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Chapter 1
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (

Note from Tacocarnitas: My stories aren't for everyone. If you don't like huge breasts, incest and totally unrealistic scenarios, go elsewhere. Otherwise, welcome and leave a comment!


[All characters are 18 years old or over.]


I walked into the doctor's office, following my mother, with my head hung down. It hung down because I knew what I would see if I looked up: my mother's unbelievable body, encased in a tight, dark blue business suit. If my eyes drifted upwards, I'd see her tiny, four-inch-heel-encased feet, her curvy, tight legs, her full, slightly swaying ass. And, framing her petite torso, her gigantic, round breasts. Yes, from the back. Her breasts were so massive that they poked out from either side of her body.

At only 5' 3", she was completely out of proportion. Even though I was only 18, I was a good six inches taller.

I shuffled along, my aching, erect penis pushing out visibly from my shorts.

It had been over half an hour drive to this small clinic, located all alone in the middle of a forest, of all places. But we'd heard this place was the best of the best for our special problem. In fact, it was the only place to even take our situation seriously.

We stopped at the reception desk.

My mother muttered, "Ms. Mary Pepper, here with my son Brian."

I was not just her son, but her only child. She was unmarried, so we made for a very tight team.

The receptionist, a very busty and beautiful young blonde wearing a tight sweater, looked at me.

I raised my gaze to her brilliant blue eyes, but only got as far as her ample chest. She was seriously hot! I guessed she was in her early twenties, though that was just a guess. I noticed a name tag with the name "Rebecca" on it. I suddenly realized that I was staring wantonly at her enormous boobs and snapped up to at least try to maintain eye contact.

The sexy receptionist smiled warmly at me. "Hi, Brian."

I stammered back, "Uh, er, hi... uh... Rebecca."

"So you noticed my name, did you? I wonder why you were looking there." She winked knowingly. "Don't worry. We know all about you here. You can stare at my big breasts if you want to. I'm proud of them."

Her breasts were exceedingly large! They weren't as big as Mommy's, nobody's were, but they were at least in the same ballpark. I guessed they were F-cups, or maybe even G-cups.

"What?!" My mother inhaled sharply, making her cartoonishly swollen chest bulge outward. "What are you talking about?!"

"Ms. Pepper, it's fine. From the questionnaire you filled out on-line, plus your phone calls, we already know about Brian's special condition. We're going to help him. Please have a seat." She gestured at two of many empty chairs sitting along the walls of the waiting room.

My mother shook her head at me and took me by the hand. "Come on, then, Son," she said, and then looked down shyly.

I followed her gaze and found my huge erection tenting outward, and a wet spot forming on my shorts.


My "special condition" - well, let's put it this way. Every kid goes through puberty. When mine came, it came with a vengeance. I had a hard-on more often than not. I masturbated every chance I got - probably five or six times a day. And I came in copious spurts, even after a marathon session. I was obsessed with sex and masturbating, to the point that my mother was seriously concerned.

There may have been a medical or genetic explanation, and that probably explained some of it. But in my mind, there was one overwhelmingly obvious reason I couldn't stop playing with myself: Mommy! I was obsessed with her face and her body. I thought about her constantly, and there were frequent reminders of how insanely buxom and shapely she was, even when she wasn't around: guys at school wouldn't shut up about it, there were occasional comments from construction worker types, and the one girlfriend I dared to ask out turned me down because she said she felt so intimidated by her beauty.

Mommy and I lived with just the two of us, and we'd been that way as far as I could remember. Strangely, even though she looked like a goddess come to earth, with a stunning face and outrageously voluptuous body, she hadn't been on a date in years. She claimed she was tired of all the cat calls and groping and unwanted attention. But one result was that we spent much more time together than most mothers and sons, and we were very, very close. The fact that I thought of and called her "Mommy" instead of "Mom" or the like was one example of that.

Now that I was eighteen years old, things hadn't really changed. I was still obsessed with my mother's amazing body. In fact, things had only gotten worse, until Mommy had insisted on this appointment to "cure" my problem.


We sat and waited. My eyes, as usual, wandered over to stare at my mother's tremendous bust. Not only were her tits simply gigantic, they were perfectly round and sat high and proudly on her chest. It was insanely tempting!

