Chapter 70: Shannon's Rooftop Paradise (Sunday)
Written and illustrated by Spacer X <>

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As soon as Shannon was gone, Maggie and Hillary turned their attention to Nick. Clearly, they wanted to ask him about what Debra had just whispered to him.

But they were standing in the hallway. Before they could ask him, he walked back into the bedroom they'd been in prior to all of their showers.

Once they were in the middle of that room, they came up to him again. Hillary asked, "Okay, so what was THAT all about?!"

He was trying to stall for time. He didn't want to lie to them, but he also didn't want to tell them the full truth, especially that she'd referred to herself as his "sex pet." So he compromised by honestly paraphrasing what she'd said. "Uh, she told me that she'd be seeing me soon. And that I'd 'marked' her with my cum. And that, uh, basically, she's expecting to have sex with me some more."

Hillary grimaced and growled. "I knew it! What a BITCH!"

Maggie was less emphatic, but she bit her lip with worry. Like the others, she was wearing a short, white, terrycloth robe. It was held together with just a sash around her waist. She deliberately opened her robe in front, exposing her bare pussy and enough of her huge tits to reveal her nipples. Her richly tanned skin contrasted dramatically with the white robe.

She asked, "Sport, don't tell me you think Debra is more attractive than we are, do you? Than I am? Would you rather have her suck your cock than either of us?!"

He was incredulous, and it showed. "Are you kidding me?! No way! Ma, you're so beautiful that I can't even stand it! It HURTS me to look at you, because you're blindingly gorgeous!" He feigned shielding his eyes, as if he couldn't even bear to look at her just then.

She felt a bit better. But she wanted more encouragement. She opened her robe more, pulling it down just enough to bare most of her shoulders. She struck a sexy pose, with a cocked hip. "You're just saying that."

He looked to Hillary. "Tell her! Is she blind or delusional? Hillary, it's the same for you! BOTH of you are so beautiful that it's ridiculous!"

He was surprised that Hillary seemed in need of validation from him too. She also opened her robe wide, revealing her bare pussy and all of her enormous F-cups. "Yes, but Debra is 'ridiculously beautiful' too. You can't deny it!"

"True," he said. "But the difference is absolutely everything else! She's JUST a pretty face."

"And a hot body," Maggie pointed out. She struck another provocative pose, causing her robe to slide down to her elbows. "And, apparently, she's a pretty great cocksucker, judging by your reactions to her intense oral efforts."

Hillary added, "We can see how much you love her sucking by all the cum on her face."

He said, "Okay, that too. But she's not smart. Her personality doesn't appeal to mse at all. As far as I can tell, her interests are totally different than mine. I doubt I could sustain a ten-minute conversation with her. She has NO sense of humor either. Did you notice that? She has totally shallow values. She's not evil, but she's selfish. Basically, she's bad news all around! By contrast, the both of you are the exact opposite! You're even MORE beautiful than her, in my book, plus you're beautiful on the inside!"

He was going to say more to compliment and praise them, but Maggie dropped her robe altogether and stepped forward. She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a big kiss on his lips.

As the kiss heated up and continued, she reached into his robe and checked on the condition of his penis. After discovering that it remained flaccid, she left it alone. She was feeling rather tired and sexually satiated.

His hands went to her bare ass cheeks. But, like her, he wasn't in a highly sexual mood, and he was giving her more of a loving kiss.

After a minute or more of affectionate necking, Hillary tapped on Maggie's shoulder. She whispered, "I could use a little loving reassurance from him too!"

Maggie smiled and disengaged. "Of course! We're a threesome team, all the way!"

Hillary had kept her robe on her shoulders, but once she had Nick's full attention, she let it fall all the way to the floor. Then she stepped up and took Maggie's place in his arms.

Nick had another great kiss with Hillary, and he fondled her bare ass cheeks in the same way. But he was still in recovery mode, and again, the kissing was more loving and tender than urgent and lusty.

Hillary actually preferred it that way. It suited her current mood too.

After about another minute, they broke that kiss but remained in a loose embrace.

Hillary told him, "Okay, we believe you about Debra. We've seen the same things you do about her personality and such. But still, you have some serious sexual chemistry with her. Don't you?"

"Not to mention that weird bond with her that you've talked about," Maggie said.

He opened his arms wider, inviting Maggie to join them in the hug.

Maggie moved in. Hillary also moved to the side. They wound up with all four of their massive bare tits pressed against his chest. The two sex bombs kept an arm around each other as well as both of them having one arm around him.

He felt his heart soar. Ma and Hillary are so great! My two dream girls! Wow! To have both of them in my arms and their enormous bare tits pressing into me at once really IS a dream! I don't have any feelings for Debra except for lust. I hope they realize that.

He said, "Let's talk about this, and what to do. But first, I kissed both of you. Now you need to kiss each other. And don't say no. Remember, Maggie, I have the power to order you to do that."

Maggie broke into a big smile. "Well, if you insist!"

Hillary smiled widely too, but only for a few seconds, because her head met Maggie's and the two of them shared a long kiss too. This one was both loving and full of sexual promise.

