Chapter 69: Painfully Red (Sunday)
Written and illustrated by Spacer X <>

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Nick resumed spanking Debra's ass, just as she asked.

He found it interesting and somewhat amusing that, after that break and her latest huge orgasm, she actually seemed eager for more. As the smacks continued, she wiggled her bare ass temptingly at him, and said her "kind gentleman" line with gusto each time.

So far, she hadn't said much after each smack, except for her required line. That was understandable, due to Hillary's rules where saying certain things (such as criticizing the spanker) could get her in trouble, and Maggie's secret advice to her that saying other things (such as being too enthusiastic) could get her in trouble in other ways.

But around the fifteenth smack, she started being more vocal. After she said her line, she would go off on how "bad" she was. For instance, she would wiggle her ass invitingly yet more, and say, "Nick, you need to spank me MORE! Spank me HARDER! I'm soooo baaaaad! You have to spank all the badness right out of me!"

She was pushing her luck in terms of not showing too much enthusiasm, but she couldn't help herself. Luckily for her, it fit into the idea of Debra changing her thinking and feeling apologetic about what she'd done after getting punished.

Nick kept right on smacking ass cheeks, even putting more oomph into each smack since she was very literally asking for it.

Yet she seemed unfazed. She'd been spanked to the point that her ass was hurting very badly, and she resumed crying, and even started abjectly sobbing. But that meant the felt additional smacks weren't so bad because her ass was already maxed out on as much pain as Nick could deliver by merely using his hand. (It would have been a different story if he had something like a paddle, but he hadn't.)

On the eighteenth smack, she cried out, "i'm soooo baaaaad! One spanking isn't enough! You'll have to spank me again and again and again! And FUCK MY FACE! Yessss! Definitely fuck my face a lot, to make me a good little slut! All naked and bound, and helpless! Helpless to resist your huge cock! UNNNGH!"

She was pushing her luck even more with comments like that. Luckily, the others were all so very aroused that they let it slide.

She'd never experienced the "hurt so good" feeling, where pain actually turned to pleasure. But as the spanking went on, that was exactly what she was feeling. Each smack hurt like hell, to the point that she began bawling like a baby around the twentieth one. She was having increasing trouble just saying her required line each time without making mistakes. But simultaneously, she was feeling great pleasure. She continued to actually relish getting smacked some more!

Much of that pleasure was mental. For instance, she was getting off in a powerful way at having her wrists tied behind her back. Shannon's bikini bottoms didn't make that strong of a binding. If she really tried with all her might to rip her hands free, she could have done so. But she didn't want to do so. It fed into her feelings of being helpless and dominated by Nick, and those were very powerful feelings. She also liked it when she felt compelled to kick her legs in the air. That highlighted those very same feelings.

But perhaps what kept the fires of her lust burning the most was the simple fact that Maggie, Shannon, and especially Hillary were watching her every move. Hillary was her biggest rival, going way back due to their subtle rivalry based almost entirely on looks, at least until the day before when the sex games began. But she knew Maggie and Shannon were on roughly the same level of extreme beauty as herself, so that naturally made them her other biggest rivals too. Yet she was being completely sexually defeated and tamed by Nick right in front of them! It was just about her most humiliating nightmare come to life, and all the cum smeared on her burning red face only added to it.

But somehow, the very intensity of that humiliation aroused her to almost uncontrollable levels! Getting dominated by Nick and his thick cock was plenty great for her, but to have it all happen in front of the other three just about broke her mind! She felt like she was constantly on the verge of a third powerful climax. But she continued to resist giving in that urge, because this wasn't supposed to be pleasurable for her. The two orgasms had been excused away, but she feared a third one on that level would give the game away.

The other girls were increasingly amazed by what they were seeing. They were essentially feeling the flipside of what Debra was feeling. They also saw her as a natural rival, to varying degrees, and seeing her get "taken down" so dramatically brought out their darker sexual sides, where they got off on seeing another busty beauty dominated. It also raised the tantalizing danger that Nick could end up someday doing the same to them.

Hillary had recently discovered her darker side in the last two months, because Anushka had shown her sexually submissive side early in their relationship, and things like Hillary spanking Anushka (and never the other way around) had become a part of their regular sexual play. Sometimes, those spankings were more about sexual fondling, but other times Hillary could get quite rough and spank Anushka until she had a good cry. Either way, it always ended in big orgasms for both of them.

So Hillary understood some of the dynamic unfolding before her, although Nick was actually spanking Debra harder than she'd ever spanked Anushka. He had genuine reason to be angry at Debra, especially for "stealing" his virginity that properly belonged to Hillary or Maggie. Whereas Anushka never gave Hillary any reason to do more than pretend to be upset enough to spank her.

However, Maggie and Shannon were totally unfamiliar with sexual spankings, beyond some vague notion that people did get them for sexual pleasure. They were astounded by the intensity of Debra's physical and emotional reactions.

Shannon didn't know what to think, except that it was very hot to watch. She got very busy openly and wantonly masturbating.

Maggie was even more aroused. She knew there was a very real possibility that Nick could spank her exactly like that. All she had to do was give her permission, and she'd be the stunning naked bombshell lying across his lap with tears in her eyes and her ass cheeks glowing red. It was tempting, very tempting, but she felt she could never, ever let that happen, She feared a total reversal of their roles, and she felt she would be abdicating her responsibility as his de facto sole parent if she gave in to her sexual urges that way.

Nick stopped the spanking after the twenty-second smack. He felt he had to stop because his hand was hurting due to smacking Debra's fit and hard bubble butt so many times in relatively quick succession. Plus, he also felt he was getting too aroused and wanted to calm down some.

He shook his spanking hand in the air. "Ouch! I didn't expect this to hurt me so much too. Can we take a little break?"

Maggie was still busy masturbating. She happened to be fondling her massive E-cups and rubbing them together. She purred sexily, "That's your call, Sport! You're the boss!"

He got an extra thrill from hearing that, especially while he looked her way and saw how she was playing with her tits in such a tantalizing manner. He'd been exclusively looking down at Debra's increasingly sweaty and writhing naked body during this latest round of smacks, so just looking back up and seeing his mother's naked beauty hit him like a bag of bricks to the head.

