Chapter 83: Fatherly Advice (Monday)
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While Maggie was having her fun at Shannon's mansion, Nick was having the time of his life with Hillary. He'd experienced greater sexual peaks multiple times, with both Hillary and Maggie. But he'd never enjoyed such a prolonged sexual high before. He was in a state of near constant sexual arousal for over three hours! Hillary made him cum twice in the first hour, and then twice again in the third hour. She seemed to be truly tireless when it came to sucking or titfucking him.

But even after receiving the phone call prohibiting cunnilingus, he made her cum many more times. Fingerbanging her wasn't prohibited, at least as far as he knew. He took full advantage, fingering her to climax so many times that she eventually had to "cry uncle" to give her pussy a rest.

However, as great as all that was, he was just as psyched about their lengthy and in-depth conversations. It turned out she had musical speakers around the hot tub area which were connected to the stereo system in her room. Once the two of them calmed down enough to take a longer sexual break, she briefly went to her room and put on some relaxing music to go with the mellow background mood, which also matched her "hippie" tastes. For instance, she selected Pink Floyd's "More," Millennium's "Begin," and Nick Drake's "Bryter Layter."

She offered him to smoke some pot, but he politely declined. She reluctantly abstained too, since he wasn't doing it.

Even when Nick's penis wasn't erect, the two of them generally stayed cuddled together, sometimes in the hot tub, but usually outside it. Hillary wanted to talk about "deep" matters, to learn more about his beliefs and morals, and he was happy to learn the same about her. They discussed all sorts of things, including controversial political and religious issues. The more they talked, the more they realized that they were on the same wavelength, even when they weren't always in agreement.

Nick simply couldn't have been happier. It helped that even when they were deeply engrossed in conversation, Hillary usually had a hand stroking his erection while he played with her ridiculously fit and tanned body, usually fingering her pussy and/or fondling her huge globes, since she was generally sitting on her ass.

And that was considered discussion time and not sexual time! By comparison, later in the afternoon, Hillary spent the better part of an hour fully concentrating on sucking and titfucking his cock until she got that second pair of orgasms out of him.

However, all the while, Nick knew there was a problem looming in that he would be obliged to meet Hillary's parents before he left - without anyone wearing any clothes! From time to time, Hillary went into the house for some reason or another, such as using the bathroom or getting drinks and snacks. After one such departure around six o'clock, when she came back she told him that her parents had come home and had gotten the note to leave them be, but they also were eager to meet him whenever he was ready.

There was no way Nick could get out of the nude greeting without being rude. That was made even more evident when Maggie briefly called Hillary and asked her if Nick could do dinner there since Maggie had her own dinner plans at Shannon's house. As a result, Nick realized he not only needed to meet Hillary's parents, he also had to eat dinner with them. That would have been fine, and in fact he would have looked forward to it, except for the total lack of clothes.

Thankfully for him, Hillary understood his distress and tried to delay the moment of reckoning for as long as possible. Plus, she didn't want their blissful backyard time to ever end, the same as him. But eventually it started to get dark and cold, and she knew from when her mother had come home and started cooking that dinner would be ready soon.

She and him were just lazily making out and caressing each other when they heard a female voice off in the distance: "HiiiiiiiIIIIIIiiiiillary! Diiiiiiiiiner!"

She broke their latest lip-lock and sat up. "Uht-uh. Did you hear that?"

He tried to play dumb, but he grinned because he knew it wasn't going to work. "Hear what?"

She gave him a chagrined look and put her hands on her hips.

"Okay, okay, I'm getting up." He reluctantly sat up too.

She saw the worried look on his face. "I know what you're thinking: 'this is going to be super weird.'"

"To put in mildly!" he stated emphatically. "You've been a nudist for ages. It's as easy as falling out of bed for you. Whereas I've never done this, ever! By the way, how long HAVE you been a nudist?"

"My whole life. You know how babies and toddlers run around naked? I just never got out of that phase because my parents were usually naked too. Clothes were strictly something to put on when you leave the house, just like you only put on a rain jacket when you go outside in the rain. So, yeah, this is as easy as breathing for me."

She held one of his hands. "I really appreciate that you're willing to do this. I want you to know that I've had about a dozen boyfriends I got pretty serious with and yet I never even CONSIDERED having them meet my parents naked. Most of them didn't even know I was a nudist. Ditto with my similar number of girlfriends. Anushka is the only exception. So this is a watershed moment. It shows that I believe in you, I believe in us, even though we haven't been dating long."

"I appreciate that," he replied while still holding her hand. "But in the very immediate future, that puts more pressure on me. They'll be judging me closely to see if I'm worthy of you."

"Of course they will! But parents always do that. Don't be alarmed if Peter is busy polishing his shotgun when you come in." (Nick already knew that Hillary's parents were named Peter and Petra.)

He blanched. "Are you serious?!"

She laughed gaily. "No! Gotcha, though! You should have seen the look on your face. You know my parents are liberal hippie types. They'd rather bring a dead skunk in the house than a gun. But hey, if you get too nervous, I've got some good advice for you."

"What's that?"

"You know the advice people give when someone is nervous about giving a speech: 'Just picture your audience naked.' So all you have to do is picture them naked!"

He gesticulated in frustration, "But they will BE naked!"

She put a hand on her chin and stared off into space, acting surprised. "Oh yeah. I didn't think of that." Then she burst into laughter.

He couldn't resist chuckling along, but he complained, "Some help you are."

Once she got serious again, she said, "Honestly, it'll be fine. I was talking to them earlier about this, and they're going to go out of their way to put you at ease. After the initial handshakes - and no hugs! - they'll know to quickly move to sitting around the table. That will hide most of the naughty bits."

"That's a relief," he admitted.

