Chapter 75: White Lies (Monday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Maggie dared to tell Anushka over the phone line, "Yeah, but you're not ALL lesbian. And, of all the girls in the world, I honestly wouldn't mind sharing him with you, at least a little bit. Besides Hillary, that is. Sharing his cock with her is soooo much fun!"

"MAGGIE!" Anushka complained. Her arousal seemed to double yet again.

"What? You know our whole four-legged table metaphor?"


"The whole table would be strengthened if you want to 'polish his knob' from time to time. At the very least, it certainly wouldn't hurt!"

Nick silently gasped, as he kept on squeezing and moving Maggie's huge tits around his throbbing hard-on. I can't believe Ma just suggested that! And I've noticed that since Anushka's switched to speaker phone, she's huffing and puffing like an old steam train! She's seriously hot to trot! While she's talking about and thinking about sucking MY cock! Fuuuuuck!

"MaaaAAAAaaaggie!" Anushka complained more insistently. But at the same time, she stopped playing with her stiff nipples with one hand, in order to give her pussy and clit some attention. She slipped her fingers under her shorts and panties for direct contact.

"What?!" Maggie played clueless, while Nick continued to quietly yet steadily titfuck her. She licked at the tip of his boner as much as she could, since doing this while talking to Anushka about the exact same thing was getting her extremely worked up. In fact, she was so very hot that she was talking in a reckless manner about sex, not carefully thinking through the possible implications.

"You know what," Anushka griped.

"No, I don't. Seriously, I don't want to push you. Actually, now that I think about it, I don't know what's come over me, talking about sex so frankly like this. I'll stop. I guess it's the fact that I JUST came back from Nick's house to my little 'shack' in the backyard. I've gotten in the habit of seeing him off to school with a nice long blowjob or two, and today was no exception!"

Anushka complained, but in a friendly way, "You're soooo baaaaad!"

"I am! He brings out my inner slut, and I love it! I've never had so much fun in my life! Or so many orgasms!"

Ansuhka asked, shyly yet breathlessly, "Did you really just come from... well... you know... with him?!"

"I did! I came in both senses, if you know what I mean. I guess I can't stop talking about lying naked while he sat on my chest and plundered my breasts and my mouth, because that's exactly what he was doing to me mere minutes before this phone call!"

Ankusha gasped.

"I can still taste his spermy goodness in my mouth! My jaw is sore, but in the most wonderful way! Oops! There I go again. I've said too much already. I must be offending you even more. I'm sorry. I'll zip my lips."

Anushka was having a great time masturbating while talking. She was very used to phone sex with Hillary, and even though it was with Maggie instead, somehow she'd fallen into it easily. She didn't want it to end, especially because she thought Maggie didn't realize that she was very horny and masturbating. She said, "NO! Uh... I'm not offended."


"Really! I'm a big girl. I can handle it!"

Maggie chuckled. "You certainly are a 'big girl' when it comes to breast size! I'm envious! What the hell did you do, swallow two basketballs when you were younger?!"

Anushka laughed. "Come on!" She was still breathing heavily, and sometimes even panting, not realizing how clearly that could be heard by Maggie (AND Nick) now that she was on speaker phone mode. She stopped playing with her pussy, but only so she could use that hand to lift her top up to her armits.

Maggie said, "Sorry. I must admit I'm getting a bit aroused. Can you imagine Nick's boner meeting YOUR breasts, up close and personal? They'd become best friends, right away!"

The two girls laughed. Anushka's desire to at least get topless was reaching a breaking point.

Maggie went on. "But as exciting as it would be to watch him titfuck you, I'm especially thinking about him sliding his huge erection into your mouth!"

Anushka gasped again, loudly. Her arousal level soared still higher. She felt the room was getting unbearably hot, and taking her top most of the way off didn't help. She just had to take her bra all the way off too. It was a very sturdy, thick bra, but she frantically struggled to undo it.

Maggie threw caution to the wind, speaking with the lust heavy in her voice, "I can almost picture your lips tightly locking around it, and seeing the rapturous pleasure in your eyes as you start to slide your sexy lips back and forth and slobber your tongue all over his hot meat! I'll bet he'd possessively play with your big breasts all the while, since you'd be naked and kneeling before him! Trust me, if you're even slightly bisexual, you'd have some orgasms to remember!"

Nick was incredulous at how sexually suggestive the phone call had gotten. He was going to warn Maggie to tone in down, but he remembered he couldn't risk speaking out loud. Besides, she resumed lapping on his fat knob, and he had to concentrate on simply not cumming.

Anushka was even more aroused by Maggie's explicit imagery. She finally got her bra off. She silently exhaled with great relief. Then she let out another blissful sigh as she started to directly caress her enormous G-cups with both hands. In addition to the direct physical pleasure of fondling herself there, she felt delightfully naughty being topless in her room while on the phone, even as her parents were downstairs getting ready to start their days.

However, she still foolishly thought that she was hiding her arousal from Maggie, not realizing how telling her breathing was, especially on speaker phone mode. She thought that if she kept pretending to be reluctant and mildly offended, that would be enough to maintain her supposed uninterested pose. So, in keeping with that, she complained, "Maggie, please! I'm a lesbian here, remember?"

Again, Maggie wasn't fooled in the slightest. But she pretended to play along. "Sorry. Don't mind me. It's just that I'm so very horny, since I was having such spermy fun with Nick right before this call. To be honest, I snuck up to his bedroom, crawled naked between his legs, and let's just say that I went to town with my lips, my tongue, AND my busy fingers, all working as one until he gave me the most wonderful creamy facial!"

Nick's gaze locked with Maggie's. He was surprised, since she'd made clear that she would never do that to him in his own bedroom. He gave her a curious look.