Maggie thought, Aaaah! This is the kind of thing I live for! The three of us, together, forever! Debra can go get lost! And STAY lost!

Nick happened to be facing towards the hallway that led to the door into the room. After at least a minute of happily watching his two dream girls make out, he saw Shannon walk into the room, still in her identical white robe.

He took his arms from the bare backs of his two women and tapped their shoulders. "Um, you should know that Shannon just walked in."

Maggie and Hillary broke apart very quickly. Clearly, they were embarrassed that their sexual desire for each other had just been witnessed by someone they hardly knew.

Shannon was grinning like a Cheshire cat. "Boy! I should walk in on you guys more often. Every time I do, it's so interesting!"

Knowing the other two would be highly embarrassed, Nick said to Shannon, "Just so you know, they're not lesbian lovers. They like to kiss and fondle, and rub their bare breasts together, but that's about it."

Shannon walked closer. She waved a hand dismissively. "Don't worry about it. Whatever it is you do, I'm not going to tell a soul. I'm mostly straight, but I've been known to play around with other girls from time to time, so it's not like I disapprove at all. I'm more amused that I wasn't gone even five minutes, Nick, and you have both your lovers naked and all hot and bothered!"

Maggie breathed a secret sigh of relief that Shannon didn't make a big deal out of what she'd seen, and had quickly changed the subject. She said, "You don't know the half of it! Trying to keep your clothes on around him is next to impossible! The first thing he likes to do is strip you completely naked!"

Hillary chuckled knowingly. "So true!"

Shannon raised a curious eyebrow. "Oh, really?" Then, without any warning, she opened her robe and dramatically let it drop to the floor.

Nick's heart leaped to his throat. God DAMN! Shannon is so fucking HOT! And she pretty much just admitted that she's bisexual. Are you fucking kidding me?! What an evening!

Hillary turned to fully face Shannon. "Now, wait a minute!"

So did Maggie. "Yeah!"

After the latest Debra debacle, the two girls weren't about to let the same thing happen with Shannon.

Shannon giggled. "Relax! I'm not trying to make a play for him or try to join you or anything. What I said earlier about having a boyfriend and wanting to stay loyal to him still stands. No touching is my rule. But remember all we've seen and done together tonight? He's seen plenty of me naked already. I figured we'd get out of these robes soon anyway. I just couldn't resist the flair for the dramatic there."

That put Maggie and Hillary at ease, relatively speaking. It was hard to deny that having Shannon get naked again was no big deal compared to everything else they'd been through.

Hillary said, "Fair enough. But it's a moot point because we're heading out the door to go home."

Shannon shifted her weight, striking a subtly sexy pose. "About that... I have another idea. But first, let me give you an update on what I found out downstairs. It's not even nine o'clock yet, if you could believe it. I didn't see any sign of my parents, so I called 'em up and found out they're about an hour away from home. There's still a small group of partiers down at the hot tub, but I told them they should leave soon, before my parents get back. They're party regulars who know the deal, so I don't have any worries about seeing them out. And my maid will take care of them."

Nick asked, "What happens if they're slow to leave and your parents get here first?"

"Nothing," Shannon replied. "My parents know full well about this party and all the others I have like it. And we've got a great live-in maid who cleans things up like magic. She'll also emerge from the shadows to make sure they leave on time, if they dilly dally. The only thing is my parents don't want the parties to take place when they're home because it interferes with their life and their privacy. And my mom especially won't want my dad to see all the topless beauties running around. That's happened before. He got an eyeful, and then he got an earful!" She chuckled.

She went on, "Now, as for you, I have a whole different plan in mind. The party isn't over yet! I want to let you in on a secret. The hot tub you saw downstairs isn't the only one. I have another one on the roof that's even better. It's got great views of everything for miles around, and all the stars in the sky too. I say the four of us go up there and get to know each other better. Strictly as friends, mind you! The three of you intrigue me in a big way, and now that I know your secrets, I feel like we have no choice but to be friends."

Nick, Maggie, and Hillary exchanged glances with each other. Each of them was intrigued by the offer. Since it wasn't even nine o'clock yet, it was hard to argue that they had to go home already.

However, Maggie's motherly concern came to the fore. She asked Nick, "How are you doing on homework for tomorrow?"

Actually, he'd fallen behind. He'd spent most of the weekend either at Shannon's party or talking to Anushka, or taking part in Maggie's pussy fingering lesson, or the like. But he really wanted to check out the rooftop hot tub, and he figured he could get caught up on his homework tomorrow or some other day. He said, "I'm fine."

Hillary was of a similar mindset. She had homework too, but there was nothing she had to get done for tomorrow that wasn't done already. "I'm fine too. What about you?"

Maggie replied, "I've got nothing due tomorrow." She thought, How true that is! Since I'm not even going to school, I've got nothing due, ever!

Maggie still wasn't sure about staying though. She asked Shannon, "If we stay there for long, won't that be a problem for when your parents come home?"

