Chapter 85: Unrepentant (Monday)
Written by Spacer X <>

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Maggie didn't have much time to deeply ponder how things were likely to go with Sally before Sally came over. She was in a rush to shower, get dressed, and make herself and the house presentable. Just as soon as she finished with all that, Sally rang the doorbell. The timing was uncanny.

Although Maggie had been too preoccupied to think intently, the meeting with Sally had been constantly on her mind as she got ready, and she was highly anxious and worried by the time she answered the door.

She let Sally in and closed the door behind her. They shared a silent hug. She took that as a positive sign.

The two of them remained silent while they took their seats in the living room, sitting in the exact same spots as earlier in the day. Maggie had dressed extra conservatively in order to better present a prim and respectable image, while Sally wore the same casual clothes she'd had on earlier.

Maggie fidgeted, idly rubbing her hands together. She asked, "Well?!"

"Well what?" Sally asked back.

"What do you think?! I assume you've been mulling things over about Nick and me in your mind. Oh. And before we start, just to let you know, Andy is still off with his football buddies. Or he's with Leslie. Who knows? Who cares? I need to pick him up in about an hour to an hour and a half, probably, depending on when the game ends, if he's actually watching it, that is. And Nick is home, but he's up in his room and totally focused on his homework. I promise he won't be coming downstairs."

Sally furrowed her brow. "He knows? That I know?"

"Yes, he does. I told him the basics just a little while ago. His reaction was what you'd expect: concern, but also hope that you'll understand. But anyway, I'm dying here! You've had hours to think about this. How are you feeling about it now?!"

Sally sighed and stared up at the ceiling.

Maggie was on pins and needles. She was literally at the edge of her seat. Sally's sigh didn't sound promising.

Sally looked back to her and said, "Yeah, I've been thinking about this pretty much non-stop all day. I even had dinner plans with Drew" - Sally's longtime boyfriend - "but canceled them because I knew my head would be in another place, thinking about this."

She paused, and took a deep breath. "I'm still upset at you, at the incest. For sure. I don't see how that's going to change. But I guess I'm less upset than before, now that the initial shock has worn off. I've been thinking a lot about you and Nick and how you have such an extra special relationship. As I think I mentioned to you earlier, it's obvious that you're closer than most mothers and sons, and that says a lot, because the mother and son bond is about as close as it gets. I haven't seen you two together since... you know... you two started, but I believe that both of you are mainly bonded by love. So that helps me deal with it a lot."

Maggie breathed a silent sigh of relief. "We did have an extra close relationship, well before the sexual aspect began. In fact, do you know how this all began? And how you actually had a key role in that?"

"Me?!" Sally pointed at her chest. "How is that possible when you've been avoiding me?!"

Maggie explained, "It goes way back before that, months before. Remember how you'd been repeatedly pestering me to resume dating, despite the fact that I'm still technically married? Well, sometime in early summer, he overheard one of those conversations. He decided I was lonely and sexually deprived, and the situation would never change because I was stuck in a rut. So, in early September, he came up with a crazy scheme to get me the love and sexual comfort I needed, because he cares about me so much."

Sally snickered. "Sure, he cares, and he loves you. I don't deny that. But he's not exactly being altruistic!" Her voice dripped with sarcasm. "That's some mighty 'sacrifice' for him to decide to be your lover, given that you're literally the sexiest, curviest woman I've ever seen in my life! And that's some 'hardship' for him to kiss and fondle your perfect body. My heart goes out to him for martyring himself like that. He's a real Mother Theresa!"

Maggie rolled her eyes. "Mock him all you want. Sure, we know he'd been sexually obsessed with me since forever, and yeah, he benefits in a big way. But remember how he used to be so shy? Actually, you haven't seen him in the last three weeks or so. He's forced himself way out of his comfort zone. His lust level was still the same."

She continued with more emotion, "But what gave him the extra push to be bold and brave and start his scheme was his love and concern for me! What gave him courage was hearing when I admitted to you I was feeling so unloved and lonely, and yes, sexually deprived! He cared about ME! He cared about MY feelings! He loves me and wants to see me happy. Yes, it's win-win for him and me, but he had good intentions and not just raging teenage hormones!"

Sally made a sour face as she considered that. "Okay, I'll partially concede that point. I know him, and I know he is a good kid, with good, loving intentions. But still, I'd bet the 'raging teenage hormones' was the main part."

