Chapter 84: Catching Up (Monday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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As Maggie drove her Prius towards Hillary's house, she thought, That entire time with Anushka worked out really nicely. First and foremost, I feel such a natural bond with her. It doesn't matter that I'm fifteen years older than her. She certainly doesn't know. We connect about cooking and food most of all, but we just connect, period! I love it!

But also, I think I made good progress as far as getting her to fall for my son. I was planning on teasing her about the joys of pleasuring his big fat cock, left and right, until she told me not to. But what he did, being noble and understanding about her jealousy and insecurity, worked out even better. She's starting to see what a great guy he is. I'm sure she's bisexual, not fully lesbian. If things keep going like this, someday I'll have an arm around her bare back as the two of us slurp and suck on his thick knob together! Gaawwwd, I can't wait to see him plow right through her mighty G-cups while she nibbles on the tip!

Phew! I'm getting too hot and bothered. She's such a FOX! I swear, looking at her naked body is like a religious experience. I wouldn't exactly mind if he forces me to French kiss her and fondle those bouncy watermelons. I wouldn't mind that at all!

And if he can tame her, that'll make our four-legged table as strong as solid steel! I can see it now: us three busty beauties all squeezed in between his legs, endlessly worshiping his cock with our hungry lips and naughty tongues, all working together as a team! Oh God! And then snowballing his cum from mouth to mouth, and rubbing our huge, bare, sperm-splatted tits against each other!

Sweet Jesus! I have to stop thinking about it or I'm going to drive right off the road!

When Maggie got to Hillary's house, Nick was already waiting at the front porch.

He ran to the Prius and hopped inside.

He and his mother shared a long, passionate French kiss while she kept the car idling by the curb. As always, it was loving yet spine-tingling.

It helped that Maggie was already hot and bothered, thanks to her thoughts about Anushka. But also, Nick was seriously worked up himself, thanks to Hillary rubbing her naked body up against him only a couple of minutes earlier. His penis was still flaccid, but it was starting to tingle with renewed life.

He thought, Sweet! This is too cool, going from Hillary's arms to Ma's arms. ME! When I was a total virgin mere weeks ago. I wish there was some saying that's the opposite of "out of the frying pan and into the fire." How 'bout "out of Hillary's arms and into Maggie's?" Heh! What's better than that?!

When they broke apart, the stacked MILF stared deeply into his eyes and purred, "I missed you, Sport. My love!"

"I missed you too."

"I'll bet you did. Some parts more than others, it seems." She said this with a chagrined yet amused smile on her face as she looked down at his hands.

He was still leaning far over towards her, and had both of his hands under her top. He already was working on taking her bra off.

He said, "Not true. You know I love every part of you, inside and out."

"Yeah, I'm sure you do. But can you please take your hands off me and buckle up, so I can start the car?"

"Okay, but can I take your bra all the way off from underneath first? I love to watch your bouncing boobs, even if they're under your top. And it's kind of a tragic injustice every time your magnificent mammaries are trapped in a bra anyway."

She rolled her eyes, but she was still smiling, and basking in his attention. "Okay, if you must, but I'm only giving you a few seconds to do that, or you'll never stop. And what's up with this 'tragic injustice' and 'magnificent mammaries' stuff?"

He grinned impishly. "Your stunning beauty makes me want to wax poetic."

As soon as she felt her bra come free, she started the engine. Then she shooed his hands away and drove away.

He was delighted, because in addition to removing her bra, he also managed to undo a few buttons on her blouse. Her nipples were nearly in danger of coming into view, especially due to all the bouncing down the road.

She saw what he did to her blouse, but she made no effort to button back up. "Yeah, I'll bet. You're a real case, you tit fiend, you. Especially considering you just spent hours freely fondling Hillary's curvy naked body."

He sat back in his seat, smiling from ear to ear. "Yeah! Today's been a GREAT day!"

"I can imagine," she replied with a smile-smirk.

He thought, I'm still mentally reeling from that pivotal talk with Peter. That couldn't have possibly gone any better! I feel like my entire life is in turbo mode. Everything is happening so fast. I never even met him two hours ago, and now it's like we're allies.

I wonder if I should tell Ma? At least give her a hint? No. If I promise to keep a secret, I need to actually keep it. I'm sure, before long, he'll get to meet Ma and realize how great she is, and he'll let me fill her in.

Instead, he merely asked Maggie, "How was your day?" Even as his thoughts were racing about what happened at Hillary's, he was trying to control his lusty urges and keep his hands to himself while she drove.

