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Chapter 3
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Both Mommy and I were left in a strange state, dazed like we'd just suffered concussions. We managed to stand up, but it seemed that was all we could do. I simply stared and stared at my cum splattered all over her, but especially on her tremendous bare tits.

Doctor Morgan called in Bethany for some help.

Bethany didn't even try to talk to Mommy or me, knowing we were in some sort of zombie-like daze. Instead, as I stood there, she got down on her knees before me and cleaned my crotch using another one of the silky, thin towels that Rebecca had used on me earlier.

That made me realize, Four women have stimulated my dick today! FOUR! That's totally nuts! Rebecca and the doctor didn't play with it for that long, but they did play with it some! From zero to four in my life in one day. Wow! What'll happen next?!

Unfortunately, I'd finally gone flaccid, but it still felt great, especially when she thoroughly cleaned my balls.

After a couple of minutes of that, Bethany tapped me on my tummy, getting me to at least partially come out of my lusty daze. She looked up at me and we made eye contact. "Wow, Brian! I'm so impressed! You cum like a fire hose! God, can you just imagine if you directed all of this cum at my face?! Wait, what am I saying? Not 'if,' but 'when!' I'm getting SO HOT, thinking about it! I've always wanted a boyfriend who can put me in my place with a hot and creamy cum bath!"

Dr. Morgan said, "Okay, girl, that's enough. You're not being very professional with that sort of language. Why don't you give him a break? His mother needs cleaning too."


I was still too out of it to respond. But I definitely felt a jolt of electricity when Bethany leaned in and gave the tip of my flaccid cockhead a kiss.

She stood up and pressed her ample tits against my chest, and whispered quietly to my face, "I still say we have unfinished business!" She licked her lips lavishly, making clear what she meant.

Mommy had been staring into a void the entire time, as if she'd mentally snapped and gone into another place and time.

But Bethany got another silky towel and started wiping Mommy's skin clean, and that seemed to revive her some. After a while, she was even smiling and moaning with pleasure.

Eventually, Dr. Morgan came to Mommy with a new bra. She put in on her and stood back.

Like the good doctor, I had to stop and just admire my mother's voluptuous body. The new bra fit well, but it was completely see through! It was almost better than total nudity, because it caused her tits to thrust up and out even more than they naturally did.

For the first time since I'd climaxed all over her, Mommy dared to look my way. We made eye contact, and that caused her to blush profusely yet again and turn her head away. But I was pleased that she kept her hands at her sides instead of trying to cover her nipples and/or pussy mound.

Dr. Morgan walked over to Mommy and put her hands on her shoulders. "Ms. Pepper, you have an INCREDIBLE body! You're like a goddess of sex, in a dynamite petite package. So I'm glad you're not covering up. Keep your sexy body fully exposed for your son to enjoy, and that's an order. Understood?"

Mommy muttered, "Yes, doctor." She still seemed fairly out of it, but her tits had finally stopped their constant heaving, thanks in part to the sturdy see-through bra.

I finally managed to look away from my mother long enough to find out what Bethany was doing. She was holding the silky towel over a cup on a desk. She was twisting and squeezing it, causing a surprising amount of cum to drip down into the cup.

She noticed I was staring at her, and leaned over in a cheesecake pose, better exposing her own impressive cleavage through her surprisingly revealing white nurse outfit. She smiled at me, and said, "Looks like you were a really good boy, Brian. I'm collecting as much of your sperm as I can, if you hadn't noticed. We'll want to see what your total production is for the day later."

She stared at the cup as she continued to drip more cum into it. "Wow! I didn't even get a lot of it, but this is already, like, double the normal male ejaculation!"

I looked over to my mother again. I noticed for the first time that the new bra was slightly undersized, causing her tit-flesh to bulge obscenely out of it. Her nipples, which looked painfully rigid, pushed out of the thin material.

I also noticed upon closer inspection that Bethany hadn't cleaned all of my cum off of my mother. Far from it, in fact. There were smears and splatters here and there, including inside Mommy's "invisible" bra. There were some cum gobs in her hair that stood out, since they were pearly white and her hair was dark brown.

Mommy took another peek my way, but down at my crotch, apparently afraid to make eye contact with me again.