But Maggie was getting increasingly carried away talking to Anushka, and just about anything to push Anushka's buttons was fair game, truthful or not. She got an extra kick out of tempting him with that forbidden scenario, even as she tempted Anushka at the same time. She responded to his curious look by sucking about half of his cockhead into her mouth while wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

Anushka sensuously caressed her bare breasts, trying to imagine what sucking Nick's cock would feel like, and it if was really so great. Based on the true stories she'd been hearing, mostly from Hillary, she already was convinced that it had to be something very special. However, she was determined to only fantasize and not actually get involved with him.

There was a long silence, until Anushka finally remembered to reply. "Ohmigod! Maggie! You're so baaaaad!" She was trying to complain some more, but her vocal tone was more playful and encouraging.

"I am!" Maggie laughed some more. "Nick's dominant and insatiable ways have turned me into a shameless slut. And I love it!" She laughed yet again. "But now that the idea of you pleasuring him with your mouth is out there, I'm not going to back away from talking about it. You can't really judge how good or bad the idea would be until you try it at least once."

"Yes, I can. I've tried... stuff... with other guys. I've been on 'straight dates,' as you know. They didn't exactly work out. Call me 'thoroughly unimpressed.'" Again, Anushka was trying to complain and object while actually being highly aroused.

"Yeah, but that was with ordinary guys. Nick is no ordinary guy!" She gazed up at her son again and gave him a loving look. "The mere fact that I'm his girlfriend and Hillary is his girlfriend, and we freely share him with each other, is proof of that."

"That's true." Anushka considered the situation some more. It was easy for her to conclude that her previous experiences with boys would be nothing like being with Nick, in the same way that Hillary was much more sexually excited about Nick than any of her previous boyfriends. Her curiosity grew and grew.

Suddenly, she felt too hot for even the clothes she still had on. She pulled her shorts and panties down her thighs, and then yanked her top all the way off her head. Once she was effectively naked, she resumed playing with her clit and nipples, even as she asked, "You mentioned Nick's 'dominant ways.' What do you mean by that?!"

"Oh boy! Where to begin?!" Maggie stared deeply into Nick's eyes, and even put a hand on one of his hands holding her tits for the titfuck. It quickly became clear that she was speaking to him as much as to Anushka. "In brief, he just... takes charge! Somehow, sucking his cock just becomes... so important to you! You MUST do it! Even to the point of crying, as I said. Giving him incredible pleasure becomes such a must for you that bobbing on his thickness gives YOU incredible pleasure too! I love it so much! I love HIM so much! Beyond that... I can't put into words just how incredible it feels!"

She was going to say more, but, for once, she actually worried about going too far.

Nick thought, Whoa! I don't know about this "take charge" part. But clearly, Ma wants me to be more assertive. I need to work on that. God! But I love her oral passion! She's just so into it! How could Anushka not get swept away too?

Anushka didn't verbally reply, but her lusty panting was telling. She was masturbating herself dangerously close to an orgasm. The fact that she was buck naked was making her feel wild and uninhibited. She reminded herself that she had to be careful about what she said over the phone, and not reveal just how very hot and bothered she was.

Maggie couldn't resist adding, while staring into Nick's eyes some more, "If you still doubt me, you mentioned that Hillary told you some about what happened with Debra and Shannon last night. They're both incredibly gorgeous, as you know. And, to be bluntly immodest, Hillary and I are too. How does he manage to wow four of the hottest girls in town, you may ask?! I don't know. He just has a way about him. He's irresistible! What DID Hillary tell you about last night, by the way?"

Judging that Anushka would have to give another long reply, Maggie quickly enveloped Nick's cock into her hot mouth again. She held the phone further away so she could bob on him without worrying too much about her sloppy slurping sounds.

Nick thought, Too much! Damn! I think she's determined to make me cum, right in the middle of the phone call! I can't even speak, much less scream, or Anushka will know that I've been listening in the whole time! Ma's gotta ease up on me, but she's sucking my knob again instead! Fuuuuuck!

He took his hands off Maggie's boobs to stop the titfuck completely, but that didn't help him calm down at all, given her hungry, talented mouth.

Oblivious to the steamy sexual action on the other end of the call, Anushka sighed, and replied, "Hillary only told me the basics. I talked to her not that long before my phone call with you began. She said she had to tell me some stuff so I'd know how to interact with Shannon at school today."

That was mostly true, but not entirely true. It was true that Hillary had only told her about some events, due to the limited time. (She'd promised to reveal the rest after school, no doubt while they were both naked and hot for each other.) However, she had gone into vivid detail about a few events, precisely to get Anushka hot and bothered. She did focus on times when Shannon was there, for the reason Anushka just explained.

Anushka added, "I must say, I'm shocked! Is it really true that Nick came on Debra's face over and over again, after thoroughly spanking her?! And Shannon watched the entire thing?! While completely naked?!"

There was a prolonged pause while Maggie carefully freed her mouth from Nick's cockhead again without making any overt sexual noise in the process. Then she exclaimed, "It's VERY true! All of it! You wouldn't believe how cum-soaked Debra's face was, by the end. God, it was seriously HOT!"

Anushka wasn't turned on by the idea of a facial, and she certainly would never have allowed any of her boyfriends to give her one, back when she had boyfriends. However, she got off on the idea of Debra being sexually humiliated in front of the others, and essentially losing her mind to lust. She asked, "Why would she agree to that?! Did she WANT him to do that to her face?!"

Maggie eagerly replied, "YES! And yet, NO! At the same time! I'm sure she was feeling highly conflicted. But if Nick wants to cum on your face, he's gonna cum on your face! And she was so transported by total sexual ecstasy that it was clear she loved it, even as she was dying of shame and humiliation! I mean, can you just imagine a perfect fashion model face like hers, SPLOOGED all over with hot cum, mixed with her copious stears?!"

That was the exact sort of answer to best push Anushka's submissive buttons. The dark-skinned, ethnically Indian girl didn't quite understand the "tears" reference, but it sounded amazing just the same, especially given Maggie's earlier talk of crying tears of struggle and/or joy. Her heart pounded hard, and she nearly forgot to breathe.