She thought back on her day. The first thing that came to mind was all the fun they'd had in the garage before school, and especially her successful deep throating then. That was her personal highlight. She salivated and licked her lips as she fondly recalled taking his thickness into her throat. She also felt a tingle in her pussy thinking about their lunch adventure with Hillary. But the rest of the day had gone well too, with the exception of her unpleasant confrontation with Sally.

She knew he really meant her recent acitivites, so she replied, "Great too, actually. Anushka, Shannon, and I cooked up a storm, and we had a fun time doing it. Have you eaten dinner yet? Because take a whiff and you'll smell the leftovers. We've got enough to feed you, and Andy, and still have more for tomorrow."

"Thanks, but I had a nice dinner already with Hillary and her parents. Who I met for the first time, by the way."

Maggie was still thinking about the deep throating. I need to do that again soon. And often! I'm gonna lose my gag reflex before long, and then his fat rod will practically LIVE down my throat! Aaaah! YESSSSS!

However, she remembered to keep the conversation going. "Oh yeah? How are they?"

He answered while staring at her huge tits lightly bouncing inside her top. "They're great! I mean, really, really great! We got along about as well as I could have possibly imagined. Except... remember that there's a nudity policy in their house!"

Maggie chuckled. "Oooh. Yeah. I wasn't thinking of that. Did you greet them... you know...?"

"I did! And it was hella weird! Luckily, I'd thought about it earlier in the afternoon, and Hillary left her parents a note that we were hanging out in their beautiful backyard garden. So when they came home, they thankfully left us alone."

Maggie glanced over to him and wagged her eyebrows suggestively. "Which is a good thing, because I'll bet Hillary spent a lot of that time with her lips tightly sealed around your thick meat!"

"She did, actually," he happily recalled. "But she and I did a lot of talking too. It was the best of both worlds."

"I'll bet. What about meeting her parents though?"

"Oh yeah. I avoided them as long as I could. But then, when it came time to eat dinner, there was no getting around it anymore. I braved it out and met them wearing nothing but a smile!"

Maggie laughed. "Wow! That must have been something. Tell me more."

"Hillary was there with me, sans clothes, of course, and very supportive. So that helped. But there was no getting around the fact that I was naked and her parents were wearing nothing but their wedding rings!"

"Can I ask what they look like?"

"Sure. Her dad Peter is kind of the 'jolly fat man' type. He's at least 50 pounds overweight, maybe more. I'm not good at guessing weights. And he's old - 57, I think. But you could tell he was a really handsome man back in the day, and he kind of still is. He has a full brown beard and a full head of hair. He reminds me of an older Sean Connery, but fatter."

Earlier, he'd thought Peter looked like Dan Fouts, but he didn't mention that because he wasn't sure Maggie knew who that was.

"And the mom?" Maggie asked. "Petra, right?"

"Right. Petra is a real looker, except that she's old too. If you picture Hillary, only 54 years old, that's pretty much exactly what she looks like. Same long brown hair, same shining brown eyes. She's remarkably fit, due to lots of daily exercise, I assume. She even has big breasts and lots of curves, though she's not as stacked and curvy as Hills."

Maggie noticed he said "Hills" instead of "Hillary," but she let it pass.

He went on, "Let's put it this way. If all my dreams come true and I get to be with Hillary for the rest of my life, I sure as heck hope she looks as good at 54 as her mother does! But I really hope she takes after her mom and not her dad when it comes to putting on the pounds."

Maggie chuckled. "Yeah, I can see that."

"By the way, did you know 'Petra' is Greek for 'Peter?' So it's a funny coincidence that they kind of have the same name." He remembered Hillary had mentioned that to him in passing some days ago when he'd been asking her more about her parents.

"Hmmm." Maggie was much more interested in hearing about his potential sexual interest in Petra. She was feeling a little bit possessive and jealous. "Since she's such a hottie, did you get an erection?"

He clarified, "She's a hottie, but for a 54 year-old. Compared to you or Hillary, it's a world of difference. Keep in mind that you're 21 years younger than her. She's old enough to be YOUR mother, as well as my grandmother!"

"That's true," Maggie muttered. That made her feel better.

"She kind of reminds me of Martha Stewart, actually. Have you seen her on TV lately ? I did. She used to be a fashion model, and she still looks surprisingly sexy. But she's getting close to 60, and you can't totally defeat time. When I saw her picture, I was impressed at how well-preserved she was, but I didn't feel any urge to have sex with her, at least not unless maybe I was around that age too. It's the same with Petra."