Once again, she caught me. "Brian! For goodness' sake." She looked angry, but also confused and sad. "I didn't know what to do. I mean, I know boys your age have needs. And I also understand that my body" - she looked down, and slowly, to my astonishment, plumped her huge breasts with her hands from below - "is somewhat… unusual. But, even so, you definitely shouldn't be looking at your mommy that way."

"Uhhh," I groaned, my cock pulsing. I thought, Whenever she refers to herself in the third person like that - I don't know, it just kills me! She's the one who's always insisted that I call her "Mommy," so it's not like I can stop. Does she realize that even saying that word can give me an erection?

She smiled warmly. "It's okay, Sweetie. We're here to get you some help. Doreen said Dr. Morgan is a specialist in... this area." Doreen was Mommy's best friend, similarly gorgeous and busty (though not nearly as busty!) and had a son with a similar problem. Apparently, whatever Dr. Morgan did had helped her son a lot, although I'd never found out what the "cure" was exactly.

"Thanks, Mommy."

She smiled even wider.

I blushed and looked down at my erection again.

Her eyes followed mine, until she saw the outrageous bulge in my shorts. Then it was her turn to blush and turn away.

A nurse came out from the hallway with a clipboard. She walked over to us. "You must be Brian and Ms. Pepper. Welcome!"

I looked up and couldn't believe who I was looking at. It was Bethany, a girl who had graduated from my high school a few years before. She was probably 21 to my 18 years. She was just the kind of curvaceous older girl that I secretly pined for. In fact, she had fueled many of my masturbatory fantasies. She had long, straight, brunette hair, like my mother, but unlike Mommy, she was tall. And, of course, she was busty. Nothing like my mother, but she was seriously endowed for her age.

She squatted in front of me, her breasts bouncing in her tight white nurse outfit as she did. "Hi Brian. I remember you. You were a senior this year, yeah?"

I was dumbstruck. Once again, I couldn't stop staring at a large pair of breasts in front of me.

"Brian," my mother said authoritatively, "the nurse is asking you a question."

"Um, sorry, yeah. Hey, Bethany." (I knew from school that she hated to be called "Beth.") " You graduated a few years ago, right?"

"Yup. You've really grown up a lot, haven't you?" Bethany winked. "Anyway, we're going to take very good care of you here. The first thing I need you to do is take off your shorts and your underwear."

I looked at my mother in disbelief.

Mommy looked even more shocked than I was. "Here, in the waiting room?!" she said incredulously.

Bethany replied matter-of-factly, "Yup. Unfortunately, both examination rooms are currently occupied, and our time is limited. But don't worry, Ms. Pepper, we'll have a full exam with the doctor in a moment. This is just a preliminary procedure. I happened to notice that your son's penis is fully erect. It is, right, Brian?" She turned to me.

"Yeah. It's been hard for a while." My face was red with embarrassment, because I couldn't will my erection to go away.

Bethany looked to my mother's chest knowingly. "I'm sure it has." She turned back to me and winked in a playful, friendly way. "Now, let's get you out of those shorts."

I looked at my mother helplessly. To make matters worse, I glanced again at the sexy blonde receptionist Rebecca.

She was looking through her window into the room, and staring right at me!

I thought, What's with this place?! Even through the window, I can tell she's smoking hot and busty too! And I have to expose myself in front of all three of them?! Shit!

Seeing no other alternative, I started unbuttoning my shorts. I was naturally shy and introverted, and this was light years out of my comfort zone. I felt like I was dying of shame.

Mommy was deeply embarrassed, with her face even redder than mine, but all she could do was sit and stare while clutching at her massive rack from below.

I muttered, "Mommy, I'm sorry for putting you in this situation. But, uh..."

Bethany smiled brightly. "Oh, you call her 'Mommy?" That's so adorable!"

I sighed. At least this issue was distracting me from my embarrassment some. "I know, laugh all you want. I get a lot of grief about that. But, dammit, I can't help myself! She's always been just 'Mommy' in my mind."

Bethany said, "Oh, I'm not making fun of you at all. Actually, you'd be surprised how many of the boys your age who come in here call their moms the same thing. Even older men sometimes! We like to encourage them to use that very word, if they aren't already. It's a great thing, a sign of a very powerful love."

That left me almost speechless. "Oh! Um, uh, nobody's ever reacted like that before."

"Yeah, well, we do things a little differently here." She winked. "As you'll soon see."