"Nah," Shannon replied, still looking great posing naked. "Have you seen how big this house is?! The challenge is trying to find anybody inside it. I can shepherd you out of the house, no problem. If you do run into them, the worst that could happen is that they'd want to spend a few minutes talking to you."

So it was decided the four of them would go to the roof.

Shannon insisted on one rule though, which was that although they should bring their robes with them, she said it was strictly a "nude only" hot tub.

That wasn't a hard sell, given all they'd been through already, plus the fact that Nick was the only one of them still wearing a robe. So that was agreed to.

In fact, Shannon made that request because she wanted to see the other three naked as much as possible. She was very sexually interested in all three, though she was still determined to stay faithful to her boyfriend as long as that relationship lasted, if only because she'd been cheated on and had seriously vowed to never do that to anyone else. But also, she really did consider it a "nude only" hot tub. That was a major reason why she hardly ever invited anyone up there.

The roof of Shannon's mansion turned out to be a revelation, even in the darkness. It was a large, flat space, covering the size of the entire third floor. Most of it was a luxuriant garden. That meant tons of dirt had been brought up, making it hard to remember that it in fact was the top of a mansion. With the exception of a few areas, it seemed more like a mesa that had extremely straight cliffs on all sides.

The garden area was a mixture of an actual farmer's garden (including rows of growing crops), and bushes and trees, for shade, fruit, and decoration. About half of the garden area was covered by a see-through greenhouse, which made it an uncommonly large one. But in one corner of the roof area there was a hot tub, next to an infinity pool that went right to the edge. That corner had a spectacular view of the mostly suburban environs, all the way to the ocean many miles away.

The Blaine estate that the mansion was in the middle of was so large that there was no worries of neighbors seeing or hearing them whatsoever. Due to their height above the ground and the lack of other tall structures nearby, being seen was effectively impossible.

Shannon got to working on the hot tub controls. She said, "Welcome to my little home away from home. I don't let many guests here, even people I know pretty well. The three of you almost double the number of all the different guests I've brought here. But there's something about tonight and you three that made me want to do this. I can't explain it."

Maggie had an arm wrapped over her huge boobs and another one just underneath, because she was rather cold standing outside buck naked. She looked all around and said, "Goodness gracious! This place is amaaaaazing!"

Shannon said, "Hey, what's the point of having lots of money if you can't spend it, right? This actually is kind of my private place, since the last of my siblings went off to college. My parents hardly ever come up here."

Nick said in wonder, "This place is crazy amazing! You know what it reminds me of? The Hanging Gardens of Babylon."

He was so impressed that he was looking all around instead of checking out Shannon as she bent over dramatically to adjust the hot tub controls, startlingly close to him. Her bare ass looked fantastic in the dim light. Had his penis been erect, he could have taken a step forward and plunged it right into her tight cunt.

Shannon joked, "So you've been there to compare, huh? Are you a time traveler, on top of all your other impressive talents?"

He noticed that Hillary was standing with her hands on her hips. Apparently, she wasn't having trouble with the cold. However, he saw how his mother was hugging herself, so he went to her and wrapped both of his arms around her.

Maggie cuddled into him. "Thanks, Sport."

He finally answered Shannon, "I'm not a time traveler, sorry. But from what I've heard of the Hanging Gardens, if they existed, they used hydraulics to raise water up high and have gardens up in the air like this."

Shannon continued to talk while apparently fiddling with the controls. In fact, it only took her a few seconds to set them as she liked them, and she just wanted to stay bent over and show off her fantastic ass. She said, "Thanks for the high praise. I've heard something like that. Since this place has kind of fallen into my hands, I do a lot of the gardening. I'm proud of it."

Hillary walked over to Nick and Maggie and wrapped an arm around the both of them. She wasn't that cold; she just wanted the contact. She said, "Well, you have good reason to be proud."

Nick was in seventh heaven, getting to freely caress Maggie and Hillary at the same time. But even so, he tempted to reach out and fondle Shannon's ass. It was so close, but so far! He knew he would get in all sorts of trouble if he did that. Luckily, he had both of his dream girls in hand, literally. He fondled one tit on each of them instead.

Still bent over enticingly, with her ass and pussy on glorious display, Shannon asked, "How much lighting should I turn on?"

He suggested, "I think the view is great just like this, don't you agree?"

Hillary looked pointedly at Shannon's fabulous bare ass, and said, "You would say that!"

"Huh?" Shannon asked.

"Oh, nothing," Hillary said. "This is fine. Dark is good."

Maggie whispered in his ear, but loud enough for Hillary to hear, "The less you see, the better!"

So they kept the lighting as it was. But there was some ambient lighting and moonlight, which meant he had no trouble seeing even some glistening cum on Shannon's fully exposed pussy. He was surprised that his two lovers seemed only mildly annoyed at this.

Shannon finally stood up and turned around to face the others. She laughed when she saw how they were cuddled together with Nick playing with two sets of tits at once. "You three never stop, do you?"

