Chapter 82: Cooking with Anushka (Monday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Maggie had no trouble finding Anushka waiting at the large iron gates leading into the Academy. Anushka hopped into Maggie's Prius and the two of them headed off.

It was an unstated thing, but both of them had dressed to impress the other one. In particular, knowing their breasts were their most effective "weapon," they'd worn tops that showed off more cleavage than usual, while still being short of scandalous. This was a particularly daring move for Anushka, since she'd had to stay dressed like that through the entire school day.

As the car headed down the road, Anushka asked, "So where are we going?"

Maggie replied, "I thought we should do some shopping first. I know you know the big Asian supermarket we both use, 99 Ranch. I figure that's a must. Plus, you mentioned the Middle Eastern store you like that stocks a lot of Indian stuff. I was thinking we could go there first."

"Sounds great," Anushka said. "I'm getting hungry already, thinking about all the yummy stuff we're going to make. By the way, what ARE we going to cook up?"

Maggie made eye contact with Anushka in the passenger's seat, and flashed her a big grin. "That's up to us, isn't it? The sky's the limit! I've got some things I want to show you how to make that I think you'll love. And I'm hoping you'll have some of your mother's recipes that you can teach me. I don't know what the special dishes of Bangalore, India, are, but I'm sure they're delicious."

Anushka was all smiles. "Great! Sign me up for that plan! Although... crap!" She frowned severely.


"I just realized... I was in kind of a rush leaving for school today, thanks to certain highly distracting phone calls from you and Nick." She gave Maggie a chagrined yet fond look. "I was going to take some print-outs of some of my mom's recipes with me, but I left them behind. Soooo... we could either just do your stuff and save that for another day, or..." She stared off out the car window, thinking deeply.

After a long pause, Maggie prodded, "Or?"

"Or... maybe I could sneak in and grab them. But I'm kind of reluctant to try that, because what if one of my parents are home? If they see me with you, they'll probably assume the 'worst,' no matter what I say. You know, that you're my new secret lesbian girlfriend."

Maggie furrowed her brow. "Huh. That sucks. Especially because I'm hoping you and I are just at the start of a long, beautiful friendship. Are we going to have to keep everything we do together a secret from your parents forever?!"

"No, I should hope not. But we should figure out how to make a good first impression. They both know Hillary and like her. I think Mom suspects she and I are an item, but she's cool. She's got a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy I can live with. If Hillary could introduce you, and we highlight some cooking connection, that would be best, especially when it comes to my dad, who is the real problem."

Maggie said, "I like that. Maybe you and I could even surprise them by cooking a meal together. They say the best way to the heart is through the stomach."

"Ooooh! I like that! Very nice idea. We should definitely do that. But if we drive by and they see me with you in the car, that good first impression would be ruined. I know the odds of that are super low, but I'd rather not risk it. We've got so many wonderful things to cook, almost unlimited. We can even look up some Southern Indian recipes on the Internet and do some of that anyway."

"Okay, whatever you want to do," Maggie said with an encouraging smile. "Like you said, we've got unlimited options in any case. That said, girl, we should talk about your relationship with your parents. I already knew you had issues, especially with your dad, but it looks like it's worse than I thought."

Anushka slumped down in her seat and sighed heavily. "Yeah. Tell me about it." After a pause, she turned to Maggie, and said, "I don't mind talking about that with you. In fact, I'd welcome getting some of that stuff off my chest. But when it comes to talking, can I ask you a favor?"


"I feel things got a little out of hand with our phone call this morning. Then my call with Nick too. It was great fun at the time, but more sexual than I'm used to or comfortable with. So... could we kind of lay off the explicit sex talk today? I admire that you can talk about such tings so freely, and Hillary is like that too, but I get shy about talking like that. So can you please tone it down for me?"

Maggie gave her a friendly smile and said, "Of course. No problem. Sorry if I get a little carried away with my... enthusiasm."

But to herself, she thought, Drat! That sucks. I'd already been thinking of all kinds of ways I could psych her up on Nick, and sucking cock in general, and sucking his cock specifically! Hee-hee! But I guess I'll have to put those plans on hold, for now. Or at least tone them way down.

The two busty beauties switched to talking about cooking ideas for a while instead. Maggie was keen to have a discussion about Anushka's parents, but they had a pressing need to figure out what they were going to do in the kitchen so they could buy the right ingredients at the two stores they were about to go to.

Half an hour later, they were shopping at the Asian supermarket 99 Ranch when Maggie got a call on her cell phone. She picked it up and discovered that Hillary was calling.

After some pleasantries, in which Maggie explained what she and Anushka were doing, Hillary explained in turn what she and Nick were doing.

Maggie passed that information on to Anushka who was standing right by her and leaning in with great interest after learning the call was from Hillary. Maggie whispered, "Hillary is with Nick. They're in her backyard, and both of them are completely naked! She says they're taking turns going down on each other. He'll lick her down there for about five minutes, then they'll switch and she'll suck his, uh, you know." She looked around to confirm nobody else was listening.

Anushka immediately blushed and her heart started to thump. She was both jealous and aroused. The idea of Nick performing cunnilingus particularly upset her, because she considered that her domain, and even her special sexual talent. She'd assumed from all she'd heard about Nick's sexual interactions that there was a lot of cocksucking going on, but no cunnilingus. (She hadn't been told what had happened at lunch yet.)

Maggie listened to Hillary a bit more, then added, "Oooh! And they've been at it pretty much non-stop since school got out, and he STILL hasn't climaxed, not even once! Isn't that impressive?"

Anushka looked all around anxiously. "Maggie, please! Can we not talk about this here?! Not even whispering! I get too embarrassed!"

Maggie nodded. "Right. Sorry." She asked into the phone. "So, what's up besides that?"

Anushka endured a long silence while Maggie just listened to Hillary talk. Finally, Maggie said, "Sure, I can help with that. I'd be delighted! In fact, I LOVE that you're giving that a try. That's so great! I'm sure you'll get the hang of it, and soon we'll both be doing it to him all the time!"

Anushka tapped Maggie's shoulder. "What?! Doing what?!"

Maggie looked around again. They were standing in the fresh vegetables section, with lots of other customers nearby. In fact, an elderly Asian woman was pushing her shopping cart right past theirs.

Maggie whispered extra quietly, "You said don't talk about it here." She nodded with concern towards the nearby stranger.

Anushka reluctantly nodded back, but she was very frustrated due to her curiosity.

Maggie told Hillary through the phone, "I'm not in a good place to talk. But we're just about done here. We'll be going to the check-out line in a few minutes. How 'bout I call you back when I get back to my car?"

Hillary agreed to that.

Maggie quietly said, "Keep him entertained in the usual way until then, you lucky slut!" She immediately realized it wasn't wise to say "slut." She looked all around and breathed a sigh of relief that the coast was clear.

The call ended shortly after that.

Anushka tapped her shoulder some more. She still whispered, "What?! What is she trying?!" Then, realizing the problem of being overheard, she suggested, "Can you please just whisper it very quietly directly into my ear?"

"Sure." Maggie leaned in close and did just that. "First, some background. I deep throated Nick for the very first time this morning before school! That was a really big deal for me, because his penis is so thick. I had my doubts that it was even physically possible! But it felt fantastic. Gaaawwwd! Thinking about it, I can't wait to do it again and again and again. I told Hillary about it during lunch while we were sucking him off together."

Anushka's blush deepened. Her heart was racing faster, and her arousal was growing too. "Wait! What?! How were YOU there at school?"

