Chapter 78: Passing Notes (Monday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Nick was very grateful that he and Hillary sat in the last row of seats in their first period class instead of up front. None of the other students particularly cared what they were doing, and the teacher was fairly oblivious. That was a lucky thing, because it took Nick about ten minutes before he started to look and feel somewhat normal again.

Hillary was out of sorts too, but in a different way. She waited those ten minutes before trying to communicate with Nick. Previously, they'd just whispered back and forth in class whenever they needed to, but Hillary envisioned a long discussion, so she came up with a different way. She had a notebook in front of her that she was supposed to be using to take notes of the teacher's lecture. However, like Nick, she was too staggered by what had happened that morning to do more than pretend to pay attention. Instead, she started on a new piece of paper and wrote "I'M SO HORNY!" in big letters. Then brought her notebook close to Nick as she could without it looking suspicious, and angled the notebook for him to read it.

He saw what she'd written, and chuckled. It figures! Sheesh! He copied what she was doing, writing a message in big letters on a new piece of paper in his notebook. He held it up for her. "I'm not, since I got my satisfaction. Thanks in large part to you. Thank you SO MUCH for your well-timed help!"

She wrote back, "You're welcome." She followed that with a drawing of a big smiley face. Then she added, "Of course, I feel differently. You got your release. I didn't. I got all worked up instead, and now... THIS! Boring class. UGH!"

He wrote, starting on a new page, "That sucks. I feel your pain. But what can we do? The earliest I could help you is lunch, and that's four hours away."

She responded, also on a new page, "AAAIIIEEE! Don't remind me!" She made a quick sketch of a tortured face. "It's worse than you think though, because I woke up in a kind of super horny state to begin with. Something about what happened last night kind of put me in a sex-crazy mood. Then I had a long talk on the phone with A, and that got me even MORE aroused! Then, just when I thought I'd calmed down enough to go to school, M had to call me up with her wild scheme. I can still taste you in my mouth, and that's driving me bananas!"

(She wrote "A" and "M" instead of "Anushka" and "Maggie" because it was easier, but also to protect their identities just in case the notes fell into someone else's hands.)

He wrote back, trying to be funny, "So, I taste like bananas?"

She gave him a disparaging look.

He further wrote, "Sorry. I couldn't resist. I know how you feel, 'cos M and I both woke up this morning feeling the exact same way, all horny and energized. As you say, I think it's due to thinking about last night, and in fact the whole weekend. Luckily though, I had a really sexually wild morning, even before you got roped in, and I came twice. So I'm doing a lot better."

She wrote him, "Tell me more! I want to hear all about your sexual morning! And with lots of explicit details!" She made another big smiley face. She was using up a lot of pages in her notebook, and he was too.

He looked up and around the room.

The teacher, Ms. Mitchell, was busy talking and just as oblivious as before. She was an old woman, frail and nearing retirement, and she wasn't the kind of teacher who wandered the classroom looking for trouble. The fact they were in the back row was key. It seemed there was no way she could find out about their new way of communicating, unless maybe one of the other students looked behind and ratted them out.

Nick wrote to Hillary, "I don't know if that's a good idea. For one thing, there's a chance our notes could get confiscated or stolen. Then what? We don't want to be too explicit. But more importantly, you say you're feeling super horny right now and there's nothing you can do about it. How much more aroused and frustrated will you be if I get all explicit?"

She sighed silently but heavily, and gave him a sad look. She wrote back, "Good point. Still, can you give me a hint?!"

"NO!" he responded in his notebook. "It's for your own good. Later, when it's safe. Instead, since we're effectively blowing off this class, we should look to the future. How can I help cool you down, if you're still horny at lunch? And what should we do about Debra?"

She raised an eyebrow and silently mouthed the word, "Debra?"

He wrote some more, "Things with her are very unclear. We gave her mixed messages last night, to say the least. I barely know her yet, but somehow I feel pretty sure that she's going to be super eager to talk to me, during lunch maybe. Or even before, between classes. We need to get ourselves organized and present a united front to her."

Hillary nodded at that, and stared into space (though in the general direction of the teacher). She didn't write anything down for a while, but kept staring.

After a couple of minutes, Nick quietly whispered to her, "What? What are you thinking about so intensely?"

Hillary opened her mouth to whisper, but then resorted to writing more in her notebook instead. "I'm trying to figure out how I feel about D. I'm VERY confused! I hate her, and I don't want you to have anything to do with her! So that's plenty clear, right? But then I remember watching you spank her, and when she sucked you off... and I get so incredibly horny! And then I think about what if I was the one who got to spank her, and I get even MORE horny! And that's bad right now, because I'm way too horny to begin with and I'm trapped in this stupid class!"

Nick wrote back, "I hear you. I feel confused and conflicted too. I don't want to do ANYTHING that could risk the great thing I have with you, or M. First off, we need to know more about her and her behavior. For instance, is she going to blab to her friends about what happened over the weekend? Or can she be trusted to keep big secrets? We need to know that first before we come to any major decisions."

Hillary immediately wrote in reply, "Exactly! That's what I've been thinking too. Let's keep her at bay for a few days, for starters. Tell her she needs to prove that she can be trusted to stay quiet before we even THINK about letting her have fun with you again."

"Agreed," he wrote.

He sat still and pretended to be listening to the teacher for a while. But he was secretly thrilled. Are you kidding me?! Did Hillary really just suggest she might let me "have fun" with Debra again?! No way! I totally want to! But I well and truly don't want to risk my perfect situation with my two dream girls. Debra's not worth the risk. She means less to me than Hillary's left big toe. But if Hillary's really into it, and we all can have fun, then why the hell not?!