"Plus, I've prepared you for this. It wasn't by accident that I just made you cum twice in the last half hour, and the most recent one in the last ten minutes. That was so you'd be completely and utterly sexually satiated. And it looks like I succeeded." She idly toyed with his flaccid penis using her other hand.

"Yeah, well, thank you for that. I must admit I've probably never felt so sexually satisfied in my entire life! You're such a living dream, you really are. My whole body is like a limp, wet noodle. It's gonna be a challenge for me just to get up and walk around."

"There you go. See?" Hillary said with a bright smile. "I did that because, I've gotta warn you, my mom is a pretty sexy lady. If you go for brown-haired, brown-eyed, big-breasted, wide-hipped athletically fit women..."

"And we know I do..."

"Yep! Then you're going to find her attractive. In fact, on top of all that, people say my face is a spitting image of hers. But keep in mind that she's 54 years old, and Dad is 57. She's old enough to be your grandmother, AND she's VERY happily married. So I'm confident you'll be fine, and not overly aroused."

He felt increasingly worried, not reassured. The fact that Petra looked so much like Hillary didn't help matters in his mind. He asked, "Yeah, but what if I get aroused due to YOU, and they take it the wrong way and think it's due to her?"

"Well, that almost certainly is going to happen. Not tonight, I should hope, but eventually, assuming you and I get more and more serious and you see a lot more of my parents. My house is the natural hang-out place, and they're nice hosts. Eventually, they WILL see your erection in all its long and thick glory. But you know what? That's not a big deal! They know you're at the age where you could get aroused by looking at a table leg, or for no reason at all. Such 'accidents' are part of the nude lifestyle. Just cover up with a napkin or something. Everyone else will politely ignore it, I promise."

He nodded.

"In the same way, don't read anything into it if Mom has stiff nipples from time to time. Shit happens. That doesn't mean she wants you in a carnal way."

Hillary had still been toying with his flaccidness, but she let go and sat back. "Relax! My parents are REALLY nice people. And it's not just me saying that. My dad is like a big teddy bear - and unfortunately he has the physique to match. My mom is like the kindly old grandma who offers you a plate of freshly baked cookies for no apparent reason, except that she's not that old and she still has her figure. She's always doing nice things."

She went on, "In terms of impressing them, you have a very low bar to reach. I've told them aaaaaall about you. As long as you keep breathing and don't stumble around and fall on your face like you're in an old slapstick Jerry Lewis routine, you'll be fine."

"Oh, great. Why'd you have to mention that?" He started waving his arms around spasmodically, like he was having a seizure.

She laughed heartily, knowing he was playing around, and he laughed too. She smiled from ear to ear. "See? You'll be fine. You've got a great sense of humor, and they love to joke around. I swear, before the meal is over, you'll pretty much forget about the nudity. Trust me, that always happens."

A couple of minutes later, Nick and Hillary got up to go into the house.

As they walked across the lawn, hand in hand, Hillary could see that he was getting nervous all over again. So she stopped them and put her hands on his shoulders.

She looked deeply into his eyes. "Nick! Relax! It's fine. Consider this. I'm not ready to say 'I love you' yet, but only because I feel like we should be going out at least a month first, to make absolutely sure this is something lasting. But I'm definitely falling in love with you in a big, big way! Not just sexually, though that is FANTASTIC, but soul to soul. The fact that I want you to meet my parents, naked, means a lot to me, and I hope it means a lot to you."

He was so emotionally moved that he wanted to scream, cry tears of joy, and fly off into the air, all at once. "WOW! I don't know what to say, except that I feel EXACTLY the same as you! I'm definitely falling in love with you too, and I can't wait until we can say those three words to each other!" He was so rapturous and excited that he forgot about his usual "play hard to get and act aloof" policy.

"Me too!" She leaned in and kissed his lips, but only for a second, because she had more to say. "My point in telling you this is that we're a team. I've got your back. I know you're a very special guy. As long as I believe in you, my parents will too. You can do no wrong!"

With that, she leaned in again for another kiss. Only this one lasted a long time, as she tried to convey all the love she was feeling for him through their lip-lock.

He felt emotionally overwhelmed, but he soon rose to the occasion and kissed back, giving as good as he was receiving. His hands also wound up on her firm ass cheeks, and he squeezed them with abandon, just as she fondled his ass.

After a couple of minutes, Hillary broke the kiss and pulled her head back while remaining in a close embrace. "PHEW! Nick! I had to end that because if we keep going we're going to get too worked up! You don't want to go in there with your dick saying 'hello' a minute before the rest of you, do you?"

"Er, no." He reluctantly disengaged and stepped back.

She ran a hand through his hair while staying close. "I say let's do it! One last thing. You know that they know all about how you're dating Maggie too. It's lucky for you that they're genuine hippies from the 1960s and they experimented with all sorts of 'free love' stuff back then that I frankly don't want to know too much about. That said, it's probably best if you don't bring Maggie up at all. If you don't, they won't either."

"Right. Good point."

With that, they resumed walking across a short lawn into the house.

Actually meeting Hillary's parents turned out to be anticlimactic, considering how much Nick had been stressing out about it beforehand.

It was just as Hillary had predicted. Her parents were very friendly and nice, and they made him feel at home right away. Petra was in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on dinner - which was a vegetarian pot pie that smelled delicious. Nick and Hillary entered directly into the living room where Peter was, so Nick got to meet Peter first.

Peter was a big man. As Hillary had hinted, he was overweight, with a big belly. But he was genuinely stocky and muscular elsewhere. He had a full head of dark brown hair with relatively few streaks of gray, considering he was 57 years old. He also had a full beard with a lot more gray in it. His face and especially his beard reminded Nick of the Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Fouts, only larger all over, heavier, and older.

