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Chapter 2
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Bethany led us into Dr. Morgan's office, where we sat down side by side on a couch, since we'd been guided right to it. I noticed Mommy had calmed down a lot, but she was still frazzled, blushing, breathing heavily, and even trembling slightly. It was like she was recovering from running a long race.

Surprisingly, Bethany stayed with us, and even sat down on the couch right next to me. I noticed the powerful sexual smell followed us. Mommy's panties must be totally soaked! And I can see why she's constantly blushing, because she knows I must have noticed, yet she can't do anything to fix the problem.

Despite the pungent smell, I was able to get a relative breather, because the doctor was talking on the phone with a patient.

It wasn't much of a breather though, because my breath was taken away by how very stunning the doctor was. She looked to be slightly older than my mother, and she was wearing a doctor's coat, but that didn't hide her outrageous curves much.

I thought, Holy Toledo! That's THREE total bombshells working in this place! What IS this place?! It's incredible! Why would they all work here when they could make lots of money from just standing around and looking beautiful?!

Dr. Morgan had been facing away, but she turned around to face us and give up a patient smile while she continued to listen to a patient talking. She'd been leaning against her desk, and continued to do so.

I was flabbergasted again as I got a good direct view of her chest. Not only were her breasts very large, but her doctor's coat was wide open in front, and her white blouse showed off a surprising amount of deep cleavage.

I was just as staggered by her face and hair. At first glance, I was struck by how much she looked like Debra Messing from the neck up, the female lead in the TV show "Will and Grace." She had a very similar face, and her hair gently curled and flowed in the same way, with the same length, going nearly halfway down her back. Very penetrating and sultry blue-green eyes. But there was one key difference: her hair was platinum blonde instead of reddish brown. In fact, it almost looked silver, even though that clearly wasn't due to age.

With that hair alone, she was a real head turner. But then you add her face, bust, and overall body... whoa! Again, I thought, Seriously, what is she doing as a doctor?! She could be a famous actress, even if she can't act a lick! This is seriously intimidating, having to talk to a raving beauty like her.

Then I started listening to her phone call, and I was thrown for a loop yet again. "Mrs. Rockwell, please calm down. Just because you've masturbated your son to climax three times doesn't mean he won't get another erection. Try sucking it some more for a while. You know how much he loves that. And for God's sake, let him play with your big breasts. You know how much he loves those. My directions were very clear. Follow them and Billy's penis will eventually soften. But really, it's a MUST that you use your mouth on him more often. Otherwise, you'll spend half the day stroking him."

She gave us an apologetic look while the mother she was on the phone with talked some.

I looked to Mommy. Her eyes were bugged out and her jaw was nearly on the floor from what she was overhearing. She had both arms crossed over her chest, but that didn't stop the renewed heaving due to her increasingly heavy breathing.

It occurred to me that her dark blue jacket was nowhere in sight, which meant it had been left in the waiting room. I decided not to mention it, since I loved watching the way her huge globes stretched her light blue blouse nearly to the bursting point.

Despite all the distractions, I tried hard to focus on the phone call. The doctor was saying, "Don't feel guilty that you love sucking him off so very much. That's only natural. But it's a moot point. What you're doing is a medical treatment, just like if you were massaging a sore muscle after an injury. In fact, that's exactly what you're doing, except that you're naked and 'massaging' his love muscle with your lips, tongue, and fingers. Please DO enjoy it, and don't feel ashamed! That'll help with your stamina."

I lost track of the conversation for a minute when I glanced over at Mommy. She was shocked. It was as if she'd just seen a ghost. No, a ghost shaking hands with a space alien. It almost looked like she'd lost her mind! Her mouth was hanging wide open, and her eyes were bugging out almost comically.

Then, the doctor said into the phone, "Okay, then, call me if there are any additional problems. But remember, there is no ultimate 'cure.' This is your life now, taking care of him and tending to his stiff erections." Then after a short pause, "No, thank you. We'll see you and your son in two weeks for your next appointment. Good-bye."

She put the phone down and gave each of us a tolerant smile, as if nothing was out of the ordinary. "I'm sorry about that. Bethany, who do we have here?"

Bethany put her hand on my head. "This is Brian Pepper and his mother Mary."

Dr. Morgan smiled again, and stood all the way up. "Of course. Very nice to meet you, Mrs. Pepper." She held a hand out for a handshake.

