Chapter 74: Heavy Breathing (Monday)
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As the number started to dial, Maggie had an idea. She asked Nick, "Quick! What's the name of that super sexy Bollywood actress that you say Anushka looks like?"

"Aishwarya Rai," he replied.

She nodded in thanks.

Then Anushka came on the line. "Hello?"

Maggie said, "Hi there. Mrs. Rai, I must say, your cover story is impressively thorough."

Anushka frowned in confusion. "'Mrs. Rai?' You must have the wrong number." She was going to disconnect the line, but she checked to see who it was from and saw "Maggie Palmer" as the name. "Maggie?!" she asked uncertainly.

"That's me," Maggie said happily. "I suppose you're confused that I didn't call you 'Aishwarya,' but I didn't presume that we're on a first name basis. To be honest, I've never been friends with any sort of movie star before, Bollywood or otherwise, so I'm not sure how to behave."

It finally dawned on Anushka what was happening, that Maggie was continuing the pretense from their last meeting that Anushka was supposedly the world famous Indian actress Aishwarya Rai living undercover in the US to prepare for a film role. She laughed, even as she complained, "Oh no!"

Nick had been frozen in place with his hands just holding Maggie's huge tits, while he tried to figure out where Maggie was going with her Aishwarya Rai comments and how it would be received. But his mother actually gave him an impatient look, like she was annoyed he wasn't doing anything sexual to her during the phone call.

He got the idea, and smiled from ear to ear. He squeezed her tits together much tighter, creating a highly arousing seal around his erection in her deep cleavage. He also started slightly thrusting in and out, while rubbing her tits against his thickness at the same time.

Maggie's smile was even bigger than his was. She replied to Anushka, "Oh, yes! I must say it's impressive that you've covered your tracks so thoroughly that even your private phone number lists you as 'Anushka Ratnam,' whoever she is. That's what I call being careful."

Anushka laughed. "I AM Anushka, you silly!"

From the moment the call started, Maggie had heard heavy breathing on the other line. At first, she assumed Anushka had rushed to the phone, but the call had been going on for a little while, and Anushka's breathing was still heavy, almost panting. Plus, there was something in Anushka's voice that suggested serious arousal.

Maggie thought, Hmmm. Did I just catch her while she's masturbating, maybe? This close to going to school? But she's the one who keeps calling me. Hmmm...

She put that mystery aside for the moment, and merely said, "Riiiiight! Sure you are, 'Anushka.' You can't see through the phone, but trust me that I'm winking knowingly."

Anushka laughed again. "You're so fun! Though I'm going to kill you just the same for pretending I'm her. I'm actually blushing, thinking about it. She's literally the most beautiful woman on the planet!"

Maggie was loving life, because she was having fun with the phone call while she was greatly enjoying her son's titfuck at the same time. As she listened to Anushka talking, she licked at the tip of her son's cockhead as best she could, to encourage him. She generally looked only at his cock, because seeing his face would be too distracting.

Then she said, "Au contraire! Because I completely agree with my son."

"Your son?!"

"Yes. You know the pretense Nick and I have, of us being mother and son."

"Oh, right. You two are sexual freaks! But I mean that in the best possible way!" Anushka laughed, as she continued with her heavy, ragged breathing.

Maggie thought, If she only knew! For instance, what we're doing right now! She craned her head forward and sucked about half of Nick's cockhead into her mouth, but she could only suckle on it for a few seconds, since it was her turn to speak next.

She said, "I take that as a compliment. Anyway, Mrs. Rai has to be the number two most beautiful woman in the world, at best, because Nick says your face and body are easily the equals of hers, but your breasts are MUCH larger, and MUCH sexier! And like I said, I completely agree with him!"

Anushka complained, "Oh, please!"

Nick thought, I don't remember ever saying that, but actually, it's true! I would prefer having sex with Anushka over Aishwarya, any day of the week, even taking into account the movie star factor. God damn! Anushka's boobs are unreal!

As Maggie's son steadily pounded his boner through her cleavage, she couldn't resist trying to get some clues about the mystery of Anushka's seeming obvious arousal. "By the way, before we continue, am I interrupting something?"

Anushka hastily replied, "Oh, nothing! Nothing at all! I'm just... uh... getting ready for school, but I'm all ready, so don't worry about it."