Maggie was silent, because she couldn't honestly deny that.

Sally went on, "I hate to ask, but curiosity drives me: just what was this 'crazy scheme' of his?"

Maggie gave Sally a stern look. "This is just between you and me, okay? All of this conversation is, obviously, but I mean don't ever mention this even to him. It's stuff I've mostly pieced together in retrospect that he doesn't like to discuss because he's embarrassed about acting unethically."

That intrigued Sally even more. "My lips are sealed, as always. What was his scheme already?"

"Well, he came to me for help for him to get with his OTHER obsession, Hillary. Since summer was ending and they were both going to a new school, he thought that was an opportunity to completely remake his image. The nerdy, shy Nick was out, and a new popular, studly, and confident Nick was in. The key to the transition was for him to have the hottest girlfriend in school, instead of no girlfriend at all. Naturally, that would force everyone to look at him in a new way. And here's the kicker: he wanted me to pretend to be the hot girlfriend!"

Sally opened her mouth wide in shock. "Whoa! That's so... so... sneaky! And I can already guess what happened next: you went along with it, thinking you could just make a few easy appearances in front of his friends. At most, you might have to fake a few romantic kisses. But somehow things spiraled out of control, and fake kisses became real ones. You slowly slid down a slippery slope as you found yourself going deeper and deeper into your fake girlfriend role."

"Exactly," Maggie said, pleased. "Very astute. That's exactly what happened. And that's why I asked when you left last time to call me 'Maggie,' because that was my 'fake girlfriend' persona. That's also why I changed my hairstyle and hair color and made other subtle changes, so people who knew me as 'Margaret' might not recognize me as 'Maggie.' Except 'Maggie' has pretty much taken over, and I love it!"

Sally said, "I suppose this helps my impression of you. You were tricked into the incest in a very sneaky way. But it sure puts Nick in a bad light."

Maggie said, "Maybe. But remember he had good motivations as well as lust. He was thinking: 'My mom is lonely and struck in a rut, completely unwilling to get free of Andy and meet someone new. I have to do something drastic to shake things up!'"

Sally sourly said, "I suppose. Though the fact that you're every teenage boy's ideal wet dream makes me more than a wee bit skeptical."

Maggie further explained, "Point taken. But remember fate played a large role too. It all started with our first fake open-mouthed kiss, to impress Hillary, who was standing a few feet away. As soon as my lips make contact with his, it was like... magic! Real magic! Sparks and fireworks and electricity and all the rest! Such a natural connection! I can't even begin to explain it. It was like we were the perfect sexual match from the get-go. And it's been like that all along ever since, with everything we do. The sexual chemistry between us, it's just... unstoppable! It's not something that either of us can control."

Sally held a hand up. "Ugh! Please! Don't get too graphic, okay? Just thinking of you two kissing grosses me out. To imagine you two fucking is way beyond the pale!"

Maggie said, "Actually, we've never done that. We've never gone all the way. I've told him that's going too far."

Sally brought her hands up and clutched the sides of her head. She stared in open mouthed shock. "Are you serious?! You've never actually fucked?!"

"That's what I just said."

Sally stood up in amazement. "Why didn't you tell me that from the start?! That changes everything! You've had me all freaking out, but you haven't actually committed full incest!"

Maggie stood up too, to match Sally. "Well, we've done a lot of sexual things. Handjobs, blowjobs, titfucking, cunnilingus... basically everything short of actual fucking."

Sally said, "Maybe so, and I'm still upset with you and your limited incest, but the fact that you haven't gone all the way makes me feel soooo much better!" She stepped forward and gave her a big hug. "Why didn't you tell me that earlier?! Grrrr!"

Maggie thought ruefully to herself, I should have mentioned it. But I guess in my mind, it's all incest, so it doesn't make much difference. Plus, my "no fucking" rule is getting increasingly wobbly. How long will I be able to hold out with that? It's becoming increasingly clear that's we're going to fuck soon! I want to be his "big-titted mommy slut" in every possible way, so of course that has to include fucking. I know it'll be incredible! Epic! Life-changing, even!

