Chapter 77: Reckless Driving (Monday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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He quickly got into gear getting ready to go. However, he had doubts about this plan. He was riding high on lust, and he worried he'd cool down on the way to school. He figured they'd only have a short time once they got there, and he doubted he'd be able to get aroused enough in that time to climax.

The two of them made themselves presentable with remarkable speed. Maggie's hair was tussled and there were dribbles of drool down her chin. She was in heat, and it showed. But she didn't care about looking presentable close up, because she didn't plan on being seen up close by any strangers.

She'd come into the garage wearing nothing but an overcoat, but she'd also brought a change of clothes and her purse. She'd left those clothes on the floor of the garage, so she leapt out of the SUV and rushed to get them. As she did so, she said, "Nick, switch seats! You drive!"

"Me? Why me?" he asked, even as he slid over to the driver's seat.

"Trust me, I've got this all worked out." Actually, Maggie was making it up as she went along. Most importantly, while rushing back to the car, she calculated it would be safer for her to play with his erection while he was driving compared to if she was driving.

Once she was in the passenger's seat, she made only the barest of efforts to get clothed. She put on a short red miniskirt, but no panties underneath. And she wore an orange blouse, but it buttoned up in front and she left all the buttons undone.

Sitting in her seat with her nipples barely covered, she reached over to his lap and unbuttoned and unzipped his fly. "Drive! Drive!" she exhorted him. "We've got less than 20 minutes now. Time is running out!"

He put the key in the ignition, but he gave her a very skeptical look. "I can't drive with you looking like that! We'll get arrested!" His heart thumped faster as he saw her deep valley between her round boobs tempting him.

She ducked down, putting her head in his lap. "How's this? Better? Nobody can see me. Plus, we have tinted windows." She took his erection back in hand and resumed stroking it while also licking around the fat head.

"MooooOOOOoooom!" he complained. "You're practically naked!"

Indeed, her blouse had opened up even more, sliding down both of her shoulders as she'd leaned over and bent down. Plus, her miniskirt rode up, leaving her fine ass totally uncovered.

She said, "Nobody's going to see me, I promise. Isn't it more exciting this way? Just drive!"

He sighed, but he was too horny to object very much. "Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you." He started the car and hit the button for the garage door. Jesus Christ! How the hell am I going to drive safely, in this condition?! I'm so horny! And my dick is feels needy and big as a baseball bat!

As he started to pull the SUV out of the driveway, he said, "One rule: no sucking while driving!"

Maggie groaned unhappily at that restriction. However, as she licked and stroked him, she countered, "But the car stops at traffic lights, which makes you fair game. So there!"

He laughed. "Okay, fine!"

He began driving down the street, going slowly and carefully. Geez! This is such fun! Yeah, it's extremely foolish, but I'm the classic "young, dumb, and full of cum" guy. How can I say no?! I just need to be super extra careful with my driving. I did pretty well talking to Anushka while Ma was sucking me off, so if I can handle that, I can handle this.

Maggie could sense that he was driving more slowly than normal. This frustrated her, because so was so horny that she wasn't thinking about safety, only about sexual fun. She worried that time was running out, and precious minutes could be wasted driving slowly, when she wanted him to drive extra fast. She at least had enough safety sense not to encourage him to speed, even though she wished he would.

She also worried that she wouldn't have time to get him to cum when they got to the school parking lot, whether he drove normally or slowly. His unusual stamina was a double-edged sword, especially at a time like this. She thought about the various things she could do to help push him over the edge in a hurry. Hmmm. A finger up the ass will certainly get his attention! I'll definitely do that. And I've got another great ace in the hole: deep throating! But I did it to him once and that didn't get him to cum at the end, so even that isn't guaranteed. Plus, it's really damn hard! I need to be at the right angle and position, in ideal conditions. In the parking lot, I'm probably going to be leaning over exactly like this, which is definitely not ideal.

Hmmm... What else can I do to get him cum in a minute or two? I need to think outside the box... Something extraordinary... Some kind of "next level" thing that will make his day... Oh, I know: Hillary!

Maggie unexpectedly sat up. She had to laugh because she hadn't thought about the fact that her blouse had slid down her arms and was nearly all the way off. She was feeling so wanton and sexual that rather than pull it back into place, she ducked down below the windshield, except towards her passenger seat. To cover for that action, she muttered, "Oops!"