"Long story," Maggie responded, still carefully whispering right into her ear. "I'll explain when we get back to the car. But the point is, since Hillary heard what I did, she was keen to try it herself. It was a 'special surprise' she promised him when they got to her house. But she found it's really, really tough, and she can't really do it, at least not yet. So she wants my advice. You don't mind if I help her over the phone, do you?"

Anushka looked around anxiously, even as Maggie pulled away. She leaned back in, and whispered, "Good Lord! This is the exact sort of thing I hoped we would NOT talk about!"

Maggie made her best apologetic face. "I know. I'm sorry. But I can't leave her hanging, can I?"

Anushka didn't reply, but she looked upset.

Maggie hurried through the rest of their shopping at the store. They'd bought all sorts of exotic items, including some fruits and vegetables that even she had never tried before. They tried to act like any other customers, but their combined busty beauty made them a spectacle with the other people in the store nearly all the time. That alone was emotionally draining, and they were glad to be done with all their shopping.

Once the two of them had returned to the Prius and put their bags of groceries away, Maggie spoke from the driver's seat into the passenger's seat before starting the car. "Okay, Anushka, what's bothering you? You've looked sour ever since Hillary called. If you don't want me to give sex advice to her, then I won't. It's something that can wait."

Anushka reluctantly said, "No, it's not that. I mean, I'm not exactly crazy about that, but I guess I can deal. The thing that bothers me more is that, even as we speak, they're performing oral sex on each other! I don't mind it when she goes down on him. That doesn't mean much to me. I don't have a penis, and he does, and she's bisexual. She needs that. I get that. I'm okay with it. The four-legged table, blah, blah, blah. Okay, already."

"Then what is it?" Maggie asked.

Anushka's eyes widened as she got more emotive. "It's that he's starting to go down on HER! What's up with that?! Why can't he just be a selfish lover, like most guys? I guess technically I gave permission for that, but I didn't expect for him to start doing it, like, half the time they're together. But that's exactly what's happening! They're taking turns!"

Maggie nodded slowly. "And you're worried that he's encroaching on your terrain."

"Yeah, I guess," Anushka reluctantly admitted. "I mean, he's got a penis and I don't. But we both have fingers and mouths. What if he ends up being as good as I am at that?! Or better, even?! And then she'll want to spend more and more time with him, and less with me! I'm barely hanging on with my fingernails as it is!"

"What do you mean by that?"

Anushka grew sadder. "It's just that Hillary is so awesome. I love her so much! I've fallen so deeply in love that I can't even imagine how wrecked I would be if we broke up. She means EVERYTHING to me! I know we're both really young, and it probably won't last forever, but I have high hopes that she's 'the one.' You know what I mean? And yet she has this history of never dating anyone too long. It's like, like... Logan's Run!"

"Excuse me?!" Maggie was confused by the reference.

Anushka gesticulated as she grew more agitated. "You know, that cheesy 1970s sci-fi movie? In that story's future world, everyone can only live so long, I think it was until 30, and then when your time comes, that's it, you're dead. I've ALREADY defied the odds, since I've been dating her longer than anyone else so far. It's like I'm living on borrowed time. Then Nick has to come along and be some kind of sexual super stud who's well-hung and ALWAYS horny, and never cums. It's like I'm yesterday's newspaper. And then it turns out he's into cunnilingus and wants to do it half the time?! Are you kidding me?!" She wildly waved her hands around in the small confines of the Prius.

Maggie put a comforting hand on Anushka's nearest shoulder. "Relax! Trust me, things are NOT that dire for you. I've been talking to Hillary more lately, and believe me that she's way into you. You're NOT on the way out, I can guarantee that. Instead, she's found reassurance in the whole four-legged table thing. Now that she feels her relationship situation has stabilized, she's free to go deeper with her feelings for you, as well as for him. I tell you, it's win-win for everybody!"

Anushka gave Maggie a disgruntled smirk. "I wish. I wish I could believe you on that. But this is, like, life and death for me! I love her so much! I'm so scared of losing her!"

Maggie responded, "I get it. But don't worry. We're all on the same team here. I want your relationship with Hillary to thrive, because all the 'legs' of the 'table' need to stay strong. Hey, I've got an idea. Things have been moving pretty fast for us all. What if I call Hillary back now, and tell her to wait for the deep throating lesson? And not only that, but tell Nick to dial it back on the cunnilingus too."

Anushka was astonished. "Really?! You'd do that for me?!"

"For sure! If you wanted a permanent ban on those things, now, that would be a lot more problematic. But just to put a temporary hold on it, giving you time to adjust? No problem! It's probably for the best anyway, in that I'd rather be there with Hillary when she successfully deep throats him for the first time. I can give her more help, and she and I can share the moment. Plus, I've only done it once and I want to get better at it before I can act as a teacher."

Anushka was almost teary-eyed. She took one of Maggie's hands and squeezed it. "Thanks! You're special. But what about Nick? I feel bad for him."

"Don't be. He's in hog heaven just being naked with Hillary, trust me. I'm sure they can find plenty of other things to do together. You know how he's a tit man, for instance. He'd be happier than a pig in shit just to fondle Hillary's twin towers for the rest of the afternoon, not to mention titfuck them. You don't have a problem with titfucking, do you?"

"Not at all. That's another thing where, since I don't have a penis, I don't feel like I'm in competition with him."

"Good. Plus, if there's one thing he loves, it's getting his dick sucked! In fact, he'll probably thank you for the restriction, because it'll mean more blowjob action for him today." Maggie grinned, especially since she figured that was true.

After Maggie talked some more, and gave Anushka additional reassurance, she called Hillary back and told her about the proposed change of plans due to Anushka's feelings.

Hillary took it in stride, and Nick did too. The truth was, Hillary had been having a hell of a tough time trying to deep throat him, and she was nearly ready to give up trying for the day anyway. Nick was happy just to be with Hillary, period. Plus, when Maggie suggested they try titfucking as an alternative, Nick actually smacked himself on his forehead for not thinking of doing that already.

With the Prius still in its parking lot, Maggie passed the phone to Anushka so she could directly talk to Hillary.

Hillary spent a few minutes reassuring Anushka that she wasn't "on the way out" or anything like that, and that Nick was no threat to her.

The call would have gone on longer, except Anushka was mindful of the fact that there were frozen foods in their grocery bags that were melting.

As the call wound down, Anushka ended up speaking directly to Nick. She told him, "I'm really sorry for being a 'cock blocker' here. I feel bad, because I already won't let you go all the way with her, and now this. But I promise, it's just for today. I know I'm being irrational and Hillary loves me, but I need some time to wrap my head around this. My brain tells me you're a man and you're not a direct threat to my relationship with her, but it takes some time for my heart to catch up. Next time she tries to deep throat you, I won't try to stop you. I promise. Ditto with the cunnilingus."

He replied, "I appreciate that. And don't worry, I'm not offended at all. I know that the transition to this four-person relationship is hardest on you out of all of us. I already promised you that I'd do anything, within reason, to help you, and I mean it. This is small potatoes, especially if it's just for a day or two. I know I'm only starting to get to know you, but I already care about you a lot. I'm rooting for your relationship with Hillary to grow and deepen more than you can imagine. That's for my own selfish reasons, yes, but it's also because it makes me happy to see you happy. You've been through a lot, what with your disapproving parents and your journey discovering your sexual preferences. You deserve happiness with Hillary!"

Anushka was so impressed by his words that at first she didn't know what to say. She actually took the cell phone from her ear and stared at it. He was behaving so much more nobly than the boys she'd dated that it was like he was from a different species.

