Chapter 81: Backyard Paradise (Monday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Nick's and Hillary's fifth period class was part of their three-hour Advanced Studies block of classes, along with the two classes just before lunch. Those classes were smaller than usual, with about 20 students instead of around 30, and more varied in activity, instead of just a teacher lecturing from the start of the class all the time.

On this day, they had to do work on a group project with about four students in each group. Nick and Hillary were in the same group, since the groups were self-chosen instead of selected by the teacher. However, this was frustrating, because although that meant Nick and Hillary could talk to each other a lot, they couldn't talk about any private matter due to the two other students in their group. They couldn't even safely pass notes.

They waited until class was over, then met up in the busy hallway.

Nick muttered to Hillary while standing near her, "I'd like to talk about our after school plans for a minute."

"Me too," Hillary replied. "But not here. Shall we meet outside again?"


They started walking down the hall towards the same exit they'd used twice earlier in the day. They tried to act like they were two students who were independently walking the same direction, because the more they were seen together, the more that could feed rumors that they were closer than just good friends.

However, they didn't get far before Debra showed up, hurried to their front side, and stopped them in their tracks. She had a stormy look on her face, and an aggressive body posture, with her hands on her hips.

She quietly but forcefully hissed, "Hey, you two! Where do you think you're going?! Do you realize you totally failed to call me at the end of lunch, like you promised?!"

Nick looked around to check if other people were noticing. Nobody seemed to be paying special attention yet, but he figured that wouldn't last for long, given that he was standing with the two most desired girls in school. He quietly replied, "Let's talk about this as we walk."

Debra grumbled, "Fine." She made way, and then started walking right by Nick's side.

Nick felt a powerful surge of lust just from seeing Debra again. This shouldn't have been a big surprise, since it happened every time he saw her lately. But each time, he was taken aback by the intensity of his emotional and physical response. For instance, he got so weak in the knees this time that he had to make a conscious effort just to keep walking. And he felt giddy and dizzy, even more than when he saw Maggie or Hillary anew.

But as with previous times, he fought hard to keep those feelings under control and act and sound normal. He muttered to Debra as the three of them kept walking, "Sorry. It wasn't intentional. As it happened, we lost track of the time and had to run back to class. We just barely made it in time."

Debra complained, "I'm hurt! But... I guess I can understand that." She looked to Hillary as she added, "If I were in your shoes, I could easily see myself losing track of time due to having a feast! And I'm not talking about eating food, if you know what I mean." She grinned knowingly, and even licked her lips.

An annoyed Hillary just rolled her eyes, then glared disdainfully.

By this time, the three of them had almost reached the exit. They were silent for a few more moments until they were outside and safely clear of the building.

Then, figuring she could talk more freely, Debra told Hillary in a quiet, careful voice, "If it isn't clear enough, I'm talking about feasting on Nick's cock! Spending the whole lunch period gobbling on his fat knob! Polishing it with my lips and tongue until it shines!" She licked her lips even more lasciviously than before.

Nick clenched his teeth, trying to stay calm. Crap! Instant erection. Damn you, Debra!

Hillary groaned and grimaced. She complained to Debra, "I got it already. Sheesh! Do you have to be so graphic? The walls have ears."

Debra looked around. They had just come to a stop about 20 feet away from the main school building. "No they don't. That's just a saying. Besides, there aren't even any walls near us."

Nick strategically placed his hands to hide his erection. "Never mind about that. Can we focus, please? Debra, sorry again about not calling, but it doesn't matter. It's fine if you fill us in now about what you did at lunch. We didn't talk to anyone since then except about in-class school stuff."

Debra broke into a big smile. "I was so good! And smart! I came up with the perfect cover story. You know how this school has a pretty lame 'newspaper?' I don't see how it can really be called that when it's only one page, front and back, and comes out merely once every two weeks. But I used that very lameness as the excuse. I went to your usual cafeteria table and played it cool with your friends there. After a few minutes, Spencer noticed you two hadn't showed up, and he asked if anyone knew where you were."

