Chapter 71: Exotic Prospects (Sunday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Shannon said, "You know what? I'm going to get out for a while. Which means you'll see all of me again, Nick. But we're all mature adults here. Or almost-adults." She giggled at that. "Is that okay with all of you?"

Nick, Maggie, and Hillary all nodded. Nick, of course, had no problem with seeing Shannon totally nude some more, especially from close up. She was drop dead gorgeous, and he was getting a handjob from two different girls at once.

Maggie and Hillary might have minded earlier, when they were sexually satiated and unaroused. But, between Nick's tit play and their secret (or not-so-secret) handjob, they were heating up fast. Hillary was openly bisexual and Maggie was increasingly letting her lust for other girls flow, so both of them had their own interest in seeing more of Shannon's fabulous body.

Shannon not only got out, she stood up and went to a box that contained some big, white, fluffy towels. She took one out and started drying herself off.

On one level, it was an innocent toweling off. But on another level, it was an extremely titillating sex show. That was no accident. Shannon had her loyalty to Brian for now, but she had Nick in her sights for the future.

As she bent over lewdly and rubbed the towel down one leg, she said, "By the way, feel free to use these towels or anything else. This is a luxury hot tub. There's a cooler of drinks and snacks over there, for instance."

Nick said, "Actually, I'm pretty thirsty. I could use a drink."

Shannon grinned knowingly. "There you go. I'm a spoiled rich girl. Unfortunately, I'm too stuck-up to get you your drink." She stuck her tongue out playfully.

Maggie said, partially teasingly and partially honestly, "You just want to see him walk over there naked, with his big cock flopping and swinging all over the place."

Shannon smirked. "Guilty as charged! Remember how much I saw that same cock get sucked. I've seen it all. So don't you dare cover up!" She wagged a finger at Nick.

He could tell that Shannon was sexually interested in him. It wasn't exactly subtle. He was surprised how much open flirting Maggie and Hillary were allowing. But if they weren't going to complain, he was going to be bold. He stood up in the tub, rising up slowly so Maggie and Hillary would have time to take their hands away.

That revealed that his dick was fully erect.

That was no surprise to Shannon, but it removed any doubt from her mind that there was some secret handjob action going on. She knew it wasn't easy to get and sustain an erection in the high heat of the tub. At least, that had been her experience with Brian and previous boyfriends.

Nick got out of the tub and walked to the cooler Shannon had indicated. He was getting a kick out of not covering his privates and being a bit of an exhibitionist.

As he walked, he said, "So, Shannon, we've kind of lost the plot a little bit with the discussion about your bodyguard Joni. But I'm very interested. Can I ask if she was at the party tonight?"

Shannon sighed, and paused in toweling off. "She was."

Nick looked through the cooler. It had everything. He picked out a cold orange juice for himself, and said, "Hey girls, there's everything under the sun here, including organic juice. I know you like that, Hillary."

He ended up getting drinks for himself and his two girls, after taking everyone's orders. Shannon wasn't thirsty.

He quickly returned to his spot in the tub and sat back down. He wasn't cold out of the tub. He'd noticed there was some kind of heating system turned on, because the air around the tub was even warmer than one would expect from the heat rising from the hot water. But he wanted to get back to ogling Shannon toweling off while he enjoyed more of his secret double handjob.

As soon as he planted his ass back down on the underwater bench, he had a sudden realization. He exclaimed, "Wait! One of the girls at the hot tub earlier. Her name was Joni! Is she one and the same?!"

Shannon replied, with a touch of sadness, "That's the one."

He was surprised. "Wow. You'd never know. She totally seemed like anyone else." He opened his bottle of juice and started to drink it.

At the same time, he felt Maggie's hand back around his cock. She was drinking too, but that only took one hand.

Then Hillary did the same from the other side.

He couldn't resist smiling from ear to ear. Aaaah! This is the life!

To top it all off, Shannon was taking an inordinately long time standing there toweling herself off. She was pushing her luck, being about as sexually blatant as she could, short of openly masturbating.

Maggie found herself thinking thoughts that sounded more like the kind of thoughts Nick would be expected to have, since she was becoming increasingly aroused. Shannon is a serious hottie! It's clear that my son lusts for her in a big way, though he's trying to restrain himself. He's such a sweetie! I wonder if she's interested in sucking his cock, after seeing Debra do it. I'll bet she is! God, that would look seriously sexy, seeing her kneeling and worshiping his cock like a busty slut should!

She caught herself. Er, not that that should happen. It can't happen, obviously. We're having enough trouble with Debra already. But if it DID happen, I'd love to lick and suck him with her! Then, when he cums, he could splatter his load all over her face and mine! Then we lick each other clean, and kiss, and rub our breasts together just like I do with Hillary!

She caught herself again. Uh, not that any of that could ever happen either. I'm just saying it would be pretty wild if it did!

But at the same time Shannon's not-so-subtle sex show was going on, a serious conversation about Joni was continuing. Shannon said, "Well, our whole property is like its own fortress, so Joni can let her guard down. She was at the party mostly just to have fun, although she does make a point of checking out all the newbies to see if any are suspicious."