I guess the only reason I'm still holding back is because I'm trying to slow things down some. It feels like we're on a wild roller coaster ride and we're in danger of flying off the tracks. We need to adjust and absorb what's happening before going even deeper into our sexual bliss. That, plus, I'd feel guilty getting fucked by him all the time while Hillary is still prohibited. Once she gets permission, I can't imagine being happy left behind. We should lose our "Nick cherries" together!

She smiled from ear to ear at that last thought, while still holding Sally in a hug. As for today, I want to be as honest with my best friend as I reasonably can, but I can't tell her the full truth or she'd really freak out. So I'll keep the secret that I'm starting to think it's just a matter of time before I get fucked by my son from her, for now. Hopefully, over the coming weeks and months, her attitude will soften and evolve.

The two beautiful MILFs finally broke their hug and returned to their seats.

Maggie said, "Sorry for not mentioning that earlier. I figured incest includes, you know, all that other stuff."

"It does," Sally replied. "You're definitely not completely off the hook. But there's something distinctly different about vaginal intercourse. If you're not doing that, it's the difference between if I found you you'd committed petty theft versus robbing a bank. I'd still be upset that you're stealing either way, but I'd be way, way less disturbed than to find out you're a bank robber!"

She frowned as another possibility hit her. "You're not, uh, anal sex... You haven't allowed that, have you?"

Maggie honestly replied, "Oh dear me, no! That's not even an option in my mind, given how thick his penis is."

"Well, that's a relief," Sally said. "So no actual fucking of any kind is taking place then. Right?"

"Um... not unless you count titfucking. And face fucking. Actually, what both of us love the most is blowjobs. I just can't get enough of going down on him. I love it! And of course he loves it too!" She chuckled happily.

Sally motioned as if plugging her ears. "Please! TMI! Too much information! You don't need to be that graphic. Now you've put an image in my head and it'll be hard for me to get rid of it."

Maggie passionately responded, "Sorry, but you need to know, because that's a VERY important fact in my new life. I'm unrepentant about the new nature of my relationship with him. I don't think we're doing anything wrong. Maybe if we went all the way, but we haven't. He and I are best friends for life, and so much more! What I have with him is not some flash in the pan thing."

She dared to add, "Blowjobs are a big, big part of our sexual relationship. To be brutally honest, if I have my way, I want to go down on him every day for years and years to come! More than once a day too! So, assuming you and I stay best friends, it's a reality you need to know, because it's such a big part of my life now."

Sally sighed and slumped in her seat. "Ugh! I can see that, but... I hate to ask, but I guess I have to: why blowjobs?! You know Drew and I have a pretty good sex life, maybe even a great one, if I do say so myself. But I don't go down on him that often. It's just not much fun for me. I pretty much just use it to get him hard when he's having trouble getting it back up again."

Maggie was careful to try to temper her enthusiasm. "I know what you mean, because that's exactly how I felt when it came to sex with Andy in general. I thought that was good bordering on great too. But I couldn't have been more wrong! If sex with Nick is ten on a one to ten scale, in retrospect, sex with Andy was like a two or a three at best. This is in an entirely different league! I didn't know what true pleasure was until I found love with my son! It's like I said: sparks and fireworks every time! Goose bumps and tingles and orgasms! So many orgasms! And keep in mind I'm mainly talking blowjobs here, and titfucks too."

Sally sighed heavily. "We're definitely getting into too sexually explicit territory here. But I guess I'm a glutton for punishment. I still have to ask: why?! What's so special about going down on him?! And by the way, please don't call him your 'son' while we're talking about this. I'm having enough trouble as it is."

"Sorry. That just kind of slipped out."

Sally went on, "You just admitted you gave Andy blowjobs, but I know from previous discussions with you that you had no special love of doing that, the same as me. What's so different with Nick? Is it the thrill of breaking the incest taboo?"

Maggie stood up and started pacing around as she pondered what to say. "That's a factor, sure. Breaking any sort of taboo is a thrill. Just look at most any porn or bodice-ripping novel. There's usually some kind of transgressive, forbidden element. But, in all honesty, that's just a small part of it."

Sally impatiently asked, "What is it, then?!"

Maggie kept on pacing, but she maintained eye contact all the while. "I think it goes back to what we were talking about before, how Nick and I share an extra deep, extra close bond. I thought I loved Andy a lot, and I did. I did. Sure, things have gone bad with him, but I still remember the good times. But even our best times pale to how I feel with Nick, because I love him with all my heart and soul, and he loves me! It gives me such great joy, and arousal, to know that I'm sending him to sexual heaven with my mouth! And he always makes sure to send me to sexual heaven too. He's a very considerate lover."