"We do, actually," Maggie replied. "This is stopping, by our recent standards. He's flaccid, for once, as I'm sure you've noticed. And we're all feeling mellow and sexually satiated. Aren't we?"

Nick and Hillary nodded, because they were. Although Nick was feeling an erotic thrill, mostly from getting to check out Shannon's nude body, still right in front of him.

Maggie went on, "Plus, he came, what, seven times today already?"

Nick nodded again. "Eight, I think." He wasn't sure anymore.

Maggie finished off, "So I think this will be a nice chance to just talk in a totally non-sexual way, even though we are all naked."

Shannon couldn't resist looking down at Nick's flaccid penis. It was visible between Maggie and Hillary. She exclaimed, "Seven or eight times?! For real?!"

Nick, Maggie, and Hillary all nodded. Nick was sheepish, while Maggie and Hillary were unabashedly proud and grinning.

Shannon was very impressed, and she didn't try to hide it. "Good God! Brian could never do all that in one day. Hell, I never had a boyfriend who could."

Maggie couldn't resist boasting, "That's nothing, for him! He came nine or ten times yesterday! It was so much that we kind of lost count."

Shannon furrowed her brow and stared at them with a nearly concerned look on her face. "Are you kidding me?! You're kidding, right?!"

Nick felt embarrassed, and said, "It's true, but you have to keep in mind that it was a really exceptional day. A personal record, for sure. Just having Maggie AND Hillary as my girlfriends doubles my enthusiasm and stamina over what it had been before. We're still in kind of a honeymoon phase where we can't keep our hands off each other, as you can see." He looked to his hands, still openly groping both of his women. "And then, yesterday, things got kind of weird and very sexual with Debra. So I was sort of triply inspired."

Shannon still stared at him. "Even so... I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen you shoot your cum on Debra's face three times in a relatively short time. And you're so thick!" She looked back down at his crotch as if he was erect again. "No wonder you have TWO girlfriends!"

He thought, I can't believe I'm having this conversation with a naked redhead, who is one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen! While playing with two of the largest sets of tits I'm ever going to know. And yet we're all acting like this is normal!

Maggie looked to Hillary. "You see?" She explained to Shannon, "I was his first girlfriend. I invited Hillary to join us in part because his penis gets stiff so often, and for so long each time, that I really did need help. What you just said helps prove my point."

Hillary admitted, "I didn't believe that or understand it at the time. But I'm starting to get it now. I must say, it helps me with the jealousy issue. Can you imagine having a boyfriend who cums that many times a day? It would be great some days, but on other days you'd want an off switch."

Maggie playfully ran a hand up and down Nick's bare chest, as if checking for such a switch. "There's no off switch, believe me. I've checked every last square inch of him!"

Hillary joked, "I've found one off switch of sorts. But using it involves getting your jaw sore and your face sticky and wet, and it only turns him off for a very limited time!"

Maggie and Hillary shared a good laugh at that.

Maggie lasciviously licked her lips. "Speaking of which, I could go for flicking his off switch for a while right about now!"

Hillary licked her lips in the same way. "Mmmm! I know exactly what you mean!"

Then the two of them burst into jovial laughter.

Once again, Nick secretly marveled at how casual they were about this, especially in front of Shannon.

Shannon shook her head, as if to shake her crazy, lusty thoughts right out of it. "Let's change the subject, please. I have to think about being loyal to my boyfriend. While we wait for the hot tub to heat up, I wanted to point out my organic garden." She pointed back to the rows of growing plants behind where the others were standing.

The other three turned around while remaining in a loose embrace with each other. There wasn't much to see in the dark from a distance, except for outlines.

She said as she pointed to various spots, "See that section over there? I grow all sorts of vegetables. Then that section there are fruits. Mostly berries. That's why they have the netting over them, to keep the birds out. Everything else you see pretty much grows something edible. The trees are all fruit trees, for instance, and the bushes have berries. My sisters who started this many years ago were very practical."

"Wow!" Maggie said, genuinely impressed. "Who gets to eat all the food?"

"We do," Shannon replied. "Mom, Dad, and me, plus the hired help. But it's way more than we can eat ourselves, so we donate the rest away to various good causes."

Maggie asked, "What's in the greenhouse?"

Shannon smiled. "Oh, that's my pride and joy! It's like the tropics in there. It allows me to grow all sorts of tropical foods, from chilies to bananas to even a little rice paddy. A lot of it is for some unusual tropical fruits you can't easily find elsewhere."

Maggie's voice grew excited. "Such as?!"

"Such as, well, all sorts of things. You name it: guavas, rose apples, cherimoyas, persimmons, rambutans-"

Nick interrupted, "Did you say 'rambutans?!'"

"I did."

"I think I just fell in love with you!" he said enthusiastically.

She laughed. "Hold your horses, buster. You're taken, twice over!"

Maggie said to her, "I just fell in love with you too! You see, we have a thing for tropical fruits. What else?!"

"Well, I try to have one tree or bush for everything. Including, papayas, mangoes, mangosteens-"

Both Maggie and Nick looked at her with surprise and delight. Hillary's face lit up with interest too. Maggie even forcefully shoved her shoulders. "No way! YOU LIE!"

