Chapter 73: Oral Submission (Monday)
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Maggie gulped with nervousness as it hit her just what she was about to attempt to do. Holy fuck! I just told my son that I'm going to deep throat him! His cock is so THICK! TOO thick! Is this even physically possible for ANY woman to do?! Well, I'm about to find out! If I've ever been psyched up enough to do it, that time is now!

She took all of his cockhead in her mouth in one gulp. She savored it like a tall, cool drink on a sweltering summer day, making loud, satisfied moans as she did. But she only bobbed on him a couple of times, because she wanted to strike while the iron was hot, before she lost her nerve.

She breathed as much as she could through her nose, but she decided that wasn't giving her enough oxygen. So she pulled her lips all the way off his pole, and muttered to herself, Okay, attempt number two. Here goes nothing! Then, after taking a huge breath, she swallowed his thick pole as far down as she could physically manage.

To her great surprise and delight, she got past her gag reflex right away! She didn't get past it by much, maybe half an inch, but the fact she got past it at all was huge news. This changes everything! If I can do it once, I can do it again and again! Deep throating him IS possible!

It took great force of will for her to get that far, and she quickly discovered that keeping that progress was a continual challenge, so she had no time to celebrate. His thickness was a great physical test that never got easier.

She froze in that position as tears began streaming down her cheeks. She thought, We're not out of the woods yet - this barely even qualifies as a blowjob. But I can do this! I can! I can! Hang on! For the love of God, HANG ON!

She hung on, keeping her lips far down on him like she was hanging to the edge of a cliff with her fingers. Then, after a few more moments, she couldn't explain what happened exactly, but she felt another inch of his thick pole slide into her throat!

YEEEESSSSS! she screamed in her own mind. THIS IS HAPPENING! I'm deep throating him, for real! Nobody's done this to him yet, not even Hillary! Encouraged, she lunged her head forward, and felt another inch go by.

That meant all of his cockhead was lodged in her throat. It felt exceedingly strange and unnatural. She felt a desire with every fiber of her being to eject the foreign object from where it didn't "belong," but her determination to see this through was off the charts. She thought about her love for her son, and her desire to "totally orally submit" to him. That gave her the resolve to not only maintain that position, but take even more of him into her throat.

To her great surprise, she found that now that his cockhead was as far into her throat as it was, it wasn't very hard for her to push it still farther. She was past the most difficult physical aspect, it seemed.

Nick was patiently experiencing every moment and sensation. It felt very strange and unnatural for him too, but the pleasure already was so great that he didn't mind in the slightest. He wished there was something he could say or do to make it easier on Maggie, but he realized it really was all up to her. He held the sides of her head with both hands, but lightly, in case she desired to pull back at any time.

He also figured that some verbal encouragement couldn't hurt, and might actually help. So he said, "You GO, Ma! You're doing it! You're so amazing! I love you more than words can say! Knowing how tough this is for you, it's going to make ME cry! I'm not worthy!"

Sure enough, tears began sliding down his cheeks. One couldn't exactly call them "tears of pleasure," since he was so busy mentally rooting for her to succeed that he wasn't paying much attention to the sexual pleasure (great though that was). Instead, it was more "tears of love," in that he felt so emotionally overcome and impressed that she would struggle this hard just to please and pleasure him that much more.

Maggie was so busy simply dealing with the strange feeling of having her son's cockhead lodged in her throat that she wasn't worrying much about running out of oxygen, at least not yet. It seemed that every nerve in her body was tingling as she marveled in wonder at what she was accomplishing. It was tough, very tough, but it was actually much easier than what she'd expected. She had seriously doubted it was physically possible at all.