My dick was half-hard, at best. But seeing her stare at it caused it to start to revive a lot more.

She mumbled to Dr. Morgan, "Oh goodness! Oh my. Um, doctor, now that Brian has... um... ejaculated, might there be an opportunity...?"

The doctor was writing some notes on a pad of paper. "Yes, Ms. Pepper, we'll get to you in a moment. Let's just get you both into the exam room." Then she walked through a doorway, beckoning for Mommy to follow.

Mommy seemed to be reviving more. She managed to walk into the other room without trouble. That was saying a lot, considering the state both she and I had been in after my ejaculation!

With just Bethany and me remaining, she walked over to me and helped me finally get out of my T-shirt, leaving me buck naked. Then she leaned into me again, making sure to rub her big - though still covered - tits against my newly bared chest.

She took my partially erect dick in hand and got busy stroking it. As she did that, and whispered into my ear, "Do you want to see Mommy cum, Brian? Because that's what's going to happen next!"

Needless to say, my penis got rock hard again in a hurry.

She continued to whisper, "Mmmm! It's getting so STIFF! I wish I could stay here and just drop to my knees and finish off that blowjob that got so rudely interrupted. But, unfortunately, now is not the time. Later, hopefully! Let's go see what your naughty mommy is up to."

She led me into the exam room next door, holding and stroking my boner until we got to the open door.

Once I went through the doorway, my gaze went right to my mother. She was effectively completely naked except for the see-through bra (which hardly counted), her panties, and the high heels on her feet. I felt my cock lurch and worried that I might explode again, right there, even though I'd just gotten erect again. But I was able to contain myself.

Bethany sat me down on a chair and went over to a drawer. As she pulled out lotion and another cum-receiving vial, she asked the doctor, "Mom, since I've gotten so intimate with Brian here, I feel like I'm overdressed. Is it okay if I strip down some?"

The doctor gave her a doubtful look. "Some, I suppose, is okay. You can strip down to your undies. if you must."

"Yeay!" Bethany immediately stopped what she was doing and performed a sexy striptease of sorts right in front of me. She stood directly before me, blocking the view of my mother, probably intentionally, in order to keep my full attention.

Once she was down to just her panties and bra (which were frilly and unusually revealing), she took my boner back in hand and resumed jacking it off. She used her other arm to pin it just under her tits, causing them to push up and out.

She whispered, "Brian, you're making me so tingly! I often get flirty with the male patients, since I almost always need to jack them off, and I like doing it! But with you, I feel different, like you're not a patient at all. I totally loved sucking you earlier, but I was kind of daunted by your thickness and I felt like I was only warming up by the time I had to stop. I wish I could totally get naked, drop to my knees, and show you just how great a cocksucker I can truly be! Maybe later?"

By this point, I felt I'd fallen far down Alice's rabbit hole. It seems like Bethany is trying to sexually impress me. Bethany! Fuck me! And she's talking about sucking my cock some more! I don't even know what to say to that, but I guess I should say something.

I managed to smile, and mutter, "I'd like that."

"Cool!" She beamed, like I'd just done her a big favor. She moved to the side slightly, allowing me to have a good look at what Mommy and the doctor were doing, even as she kept on steadily jacking me off.

I noticed that my mother was standing on the kind of professional weighing scale that also allows one to accurately measure height.

The doctor was standing next to her, and told her, "Hrm. Looks like you are about 105 pounds. Amazing for a woman as voluptuous as you are. Let's get those heels off for a minute, Oh, and while we're at it, take your panties off for the most accurate measurement."

Mommy was incredulous. "Doctor! Is that really necessary?! Things are getting way out of hand here!" She glanced over at Bethany and me. "Everyone is naked or practically naked except for you. Surely, the weight of my panties is insubstantial!"

Dr. Morgan used all of her professional authority as she firmly responded, "We strive for accuracy here. Besides, he's already seen your enormous breasts. I doubt he'll even bother to look at the rest of you... much. Regardless, I'm the doctor and I'm giving you an order!"

Mommy seemed distraught. She muttered, "God, I can't believe this! I'm doing this under protest!" But she bent over to pull her panties all the way off. Then she remained in that position as she took her high heels off.