Nick was incredulous. "'Oops?' Ma, if there had been a car coming, and the driver was a man, he would have driven off the road, into a tree! What are you doing?!" He asked that question because she'd just found her cell phone in her purse and pulled it out.

Continuing to stay low below windshield level, she began dialing. "I'm calling in reinforcements."

He puzzled at that, but he had to keep his eyes and focus on driving. He looked down at his erection, which was pointing almost straight up, and was dripping with saliva. Sheesh! This is nuts! As much as I love her talented mouth, maybe it's better she's making a call. He started driving faster while she was distracted.

Maggie reached Hillary on the phone. "Hillary! It's Maggie! Where are you?!"

Hillary replied, "I'm at home. I'm just about to leave for school on my bike. Why?"

"We have an emergency situation here! Nick and I are in our Ford Explorer and headed to school. His cock is super stiff and wet, and he needs to cum before class begins! I was thinking that you could meet us in the back of the parking lot and lend a hand! And a mouth!"

"OH SHIT!" Hillary replied.

"What?!" Maggie asked.

"The time! I was going to cut it close getting to school, because why get there early, but I'm got to leave NOW! Luckily, I live close to school, so I'll be there in about five minutes! Okay?"

"Okay! See you soon!"

Hillary ended the call.

Nick had only heard Maggie's side of the phone call, due to the ambient noise of the car driving down the road. He asked, "What was that all about?! 'See you soon?!' Is she going to meet us?!"

"She is!" Still bent over in the passenger seat, Maggie decided it was easier to simply take her blouse all the way off rather than pull it back up her shoulders, so that's what she did. Then, making sure to keep her head below windshield level, she repositioned until her head and hands were back at her son's crotch.

Nick was so busy trying to keep his focus on driving while enjoying his mother's active tongue and fingers than he didn't notice at first how she'd gone completely topless.

It was only when they reached a stop sign when he felt safe enough to look down at her and got an electric shock down his spine. "MA! What the hell?! You're so reckless!"

Instead of trying to justify herself, she engulfed his cockhead. After all, they'd agreed that she was allowed to do that when the car wasn't moving. She savored feeling her mouth crammed full of cock again, and thought, YESSSS! "Reckless!" That's exactly what I am! I feel so free! So liberated! My old life is gone! Total oral submission, here we come! She bobbed with great energy and powerful suction, heedless of the danger, since the SUV was stopped at a stop sign.

He let go of the steering wheel and clutched the sides of his head with both hands. "AAAAIIIEEE! This is too much! You're going to make me cum!"

He heard her snickering in triumph, despite her full mouth. Then he remembered that was her goal, to get him to cum before school began. However, he felt he couldn't just let go and cum at this point, not if Hillary was going to meet them in the school parking lot.

He was so very distracted by her aggressive sucking technique that not only did he forget to complain about her toplessness, he forgot to drive through the stop sign, despite the lack of traffic in the other directions. It was only when he heard a car come up from behind that he reluctantly resumed driving forward.

Once he did so, he said, "Okay, funny lady. Enough with your daring risks. The car is moving, so that means the lips come off!"

She reluctantly pulled her mouth away. "Awww. Drat! You're no fun!" It didn't make that much difference, because she quickly got busy lavishly lapping right on his sweet spot.

He spoke while staring straight ahead to the road. "I wish it could be different, but let's be practical. What if there's a big bump and you bite down? Ouch!"

She replied, "I thought about that already. I had my lips carefully pulled over my teeth even as I used a lot of suction. Did you notice? I can do that no problem."

He sighed. "Maybe. But still. What if there's an accident? You're not even wearing your seat belt! And what if we get stopped by the police?! Where's your top?!" His heart raced faster and faster as he worried about the worst-case scenarios.

"That's a problem," she admitted. "But just this one time, please! It's only a few more minutes until school, and I want to impress Hillary. I want to show her I can be a good slut too. Dedicated to total oral submission!"

He sighed again. "You're too fucking arousing." He looked down at her gorgeous face, and nearly lost his attention from staring into her eyes. "You're too sexy! It's great, but you're going to get us in such big trouble!"

"Maybe, but not today!" Just then, the car came to a stop at a traffic light. Maggie stopped talking and took his cockhead in her mouth again.