Maggie lapped on Nick's cockhead as she thought, Hmmm! The mystery deepens! She sounds SUPER guilty, like I literally caught her with a hand in the cookie jar and she says 'I didn't do it.' Actually, now that I think about it, there's no mystery at all: she totally IS masturbating! Or at least she was, right up until she picked up the phone. Oooh! I can have fun with this! I'm so insanely fucking horny too! Let's see if I can push her sexual buttons some without upsetting her!

Actually, Maggie was exactly right. Mere minutes before, Anushka had ended a long phone call with Hillary, in which Hillary had explained in graphic detail some of the sexual events at Shannon's party last night. Although Anushka loudly claimed to be lesbian, Hillary knew Anushka was actually some degree of bisexual (though just how much was an open question), as well as highly sexually submissive, so she knew how to frame the events to make Anushka so horny that she wouldn't get too upset and object. Given what actually happened last night, telling a true story about it that could arouse anybody was a piece of cake.

Eventually, Anushka had ended that call, and then tried to call Maggie to make cooking plans with her for the afternoon. But Maggie hadn't answered the phone, so Anushka had talked to Hillary on the phone again to hear more of last night's events, and then had gotten even more aroused. Anushka had just ended that second call to Hillary and put some clothes on right before trying to call Maggie for the third time, but she hadn't realized how very aroused she still was, especially since she'd masturbated all through the calls with Hillary but had never quite reached climax.

Maggie thought back to when she'd been talking to Anushka about how Nick had supposedly claimed that Anushka's breasts were supposedly "MUCH larger, and MUCH sexier" than Aishwarya Rai's. (In fact, she'd never heard him say that, but she correctly surmised he had to feel that way, due to the breast size factor alone.) She resumed that line of discussion. "Anyway, getting back to your breast size compared to Mrs. Rai's, are you denying your boobs are larger than hers? They're, like six bra sizes larger! At least!"

(Actually, Maggie had no idea what Aishwarya Rai looked like, beyond a general idea of a gorgeous Bollywood actress, and she specifically had no clue about her breast size. But she correctly figured that Anushka's had to be much, much larger, since they were much larger than almost any woman's, and were even larger than her own.)

Maggie continued, "And there's no way you can deny all that extra size doesn't make them sexier. Just ask my son Nick! All he talks about is titfucking you!" She leaned forward and sucked half of his cockhead into her mouth, reveling that she was talking about titfucking while secretly experiencing it.

"Seriously?!" Anushka realized she was breathing too heavily, and Maggie might hear. She tried to calm herself down, but the danger of Maggie discovering her arousal actually caused her to breathe even heavier. Little did she realize what Maggie had already figured out, from the very start of the call.

Nick was carefully listening to Maggie's side of the call, even as he was using both of his hands on Maggie's huge tits to keep a slow titfuck going. (Often, he got lucky and could just make out what Anushka was saying too.) He made eye contact with his mother and raised a discouraging eyebrow, since he knew it was a wild exaggeration for her to say things like "All he talks about is titfucking you." Even if it was true, he certainly didn't want her to share it with Anushka.

"Actually, no," Maggie said, reluctantly, sticking her tongue out at her son like a petulant child forced to obey a parent. "He tries to be polite and respectful, unfortunately."

"'Unfortunately?!'" Anushka laughed, but she was also confused.

"Yes, unfortunately. He's actually a naturally dominant type of guy, but he usually hides it behind his politeness. At least until he gets in the bedroom, and then he goes wild and really takes charge!" In reality, Maggie wished Nick would be a lot more dominant than he actually was. Those comments were an exaggeration, for sure, and more her vision of what she wanted him to eventually become.

However, there was a method to Maggie's "madness." From the start of the call, she'd remembered that during lunch the day before, Anushkha had confessed to her and Nick, "Hillary is the dominant one in our relationship, and I'm the submissive." Furthermore, Hillary's talk last night of repeatedly spanking Anushka confirmed that Anushka had to be sexually submissive, and that she was almost certainly very submissive indeed. Now that the phone call was heating up, Maggie was trying to push those buttons, to see just how far she could get.

Maggie didn't have any sort of grand plan. In fact, when the call started, she'd had no idea things would go like this. But she still was so very aroused from the deep throating, plus the current titfucking, that she loved the idea of Nick getting it on with Anushka, even if she'd never clearly thought that issue through in her mind before, and her plan to think on the situation first had been forgotten. Her lust was in charge.