He tried to focus on what the teacher was saying for a while. He didn't want the class to be a total loss to the point he'd have no clue what was discussed. However, he had a hard time focusing. When he wasn't thinking about his note sharing with Hillary, he tended to recall what happened before school and replay those erotic events in his mind. It was almost like watching a movie, except it was a highly arousing porn film starring Maggie and himself. Before long, he found himself seriously aroused, though he managed to keep his penis from getting fully erect.

After vividly recalling the double blowjob action in the parking lot right before school, something occurred to him that he felt compelled to write about before he forgot. He wrote another note to Hillary: "By the way, M asked me to apologize on her behalf for calling you 'Hills.' It was a heat of the moment thing, and she'd heard A call you that, but she doesn't want to be overly familiar."

Hillary also had been trying to pay attention to the teacher, but her arousal wouldn't go away and she was much more interested in trading notes with Nick. She wrote back, "Seriously?! There's nothing to forgive! Normally, I would be bothered, but I've gotten so close to you and M. You two can call me that any time you want."

"Thanks!" he wrote. "I think I will. When I think of you, and 'Hills,' two hills in particular come to mind..."

She looked to his face.

He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

She had to put a hand over her mouth to stop from laughing out loud, because he had such a comic yet endearing look on his face. She recovered, and rolled her eyes, but she had a big smile on her face.

She wrote back, "That figures! Why am I not surprised? But don't get me started."

She looked around furtively and saw that the coast was clear. Then she sensuously ran her hands under her huge breasts. She was wearing a white T-shirt with Robert Crumb's "Keep on Truckin'" logo on it, and that hand gesture caused the fabric of her shirt to tighten and strain around her boobs, making the erect condition of her nipples very noticeable.

Nick stuck his tongue out playfully, like he was a drooling Homer Simpson.

She smirked in delight. Then she wrote, "I feel soooo horny! And your reminder about M calling me that makes me think about everything that led up to that moment, which is only making things worse! The way M was completely naked?!?! And then what you did to MY clothes, and how you made us take turns on you! LUSTY GROAN!!!!"

After reading that, Nick looked up at her face, and saw her biting her lip and grimacing like she was in some kind of erotic agony. He snickered, though he was careful not to make any sounds. He wrote back, "We really need to do something to help you out. Plus, I'm getting way too horny too! I say we chill out for now and at least pretend to pay attention, otherwise we're only going to get more and more worked up, and with no way to act on it. But this lunch, I think we're going to need to do something special to help you out."

She wrote a single word so large that it took up an entire page in her notebook. "DEFINITELY!!!"

The two of them calmed down after that, if only because they had no choice. They couldn't spend the entire class writing notes to each other without their emotions and lusts getting out of hand, not to mention risking getting caught, and they knew it.

They also avoided any sort of physical flirting, because they knew that would be like throwing gasoline onto a fire. However, Hillary periodically ran a hand over her huge breasts, as if adjusting her T-shirt, just to tease him a little bit.

They at least attempted to sincerely pay attention to the teacher after that point, although they did write the occasional note, especially about how many minutes were left until class was over, and what they planned to do when it was. Given that they only had five minutes between classes, they plotted to hurry to the nearest girls' bathroom, then sneak into a stall for a couple of minutes of French kissing. There were risks of him getting caught in a female bathroom during a busy time, but they were so sexually needy for each other that they were willing to risk it.

When class ended, they were the first out the door. They carefully walked separately but near each other towards the bathroom so as to not give the impression that they were a couple.

However, Nick didn't make it far down the busy hallway before Debra caught up with him. She stood directly in his way, forcing him to come to a stop. She was dressed in a surprisingly sexy outfit for school, showing off a lot of leg and especially a lot of cleavage. She hissed quietly, "Nicky! I need to speak to you right now! In private! It's important!"

Nick glanced over to Hillary, standing about ten feet away, and gave her a look that said, "Oh no, here we go."

Debra saw Hillary there, and bristled. But she stood her ground. She even defiantly put her hands on her hips.

Nick felt a kind of magnetic pull towards Debra. Her face was so exceedingly beautiful that it was like he turned to mush. Ever since they'd fucked, she really did have some special hold on him.

However, he felt it was vital not to show how much she was getting under his skin. That would only embolden her. Plus, it would distress Hillary. He gathered up all his willpower to be harsh with her. He spoke quietly. "Hi, Debra. Unfortunately, this isn't a good time. Maybe we can talk some at lunch." He started to walk around and past her.

But Debra stepped to the side and blocked his way again. She hissed even more urgently, "I can't wait that long! I need to speak to you NOW!"

Nick glanced at Hillary again, who had drifted closer, and then at the other students walking nearby in the hallway. So far, nobody was taking any special note of this interaction, but that would change if they stayed there for long.

He made a snap decision that Debra was being so insistent that he wouldn't be able to put her off. If he attempted to continue to their planned make-out spot, she would follow them and ruin everything anyway. He sighed, and said to Debra, "Fine. But make it quick. Let's go outside." Knowing that Hillary had overheard that, he gave her an apologetic look.

Hillary rolled her eyes. She was frustrated, since this meant their plan for a secret kissing session was ruined. But she was annoyed at Debra, not him.

Nick resumed walking, at a very brisk pace. His penis had been erect, but it went flaccid now that it was clear that the bathroom make-out session wasn't going to happen. Plus, keeping a mask on his true feelings around Debra was stressful.

Debra fell in beside him, with Hillary lingering nearby but still trying to act like she was doing her own thing.

Debra started to speak to him again. "Nicky-"

He interrupted, "First off, please don't call me that. Especially here! Good grief! And secondly, don't say anything at all until I say so. Sheesh!"

Debra opened her mouth to speak, but then thought better of it. She was having a hard enough time trying to keep up with his fast walking pace.

Soon, the three of them stood outside the main building. Even though they were in a wide open spot, it actually was a good place for privacy, because nearly all the classes were inside the building except for the sports-related ones, and those weren't until later in the day. They could see a long ways off, but there was nobody else in sight.