He felt another tremendous wave of arousal wash over him. That caused him to clutch the steering wheel so hard he felt he was going to crush it. He thought, Fuck! I don't want to be the stick in the mud. This is a dream come true. I mean, MA! A month ago, this would have been literally beyond my wildest dreams. But she's out of control! Someone's got to keep things in check. If not me, then who? I can't believe this is the same woman who thought my fake girlfriend scheme was a joke mere weeks ago. Damn! So much has changed in such a short time!

He looked over at her upper torso, since the light was taking a while. He felt shivers just from looking at her body sprawled out like that, with only a miniskirt hanging uselessly around her waist. He reached out and ran a finger down the groove along her spine. Hot damn! Even her back is so fucking sexy! Every inch of her... so smooth! So evenly tanned. No blemishes at all! I swear...

Just then, he had to look up and bring both hands to the steering wheel, because the light changed green. He managed to resume driving forward, probably a second or two before the driver in the car behind him honked.

His mind was overwhelmed by thoughts of what would happen when Hillary met them in the parking lot. Fuuuuuck! This is way too arousing as it is! I'm about to have a heart attack! Then add HILLARY! Too much! It's just too much! What if I end up cumming in HER mouth?! She could have spermy breath for the whole first period, or longer! Fuuuuuck!

He was so distracted that he didn't fully comprehend that Maggie had failed to pull her lips off when he resumed driving. Indeed, she got more and more into bobbing fervently on him. He probably didn't have the willpower to tell her to stop even if his brain had been working normally.

Maggie was over the moon, not just from the joy of sucking him off, but from basking in her sheer sluttiness. Gaaaawwwwd! This is so divine! I can see what Hillary means about being a good slut! Giving in to one's lust, fully, but with someone you love. It's so liberating! I can NEVER go back to being Margaret! Never! She was desperately unhappy and she didn't even fully know it. I don't think I've ever been happier than I am right now!

No, wait. Not true. She reached back and unzipped a zipper down the back of her miniskirt, causing it to come all the way off. She wiggled her sexy hips some to make sure it wound up entirely underneath her.

She sighed blissfully as she reveled in her nudity. Aaaaaah! Oh, NOW I've never been happier! I'm bobbing on my son's cock while fully naked in public! It's just that nobody knows it. But I do, and he does, and Hillary will, soon enough! Everybody else in the world can go to hell, as far as I'm concerned. All the people who would judge and say this is wrong - they don't know! They can't know! I NEED to be fully naked whenever I suck his fat cock! Especially here, with the car in motion. The sheer joy of sliding my lips up and down while I can feel the wind blowing through the partially open window... priceless!

Nick clung to the steering wheel with both hands, even though he usually drove with just one, because he was overcompensating, like he was desperate not to crash while driving drunk. Actually, the situation was almost exactly the same, except that he was drunk on lust. He was repeatedly tempted to pull to the side of the road. However, he knew it was only a couple more minutes to school, and time was running out, and Hillary was expecting them there.

He breathed a tremendous sigh of relief when he drove into the school parking lot a short time later. He glanced at the clock on the car's dashboard and saw there was still seven minutes until school began. He was surprised it had only taken the usual ten minutes to get to school, because it felt at least three times as long.

Still clutching the steering wheel with two hands like it was a life or death matter, he looked towards the main school building and saw dozens of students walking inside. True, they were a long way away and nearly all of them had their backs turned, but at least in theory they could have paid attention to their SUV. Then he glanced down and to the side at his mother. Man! If they only knew! HOLY SHIT! She's so sexy! Goose bumps! What happened to her skirt too?! Fuck! This is too dangerous!

Steering the SUV to the back of the parking lot, well away from everyone else, he saw Hillary on her bike in that area. She was riding in a circle in the empty part of the lot, waiting to see where he parked his car. As soon as he slowed down to a space somewhat hidden by the shadow of trees above it, Hillary pulled up along side and got off her bike.

At the last second, rather than park between the white lines marking off the parking spaces, he swerved to an angle across at least three spaces. He realized it would be much better if the driver's side of the car was blocked from direct view of the school building, so nobody could see what they were doing.

Hillary had to hustle a little further from where she'd stopped her bike, but she could see the logic in what he was doing. The tinted windows protected the action inside the SUV, but it wasn't clear if she would get all the way inside the vehicle.

He partially opened the driver's side door and waved. "Hey! Hillary!"

Hillary got off her bike, just managing to make sure it didn't fall over as she did so. She rushed into the space created by the partially open door. She started to smile. "Hey, Nick!" But then she saw Maggie. At first, she just saw her face, with her lips stretched around Nick's erection and her blonde hair bobbing up and down. Then Hillary stepped in closer and lowered herself to a squatting position, allowing her to see the entire front seat area, including all of Maggie's nude body.