He hesitated, then added, "Plus, I must admit, it helped a lot that Hillary had pretty much drained me totally dry by that point. I came four times, but that doesn't begin to convey how utterly sexually satiated I felt by the time dinner rolled around. I was grateful, because even though Petra is old, and it was super bizarre with all four of us standing there, I tend to get erect at the drop of a hat."

Maggie looked to his crotch and gave him a knowing smirk. "You don't say!" She chuckled. "In fact, someone must have dropped a hat right around here just now. Do my eyes deceive me or is that a bulge in your shorts?"

"It is," he admitted. "But that's not because of thinking about Petra, like, at all. It's totally about being here with you. And the fact that your bra is off and things are delightfully bouncy. I'm cursing the fact the car has shock absorbers."

She laughed. "You're so incorrigible!" She glanced down at herself and was startled at how much she was showing. She could look down the gap between her massive globes all the way to her belly button. She was tempted to undo another button, but restrained herself.

She glanced at his crotch again, and thought, Mmmm! YUM! I could go for a sperm snack right about now. But I shouldn't. Technically, I'm in Margaret mode now.

She asked, "How can you be erect again, after you just said Hillary left you 'utterly sexual satiated?'"

He answered while staring at her jutting rack, which remained in constant wobbly motion. "I'm a bit surprised about that myself, but that was before dinner, a good hour and a half ago. Plus, in addition to seeing you - heck, just looking at your sultry, knowing eyes makes me horny! In addition to that, I'm also thinking about you, Shannon, and ANUSHKA! All completely nude! Are you kidding me?! A marble statue of some long dead Civil War hero would get a visible erection from that combined sex power!"

She laughed again. "Okay. I guess I can see that."

"Oh, and by the way, thank you SO MUCH for those four pictures! Hillary and I had a total blast with them!"

Maggie glanced over at the bulge in his crotch again. She was getting increasingly aroused. She was annoyed that she still had to drive. Luckily, they were getting close to home. "What do you mean?"

"I wasn't lying when I said Hillary sucked me off the whole time I was checking out the photos, and when showing them to her. Seeing those sent her into overdrive! And it sent me into orbit too. We sorta went into a sex frenzy for a good half hour. And it wasn't all cocksucking either. I wasn't allowed to go down on her for the day, but I could still fondle and even finger her, and boy, did I! I fingered her to orgasm after orgasm after orgasm! I was pretty psyched, because I love to make her cum."

"Mmmm... that's good," Maggie said, while briefly and unthinkingly running a hand over one of her jiggling boobs. (She had to stop to use both hands to turn the steering wheel.) I love when you make me cum hard! It really makes all the tiring sucking worth it, though I'd love to do it anyway.

Her lusty thoughts were cut off when he continued to speak: "Whenever one of us would start to calm down, we'd take another look at the pictures, or just talk about them, and we'd be off and running again!"

"I'll bet," Maggie said with even more fire in her eyes. She was unthinkingly licking her lips while fantasizing about all the cocksucking and fondling that she'd missed. Oh God! She's such a lucky slut! I'll bet he put her in her place for hours on end! Keeping her as his personal, naked, big-titted sexual servant! God, she's so sexy! I can picture her on all fours in the middle of a green lawn, cum dripping down her face while she stares up adoringly at him from between his legs, while she sucks with great intensity to coax out another spermy load!

The silence grew while she was getting worked up thinking those things.

It occurred to him, Wow, Ma is definitely in a horny mood. I wonder if I can reach over and just play with her bouncy bounty for a little while? Nah. I'd better not since she's driving. Plus, we'll be home soon anyway.

He asked, "Penny for your thoughts?"

She blushed slightly. "Um, never you mind about that. What kind of things did you say?"

"Well, Shannon was kind of off limits, due to some unspoken understanding between Hills and me."

"You said 'Hills' again."

He raised an eyebrow and realized, "Oh, you're still unfamiliar with that? Yeah, she told me it's okay if I call her that, since Anu does. And I say 'Anu' because that's her nickname for Anushka. I'm sure they're cool if you use both those names. I spent what, more than four hours at Hillary's house today? Yeah, I guess I did. Cool! In all that time, I kinda got in the habit of calling her 'Hills' instead. She really likes it when I do."

While he was explaining that, he noticed Maggie put her free hand under her breasts. He thought she was trying to still them some with her forearm due to the fact that things were fairly bouncy in the car ride and she wasn't wearing a bra. But then he realized she was more caressing them from below.