Nick thought, Shit! Of course it would be Spencer asking that. Grrr! I'll bet he's suspicious, big time, that Hillary and I are an item.

Debra went on, "So I told him the school administration is interested in taking the newspaper to a higher level and has been interviewing people to join the staff. Furthermore, I said I'd heard you two were having your interview today. That seemed to put any curiosity to rest, and the conversation quickly moved on. It was easy."

"Well, that's good." Nick muttered. "Thanks for that."

"You're welcome," Debra replied with a big smile. "But, in return, you've gotta tell me what you three did together! I'm sure it's super hot!"

Hillary complained with an angry face, "That's private! It's none of your business, so back off!"

But Nick said, "It's okay. Given all that we've done with her over the weekend, I think we can give her a very brief version. Especially since we'll probably need her help with cover story stuff more in the future."

There was a long pause, but then Hillary let out a sigh, and grumbled. "Fine. Whatever! You do it."

Nick was still erect and aroused, and he was mindful that the break between classes was short. He steeled his nerves, determined to get through this as quickly and efficiently as possible. He told Debra, "The three of us snuck off to a private place. I'm not going to tell you where or how, because you don't need to know. Then we got naked. Hillary was really worked up from anticipation pretty much the whole school day. She went for my penis straight away, like she had this pent up desire to suck. But then she had a massive orgasm that pretty much put her out of commission for a while. As she recovered, I went down on her, because I'd seen how she'd been suffering with need for hours, and I wanted to make sure she was fully sexually satiated. After she had another nice cum, she and Maggie worked on my penis until I came. But then there was no time, so we rushed back to class like crazy, and just barely made it, while Maggie drove off."

There was a very long silence after that.

Nick thought, This is so freaking weird. Did I just say that out loud? At school? To Debra?! And with Hillary listening in? Man! My life has gotten totally surreal. At least I didn't get carried away, despite my secret arousal.

Debra stared at him with wide eyes and even a gaping mouth. Finally, she exploded with a loud exclamation. "WOW!" She clutched her hands at the sides of her head and bounced up and down on her heels a little bit. "Oh MY GOD! WOW!"

Hillary stepped closer to Debra and hissed, "Shut your mouth! Can you keep it down?! Do you want the whole school to hear?!"

Debra was duly chastened. She lowered her hands and tried to speak in a quieter voice. "Sorry. It's just that that's SO VERY HOT! That's going to keep me going for a long time! I'm going to masturbate a thousand times tonight thinking about that, and thinking about ME being in there with you guys!"

She gave Nick a coy and very sultry look. "How would you like that, Nicky? Would you enjoy having THREE tongues on your big thick cock, all at once? With the three hottest girls in town all fighting to see who can please you the most?!"

Nick was struggling. Her sheer sexuality was deeply affecting him. He could feel himself actually getting temporarily stupid, like he was being mesmerized and unable to think on his own. It was all he could do to stay silent so as to not blurt out something that would offend Hillary.

Hillary stepped in between him and Debra, like a cop trying to keep an onlooker from the scene of a crime. She waved her hands in front of Debra's face, for good measure. "Okay, that's enough! You've had your fun. No, GO! We have some stuff to discuss before we get back to class. So, go, NOW, or I'm going to get really upset!"

Debra had been staring at Nick with undisguised longing, almost like she was in a trance too. But she snapped out of it and gave Hillary a dirty look. "Okay already. Sheesh! I'm going. But remember, Nicky, tomorrow. We're going to have so much fun after school!" She started to walk away.

Hillary griped at Debra's back, "And that's another thing: stop calling him 'Nicky!' He doesn't like that. That's a girl's name."

Debra stopped and looked back at him. "Is that true? You don't like that?"

He rallied himself from his lusty daze and replied, "No, I don't. I told you that a few times already. It does sound like a girl's name, for starters."