She brought the phone back in place and exclaimed, "Wow! Are you serious?!"

"Of course I'm serious," he calmly and genuinely replied. "The way I see it, this four-legged table thing isn't just talk. We're a TEAM! What benefits one of us benefits all of us. I know you're fretting about the strength of your relationship with Hillary right now. I want you to be totally confident about that. Then the bonds between all of us will grow stronger and stronger, and we'll be an unstoppable force! We're going to face a lot of obstacles because our four-legged thing is so unusual. But if we work as a team, we can overcome anything!"

Anushka was even more emotionally moved. She said, "Thanks! That means a lot to me. Truly!"

"No problem," he replied. "Besides, as an aside, the truth is, I'm awful at cunnilingus. I'm a total newbie. I'm sure you can lick circles around me, so to speak. So the idea that I'm competition with you there is a joke. Everybody knows women are way better at that, since you know first-hand what works best. Hillary is just tolerating my feeble efforts, I'm sure."

Anushka said, "I'm sure you're exaggerating to make me feel better, but thank you just the same."

"No, it's true," he replied. "In fact, I spent the first ten minutes licking her belly button. She finally took pity on me and explained that's not where the pussy is located."

Anushka let out a hearty laugh, and then burst into a smile. "You lie! But still, thanks for cheering me up."

Hillary took the phone back from Nick, and said to Anushka, "Anu, I hate to say this with Nick listening, but when it comes to licking my kitty, you're so good at it that you're in another league. No offense, Nick, I love that you're doing it and getting better, but women do have a special advantage with that, and Anushka is the best I've ever known, even with all my other girlfriends. She has a magic tongue!"

Nick spoke loud enough to be heard over the phone line, "That's okay. I've taken that as a given. Anushka, I'm not trying to compete with you on that. I know my limitations." He meant that too, since he figured women really did have a built-in advantage.

Anushka was so happy that her face practically split in two. "Thank you! Thankyouthankyouthankyou, all three of you!" She glanced appreciatively at Maggie to make sure she felt included. "I'm sorry I've been complaining like a jealous little baby. But i feel so much better! I promise, I'm going to try a lot harder to be understanding."

The phone call ended a short time after that, with a big smile still on Anushka's face.

Maggie thought, Nice! Talk about making lemonade out of lemons! Nick really hit a home run with Anushka there. He even impressed me. This is a good example of one step back, three steps ahead. I don't know if he was being calculating or not, but the bottom line is, by being willing to easily accept a couple of restrictions today, he's earned a lot of trust points with Anushka for the future. And he's so right. What helps her and Hillary does help us all. I'm so proud of his maturity!

Anushka stared off into space, still pondering the phone call. But she muttered, "Sorry for taking so long with my insecurity issues. We should go before our groceries melt. Especially the soursop ice cream."

"Yeah," Maggie agreed. She turned the car's engine on and started to drive out of the parking lot. "But don't worry about it. That phone call is way more important than some melting ice cream. Besides, I'm sure it'll be fine. We didn't take that long."

Anushka didn't answer since she was still in contemplation mode. It meant a lot to her that Hillary said she was the best pussy licker she'd ever known. Despite her incredible looks and great personality, she had self-confidence issues. It didn't help that she was often fighting her parents instead of getting support from them.

Maggie frowned as she drove the car to the parking lot exit. "Oh shit!"

"What?" Anushka asked, coming out of her thoughtful reverie.

"I was just thinking which way to turn at this exit, and I realized I don't know where I'm going yet! I meant to ask you where we're going to do all our cooking, but I was having such fun talking and shopping with you that I forgot about it until just now."

She pulled the Prius into the main street, but then immediately drove to a nearby curb and came to a stop so they could sort this out.

She turned to face Anushka, and asked, "I assume your house is out, due to fear of your parents, right?"

"Right," Anushka replied.

"And I'd rather not use my place. I merely live in a bungalow which is more of a glorified shack. My cooking situation there is extremely limited, to say the least. I would be totally embarrassed."

In the hour between when Sally left and she left to go pick up Anushka, Maggie had worked in the bungalow in her backyard, trying to make it look more like she actually lived there, just in case they were forced to do their cooking there. But she was almost desperate to avoid that, even though Andy was gone for the day and probably well into the night (due to the Monday Night Football game). Not only was she worried Anushka would somehow realize she didn't really live there, but there were next to no cooking amenities, aside from a sink and a hotpot.

Maggie continued, "I was hoping we could kind of crash at Hillary's place. That seems to be 'hang-out central' for us all. Would that be okay with you? And her? And her parents?"

Anushka furrowed her brow again. "Well... I'm sure Hillary wouldn't mind. And her parents Peter and Petra are totally cool. They have a big, nice kitchen. I've done some cooking there for them, and it's great for that. But... the thing is... it would be weird being there with Nick and Hillary in the backyard! Being so close to them, and yet so far... Especially with me having some jealousy issues today... Would I have to pretend to just ignore them? That probably would be the worst thing for me right now, seeing them naked and fondling and all lovey-dovey."

Maggie frowned in consternation. "Right. Damn. That would be awkward." She sighed, "I feel stupid. I really should have sorted this out BEFORE we bought all these groceries. I'd assumed we'd use Hillary's place, but we didn't work that out in advance, and now we're all dressed up and have nowhere to go. But I have a radical idea that just came into my mind."

"What's that?"

Maggie explained her idea even as it was coming into her mind. "What if we just basically crash Shannon's place? I'm only starting to know her, but she seems very nice. And her place is AWESOME. Like a palace! Plus, you need to see her rooftop garden. You will just DIE when you see what she's growing up there! I know it's pretty rude to basically invite ourselves over, especially at a moment's notice, but I think it's worth it to be pushy this one time. For one thing, I gather that she's really lonely."

"What do you mean?" Anushka asked.

"I've gathered that she's got a classic 'living in a gilded cage' problem. Yeah, she throws great, big parties, but on a day-to-day basis it's hard for her to go anywhere, due to her being so very wealthy. Any time she leaves the house, it turns into a full-blown security problem, due to the fear of kidnapping and such. That must limit her friendships. Plus, lots of people would be intimidated by her wealth and her mansion, even elite Academy types. I'll bet she doesn't get many visitors and would love to have more."

"That's all probably true," Anushka admitted. "I don't think she has a lot of close friends, even though she gets on great with just about everyone. She and I aren't super close, but we've bonded a little bit over our mutual disdain for our stuck-up Academy classmates."

"You see?" Maggie went on. "But the main thing is, you two are friendly already, but you'd get on like a house on fire if you could only bond with her over cooking! All three of us will. She's super into exotic food, and tropic fruit especially. The more I think about it, the more I'm liking the idea. Can we at least give it a try, and see if she's available or not?"

Anushka shrugged. "Sure. Why not? It's probably high time that I try to get to know her better outside of class anyway."

So Maggie gave Shannon a call.

Sure enough, not only was Shannon willing to host their cooking efforts, but she welcomed them with open arms and was eager to join them in every way.

Maggie quickly drove to Shannon's mansion, still mindful of the melting groceries. It wasn't long until they'd made it past the security guard booth and were carrying their grocery bags inside.

Shannon met them and helped them carry the bags into the kitchen. She was dressed in casual "hang around the house" clothes, but she looked fantastic, as always. In particular, her flaming red hair was visually arresting, even for someone like Maggie who just hung out with her the night before.