Debra was in a determined mood. She stood in front of Nick with her hands on her hips again. "I need to speak to you in private. Urgently! Not with HER with us!" She glared unhappily at Hillary.

He replied, "Sorry, but she's my girlfriend, as you know. Whatever you say to me impacts her in a big way too. So she stays."

Debra remained defiant while also somehow being whiny. "But she can't! I need to speak to you in PRIVATE! I have some very important things to tell you. Emotional things! This is not easy for me. I can't do it with HER right there!" She gave Hillary another nasty glare.

Nick stood his ground, even though he was feeling moony towards Debra. Looking at her stunning face was almost too intense for him to handle, especially because he could vividly remember how it had been splattered with his cum loads and red from blushing last night. He gritted his teeth, and forced himself to say, "I'm sorry then. I'm not going to talk to you in private, not now, not later. You've done some sneaky scheming; you can't deny it. I don't want Hillary to have any doubt that everything is on the up and up. No secrets!"

Debra was extremely frustrated; she hadn't anticipated him taking such a stance. "But... but... that simply won't do! I woke up extra early and I couldn't get back to sleep, thanks to you. I tossed and turned, thinking about you, thinking about how I feel about you. I had a major mental breakthrough that I simply MUST share with you! It's hard enough for me to say what I need to say, period, but there's NO WAY I can do it while she's listening in!"

He shrugged. "Sorry. I can't help you then. Remember that she's my girlfriend, and she deserves to know anything that happens between me and you."

A wicked look crossed Debra's face.

Nick saw that, and was one step ahead of her. "And don't even THINK about trying to blackmail me by telling other students that she's my girlfriend! You're on thin ice already! VERY thin ice! If you go that route, you're going to make enemies of me, and her, and Maggie. Hillary hasn't totally ruled out the idea of you having more fun with us, and Maggie hasn't either, but you're on a razor's edge. We need to see if you can be trusted not to do stupid shit like blackmail or blabbing a single word of anything to your friends. So far, you're failing."

"But I didn't say a single word!" Debra protested.

"No, but you were thinking it. I could see the look in your eyes."

"Maybe," she admitted, "But it was just a fleeting thought. I really don't want to mess things up with you. I want to do the opposite, and prove that I'm worthy! That's suddenly, like, really important to me."

She glanced at Hillary again, and gave her a nasty look. She grunted and threw her hands up in frustration. "UGH! I want to say more, so much more, but I CAN'T!"

"You need to rethink that," he said. "IF anything happens between me and you in the future, it's all got to be out in the open, with Hillary AND Maggie knowing all, and probably both of them being there. So you need to get it through your pretty head that there can be no secret talks with me. Ever! Furthermore, before we can even THINK of having fun in any way ever again, you need to prove that you can keep our secrets."

"How can I do that?" Debra asked plaintively.

"The only way I can see is the test of time," he replied. "We should wait a week before trying anything, at least, and see how you behave, see if you breathe a word to any of your friends."

She gesticulated in great agitation. "A WEEK?! Nicky! That can't be! I have needs! Big needs! After what you did to me last night, you..." She paused, and glanced at Hillary. She forced herself to go on, "You set a fire burning inside me, and it's driving me crazy! A raging, lusty inferno! I can barely sit still in class because my ass is still red and sore! Yet knowing what you did to my ass makes me constantly HORNY! I need to see you today! After school! In private! There's so much I want to say to you! And do!" She gave him an extra sultry "come hither" look when she said "And do" with a provocative growl.

He couldn't resist being emotionally staggered by that look, even more than her captivating voice. She was jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and she knew how to tease and seduce. It was mentally draining to look at her incredible face and not give in to his lusts, starting by French kissing and caressing her. But he did his best to pretend to be unmoved. "Sorry, but look at it from my point of view. I don't know if I can trust you further than I can throw you. As I said, you've done some pretty sneaky things already, and you have a selfish reputation."

Debra folded her hands together in a begging gesture. "I know! But with you, it's different! If you only knew how I feel about you! I really need to talk to you alone so I can explain!"

He sighed at her stubbornness. "I keep telling you, that's not going to happen. Besides, we're out of time. We should get back to class before we're late. Oh, and one more thing. What's the name of your boyfriend? Devon, right? There's no chance of any more fun and games with me until you break up with him in a public way."

Debra didn't even blink before replying, "Done, and done! Okay, technically I haven't actually done that yet, but I will before lunch, and in a VERY public way. You'll see! I would have dropped him already, given what happened this weekend, except that I simply haven't had time yet."

He sighed. "Look. If you do, go easy on the guy, okay? He hasn't done anything that's worthy of a dramatic public dumping. Show me you can be nice."

She made a salute. "You want nice, you've got nice from now on. Even so, he's going to be history before lunch, and you'll hear about it. And then we HAVE to talk, in private!"

He could feel his penis growing stiff. It wasn't the time or place for that, but whenever he looked at Debra's face, it was like he could see a superimposed image of his three cum loads splattered all over her. He recalled the pleasure caused by her cocksucking lips, as well as getting to spank her perfect ass. God damn! It would be so easy to give in and agree to do that with her again, maybe after school...

He forced himself to hide his true feelings and be tough with her. He rolled his eyes and looked to Hillary. That helped his resolve. My two dream girls are all. They're my future. Debra is nothing in comparison!

He said to Debra, "Are you forgetting about Hillary here? Do you only hear what you want to hear from me? Never mind. We'll talk later. We really have to go back to class now."

"Okay. See you later! Hopefully ALL of you!" Debra gave him another extra sultry look, and then hurried off back into the building.

Nick and Hillary paused briefly to put more distance between them and Debra. Then they started briskly walking back to the building for their next class too.