"Um... " My mother was clearly highly flustered from hearing the doctor's phone call. But she managed to stand up and shake hands. "Nice to meet you as well. It's actually Ms. Pepper - I'm not married."

"Oh, that's right," said the doctor. "And Brian, you went to school with my daughter, didn't you?"

My flustered mother tried to cut in, "Um, doctor... About that phone call... I really must object..."

The doctor waved a dismissive hand. "Just a minute. I'm asking Brian a question here."

I asked her, "Your daughter?"

"Yes. Bethany, my daughter. She's come to work in my office now that she's graduated."

Bethany stood up too, and smiled down at me. She even did a bit of a courtesy.

Oh wow! That explains why they're both so stacked and sexy. Like mother, like daughter.

I stared up at Bethany, past the shelf of her large breasts and at her radiant face. Whoa! At first glance, they don't look related. That must be because of the doctor's platinum blonde hair compared to Bethany's blonde hair. But on closer inspection, their faces are very similar. So sultry, with extra sexy eyes! And from the neck on down... WOW! So busty and just all around curvy and fit! If I wasn't used to being with Mommy so much, I'd go to pieces trying to talk to these total goddesses!

I muttered to Dr. Morgan, "I, um, didn't know she was your daughter."

Bethany giggled. "Well, I am! Mom, Brian has had his penis ejaculated once already today." Then, after a pause, she reluctantly continued, "I hope you're not too upset, but.. I helped him with my hands at first, until he climaxed. But he came so much that I ended up using my mouth to avoid a mess after he completely filled up the sample." She took the sample out of a pocket and handed it to the doctor.

Dr. Morgan raised a curious eyebrow. "I see. You know that's against your rules, and my rules too."

Bethany sheepishly continued, "I know. I'm sorry. But you kind of had to have been there. His penis was so very enormous and stiff, and he completely filled the sample cup, and the flood of cum kept coming! What else was I supposed to do?!"

The doctor folded her arms under her large breasts, causing them to thrust forward. "Then...?"

"Then... he didn't go soft! So I kept on sucking and sucking, and slurping and stroking, hoping to get a second sample out of him. Probably for another ten minutes, or longer! I didn't plan on it, but once I got started, it was like I couldn't stop! His penis is just the perfect size for sucking. I could bob on it for hours and hours! It tastes delicious too, and so does his cum. But we got called in here before I could finish. His stamina is incredible! Especially for his age!" She gave me a sultry, hungry look.

I glanced at Mommy and noticed she was getting even more worked up. She kept on gulping and licking her lips while staring at the bulge still prominently tenting my shorts.

Dr. Morgan seemed even more intrigued by her daughter's words. "Hrm. I've never known you to use your mouth like that or get so excited. He really must be a special case."

Bethany looked away sheepishly and flopped her hands up and down helplessly. "Oh, he is! I'm so sorry, but... his penis is just so large, and thick, and... suckable! It's like I couldn't NOT suck it! Literally! It's totally addictive!"

Dr. Morgan smiled knowingly. "I'm sure." Then she glanced at the bulge in my shorts, and smirked. "Yes, I'm very sure."

Bethany glanced at Mommy. "I'm so, so, so very sorry! I keep screwing up! Can you possibly forgive me?!"

Mommy was transfixed by the lump in my shorts. After an awkwardly long pause, she rallied to respond, "Um... yeah. It's okay."

Bethany breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh, thank you! I must admit, even now, I have this craving to get back down on my knees between his legs and just... GAAWWWD! Just... suck it! So much! But I'll behave. I promise."

Those words seemed to affect my mother even more. It looked like there was a wild fire in her eyes.

The doctor looked back to her daughter. "Technically, I supposed there's no hard and fast rule about not doing that. But you do realize that now that you've done it to him once, he's going to expect to enjoy your sweet lips in all his follow-up appointments."

Bethany gazed longingly at my bulge, and ostentatiously licked her lips. "Yes, I'm aware. And believe me, I don't mind! Just the opposite!"

She gave me an even more sultry stare. "Brian, does that sound okay with you?! Next time you're here, if I could take the sperm sample with my mouth, straight from the start? I promise you, I'll make it worth your while!"

I was blown away that she was acting like I'd be doing HER a big favor to allow that. All I could manage was an approving grunt.

The doctor nodded in amusement, still smirking. "Thank you, sweetheart. You can go now."