She was so close to cumming from masturbating that she tried to cool down the conversation some. "But isn't that a problem for you?! He's your boyfriend! Shouldn't you be more possessive? Last night, there were not one but TWO other jaw-droppingly beautiful girls there! Buck naked! And one of them sucked him off, and took his cum on her face! Repeatedly!"

Maggie happily replied, "True, all true. But he's such an insatiable stud! Of course he's going to play around with some other busty babes a little bit. Like I said, he has such a dominant way about him, it's practically impossible to tell him no."

Nick was still carefully listening, of course. He wondered, Is that true?! It can't all be true. I know Ma is winding her up some. Plus, I know for a fact I don't have a "dominant way" about me, and some of the other stuff she's claimed about me is clearly false. She tells me 'no' all the time, like about not having sex inside the house. But maybe the gist is mostly true! I mean, Ma and Hillary DID go along with some pretty wild stuff all weekend long. Damn! Things are getting so crazy!

Ansuhka was incredulous. The phrase "insatiable stud" stuck in her mind. But it was the idea that he could openly fool around with other "busty babes" that really rocked her, especially since she would be one of the most obvious candidates.

She complained, "You can't say that!"

"I just did!" Maggie laughed. "Seriously, that's not a problem for me, as long as he doesn't get serious with any one girl, and various precautions are taken, like Hillary approving too. I know he has EXTREMELY high standards, which greatly limits the possibilities. Given that he's going steady with Hillary and me, why would he waste any time with anyone who isn't in our league?"

Anushka's heart skipped a beat, because she knew she was one of only a handful of girls in the area who could be said to be in that same league. She looked down at her gigantic bare breasts and sensually caressed them with both hands, imagining those hands belonged to Nick.

She muttered, "God! That's so crazy!"

As if Anushka's inclusion wasn't obvious enough already, Maggie made it explicit as she kept talking. "It is, but such is life. That's why I mean it when I say I honestly wouldn't mind if you want to suck him off and titfuck him from time to time. Maybe even make it a regular thing, if you love it as much as I know you will. I truly believe it would bring us all closer. And it would help take care of his desire for some variety."

"Why the hell would I want to do that?! That's insane!" Anushka sounded emphatic, and she was, but she also was secretly aroused, even by this. She had made a public vow to never let Nick so much as touch her breasts, but even as she complained, she fantasized that he was lying on her naked body, titfucking her while she sucked on the tip of his cock, just as Maggie had graphically explained. Despite her nudity, she felt like her entire body was burning up, and sweat was trickling down her forehead.

Maggie was so incredibly horny herself that she couldn't resist lapping on Nick's cockhead a little more before getting around to replying. She said, "You say that now, but from a position of complete ignorance. Do you at least believe me when I say that sucking his cock is NOTHING like sucking an ordinary guy's cock?"

Anushka replied carefully, still trying hard to sound disapproving without outright lying if she could help it. "I can believe that, judging by how you AND Hillary are, like, a million times more excited about it. It seems like you're obsessed!"

"Well, at least I'm making some progress in getting you to understand. And yeah, I am obsessed! And damn proud of it!"

After saying that, Maggie licked Nick's cock a little more, and thought, That's true! Actually, I'd be doing her a big favor, introducing her sexy mouth to his thick cock! Mmmm! I can so clearly picture her on all fours, her huge titties swinging freely in time to her head bobbing! I love how she's so clearly submissive! If everything goes as it should, I'll bet it'll just be a matter of time before she's worshiping his cock! Worshiping it! It would be just like the fun and games with Debra, but with a MUCH better personality! And don't get me started on how divine it would be to see him plow through her miles of cleavage! WOW!

"What's so supposedly fantastic about it, anyway?" Anushka asked, genuinely very curious. She was still running her hands all over her bare breasts, ignoring her needy pussy for a while. She was afraid she'd cum and squeal uncontrollably.

"It's hard to explain. You have to FEEL it. Part of it, I guess, is the total domination."

"Excuse me?!" The words "total domination" hit Anushka like a sledgehammer. She actually had to stop fondling herself for a little bit, for fear she'd slip over the edge and scream in orgasmic ecstasy.

Maggie was still testing to see just how submissive Anushka was. That answer wasn't clear, so she tried another tack. "You heard me. Can you picture me not just kneeling naked below him, but on all fours, my lips sliding back and forth on his thick shaft while my entire body sways in time? If that's not 'total domination,' than what is?!"

Anushka was left breathless. She was picturing herself in that exact pose. She suspected that even if she hated sucking on Nick's boner worse than eating her most hated vegetable, she'd get off on doing it from the submissive posing alone.

Maggie knew she was hitting bulls eyes repeatedly, and she loved it. "Let's get back to the titfucking idea, since that's easier to visualize. Imagine lying naked, and feel him sitting on your tummy, just below your breasts! You're totally helpless to move! He's been dying to play with your huge breasts, and now he can!"

Anushka's objectionable feelings rose to the fore, thanks to the suggestion of being totally helpless. In fact, helplessness turned her on to an incredible degree, but fighting it was part of her usual sex play with Hillary. She said fiercely, "I won't let him! I'll kick and scream, and even bite him if I have to!"

Maggie sighed theatrically. "Oh, Anushka! Girl, you don't understand. Resistance IS useless! The more you resist, that just means the more he's going to spank you later!"

Anushka gasped. She didn't realize that Hillary had revealed her secret love of being spanked. She thought Maggie's spanking mention was just a coincidence. It aroused her more than everything else so far, and that was a hell of a lot!

Maggie went on, secretly delighted that she'd hit the bullseye again. "Oh? Are you surprised that he regularly spanks me?!"

"Surprised?! Hell yeah! He never spanks Hillary! Or has he?!"

"Not yet!" Maggie chuckled. "We'll see. By the way, this whole conversation is just between you and me, right? You won't tell her the details of what we talked about, will you?"