And that was merely from looking at Maggie's tanned, voluptuous, nude body. Then he looked to Hillary sitting next to her and was staggered all over again. Hillary was also masturbating, even with the spanking on hold. She had one hand pinching a nipple and the other one digging two fingers deeply into her tight cunt. There was a blazing look in her eyes.

He felt goose bumps as he locked gazes with Hillary and felt the sexual heat and desire she was directing at him. He had to look away because he couldn't handle the intensity.

Then he remembered that Shannon was in the room too. He was almost afraid to look at her, because he knew it would rock him back on his heels again. But there was no way to resist. He looked, and sure enough, he was floored. The shock effect was the greatest with her, because he was getting used to see Maggie and Hillary naked and together, but he wasn't used to seeing Shannon at all, much less when she was completely naked!

He did an almost comical double take, complete with a jerking back of his head and his eyes bugging out and jaw dropping. Although Shannon was about ten feet further away, he could still clearly see that she was staring right at him as she masturbated too. She had her legs spread what looked to be painfully wide, almost straight to each side, drawing attention to her fingers slipping and sliding on her pussy lips. Her other hand was going back and forth between fondling her two impressive double D-cups. Seeing her curvaceous body and her dramatic dark red hair took his breath away.

But what amazed him the most was the look in Shannon's eyes! Technically, she wasn't doing anything much different than walking around topless at a party. But had her boyfriend Brian seen the lusty look in her eyes at that moment (or, really most any moment during this spanking), Nick was certain he would have had a conniption fit!

Again, Nick couldn't lock gazes with her for long, because it was too arousing. But he didn't know where to look. Debra was still panting hard and wiggling in his lap. In fact, now that he'd started to take a break, she was wiggling even more. He looked down at her, and saw that, plus the way her hands were tied behind her back with Shannon's bikini bottoms, of all things, and felt a lusty shiver all over.

He closed his eyes and exclaimed, "Aaaargh! It's all too much! Too sexy!" Although he'd taken the break in part to try to calm down from getting too aroused, he realized he was getting even more aroused! He was panting harder and harder.

He complained, while still shaking his spanking hand, "Where am I supposed to look?! Everywhere I look, I just see naked sexy beauty!"

Hillary teased him, "Try looking at the ceiling." After a well-timed pause, she added, "Oh, wait! Never mind. There's one up there too!"

He laughed. "It's funny because it's true! There probably is!"

Maggie saw how he was still waving his spanking hand. (Although that was more because he was keeping both of his hands in the air because he was trying to avoid the temptation of fondling Debra's amazing body some more.) She came up with an idea.

Maggie slid down to her knees, then walked on her knees the short distance to him. She took his spanking hand in both of her hands.

He asked with alarm, "What are you doing?!" He was alarmed because he wasn't that far from needing to clench his PC muscle despite the lack of any sexual action at the moment. He worried she would do something highly arousing that might push him over the edge.

She looked up at him from her submissive pose, leaning forward to better show off her huge bare breasts. She purred sexually, "My adorable son. Your hand is all ouchy. Let your mother make it better!"

She said that not realizing that Shannon was in the room. As soon as the words left her mouth, she remembered the danger. However, she realized that with the role-play idea, she was covered. She decided the best approach was to brazenly own what she'd said. So she craned her head around and said directly to Shannon, "Yeah, you just heard me say 'son' and 'mother.' Deal with it! This is the kind of sexual role-playing that we were talking about. Do you have a problem with that?!"

Shannon was startled to be remembered and looked at, because she'd been ignored by everyone except for Nick for a long time. Her masturbating hands froze, since she wasn't sure if Maggie would approve of that, though it was too late to pretend otherwise. She said, "No! No problem. In fact, I think it's totally hot!"

Maggie was secretly relieved. "You do?"

"Of course I do! Hell, I've read erotic stories on-line, like everyone else. The incest ones are always the most popular. And with good reason. Breaking taboos is super arousing!"

Maggie nodded. "True."

She turned back to resume her sexy staring up to her son. She was still holding his hand, and well as lightly rubbing it. She brought it close to her face. "Son, let me help you. My cocksucking mouth is good for more than just adoring your big fat cock, you know!"

She bent his fingers so his index finger was the only one sticking out. Then she took that into his mouth and started sucking on it.

That didn't do much to help the pain in his hand, which had mostly worn off by this time anyway. But it surely aroused him in a big way! He closed his eyes, because seeing her passionate "cocksucking face" was more than he could handle at the moment, even if all she was doing was sucking on one finger.

That didn't help him keep his cool though, because she realized that she was within reach of his cock and she had one hand free. She reached under Debra's torso and found his dick, still very stiff and throbbing with need. She started jerking him off.

He clenched his teeth and sucked air, trying hard to control himself.

Hillary saw what was happening and wanted in on the action. She dropped to the floor and walked to him on her knees until she was by Maggie's side again. She said, "Nick, I'm not your mother, but I am your sister! I demand you let me help with your other hand. Why should Mom have all the fun?!"

She took his other hand, which he was still holding in the air just above Debra's back, and brought it to her mouth. Seconds later, she was sucking on his index finger, the exact same as Maggie was doing with his other hand.

He let out a long, lusty groan. Somehow, what the two mouths were doing to each index finger was doubling the pleasure of Maggie's hand sliding back and forth on his boner.

Shannon asked, loudly, "Hillary, what's this about you being his 'sister?'"

Surprisingly, Debra was the one to reply. "That's more of their incest role-playing stuff, obviously. If you ask me, it's super HOT! Nicky, can I please be your sister too? Why can't you have two? Let me be your baaaad, naughty, naked sister who needs to get fucked and spanked a lot! Or at least your cousin!"

It was a lucky break that Hillary chose to talk about being Nick's "sister" with Shannon there. Nick and Maggie looked fairly similar, with the noticeable exception of her blonde hair. But that could be dyed. Whereas there was no doubt that Hillary wasn't related, since their facial structures especially were too different. Shannon already fully believed that the incest talk was just a role-play, as they claimed, but adding Hillary into it make the role-play excuse that much more plausible.