Plus, there was the fact that he was completely naked! Nick couldn't resist glancing down at Peter's crotch, and saw a flaccid penis there. It was strange to look at, but it was more of a mundane experience than expected, especially since his penis was framed by a fair amount of gray pubic hair.

With a start, Nick realized that if he could see Peter's penis, Peter could see his too. He immediately put his hands over his groin in a way he hoped didn't look too obvious.

Peter had been reading a book, but as soon as he saw Nick and Hillary coming, he got up, strode across the room, and firmly shook Nick's hand. "Nick! Nice to finally meet you. I'm Peter, but I'm sure you know that already. Welcome!"

Nick had a panicky moment and he longed to flee, but he forced himself to be brave. He reminded himself that he would do virtually anything to win Hillary's heart, and this wasn't asking much. He managed to reply, "Um, ah... thank you. I feel honored!"

"As indeed you should feel," Peter replied while still firmly shaking his hand (but not too firmly). "It IS an honor for you to be here like this, because Hillary has NEVER introduced us to any of her boyfriends before. Well, at least not in this setting." He winked, in a knowing reference to their nudity. "So that means you're special, and we're going to treat you as a special, honored guest."

"Uhhh... thank you. Again." Nick was making sure to keep one hand over his privates during the handshake.

Peter finally let go of Nick's hand and turned his head. "I want you to meet my wife Petra. And don't worry. Yes, she's naked. We all are. That's just life in the Mitchell house."

Nick turned to where Peter was looking and was startled to see Petra was standing within arm's reach. She already had a hand extended for a handshake.

The first thing Nick noticed was that Petra had a very friendly smile on her face, the same as Peter. He resolutely looked only at her face. From that, his first impression was that she was a "sexy grandma" - old, yet still with youthful vigor. He knew she was 54 years old, but she looked more like she was 40.

Petra gently said to him, "It's a pleasure to meet you. But I can see you're nervous, so why don't we go to the dining room and sit down?"

He just nodded at that. He was still feeling so nervous that he felt downright stupid, like his brain wasn't functioning correctly. However, even an idiot could walk, so he walked along with Hillary holding his hand and subtly leading the way.

Peter, Nick, and Hillary all sat down, with Nick sitting next to Hillary and Peter sitting on the other side.

Petra stayed standing and said, "Dinner should be ready. I'll go get it. Nick, please do feel at home." She turned and started walking away.

"Thank you, ma'am." He sensed that his face was blushing red. However, he realized the situation was much better now that they were sitting down, and also that Petra had left the room. He still hadn't gotten a good look at her body, and he didn't want to. But he knew he couldn't put that off forever.

Peter said to him with a casual demeanor, "You should hear how Hills raves about you. You must be doing something right!" He chuckled. "Now, as for the naked elephant in the room, I appreciate you putting up with our weird ways. I can see this isn't easy for you at all, but you're trying hard due to your feelings for our daughter. That's impressive. But if you want us to go throw some clothes on, just say the word."

Nick was tempted, but he figured he'd gotten through the worst of it already. He continued to force himself out of his shy comfort zone. "No, it's fine. Well, not exactly fine. But it's my goal to stick by Hillary like glue. Hey, I figure if she's foolish enough to like me, I've gotta ride that for all it's worth!"

Peter and Hillary laughed.

Nick felt very relieved that he'd managed to make a good joke. He continued, "I know the nude lifestyle means a lot to her, which automatically makes it mean a lot to me. It won't be easy at first, but I'll get used to it. Then, hopefully, I'll be able to visit here often and have a great time with you all. Plus, we all know she's gorgeous, and she's a rare woman who actually looks better out of her clothes than in them. So I'm not exactly suffering as long as I get to see her beautiful face and the rest of her."

There was a prolonged silence after he finished, and he worried he'd said the wrong thing.

But it turned out to be the opposite. Peter smiled from ear to ear. "VERY impressive, young man! Very! I can already see why she likes you so much."

Nick almost lost his balance in his chair because Hillary suddenly and fiercely hugged him from the side. "NICK! God! That was so cool! Especially the part about how nudity means a lot to you just because it means a lot to me. You make me feel so good!"

He didn't know how to react to Hillary's hug, because her huge breasts were pressing into his side and there was no way Peter could fail to notice that. He stayed frozen in place, and said, "Yeah, well, it's easy for me to say, and no BS, because it's true. And it's not just that it's nudity. Of course guys my age like nude women. If she was into, say, the violin, then I would want to know all about that."

Hillary pulled away and told him, "Then today's your lucky day, because I AM into the violin in a big way!"

"Really?!" His face showed surprise, but pleasant surprise.

She giggled. "No. Not really. I never got into classical music, the same as you. I do play the guitar though."

"Cool! So do I!" He was psyched that they had another thing in common.

Hillary added, "I'm impressed at your reaction. You really mean it, don't you?"

He replied sincerely, "Of course I do. If you're interested in something, then I am too. Because the fact that you like it proves that it's interesting, so I must be missing out!"

Peter laughed. "Hey, kid, I like you. If you're going on a charm offensive, keep it up, because it's working."

Nick smiled at that. He felt himself relaxing. He was starting to realize that Hillary had been right and her parents were friendly and nice and not at all out to get him with a rough interrogation or something like that. It also helped tremendously that Peter was sitting down. Nick could simply imagine that they were all wearing shorts that were out of sight. The nudity issue just wasn't that big of a deal.

The three of them continued to talk for a few minutes. Before long, they were joking and talking up a storm about interesting topics, causing Nick to relax even more. He even finally stopped covering his privates with a hand, since nobody could look there anyway.

He tensed up somewhat when Petra returned to the room with the dinner. He suspected that she'd deliberately delayed returning so he could get used to one parent before having to deal with two. He very much appreciated that.