As if to prove her point, Bethany grabbed the top of my shorts and slid them off, pulling my underwear off with them. She kept going until both my shorts and underwear were all the way off my legs, then put them on an empty seat to the side of me.

My dick was large in its fully engorged state. That was obvious from Bethany and Mommy's reaction. I didn't think it was huge, but they were impressed. I was surprised that I could be erect when I was feeling so very nervous, but the thought of fully exposing myself in front of three total knockouts, especially Mommy, was simply too thrilling.

"Well, you've gotten quite big in more ways than one, Brian!" Bethany smiled. She reached over to the table next to me and grabbed a bottle. "This is just lotion. It's going to help me help you ejaculate. I'm going to put some on your penis now."

I barely had time to absorb those words. I gasped as she took hold of my stiff dick with both hands. "Oh!"

Bethany's smile grew. "Don't worry. This is going to feel good, Brian."

Mommy was even more incredulous. She asked the nurse, "What are you planning on doing?! It sounds like you're going to... to... stroke his penis until he ejaculates!"

Bethany nodded tolerantly at her. "That's exactly what I'm going to do. As I understand, you say he has a problem with an 'overactive penis.' Naturally, one of the first things we have to do is get a sperm sample. You understand the need for that, don't you?"

Mommy stammered, "W-w-well, y-y-yes. But... right here?! In the waiting room? In front of me?!"

"Sorry, it can't be helped." Bethany started stroking her fingers up and down my shaft. Her two very feminine hands were in constant motion, it seemed.

"B-b-b-but... " Mommy stammered some more.

"Just relax. Ms. Pepper," Bethany said, turning to my mother as she continued to stroke my cock, "I know this may be a tad alarming and unusual, but I assure you the doctor knows what she's doing. We've handled plenty of cases like Brian's."

I looked at my mother as she nervously looked around the room until her eyes locked on the receptionist Rebecca. Her alarm and embarrassment grew, because although Rebecca had some papers in front of her, she was ignoring them and staring wantonly at my boner getting jacked off. Even when the woman made eye contact with Mommy, she wasn't deterred in the slightest.

Mommy looked away, and wound up staring at Bethany's two-handed handjob action instead. Her entire body squirmed nervously in her seat. Her face was getting redder and redder and it looked like she was gasping for air, which set her tits heaving. She had to pin both arms under her huge rack to stop her twin boulders from swaying around too much.

Bethany looked to Mommy as she stroked my throbbing thick meat, and said, "Ms. Pepper, I can tell this is making you feel uncomfortable, but really, there's nothing to be bothered about. Your son masturbates many times a day, doesn't he?"

"He does," Mommy reluctantly admitted.

"And from the notes I just read on this case, you've accidentally walked in on him playing with himself many, many times. And you always stay and secretly watch. So seeing this sort of thing isn't unusual for you."

Mommy was aghast, her mouth agape.

But Bethany continued on, seemingly oblivious. "In fact, it's pretty clear your peeking sessions aren't really 'accidental,' are they, since they happen so often."

Mommy looked like she was going to pass out from too much shame and embarrassment. "Nurse! Please! That's private information! He wasn't supposed to know that!" Somehow, her face turned even redder, with the blush spreading down her neck.

Bethany said, "Oh, sorry," even though she didn't seem that sorry. "I guess that's why I'm only a nurse. But don't worry, since this bothers you, I'll try to make it fast."

"Thank you!" Mommy continued to blatantly stare at my stiff cock. It seemed she'd given up on trying to look anywhere else. She seemed increasingly uncomfortable though, judging by the way she was squirming in her seat. Her business jacket had opened up, giving me an even better look at her enormous knockers.

Without looking up at my face, she remembered to tell me, "Son, I swear, I haven't peeked on you that much. And every time was an accident! Really!"

Bethany smirked. "Sure." She started to ask, "Then how is it you-"

Mommy urgently and loudly interrupted, "Nurse! Please! Can't you stop talking about that already?!" She even looked up pleadingly at Bethany's face.

"Sorry," Bethany relented. "Although I don't think you did anything wrong. Your son's penis is simply extraordinary! So thick AND long! And it feels soooo good!"

Mommy barked, "Nurse!"

Bethany seemed slightly annoyed, but she relented again. "Sorry. I'll be quiet."

Mommy seemed to breathe a big sigh of relief. All of her attention returned to Bethany's hands slipping and sliding up and down my throbbing hard-on.

