Chapter 79: Back to the Library (Monday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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It was all Nick could do not to run at full speed to the parking lot. His insistent boner was a major reason why he restrained himself to a fast walk. He also didn't want to draw the attention he'd get if he ran.

Maggie had parked the SUV in the middle of the main school parking lot. That was far away enough so the other students getting picked up wouldn't pay any attention to her. She also was wearing large dark sunglasses, a hat, and a light jacket to protect her identity.

Nick rushed into the passenger seat, closed the door, and sat down. He leaned over towards the driver's seat to give Maggie a big kiss. "Thank God! Ma, I'm so glad to see you! You have no idea!"

However, Maggie blocked his attempted kiss with a hand. "Me too. But no kissing!" She'd kept the car's engine on, and started driving away.

"Why?" he asked, feeling hurt. His heart was thumping fast, and he was so worked up that he was practically bouncing in his seat.

"Because I can imagine how worked up you and Hillary must be, and I'm worked up too! If we start kissing or touching in any way, we might never stop! And that's not fair to her. Let's get to our meeting point first."

He sat back in his seat and forced himself to look away from her. "Fair enough." Then he unzipped his fly and pulled out his firm erection. He looked through the windshield at the other cars and felt almost dizzy with excitement that he could do that with other people so close yet completely clueless.

Maggie started to ask, "So, did you and Hillary..." But her voice faded as she glanced over and saw his exposed boner. "What are you doing?!"

"Making myself more comfortable. You have no idea how much I've been waiting for this moment!"

She was distressed, and it showed on her gorgeous face. "Be that as it may, do you want me to get in an accident?! Quick, scramble into the backseat before I do something rash!"

He got between the two seats and crawled to the back.

As he did so, Maggie complained, "And I'm not trying to be mean, but please be quiet! I'm on the verge of... I don't know what! Spontaneously bursting into flames from too much lust! Anything you say will likely push me over the edge!"

He worked on pulling his shorts off. "I know how you feel, believe me! Can I say something if it's non-sexual?"

"I suppose," she grumbled as she resolutely drove the car through traffic. "But be careful."

He made sure to stay down low as he continued to get out of his shorts. "Did you do something about people being able to see through the front windshield?"

"Ah. Now, that I can talk about while driving. Yes, I've come up with a two-layer solution. First, I bought one of those cardboard shields to put right under the windshield. But, just to be safe, I've made a second wall out of some cut-up cardboard boxes that go right behind the front row seats. In fact, you can put that into place right now."

With his shorts already off, he whipped his T-shirt off for good measure. Then he saw the pieces of cardboard she was talking about and put them in place behind the front seats. It created an effective second visual "wall." He couldn't even see her in the driver's seat.

He praised her, "Wow! Impressive! You've been busy, haven't you?"

She chuckled. "You could say that again. Your first call turned my whole day upside down. But I'll tell you about it later because we're already here. And... I see Hillary biking into the parking lot as I speak! Talk about good timing!"

Nick thought, Man! This is going to be so great! But I need to make this extra great for Hillary especially. She's been suffering all day. Things could so easily turn into a double blowjob that lasts the entire lunch period. And, as awesome as that would be for me, this isn't about me this time. I want to see her cum, and cum, and cum again!

While Hillary locked up her bike, Maggie got out and raced around the SUV to the sliding door leading to the back. She was tempted to rush right in, but she waited a few long moments until Hillary was done, so they could do in together.

Hillary gave Maggie a quick hug. She wanted to give her a prolonged French kiss too, but her desire to get inside the back of the SUV was greater. As the two busty beauties scrambled into the back and closed the door behind them, Hillary commented, "Maggie, you have no idea how horny I am!"

Maggie laughed. "Girl, you have no idea how horny I am!"

Hillary was going to banter some more, but she froze as she saw Nick sitting up against one side of the interior, naked, with his raging erection jutting up and forward on its own. She gasped. "Oh my God! Look at that! I want!" She crawled forward, firmly grasped his pole, and engulfed his cockhead in her mouth!