She went on, "So there's that. In addition, maybe because fucking isn't allowed, oral sex has become kind of an obsession for me. It's sort of the 'main event' instead of foreplay to the main event, as it is for you."

"I can see that part, I guess," Sally muttered.

Maggie then boldly continued, "But also, he's a DOMINANT lover!" Her eyes flashed with lust and fire. "Who knew?! Who knew that my shy, introverted boy would turn out to be some kind of natural sexual beast? But I mean that in the best way. He's a tiger! So full of cocky confidence! He knows exactly how to make me weak in my knees with just a look! And blowjobs are perfect for that. You have no idea how delightfully dominated I feel when I'm kneeling naked below him, working on his erection with all the talent and energy I can muster!"

Sally stood up and held her hands out. "Okay, hold on! I think I've reached the limit of what I can handle hearing! You're putting all kinds of images in my head of you and him getting it on that are highly disturbing to me. I can't imagine Nick, cute, kind, softie Nick, being a 'dominant' 'tiger' in bed!"

Maggie grinned almost triumphantly. "I don't know what to say, since you want me to censor myself. But he definitely is! Okay? Trust me. He strikes the perfect balance, and he's done that from day one! He is kind and loving, so much so that I have 1000 percent trust in him. That allows me to let go of my inhibitions and let my sexual feelings flower. I know he'll NEVER let me down. It's impossible that we'll ever 'break up' because we'll always be bonded together as mother and son, yes, but also as best friends, and much more!"

She went on, with even more passion, "That said, he's definitely no 'softie!' I could say more about his sexually dominant side, but it would probably freak you out too much, so I won't. But let's just say it turned out he's a natural when it comes to sex. Sparks fly, every time! Gaawwwd! His stamina! And his recuperative ability! He gets so erect so easily!"

Sally spoke reluctantly. "I'm not comfortable with this line of talk, even though I consider myself pretty sexually liberated. But I feel like I have to point out that if he gets erect a lot, that probably has more to do with you than him. Like I said, you're every teenage boy's ideal sexual fantasy in the flesh. I'll bet he'd have fairly typical arousal for a boy his age until he'd see your gigantic yet firm and high breasts coupled with your stunning face. Any male would pretty much go out of their minds with THAT kind of visual stimulation!"

"Maybe that's a part of it," Maggie modestly conceded. "But there's so much more. I think another key part, especially when it comes to oral sex, is that his penis is so large, and especially so thick. There's something about its perfect size that makes it an endless pleasure to suck and lick. It stretches my mouth wide open in a hurts-so-good kind of way!"

Sally held her hands up in a "stop" gesture. "Okay, definitely TMI on THAT! Please!"

"Sorry." Maggie grinned impishly. She wasn't really that sorry. But she was merciful and tried to change the subject. "And, as part of him being dominant, I've discovered that I'm definitely sexually submissive. I never knew with Andy. He and I tried to be equal and balanced in all aspects of our marriage, including in the bedroom. That's something I still approve of, by the way, except for the 'in the bedroom' part. I've found that sex is a thousand times better when Nick is in charge!"

Maggie had stopped pacing, but now Sally started her own pacing. "Again, whoa! Enough of that! I get the idea."

"But you don't, really," Maggie said. "I know damn well it's the same for you and Drew as it used to be with me and Andy. You have no idea about dominance and submission, and how much fun that can be, if you let go and fully give in to all of your sexual desires regardless of any P.C. concerns."

"And I don't want to know!" Sally said defiantly.

"Why not?! I'm not saying that Nick is somehow superior to me. He's not like that at all. That's one thing that's so great about him. I'm thinking most sexually dominant guys are also macho asshole types. Nick's the opposite of that. I know he'll always respect me and love me outside the bedroom no matter what we do inside of it. He's no misogynist or male chauvinist. In fact, he's a feminist. He thinks women have been held back for ages."

Sally spoke bitterly, "Yeah, except when he's ordering you around in the bedroom, like, like, a loyal puppy! Margaret! Do you realize how tough this is for me? I've been on an emotional roller coaster of my own today. First I'm reeling from the incest revelation. Then you say there's been no actual fucking, which is a great relief. But then you go off on all this blowjob obsession stuff, plus the dominance and submission stuff. It's like your hitting me with one punch to the gut after another!"