He finally got a good look at Petra's entire body. She was exactly as Hillary had described her. It was almost as if he'd gone into a time machine to see what Hillary would look like at 54. Even their hairstyle were similar. The one noticeable difference was that Petra's breasts were one or two bra cups smaller than Hillary's. He was grateful for that, since he was such a tit man.

Petra quickly sat down, and the four of them began eating dinner while also carrying on a lively discussion.

Nick was relieved to realize that even though Petra was objectively quite beautiful, he felt no real sexual attraction towards her. He could appreciate that she was exceptionally fit and well preserved for 54, but she also was very motherly. She didn't radiate any sort of sexual or sultry vibe.

Halfway through the meal, he realized that Hillary was right: he'd more or less put the nudity out of his mind. It helped a lot that when Petra sat at the table, she took Hillary's seat next to him while Hillary sat on the other side next to Peter. That meant that Petra was rarely in his line of sight, so he didn't have much reason to ever look at her bare breasts.

He realized that almost certainly had been intentional. Clearly, the whole Mitchell family was doing all they could to make their nudity easier for him to deal with.

Peter and Petra knew about his interest in the classic rock of the 1960s and early 1970s, as well as his interest in the hippie and anti-war culture that gave rise to it. So much of the discussion centered on them recalling fond musical and cultural events of their youth that he'd be interested in.

For instance, Nick was staggered to learn that Peter had attended the famous Monterey Pop festival in 1967, when he was 18, and he'd seen Jimi Hendrix set his guitar on fire. Nick had a CD box set of that concert and would have been happy to spend the rest of dinner just talking about that. Both Peter and Petra grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and every weekend for years they saw bands like the Jefferson Airplane, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and the Grateful Dead play.

Nick would have been happy as a clam to talk about 1960s concerts all evening. But there were many, many other fascinating things to discuss.

Nick found himself thinking, Man! Hillary's parents are so cool! Both of them saw Hendrix multiple times, and that's just for starters! I've never really met anyone who lived through that time and was right in the center of all the action! But more importantly, they're super nice and funny and great. Seeing them tells me I've definitely struck gold with Hills, because the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.

Whoa. Now that I think about it, if all my dreams come true, these two could wind up being my in-laws someday! Mind. Blown! That would be cool too. I'm so psyched!

The four of them got increasingly chummy with each other as the dinner went on. Hillary could see how well Nick was hitting it off with her parents, and a huge smile seemed permanently plastered to her face because she couldn't have been happier.

The only fly in the ointment for Nick was that he usually felt uncomfortable looking Petra's way, due to the problem of looking at her bare breasts. He didn't look at her nearly as much as he otherwise would. But other than that, the nudity continued to fade as an issue for him, even though Hillary's larger breasts were within his view nearly all the time. The only problem there was that he didn't want to be caught gawking at her rack by her parents. But he did a pretty good job of looking up at her face. It helped that he had been satiated by hours of fondling her body all afternoon long.

The lively discussion continued through dessert, which was a delicious homemade apple pie. The vegetarian pot pie had been delicious too. Everything seemed almost too perfect. Nick was unfailingly polite and repeatedly praised the cooking and thanks his hosts.

Then Nick got a worrisome shock when the dessert ended.

Peter said to him, "I wasn't going to do this, but since I think we can all agree this evening has gone splendidly, Nick, can I talk to you in private back in the living room? I promise you it won't be the standard father interrogating the boyfriend. But there are a few things I'd like to discuss with you, one on one."

"Sure," Nick said. Despite the promise that it wasn't going to be an interrogation, he had a very bad feeling.

Nick followed Peter into the living room (with a hand over his crotch again) while Petra and Hillary got up to clean up and do the dishes. It was somewhat off-putting for him to see Peter's bare backside, especially his pale ass, but he mostly just rolled with the punches.

Peter sat in his usual easy chair while Nick pulled up another chair to be close.

Peter said, "Let me start by saying that I well and truly like you. Hillary has been singing your praises like she's never done before, especially in this last week. Now I can see what she sees in you. You're an impressive and mature young man."

"Thank you, sir." Nick hadn't been calling him "sir" before, but somehow it seemed fitting in the private setting.

Peter waved a hand. "What's with this 'sir' stuff? I'm still just 'Peter.' Anyway, the reason I want to talk to you now is precisely because you have made such a good impression on me, and no doubt on my wife too. You seem like great boyfriend material, especially compared to some of her previous ones. Although we never invited any of them here, we did keep an eye out, and she picked some real doozies. You're in a different class."

"Thank you, s-. Uh, thanks."

Peter grinned. "Good catch. Anyway, there's one fly in the ointment though, and it's a big one: Maggie!"

Nick's heart sank. His worry doubled in an instant.

"Hillary asked me not to mention her to you tonight, but my protective fatherly instincts are too strong. What's the story there, son? Hillary has told us that you're equally serious with her, that you have two girlfriends. She doesn't keep secrets from us, aside from sexual details we don't need to know. So she's told us about the whole 'four-legged table' situation. I understand that her also dating Anushka provides balance to you also dating Maggie, but you must admit the entire situation is damnably odd."

Peter added, "I'm a very open-minded guy. Ditto with Petra. We even lived on a commune in the early 1970s and practiced 'free love' for a while. But those were different times. To be honest, we all were flailing around and experimenting, and we did some pretty stupid things along the way, as well as some wonderful things. For instance, free love was a disaster and the commune was too. All these years later, you'd think we as a society would have learned some lessons."

He went on, "Let me tell you, monogamy works! Petra and I have been faithful to each other ever since our wedding day, and we have no regrets about that. We were together a lot of years and went through a lot of wild times before we decided it was finally time to 'forsake all others.' That's one reason we were already in our thirties by the time we had Hillary. By contrast, we've had a lot of very progressive friends from those days who tried open marriages and polyamory and that sort of thing. In every single case that I know of, those arrangements didn't work out. You're mature for your age, for sure, but you're still in high school. What makes you think you'll succeed where so many others have failed?"