Debra furrowed her brow and seemed to seriously consider his objection, as if for the first time. "Well, you're certainly all man. I'll have to think up a better nickname for you as I'm playing with my pussy tonight, dreaming about how you're filling it! So FULL! Mmmm!"

Then she winked, gave a friendly wave, and resumed walking away.

Once Debra was back in the school building and out of sight, Hillary brought her hands up to her face, revealing that her hands were clenched into fists. Her teeth were clenched too as she complained, "God dammit! I hate her so much! She's so CLEARLY all moony and stupid over you. What the fuck is up with that?! She could have any guy in school, but she wants you just because Maggie and I have you. Fucking BITCH!"

Nick was surprised that Hillary was focusing all her ire on Debra and didn't seem to notice how transfixed he was. Or maybe she did and just assumed that was to be expected. He was eager to change the topic in any case. "Let's talk about that after school. We'll have more time. We should start heading back now."

Hillary reluctantly nodded. She lowered her fists and unclenched them. "Damn. These breaks are too short."

He felt much more at ease, and less aroused, as soon as Debra left. It was like Debra had cast a bewitching spell on him that had been lifted. As usual, he tried to act normal. "I know. But before we do, have you been thinking about after school plans?"

That put a grin back on Hillary's face, at least. "I have! You know, I hope you don't mind, but I am feeling totally sexually satiated now, thanks to what you did to me at lunch. I'd like it if we could go back to my house, and sure, get naked and take part in some fun hanky panky. But instead of an all-out sex romp, I'm thinking more of a mellow time. We have such great sexual chemistry, and I love that, but I'd like to get to know you better as a person too."

He gave her a very sincere smile. "I'd love that! That sounds perfect!"

They shared a moment, and even started to lean in towards each other for a French kiss. But then they remembered where they were. Even though they were outside and it seemed nobody was anywhere near them, kissing was too risky. So each of them took a step back.

They started walking back to the school building.

Nick felt like he was under a spell again, but this time it was a love spell cast by Hillary. That's so great! If she really wants to get to know me better, that's an awesome sight that what we have might last for the long-term! Man oh man! I could float back to class!

Hillary muttered. "Damn! I want to kiss you so bad. Or at least hold hands. But we can't even do that."

"I know. It sucks." He turned on a dime from frustrated to beaming. "But it's only one hour and then we can kiss until our lips fall off."

She laughed.

They had to stop talking right after that, however, at least about personal matters, because they entered the hallway again and it was busy with other students.

Their interaction ended with a whimper, because Hillary had to walk off in ones direction for her P.E. class and he had to walk off in another direction for his. They didn't even wave good-bye, because there were too many other people around.

— — —

Nick and Hillary reunited at the bike racks after school ended. Nick had no way to leave school other than with his own feet, since Maggie had driven him there and she wasn't there to pick him up due to her plans with Anushka.

As a result, Nick and Hillary played it cool. They quietly arranged to meet at Hillary's house, with Hillary going there first on her bike and Nick meeting here there a few minutes later on foot. That way, none of the other students would see them leaving school together. Luckily, Hillary didn't live that far away from school, so it wasn't a long walk.

When Nick got to Hillary's house, he knocked on the door. His lust was rising and his dick had grown erect again. His heart was racing fast too. Even though he knew they only had plans for a mellow time, he knew that still was bound to include a lot of great sexual fun. Plus, just being with her always made him feel good.

Hillary opened the door dressed in just a white robe. She was very matter-of-fact, not even saying hello. "Now, normally, I would joke around and give you a hard time before I let you in, but I'm too horny. Get naked and let's go to the hot tub! My parents aren't home, so we can get just as wild as we want." She grinned wickedly at him.

He thought, Pinch me, I'm dreaming! If I could express my true feelings, I'd drop to my knees and weep tears of joy that she wants to be with me at all! But I've gotta keep my cool. Act like I belong here.