Maggie was chastened. "Sorry." She returned to her seat. "But you asked why sex with him is in another league, so I told you. Look at it another way. Aren't you happy that I've found my bliss? Do you remember how this all started, with Nick hurting for me because I was feeling lonely and sexually wanting? I was stuck in a rut with no way out, because I felt so burned by what happened with Andy that I wasn't able to date and trust new people. He cut right through all that, and now I'm literally happier than I've ever been in my life!"

Sally was deflated. She returned to her chair and slumped down in it. "That's nice, I guess. It's just so damn bittersweet for me that you 'found your bliss' by sucking on your... on Nick's... UGH! I can't even say it!"

Maggie spoke in a more tender tone. "I know it's weird, believe me. Every day, almost every hour, I wonder at how strange my life has gotten. But it works for me! It works! And it works for him too. We're living on cloud nine every single day."

She took a larger perspective. "You know, sex is a very strange thing. Most people have some kind of fetish or kink, I think, though very few will admit it. Maybe they want to be spanked or talk dirty or their feet is their most erogenous zone, or whatever. And those are some of the tamest kinks I can think of. Wouldn't you still be my best friend if I had some strange sexual tastes?"

"Yeah, of course. Within reason, that is. The incest is pushing the limits of my tolerance, even if it's only limited incest."

"I get that. But imagine I was still with Andy and it turned out I totally loved to give him blowjobs and we had a dominance and submission thing going on. Would you stop being my friend?"

"Of course not," Sally said. Her eyes widened with realization. "Ah. I see what you're doing. You're trying to argue that those things are irrelevant and I shouldn't be any more upset by them."

"Exactly. Yes, I can see why you're upset that Nick and I have turned our relationship sexual. But the fact that we get a lot of enjoyment from some unusual things doesn't make the incest worse."

"But it does," Sally stated emphatically. "If only because it shows your sexual relationship with him is more intense and serious than I'd previously believed. Which means the odds of it being a 'flash in the pan' as you said are much less. Which means I might be stuck with you 'going out' with your very own son for years and years to come! God forbid if you two somehow end up together permanently!"

Maggie felt a secret thrill from that last comment Sally made, because that had become her secret great desire. But she ignored that, and said, "If you put it that way, then yes, it does magnify the problem you have. But this is me. This is my life. As you can tell from the intensity of my feelings, there's no way in hell you're going to talk me out of it. You need to take me warts and all, or not at all. I know there are reasons to be concerned when it comes to any incestuous relationship. But if Nick and I are in love, and we're happier than we've ever been, is that really such a bad thing? It is still worse if we find great sexual joy with each other for years to come? Would you rather I was still alone and deeply unhappy?"

A sad and frowning Sally replied, "No, of course I don't wish that. And yes, if you find more love and happiness, I guess that would lessen my objection some. But still, you're going to walk a very difficult path, and I worry about you. And him. Assume you get completely freed from Andy before too long. That shouldn't be too hard. What then? Will you fully become 'Maggie' and leave the rest of your old life behind?"

Maggie responded, "Generally speaking, yes. I'll keep the few good things from my old life and incorporate them into the new one. And you would probably be the main thing I'd want to keep. In just a few weeks, I already have fallen into a new life. Nick's friends and acquaintances know me entirely as Maggie, a 21 year old college student. They have no clue I'm really a 33 year old mother. And they never will. Why can't I just run with this new persona? I already have a fake ID. My goal is to BECOME Maggie, fully! Forever! Then Nick and I will just be another young couple with a three-year age gap going through life."

In Maggie's mind, she also wanted Hillary as an equal partner in that future, but she deemed it extremely unwise to mention anything about the Hillary factor.

Sally gesticulated as she complained, "But you're not 'Maggie!' Not really. You can pretend all you want about being almost a teenager again, but you ARE 33 years old! You may look younger, and you do, and you may get other people to believe it, as you already have, but that doesn't actually make you that age! There will always be a 16-year age gap between you and your son until the day you die!"