He thought, I'm starting to get a very hopeful feeling that there will be another blowjob in my near future! Sweet!

"Oh, okay," Maggie said with distraction, belatedly responding to his comments about nicknames. She was struggling to stay focused on the road even as a growing lust threatened to overwhelm all her senses.

She thought, Oh dear God! I'm so hungry! Hungry for son-cock! But I really need to go home and finish that important discussion with Sally. I need to be responsible. But... his cock is so yummy!

He continued, "Anyway, getting back to Shannon, she has a serious boyfriend, so it feels almost like cheating if I talk about all the sexual things I want to do to her. Which I totally want to do, mind you! It's just that I figure I've got to keep that to myself, as a fantasy. And you look jaw-dropping, as usual, in your pic, but I see you naked a lot, and even Hillary does too. Naturally, the big, big deal, the gigantic, epic deal, was seeing Anushka naked!"

Maggie pointed out, "But her solo picture doesn't actually show that much."

She was also thinking, There's time for a nice slurpy, spermy blowjob AND a Sally discussion after that. Right? He's fully erect right now. I can't just leave him like that. It would be cruel! I don't have to pick up Andy until much later.

Nick asked, "I know that, but it's the idea of it! I mean, she really was totally naked from head to toe, wasn't she?"

"For sure."

"Wow! So... the three of you were talking and taking pictures and walking around and having fun, all without any clothes on at all?!"

"We sure were!" she said proudly.

He stared out the window in awe for a few long moments as he absorbed all that. His imagination was running wild, picturing the three bombshells playfully kissing and rubbing their breasts against each other. He was nearly certain that didn't actually happen, but it was thrilling to imagine anyway.

Meanwhile, Maggie thought, Oh my God! His cock is stiff! I need to suck it! This Anushka talk is too hot! I need to wrap my lips around his raging, throbbing hot cock meat! Blowjob first, Sally talk later. Definitely! But I have to hold on. Get home first!

He looked back to his mother and especially her bouncing boobs. He was transfixed by her ample beauty and had to remember to keep the discussion going. Luckily, what he was talking about was very arousing too. "And, uh, Hillary's all in favor of me seducing her. In fact, she totally gets off on the idea. Like, for real! So all I'd have to do is tell her something like, 'Drop to your knees, Anu. Suck my cock! That's an order!' And Hillary would totally FREAK OUT on me! God! It was so frigging incredible!"

He clutched at the sides of his head, like his brain was going to explode from thinking about it. Between recalling the role-play earlier and thinking about what might be coming up next, he really did feel like he was teetering on the edge of something that was almost too thrilling to handle.

Maggie was nearly as affected. His words "Drop to your knees" and "Suck my cock! That's an order!" echoed through her mind and gave her shivers. She left out the "Anu" nickname because she was fantasizing he was talking to her.

He went on, "She sucked me like you wouldn't believe! She was in such a slurpy suction frenzy that she almost got over her deep throating difficulty, just by accident while choking and gagging over and over!"

Maggie was forced to clutch the steering wheel with both hands. Dear Lord! "Slurpy suction frenzy!" Hold on! Hold on! We're almost home! Unfortunately, the more aroused she got, the slower she had to drive so she wouldn't cause an accident.

He continued, "But it wasn't just that. We did everything! Like titfucking! So much titfucking, while she pretended to be Anushka! Man oh man! But I was thoughtful and made sure she had plenty of big climaxes. And if it wasn't for the 'no fucking' restriction, I'm sure we would have fucked up a storm!"

"That sounds... intense!" Maggie said almost breathlessly. She was breathing hard and her heart was racing fast.

She was very relieved that her house had just come into view. Her fingers were actually trembling slightly as she reached for and hit the remote control for the garage door. She was salivating like crazy. Visions of feasting on her son's cock-meat were so overwhelming that she worried about crashing the car as she tried to park it.

His excitement was building about getting home too. He said, "It was! But the thing is, even though it sounds like she and I had steaming hot sex the entire time, that's not true. We had tons of time, and we spent even MORE time just talking. I got to know so much about her, and it made me fall even more in love with her than before!"

"That's nice," Maggie muttered. However, intelligent, non-sexual conversation wasn't what she wanted to hear more about. She safely pulled the car into the garage and she waited impatiently for the garage door to completely close. Come on! Come ON! It's almost busty mommy slut time!