Nick recalled having a long conversation with Joni where she asked him lots of probing questions and didn't tell much about herself in return. It made sense now. Unfortunately, he only had a vague recollection of what she looked like, since he'd been staring almost exclusively at either Maggie or Shannon at the time, even when he'd been talking to Joni. He remembered she was beautiful, like all the other girls at the party, but not jaw-droppingly so.

Shannon went on, as she extensively toweled her big bare breasts, "I guess that's why I love being up here so much. I can pretend to be normal. Joni's pretty much banned from here. She knows I need my time away from her."

Maggie was having a great time with the secret underwater handjob, but she was very interested in the conversation too. She said, "I have a hard time imagining a security professional who really is high school aged. Can I ask, is she as young as she looks?"

"No, she's not. But she's not that far off. She pretends to be a junior, just like me. She even attends all my classes, to help her maintain her cover. She doesn't have to do the homework, though. Lucky girl! She's actually in her mid-twenties. Like I said, you'd be surprised how many Academy students have bodyguards. And a lot of them pretend to be students. The school has a whole special arrangement for that sort of thing."

Maggie was secretly fascinated, since Joni's double life had some similarities to her own, especially pretending to be younger, and to be a student. She wished she could talk to Joni all about it, but she knew there could be no way, since that would be too revealing. Even asking lots of questions to Shannon about it was unwise.

Shannon bent over dramatically to towel off her other leg, causing her double D-cups to dangle enticingly. There was no rhyme or reason as to what part of her body she'd towel next, which helped keep her sex show captivating,

She said, "The bodyguard issue is just one problem with being this rich. Sure, it's great. For instance, how many people get to have their own private rooftop garden of this size? It's an obscene luxury that would make no sense at all in terms of growing enough food to pay for the expenses. But it's a double-edged sword, at least for me. My parents definitely don't feel this way, but whenever I indulge in some luxury, I feel guilty. It helps to be a conservative asshole if you're rich!"

She laughed at that. Then, as she bent all the way down to towel off one of her feet, she explained, "My dad is a hardcore conservative, so he doesn't care. My mom feels differently, but she lets him run the show. Meanwhile, I'm your typical 'trust fund' bleeding heart liberal. I feel like, if I've been blessed with this much fortune, I should do something to help justify being lucky enough to have it, to give back to society. To not just be a leech. But how, exactly?! I haven't figured that out yet."

Nick was tripping on the double handjob while getting to ogle Shannon's fantastic body. He wondered just where she was going with this. He also found himself pondering how talented a cocksucker she might be. He couldn't really get into specific thoughts, though, because the conversation was continuing at a lively pace.

Hillary said, "I'm about as 'bleeding heart liberal' as they come. Nick and Maggie are too. We're all vegetarians and environmentalists, for instance. So I think I can speak for all of us when I say we sympathize in feeling like you want to do your part. We're not ultra rich like you, but we're all upper middle class. Upper upper middle class, actually. At least speaking for me, I feel that guilt thing a lot too."

Despite Nick being highly distracted with the double handjob, gawking at Shannon's toweling off, and drinking his juice on top of all that, he was paying close attention to the discussion, and he had what he felt was a brilliant suggestion to help Shannon out.

He said, "Here's kind of a wild idea. The world has a big problem with millions of people just getting enough food to eat. I'm convinced there's a lot of untapped potential with some exotic foods. For instance, not only are mangosteens extremely delicious, but they're said to be a very nutritious 'super food.' What if you help the world already by turning your garden into more of a, well, kind of an experimental farm?"

Shannon stood back up and paused in her toweling. "Interesting idea, but my little garden? It's vast as far as roof gardens go, but compared to actual farms, it's minuscule. Whatever I would grow here would be a drop in the bucket. For instance, UC Davis has experimental farms that go on for miles and miles."

She turned around to towel off her ass. It wasn't clear why she had to turn around whenever she was toweling any part of her backside, except to put on a good sex show, but nobody in her "audience" was complaining.

He said to her, "Maybe so, but you could have the advantage by going rare. For instance, who is studying how well cherimoyas grow in Southern California? Probably nobody. There might be a niche market for that. Or more, if some obscure food grows popular. There was a time 100 years ago or so when almost nobody in the US knew what a banana was, but it caught on. Lately, I've seen some other things catching on, like coconut juice. Besides, why limit yourself to the roof? You've got an estate big enough to have a full 18-hole golf course, I'm sure. And much of it is just... lawn. What's the point of that? There must be an absurd amount of lawn-mowing going on for lawns that never get used by anybody."

Shannon furrowed her brow as she considered that, she turned to face the others again and paused her toweling again. "You're right about the never-used, vast lawns. That's reason 2,137 of all the reasons why I feel so guilty about my wealth. But this roof garden already is more than I can handle. I just admitted that I lean on a lot of help from Rita, and Mom, on top of a high-tech automated watering system. There's no way I could handle an expansion. I'd have to hire people specifically to be farmers."