"Sure thing, Mom. Great seeing you again, Brian!" She smiled and shook her huge rack at me. "And good luck with everything. I can't wait until I get to see you again! We have some unfinished business!" She licked all the way around her lips.

I noticed my blushing mother frown and clench her hands into fists.

Once Bethany had left, Dr. Morgan opened a folder and said, "Okay, let's begin."

The busty doctor leaned back against the desk behind her, rather than go around the desk to sit in her seat. "Now, the first thing I need to address is that phone call you overheard."

It seemed my mother had forgotten about that. But that reminder caused her to react with renewed resolve. "Oh, yes! That. Doctor, I really must object!"

The doctor waved a dismissive hand. "Don't worry. I know what you're going to say. I'm sorry. That shouldn't have happened. But Brian, I'm afraid the joy of bobbing on your exceedingly large penis has frazzled Bethany and made her forget the privacy rules. Still, what's done is done, so I need to explain what you've heard."

Mommy and I were on the edge of our seats.

My mother complained, "I can't believe what I heard! It sounds to me like you were recommending... well... incest! As some sort of treatment!"

The doctor responded in a calm and patient manner, "I'm all about getting results, not making moral judgments. I don't have any particular rule against incest."

Mommy gasped, loudly.

"I specialize in nymphomania and satyriasis. Brian, I've talked to your mother about this already, and I imagine you know what a 'nympho' is, but do you know the word 'satyriasis?'"

I shook my head, because I didn't.

"It's the male version of being a nympho, basically. A man who has so much sexual energy that it potentially interferes with the rest of his life and becomes a problem. From what your mother has told me on the phone, you're a classic satyr, though you may not realize it."

I looked to my mother in surprise.

She sadly nodded back at me.

The doctor went on, "Now, the question is what to do about this. For better or worse, the amount of sexual energy each person has is more or less fixed. There's no magical pill that can make the problem entirely disappear. So my treatment is more about finding ways to deal with the problem, and maybe bring your lust down to more reasonable levels. I'm all for whatever works. An ideal solution would be for every satyr like yourself to find a nympho girlfriend, but that doesn't always work out, for whatever reason. For instance, the boy may be painfully shy, especially when it comes to dating girls."

I blurted out, half in alarm but half in excitement, "But I'm painfully shy! Especially with girls!"

The sultry doctor just nodded. "So I've gathered already, from what your mother has told me in our phone calls. We'll deal with your case in a bit. As for the case you heard on the phone, the son has a rather extreme condition. He needs to cum five or six times a day, every single day. And if he doesn't, the 'blue balls' pain he feels becomes almost unbearable. To make matters worse, he's never had a girlfriend, AND he broke both of his wrists!"

I thought, That sounds exactly like me, minus the broken wrists part. Exactly!

She added, "I looked for other options, but in the short term at least, there was nothing to be done except for his mother to help him cum with her hands and mouth."

Mommy was so shocked that she stood up. "But... that's incest! INCEST!"

Dr. Morgan nodded. "Indeed. But what else could be done? Luckily, the mother is unmarried, and remarkably attractive and... endowed." She briefly looked down to her own stacked chest to make her meaning clear. "Plus, she loves her son dearly, and decided she was willing to make a sacrifice to save him from extreme suffering. I can tell that you love your son dearly. If he was suffering from painful blue balls to the point that he was writhing in agony, wouldn't you do anything in your power to help him?"

That hit Mommy like a sucker punch, and it showed in her face. She sat back down on the couch, almost because her legs became too unsteady for her to stay standing. No doubt she realized, just as I did, that the situation she had described was exactly the same as her and my situation, minus the broken wrists.

Mommy dodged the question. Instead, she said, "I can't believe it! Isn't that illegal?!"

"Technically, yes, but there hasn't been a single case prosecuted in this state in over twenty years. Only vaginal intercourse is illegal, and proving penetration takes place is next to impossible. But anyway, before you're so quick to judge, you still haven't answered my question: what if YOUR son broke both of his wrists, and it turned out the only options were him writhing in agony from the need to cum, day after day, or helping him with your hands and mouth? What would YOU do?!"

Mommy stared at me with her jaw hanging open again. "I... I... I don't know! Please don't make me answer that!"

Dr. Morgan pressed, "I think you do know. In fact, I believe it would be a no-brainer, wouldn't it? Would you really let him suffer?"

Mommy slumped down the couch slightly in defeat. "No. I guess not." Her chest was still heaving with arousal. In fact, her huge tits started wobbling in her light blue blouse even more as she pondered that scenario.