He walked inside and closed the door behind him. "That sounds great, but what about our 'mellow' plans?"

"Oh, don't worry. There will be plenty of mellow, plenty of talking. I figure we've got hours together, don't we?"

He nodded gleefully.

"Good! As long as Anushka's busy, I've got all my time for you, probably until dinner. My only concern is homework, but I should be able to do all that after dinner, I figure. How 'bout you?"

He considered that issue, and realized that he was falling behind in his homework in a bad way. He had hardly done any at all over the weekend. He needed to spend extra time today to get caught up.

But he decided, I can afford to fall a little behind. Spending quality time with one of my dream girls is way more important to me. I'm literally living out my greatest fantasies. Getting to spend all afternoon with Hillary, both of us probably naked the whole time?! Are you kidding me?! Fucking incredible!

Fighting hard to keep his cool, he simply said, "Same here."

"Good!" Still wearing her robe, Hillary led the way through the house to the backyard. The backyard was large and beautiful, with lots of well tended greenery. There were flowers of many colors in every direction, and a small pond. It reminded him of a Hobbit dwelling from Lord of the Rings just as much as the interior of the house did. The only thing that would have made the whole place more Hobbit-like was if Hillary's house was entirely underground. Another comparison would have been an elegant manor and garden from medieval England.

The one partial exception to this look was the large pool, which was surrounded by concrete and seemed startlingly modern. But even the hot tub deck was made out of wood. It looked much like a hot tub would have looked like if they had those in the "olden days" too.

Hillary waited until she was standing by the hot tub and had Nick's full attention. Then she dramatically slid the robe off her shoulders until it fell all the way to the wooden deck. She sighed in blissful relief. "Aaaaaah! That feels so much better! Nudity is the best, don't you think?"

Nick's heart started thumping harder as he took in the sight of Hillary's centerfold-worthy body, gloriously exposed from head to toe. Sweet Jesus! How can this be happening to me?! I feel like such a fraud. If she only knew about my scheming, she'd think I'm a fraud too.

She even struck a sexy pose, with a cocked hip and a hand on that hip.

He just stared and stared, with his mouth hanging open like a comic book character.

She smirked. After a long pause, she asked, "Well? Cat got your tongue?"

He took the hint that this was a good time for a compliment or two. That came easy, since he was so very impressed and aroused. "Sorry, but you literally leave me speechless! And breathless! I don't know what to say, except that Debra can go suck wrinkled, old donkey balls!"

Hillary burst into laughter, causing her huge breasts to wobble and sway. That was just the sort of thing she wanted to hear, especially the comment about Debra. Plus, the inspired look on his face said volumes.

Nick was secretly pleased. He'd been feeling disturbed more than once earlier in the day at the intensity of his reaction whenever he saw Debra again. It was nice to be reassured that Hillary could get his fires burning even more than Debra could. Hillary was gorgeous fully clothed, but she was even more impressive naked, due to her athletic yet curvaceous physique and her rich all-over tan.

Hillary struck another sexy pose, bunching up her hair behind her head. "Well?! Are you just going to stand there catching flies in your mouth, or are you going to show me what you have packing in your shorts?" She smirked again, and gazed longingly at his crotch. "Is that a foot-long model of Big Ben in there, or are you just happy to see me?"

Nick was feeling great, his confidence surging on a wave of lust. He joked, "How did you know? I smuggled one of those out of England recently so I wouldn't have to pay any duty fees, and I forgot to take it out of my shorts!"

She laughed while dropping to her knees before him. She playfully slapped one of his thighs. "Very funny. Now, are you going to unzip, or am I going to have to rape you with my mouth?"

He gleefully replied, "Seeing how I don't want to be traumatized for life, I suppose I'll have to unzip." He sighed loudly and theatrically as he finally unzipped his shorts. But he made sure to go one step further, sliding them all the way off his legs. Then he remembered to take his T-shirt off too, so he'd be just as naked as she was.