She exclaimed, "HOOOOLYYYY SHIT! Fucking hell! Nick! She's naked!"

Maggie heard Hillary's voice from only a couple of feet away. That was the signal she'd been waiting for. She pulled her lips off her son's throbbing boner while keeping a hand sliding up and down the shaft. "Hillary! From one good slut to another, less talking, more sucking!"

Hillary shook her head in wonder, even as she crouched further down and leaned over Nick's lap. "Fuck! This is so nuts!"

Maggie put a wet hand on the top of Hillary's head and pushed her closer still. "Quick! He's close, but he needs to cum! Now!"

Hillary's heart had been beating fast and her arousal soaring ever since she'd gotten Maggie's phone call. She'd rode her bike to school faster than usual, and that left her slightly winded. Although she could scarcely believe what was happening, she immediately lowered her head and took Nick's cock in her mouth.

Maggie's head was still right there in Nick's crotch. She tilted her head to the side to give Hillary more room while still allowing herself to lap lower down on her son's fat pole. As she did that, she said, "Good! Good! I love how you went right at it! Show him how much you love sucking that cock! Show him what a good slut you are! Put all your love and joy into it!"

Hillary felt surprisingly inspired by those words. It was true that a part of her felt reluctant. Was she really doing the right thing in taking part in this at all? However, Maggie was so enthusiastic, and seeing her completely naked body was so thrilling, that her worries faded away in a matter of seconds. Plus, she found her mouth crammed full of Nick's fat cock, and she began copiously salivating as she vividly recalled just how much she enjoyed slurping and bobbing on it.

Maggie approvingly watched Hillary bobbing with increasing passion. But after less than a minute watching, she lifted her head up just enough to peer through the windshield. In front of her, she didn't see anything except for a tilted slope of ice plant between the end of the parking lot and a busy road. It appeared there was no room for a sidewalk between the top of the slope and the start of the road, but she figured it was a moot point, since she couldn't see the cars on the road, so nobody in them would be able to see her. There were also large oak trees casting shadows over the area.

She thought, A-ha! Perfect! We're faced away from the school building, and it's a ways away anyway. Even though the windshield isn't tinted, who the hell would stand between that and the slope right in front? There's no way anyone can see me here, period. Except for Hillary, and of course I love that!

With that attitude in mind, she repositioned to get closer to Nick's cock heedless of what part of her naked body might be visible above the bottom edge of the windshield. She wound up with her bare ass up high in full view, if anyone was in the right position to look.

Nick saw how exposed his mother was, and his first instinct was to push her ass down to a less exposed position. But his lust was surging so powerfully that he flipped his attitude in an instant. Fuck it! Why do I have to be the decency police all the time?! We need MORE nudity! He reached to Hillary's huge breasts, which were within easy reach, and started fondling them.

Hillary immediately smiled at his boob-crazy ways. She actually found that comforting, even though it made things more erotic.

But he didn't stop there. Only a few moments later, after he reacquainted his hands with her immense orbs, he pulled her T-shirt up to her armpits. Then he immediately got to working on getting her bra off!

Maggie saw him doing that and laughed with glee, even as she continued to lick and stroke the lower half of his shaft. "YES! Do it, Nick! Get her naked! Completely naked! Good sluts suck in the nude!"

For a brief moment, he considered doing just that. The car door on his side was partially open and Hillary was squatting in that space. He didn't think anyone would be able to see anything unless they happened to be standing in an exact angle and were inexplicably curious about a parked car far from all the others. But he quickly realized that was too reckless even in his current reckless mood. Plus, he wasn't in easy range to get most of her clothes off.

However, he continued to work to get her bra off. He reached around and fiddled with the clasp in back until it came free. Then he kept the bra in place but lifted it up enough for his hands to be able to caress and fondle her F-cups without any annoying impediments in the way.

A lot had taken place in a short time. It had only been about a minute since Hillary started bobbing on him when Maggie tapped Hillary's shoulder and asked, "Can I have another turn? Please?!"

Hillary pulled off and laughed. "Please do!" She laughed again when she saw Maggie hungrily engulf all of Nick's cockhead and then some. She was having a great time. Her only regret was knowing that they only had two or three minutes left, at most.