Nick felt a great weight lift from his shoulders just from freeing himself of Debra's intoxicating charms, and his penis started going flaccid again. Seeing Debra again made him realize that he had an unwanted powerful emotional attachment to her. He didn't want it and hoped it would fade with time, but he couldn't just pretend it didn't exist.

He commented, "Sheesh. Debra is a case. I'm kind of gathering she's all moony for me now. I'd worried that our punishment last night would backfire, and it seems it has. She's so stubborn. She didn't say a word to you, and acted like you don't matter."

Hillary replied as she walked, "I know. But it's more or less what I expected. Even as the punishment was happening last night, I worried this sort of thing would happen. But it was just so fucking fun and arousing that I couldn't resist! In fact, half the time she was talking to you just now, I was picturing her with three cum loads on her face! And her body totally naked! And her ass burning cherry red on top of that!"

He nodded in agreement without realizing it. That's exactly how I feel! Damn. Last night really messed all of us up. Debra's so fucking sexy and tempting, but she's like the snake in my Garden of Eden. She could fuck up my paradise, big time. Hillary and Ma are all I want or need!

He paused, forcing Hillary to stop too. "Wait. Don't talk like that. First, you're going to get yourself all worked up again, and then we'll both have to suffer through another class. And secondly, we're still outside, but we're about to go back inside, and other people might hear."

Hillary bit her lip. "Fuck! I know, but I'm just so horny! If only I could cum at least once, to take the edge off, then I could go back to being myself. But how? Where?!"

He resumed walking, causing Hillary to keep up with him. "I know. Let's try to figure that out during the down time in our next class. Hopefully that'll get Debra off our backs for a while, so we can at least plan to do something special together during lunch."

She spoke quieter, because they'd gone back inside the main building. "Please! If I can even make it that long! You have no idea how horny I am right now! I never felt like this in school before. Never! Even seeing and hearing Debra hardly put a dent in my ardor. It's like I woke up in heat, almost crazy with sexual need, and I've stayed that way ever since. It's probably warping how I think about the whole Debra situation. I kept my mouth shut for fear of saying something to encourage her. Thanks for standing your ground about not letting her meet with you alone."

He said, "No problem. That's a no-brainer for me. The only way I'd agree to any more fun with her is if you're there and you fully approve." It was far from a "no-brainer," but he hoped that if he maintained a stern stance with Debra, his true feelings would be irrelevant.

He looked around to make sure no one was listening in, and lowered his voice just to be safe. "I'm all about you and Maggie. You two mean the entire world to me! Debra means nothing. That may sound harsh, but it's the truth. I'm living a dream with my two dream girls, and I don't want to do even the slightest thing to ruin that."

His words about his feelings for Hillary and Maggie were true, but it wasn't true that Debra meant nothing. He was trying to force that to be true through sheer willpower.

Hillary smiled widely. "Awww! That's so sweet!" She too looked around carefully. "Damn! I so badly wish I could kiss you! But looking at the hall emptying out, we've probably got less than a minute to get to class!"

With that in mind, the two of them ran to the class door. Luckily, it was only a short distance down the hall.

Once they were in their seats and the bell had rung, Hillary leaned over to his seat and whispered, "Watch out! Just as soon as we can be alone, I'm gonna rock your world!" Then she sat back up and smirked.

Unfortunately for the two of them, in this class they were sitting side by side again, but up towards the front, in the second row. That made their frequent passing back and forth of notes all but impossible.

After realizing this, and with the class still settling down in the first minute, Nick leaned over to Hillary and quietly whispered, "Let's behave until the next break. Notes are too risky here! But think about lunch plans so we can hit the ground running on that."

She nodded.

From that point on, Nick and Hillary tried their best to look at the teacher instead of at each other. They were fairly successful. But that didn't mean they were attentive students. Both of them spent a lot of brain power thinking about what they would do at lunch, and their thoughts had nothing to do with actually eating food.

They both thought independently about where they could go to have some privacy for serious hanky panky. The logical place was their recently discovered supply closet. But there were risks in using that, especially the danger of being seen entering it or leaving it. Plus, they would have a problem of explaining away their absence from sitting with their usual lunch table crowd. If both of them were mysteriously absent at the same time, while being seen at school the rest of the day, it wouldn't take a lot for some of their acquaintances to surmise they'd gone off somewhere together. And Spencer in particular would be keeping a very close eye on Hillary, and wonder why she was missing.

Clearly, they couldn't sneak off any lunch period without taking a risk. But Hillary in particular was so sexually needy that both of them were thinking in terms of how to do it, not if they should.

From time to time, Nick would space out and relive great memories of what had happened over the weekend. That would arouse him and give him an erection. Other times, he would consider different things he could do to Hillary's incredible body in secret during lunch, and that would also arouse him and make him erect. Still other times, he would come out of his erotic daze and force himself to pay attention to the teacher, causing his penis to go flaccid again. The entire class was a roller coaster ride of sorts, with his arousal level all over the place.

At one point, he considered, Debra's trouble! She didn't get to say her big private message to me yet, but I can get the general gist. Obviously, our attempt to discourage her last night totally backfired and she's even hotter for me than before! I guess that's no big surprise. We were working at cross purposes, to say the least. Basically, we were all too fucking horny and we let that muddle our thinking.

Now, we're going to pay the price. What makes everything ten times worse are these curiously powerful feelings I have for her. Is it the fact that I lost my virginity to her? Or is she just that incredibly gorgeous and tempting? Probably heaping helpings of both, unfortunately. When she turns the charm on, she's unstoppably attractive, maybe even more than Ma or Hillary. But underneath that flawless exterior, her personality is so damn problematic!