With more tears pouring from her eyes, she lifted up one hand from the floor and felt at the bulge in her neck. That just about blew her mind, and almost gave her a spontaneous orgasm. HOOOOLY FUUUUUCK! It's there! Right there! So damn BIG! God, I really AM his big-titted slut! His cocksucking mommy! This is so incredible! Now that I'm doing it this far down his shaft, it feels fucking weird as hell, but doable! Definitely doable! I'm so proud of myself! I'll get the hang of this before long. Then I'll be able to take pleasuring his cock to a whole new level, on a daily basis! I'll be his favorite cocksucker, for sure, even above Hillary!

She didn't usually consciously recognize it, but she felt a constant friendly competition with Hillary, especially when it came to their respective oral talents. And after the events of last night especially, she suspected she also had new serious competition with Debra, at least. Plus, she didn't know what would happen with Shannon, but she'd seen signs of Anushka being both submissive and bisexual, and she could imagine her becoming one of his lovers as well, eventually. It meant a lot to her if he thought of her as his favorite cocksucker, even if he was too diplomatic to overtly make comparisons.

Just then, out of the blue, Maggie's cell phone rang. When she'd changed into her overcoat, she'd quickly tossed another set of clothes into the front seat of her car, so she wouldn't have to go back into the house when it came time to actually leaving the garage. She'd left her phone in a pocket in those clothes, so the ringing could be distantly heard through the rest of the garage.

That took her out of the moment, and almost caused her to lose all momentum and pull back off his erection. She thought, Who could be calling NOW?! Talk about bad timing!

But she was a trooper. In fact, she couldn't recall ever being so determined about anything in her life. There was no thought about answering the call, and she probably wouldn't have made it to the phone in time anyway. Instead, she struggled to keep her son's thickness in her throat as she tried to ignore the ringing until it stopped.

She gathered up her willpower, and thought, Okay! So far, this is great, in theory, but where's the pleasure for him?! Now's the time to deliver the pleasure! Can I keep him like this AND work his cock a little bit?! Come on, girl! What would Hillary do?! She wouldn't stop now! It's time to take it to the next level!

With even more tears streaming down her face, she began sliding her lips back and forth over his thickness, while also lapping her tongue on his cock-meat inside her mouth. Her tongue work was more symbolic than anything, and her lip work was also crude and basic at best, but it was the thought that counted.

Nick immediately noticed the difference. He clutched harder at the sides of her head. "HOLY HELL! Ma! You're doing it! You really ARE my total oral submission mommy slut!"

Maggie felt a powerful tingle race through her entire body again as the phrase "total oral submission mommy slut" bounced around inside her head. It wasn't exactly an orgasm, but it was one of the best feelings she'd ever felt. She sensed that she was reaching her physical limit with the deep throating, like being deep underwater and being forced to come up for air. But that surge of delight from head to toe from his words gave her a renewed resolve to push herself just that much more, to try one more thing while she still could.

She began experimentally squeezing his cockhead with her throat muscles, even as her ragged attempts to slide her lips continued.

The effect on Nick was even more electrifying. He thought back to the sheer sexual bliss he'd felt fucking Debra's pussy. Her throat action felt remarkably like fucking, yet she was cocksucking another part of his erection at the same time! He realized in a flash why deep throating was such an ultimate, extreme sex act.

He let go of clutching her head to clutch his own head. "NO FUCKING... WHOA! MA! INCREDIBLE!" Even more tears streamed down his face as his incredulousness over what she was straining for, and achieving, totally shattered his overwhelmed brain. "MA! YOU'RE FUCKING ME WITH YOUR THROAT! YOU REALLY ARE!"

Maggie felt another tremendous surge of pleasure from hearing those words. Plus, she could sense from within her own throat that he wasn't lying and she was really "fucking" him in some sense, rhythmically clenching and unclenching her throat muscles in a way that undoubtedly gave him great pleasure.

The only problem was that she was reaching her limit in more ways than one. Most crucially, she was rapidly running out of oxygen, after having his cockhead lodged in her throat for nearly a minute. But also, with tears streaming down her face, she could only handle the "foreign invasion" down her throat for so long. She began slowly pulling back, wanting to maintain control of the process the whole way.

