Chapter 76: Morning Rush Hour (Monday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Maggie handed her phone to Nick and said, "Go get her, Sport!"

Nick took the phone in hand and stared at it. He asked, "Do you have any advice?!"

She spoke soothingly and confidently. "I know you're winging it. That's fine. A phone call is an interactive experience, after all. See how she's doing, and how long she wants to talk. She might get shy and get off the line right away. That's fine too. Don't push. But if you find a way to get her to want you more, go for it! Generally speaking, the longer you can keep her on the phone, the better. Remember, she almost certainly just had a big orgasm after getting off the phone. I'll bet my bottom dollar she's buck naked too. She has to be in a VERY aroused state right now. All's fair in love and war, so don't be shy to take advantage!"

She gave him a brilliant, encouraging smile. Then she added, "Oh, and please switch to speaker phone mode, for obvious reasons. I don't want to miss anything!" She leaned in towards his boner and gave his cockhead a loud and slurpy lick.

He shook his head in disbelief, but switched to speaker phone mode. Holy crap! I can't believe I'm about to call Anushka and speak to her right now! After all that, and with Ma, well, in full-on Maggie mode!

As if on cue, Maggie shifted positions, bringing her mouth closer to his boner and thus effectively ending the titfuck. Her goal was to suck Nick's cock all through the call, partially because she loved doing that so much, but also because she figured she could make more lewd and sloppy noises that way.

He felt his mother engulf his cockhead, which most definitely got his full attention.

He gaped and stared as she started her hungry bobbing. Not only am I about to speak to someone who IS sexier than Aishwarya Rai, I'm gonna do it while Ma is blowing me the entire time! Fuck me! Things are too weird and wonderful to be believed! And now Ma says Anushka is naked and super horny! Damn! That's so thrilling, but scary too!

FUCK! Fuck being scared! I need to just DO IT! Now! Make the call and start talking before I get cold feet. Like Ma said, I need to trust that I can wing it and things will work out. Besides, I heard myself just how totally horny Anushka was a mere minute or two ago, what with her constant heavy breathing and all the rest. Ma's also right that I need to strike while the iron is hot, while she's still super horny!

He hit the redial button and brought the phone to his ear. Then, after making sure it was on speaker phone mode, he pulled the phone from his head and looked for somewhere else to put it, so he could have both hands free to play with his mother's incredible nude body. However, sitting up on her tummy as he was, with her lying nearly flat on the drastically adjusted driver's seat, there were no obvious flat surfaces within reach.

Maggie was watching his every move as she slurped and bobbed. Seeing his indecision, she took his hand holding the phone in hers, and brought it right to his crotch.

That only took a few seconds. Just then, Anushka answered the phone. Although it wasn't obvious at first, she was still on speaker phone mode, just like him. AT first, Nick didn't say anything, but the loud slurping and panting could be heard. A very puzzled Anushka asked, "Hello?! Maggie?!"

Nick realized Anushka's confusion, and explained, "Uh, no. It's Nick. Hi! ... Uh, I'm calling you from Maggie's phone. She just left my room, uh, a few moments ago, and she told me to call you."

He looked down at his mother and winced. He didn't like lying.

Maggie looked up at him as her sweet lips continued to slide relentlessly up and down his shaft. She gave him a thumbs-up sign to encourage his talking.

"Oh! I see!" Anushka was in a panic and didn't know what to do. Her main issue wasn't that she was talking to Nick, although that was plenty thrilling given what she'd just been discussing with Maggie. She had known he was going to call soon, after all. The problem was that he'd called her so soon. She'd just finished cumming, and it was such an intense multiple orgasm that it had gone on for the better part of two minutes. She was still panting hard and physically recovering from that. She was supposed to call Hillary and confirm from her that Hillary could pick him up solo after school before talking to Nick, but she'd barely even begun to think about making that call.

The bottom line was that she was worried she was far too horny, and breathing too heavily, to speak to Nick. She was still buck naked, and her pussy was sopping wet. But she didn't want to just tell him to get lost. She didn't know what to say or do.