Debra began humping her ass up and down in his lap, almost like she was doing some kind of aerobics routine on him. When he didn't reply to her questions (mostly because he was trying to breathe slowly and calm down), she asked him, "And are you ready to go again? I am! I'm so ready! I'm so bad! I'm your naked little sex pet! You need to put me in my place with your spanking hand. And your big thick cock!"

He thought, Oh God! What the hell am I going to do about Debra?! She's a blabbermouth, they say. She's totally immature. She could ruin us all. We need to avoid her like the plague! But... but... she's so fucking sexy! And beautiful! Dammit! I can't even look at the way her perfect ass is humping up and down or I'm going to have to fingerbang her some more! Then she's going to cum, and I'm going to cum, and the whole Debra problem will just get worse!

But how the heck can I not want more of this?! She just called herself my "sex pet," for fuck's sake! Again! And it sounds like she actually means it! And Ma's jacking me off, and both my dream girls are sucking on my fingers! And Shannon! Fuck! Just her being here is insane! It's like this is some sort of conspiracy to fucking drive me out of my mind with too much arousal!

He seemed helpless to do anything but get more and more aroused, because it was far too stimulating for any sane man to willingly make it stop.

Maggie pulled his finger out of her mouth, but only so she could switch to sucking on his middle finger instead.

Hillary saw that and did the exact same thing a few seconds later. She giggled as she resumed sucking, because she could tell that Nick was so aroused that he was almost insensible about it. She realized she wasn't doing anything with her other hand, so she also reached under Debra and between his legs and started fondling his balls.

Shannon saw all that was going on. She was trying to establish her credibility as someone with self-control and willpower. So she said, "Excuse me, you all! But I think you're slipping into the same mistake you made before. What happened to the spanking, and punishing Debra?"

Thanks to that timely reminder, Maggie and Hillary both stopped sucking his fingers and let him take back control of his hand.

Hillary grumbled, "She's right. Let's finish this spanking off. Then we can play around without restraint. Maggie, I don't know about you, but I say it's double blowjob time soon!"

Debra complained, "Hey! What about me?! What about my promised face fuck?!" She was inadvertently revealing she saw that a reward, not a punishment, but she was too horny to think straight, and she wasn't that smart to begin with.

Hillary replied, "We'll see, okay? That's not a promise; it's just something that might happen. If you can hold out all the way to 50, maybe you'll get lucky." She didn't realize it, but her answer indicated she knew the face fuck was more of a reward than a punishment too, and she didn't have a problem with that. She also had thrown logic out the window and was controlled by her lust.

Debra griped, while continuing to tirelessly hump her ass up and down, "Fifty?! Why are you so fixated on that number?! There's no way! If he spanks me much more, my ass is gonna glow and steam will rise from it! How the hell am I going to sit in class all day tomorrow as it is?!"

She gasped as what she'd just said hit her. "OH SHIT! How the hell AM I going to sit in class all day tomorrow?! There's no way! Maybe we should stop right now!"

Hillary was still furtively playing with Nick's balls, while Maggie kept on jacking him off. Her gaze narrowed, and she asked, "Seriously?! You want to stop?! Now?!"

"I think I DO!" Debra said with rising concern. "It's a serious problem! If this was a Friday or Saturday night, then okay, I'd deal with it. But tomorrow is Monday! What am I going to do?!"

Maggie could see Debra's dilemma, which was something that hadn't even crossed her mind until that point. She tried to be optimistic. "Don't you think it'll fade in an hour or two? You'll have all night to recover, you know."

Debra said in a near-panicky voice, "I know that, but I don't know what'll happen! I've never been spanked before! Not even as a baby!"

Hillary had experience with this, thanks to her frequent spanking sessions with Anushka. She had to be careful not to mention Anushka's name or even that she was in a lesbian relationship though. So she carefully said, "As it so happens, I do have experience spanking people."

"You spank people?!" Debra asked, incredulous. Hillary's earlier cryptic references to that had either gone over Debra's head or been forgotten.

"I do," Hillary said. She saw this as an opportunity to further threaten Debra, to help keep her in line. "And if you cross me, I'll spank YOU! And trust me, I'm a more experienced spanker than Nick. If I want to make it pleasurable, I can make it veeeeerrry pleasurable. But if I want to make it painful, I'll make it veeeeerrry painful. You'll get no orgasms with me, if I give you one of those!"

Debra shivered with fear. She stopped her sexy humping and just tightly clenched her ass cheeks, as if Hillary was about to start spanking her at any moment. She'd had an irrational fear of Hillary even before Hillary had picked her up and carried her around yesterday. This fed right into that. She cried, "You wouldn't!"

"Try me!" Hillary growled. Actually, she relished the idea of giving Debra a spanking. It would be emotionally satisfying, great sexual fun, and it could help further intimidate her.

In fact, now that the thought had been put in her head, she said to Nick, "Hey, speaking of which, if your hand if still hurting, maybe I could take over."

"Right now?!" he asked.

"Sure! It would be my pleasure." She gave Debra a look that confirmed just how much she relished the opportunity to do that.

Nick would have loved to see that. He was sure it would be a very sexually titillating sight. But he said, "Maybe some other time. For one thing, we don't even know if there will be more smacks. And I worry you could be a little TOO enthusiastic. Remember about her problem of sitting in class tomorrow?"

Hillary chuckled, almost wickedly. "There is that. Bummer! You're no fun!"

Nick was still holding his hands in the air ever since Maggie and Hillary had stopped sucking his fingers. But he finally gave in and rested them lightly on Debra's back.

Debra felt that and resumed slightly humping her ass up and down, trying to non-verbally goad him into resuming the spanking some more. Despite her concern about school tomorrow. Her body definitely wanted more.

Nick gave Hillary a smile. "Behave!"

Hillary stuck her tongue out at him playfully. Then she licked her lips seductively, since sucking his cock was never far from her mind in times like this.

He lightly ran a hand over one of Debra's ass cheeks. "Debra, I've given you 22 smacks so far. Do you think you can make it to 30?"