Maggie said defiantly, "I know. But so what? The incest factor won't be a problem with society at large as long as nobody knows. And yeah, there will always be a danger due to government records and such, but as long as we're smart we should be fine. And as long as people don't know about the real age gap, that won't be an issue either. These things really only matter to Nick and me, and if we're okay with it, who cares about the rest?"

She went on, "Naturally, you're an exception. I don't have a lot of living family to hide this from, and I don't have a lot of friends worth keeping enough to dare share this secret with. But you, I definitely want to keep you in my life, so I'm actually glad the truth slipped out right away. Yeah, you'll be in a weird position of knowing our secret, forever, but I hope in time you'll get used to it. Why not just embrace the cover story and treat us like that's real? What's the harm?"

Sally emphatically responded, "The problem is, I know the truth!"

"Yeah, but, ultimately, so what? History is full of people who successfully reinvented themselves. I can't help the fact that Nick and I are related. I can never, ever change that, I know. But I'm not going to let that accident of history ruin my life. Like I said, I'm living on cloud nine! I've never been so happy, so loved, so fulfilled! Should I just throw all of that away and pretend like it never happened due to some unlucky genetic fate? If he and I truly love each other, and we never have kids, and we're convincing with our new personas, who is harmed by our reinvention? Who?!"

There was a long pause before Sally could answer, because she couldn't think of a good answer to that. "I have to admit, my first instinct is to say 'me.' I'm harmed. Because I'll still know the truth and it's going to effect how I feel about you and him forever."

Maggie asked with irritation, "So I should give up on finding my true love and my bliss just because you'll have a sad feeling about it? Really?!"

Sally sighed heavily. "I didn't say that. No, you shouldn't. Obviously. But still, I am a glitch in your reinvention plan. I'm going to try my best to be tolerant and accepting, since it clearly means so very much to you, but I can only meet you so far. Maybe in time I'll be able to adjust better, but right now, it's looking pretty rough. I worry that our friendship is going to be severely hurt because I can't totally see eye-to-eye with what has suddenly and clearly become the most important thing in your life."

Maggie stood back up, causing Sally to do the same. Then she held both of Sally's hands. "I understand I've put you in a rough spot. I'm very sorry about that. And yeah, our friendship may well take a hit. But I believe it's strong enough to survive even this."

Sally forced a smile. "I hope so." She supportively squeezed Maggie's hands.

Maggie said earnestly, "I also believe that, in time, you'll come to believe that true love really does conquer all. Yes, my relationship with Nick is intensely sexual, but ultimately that sexuality is just physically expressing and rejoicing in our love! That's the main reason that the sex is so out of this world, because it's based on such a profound and unshakable love."

She searched her memories to come up with something to make Sally better understand. "Think of your younger life, like your college years, when you had one-night stands when some very talented dudes. You've told me how you had some really great sex at times, yet you also said it was ultimately hollow and unfulfilling, because they were strangers and there was no love there. You soon gave up on the one-night stand life and only had sex with guys you could get emotionally serious with. And wasn't that sex ten times better, at least?"

"It was," Sally admitted.

"Now, imagine the best sex you ever had with someone you deeply love, and multiply that by some number. I don't want to argue what the exact number would be, but the general point is that's how I feel about sex with Nick. How could I EVER find someone else I love nearly as much as him?! It's impossible! I would throw myself in front of a truck to save his life, and you know I would. I used to love Andy a lot back in the day, but I honestly don't know if I ever would have done that for him."

She concluded, "Incest isn't for everyone, for sure. It's wrong for most people, due to power dynamic issues and other issues. But when it comes to Nick and me, it works! I KNOW for a FACT that I will NEVER be as loved and as happy with anyone else as I can be with him! Do you doubt that?!"

Sally thought that over very carefully before speaking. "I suppose, given you've gone this far, and already broken the incest taboo, you will feel a deeper connection and deeper love due to your history together. So, yeah, the odds of you ever finding something like that with someone you've never met are very, very low."

Maggie felt triumphant. "So what do you want me to do?! Do you want me to break up with him and settle for much less? Heck, dating regular guys would be so dissatisfying in comparison that I'd probably end up all alone. Is that what you want?!"