She lamely replied, "Um... uh... Hi! To you too!" She winced, thinking how stupid she sounded saying that.

He could hear her sexy, heavy breathing right away, which was startling and arousing enough. But at the same time, he was still holding the cell phone while Maggie was holding his hand, and his hand was only a few inches from his stiff erection. That was the same erection that Maggie was loudly bobbing on!

Maggie guided his hand to a spot on the top of his left upper thigh, still mere inches from his cock and balls. She patted his hand approvingly, making clear that he should leave the phone there, on that relatively flat surface close to the action.

He did so, and pulled his hand away. But at the same time, his mind was reeling, since he knew full well that meant Anushka would continue to be able to hear absolutely everything Maggie's mouth was doing to his privates. Maggie wouldn't even have to make a concerted effort to be heard.

However, he only had a few seconds to think about that, because the silence was stretching out and making the phone call awkward. Worse, he was so distracted, especially by staring at the proximity of the phone to Maggie's sliding lips, that he forgot what he was calling Anushka about in the first place!

To be polite, and to stall for time to figure things out, he asked, "Um, ah... I hope this isn't a bad time to call you? You sound, uh.. winded. It's just that... I'll be leaving for school not that many minutes from now, so it's kind of now or never."

Anushka realized she had the same time problem. She thanked her lucky stars that she'd gotten all of her things prepared for school before she'd even called Hillary for the first time, which seemed ages ago. However, between talking to Hillary on the phone, twice, and then Maggie, she'd wound up fully naked, cummy, and even slightly sweaty. She would need time to dress and make herself presentable again. That meant it was now or never for her to have this phone call too.

Thus, even though she hadn't had a chance to confirm plans with Hillary yet, and she was physically and mentally reeling from her huge orgasm, she decided to brave it out. She took a few seconds to try to calm her breathing, without much success. Then she said, "Ummmm... No, it's good. I was just, uh... running up the stairs! Yeah, that's it!"

He had to resist the urge to laugh, because she was such a bad liar. He said, "Oh. Cool." Then he frantically scanned his memories, trying to recall the ostensible meaning for the call.

As he was doing that, Anushka continued her best efforts to control her own panting. The more she succeeded in that, the more she realized that she was hearing some strange noises from Nick's end of the phone line too. Then it hit her like a thunderbolt just what those sounds were: they didn't belong to Nick; that was Maggie blowing Nick!

Anushka listened closer still, and realized that she was hearing what could only be slurping and sucking sounds, and with surprising loudness and clarity too. She didn't stop to think why she could hear such things so well. Had she thought it over, she would have surmised that it was because her interest in those particular sounds was so great, much like a cat honing in on the scuffling of a quiet mouse over all other noises in a room.

There was another long and awkward pause, because Anushka was so distracted by Maggie's fellatio noises that she all but forgot that it was her turn to talk. Finally, she asked, "So... what's up?"

Nick was still struggling to remember why he'd called. Maggie's talented mouth was more than a little distracting. But he rallied to say, "Uh, I understand you were talking to Maggie a few minutes ago. She came to my room all in a hurry to tell me about some new afternoon plans. Do you know what I'm talking about?"

"Uhhhh... sure." Anushka kept her answer short, because she was torn between trying to calm down more while practically losing her mind from hearing Maggie's startlingly loud sucking and slurping noises. She could even hear the sound of Maggie's hand sloshing up and down his lower shaft, since his entire hard-on was thoroughly soaked with pre-cum and saliva.

Maggie was beside herself with glee. This is so great! It's working out even better than I'd expected! First off, getting to suck my son's thick cock is a total joy at any time. But having the phone almost resting against the base of his cock means I don't even have to suck with theatrical loudness for Anushka to hear. Although I may do that anyway! Ha! I dare say she probably can hear my sucking better than Nick's voice! She must be going INSANE with lusty desire! Plus, she's on speaker phone too and I can hear how heavily she's breathing. I hope she's naked and caressing those huge melons of hers!