"So hire them!" he suggested. "Why not?" The secret double handjob he was enjoying was giving him such a rush of lusty confidence that he was feeling unusually assertive.

She put her towel down, because the conversation was getting too interesting for her to divide her attention on putting on a good sex show. In truth, the toweling off was totally unnecessary anyway, due to the hidden heaters she had heating up the air all around the tub.

She said, "Hiring farmers would be a security nightmare, for one thing. Knowing how my parents think, we'd probably hire another security guard or two who only pretend to be farmers!"

He asked, only half-jokingly, "Are all of your current gardeners secret ninja warriors or something?"

She frowned, and sat back down with just her feet dangling in the hot tub water. "You jest about ninjas again, but pretty much! Not ninjas, obviously, but they all have special backgrounds that include extensive security training. I tell you, my life is weird! Besides the hiring problem, it's a moot point, because my parents would never allow all that land to get used for farming. All Dad cares about is what looks good. He especially loves all that endless lawn on the long driveway in."

Nick wouldn't give up. He was on a roll with his idea, even as the secret handjob continued non-stop. "Okay, so scale back. Don't convert the whole property at once. But I'm sure there's some land you could use where he wouldn't really care. You have so much! This feels like the Palace of Versailles, complete with its vast gardens and forests around it. If you really push, you could find the right kind of person or people to hire. You'd be boosting the local economy, turning useless grass lawn into something productive, possibly making a big impact on the food supply, developing a hobby that might lead to a career and would look good on your college applications, and helping you feel good about doing some good. Plus, you clearly must love growing stuff to have this rooftop in the shape it's in, and I can see how much pride you have in it. It sounds like a win-win all around."

Shannon put a hand to her chin and gave that some serious consideration. "Hmmm... Now you have me kind of intrigued." She focused her gaze on Nick. "You're not just a huge cock. You're a pretty clever guy!"

Maggie chuckled, thinking about Nick's schemes that had turned her into his personal slut. "You don't know the half of it! He really is."

Hillary happily chimed in, "He's a huge cock AND a clever guy!"

"I stand corrected!" Maggie chuckled some more. "And he can be relentless, once he puts his mind to something. Now that he's got this particular bee in his bonnet, he's not going to let up on you until you've singlehandedly solved the world food crisis!" She laughed.

Nick grinned impishly. He joked, "Well, not singlehandedly. She can share the Nobel Prize with a few others if she wants."

Shannon laughed. "Nobel Prize! Right!" She said more seriously, "But you've really got me thinking. I do love growing all these exotic plants up here. But I've never thought of it as a career. I've been starting to think that a lot of the plants I'm growing in the greenhouse would do just fine outside it so long as there isn't a frost, and thanks to global warming, the odds of that in this area gets smaller every year. Hmmm... You've got me thinking all sorts of things now. This is really interesting! Boy, am I glad I invited you all up here!"

Hillary said to Shannon, "This is all very interesting. And I agree with Nick's ideas. I see your passion for all this. You should go for it!"

Maggie chimed in, "Hear, hear!"

Then Hillary addressed the group, "That said, sorry to interrupt that line of discussion, but would anyone mind if I get out? I'm getting a little overcooked."

Shannon asked in confusion, "Why would I mind? Look at me!" She raised both arms dramatically, showing off her bare breasts even more enticingly than usual.

Hillary said shyly, "Because... confession time... I've kind of been giving Nick a secret handjob for a while, and I-"

Shannon cut her off by laughing. But before Hillary could be offended, she explained, "Don't worry, you only thought it was secret. I've known you and Maggie have been stroking him together for a while now."

Hillary looked over to Maggie, and grinned impishly. "Oops!" She switched stroking styles since keeping her arm still wasn't an issue anymore. "What gave it away?"

Shannon grinned knowingly. "That would be telling. Although I'd have to say that Nick having a raging hard-on when he got up for the drink was a big clue."

Hillary said, "Yeah, I could see that. Anyway, the reason I ask is that once I'm out of the tub, I'm thinking Nick and Maggie will get out too, soon, since nobody can stay in the hot water for very long. Then I'm kind of going to want to continue playing with his cock."

Shannon blinked owlishly. "And...? Is this a problem? If you don't suck him off, I'm going to be offended."

She quickly changed topics, as if that issue was of trivial importance, akin to asking to use the bathroom, when in fact she was very interested. "Anyway, Nick, thanks for the idea. I'll give it some thought. I'd like to talk to all of you about this some more, after I've slept on it."

He replied, "That sounds great. Actually, I've got all sorts of ideas. For instance, that miracle berry sounds, well, miraculous! Why isn't that available in every store across the country?!"

Shannon sighed. "That's a complicated, sad story."

Hillary said, "Before you tell us, Nick, I'm getting out. Do you care to join me? Sorry for being so bold, but if Shannon says she's okay with some blowjob action, well... I'm kind of hungry for you too!" She licked her lips enticingly.

Maggie's face brightened. She'd been longing to suck her son, and her desire had been growing greater the longer she stroked him. She'd been thinking that doing that in front of Shannon would be too bold, but not if Hillary was game. "Hey! That's my line! Can I suck him too?! Let's lick and suck him together!"