Shannon laughed. "It's true! Here, let me show you. Are you really interested in this sort of thing?"

"So interested!" Maggie said. "You have no idea! I'm actually writing a book, a cookbook. And the theme is making dishes involving rare and exotic foods, especially exotic fruits."

"And I'm helping her a little bit," Nick said, "Including getting to eat whatever mad creations she comes up with."

Shannon was impressed. "Oh! Wow! Then I'll definitely give you the full tour!" She looked to Hillary, who she worried didn't share their enthusiasm, "You don't mind?"

Hillary replied, "Me? Not at all." She teased, "I didn't spontaneously orgasm at the mention of certain tropical fruits, like these two did," - she smiled at them - "but I love all that stuff too. Anushka is really into the same sort of thing, and she's been teaching me."

"Wow, this is incredible," Shannon said. "What a great coincidence. I'm so glad already that I took you to my private little paradise. I've never found anyone to show much interest. Well, except for some of my older siblings, but they've all moved away."

Shannon took the other three on a tour of her garden, and especially of her large greenhouse. She turned on lighting for all the pathways. She showed and named every different thing that was growing there.

Maggie especially couldn't have been more interested. She was practically drooling. If she had a few millions dollars, she would have made a greenhouse more or less exactly like this one. She didn't have that kind of money, but Shannon's family most definitely did.

Even Nick was interested, despite the fact that he was walking around with three buck naked beauties. He was plenty interested in that too. The nudity would have been a practical problem outside at night, except that they spent most of their time in the greenhouse, which was uncommonly warm.

The "crown jewel" in Shannon's greenhouse, at least in her opinion, were her shrubs of miracle berries. As she explained to the others, if one eats a miracle berry, molecules bind to one's taste buds, blocking some receptors and activating others, causing sour fruits to taste sweet for about the next half hour, or even longer. There was a good reason it was named the "miracle berry," because the effect was practically miraculous.

The others were very impressed by the berry. Maggie knew about it, but she'd never actually seen one or eaten one. Shannon promised to invite them back to have a "miracle berry dinner," where they could try the effect out for themselves. They didn't set a specific date, however.

— — —

After about ten minutes, they returned to the hot tub. The water was bubbly and reasonably hot by that time. All four of them settled into the water, nearly up to their necks.

They spent the next 20 minutes talking about Shannon's garden and Maggie's book. With everyone in the water up to their necks, and the water very opaque due to the darkness and the bubbles, that cut way down on sexy distractions.

Shannon and Maggie became excited at collaboration ideas. Shannon grew way more food than she or her family could ever eat. Maggie would have loved to use that food in her recipes. Shannon generously offered to give Maggie whatever she needed, and Maggie eagerly accepted.

Just like that, Maggie and Shannon became solid friends, linked by their unusual area of interest. They could have talked about food and gardening for hours and hours, but they held back due to Hillary and Nick being there. Those two were somewhat interested, but they were more happy just to see how excited the other two got.

Maggie also talked of getting Anushka involved in their collaboration. She said, "If you could let Anushka see this place, she would flip out! She'd be over the moon!"

"I would love that," Shannon said sincerely. "The three of us should get together. Then we can go off into all the nitty gritty." She looked to Hillary and Nick. "But we should cool it for now. We don't want to bore these two."

Nick said, "I'm not bored, believe me. And I keep thinking about how FAT I'm going to get!"

Shannon asked, "What do you mean?"

He explained, "Maggie cooks a lot of my meals, since she rents out the bungalow right behind my house. And she's a super good cook. I foresee that she'll be cooking, like, three dinners a night, just to try out all the exotic foods you grow here. And she's going to make me eat it all!" He laughed.

Maggie laughed too. "There's actually some truth to that. Sport, you're just going to have to burn off all those extra calories with vigorous exercise." She flashed him a sexually hungry look. "I can think of some ways we could burn lots of calories together."

Shannon laughed. "Whoa! It is just me, or did the hot tub just get ten degrees hotter?"

Hillary said with a smile, "They're like that all the time. They can't keep their hands off each other. It would bother me, except that Nick is just as handsy with me."

He smiled from ear to ear. "Speaking of which..." He held his arms out.

The four of them had been sitting roughly equidistant from each other in the hot tub. It was a lot smaller than the one downstairs, and it would have been a squeeze to fit in six people. Nick had Maggie on his left and Hillary on his right, with Shannon directly across from him.

Nick, Maggie, and Hillary were trying not to get intimate, given that Shannon was there. But after he opened his arms in invitation, Maggie and Hillary couldn't resist scooting close until they were cuddled right up to him. He kissed each of them, and they kissed back, but only cheek kisses.

Shannon said to them, "Don't hold back on my account. After what I saw downstairs, there's nothing you could do to shock me."

She said to Maggie and Hillary, "I don't know if you noticed this, but after you two got off the bed to help Debra stay upright during the face fuck, I moved up to sit where you'd been sitting. So I wasn't much farther from that action than I am from you three right now."