Several minutes passed. Bethany really was a cock stroking pro. I would have cum in just a minute or two, except that I'd built up considerable stamina due to my long daily masturbation sessions, plus she knew when to ease up just enough to keep me on the edge.

I was so overwhelmed and aroused by Bethany's handjob that it took a few minutes for me to come down from an insane high enough to even think about Mommy peeking in on me. Holy crap! Mommy's been spying on me?! I usually just lie in bed without any covers on, and my eyes closed. She's been able to see everything!

Oh my God! Does that mean she's sexually aroused by ME?! That can't be! That would be like the homecoming queen falling in love with the ugliest boy in school. Mommy is a goddess!

I soon put that whole issue out of my head, because the possibilities were too astounding and dizzying to even contemplate. Besides, Bethany's talented hands were taking all my attention already. I generally kept my eyes closed, because looking at her or Mommy would have been too much sexy stimulation at once.

More time passed. It occurred to me that Bethany had said she was going to make this quick, but it was more like the opposite. In fact, at one point I was sure I was going to cum, but she squeezed the base of my shaft with surprising force and seemingly stopped my ejaculation before it could really begin. I was in heaven!

From time to time, she used one hand to play with my balls. It wasn't something I regularly did in my masturbation sessions, but it felt incredible when she did it.

As Bethany continued to jack me off, she whispered things like: "That's a good boy. Such a big, BIG boy too! God, what a magnificent member!" and "Open your eyes and look at my big breasts, Brian! Don't they make you want to ejaculate?"

She was especially persistent in getting me to look at her. Eventually, I found I could stare wantonly without needing to cum, and she didn't seem to mind the gawking at all. Her big tits were in constant bouncy motion, thanks to all the movement in her arms.

She continued to coo at me, "Brian, you love big tits, don't you? Even more than most guys your age, I can tell, and that's a lot!" She giggled. "Would it help you cum faster if I take my top off? And my bra off too?"

That suggestion seemed to upset Mommy. She protested to her, "Do you have to talk to him like that?!"

Bethany glanced her way, seemingly a bit miffed. "I'm trying to make this go as fast as possible, thanks to you being uncomfortable about it. See how I'm stroking him with both hands? I'm playing with his balls and using every trick in the book short of using my mouth, and he still isn't cumming! Do you have any suggestions on how I can jack him off better?"

Mommy bit her lip. "Um... no."

Bethany continued to adoringly slide her fingers all over my hot and needy pole. "His stamina is damn impressive, I must say. When you spy on him jacking off every day, does he always take this long to cum?"

Mommy was so transfixed that her answers were slow. "Uhhh... yes. As a matter of fact. But with you doing it with your two talented hands, it should go a lot faster." Then she did a double take as she realized something. "Not that I watch him every day! Oh my God! Son! You didn't hear that!"

She stared into my eyes with a horrified expression. Her face was cherry red and her massive tits were heaving even more than before. She was constantly squirming in her chair too.

It finally dawned on me that the smell of sex was heavy in the air! And it wasn't all or mainly from me. It was a distinctly feminine smell, like wet pussy. But who was it coming from, Mommy or Bethany? Or both?! (I have no idea if Rebecca was still watching, since I had forgotten all about her for a while, mostly due to having Bethany between my legs.)

Bethany responded, "I stand corrected. 'Most every day' is what it said in the notes, as I recall. But in any case, my point is, I'm trying some 'pillow talk' to speed things up. Isn't that what you want?"

Mommy sighed. "I suppose. It's just that it's so... " Her voice trailed off.

"What?" Bethany asked, even as she leaned in and lightly blew on my cockhead.

"Never mind!" Mommy was writhing in her chair even more than before. "Just make this go fast, please!" She'd switched to holding her huge tits from below instead of just using her arms to press up against them. But as time went on, it looked more and more like she was caressing them.

Bethany looked back to my cum-soaked cock, and her fingers sliding on them. "Well, I could use my mouth. But some might see that as unprofessional. It's so against the rules, my personal rules... And other patients could walk in or out at any time... But... maybe..." There was a powerful look of longing in her eyes.

She glanced at Mommy. "Is that what you want me to do, to use my mouth on him, to speed this up?"

I had been trying to cope with the "most every day" spying revelation. But that thrilling thought flew out of my mind, thanks to Bethany's latest suggestion! I waited on pins and needles to see what would happen next.