Nick thought, Jesus H. Christ! What a night! Could things get any better?! Well, if Shannon wanted a turn bobbing on me too, but that's not going to happen. He spoke up to suggest, "What if you two take turns? Let's not turn this into a full on sex session thing. I see this mainly as a 'getting to know you' time with Shannon, and we've got so much interesting stuff to talk about."

Hillary looked to Maggie. "He's got a good point."

Maggie agreed with a grunt.

The three of them got out together. They were going to use the towels Shannon had, but they realized the temperature was so pleasant that it was fine to air dry, even at night.

There were various benches and boxes around the outside of the hot tub, such as the cooler and box for the towels. Nick sat with his back against one such box.

Shannon got some big pillows for him out of another box. She leaned over him as she handed the pillows to him, with her big tits nearly dangling in his face. She teased him, "Here you go, your highness. Will you be requiring anything else, your majesty?"

He didn't want to verbally flirt too obviously with her, especially since the visual flirting was incredible enough. He was sitting naked with his boner in full view, and it was all he could do not to reach out to fondle her full globes. He joked, "A neck massage would be nice."

She laughed, and stood back up. "Fat chance!" She turned around and just stood there, letting him get an equally up close view of her ass. She finally walked away, because she was in the way of where Hillary wanted to be.

He put the pillows behind his back to get truly comfortable. Then he spread his legs out straight and wide, giving Hillary room to lie down with her face at his crotch. (She got to suck him first since she came up with the idea.)

Hillary wasted no time, and started bobbing on him. But they were all in a mellow mood, and that was reflected in her slow and easy sucking style.

Maggie sat against the same box, with pillows behind her back too. She cuddled up next to him, sometimes running her hands over his body and/or kissing his face.

Shannon continued to sit on the other side of the hot tub. She was being very careful to stay well clear from any tempting touching distance.

With all of them resettled, Nick said to Shannon, "Okay, tell me the story of the miracle berry. Because I've got all kinds of ideas about that specifically."

She had a hard time thinking clearly, because even though Hillary was sucking Nick in a relaxed style, that didn't make much difference to her watching from the other side of the hot tub. In a way, she found that the casual nature of the scene was even more arousing than if it had been more deliberate and intense, because it implied this practically was their default condition with each other.

On top of that, she was well aware that Nick was staring at her almost constantly, since she was sitting on one side of the hot tub and he was on the other. Hillary couldn't see her at all, since her face was buried in Nick's crotch, and Maggie was nearly always looking at Nick, kissing his check, nibbling on his ear, or the like. So it was like she was putting on a private nude show just for Nick. But there was the danger that Maggie could look her way at any time, and she sometimes did.

She wanted to at least masturbate while she watched, and/or strike sexy and provocative poses. But she felt she had to maintain the fiction that she wasn't that affected and she could roll with anything, especially with Maggie sometimes looking. So she kept her cool and tried to stay focused on the discussion.

She said, "Well, this very special berry is only grown in a tropical part of West Africa, and it hasn't spread much beyond there. You can't grow it in the US, unless you have a special greenhouse like mine, or maybe Hawaii or Florida. It started to take off in the 1970s because it's such a miraculous thing. I mean, imagine getting to eat food that tastes sweet without actually having all the sugar and calories in it!"

"I know!" Nick said. "I know!" He put a hand on Hillary's bobbing head to give her some non-verbal encouragement.

"But 'big sugar' was against it. There was a scientist who discovered a way to make candy out of it that basically used no sugar but tasted great. He grew hundreds of thousands of plants in Jamaica, and got big investors to launch a new product in a big way. Then guess what happened: his offices were broken into and all his research and other files stolen! The sugar industry then used their pull to get the US FDA to classify it as a 'food additive' and keep it tied up in red tape for years. The scientist's company went bankrupt since they were not allowed to sell it in the US. And it STILL hasn't been approved as a food additive all these years, which means you can't sell it with any other food, even though it's no more dangerous to eat than a grape! But you can buy and eat it all on its own, which makes no sense!"

She was getting worked up at the injustice of that situation, which gave her a good excuse to sit forward and gesticulate.

Nick was simultaneously very interested in Shannon's story as well as enjoying all of her moving about while Hillary bobbed on his cock. He exclaimed, "No way! That sucks. That sounds just like that movie 'Tucker,' only with sugar instead of cars."

Shannon said, "I saw that movie, and it was exactly like that. Beware going against big money and entrenched interests. I should know, because my dad is part of one. Actually, his company would probably be one of the forces crushing the miracle berry. Since then, nobody's really taken it on. It's had some popularity for niche markets, like diabetics, and in a few other countries, but way less than you'd think."

She went on, "The problem is cost. One berry alone costs two dollars. The only way to drive the cost way down is to go big and grow a ton of it, then produce a product on a mass scale. But nobody's taken the risk. And a big problem with that is that it only grows in the tropics."