Her face lit up and she licked her lips as his fully erect cock come into view. "Aaaaah! Now that's more like it!" She took his shaft in hand and started lapping on his sweet spot while stroking further down.

One minute passed, and then another.

Nick was a bit chagrined that he'd wound up standing, but he decided to just roll with the punches for a while since it gave him an extra kick of arousal and he guessed it had the same effect on her.

At one point, she switched to sucking one of his balls while making very strange noises.

That caused him to ask, "What are you doing?"

She pulled off and looked up at him with a silly grin, "I'm sucking 'wrinkled old donkey balls,' of course!"

He laughed and lightly bopped her on the head. "I'm going to have to get you for that!" As she went back to licking and stroking his boner, he thought, How fucking lucky can I be?! Not only is she making me feel extreme pleasure, she makes it such light-hearted fun too. Well, I guess it's best to play it cool and not gush too much praise, but today I'm definitely going to do more to show my appreciation. I've been too selfish, getting blown without doing enough in return. I enjoyed going down on her at lunch, and I'm gonna do a lot more of that!

That said... not quite yet. Hot damn! This feels INSANELY great!

A couple of minutes later, as she kept on orally pleasuring him, she muttered, "You've got me so eager to suck! I wasn't like this with my previous boyfriends. Maybe it's the competition with Maggie. Or Debra. Or, hell, both of them. That's part of it, I'm sure, but not all of it. Even when I'm not thinking of them at all, it's just so much FUN!"

He thought, SHE'S having fun?! Jesus Christ! She can't be having half as great a time as I'm having right now. I wish my soul could leave my body so I could fly around this beautiful backyard just to admire her kneeling cocksucking from every angle. The visual alone would be enough to make me cum!

After saying those words, she finally engulfed his entire cockhead, and then started to suck on it with vigor. She was careful to repeatedly slide her lips back and forth over his sweet spot, to deliver maximum pleasure.

He felt such a great surge of lusty joy that he had to put both hands on Hillary's long brown hair to steady himself. I thought I was feeling great already, but that was before she started sucking. This is even better, and I'm still not close to cumming yet!

As the surge slowly eased off, he looked around the garden and pool area in wonder, trying to take in the situation with a larger perspective. Man! Just look at me! This is too cool! Not that many weeks ago, Hillary was as far from me as the moon. I was practically too scared to even talk to her. And look at us now! I'm in her friggin' awesome backyard for the first time... doing this! With my hands on her honest-to-God bobbing head! Fuck me! I love life!

Shivers ran down his spine as he felt her do something particularly effective to his cock with her hands, lips, and tongue at all once. Damn! I've never even been here before. Luckily, the Mitchells practically have a jungle out here. I can't see even a hint of the neighboring houses, which is good. We're probably pretty safe.

He held his breath as he had a frightening thought. But what about her parents?! Oh shit! They could come by at any time. I've never even met them. This would be an awkward way to make a first impression, that's for sure!

This line of thought worried him so much that he felt compelled to break the mood by asking a question. "Hills... by the way, is it okay if I call you that?"

"Mmmm-hmmm," she replied, with her eyes still closed. She was concentrating intently on her cocksucking.

Lightly stroking her hair, he said, "Thanks. I like that. But, uh, I hate to interrupt you, but is it possible your parents could come home and see us like this?! And what should we do if they do?"

She opened her eyes and reluctantly looked up. She was having a grand time sucking him, but she realized he would be worried until she addressed the issue. So she pulled her lips off. She kept jacking him off, and explained, "Yeah, actually, I need to prepare you for that. They're both nudists, as you know. And they're both self-employed and keep their own hours. I don't know where they are now, so it's possible one or both of them could come home at any time."

He sighed and frowned. "Oh, great. Should we, uh, I dunno... go to your room?"