Sally felt emotionally torn and pained. "No! Obviously not! I love you and I want you to be happy. It's just tough for me to accept that this is what will give you your 'bliss.' I'm still in shock, to be honest. Give me some time to adjust, please. It's going to be tough to see you two together, especially if you act all cuddly and flirty with each other. But, I suppose, over time, if I can see just how much you two love each other, and everything between you continues to go well and get stronger, that will help me a lot. I'm trying my damnedest to see this through your eyes, but it's just so hard!"

Maggie stepped forward and gave her a warm hug. "Thank you! Thank you so much just for being understanding and trying your best. I won't let you down. I promise, in time, you'll come to see that this really is the best of all possible worlds for him and me."

Sally asked, "You two have been together for such a short time. What, three weeks at most? Is there any chance you two might break up?"

"None. Trust me. Already, I know I need Nick as a lover in my life like I need air to breathe. I know this will shock you, but it would break my heart to go a single day without feeling his thick erection sliding back and forth between my lips!"

Sally broke the hug and stepped back in shock. "Margaret!"

Maggie raised her hands questioningly. "What? I'm keeping it real. And by the way, remember that I'm 'Maggie' now."


"This is part of the new me. I'm sorry, but expect a lot of that sort of talk from me from now on. I love him with all my heart, and I love physically expressing that love with him. I've been trying to hold back sharing the details since you're still in shock, but I wish I could yell from the highest rooftops just how much I love having sex with him! Unfortunately for you, there really is no outsider I can talk to about this except for you. So please warm up to the situation soon, so I can vividly describe the highs, the higher highs, and the even way higher highs of the absolutely best sexual experiences of my life!"

Sally chuckled ruefully. "Oh dear. It sucks to be me! What have I gotten into?"

Maggie stepped forward and hugged her again, and wasn't rebuffed. "Sorry. I'll try to restrain myself, I promise. At least for a while." She pulled back enough to make eye contact, and winked.

"Great." Sally rolled her eyes. "This is so bizarre. I'm having to remind myself to be upset. Your enthusiasm is addictive."

"That's the spirit!" Maggie cheered.

"Ugh," Sally griped, but mildly. "I'm such a soft touch."

They mutually broke the hug again.

Sally walked to a front window and looked out into the darkness, lost in thought. Then, after a couple of minutes, she walked back.

She let out another heavy sigh. "This is hard for me to admit, but... I think you did move me some today. The fact that you two aren't actually going all the way helps a lot. But also, just seeing how passionately you are in love with him. And in lust with him. If I have to force myself to choose, I can't advise you at this point to break up with him. Which means I'm agreeing with you that you should stay with him."

Maggie's face lit up like she'd just won a million dollars.

"But! I'm not exactly thrilled about it!" Sally wagged a disapproving finger. "From my point of view, it's more like the least bad of two bad choices. Maybe in time my attitude will change, but even though you win me over with your logic as well as your passion, there's a part of me that keeps saying 'It's wrong!' So please, do have mercy on me and give me time to adjust to this new reality. Hell, just remembering to call you 'Maggie' instead of 'Margaret' is going to be hell. It'll probably take me ten years to get used to that."

Maggie stepped forward and enveloped Sally in yet another hug. "Oh, Sally! Thank you! The mere fact that you're keeping this secret and you're trying your damnedest to keep our friendship means the world to me! I don't know what I'd do without you. As you know, I'm down to so few friends, but when it comes down to it, you're the one and only friend I know I'd want to keep through thick and thin. Please don't give up on Nick and me. Please! You'll see in time that love does conquer all. I swear it!"

Sally sighed again. "I sure hope so. But in any case, it looks like you're still stuck with me." She grinned impishly as they broke the hug.

She went on, "I guess I should go now. I feel emotionally drained. But I suppose we should meet again soon so you can fill me in on more of the details. Not the sexual nitty gritty details. Please, no! But all this stuff about you reinventing yourself, and acting like a college student, and hanging out with kids Nick's age, and so much more. It sounds like you have a lot of remarkable stories to tell."

"I do!" Maggie was beaming, because Sally's ultimate reaction was better than she'd hoped. "I've got great stories. But I should warn you, most of those involve copious amounts of cocksucking."

"MARGARET!" Sally shook her fist. But she wasn't really that upset. "Er, I mean Maggie. Now you're just trying to provoke me, aren't you?"

Maggie let out some naughty giggles. "A little. But it's also true. Still, I promise to try to give you the censored versions. Well, mostly, that is." She winked.

"UGH!" Sally grumped.