Mommy looked like her blushing face simply froze, with her jaw hanging open. Her eyes were the size of saucers. Only her hands were still moving, and they were wandering all over her acres of tit. Her dark blue jacket was sliding down her upper arms.

Bethany looked up at my face with a sultry smile. "Is that what you want, Brian? For me to suck on your erection?! It would be kind of breaking the rules, I must admit. I've never done it for any patient before. Really! But I always liked you and thought you were a real cutie. I wish I could! Your cock is so thick and so long! I'd love to wrap my lips around it! God, how I wish I could wrap my lips around it!" She licked her tongue all the way around her sexy red lips.

Unfortunately, that kind of talk was making her continued stroking far too effective. In a matter of moments, it became amply clear to me that I was on the verge. I frantically squeezed my PC muscle, but I knew that could only be a delaying action, at best.

Bethany pulled out a contraption from her pocket, a large vial of sorts, which she attached to the top of my throbbing boner. It was obviously meant to capture my ejaculate. Then she asked Mommy, "Excuse me, Ms. Pepper, but could you please take your jacket all the way off?"

"Sure, I suppose." Mommy pulled it the rest of the way off her arms and put it on the seat next to her. "But why?"

Bethany gave her a playful wink. "You'll see in a second." Then she whispered something shocking to me: "It's okay, you cutie. Your mom is such a total knockout! Like a seriously stacked porn star! To help you cum faster, like your mother wants, you should look at her enormous breasts now!"

So I did. Actually, I'd been looking at them, and the rest of her, off and on, but being told to do it made it even more overt, especially since we all knew I was seconds away from cumming.

My mother gasped, as she realized I was going to cum while staring at her titty bounty. Her hands were still clutching at her melons, but she seemed to arch her back and thrust them out, even as her face turned still redder.

I screamed, "I'm sorry, Mommy!" I came hard, filling the vial.

In fact, it began to overflow, so Bethany removed it and clamped her mouth down over my spurting cock!

I couldn't believe what was happening: one of the hottest, most stacked girls in town was suckling the cum from my cock while I alternately stared at her sliding lips and my mother's massive chest!

Mommy certainly couldn't fail to notice when Bethany stretched her lips around my thick pole. She screamed, "Oh my LORD! Dear God!" Then her entire body began trembling. She kneaded her tits through her light blue blouse even more aggressively than before. Her eyes rolled back into her head, and her head tilted way back for good measure.

I didn't know much about women's bodies, since I'd been too shy to ever go on a date, but it was hard not to conclude that Mommy was cumming, hard, while watching Bethany suck me off!

At first, I was so overwhelmed by my orgasm that I wasn't paying much attention to what Bethany's mouth was doing to me. All I knew was that it felt really, really great. Even though I'd finished cumming already, Bethany slid her lips back and forth relentlessly, like she was trying to coax every last drop of cum out of my balls.

But then a minute passed, and then another.

I felt shivers all over as it occurred to me, Holy Toledo! I'm not going flaccid, and she isn't stopping in her sucking! Her motherfucking incredible cocksucking! This has become an honest-to-God blowjob!

After another fantastic minute or two went by, Mommy stopped her trembling, though her hands couldn't seem to stop blatantly caressing and fondling her gigantic globes. From time to time, she glanced to the receptionist Rebecca, as if hoping she would do something to stop this.

But Rebecca only stared at Bethany's sliding lips with intense interest. Even from across the room, I could see her huge tits were heaving up and down with arousal, just like my mother's!

Eventually, Mommy quietly asked, "Why aren't you stopping, nurse?! What you're doing is so... lewd! Unprofessional! And unnecessary. Surely his orgasm is long over by now!"

But Bethany couldn't answer, because her mouth was full - of my cock! Furthermore, her eyes were shut and she had a blissful look on her face, so it wasn't clear if she'd even heard the questioning. At first, she'd been sucking frantically, her head bobbing almost into a blur, but as time passed and it became clear that my cock was staying stiff, she had slowed down, as if settling in for the long haul.

This allowed me to pay more attention to what she was doing, and better savor the experience. I had nothing to compare Bethany's oral skills to, except my own masturbation. As good as that felt, this was a thousand times better! She was using both hands on my lower shaft and balls, while doing simply incredible things with her lips and tongue.