Debra didn't hesitate in her response. "I'll try! I think I can do it, but only IF you promise to fuck my face if you do!"

He closed his eyes and winced. Maggie and Hillary were still playing with his boner and his balls, respectively. Thinking about getting to fuck Debra's face was a dangerously arousing thought. He had to squeeze his PC muscle a few times, just to be safe.

He didn't want to let his lust totally rule his thinking though, and compel him to do things he would regret later. Shannon seemed the most objective and level-headed in the group, so he asked her with his eyes still closed, "Shannon? What do you think?"

Shannon actually wasn't that objective. She didn't know of or share their concerns about Debra stupidly revealing their secrets, since she didn't go to their high school and knew of her much more than she actually knew her. Plus, she really wanted to see more sexual action, and a face fuck sounded like a great show.

She tried to offer the most prudent advice she could that would also allow that outcome. "It depends. First off, can Debra get through the rest of her spanking without cumming? That'll show this turned into a punishment spanking after all. And then, what KIND of face fuck? If you let her 'warm-up' with ten minutes of just sucking you first, that won't be a punishment. So don't do that."

"Awww!" Debra moaned unhappily. Clearly, she'd been hoping for exactly that.

Shannon went on, "But if you fuck her face fast and hard, and then cum all over it, that's a different story. I think that'll work."

Nick was very encouraged, because that was exactly the sort of thing he wanted to hear. He said, "Okay! Let's do this! Ma, Hillary, you should probably return to sitting on the bed. Things are likely to get pretty rough, with a lot of thrashing about."

Maggie thought about trying to talk him into letting her continue the handjob, but she saw Hillary already get up and move back, so she reluctantly did the same.

Nick resumed spanking Debra, while the others resumed masturbating (except for Shannon, who never really stopped).

Debra was in a tough spot. She was feeling extremely horny, and each smack just aroused her more. If she was going to cum again, it would be powerful, loud, and mind-shattering. There was no way she could hide it. But if she could last all the way to 30, she'd get to have her face fucked by Nick's huge cock! There were only eight more smacks to go, but she knew it would be a great struggle to get there.

Despite the break, she hadn't cooled down at all. So from the very next smack onwards, she was writhing and wiggling in his lap. And when she said her "kind gentleman" line, she had to shout it, because she was so worked up. She restrained herself from saying anything more though, for fear that would help make her cum.

Nick could see how much she was struggling. She resumed her crying, and then her abject sobbing. But that didn't bother him as much as the way her entire body started trembling. He felt she was like a bomb about to go off. He tried to help her by speeding up the remaining smacks.

As he got closer to 30, her struggle got worse. Around the twenty-eighth smack, she was physically thrashing in his lap so much that she accidentally ripped Shannon's bikini bottoms in two. However, she generally kept her arms in their same bound pose anyway, because she loved feeling totally helpless and under Nick's power.

Somehow, mercifully, he made it all the way to 30. The last eight had only taken a few minutes, but it was the longest minutes of her life.

Debra was left a quivering, bawling mess. Each smack was truly painful, even as she found them extremely pleasurable somehow too. She was crying so freely that her tears were starting to wash away much of the cum smeared on her cheeks. She was increasingly sweaty too.

But reaching the 30 mark wasn't the end of her troubles. She still couldn't cum after that, or the face fuck wouldn't happen. That was possibly even more challenging, because when Nick finished, he said, "Good girl!" and bent down to kiss both of her ass cheeks. That alone came very close to pushing her over to a truly epic orgasm. She imagined him continuing to kiss and lick her burning ass cheeks as his mouth drew closer and closer to licking between her cheeks instead. And all the while, he said things like, "Who's my slutty little sex pet? You are!"

Despite the fact the spanking was over, she continued to clench her fists and even kick her lower legs around. She was still on a razor's edge. She worried that if he did just one more little thing, like giving her ass one final playful slap, she would slide into a kind of orgasmic delirious madness.

However, that didn't happen. Nick was pretty close to cumming too, and all he wanted to do was sit there and rest and calm down.

A couple of minutes passed without anything happening except for the other three women continuing to masturbate. They were at such a fever pitch that they didn't even need to see or hear anything arousing to keep going.

Nick thought, Jesus! Holy fuck! Spankings are awesome! I wonder if Ma or Hillary would let me spank them too? Hrm. In Hillary's case, probably not. She doesn't seem the type. Besides, she spanks Anushka. But Ma! I think she'd totally be the type! Hot damn! That would be awesome! We could make it part of our regular sex play. A little spanking to get her heated up, then some cocksucking joy to follow! Not that she ever needs to get heated up to do that! Ha!

And then there's Debra. What'll happen with her?! I don't know. But I refuse to believe this is the last time we'll all do this. It's way too much fun, for all of us! And she and I are bonded in some weird way. It's not like I'd want her as a girlfriend. No way! We have nothing in common, other than sex. But to spank her, and fuck her, and generally play with her? Hell yes!

Eventually, Debra calmed down enough to get off his lap by herself. At least, she was calmer on the surface. She still had a need to cum hard that had welled up inside her. It wouldn't take much to set her off. But she was motivated to get up and off him so she could get into position for the face fuck. She figured once that started, she'd be able to have that orgasm she so desperately craved, and nobody would be able to stop her.

She struck a sexy pose on her knees right in front of Nick. But instead of facing him, she did it in side profile. She knew that she needed to mollify Maggie and Hillary to some degree if she wanted to take part in more sex games. So she positioned herself in a way that would give them a good show. (She didn't care much what Shannon thought, since she didn't think Shannon would have any influence over future events, but her pose looked good from Shannon's vantage point too.)

Debra said brightly, "Nicky! Your sex pet awaits!"

Not for the first time, he wondered what she meant by that. Was it just sex talk, and if so, why did that rather extreme phrase arouse her so much? And what did the others think of that?

He decided it was probably best if he acted fast, before any of the others had much time to think about that comment and had second doubts about the wisdom of doing this.

He got up out of his chair and stretched for a few moments, since he'd been sitting for a while. But then, without any further ado, he stood in front of Debra, very close up, and held his erection straight out for her mouth.