Hillary looked all around while continuing to stroke his shaft and play with his balls. "We could... but I'd rather not. It's such a nice day. Besides, this is something we're going to have to deal with sooner or later. Do you want to live in fear of them all the time, always hiding in my room like two prudes, or can we be more brazen?"

He glumly replied, "Let's live in fear like two prudes."

She looked up at him in confusion, not sure if he was joking or not.

He clarified, "I don't really mean that... I think. But I've never even met them before. I don't want to meet them for the very first time like this!"

She resumed lapping on his sweet spot, even as she responded, "I can understand that. But maybe it would be best in the long run if you did. I'm feeling so strong about our relationship. I've got a great feeling that this isn't something that'll burn brightly then fade away fast, like my past boyfriends. I love the stable four-legged table we have going. I get the best of both worlds with you AND Anushka. And I love Maggie being a part of it too. I couldn't be happier. I seem to be getting even hotter for you all the time. That's a big reason why I want to spend today just talking and getting to know you better, since we're hopefully going to be in this together for a good long time to come."

He thought, I can't even believe it! The idea of getting to do this sort of thing with her on a regular basis could very literally make my brain explode! And that's not even counting what I have going with Ma!

Hillary realized that she was still licking and stroking as she said that, so she said with some amused chagrin, "Well, MOSTLY talking. I figure we've got all afternoon, so you and I should enjoy an orgasm or two before we really get chatty."

He felt shivers racing up and down his spine, and goose bumps too. For once, that wasn't due to sexual pleasure, but due to the words she just told him. Whoa! She's into me! Hillary freaking Mitchell! God, that makes me so damn happy, I think I want to cry! I kinda knew that already, but it's just so hard to believe. I guess I need a lot of reassurance, especially since I got here through false pretenses.

But I need to play it cool. Playing hard to get is the smart move. Getting all gushy will lead to her taking me for granted. Even she was admitting a little while ago that a sense of competition with Ma and Debra energizes her. So even though I long to gush poetically how much I love her, this isn't the time or place for that.

With that in mind, he tried his best to limit the emotionality of his response without being too discouraging. "Thanks for those kind words. I feel the same, that we're going to be together for a long time to come. Hopefully, as we get to know each other more, it'll just get better and better."

She looked up at him with emotive, shining eyes. "I sure hope so! That's what I want too!" She engulfed his cockhead again and resumed fervently bobbing on it.

He had to clutch at the sides of her head, due to another intense wave of arousal. He hadn't been expecting her to do that.

Once he recovered without cumming, he said, "I love what you're doing to me, but... I hate to be annoying, but we still didn't resolve what to do about your parents."

It took nearly another full minute, but she finally pulled her lips off his hard-on again. "Oh. Damn." She looked back towards her house as she thought that over. "Well... it doesn't really bother me. My dad pretty much keeps his distance from me in sexual situations, for obvious reasons. If he takes a look out back and sees us, I bet he'll just leave us be."

Thank God for that! Nick thought. He was especially worried about meeting her father.

Hillary added, "But even though Anushka and I haven't been together for that long, Mom has walked in on us in various 'compromising positions' more times than I could count. You know, like calling us down for dinner and stuff like that."


"Sure. When Anushka is visiting me here, we're always naked, and usually touching each other in some way, at the very least. Like, if we're doing homework together, I might have a hand idly running through her hair or something. But sometimes we get swept away into doing more. Much more. And we don't care if Mom walks in on us like that, so long as it's just her. I'd rather it be that way than having to worry about her all the time."

He replied, "Maybe so. Maybe I could get to that point eventually, but again, first impressions! I don't want to meet your mom for the first time, or especially your dad, while you're sucking my dick!"

Hillary snickered. "Probably not. That would be kind of funny though. Don't you think?"

He rolled his eyes. "Maybe a funny story to tell later, much later. But not funny to live through!"

She laughed again, then got serious. She sat back on her heels, completely disengaging from his privates. "Well, if you feel that way, I suppose I can go to the kitchen and leave a note. I'll tell them I'm with you by the pool, and we'd like to keep our privacy out here for now."