As if that wasn't arousing enough, it was almost too much for me to look at Mommy. Still, I couldn't resist taking a peek her way from time to time. It seemed she was nearly as affected by the oral action as I was! Not only was she blatantly staring and just as blatantly fondling her huge tits through her blouse, but one of her hands had migrated down between her legs. I couldn't see what that hand was doing, but the arm attached to it was rhythmically moving. Furthermore, there was sweat trickling down her forehead, and she was constantly licking her lips!

After a couple more minutes passed, it occurred to me, Mommy stopped complaining because she's ON FIRE! She's totally horny! Staring at me getting my first blowjob from one of the hottest girls I've ever known!

I glanced at my mother's gorgeous face and saw her repeatedly licking her lips. She's doing that because she's thinking of sucking me! She wants to take Bethany's place! It can't be! That thought is too fucking hot to handle, but just look at her! It has to be true!

I don't know how long I was in seventh heaven like that. It seemed like ages, but it probably was only a few more minutes. I have no idea how I managed to avoid cumming through that time, except that Bethany seemed to have a knack for keeping me on the edge of cumming, but only teetering there on the edge.

Unfortunately, the incredible joy came to an end when I heard someone clear her throat from high above. It was the receptionist Rebecca, who had entered the room and was standing a couple of feet behind and to the side of Mommy.

That throat clearing caused Mommy to freeze again, like she'd been struck by a freeze ray. Then she ever so slowly turned her head to the sound of the voice, with a look of horror on her blushing face.

I hadn't been able to see much of the receptionist through the window between rooms. But now that she was standing up, she was a vision of voluptuous, blonde beauty. Her tits were possibly even larger than Bethany's, though they still couldn't hold a candle to my mother's. However, the rest of her body was equally amazing, with a narrow waist and wide hips.

I thought, Why do both women working here look like porn stars?! Busty porn stars! Holy Toledo!

Despite the receptionist making her presence known, Bethany didn't stop her sucking for even an instant. In fact, if anything, she started sucking faster and deeper, with her cheeks repeatedly caving in.

Seeing that she'd gotten at least the attention of two of us, the receptionist smiled at me and said, "Sorry for breaking up the fun, but... Ms. Pepper and Brian, the doctor is ready to see you now."

Mommy finally snapped out of her freeze. She muttered, "Oh, thank the Lord!" and started to stand up.

At least, she tried to. It turned out that her legs were so wobbly that she nearly fell right back in her seat.

Luckily, Rebecca was right there and used both hands to clutch at her arms and keep her standing. She said, "Easy there! Steady now. That's it... "

Somehow, her huge breasts ended up pressing into Mommy's even larger ones. The two of them wound up in a friendly hug.

I felt a rush of arousal as I realized how much stronger the feminine sex smell got once Mommy stood up. Most of the smell is coming from her! Whoa! That's further proof that she has to be extremely hot and bothered! And I get to watch that hug while the sexiest girl in school sucks my dick!

Another minute passed, while Rebecca quietly whispered into Mommy's ear. Then the blonde receptionist turned slightly and smirked down at Bethany. "Okay, girl, Enough of that. I know it looks delicious... You must be in total huge cock heaven! Mmmm.... But you know that's technically against the rules."

Bethany finally stopped sucking my cock and pulled her lips off. She looked up at me with a pouty expression. "Oh, shoot! I was getting so close!" Drool and cum was dribbling down her chin.

Mommy had recovered enough to stand on her own, yet Rebecca still had her hands on her shoulders, and their fantastic racks continued to lightly press together, and even seemingly rub together! She was staring down at Bethany in disbelief. It probably didn't help that Bethany was still stroking my raging boner with both hands.

The hourglass-shaped blonde receptionist said, "Ms. Pepper, don't mind Bethany. That may have seemed unprofessional to you, but in fact she was going the extra mile. One sperm sample is good, but two samples are better. We can perform more tests that way."

Bethany wiped the pre-cum from her chin, and looked up at me. "Yeah. Very well done, young man." She kept on jacking me off!

Rebecca added, "And Brian, you have no idea what a rare honor you just experienced. You must be a very special boy with a VERY special penis. Since Bethany started working here, I don't recall her EVER using more than her hands on any of the patients!"