I think my "moony" feelings for her are mostly some kind of hormonal reaction going on inside me. The key thing is to stay away from her as much as possible, and those feelings will naturally fade. I probably can't put off hearing her big prepared comments for long, since she's so damn insistent, but at least I can arrange for it to happen at a safe place and time, with Hillary there too, at least, so I can control myself.

I've gotta keep my eyes on the prize: Hillary and Ma! Plus, Anushka, if that pans out and she's not as lesbian as she lets on. That's more than enough female awesomeness for any guy on the planet! God, can you imagine? Getting down and dirty with all three of them?! Jesus H. Christ! Sorry, Debra, there's just no room for you in my world, as tempting as you are.

Despite trying not to talk to Hillary, halfway through the class, when a disruption by another student created an opening, he leaned over and whispered to her, "So, what'll it be during our next break? Kissing fun in the bathroom, or talk about secret lunch plans? We don't have time for both."

Hillary had already thought that through, because she immediately whispered back, "Make lunch plans. Bathroom plans will only give me temporary relief, like scratching an itch. But the itch will come right back. Lunch fun is what I need to get rid of the itch for good."

He nodded. That makes good sense. Plus, sneaking into a bathroom with her is very risky in terms of other people finding out, and for not much payoff. I have to remind himself that the mere fact that I'm intimate with her is a big secret at school and needs to stay that way, at least for now.

The class dragged on and on. Finally, it came to an end. Like the last class, they were up like a shot and among the first out the door, in order to maximize their five minute break.

The two of them began briskly walking. They didn't know where they were going exactly, but they wanted to get away from the classroom fast, just in case Debra tried to track them down again. They were relieved to look around and see no sign of her.

Nick muttered under his breath, "We need somewhere private to talk. Maybe we should go outside again?"

"Yeah, that'll work," Hillary replied. "Let's move fast, and talk fast!"

They quickly wound up standing outside almost exactly where they'd been during the last class break, when Debra had been with them.

He said at a faster pace than usual, "Okay, let's cut to the chase, due to time. Assume we're going to spend lunch doing some fun, sexy stuff. The big question is where? And how? The supply closet we used that one time is the best bet, I think. But there are problems with that."

She nodded. "Indeed. I've been thinking about that. Once we were inside, we were okay, thanks mostly to your chair under the door trick. But it's the getting in and especially the getting out that's problematic."

"True," he replied. "Though we're kind of screwed if an actual teacher or staffer comes by to get some supplies while we're in there."

Hillary grinned impishly. "Good point. Right now, I can kind of laugh at how crazy that would be, and the looks on our faces when we're caught. But if it actually happened, it wouldn't be a laughing matter!"

He nodded grimly. "Yeah. Using that room is something we should save for very rare sexual emergencies, because we don't know how often people actually legitimately go in that closet. It's kind of like playing Russian Roulette, at least until we're able to find out exactly who uses it, and how often, and when."

She spoke passionately, "True, but if there ever was a girl in a sexual emergency, it's me, today! I've been simmering on a slow-burning fuse for two fucking hours already, with two more to go! When lunch gets here, watch out! If you so much as touch me, I'm going to cum and cum and scream and scream!"

He furrowed his brow. "That's a real problem, actually. The screaming, I mean. Assuming we do use that closet, it's not totally soundproof, you know. It's MOSTLY soundproof, but if you scream like you're in your death throes, and you do that a lot, we're sunk. Can you do something to stop that, or at least stifle it?

She frowned with great concern. "I don't know! I tell you, I'm so raring to go... Maybe I could put a bit in my mouth, something to clamp down on... It's going to be tough... I wish so much that you could fuck me! As soon as we'd get in there, we'd both strip, then you'd enter me! So deeply! So fully! I would have the most intense and incredible orgasm in the history of the world!"

He winced. "Ouch! Don't even say that! I would be all over that like white on rice, except for Anushka and her dumb ban against that."

Hillary was agitated due to her arousal. "Well, talk to her and use your considerable charm on her. We need to change that, fast! I think she's liking you more and more. Maybe she'll be more agreeable. But no time to discuss that now."

He nodded. He thought back to the morning phone calls with Anushka. That had been a golden opportunity to ask her to remove the ban, but he hadn't even brought it up. He mentally kicked himself for that. He resolved he'd have to press her on that the next time he had a chance.

After a pause, he said, "That's true. I'll do that. But what are we going to do about you screaming? I worry you're too keyed up for us to safely use that closet. It could be a deal breaker."

She nodded, her face sad and worried. "Yeah. It's bad." Then her face lit up. "But maybe that's okay, because I've got a back-up plan! This may sound kind of crazy, but what if we do exactly what we did right before school?! Meaning, you, me, and Maggie get it on in her car in the school parking lot!"

He was blindsided by that idea. He'd been thinking about their lunch problem for a good portion of the last hour, and that had never even occurred to him. It took him a few moments to even start to consider that. "Whoa!" he said in wonder. "That... has a lot of potential. But..."

She asked impatiently, "But what?!"

"But... it's kind of a doubling down. Assuming she'll go for it, it would greatly reduce our chances of getting caught."

"Especially with my need to scream loudly in orgasmic release," Hillary pointed out.

"True. But, if we do get caught, boy will we get caught! All three of us. If anyone from school sees us, and figures out who we are, we'll be screwed! I guess it wouldn't be bad for me, at least in terms of reputation. To get caught getting in on with two of the sexiest girls on the planet might even make me kind of a local legend with other guys. And it wouldn't be that bad for Maggie, since she doesn't go to school here. But the problem would be for you. You'd be branded the mother of all sluts. It would be a huge scandal. And that's just if another student catches us. What if it's the police or a school official?! Then we'll all be seriously screwed!"