She knew Andy couldn't be home since she was the one to pick him up. Most of all, she was extremely, insanely horny! It seemed like her entire body was humming with sexual energy, almost simmering with electricity, driven by an insatiable desire to suck his cock.

She turned his way and undid her seat belt, just as soon as the car's engine was off and the garage door finished closing. She spoke in an extra sultry purr. "I'm sure you and her talked about all sorts of interesting and meaningful things. That's nice, and I'd love to hear more about that later. But, right now, I want to hear more about your reaction to the photos! Especially those sexy Anushka role-plays!"

As if the fiery gaze in her eyes didn't telegraph her mood clearly enough, she dramatically pulled her blouse over her head, because she was too impatient to unbutton the last few buttons. That left her naked from the waist up. Aaaah! That's more like it! Freedom!

Nick's eyes wobbled up in down in time to her wobbling, gigantic bare breasts. "OH!" he gasped as he fully caught on about where this was going. His heart started racing faster, but he was still collected enough to smile triumphantly and unzip his fly.

Maggie was panting and practically drooling as she saw his firm erection come into view. She thought, Come to Mommy! Son, your cock belongs in my mouth! Let me show you what "total oral submission" is all about!

As he pulled his shorts down his legs for good measure, he said, "In that case, sure, let's get back to the role-play. I'd spent a LOT of time titfucking Hillary already this afternoon. All of it after you called and gave us the 'no cunnilingus today' rule. But then, when we started the Anushka role-play... oh boy!"

"'Oh boy?!'" Maggie asked impatiently. "What do you mean by that? Elaborate!"

She reached out for his fully exposed boner, just as soon as he sat back into place after getting rid of his shorts. But mere inches before reaching it, she changed her mind. She wanted to get fully comfortable, as well as totally uninhibited and slutty. So she pulled her own shorts, plus her panties, all the way down her legs first.

Nick realized things were about to get very, very enjoyable. He undid his seatbelt too, and tilted his seat back for maximum comfort.

As he waited for her to finish getting completely undressed, he explained, "What I mean is, you know how Anushka's G-cups are. And I could see more of them than ever before in that group photo you took. That got me totally worked up, but ditto with Hills! As soon as I made clear that she was Anushka and I wanted to fuck her tits... Good God! WHAM! It was like getting hit by a two-by-four of pure sexual intensity, if you know what I mean!"

Maggie giggled as she sat back up in her seat. "Not exactly, but kind of. Anyway, please continue. And don't mind me!" With that, she leaned way over into his seat, took his stiff pole in hand, and engulfed it into her mouth!

He chuckled with glee and tenderly ran a hand up and down her silky straight blonde hair. "I totally knew you were going to do that. And I love it!" He chuckled some more, even as he rode a wave of mind-bending erotic stimulation. "Hot damn! Today has been the greatest! Maybe even better than yesterday. And it's still not over!"

"MMMM!" Maggie lustily agreed. She was practically seeing stars, since she was so delirious with joy now that her mouth was crammed full with his thickness. It seemed to her that all of her senses were totally overwhelmed, but it felt great.

As she slid her lips back and forth, she thought, I swear, every time I do this, I love it more! Maggie is in the house! And not just Maggie, but fully slutty Maggie! The good kind of slut. Mmmm! And the good kind of mother. The best kind! The kind that knows to drop to her knees and open her mouth wide whenever her son snaps his fingers!

Her thoughts were so arousing to her that she felt goose bumps all over. Good fucking Lord! This is IT! To think that I had a passing thought earlier that cooking with Anushka and Shannon was anything near as great as this. That was really nice, but this is... heaven! Pure heaven! MMMM!

Not surprisingly, Nick was physically and mentally overcome, due to the sheer intensity and energy of her oral attack. It was all he could do to keep a hand on her head and frantically squeeze his PC muscle in a desperate effort to delay orgasm.

But she couldn't keep going at a "frenzy" level forever. So after a few minutes, things calmed down to a more sustainable level. Both of them welcomed that, because it meant their erotic joy would be that much more prolonged.

There was an overhead light in the garage that illuminated them for a while. But it automatically turned off a couple of minutes after the garage door closed, plunging them into darkness. However, they were too preoccupied with their mutual blowjob pleasure to do anything about it.

After yet another minute or two, he relaxed a bit more and kicked back in his seat with both hands behind his head. He spoke his thoughts out loud. "Aaaaaah! Thanks, Ma. This, truly, is living like a king! Especially because this comes after I spent all afternoon and half the evening with Hillary. I have the two best girlfriends in the whole wide world!"