Bethany smiled at me. "That's true. I've NEVER done that to anybody here, but then again, we never had a patient overflow the sample cup before. I can see that you're a special case. With a VERY special penis!"

She still had both of her hands on it, and she still hadn't ever really stopped stroking it. She leaned down and gave the fat cockhead a few kisses.

Rebecca laughed and walked a step or two over to Bethany, which meant her tit rubbing with Mommy finally came to an end. She leaned down and tugged on Bethany's uniform to pull her up. "Come on, girl. If you start in on that, you'll soon have your lips stretched widely around it again and you'll NEVER stop."

She gave Mommy a friendly nudge. "You don't want to be bored watching her give your son another prolonged blowjob, do you? I'm sure you must be bored, watching all that slurpy, impassioned sucking and stroking."

Mommy seemed to drift out of her daze in order to answer. She was still transfixed from watching Bethany's fingers slipping and sliding all over my hot and pulsing shaft. "What's that? Uh... right."

Bethany finally disengaged all the way from me and stood up. She staggered back and seemed wobbly on her feet, as if she was tipsy from too much lust.

The sexy receptionist looked at my boner, still fully exposed and soaked with pre-cum and saliva. She shook her head. "Bethany! You can't leave him like that!"

Rebecca dropped to her knees before me. Then she fiddled around for my underwear and shorts, and carefully pulled them back over my feet and onto my legs.

As she did so, she looked into my eyes with her bright blue eyes, "In case you forgot, my name is Rebecca. Nice to meet you."

I was in a lusty daze. It was beyond bizarre to meet someone in this circumstance. But I rallied and said, "Uh, er, hi! I remember. Nice to meet you!"

She chuckled knowingly, as she pulled my underwear and shorts well up my thighs. "I'm sure. Bethany, can you get us some wipes? We've got a messy situation here."

Bethany quickly turned and walked away.

To my total shock, Rebecca took my boner in hand, both hands, and started stroking it. With a twinkle in her eye, she said, "Now, as for you, young man, do you think you'll be okay in this condition with the doctor? Is there any chance your penis can go flaccid?"

I stared in disbelief. "Seriously?! Flaccid?! NO WAY!"

Rebecca laughed heartily, causing her huge tits to sway up and down inside her tight top.

I glanced over at Mommy. She seemed jealous and frustrated. Her hands were at her sides, but clenched into fists. Her face was still beet red. She also appeared more than a little horny, judging from the way she was still licking her lips, staring at Rebecca's hands sliding up and down my shaft, and how her immense orbs were heaving inside her blouse.

Bethany came back and handed Rebecca one of the "wipes," which looked more like a small, thin, silky towel.

Bethany remained bent over just behind the receptionist, giving me a great view of her tanned globes hanging down towards me. Her white nurse uniform had a front zipper on it, and it had somehow unzipped down to the very edges of her nipples.

Rebecca began cleaning my cock of all its wetness. It felt just like how she'd been jacking it off, but the silky smoothness of the towel more than doubled my pleasure. Only one hand held the towel, while she generally rubbed my most sensitive spot with her bare fingers!

As she did that, she told me with a sly smile, "No, I don't suppose it would be reasonable to expect you to go flaccid, with all this stimulation!" She chuckled. "Just look at your mother. So sexy!"

I glanced to Mommy.

Her face seemed permanently red as a tomato, due to a combination of lust and embarrassment, but she shyly looked away for good measure.

Rebecca added, "But at the least, we can clean you up. And please do your best to pay full attention to the doctor and her words of wisdom, no matter how aroused you are. Okay?"

"Okay," I muttered. I was so astounded, alternately staring at Bethany bending over enticingly and Rebecca effectively jacking me off, that I felt downright dizzy.

A couple of minutes silently passed. It soon became clear that Rebecca had gotten my boner as clean as it was going to get, but she didn't stop or even slow down. In fact, she kept on wiping my stiff cock clean for another minute or two, until Bethany loudly coughed.

Even that wasn't enough to get Rebecca to stop, but Bethany pointedly asked her, "Isn't the doctor waiting?"

"Oh, that's right." Rebecca finally pulled away and stood up next to Bethany, causing Bethany to stand all the way too. The bombshell receptionist muttered to me, "I'll leave it to you to do the rest."

Mommy sighed heavily. "Finally! Well, let's go, Brian."

I got up and pulled my shorts up the rest of the way. The bulge in my shorts looked absolutely outrageous.