Maggie laughed again. "Well, that was faster than expected! Girl, I must admit, you're probably even more aroused than I am, and that's saying a lot. So you get started on that, and I'll take my clothes off, and your clothes off too."

Hillary already started bobbing on his thick rod, but she managed to mumble a muffled "Thank you!"

Nick said to her, "Um... I love this, but... I'm thinking... this is the time for me to... to go down on YOU!" His words came out haltingly because he was so overwhelmed by a surge of arousal.

Maggie spoke while hastily undressing. "That's a sweet thought, but let her do what she wants to do for a while. Clearly, this is what she wants. I bet she's been dreaming about slurping on your tasty fat cock for the better part of the past four hours!"

Hillary let out an approving "MMMM!" to make clear she strongly concurred with what Maggie had just said. Since fucking was still off limits, that had been dominating her sexual fantasies about him.

He said to Maggie while looking at her, "Okay, if that's what she wants, we'll start with that. But I swear I'm going to go down on her as soon as things calm down. And please get her naked fast, so I can at least finger her to orgasm. She's been dying to cum for hours!"

A minute later, both Maggie and Hillary were completely naked. Maggie got down on the floor next to Hillary, so their faces were both right in his crotch. Hillary was still bobbing on his shaft with a mad passion, so Maggie had to console herself with "balls duty" for the time being.

Once everyone was in position and had stopped moving, Nick leaned way forward over Hillary and clutched her ass cheeks with both hands. Then he said, "Okay, Hills, watch out! I'm about to finger the hell out of your pussy! I hope you're gonna cum like crazy, so please be careful about biting down on me!"

"MMMM!" Hillary replied agreeably. Then she realized she was truly on the verge of an epic orgasm and there was no telling how much she'd be able to control herself once she started cumming. So she pulled her lips all the way off his cock, and just held it. She panted, "Okay! I'm ready!" She'd been holding back from cumming, and all she needed to do was let go.

As soon as he began stroking her pussy lips, she let go of all her restraints. It truly was epic! She screamed her head off, just as she'd predicted she would when talking to him earlier.

Then he brought his second hand to her clit and started diddling with that, and her already intense orgasm was sent to the stratosphere. His heart soared with joy from knowing he was bringing her to such a peak. She'd given him so much great pleasure lately; it felt good to start to give back.

Maggie wanted to take over sucking Nick's cock since it was currently untouched, but she realized it was more important at the moment to help Hillary. Hillary was cumming so hard that her entire body was spasmodically trembling. Maggie held her from the side with both hands as best she could so Hillary wouldn't have to worry much about flailing herself around.

Hillary's climax went on and on, for a good two minutes. Then, just when it seemed it was starting to subside, Nick plunged two fingers into her tight cunt, and poked the index finger on his other hand into her anus! Hillary took off like a rocket again, screaming and wailing even more. Tears actually came to her eyes and she saw stars, because she was so emotionally and physically overwhelmed.

Her great multiple orgasm finally petered out a minute or two after that. The only downside to having such a powerful climax was that it left her completely wiped out for a while. She wanted to get back to sucking Nick's cock, but she was forced to lie on the carpeted floor with her eyes closed for a while.

Maggie tenderly ran her hands up and down Hillary's gorgeous bare back, and stroked her straight brown hair too. "Whoa! Girl, that seals it. You definitely needed to cum more than I did. Wow!"

Nick had brought his hands back from Hillary's ass and pussy already. He reached out to Maggie. "Okay, your turn. I want to make you cum like that too."

Maggie wasn't as into that idea as he'd expected. She explained, "First off, I don't think that's possible. I'll admit I'm not as worked up as she was, so I'm not going to go off like a rocket. But let's repeat what happened to her, by working up to it. I want to glory in just sucking your cock for a little bit. Then, when it's time, you can finger me too. Okay?"

"Sounds good," he replied.