Nick was shocked by Peter's directness, but he also appreciated the no bullshit approach. He asked, "May I please speak frankly with you?'

"That's the only way to go, in my book." Peter smiled.

"Chances are great that I'm NOT going to succeed." Nick glanced back towards the kitchen and dining room area, and confirmed they were alone. He lowered his voice, "Just between you and me, I'm in love with your daughter, and I've been in love with her a long, long time. Head over heels in love! For the past couple of years, she's sort of been my secret obsession. It's my great dream that we'll just get closer and closer, and more and more in love, and we'll marry and have kids and die a few hundred years from now, probably on some other planet."

Peter initially frowned at that last comment, but then smiled in understanding. "Nice! You dream big, kid, don't you? I like that. Hell, the way technology advances are happening, that probably could happen."

"Thanks." Nick grinned. "That said, I know how young we all are. If you just look at it statistically, even without Anushka and Maggie in the picture, the odds of Hillary and I making it all the way to marriage are very low. Maybe, back in the day, people often married their high school sweetheart. But these days, people want to play the field. A lot. Most people in our economic group don't get married until they're in their thirties. I looked it up."

"I suppose that's true," Peter noted.

"So yeah, the odds are stacked way against me, against us. But what if I could offer her something that nobody else could? Or at least the odds of it happening again would be a million one. Maybe if I had some special thing that's so amazing, I could overcome all those odds. Or maybe not, but at least I'd have more of a fighting chance!"

Peter was very intrigued. "Which is?!"

"Which is... the 'four-legged table' arrangement. As you know, Hillary has a big problem in that she's almost equally attracted to guys and girls. When she has one, it's not long before she's missing the other, so none of her relationships ever last very long. Our arrangement is 'damnably odd,' true, but I already can feel it's working. How do I know? The fact that she wanted me to meet you tonight is a good example. That's already proof that she's breaking out of her short relationship pattern. We're in uncharted territory!"

There was a prolonged silence as Peter thought that over. Finally, he gave a reluctant nod. "That is true. I can't deny that your 'table' seems to be working. And it makes a certain amount of logical sense. From her point of view, at least, she is getting that 'special amazing thing' you talk about that she can't get from anywhere else. And I imagine you must be a happy pig in a poke. I hear Maggie is extraordinarily beautiful too, and just extraordinary all around. It doesn't seem nearly as good an arrangement for her or for Anushka though."

"That's probably true," Nick conceded. "However, I'm working on that. For instance, giving Anushka first dibs on Hillary's time, if there's a conflict between her and me. I realize it's like I'm balancing on a high-wire, but I'm determined to make it work."

"Hmmm. Well, kudos to you. I sincerely hope you succeed. Not only are you better than pretty much all of her previous boyfriends combined, but Petra and I had been very concerned about her never seeming to stay with anyone for long. Just between you and me, it seemed she was picking her partners purely based on sex appeal, and that never lasts. But you've got looks AND substance. Anushka does too. I feel encouraged."

"Thanks! Those words mean a lot to me." Nick was surprised to hear from a non-biased male observer that he had "looks." He guessed that maybe his greatly improved confidence and the way he was presenting himself was making a difference in how others saw him.

Peter leaned in and struck a more confidential pose. "However, that raises the stakes! The fact that you and my daughter are getting along so well vastly increases the danger, from my point of view of a loving, protective parent. She's had her heart broken before, and that was with lovers who were insubstantial fluff balls, in my book. How much more will her heart break if and when she breaks up with the likes of you?"

Nick could feel his confidence rising. "I understand, Peter. I don't want my heart broken either. The stakes are rising for me too. In fact, arguably much more than her, since I've been secretly in love with her for the past two years plus and she's just falling in love with me now. Believe you me, I'm determined to do just about ANYTHING to make this great thing last! Your daughter is astonishingly beautiful, as you know. I don't want to go into too much detail with you, but suffice to say the sex with her is beyond incredible too!"

Peter muttered, "Yeah, enough said on that. Too much, in fact."

"Sorry. But it's not just that. She's equally astonishing on the inside. And I'm not just saying that to earn brownie points. Can I be even more frank with you? Will you promise not to share any of this conversation with anyone else? Especially her?"

Peter replied, "I assume that's gone without saying the whole time already. With one notable exception: Petra. She's going to interrogate me about this conversation later, no doubt, and I'm utterly incapable of keeping any secrets from her. But both of us won't say a word to Hills or anyone else, I promise you that."

Nick considered that, then nodded. "Fair enough. Just between the three of us, then. See, I fell in love with Hillary a couple of years ago, as I said, and I kind of got obsessed about her. Not just physically, but in every way. Sharing most classes with her, I was able to learn a lot about her without actually talking to her much. I guess I was kind of a stalker, but hopefully not in a bad way. For instance, when I found out she was a vegetarian, I decided to try that out for myself. If I heard she liked a certain band, I would have to check out their music. And so on. Believe me, I know her way beyond the surface level,"

He continued, "I know the Hillary that you know. I know what a loving, kind, smart, and all-around wonderful person she is! And, that sweet soul comes wrapped in a jaw-dropping physical package. I'm convinced that even though I'm as young as I am, and I have so little romantic experience, it's literally impossible for me to ever do better than her! I call her my 'dream girl' because that's exactly what she is, except she's really real. So, trust me, I am as motivated as HELL to make this weird four-person relationship work!"

There was another long pause while Peter digested all that. "Hmmm. Interesting. Kid, you definitely have me rooting for you. And I find that hard to believe that I'm actually saying that and feeling that, given that you've got another serious girlfriend at the same time. But I have to remember that she's got Anushka too."