Hillary didn't wear a watch, but she glanced at the car's dashboard and found the clock there. She said urgently, "We really need to wrap this up, fast! We've got two minutes at the most! Then we'll have to make a run for it to beat the bell!"

Maggie nodded. She thought about bringing Nick to orgasm immediately, but she realized that would be selfish, because it would mean Hillary rushed to them only to have a brief suck, and no cum. So, even though her turn had just started, she pulled off again. There was a wild fire in her eyes as she goaded Hillary, "You do it! You make him cum! NOW!"

Hillary nodded with grave seriousness, and engulfed his cockhead again.

Maggie continued to bark out orders. "Have him cum in your mouth! We don't have time to clean up otherwise, and I don't mind! I'm going to help with a special ass trick, so get ready!"

Hillary's head was bobbing faster and faster. She let out a loud, approving moan.

Nick could sense the end was coming very, very soon. He tightly clutched Hillary's head with both hands. He didn't speak though, since he was clenching his teeth tightly and panting hard. Sweat was trickling down his forehead, he was in such an intense state.

Maggie wormed her hand under his ass until her index finger was able to poke at his anus. After just a couple of seconds to readjust her hand, she boldly plunged that finger all the way in until she was able to make contact with his highly sensitive prostate gland.

Nick just about leapt out of his seat! He squealed and groaned, and seemingly tried to crush Hillary's head between his hands. He knew he'd passed the point of no return.

Hillary sensed he was about to start cumming, but she intensified her sucking even more, just to be sure. Her eyes were already shut, but she squeezed them even tighter as she braced for impact.

Just to be absolutely sure he couldn't hold out any longer, Maggie had another trick up her sleeve. She goaded him, "Cum, Son! Think of Anushka! Hillary's going to tell her all about this later, for sure! And when that happens, Anushka will think of you cumming down HER throat!"

Nick actually screamed loudly, that idea shocked and aroused him so deeply. He'd still been clenching, trying to hold out a little bit longer, but with that, he completely gave up, like a puppet that had its strings cut. He slumped in his seat, feeling almost delirious and insensible. But his body continued its automatic reaction, with his cum firing into Hillary's mouth.

Hillary made loud approving noises to let Maggie know what was happening. She gulped and gulped as the flood of cum threatened to overspill her mouth.

Maggie would have said more encouraging things to her, except she decided to redirect her attention to masturbating herself so she could have a nice orgasm too. She closed her eyes and fingered her clit and pussy lips. She only managed to mutter, "That's it, Hills! That's it! Take it! Every last spermy drop!" Sitting up higher in her seat, she tilted her head back and lost herself to orgasmic ecstasy. However, mindful of where they were, she tried to limit how loud her lusty yelling was.

Nick had no such self-restraint - he was totally gone, transported to another realm. Luckily though, his screaming wasn't nearly as high-pitched and piercing as a woman's sometimes could be. It also helped that a man's orgasm was much shorter than a woman's, so his screaming didn't last for long.

None of the three of them were in any position to check, but they would have been very gratified to learn that nobody in the vicinity paid the slightest attention to them. Even the screaming was so faint from across the parking lot that it caused no heads to turn. People were busy with their daily lives, especially since there was a rush to get to one's class on time.

Both Nick and Hillary recovered from Nick's orgasm with unusual speed. Hillary was quick because she hadn't even tried to cum herself (and probably wasn't worked up enough to do so, due to the suddenness of events). Normally, she would have desired to keep sucking Nick's boner until it went completely flaccid. But, mindful of the time, she pulled her lips off as soon as the last of his cum dribbled into her mouth.

At about the same time, Nick eased his tight grip on her head and opened his eyes. His gaze went right to the car's clock. "FUCK! I don't know how accurate that clock is, but I think it's pretty accurate. I'm guessing we have, like, two minutes to get to class! Three at the most! And my entire body has turned to jelly!"

He glanced over to his mother and saw that she was still cumming. She was no longer screaming, but she had a hand over her mouth to be on the safe side as her body continued to tremble. He realized there was no way she could be of any help at the moment.

He made a decisive decision. "Okay! Hillary, quick! Get back on your bike! You've got to park it and lock it! I don't mean to be rude, but we'll talk later! No time now! I'll drive the car right to the front and let Maggie take over from there!"

Hillary didn't mind his brusque behavior. She figured it was what was necessary to get things done in the moment. She merely nodded, then tugged her T-shirt back down over her incredible breasts, even as she rose up from her squatting position.