Mommy, Bethany, and Rebecca were all staring at it with what looked to be ravenous hunger in their eyes! I'd never felt so sexually desired, and it was strange for someone as shy and unassuming as me.

I stood in front of Rebecca, and said, "Thanks for the, uh, cleaning help."

Her eyes lit up with delight. "Thank you! My oh my, what a polite young man. It really was my pleasure. And I do mean that!" She giggled, causing her rack to tremble and wobble.

Then she stepped forward and gave me a very affectionate hug. I could feel her huge mounds pressing tightly against my chest. She also brought a hand back to my bulge and gave it a very blatant squeeze or two!

Unfortunately, she pulled away after just a few seconds.

I looked to Bethany. "And thank you. It's such a treat to see you again. Thanks especially for the... uh... you know."

Her eyes flashed with mischief. She stepped forward and wrapped her arms around me, allowing me to enjoy another enormous pair of tits pressing against me. She whispered in my ear, "For the... oral assistance?"

I blushed slightly. "Yeah!"

"Like Rebecca said, it's MY pleasure! I sure hope you become a regular in here. If you do, I hope we can continue where we left off!" She boldly stuck a hand into my shorts, grasped my boner, and resumed stroking it!

Mommy saw that and loudly gasped. She protested, "Nurse!"

Bethany responded, "You're right. I'm sorry. I'm not acting very professional. Please forgive me?"

My mother was a softie at heart. She muttered, "It's fine."

However, Bethany kept right on with her renewed handjob. As her hand made a lewd display through my shorts, she sighed in what sounded like ecstasy. "Gaaaawwwwd! This erection... it just feels so... perfect! It's like my hand NEEDS to stroke it! Like I can't stop! And that's coming from me, someone who regularly gives many handjobs every work day. You think I'd get tired of this, but no! It's like I've found the ultimate cock to hold and stroke, making all the others seem blah and boring in comparison!"

She looked apologetically to Mommy. "Oh, shoot. I'm sorry. There I go, babbling and rambling. It's just that I'm so excited!"

Mommy gave her a chagrined look, complete with hands on her hips. "And it seems a lot like you're stalling for time too." She glared at Bethany's hands in my shorts.

Bethany said even more apologetically, "Guilty as charged!" But she still didn't stop her highly arousing handjob action!

Instead, she whispered into my ear, but loudly enough for the others to hear, "I know you may find this hard to believe, but I meant it when I said I have NEVER sucked off a patient. It's my firm rule. Yes, taking sperm samples is a key part of my job, but hands only. It's true that I loooove to suck cock, but I only use my mouth on my boyfriends. But your cock is just so thick and so long and so... perfect! And you had so much overflowing cum... I couldn't resist! I guess that kind of makes you my boyfriend now, in a way." She began sensually licking my ear, even as she kept on stroking my cock.

I was struck speechless.

She whispered some more, as she licked my ear still more, "I hope I'll get to see more of you later. All of you. Sometimes, the doctor needs special assistance. I really want to finish that blowjob, so you can cum on my face or down my throat!"

She added with a burst of shyness, "That is, if you don't mind?"

I was still in a daze, tripping out on incredible arousal. But after a long pause, I managed to mutter, "Uh, no! Not at all!"

"Oh, goody!" She looked back to Mommy, who seemed on the verge of having a conniption fit. "Sorry, again. Are you offended that I said I long for him to cum on my face or down my throat? Again, I realize I'm being totally unprofessional... Look! I still can't take my hand off his thick dick! But it's like I can't help myself. There's something about your son. So sexual! So mesmerizing! And of course, his size. Just look at the size of that bulge, especially with my hand in there. Can you please forgive me? Again?"

Mommy rolled her eyes. "Fine. I can... understand... your... urges." She winced. "I know exactly how you feel... about how you can't... you can't take your hands... If... if I... if I were... I wouldn't... I can't!" She licked her lips hungrily as she continued to ogle Bethany's hand moving inside my shorts.

She finished by shamefully muttering, "So uh... Well, now I'm the one who's rambling. Ugh! Let's just go, already! Please!"

Bethany suddenly pulled away from me, including taking her hand out of my shorts. She seemed to regain her professional demeanor, and told us, "Come, you two, let's take you inside."

I was floating on air as I watched my mom and her gigantic tits jiggle toward the office.

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