Anushka had to think that over. "Well, she and I don't keep any secrets from each other. But if you insist on confidentiality, I guess it's a special case. I can make an exception for that."

"I do. So please, mum's the word. Okay?"

"Okay." Anushka was disappointed about not getting to share. Her first impulse was that that would mean she'd miss out on a lot of hot "story time" with Hillary. But upon reflection, she decided it was probably best to keep her growing lust for Nick a secret.

Maggie felt a twinge of guilt, since of course Nick was overhearing everything. She was glad that she was staring at his throbbing cock, as usual, because she was embarrassed to look him in the eyes. But she told herself, This is a bit sneaky and underhanded, I know, but it's for the greater good! Anushka will thank me one day if I see this through to the end. I know she will! We really are meant to be a foursome in every way. It's just that not all of us know that yet.

Maggie resumed, "Let's get back to my scenario, where he's spanking all the disobedience out of you. And I'm not talking about the sexy spanking kind that we all love, and that he's also so very good at."

Nick thought, I AM?! No, wait, this is more of Ma winding her up. Man! This is crazy! He actually had to pause all the titfucking action for a while, because he was too close to the brink.

Maggie went on, "No, I'm talking about a proper harsh spanking, where he puts you in your place! He'll bend your naked body over his lap and wail on your helpless, defenseless ass until it's glowing cherry red! And he'll keep on spanking you until you've climaxed more times than you can count, and your face is soaked with tears! That's exactly what happened to Debra last night!"

Anushka interrupted to ask, "Is that why you mentioned the tears and cum on her face?!"

Maggie replied, "Yes, and no. She cried from the spanking, but she also cried tears of struggle AND joy from all the cocksucking. Just like I do. And as you will, if you ever give it a try! I have a belief: if a cock isn't long and thick enough to make you shed tears, it's not a cock worthy of oral adoration."

Ansuhka was so aroused and astounded that she couldn't breathe, and she certainly was in no shape to verbally respond. She felt like her entire body was so very hot that it could spontaneously burst into flames at any moment. She didn't just want to suck Nick's cock, she wanted to "orally adore" it until tears were streaming down her face!

Maggie let the long pause stretch out, savoring the sound of Anushka's continuous heavy panting. Finally, she went on, "After a spanking like that, Debra will be lucky if she's able to sit in her chair at school today. She'll probably squirm all day, thinking about the price of disobeying him. And when it was over, she sucked his cock with all her heart and soul, to show him just how sorry she was! Is that what you want to have happen to you?!"

There was a long pause. Anushka had to stop and think, because her first desire was to yell, "YES!" It sounded like all the spankings Hillary gave her, only possibly even better. She was dizzy and giddy with the idea of getting her ass spanked red, and then being "forced" to suck Nick's cock until he squirted his load all over her face, just like he did to Debra, as part of her penance. But she remembered that she wasn't supposed to say that.

Finally, she said, "That sounds... awful!" She suddenly plunged two fingers into her burning hot cunt. She was dangerously close to cumming, and her panting was out of control without her consciously realizing it.

Maggie laughed. "Oh, come on! You know you love it! I know I do! Gaawwwd! I get SO VERY HOT when he puts me in my place with a serious spanking!"

"He spanks you... to put your in your place?!" Anushka was mindful of the fact that that was the second time in short order that Maggie had used that expression. For some reason she couldn't understand, it aroused her to no end.

Maggie looked up knowingly at Nick. Of course, they both knew he'd never spanked her before, much less for that reason. But she silently mouthed to him, "Soon!"

Nick was trying his damnedest to stay quiet, but that was such an arousing surprise that he couldn't resist moaning, "UNNNGH!"

Anushka asked, "What was that?! It sounded surprisingly masculine." So far, she didn't have a clue Nick was there, and even after hearing that, the possibility never entered her mind. Still, it sounded too loud and strange to ignore.

Maggie said, "That was me, sorry. To be honest, I'm kind of having an 'intimate moment' here as I think back to the last time he spanked me."

Ansushka was so hot and bothered that it hardly fazed her to hear Maggie all but admit that she was masturbating. That only confirmed what she'd assumed to be true for a while now, due to Maggie's own increasingly heavy breathing. Maggie was doing much better keeping quiet when she wasn't talking, but she slipped up from time to time.

Maggie went on, "Damn! It was TOO HOT! The way he takes charge of my busty body totally makes me want to SUCK HIS COCK even more than before! EVERY spanking is followed by the most intense blowjobs, usually while I'm naked and on all fours, showing my burning red ass cheeks off to the world! Especially when he spanks me just because he can, not because I did something wrong. Are you SURE you don't find that idea the least bit arousing?!"

Anushka said coyly, "Well... if you put it that way..." she giggled. To say she found that "the least bit arousing" was the understatement of the year. She especially loved the vision on Maggie sucking him on all fours with a burning red ass. She had to go back to "merely" fondling her huge tits with both hands, because even her brief pussy play was getting her dangerously close to screaming her head off in an epic orgasm.

"I do!" Maggie said, laughing gaily.

Anushka asked, "Does Hillary know he spanks you?"

"No, she doesn't, and please don't tell her! Please! She doesn't know just how submissive my relationship to him is yet. I'm planning on telling her, for sure, but I'd like to get to know her better first. I'm embarrassed."

"Your secret is safe with me."

"Thanks! I don't mind telling you, because I sensed right away that we both share kind of a submissive bond. But Hillary, she's... different. She's more likely to do the spanking than get spanked."

Anushka didn't realize that Hillary had confessed to Nick and Maggie about regularly spanking her. She flirted with the idea of revealing that to Maggie, but she felt a bit too shy. Plus, she didn't want Maggie to get too off topic from her highly arousing talk. So she merely said, "That's true. I totally get why you'd be embarrassed, when it comes to her."

Maggie resumed, "Anyway, let's get back to the idea of him titfucking you, so I can try to better explain the appeal. There he is, sitting on top of you. Freely playing with your breasts. There's no escape! You can see that now, can't you?"