"Yeah, I realize," Hillary said. "That's why I was thinking to use the supply closet at first. But what are the odds of any of that getting caught stuff happening? I've given my Plan B a lot of thought in this last hour. We can even drive off the school property to the unused library, like we did once before. That'll take all of an extra two minutes there and two minutes back. I think we can afford that time, easily. That'll reduce our chances of getting caught by a teacher or student to near zero. And why would the cops arrest us? If we're getting frisky inside a SUV with tinted windows all around, what crime are we committing?"

"Public indecency?" he suggested with worry.

"But how, if nobody can see in?! The only possible danger is if someone can look inside the car through the front windshield. But we've got two hours until then. What if we ask her to use that time to come up with some sort of solution? Like, you know how people put those big cardboard things to cover the windshield so the sunlight doesn't come in and heat up the car too much? She could use one of those, for starters. Then, even the cops wouldn't be able to see in. It's foolproof!"

He was getting increasingly excited as he considered this possibility. "Hmmm. Maybe... But there's the danger of people seeing us leave school together. Or seeing us come back. Or both. That's a very unusual thing to do, given how short the lunch period is. Other students might not be able to actually follow us and see what we get up to, but the gossip mill would go wild just the same."

"True," she replied. "That just means we'll have to be careful and not use this option very often. For starters, I can hop on my bike and meet you at the library in about the same amount of time it takes Maggie to pick you up, so it won't even look like we're going somewhere together."

He rubbed his chin, trying to look for flaws in the limited break time he had left. "Maybe not. But it would be awfully suspicious if you and I keep disappearing at the same lunches. How will we explain our disappearance from the usual lunch table crowd today anyway, no matter what our specific plan is?!"

Hillary responded with agitation, actually bouncing up and down a little bit, "Let's work that out later! We don't have much time!" She reached into her backpack, fished a cell phone out of a pocket, and turned it on. "We need to call her right now. I know you say it's risky, but you point out that I'd be taking most of the risk, and I'm totally willing. I'm kind of desperate here!"

He took the phone from her and started dialing, just as the phone finished turning on. "Okay. I'm still not entirely sold on this, but we should give her a heads up and see if she's even game. Maybe give her an hour to think it over."

Luckily, Maggie answered the phone.

He said into the phone, "Hey, Ma! It's me. Quick, no time to chat. Hills and I are super insanely horny! How would you like to meet me in the parking lot at the start of lunch, then take me to the library parking lot? Hillary would meet us there by bike. Then we'd have about 20 minutes of sexual threesome wildness before we have to get back to class!"

Maggie was shocked, as if struck by a lightning bolt. "Are you serious?!" Her heart started racing fast just from the exciting threesome idea.

"Very!" Nick had an internal time sense telling him that the five minute break between classes was almost up. He started walking back into the main school building. "Unfortunately, we're out of time with our class break. Think about it and we'll call you back in an hour!"

Maggie stammered, "But.. but.. but... That's so much to take in! It's risky!"

"I know! I know! Think about it! Oh, and think about some way to cover the front windshield. Okay? Just in case we do get together. We'll talk again in an hour! Love you!"

Maggie just had time to say "Love you too!" before he hung up. She was still bewildered, and her heart started racing fast with excitement and anticipation.

Once Nick got back into the main hallway, with Hillary right behind him, he saw it was almost deserted. That was a sure sign that the next class was about to begin. In fact, the few remaining people still in the hallway were running or at least walking fast.

Nick and Hillary broke into a run. They made it to the door of their next class exactly as the bell rang. That was close enough not to get in trouble, because they were able to rush to their seats before the teacher could finish bringing the class to order.

The two of them snuck satisfied smiles at each other, like they'd just successfully pulled off a bank heist. It wasn't getting back to class in time so much that gladdened them as it was having their lunch plan start to come together in a potentially great way.

The next hour went very slowly for both of them. For this class, they were in a middle row, so they couldn't pass notes back and forth easily like when they'd been in the back row earlier. They were in the back row during fourth period though, so they both knew to save most of their communication until then. They couldn't resist trading a few notes, but they were mostly of the "I can't wait!" and "Do you think M will go for it?" short and vague variety.

When the next break came, they once again were up and out the door with unusual speed. Their plan was to hurry back outside to the same spot they'd used twice already in order to make their follow-up call to Maggie.

However, they didn't make it far down the hallway before Debra came hurrying up to them. Since Hillary was walking on one side of Nick, she pinned herself to his other side.

She smiled, even as the other two frowned at her presence. She spoke brightly, "Hey, Nick! Happy to see me? Where are we going in such a big hurry?"

He shivered all over and felt butterflies in his stomach just from looking at Debra again. Damn! What's wrong with me?! That damn Pavlovian reaction is getting to me again. I love Ma and Hillary with all my heart, but I have a stronger emotional reaction whenever I see Debra. It's fucked up!

"Outside. It's a private thing," he brusquely told Debra. "And you can't come with. Oh, and if you do, forget me letting you have that private talk you want."

She frowned in distress. "But... Sir! I have something very important to tell you. You know my boyfriend Devon? He's history, just like I promised. I broke up with him during the last break between classes. Aren't you happy?"

He didn't know how to respond to that. He was still reeling from seeing her again, and trying his best to cover up his feelings. Even her use of "sir" took him aback, until he remembered that she'd called him that some at the end of their sexual games last night. It was both concerning and arousing.

His first instinct was to rudely tell her to get lost, mostly so he wouldn't have to deal with his strange feelings for her. However, he was a fundamentally nice guy, and he couldn't just tell her off, especially right after she'd broke up with Devon, apparently just because he'd asked her to.

He waited a few seconds until the three of them were at the door that led outside, since they were almost there anyway. That put them well away from all the other students in the hallway. He looked to Hillary, and told her, "You go ahead and make the phone call in private. Make sure to keep well away from Debra here. She doesn't need to know what's going on with that. Meanwhile, I'll have to have a little talk with her about this Devon thing."

Hillary nodded, and started to go outside.

