Chapter 72: Weekend Memories (Monday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Nick was lying peacefully in bed when he suddenly felt his body jerk and twitch as he reached consciousness, and then, in a flash, found himself fully awake with his eyes wide open. Are you kidding me?! Are you fucking KIDDING ME?!

That thought hit him because, in that same flash, he remembered bits and pieces of what had happened the night before. As the seconds passed, his memories of the incredible sexual events at Shannon's party were filled in. It was all so startling and exciting that he bolted up in bed.

He looked around the room and realized he was alone. He glanced at his alarm clock on his bed stand and saw that it was a few minutes prior to when his alarm was due to go off anyway. He was also struck by the thought that real life had to go on, and it was a Monday morning, which meant he'd be forced to go to school. He reluctantly smacked the button on his clock that turned the alarm off.

Damn! What a dizzying high, followed by a crushing low! Last night I was in sexual paradise, and now I'm just another student trudging to school. Is this how it's going to be every day from now on? I mean, Ma AND Hillary! My two dream girls! We got to do so much great stuff last night! AND with Debra too! I don't even like her, but damn, she's one seriously hot slut with a curvy hardbody! And Shannon! Now, I DO like her, a lot, and even though I hardly got to touch her, she was naked and fucking gorgeous! And she's got an impossibly fit hardbody too!

DAMN! Double damn! Those four bombshells naked together is totally incredible and unbelievable, but it happened, and I was there! What a night! What a party! Hell, what a weekend!

So many other great things happened too. Like my developing relationship with Anushka. Whoa! That's probably the best news of all, in fact. Things are already going great with Ma and Hillary, and things only got better and better with both of them. Shannon looks fantastic, but she's got a boyfriend and she's untouchable for a bunch of other good reasons. Debra, well, that's complicated, but the bottom line is there's no long-term future there. But, in theory, I could end up deeply in love and in lust with Ma, Hillary, AND Anushka, and our "four-legged table" would be all the stronger for it! That seemed impossible before, but after this weekend... who knows?!

Man! Are you fucking kidding me?! Everything is so great! I'm almost disappointed to look around and NOT see and feel Ma or Hillary waking me up with a fucking great blowjob, because that's how incredible everything has been lately. But I have to be mindful that even my new life has limits. Like Ma being in Margaret mode at home. But still! The car ride to school! YEEESSSS! Oh my God, I'll get to enjoy Ma's sexy furnace of a mouth in less than an hour! So awesome!

He was so very excited by thoughts of the car ride to come, and the oral action that would undoubtedly go with it, that he literally leapt out of bed. Buck naked and with a new, insistent hard-on, he ran around his room like a crazy man, because he had more energy than he knew what to do with. He alternately waved his arms in the air and held his erection to stop it from swinging around too much. His enthusiasm was slightly tempered by the fact that he felt mindful to stay quiet so he wouldn't disturb or even wake his mother and/or father. Plus, his room wasn't that big, and there was no easy way for him to run around in circles in it, so he was forced to run in a U-shape around three sides of his bed.

After about a minute of this, he started to feel silly running around quietly in such a confined space. He wanted to do something else to blow off steam, and he thought about masturbating to orgasm. But he immediately decided that he should save all of his cum for his mother, once they got to the garage. He already had thrilling visions of cumming on her face and chest. So instead, he chose to hurry to the bathroom to take a long shower. He thought that very hot water, or maybe very cold water, could sort of shock him back to some semblance of normality.

Once he was in the shower though, he kept the water temperature only slightly hot, so he'd have at least a few more minutes to enjoy his arousal while reveling in his great weekend memories. He started lathering up his naked body with soap. Aaaah! Yesssss! So great! Feels so good, but not as good as how Ma's talented mouth is gonna feel on me soon! Damn, I have no idea how I'm going to make it through breakfast so we can get to the garage, though!

I mean, just think about it: Ma is as hot and sexy as it gets! Her body is divine! She's so friggin' stacked AND fit that it's crazy! And her face is so fucking sultry! And she totally loves sucking me off! And she's MY MOM! God, I love her so much! It's like I can already feel her red, bee-stung lips making a tight seal around my shaft. In less than an hour, I'll be kicking back in the car seat while she lovingly slides her lips up and down it, and she adores it with her talented tongue too! Or maybe she'll titfuck me instead! Or a blowjob-titfuck combo! God, those are great!

He dramatically tilted his head back and clutched the air in frustration. UNGH! How am I going to hold out all the way through breakfast to get there, though?! I'll have to act normal around Andy and just... eat food! DAMMIT! Torture! Pure torture! Ma's mouth is so divine! Who needs food?! I'd gladly go without breakfast or anything to get to that heaven faster. Hell, I'd crawl across a field of broken glass to speed up time!

But I've gotta get a grip. This is my life now. Yes, there are some beyond awesome parts to it, but most of it is going to be relatively normal. Like school. School! UGH! Yeah, it helps that I get to sit next to Hillary nearly all the time, but in a way, that makes it more frustrating. So close to heaven there too, and yet so far!

After lowering his hands, he'd started unthinkingly stroking his erection as the shower water poured down on him. But then his hand froze, and he forced himself to let go. UGH! I need to get a serious grip on my lust! NOW! Maybe Ma has the right idea with her compartmentalizing. She goes into Margaret mode, and it seems that makes it easier for her to cope with the many hours until she can be in Maggie mode again. I should do something similar, some kind of mode where I can just entirely turn my lust off for a while.

But I'm a horny teenage boy surrounded by impossibly busty and beautiful hotties! Are you seriously kidding me?! I can't turn my lust off to save my life! Especially lately, and doubly so after this weekend. Everything is just too thrilling! The only way I have any chance of being at least somewhat calm is right after I've climaxed, and even then only for a while.

After a few more minutes of pondering this issue during his shower, he decided, There's just one solution, or at least the only thing close to a solution: climaxing! It's nice in theory to say that I'm gonna save all my cum for Ma and/or Hillary, but that's not always practical. Ma will be picking me up and dropping me off every day from now on. We need some kind of workable routine to keep Andy clueless. If I cum once right before breakfast, that'll keep me semi-normal enough around him to eat my food and generally act in a way that isn't too suspicious. He's always reading the newspaper anyway. By the time the meal is over, I'll still be horny enough to fuck a duck, and raring to go for some fun in the garage or the car, because Ma! Damn! She's such a BABE!

The truth is, I can't see ever having some kind of "Nicolas mode" and "Nick mode" to switch between. I don't know how Ma does it, but I can't just magically say that's how it'll work from now on. That's not me. Masturbating before breakfast will get me through the mornings. Then my next big challenge will be making it through the school day without totally losing my mind, given that Hillary's sitting right next to me nearly all the time. I don't think I'd be in danger of getting seriously rape-y with her, but I could totally picture masturbating through a hand in a pocket right in the middle of class! And even cumming! Or just reaching out to fondle and kiss her! Damn! She's too much! All of that is way too risky.

I really, really, REALLY have to get some more self-control! As my lust and love for her just grows and grows, how will I be able to concentrate on my classes at all?! It's a real problem! Things were tough enough already, but after all the great things that happened this weekend, I'm ten times more arousable and excitable! Hell, all I have to do is think about something like Anushka's immense, perfect tits, or Shannon's flaming red hair and sultry face, and I could practically have a spontaneous orgasm!

Nick continued to think intently while he showered, but he wasn't able to find an easy solution as to how to keep his lust under control during school hours. However, he liked his plan to allow himself to masturbate to one orgasm each morning before breakfast, and he immediately began to put that plan into motion. He figured the key was to time his climax right before he went downstairs to eat, because if he came well before that, he knew he could easily get super horny so quickly that he'd be a wreck all through the meal, just the same.