This makes me soooo inspired to suck! I love how tough it is to get him to cum. But if I can take him right to the edge, he'll have such trouble speaking that it'll make what's happening even MORE obvious! Which will make her sexy breathing more obvious, which will make her more flustered and horny, and he'll hear that and get hornier himself, and so on! A virtuous cycle of phone sex!

There was another short pause as Nick realized that was all Anushka was going to say. Luckily, he remembered the point of his phone call just in the nick of time. "Soooo... Maggie told me that you'd talk to Hillary, and then you could tell me what the latest is about afternoon plans, and I'll pass that on to her."

Although Anushka hadn't spoken to Hillary yet, she decided to pretend that she did. This was due both to a lack of time for her to call Hillary and then call him back, and also because she assumed Hillary's response would be a foregone conclusion. Of course, Hillary would want to be alone with him after school if Maggie wasn't there. She figured she would still have time to call Hillary to confirm such plans after getting off the phone with him, although that window was narrowing, with school less than 25 minutes away. (Both local high schools started and ended their school days at the exact same times.)

Thus, Anushka said, "Right. I have good news there. But, first, what are all the strange sounds I'm hearing?! And why do you have to pass the message on to Maggie instead of me just talking to her directly?"

Of course, she knew the answer to both questions, but she innocently pretended not to know that Maggie was giving him a blowjob the whole time, so she'd be able to secretly tease him some.

Nick carefully considered his answer. His first instinct was to lie some more, after lying about Maggie not being in the room. But he could clearly hear that Anushka's breathing was as heavy as ever. Even her voice sounded more husky and sensual as usual, no doubt because she was so very hot and bothered. So he decided to take a risk.

He said, "Er... Anushka, I could lie to you and say that she spoke to me briefly and then ran off with something to do, leaving her phone behind with me. I suppose I hinted at something like that already. But that doesn't really make sense, does it? Besides, I'm hoping you and I will become good friends, and I don't want our relationship to be built on a bunch of lies. The fact is, she's right here with me, but she can't speak because... well, her mouth is occupied. With, uh... my penis!"

Anushka gasped. She hadn't been expecting that sort of answer at all. She was disappointed, because she'd been planning to make his squirm in embarrassment as she seemingly cluelessly teased him about his heavy breathing and the slurpy noises she was hearing.

Maggie also gasped, though it wasn't nearly as loud as Anushka's due to her tight lip-lock. She hadn't been expecting that shocking honestly from Nick, and she wasn't sure at first what the implications were. But it didn't stop her effort to use all of her considerable blowjob talents to get him close to the brink of orgasm, so he'd sound even more flustered.

He continued to talk to Anushka, "Look. I know this is blunt and lewd to say, but the fact of the matter is, she's orally pleasuring me right now."

Anushka gasped again, but not as loudly. Even though she knew the truth of what he was saying already, hearing him state it so blatantly shook her up.

He pushed on, "I'm sorry if that upsets you, but the four of us all are bonded together in our weird four-legs-of-a-table relationship, and chances are we'll be linked like that for a long time to come. Hopefully, a very, very long time. Given that, I think we should be upfront with each other about how things really are instead of lying left and right just to be polite. Don't you agree?"

Anushka was caught flatfooted. She didn't know how to respond to this unexpected honesty. "Um... I suppose that's true. Within reason, though. I don't want to hear all sorts of sexually explicit stuff if I don't have to."

He was glad she didn't sound too offended. "Of course. That goes without saying. I don't want to share my private intimacies if I don't have to either. But... Maggie briefly mentioned to me that you and her had a good, frank, sexual talk earlier. I don't know the details, but, in that spirit, it's important for you to realize that oral sex is a big part of her and my relationship."