"Uh-huh!" Anushka tugged on her stiff nipples as she imagined herself naked and on all fours just after Nick had spanked her, exactly like Maggie had just said. She could almost feel his hot, throbbing cockhead as she opened her mouth impossibly wide to take it in, in order to show him that he'd properly put her in her place.

Anushka was desperate not to cum while still on the phone with Maggie, but she already knew that particular fantasy would haunt her dreams and daydreams for a long time to come! Her desire to suck Nick's cock had skyrocketed since the phone call began. She was filled with a desire to adore his cock with her lips and tongue in order to show that she'd learned her lesson, despite the fact that she'd done nothing deserving of a spanking in the first place.

"Good!" Maggie said, "So, like I said, now that he's punished you and reminded you just who's in charge of your sexy body, he starts playing with your huge breasts! Your G-cups, or whatever those gigantic things are! H? I? J? K?! Am I getting warmer?"

Anushka giggled. "Come on! They're not THAT big!" She looked down at her hands on her bare globes. Her heart surged with pride, and she felt giddy thinking about how horny Nick could get from staring at her bouncy, enormous breasts, especially if she dressed in something daring for him. It was almost too exciting to contemplate him actually fondling them.

Maggie went on, "And don't expect the clueless fumblings of those guys you dated. Nick has the magic touch! It's true! I say that about him to myself all the time. He's a magic kisser, AND he has the magic touch, especially when it comes to playing with big breasts! He'll have you panting and writhing in need in no time! With the need to suck his cock! The need to show him that you're a good slut!"

Anushka was panting now, and she knew it was loud enough that there was no way Maggie would fail to notice. She said, "Oh no! I'm getting all horny about YOUR boyfriend! And he's Hillary's too! This is bad!"

"No it isn't! Trust me, just roll with it. I'm merely explaining why sucking his cock is so divine."

"I don't think I want to know!" Anushka said, somewhat honestly. "That's just going to make me want him even more!"

Maggie felt a jolt of excitement and pleasure rush down her spine. "A-HA! So you admit that you want him already!"

"I'll admit no such thing!" Anushka was struggling with trying to play with her bare breasts while attempting to control her ragged breathing and still pretend to object, despite being almost delirious with desire. With both hands cupping and caressing her huge globes, she wailed almost defiantly, "I'm a lesbian, I tell you! I'm in love with Hillary!"

Maggie thought, I was so right all along! I have PROOF that she wants him to some degree! Soon, we'll be a stable four-legged table, with the three of us bonded to him and each other through our love of his huge cock! I just need to work on her more, to get her feelings about him to grow!

However, for the time being, Maggie thought it was wise not to press the issue. "Uh-huh! I think it's GREAT that you're in love with Hillary, and her with you. Don't change that at all. But what if Hillary gives you permission to suck Nick's cock sometimes?! What if she even thinks that's a fun thing the two of you could do together? Can you imagine kneeling naked side by side with her, the two of you lapping on his thick shaft together, your tongues frequently touching as you lick the same super sensitive spots? Then breaking out into hot French kissing while your hands continue to slip and slide over his thick pole, your fingers sopping wet with cum and saliva?"

"Maggie, please!" Anushka practically begged. She finally fully realized the gig was up, in that her arousal was way too obvious for Maggie not to have noticed by now. She was panting hard, and teetering on the edge of cumming.

Maggie pressed, "Tell me honestly, does that sound hot and sexy or does it not?! And keep in mind that he's sitting above the two of you in a big easy chair, like a lord! One of his hands is running through your hair, with his other hand running through her hair. The two of you are desperate to please him, knowing that if you fail, he's going to spank your ass redder than a tomato!"

Anushka was panting even harder, remarkably enough. The mention of spanking again almost felt like a low blow to her, since that was her weak spot. She could practically feel Hillary's shoulder rubbing against hers on one side while her naked flesh pressed into Nick's leg on the other side, and she struck her tongue out, aiming to lap on his bulbous knob.

She moaned, with clear lust in her voice, "Maggie, PLEASE! STOP! You KNOW that's hot! God, that's so hot! I'm a lesbian, but it even gets to me! UNGH! Is it really like that?! Is it that great?!" Her entire body was writhing in her seat, keeping her huge tits in constant motion.

Maggie answered, "Better than great! So much better! You have no idea! Sliding your lips around his thickness while your tongue roams all over his hot meat inside your mouth is the absolute BEST!" She paused to lap on Nick's cock for a few long moments.

Then she resumed, "It's a serious challenge, mind you. You WILL cry tears of struggle the first few times, I'm sure. But the harder you work at it, the more satisfying it is! Then you'll be crying more tears of joy. Mmmm! Just thinking about it is making me soooo hungry! I wish he was here with me right now! I'd take him soooo deep in my mouth that my tongue would stick out his backside!"

She laughed at that impossible act, and looked up at him with a winning smile. "I'd deep throat him all the time, if I could! But the funny thing is, the harder I work to pleasure him, the more I get back in return! I cum so hard and long, every time! The biggest, most epic orgasms!"

She went on, only slightly less excitedly, "That's why I honestly don't mind if you want to suck him sometimes. Because the orgasms you'll get are soooo incredible! It would be certain to bind you closer to the rest of our group. And I'm sure he's going to love your mouth at least as much as your tits. Although, watch out, girl, because he's gonna want to fuck your tits a lot!" She giggled.

Anushka couldn't resist giggling too. She was almost deliriously happy.

Maggie continued, "And then, you and me, licking and sucking him together... And you and Hillary, licking and sucking him together... Then, Hillary and me, doing the same to him... Plus, you and Hillary, doing your sexy lesbian stuff with each other... It's all good. Every sex act, every permutation, will only draw all of us together, more and more and more! Each leg of our table, bound to all the others with HOT SEX!"