It seemed like forever to her as her panicky feelings grew, but a few seconds later she had him all the way out of her mouth. She immediately sat back on her ass and clutched at her throat. She could finally relax and savor her achievement. She had a dazed, huge smile on her face. I did it! I actually did it! I can't even believe it! I can't wait to tell Hillary!

Nick immediately dropped to his knees and wrapped his arms around his mother. His cock was throbbing with pleasure and covered with saliva, but sexual stimulation was the last thing on his mind at the moment. He was awed at the sheer amount of determination and effort she'd made on his behalf, and he wanted her to know it.

With just as many tears streaming down his cheeks as the tears on her cheeks, he squeezed her tightly just above her tremendous rack. "MA! MA! You're the greatest! I know that had to be so incredibly tough for you! And you did it! For me! Because of your love for me! I'm so unworthy! That was epic! Spectacular! God, how I love you! Even more than ever before!"

She wanted to reply, but at the moment she thought it best to let her throat recover. So she just wrapped her arms around him and the two of them shared a heartfelt nude hug (not counting his T-shirt) while they kept on crying and crying. In fact, now that it was over, they bawled even more than before. This time, they were clearly sharing tears of joy and love.

After another minute or two of hugging and crying, they heard Maggie's phone ring again. Like before, they ignored it until the ringing stopped.

The hugging eventually turned into kissing. Nick started kissing Maggie's tears away (at least symbolically - her face was too wet for him to actually kiss them all away). Soon, that evolved into some seriously intense French kissing. It wasn't long before she had a hand back on his boner and was happily stroking it at the same time.

As they necked, she thought, That was so fucking extreme and intense! I'm still tingling, disbelieving that it really happened! It's difficult as FUCK! But I did it, and the sheer difficulty of it made it that much more satisfying. I didn't feel that much direct physical pleasure, but then again, it was my very first time. However, I sure as hell felt tremendous mental pleasure, and ultimately all pleasure is in the mind. When I managed to massage his thick pole with my throat muscles... PHEW! That was the ultimate! Just thinking about it now is giving me goose bumps!

The old "Margaret" is gone. She's just a facade at this point. He's so right about that. The new Maggie is a HOT SLUT who is going to master deep throating so well that I'll be his favorite pair of sucking lips, hands down!

How far I've fallen, that so many of my hopes and dreams now revolve around how well I can serve my son's cock. But so the fuck what?! This is what makes me the happiest. And yes, I have a "perfect ten" face and body, which means I could have my pick of men. But, again, so the fuck what?! I love my Nick more than I ever loved Andy, and more than I could ever love anyone new. I loved him deeply before, but now that I can express that love with my tongue and lips every day, why would I ever have any regrets about it?!

Gaawwwd! Just making out with him now while he twists my nipples is so fucking fun! Even knowing that I'm wearing just my sexy red high heels while lying or sitting on the garage floor is like a constant erotic rush. I feel so utterly slutty, and even depraved, and it feels GREAT! If this is as good as life gets, I'll be totally happy. But I have a feeling we're only at the start of a very long and glorious journey together... and with Hillary too!

Finally, after about five minutes since the deep throating ended, Maggie broke their latest French kiss and looked him in his eyes. "So, stud. You liked that, did you?"

His eyes lit up. "Liked it?! I LOVED it! Not so much the actual pleasure. That was awesome, of course. But what blew me away was seeing you work that hard just to please me! To love me! Loving me with your throat AND your busy tongue and lips, when you're a perfect bombshell goddess to begin with! How lucky am I?!"

"Pretty damn lucky!" she said, with a twinkle in her eye.

They shared a laugh at that.

"Too true!" he said jovially.

She spoke as she continued to stroke his cock, focusing on his sweet spot, as usual. "Tell me more about the 'awesome' pleasure, please. I want reassurance that it's worth it, because it's really, really damn hard!"