Anushka was still sitting naked on her bed. She was tempted to play with herself a little bit, but she was fighting that urge off, because she was trying hard to calm her breathing, and she knew any masturbating would be counterproductive. She blurted out, "Blowjobs, you mean!" Normally, she never would have said that, but she was so very horny that her mental filter of what to say or not say wasn't working well.

He was startled by her comment, and tensed up. But he relaxed, as he realized she didn't sound accusing. He put a hand on Maggie's head and gently ran his fingers through her hair as she steadily bobbed on him. "Yes, you could say that. I must admit that she and I both love that more or less equally, so why the heck not do it a lot? We have great fun."

Anushka asked, "So, you mean... right now, as I'm speaking to you, she has your, uh... erection... in her mouth?! That's what all those lewd, sexual noises I'm hearing are?!" Of course, she knew the answer to that question already, but she wanted to hear him confirm it still more explicitly. That would make it still more vivid and exciting to her.

He didn't consciously realize that Maggie was working to get him to teeter on the brink of cumming, since she normally was so talented at keeping him a couple of notches below that, allowing the fellatio fun to continue much longer. He thought it was the excitement of talking about getting blown with Anushka that was getting him too worked up.

But regardless of the cause or causes, he realized he had to do something, and fast. He started frantically squeezing his PC muscle. He also clutched at Maggie's head with both hands, forcing her to bring her head bobbing motion nearly to a halt.

He breathed a sigh of relief when his firm head-hold immediately caused her to ease up on him. After another awkwardly long pause, he replied, "Um... uh... yeah! That's exactly what's happening! She's naked and kneeling between my legs and... she's really going wild on me! UGH! It feels so good!"

Anushka had been very carefully keeping her hands at her sides, but upon hearing that, her resistance broke and she began fondling her gigantic, bare tits. The mental vision of Maggie acting so wantonly really got to her. Plus, as a bisexual, just thinking of Maggie naked was a big turn on.

Anushka struggled for what to say. "That's... that's... that's... incredible!" She belatedly realized she was supposed to be disapproving, so she added, "Er, I mean, incredibly wrong!"

Nick's response time seemed to be slowing down even more. He was breathing increasingly heavily himself, because his hands firmly holding Maggie's head could only restrain her so much. In particular, her licking skills were getting better every time she sucked him. Her cheeks caved in as she used tremendous suction on him, but it was her dexterous tongue that was really driving him crazy.

Again, Nick pondered what his next response should be, and opted for blunt honesty once more. "You say that, but what's all that heavy breathing I hear? Are you STILL winded from running up the stairs?! I'm being honest with you. Can't you be honest with me?"

Anushka blurted out, unthinkingly and almost angrily, "Okay, fine! I'm horny! There, I admitted it! And it's not because of YOU! Don't get a big head! I still don't know if I even like you. You're scary! And I'm certainly never going to do THAT sort of thing to you, so don't even think about it! But... how insane and bizarre is it for you to talk to me on the phone while all that loud slurping is going on?! I can hear it so clearly! Even though I'm lesbian, the sheer boldness and wickedness of it is getting to me! Okay?! Do NOT take advantage by trying to come on to me, because that's only going to make me upset!"

He replied slowly, between yet more heavy and even ragged breathing. "Anushka, I promised you not to so much as even touch your breasts without your permission, and I mean to stick to that. I get that you're a lesbian. So don't worry about me."

Actually, he was fully convinced by now that she had a healthy lust for men, thanks in large part to hearing her during this call and the earlier one with Maggie. But he was planning a more subtle and roundabout seduction than how things had been going so far. He wanted to put her at ease, for now.

He went on, "I'm looking at this in a different way. It's a fact of life that Maggie likes to blow me a lot. Hillary too. What's going to happen when the four of us are hanging out? There's bound to be some blowjob talk, and maybe even action, because it's such a big part of our lives."

"Right in front of my eyes?!" Anushka asked breathlessly.