Maggie thought, Not "girlfriends," Son. Maybe we can use that word for public consumption with some audiences, once word gets out you have two. But in private, you know we're really your sluts! Your personal sluts! Busty, sexy, willing sluts!

She longed to say those words out loud to make sure he'd understand, but her desire to keep sucking him non-stop was stronger. She made a mental note to explain the girlfriend / slut distinction to him some other time. At the moment, she was way too busy working his cock with her fingers, tongue, and lips all working in divine synchrony.

He continued, "Not only that, but you and her both get off on the idea of me making it with Anushka. How cool is that? Oh. That reminds me. You distracted me so much with your talented mouth that I forgot about telling you more of the Anushka role-play with Hills. Do you want me to continue with that?"

Maggie enthusiastically replied, "MMMM! Mmmm-hmmm!" Her bangs were falling into her eyes as she slid her lips back and forth while staring lovingly up at his face.

He chuckled. "Ma, you're so cute when your sucking need makes you unable to talk. But anyway, where was I with the role-play thing?"

Some time passed, nearly a minute. He thought, Fuck me, man! The fake girlfriend scheme keeps paying dividends. I swear, every day gets better and better! I really don't deserve to be here like this, but here I am!

Finally, he gathered his wits and tried his best to explain about the role-play. "Sorry, it's just that it's so hard for me to think right now. You've eased up some, but I'm still teetering, a whisker away from having to squeeze and struggle all the time. If you can keep it right at this level, I'll truly be in heaven on earth!"

She felt a new series of tingles up and down her body, just from knowing that she was giving him a world-class blowjob. She surged with pride. He loves it! If he was at Hillary's for over four hours, I'll bet that means she got to suck or titfuck him for at least two hours. Lucky slut! But still, he so stiff and hot for MY mouth!

Thank you, Son! Thank you! Mommy needs your cock so very much! How foolish of me to think the ride home would end in anything but this. How am I going to explain this feeling to Sally though?! How can she understand the total euphoria I feel sucking him off? Plus the deep, deep love. The unshakable bond. I feel so connected. It's almost spiritual. It's not just mouth-to-cock; it's heart-to-heart! No matter what words I use, Sally won't be able to truly FEEL what it's like. But I'll just have to try my best to explain.

More time passed. After another couple of minutes, he got used to her non-stop intense sucking enough to take his hands from behind his head and idly caress her bare back with one hand while playing with the hair on the top of her head with the other.

She purred and cooed in approval. She even arched her back some to further encourage him. Aaaah, yes! I'm his naked sex pet! I feel so deliciously objectified when he pets my body like that. He's owning me! He's making me love serving his cock with all my heart and soul!

He spoke his thoughts out loud again. "Just look at you! The sheer curves on you take my breath away every time, they really do. I wish we had more light so I could... Hey! Wait." The garage was totally dark except for some moonlight coming through a few high windows, plus some lights on the dashboard. But he managed to reach a button for an overhead light in the car and turned it on.

The resulting flood of light was so bright at first that both of them had to take a minute for their eyes to adjust. That was even true for Maggie despite the fact that her eyes were shut due to her intently concentrating on her cocksucking moves.

Once his eyes adjusted, he looked up and down her nude body. He let out a blissful sigh while continuing to caress her back and hair. "Aaaah! God! Just look at you! Ma, I know I keep saying this in different ways, but you're so fine. Such a stunner. Seeing you sprawled across the front seat like that, totally starkers almost makes me want to cry tears of joy. How could I be so lucky to have you for my own?! What a sexy mother. My very own mother slut. Big-titted mommy slut, even! Do you like that?"

All she could do was "MMMM!" emphatically while also nodding more than her usual rhythmic bobbing. Once again, she couldn't bear to pull her lips off his thick cock for even a few seconds in order to speak.

But she thought, Like it? I love it! So much! It sends shivers up and down my spine! I'm so far gone into my new life. My rebirth! "Margaret" is dead and buried. I feel no guilt. None! Son, this is my life. I just want to serve you. Serve your cock. Be your "big-titted mommy slut" forever! With Hillary by my side, of course. The two of us, kneeling naked, worshiping your manly cock in total oral submission!

An image of Sally flashed in her mind, almost as if the real Sally was listening to her thoughts and disapproving. Ugh! How am I going to even begin to convey to her THOSE feelings?! I shouldn't even try, or she'll think I'm insane.