As the three of them walked through the vast mansion, Maggie said to Shannon, "Thanks so much for helping us out. I feel bad for dropping in on you like this."

"Don't!" Shannon said forcefully. "I'm all over this cooking plan, like white on rice. It'll be great! I already like you and Anushka, and I was bored out of my mind working on homework anyway. Just last night, you told me a little bit about how Anushka shared your love of exotic foods and cooking, and how much you wanted her to see my garden. This was something that needed to happen soon. It just came a little faster than expected."

The three of them began chatting like they were long-lost friends, mostly over the food they'd bought and their immediate cooking plans.

After the groceries were put away (with the soursop ice cream only slightly soft), Shannon was so keen to show off her rooftop garden that she practically dragged them up there.

When they got to the roof, Maggie and Anushka were more than a little impressed. Of course, Maggie had seen the garden already, just the night before, but that was at night. It was a different experience in the day time, when one could see everything in great detail.

Anushka was simply over the moon. She commented sincerely, "My God! This place is like my fantasy garden. Like, if I could make the PERFECT garden, with all the things I want most growing in it, this would be it! And the view! It's amaaaaaazing!"

Shannon gave them a complete tour, showing off every different type of plant she was growing. Although Maggie had enjoyed a tour already, she didn't mind at all doing it again. Anushka only knew a little bit about the miracle fruit, but she got a full explanation and was very intrigued.

Eventually, they finished the tour and wound up back near the hot tub area.

That reminded Maggie about the fun they'd had there the night before. She teasingly told Shannon, "Remember last night, how we were all naked and hanging out over there?" She nodded towards the hot tub. "That was pretty sneaky of you, saying you have a nudity-only policy on the roof, to get us all naked. But I don't mind at all. It was a lot more fun that way."

Shannon responded, "Oh, but I wasn't being sneaky at all. I DO have that policy. But I figured I should suspend it today for your sake, Anushka. I've seen at school how you can be shy and easily embarrassed."

Surprisingly, Anushka put a hand on a hip and said defiantly, "Yeah, but I'm not some delicate flower. I can handle it! Especially when it comes to nudity. I'm kind of a nudist, actually."

Shannon was shocked, and it showed. "You are?!"

"Well, not me, exactly. But my girlfriend Hillary is, and I get naked every time I go over to her house. I've been doing that almost daily for the past couple of months, so it's no big deal."

Maggie spoke up, honestly telling Anushka, "I was just teasing Shannon a little bit. I wasn't actually suggesting we should get naked. So please, don't feel pressured."

Anushka said, "I realize that. But I don't want to be coddled. Besides, it could be fun and liberating. I heard a little bit about what happened here last night, with the four of you. If you could do all that, then it's no big deal if we stroll naked in this lovely garden wearing nothing but our birthday suits."

Shannon narrowed her gaze as she thought that over. "Well, I must admit... that does sound nice. And it is my usual rule for the roof, though I do make exceptions. But I really like you two, and I don't want to pressure you into something you don't want to do." She looked to Anushka, since Maggie obviously was fine with it, given what happened last night.

Anushka responded, "I'll admit it'll feel strange for me, getting naked without Hillary here. But I want to push myself. I'm thinking it actually could bring us closer together, in a totally non-sexual way, of course. Like a trust fall."

She didn't want to mention it with Shannon there, but she felt she'd "wimped out" earlier by insisting that Nick and Hillary limit some of their sexual activities today due to her feeling insecure. She was trying to redeem herself in her own eyes a little bit by being brave.

Besides, she wasn't willing to admit it to herself, but she was more than a little bit interested in seeing Maggie and Shannon completely naked! In fact, that was her main motivation.

The other two weren't willing to admit it out loud either, but they also were very excited to see Anushka naked! Both of them were dead gorgeous, but Anushka's body was a natural wonder, especially her enormous breasts. It was all they could do to play it cool and act like having everyone get naked was no big deal.

The three raving beauties slowly stripped where they stood.

Maggie muttered, "I can't believe we're doing this!"

Anushka said, "I know! I can't believe I'm doing this especially. I wonder what Hillary will think. I hope she won't be upset at me."

Shannon spoke. "I think it'll be fine, don't you, Maggie? If Hillary is a nudist, right?"

Maggie said, "No doubt." She looked to Anushka and suggested, "But, just to be sure, why don't you call her up before you get completely naked? If nothing else, I'm sure she'd appreciate being consulted. And I've got my cell phone with me."

"Great idea!" Anushka agreed. "You're a really good friend. That could save me a lot of grief, if it turns out I'm all wrong about her reaction."

The three of them continued to strip until they were down to just their underwear. Then they stopped, to make sure Anushka had Hillary's permission before they actually got naked.

Anushka was able to reach Hillary on the phone. "Hey, Hills! What's up? What are you and Mr. Dangerous doing?" (She'd never referred to Nick by that name before, but she had called him "dangerous" to his face more than once, and it seemed like a fun way to tease him.)

Hillary explained that she and he had stopped their "forbidden" activities and had actually switched mostly to just talking. They'd been having an emotionally meaningful time learning a lot more about each other's pasts. Luckily, Hillary's parents still hadn't come home yet.

She further explained that most of the time while they were talking, they were generally fondling each other, and sometimes kissing. Plus, she was sucking Nick's cock off and on (without trying deep throating again). She'd finally gotten him to cum and was getting him close to a second climax.

Anushka responded to all of that information fairly well, and without getting too jealous. She didn't want to complain some more, given her behavior with the earlier call. She then briefly explained to Hillary how she and Maggie had wound up moving their cooking plans to Shannon's place, and how they'd wound up on Shannon's roof. She ended up by asking permission to obey Shannon's rooftop rule of going naked.

Happily, Hillary said she was fine with that and actually was pleasantly surprised at Anushka's bravery. The call then ended shortly thereafter, because Hillary had been told that Maggie and Shannon were standing by and waiting.

Hillary obviously didn't hint at it with her words, but she hoped this could be a significant step in getting Maggie and Anushka sexually interested in each other. Her ideal was having everyone in their four-person relationship sexually involved with everyone else.

Once Anushka was off the phone, Maggie told her, "See? I had a good feeling she'd be fine with it. But isn't it good you got her okay, just to be sure?"

"Definitely," Anushka replied. She reached for her bra. "Now, let's do this! I say we all go at the same time. It'll make it less weird that way."

The other two nodded. Then the three of them removed their bras at the same time.

An awkwardness followed. Maggie and Shannon wanted to gawk at Anushka's incredible breasts, but both of them were trying hard not to appear sexually interested. So they didn't know where to look. However, both of them saw enough to realize that those boobs showed surprisingly little sag once her bra came free. That was remarkable, due to their sheer size and weight.

Luckily, they were able to get past the awkwardness by pushing on with taking their panties off. All three of them immediately did so.

Unfortunately, that set up a potentially even more awkward situation once they were all completely naked.

Anushka also felt very strange, and didn't know where to look. She was very sexually interested in both Maggie and Shannon. Seeing them naked only increased her interest, because their bodies were flawless, curvaceous, and all-around amazing. But she also felt a powerful loyalty towards Hillary. Just looking at another woman in the nude made her feel very guilty. However, they were so sexy that she found it hard to resist!

Shannon came up with just the thing to change the situation for everyone. She quickly said, "There we go. Now that we're all 'obeying the rules,' I say we take another little walk around the garden. Even though I've given you the full tour, it's nice to just enjoy the freedom of 'strolling naked in this lovely garden wearing nothing but our birthday suits,' as Anushka put it."