"I'm afraid so. It would be great if you could be tolerant of our weirdness. Eventually. Since you are lesbian, it doesn't effect you, right? Except maybe some, at times like this, when you're taken aback by the shock and the newness of it. Right?" Although he didn't believe she was a full lesbian, he figured he could use her pretense to his advantage.

Anushka was fondling her breasts more and more overtly, now that she'd given in. She was pulling on both of her nipples at once. "Um... Well... I mean, 'action?' What do you mean by that?!"

He said, "I'm looking way down the road, assuming we'll all get closer and closer together. Imagine that the four of us go for a weekend boating trip some months down the line. It would be a real drag if I had to sneak down to a cabin below anytime I want to have some sexual fun with either of them. It would be a lot better if we could all be more open about it. In times like that, I'd get used to seeing you naked, and you'd get used to seeing me naked. But it wouldn't matter, because you're lesbian, and I respect that."

She said, "So... wait! We'd all be on a boat, maybe parked in some private cove somewhere, and you'd be kicking back on the deck naked, with Maggie lying naked between your legs and bobbing on your, uh, member? Just like she's doing right now?!"

"Exactly!" he said brightly. "And in times like that, it would only be fair if you spend more time with Hillary, so we all can have lots of sexual fun. Probably while that's happening, you'd be kneeling naked between Hillary's legs and licking her privates, or vice versa, or whatever else it is you two want to do. The details don't matter. What's important is that we'd all be mature enough to witness sexual situations without getting all weird about it. Like what you're hearing now. You can handle that, can't you? It's just slurpy noises. It's no big deal, right?"

Anushka was still tripping out to the vision of the boat trip that he'd suggested. Listening to Maggie's rhythmic sucking, it was easy for her to add the visuals to it, of Maggie doing that to him on a boat deck, with her gloriously naked and evenly tanned body stretched out between his legs, the suntan lotion on her causing her skin to glisten in the sun. The imaginary sight of Maggie completely naked and in a sexual position aroused her lesbian sensibilities too. And while she was watching that, Hillary had a role in the vision between her legs, thoroughly lapping on her clit and slit, driving her to orgasm.

But she knew she had to be careful. She considered him highly dangerous, and in multiple ways. Most importantly, she felt he was a threat to her long-term future with Hillary and so she was stubbornly determined not to get intimate with him in any way. She told him, "That's a hypothetical, way, way into the future. None of us even has a boat."

With Maggie bobbing on his cock, Nick was surging with so much confidence that he had no trouble coming up with a good comeback. "True, but what about Hillary's house? You know the nudity policy there. Will she have to give that up? Or arrange things so that you and I are never there at the same time?"

Anushka furrowed her brow. She hadn't fully considered that until just now.

He went on, "That would be a real shame. I like you a lot, as a person, all gorgeous faces and stunning chests aside. When we've met recently, we've really clicked, didn't we? I know we got off to a rough start, but I'm confident those days are behind us. Don't you think?"

"Of course!" She looked down at herself in disbelief, because she still couldn't stop fondling her fulsome G-cups.

He added, "You might be a little scared of me right now, sexually, but I consider myself a man of honor. I made a pledge to never so much as touch your breasts, and I'll stick with that until the end of time, unless you tell me otherwise. I think we CAN have a good friendship that'll strengthen our whole four-legged table thing. But that'll be seriously hobbled if we can't hang out at Hillary's together, since that's the logical main hang-out spot for all of us. Unless we could go to your house?"

Anushka quickly replied, "NO! Er, I mean, that's a bad idea, a really bad idea. Not unless my parents aren't home. And that very rarely happens." Just thinking about the danger of her parents cooled her ardor a little bit.

He said, "That's the impression I got already from Hillary. And it's the same with my place. So that pretty much leaves Hillary's place. But can we all have the maturity and tolerance to be naked around each other sometimes and not let it get weird?"

She replied, "Oh, it'll get weird! Really weird! I'm sure of that." However, she added, "Sometimes, it's best to just grit one's teeth and work through the weird until it's not so weird. That's what I already did with Hillary's nudity policy. Of course, I had no trouble being naked with her, but her parents Peter and Petra too?! Talking about weird, that's about as weird as it gets! But, over time, it's become more normal, although I still try to get out of the room whenever either of them are around."