Maggie groaned. "Ugh! I can't believe we did all that. And with Debra, of all people! And that you saw that. We spoil him so much. But let's not talk about that right now, please. I know you have lots of questions about us and our weird threesome ways, but we have questions for you too. For starters, you made a few references to your older sisters, like when you said who planted that tree."

Shannon said, "Yeah, let me explain. I probably missed telling you some basic things about myself. You see, I have no less than seven siblings!"

The other three were surprised.

"Seven?!" Hillary exclaimed. "I'm an only child, so that's pretty hard for me to imagine."

"Seven," Shannon confirmed. "Three sisters and four brothers. All of them older. They're all off in college or beyond. I'm the baby of the bunch. It's weird now, living in this house, because we literally have a dozen bedrooms. Even when all my siblings were here it was too big, but now that it's just me and my parents, it's kind of absurd. It feels lonely and empty. Each of their bedrooms is kind of like their personal museum, unchanged from the day they left."

Nick had a startling thought. "Did we...?! With Debra...?!"

Shannon chuckled. "Yeah, you did that in one of my brother's rooms. Don't worry about it though. He'll never know. Besides, remember, I put on a lot of parties here. All the bedrooms have been used for some serious hanky panky at one point or another."

He breathed a silent sigh of relief at that.

She said, "Maybe that's one reason why I throw a lot of parties, even all-weekend parties, to try to fill this place back up for a little while. To be honest, I feel guilty to live in such a vast and opulent place at all, much less when it's so empty now that all my siblings are gone. I spend a lot of my time up here. Sometimes in the hot tub or the pool, but also doing a lot of gardening, or just kicking back, reading for homework and the like."

Maggie said, "It must be amazing during the day."

"Oh, it is! And the great thing is, we're so high up that nobody can see. You'd never know there's a garden at all from down below. To be honest..." She seemed to lose courage to say what she was planning on saying.

"What?" Hillary prodded.

Shannon sighed. "It's weird that I just met you, effectively today. Hillary, I met you last week, but still, that's not much. But since I know a bunch of your secrets, it's only fair I tell you one of mine. You see, most of the time when I'm up here, I'm naked!"

Hillary laughed.

Shannon was offended. "Hey!"

Hillary waved her hands out of the water. "Sorry! I'm not laughing AT you. It's just funny because I'm a nudist too!"

That got them talking about nudism. It turned out Shannon only went naked up on the roof. She was intrigued to find Hillary and her parents stayed nude in their house all the time. She only liked going naked up on the roof, and couldn't imagine being naked around her parents.

She said, "So, you see, I have a 'no clothes' rule up here. I only let you up here because I figured you'd be willing to go along with that. The only other ones who come up here are my mom and Rita. That's our live-in maid. And yes, she's from Mexico. I know it's totally cliché, but I didn't hire her, so don't blame me. Anyway, my mom wears clothes, but I can't stop her because she's my mom. She usually strips down to just her bikini though, to meet me halfway. And Nick, before you get all excited, she's over 50."

"Awww." He was just joking around. He didn't care to fantasize about Shannon's mother since he was sitting with three of the most beautiful girls he could possibly imagine. But he did wonder about Rita. And he also wondered if Anushka would have to get naked to visit this garden, because Maggie would certainly want her to see it soon.

Shannon grinned a bit. "Now, as for Rita, she is a bit of a hottie, and she does come up here naked. I'll have to warn her about you!" She chuckled.

He thought, A-ha! This place is great! This whole mansion is like topless or nude beauty paradise! If Anushka comes here, I'll totally have to be there for that! Ma, Anushka, and Shannon possibly naked together?! God damn!

Hillary said, "Seriously, warn her. This guy is getting big ideas since we've let him play around with Debra."

"What's that Debra stuff all about, anyway?" Shannon asked. "I want to hear the full story."

Hillary just replied, "Later, maybe. It's... complicated." She didn't want to talk to Shannon about that because it was embarrassing. Also, she wasn't convinced that it would be smart to share even more secrets with her. Furthermore, she didn't know what they were going to do about Debra themselves, so it made sense to talk with each other about it first.

Shannon said, "No worries. We've got plenty of other things to discuss." They went back to talking about nudity. In fact, she was dying to learn more about what had happened with Debra, but she didn't want to be pushy.

At one point, Nick asked her, "Sorry if this is a rude question, but if you're nude gardening up here so much, how come you don't have more of a tan?"

Shannon laughed. "Believe me, I've tried! This is as tanned as I get, due to my Irish background, with some Viking blood thrown in there. In my opinion, I actually AM fairly tanned. And no tan lines! See?

She rose up out of the water to show off her fabulous double D-cups. They looked even more tempting when they were soaking wet and glistening under the dim lamplight, and moonlight.

Nick had to resist whistling out loud in appreciation. With his two sluts watching his every move, he figured he had to be on his very best behavior.