His face lit up even more, while he excitedly ran his hands all over her huge globes as if exploring them for the first time. "Oh my God, Ma! It's so great! I mean, feeling my cock in your throat is totally mind-blowing in and of itself! Such a tight squeeze, like fucking the perfect pussy! But then, when you started sliding your lips AND moving your tongue on me, I thought, 'No way! This can't be! It's like being fully sheathed in Ma's hot cunt AND she's blowing me at the same time!'"

She felt shivers race up and down her spine, more from what he was saying than his wandering hands. Mmmm! His words are music to my ears. He really loved it! With deep throating, the challenge is great, but the rewards are even greater! This is what total oral submission is all about!

He continued, "But then, it got even BETTER! Then you started doing that magical thing with your throat, and then it really WAS like I was fucking you while being blown! Yeah, technically I fucked your throat and not your pussy, but still! I'm going to be flying high all day, thinking that I got to fuck you, if only for a few seconds of pure bliss!"

He thought to himself, That's so true! I got to fuck my mother! In a way, I've already done that, face-fucking her AND titfucking her, but this is so much more like real fucking!

She beamed in response. That was all the reassurance she needed, and then some, that it had been worth the ordeal. Oh, Son! You make me so happy! I love being your slut so very much! You arouse me, and I arouse you, and it's a feedback loop that soars up higher and higher until we both just about pass out, every single time!

As she continued to jack him off, she said cheekily, "'For a few seconds?' Maybe this time, but not next time, buster! I'm going to get better and better at this, just you see! How much time do we have left before school? Because, hell, I may even give it another go before then!" She was actually hoping to do just that, if her throat could fully recover in time. It still felt raw and rough.

"You're kidding me!" He hugged her even tighter.

"Why would I kid about that?" She continued to rub his sweet spot. "You've got me addicted to your cock. To serving it! Loving it! I know we don't have a 'normal' or 'balanced' relationship, and we never will. That's perfectly okay. I love being your slut! One of them, that is! And frankly, I adore the idea of 'totally orally submitting' to you, and naturally that means deep throating! In fact, I dare say, what kind of 'big-titted mommy-slut' would I be if I don't learn how to deep throat you on a regular basis?"

She felt more shivers down her spine, thanks to her own words. Confessing her true feelings felt great, and suggested a future of unlimited sexual joy, from her point of view.

Then she had a specific vision of being naked and kneeling before him, as usual, but also repeatedly deep throating him while Hillary, Debra, Shannon, AND Anushka sat or stood around, all of them naked and watching intently. In her vision, the four of them were in awe, since each of them had tried repeatedly to deep throat Nick, but all of them had failed. It was like Maggie was the undisputed cocksucking queen, and the others were bowing down to her superior talents.

He gave her another tight squeeze, and a quick French kiss. "Ma! You're too good to me. I mean that literally. I am so not worthy!"

She replied wryly, "Maybe so. It's probably literally true that no boy is worthy of as much oral loving as you're gonna get from me, and Hillary, and who knows who else. But that's the life we're all living now. And I've got to stay one step ahead of all those busty teen babes who are falling for you who are actual teenagers."

"Ma, that's so untrue! You don't have to see this as a competition."

"Oh, but I LIKE seeing it that way. It helps keep me on my toes. Believe me, it's a good thing for all of us. The whole time I was deep throating you, somewhere back in my mind I was thinking of Hillary and that I have to push myself harder. She's younger, prettier, and her tits are much larger...."

Her voice trailed off because her phone rang again while she was in the middle of talking. "Damn. Who could that be?! Nobody ever calls me at this early hour. It might be important. I should answer it."

He brought his hands back to her huge breasts. "But then I'd have to stop hugging you, and fondling you. And I think I've gotta play with your flawless, curvaceous body a lot more, until you're cured of your delusion that Hillary is prettier. Her tits may be a little larger, but only just. And she doesn't get to be related. It's an endless thrill for me that you're my mom!"