"Right," Nick nodded. "It's all about balance."

Peter asked, "That said, what about Maggie? If Hillary is as great as you say, and I know she is, how can you possibly feel as strongly about someone else?!"

"Because, sir, er, I mean Peter, I just so happen to be the luckiest son of a bitch on Earth!" He recoiled slightly as he realized what he'd just said. "Oh, shoot! Sorry about my language!"

Peter gave him an easy smile. "Don't worry about it. Especially because I'm already half-convinced that you're right. You ARE one lucky son of a bitch!" He chuckled. "Please proceed."

"Right. I met Maggie at the start of summer, a time when I couldn't see Hillary at all. I'd been in love with Hillary forever, but I was nearly fully convinced that nothing would ever come of it because I was too shy. Again, pardon my language, but I had no balls! I'd placed her on such a pedestal that it was like the impossible dream to carry on a halfway decent conservation with her, much less ask her out. I felt I was doomed to always just love her from afar."

He went on, "Then I met Maggie. She happened to rent the bungalow right behind my house, so suddenly we saw a lot of each other, daily. And somehow, something just clicked and we got intimate before I even knew what was happening. And love bloomed! But here's the weird thing: my romantic success caused my confidence to soar, allowing me to finally get friendly with Hillary and ask her out. And Maggie all but demanded that I date someone else, because she'd just been in a serious relationship that had ended badly, and she didn't want me to go steady with her and get too clingy."

He continued, "Long story short, I ended up openly dating both of them. They got to know each other, but instead of turning into enemies, they became fast friends! And Maggie and I have gotten to know Anushka lately and we're all becoming good friends too. It's like a million-to-one thing, or even billion-to-one, that all the pieces fell into place just so. A perfect storm. But that's what gives me such hope. Because Hillary certainly must know we've got a great thing going, and the odds of this ever happening again with other people are like a trillion to one! Maybe I exaggerate there, but you get the picture."

He sat back and waited for Peter's reaction.

He knew there were parts of his account that were untrue, because they were parts of the cover story to hide the incest. However, he considered those harmless white lies. The overall gist was true.

Peter was silent for yet another long pause. Then he shook his head. "My goodness! That's some story My hat goes off to you, because I'm now convinced you really ARE the luckiest son of a bitch on Earth!" He laughed. "I must say, it's one of those things that's too improbable to be a lie. You have me rooting for you even more than before. I'm sure Petra will feel the same when she hears the full story."

He went on, gesticulating his points, "But that raises the stakes even higher! Because what if this grand 'table' contraption that you've helped build up comes crashing down? There really will be no replacing it. And it's hard to see how my daughter will be happy with just a boyfriend or just a girlfriend, when she's been living the high life with both at once."

"I know!" Nick said emphatically. "It is high stakes. But that makes all of us that much more determined to make it work. And I hope there will be times when we'll fail - because nobody's perfect - but then we'll realize that this is something very special worth fighting for, and we'll pick ourselves up and try twice as hard to build it back up again. I figure the odds are still against us. Successful polygamous relationships are rarer than hen's teeth in our time and culture. But maybe we've got lightning in a bottle, some kind of special, magical thing than can overcome the odds."

Peter nodded. "Indeed. Thanks so much for sharing all of this with me."

Nick nodded back. "I can't believe I told you all that, especially how much I'm in love with her. Or that I want to marry her. Not to mention my secret stalking of sorts. I pretty much laid it all on the line! And I just met you!" He thought to himself, And we're naked! How freaking bizarre!

Peter chuckled. "Don't worry about the stalking. I was once your age. I did my share of obsessive stalking too. It happens. Passions burn brightly when you're young and in love. It's a glorious thing. Take full advantage while you can."

"I'm working on it. Believe me!" Nick chuckled too.

"What I have with Petra is also a glorious thing. I sincerely hope you'll be able to turn that burning hot supernova of lust and love you're feeling for Hills into something more enduring, like what I have with my wife. Believe me, now that I know the full story, I really am rooting for you. I have a good feeling your bravery and honesty is going to pay dividends, because now you've got me as an ally. And I'm sure Petra will feel similar."

Peter continued, "I can't believe this has happened so fast, the very first time we met, but facts are facts. And you make a compelling case that my daughter is almost certainly going to find more happiness in your polyamorous 'table' than with her typical monogamous pattern. Her previous dating history shows she simply doesn't do well with that. And furthermore, it's plain to see that the odds of this happening again, of her finding some stable relationship with a guy and girl at the same time that actually lasts, are less than getting struck by lightning."

He concluded, "So yes, you just got yourself an ally. Maybe two, with my wife. I don't know how we can help at this point, but I'm sure down the road there are things we can do to be encouraging to her and such."

He stood up and held out his hand.

Nick stood up too and vigorously shook his hand. "Thank you! Thank you so very much!" He was so extremely psyched at how that conversation had gone that he could have cared less about the continued nudity, including the fact that he could see Peter's flaccid penis again. He even forgot to cover his own crotch.

Peter said, "No, thank you. But keep in mind that I'm all about looking out for the best interests of my daughter. Right now, I'm thinking that the combination of you and Anushka is the best thing that's ever happened to her. But that could change drastically if you screw up, or I learn something awful about you, or the like. So don't rest on your laurels. It looks to me that you understand you're still facing very long odds. Don't ever forget that! I will be truly shocked if this works out for the very long term, if only because you will always be fighting societal norms."

Still holding Peter's hand, Nick said, "I totally get where you're coming from. I hope I'd be as caring and enlightened as you if I were in your place. I'm sure that 99 percent of fathers would have dismissed the four-way relationship out of hand. I was shocked when Hills told me you and Petra knew about it and were okay with it. But that gave me the courage to tell you more. I promise you, I am going to do anything humanly possible to make this work!"

