Chapter 80: Unexpected Visitor (Monday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Maggie stood naked in the kitchen, doing a general clean-up. She was biding her time since leaving the lunch adventure with Nick and Hillary and waiting to meet up with Anushka after she got out of school. Luckily, Andy had asked her to leave him at a friend's house earlier in the morning, not long after Nick left for school, so she didn't have to moderate her behavior inside the house for fear of him seeing her.

Maggie had just been nude sunbathing on the roof while reveling in memories of the lunch sex and sometimes masturbating to those happy thoughts. However, she'd had to stop after an hour because it was a hot, sunny day and she had to be careful not to overdo her tanning efforts. As it was, she was sunbathing nude every day, and quickly developing a fabulous tan without tan lines.

She was naked because she was still riding an erotic high from lunch, plus the masturbating afterwards, and she wanted to keep that feeling going as long as possible. As long as she was naked, with huge breasts constantly wobbling and swaying with every minor move she made, she felt liberated, sexy, and even giddy. Her plan was to clean up a little bit and then work on writing more of her back story of her Maggie persona.

Her blissful reverie was interrupted by the sound of the front doorbell ringing. This puzzled her. Door-to-door salespeople almost never wandered through her neighborhood, and she couldn't imagine who else would show up without calling or e-mailing first.

She was tempted to just ignore whoever it was, but then the doorbell rang again, and then again. No salesperson would be that annoyingly insistent.

She rushed to a hall closet on the first floor, grabbed a full-length robe, and rushed on to the front door. Before considering opening it, she peered through a peep hole. She didn't want to open it for just anybody, especially since she was a voluptuous bombshell wearing nothing but a robe.

To her great surprise, she saw it was Sally, her best friend. She thought, Sally?! Geez! Suddenly, I feel awful. I haven't seen her in ages. And I haven't been returning her calls lately either. I'm so bad! I'm tempted to blow her off now, but that would be rude.

Mere seconds after the doorbell rang yet again, Maggie opened it.

Sally was standing there with a big smile on her pretty face. "She lives!"

Maggie returned the smile, but with chagrin and embarrassment on her face. "Hey, girl. Come in. Sorry I've been so hard to reach lately."

"That's the understatement of the year," Sally replied. She walked in and gave Maggie a quick hug. "What happened to you?! These last two weeks or so, it's like you dropped off the face of the Earth. I had to show up in person just to make sure you're still alive, and I'm only half-joking about that."

Maggie frowned, feeling even more abashed. "I know, I know. I'm really sorry. I've been super busy, and a bad friend. But I haven't forgotten you. Come on in. Let's get comfy and talk."

"Okay." Sally walked into the living room and sat down in her favorite chair. She'd visited Maggie so many times that she knew that chair very well.

Maggie stayed by the front door, by the base of the stairs. "Make yourself comfortable while I go upstairs and put on some actual clothes."

"Sure," Sally replied. "But can I ask why you're wearing nothing but a robe in the first place? Were you naked when I rang?"

Maggie struggled to keep a poker face. "Um, let me answer that once I get changed." She hurried up the stairs to cut the questioning off.

Once Maggie was alone on the second floor, she thought, Shit! I just told her "I haven't forgotten you." That's so untrue. The truth is, I've cut her out of my life as much as possible, ever since my sexual "Maggie" life began. Whenever she's called me since then, I've blown her off. Because what could I say to her? "Hey, Sal, great news! I've become a slut for my son and I love it! We're talking full-blown incest!" Yeah, right! Hell, I don't even know what to say to her about the fact I was wearing just a robe, much less what I've been doing these past weeks. I need to come up with some good excuses fast!

She took her time changing into her clothes so she could think through what she was going to tell Sally. She decided that a total stonewalling wouldn't work, because Sally would detect the changes in her mood and demeanor. But since she felt revealing the incest was a complete non-starter, she decided to compromise by pretending that she'd started dating a boy who was very similar to Nick, basically just substituting his name with a made-up one. She figured the closer she could get to the truth, the less likely it was she'd accidentally let slip something damning, not just today, but well into the future.

Having made her mind up about that, she felt much better. She'd been starting to feel panicky, but she forced herself to calm down as she changed into a T-shirt, bra, and shorts to match the casual clothes Sally was wearing. However, she went without panties to at least remain a little bit secretly naughty.

She thought, I can't believe I've let things slide with Sally so far. Not to mention my other friends, as few as they are. I've been in total denial, as if putting my head in the sand will make the issue of other people know or think simply go away. In my defense, my relationship with my son has been in a state of flux. But things between us are settling down, and it's clear we're into this new sexual lifestyle for the long-term. Our incredible, wonderful, blowjob-heavy, incestuous lifestyle! God, I love it!

So much fucking cocksucking! Lunch today was such a joy, but I still long for an entire afternoon where Hillary and I can just go to town on his cock for hours! The two of us naked and naughty, worshiping his cock with our lips and tongues! And deep throating! GAAAWWD! I want to do so much more of that! I want to be his deep throating queen!

She sighed, as she realized she was getting distracted with lusty thoughts of sucking her son's cock, while lustily licking her lips. Gotta stay focused. Sally is one key reason why I can't go whole hog with my Maggie lifestyle. My friends and family simply wouldn't understand, ever! But I've got this. I value Sally's friendship a lot, and I can just slip into Margaret mode whenever I'm interacting with her.

