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Chapter 4
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

So there was my slim, short, yet massively stacked mother, her petite, muscular body writhing on the exam table, causing her enormous chest to shimmy and jiggle in constant motion.

Luckily, my dick never went completely flaccid. It helped that Bethany was right there and continually stroking my painfully erect cock to make sure it stayed full-sized.

Bethany had positioned herself on her knees to the side of where I was sitting so she could usually face my crotch, but still look back with ease to where Mommy was lying down.

The cum-soaked nurse looked that way again, and commented, "God, your Mommy's body really is unbelievable, isn't it?" she asked, now playing with my balls with her other hand. "I mean, I've always been curvy. Boys are always staring at my breasts, like you used to do in high school" -- she briefly looked back at my face and winked - "but, like I said, I've never seen anyone quite like your mother. We specialize in busty, nympho women and well-hung, satyr men, a lot of them mother-and-son combos. There's something about having oversized sex organs and oversized sexual appetites. But still, you two take the cake!"

She shook her head in wonder, and gazed again at my mother. Then she returned her focus to her hands playing with my cock and balls. "To give you an example, my mom, I mean, um, Doctor Morgan, is an F-cup. I'm also an F-cup. Pretty impressive, right? Those are the sorts of breast sizes we usually deal with, give or take a cup size or two. But your mother is a J-cup! And on such a little body! Look at her pussy. I mean, vagina. It's so small. I'm not even sure this big thing" - she shook my throbbing cock slightly - "would fit inside her."

She whispered extra quietly, "I'll bet you're going to find out one way or another soon, though!"

I gulped and shrieked like she'd spilled a glass of ice cold water on my bare chest. That suggestion of hers just about drove me to insanity. Could she be right?! We're talking about ME fucking my MOM! That's totally nuts! But things are getting so sexually crazy. I suppose I have to admit anything is possible, even that!

Bethany giggled and kissed me on my cockhead, but just once. "God, you're so cute! I wish I had known you better in high school. I bet we would have had a really good time."

She stuck her tongue all the way out, surprising me by its almost freakish length. She purred sexily, "I seem to be 'orally fixated.' That mostly means I like to suck cock a lot, unless you give me a lollipop to work on instead!" She giggled. "Can you imagine if we went out? With your thick pole and my long tongue, we'd be a perfect match. I'd spend so much time on my knees that I'd have to buy kneepads!" She giggled some more.

I gawked with my mouth agape. Good Lord! I don't know where to look. A gorgeous young woman I've lusted after for years is talking dirty and jacking me off, but my equally gorgeous and much more wildly buxom mother is lying naked mere feet away from me, and with her legs spread wide in stirrups, no less!

Mommy was whimpering and writhing as the doctor approached her with the dildo-like object.

"Do-doctor? Would it be okay if I... um, if I masturbated?" she pleaded. Instinctively, she had begun squeezing one of her huge, J-cup breasts with one hand, as the other was pressing down on the flesh near her pussy, which was visibly engorged.

The doctor looked very professional in her white coat, in dramatic contrast to everyone else in the room. "One moment, Ms. Pepper. Brian, I want you to watch this. Bethany, you watch as well. You might learn something. I'm very confident that my theory about Brian and his mother is correct. I won't bore you with medical jargon, but the gist is this: Brian and Ms. Pepper are what I call hypersexual beings. Pretty much all my patients are hypersexual to some extent, but you two are like a quantum leap more so. First, you've developed startlingly over-proportioned sexual characteristics."

She put her hand on my mother's free breast and tweaked one of her rock-hard nipples, causing Mommy to moan and buck her hips higher into the air. "These sexual areas - in Brian's case, his large penis - which we'll measure later, though I'm pretty sure a length of eight or nine inches is about right - and in his mother's case, her massive chest and compact yet easily soaked vagina - are extremely sensitive. Both of you must orgasm many times a day - your bodies demand it. And as we've seen, when Brian orgasms, he cums in remarkable quantities. Bethany, have you seen any decrease in the quantity of sperm he produces when he cums?"

"No, doctor. He always cums a huge amount."

"Well then. And my guess is that his mother is the same." She moved Mommy's hand down to her vagina and began to help her masturbate herself with the dildo, causing Mommy to scream in pleasure.

She went on, "I don't think we'll have to wait long for this. Ms. Pepper, I want you to masturbate yourself with this implement as you continue to stare directly at your son's huge erection. As you do so, I want you to imagine how his thick cock-meat would feel in your mouth, with your tightly sealed lips sliding back and forth on it, and your tongue slobbering all over it!"

Mommy gasped through her whimpers. She protested, "But... but... that's so obscene!"

"It is, but I want to test your arousal. Fantasies don't matter, so you can think of anything you want, even that. Can you come up with something more arousing to think about?"

My blushing mother shook her head. Then she closed her eyes and did as the doctor said.

Dr. Morgan whispered to her, but just loud enough for me to hear, "Okay, tell me what you're imagining right now."

Mommy was trying to whisper back, but she was too excited to keep her voice all the way down. "Doctor! It's so shameful and wrong! But I'm imagining what it would be like to feel... to feel... his thickness! So thick! Stretching my lips painfully wide! So HOT! And throbbing with life! Inside my mouth!"

The doctor played dumb. "'His thickness?' Who do you mean?"

Mommy hissed, "You know! HIM! My SON! Oh my God! I can't believe I just said that! Or that I'm thinking it! I'm so ashamed! But I can't help it! I'm too hot and horny!"

Dr. Morgan muttered, "Good. Good. Let it all out. And where are you? How are you positioned?"