So the three of them took a leisurely walk. That gave them an excuse to look ahead or at the plants most of the time, while still finding opportunities to check each other out.

After a few such checks, Maggie thought, My God! It's so fitting that we're doing this here, because I feel like I'm in a floating garden up in the sky. Actually, we're up above Mount Olympus, and I'm walking with a couple of Greek goddesses! I already knew Shannon was a total knockout, and she looks even better in the sunlight. Her red hair looks like it's literally on fire, when it's shimmering in the sun. But the real jaw-dropper is Anushka! Good Lord! I consider myself nearly entirely straight, but her body is enough to "bend" anybody!

And her breasts! I can just hear Nick saying, "Are you kidding me?! That's ridiculous! Ridiculously sexy!" And he'd be right. I consider myself amply endowed, and I love how much he loves my chest, but her breasts seem twice as large! I know that has to be a wild exaggeration, but... DAMN! And somehow they don't look too big on her either. She's got wide shoulders and an amply curvy body all around without being chubby.

God! Just seeing her, I kinda really want to see my studly son seduce her and tame her! That would be seriously hot! I can totally picture his eager hands roaming all over her, sinking into her tit flesh! And titfucking her! Oh boy! And even as I'm thinking this, he's probably got his big fat cock tightly sheathed in Hillary's hefty pillows! God, he's so fucking dominant and sexy! I wish I had his meaty cock right here, in front of my face! I'd drop to my knees and give him a good long suck while he freely fondles Anushka's perfect body from head to toe! And he could do Shannon for good measure! Hell yeah!

Maggie didn't realize it, but she'd gotten so carried away with her lusty thoughts that she'd stopped walking while the other two kept going. As a result, her ogling went from Anushka's tits to her also very impressive ass cheeks.

The other two stopped and turned back to her, waiting for her to catch up.

Maggie snapped out of her reverie. "Uh, Sorry." She knew she'd been busted, because she'd been caught staring at Anushka's nude body too long and too blatantly.

Anushka asked her, "Is something wrong?"

"Uh, no," she replied. Then, she got an idea. "I'm sorry for staring at you, but I was just thinking how much Nick would love to be here with us. You know how much he loves big breasts."

Luckily, Anushka wasn't offended. She grinned. "Yeah, I'd kinda noticed somehow."

Maggie bravely pressed on, "I was just thinking... Remember how he was so sweet earlier, when you asked him not to take part in a couple of things with Hillary, and he was totally okay with that, and very understanding?" She was vague with her wording because she didn't know if Anushka wanted Shannon to know all the details from earlier.

"Yeah?" Anushka asked.

"Wouldn't it be kind of fun to surprise him with a little gift? So, uh, I was thinking... what if you took a picture of yourself naked? But you could do it in a careful way so you're not actually showing anything more than if you were wearing a bikini, and sent that him as a kind of reward, right? I bet he'd totally love that."

Anushka smirked. "Yeah, I'm sure he would. It would be fun, but it's a moot point because we don't have a camera."

Maggie asked, "Actually, Shannon, you do, don't you?" She assumed she did since they'd used it last night.

Shannon smiled brightly. "Oh, sure! No problem. I have a top of the line digital camera. It's in my room, but I can get it here in a minute."

Anushka frowned with concern, because she hadn't expected that was a serious, practical suggestion. "Uh, that's nice, but... I don't know. I don't want to lead him on, or give him the wrong idea. I am a lesbian, you know, and totally devoted to Hillary."

She said this even as she was feeling a thrill from imagining Nick's lusty reaction to a fully naked picture of herself. The fact that she was staring at Maggie's remarkable E-cups all the while definitely kept her in a very aroused mood.

Maggie said, "I know. But that wouldn't be a problem if you frame it in the right way. It would just be some sexy teasing."

Shannon added, "It sounds like a fun idea to me." She told Anushka, "You can control how he reacts by how sexy you make the picture. For instance, if you sit with your knees to your chest at the right angle, he really won't be able to see much more than your legs. But he'll see just enough of your bare hip to know that you really are completely naked. He'll be totally impressed, yet totally frustrated."

Anushka was wavering. She was tempted, but wanted to be talked into it. "Well... I don't know..."

Happily, Shannon was very encouraging. "Oh, come on! It'll be fun! In fact, it sounds like so much fun that I want to be in the picture too. Very carefully positioned, of course, so my boyfriend won't have any reason to be mad. The beautiful thing is that you can cover up nearly everything and show just enough to let Nick's imagination run wild!"

Anushka felt even more tempted. She really liked the idea of Nick's imagination running wild over thoughts of her totally naked body. She was more attracted to him than she usually let herself believe. She wanted to impress him, and wanted him to desire her even more than he obviously already did.

She bit her lip uncertainty. "Well... I still don't know..."

Maggie was having a hard time staring at Anushka in all her nude glory without obviously showing her arousal. She reached out and gently patted one of her shoulders. "Come on! It'll be great! I'll tell you what. I want to be in the picture too. Would that make it less awkward for you?"

Anushka was starting to grin as she continued to warm up to the idea. "It would, but... if all three of us are in the picture, who is going to actually take it?"

Shannon said, "Don't worry. We can do a self-timer thing. I know how to do that on my camera. Actually, we should do a whole series of photos, together and alone. Then we can very carefully pick the best one or ones, that has exactly the right amount of tease without showing any naughty bits."

Anushka broke into a wide smile. "Okay! Let's do it!"

Shannon raised a fist in the air. "Woo-hoo! Sexy photo shoot time!"

They all laughed at that. The other two also couldn't help but gawk at Shannon's figure in that bold pose. Needless to say, nipples were erect all around.

The three of them cut their walk short and returned to their pile of clothes. Shannon left them to go down to her room, but, as promised, it only took her a minute or two to return with her digital camera.

They began taking pictures, and the photo shoot soon took on a life of its own. All three of them were highly aroused by the naked beauty of the other two. They were trying hard to hide their feelings, as well as being careful not to touch anyone else inappropriately. Taking some photos ostensibly to tease Nick was the perfect excuse for them to let loose sexually a little bit without any actual physical contact with each other.

It was a lucky thing they were outside, and where there was a steady breeze, because all three had wet pussies. Had they been in a confined space, the sexual smell would have been too obvious not to comment on. Their hearts were racing fast too.

After just a few photos were taken, Maggie commented, "This is exciting! You know, I've never had any nude pictures taken of me. Not by Nick, not by anybody." She almost said "not by Andy," but luckily she changed that to "anybody" at the last moment.

"Same here," Anushka said.

"Same with me," Shannon agreed.

That was true for all of them, except, ironically, for Maggie. She'd had a photo session taking a costume off in striptease fashion for Nick, but that had been over a week ago, and so much had happened since that it slipped her mind.

Maggie suggested to Anushka, "You know, in addition to us taking a couple of pictures for Nick, I'll bet Hillary would love to have a nude pic or two of you. And you wouldn't have to be so careful covering up for those."

"Oooh! Good idea!" Anushka got even more aroused imagining Hillary's reaction to some very provocative pictures. She envisioned the two of them making sweet love to each other at some later time after they got worked up from looking at them.

Shannon pointed out, "And, like I said last night, I've got a great color printer in my bedroom. That includes high quality glossy paper, 8 by 10 size. We can print out these photos and it'll be professional quality."

Anushka frowned in confusion. "Wait. What's this about last night? Hillary told me about that, but she didn't mention anything about any picture taking!"

Shannon frowned even more severely. "Um, I don't know what I can say about that. I probably shouldn't have said that much."