Maggie came down the stairs and sat in the living room on a chair facing where Sally was sitting. "So..."

Sally took over. "So... indeed! What's up, girl? We've got so much to catch up on! But first, I'm still curious about why you were wearing just that robe."

"Oh, that." Maggie was secretly frustrated that Sally remembered to ask about that, but she quickly came up with an answer that was mostly true. She forced a playful smile. "Andy is gone for the day, so while the cat's away, the mice will play. I was just up on the roof, working on an all-over tan."

"So I see," Sally responded. "You had a nice tan already. I remember you telling me a few weeks ago - back when you were still talking to me - that you were making good progress with an all-over tan."

Maggie winced at the "back when you were still talking to me" aside.

Sally went on, "But you must have been doing a lot of tanning since then, because you look even MORE gorgeous than usual. A deep, rich tan with your new blonde hair? Wow! What a sexy combination. It doesn't look fake at all, like some tanned bottle blondes do. If you were a 'ten' before, you're an 11 now. You broke the scale!"

Sally had dark brown hair, but it was clear from her genuine smile that she approved of Maggie changing her hair color to blonde.

Maggie beamed and relished the praise. "Thanks!" She thought, If Sally thinks I'm "sexy," then I must be. She's pretty darn hot herself. I guess that's one reason we're such good friends, since there isn't a big imbalance in the looks department. But the main thing is what my son thinks about my improving tan. If he looks at me and his cock gets thick and hard and stiff, and he tells me to drop to my knees and come-

Her increasingly lusty thoughts were cut off because Sally continued talking. "But, about Andy being gone for the day... that's one reason why I decided to drop in on you today. I was going to do it anyway, one of these days this week, because I've been getting increasingly curious about why you've been ignoring my calls."

Maggie winced. "About that... I'm soooooo sorry! Like I said, I've been super busy."

Sally butted in, "We'll get to that later. But before you say more, I don't want to lose track. The reason I came by today is because I just found out some hot gossip in the last hour, and I just had to rush over to tell it to you in person!"

"Well?" Maggie asked.

Sally looked around carefully. "Since you say Andy isn't here, and Nick is obviously at school, I suppose I can just blurt it out. It's about Andy, actually. Remember Leslie?"

Maggie frowned severely. She spoke bitterly. "How could I forget?" As both she and Sally knew, Leslie was the name of the woman that she'd caught Andy with a couple of years ago, the event that had effectively ended her marriage in all but a technical sense.

Sally continued, "Well, a friend of a friend saw her eating lunch with Andy today, at one of those outdoor restaurants overlooking the river. The word got passed to me so I could share it with you. It looks like they could be getting back together. They were acting all touchy feely, even in a public place like that."

Maggie felt a pang of annoyance, but it wasn't too bad. She was surprised at how little emotion she felt. She realized she'd emotionally moved on from Andy a long time ago, and her heart was set on Nick.

When she thought of Leslie, her first thought was, BITCH! I fucking hate her! But then she realized, She is a bitch, but it's pointless to direct much of my anger at her. Andy is and was the real problem. She wasn't his first affair. She was just the longest and most serious one. Those two cheaters deserve each other.

Maggie merely commented, "That explains him supposedly spending the day with one of his football buddies. That seemed odd to me earlier, but I guess I just didn't care enough to pry deeper. I mean, it is a Monday, but you don't leave to watch Monday Night Football at ten in the morning. I suppose he had me take him to some third party person because it would be too awkward driving him to Leslie's place."

Sally noticed Maggie's restrained reaction right away. "Yeah, that makes sense. But you don't seem too worked up about it. I thought you'd be pacing the room and cursing him out by now."

Maggie shrugged. "Hey, it's a free country. What do I care what he does at this point?"

"True," Sally said. "But this is the same home-wrecker you've cursed to the heavens before. And lots of people around here know that whole story. Plus, you technically are still married to him. Tongues are going to wag. That's already started, as can be seen by how the news quickly got to me."

Maggie frowned and sighed. "Yeah, but so what? Let the tongues wag like slobbering hyenas. What do I care about those people? One silver lining to the whole Andy debacle is that I learned who my true friends are. I've shed all the flakes and back-stabbers. That's left me with very few friends, but I prefer quality over quantity. Frankly, I can count my good friends on one hand, and you're at the top of the list, for sure. Those are the only opinions I care about. Let the gossipers gossip."

"That's very big of you," Sally replied. "And I feel honored you say that about me. Even so, you need to get on top of this. I'm sure you'll want to minimize the impact, if only because having a bunch of people hating on you is draining and annoying."

"Good point," Maggie said.

"Plus, it goes without saying that you'll want to confront Andy and find out just what the heck is going on. He's supposed to be unable to get it up, and he also has to hobble around with a cane. According to our source at the restaurant, there was no cane, and when he got up and left, he certainly wasn't hobbling around! He walked just fine hand in hand with his nasty little home-wrecker. I'll bet he's been faking all of that for some time. Do you seriously think a shallow gold-digger like Leslie would be going out with him if he was hobbled and impotent?"