"That would be great, actually," he said, with much more relief than he was letting on. "I like it out here too, especially if we can use the hot tub."

"Oh, we'll be using that, for sure." She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. Then she stood up and stretched.

His eyes widened as he gawked at her fantastic nude figure in motion. FUCK ME! What does she see in me?! I'm so ordinary in comparison. And Anushka! God! The thought of the two of them naked and fondling each other... Aaargh! Dangerous! Too arousing!

Even as Hillary kept stretching, she said, "But you realize that'll just delay the issue, right? What will happen later today, if you're still here when they come home? Would you be willing to meet them in the nude? Or would you rather put your clothes on and have them fully dress too?"

He was strongly in favor of the latter suggestion. But he could see from the look in her eyes that she was going to be disappointed in him if he took the "cowardly" way out. He thought, I can't forget my vow to say or do just about anything to win and keep my dream girl. She's a nudist at home. I need to man up and deal with that. The extremely easy part is seeing her naked. The challenge is seeing her parents that way too.

So he gathered up his courage and said, "My first instinct is to say let's put clothes on first, of course. But I know your nude lifestyle is important to you. I'm willing to give the nude version a try. But if it gets too weird for me, maybe I can give you a signal and you can keep the encounter short."

She broke into a very big smile, pleased that he was trying hard to be flexible. "I can do that! Cool! Color me impressed! I'm going to go write that note right now. And when I get back, you're going to be rewarded in a VERY big way!" She made a suggestive and extra sultry face.

He looked up and down her voluptuous form and honestly replied, "You're already blowing my mind. We're still not allowed to fuck, right? So, barring that, what could possibly be better than this?!"

"You'll see." she winked knowingly.

Then she started to walk away. Knowing he would look, she made sure to go extra slowly and sashay her bare hips to devastating effect.

He gawked in wide-eyed wonder. His was so aroused from the sight of her flawless ass undulating back and forth that his cock actually stiffened even more and rose up about an inch or two all on its own.

After taking a few steps away from him, she paused and looked back. "Oh, and by the way, while I'm gone, feel free to make yourself comfy. I love sucking you while you stand, but you probably don't want to do that ALL afternoon."

"No," he said, briefly tearing his gaze from her ass to see where he might sit. There were a few wooden chairs scattered on the deck around the hot tub, so he had options. He looked back to her and said, "But while we're at it, let's not make this all about you pleasuring me. I enjoyed going down on you during lunch."

"You did?" she asked uncertainly.

"For sure!" he responded sincerely. "Did you like that? I'd like to do more of that. And all sorts of other things I can't wait for us to do together. Heck, since we got here, we haven't even kissed yet."

She frowned and realized that last point was true. She turned around and quickly walked back to him. She wrapped her arms around his back and stared deeply into his eyes from close up.

He was so stunned by her incredible beauty at that close range, especially her sexy, shining brown eyes, that it literally took his breath away, causing him to gasp.

She said, "Good point! I love it when we kiss. It's like what Maggie says, about you having magic lips. Don't worry; we'll do everything short of fucking today, okay? But please let me start by sucking you to orgasm. I've been thinking about that a lot for the last two hours. It would really make me happy if I could go wild on your cock with no fear of time limits or getting caught or any of that. Then you can do me, and the rest. Okay?"

He grinned madly. "Okay!" I'm such a lucky son of a bitch!

"Good! Now, before I go to the kitchen, let's see about giving you a kiss!" She leaned in and gave him a scorching kiss.

The kiss went on and on. Soon, she had his cock back in hand and stroked it while also rubbing it against her bare skin just above her pussy lips. At the same time, he freely fondled her body. Not surprisingly, he mostly focused on her huge breasts and firm ass.