Maggie spent the next few minutes bobbing on his shaft. Although he promised to put off fingering her, he leaned over her, which put most of her body within reach. He was sure she was fine with it, so long as it didn't interfere with her fellatio joy. He had a great time fondling her, from her flawless ass to her huge tits pressed against the carpet underneath her. Mostly though, he just caressed her shapely bare back.

Nick was more than a little worked up himself, so even though he didn't intend to cum just yet, a couple of minutes after his mother got a good bobbing rhythm going on his shaft, he realized he'd crossed the point of no return. He could have tried the squeeze-the-base-of-the-shaft trick to further delay his release, but he didn't even think to do that because he craved a big orgasm after all the hours of anticipation, just like Hillary did. He just barely had time to cry out, "Oh no! Ma! Gonna cum!"

Maggie was deep into a cocksucking groove, and she didn't want to stop or slow down for anything. So she just kept right on bobbing, and even sucked with caved cheeks and greater suction. However, she felt bad that Hillary was missing out due to her still being in recovery mode, so she carefully kept as much of his cum in her mouth as physically possible.

She also diddled her clit a little bit, just enough to help trigger an orgasm of her own. It wasn't nearly as epic a peak as Hillary's last one, but it was very satisfying for her just the same.

Then, about a minute later, when his orgasm was done and hers was petering out, Maggie tapped Hillary on her shoulder.

Hillary was already reviving some, though she had a long ways to go. She'd opened her eyes and looked up at Nick's cock when she'd heard he was starting to cum, but she'd been too exhausted to raise herself up to take part.

Seeing that Hillary could pay attention, Maggie brought her face close to hers, and puffed her cheeks out to make clear that her mouth was full of Nick's cum. Then, drawing her face closer still, she opened her mouth wide, giving Hillary a great close-up view of all the cum she was keeping on her tongue.

That inspired Hillary to sit up. Seconds later, the two of them began French kissing, and snowballing all the cum back and forth.

Nick was in awe. The kissing was an incredible sight. Knowing that he was watching, they switched from closed-mouth to open-mouth kissing from time to time, so he could see the whiteness of his cum going from mouth to mouth. But on top of that, their nude bodies looked fantastic, especially the way their outrageously large racks rubbed together.

So far, events had been so pleasurable and intense that nobody had taken a moment to think about where they were in a larger sense. But then Nick did, when he went from admiring their kissing and fondling to look past them and through the tinted windows to the outside world.

He thought, Holy fuck! This is so great! I gave Hillary that huge orgasm she was needing so badly, and it looks like Ma had a good one too. And so did I. Mission accomplished. Everything from here on out, including hopefully getting to go down on either or both of them, is gonna just be the icing on the cake at this point!

And while this is going on, Spencer and all the others are eating lunch like normal. Hopefully, Debra has joined our usual lunch table crowd and is doing a good job with the cover story. I guess I'm not going to have time to eat any lunch at all, but so what? This is way more important. And thanks to Ma's two layers of cardboard protection, even if a cop were to tap on the window and want to talk to us, we'd have time to throw some clothes on first. We're unstoppable!

His penis had gone flaccid, thanks to his big climax. But after a minute or two of watching, he began to feel it reviving. He also realized that he didn't have to limit himself to merely watching the lesbian kiss. He repositioned so he could wrap his arms around them, with one arm on each.

Maggie and Hillary welcomed him into what became a threesome hug, and soon they were sharing kisses with each other. However, he realized that Hillary was still somewhat out of it due to her great climax, and was only moderately reactive whenever he or Maggie French kissed her.

Still, the overall situation was great for Nick. It was a tossup which blew his mind more: that he could freely kiss his two "dream girls" to his heart's content or that they'd voluntarily sensually kiss each other.

However, he knew their time was limited, and he was determined to give Hillary even more pleasure, to make up for her hours of sexual frustration. So he broke up the hugging and kissing relatively quickly and repositioned so that Hillary was lying flat on her back in the middle of the open area in the back of the SUV, then he laid face down with his head over her crotch. Maggie sat to the side.