Maggie carefully explained, "Don't worry, I'm sure it's fine. I'll take full responsibility if it isn't." She looked to Anushka, "You see, last night was so eventful, I'm sure there were things Hillary didn't have time to tell you about yet. You know about how Nick repeatedly came on Debra's face, right?"

"Right," Anushka replied. "Three times, as I recall."

"Exactly. Well, we all thought that looked so sexy, especially with the cum loads adding to each other instead of getting cleaned off each time, that we wanted to take a picture or two."

Shannon joked, "Or three!"

Maggie smiled. "Right. So we took a whole bunch. Including some of her thoroughly spanked, rosy red bare ass too. But JUST of her. We wanted to be super careful, in case any of the pics somehow got in the wrong hands. We especially didn't want any pictures with her and anyone else together, since her relationship with us is so... well... let's just say 'problematic.'"

Anushka was so aroused by now that she couldn't resist saying, "That sounds pretty damn hot! I wish I could see those, especially the ones of her red ass!"

She had no special interest in seeing a heavy facial, since the whole facial experience was alien to her, although she was mildly interested to see some visual evidence of Nick's sexual prowess. But since she had a submissive fetish about getting spanked, she had a very big interest in seeing the spanking photos.

Shannon said, "Sorry, but I probably shouldn't show them to anyone, not even you."

Anushka whined, "Awwww!"

Shannon noted, "Just think if the shoe was on the other foot and, say, Debra came over and wanted to see the pictures we're taking right now. Wouldn't you want to have a say in that first?"

"Good point." Anushka was bummed, but she decided to let the issue drop, due to the very valid privacy concern. Instead, she asked, "So, what are you going to do with them?"

Shannon answered, "The next time Debra comes over, we'll have a little viewing party. And, if Nick is there too, I certainly won't mind if he adds an encore spermy glaze to her face." She winked.

Anushka couldn't resist sighing longingly. Now that she was fully aroused, it was easy for her to think about her wild phone call with Nick that morning. She wondered anew what it would be like to suck his cock and even have him cum on her face.

But she felt weird thinking such thoughts while her two nude friends were waiting, so she said, "Enough of that. Let's get this show on the road and take some more pictures of our own."

So far, the pictures they'd taken had been rather tame, with each of them posing alone and carefully covering their privates. They were intended for Nick without being too outrageous or revealing. Even Maggie covered up, to go along with what the other two were doing.

But after Anushka accepted the idea of taking some pictures of herself for Hillary's benefit, that changed things significantly. They began taking much more revealing, and even fully nude, pictures. Shannon said she could give such pictures of herself to her boyfriend Brian (even though she doubted if she actually would, for fear of him getting curious about how they were taken). Maggie naturally and sincerely said she could give some such pictures of herself to Nick.

They began feeling increasingly uninhibited and giddy, almost like they were drunk. It was very playful and fun. However, all three of them remained careful not to touch the other two in what could be seen as a sexual manner. They didn't want to ruin the fun by making it seem they were trying to make a pass at someone else.

However, there was some significant touching, because they eventually also took some pictures in pairs or even with all three of them. That was usually limited to hands on each other's backs and/or light hugs, but they were all in such a state of arousal that even that much contact was secretly titillating.

At times, their faces came close, and both women involved were sorely tempted to start French kissing. This happened in various combinations. But each of them were so careful in hiding their arousal that the other ones feared they were the only one who felt that way.

Some of the more restrained pictures of the three of them together were potentially made to tease Nick with. But it wasn't clear what the purpose of the fully nude ones were. However, they didn't really care, since they were having a ball with the whole photo session experience. At the very least, they figured they could fondly look over their more racy pictures themselves later.

Eventually, the photo shoot came to an end after taking a nearly 100 pictures. Due to all three of them pretending not to be aroused, there was only so many different poses they could take without getting really outrageous. Besides, their ostensible purpose in getting together was to do some cooking, and they all sincerely did want to get to doing that.

They changed back into their clothes and hurried down to Shannon's room on the top floor. Shannon had a special cable to transfer the pictures from the camera to the computer with ease. That allowed them to look through the pictures on the big screen on her desktop computer while possibly also printing out some of the best ones.

Maggie floated the idea of continuing to stay naked inside the mansion for a while.

But Shannon squelched that by pointing out there would be others around, including Rita, her personal maid (as well as her secret bodyguard), not to mention her parents coming home in time for dinner. (In fact, the others didn't know it, but Rita was keeping an eye on all three of them through a hidden video feed as part of her bodyguard duties. She normally didn't monitor Shannon inside the house, but the two guests hadn't been fully vetted yet.)

As much fun as the three of them had taking the pictures, they probably had even more fun looking through them. They got even more aroused than before. Now that they were inside, a general sexual smell rose up that was hard to ignore, making clear to all of them that everyone was horny. Plus, all their nipples remained erect, and there was no wind or cold excuse for that. Even so, they tried very hard to pretend that everything was normal.

They also peppered each other with compliments, which was easy to do since all three of them looked fantastic alone and together in nearly all of the photos. However, as part of pretending normality, they were careful not to be too sexually explicit with any compliment or other remark.

At one point, Maggie commented on a picture of the three of them in a group hug from the waist up that showed off their impressive racks, "My Lord! Just look at that one, will you? A blonde, a redhead, and a brunette. And each one more endowed than the next."

"Except for me," Shannon said, looking down with a pout at her covered yet still sizable rack. "I feel like a mouse in a room with two elephants." She glanced over at Maggie's even larger bosom, and than at Anushka's, which was larger still.

Maggie teased, "Are you saying we're fat?"

Shannon waved her hands frantically. "No! Not at all!" Then she realized from Maggie's silly smirk that she was being teased. "Actually, YES! You two are fat as elephants! So very fat AND ugly! God, I can't even look!"

All three of them burst into laughter because her words were so manifestly absurd. They were all objectively gorgeous and they knew it, despite varying levels of self-confidence issues at times.

Maggie went back to staring at the picture of their bare racks pressed close together (without quite touching) on the computer screen. "Whoa. So sexy! If Nick saw that, he would completely flip out!"

Shannon gleefully said, "Indeed! I feel like we're holding onto a pile of TNT or something like that. If these pics get out, the effect would literally be explosive! For instance, if my boyfriend saw this one alone, he would lose his freaking mind!"

Anushka looked to Shannon with concern. "You WILL take good care of these, won't you?"

"Of course," Shannon confidently replied. She sincerely explained, "Here's my rule. If any of us want a picture of just yourself, there's no problem printing that out or e-mailing it off to someone like Nick. But if there's two of us in one pic, then both of us need to give permission first, and so on. I'll delete them all off my camera and I'll keep them safe here on my computer, along with the X-rated pictures of Debra. Trust me, they'll be completely safe, including password protected. I'm very computer savvy, and nobody else is allowed in my room without my permission."

That sounded good to the other two.

They chose not to print any pictures out for the time being, mostly due to concerns of such pictures getting into the wrong hands. But they left open the option of printing some out at a later date.

They ultimately decided to e-mail one solo picture of each of them to Nick as a reward for his earlier behavior. Shannon still had only a very vague idea what he'd done, but that didn't matter much, because the reward idea was just an excuse and they would have wanted to send something to him anyway. In addition, they sent him one of the three of them together. However, all four pictures were carefully done so that no private parts were visible.