Debra had been kneeling in the sexiest and most submissive pose she could think of, with her back arched, her big tits thrust forward, her head tilted back, and her arms behind her back. It was easy for her to do despite her great humiliation, because she was doing it for Nick. She couldn't imagine behaving anything remotely like this for any other guy, but with Nick it seemed right and necessary. To her, "sex pet" wasn't just arousing "sex talk," it was her ideal of how she wanted to behave for him and been seen by him. Just the thought of being sexually dominated by him at any time made her tingly all over.

She had been expecting to pose sexily for him while saying provocative things as he stood in front of her, for the best view. But the way he stuck his cock close to her face changed that in a hurry. Due to the way her head was tilted back, when she brought it back forward, she simply opened her mouth and took his cockhead all in!

She thought back to how much she'd suffered the first time or two she'd wrapped her lips around his shaft. The physical ordeal was the same this time, but it turned into another "hurt so good" experience. She actually welcomed the difficulty. It was such a rush for her that it was a near miracle she didn't cum already. She tried to keep her mind too occupied to think about the sweet release of her third epic orgasm by bobbing and licking intently within seconds of fully engulfing his cockhead.

Nick looked down and had his own very close call with cumming. Debra's face was a disaster. It was a total mess. The smears of his cum were still everywhere, but she'd sobbed so much that her cheeks were flooded with tears. They even ran all the way down to her jawline and chin and dripped down to her big tits. She'd been sweating copiously as well, and her sweat was mixed in with the cum and tears. Her hair was tussled, and bangs of blonde hair falling over her forehead were matted down with more sweat. On top of all that, she was staring up at him adoringly, and her eyes were red from so much crying.

Yet even though it wasn't attractive in the traditional sense, it was the sexiest he'd ever seen her! And that said a great deal, considering how gorgeous her face looked when she wasn't even trying. The contrast between her picture perfect fashion model facial features and the cum, tears, and sweat on her seemed even more outrageous, like someone spray-painting graffiti over priceless paintings in a museum. But somehow that made it an even MORE arousing sight!

He could sense that his resistance to cumming was slipping away by the second. He urgently asked the others, "What if I cum, like, NOW?! Because I think I'm gonna!"

Maggie always loved it when her son came. Even if she hadn't physically helped him there, it gave her a tingly and warm feeling. She exclaimed, "Do it! Just so long as you can stay hard! Do you think you can do that?!"

"Are you kidding me?! Fuck, yeah!" He began unloading into Debra's mouth even before he finished saying that. It was a wonder he'd managed to teeter on the brink long enough to last through that brief back and forth.

Debra also had been teetering. If anything, she'd been even more desperate to cum than him. So as soon as she felt him start to shoot his load into her mouth, she began cumming too.

But right at that second, Hillary realized something was wrong. "WAIT! NICK! Cum on her face!"

"Oh, right!" He pulled back immediately. However, a few seconds had passed, which meant that a portion of his cum load was already in Debra's mouth.

But once again, extreme arousal meant he'd built up a great need to empty his balls. He'd already cum as much as a normal man having an average-sized ejaculation, but he had just as much cum left in him to spray all over Debra's face.

It was up to him to hold his hard-on and "paint" her, because Debra was in no condition to do anything, with the way she was cumming. It was lucky too that he'd pulled out of her mouth, because that allowed her to freely scream to her heart's content. Since it was another epic cum, just like her last two, she had a lot of screaming to do.

He tried to add another layer of cum to every part of her face. But he had a hard time of it because it seemed like most of her face was open mouth, since she opened her mouth as wide as humanly possible while she screamed her lungs out. He looked down and happened to have the ideal angle and lighting to see her tonsils dangling in the back of her mouth.

He did his best though. Some of his cum fell into her gaping maw, but he mostly aimed to one side or the other. Luckily, she kept her eyes closed, so he didn't have to worry about avoiding splattering her eye socket area.

Since even prolonged and copious male ejaculations don't last that long, his orgasm ended a lot sooner than hers did. She kept right on screaming unintelligibly and uncontrollably for two solid minutes, if not more. It was looking to be as intense an orgasm as her first one, instead of the slightly lesser second one.

Once he finished squirting out the last dribbles of his load, he let go of his boner and held both sides of her head. He did that because her head was wobbling and lolling so much that he worried her entire upper body might tilt too far to one side or another and cause her to fall over.

Debra was having the time of her life. She knew her face looked like hell even before the cumming began, with a mix of cum, tears, and sweat, and now he was dumping a fresh load on top of all that. But she relished that. This was entirely different from all her previous sexual encounters. Looking back, she thought she must have been mad to think that controlling her boyfriends was the way to go. Careening completely out of control herself and totally giving in to unbridled lust was many, many times more exciting and sexually fulfilling!

This was exactly what being Nick's "sex pet" was all about, in her mind. The more she gave in to being dominated by him, the more she was rewarded with the greatest pleasure in her life. The pleasure was non-stop, but these orgasms were simply out of the world. She knew she could never go back to normal after this, her third brain-melting cum.

Maggie, Hillary, and Shannon all had big orgasms of their own. As before, their peaks weren't nearly as high as Debra's, since they were only watching and masturbating. But still, those were great orgasms too, by any measure.

Maggie and Hillary were somewhat used to this by now. Shannon wasn't. She'd been topless at many parties (there always seemed to be a hot tub nearly as an excuse to wear a bikini - or less), and she'd seen plenty of wild public displays of affection at those parties. She'd even seen oral sex or fucking in some darkened corners (or not-so-darkened corners occasionally). More than once, she'd walked in on people having sex, and even walked in on an orgy or two.

But she'd never been able to masturbate to her heart's content while watching other people get it on. She'd had no idea how extremely pleasurable being a mere voyeur could be. She had a pretty great orgasm herself. It was nothing like Debra's, which looked like it was mentally ripping her apart. But still, Brian would have had to work up quite a sweat to have given her a bigger one.

It felt so good that it made her feel guilty, because it felt a lot more like cheating on him to feel this much sexual pleasure, even if no touching was involved. However, there was nothing she could do about that now. She couldn't call her orgasm off halfway through it.