Hillary was slowly reviving, though she was still too wiped out to initiate any action. She asked him, "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to go down on you, if that's okay with you," he replied, looking up into her eyes. "In the short time we've been going out, you've gone down on me a whole bunch of times, and I haven't done it once. True, I wasn't allowed, due to Anushka, but she's okay with it now, right? Anything between us except fucking is okay, right?"

"That is true," Hillary replied. She furrowed her brow and looked down at him as he kept his head just above her pussy mound while he waited for her approval.

He saw that look on her face, and asked, "What?"

"Oh, nothing," she replied. "It's just. It's just... this isn't what I was expecting. I thought we'd spend the whole time having a dual suck-fest. That's what I was fantasizing about all through class today." She looked to Maggie. "We keep talking about doing that, but it never seems to happen, except a little bit here and there. It's frustrating!"

Maggie nodded. "I know! Tell me about it. I have these fantasies about sucking him off with you for ages, non-stop! We really need to make time for that."

Hillary nodded emphatically.

Nick frowned. "I hate to look a gift horse in the mouth, because that sounds great, but Hills, what about me going down on you now? Don't you want that?"

"Sure. Go for it. Actually, that could work out nicely, because I'm still weak as a kitten from that big orgasm earlier. And sorry if I don't seem more excited. It's just a matter of managing expectations."

Before he could reply to that, Maggie tapped his shoulder.

Since she didn't follow that by saying anything, he sat up and turned his head in her direction to see what she wanted.

She motioned for him to come nearer. Then she sheepishly told Hillary, "Before he starts, I want to whisper a word or two of advice."

Hillary chuckled at that, and gave a nod of approval.

Nick leaned in towards his mother, so she could whisper in his ear.

She quietly told him, "Sport, are you sure you want to do this, here and now?! I feel bad, because I promised to give you hands-on practice, and we haven't done that yet."

He whispered back, "I know, but I did get to practice with my fingers, and that allowed me to get the lay of the land, as it were. Besides, this is the best possible time. She's still riding an orgasmic high, and she's kind of out of it. I think anything I do will get a good reaction. Besides, it's the thought that counts. I want to give back, at least some, for all that she's done to me, orally."

Maggie thought about saying more, but ended up just giving him an approving nod.

Nick repositioned his head right over Hillary's pussy mound. Looking up at her again, he said, "Now that I have my mother's okay, here I go. But keep in mind that I'm kind of new to this. Please use a generous grading curve!"

Hillary chuckled at his last comment. She also put her hands on his head and gently guided him down to her wet pussy. "Don't worry. I know you and 'your mother' haven't been together long. And probably 99% of your time together is spent with her sucking your cock!" She laughed at that.

Maggie said happily, "Actually, that's not far off. Honestly, I usually prefer going down on him."

"I can imagine," Hillary said. Even as she was talking, Nick was starting to lick around the edges of her pussy instead of going directly for it. "For some reason, I enjoy sucking him way more than anyone before. Maybe it's the thickness, or something about his attitude, and the atmosphere... The sense of friendly competition with you... Actually, he's not bad at this! I like how he's building up instead of going straight for the most powerful stuff."

Maggie smiled widely. "He is? Good. I taught him that. By the way, speaking of sucking his cock, do you want to hear what I did to him this morning, before you got involved?"

"I'd love to hear that!" Hillary responded very positively.

Maggie proceeded to give a description of what had happened from the moment she and Nick met up in the garage. Unfortunately, due to lack of time, she couldn't go into the level of detail that she wanted to. There were only a few slight modifications of the story, most crucially changing the setting from the garage to the bungalow behind the Stevens house were Maggie was supposedly living alone, in order to maintain the stance that any sexual activity inside that house was impossible.

She had several clever purposes in telling the story. First, she just enjoyed sharing sexual stories with a friendly ear like Hillary, and hoped this could encourage more such story telling between them. But more importantly, she figured Nick still wasn't going to be that great at cunnilingus due to his inexperience, so by constantly talking about something erotic, she could both distract and further arouse Hillary.