Dr. Morgan stared intently at my mother. "So, because you love him so much, you would be willing to strip all your clothes off, crawl between his legs, take his huge erection in hand, and slide your lips around his remarkable girth. Then you'd steadily bob on him, delighting him with your tongue and your suction, and so much more, because you love him so very dearly. Wouldn't you?"

My mother stared into space, panting heavily. She seemed lost in another world.

The doctor prodded, "Wouldn't you?"

Mommy snapped back to attention and buried her face in her hands. "I would! God help me, but I would!"

Dr. Morgan spoke encouragingly. "Good! Good! There's nothing wrong with that. Nothing! Sometimes people are forced into very difficult circumstances. But it's my belief that love conquers all. So please don't harshly judge that mother you heard on the phone, even though she's probably slurping on her son's member as we speak."

Mommy lifted her head up and looked at the doctor imploringly. "But that's just... It's so... so... GOD!"

"I know. It's a lot to take in. As I said, we deal with very special cases here. Just think: she doesn't merely suck him off once a day, she has to do it five or six times a day, each and every day. She spends so much of her time on her knees! She hardly bothers to wear clothes at home anymore, due to all the cum flying at her face and chest. Can you imagine the poor thing, having to kneel naked with her son's stiff penis in her mouth, seemingly endlessly bobbing on it? What a trooper!"

Mommy seriously looked like she was going to swoon, or even pass out altogether!

The doctor looked to me. "And what about you? Would you mind if your mother helped you in that way?"

My first reaction would have been to say, "HELL NO! Not at all! Let's do it right now!" But I didn't want to appear too eager in front of my mother. So I at least tried to sound reluctant. "Well, I don't know... If that was really the only choice... "

Mommy was shocked. "Son!"

"What?" I stared at her, and especially at her heaving breasts. "What? You just said you'd be willing, so why can't I also be willing?"

That seemed to quiet her, as well as further trouble her.

But the doctor said to me, "Brian, maybe not so fast. Remember that you cum five or six times a day, from what I hear. Just like that boy from the phone call. And Bethany says that you have remarkable stamina. That means a handjob alone probably wouldn't do it. Your mother would probably end up kneeling naked between your legs, bobbing on your thick erection that many times, each and every day. That would be a lot to ask her."

She appeared to frown with concern. "That would be an entirely new lifestyle for you both. Why, she might end up just like that mother on the phone, naked and kneeling, with creamy cum on her face and chest. She would practically have to dedicate a large part of her life to pleasuring your enormous member."

For some reason, Mommy was having an even harder time breathing than before. She clutched at her immense breasts from below, rhythmically squeezing and even caressing them. She stared exclusively at the bulge in my shorts as she kept on licking her lips.

I wanted that to happen more than anything in the world! But I also wanted to be a good and loving son. So I forced myself to say, "Well, if it was that tough for her, it wouldn't be for me to judge. I wouldn't want to push her into that. It would have to be her decision."

"But you wouldn't object," the doctor prodded.

"No, I guess not. In fact..."

Mommy actually squealed in apparent alarm.

"What?!" Dr. Morgan eagerly asked.

"Well, to be honest, I would be honored, and deeply touched, that she cares about me that much, to make that kind of sacrifice. And... and... would it be so bad if we both enjoyed it?"

Mommy gasped and stared at me in disbelief.

The platinum-haired doctor looked to her and grinned slightly. "Well put. And no, there's nothing wrong with enjoying it, nothing at all. Like I said, please don't be so quick to judge. And, speaking of not judging, my methods may be unusual, but as you know, I come highly recommended. So please be patient. I'm the doctor here, and I make the orders. Is that clear?"

Both Mommy and I nodded.

"Good. Now, before we start, speaking of blue balls, Brian, it looks like you're in considerable pain with your erection trapped in your shorts. I don't suppose you're going to go flaccid anytime soon, so I'd like for you to unzip your fly and give your penis some air."

I was disbelieving. "What?! Right here?! Now?! In front of my mother?!"

Mommy complained, "I must object! That's outrageous!" She was still panting and flushed, not to mention blushing.

Dr. Morgan just smiled wider, and seemed to ignore my mother's protest. "Where else? Bethany mentioned a bit about what happened in the lobby, and your mother saw all that. Compared to having a sexy nurse bob on your shaft for several minutes, this is nothing. Besides, I'm going to have to visually examine your penis eventually as part of diagnosing your condition. I'm going to see it all anyway."