Nick needn't have worried about going flaccid. Making Debra cum that hard and that long was the greatest aphrodisiac for him. She was so wiped out after her long multiple orgasm ended that he realized she would collapse to the ground had it not been for the way he was holding her head in place with both hands.

He felt that grip was slipping away, because the palms of his hands were increasingly sweaty (and his face even more so). He had an idea. "Hey, Ma! Hillary! I need your help! Come here!"

His comment was well timed, because both of them were more or less recovered from their latest orgasms. They both zoomed to where he was. They wound up kneeling on each side of Debra, with the hopes that they could get involved with cock licking or sucking or the like.

He said, "Okay, I need one of you to guide my dick into her mouth. And the other one help hold her up!"

Maggie and Hillary looked past Debra to each other with delight in their eyes.

Hillary said, "Oooh! I know which one I want!"

"Me too!" Maggie replied.

"Rock paper scissors?" Hillary suggested.

Nick complained, 'No time! I'm losing my grip!"

Maggie generously said, "You do it! I'll get dibs next time." She wrapped both arms around Debra's upper body. It wasn't intentional, but one of her hands end up cupping one of Debra's double D-cup sized breasts.

Hillary held his boner and started to guide it to Debra's mouth. She used another hand to pull Debra's chin down. She playfully said, "Open up and say 'Aaaah!""

Debra couldn't believe that Nick would start the face fuck when she was far from recovered from her latest epic orgasm. She felt just like a rag doll. However, she decided that was ideal. She was getting off on being helpless and dominated by him, and she'd never felt more helpless in her life. She couldn't have lifted a hand to her head if her life depended on it. She could act like a true sex pet, a hot and gorgeous cum receptacle.

When Hillary poked the tip of his cockhead at her lips, she dutifully opened as wide as she could, assisted by Hillary's hand on her jaw.

Nick was still worked up into a lusty frenzy, though he didn't feel the imminent need to cum since he'd just done that. It was a great feeling, riding high on lust without having to worry about tipping over the edge.

He used that sexual energy to start vigorously thrusting in and out of Debra's mouth.

At first, Hillary tried to hold and even stroke the lower half of his boner. But the motion was too fast and herky jerky. She wound up using both of her hands to hold Debra's head in place instead.

Maggie kept right on holding Debra's upper body up, including cupping one of her tits. She couldn't resist giving that tit some sexy squeezes. She assumed, rightly, that Debra would be so preoccupied by the face fucking that she wouldn't really notice.

Shannon was still feeling guilty from enjoying her last orgasm more than any faithful girlfriend should. She didn't want to compound her mistake. But once she saw Nick face fucking the "rag doll" Debra, she couldn't resist and went right back to playing with herself. In anything, this was an even hotter sight than before.

In fact, a minute or two after resuming, Shannon decided that she was far too distant from the action. With Maggie and Hillary no longer sitting on the edge of the bed, she quickly got up and rushed to where they'd just been sitting. That gave her an ideal "front row" seat from less than five feet away.

Nick had fucked Maggie's face twice already. But he'd been relatively restrained, especially the second time, if only because she was his mother and he loved her dearly. But with Debra, it was totally different. He still had pent up frustration about her behavior (even if, in the heat of the moment, he couldn't remember what she'd done wrong, exactly), and getting to fuck her face was an ideal way to let out all that aggression. He was practically violent with his thrusts, surprising even himself.

However, he was living under some kind of lucky star, because it seemed he could do no wrong with Debra. The more vigorously he fucked her face, the more she adored it. She was living the dream of being a sex pet, completely surrendering to his sexual power. It was the perfect culmination of a life-changing evening for her.

Several minutes passed.

Despite the intensity of Nick's pleasure, he still wasn't in danger of cumming, since he'd had a big climax mere minutes ago. Debra was in no shape to do anything with her mouth except take everything he was giving her while continuing to breathe through her nose. But his cock was so very thick that she had no choice but to maintain a fairly tight lip-lock at all times, simply because her lips were stretched about as wide as they could get.

As a result, Nick thought back to the one time he'd actually fucked a woman, Debra, the night before, and he recalled how that felt compared to what he was feeling now. Yesssss! So great! No wonder they call it a "face fuck." Blowjobs are great, for sure, but this is a pretty different thing. Those two times with Ma weren't really face fucks, not like this one. But now that I know the deal, I can fuck the hell out of her face! As long as I can't fuck her for real, at least I'll be able to do this! And the same goes for Hillary! Man! Life is sweet!

Another minute or two passed. His pleasure was still off-the-charts great. However, he was rapidly running out of energy. It felt a bit like running full speed until one dropped of exhaustion. His urge to cum was also rapidly rising and threatening to overwhelm him. Because he was thrusting so vigorously, he couldn't manage to clench his PC muscle to help stave off the inevitable cum blast.

He thought about using the squeezing trick to foil his ejaculation, since that had worked well earlier in the evening. But he decided against it, in part because he just wanted to cum again already and in part because he figured that if he did that, he'd have to stop his thrusting and cry "uncle" not long thereafter.

As a result, he panted, "I'm gonna... gonna... cum again! Is that okay?!"

Maggie said enthusiastically, "You're the man! Do what you want!"

Hillary added, "But pull back and cum on her face! That's a must!"

So that's what he did. Due to having more advanced warning, he was able to pull out before his orgasm began. That meant that none of his cum load was "lost" down her throat. But the downside was that he only had about half as much cum to give this time, due to having climaxed only about five minutes earlier.

It felt fantastic just the same though. He was in heaven as he tilted his head back and let loose.

Luckily, he didn't have to worry about painting Debra's face this time. Hillary was right there and waiting for this moment. She took control of his cock and aimed it to make sure Debra looked even more cum-doused than before.

Like last time, Debra opened her mouth wide and screamed. This orgasm of hers wasn't nearly as powerful as any of the last three. But it still was far better than what she'd thought the best orgasm could be like, prior to yesterday.

Hillary had to be careful like Nick had been last time to avoid "wasting" his cum by shooting it into Debra's mouth. Some flew into it, but she concentrated more on the top half of his face, since that had less cum than elsewhere.