Thus, he masturbated his way through the rest of a very long shower, but he was careful not to come close to a climax. And when the shower was over, he stayed erect and occasionally played with himself as he went through the rest of his morning rituals. This gave him lots of time to revel in the joyful memories of the weekend, and especially what happened late Sunday night, since that was freshest in his mind.

Once he did everything he could possibly do to get ready while upstairs, except for putting on clothes, he went back to bed, closed his eyes, and had an even better, and completely uninterrupted, masturbatory session. Somewhat surprisingly, given all that happened the night before with Maggie, Hillary, Debra, and Shannon, he fantasized hanging out with Hillary and Anushka in Hillary's bedroom. The three of them joked around in an increasingly friendly way until they somehow wound up kissing and fondling each other. From there, things escalated until Hillary and Anushka were kneeling naked side by side between his legs, taking turns bobbing on his thick shaft.

That resulted in a very satisfying orgasm for him in real life, even though he had to cum into his hand and his bed sheets.

His climax was carefully timed, with him even periodically coming out of his masturbatory fantasy to briefly check the time on the alarm clock by his bed. Pretty much after the moment he finished cumming, he cleaned up his cummy hands and crotch, threw on some clothes, and then raced downstairs.

Once he got to the kitchen and saw Maggie standing there putting the finishing touches on breakfast, his heart leapt to his throat. Even though she was thoroughly covered up, including wearing a long-sleeved light green top that showed no cleavage whatsoever, it was all he could do not to stop and stare at her phenomenal beauty, with his jaw hanging wide open. All he really needed to do at any time was see her face, and that would set his heart thumping wildly. This time was no different.

Luckily, the fact that he'd just climaxed made him languid enough to dull his reaction and his emotions. He thought about going to her and giving her a good morning hug and kiss, but he decided that could easily turn into a daily tradition that would almost certainly eventually get out of hand - with Andy within eyesight. So instead, he just said, "Morning, Ma," and sat down at the dining table for breakfast.

The rest of breakfast proceeded more or less normally. Halfway through the meal, Nick's penis grew erect, but he was still calm enough to hide his arousal in general, and the tabletop meant he didn't have to worry about the bulge in his shorts being seen by Andy. He refrained from talking as much as possible. In that, he was greatly helped by the fact that Andy was reading the newspaper nearly all the time.

Nick felt somewhat silly about the urgency and intensity of his arousal problem. He fretted that he was making a mountain out of a molehill, because nothing had changed from previous school days except for the intensity of his feelings, and he had managed to keep Andy in the dark during breakfast just fine so far. Still, he seriously suspected that his daily morning lust for his mother would be on a permanently more intense plane from now on, so the problem was very real.

What he didn't realize was that Maggie was going through nearly the exact same thing at the same time, and she'd come up with the exact same solution. She'd woken up with a desire to suck on her son's cock that was so overwhelming, she'd been seriously tempted to throw away all of her "Margaret mode" rules, sneak into his bedroom, and suck him off until both of them were fully sexually satiated with big orgasms. Instead, she'd resolved to masturbate as much as practically possible until just prior to going downstairs for breakfast, the same as he did. It was a much easier decision for her to make though, since she didn't have a physical limitation on the number of daily orgasms as he did.

Also exactly like Nick, she'd quickly gone to the shower. But from the very beginning of her shower, her focus had been on pleasuring herself. She'd spent an inordinate amount of time soaping up her huge breasts while fantasizing about her son's cock and especially about all the things she could do to it with her mouth. She'd gotten so carried away in her extra-long shower that she'd wound up kneeling with her head tilted back, while she fingerbanged herself to a great climax. Despite the water pouring down on her, she'd kept her mouth wide open as she imagined the feeling of having her mouth fully stuffed with his thick cock.

But her lusty pre-breakfast time hadn't stopped there. Just as he did, she had gone through all of her morning rituals in a hyper-sexual state, constantly touching and/or fondling her nude body while continuing to have more incestuous fantasies, usually of the blowjob kind. Also exactly as he did, she had gone back to bed and masturbated herself to another big climax right before going downstairs to cook breakfast. She was so blowjob-obsessed that she'd sucked on a dildo while masturbating towards that climax, shoving it deep into her mouth and pretending that she was deep throating her son.

Their routines somewhat diverged after that point. She'd had to go downstairs earlier, to prepare the meal, and when she got to the kitchen, she was alone. She'd dressed extra conservatively, with extra layers of clothing, precisely to make it hard for her to continue to play with her own heavenly body with Andy nearby. But she was still so worked up that she couldn't resist daydreaming about all the things she'd get to do to Nick once they were both in the garage.

While she stood in the kitchen, spacing out and doing nothing, she thought, Jesus Christ, I'm such a mess! I'm so focused on sucking my son's cock that it's unhealthy. It's all I can think about. I know women are supposed to be reluctant about fellatio, but fuck that! I love it! I love everything about it. The mere act of getting on my knees has become a serious turn-on for me. Hell, when I was in the shower earlier, and I dropped naked to my knees with the water pouring down on me, that alone nearly made me cum! It's such a symbolic act, that he's standing up high, clearly in charge, and I'm down low, submitting to him. Anyone can see that my purpose is to serve! UGH!

GAAAWWWD! Just thinking about it is making me TOO HOT! All that hot, thick, throbbing cock-meat sliding between my lips... And yet I'm supposed to cook dinner for my cheating asshole of a soon-to-be ex-husband, and act like everything's the way it used to be?! I think not! My son has a huge cock that needs some SERIOUS oral loving! UGH! But I MUST behave! I have to be good! Be Margaret! If only for a little while...

She was almost relieved when Andy came into the kitchen / dining room area about ten minutes later, because that forced her to control herself. But as breakfast stretched on interminably, her anticipation grew and grew until she was teetering close to some kind of breaking point. On the surface, all was normal, with Nick, Andy, and her eating mostly at the dining table at the same time. She and Nick ate so quickly that there was almost no occasion for talking.

Andy unthinkingly picked up on their style and ate with extra speed as well, though not as fast as they did.

Maggie finished eating before Nick did, because Nick was a growing boy who typically ate a breakfast twice as large as hers. Once she was done, she was so close to that breaking point that she couldn't just sit and wait for him to finish. So she left the room, hurried upstairs, and changed into nothing but an overcoat. When she came back downstairs, she deposited the clothes she wanted to wear for the ride to school in the garage. Then she merely leaned her head into the dining room area from a door leading to the kitchen, and said, "Nick, Sport, I'm all ready to go, and you know how you have to get to school early. I'll be waiting in the car."

Nick looked up at her just as he was finishing his meal. He couldn't see much of her body, but he could see one shoulder, and that was enough for him to notice that she had an overcoat on. He immediately surmised that was the ONLY thing she had on! That aroused him so much that it took all of his willpower not to scream for joy.

Luckily, Andy was reading his newspaper while still eating at a faster pace than usual, and he didn't look to Maggie or Nick at all. If he had, their facial expressions would have seemed odd, to say the least.

Nick managed to limit his response to Maggie to a simple, "Okay, thanks. I"ll be there in a minute." Then he got up and calmly took his dirty dishes to the kitchen. It was torture, but he quickly washed his dishes and stuck them in the dishwasher. He knew that if he didn't maintain little traditions like that, Andy might eventually get suspicious. Thankfully, that extra task took less than a minute.

Then, even though his feet were urging him to fly, he calmly walked out of the kitchen and down the hallway towards the garage. Just before he disappeared out of sight, he said, "See you later, Andy."

Unexpectedly, Andy put the newspaper down and looked at his watch. Then he looked up at Nick and asked him, "You're leaving for school so soon, again? It seems like, for the past week or so, breakfast has been happening earlier and earlier so you can go to school earlier."

Nick had been expecting something like this for days, and was surprised it took so long. Still poised to leave the kitchen, he shrugged, and said, "Yeah, well, I told you last week about my change of schedule. It sucks, but what can ya do." He'd thought up a more elaborate lie if push came to shove, but he hoped that wouldn't be necessary. Of course, it would be very problematic if Andy ever heard the sound of the car leaving so long after they went to the garage, but Andy always went to his office after breakfast, and there was no way to hear the garage door from there.