Nick idly ran his hands through Hillary's hair. He loved how casually she was sucking him off and nobody was making a big deal about it, like she was giving him a foot massage instead. He hoped this sort of thing would become part of their threesome daily life, because the pleasure was intense, even with her slow and mellow sucking style.

Yet he remained very interested in the topic, and continued to ponder the situation. "Hmmm. I still see so much potential with this thing. I can't wait to try it out myself."

Shannon smiled. "We'll definitely have to make a special meal out of it. You can try most anything, like Tabasco sauce, and it'll be taste like something totally different. Maybe later this week. If you can get one of your girlfriends to stop sucking you long enough to eat a meal."

He smiled impishly at that. "Hmmm. I wonder if it makes a blowjob taste sweet. Not to mention how it would change the taste of cum."

Shannon raised a curious eyebrow. She realized that he'd only been joking, but it was an actual intriguing possibility. "That's a very good question! Seriously! We might have to try that out too." She laughed, and commented, "How is it that everything seems to be coming up blowjobs with you?!"

He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. "Hey, it would work going down on a woman too, right?"

"In theory, yes. I don't know what the actual effect is. Some foods have a big change and others not at all."

He flashed her a devilish grin. "We'll just have to conduct extensive testing on each other then."

She laughed. "You're a cheeky bastard!" Still, she found that a very enticing proposition. She would have liked to be sixty-nining with him right now had it not been for her boyfriend, not to mention his two girlfriends.

Maggie was listening very carefully to this new line of discussion. She said excitedly, "Can I please buy a bunch of miracle berries off you?! Nick's cum already tastes sweet. But with the miracle berry, it would taste like manna from heaven!"

Shannon laughed. "Sure! I'll give all the berries you want for free. I've got way more than I could ever use. They're out of season right now and they go bad very quickly, but I've got a ton that are freeze-dried. That keeps the effect, which is the main thing."

"Sweet!" Maggie clapped her hands together with glee. She was truly excited about this. She reached down and shook Hillary's back a little bit. "Did you hear that?!"

Hillary made an approving grunt. She held up a thumbs-up signal to show more clearly that she was in favor. She enjoyed the taste of Nick's cum already, but she figured it would be even better if it tasted twice as sweet, or even more.

Nick was trying to stay on track with the discussion, "In the long term, there are all sorts of possibilities with this berry, but in the short term, why not tackle the wealthy market?"

"What do you mean?" Shannon asked.

"When you think about it, two dollars isn't that much, if it'll turn everything sweet for the next half hour to an hour. Imagine a high-end restaurant that specializes in miracle berry dishes. It would be like an entire new palette of foods for the chef to play with and for the consumer to discover! You'd think a restaurant like that would become the hottest place in town. I honestly still don't understand why this isn't taking off like wildfire already."

"It is kind of a mystery," Shannon admitted. "I guess it's a combination of factors. Hardly anybody knows about it, for one. And it's a very difficult fruit in a lot of ways. You can't cook it or freeze it or refrigerate it, and so on. You can just sell the berry straight up though, or in tablet form. The FDA can't stop that."

"Well, there you go then!" Nick said enthusiastically. "My God! I should totally go into the miracle berry business! Hey, Maggie!" He turned to her and said, "When you're done with your current cookbook, you could make a miracle berry cookbook. Think of the fun of trying random foods and see how the berry changes the taste!"

Maggie moaned approvingly while she licked his nearest ear. Plus, she liked the way he was twisting one of her nipples. She thought, That actually could be a great idea! My son is so smart! And so virile! What a great combination. The fact that he came up with that while Hillary is sucking his cock is too hot! I can't wait until it's my turn. I'm going to reward him in a big way!

Shannon said encouragingly, "I haven't experimented that much myself, but I know that if you eat some regular non-fat sour cream with a little bit of lemon, it tastes just like cheesecake. It really does!"

He raised his hands up. "Are you kidding me?!. Super low calorie cheesecake?! This is like a license to print money!" He was almost deliriously happy. He didn't know how much of that was due to Hillary's bobbing on his cockhead and how much was due to the discussion, but the combination was amazing. He felt like he'd stumbled upon a potential gold mine. And it could potentially result in even more oral sex!

He added to Shannon, "And you could make the world a much better place! You could practically solve world hunger! You could take some barely edible food, like certain kinds of grass, and make them yummy. You'd double the world's food supply overnight! And you'd solve the obesity crisis as a side effect! Nearly sugar-free sweets!"

Shannon rubbed her chin, even as she continued to watch Hillary's bobbing head, not to mention the rest of her sprawled out, sexy body. "There must be some good reasons nobody has taken more advantage. This has been known since the 1970s. There has to be some sort of fatal flaw. But what if there isn't?! You're getting me excited!"

He raised his hands up again in triumph. "Nobel Prize, here we come! We'll accept it as a team, the four of us. I call dibs on giving the acceptance speech!"

Shannon laughed. "All four? What's Hillary's role?"

He fondly ran his hand along Hillary's head down to her back. "Blowjob inspiration, of course. All my best ideas happen when I'm getting my dick sucked. When I give my acceptance speech in Stockholm, obviously she'll be sucking me then too. Or Maggie will. Or both."