Maggie continued to hold Debra up, but she changed her grip so she could cup both of Debra's breasts at the same time. And while she did that, she more fondled and even kneaded them, than just held them. That helped Debra's orgasm rise to a higher peak.

Finally, it all came to an end. Nick ran out of cum. Apparently his tendency to "cum in twos" was back, because his dick went flaccid right away. Then he ran out of energy with alarming speed. He realized he'd have to do something fast or he was liable to fall all the way to the floor. He saw the chair he'd been sitting in before and managed to plop himself back into that.

Maggie and Hillary didn't have another orgasm at the same time, since they had the roles which kept their hands occupied. But Shannon did. She was very quiet about it, but she had one that was just as intense as her last one, while she diddled her clit and pumped two fingers in and out of her hot slit.

But around the same time Nick's orgasm ended and he looked around for somewhere to sit down, she realized it was probably best if she moved away. She figured, correctly, that the others had paid no attention to her and hadn't realized how close she'd gotten. She wanted to keep them oblivious. Her own legs were unsteady after having two powerful orgasms only about five minutes apart, so she doubted she would walk back to her old seat in a hurry. Instead, she just scrambled back on the bed she was already sitting on until she was sitting up against the headboard and some pillow. That was almost as far away as she'd been before.

Maggie and Hillary made it back to the bed, but could only sit on the floor with their upper bodies resting against the side of the bed.

Without the others to hold her up, Debra wound up lying on the floor. But they had let her down easy. They'd been careful to make sure she ended up lying face up, because they didn't want the better part of three cum loads on her face wasted by getting smeared into the carpet.

Several minutes passed. There was no talking, just lots of closed eyes and heavy breathing.

Shannon was in the best shape, because she'd been through a lot less sexually than all the others, since she'd been late to join them. She got up and said, "This has been unreal! I'll be back in a minute. Hang tight." Then she walked out of the room, heedless of her nudity.

When she came back about two minutes later, the others were exactly as they had been, with their eyes still closed. However, nobody had actually fallen asleep. So when Shannon returned, all of them opened their eyes to see what she was doing.

Shannon had gone back to her bedroom, which was just down the hall. (Actually, it was more of a bedroom suite of rooms.) But she hadn't bothered to put on any clothes whatsoever, nor did she try to freshen up at all. Instead, she simply found her favorite digital camera, picked it up, and came right back.

She held the camera up. "Surprise! Photo session! What do you say?"

Maggie raised her hands to her face to hide herself. "Not me! Are you crazy? I must look like something the cat dragged in!" Like all the others, she was bedraggled and her hair was tussled after all the uninhibited sexual fun.

Shannon said, "Suit yourself. Actually, there's only one person that made me want to get my camera, and that's Debra."

"ME?!" Debra exclaimed, suddenly worried.

"Yes, you. It's your face, dear. I've never seen such a sexy sight! Do you realize Nick deposited no less than THREE cum loads on you?! And with all the tears and sweat there too, it looks like someone had a gangbang on your face!"

Debra scrunched her face with disgust. "Ewww! Yuck! You find that sexy?! I think you're crazy!" She continued to lie there, too tired to even lift her head.

Shannon could sense how hot Debra was for Nick. It wasn't hard to miss. So she said, "You know who thinks that looks super sexy? NICK does! Right, Nick?"

Nick hadn't gotten a good look at Debra's face after his last orgasm. She'd basically crumpled to the ground, guided by Maggie and Hillary, while he'd staggered off to find a chair. But he remembered how she'd looked before that, especially when he'd started to cum at the beginning of the face fuck. He also could see part of her face from where he was sitting, and just seeing that much stirred something inside of him.

So he said, "Definitely! Debra, you have no idea what it does to a guy, seeing cum on your gorgeous face like that. It's something primal, I think. Like I'm marking you. Claiming you."

"Really?!" Debra's opinion of facials was changing in an instant. She still thought cum was yucky. But if Nick felt that about them, she would be willing to endure them, for him and him alone.

He said, "Really! It's like... this is kind of a gross analogy maybe, but I think of dogs pissing all over the edges of the territory to mark it and keep the other dogs away. I don't know how you could think it doesn't look fucking amazing! In fact, do you know why I came right away when I started to fuck your face?"

"Why?!" Debra asked, almost breathlessly.

She was a bit grossed out by the dog analogy, but mostly it turned her on. She loved the idea of him marking her. As far as she was concerned, she belonged to him now. Devon was ancient history already. She knew it wouldn't be prudent to say so out loud, but nobody else could come close to giving her the pleasure he gave her, or just made her feel the way he did: helpless, humiliated, and controlled, but totally energized and alive. Why would she ever want to have sex with any other guy, after all that had happened in the last 24 hours? The very idea seemed crazy to her. So the fact that he was openly talking about "marking" and "claiming" her was like music to her ears.

He responded, "I'll tell you why. I happened to look down at you right around the time you took my dick into your mouth, and I saw all that cum, sweat, and tears, and your hair all messed up. You looked like you'd been through a hurricane! A sex hurricane!" He chuckled at that. "But I swear, you've never looked sexier to me. I can't even imagine how much sexier it'll look with all the extra cum on you."

He stood up. "In fact, I need to see that with my own eyes. Up close."

Debra managed to sit up. If Nick was going to give her a look-over from only a couple of feet away, she wanted to be her best for him. Lying there sprawled out like she was a corpse was no way to be.

Shannon was pleased at the reaction her camera idea was getting. She asked Debra, "So now can I take your picture?"


A short photo shoot ensued. The focus was close-ups on Debra's cum-soaked face. But Shannon took some full bodied shots too.

Nick knelt just out of range of the camera. He was right; Debra looked three times as sexy with three of his cum loads on her face, instead of just one.

Maggie and Hillary were slowly turning green with jealousy. Now that it was all said and done, they were very disappointed that Nick had cum so much on Debra, leaving them relatively high and dry. The idea had been for him to cum on her face once after a face fuck, not twice. But that couldn't be changed now.

After taking about 30 pictures of Debra, Shannon held up the camera and said to the others, "How 'bout it? Can I take your pictures too?"