Thankfully, Andy wasn't that interested. He just replied, "Yeah, it's a drag. Later."

Nick nodded and disappeared out of sight. Once he was free, he breathed a huge yet silent sigh of relief while he hurried down the hall. It felt like his erection was burning a hole through his shorts already. Oh my God! Almost there! Almost there! So close to absolute female perfection, and total oral awesomeness!

He'd forgotten about bringing his backpack, but Maggie had been thinking ahead and she'd placed it on the floor at the end of the hallway. Even as he picked it up and slung it over his shoulder, he couldn't resist unzipping his fly. He let out another sigh of relief as he walked on and felt his rampant erection released into the open air, since he wasn't wearing any underwear.

He thought, Aaaaaah! Yesssss! Hang on, man! Hang on! Soon, you'll be in Ma's sweet mouth! Ohmigod! I can't wait!

Both mother and son were beyond delighted when he stepped into the garage.

Maggie was delighted because his erection was already fully exposed, and in fact he was eagerly pulling his shorts down his legs. She was salivating like a hungry hyena, to the point that she was practically drooling. Dear God, YES! Bring that over here, Son! Make me your big-titted bitch all over again! Make me work hard for a spermy cum bath on my face!

But Nick was even more delighted, due to the truly jaw-dropping sight in front of him. Maggie had been planning on keeping her overcoat on until he came into sight, so she could make a big, sexy reveal. But she'd gotten to the garage a minute or two before he did, and she simply couldn't wait that long. She'd already shed the overcoat and dropped it to the floor underneath her, to kneel on. Furthermore, she'd dropped to her knees only a few feet inside the garage, facing the door her son was about to come through. That left her wearing nothing but her sexy red high heels.

He muttered, "Hoooooly shit!" He quickly yanked his shorts the rest of the way off and stepped out of them. Only then did he allow himself to stand and stare at the priceless sight in front of him: his mother, in all her naked glory, with her blonde hair flowing down and her flawless all-over tan. But that wasn't all. She was in an overtly submissive pose, kneeling with her feet kicked out to each side so her high heels were in view, and her arms pinned behind her back, accentuating the way she was thrusting her huge tits forward.

Nick had gone through two doors to get to the garage, so there was no danger of being overheard, unless perhaps if one shouted very loudly. (Even that was highly unlikely, since Andy always closed his office door and listened to music to drown out any possible distractions.) But he was still slow in mentally switching gears from having been in the same room as Andy, so he whispered, "Oh God! Ma! You're such a raving beauty! And you're all mine!"

She replied with an even more urgent whisper, "Son, I am! I'm your big-titted SLUT! But don't just stand there holding your cock! Stick it right where it belongs: in my mouth!"

"Ohmigod! Yesssss!" He already was close to her since she'd only gone a few feet into the garage before turning around to kneel for him. He took one step forward and plunged his erection into her eagerly waiting oral cavity.

Both of them sighed with tremendous relief as her lips slid around his thickness.

He thought, Ma IS my big-titted slut! And I have Hillary too! I'm truly living the dream!

Within seconds, his bombshell blonde mother was bobbing on him like her life depended on it.

Since his mouth remained unoccupied, he could vocalize his feelings. "Aaaaaah! Sweeeeet! Ma, I need this so much! This whole morning has been torture! Nothing but torture! All I could think about was getting my dick right back where it belongs! Right here! Ugh! Your sweet, sweet lips!"

Maggie wished she could speak in reply. But at least she was able to think as she eagerly sucked on his thickness, while stroking it too, AAAAAH! Such sweet bliss! I NEED this! I don't want it, I need it! He's right: this is exactly where it belongs! Son! Your cock, my mouth! We belong together! I'm your big-titted, cocksucking, mommy-slut! This is my true home, naked and on my knees before you, working your cock with my hands, lips, AND tongue! Everything else is just wasting time!

She was so emotionally overcome by her sexual rapture that she felt seriously dizzy. She'd started bobbing frantically, but she had to come to a near halt for a few moments as she struggled to avoid swooning or even fainting.

Once that feeling passed, she still felt such a heady rush that she could hardly handle it. She decided to suck him at a slower and more deliberate pace, if only to help ensure he didn't cum too soon, and to prolong the joy for both of them.

However, she was restrained only in the relative sense that she wasn't sucking him in an insane, lusty frenzy. She still was bobbing on him fast and hard, and trying to get her tongue involved as much as possible, despite his throbbing pole quickly sliding back and forth. She used both hands to play with his balls and his lower shaft at the same time. It was all so passionate and wonderful for her, plus his cock was so thick, that she began shedding tears down her cheeks.

But while she was showing at least some restraint, he was showing and feeling none. At first, he was happy to bask in the pure joy of her hot, wet mouth and her tight lip-lock. But after he recovered from the initial rush of pleasure, he started thrusting his hips.

One minute passed, and then another. Before long, her relative restraint became a moot point as the blowjob turned into a vigorous face-fucking. He clutched the sides of her head with both hands as his lusty need mentally and physically overwhelmed him.

He'd been silent, aside from increasingly heavy panting. But once the face-fucking was in full swing, he exclaimed, "Oh dear God! MA! This feels so divine! I love you so much! I love your mouth! God, just look at you!"

Maggie felt shivers all over, thanks to that last comment. It sounded relatively innocuous, but it caused her to shift mental perspectives, so she was almost having an out-of-body experience, looking down upon herself and her son as if she was floating up near the ceiling of the garage. Yes, look at me! I look so SHAMEFUL! So wanton and wicked! What kind of mother willingly gets naked in a dirty garage, just to fully revel in nude, incestuous cocksucking joy?! ME, that's who! HA!

Mentally picturing herself kneeling completely naked while her son held her head in place and aggressively thrust his cock in and out of her mouth was such a thrilling rush that she had a powerful orgasm on the spot. The fact that she knew she was a "perfect ten" bombshell while her son was relatively average in looks somehow heightened the power of her climax.


That last thought really hit her hard, and took her orgasm to an even higher level. YEESSSS! HNNG! OWN ME! OWN ME SO GOOD! OWN MY MOUTH WITH YOUR PERFECT COCK! RULE ME! I'M ONE OF YOUR MANY BIG-TITTED, BLOWJOB-LOVING SLUTS, AND I LOVE IT!

At first, her orgasm was so overwhelming that her body almost became slack, since it was a struggle for her to simply stay conscious and she couldn't manage anything on top of that. She actually saw stars! But then, a minute or two later, with Nick still pounding her face hard, she turned on a dime and suddenly began aggressively sucking him, as much as she could given the circumstances.

She didn't know where the surge of energy came from, but all she could do was channel it. At first, it didn't make much of a difference, since he was holding her head so firmly and doing all the thrusting in and out. But her need was so urgent and insistent that she essentially took over. She clutched at his ass cheeks and quickly found her hands doing more of the thrusting than he was. Plus, her head began slamming back and forth, heedless of his hands trying to keep her head still, until whatever thrusting he was doing almost became a moot point. She was possessed with a need to suck, even more than before, like a ravenous succubus had truly possessed her soul!

For all of Nick's vigorous face-fucking, he had been careful to limit himself just enough to stop himself from cumming. But once Maggie took over, he lost the ability to set the pace. He'd already been teetering on the brink of cumming nearly the entire time, and despite the fact that he squeezed his PC muscle with all his might, he could tell that could only be a delaying action, at best. She wanted his cum load, she wanted it now, and he was helpless to stop her!

He tried to shout out, "Ma! If... if you keep that up... I'm... I'm gonna cum!"

She responded with a primal growl that indicated in a non-verbal way that she wanted precisely that. In fact, she somehow bobbed even MORE vigorously, even while her hands helped his hips hump back and forth.