Maggie failed to mention her and Anushka getting it on with each otherd, since that was an unresolved and tricky issue. But Anushka was so far gone that she didn't even notice that omission.

Nick was still listening closely. Unfortunately, the more arousing the phone call got, the less actual sexual activity there was between him and his mother, since both of them were dangerously close to cumming (though not as close as Anushka). However, he didn't mind the lack of titfucking or licking, because just hearing Maggie and Anushka talk was continually blowing his mind.

Anushka exclaimed, "That's so much cocksucking! It's crazy!" But she was licking her lips hungrily.

Maggie replied cheekily, "I know! But crazy like a foxy lady!" She laughed.

This time, Anushka was too horny to be amused, and just groaned loudly and needfully. Her nonverbal noises were much more telling of her feelings than her actual words.

Maggie took a deep whiff, loud enough to heard through the phone line. "Mmmm! I can almost smell the manly, husky smell of his thick erection! If he were here right now, my tongue and lips would get soooo busy! MMMM!"

Ironically, Nick was right there, yet Maggie had to restrain herself from even licking the tip of his cockhead, since she could see that he was on a razor's edge.

Anushka wailed, while frantically masturbating, "Maggie, PLEASE! I beg you! Stop! Everything you say sounds so thrilling and sexy! But I can't! I've really dedicated myself to just Hillary! I love her! I want to be with her forever!"

"And you can! And you will!" Maggie replied encouragingly. "But remember, you're not in a typical one-on-one relationship with her. You're part of a four-legged table, whether you like it or not. So having fun with any of the other 'legs' is only a good thing that'll strengthen the whole group. Hillary knows that too. I'm sure she'll approve if you want to 'polish his knob' from time to time. Especially if you two do it together. Believe me, jointly licking and sucking him is an extra special thing. Hillary and I have started doing it, and it bonds us closer. Now that we've started, I'm sure we'll do it all the time!"

Anushka's only response was a frustrated yet lusty groan. For some reason she didn't understand, the thought of sucking him off with Hillary at her side was significantly more titilating for her than doing it alone.

Maggie added, "I'm sorry if I'm being pushy, but a part of me just wants to share the joy."

Anushka was twisting her stiff nipples, and panting heavily all the while. She was reaching the point where she just wanted the phone call to end, so she could cum, loudly. "Look, I get it, but... you're coming on way too strong! I didn't even know him until a few days ago, and now... this!"

Maggie laughed good-naturedly, even as she decided to back off. "Sorry. To be honest, I have so much passion for him. So much desire to suck his cock! If you get me started, I kind of go off about it! I got waaaay too carried away there. I'll behave. Or at least try to!" She laughed.

Anushka giggled too. She also breathed a sigh of relief, now that it seemed the topic was going to change. Just like Nick, she was teetering on the brink of cumming, but she was in an even more dangerous situation because it was as if she couldn't fully control her hands. She panted, "That's okay. I get it. And that kind of passion for your lover is certainly... breathtaking! Although I must say I don't think I was the one to get you started."

Maggie was trying to come down from her erotic high a little. It helped that the titfucking had stopped, though her son's boner was still snugly trapped in her cleavage. She asked, "Oh? You weren't? I kind of forget now. Although, I do remember that you tried calling me several times. I was the one calling you back."

"That's right," Anushka said. She was still playing with her stiff nipples, but she hoped she could control her arousal level, so long as the discussion didn't get too crazily arousing anymore.

Maggie asked, "Soooooo... what were you calling ME about then?" She belatedly realized that she had no idea, since she'd taken control of the conversation from the very start.

Anushka had to pause and think hard to remember. She was still in a lusty daze, and still masturbating. "Geez! It's so weird to talk about normal stuff now, after all that, but I was actually calling to see if you'd be free this afternoon. I called you right after Hillary called me, like I said, and when she wasn't regaling me with wild sex stories about what you all did last night, she talked some about the amaaaaazing roof garden Shannon has, and some of the other eye-opening food-related topics. I was already excited to get together with you to do some cooking, and what Hillary told me redoubled my excitement. I'm raring to go, right away!"

"Well, I certainly don't want to discourage that sort of passion," Maggie replied. "I'm right there with you, when it comes to cooking excitement. I'm dying to learn all your secret South Asian cooking techniques!"

"And I'm dying to show you! Let's do it! Right after school! What do you say?!" Anushka's breathless lusty feeling made her sound even more enthusiastic about the cooking than she actually was. She was busy tugging on her nipples all the while.

Maggie looked up to Nick. "Well... the only problem with that is that I have a tradition of picking Nick up after school every day. And that quickly turns to fun. Sexy fun. Mouth-watering, jaw-breaking, oral fun, specifically. If you know what I mean!"

Anushka couldn't help but laugh. "Duh! I can take a wild guess."

Maggie laughed too. "I spend much of the day thinking about all the things my mouth is going to do to his big erection as soon as we can get alone after school! It's a suck-fest every day, as soon as the school bell rings!"

"Oh." Anushka sounded dejected, and she was, since that reply implied Maggie wouldn't be free after school. Yet, even now, Anushka was still so horny that she was playing with her giant tits. She remained too afraid to touch her clit or slit for fear of cumming uncontrollably.

Maggie looked up to Nick and gave him a beseeching look.

He responded with a reluctant nod. Of course, he was looking forward to spending the afternoon with Maggie and Hillary. He hoped and even assumed they'd give him a prolonged double blowjob for the ages. However, he decided Maggie bonding with Anushka was more important, especially if the two of them bonding while cooking included more of this sort of overtly sexual talk. Besides, getting some alone time with Hillary after school sounded pretty great too.

Maggie said to Anushka, "Buuuut... that said, if Hillary can take care of picking him up, meaning her taking care of all the slobbering all over his fat pole part of the job as well, then I wouldn't mind skipping this one time, to be with you! Because we should strike while the inspiration is hot, right?"