Maggie smiled, as she kept on rubbing his boner. "That is a nice bonus, isn't it? I must admit that it's a near constant thrill for me too, all day long, thinking about how I've fallen under the spell of serving my son's cock. Not just any old cock, but my son's cock. YOUR cock! That makes all the difference in the world to me! For one, it makes all we do together so naughty and even wicked, and that's a total turn-on. But also, I could never let myself completely go with anyone else but you, because I know exactly how much you love me, and that you'd never hurt me or betray me."

"NEVER!" he said emphatically. He stared deeply into her beautiful brown eyes. "God, how I love you! My whole world turns around you! You and Hillary! You two are all I want. The other hotties can all get lost, even the likes of Shannon."

Maggie raised a curious eyebrow. "Even her? Even Anushka? We'll see about that." The more she thought about it, the more she was warming to helping Nick seduce Anushka. She'd been feeling that way already, but after last night, she'd realized she enjoyed watching him have sexual fun with other gorgeous girls almost as much as having fun with him directly.

Still, she didn't want to strongly push the idea at this point, especially since she figured she probably should think it through more carefully when she wasn't so extremely aroused, to make sure that was truly wise. So she said, "But, on a different note, I suspect we still have a fair amount of time, since we rushed to the garage so absurdly early. And you never came, despite my best deep throating efforts. That means we definitely have another big, yummy cum load to coax out of you before you go to school!" She looked down and gave his cock a playful hard tug.

He grinned madly as he admitted, "It would have been so easy for me to cum, but I want to maximize every last minute of our special garage time."

She ruffled his hair with her free hand as she continued to jack him off. "Smart kid! That said, now that I've deep throated you, there's something I want you to do for me."

"Anything! Absolutely anything!" He was completely sincere.

She chuckled, and fondled his balls with her other hand. "Beware of saying that before you know what I ask. Luckily for you, it shouldn't be too tough. And it's something you'll definitely need to do to help you win over Hillary even more firmly. I'm talking about going down on me. Not just with your fingers, like your last lesson, but with your mouth too!"

He was all smiles. "No problem! I'm on that like white on rice! In fact, that sounds great! Plus, after the way you deep throated me, I'm going to be totally motivated to do my best!" He reached to her pussy mound and lightly bushed against her clit, making her shiver. "I just wish it was way harder, like I couldn't breathe the whole time or something, so it would at least begin to compare with what you did to me in terms of proving love and devotion."

She gave him a funny look. "That could be arranged. Maybe I'll crush your head with my thighs while you do it!" She laughed. "Don't worry! I'm not a sadist. Besides, trust me, the deep throating wasn't just an ordeal on my part. The main thing was that I managed to do what I did this time. Now that I've done it once, and I know what's possible, the next time is going to be way easier! That's why I'm keen to try it again this morning, because I'm hopeful I'll be able to enjoy it AND do much better!"

She stared off into space dreamily, even as she kept on jacking him off, while he fondled her tits and diddled her clit some more. "I have visions of deep throating you again and again until it becomes no big deal, just another tool in my arsenal of all the different ways I love to pleasure your cock! It's like in 'Spinal Tap,' when they want to 'take it to 11.' It can be my best trick, my '11,' allowing me to totally rock your world, repeatedly, any old time! Daily! It's all so exciting for me! So many possibilities!"

As she kept on staring off into space, towards a blank wall, she honestly shared the vision currently on her mind. "I picture myself kneeling naked between your legs, as usual, with Hillary's flawless nude body beside me, as usual, and the two of us deep throating you over and over again, countless times! Because now that I've done it, she's going to have to do it to keep up with me! Ha!"

Maggie started to disengage from the hug, in order to bend down enough to get her son's cock back into her mouth. She licked her lips, and muttered, "God! So much cocksucking to look forward to! So many naked and kneeling threesomes! I love it!"

He just moaned lustily, and awaited her talented mouth to get "back to business." He sincerely forgot they'd just been talking about him going down on her instead.