Nick had started the sex session whispering, for fear of Andy overhearing. But he was so mentally and physically overcome that he forgot all about the danger of his father overhearing when he gave up his resistance and started blasting his seed into his mother's mouth. "UNNNNGH! CUMMING! I'M... HNNNNRRRGH!"

Maggie was overjoyed. Technically, her huge orgasm had come to an end about a minute earlier, but she was riding such an erotic high that she might as well have been cumming the whole time since then. She thought, DO IT! GOD! DO IT! OH, SON! I LOVE YOU! USE ME! USE MY MOUTH! EMPTY YOUR BALLS IN ME AGAIN! AAAAAH! YOUR HOT SEED!

She felt delirious and giddy as she gobbled her son's cum down her throat as fast as it shot out of him. Even though it was an extra big load, since he'd been building up cum all night (and had "only" climaxed once recently), she was able to guzzle it all down like a champ.

As if she wasn't sexually overcome enough already, right as his cum load ran out, she spontaneously began cumming again. She didn't even need to touch her privates as a trigger. She felt like her entire body turned to jelly, but it was a great feeling, like complete and utter relaxation, even as she was still flying along on a wild roller coaster ride.

When it was all over, she wound up lying flat on the concrete floor, with her arms and legs spread out wide, and the overcoat under her only covering some of her ass and legs.

Nick wound up lying on top of her. He stayed awake, but only just. His eyes were closed and he was dead to the world.

Several minutes passed while both of them went from erotic nirvana land back to the here and now.

As Maggie rested, she thought, I AM my son's big-titted, cocksucking slut! He OWNS my mouth! And I'm damn proud of all that. Anyone who has a problem with that obviously has never felt the sexual ecstasy I just felt. It was like a religious experience! Good grief, that was incredible!

I'm so tempted to just drop everything, become "Maggie" full time, and put my Margaret mode behind me forever. Maybe we could move into an apartment together and leave Andy behind for good. I could sleep with my son every night... not that we'd get much sleep! Ha-ha! I could go to sleep with his cum on my face and in my belly, and wake him with a glorious hummer every single morning. Hell, I could suck him off so damn much, 24-7! I'd spend way more time kneeling than standing, just getting my face fucked for hours!

She giggled with glee at that prospect, almost overcome with giddiness.

And he could FUCK me! In my CUNT! Why the hell not, if I go all the way into being his slut?! And Hillary could come over all the time, and practically live with us! It would be so grand!

But there are practical considerations. I'm his mother! There need to be limits. Ordinary life goes on. If nothing else, if I don't limit my sexual time with him, his grades are going to suffer. I have to be responsible, dammit! We can't just sit around and suck and fuck all day long. And the incest factor is SUCH a troublesome complication! She sighed heavily. I probably shouldn't let him EVER fuck me there, no matter how slutty I get. Still, it's a great fantasy.

Plus, there are so many other great things we can do. He could fuck me everywhere BUT there. Maybe even in the ass! Damn, that'll take a lot of prep work though. Or what about deep throating? That's become one of my greatest desires. But it's so hard too, thanks to his size.

Maggie was the first to recover. She lifted her hands up to his shoulders and lightly shook him. "Hey, stud! You awake?"

"Mmmm..." was all he could reply.

Still, she was encouraged he was awake after all, and listening. She purred in her most sultry and husky voice, "Son! That hit the spot! That was the BEST! Good God! You've made me yours, heart and soul! Do you realize that, Sport?"

His head was flopped down on her collar area, up her neck to her chin. He merely grunted, in utter exhaustion.

She held his head in place with one hand, adjusting it just enough so she could kiss part of his face. She continued her sexy purring, "Mmmm! My love! I'm yours forever, no matter what! I mean it when I say things like 'I'm your slut' and 'you own my mouth.' I love sucking you off so much that words can't even explain it. If you EVER need a hot and eager mouth to fuck, just fuck mine!"

She usually tried to be restrained in telling him certain things, such as the depth of her submissive feelings towards him. But she was in such a hyper-lusty state that her usual mental filter was nowhere to be found. Her blowjob passion simply couldn't be contained or denied.

Those comments caused him to rouse more, as he considered the possible implications. He lifted his head up enough to look down into her eyes. He asked very curiously, "Do you really mean that?! What about when you're in Margaret mode?"

She sheepishly admitted, "Well, except for that. We have certain practical considerations to consider."

He groaned in frustration. "'Except for that?!' That's a gigantic exception! You're in Margaret mode most of the time!"

She tried to change the subject, because she didn't want to have this argument right now. She was naked and kneeling, and wanted to get back to pleasuring his cock instead. "True, but I'm in full Maggie mode now. We've got plenty of time before school. In fact, we 'left for school' even earlier than ever before." Her voice turned sultry again. "Why don't we take full advantage?"

She reached down to his crotch and found his penis. To her surprise, she discovered that it was flaccid. "Hey! What's happening here?!" By now, she took it as a given that he'd stay erect after his first climax, due to his habit of usually cumming in twos.

He admitted bashfully, "Er, yeah. About that. You see, I came once already this morning."

She was momentarily baffled. "How is that possible?! With who?!" She had thoughts of Hillary or Debra sneaking into his bedroom somehow.

He grinned. "With me! It's called 'masturbation.'" He was starting to revive more, so he sat all the way up on her, straddling her just below her enormous breasts.

She groaned in great frustration. "'Masturbation?!' Son, you should NEVER do that! You have TWO girlfriends now. And not just girlfriends; we're your full-on willing sluts! Both of us love oral sex, especially, and we know how much you love it. All you have to do is snap your fingers and we'll drop to our knees before you to slurp and suck, separately or together!"

"I know that," he muttered. The shocking thing is that it's actually true! I'm such a lucky bastard!

Surprising herself, she added, "Plus, I don't know where things are going with Debra, or Shannon, or Anushka, for that matter, but it's pretty clear from the events of this weekend that Hillary and I are so hot for you that we don't have much resistance to sharing you with other busty hotties, at least a little bit, from time to time."

He was secretly floored at her admission about her willingness to share him. But he decided it was safer to take that as a given rather than talk about it. Still, he couldn't resist brightening up and asking, "Really?!"

"Really. Well, maybe. We'll have to see how Hillary feels. But my point is, you're in a sexually ideal situation. This has to be your personal dream come true! Even if it's 'just' me and her, we're your two 'dream girls,' as you keep saying. And we don't just LOOK sexy, we ARE sexy! And hungry!" She licked her lips temptingly. "So why should you EVER waste your cum with a stupid masturbation session?! You'd only be denying one of us an oral workout, followed by a delicious cum shower."

He said, "That's true. This is great. I AM living the dream. But sometimes, it's a matter of practicality. Like this morning. When I woke up, I don't know why, but from the first moment of consciousness, I was soooo horny! It was crazy! I know I'm an extra-horny guy in general, and I'm in my teenage prime, but this was something different. It was on a whole other scale. I actually found myself running around my room like a chicken with its head cut off! It was all I could do not to scream my lungs out, I was so excited, from thinking about the fun we'd have here in a little while!"

Just thinking about the events from last night that got him so excited earlier was getting him re-energized. He looked down and realized that he was sitting on his nude mother's tummy, yet he wasn't taking advantage of that fact. He brought his hands to her immense boobs and started playing with them.

Maggie smiled knowingly at his busy hands. She looked up into his eyes, and asked, "And... did it meet your expectations?"

His eyes widened. "Boy! Did it! And then some! But... that's a problem, since we live with Andy. For instance, I came way too soon. That wasn't even five minutes."

She shrugged, and then even chuckled. "You've got nothing to be afraid of there. That was like a tsunami of off-the-charts sexual pleasure for me, and I'm sure it was the same for you. And when I took control of the face-fucking, you couldn't really do your usual squeezing trick. Besides, longer isn't always better. That was EXACTLY what I was craving! Fast, yet totally overwhelming!"