Still, he thought, Boy! I'd fuck her in a heartbeat! But I can't! Although... if Ma and Hillary let me have fun with Debra... But there were very special reasons for that. But... if I could come up with some plausible excuse... No! I have to stick to my two dream girls! I can't get distracted!

Shannon went on, "It's just that you happen to have two gorgeous girlfriends who are practically tanned enough to pass for native Polynesian. So I call unfair comparison!"

He laughed. "Fair enough. Sorry." Actually, he loved Shannon's red-haired, green-eyed look. And while she didn't get very tan, her skin had a nice rosy hue to it.

There was a subtle competitive vibe in the air when it came to the looks of the three girls. Shannon stayed sitting up high enough to keep all of her impressive tits out of the water. Very soon thereafter, Maggie and Hillary rose up to show off their even larger breasts. They didn't want Shannon hogging all of Nick's attention.

Nick asked Shannon, "Why did your parents have so many kids? Is it okay if I ask that?"

"Sure. That's due to my mom, Belle. She loves being a mom and raising kids. You see, my dad is a big time business executive. He's always super busy, jetting off to some distant place or another. But that's okay, because my mom has been totally devoted to raising us. She used to be a flight attendant, and met my dad Brandon as a passenger one day. One thing led to another, and she quit when they got married."

Maggie felt embarrassed, thinking about how she already knew about Belle's flight attendant job. She hoped Shannon never found out about that, especially the way they'd cut up two of the uniforms.

Shannon added, "She has zero interest in working. She just loves the mom life. I don't know what she's going to do after I'm off to college. I'm kind of worried about that, actually."

She continued to talk about her parents and their background. Brandon worked for a major food conglomerate. As she put it, if they ate a bag of potato chips, the odds were that a very tiny fraction of a penny would go to him.

Maggie was starting to get frisky, being cuddled there with her son. Looking at Shannon's fabulous bare chest out of the water was a factor in heating her up, although she didn't fully consciously realize it.

She found herself wondering if Nick might have an erection, if indeed it was possible to get one in the hot water of the hot tub. She furtively brought a hand to his lap to check.

She discovered that he was flaccid. But she thoroughly checked him out, including fondling his balls, and after about a minute of such "checking," his penis started to engorge.

At that point, there was no way she was going to bring her hand back. She had become hopelessly addicted to her son's cock, and she didn't even try to resist.

She figured that, thanks to the bubbly water and the general darkness, it was nearly impossible for Shannon to figure out what was going on. If Hillary noticed, that was no problem. Maggie couldn't see more than a couple of inches into the water even without all the bubbling and churning - it looked jet black beyond that, because of their request to only have very dim lighting so they could appreciate the stars and the moonlight. She also merely rubbed two fingers against his sweet spot, so she wouldn't have any tell-tale arm movement.

Nick was pleasantly surprised, to say the least. He wasn't actually in that horny of a mood, since he was still sexually satiated from earlier. But Shannon was sitting directly across from him with her double D-cups still out of the water, and he certainly appreciated a secret handjob to help him enjoy the titillating sight.

He was somewhat puzzled that Maggie would jack him off while knowing full well that he was nearly exclusively looking at Shannon. What he didn't realize was that Maggie got so hot for his cock that such factors were of lesser importance to her. She just really loved to play with his cock, and the element of danger made it that much more irresistible.

Shannon continued to do most of the talking, revealing important and interesting facts about her that she rarely told others. But she felt a rare connection to the other three.

For instance, she said to the others, "You're probably too polite to bring it up, so I'm going to bring it up: my wealth. It's such a strange thing. It dominates my life. I don't want to sound ungrateful, because it's obviously way better than being poor, but from my point of view I mostly think about the problems it causes for me."

"For example?" Nick asked. He was feeling increasingly frisky, due to his mother's secret handjob. He reached over to her hand and playfully cupped her nearest breast.

Shannon looked at that tit fondle with interest. Her desire for Nick was growing steadily. She'd had more attractive boyfriends, but he had a sex appeal that greatly intrigued her. Simply having Maggie and Hillary as "co-girlfriends" intrigued her to no end.

Still, she kept her feelings to herself, and replied, "A big one is having to have a bodyguard with me at all times. Well, except for being at home, obviously, or at school. I wish I went to your high school, just because I think I'd fit in better with the other kids there, even if the education isn't quite as good. It seems that everyone at the Academy is trying to claw their way to greater riches and power, but I come from such a wealthy family that I'm jaded about it and trying to get away from it. So I don't fit in that well."

Nick was twisting one of Maggie's nipples in full view of Shannon and Hillary. Nobody seemed to mind, least of all Maggie. He asked Shannon, "Then why are all the people at your party, well... why are they like they are?"

Shannon frowned, frustrated. "Because there is no 'normal' group at the Academy. Really! Everyone is an elitist, and thus full of themselves, pretty much by definition of being there. It affects me too. I can't entirely help it, but at least I try to fight it."

Hillary said, "That's good. Fight it! Power corrupts, and money does too. My parents warn me about that a lot. But you seem pretty level headed."