I looked to my mother uncertainly.

After a pause, she reluctantly nodded.

I noticed her blouse's top button or two had come undone, maybe due to the way she was holding breasts her while they heaved up and down with arousal. I don't think she realized it, but it looked to me like she was pinching her erect nipples! There was a wild, almost crazy look in her eyes. I realized she was probably aroused far beyond any normal level, maybe close to some sort of breaking point.

The smell of her wet pussy seemed to only grow stronger. It was filling the entire room.

I closed my eyes and shyly unzipped my fly. I reached in and pulled my boner out. It was embarrassing, knowing that the gorgeous Dr. Morgan could see it, and Mommy too, but I must admit it sure felt a lot better that way.

As if I wasn't embarrassed enough already, the doctor said, "My oh my! That's quite a penis! As a doctor, I see plenty, believe me. But that's one of the largest and thickest teenage penises I've ever seen in my life! And it's so smooth and nicely shaped, with just the right amount of bend. No wonder Bethany is so taken with helping you."

There was a long pause as all three of us stared at my exposed crotch.

Then the doctor asked me, "So, do you feel more comfortable now?"

"I do," I simply replied.

"Good. Try not to think about what Bethany was doing to you before. You know, what she was doing with her hands. Or even what she did with her lips and tongue. We don't want you to get too distracted and overheated. And for Pete's sake, please don't think about your mother doing that sort of thing to you! I know it must be tempting, especially because she's so exceptionally gorgeous and busty. It really would be a sight to see her naked and kneeling, right between your legs. But thinking like that would get you too overheated, for sure. It's okay to stay aroused, but keep calm and pay attention, okay?"

I nodded. Just her words were arousing me far too much.

She looked to Mommy. "Anyway, let's get started trying to solve your problem. Ms. Pepper, can you please summarize the situation for both me and your son? I may have missed something, and he's largely in the dark, I gather. And while you do so, don't feel shy about staring at his stiff erection. It's so extraordinarily large that anyone would be curious, even family members."

Mommy looked to the doctor with determination, as if she wasn't going to get caught dead staring at my boner any longer. "That may be so, but I'd rather not."

"Your choice," the doctor said. "My point is, you're not being judged here. Anyway, please go on."

My mother carefully explained the situation to the doctor and me. Mommy had caught me masturbating dozens of times. Each time, I apologized, but I kept doing it. I just couldn't stop. Being around her, seeing her adorable, giant-breasted body every day, feeling her chest press against mine every time we hugged, kind of made me crazy. My dick was constantly erect, and when I came, I came all over the place. Every single time. It took many orgasms in a row for me to see any decrease in the volume of my semen. Mommy thought my behavior was far from normal, and was looking for a "cure."

By the time Mommy was done talking several minutes later, she was staring at my exposed boner more often than not. It seemed she simply couldn't help herself, no matter how determined she was. That kept her breasts heaving constantly, despite her hands still holding them from below. It was clear she had been very hot and bothered even before she gave her explanation, and she was probably yet more worked up by the time she finished.

"I see," said Dr. Morgan, when Mommy finally ran out of things to say. "Ms. Pepper, now that I've heard about Brian, let me ask you a few questions. First, your age."

"I'm 36, Doctor."

"Goodness! You must have been quite young when you were pregnant with Brian."

"Yes, I was 17."

"And when did you start to develop?"

"I'm sorry?"

"Develop, Ms. Pepper. When did your breasts begin to grow?"

"My breasts?" My mother gestured at her massive chest. She realized how she'd been holding them for many minutes now, and finally let go.

Dr. Morgan said, "Well, obviously, a part of Brian's problem is your figure. And frankly, I have a theory about Brian that I'd like to explore. When did your breasts begin to develop?"

"Well, quite suddenly, actually. I was normal as a young teenager, probably a C-cup by the time I turned 16. But when I became pregnant with Brian, they grew quickly. After my pregnancy, I was a... " - she looked at me for a moment - "... an F-cup."

I gulped.

"And you kept growing, didn't you?"

"Yes. By 18... well, I got to my present size."

"Which is?"

Mommy looked uncomfortable and paused. I noticed she kept shifting in her seat, even though she'd calmed down somewhat from before. "Doctor, really, I don't-"

"Ms. Pepper, please. I'm asking questions that need to be asked. What bra size do you wear now?"

"I wear... I wear an I-cup!"