Nick said, "Huh. I can imagine, or at least try to imagine. But that's a bridge I haven't crossed yet. Are they weird to you in any way?"

"Oh, no! They're both sweet, nice people. And they eased me into the nudity thing in stages, which was nice. But the mere fact that they're there, and especially that Peter's a man, makes it tough, regardless. Being naked around you will be a hundred times tougher!"

Nick winced. She's talking about being naked around me, while Ma is sucking me off! Plus, Ma suggested she probably started the phone call naked, after the last one. She could be buck naked right now! And she's such a BABE! Damn! I'm too horny!

He paused briefly to try to at least calm his breathing somewhat. Then he responded, "I can see where you're coming from. So I say let's go slow, and you set the pace. Whatever you want to do or not do, let's do that. I want you to learn that you can trust me and I'm never going to try to molest you or something like that. That's just not who I am. But I know it takes time to build up trust. So... yeah. Whatever YOU want to do, and Hillary, and Maggie, I'm all for that."

Anushka was pleasantly surprised. "Thank you! That means a lot to me!"

He went on, "That said, it still would be great if, eventually, we could reach a place where not only are we able to hang out in the nude, but Maggie or Hillary could go down on me, and you and Hillary could do whatever, and it would be okay. We'd be totally used to it, like seeing someone get a backrub or something."

Anushka responded, "A backrub?! I don't know about that. It's way different than a backrub!"

"I know. But... you don't have to agree to this yet, but I'm just throwing it out there, a blowjob for Maggie and me is no big deal. It's kind of like kissing or hugging."

"'Kissing or hugging?!'" She snorted in disbelief.

"I know, I know," he said. "It sounds hard to believe. I totally get your skepticism. But it's just such a big part of how we interact. She's blowing me even as I speak, for crying out loud! It's crazy, but it's true. We kind of can't stop doing it."

Anushka sighed. She was still very horny, though not as much as before. Her heavy breathing was calming down, even though she continued to caress and fondle her enormous bare breasts. "I'm not saying you're totally crazy. I was talking to her some and she was sort of saying the same thing. But it's tough for me to handle. I'm warning you, it'll take me a long, long time to get used to that level of comfort and trust, where we could all hang out like that, if we ever get there at all."

"I totally get that. And I'm vowing right now that I'm not going to try to push you. Although... I can't help but admit that I wouldn't exactly mind seeing you naked!"


"What? I'm just trying to be honest."

"Yeah, but you lied to me earlier. You said Maggie had left the room. But she was there the whole time, right between your legs!"

"True," he replied, disappointed she remembered that. "I didn't say I would always succeed in being honest 100 percent of the time - nobody is - just that I'm trying hard. You lied too, about how you'd ran up the stairs. Are you still running now? 'Cos I still hear some pretty heavy breathing." He chuckled, but in a good-natured way.

Anushka felt a surge of embarrassment. She actually covered up her pussy and nipples, as if he could see through the phone. But she quickly realized how silly that was, and dropped her hands. "I'd rather not have to explain that." However, she decided that further comments along that line would just sound lame. Besides, she believed he was trying hard to be honest, and that pushed her to do the same.

"Let me try again," she said, after taking a deep sigh. "Look. I am aroused, okay? It's not about you, so don't get a big head! But just... just... the whole thing! All this sexual craziness! I'm not used to talk about this sort of thing with anybody but Hillary, much less YOU! I'm trying to meet you halfway on some things, but it's kind of like pulling teeth." She added, more fiercely, "Please don't tease me about it, or I'm going to have to kill you!"

He made an in-joke about one of their earlier meetings. "I already figure I'm living on borrowed time, what with the way you've come close to throwing me off a balcony. Each additional day I live is a blessing, until you decide to finish me off for good!"