Both of them had been in a highly aroused state even before the kissing and fondling began. But their shared sexual heat rose higher and higher. Soon, the idea of Hillary leaving to write a note was completely forgotten. Instead, he wound up lying down in the shade on the wooden deck with Hillary lying on top of him. It wasn't very comfortable for him, especially since he had nothing to rest his head on, but he was so carried away by his passion that he didn't mind much. Besides, Hillary made sure to swing around into a sixty-nine position. With her pussy in his face, he soon found himself too busy licking, fingering, and generally fondling to mind any minor discomfort.

There were only two problems interfering with his fun. One was that Hillary's cocksucking was so very arousing that it made it tough for him to concentrate on his cunnilingus effort. He already worried that he couldn't begin to compare with her lesbian lovers in that, especially given his near total lack of experience. Secondly, he'd been getting close to cumming even before the sixty-nine began. Struggling and clenching not to cum made it even more difficult for him to do a good job.

After a couple of minutes, he said, "Sorry! I'm having a really hard time multitasking here, especially since I'm right on the brink. What if I just lick you for a few minutes? That'll give my penis a chance to calm down some. Then we can take turns. We can both last a lot longer that way."

She said, "Sure. It all sounds good to me."

They repositioned, moving into the shade on the deck since they figured they'd be at it for a while and they didn't want to get too much sun.

Hillary spread her legs wide and put her hands on his head.

He remembered Maggie's advice to tease and build up first, but he ignored that this time, since Hillary's pussy was already sopping wet and very aroused. He began lapping all over her pussy lips with great gusto.

Hillary laughed. "Whoa, there! What you lack in experience you more than make up with pure enthusiasm."

"Really?!" he asked as he licked. He was worried he just wasn't that good, at least not yet.

"Really. Trust me. I can tell you're fairly new to this, and you said as much earlier, but that's okay. In fact, it'll be fun to kind of mold you and bring you along. You'll be my personal love slave, bwa-ha-ha-ha!"

That made him feel better. He teased back, "The joke's on you! I'm just doing this so you'll invite me to your house and I'll get to steal your homework answers for tomorrow! My master plan has almost come to fruition! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!"

She laughed, then teased in return, "Au contraire! The joke's on you. I was one step ahead and sprinkled truth serum all over my pussy so you would foolishly reveal your master plan to me! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-HA!"

He stopped licking for the moment and looked up at her. "Au contraire contraire! The homework stealing is just a cover story for my REAL master plan: total world domination! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-HA, plus one more extra HA!"

The two of them burst into extended laughter after that.

He sat up, since they were laughing so much that he was taking a break from going down on her anyway.

She reached out and clutched his hand. "Hey, I've got an idea. As one mad scientist bent on world domination to another, what if we combine forces and conquer the world together?"

"Deal!" They shook hands on this, even though obviously it was just more joking around.

Then Hillary started to get up. "In all serious, I should go write that note warning my parents before I forget. And that'll give you more time for your dick to recover. Which will allow me to go totally wild on it even more than before, when it's my turn again!" She winked and flashed him a big smile as she stood up.

"Okay." He'd still be holding her hand from the handshake, which had turned into him helping her up. Their touching hands lingered together before they finally, reluctantly let go.

She started walking away. She slowly undulated her hips, like before, knowing that he had to be watching her every move. She glanced over her shoulder to check she had his attention, and asked, "By the way, do you want a drink?"

"Sure. Whatever you're having."

She continued to walk off into her house.

He shook his head in disbelief. God, just look at her in all her naked glory! Pinch me, I'm dreaming! Again! How many times am I going to say that before I get used to living in paradise? Hopefully never, actually. I love this tingly feeling of love and awe, not to mention constant arousal. Even though I feel unworthy.

And she suggested "we combine forces and conquer the world together." I know it was only part of some silly mad scientist joking, but it's kind of symbolic for me. I feel like we can and will conquer the world together! And with Ma too! And hopefully Anushka as well.

Speaking of them, I wonder how they're getting along?

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, lew54321, BDGV, Greyshadow, and GWB.