Oh my god! My dick was throbbing as never before, and I had cum not that long ago. My mommy has always been a giant-busted woman. I knew that. But I-cup?! I've never heard anything as erotic in my life! I didn't even know such a thing existed, at least on normal-sized, thin-waisted women!

"I see," said Dr. Morgan, very calmly. "And yet you're below average in height. To be that endowed, given your height and weight, is... well, frankly, it's truly extraordinary! Not to mention your fit hourglass figure. You must get people joking all the time that half of you is your breasts."

Mommy sighed sadly. "I get that sort of thing practically any time I go out."

The doctor nodded. "Do you know your other measurements?"

"I'm afraid I don't, exactly."

"That's fine. I'll soon need to examine both you and Brian." She glanced at my still very stiff boner, sticking up through my fly like a flagpole.

"'Examine?'" my mother asked nervously.

"Yes, examine your bodies. You see, Ms. Pepper, I believe that you and Brian both suffer - no, suffer is the wrong word. You have a condition, a genetic one. I suspect that it goes beyond mere nymphomania and satyriasis."

"We do?! Both of us?!"

"Yes, both of you. Can you unbutton your blouse a bit more, so I can get a better look at just how large your breasts are?"

"Um, is that really necessary?" Mommy was blushing even more.

"Yes, it is. I'd say three more buttons."

Mommy gulped. But she undid the buttons. That left her unbuttoned down to her belly button! Her chest had never stopped heaving, and she reluctantly kept her hands at her sides.

It was an incredible, inspiring sight! I could get peeks at the shapes of her erect nipples from time to time, since her chest was still constantly heaving. I was sorely disappointed that her heavy-duty bra prevented me from seeing those nipples directly.

The doctor nodded knowingly and almost grimly. "It's as I thought. Look." She got up from leaning against the desk, and leaned forward over us. With the way her blouse was so low cut, her boobs threatened to fall out of her clothes entirely!

Maintaining that sexy pose, she said, "You and Brian both have extremely exaggerated sexual characteristics. You would agree with me that his penis is exceedingly large, yes?"

My mother looked at my exposed hard-on and gulped. "Yes, yes it is. Very large. Especially for his age."

Without warning, the doctor dropped to her knees between my legs and took my boner in hand!

Mommy practically shrieked. "What... what are you doing?!"

Dr. Morgan gave her an impatient look. "I'm a doctor. I have to examine his penis. Do you have a problem with that?"

"N-n-n-no... But this is all so... improper!"

"Good." The doctor had me lift my ass up a bit, and slid my underwear down my thighs, nearly to my knees. Then one of her hands started fondling my balls while she began jacking me off with her other hand! She muttered, "His testicles are equally large. Extraordinary!"

Mommy's eyes were saucer-sized again. "You're... you're stroking his penis!"

She had a point. The doctor had mentioned visually inspecting my boner, but not this!

The doctor gave her an even more annoyed look. "Of course I am. We've talked on the phone, and remember how we discussed his problem is physically located in his penis. No?"

"Yes, but... you're just... stroking and stroking!"

"Of course I am. Bethany mentioned that he has unusual stamina, and of course I need to test that too. Do you have a problem with that? Or do you want to do my job?"

Mommy blushed still more. "Sorry!" She unthinkingly clutched at the undersides of her great globes again.

I thought, I can't believe this is happening! Everything is so sexual! Dr. Morgan is such a gorgeous fox, and she's truly jacking me off, trying to get me to cum!

She was alternately cupping each of my balls with one hand while steadily rubbing my most sensitive spot just below my cockhead. The whole appointment had been a mind-fuck so far. I decided to try not to think and just roll with all the extreme pleasure.

"Anyway, getting back to my theory, Your breasts are gigantic, aren't they, Ms. Pepper? Completely out of proportion with your body. You are a petite woman - I'd guess a 30 waist and a 34 or 35 in the hips. And your breasts are, what? A 34 I?"

"36 I."

"36 I. Wow! Again, so extraordinary. Now, I want you to take your clothes off so we can get precise measurements."

My mother nearly had a heart attack. "Excuse me?!"

"You heard me. This IS a doctor's office. Haven't you ever gotten naked for a doctor before?"

Mommy stared at my crotch. "Yes, but... not while my son is in the room! And while the doctor is giving him a handjob!"

Dr. Morgan glared at her with annoyance. "This is not a 'handjob,' it's a testing of his penile stamina. Are you going to question everything I do?!"