Maggie was the most daring, since Nick was known to be her boyfriend. She chose a photo that showed off nearly all of her huge breasts at a titillating angle, but her nipples were just barely covered up by her fingers. For the group picture, the three of them were sitting shoulder to shoulder with their legs covering up most of their bodies but still exposing a fair amount of cleavage. The picture was carefully cropped so their pussies, which obviously would have been seen between their legs, were a few inches out of view.

When they sent the pictures off as e-mail attachments, they included the message, "Here's a little something to say thanks for being so understanding earlier today. Wish you were here! XXX OOO from all three of us."

After that, there was no excuse to delay, so they finally went downstairs to the kitchen to start cooking. Between shopping and driving and having fun on the roof, it already was close to five o'clock, so they decided to prepare something for dinner that they all could eat together, including Shannon's parents when they came home.

The three of them got busy making various dishes that incorporated the exotic ingredients that had been bought. They all loved to cook, and they got along well working together. It wasn't long before they were in total agreement that this was something they would want to do on a regular basis.

However, one thing kept bugging them: they were keen to find out Nick's reaction to their photo surprise. Maggie had tried calling Hillary's cell phone, but there had been no answer. So she'd left her a message telling her to tell Nick to check his e-mail for a "special surprise." (She assumed he could use Hillary's computer in her bedroom to do that.) Maggie kept checking her phone every few minutes after that, but there had been no sign Nick had gotten the message yet.

Maggie ruefully pointed out, "I'll bet he's having so much sexual fun with Hillary that he doesn't know up from down. She could be in the middle of giving him an hour-long blowjob for all we know, and knowing them, that's probably exactly what's happening. We're NEVER going to get a reaction from him at this rate!"

Shannon couldn't resist saying, "Wouldn't it be fun if he saw those photos WHILE Hillary was blowing him?! Whoa! Talk about a guaranteed positive reaction!" She laughed.

Anushka stayed silent, but she found that idea arousing. A part of her hoped that was exactly what would happen.

About 20 minutes later, when there was a decent pause in the cooking action, Maggie huffed after checking her phone yet again, "Okay, that's it! It's time to call Hillary again and see what the hold-up is! Any objections?"

The other two certainly didn't object. They wanted to find out his reaction before they had to go their separate ways, and especially before Shannon's parents showed up and inevitably changed the mood.

Maggie dialed Hillary's phone number again. When Hillary answered it, she hastily asked her, "Can I please speak to Nick?" Then, as soon as she heard her son's voice, she barked, "Check your e-mail messages already, dammit! Use one of the computers in Hillary's house!" and disconnected the line.

Anushka and Shannon laughed at Maggie's brusqueness, but they could understand why she was feeling so impatient.

A couple of minutes later, Maggie's phone rang. She put it on speaker phone mode, so the other two could hear.

Sure enough, it was Nick. He exclaimed, "Oh my God! Maggie! I'm blown away! That's so cool! Thanks a million for the sexy pictures!"

Maggie was all smiles, but told him, "Before you say another word, promise me you won't share those pictures with ANYBODY! I know they're fairly tame, relatively speaking, but it's good to be careful just the same. Especially since Shannon's boyfriend might not be so understanding."

"Don't worry, I get it," he replied. "But I did share them with Hillary already. Is that okay?!"

Maggie chuckled. "That's very okay. We assumed you'd do that. What did she had to say about them?"

He mysteriously asked, "Can I be frank? It sounds like you have me on speaker phone. Is there anyone else there?"

"Just the three of us." Maggie responded.

That was true. Rita had made a brief appearance, but she'd gotten the unspoken message from Shannon that she wanted to be left alone with her friends, so she'd gone back to keeping a loose watch of them through a video feed, again for security purposes, since the two guests weren't fully trusted yet. (Rita was on the lookout not just for kidnapping or violence, but also scandalous behavior that might reflect badly on the family, such as drug use.)

"Why?" Maggie asked.

Nick said, "Well... because... um, uh... she and I are up in her room, using her computer... and... I guess I'll just say it. Her response was, and this is a direct quote: 'MMMM!'"

It took a few moments for that to sink in.

Maggie shared a surprised look with the other two. Then she asked, "Wait! You mean...? She's unable to talk because... because her mouth is full?!"

He chuckled. "Exactly! And it's still full. Let's just say that I'm really, really, really, REALLY enjoying looking at these photos!"

He certainly wasn't making that up. Hillary had been sucking his cock for a good while already. After hurrying with him up to her room so he could check his e-mail, she went right back to sucking him some more while kneeling under her own desk as he used her computer. (She got an extra thrill out of that pose.)

So they'd been having a great time already, but she'd found renewed inspiration after he'd told her to take a brief break to look up at the computer screen. After seeing all four pictures, she'd gone back to sucking his cock with a renewed, almost feverish hunger. It was a wonder he could talk coherently at all.

The three sexy cooks looked to each other with still surprised but pleased expressions. Luckily, Shannon had openly suggested this very possibility and hadn't gotten a negative reaction, so they didn't have to pretend to be bothered.

There was a prolonged silence, and Nick didn't know what was going on. He grew shy, and asked, "Um, is that okay?! I hope I didn't offend anybody..."

Maggie chuckled. "Don't worry. We're cool. That was pretty much what we were expecting anyway."

He breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh, good! Well then, you said 'wish you were here.' I totally wish I was there too! Especially if you're all still 'dressed' that way!"

Maggie chuckled some more. "Unfortunately for your naughty imagination, we're not. But that's just a small sample of all the pictures we took, and the tamest ones. Maybe if you're a really good guy in the future, we might let you see a few more."

"Oh, boy!" he said, gushing with lusty enthusiasm. "If you're trying to manipulate me, it's working! I'm your willing puppet!" He laughed some, to make clear he was at least mostly joking.

There was a little more phone chit chat. There were no more mentions about the fact that Hillary was actively sucking him off, but everyone knew it was happening, and that was thrilling for all involved.

Nick was tempted to bring the phone down to his crotch so they could hear Hillary's fervent slurping sounds, since that had worked so well on the phone call with Anushka in the morning. But he chickened out, especially because Shannon was there.

Once the phone call came to an end, Nick and Hillary returned to the backyard because it was such a beautiful day, plus they actually did use the hot tub from time to time.

Shannon found herself wishing even more than before that she was unattached so she could try Nick on for size. She still didn't know him very well, but she could see how much Hillary, Maggie, and Debra desired him. Furthermore, nothing had been overtly said about it, but she got the feeling that Anushka had some sort of crush on him too. The mere fact that Anushka was keen to send him a nude picture of herself, carefully posed and cropped though it was, was proof of that. She figured any boy who had those four incredible women all wanting him had to be someone truly remarkable, especially when it came to sexual prowess.

That said, she still felt loyal to her boyfriend Brian. She figured Nick was taken already, several times over, and she wanted a boyfriend all to herself. Brian didn't have the mysterious allure Nick did, but he was someone she'd been perfectly happy with. At least for now, she would enjoy just vicariously hearing about and hopefully sometimes seeing what the other bombshell beauties did with Nick.

The three busty women went back to their cooking tasks. They were able to mentally focus better now that the Nick message "issue" had been resolved. Bit by bit, their arousal levels lessened, helping them get even more serious with their food preparation.

After that, the time flew by. It took them another hour, but they wound up creating a feast fit for royalty, and just in time for Shannon's parents to come home. The highlight was an Indian dish created by Anushka using a favorite recipe of hers that she knew by heart.

Maggie and Anushka were introduced to Shannon's mother and father, and everyone ate dinner together, including Rita.