"Yeah, he's faking," Maggie replied with a grim face. "I'd been suspecting that for a while already. He obviously really was injured after the accident. But I'll bet Leslie dropped him like a hot potato and said, 'Call me if and when you're ever fully recovered.' And now he is, finally, so they're back on track, I guess. But he's still faking with me so he can enjoy a free full-time maid and cook! That's bullshit!" She was starting to get more upset.

"Are you going to let him continue that farce?" Sally asked urgently. "What does she see in him, anyway? We both know that if she's a gold-digger, he won't have much gold left, not after all his medical bills are paid, plus a divorce settlement with you. The insurance only covers so much."

"True," Maggie responded. "But he is still a very charming and handsome man. He swept me off my feet once upon a very long time ago, when many others were trying to do the same. When he turns the charm on, he's almost unstoppable. It's just that it's easy to lose sight of that, due to his 'I don't give a shit' attitude of that last two years."

Maggie thought, I never really made the connection, but that's one way father and son are alike. When Nick turns the charm on, he's even MORE unstoppable. At least he is with me. Just thinking about his smile is making me tingle with arousal.

"Unless one can see through his bullshit, of course," Sally pointed out.

Maggie nodded. "There's that. But yeah, I definitely will want to confront him at some point. But not until I get all my ducks in a row. For instance, could I get proof that he's fully recovered from his injuries, including sexually? I probably need to hire a private investigator and try to catch him and that bitch in the act. It should be easy, since he can't drive anywhere on his own without giving the game away."

"Definitely!" Sally said emphatically. "Gathering more info is a must. I'd be happy to help you with that. You know I've been urging you to cut him completely loose for some time now. This could be just the thing to completely free you from him, so you can emotionally move on."

"It should be easy," Maggie said, nodding in agreement. "I'm home most of the time, and Nick is a lot of the time too. Andy's home like 99 percent of the time. About the only time he ever leaves is to watch football games with some friends on Sundays. If he suddenly starts leaving the house at other times, it's going to stick out like a sore thumb."

Sally nodded. "Yeah, I don't see how he can get away with that without you being on it like white on rice."

Maggie thought, Although... I have been going out more lately to have sexy fun with Nick. I suppose he could sneak off in his SUV while I'm not home. But he hasn't really been asking me where I'm going or when I'll be back. Still, I should keep a close eye on the SUV's odometer from now on. And I'll need to be extra careful about leaving any sex smells in there too!

Sally continued, "Plus, you have the element of surprise. For instance, I'll bet you could peek into his office one of the rare times he's not in there and figure out exactly what's going on by reading his e-mails."

Maggie bit her lip in contemplation. "Hmmm. Interesting idea. Unethical, sure, but I think it's justified in this case."

"It's totally justified!" Sally gesticulated emphatically. "And you need to hire a lawyer too. I'm sure there's a legal aspect to this, if you can document that he's tricking you so outrageously. There has to be some kind of fraud law against that. Probably medical fraud too, if he's faking it with his doctors also. I'm not saying send him to prison, but the more dirt you get on him, the better you'll be able to completely free yourself from him, and the better you'll do in the final financial settlement."

Maggie couldn't help but grin as she thought that over. Yes! Excellent! He's been a thorn in my side for far too long. More like a knife in my gut. It'll feel great to finally be free of him, especially because that'll mean I can live with just my sweet love! My darling son! Hot damn! The thought of the two of us having the house all to ourselves sends shivers down my spine! I've got to maintain my Margaret persona for the outside world, for sure, but why can't we go hog wild while we're home alone?!

A huge grin spread across her face as she considered the implications. Mmmm! I can just imagine! I'd be able to pop into his room for a spermy snack at any time, day or night! Wearing just some frilly negligee to get his blood pumping, and even that wouldn't stay on me for long! Hee! It's so easy to get him horny, which means a throbbing, thick cock! In my mouth! Or in my cleavage. His hands on my naked body... His magic kissing... So much cock! Total oral submission!

And Hillary! She'd be able to visit every day! The two of us could spend hours treasuring his-

Maggie's thoughts were interrupted by a loud cough from Sally.

Sally followed that by waving her hands. "Earth to Margaret, come in Margaret! Where'd you go there? You looked like you were totally high on drugs."

Maggie had been off in her own world, but she forced herself to return to the here and now. "Um... sorry. I guess I am 'totally high,' but I'm high on thinking how good life will be if I don't have Andy like a lead weight pulling me down. He and I had some good years, even great years, and we'll always be connected through Nick. But I'm soooo ready for him to get out of house! It'll give me a whole new lease on life! Just Nick and me against the world - that sounds like paradise!"

Sally's face went from concerned to triumphant. "Now you're talking, girl!" She leaned forward in her seat and reached out, allowing them to share a high-five. "I couldn't agree more! That's what I've been telling you in all sorts of ways for at least the last year. It's been breaking my heart, seeing you slowly wilting and suffering, lingering in a totally untenable position."

Maggie sat up straightly and proudly. "Don't worry. I'm suffering no more! I mentioned in passing how I've been super busy lately. Aren't you curious what I've been up to?"

"Of course! But first, again, I've got to say I'm surprised and impressed at how calmly you're taking this latest Andy news. You're a very passionate and emotional person deep down, which is one of the things I love about you. But not only are you not pacing around and gesticulating, you haven't even got up out of your chair."