Still more time passed. Nick was so continuously overcome by all the stimulation that he completely forgot to resume talking about Hillary performing an Anushka titfucking role-play. It was probably for the best, because he would have had trouble stringing together coherent sentences anyway.

Maggie had plans to eventually switch to titfucking after her tongue and lips got tired. She was keen to do a little Anushka role-playing herself. She also wanted to see if she could successfully deep throat him for a second time.

However, before they could do any of those things, Nick's vaunted endurance powers let him down. Out of the blue, he realized he'd crossed the point of no return and he was starting to cum. There was nothing particularly special that she was doing to him at the time to explain that, so he was slow on the uptake and she was too. As a result, she didn't think to try the squeeze-at-the-base trick until it was too late to work.

Maggie was very happy to have him shoot his cum into her mouth. She savored his pearly seed on her tongue like it was manna from heaven. She also pulled off about halfway through his orgasm so he could finish on her face. Plus, she diddled her clit at just the right time so they could peak together.

All in all, it was a very satisfying climax for them both, even though she noticed his cum load was much smaller than usual. Hillary had just about drained him dry, it seemed.

However, Maggie was frustrated that the erotic joy didn't last longer, especially because she had those titfucking, role-play, and deep throating plans. She tried to simply keep sucking him after his orgasm petered out, hoping to keep him fully erect.

But it was no good. His cock grew flaccid in her mouth despite all her best efforts.

He could sense her disappointment. As he tenderly stroked her long blonde hair, he said, "Sorry, Ma. I'd like to keep going too, but I can tell you now it's just not going to happen."

She pulled her lips off and plaintively looked up into his face. "Are you sure? What about your habit of cumming in twos?"

He felt shivers race up and down from looking at her cum-splattered face, but tried to ignore that so he could answer her question. "True, but that's just a general pattern, not a hard and fast rule. I did the cumming-in-twos thing twice with Hillary this afternoon. But this here orgasm was, like, the unexpected bonus round. It's a wonder you got me erect again at all, after Hillary totally drained me. Trust me, I'm done for good. Well, at least for at least another hour, if not longer."

"Darn it." She finally gave up. But instead of disengaging with him, she sat up and scooted over until she was all but sitting in his lap. She wrapped her arms around his upper torso (still covered by his T-shirt) and was content to just cuddle with him for a while. She longed to make out with him some, but she refrained due to the cum on her face and the spermy taste in her mouth.

She thought, "For at least another hour." Hmmm... I wonder... Could I call Sally over, have a quick talk with her, and then come back here with my sexy son and get right back to "work?" Except it's not work. It's the greatest pleasure!

But... no. I have to keep some Margaret balance in my life, especially at home. Once we go into the house proper, I'll be back to Margaret mode until we leave for school tomorrow. That's the rule. If I don't keep some rules, some boundaries, I'll go totally overboard and end up ruining everything.

It's like having to go to work. Most people don't enjoy their jobs, but they do it anyway to put food on the table. I have the "job" of being normal Margaret a majority of the time. it's sucks, but it's necessary, just like doing unpleasant daily chores and errands is necessary. Plus, I need time to do those mundane things without going out of my mind with lusty need.

She redirected her mental energy from her thoughts to cuddling with her son. She was annoyed about the fact that her huge breasts were rubbing against the fabric of his T-shirt instead of skin on skin. So she took one of his hands and brought it up to one of her boobs to encourage him to fondle.

He got the hint right away. His penis was flaccid, but he wasn't dead.

Once he got into playing with her stiff nipple, she said, "Aaaah! I love this. Isn't this the best?"

"Sure is," he replied. "Hey. Now that we're in a calmer mood, I'd like to hear what happened with you, Anushka, and Shannon. I didn't even know Shannon was part of your plans, but I'm psyched she got included."

"She wasn't, but... it's a long story. Before I explain, mind if I check my phone?"

"Go right ahead."

Maggie was forced to crawl back to the driver's seat to reach her cell phone tucked away in a pocket. She checked for messages from Sally, and found that Sally had called her twice and left a message asking to meet. She called Sally back and made plans for Sally to come over in half an hour.

It was almost eight o'clock, and she wanted some time to talk to Nick about various things while still in Maggie mode. Then she needed enough time for a long talk with Sally before Monday Night Football ended around ten o'clock and she had to pick Andy up.

She quickly ended the call and went right back to snuggling with Nick in his seat. This time though, she took his T-shirt all the way off, so they could have that tits-on-chest contact as well as enjoying his roaming hands.