Furthermore, there was another big factor at play: the conversation was getting more and more sexually explicit, yet there was no significant pushback from Anushka. As a result, Maggie was going with the flow, and with her and Anushka both feeling so horny, the flow was steadily in a more sexual direction.

So far, Maggie's strategy was working. In particular, Anushka's pussy was getting wet as she thought about Nick going wild and taking charge in the bedroom. She'd never experienced that in her limited dating of guys, but she loved when Hillary treated her like that.

Maggie went on, "But last night, when he was sitting on my chest and busy titfucking me, I paused the action and asked him to be honest about how he felt about titfucking you. And do you want to know what he said?"

Anushka's heart started thumping faster, thanks to the titfucking imagery Maggie was putting into her mind. She asked, "What?! No, wait! I'm supposed to be lesbian, remember?!" (It was very telling that she said she was "supposed to be lesbian" instead of just saying she was lesbian, although she didn't consciously realize she'd done that.)

Maggie laughed. "Yeah, right! I've seen the way you look at him. Don't deny that you wouldn't at least be curious about the titfuck he gave me last night?"

Anushka reluctantly said, "Well... it is a really weird sex act. How could I not be curious how it works?"

"Wait! So, you mean you've never been titfucked?!"

"No," Anushka meekly admitted.

Maggie huffed with genuine indignation, "With YOUR breasts?! What a waste! I know you used to date guys..."

Anushka was trying hard to bring her heavy breathing under control, but thoughts of Nick titfucking her only made her breathing louder. "I did, but I never let any of them do THAT to me! It's too demeaning!"

Maggie thought, Ooooh! Delicious! Nick is going to be her first! Damn! I just hope I'll get to be there to see it! Her breasts are soooo round! And gigantic!

Nick was similarly tripping out on the titfucking joy while contemplating that he might actually end up being the first to titfuck Anushka. He was flying high.

Maggie lapped on the tip of Nick's cockhead some more, since it was in range nearly all the time, due to him keeping the titfuck motion going with his hands on her boobs instead of thrusting his boner.

Then she remembered to say, "Wait. 'Demeaning?' I should be offended."

Anushka gasped at her faux pas. She was so horny that she wasn't thinking clearly. She'd eaten breakfast early so she could make what she correctly surmised would be a long call to Hillary to get the update about last night's events, and she was dressed and ready for school. But she was so worked up that she couldn't resist using her free hand to play with an erect nipple through her clothes.

There was a long pause, due to her sexual distraction.

Maggie was in no hurry to talk, due to her own titfucking joy. In fact, she took advantage of the pause to quietly gobble on her son's knob some more.

Finally, Anushka said, "Uh, sorry! I didn't mean it that way."

Maggie responded, "That's okay. I know you DID mean it that way, but I don't mind, because it IS demeaning!"

"It IS?!"

"Of course! Can you picture me naked and kneeling below my standing son, while I slide my tits up and down either side of his huge boner, and lick on the tip for good measure? Probably while he's fully clothed, but for his thick pole sticking out? Can you think of a MORE demeaning and humiliating sex position for a girl to be in? Let's just say that's not exactly a 'profiles in dignity' moment for me!" Maggie chuckled good-naturedly at her own words.

Anushka chuckled along with surprising ease, despite the sexually explicit talk. Her G-cups were demanding attention. She was frustrated that she was fully clothed and only had one free hand to fondle them.

Maggie was tickled pink that she was getting to talk about Nick titfucking her while he was actually titfucking her! That made everything twice as fun. She added, "And if that isn't demeaning enough, I get so hot and horny that I usually end up taking all of his bulbous head into my mouth and sucking and slurping on it, even as the titfucking keeps going. All of it, inside my warm, wet mouth! So where's the dignity in that?! No dignity! But in the heat of the moment, I don't care!"

"Wow!" Anushka replied. She couldn't fully relate to the pleasure of a titfuck, since she'd never experienced one, but she was inspired by that level of passion.

Nick was leaning in closer than before, which allowed him to hear everything Anushka was saying (though he couldn't catch her breathing). He too was thrilled by the convergence of titfucking talk and secret titfucking action. His arousal soared higher as he tried to quietly increase the tit squeezing and sliding around his cock.

Maggie went on, "But I'm not offended, because sometimes it's FUN to be demeaned a little, don't you think? Or even more than a little!" She laughed some more, as if it was all fun and games. "I mean, sex is a time to let all your desires run wild, and not worry about what people might think. So what if Nick dominates and demeans me sometimes? I think it's totally hot!"