But before she took more than a step or two, Debra asked, "What's this phone call all about? Wait, I know! It's about lunch, isn't it? You're making plans to do something sexual with each other!"

Nick furrowed his brow. He didn't want to give anything away, so he carefully asked, "What makes you think that?!"

Debra said, "I may not be book smart, but I'm pretty good at reading people. You two are moving with such purpose and energy. Sexual energy! Even before I walked up to you, you were on a mission. And given what I know about you guys, of course it has to be some sexy fun thing. Hell, I can see a kind of lusty need on your faces!"

Nick had a hard time maintaining a poker face, since her surmise was so annoyingly accurate. Again, he tried hard not to give anything away with his words. "Look. Whatever she and I do during lunch, or any other time, it's none of your business!"

Debra replied, "No, but I can be a help... or be a bother. Now, you said I can't blackmail you, and I don't want to risk pissing you off. But what's going to happen when people ask where you two went during lunch? I can sit with your usual table and help you with a good cover story, or... I can be... unhelpful."

Nick let out a long sigh. She's got an angel's face, but she's a devil inside! Arrggh!

Hillary glared with anger and clenched her fists. She was doing all she could to keep her mouth shut for fear of losing control, like she did earlier.

Nick growled at Debra, "What do you want?"

"You!" Debra smiled brightly, as if there was no conflict going on.

He sighed again. He already was almost dangerously aroused. He thought back to how she'd looked with his cum splattered all over her face, and felt a nearly uncontrollable urge to kiss and fondle her. He had to very deliberately gather his willpower to not say or do anything dangerous and/or stupid with her.

Then he looked around and realized they were still standing at the door to the outside. Luckily, nobody was within hearing range, and there were very few people at the end of the hallway near the doors, period. But he didn't feel entirely safe there. He muttered, "Come on."

He led them outside, until they were standing safely away from any building. Then he turned his attention back to Debra. "Okay. If you can help us with a cover story, that would be nice, I'll admit. What do you want in return?"

"That's easy," she replied, still smiling brightly. "A chance to talk to you one-on-one for a good while. There's so much we need to discuss."

His heart was thumping wildly with desire for Debra. But he told himself, Remember, you're all about Ma and Hillary! Stay calm! Play for time with Debra, until your hormonal surge for her can die down.

He rolled his eyes. "First off, that's not going to happen, period. At the very least, Hillary needs to be there too. There can be NO negotiation on that! And secondly, any discussion is out of the question for a while. I'm thinking we can talk on Friday."

Debra's big smile turned into a serious frown. "Friday?! Are you crazy?! There's no way! I would go batty with the waiting! No freaking way! If you want my help, and not my hindrance, I need to see you TODAY! Since you've obviously got some kind of sneaky lunch plan going on, I suppose I can wait until after school." She put her hands on her hips, and acted like waiting until after school was a big concession.

He said firmly. "NO! No way! To be honest, I have 'sneaky plans' going on there too. But, just to be nice, I suppose I can agree to talking to you, WITH HILLARY, after school tomorrow."

He winced internally, because he conceded so much with that offer. He wanted to delay at least a week before having any further sexual activity with her. It was true that the plan was only to talk tomorrow, but it was hard to see how he'd be able to put her off for six more days after that, given how pushy she was acting, and how weak his resolve was.

Debra wailed, "Tomorrow?! But that's too long! I can't wait! I just broke up with Devon immediately in the hope that you and I could have some fun right away!"

He rolled his eyes again. "You need to be patient! Tomorrow is the best I can do. But look on the plus side. That'll give us as much time as you need, instead of having to rush, like if we were talking during a school break."

Debra still gave him a very skeptical look. "Well, where would it be?! That's absolutely key! It has to be somewhere truly private, not here at school, so I can give you my best personal appeal." She said that last phrase with an extra sultry voice, making clear that seduction was on her mind.

Hillary was still standing nearby. Like before, she was forcing herself not to talk because she was liable to go off once she got started. She urgently wanted Debra to leave so she'd have time to make the vital call to Maggie. She felt like picking Debra up and carrying her around to force her to be more reasonable, as she did once before, but she was frustrated that they simply didn't have the time.

Nick looked to Hillary, and asked, "What do you think? Should I meet her after school somewhere private? And can you be there with us? Frankly, I don't trust myself with her alone."

Hillary grimly nodded. "I suppose. It's a necessary evil." She took her cell phone out of her backpack and turned it on. She glowered as she added, "Someone has to be there to kick your ass if you start to cause trouble!"

Debra blanched. She still had an unusually strong physical fear of Hillary. However, her lust for Nick was even stronger, so she didn't show weakness for more than a few seconds. In fact, although she was too cowed to speak to Hillary, she put her hands on her hips and struck a defiant stance.

Nick looked back to Debra. "My place is out of the question, as always. It's complicated, but trust me, nothing sexual can ever happen there. What about your place?"

Debra frowned. "My place? Also not good. It would work some of the time, but only if my parents aren't there. And I"m not sure what they're doing tomorrow afternoon."

He looked to Hillary. "Well... What about your place? Unfortunately, I don't see a lot of other options. If it is your place, that gives you more control."

Hillary glowered impatiently, "Fine. I'll agree to that just so I can make this phone call while there's still time!" She realized the choice would probably come down to Debra's house or her house, since Nick was adamant about never using his house, and she liked the idea of having more control by having the "home field advantage."

Nick nodded. "Good. You do that. I have some more to say to Debra here, meanwhile."

Hillary nodded back. She briskly walked farther away from the building until she deemed herself far enough for Debra that she could talk in private, while still keeping the other two in sight. She dialed the number.

Nick looked to Debra and started walking her back towards the school building some to put more distance between her and Hillary, for safety's sake. "Okay. We've got a minute or two. First off, I'm touched that you broke up with Devon. I hope you let him down gently?"