"Thanks. My friends, such as they are, are basically the very most beautiful girls, as you probably noticed. I'm not that keen on a lot of them, but they're pretty much the only ones I get to choose from. I can't explain it without sounding all stuck up, but I'll try. Imagine you're a super famous sports star and you went to hang out with just ordinary people who love watching sports but never play it. They would treat you very differently. Nicely, probably, but you'd never fit in. It's much more comfortable hanging out with other professional athletes, especially other stars."

Maggie said, "I know exactly what you mean. I've had all sorts of trouble about my looks." She was about to explain how she'd withdrawn into the suburban mother life, practically to the point of being a hermit, before remembering that she was supposed to be a college student. She decided it was safer just to keep her mouth shut.

It was an extra challenge for her to be careful what she said, since half of her attention was on furtively stroking her son's cock, and she was distracted by his nipple play to boot.

Shannon shifted in position, subtly positioning her bare breasts for Nick's benefit. "Yeah, well, anyway, the reason I have no choice but to go to the Academy is because of the security. You might not have noticed, but it's built like a fortress. It has all sorts of subtle but important security features. There actually are a few of us there who have professional bodyguards. I have to constantly be on guard about getting kidnapped. My parents do too. It really limits where you can go and what you could do. For instance, I could never go to Baja California, due to the Mexican drug cartels and all the kidnapping there. That would be insanely stupid."

Nick was very curious to ask just how much the Blaine family was worth, but he thought it would be too rude to ask. He figured they had to be worth tens of millions, at least, to require constant bodyguards.

Hillary asked her, "So you have a bodyguard follow you absolutely everywhere?!"

"Pretty much, with the exception of my home and my school. Even here, we hired Rita because she's a martial arts expert."

"Wait," Nick cut in. "You have a ninja maid?!"

She smiled wanly at that. "Not a ninja, exactly. And yes, it's an unusual combination, but people will do anything if you pay them enough. And thankfully I have a bodyguard who is about my age and is pretty cool. She's more like a friend, it feels like. But still, it's a total drag. Can you imagine when I try to go on a date with Brian, for instance? Even if I'm in his house, I can only be so far from Joni. That's my bodyguard's name, by the way. I shouldn't even be telling you that."

She sighed at her slip-up. "She's supposed to be undercover most of the time and blend in."

Nick was about to ask another question, but Hillary tapped his upper arm. She whispered, "What's going on? You're playing with Maggie's breast but not mine!" She thrust her chest out invitingly in his direction.

He whispered back, "Sorry, but she kind of got me going like this." He reached under the water and found Hillary's nearest hand. Then he brought it over to his crotch.

Hillary quickly found out that his cock was erect and Maggie's hand was on it. Maggie's hand wasn't moving much at all, but Hillary knew that was because she was rubbing his sweet spot. It was very effective stimulation without any herky jerky motion.

Hillary had no problem with what Maggie was doing, except that she'd been missing out. Also, she didn't want Shannon to see, even though it didn't matter a whole lot, given everything that she'd seen earlier. if nothing else, it was more exciting to try to keep a secret.

Maggie didn't mind at all having Hillary join in. In fact, she eagerly welcomed it, because it doubled the naughty danger, and she preferred threesome fun. She moved her hand down to the base of her son's shaft, generously giving Hillary command of the most sensitive part.

Hillary got busy rubbing his sweet spot, exactly as Maggie had been doing.

But it felt even better for Nick than before, because Maggie stroked his lower shaft too. Just knowing that he had two hot-blooded sluts who loved to secretly jack him off together in risky situations like that gave him a tremendous mental rush.

He remembered to bring his other hand over to openly play with Hillary's nearest breast too.

Actually, the three of them weren't being as careful as they thought they were. Shannon hadn't been aware of Maggie's secret handjob so far, but seeing Nick and Hillary whispering to each other gave it away. Even though she couldn't hear what they were saying over the low hum of the hot tub, the non-verbal interaction between all three of the others gave the game away.

Shannon also figured that the way Nick blatantly played with both girls' breasts at the same time was another pretty big clue that something was happening underwater. She was no stranger to underwater hanky panky in either of her hot tubs, since she'd taken part in that many times herself.

Shannon looked to Nick's hand on Maggie's breast and then his other hand on Hillary's breast. She smirk-smiled, and asked, "So, are we all comfy now?"

He asked sheepishly. "Sorry. Does this make you uncomfortable?"

"Are you kidding me? Do you forget that I'm the same person who watched you rocket three cum loads all over Debra's face?"

He pointed out, "Yeah, but that was there. This is your private, personal space. I don't want to despoil it."

Shannon replied, while striking another sexy pose, "Thanks for the consideration, but you can do anything and it wouldn't bother me. If the three of you got out to suck him off together right in front of me, I wouldn't mind at all. I would applaud, because, let's face it, I'd love to watch a super hot sex show, and everything you three do with each other is super hot. Besides, this hot tub is no monastery. I hope it doesn't gross you out, but Brian and I have played around in here lots of times."

"Oh!" Nick didn't know what to say to that.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, lew54321, GWB, and BDGV.