Anushka's voice turned enthusiastic again. "Right!" She surprised herself by joking, "Besides, it sounds like your mouth could use a rest!"

Maggie laughed. "True! Too true!" She asked her, "Can you call Hillary again, and ask her if she's on board with meeting him alone after school and all that? Meanwhile, I'll talk to my well-hung son and see if he's cool with it."

"Okay!" Already, Anushka was thinking that she would quickly cum, then call Hillary. She calculated she still had plenty of time to do that and get to school on time. Then, after a pause, Anushka added, "Although... I'm sorry to cause you to miss out on your, uh, 'suck-fest' this afternoon."

Maggie replied, "That's okay. Don't worry about it. I'm sure I'll have that suck-fest later in the evening, as soon as you and I are done. I can't go a day without it, to be honest. Sucking Nick's huge erection has become such a big part of my life! You have no idea!"

Anushka said wryly, "After this call, I think I have at least SOME idea."

"Good point!" Maggie laughed again. "I don't mind if you think I'm kind of a weirdo that way. But anyway, there are plenty of hours in the day for that AND other things too. It's just a matter of rearranging things sometimes. So don't worry about it, just so long as Hillary can take care of him with her mouth right after school. Lucky slut! I can picture her now, naked and on all fours, endlessly slurping and bobbing on his fat pole, while you and I cook up something special elsewhere. The point is, all of us are going to have a lot of fun all afternoon, and Nick will have his balls properly drained dry. As long as all that happens, I'm good."

Anushka said, "Um... okay. Uh, Maggie, now that you and I are good friends and we're talking frankly about sexual matters, there's going to be a lot of blunt talk from you about blowjobs and the like from now on, isn't there?" She carefully dared to start diddling her clit a little bit. She was relieved she could do that without yelling out in erotic ecstasy.

Maggie replied, "There is. I hope that won't freak you out too much. It's hard for me NOT to talk about it with anyone safely in the know. Like I said, it's kind of become my special passion. It's a big, big, big part of my life! I know a lot of girlfriends would be ashamed about being so devoted to his pleasure, and try to hide it, but I'm proud to wave my 'freak flag' high, at least with you, since, in a sense, the four of us are all dating each other. Is that okay with you?"

"Err, I'm sure I'll get used to it, by and by." Anushka felt shivers from thinking about the idea that she was already "dating" Nick, in a sense.

Hillary had told her all about the threesome movie theater date. Anushka had a vivid image of that, except she was in the movie theater too, topless and bobbing on Nick's cock betwesn his legs! She actually shook her head, as if that could shake that image from her mind.

Maggie said, "Good! To be honest, even now, I'm imagining myself kneeling naked before him, slobbering on his sweet spot with my cheeks caved in from so much suction. I've found that being completely naked whenever I suck him is a MUST! Except for high heels, of course. It's all very symbolic. I'm still wearing red high heels now, in fact, from sucking on him a little while ago."

Anushka was reeling. Just when she was starting to come down from her dizzying high enough to play with her pussy, Maggie had to mention that. Anushka suddenly pictured herself kneeling before Nick in nothing but red high heels, and it was such a thrill that she almost couldn't breathe. It was even more exciting than her movie theater fantasy, which said a hell of a lot. She was too wowed to verbally respond.

Maggie secretly snickered to herself, knowing that she'd hit the bullseye again. She continued, casually, "I'd love to chat more, especially about our cooking plans, but Nick has to leave for school VERY soon, and it's kind of a tradition that I leave him smiling with a hummer."

"Wait," Anushka said, knowing full well what "a hummer" meant. "You said you did that a little while ago!"

"I know, but he almost always cums in twos. Has Hillary mentioned that to you yet?"

"Actually, she has." Anushka was nearly dizzy, thinking about Maggie sucking him off yet again.

Maggie wasn't just saying that to further arouse. She checked the clock and saw that she still had over 20 minutes until school started. "I'll have to keep it short and use every trick in the book to get him to cum fast! Oh, and we need to call you back about the plans. I'll have him call you, since my mouth is gonna be busy. If you hear him huffing and puffing when he calls you in a few minutes, don't let on, but you'll know why!" She giggled.

Anushka giggled too. "Good God, girl! You're a blowjob maniac!" She'd calmed down just enough where she could steadily play with her clit or slit without fear of an imminent screaming orgasm.

"That's me!"

Anushka was hit with a scary thought. "Wait! I suppose I have no choice but to talk to Nick, but PLEEEAAAASE don't tell him that we had this call! I would die of embarrassment if he knew anything about it!"

Maggie looked up at Nick and locked eyes with him. She was tempted to snicker, but she managed to resist, thinking that would be cruel. She said, "Believe me, I get it. And I don't want you to die so young." She chuckled. "I'll just mention super briefly that you called me about cooking plans, and he needs to finalize things with you. That can't be avoided. But I won't even hint that we had any sort of frank sexual talk."

"THANK YOU!" Anushka said with great relief. "Oh! And please don't tell him that I've had ANY sexual thoughts about him! Okay?! I would die about that too!"

Maggie felt a bit of guilt that she was clearly lying and deceiving Anushka, since Nick knew absolutely everything. But she told herself, It's for a greater cause. Before long, if Anushka were to find out what I did here today, she would profoundly thank me for setting her on a path to true bisexual sexual paradise! It seems inevitable that Nick and her are going to end up in some sort of sexual relationship. And that WILL strengthen our whole foursome in lots of ways. Plus, it'll be totally hot to watch! I can't wait until he spanks her, especially. Jesus Christ, that will be incredible!

However, Maggie merely said, "Well, okay. But in return, you have to promise me not to let on that you know I'm secretly sucking him off when you two talk on the phone in a couple of minutes. But... feel free to have some fun with it."

"What do you mean?!"

"Oh, you know. Like, if you hear him huffing and puffing, you could innocently ask him, 'Is something wrong? You sound so winded!'"