"Really?!" he asked uncertainly.

"Really! That's one of the all time best! So far. I know we're going to have so very, very many others." She winked playfully.

He smiled, as he tugged and twisted her nipples. "Well, that's good to hear, at least. But still, I worry that sometimes there's such a thing as getting TOO horny. It was like my entire body was on fire, from the moment I woke up. You were so close, just down the hallway, but oh-so-far!"

She sighed, and said, "I know exactly how you feel."

"You do?"

"Sure! That's exactly how I felt all morning too. I've been on fire from the moment I woke up, the same as you. I knew the only 'water' that could put my 'fire' out was your sweet cum, preferably lots of it on my face or in my mouth, but I couldn't get even a taste of your yummy pearly seed until after breakfast! UGH! To be honest, even though I was technically in Margaret mode, I was very naughty. I stayed naked as long as possible while I was doing all my morning chores upstairs. You should have seen me shower, especially. It was less a shower and more a very prolonged masturbation session!"

He groaned lustily as he continued to twist her nipples. "Oh, man! I can only imagine!" He looked down at her tremendous E-cups. "Did you do some of this?" He squeezed them together until her nipples were touching.

She smiled widely. "As a matter of fact, I did."

"Did you do some of this too?" He scooted down her body until his still-flaccid penis was below her pussy mound, then he leaned down until his face was in her cleavage. He playfully motorboated her there.

She laughed, and lovingly ran a hand through his hair. "I don't have a detachable head, so no, I didn't do that. But I did some of this." She waited until he stopped his motorboating, and looked up to his raised face. Then she hefted up one of her tits and craned her head down at the same time, until she was able to start sucking on one of her own erect nipples.

His eyes lit up. "Cool! Let me do that too!" He started to bring his mouth to her free nipple.

But she let go sof her boob and blocked him with a hand. "Wait! We've got lots of time, so of course there can be plenty of that. I love that I get to lie buck naked under you, like your helpless sex doll. I don't even mind that I'm lying on the garage floor." (She'd actually cleaned the garage exceedingly throughly recently, in anticipation of times like these.) "And you definitely haven't been using your mouth on my nipples enough lately!" She laughed.

However, she turned deadly serious. "But I don't want us to lose track of the masturbation issue. Will you promise me not to do that again? EVER?!"

He sat back up, and tried to focus more on the conversation and less on the tit-play. He frowned. "Would you be able to help me when I really need it? Such as helping me with your mouth BEFORE breakfast sometimes?"

She frowned sadly. "Son! No! Do you want me to walk into your room wearing nothing but a loose bath robe, only to seductively slip it off my shoulders, revealing my total nudity? Then crawl up onto your bed while you lie there, and look adoringly into your eyes as I take your huge cock into your mouth, and love it with every fiber of my being? Is that what you're suggesting? Bobbing and slurping on your magnificent tool like a total big-titted slut, working it, adoring it, slathering it with my tongue and tightly sliding my lips on it until you finally blast your seed all over my face?!"

She'd gotten more than a little carried away with her description of what she supposedly didn't want to happen. She realized that after the fact, and blushed slightly, but she couldn't take her words back.

Not surprisingly, he enthusiastically said, "YES! That's exactly what I want! Plus, shower play! The face fuck we just had was fantastic, but could you imagine how much MORE fun we could have every morning?!"

She sighed. "I can, as my unfortunately far too graphic description just there illustrated. But you know the dangers. A shower? Come on! Andy showers too!"

"Yeah, but he's downstairs, and he showers down there too."

"True, but aren't all the pipes connected? What if I sneak into your shower to blow you?" She paused, and did a double take. She felt a shiver down to her fingers and toes from thinking about that possibility. "Gaawwwd! I'd love that so much! Bobbing on your thickness with water cascading down on me! What a rush that would be! But... wouldn't he find it odd if he doesn't hear my shower running that morning?"

Nick was emphatic. "NO! Come on! There's no chance he's listening carefully with an ear to the wall. I'll test hearing the shower running from the downstairs bathroom later today, and I'll bet it's impossible to hear anything, period. Besides, we could have fun in YOUR shower, and there's no way he'd notice that there are two people in there instead of one!"

She said guardedly, "Unless one of us screams, that is. And I have such tremendous orgasms when I suck you off that I'm liable to scream my head off."

He replied, "Then let's use MY shower then. It's on the opposite side of the house from his room and his shower."

She felt a strong emotional and erotic pull to simply agree with him. She could easily imagine the joy of shared morning showers. However, she steeled her willpower and sighed. "Look, you have some solid reasoning there. But it's all a moot point anyway. I have to maintain a firm line! I've never done anything sexual to you inside the house, and I never will. I MUST maintain a total firewall there!"

"WHY?!" he pleaded. He merely held her huge E-cups from below, due to the seriousness of the issue they were discussing.

"You know why! There's a slippery slope. If I break that firewall any time, we'll just slip and slide down that slope, having more and more sexual fun inside the house, until it's inevitable that Andy catches us. And do you want that? I know he's done both of us wrong, but do you want to break his heart with that ultimate humiliation?"

"No, I guess not," Nick said glumly. "But what about the two of us sneaking off to the garage BEFORE breakfast sometimes? Can't we at least do that?!"

She gave him a discouraging look. "You know how problematic that would be. I suppose we might get away with that once in a blue moon, if you're absolutely desperate, but if we did that with anything close to a regular basis, we'll be asking for disaster. You know there's no reason for one of us to go to the garage and spend a bunch of time there then, much less both of us. Andy would get suspicious for sure!"

Nick sighed. "I suppose you're right. But that means I can't promise you I won't be forced to masturbate sometimes."

Now it was Maggie's turn to ask, "Why?!" She added, "Come on, you've got enough self-control to hold out until I can help you after breakfast."

He let out an even heavier sigh. "I wish, but my self-control can only take me so far." He grinned, and said on a lighter note, "I blame you, because you're so damn sexy, and your mouth is a furnace of pure, hot, sexual pleasure!"

She chuckled, though wanly. "Sorry. I'll try to be ugly and clumsy." Even as she said that, she made an extra sultry face that caused his heart to skip a beat.

"Don't you dare!" he insisted. "My need to cum then was pretty much a must, due to having to eat breakfast with Andy. I would have walked into the dining room like a human tripod, with an agonized and lusty look on my face. Maybe today was an aberration and tomorrow will be better, but maybe not. I suspect not. Every time we have such a great, peak experience in the garage, like we just did, my lust and desire for you only grows stronger. In fact, I was telling myself that I should masturbate every morning, as the only way I could act at least somewhat normally during breakfast on a regular basis."

She looked at him aghast. "NO! Don't say that!"

"But it's true! I've got a serious breakfast problem!"

She was very agitated at his latest suggestion. "I know! So do I, believe me! Having to stay in Margaret mode until after we eat is going to be pure agony for me every single morning, knowing the spermy joy that awaits in the garage." She clutched at one of his hands and squeezed it. "But we have to be strong, both of us! Besides, there's the problem of you cumming in twos. If you masturbate only once, then you're probably going to stay stiff afterwards, so how does that help?!"

He winced. "I know. That's a problem, I must admit. But before we get to that, I was explaining how hot and horny I got this morning. Why do you think that is, by the way, that we both got that way? I thought I'd be all worn out after all the endless crazy stuff that happened all weekend long. I could understand SOME extra excitement, but it was totally off the scale for me, and it sounds like for you too."

She smiled knowingly, and let go of his hand. "It's precisely because of all of that 'endless crazy stuff' we experienced all weekend long. I'll tell you how I feel about that, because I'll bet it's the same how you feel, it's just that you haven't thought it through yet."

"Okay." He resumed lazily twisting and pulling on her stiff nipples, now that the topic was shifting again.