"Good luck with that." Peter finally ended the handshake. "One last thing. Our confidentiality here goes both ways. Please don't tell anyone else about what we discussed. That includes the likes of Maggie, Anushka, and even Hillary."

"Okay, if you say so," Nick said, even though he was severely disappointed. "But can I ask why?"

"A few reasons. The main one is: if it's working, don't try to fix it. If Hillary hears how Petra and I are on your side, it might change your whole relationship dynamic. Probably not, but you never know. For instance, maybe she'll get rebellious and want to do the opposite of whatever her parents want. Admittedly, there's been no sign of that, but why risk it? And if you tell either of the other two, word might get back to Hills. There's no telling. Heck, I haven't even met Maggie yet, so how can I trust her with secrets?"

"Good point," Nick said.

"But also, there's another reason, if we really want to get sneaky. In war, the greatest advantage is the element of surprise. If Hillary doesn't know that you and I are allied on this, then if I'm ever needed to sweep in and save the situation, I could have a lot more impact. Mind you, I'm still going to be openly encouraging and tell her that you've impressed me and such. Because that's true. But all that other stuff? About marriage and beyond? Living on other planets in three hundred years?" He chuckled. "That's just between you and me."

"And Petra," Nick pointed out.

"Right. And Petra. By the way, speaking of allies, if she sees this the same way I do, that's going to help you in all sorts of ways. My wife and daughter are so close that sometimes it scares me. So maybe your odds are looking up. At least a little bit."

After another minute or two of small talk, Nick and Peter walked together out of the living room and into the kitchen.

Petra and Hillary were no longer there because they had finished the dishes some time ago. Instead, they had gone through a door from the kitchen to a wooden deck patio that overlooked the backyard. They were sitting at a table, having some sort of intense conversation of their own. They were able to remain naked despite being outside at night due to the mild weather and a heat lamp coming out of the center of the table.

They shut up as soon as they heard the other two coming. They made no move to stand up or cover their nudity.

Hillary looked up at Nick and told him. "Finally! Geez! What were you two talking about for so long?"

Peter casually sat down at the table, taking a seat next to Petra. "It turns out Nick is a serious military buff, just like me. We basically just re-argued the entire course of World War II."

Nick gamely played along. "The main thing is, we agreed Hitler was foolish to invade Russia."

Peter liked that. He looked to Nick with pleasant surprise, and struggled to suppress a grin. "Indeed!"

Hillary rolled her eyes. "Yeah, right! Neither of you are into that. What did you really talk about?!"

Nick took a seat next to Hillary while he waited for Peter to field that.

Peter said, "Top secret stuff. Honestly, It's just between him and me."

Nick noticed Petra gave Peter a sharp look immediately after that, as if she was nonverbally telling him, I hope you know you're going to tell me everything later! He was sure that was exactly what was conveyed. But he diplomatically pretended not to notice.

Peter continued, "But I'll give you the basic outline, which you can guess anyway: I told him that I was impressed with him, but since he clearly isn't just another Johnny-come-lately pretty boy type, that raises the stakes. Hillary, darling, I worry the more your feelings grow for him, and the more his feelings grow for you, the more the two of you can get hurt if it all ends badly. So I sought out assurances from him as to his capabilities and intentions."

Hillary moaned unhappily, "Oh God! That's such a dad thing to do. Dad, you totally promised me that you wouldn't run him through the wringer!"

Peter shrugged. "I know. I did promise that. But the fact that he impressed me so much made me change my mind. Anyway, the good news is, he passed my test with flying colors. So 'father interrogation mode' is officially turned off." He pretended to turn a switch in front of his face.

Petra looked at Nick with wide eyes. "Wow! Nick, impressive! We're in uncharted waters with you!"

Peter noted, "That's pretty much what he and I said too. I think that's a good thing. It's a sign our daughter is growing up."

Since Hillary's chair was close to Nick's, she leaned in and gave him a quick kiss and a hug. She didn't seem to care that that caused her enormous bare boobs to press against his bare chest.

Still holding the position, she looked into his eyes and said, "Nick, you have no idea how PSYCHED I am! Maybe you've noticed, but I don't have the normal attitude towards my parents. It's like they're my parents AND two of my best friends. If my dad approves of you, that is worth soooo many points in my book."

Petra spoke up. "I didn't get the benefit of being part of the big mystery talk, but for what it's worth, Nick, you've made a very good impression on me too."

Hillary beamed. As she continued to press against his upper body, she exclaimed, "Did you hear that?! Even more points in my book! In fact, my book just filled up!" She kissed him again. But instead of a quick peck on the lips, this time it was a prolonged and steamy lip-lock, with dancing and dueling tongues. She seemed heedless that her parents were right there.

Nick had his eyes closed, but he could hear her parents chuckling good-naturedly. Then, loud and fake coughing.

But Hillary was on fire, and she still didn't stop the hot necking.

Nick didn't have a choice because she had her arms wrapped around him with his head tilted back due to her aggressive pose.

Then Petra said, "Okay, you two, that's enough. Get a room already!" She joked, "The next thing you know, you two are going to strip naked in front of us!"

Peter joined in with the joking. "That, or give us some advance notice so we can print up tickets and charge admission."

Hillary pulled back, finally, but there was still a fiery look in her eyes. She told Nick, still seemingly heedless of her parents, "I am so HOT for you right now! I never knew what a turn-on it could be just to have my boyfriend have a nice meal with my parents and get friendly with them!"

Petra sarcastically joked to her husband, "Hmmm. I wonder if these two have any sort of sexual chemistry."

Peter joked back in the same style, "I think it's more of an intellectual attraction. Nerd love, if you will."