"In... in our house! Our living room! He's sitting in the big easy chair and I'm... I'm... I'm kneeling between his legs!"

"What are you wearing?"

"Nothing! Absolutely nothing!"

"Except for some sexy high heels, right?"

"Oh, yes. How did you know? But doctor! It's all too hot! And arousing!"

"Very good. We're measuring your arousal, remember? Keep thinking along those lines. Imagine that he's in charge of your body and you're his obedient busty sex doll. I dare you to even imagine how incredible it would feel to slurp and suck on his thick member! The more outrageous your thoughts, the more aroused you'll get."

Mommy whimpered, but shyly nodded.

For the next minute or two, her naked body humped and shook as if she was getting fucked, which wasn't far off, given the way she was plunging the dildo in and out of her cunt. She clearly had lost all control and was letting her sexual urges run wild.

Dr. Morgan stepped back to better stare at Mommy's entire incredible nude body. She was still wearing her white doctor's jacket, but she joked, "Is it just me, or is it getting really hot in here?" Then she took her jacket off and set it aside. She unbuttoned quite a few buttons on her blouse after that, even though she already was showing off a surprising amount of cleavage.

However, I only barely noticed what the doctor was doing, and only because she was standing so close to Mommy, almost blocking my view.

My "sex doll" mommy was thrusting her hips high into the air, her enormous breasts bobbling and swaying, her pussy contracting around the dildo.

I didn't know how much longer I could hold out, with Bethany still jacking my prick, though her gaze was fixed where mine was: at my insanely sexy Mommy's body, since she was clearly about to orgasm yet again.

Bethany whispered to me as her fingers played up and down my raging erection, "Doesn't she look exactly like she's getting fucked? With her legs splayed out wide and her titties wildly bouncing? Are you thinking about how that could be you, how that could be YOUR cock sliding in and out of her tight, hot tunnel?"

I didn't answer, because I didn't know what to say. Of course I was thinking that! But it would be so embarrassing to admit it. Besides, I was going out of my mind! My head was reeling from too much mental and physical stimulation all at once. It was a true wonder I hadn't climaxed once more already.

Sensing how Mommy was on the cusp of a big climax, the doctor moved in, put her hand on Mommy's, and helped her push the dildo in much deeper.

My sweaty and wildly shaking mother groaned like she'd been stabbed in the gut.

Dr. Morgan exclaimed to her, "Talk sexy!"

"But... but... he's listening!"

"Good! Remember, we need him to cum a lot! Tell your son how you feel!"

With her eyes still shut tight, my bombshell mother said to me, "Oh, Sweetie, I love you so much! And not just as a mother, but, but... as a woman! As a woman with, with... needs! BIG needs! Sexual needs! Mommy's going to cum for you, baby! While I'm sucking... sucking your big fat cock! Or even, even... taking it between my tits! AND my mouth, together! I want it everywhere! MOMMY'S GOING TO CUUUMMM!"

Then I saw something amazing - even more amazing than the pornographic sight already in front of me. As Mommy came, I saw streams of female ejaculate spew onto the table in front of her. I couldn't believe it.

"UHHHHH!" Mommy's orgasm continued. It looked like she was peeing, only we all knew it wasn't pee. "I'M CUMMING IN FRONT OF MY BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY! SUCH A WELL-HUNG STUD! OHHH GOOOOOODDDD!"

I couldn't believe that I felt an uncontrollable urge to cum again, but it seemed that every time I saw Mommy have a huge orgasm, I just about lost my mind. I was squeezing my PC muscle frantically, but it was no use. At least this time I was able to warn Bethany, "I'm going to cum too!"

"Okay, Sweetie!" my heavenly handjob helper said, quickly attaching the vial to my pulsing, red, engorged cock. She hissed, just loud enough for me to hear, "You show your mommy how much you want to cum for her! How much you want to cum INSIDE her! Pretend your thick cock is inside her and you're drilling her! Pounding her! Fucking her good! Filling her with your hot seed!"

And I came - even though it was my - God, I was losing count - fourth? orgasm in under an hour, I came with a fury. Spurts filled the vial, until it was almost overflowing.

I was forced to keep my eyes closed for a while as I felt utterly destroyed. However, I heard loud and almost agonized screaming for the next minute or two as my mother's great climax went on and on.

"Uhhhh... " Mommy's body twitched and shook as she slowly and finally came down from her orgasm.

I looked up at Bethany. I realized from my blurry vision that I actually had tears streaming down my face from the intensity of what had just transpired.

"Oh, my cutie!" Bethany said. She reached up to my face and wiped a few of my tears away, helping me to see better. "You did so well! You came even more than last time. And even more intensely. I know your mommy is very proud of you."

I muttered in awe, "That was so intense!"

"Mmmm, it was," Bethany agreed. "But it's not over, by a longshot. In fact, I'll bet the fun has just begun!"

I shook my head in disbelief.

With my cock still stiff and soaked with cum and saliva, Bethany pointed it straight up and got busy licking it clean.

The doctor withdrew the dildo from Mommy's vagina and looked at it. "Amazing," she said. "So much cum! Like mother, like son." She emptied its contents into a jar.

"Uhhh... yes, Sweetie," my almost-passed-out mother said, turning her head to me while she squeezed both of her gigantic breasts for my visual benefit. She must had seen the way Bethany was licking my shaft, since she stared directly at my crotch. If she had a problem with what she was seeing, she didn't express it.

Instead, she simply gasped, "So proud! So proud of my little boy!"

With that, she passed out altogether.

NOTE: Thanks to the proofreading of Ecchi Spud, YamiBoy, Lew54321, and Story Lover.

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