He wrapped an arm around Maggie and pulled her naked body in closer.

Maggie cuddled up to him even more, making sure to rub her bare breasts against his chest. She lovingly kissed his cheek. She teased, "I say both."

He pretended to think it over, then announced, "Yeah, it's gotta be both!"

Hillary enjoyed that idea, and responded by sucking him with more passion and intensity.

Shannon laughed again. "You guys are too much! But to segue a little bit, enough about me. Can I ask the question I've been wanting to ask all night?"

"What's that?" he asked.

"What is the deal with the relationship between the three of you?! Now that Debra's gone and we've got all the time in the world, I would love to hear all about it!"

"Oh man!" He realized he had a serious problem in that he was he was getting increasingly aroused. "Um, Ma? Can you kind of, uh, do most of the talking?"

Shannon laughed. "I still can't get over the fact he calls you 'Ma.' That's so wild!" She remained completely unsuspicious about that, mostly because it never crossed her mind to imagine Maggie could be over 25 years old.

Maggie laughed. "Let me guess: Hillary is getting increasingly aroused and she's sucking you with more fervor all the time. You're worried you soon won't be able to string two sentences together."

"Pretty much!" he admitted. He didn't want to add that he was continuing to admire Shannon's nude body nearly all the time. That was a very big extra kick.

Maggie told him, "Okay, because I'm so nice. But once I answer this one question, then it's MY turn to suck, and Hillary will have to do the talking for a while."

"Sweet!" That sounded great to him.

Maggie looked to Shannon for the first time in a while. Just seeing her nudity, and how gorgeous she was, got her salivating to suck even more than before. But she felt it was important to explain things in a careful way. "Okay. It's complicated. But since you know about Anushka, I can tell you the full deal. How we got here isn't so important as where we are now. We like to think of our relationship as four legs of a table."

"Okay..." Shannon replied, carefully trying to understand.

"Each of us is a table leg: Nick, Hillary, Anushka, and me. Hillary and Anushka are very intimate, but Hillary is bisexual. She's found she needs a sexual relationship with a guy and a girl at the same time to be fully sexually satisfied. Thus, Nick. He's intimate with her and me as a full-on threesome relationship. There's a certain balance to it. For instance, he can't get upset at Hillary having special private intimate time with Anushka if he's doing the same with me. So if any of the four 'legs' is removed, the whole thing could fall apart."

Shannon carefully considered that. "Okaaaaaay... But what about Anushka and him? Are they intimate?"

"No. It's possible that could change, I suppose. I wouldn't be entirely opposed to that." Maggie was talking more to Hillary than Shannon by saying that. "But it seems that she's mostly lesbian, and she and Hillary are deeply in love. She doesn't need to be intimate with him for the logic of the four-legged table to work."

"I can see that, I guess." Despite the fact that Maggie was staring at her, she couldn't stop staring at Hillary's bobbing head. "So, Anushka aside, the three of you are a full-fledged threesome?"

"Oh, yes!" Maggie enthusiastically replied. "We've discovered that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Not only do I not mind sharing him with her, I prefer it! The sex is ten times hotter! For instance, right now. I'm not even doing anything, but I've got a great close-up of her sliding lips, so close that I could touch them."

Oh a whim, Maggie had the idea to do more than just look. She brought a hand to Hillary's face and caressed it.

That caused Hillary to drastically slow her sucking motion, though she was still very active with her tongue.

Maggie ran her fingers along Hillary's lips. She moaned in a sexy purr, "How does it feel, girl? Don't you just love it, having that huge, thick cock invade your mouth? I'll bet you do! MMMM!" She ran her fingers along the portion of his boner outside Hillary's mouth.

Trying to keep the conversation with Shannon going, she said, "As you can see, it's not like we're independently dating him at the same time. No! We share him in all ways! We love to share his cock! Like this..." She leaned in and started lapping on his shaft.

Hillary had been sucking on him for a while. She thoughtfully pulled off and switched to licking.

That allowed both of them to lap on his sweet spot at the same time, and that's exactly what they did.

Nick ran his hands through his hair, trying to cope with the surge of pleasure.

Shannon felt like she was reaching a point where she'd have no choice but to masturbate, at least. Then she saw Nick close his eyes and tilt his head back as his pleasure surge continued, and she realized nobody was looking her way. She began furtively fingerbanging herself. It was furtive in the sense that she strategically bent a leg in front of her crotch so Nick wouldn't be able to directly see what her hand was doing if he opened his eyes.

Sure enough, he opened his eyes about a minute later. Maggie had just intended to briefly lick his shaft to demonstrate the sharing, but with Hillary inviting her to lick all over his cockhead, it was like she couldn't stop. Nick felt obliged to look Shannon's way to see how she was taking it.

He was hit with another blast of arousal, because he saw that the redheaded beauty had started fingering herself. Although he couldn't directly see her fingers in her pussy due to her leg in the way, the arm positioning and motion made it clear what was going on.

He felt so emboldened by all the evening's sexual developments, and the current double cock licking, that he couldn't resist teasing her a little bit. He smiled and asked, "Having a good time over there?"