Meanwhile, Nick was marveling at the fact that he had his face up against Hillary's pussy. He still wasn't doing anything but licking the skin all around it, but he was intoxicated by the sexual smell of her wetness, as well as in sheer disbelief that another great dream was coming true. He hadn't been dreaming about cunnilingus per se, because he hadn't had much idea what it would be like. But just getting to be this close to Hillary's pussy in any context, and getting to sexually please her, was a thrill.

Just by licking her skin near her pussy, he got to taste her cum, because there was a steady amount dripping out of her. At first, he just tested the taste by licking a little bit of her wetness to the sides of her pussy lips. He immediately decided that he liked it. This surprised him, because he'd sometimes heard a woman could taste "gross" or "fishy." This wasn't the case with Hillary at all.

Coming up to her pussy from below, he was able to get a heavier flow while still avoiding direct contact with her pussy. Plus, more was coming out all the time. As he licked more there, he thought, Wow! This is way better than I thought it would be. Maybe this would be distasteful to do to some women, if they have poor hygiene or a poor diet. That's not a worry with Hillary. Heck, this cum must be organic, cruelty-free, and locally grown! He chuckled to himself.

He would have kept the teasing phase going a good deal longer, especially since Hillary had said she approved of that style. However, he was mindful of the fact that the time was limited. Luckily, Maggie had prepared well. In addition to coming up with the cardboard barriers to ensure their privacy, she'd put a portable alarm clock in a visible spot in the rear area, to make it easy for them to keep track of the time. When Nick had repositioned everyone, he'd done that with a mind to keeping the clock within his view. He figured he had about 15 minutes, so he wasn't in a frantic rush, but he figured he should get on with it, just to be on the safe side.

With that in mind, he surprised Hillary by lapping up to her already unhooded clitoris and then carefully taking it between his lips.

That got a big reaction. Hillary had been in a very relaxed mode, with her hands lightly resting on his head, but her entire body twitched in surprise. Interrupting Maggie's storytelling, she exclaimed, "Whoa! What are you doing there?!" Then she reconsidered, and chuckled, adding, "Never mind. Consider that a rhetorical question. Please proceed!"

Nick was glad that that had gotten a good reaction. But he knew variety was key, so he soon switched to lapping on her pussy lips. They were soaked, thanks to her being so very aroused before he'd even started going down on her. He already knew he liked the smell and taste of her cum, and the feel of the experience was fine too. As a result, he wasn't grossed out or intimidated at all, despite the fact that this was the first time he'd ever licked a pussy.

It helped greatly that he meant what he'd whispered to Maggie earlier, that Hillary was in a highly receptive state after having such an epic orgasm. He figured that he'd already succeeded in giving her the sexual release she'd been craving for hours with that orgasm, and anything he did with his tongue now was like icing on the cake, a pleasant surprise for her. He also figured she'd be tickled pink that he was going down on her, period. All of that made it a nearly stress-free situation for him, despite his lack of practice.

He was generally correct that Hillary was in a very receptive mood, with low expectations. She could tell that he was relatively new to this, though she assumed that he'd done this to Maggie at least a few times already. She felt that Anushka was much better at it, but she wasn't directly comparing their efforts. She figured that women were generally considerably better at cunnilingus than men, and Anushka had much, much more experience, so such a comparison would be unfair. Just as he'd hoped, she was glad he was doing this to her at all.

Meanwhile, Maggie's attempt to arouse and distract her was paying off. She threw caution to the wind and explained how she and Nick were sexually intimate through both phone calls with Anushka. That blew Hillary's mind and greatly excited her. But she spent much more time talking about her very first deep throating.