Just then, Nurse Bethany knelt down below me in her undies to better stroke my big dick again. She whispered to me, "Your mother has an incredible ass too! I'm jealous. Just look at that ass!"

Believe me, I was looking! Her ass and upper thighs were smooth and firm, no doubt due to her diligent daily exercising. An airbrush artist wanting to touch up a photo of her would have nothing to fix. I could see her glistening pussy peeking between her legs, and that aroused me even more.

Once Mommy was standing back up, she glanced at me again. "Son, please! Promise me you won't look in my direction when I'm like this. It's not right!"

Then she looked lower and saw that Bethany was on her knees before me, nearly naked, and had two hands on my cock again. "Oh dear God! Doctor! Your daughter! She's... she's... Why does she have to keep playing with his penis?!"

Dr. Morgan calmly answered, "Obviously we don't want him to go flaccid. That would ruin everything. Now, let's see here." She turned her full attention to the measuring. "Okay, your height... Five feet even! That's truly amazing for someone with I-cup breasts! Ms. Pepper, you are built like a petite sex doll, aren't you?"

Mommy looked over at me where I was sitting, and blushed still more.

"Doctor, please," said Mommy, her face as red as ever. "Do you have to talk like that in front of my son?"

I was glad that Mommy didn't complain any more about Bethany helping me with a handjob, or why a professional nurse was down to just her frilly underwear. The doctor never explained why it was so necessary that my dick remain erect, and I guessed that she didn't actually have a reason.

Perhaps Mommy figured she couldn't complain about that sort of thing, given that she was the one jacking me off when I'd climaxed last time. Or maybe she was simply too horny and distracted to think straight.

Dr. Morgan replied, "Oh, come now. It's something he's obviously noticed on his own. How could he not? I'm sure he's literally ejaculated gallons of cum while thinking about your remarkable, sexy body and all the different things he'd like to do to it. Now, please put your high heels back on."

My buck naked mother petulantly whined, "Do I have to?"

The doctor folded her arms and looked stern. "Yes. Now. Please don't waste our time."

I held my breath as I watched Mommy bend all the way back down again to do that. Once again, it put her bare ass on phenomenal display.

Bethany whispered to me again while she adoringly slid her fingers up and down my shaft, "God, I can't get over how gorgeous your mother is! She's so much more than a huge pair of breasts. That ass! That ass! Can't you just imagine giving those ass cheeks a firm spanking?"

I furrowed my brow in confusion. "A spanking?"

"Sure. I've seen it many times before. Busty and beautiful women like your mother have a hard time understanding their proper role. They often need reminders putting them in their proper place. It'll be up to you to give her a good spanking whenever she misbehaves."

Bethany's words were so strange to me that I didn't know what to make of them. "Proper place?!" What's that supposed to mean, for starters? But if her intent is to arouse me yet more, it sure is working!

Bethany tilted her head down closer to my crotch. "Damn! I wish I could suck you some more! Or at least lap all over it. But I don't want to upset your mom too much. And it's like I have this NEED to take my bra off and let my tits bounce free in time to my stroking!"

She carefully looked all around, then whispered, "Maybe if I just slide my bra straps down some, maybe that can satisfy my craving for now." She proceeded to slide each bra strap down a few inches until the edges of her pinkish nipples were showing. But she stopped there.

She muttered, "Aaaah! that's much better." She gave me a saucy wink and went back to fully focusing on her stroking.

My eyes must have grown to the size of dinner plates. Between Bethany on her knees just barely contained by her bra and Mommy bending over nearby while completely naked, I didn't know where to look. This can't be happening! I feel like Dorothy in the Land of Oz, We're not in Kansas anymore, that's for sure! Jesus!

Mommy eventually stood back up.

The doctor said, "Good. Now, let's get your true measurements." She pulled a measuring tape out of her pocket. "Turn around and face me."

Since getting on the scale, Mommy had been careful to keep her back to me. But she couldn't disobey a direct command from the doctor. She reluctantly turned back around while keeping a hand over her pussy mound.

The doctor just stared disapproving at that hand until Mommy wound up with both hands at her sides.