Maggie replied, "Yeah, well, I probably would be a lot more upset, except that recent events in my life have changed things drastically. I feel almost like all this Andy stuff happened to someone else... Or, it was me, but in some previous life. Do you know what I mean?"

"Um... not really."

Maggie sat forward in her chair, suddenly bursting with anticipation. "Here. Let me explain about what I've been busy with, and hopefully it'll become clear. Remember how, a few weeks ago, you suggested I should take a lover?"

Sally raised a curious eyebrow. "Yeah. You kept saying that as long as you were legally married, even if it was just in name only, you couldn't break your marriage vows."

"Yes, I did say that, didn't I?" Maggie thought back. Whoa! So much has changed since then. It's like I was a different person. And Sally missed all of it. Heck, she just called me "Margaret" a minute or two ago. She still thinks of me as "Margaret" too, in every sense. It's time to start changing that. I'm sure she'll like "Maggie" more. She's been trying to get me to loosen up for ages. If only she knew just how loosey goosey things have gotten!

She said, "I guess I did say that, but things have changed. Brace yourself!"

"Okay..." Sally leaned way forward in her chair, eager to hear the news.

After a dramatic pause, Maggie said, "I'm involved with someone! Intimately! Romantically! Sexually!"

"WHOA!" Sally was so surprised that she stood up. She waved her hands around in the air. "That's GREAT news! Yeay! I'm so happy for you!"

Maggie stood up too. The two of them hugged and even did a little happy dance together.

Sally was ecstatic. She'd gone through a bad divorce much like Maggie's situation, except it took place a couple of years earlier. However, with Maggie's encouragement, she'd bounced back and resumed dating less than a year after the divorce had been finalized. It took her a while on the dating scene, but she'd eventually found a guy named Drew who she was very happy with. She'd been going steady with him for the last two years. She'd been increasingly frustrated that she hadn't been able to help Maggie in the way Maggie had helped her.

Once they returned to their seats, Sally asked while bouncing lightly with excitement, "Okay! Tell me everything!"

Maggie was grinning from ear to ear, but on the inside she reminded herself to be careful with her story. "I can't tell you how happy I've been lately! I've fallen head over heels in love! That's why I haven't been returning your calls, because I've been totally obsessed with my new love, and spending so much time with him!"

"That's great!" Sally was over the moon. "What's he like?! How'd you meet him?! Does Andy know?"

Maggie replied even more cautiously, while still smiling, "Andy doesn't know yet. It's tempting, but I don't want to be vindictive and rub his nose in it. But my new romance has made me realize that Andy and I have been heading to a breaking point anyway. That's one reason why your latest news didn't affect me much, because it only confirmed some things I had already decided."

Sally bounced in her seat even more. "Okay, enough about Andy. Fuck Andy! Let's hear about your 'new love!' Given how smart, fun, and gorgeous you are, he must be amaaaaazing to have swept you off your feet like you say! I expect nothing less than someone halfway between Brad Pitt and George Clooney! Or, hell, is it one of those two?! Or both of them in a love triangle?!"

Maggie laughed at Sally's joke. "Yeah, right." Then she grew more sober. "Seriously, because you get all excited, brace yourself, because you may not like everything about him. Especially his age. You see, he's young." She paused dramatically, then added, "Very young. As in.. not much older than Nick's age."

She braced herself for Sally's reaction. She was sure it wouldn't go well.

There was a long pause, and the smile disappeared from Sally's face. "Seriously?!"

Maggie nodded.

"That's... young." After another pause, Sally added, "Margaret, for God's sake, why?! You're such a catch! Your looks alone... Jesus! Girl, I consider myself quite a looker. I get gawking stares and catcalls whenever I go, making me both annoyed but also proud that I've still got 'it.' But when I go anywhere with you, I might as well be covered from head to toe with a burqa. You're on a simply RIDICULOUS level! You could have any guy you want! Why the hell would you mess with someone who's almost still a teenager?!"

Maggie sheepishly responded, "Um... actually, technically, he still is in his teenage years. Though just barely..."

"UGH!" Sally stood up and started pacing the room. She threw her hands up in the air. "What the hell?! Maaaaaaargaret! I thought this was a serious thing, a really great development. But if he's that young, then what could you two possibly have in common, besides lust?"

She stopped her pacing and stared intently into Maggie's eyes. "Is that what this is? Just a 'boy toy' fling? Something for you to get back into the dating game? I'm okay with that, if that's all it is. But with the way you're going on about him, and the lovey dovey look in your eyes, I was getting the impression you think it's true love."

Maggie stood up to better see eye to eye, and defiantly put her hands on her hips. "It IS true love! Yes, lust is a big part of it. Hell, the lust is... incredible! I've never felt so sexually aroused and satisfied in my life! But that's hardly the whole story. We connect on every level. It's only been a couple of weeks, but already I know that he's my soulmate!"

Sally stepped back and looked at Maggie critically, and even disdainfully. "'Soulmate?!' Margaret, what the hell?! If he's 19, you're old enough to be his mother! How could you possibly bond on any level other than lust?! You've lived double the number of years of... um, what's his name?"