Hillary laughed, but also gave her parents and annoyed look. She clutched the sides of her head in aggravation. "'Nerd love,' my ass! Nick is such a gr-"

Petra dramatically held her hands up and loudly interrupted, "OKAAAY! I'm shutting that down. I can see where you're going with that, wanting to boast about your boyfriend's sexual prowess."

Peter chuckled, but added, "We're you're parents, remember?"

Hillary grinned with mild embarrassment. "Oh yeah. Sorry. But I'll just say he's all that and a bag of chips!" She joked, "And not just a cheap bag of Doritos. We're talking organic, expensive veggie chips!" She enveloped Nick in another tight hug, but managed to avoid kissing him this time.

While that hug was going on, Hillary subtly reached a hand into Nick's crotch and checked on the state of his penis. He was still completely flaccid. As a result, she let go and broke the hug shortly thereafter.

However, Nick was certain that had his penis showed any signs of life, she would have dragged him away, probably up to her bedroom. It was easy to see that him getting such a big stamp of approval from her parents had made her hot to trot.

Instead, the four of them continued to sit there and talk. Sensitive personal matters were dropped and Peter and Petra went back to regale Nick with stories of seeing all his favorite musical acts when they were at their creative peak.

At some point, Nick noticed how normalized the nudity had gotten. Unlike at dinner, Petra was sitting opposite from him and it was hard not to have her bare breasts in his eyesight. But it wasn't a big deal for him or anybody else. He realized that part of that was due to rapid desensitization, as Hillary had predicted. But that was sped up by the important and emotional conversation he'd had with Peter. Compared to that, a little nudity seemed fairly inconsequential.

He further realized that he probably would get embarrassed all over again by the nudity the next time he came by to visit. There logically had to be a renewed shock after being back in the fully clothed world for a while. But he hoped that such shocks would lessen a little bit with each succeeding visit until the situation felt almost normal.

The main thing was that he wasn't feeling any weird sexual attraction to Petra, along the lines of his annoyingly powerful attraction to Debra. And he wasn't getting any weird vibe from Petra at all. He knew both she and Peter had seen his penis at times when he was standing or walking, since he had increasingly forgot to cover himself with a hand. But they showed no reaction whatsoever, and that helped a lot.

After about ten minutes of the four of them chatting on the deck, Maggie called and said that she was on her way and would be there to pick Nick up in a few minutes.

Nick hadn't been thinking at all about how he'd get home, since he was in no rush to leave. But he was obliged to get dressed right away so Maggie wouldn't have to wait.

Hillary followed him to the front foyer, even though she was buck naked while he was fully dressed by then. Her parents stayed behind at the backyard deck.

Hillary pressed her body against his and pinned him up against the front door. She purred, "You're going to get soooo lucky, buster!"

He felt cocky. He had one hand full of ass cheek and the other hand full of tit-flesh. "Oh yeah? I'm feeling pretty damn lucky right now, because the most beautiful and wonderful girl in school is rubbing her naked body against me."

She snickered. "There is that. However, tomorrow you're going to get even MORE lucky! I don't even know how yet, but I'm sure I'll think of something. And I don't understand why exactly, but hearing my parents say nice things about you makes me totally fucking horny!"

Nick had a good idea why. He figured Hillary wanted to emotionally commit herself to him, but she was still holding back to some degree out of uncertainty, due to them being involved for such a short period of time. Her parent's approval meant full speed ahead.

But instead of psychoanalyzing that out loud, he said, "I'm feeling pretty great right now too!" He brought a hand down from her ample rack and ran a fingertip up and down her pussy lips. She was sopping wet already!

She moaned lustily. "Oh, yesssss! Touch me there! More!" She took her hands off his ass and frantically unzipped his fly. She moaned in frustration upon discovering his penis was still flaccid.

She complained, "What have I gotta do to get this thing to grow?! Because I need it!"

He said, "I wish we had time. But you know Maggie will be here literally in a minute or two."

She acted as if he hadn't said that. "Would it help if I drop to my knees and put it in my mouth?! Do you want me to suck your big fat cock right here, up against the front door?! Because I'm totally willing do to that!"

He frowned. "Uh-oh! Behave! Remember all those points I earned with your parents that filled up your book? I don't want to lose them by having them catch us doing something freaky. Maybe you should disengage."

She groaned needfully and unhappily, but she did disengage and step back. "UGH! So frustrating! I'm going to go upstairs and masturbate myself to death! Death by orgasm! At the funeral, tell Anushka I love her!"

He laughed at that black humor. "I'm going to go now and wait outside, before one of us loses control."

She grumbled, "Yeah, probably a good idea."

"But before I go, think about tomorrow. I don't know why we can't have another afternoon like we did today, with the added bonus of Maggie being there!"

Hillary reacted with what looked like alarm. She actually took a few steps away from him and held an arm out like she was fending him off. "Don't talk like that! Go! Go now! You're going to make me even MORE horny!"

He chuckled at her extreme reaction. "Okay, I'm going. But it just occurred to me that we have a plan to meet Debra after school. So there's that. But once we get her out of our hair, THEN we can have that unlimited threesome that we've been talking about having for days."

Hillary just nodded and bit her lip. "I'm going upstairs. Now. Even mentioning Debra isn't cooling my ardor one bit. I'll see you tomorrow. I so totally want to hug and kiss you some more, but I know that if we start, I'll lose all control!"

"Same here," he said sincerely. "Tomorrow!" He watched her bare butt as she turned and rushed up the stairs. Then he opened the door and let himself out.

As he closed the door behind him, he thought, Phew! She's one hot firecracker! And what a fucking perfect body. Naked! God, I'm so much in love! I wish I could tell her "I love you" when we part, but it's still not quite time. And then there's Maggie. So much love!

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