However, as she walked towards the door to leave, she added, "You know, I wasn't sure about this before we talked tonight, but I have a good feeling you and I are going to be okay. It will be a rough road for a while, but we'll get through this. I feel a lot better than I did this afternoon, when I feared the worst."

Maggie decided it was best not to ask what the "worst' was. Instead, she raised a fist into the air and said, "That's the spirit!"

Sally opened the front door to let herself out.

Maggie followed her to give her one last good-bye hug.

Once Sally was out the door, she turned back and said, "Let's talk again soon. But not too soon, okay? Give me a day or two, at least, so I can try to better adjust. Then I want to hear more about your 'reinvention.'"

"Sure thing. And Sally, you're the best! I love you!"

"Love you too." Sally turned away again and walked out of sight to her car.

Maggie closed the door and then leaned against it with a smile still on her face. Phew! That was emotionally grueling, but so worth it. I feel like I really got through to her. I'm so happy!

Not only did she lessen her objection to the incest, but I also was able to be honest with her about the submission and my love of blowjobs. Well, okay, not totally honest. I didn't go all the way in explaining my "total oral submission" attitude. I wish I could freely talk to her about the profound joy I feel whenever I kneel naked below my standing son, with my hands caressing his balls and my lips straining with the struggle of serving his huge cock! I swear, I feel shivers race up and down my spine every time! Plus, the glorious slurping and sucking is like an orgasm that never ends! And that's not to mention the rapture of feeling his hot cum blasting onto my face!

Okay. I didn't go that far with her. But I planted the seeds so I could at least be more honest later. And I didn't outright lie.

Except of course for some pretty big lies of omission. Most especially, I'm frightened to tell her the full story about Hillary's role. She's going to freak out all over again about that. I should give it time until she fully warms up to the incest before going there. And heaven forbid if my studly son seduces Anushka too! Yikes! Or even if the sex games with Debra continue. I can hear Sally's voice now: "Margaret, what the HELL?! Are you out of your mind?!"

But that's all for the future. Today's been a raging success, at least compared to what could have been. In retrospect, accidentally revealing the incest secret to her is almost certainly going to work out to be a positive. I'd much rather have her know and be somewhat disapproving than having to keep her in the dark forever.

I should go upstairs and check on my sweet love, and see if he's doing his homework.

She started to walk up the stairs. I'm oh-so-tempted to throw my rules out the window and tell him we should go to the garage and celebrate how the discussion went with a nice long suck session. Hell, I'm totally in the mood for another deep throating try! And I love a good titfucking too. But I can't. I really can't. If nothing else, Andy's going to call me anytime now to get picked up. I still need to be responsible and restrained or this great thing will fly off the handle and end in disaster.

But tomorrow! Oh God! Tomorrow! I'm going to do EVERYTHING to his cock before school, including more deep throating! And after school, maybe we can go to Hillary's house. Then it'll be just like what she and him did today, except I'll be there too so she and I can serve and adore his cock for hours and hours!

And that's not all! Later, I'll get to cook with Anushka again and we'll have our Bollywood movie night! If it's up to me, I'm going to cuddle with him under a shared blanket on one side of the room while Hillary and Anushka can cuddle on the other side of the room. And then, fuck the movie! I'll have my head in his lap and my lips around his shaft for the entire length of the film, and woe be to anyone who tries to stop me!

Now, THAT is going to be a great day! MMMM! I can almost taste the sweet sperm squirting into my mouth already!

She went to his room and checked on him, but she maintained a very motherly Margaret mode. She was pleased to see that he was making great strides with his homework and getting caught up. She told him a very basic version of what happened with Sally, just enough to let him know that things were looking up with her and he shouldn't worry. She promised to tell him more tomorrow when she actually was in Maggie mode.

The rest of the evening passed uneventfully. Nick stayed up until 10 o'clock, working like a fiend on his homework the whole time so he'd have more time for the Bollywood movie night and other fun adventures.

Maggie spoke to Anushka on the phone, but it was a relatively brief and sedate phone call, in part because she'd already picked Andy up by that time. But they talked enough to finalize their Bollywood movie plans, after Anushka had consulted Hillary about that as well.

NOTE: Thanks to the suggestions and corrections of YamiBoy, Ecchi Spud, lew54321, and especially Jamielynn who helped immensely.