Anushka gasped again. "He DOES?! And... YOU DO?!" She stuck her free hand under her top, but she was frustrated by her industrial-strength bra there.

Maggie chuckled some more. "Yes, and yes! Like last night. It's pretty wild to lie naked under your man while he straddles your tummy and slides his big erection into your cleavage. It makes you feel totally helpless and used! But in a good way, if you know what I mean. A VERY good way!"

She looked up at Nick and gave him a big smile and a wink. Then, hoping Anushka would give a long answer, she managed to cram all of his cockhead back into her mouth.

Anushka was speechless - though her heavy breathing was turning to overt panting. She'd called Maggie just to invite her to do some cooking together. She hadn't expected the call to turn so very sexual. She didn't know how to respond, especially because Maggie was pushing all her sexual buttons. She tried to dodge the question. "Er... when did that happen, anyway?! I talked to Hillary a little bit earlier, and she talked about all sorts of wild things that happened at Shannon's party, but she didn't mention him titfucking you!"

There was a long pause. Maggie contemplated just bobbing on her son and not talking at all, but she decided that would be too irresponsible towards long term plans. She quietly pulled her lips off, and lied, "Oh, this was after we got back home." She went right back to licking him.

Nick made eye contact with his mother and frowned again, because he knew that wasn't true. He also worried that they'd be so loud that Anushka would eventually figure out something sexual was going on. He didn't stop the titfucking, though.

Anushka was even more incredulous than before. "But... but... Hillary said he climaxed, like, eight times!"

"That's true," Maggie said easily. "That must have made it nine then."

"No way!"

"It's true! God, what a great day! What a great weekend. He came that many times on Saturday too! He's soooo insatiable!"

"Gaawwwd!" Anushka moaned, her arousal even more obvious than before. She lamely tried to cover her slip. "Um, I mean, God, that's so... weird!"

Nick had just barely been able to make out Anushka's words for a while now, but he'd been unable to catch her heavy breathing or other clues to her arousal. However, Anushka's latest moan was so sexy and erotic sounding that he couldn't miss it, despite being distracted with the titfucking fun too. He thought, WOW! It sounds like Anushka is seriously turned on! Ma must have picked up on that earlier, because why would she be talking in such frankly sexual terms otherwise?! Wild!

Maggie just chuckled at Anushka's comments. The erotic moan didn't mean much to her, since she already could tell how very horny Anushka was. She said, "'Weird?' That's definitely true. But you don't know the half of it. Is it okay if I speak sexually frankly with you?"

Anushka said, in near disbelief, "As opposed to how we're talking already?!" She laughed. She was still fondling her breasts, but with only one hand, and with her top and thick bra constantly frustrating her.

Maggie laughed too. "Good point! Remember how I said when Nick titfucks me, he scoots way up, and his erection is so long and thick that he can slide the bulbous head right into my mouth?!"

"Yeah?!" Anushka felt a jolt of arousal race up and down her spine.

"It turns into more of a blowjob-titfuck combo, pretty much every time. If you want 'weird,' imagine lying there naked and helpless with him sitting on your tummy, while you get to feel his huge cock slide into your mouth! Boy, that would be a sight to see, given the size of your breasts. But what I didn't mention about that is that It's sooo hard to get all of his cockhead into my mouth that tears of struggle leak from my eyes, but I want it so bad that I don't care! God, it's intense!"

Anushka's arousal level rose another notch or two. She finally took a moment to switch her phone to speaker mode, so she could use both hands to play with her nipples. But she was still trying to maintain her "mostly lesbian" pose as much as possible. So, even as she began tweaking both of her nipples through her clothes, she complained, "What?! Are you kidding me?! No way! That's insane! Why would you do that?!"

Nick noticed the speaker phone difference right away (as did Maggie). Hearing Anushka's voice much more clearly, he could hear the obvious lust in her tone for the first time. Plus, the sound of her heavy breathing was unmistakable. He was blown away.

"It's like I have no choice! I need more and more of his cock! I need it all! You'd understand if you ever gave it a try."

Anushka said forcefully, "That is NEVER going to happen!"