Mommy shrunk slightly. She spoke meekly. "No. Sorry."

"I'm unhappy with your attitude, but that's better. Brian, what do you think? Do you mind if your mother gets naked for us?"

"Ummm... " I didn't want to seem too eager, even though I was dying for that to happen.

Dr. Morgan smiled with understanding. "It's okay. I know what you're thinking. You'd like to see your mother's huge, swollen breasts, wouldn't you?"

I couldn't hold back any longer. "Yes!"

The doctor let go of my boner and stood up. She complained, "Ms. Pepper, since you're being so reluctant, I guess I'll have to help you."

As my mother sat and watched, aghast, the doctor opened her blouse the rest of the way and then took it all the way off.

Mommy just sat there, letting the doctor undress her, like a doll. A massive-busted sex doll. The doctor undid the last of the buttons on her blouse. That revealed the ridiculously large I-cup bra.

With my mother topless except for her bra, the doctor glanced back at my crotch. "Brian, please masturbate at least a little. I don't want you to go flaccid, or we'll have to start over."

I almost guffawed out loud. That's crazy talk! Why the hell would I go flaccid right as one of my greatest fantasies is about to come true?! But I wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth. I eagerly started sliding a hand up and down my thick shaft. I realized that would make the "big reveal" even more astounding and arousing for me.

Mommy said, "I really must protest that this is all so unorthodox and, and... strange!"

"Your objection is duly noted," the doctor replied blandly. "Relax. I know what I'm doing."

Time seemed to slow to a crawl, because instead of taking off Mommy's bra next, the doctor had her briefly stand up and then helped her out of her dark blue skirt and underthings, until she was left in nothing but her panties from her waist down.

As Mommy sat back down, she had to fight the urge to cover her privates, even as her huge tits kept on heaving and swaying. She griped, "I feel so exposed!"

Dr. Morgan pointed out, "You ARE very exposed. And you'll get more so. Soon, you'll be completely naked in front of your son!"

Mommy groaned loudly and erotically.

I suspected she'd never felt so aroused in her entire life. I knew that was the case for me!

The doctor reached around Mommy's back to unclasp the bra. She paused, and glanced back at my crotch to confirm that I was masturbating. Even though my eyes were bugging out like a comic book character as I ogled Mommy's chest, she asked, "Brian, are you watching? I'm going to release your mother's breasts now."

"Oh god!" Mommy was blushing fiercely and twisting on the couch. Her entire body was twitching in anticipation.

I thrust my boner into the air. I had to go slower in stroking it, for fear of cumming, and at the worst possible time.

"You're going to see Mommy's bare breasts now, Sweetie!" my mother said in a humiliated yet highly excited voice.

The doctor unhooked the bra and slowly peeled it off, revealing the largest breasts I had ever seen in my life! I'd seen them countless times in some amount of clothing, and I'd had plenty of sneak peeks seeing this or that part that I shouldn't have, but I'd never seen them in all their naked glory. And how glorious it was! Her narrow waist looked like a girl's compared to the massive tits just above. Her nipples were small, pinkish, and crinkled... and very erect. Whenever my mother shifted in her seat or while standing - which she was doing constantly - the breasts would jiggle and sway.

I was overwhelmed. I didn't know if I would start hyperventilating or pass out first. I was so damn horny that I actually refrained from further masturbating, because I was embarrassed to ejaculate immediately after Mommy exposed her bare breasts.

Dr. Morgan stared at Mommy's chest with even more appreciation. "Extraordinary! Truly extraordinary! They sag some, but not nearly as much as one would expect. And yet, they're clearly all real!"

She knelt down between Mommy's legs. Then she reached out and lightly grasped those gigantic orbs with both hands from below. She experimentally hefted them up and down.

I yelped and moaned. How I wasn't cumming like a geyser already was a mystery. It helped that I was so overwhelmed that I was forced to close my eyes briefly in order to not totally lose my mind. Plus, I wasn't even touching my cock anymore for fear of losing control.

Not being able to see helped less than expected though, because apparently Dr. Morgan was still hefting Mommy's tits, causing Mommy to continuously moan like she was in the throes of a big orgasm. It sounded so fucking sexy!

Finally, after a minute or two, things seemed to calm down somewhat. I dared to open my eyes, just in time to see the doctor let go and stand back up.

Mommy looked at me and silently whispered, "I'm so sorry!"