But then she paused. "Shoot! Before I really get back into showing you just what I can do with my tongue and my lips, one of us needs to check on the time. I should get my cell phone and bring it over here, so we can keep an eye on its clock."

He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. "Or, better yet, let's both get in the car! Especially Andy's SUV, with the extra room. Why not? Don't you love it when you tilt the driver's seat all the way back, and I lie on top of you?"

She bit her lip, and muttered, "So much!" She thought, Good God, that's the best! I feel totally dominated like that! And it's the perfect position to get seriously face-fucked AND titfucked! Plus, the combo! Damn, how I love that combo. He totally owns my mouth and tits at the same time, making me serve every last inch of his fat cock at once!

She flashed a toothy smile. "Okay! You convinced me! Last one there is a rotten egg!"

The two of them disengaged, got up, and rushed to Andy's larger Ford Explorer.

While Nick adjusted the driver's seat, Maggie looked to the car's clock. She spoke her thoughts out loud. "We still have more than half an hour! That's not bad! I feared we'd have a lot less, because time flies when you're having fun. Thank God we came out here so early!" She laughed, because they really had come out earlier than ever before.

Nick joked, "I wonder when Andy is going to start finding it odd how breakfast gets moved earlier every day. Eventually, we'll be eating breakfast at four in the morning!" He laughed.

Maggie laughed too. "I wish!" She did the math. That would mean I could suck and stroke and titfuck and even repeatedly deep throat his cock for over two hours! Good God! Talk about a GOOD morning!

A minute later, she was lying down in the driver's seat, almost vertically since the seat had been tilted as far down as it could get.

Nick was sitting up on her, with his boner trapped between her huge globes. He was holding them in place for a light titfuck squeeze while she continued to adjust to her new position.

She muttered, "Son, this is so fucking glorious! More titfucking?! YES! For sure! And I'm going to use my mouth on you at the same time!"

She belatedly remembered her desire for him to go down on her. She wanted it to happen, but it simply wasn't as strong as her desire to suck his hard-on some more, especially now that she was riding the high of her deep throating success, and looking to try it again once her throat was ready. She tried to make a stern face, without really succeeding. "But then, don't forget, we need to spare some time for you to practice going down on me this morning too, okay?"

She lamely added, "Maybe after, er, a few minutes of this..." She said that even though she knew deep down it almost certainly would end up being more than just "a few minutes" of additional cocksucking.

"Definitely! Like I said, I'm totally looking forward to that." He meant that too.

"Good." She fumbled through her pile of clothes she'd brought from the other car, a found her cell phone in a pocket, and pulled it out. "But hold on a second. Before we get started, I'm curious to see who keeps calling me. So few people know this number. It might actually be some kind of family emergency or something."

She quickly fiddled with her phone until she could check who called. Her smile returned as she realized who it was. "Would you look at that? 'Anushka Ratnam.' What a pleasant surprise THIS is!" She looked up into his eyes. "Do you mind if I call her back right now?"

He said cheekily, "Only if you let me fuck your tits while you talk."

She practically burst with joy, since she found that idea so wicked and wonderful. "You naughty, naughty boy! I guess you've got me in a position where I can't say no if I wanted to. With the way you're sitting up on my naked body, I'm literally a hostage to the power of your big cock! And, as it so happens, I don't even want to say no!" She winked, and used her upper arms to help squeeze her huge globes around his boner as best she could. "But, please, keep the noise down. We don't want her to suspect that you're even nearby. Okay?"

He pretended to be really put out by that, sighing heavily. "Ugggh! Such restrictions."

She laughed. "You're so much fun these days!" She leaned forward and gave his cockhead a brief lick. "Mmmm! I can't wait for a lot more of that. I am your cocksucking mother-slut, after all. But first... the call!"

She brought her hand to her mouth and made a "Ssssh" sound while she hit the button to return Anushka's call.

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