Maggie wasn't very impressed by the parents. Shannon's father Brandon seemed nondescript, like a generic businessman. He was very guarded with what he said and kept the conversation at a surface level, as if he wasn't really that interested in the guests. Mostly, they just ate. Shannon's mother Belle at least seemed intriguing, but she hardly said a word, except to compliment the cooking.

Rita was even more nondescript. She literally didn't say anything, except for giving basic responses during introductions.

Maggie surmised, correctly, that there were interesting hidden layers to Rita, but they would be very difficult to tease out. She seemed to almost delight in being a silent helper hidden behind a professional mask.

Sometimes, when Maggie looked at Belle, she couldn't help herself from thinking about the recent adventure in one of the upstairs bedrooms, where she and Debra cut up some of Belle's old flight attendant uniforms in order to better tease Nick. Normally such memories would have aroused her, but with Belle right there she had to struggle to hide her embarrassment.

The meal was a grand success, at least from a culinary point of view. It was clear that even Brandon was impressed, and he had very high standards, as he was wealthy enough to eat five-star meals on a daily basis. The key was that they had used unusual ingredients, so he'd been pleasantly surprised by new taste sensations.

After the meal, Maggie got the sense it was time to leave. Shannon's parents were polite and nice, but the vibe from when it had been just the three cooks was gone, and it wasn't nearly as much fun.

An unnamed servant showed up out of nowhere to take care of the considerable mess left in the kitchen. It didn't seem fair, but that's how things worked in Shannon's mansion.

Shannon walked Maggie and Anushka to the door. Once they were there, Shannon said, "Hey, I know you two must have felt weird calling me up out of the blue and basically saying 'We're coming to invade your kitchen!'" She laughed. "But I'm soooooo glad you did. Really! I had a great time. So much so that you have an open invitation to come do this any time."

She poked in the air at them with pretend menace. "Not only that, but I'm ORDERING that we all do it again!" She asked without the artifice, "Maybe we could make it a weekly tradition? What do you think?"

Maggie and Anushka nodded vigorously, even as they looked at each other to make sure the other one felt the same.

Maggie spoke for both of them when she said, "I think that's a must! We're all so similar in our passion for cooking, and even our special love for exotic foods. It would be crazy NOT to make this a regular thing."

All three of them expressed similar sentiments. Then they shared a group hug.

Maggie walked off to her Prius, with Anushka at her side, and both of them carrying doggy bags, since they'd cooked enough to feed an army. She thought, I might as well be floating on air, I had such fun! This is almost as great as sex with Nick. Although I guess I wouldn't go THAT far.

I feel like I'm being reborn in general. First, rediscovering the joy of sex, and taking that to a whole new level, thanks to my loving son. And now my passion for cooking is rising to a whole new level too, AND I'm developing some really good new friends along the way. I'm leaving the miasma I'd been stuck in with Andy far, far behind!

Fuck him and his cheating 'girlfriend' Leslie!

Ever since picking up Anushka, Maggie had all but completely forgotten about her conversation with Sally, and the pain and danger of having her incest secret discovered. But thinking about Andy and Leslie reminded her of that and gave her a sharp emotional pain.

It also reminded her, Damn, I'm probably going to have to conclude my talk with Sally at some point this evening. I need to get emotionally ready for that. Plus I have a duty to pick Andy up after he finishes his football game. If indeed he is watching with his friends, that is. I suspect he's out with Leslie instead. That's some chutzpah, cheating on me and yet expecting me to be his chauffeur. Fuck him. Fuck 'em both!

But with Anushka still at her side, Maggie decided she couldn't afford to dwell on such thoughts at the moment. It was easy for her to be distracted with other matters, since Anushka was keen on talking while they drove away. Mostly, the two of them shared feelings about their time together, especially what worked well and not so well with their cooking, and how their meal had been received.

Maggie dropped Anushka off at her house, after making sure that was an okay thing to do.

As they got close, Anushka explained, "Yeah, there's a slight chance my parents might peek out and catch you dropping me off, but what are the odds of that? Besides, if they do, I've got copious leftovers to show we were cooking and not doing something naughty. But it's dark, so I think we'll be fine. They'll just assume I spent all my time with Hillary, as usual."

Despite those words, Maggie dropped Anushka off a couple of houses down the street, just to be on the safe side. She couldn't see much of Anushka's house due to the darkness and lots of vegetation, but just from the houses on the street it was obvious that the Ratnam family was upper class (though not near the extreme wealth of Shannon's family).

Before Anushka got out of the car, Maggie asked her, "So, we had such a great time. The question is, when can we do this again?"

Anushka jokingly replied, "I don't know. How 'bout tomorrow?" She chuckled.

But that gave Maggie an idea. "Actually... why not?! Remember Nick talking about having a Bollywood movie night sometime soon? Why don't we do that with him and Hillary? If not tomorrow, then the next day? We could either cook up one of your mom's special recipes - which you'll be able to have with you this time - or we could do some Indian takeout."

Anushka smiled at the overall idea, but pretended to be offended by the last suggestion. "'Takeout?' Shut your mouth! That would be some kind of food crime, when we have so many great dishes we could cook together. I say we do it, including the cooking part! And tomorrow sounds good to me!"

They shared a high-five inside the confines of the Prius.

Then Anushka asked, "But what about Shannon? Can we invite her too?"

Maggie said, "I would like to, for sure, except it would be awkward because I'm hoping we'll have some 'lovey-dovey' time in there. You know, Nick and me, and Hillary and you. Maybe some snuggling and kissing during the movie. Unfortunately, Shannon would literally be a fifth wheel. Besides, I'm pretty sure she's not into Bollywood movies, and that's like the main point of the plans. The food is just an extra bonus."

Anushka glumly replied, "Yeah. I guess so."

Maggie added, "That said, I DEFINITELY want to keep a weekly cooking tradition going with her, like we were talking about before we left. But I'm hoping we can start two weekly traditions, you and me. One, cooking with her, and then the other with the four of us enjoying Bollywood silliness."

Anushka brightened up again. "Yeah, that sounds good. I must admit, I do like the 'lovey-dovey' part. I guess it makes sense not to include Shannon on that. I suppose we could invite her AND her boyfriend, but... nah."

Maggie chuckled. "Yeah. Nah. It would be a totally different vibe. Actually, do you realize that if we do this tomorrow, it will be the very first time all four 'legs' of our 'table' are together in the same time and place? That's cause for celebration right there. I'm sure there are other times we can have Shannon, with or without Brian, but we should have special times with just the four of us."

"Agreed!" Anushka leaned over and gave Maggie a brief hug. As she pulled away, she said, "I hope my P's didn't see that."

Maggie pointed out, "We didn't even get to talk about them and your troubles. Too much cooking and too much fun! But next time, for sure. I like that we're becoming good friends, and I want to get closer and closer to you. Partially for the good of our entire 'table,' but mostly just because I really like you."

Anushka beamed. "Me too! God! Finally! I've been suffering with all the Academy losers, but I'm finally starting to get some real friends who aren't named 'Hillary.' I like! And I can't wait until tomorrow already! Let's talk later on the phone and work out the details."

"Definitely," Maggie agreed. "And this time, we'll actually figure out where to do it BEFORE it happens."

"Yeah. Seriously!"

Anushka left with her doggy bag after a few more good-bye pleasantries.

Maggie checked her phone to make sure Andy hadn't called her to be picked up yet. He hadn't. She was going to drive straight home, but decided instead to call Hillary and see if Nick needed a ride back. It turned out he did, so she headed to Hillary's house.

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