"So you say," Maggie said in a teasing, playful voice. "But come on. Hasn't it at least crossed your mind? Given that Nick is a dominant stud who's seduced both Hillary AND me, and given how well-hung he is, haven't you wondered just what kind of sexual pleasure the two of us experience with him? Just how great and intense our arousal can be? You must have heard some stories from Hillary, like what happened last night. Aren't you curious why we're both so hot to suck him off all the time?"

As soon as the lusty mother finished asking all that, she craned her head forward and managed to swallow all of Nick's cockhead again! She began frantically (and quietly) bobbing on it, knowing her time was very limited.

Nick thought, WHOA! This is getting stranger and stranger! I can't believe Ma is talking to ANUSHKA so frankly! Should I put a stop to it?! But, damn! I'm so horny that I can't think straight, especially with her bobbing on my cock! Jesus! And Anushka sounds totally horny too, so I guess it's okay. Whoa!

There was a long pause. Anushka thought back to some of the things Hillary had told her about last night, such as the way Hillary bobbed on Nick's cock by the side of Shannon's rooftop hot tub, with both Maggie and Shannon nude and watching. It sounded incredibly, impossibly hot! Plus, Hillary had told her other thrilling Nick-related stories in recent days. Anushka only had disappointing experiences with penises during her limited time dating guys, but the more she heard sexual stories about Nick, the more her curiosity and desire grew.

She held her huge boobs from below with both hands, alternately roughly and gently caressing them while imagining that it was Nick's hands on her instead. She closed her eyes and shivered as more bolts of electric arousal shot up and down her spine. It was all she could do not to squeal or cry out.

Luckily, Anushka was so distracted and breathing so heavily that she wasn't paying much attention to the lusty breathing and other sexual sounds coming from Maggie's end of the line. She did hear some things, and suspected that Maggie was probably playing with herself, but she didn't want to call her out on it.

Finally, Anushka calmed herself a bit, and said, "Well... I must admit... the thought has crossed my mind." She quickly added, "But, not like I would actually want to DO It! It's just that Hillary raves about how great it feels to suck on him. She gets all dreamy eyed and weird whenever she talks about it. And you seem to be pretty high on it too. So I can't help but wonder what the big deal is, just out of idle curiosity."

Maggie pulled her lips off Nick's throbbing hard-on, being careful not to make a tell-tale smacking sound as she did so. "Oh, I'm VERY high on it! In fact, there's nothing I love more than sucking on his big fat erection! I could bob on it all day!"

She looked up at her son with the most lusty expression she could manage, making clear she was taking to him as much as to Anushka.

Nick was knocked back yet again. It was a wonder he wasn't cumming already.

She went on, "I honestly mean that, because the whole time I'm sucking him, I feel so much endless, intense pleasure, and he does too, so why NOT do it a lot?! If you had a button you could press that would give you a rush of sexual joy every time, wouldn't you want to press it a lot?"

Anushka was in such a lusty daze that it took her a few moments to remember to reply. "Um... sure! I mean, who wouldn't? Right?"

"Right! It's just that instead of simply pressing a button, you have to work his erection hard, with your tongue, lips, and hands. It's a lot of tough work, I must admit, since his stamina is so incredible, but that just makes me enjoy it even MORE somehow. It's literally my favorite thing to do. Unless it's to get titfucked by him. Although that's two great tastes that go great together!" She giggled.

Anushka giggled too. She was still caressing her huge knockers, mostly tugging on her erect nipples as best she could through two layers of clothes. She was tempted to get naked, or at least topless, but she was trying hard not to do that, for fear of getting too carried away while on the phone.

Maggie went on, again looking up to her son and speaking to him as much as to Anushka. "Like I said, sometimes he sits on my chest while I'm naked! So naked! And I suck on his bulbous knob while he or I use our hands to titfuck the rest of his incredible thickness! Gaaaawwwwd! The pleasure that gives me! The orgasms! The brain-melting, earth-shaking orgasms, just from sucking on him! Sometimes I cry from the sheer difficulty of it, but sometimes from too much joy! Or both thing, mixed dtogether! It's incredible!"

Anushka's arousal seemed to double in an instant. Still, she complained, "TMI! Too much information! Seriously, I'm mostly lesbian. I don't want to know about that. And he's YOUR boyfriend." Her complaint was undercut by her loud, heavy, and overtly sexual breathing, not to mention her lusty tone of voice.

Maggie wasn't deterred in the slightest. In fact, she was so encouraged by Anushka's response in general so far that she decided to take another daring leap.

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