"John." Maggie had come up with a fake name while she'd been upstairs thinking up her cover story. She'd chosen just about the most generic name possible, figuring it was safer that way.

Sally continued, "So you've literally lived double the years that John has. Think about that."

Maggie protested, "How can you judge him when you've never met him and know next to nothing about him?"

"I'm judging!" Sally replied hotly while poking a finger towards Maggie's face. "The age difference is enough. You're in an entirely different place in your life. You have to be, with all that extra experience under your belt. If there was a five-year age gap, or even ten, I'd say okay. But, hell! This kid is barely out of high school!"

Sally resumed her agitated pacing. "MaaaaAAAAaaargaret! If you were desperate, if you had to chose from very slim pickings, that would be one thing. But with your looks, your face... Jesus Christ, your breasts! You could have anyone! Not to mention the sweet and smart person I know you are on the inside. Why the hell would you fall for a TEENAGER?!"

She stopped and gesticulated wildly in frustration. "The only reason I can think of is that you've been out of the dating game for a long, long time, and this kid just happened to come along at exact the right place and time. Maybe he did something to get your sexual motor running again. But don't settle! You can do soooooo much better! How the hell did you meet John anyway?!"

Maggie hadn't come up with a story on how she'd supposedly met her new lover, so she dodged that question. She still stood with her hands on her hips. "That's not important right now. What is important is that you have this all wrong. We've connected sexually, for sure, but we've also connected on a very deep emotional level."

Sally threw her hands up and then clutched the sides of her head in frustration. "In, what, two weeks?! How is that possible to get that close that fast?! This kid can't even legally drink yet! Unless he's some sort of genius or something, there's no there there! A 19 year old can be mature for his age, but only compared to other college kids, not to you. There's so little life experience yet!"

Maggie thought, I should probably let her think "John" is going to college. The high school factor would totally freak her out.

Sally stepped closer and stared deeper into Maggie's eyes. "Tell me the truth! What's REALLY going on here?! Please don't tell me that he has a big penis or the like and has wowed you so thoroughly in a sexual way that he's fooled you into thinking you're 'soulmates.' I know intense lust can be easily confused for love, but COME ON! You've been around the block. You should know the difference!"

Maggie challengingly stepped forward into Sally's personal space, until they were almost nose to nose. "Look. I appreciate your concern, but you have it all wrong! Nick and I ARE soulmates! We connect on so many different levels that it's not even funny. I love him with all my heart! I love him way more than I ever loved Andy, and that says a lot because I used to think he was 'the one.' Yes, we get on sexually like a house of fire, but it's so much MORE than that!"

Sally's eye's bugged out while Maggie was talking, as soon as she'd heard the word "Nick." She took a step back, and then another. She clutched at her chest and stared with horror.

Maggie furrowed her brow, not realizing she'd made a verbal slip-up. "What?! You're staring at me like you just saw a ghost. What is what I'm saying so hard to believe?! It IS possible for a thirty-something to deeply love a mere teenager. It's not just lust, I swear! I know, because it's happening to me right now!"

Sally continued to stare in shock. She even took a couple more steps back, then clutched at the sides of her head. Finally, she exclaimed, "Margaret! Margaret, Margaret, Margaret! What have you done?!"

Maggie frowned in confusion even more. "What?! I can't believe you're so hung up on this age thing. People overcome big age differences all the time."

Sally shook her head and ran her hand through her brunette hair. "It's not that! Not anymore! Jesus Christ! That's the least of... OH GOD! I can't believe it! I think I'm going to throw up!"

Maggie felt a deep unease that was growing fast. "What?!"

Sally unexpectedly rushed into Maggie's arms and gave her a tight hug. "Oh, girl! How could you?! I love you so much! You're my best friend! I'll stick with you through thick and thin, but this... GOD! You're really pushing your luck with me! Jesus fucking Christ!"

Maggie's sinking feeling was getting worse and worse, especially when Sally unexpectedly burst into tears! She started to suspect that Sally had somehow figured out about the incest, but she couldn't imagine how. She decided her best bet was to simply stick with her cover story, no matter what. That approach had worked with her and Nick in other situations lately.

She continued to hold Sally for the next couple of minutes while Sally sobbed into her shoulder. She tried her hardest to stay calm and oblivious, not allowing herself to think about the possibility that Sally might have figured out her incest secret. She figured the best way not to give the truth away with her facial expression was by believing her cover story as much as possible.

Eventually, Sally pulled away and returned to her seat. She seemed deflated and emotionally exhausted. She wiped her cheeks with her hands, but a few tears continued to flow from her eyes. Her shock had mostly faded, replaced by a profound sadness.

When she judged the time right, Maggie softly asked, "Okay. Now, can you please tell me what that was all about?! To call me confused doesn't begin to describe it!"

Without looking up and making eye contact, Sally said, "I know. I KNOW! You can try to deny it all you want, but it's pointless, because I know. Your slip-up tipped me off, of course."

She gazed up enough to see the confusion on Maggie's face. After a heavy sigh, she explained, "It looks like you still don't realize it, but instead of calling your new lover 'John,' you called him 'Nick.'"

It took all of Maggie's willpower not to gasp or otherwise show her true feelings. Luckily, her suspicion that Sally might have figured out the truth had given her some warning, even though she was trying to remain in denial. She frowned in apparent confusion. "What?! Sally! Are you implying that him... and me...?! Do you realize how crazy that is?!"