Mommy shut her eyes and weakly protested, "Don't you have a protective screen or something?! My son is going to be psychologically scarred seeing me like this!"

Dr. Morgan smirk-smiled as she responded, "Somehow, I think he'll recover. Trust me, I know what I'm doing."

Mommy griped, "Why is everything so sexual?! I keep thinking about that mother I overheard on the phone. What if I wind up like her?!"

Rather than reassure her, the doctor just let a telling silence stretch out.

My mother visibly shivered. I could see it from across the room.

Then the doctor said commandingly, "Stand up straight, please."

Mommy arched her back, causing her insanely huge, round bust to thrust forward. It was such an insanely arousing sight that I found it hard to sometimes look down to check out her fully exposed pussy as well. But even from a ways away I could see the sheen and glistening of her cum on her pussy lips.

Bethany paused in her handjob to glance over. She turned her head back, resumed her stroking, and muttered to me, "Sweet Jesus! Brian, I think your mother is the sexiest woman I've ever seen! And I see a LOT! You wouldn't believe the quality of gorgeous, stacked moms we have in here every day. But her tits simply defy gravity and genetics!"

I muttered back in a kind of breathless awe, "Tell me about it!"

Dr. Morgan continued to take my mother's measurements. "Okay, it looks like I was about right: 29 waist. 36 hips. Please remove your bra and we'll take your bust size."

Mommy protested again, "Do I have to?"

The doctor just gave her a disapproving, impatient glare.

Mommy sheepishly looked down, reached back, and undid her bra. It popped off, and her monstrous chest was again directly exposed. It didn't make much visual difference, but her tits did sag down a little bit. Even her sexy body couldn't entirely escape the effects of gravity.

She whispered urgently, "Doctor! I'm completely naked!"

"Indeed you are. So?"

"It's just that my son... his penis is so stiff and huge, and he's sitting right over there! He can see all of me! And the nurse, she's stroking him! Your daughter!"

"Indeed," Dr. Morgan replied in a matter-of-fact voice. "But there's a perfectly good reason. We need to measure just how much he can ejaculate in an hour. I have a theory about that."

Mommy whimpered helplessly, since nobody was coming to rescue her from this sexually intense situation. She was having a very hard time standing still to be measured.

The doctor first took a measurement of her tiny torso, and then around her rock-hard nipples.

And all the while, the hottest girl in my high school was slowly jacking me off!

Dr. Morgan frowned. "Ms. Pepper, I'm afraid you were way off. Your bra is simply the wrong size! No wonder the bra I got for you is so tight."

I gulped. I felt the cum again welling up in my balls as nurse Bethany stroked my steel hard cock faster and faster.

The doctor commented, "According to the measurements I'm getting, you should be wearing a 36 J!"

"Oh my goodness!" shrieked Mommy. "I had no idea I was that big!"

Dr. Morgan had been acting more or less like a dispassionate doctor most of the time. But that mask seemed to briefly slip. She cupped both of Mommy's huge tankers from below and hefted them up and down, while asking her in a husky, sultry voice, "Can you just imagine what it would feel like to wrap these J-cups around your son's huge cock and reward him with a nice, long titfuck?!"

I had no doubt Mommy had been very wet for a good while, if only due to her potent sexual smell. But right then, for the first time, I noticed a trickle of cum running down my mother's leg as well.

She was shuddering all over, about to cum, apparently just from having her body measured and examined by the doctor while I watched.

The doctor's lewd words seemed to push her over the edge. Mommy looked right at me and cried out, "Oh GOD! SON! I'm so sorry! I'm too horny!" She reached out and gripped Dr. Morgan's shoulders tightly. She tilted her head back and her eyes rolled into her head again as she started to tremble and scream.

It was too much! I hadn't expected I would cum again after getting erect not that many minutes earlier, but watching Mommy cum hard like that affected me in a deep and powerful way. I wanted to see her cum again and again, thanks to what my hands and cock would be doing on and in her body! The fact that Bethany was jacking me off all the way made it impossible for me to hold out any longer.