Realizing she'd been "busted," she smiled back a bit sheepishly. She wasn't really embarrassed though, since she didn't feel like she was doing anything wrong as long as no touching was involved. She mostly didn't want to give Maggie and/or Hillary the idea that she was trying to steal their man.

She told him, "Not as good a time as you're having over there, apparently!"

He laughed. "That's probably true." He put a hand on Hillary's head and fondly stroked her brunette hair while doing the same with Maggie's blonde hair.

With Hillary and Maggie totally focused on lapping on his cock, Shannon realized she didn't have to worry about either of them looking her way, at least not any time soon. She gave him an intense "come hither" look as she straightened out her leg that had been bent to block a direct view of her pussy. The way she was digging two fingers into her cunt couldn't have been any more obvious. Then, for good measure, she brought her other hand to a nipple and began toying with it.

Nick held his breath as he stared and stared.

After a long, unsettling silence, Shannon asked him, "So, what's going on over there, exactly?"

He looked down. He was having a hard time talking. "Um, both Ma, er, Maggie, and, uh, Hillary, they're licking my sweet spot! And, uh, Maggie, she's fondling my balls, while, uh, um... Hillary, she's, uh, stroking my shaft too!"

Shannon asked, "What's a 'sweet spot?'"

He explained, while breathing hard, "Oh, that's my frenulum. It's the, um, underside spot just below the crown where most of the nerve cells are. Gaawwwd! They spend so much time right there! Licking and sucking! UGH! Right now, their tongues are, uh, endlessly lapping there, touching! Feels so good!"

Shannon was frustrated. She felt like the others were having all the fun, and she didn't want to miss out. She couldn't actually see any of Nick's privates anymore, due to two heads being in the way. But not being able to see was even more intriguing, especially since she did get brief direct glimpses when there was a gap between their heads at just the right angle. But seeing the sprawled out nude bodies of Maggie and Hillary was plenty arousing, especially since she had some bisexual tendencies.

But she was doggedly determined not to cheat on her boyfriend Brian. Plus, she was very curious to find out more about their threesome arrangement. So she tried to get the conversation going on. Even as she openly masturbated from across the hot tub, she said, "So. Nick. It looks like Maggie might not be answering my questions anytime soon. What can YOU tell me about this threesome arrangement?"

"Um, what do you want to know?"

"I don't know much about your school. I've been using parties like this one to try to bridge the gap between the two schools, since I like the people in your school much better than mine. But still, that's no substitute for actually going there. Is it open knowledge there that you're going steady with both of them?"

He replied, "Oh no! Definitely not!" He grimaced, struggling from the intense pleasure. He decided there was no way he could continue to carry on a conversation with Shannon in his current condition.

He tapped Maggie's head. "Um, Ma? Can you stop for a bit and kind of... answer her questions? I'm really out of it!"

Maggie lifted her head to look at him. "Can't Hillary? I want my turn bobbing on you!"

"I know, but... I like how you explain things." He shut his eyes and grimaced as Hillary swallowed his cockhead again, giving him another rush of arousal.

Maggie sighed. She looked at Hillary's sliding lips, and realized that his request was already a done deal, since his sweet spot was inside Hillary's mouth. She sat up and turned around some to make eye contact with Shannon. However, she kept a hand fondling his balls.

Meanwhile, Nick clutched at Hillary's head with both hands, trying to get her to take it easy on him.

Shannon had anticipated that Maggie would soon look her way, but she didn't bother to stop masturbating. She figured that they were all so horny that Maggie wouldn't be able to object.

Indeed, Maggie noticed her masturbation right away, but didn't even blink an eye at it. Maggie figured that things had gotten so hot that preventing Shannon from playing with herself would be like inviting her to a lavish banquet and then telling her not to eat. Despite her fantasies to the contrary, Maggie didn't want Shannon to get sexually intimate with Nick. But she figured that as long as Shannon stayed on the other side of the hot tub and had her boyfriend, there was nothing to fear.

So Maggie made eye contact with Shannon and asked her, "Okay, here I am. What do you want to know?"

Shannon said, "What I just asked about what other people know about your threesome relationship."

"Ah, yes. That is a problem. Just like we told you and everyone else at your party, I'm his official girlfriend and Hillary isn't. I got involved with him first, so that story was already out there. We may go public with him dating Hillary too at some point, but that could get very tricky. Hillary wants it to be known soon that she's dating Anushka. So if we reveal too much, the whole four-legged table thing will come out. And people aren't going to understand. Don't you agree?"

Shannon carefully replied, "Hey, whatever works for you. It's clear as day to me that the three of you are extremely happy, as well as constantly in a state of heat. It's not for me or most people, but I applaud you daring to be different."

"You're not just saying that?" Maggie asked hesitantly.

"Would I have invited the three of you up here if I had a problem with it? As I told you earlier, I hardly ever do that for anybody."

"Well, that's true."

Shannon then asked, "But I have more questions. How do you make it work? Don't you have jealousy issues that come up?"