Sally looked up and resumed eye contact. She raised an eyebrow. "Yes. Yes, I do. That's why I'm so shocked and sad. It IS crazy! But it's also true. If it was just that verbal slip, I could let it pass. But then the pieces all fell into place for me. It makes so much sense! I know how much you love your son. Even more than most mothers love their sons. Especially in the last couple of years, with your relationship with Andy falling apart, he's pretty much become your world."

Maggie cut in, "That's true. But just because of that, you can't possibly accuse me of-"

Sally held a hand up and interrupted. Her tears had stopped flowing now that she was going on the attack. "Hold on! Let me finish! It's not just that. There's also the impossibility that you could decide that a teenager, this 'John,' is your 'soulmate' after just two weeks. The odds of that are slim and none. But if you were talking about Nick, it makes perfect sense! I could totally see you two being soulmates, if you weren't related. All your years together give your relationship a great emotional depth. I get that."

Maggie felt dizzy, like she was falling into a deep, dark hole. She waved her hands frantically, "You can't possibly be implying...!"

Sally nodded gravely. "I am! It's not just that. Let's face it: Nick's a shy guy. And his looks are fairly ordinary. I know he hasn't dated at all, because the girls overlook him. But... for someone like you or me, who knows him better, we can see he has all sorts of hidden charms. Depth. He IS mature way beyond his years. And he's just such a wonderful, kind, and loving guy! I really like him a lot. Hell, I could almost imagine myself falling for him, now that he's growing up and filling out, if I wasn't already so happily taken, as well as the age issue. He's a sleeper, a dark horse."

Maggie thought, He certainly isn't shy any more! The way he takes charge and fucks my face like he owns every inch of me... Oooh! Goose bumps!

Sally went on, "And even though he doesn't have big muscles or a chiseled face, he DOES have his secret appeal, doesn't he? I've seen him in a bathing suit plenty. It hasn't passed my notice that he has a penis that's both unusually large and THICK! Very thick, unless my eyes have been deceiving me. Not only that, but he's in a state of arousal nearly 24 hours a day!"

Maggie protested, "It only seems that way to you, because you're, well, you! You're a total hottie yourself, you know. Whenever you come over, of course he's going to get aroused, because you're you. Especially if you're hanging out with me working on a tan in a bikini."

Sally waved a hand dismissively. "I'll admit there's some of that, But I've seen how other guys react to me on a regular basis. They get erect and aroused, sure, but it fades after a while due to familiarity. Whereas there have been times I've come over here to enjoy a dinner and a movie with you two, and I noticed the large lump in his shorts NEVER went down the entire time! Even if we watch TWO videos! You have to admit that's unusual. I'll bet he's a dark horse in a sexual way too. Isn't he? He looks like just another typical and slightly nerdy teenage boy, but he's really a sexual dynamo! Isn't he?"

Maggie raised her hands in protest. She thought, YES! Yes, he is! He's hung like a horse, but that's just for starters! He's become so confident and dominating! I love it! But her outer expression never changed, and she asked in an offended tone, "How the hell should I know?!"

Sally just replied with great certainty, "Oh, you know. And I know that you know. And you know that I know that you know! We've been best friends for way too long. Like I said, all the pieces fell into place. For instance, why haven't you returned my calls lately? If you really were dating 'John,' you would have called me first thing! You would have sought out my advice and we would have spent hours and hours talking about it already."

Maggie lied, "I wanted to, believe me! But I was too embarrassed, due to the age gap! I knew you wouldn't approve."

"Yeah, I suppose that's plausible," Sally conceded. "But I still don't believe it. Like I said, I know you too well. You would have at least called me back and talked about other things. You've been avoiding me like the plague! That tells me you've been keeping a much deeper secret, and you've had no clue over how to deal with it."

She went on, "But there's more. There's so many things that made sense all at once. For instance, the blissed-out look in your eyes earlier when you were talking about the 'paradise' of you and your son living alone with Andy gone."

Maggie complained, "Of course I'm happy about that! Why wouldn't I be?! I'm over the moon about it!"

"Yeah, but it was like a hungry, lusty look too. I dismissed it at the time, but now... Or, what about the way Nick feels about you? I've known all about his 'two obsessions' for years now, since you've come to me for advice about that so many times. That's put me in a unique position. I'm the only one of your friends you've told that one of his obsessions is YOU! And you didn't have much choice in the matter because I'd figured it out already just from the way he looked around you, and the constant erections he always had around you."

"That's because of you, like I said," Maggie countered. "He thinks you're really sexy."

"I'm sure he does, because I am." Sally couldn't resist a smirky smile as she said that. "But you can't get me to unknow about his obsession for you, since we've talked about it so much. He's been like a powder keg ready to go off. He never dated ANY girl, due to his feeling for you! That's VERY unusual for a boy his age!"

Maggie sheepishly said, "Me and Hillary." She briefly wondered how much more upset Sally would be if she knew the full truth about Nick and Hillary too.