This time, Bethany wasn't ready, especially since I didn't have time to warn her. My cum blast spurted onto her face and all over her upper body. I couldn't control it, since my hand wasn't on my boner, and she didn't think to try to direct the cum flood until it was half over. As a result, the cum flew out willy nilly, but since she was kneeling right in front of me, virtually all of it landed on her somewhere.

Mommy couldn't fail to notice what was happening to me due to my loud orgasmic moaning, even though she was distracted by her own orgasm still shuddering through her body. She yelled, "Oh no! Doctor, look! He's cumming again! It's too HOT!"

That seemed to send my nude sexpot mother into some kind of orgasmic overdrive. She tilted her head back and screamed and wailed without restraint.

The good doctor had to step forward and hug her to kept her from falling down. Even then, her arms flailed in the air helplessly.

Somehow, I kept cumming and cumming! Seeing Dr. Morgan's rack press tightly into Mommy's even larger rack helped send my arousal to an even higher dimension, even though the doctor was fully dressed. Actually, her clothes made my mother's nudity even more shocking and titillating somehow.

When the cum flood finally ended, Bethany looked down at herself in amazement. After another minute, once my mother stopped screaming so she could be overheard, she said to me, "Oh my! Please try to warn me the next time you are going to ejaculate!"

She didn't say anything about it, but it was pretty clear that her lacy, expensive bra had been ruined, despite the fact that it was barely clinging to her boobs in the first place. I really had splattered her good, all over.

I felt bad. "I'm sorry! That took me by complete surprise too. It's just that seeing my... my mother like, like... When she cums, she's so... And then, with you..."

She chuckled. "I know. Don't worry. It's fine." She looked up at me and flashed me a brilliant, toothy smile, despite the fact that her face was splattered with my cum like a Jackson Pollock painting.

She began scooping up all my cum and filling the vial. "I totally get it. Your mother is, well, she's one hot mama." She giggled at that. "Let's just make sure we get all of this."

I'd heard the rest of my mother screaming her way through her orgasm, but I didn't get to see it, since I'd been looking down at the way my cock was painting Bethany's gorgeous face and chest.

By the time I looked back up and around, the doctor was leading my still twitching and wobbly nude mother to an exam table.

Dr. Morgan said, "Ms. Pepper, I'd like you to lie down here and put your feet into these stirrups."

Mommy gulped, no doubt seeing what a sexual position that would put her in. She looked down at her fully nude body, with just her high heels on her feet. "Can I... do you have a robe for me to wear?"

"Sorry, no," Bethany's mother said flatly.

Mommy did as she was told. Her stunning face was so red, it looked like it would catch fire. Even as she settled into position, she complained, "But... but... my son will see me... in such a lewd position!"

The stern doctor was unmoved. "Think of that as a plus, not a minus. Hopefully, that'll help him get stiff again soon. As I said, I want to see how much he can cum in a single hour. So far, he's quite impressive. Bethany, dear, can you turn around and face us, please?"

"Sure thing." Bethany stayed where she was, but twisted her upper body so they could see all the cum on her.

Mommy gasped, loudly. "OH MY GOD! SO MUCH CUM!" She stared and stared with wide eyes. Her enormous bare tits bounced up and down in time to her labored breathing.

Meanwhile, the buxom doctor went over to a drawer and pulled out a large, penis-shaped object. I suppose it was a dildo, but looked somehow different - like it could contain liquid.

I couldn't resist gawking at my buck naked Mommy, not counting her high heeled feet in the stirrups. Her giant breasts still stood up proudly, only flattening partially despite the fact she was mostly lying down. The bed was tilted up slightly, allowing me to see all of her body, especially since I was standing.

But, for once, I was even more interested in gazing at her tiny vagina, which was visibly twitching. It looked red and swollen, like she'd just been thoroughly fucked. But the most arresting sight was the rivulets of cum dripping down her inner thighs. There had only been one or two there before her latest orgasm, but now she was soaked! That was further proof that she had to be extremely aroused.

In fact, when she got a look at that device that was presumably about to enter her, her hips began to thrust upwards obscenely.

"Oh goodness," she whispered. "Doctor, what's wrong with me?! I can't seem to control myself!"

NOTE: Thanks to the proofreading of Ecchi Spud, YamiBoy, Lew54321, and Story Lover.

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