This aroused Hillary still more. Hillary had never deep throated anyone before, despite having more than a few previous boyfriends. Frankly, she'd heard that deep throating was very difficult, and between her looks and personality, she was such a great catch that she didn't need to go the extra mile to sexually please her boyfriends. However, with Nick it was totally different. For one thing, she was very much in lust with him, and feeling increasingly loving feelings for him too. It made her happy to sexually wow him. But also, thanks to her friendly competition with Maggie, if Maggie did it to him, she wanted to do it too, and do it better.

Between Nick directly lapping on Hillary's labia, and sometimes her clit, and Maggie graphically and excitedly talking, it wasn't long before Hillary had another orgasm. It wasn't a particularly big one, but it was very satisfying for her. She let out a contented sigh.

That sigh gave Nick the impression that he was on the right track, and it encouraged him to try harder. He spent the next couple of minutes lapping intently. He also brought a hand to help diddle her clit. He was rewarded by hearing her moan even longer and louder as another, bigger orgasm hit her.

He'd been licking all the way through that, but when it came to an end, she lightly pushed against his head with both hands, and said, "Nick! You're such a sweetheart, but that's enough. Too much, actually. My pussy can only handle so much. Consider me fully sexually satisfied."

He pulled his head up, smiling from ear to ear. "Aaaah! Those are the words I long to hear." He started to crawl up her body to kiss her and cuddle.

But Maggie said, "Hold on, stud. What about eating some actual lunch? Time's running out, but if you can spare some kissing, I brought a selection of quick-to-eat snacks for you, and for Hillary too."

He realized he was quite hungry. He continued up Hillary's prone body and kissed her lips, but only briefly. Then he pulled back and wound up sitting up between Hillary's legs.

Maggie pulled out a couple of bags, one for Nick and one for Hillary. She explained that she'd already eaten, but they still had about five minutes left, enough time to gulp something down. She'd made veggie burgers and drinks for both of them, and all of it organic, since she knew that was important for Hillary. She had some other snacks, such as yogurt cups, if they had time for them.

Hillary sat up and started in on her sandwich, since she was hungry right away. She said to Maggie, "This is all well and good. Thank you very much. But Nick did a really great job making me cum twice more, and his dick is still very erect. I want to return the favor."

Maggie smiled as she replied, "Never fear. Like I said, I've eaten already. I'll get started working him up to climax while he enjoys his food. If we still have time, you can join in when I've got him on the cusp. Time is running out, but if you can multitask while you're chewing and digesting and whatnot, it would help it you could freshen up and put your clothes back on. I have some slightly wet towels just for that."

Hillary said, "Wow, impressive. You thought of everything. Cool."

Nick added, "Yeah. This is awesome!"

Maggie kept on smiling, happy to see her effort was appreciated. She said, "Glad to help. I would say more, but there's a big fat cock here in danger of going flaccid!"

There was some quick repositioning, with Nick moving away from Hillary's legs to Maggie would have room to get her face to his crotch. In no time, Maggie had his cock in her mouth and was energetically bobbing on it.

Nick started toweling himself off. He wasn't sweaty, but he figured it would help get rid of the sex smell. He consumed a big bite of his sandwich, then commented to Hillary, "Boy, this is really living the life!"

Hillary snickered. "That's easy for you to say, getting to ogle my naked body while your 'mother' sucks you off. I only wish we had another ten minutes, so it wasn't so rushed."

"Yeah," he replied. "Hey, speaking of rushing, while we're not eating, we should update Maggie on the whole Debra situation."

Hillary agreed with that. At first, they were too busy eating to talk much at all, but Nick in particular ate his sandwich with startling speed, aiming just to get it in his body instead of taking time to enjoy it. He also pulled his T-shirt back on, figuring his shorts could wait until after the blowjob was over.

Then he started to tell Maggie about the two Debra meetings earlier in the day. However, Hillary ate her sandwich nearly as fast as he did, while also getting some of her clothes back on, so she wouldn't miss out on the blowjob fun. Once she joined Maggie with the licking and sucking, Nick felt such great pleasure that he found it hard to think or talk. He dramatically shortened his account, figuring that hitting the highlights was better than getting through only half the story.