She put her hands on his bare butt and began lightly caressing him there. "Consider if you just had a sexual and loving relationship with me. Or with Hillary. What would you think about that?"

"Oh, man! That would be extremely awesome, all by itself!"

"Indeed!" She smiled knowingly. "But that's not what happened. You've made BOTH of us your willing, horny sluts! That's exponentially better, isn't it?"

"By miles and miles! It's so amazing that I still can't really believe it's happening to me!" Thanks to his growing enthusiasm, he began vigorously fondling her huge tits, pushing and rubbing them together. But he didn't want to neglect her nipples, so he leaned down and licked one of them at the same time.

She giggled, "Hey, Sport! Let's not get TOO excited!" She lightly smacked one of his ass cheeks. But she didn't push his mouth away. "Then, consider on top of that all the extra fun we had at various times in the last two days with Debra, Shannon, AND Anushka. Now, admittedly, we don't actually want Debra to be part of our fun and games. And all Shannon did was watch... naked. And Anushka, not even close to that. But there's so much thrilling potential there with her!"

He nodded. His arousal was returning in a big way, as her words brought all sorts of powerful sexual memories to the forefront of his thoughts. He sucked on one nipple while twisting her other one.

She went on, "But probably the most intense times were with Debra, like her or not. Heck, definitely, now that I think about it. I must admit that I got hot as a firecracker watching you spank her, and then seeing her cry tears of both joy and struggle from sucking you off. And you came on her face so many times! Dear Lord!" She felt shivers and her heart raced faster, just from recalling events with Debra over the weekend.

He sat back up on her. The mention of crying caused him to tenderly wipe away the tears that had trickled down his mother's face. He purred tenderly, "Look at you. Your cheeks are still wet with tears."

She smiled as he kept cleaning her cheeks. "Thanks. I actually like those tears though. I wear them as a badge of pride, reminding me that a good slut is first and foremost a cocksucking slut!" She truly felt that way, without a tinge of doubt or regret.

He asked, "So... you don't actually want me to wipe your tears away after you've cried?"

She replied, "if it's tears of sadness, then of course. But that never happens with you, I'm happy to say. It's always tears of struggle from the sheer thickness of your magnificent cock, or tears of joy thanks to the extreme pleasure and our deep love, or both. And I love those kinds of tears. Do you remember Debra's face last night, soaked with tears AND your cum, and her fabulous hair all tussled, and her perfect facial features so messy and splattered?"


Maggie had trouble breathing as she vividly recalled the titillating scene, and she felt her emotions surging out of control. She said, "You know I detest her, but I have to admit that was just about the fucking sexiest thing I've ever seen! Even though I don't like her, I love to see you wreck her and put her in her place!"

Maggie had a powerfully arousing vision, of Debra looking just as she did last night after Nick came on her face three times over, nude and her ass burning red. In the vision, Debra was bowing low at Nick's feet while Maggie, Hillary, AND Shannon were all kneeling in front of Nick and licking his stiff cock together. Debra was abjectly begging, "Please! Please! Master Nick, I'll do ANYTHING! ANYTHING! If you'll only let me help with my tongue too! Pleaaase!"

Maggie shivered lustily, then shook her upper body slightly, as if that would help shake the vision from her mind. She thought, Whoa! Where did THAT come from?!

She tried to put that out of her mind and quickly change the topic. "But I digress. My point is, don't wipe my tears away, unless they bother you."

He said, "No, they don't really bother me, now that I know you feel that way."

She resumed lightly caressing his ass cheeks, just below his T-shirt. "Good. I have to admit that sharing you with Hillary is... incredible! I love it so much! I love HER. She's a great choice. But more than that, the mere fact that you have TWO sexy sluts at your beck and call makes everything we do ten times more wicked and fun, even if she's not there."

"How so, if she's not there?"

"Because what self-respecting girlfriend would knowingly share her boyfriend with another girl? None, that's who! It's so wrong, especially when we look like we do and can have our pick of any guy. And yet, here we are! Because we're not your girlfriends; we're your SLUTS!" Thinking about that nearly made her breathless with lust.

She continued, "Then, you add in something like the fun and games with Debra, or having Shannon watch, with her masturbating and wishing that YOU were her boyfriend instead of Brian... Wishing that you'd cum at least once on HER face, in between painting the rest of us... GAAAWWWD! That makes me totally hot too! That someone as seriously gorgeous as Shannon can only DREAM of choking and gagging on your thick pole, while I get to slurp on it every single day... UNGH! It makes me want you even more! It makes me long to suck on your fat cum-stick that much more, too!"

She had been ignoring his penis for a long time, wanting to give it a decent rest. She couldn't directly see its current condition, given her immense tits and his hands and/or head in the way nearly all the time. But she reached around her boobs with both hands and eagerly felt for his crotch. Her smile turned to a frown as she realized his penis was still flaccid. "UNGH! See?! Just talking about this sort of thing makes me so very horny that my urge to suck is almost overwhelming!"

"Sorry, Ma," he said shyly, even as he continued to lightly play with her great boobs. "I think I'm getting there soon. I'll be erect in a while, I promise."

"I sure hope so," Maggie sighed, while repeatedly licking her lips. "You've kind of ruined me, as far as being a normal person goes. The whole time I was masturbating this morning, I was picturing myself naked and on all fours here in the garage, endlessly bobbing... even deep throating you! Over and over! UNGH! You've made me so addicted to serving your cock with my mouth! I try not to love it as much as I do, but then you give me even more outrageously incredible orgasms, like you just did a little while ago. How can I resist?!"

He grinned from ear to ear. "Sorry, again. I'll try not to be so... suckable."

She playfully punched him. "Don't you dare! But anyway, I don't know where things are going with those other hotties. I know I love how things are with you, Hillary, and me, and I don't want to change that threesome dynamic one bit. Any change is risky."

She paused, and pondered what she was going to say next. Insanely arousing memories from the weekend dominated her thinking. As a result, she said, "But... I'm not totally averse to letting you fuck around some, so long as nothing serious comes of it, because after this weekend, I have to admit, having Debra and/or Shannon there too took things to an even higher high!"

Nick was speechless. But her words hit him like a cattle prod, causing him to shiver all over.

She reveled in memories of feeling submissive and helpless while Nick dominated Debra's cummy face. "One that was so amazingly arousing that it was like I couldn't stop what was happening, even as I kept wanting to stop it. I know Hillary must have felt the same way, because she acted exactly the same as I did. You have no idea, for instance, how fucking HOT it is to see you spank Debra's sexy little bubble butt! Or to see you fuck her face and then cum all over it! GOD! Even though I really don't want you to do that to her, I can't help but totally want you to do that to her!"

"That doesn't make a lot of sense," he pointed out.

She thought back to her vision of Debra bowing naked at Nick's feet, with Debra's face covered in cum, and her ass a cherry red, and felt another lusty shiver. She thought, Why does Debra have to be so fucking physically perfect?! Her face is so damn symmetrical, every feature so ideally placed and sized, that it's a total thrill to see it get all messy and slutty with my son's cum! I have to admit that, as much as I detest her, I would say 'yes' in a heartbeat to letting him spank her or fuck her face again! Preferably both, with her humiliated face burning as red as her ass! Heh! I love to see her get taken down a few pegs!

She carefully replied, "No, it doesn't. But it is what it is. We're going to have to figure out what it means, and how to deal with it. Like I said, I do NOT want to see her as your third girlfriend, or slut, or whatever you call it. No way! I don't like her. I even detest her! But... if we could find a way for you to spank her and fuck her face some more, from time to time, while keeping her at arm's length otherwise, I could agree to that."

"REALLY?!" His excitement soared. He looked down at Maggie's tanned, nude upper torso, and resumed vigorously playing with her fulsome E-cups.