He wasn't erect or especially aroused anymore, but he truly never got tired of playing with her incredible body, especially her enormous boobs.

She said, "Before I talk about cooking plans, I need to explain about that call and about what's happening with Sally in general. You see, brace yourself, but she made a surprise visit here today because I hadn't been returning her phone calls lately. I didn't know how to interact with her, given my new life with you. We got to talking, and I screwed up, big time!"

"What do you mean?" He caressed her hair some more while staring intently into her eyes from close up.

She bashfully admitted, "Long story short, I was trying to give her a bullshit cover story about having a young boyfriend who wasn't you in order to explain my new sexual aura. She was going to pick up right away that I was acting differently. But I slipped up and mentioned your name. She's smart as a tack and figured everything out right away."

He tensed up all over, and let go of caressing one of her E-cups. "You mean...?!"

"Yes. She knows all about the incest. It was pointless for me to deny it, because she knows me and you far too well. That one slip-up caused her to piece all sorts of clues together. She was totally convinced and there was nothing I could say or do."

He tensed up even more. "SHIT! That's... disaster! Right?!"

"Well, not exactly. Hopefully. She was very upset at first, yes. But she promised up and down that she'd keep our secret forever, and I believe her. She and I didn't finish our discussion about it because she wanted time to think it over. That call was to arrange a part two of our discussion. She says she's going to try to talk me out of it, but I'm going to try to get her to see my point of view."

She playfully poked him in the chest, just above where her massive melons were mashed into him. "Don't you worry one bit, Sport. There's no way in hell she's going to talk me out of anything, I can guarantee you that! Worse comes to worst, she and I will be at loggerheads over this, but the outside world will still never know. I trust her on that. So you don't really need to worry. At the very worst, this could hurt or destroy my friendship with her, and that would really hurt me. But nothing between you and me will change one iota."

He stroked her hair some more. "Phew! That's a relief. But still. I would feel awful if your friendship is ruined because of this. Not only is she your best friend, but she's a really special person. The mere fact that she found out about the incest and didn't totally freak out and blow your cover is proof of how cool she is."

Maggie said sadly, "I know. I know. Believe me, I'm not going to go down without a fight. I imagine you're going to need to do some homework all the way until your bedtime. But when she and I are done talking, I promise you, I'll come to your room and give you a report, hopefully so you can rest easy."

"Thanks. I'll be rooting for you all the way, of course. Is there anything I can do to help? Should I be there and at least hold your hand or something?"

"I appreciate the offer, Son. That's very mature of you. You're growing up so fast! But no, I think it's better if she doesn't see us together at all for a good while. It will be easier for her to deal with the incest in the abstract."

"Yeah, I guess I can see that." He sighed sadly.

She forced a smile. "Let's change gears. I love sitting naked in your lap. But I obviously need to shower and get presentable before she comes over. We still have some time for me to get you caught up on what I did with Anushka and Shannon though, so let's do that now. It should cheer you up some too."

For the next ten minutes, Maggie gave an account of everything that happened from when she picked Anushka up until she showed up at Hillary's house to pick him up. Parts of her account were arousing, especially describing the entire photo shoot episode. But he meant it when he'd said that nothing was going to get his penis erect again. Plus, their time was limited with Sally due to arrive at a certain time. As a result, Maggie had to stay on point and not get carried away with titillating details.

Nick would have liked to spend just as much time telling her in more detail everything that happened between him and Hillary all afternoon, as well as more about having dinner with Peter and Petra, but there simply wasn't time. They were obliged to get out of the car and get dressed.

Maggie spent a couple of extra minutes using air freshener and cleaning the car to get rid of any sexual smell or evidence. Even though it was her car, Andy rode in it sometimes and she probably was going to pick him up in it later. She also reluctantly used some handi-wipes to clean all of Nick's cum off her face.

Then they went into the house. Maggie showered in one bathroom while Nick showered in the other one.

Sure enough, Nick had a lot of homework to do. In fact, he was piled under, due to all the homework from over the weekend that he still didn't do. However, he was fully sexually satiated, again, and highly motivated. Before Maggie left the garage and thus got out of Maggie mode, she told him about Anushka's general approval about doing some sort of Bollywood movie and dinner tomorrow night. As a result, he was determined to use every spare moment to get caught up on his homework and not fall still further behind. He didn't dawdle at all.

Plus, fully engrossing himself in his work helped him avoid thinking about what Maggie and Sally might be talking about downstairs. He was grateful for a distraction that kept his mind busy.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, lew54321, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.