Although he soon stopped talking about Debra, he kept a close eye on the clock, and gave time updates about every minute. He calculated out loud that they needed five minutes to get back to class. That only left him a couple of minutes to cum. He timed it down to the last minute in order to maximize the enjoyment.

When he did cum, it wasn't as great as if things had been able to progress naturally, and with more time, but a great time was had by all just the same.

Due to time restraints, Hillary took his cum load in her mouth, so as to not create a mess. Hardly a single drop was spilled. However, as soon as his climax ended, she snowballed much of it into Maggie's mouth, so both of them could savor the taste.

Unfortunately, as soon as that was accomplished, things changed dramatically. The three of them began scrambling around like a Chinese fire drill. Nick made sure that Hillary was fully dressed and presentable, then helped her get out the SUV. Meanwhile, Maggie crawled to the driver's seat. There was no time for long good-byes, especially since Nick would see Hillary in class very shortly. As Hillary started unlocking her bike parked next to the SUV, Maggie drove off in a hurry.

Nick and Maggie had a couple of minutes to talk while driving back to school. With time pressing on him, Nick said, "That was great! Thanks for everything. But while there's time, I'd like to hear what you think about the whole Debra situation."

Maggie spoke while driving, "Boy, tough question. I haven't had time to process that, much less think of a good answer. It's tricky. I'm not at all upset by how you tried to deal with her. I think it's good that you're trying to put her off as long as possible, but she can be really pushy. I hardly know her still, but I know that. So I suppose you're pretty much forced to meet with her tomorrow, or she'd cause trouble. Let's talk about this a lot more later, maybe in the evening, so we can figure out how to best deal with her in the meeting. But I agree Hillary should be there too, at least. Under no circumstances should you be with her alone!"

She didn't have time to say much more than that, since the library parking lot was almost bordering on the edge of the school property. She also had to leave time for him to reply.

He said, "Sounds good. That's about what I thought you'd say. When will we be able to meet later, though?"

"I don't know," she responded, speaking faster due to a lack of time. "Maybe we'll have to talk to Hillary on the phone. I've got cooking plans with Anushka, as you know, and that'll probably keep me busy until dinner. Let's talk on the phone though when school gets out. Okay?"

"Okay." Just then, the SUV stopped as close as it could get to the main school building. He hopped out with his backpack, and blew a kiss at her. "Love you!"

"Love you!" she replied. "Run!"

He took off for his class as fast as he could.

She watched until he was in the building and out of sight. She sighed to herself. Damn! That was such fun! But so short. Especially the double blowjob at the end. We only had about five minutes. It hardly counted, even though I am loving the sweet taste of his seed on my tongue.

She pulled the SUV from the curb and drove on. I'm seriously tempted to cancel plans with Anushka just so I could join Hillary with an incredible blowjob fest all afternoon long! But that would be irresponsible. It's vital to develop my friendship with her, and the cooking will be a lot of fun. I'm becoming "Maggie" more and more, and "Margaret" is moving into the rear view mirror, but my new life has to be about more than sex, sex, sex. I definitely want to pursue the cooking aspect. Besides, there will be plenty of other times for that great, long-anticipated double blowjob fest. Heck, maybe even after dinner, tonight!

Nick got to his seat just as the bell rang. He was surprised to see that Hillary had gotten there a fraction of a minute ahead of him. Like him, she was panting hard.

But both of them grinned like idiots from having pulled off the lunch plan without a hitch. Each of them longed to do more to share in the moment, such as holding hands or even just looking each other in the eyes for a while, but they were afraid to do anything that could raise suspicions that they were an item. Instead, they were forced to celebrate inwardly and silently while the class proceeded as usual.

The only question that remained was what happened with Debra and her role in hopefully giving a cover story to others. They were supposed to call her at the end of lunch, but they'd run out of time to do that. Frankly, both of them even forgot they had a plan to do that until they were sitting in their fifth period seats for a while and had a chance to ruminate.

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