She laughed, then played along. "Damn straight! I'm your personal Grim Reaper!"

They shared a good laugh at that.

Then she abruptly changed the topic. "Hey. How is it that you're so good at holding a conversation while Maggie... you know... While she does her thing to you? I don't want to get graphic here, but I hear you're breathing pretty heavily, and I hear a lot of noises that can only be described as sexual and obscene!"

That was true. Maggie was still steadily sucking him off. Not only that, but as the conversation had become less sexually overt in nature, Maggie had been sucking and slurping with increasing loudness to help make sure Anushka stayed highly aroused.

It was working. Anushka had taken her hands off her privates ever since the little scare less than a minute ago, but she was still so hot and bothered that she resumed fondling herself.

He didn't want to boast about his stamina, so he replied, "Good question. It's kind of a mystery to me too. I don't know."

Surprising even herself, Maggie pulled her lips off his boner. But in contrast to the previous phone call, she did so with a deliberate smacking sound. She had to speak quietly, since her mouth was so close to the phone. Even so, she was emotional. "Oh, that's such a lie! Sorry, Anushka! I know I'm not supposed to be speaking on this phone call, but I just have to say something! He's not lying on purpose, it's just that he's too modest to tell you the truth!"

Anushka's arousal level shot up upon hearing Maggie's voice. She was absolutely sure Maggie was there, but hearing her voice made it even more real and vivid. She could practically imagine Maggie wiping the cum and drool from her chin, which, in fact, was something Maggie was doing at that very moment.

Maggie continued, "The real truth is that he has incredible natural stamina, AND it's getting better all the time! Plus, he climaxed not that long ago, and that gives him MORE stamina. I could give you some more reasons, but I don't want to get too sexually graphic. The bottom line is, he IS honest and trustworthy, except that every now and then there are certain things where he feels like modesty puts him in a no-win sort of bind."

After a pause, she added, "Sorry for budding in! Forgive me?!"

Nick said, "Of course!"

Maggie laughed. "I know you'd forgive me, you goof! Never in human history has a man been upset at a naked woman as she takes a short breather while bobbing on his erection!" She laughed some more. "My question was directed at Anushka."

"Oh, sorry," he muttered.

Anushka was startled at first to hear Maggie speak, but she relaxed and smiled. Maggie's comments were weird and sexual, but somehow in character in a comforting way. "No problem, Maggie. Thanks for the clarification. Nick, I understand you feeling obliged to be modest, but I'll take truth over modesty any day of the week."

Maggie said, "Son, did you hear that? Sometimes, one can be too modest. Now, if you'll excuse me, Anushka, I have to get back to 'work.'" She snickered. "As you know, we've only got about 20 minutes until the school bell rings, and I've got to get him to cum first!"

There was a long awkward silence as Maggie took his bulbous cockhead back into her mouth. Maggie made a point of being extra loud while doing it. She moaned erotically as she slipped her lips back around it, making it sound like a difficult yet satisfying struggle.

Anushka held her breath for as long as she could, so she could carefully hear everything. She wished she had a video phone to see the nude busty bombshell straining, struggling, and crying. (Maggie wasn't actually crying at the moment, but after Maggie's talk in the last phone call about crying tears of struggle and joy, Anushka assumed she was.)

Rather that settle into a steady bobbing rhythm, Maggie continued to make every lewd and slurpy noise she could, knowing that Anushka had to be listening very closely.

Nick wasn't deliberately trying to be loud, like his mother was, but she was sucking with such talent and power that he couldn't help but moan more loudly and lustily than normal.

Anushka found it all so arousing that she couldn't resist fondling her privates even more than before. She briefly diddled her clit, only to decide that was too dangerous, since she didn't want Nick to know how horny she was. She went back to aggressively fondling her G-cup sized breasts with both hands.

The silence was stretching out so long that it was getting awkward. Nick had his hands full squeezing his PC muscle and trying not to cum. Thus, it was up to Anushka to say something.