"Maybe." She frowned sternly, trying to show some reluctance, even as her heart was thumping wildly from the possibilities. "We'll see. Especially since we'll have to check with Hillary, and if she's against it, then it's a no-go, period. That's the price of having two sluts. You can't use 'divide and conquer' on us. I won't allow it. And she won't either."

He nodded obediently. He was having a grand time pushing her massive orbs together.

She went on, "But, my point is, the weekend solidified our great threesome relationship with you, me, and Hillary, AND it pointed to even more exciting possibilities with other hotties on top of that! So how you could NOT wake up and feel so giddy that you danced around your room?! We've hit the sexual jackpot!"

He beamed. "We have? I guess we have!" He excitedly switched to more nipple pulling, knowing his mother loved that the most. "So long as I don't blow it, that is. There's so many ways things can go wrong, especially if 'other hotties' are involved. Like with Debra. That's a total minefield. And the situation with Anushka is super tricky. And I don't even know what's going on with Shannon." He frowned, and asked, "What would you like to see happen with her, by the way?"

Maggie pondered that for a few moments, then said, "I don't know, to be honest. I certainly don't want to see her break up with her boyfriend in order to do anything sexual with you. That would be seriously uncool. Plus, if she did break up with him, it would raise big expectations on just how involved she might get with you. I'm sharing you plenty enough already, and I certainly don't want to share you with one more, especially someone like her."

He asked, "What do you mean, 'someone like her?'"

"Well, anyone with eyes to see can tell that she's a complete knockout. Damn! I get even hotter just from recalling what her nude body looked like. Imagine if she turned out to be a great cocksucker too, which she probably is, due to her sexually liberated attitude. Can you just picture her, with her gorgeous flowing red hair, kneeling between your legs and staring up adoringly at you, with her mouth crammed full of cock? YOUR cock?! Waves of that red hair falling into her eyes as her cheeks cave in from the intensity of her suction? She might even effectively become possessed by lust as she drops all of her inhibitions and totally devotes herself to pleasuring your thick pole! Just like I do!"

Maggie realized she was getting carried away again. "It's hot, super hot, in a fantasy, but I don't want THAT much top notch competition in real life!"

Nick gulped. Hoooooly shit! Why does Ma have to say such insanely arousing stuff?! SHANNON! Hot damn!

Maggie went on, "But I must admit that I LOVED just having her there, naked, watching, and masturbating! WISHING that she could be the one getting spanked or face-fucked! God, that makes me too hot to be believed!"

He thought about Shannon as his lust rose higher, imagining her kneeling naked next to Maggie, the two of them taking turns engulfing his cockhead and bobbing on his thick shaft. Fuck me, man! That would be so wild! And Ma practically just said she'd be okay with that! I have the best life! But the danger of fucking it up is real. I need to be super careful.

Maggie suddenly lifted her upper body up. Nick was sitting low enough on her that she was able to rise up until they were face to face, with her huge tits pressing into his chest (which was still covered with a T-shirt, since he hadn't had the occasion to take it off yet). She gave him a few seconds to adjust to that unexpected move and slide a little down her thighs, and then she planted her lips on his.

The two of them were off to the races after that, hotly making out for several minutes. All the while, he continued playing with as much of her body as he could reach. Since she was sitting on her ass, and her tits were usually tightly pressing into his chest, he wound up playing with her pussy most of the time.

Funnily enough, while they were necking, Nick was fantasizing different wild sexual scenarios that involved him "taming" Debra, Shannon, and/or Anushka, and Maggie had nearly identical fantasies about him doing just that!

Eventually, they got so carried away with their kissing and fondling that they had to break the lip-lock just to catch their breaths.

As they were recovering, he asked, "So... thinking about Shannon watch us makes you THAT hot and bothered?"

She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. "Son, you have no idea! To be honest, I had no idea about that sort of thing either, until it happened last night. I mean, the fact that she can watch and not touch you AT ALL is a total trip! It really is an incredible ego boost, knowing that I have you and she doesn't! And she's so fucking HOT! She could have ANY boy in the world! I'm sure all of her boyfriends look like they've just stepped out of GQ magazine. And you... let's face it, you don't look like that."

He pouted, "MaaaaAAAAaaaa!"

"Sorry, but it's true. Don't worry though, because you have a cock all those male models would kill for." She checked his penis again, but it was only slightly turgid. "But anyway, who the fuck cares about how 'hunky' you are, or how square your jaw is? At least last night, none of that mattered! Shannon would have GLADLY tossed all her hunky boy toys away for the chance to bob on your thickness until you painted HER face instead of Debra's!"

"You think?" he asked, genuinely doubtful.

"I know it! I respect that she wants to be loyal to her boyfriend. But in the heat of the moment, she was hot as blazes for YOU!"

"I didn't think you paid much attention to her."

"I didn't for a while, and that was my loss. But I paid a lot of attention later, especially at the hot tub."

"How do you know she was so hot for me?"

There was a renewed fire in Maggie's eyes as she explained, "I could see it in her eyes, and the way she kept licking her lips when she watched Hillary or me suck you from merely the other side of the tub. Plus, she was WET! Her pussy was soaked, and I could see her arousal dripping down her thighs! I could smell it! I'd love to have some situation where, every time you, me, and Hillary get together for a sexy threesome date, Shannon has to get naked and watch, masturbating while she wishes in vain that she could join in and have HER turn bobbing on your thickness!"

He couldn't resist chuckling. Even though the idea secretly turned him on, he protested, "Ma! That's mean!"

"I know! Not workable, realistically. But it's so hot! Admit it! Can't you picture the lusty look in her sultry green eyes?" She reached for his penis yet again, and discovered it was half-hard, and slowly engorging more. "A-ha! The proof! You see? You think it's hot too!"

He laughed. "Yeah, your words about her, plus your hot kisses, your fantastic naked body, and everything else!" He put a hand over her heart, or at least as close as he could get, given her enormous boobs. "Hell, I can even feel your heart beating extra fast, despite all your extra 'padding' here."

She laughed too, even as she began stroking his penis to get him fully stiff. "Okay, true enough. But, putting Shannon's sexy body aside, let's get back to the masturbation issue while I still have a free mouth to talk with." She winked at him. "Can you promise NEVER to masturbate in the morning? Never ever ever? In return, I'll give you a big reward!"

His eyes lit up like searchlights. "You mean... You're not talking about me getting to fuck you, are you?! Are you?! Oh, MAN! I'm all over that! YES! Yes, yes, yes! Anything, for that!"

She made a sour face, because that wasn't her intention. She felt a sharp pain in her heart. If only! If only we weren't related! I'd have you bang me like a cheap screen door every day! How incredible would THAT be?!

But what she told him was, "Sorry, no. I'm talking about deep throating you!"

His heart sank, and it showed in his eyes.

She went on, "Look. You know how strongly I feel about that. I've been talking about oral submission. Emphasis on 'oral.' I can tell myself that blowjobs and titfucks and the like are basically harmless, but real incest is a different story. I'm your actual genetic mother! What if we did that and you got me pregnant, for instance? I shudder to even think about it. Please, try not to even mention it if you can help it, because it kills my mood."

Her stern comments about fucking were in sharp contrast to some of her private thoughts about it, where she was much more conflicted. But, at least for now, she didn't want him to know how her feelings on it were evolving.

"Sorry," he mutttered, even more dejected.

On an impulse, she thought about deep throating, Why don't I give that a try right now?! It's a tragedy that we can never fuck. I feel like a bad slut, but I have to remind myself that I'm an ORAL slut. He should fuck my throat any time he wants! Hopefully I'll be able to make it as good or better as actual fucking. Then, we'll both be satisfied AND I can maintain my moral and practical stance against total incestuous depravity.

Now, I may not be able to actually do it, at least not yet, but I sure as hell am going to try my best!

With new resolve, she said, "Now, getting back to deep throating, it's a daunting prospect, to say the least, given your thickness, but I love you so much, and I love sucking you so much, that I'm willing to give it a try. But not if you're masturbating every morning! Wasting all that precious seed!" She frowned severely, due to that last comment.