The car key was still in the ignition, so once Hillary was clear of the car, Nick reignited the engine and carefully started to drive. It felt bizarre having to do anything physical immediately after an orgasm like the one he'd had, but at least all he had to do was slowly drive the car across an empty parking lot. There were only a few cars parked immediately in front of the school building.

He drove very carefully while watching Hillary speed off ahead of him on her bike. He realized she had to go to the bike racks, so he probably wouldn't meet up with her again until they made it to class.

Maggie came out of her orgasmic stupor and tried to make sense of her surroundings. Seeing that Nick was driving and Hillary was gone, she began to sit up in her seat. But she quickly froze and ducked back down, because she realized she was buck naked! Then she glanced back over to the driver's seat, and exclaimed, "Sport! You can't go to school like that!"

He looked down at his crotch and saw that his shorts were still pulled down, leaving his balls and his newly flaccid penis exposed. He laughed almost hysterically. "Oh my God! Shit! This is so reckless!" He brought the car to a halt so he could pull his shorts up. He didn't want to get anywhere close to the other cars while he was still effectively naked from the waist down.

Maggie tried her best to be helpful. She found her blouse and pulled it on, though she left the buttons unbuttoned for the moment. Then she reached to the floor below her seat and found her purse. She pulled out some handiwipes and handed them to her son. "Here! Use one of these to wipe your cock clean. You smell of sex! Use another one to wipe the sweat from your face!"

He nodded. "Right!" But he gravely resumed driving forward, for fear of the time.

Maggie impulsively leaned back into his lap. Sticking a hand inside his shorts, she quickly wiped his penis clean. As she did that, she muttered, "You and your big fat cock! You're going to get us in so much trouble!"

He chuckled at that with some chagrin. "Oh, yeah. I'm the reckless one! By the way... thanks! For everything!"

Finished with cleaning him up, she slid back to her seat while keeping low. She began buttoning up her blouse. She was mindful of the fact that her skirt was still off, but she could only do one thing at a time. She said, "Don't worry about it. Like you said with Hillary, action now, talk later. But... DAMN! That was fucking great! So intense!"

He laughed. "It sure was!"

She frowned as something occurred to her. "Oh, can you do a favor for me? Please tell Hillary I'm sorry for calling her 'Hills.' I don't want to be too presumptuous with a nickname like that. But I'd heard Anushka call her that, and in the heat of the moment it just kind of was easier to say than her full name."

He nodded. "I will. But I'm sure she'll be fine with it. She's very easy going, which I love."

Just then, he pulled up to the curb right in front of the main school building. As he let the SUV come to a halt, he spoke his mind. "Oh, fuck! Now I have to jog or even run! I'm so wiped out. I don't know if I can even walk!"

"Do your best!" She was still working on her buttons, but she leaned back over and kissed him on the cheek.

That felt bizarre to him, because it was exactly like her usual kisses that sent him off to school from before their sexual relationship began. But he had no time to think about it. He grabbed his backpack, opened the door, and stood up. "Love you!"

"Love you!" She replied. "Remember, use that other wipe to wipe your face. You look weird. Good luck!"

He just nodded, even though he'd put the handiwipe in his pocket and decided to deal with that later. Then he took off towards the building. He wanted to run all out, but all his body would let him do was jog.

Maggie quickly slid over into the driver's seat. She took her skirt with her, and wrapped it around her hips so it at least looked like she was fully clothed. She looked around to double check that nobody had noticed anything peculiar about them. She breathed a huge sigh of relief, because nobody had paid any attention to their SUV at all. There were only a few stragglers still outside, and most of them were busy running.

Instead of taking a few moments to calm down and take stock, she wanted to get out of there right away. Nick had left the engine running, so she took control of the wheel and drove the car safely away.

Nick made it into the building when the bell rang, but he didn't make it to class. Luckily, he was so close that it got to his seat less than a minute after the bell rang, while the other students were still settling down. Hillary was already there, panting heavily from running.

Nick and Hillary shared an incredulous look with each other. Since they were sitting in the back row, Hillary even quietly whispered, "Can you believe that just happened?! And we made it!"

He grinned and shook his head slightly. "No. No, I can't!" He furtively took his handiwipe out and did his best to wipe the sweat off his face.

He attempted to look at the teacher beginning to lecture while trying his best to control his breathing. Jesus Christ! What a fucking incredible morning! And that's just the START of my day!

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