Just before Maggie had stopped talking, she mentioned how she needed to make him cum before leaving for school, so that was still on Anushka's mind. Anushka asked, "So, Nick?"


"Is it really true you came eight or nine times yesterday? And about the same number the day before that?"

"Probably," he admitted. "I haven't sat down and tried to figure out the exact number. But it was a lot!"

"Wow!" Anushka said, sounding more enthusiastic than she realized. Still caressing her immense breasts, she abruptly switched the topic to something of great interest to her: spanking. "Speaking of last night, what were you thinking, spanking Debra's ass? She's not your girlfriend. You don't have any right to do that! Why did you even do it?!"

Before he could answer, there was a knock on Anushka's door. It was Rushika, her mother. "Anu, what are you doing in there? It's time to leave for school. Now!"

Anushka's hands went from fondling her breasts to covering them up. She looked to a clock on her bed stand and saw that it was 20 minutes until her school day started. Luckily, her mother was exaggerating somewhat and being extra cautious.

Anushka did a quick mental calculation. She typically drove her own car to school, and it took about ten minutes for her to get to the Academy. She was naked and reeked of arousal, but that still left her ten minutes to put her clothes back on and make herself presentable. Still, she was rapidly running out of time to just chat with Nick.

She held her hand over her cell phone, and then shouted to her door, "Okay, okay! Don't worry. I'll be out in just a minute."

Rushika said through the door, "Please don't wait until the very last minute." Then she walked on down the hall.

Anushka listened for a few seconds to make sure her mother had gone. Then she let out an audible sigh of relief. She took her hand from covering the phone and brought her mouth close to it again. She said to Nick, "I hope you didn't hear that, but I guess you did. My mom is really on my case about getting to school on time. And I guess she has a point. We should probably end this."

He looked at the car clock, and saw the same time. "Yeah, I guess we should."

She glanced at her own clock too, but her spanking curiosity was still motivating her. "But before we go, can you answer my questions about the Debra spanking? I'm really curious about that."

"Oh. Well, sure," he started to reply. But then he thought about it, and realized it would be tough to attempt to justify him having the "right" to spank Debra. "Actually, it's kind of complicated, and we're running out of time. Maybe we could talk about it later?"

"Okay, but when's 'later?!' We're both about to leave for school." She was very keen to get answers.

"I don't know," he replied. "Maybe we'll see each other in the afternoon or evening. If you're with Maggie and I'm with Hillary, our paths might cross. Or, if not, we can talk on the phone."

Anushka said, "Sounds good. I'd like that. But now, we both probably really should go. I can't believe, after talking to Maggie and then you about all sorts of interesting stuff, I'm going to have to sit in class, where everything is... normal."

"Tell me about it! Maggie is still... you know what. Sucking me off. Talk about culture shock, to go from that to sitting in class, listening to some boring lecture."

"Yeah, I can imagine. But now I've really gotta go. We'll talk later. Bye!"


The line disconnected. Anushka was in a sudden hurry to get off the phone if he wasn't going to talk more about spankings, because she wanted to use the last few minutes of privacy in her room to work herself up to another orgasm before putting her clothes back on.

To Nick's surprise, as soon as the call ended, Maggie pulled her lips off his boner again and sat up. "Okay, let's go!"

"Go?!" he asked in confusion. "Go where?"

"School, silly!" She chuckled. She added with playful sarcasm, "Remember that whole annoying thing, where you have to sit in class and learn?"

"Damn," he muttered. He looked down at his stiff erection, untouched and soaked in saliva. "But... what about you saying you'd help me cum a second time?"

She was busy tilting the driver's seat back in place. "Don't worry, that's still the plan. But if we do that here, we're liable to lose track of time, causing you to be late for class. Instead, I'll keep your cock stiff until we get there, and finish you off in the back of the parking lot. Let's do it! Put your shorts on and help me get dressed! We don't have much time!"

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, lew54321, BDGV, Greyshadow, and GWB.