sexy striptease act, and now you're complaining I lost control? Sheesh! Still, that was damn fun!

He muttered, "Yeah, I guess you're right."

Shannon said, "I suggest you keep on going. But be more professional about it. No more fondling, for sure. And faster and harsher smacks. Soon, she'll be bawling like a baby. And don't let her fondle herself either."

That last comment was because Debra had just reached back with one hand to gently explore and caress her red ass cheeks, to see how sensitive to the touch they were after getting smacked that much.

Nick grasped her wrist and forced her to stop. He complained to the others, "She keeps doing that. Can't we stop that? Maybe we can dock her a few smacks or something."

Maggie pointed out, "That wouldn't really work, because the plan is for you to keep spanking her until she reaches some breaking point, not until some number like 50. There's no way we'll get anywhere near 50, the way things are going."

"That's true," he said.

Hillary suggested, "What if we tie her hands behind her back? That could be more of a punishment, because nobody likes being totally helpless. We don't have rope, obviously, but we do have some clothes."

Shannon bent over, picked up her dark blue bikini bottoms, and stood up. "I've got an idea."

The others watched as she walked towards them. Maggie and Hillary had been so focused on either the spanking or their own masturbation that they hadn't looked Shannon's way in a long time, so they were surprised to find that she was completely naked. But they weren't too surprised, and they didn't mind much. Everyone else was buck naked, after all.

Shannon sauntered around the bed until she stood before Hillary. She held out her bikini bottoms. "Try this. You could pretty much jerry-rig it to use it like rope. I'm sure I could do it, but I don't want to get anywhere near to touching Nick."

While she was talking, she was standing with her back to Nick, so close that he could have reached out to touch her ass. It would have been a long reach, but it was possible. That put her fantastic body on impressive, close display. She wasn't nearly as tanned as Maggie or Hillary, since she had a redhead's more typical light-skinned complexion, but she did have a nice tan with no tan-lines that she'd worked hard to get. She also cleverly kept her ass cheeks tightly clenched to make them look even firmer and more impressive.

Nick practically felt like drooling. Simply seeing Maggie and/or Hillary sitting naked in front of him was a constant thrill. That was doubly true when they were masturbating, which was nearly all the time. But he got an extra kick from the thrill of the new, and getting to see Shannon from close up as well.

He thought, Fuck me! Shannon is a major babe! Maybe her face isn't quite as jaw-dropping as the other three here in this room, but that's quibbling. And from the neck on down, her body is definitely the equal of Debra's, though her tits can't compete with Ma's or Hillary's. All in all, she is super fuckable! And she was totally flirting with me! "Flirting" doesn't even to begin to describe when she was stripping naked and making those eyes at me! If it wasn't for her boyfriend Brian... Damn!

Actually, wait. It's a good thing about Brian, because I have to keep my eyes on the prize. My two dream girls! Ma and Hillary, forever! Jesus! Wake up, man! Don't get greedy!

Hillary got down on her knees in front of him, which was quite a sight in and of itself. She began using Shannon's bikini bottoms to bind Debra's hands around the lower part of her back.

Shannon turned around to observe, but she also took a few steps back and to the side, apparently so she wouldn't remain within a tempting touching distance. But that still gave Nick a great view of her full frontal nudity. She made no attempt to cover her privates and even spread her legs suspiciously wide. He could see the glistening wetness of her pussy lips. Her bush was shaved off, but he could tell from her skin tone and green eyes and all the rest that she had to be a natural redhead.

Maggie was left with nothing to do during the binding process, and nothing particularly interesting to masturbate about. So she asked, "Sport, how are you hanging in there?"

He grunted, not knowing how to answer that. "Fine. Great! AWESOME, actually!" He laughed. "Seriously, awesome!"

Maggie smiled at that. "Good to hear. But more specifically, how is your big cock hanging? Are you in any danger of going flaccid?"

"Um, no." He was thinking there was no way he could ever get flaccid if he was in the same room as these other four nude bombshell babes.

That wasn't the answer Maggie wanted to hear though. She asked, "That's good. But just to be on the safe side, maybe I could help you with a brief little suck session?"

Hillary answered before he could. "Sorry, Maggie, but that won't be necessary. I'm just about done here." She tugged on the bikini bottoms, which was wrapped tightly around both of Debra's wrists. "Debra, try pulling your arms apart."

Debra tried, as they could all see from her squirming and struggling. But it was no use.

Hillary patted Debra's bound wrists. "See? Good." She stood back up.

Then she turned to Maggie. "I'm sorry. I know how much you love to suck him. But let's get through the rest of this spanking first. We still have some momentum, with her ass cheeks like this." She turned back to Debra and laid a hand lightly on one of Debra's red ass cheeks. It was hot to the touch.

Debra winced from the contact. She struggled in her binds, again to no avail, but it turned her on to feel that helpless, just the same.

Hillary resumed talking to Maggie. "We should be done soon if we don't have any more prolonged orgasmic interruptions. Then, once we are, we can all take part in a nice long sucking session. I want my turn with that delicious slab of cock-meat too."

Shannon started sashaying back to her chair, her ass cheeks rising and falling seductively. "Not me though. Right? Remember that I'm just an observer."

Hillary said, "Of course not you. I shouldn't have said 'all.' I really meant just Maggie and me."

Debra asked plaintively, "What about me?! Didn't you make mention about him fucking my face later?"

Hillary went back to her seat too, on the edge of the bed next to Maggie. "I did. And that may or may not happen. We'll see." She came up with an idea, and told Debra, "Actually, if you can make it to 30 smacks, I promise you, you'll get your lips wrapped around Nick's cock some more before the night is over."

"Okay!" Debra was suddenly full of vim and vigor. She really wanted to bob on his cock some more, and especially had visions of choking and gagging on him, like she'd been about to do before getting interrupted. The idea of being "forced" to suck him while her hands were bound behind her back with someone else's bikini bottoms doubled her excitement, at least. She wiggled her ass enticingly. "Let's do it, Nicky! Spank my naughty ass!"

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, lew54321, GWB, and BDGV.