Sally nodded. "Yes, Hillary. Of course, I can't forget about his obsession for her too. But that's besides the point right now. Maybe if he'd been able to successfully date her, his feelings for you would have faded into something semi-normal over time, but that's not what happened, is it? The obstacle was that you didn't feel any attraction for him, and no doubt the incest taboo was a big part of that. But what if that changed? You two would have come together like, like... two stars colliding into each other!"

She crashed her hands together with a loud slap. "Like a supernova! And the way you talk about your feelings for 'John,' your lust AND your love, I don't buy it for some guy you never met before. Not going that far in just two or three weeks! You would be wary, very wary. After what happened to you with Andy, you're in 'once bitten, twice shy' mode. But if it was Nick, that's a whole different story! He's the ONE person in the whole world you can completely trust! The one person you can completely let go with, sexually and otherwise!"

Maggie's entire body sagged in defeat. She thought, FUCK! I'm so fucked! Sally's got my number. She knows me too well. Thanks to my one verbal slip-up, I've totally fucked up my life! And Nick's life! We are so, so, soooo totally fucked! I don't see how I can get out of this. Even now, my facial expression is probably just giving her more confirmation that she's right. I can't help it!

Figuring that anything she said or did would likely only make things worse, Maggie forced herself to stay quiet and at least try to maintain a neutral facial expression.

Sally put her hands on Maggie's shoulders. "I can see the worry in your eyes. And worried you should be! But not from me. I don't approve of this, not AT ALL, but I'm not going to rat you out. We've been through way too much. We've got each other's backs for life, right? Besides, I can kind of understand how it happened. You two love each other so much, I guess I can see how you could get confused about how to express that love, especially since you're so very beautiful and he's so well-hung."

Looking into Maggie's eyes, Sally said with obvious care and love, "Instead, I'm going to do my best to help you as a friend to get over this and move past it. Maybe it's just some phase that both of you are going through, like a fire that'll burn brightly but then burn itself out. This doesn't have to be a total disaster that destroys lives, if we can bring it to an end quickly and contain the damage."

Maggie had been feeling more and more pressure and foreboding, ever since Sally started crying. Unexpectedly, the pressure got too much and she snapped. She exclaimed passionately, "I don't want to 'get over it!' I love him with all my heart! And he loves me! Yes, we love each other in 'that way' too. You're too damn smart, and I fucked up! But now that you know, I'm NOT ASHAMED! We have a love that's so powerful, so magical, I can't possibly explain it in words! And I don't want it to end! EVER!"

With that, Maggie grasped Sally with both hands and pulled her in for a smothering hug. Then she burst into tears. The tension of getting found out had been killing her, and she felt a flood of emotional release now that she'd confirmed Sally's astute surmise. She felt tremendous relief, even as she faced new fears and worries. But for the moment, all she could do was let her feelings flow.

Sally was considerate. She felt repulsed by the incest, almost to the point of throwing up, but she put that aside for now to comfort her best friend. She patted Maggie's back and said tenderly, "There, there. Things happen. Life is confusing and complicated. We'll get through this, just like we've gotten though other tight spots. Just let it all out."

For the next few minutes, Maggie sobbed and sobbed. She felt almost no guilt over her incestuous relationship with her son, but she had many worries, including the fear that this could destroy her relationship with her best friend, if not sooner, then later. Her slip-up with Sally also heightened her fear that others might be able to figure out the truth, until their secret became generally known and she and Nick would have to flee town in shame, or worse. But mostly, she just let lots of pent-up tensions and worries flow out of her.

Before long, Sally resumed crying too. She had her own great worries. She felt Maggie was making a grave mistake and she already suspected that she wouldn't be able to steer her onto a different path. But she was more crying in sympathy and also letting pent-up tensions from their emotional confrontation flow out of her.

Eventually, Maggie was all cried out, so Sally stopped crying too.

Maggie broke the hug and wiped her eyes. She spoke in a near whisper. "Thank you. Thank you for at least not COMPLETELY freaking out on me. And for promising to keep the secret. You really are a great friend."

Sally stepped back and tried to force a smile. "Hey, that's what besties are for, right? Like I said, I don't approve, but I'm going to fight this in a way that's just between you and me, using the power of persuasion. It's like if I caught you doing some criminal thing, I wouldn't run to the police, I'd try my best to talk you out of it so you could get out of your dark path without having to go to prison."

She realized with a start. "Hey! This IS a crime, isn't it?! Crap! Don't worry, like I said, I'm not going to tell on you, but... sweet Jesus! Maggie! This is so WRONG! You know this can't last, don't you?!"

Maggie went back to her seat and all but collapsed into it. She was worried about the potential loss of her friendship with Sally more than anything. But it was also sobering to be reminded that she could potentially get in trouble with the law.

Maggie's move caused Sally to return to her seat too.

Then Maggie said, "Don't be so quick to judge. You know just enough to be shocked and appalled, but not enough to really understand how I feel. If you did, I'm sure you'd see things in a different way."

Sally said sourly, "Then educate me. Although I'll warn you that your chances of convincing me that incest is okay are about the same that you'll talk me into thinking that cannibalism is okay."

Maggie grimaced. "It's not like that! It's not even close!" She sighed heavily and sank deeper into her seat. "God! I don't even know where to begin. Except to say that I honestly don't feel guilty! I don't feel like what we're doing is wrong." Her face lit up joyously. "It's glorious! It's incredible! It's love! True love! The most powerful and incredible love you can possibly imagine!"