All three of them felt the same way: definitely not!

Hillary looked to Nick and Maggie and read their eyes. Then she said to Shannon, "No offense, but we'd rather not. There's just no telling where those pictures will end up. You might say you're totally careful and mean it, and use every precaution, and then some stranger could break into your room and steal them or who knows what."

Debra heard that and said, "Hey! What about me?! I don't want my pictures getting all over the place either! I'd be ruined!"

Nick saved that situation. "Debra, listen. It's different with you. You're the only one in the picture. You could have squirted fake cum on yourself, for all anyone can prove. But I'm supposed to have only one girlfriend. If pictures got out suggesting otherwise, that would be bad." He asked Shannon, "Is it okay if we take pictures of you totally naked with us?"

Shannon frowned. She was reluctant to say it, but she clearly didn't like that idea.

He said, "See? So you know how I feel." Then he addressed Debra again. "Besides, I really, really want those pictures of you with so much of my cum on your face! That would mean a lot to me, like a gift from you to me. Don't you want them too?"

Debra was uncertain. She looked back to Shannon. "Can I see what they look like, through the little view finder thingy?"

"Sure." Shannon smiled warmly. "And by the way, I can be totally trusted with this. I can even walk to my room down the hall right now, print out some copies, and delete them from my phone. I have a really great color printer."

Nick said decisively, "That won't be necessary, right, Shannon? You took a couple dozen pictures, at least. Even if you picked out the best ones, that would take an hour or more, especially if you make copies for me and her. What if we come back some other time and get those from you?"

Shannon's smile grew. "Sure. That could be arranged." She figured that if Nick came back with Debra, more sexual fun would ensue. Even though she couldn't take part due to her tie to Brian, she loved vicariously and voyeuristically enjoying herself with them.

Debra also put two and two together as she realized coming back would give her another chance to be with Nick outside of school. Plus, she was looking through the camera and she realized the pictures did look really hot. It was "yucky," but there was something primal and compelling about it. She could see what Nick meant about him marking her.

She handed the camera back and said, "Okay. Let's do that."

But Hillary said, "Waaaaait one minute! Nick, I'm sorry, but I'm not going to let you and Debra be together outside of school under any circumstance. You've talked about that weird bonding thing. Your big fat cock would be enveloped by her lips in, like, two minutes flat!"

He said, "Don't worry, you can come too. Maggie, you can come also, if you want."

Maggie said emotionally, "I think I will!" She was in a jealous mood after hearing Nick praise Debra's cummy face so much.

Shannon kept on smiling and said, 'That sounds great. We could make a little mid-week private party out of it. And there's another reason you two should come back here soon." She looked to Maggie and Hillary as she said that. "Maggie, I told you earlier that I think you're wearing the wrong bra size. Hillary, I wouldn't be surprised if you are too. Like I told Maggie, 80 percent of very buxom women have ill-fitting bras. Being well off like I am, I have specialists come to my house. I have a bra-fitter who'll fix you right up."

Debra asked eagerly, "Oooh! Could I get fitted too?"

"Of course."

Nick joked, "How 'bout me?" He couldn't believe that he was getting to talk to Shannon while she stood buck naked only a few feet away.

Shannon made an amused, chagrined face. "Not you. Gain 200 pounds and then maybe we'll talk."

So it was agreed they would all come back soon. It depended on when the bra-fitter was available, so they would have to work out the details on the phone.

After that, it was time for them to wind down, clean up, and go home. Not only did the bedroom they were in have a bathroom attached to it, but there were a number of other bedrooms on the same floor that also had their own private bathrooms.

Debra used the bathroom connected to the room they were in. She would have been shy to wander the hallway with her cummy face, even if nobody else was around.

Nick used another bathroom a short way down the hall. He thought he'd use it alone, but Maggie insisted on joining him. Then Hillary didn't want to be left out, so she joined too.

Unfortunately, they were all too tired and sexually satiated to make a fun sexual shower out of it. His penis stayed flaccid. But they did wash each other up, with Nick washing both of his sluts while they jointly washed him. His mind boggled at how extraordinarily beautiful they were all wet. The three of them all agreed that sharing a shower together was a must in the near future, but when they were in better condition to properly enjoy it.

Shannon went to her room with her camera and used her own bathroom. Before she left, she swore to the others and especially to Debra that she would be extremely careful with Debra's photos until then.

Each person was going to dress when they finished showering. But that presented a problem because most of their clothes were back downstairs. Debra, for instance, had come upstairs dressed only in her bikini bottoms.

But Shannon had a solution for that. She pointed out that her home had enough clothes in it "to clothe an entire army." While the others were showering, she was able to find bathrobes for each of them. She left them outside of the showers they were using before taking her own shower.

In the end, all five of them wound up feeling clean and refreshed, and wearing one of Shannon's robes.

Then Shannon said that she'd taken the liberty of calling a taxi for Debra. Although Debra had driven to the party, Shannon pointed out that Debra looked so exhausted and worn out that she would do better not to drive and come arrange to get her car back tomorrow. She also noted that if she took a taxi, she could sit on her side all the way home instead of having to sit on her red, spanked butt.

That sealed it for Debra. She left to go get the rest of her clothes and then hurry to the taxi.

But before she left, she went to Nick and gave him a long, passionate French kiss. When it ended, she whispered into his ear so only he could hear, "I'll be seeing you soon! After all, I'm your sex pet now. You've marked me and claimed me. So now you need to take responsibility."

He didn't say anything in response, because he had no idea what to say.

Then Debra left with Shannon. She knew the mansion well enough to easily find her way to her clothes and then to the taxi. However, Shannon had her own reasons for going downstairs. She said she wanted to check on the other partiers to see if any were still left, but she also wanted to check to see if her parents had come home yet. They were due home very shortly, if they weren't back already. She wasn't worried about them, since they knew she partied while they were gone, but she just wanted to know one way or another, especially since their bedroom was on the third floor too.

Shannon promised to return in just a few minutes. Right before she left, she said, "Hang on tight. I'll be back shortly to sort you out."

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, lew54321, GWB, and BDGV.