"I did," she replied. "Our relationship was weak to begin with, so it was no big deal. He wasn't even that upset. You probably see things differently, considering how moony and emotional you get over your TWO girlfriends, but in my crowd, most relationships are more like a 'friends with benefits' thing. It's a sign of weakness to let someone else get under your skin emotionally. But you... you've gotten under my skin in a big way!"

She gave him another fetching, lusty look.

He felt butterflies in his stomach again, but tried to mentally shake that off. A few weeks ago, Debra never would have even deigned to talk to me. Now, she broke up with her boyfriend just because I asked her to! I have to stay humble. Nobody knows better than me how quickly things can change.

He said impatiently, "Let's talk about that another time, okay? Save your big appeal for tomorrow. We've got a minute or two before we have to get back to class at any rate. But, while there's still time, we need to get our stories straight if you're going to help us with a cover story at lunch. Assume that Hillary and I are going to disappear at the start of lunch and won't be seen again until class resumes. What-"

She interrupted, "Where are you going?! What are you doing?! This sounds fun! I want in!" She bounced up and down in child-like eagerness, setting her boobs bouncing.

He shook his head with annoyance, and forced himself yet again to keep his lust in check. "It will be fun. But it's a private thing, sorry. She IS my girlfriend, and you are not! And I want to make clear that even though you broke up with Devon, that doesn't mean there's a chance you can be my girlfriend too. I already have two. That's one too many as it is!"

She replied in a flip manner, "Oh, don't worry about that. I couldn't take the hit to my reputation to be seen with you in a public way like that, especially if it's known that you're still dating Maggie. All I want to do is have fun with you in private. Our sexy games! Those are such great fun!" Her eyes twinkled with delight.

He was secretly chagrined. I suppose that's a good thing, as far as keeping her feelings for me in check, but it stings that I'm still not cool enough to be her public boyfriend. Not that I really care about that. Or do I? Ugh!

He frowned, and said, "We'll talk about that later. Let's focus on the cover story. I've given it some thought, but I can't come up with a really good one. Do you have any ideas?"

"Sure," she replied confidently. "I'll say you two were seen walking off with a teacher for some kind of special meeting. Maybe you're wanted for some special audio-visual technical help, or to ask about starting a school newspaper, or something about the yearbook committee. Something official like that. There are all sorts of options. But it depends."

"On what?"

"On who's around. I'll have to wait to see which teachers or staffers are in sight at the cafeteria. Then obviously I'll need to use someone else as an excuse. I'll give it some thought too. I'm not sure about some things, like when does the yearbook committee get started? I'll do some discreet asking around with my good friends to get the best excuses. Then I'll figure out which one to use based on who's actually around."

He sighed with relief. "That sounds good. Very good, in fact. That's better than what I could have come up with, to be honest. You don't have a reputation for being smart, but that's actually very, very clever."

"Thanks. I know I'm not super smart like you guys in the special gifted program, but I consider myself 'people smart.' Like how I read your faces before. There's all sorts of different kinds of smart, you know, and some of them can't be measured with grades."

"That's true," he said. "And from the little I've known you, you do seem to have a knack for scheming." He meant all that. He felt she definitely had some special knacks, such as a knack for getting her way.

She responded. "I do. But there's a problem. I'll need to contact you or Hillary at the end of lunch to let you know what the cover story is, just in case you get asked about it shortly thereafter."

"Good point. Do you have a cell phone?"

"Of course."

"Good. Leave it on." He glanced over at Hillary talking on her cell phone, then said, "As you can see, Hillary has one. I don't. But she can call you."

"Damn." Debra frowned. "I don't like talking to her, like, at all. What if you borrow it from her so I can talk to you instead?"

"Okay. I guess that'll work. Now, we really have to go. These class breaks are way too short!"

Debra sighed wistfully. "Agreed. Which sucks, because there's still so much I need to say to you. But I guess it'll have to wait until tomorrow. I can't wait until then!"

He nodded, reluctantly. "Okay. See you then."

Debra had the same sense that Nick did telling her that the five-minute break was nearly over. So she just nodded back, blew him a kiss, and hurried back into the building.

Nick looked to Hillary. She was just finishing the phone call, due to her own sense that time was running out. She hurried to him, even as he started back to the building too.

When Hillary reached his side, she happily reported about Maggie, "Great news! It took a little persuasion on my part, but I talked her into it! Our plan is a go, to meet her exactly like we were talking about!"

"Excellent!" Nick led the way as they reentered the school building. He dropped his voice down while they hustled down the hallway. "And what about the windshield problem?"

"She's working on it. She said she'll have something in time."

"Great. I can't believe we're actually going to do this!"

"Me neither!"

Both of them were seized with the temptation to hold the other's hand, but they simultaneously decided against it, for fear some other students would see.

He noted, "It looks like Debra's going to be actual good help with the cover story. I'll tell you more about it with some notes during our next class."


The next hour of class passed even slower than the last one in the minds of Nick and Hillary. They were more excited for lunch to begin than they'd ever been in their lives.

Since they were sitting in the back row again, they were able to communicate by writing on their notepads, just like they did during first period. However, they didn't do much of that, because it only increased their excitement and anticipation, and that led to too much frustration, since they couldn't take any action until the class ended.

Nick did share some hints about what he'd done with Maggie before school, and before Hillary joined them. It was just enough for both of them to get horny and stay that way for the rest of the class. He forced himself to stop after he smelled Hillary's arousal, and worried that other classmates sitting nearby might detect the smell and get suspicious.

When the class mercifully came to an end, Nick got up, gave a knowing and wordless nod to Hillary, then hurried out of the classroom. He kept a textbook out of his backpack to hold it over his crotch, since he had a raging erection visible in his shorts. Hillary deliberately left the class in another direction.

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