She sat up and spoke with renewed determination. "Look. I get that incest in general is wrong, for many reasons. There's usually some kind of fucked-up power dynamic, so it's some kind of rape. But that's definitely not the case here. Can't there be exceptions?! For instance, what if a brother and sister are separated at birth, then meet each other as adults and fall in love, never knowing they're related until after they're married? Would you force them to get divorced and stay apart at that point, even if they're deeply in love?"

Sally frowned as she thought that over. She wiped some lingering tears off her cheeks as she played for time. Finally, she said, "Well, I don't know. In that very special case, maaaaaybe I could see to turning a blind eye to the whole tragic situation. If they didn't have kids, at least. Maybe. I'd have to think about it. But that's not your case at all!"

Maggie briefly smirked at winning that little victory. "No. But I'm just making the general point that there COULD be exceptions. It's good to have rules and customs, but also to have the wisdom to allow exceptions. Fifty years ago, if I'd wanted to marry a black man, that actually would have been illegal, as well as a huge scandal. Believe it or not, the laws on that didn't change in most states until the 1960s. Or look at how gay marriage is changing. I'm not saying all incest is okay. I'd still be against the vast majority of it for the power dynamic problem and other reasons. But can't you put your preconceptions aside and at least try to see things through my eyes? At least, by the time I'm done explaining, you won't see me as such a monster."

Sally let out a long sigh. "I don't see you as a monster. it's more like you're... confused. Misguided. Too overwhelmed by lust and other feelings to think straight."

Maggie rolled her eyes and shook her head. "You couldn't be more wrong!"

"Then tell me! But... not now."

Maggie furrowed her brow again. "What?!"

"Sorry. It's just... I'm feeling kind of overwhelmed. I think I need a little while to let this sink in. I just starting to think what it would be like if you start telling me the gory details, or really any details, and I don't think I can handle that right now."

Maggie said, "But I have to tell you now! If I don't, your preconceptions are going to sink in and shut your mind. I'll be the sick 'incest monster' forever. Plus, I need to get it off my chest. I really need to speak to you now!"

Sally looked around the room as she considered her options. Looking back to Maggie, she replied, "I can see that. Let's compromise. Let me go for a little while, a few hours, to try to clear my mind and get over my upset stomach. I must admit, when I first figured things out, I got dangerously nauseous. It's better now, but... sorry. This is hard for me to take."

"That's okay," Maggie said sadly. "I understand. But then let's finish this soon, because I'm sure you have some misunderstandings that I want to clear up."

They nodded in agreement over that. Maggie explained how she had cooking plans in the afternoon (without mentioning specifics such as Anushka's name) that she felt she couldn't break. As a result, they decided to call each other after dinner and get together later in the evening.

Sally left the house a minute or two later, after they shared a hug. But before she left, she said, "Once again, don't worry about me. I promise again not to tell anyone even a hint about this, not even Drew. I know the stakes are super high for you, and for Nick, but I've got your back. We're going to resolve this in-house, in private."

Maggie felt a lot better after getting that reassurance. She knew Sally well enough to know that she'd keep her promises.

Also, right before Sally walked out the door, Maggie said, "By the way, please try to think of me as 'Maggie' now, not 'Margaret.' It's complicated, but it's important to me."

Sally raised a curious eyebrow. "I thought you hated having your name shortened."

"I did, but things changed. I'll explain later."

"Okay... Maggie. Wow. That sounds weird to me. But I'll try."


Once Sally was gone, Maggie returned to the chair she'd been sitting in to mentally and emotionally recover. Well! That was... intense! I was going to say "a disaster," but actually maybe it isn't so bad. How long could I have kept up the pretense of dating "John" anyway? She would have wanted to see photos, and then meet him in person. What would I have done, paid someone to pretend to be my boyfriend? Forever?! Because Nick and I are in it for the very long term, I should hope, and I don't want my friendship with Sally to ever end either.

If things with Nick and I are going to last, and I feel confident they will, I would have had to tell her the truth sooner or later. Or more likely, she would have stumbled across it in some kind of awful, shocking way. It may be better that I tore the scab off all at once instead of letting it fester for months or even years. I don't have to worry about her trying to talk me out of anything, because I feel so strongly about my man. My true love! And, best case scenario, I might be able to turn to her as a wise confidant, if she can ever meet me halfway and at least be somewhat accepting about this.

But, then again... things could go all pear-shaped. It might just ruin our great friendship. Especially because the incest isn't even the full story. How is she going to take it when she finds out I'm sharing him with Hillary too?! Or all the weirdness with Debra? Not to mention how much I'm loving sexually submitting to my own son. Or my newfound love of cocksucking. I probably shouldn't tell her about my new dedication to "total oral submission." UGH!

Hell, I'd lose her for sure if I tell her the full truth right away. But that's okay. I'll just have to be careful. Getting her to deal with the incest factor alone is going to be tough!

After a few more minutes of contemplation, she got up and went to the kitchen to look at the clock. Damn. Still over an hour until I go to meet Anushka. I'm really eager for that, but I guess it's good if I have time to get over this emotional whirlwind and get in the right mindset for that. I really want to make a good impression with her.

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