Anushka laughed. "A-ha! Oh boy! I see! That does sound like fun!" Normally, she never would have done that sort of thing with Nick, but she was still on the cusp of cumming, and nearly out of her mind with desire for him. She was still flashing from one wild blowjob daydream fantasy to another, when she'd never had any such fantasies in her life, prior to this call.

Maggie chuckled. "I'll see you this afternoon. It'll be great fun, I'm sure. Oh! Where should we meet?"

"Um..." Anushka hadn't thought that part through. She didn't like letting even her female friends come to her house, due to her "weird" Indian family, especially her stern and disapproving father. Amongst other things, they liked to probe such friends for any information about her dating behavior, and that was a very dangerous area, since her sexual relationship with Hillary was still a secret from them.

Maggie suggested, "I know: I'll pick you up at the Academy right as school ends, right at the front entrance. Then we can go to the nearby Asian mega-supermarket to get all our ingredients. Bring a cookbook or two to school so we can hit the ground running, and I will too. Then, after that, can we use your place? Remember, I live in a glorified shack. My kitchen situation is... embarrassing."

"Okay. Yeah. Sure!" Anushka's answer got increasingly enthusiastic as she thought that through. Her big relief was that she remembered her parents at breakfast both talked about having to work late that evening. It would be a lucky break indeed, if it held.

Maggie was secretly relieved, because she wasn't willing to let Anushka come over to "her place" for anything. She'd recently cleaned up the backyard bungalow to make it look like she could at least possibly live in it, but she didn't want to see if it passed the plausibility test with an actual guest unless it was a dire emergency. "Great! See you then!"

"Bye!" Anushka was already counting the seconds until the phone call was over, so she could completely let go and have that big orgasm she'd been craving for so long.


The call came to an end.

Anushka started cumming less than a minute later, with fellatio still dominating her thoughts.

As soon as Nick saw the line was disconnected, he exclaimed, "What was THAT all about?!" He'd had enough of a break that he was ready for the titfuck to resume, and with more vigor, but he wanted some answers first.

Maggie looked up at him with a twinkle in her eyes. "What, you don't approve?!"

"No, I totally approve! God, that was so hot! Damn! But talk about laying it on thick! That was dangerously bold. In fact, it was totally nuts! How the heck did you know Anushka would react like that and not slam the phone down in disgust instead?!"

"I didn't. It was a calculated risk. To be honest, I was so incredibly fucking horny from the deep throating, and with you actively titfucking me the whole time, that I should never have been let anywhere near a phone! I was, and still am, basically completely out of my mind with lust for your cock! But, in my defense, remember that Anushka straight up confessed to being submissive, while Hillary was the dominant one in their relationship, so I don't think I was being 'totally nuts.'"

"Oh yeah," he said, feeling somewhat relieved by that reminder.

Maggie chuckled. "You'd better not forget that! Ever!" She chuckled some more, then said more seriously, "That's a VERY important fact that I'm sure will greatly impact all of our lives."

He said uncertainly, "Maybe, but it seems too good to be true. I mean, a girl with HER looks, and HER breast size?! She should have all the boys at her beck and call." He belatedly remembered she was supposed to be lesbian, and added, "Or other girls, for that matter. Maybe she just acts that way to get along and be what Hillary wants her to be?"

Maggie replied, "Maybe. But last night, I caught on to some pretty big clues that Anushka is highly submissive with all that spanking talk. Remember that too?"

He nodded.

"Furthermore, I'd already decided she's not entirely lesbian, or even 'mostly lesbian,' so I figured I'd at least get something of a good response with a certain kind of talk, especially about the spanking stuff. My hunch is that Anushka has a special spanking fetish. You should make note of that and put that knowledge to good use further down the line."

He thought back to last night, while his hands returned to Maggie's tits and resumed fondling them. "Hillary hinted several times that she regularly spanks her, didn't she?"

"It was more than just hinting," Maggie said. "Clearly, it's a big part of their sex life, with Hillary ALWAYS the spanker. And there's no way that can be unless Anushka has a submissive streak a mile wide. As that phone call just proved. Her submissiveness is a fact that you're going to take full advantage of to bring the four of us into one VERY cozy relationship!"

"I am?!" His mind reeled at what she was suggesting there, even after all the obvious clues from the entire phone call that just ended. He felt positively light-headed.

"You are! I'd tell you more, except that we're practically all out of time. So much for you going down on me. We'll have to save that for tomorrow, maybe. Quick, call Anushka and pretend like you and I just had a little talk. Meanwhile, I'll go down on you some more, like I promised her. Feel free to ham it up, like you're on the brink of orgasm the whole time!"

He chuckled. "You're soooo baaaaad! And that won't be too hard for me to do, since, knowing you, I WILL be on the brink the whole time!" He looked down in wonder as he playfully rubbed her boobs together, with his stiff erection still trapped in between.

She said, "Yes, but unfortunately, I don't think we'll have time for a second deep throating session this morning either. And I was looking forward to that so much! Besides, my throat still feels raw. I find that a serious turn-on, but it's probably also my body telling me to take it easy."

He nodded. He didn't actually feel that disappointed, because he figured just about anything that happened with him and Maggie would be highly arousing and fantastic, as long as she stayed in Maggie mode.

She explained, "We've only got a few minutes for the phone call. I'll tap you to let you know when you've gotta wrap it up, if it goes on that long. If you manage to make it through the call without cumming, then I'll drive you there while jacking you off, and you can cum in my mouth when we reach the far end of the school parking lot. If we keep an eye on the clock, we should have a few minutes to send you out in style. Sound like a plan?"

She mentally calculated that they had about five minutes for more blowjob and phone call fun in the garage, then about ten minutes to drive to school. then five more minutes to get him to cum in the school parking lot. There were a few more minutes left on top of that, as a margin for error.

He said with his usual lusty enthusiasm, "Okay! Whoa! What a great start to the day!"

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, lew54321, BDGV, Greyshadow, and GWB.