The doctor saw that, and asked, "What should you be sorry about? You're here to help your son's problem, which I think is VERY admirable."

I was still in an erotic daze, holding my boner but not stroking it since I was teetering on the edge of a great climax. I'm staring at Mommy's tits! Her bare tits! And they're amaaaaazing! Damn! She's panting so hard! That means she's super horny! And she can't stop staring at my boner, and my hand wrapped around it! This HAS to be a dream!

Dr. Morgan went back to leaning against her desk. "Now, let's get some questions answered. Ms. Pepper, Brian spends a tremendous amount of time masturbating, correct? 'Many hours a day,' as you told me on the phone. He doesn't cum easily."

"Yes." Mommy was almost slack-jawed, she was so transfixed by my erection.

"And you spend a lot of time masturbating as well, isn't that right, Ms. Pepper?"

"What?! I don't... " That caused Mommy to snap out of her fugue and glance over to the doctor. She blushed redder. Her bare tits heaved even more as well.

"Please, Ms. Pepper, there's no point in hiding it. We'll never get anywhere here without honesty."

Mommy looked at me, then looked away. "Yes, I do. Many times a day."

"And you usually do it while thinking about your son's big erection, don't you?"

Mommy was aghast. "Doctor! I told you that as a secret!"

"Sorry, but again, we're trying to solve a problem here, and Brian needs to know the truth. Does he know how often you've secretly peeked in on him jacking off?"

Mommy was even more horrified and incredulous. "Oh no! This is a nightmare! Bethany mentioned that, and now you're talking about it too! I could just DIE! Please tell me this isn't happening!"

"It's happening," the doctor said matter-of-factly. "The truth will set you free." She crouched down between Mommy and me. Then she took my mother's hand and slowly moved it towards my crotch!

Mommy gave no resistance, so her hand quickly ended up hovering over my throbbing pole.

As if in a dream, the most fantastic dream, I let go of my erection in hopes that Mommy's hand would take over. But that couldn't possibly happen, could it?!

The doctor said, "Before we begin the exam, I think Brian needs to be relieved again. And my guess is, so do you, Ms. Pepper." She lowered Mommy's hand onto my hot and needy hard-on. "I'd like for you to relieve Brian. Brian, would you like your mother to masturbate you?"

"Oh god, yes!"

"There, there." Dr. Morgan made sure Mommy's fingers were curled around my shaft, with both hands. Between the smallness of Mommy's hands and the size of my cock, there was plenty of room. Then the doctor let go and sat back.

Mommy looked at me. A few tears were leaking from her eyes. "Son! I'm so sorry! So very, very sorry! But I'm so hot for your, your... penis! I'm obsessed! It's like something inside me has snapped! I can't help myself! I can't stop!" She began sliding her fingers up and down my thick and needy pole.

Hearing that Mommy was "obsessed" with my cock completely and utterly blew my mind! I'd had no idea! But hearing that at the same time she started stroking me truly drove me insane! There was no way in hell I could control my lust any longer!

"OH!" My cock began erupting, spurting high into the air.

At the last second, just as I started to spurt, Dr. Morgan leaned forward, placed her hand over one of Mommy's hands around my shaft, and subtly changed the angle of my boner, so that the tip was pointing in Mommy's general direction.

I watched in sheer disbelief as ropes of my cum shot up high and then came down right on my mother! Due to the high arc, the cum was flying wide by the time it came down. The result was that it splattered seemingly everywhere, but especially all over the top half of my mother! Some landed in her dark brown hair, some on her face, but most landed on her incredible tits because they really were that big in proportion to the rest of her body. They created a jutting shelf, resulting in very little cum landing on her tummy or further below to her panties. But some hit her upper arm, shoulder, collar area, neck and so on.

It was all so intense that I well and truly saw stars! I felt dizzy and it was all I could do not to pass out.

Mommy wound up a cummy, naked mess! When my orgasm finally came to an end and I was able to look around again, I saw her staring down at herself in total disbelief, with her hands still wrapped around my shaft. At first, I worried she was distraught. But she seemed strangely happy, maybe even deliriously so. It was hard for me to tell, because I'd never seen that exact expression on her face before.

Finally, I glanced back to Dr. Morgan, still crouched just in front of Mommy and me, with her gorgeous platinum blonde hair hanging down over her chest.

"Good job, Brian!" The doctor beamed at me. "Now, let's get you cleaned up and into the exam room."

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