Maggie reluctantly replied, "We haven't actually been at this very long. So far, it's been nothing but smooth sailing. I'm sure problems with arise, but I'm confident that we'll make it due to sheer lust."

Shannon continued to masturbate, while watching Hillary's bobbing head as much as Maggie. "What do you mean by that?"

"I mean that sex with Nick is so great that there's no walking away from it. You saw how it was back in the bedroom with Debra, the constant sexual heat, and then intensity of the huge orgasms. Admittedly, things were extra intense and weird due to Debra being there, not to mention you as well, but I have totally mind-blowing sexual experiences with him every single day. If that was the case with you, wouldn't you bend over backwards to make sure the rest of the relationship works?"

"I suppose I would," Shannon agreed. "But what really makes sex with him so special? I mean, no offense, but I look at him and I've mostly just seen him get his dick sucked. What's so incredible about that?"

Maggie's face lit up. "That's the key! Blowjobs are so essential! You almost could say they're the foundation of our entire threesome relationship!" She paused, as she remembered who she was talking to. "I probably shouldn't tell you too much though. I mean, you've got your boyfriend, and we've got a very happy situation here. You can't have a table with five legs."

"That's true," Shannon carefully replied. "But surely there are SOME things you can tell me, aren't there? What if we start with some of the old standbys, like how your first date went?"

Maggie thought back to that first fateful Tuesday, and laughed. "Sorry! I can't tell you that. Too weird!"

Shannon groaned. "Now you've got me really intrigued."

Maggie knew she couldn't tell anything about that Tuesday, since it didn't fit into her cover story of starting to date Nick two months earlier. But she remembered there was a cover story she and Nick had come up with of their supposed first date, so she obligingly explained that. She spiced it up a bit with a made-up account of her giving him a secret blowjob at a party to explain her "too weird" comment.

After that, she switched to other cover stories that she hadn't told Shannon earlier in the day, such as details about her alleged college classes.

However, since most of these things were at least partially fiction, she preferred asking questions about Shannon, such as her relationship with Brian - they'd only been going out for a few months and weren't that serious - or her impressions about the academics and teachers at the Academy.

In short, both of them stuck to safe topics, and almost always non-sexual ones. Maggie remained mindful that she didn't want to tempt Shannon into having sex with Nick by hyping him up. Her lust might have caused her to be more careless, but the memory of the Debra situation was still very fresh in her mind.

Maggie had been assisting Hillary's sucking effort with a hand on Nick's balls or shaft nearly all the time. After about 20 minutes of talking, she noticed that Hillary's sucking effort was starting to flag, even though Hillary already was going at a more relaxed pace. It had been a long day, and Hillary simply was tired.

Thus, Maggie and Hillary finally switched places. Maggie took over bobbing on Nick's cock while Hillary took over talking to Shannon.

Happily, Hillary had been listening to everything that had been said, so she was able to pick up the conversation almost like she was an extension of Maggie. She was even more mindful of trying to avoid overly sexual topics, but there were plenty of other things to discuss, since they were still very much in the "getting to know you" phase.

Maggie also was getting tired, so after an initial energetic burst of cocksucking, she settled in to a slow and relaxed pace, like the one Hillary had been using on him.

Nick was at an excellent arousal level. He was able to pay full attention to the discussion and chime in with comments or questions from time to time.

Unlike usual, where sexual activity steadily increased and then hit an orgasmic peak, the arousal level of the group slowly went down due to the night getting late and everyone getting tired. Although it wasn't that late, relatively speaking, each of them had had a full day and they were mindful that it was a school day tomorrow.

More and more, each of them began to yawn. Shannon even stopped masturbating, after having a couple small, secret orgasms.

Finally, Nick indicated it was time. In keeping with the relaxed and even sleepy mood, he simply blasted his load into Maggie's mouth. It was all very clean, with almost none of his cum ending up on her face. There also was no cum sharing with Hillary, since both of them felt awkward to do that in front of Shannon, especially now that the arousal level had lowered.

Once Nick climaxed, the evening quickly came to an end. Mere minutes later, the four of them left the rooftop. They began the process of finding their clothes and putting them back on.

The house was deserted. Shannon scouted ahead, and found that the remaining guests had gone home. Her parents had arrived, but they'd gone straight to bed and to sleep, since it was well after ten o'clock by this time.

Shannon led them out the front door for some final good-byes. With Nick fully clothed again and Shannon wearing her white robe once more, Nick got to give her a final hug and kiss, but the kiss was just a peck on the cheek. It was a strange ending, given all the sexual adventures they'd been through.

With their energy levels continuing to crash, it was all they could do to get back home safely. There was no more discussion, except for some final good-byes.

However, Nick, Maggie, and Hillary knew they had a big issue with Debra to sort out. They didn't want to discuss it with Shannon there, but they would have to deal with it tomorrow, one way or another.

Furthermore, they all sensed to varying degrees that they'd opened up a potential new Pandora's box by allowing Shannon to witness so much of their sexual activity. But that also was something that would have to be dealt with later.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, lew54321, Firefly, and BDGV.