He was momentarily crushed, but then elated. "Oh. Well! That sounds pretty awesome too, actually. Totally awesome!" He grinned from ear to ear.

"I should hope so!" she replied, sounding almost indignant. She continued to jack him off, causing his dick to steadily engorge. "Consider that, mere weeks ago, we had a normal mother-son relationship. And now we're talking about you actually fucking my throat! That's a pretty big deal. If it goes as it should, and I actually manage to do it, that should be as enjoyable to you as real vaginal fucking, if not more so!"

Her voice turned super sultry. "Plus, don't you just adore the idea of getting to fuck your mommy's throat? It's sort of the ultimate in oral submission, don't you think?"

His heart started thumping hard, and his dick suddenly engorged to full size. He actually gulped. "Um... 'Oral submission?!'"

She nodded while giving him her best "come hither" look, from mere inches away. "Mmmm-hmmm!" She licked her lips suggestively. "I like the sound of that, don't you? 'Oral submission.' It's a chance for me to totally devote myself to pleasuring your cock with my mouth, even to the point of a deep throating ordeal! Hell, just taking you in my mouth the normal way is practically a tear-inducing ordeal every time, though of course I totally love it! I can't imagine how much more difficult deep throating it will be. But I'm willing to try, and try, and try, and try again until we make it work!"

She pouted, "And in return, you've been talking about jacking off alone in your room every morning, denying me all of that precious cum?!"

"Sorry, Ma." As they both got increasingly worked up, he went back to playing with her tits with one hand, while still fingering her slit with his other hand.

She was increasingly focused on jacking him off with both hands, though she managed to continue to look him in the eye. "I should hope you're sorry. Let's not even talk about that. It's true I can't be in Maggie mode all the time, but I've agreed to get in this mode every morning before school. We should make the most of it! AND make the most of each and every cum load that comes out of you. Due to your cumming-in-twos habit, you should cum in me or on me TWICE every morning, don't you think?!"

His eyes bugged out. "Oh my Lord!"

She continued, both dreamily and with fiery lust in her eyes, "I love how mornings can be our special time! I'm sure that when I pick you up after school, Hillary is going to want to get in on that sexy fun most days. We'll probably end up having a threesome suck- and titfuck-fest more often than not. And I eagerly look forward to that. In fact, it'll probably be the highlight of our day, for all of us."

He said, eagerly, "Like what the three of us did in the back of the SUV at the library parking lot the other day!"

She nodded. "Exactly like that. Only we'll find a better place to do it, and she and I will get better and better at learning to pleasure you orally together!"

His tired dick was steadily engorging. Any talk of a double blowjob in particular got his engine running. Good Lord! When I began trying to seduce Hillary, I NEVER thought it could lead to something like this! For actual real, in reality! This is happening to ME!

She went on, "But I'm in the lucky position of getting you all for myself in the morning. Or, I should say, this naked, voluptuous body is yours to play with every morning. Just for you!"

She unexpectedly disengaged. Since he was still essentially sitting on top of her, even though she was sitting up too, she had to get rather insistent to get him off of her. But she quickly wound up standing up in front of him, while he ended up sitting on his ass.

Once she was all the way up, she struck a sexy "cheesecake" pose, with both hands behind her head, and a cocked hip. "What do you think? Does your mom still have 'it'?"

He couldn't resist standing up too, if only to get a better look at her from up close. His now urgently aroused boner stuck straight out from him like a flagpole, and his heart thumped harder and faster.

He thought, FUCK ME! Seriously, fuck me! She's ridiculously HOT! Such a flawless hardbody! No wonder everyone easily believes she's 20 years old! He said with sincere and very lusty enthusiasm, "Ma! You don't even have to ask. You have so much 'it!' You ARE 'it!"

She chuckled at that. But she played coy, striking another sexy pose, this time in side profile. "So you say. But are you going to treat me respectfully, like your mother, or are you going to treat me like your SLUT?! Your oral, cock-loving slut?! And will you force me to submit to the power and size of your incredible cock, even if it means deep throating it on a daily basis?!"

Inspired, he replied, "I'm going to do both! I'm never going to forget that you're my mother, but I WILL forget the 'respectfully' part! You're my mother-SLUT, and don't you forget it!"

She visibly shivered all over, showing how much she approved of those comments. What a GREAT answer! He'll always love me as my son, but he'll also always dominate me as my well-hung stud too! The best of both worlds! Is it any wonder that I find it so hard to feel any regret or guilt over this new lifestyle?!

She struck another jaw-dropping cheesecake pose, this time fully facing him and leaning forward, using both arms to subtly push her huge tits forward. "Oh, really? Am I just your 'mother-slut,' or am I your 'big-titted mother-slut?!'"

Time seemed to stand still for him. He felt such a rush of triumph and lusty desire that he almost became dizzy to the point of falling over. He made sure to make a mental picture of her tempting pose. GOD! It's not just that she says that; it's that she means it so wholeheartedly!

He reached out and aggressively grabbed both of her round melons at once. As he started kneading them, he said with lusty inspiration, "Definitely the latter! I understand you needing to be in 'Margaret mode' most of the time, for practical reasons. But we both know Margaret is dead! You're Maggie now! Maggie all the time! Margaret is just an act! You're mine! You'll always be mine! You're my big-titted mother-slut, now and forever!"

Tears of joy came to her eyes. "Oh, Son!" His words hit her like punches to the gut, but in a positive, profound way. He'd just said ideas that she'd never allowed herself to even think, but his words rang true. He's right! Margaret IS dead! I don't want to go back to being her! Of course, I'll still have to wear her mask most of the time, but deep down, I want to be Maggie, now and forever! Naked and kneeling before my one true love! Bobbing on his delicious cock until the end of time! Maybe... maybe even letting him fuck me too! Oh God, YES! How could I NOT let him fuck me?!

He was riding a surge of lust and confidence. "What are you doing standing?! Show me you agree with every word I say in the way big-titted mother-sluts show their love the best: with your mouth!" He put a hand on the top of her head, to symbolically push her down.

She found herself dropping to her knees. Oh God! Lord! Good Lord! I'm not just falling to my knees to suck him off, as usual, I'm falling, falling, falling, down a rabbit hole, or even a wormhole! Into the great unknown! Into a life of TOTAL ORAL SUBMISSION to my son! YEESSSSS! Oh dear God, YES! That sounds so divine! No matter what happens with Hillary, or the others, this is the life I want! To serve my son's cock with my mouth!

She wound up on all fours, as she felt that was even more humiliating and submissive than merely being on her knees before him. But even though she was reveling in thoughts of total oral submission to him, the truth was that she maintained certain firm limits, such as insisting on staying in Margaret mode for most hours of the day. Furthermore, she focused on "total oral submission" as opposed to "total submission" in large part because the idea of letting her son fuck her pussy was still a bridge too far for her. It was scary (and arousing) for her to even contemplate, except fleetingly.

Furthermore, she remained clear-minded enough to try to get an important concession. "Son... Before I submit to you in this new and highly symbolic way, I want you to promise me... no masturbating in the morning! You'll save all your cum for me, won't you?"

He furrowed his brow. "But... how will I get through breakfast each morning, without totally giving away my desire for you?!"

Maggie grasped his boner and started stroking it. "We'll work it out together, somehow! Together! Trust me!" She hoped they resolved this fast, because her mouth was inexorably drawn towards his cockhead. In fact, she was going to start sucking in a matter of moments, no matter what he said.

Luckily for her, he gave in to her plea. "Okay! It'll be tough, but we'll do it together!"

Her face lit up, even as she started licking the tip of his bulbous head. "We will! I love you! So very much! But now... I need... I need... to deep throat you! Please be patient while I give this a try!"

He nodded earnestly.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, GWB, Greyshadow, Firefly, and lew54321.