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Chapter 5
(M, F, M/F, M/FF, ds, inc, Mdom, mother, son, fucking, oral sex, titfucking, doctor, nurse)
Written by Spacer X and Tacocarnitas (paul_t_22@yahoo.com)

Several minutes passed in near total silence.

Nurse Bethany continued cleaning my dick with her surprisingly long tongue. It seemed she was locked in a battle to keep it erect. Unfortunately, I felt so destroyed that it was a battle she was slowly losing.

Dr. Morgan revived my mother by tweaking her distended nipples.

Mommy slowly woke up and she groggily let the doctor help her into a new, massive, see-through J-cup bra, then a new pair of panties. They were more like a G-string, and semi-transparent too.

The doctor tilted the exam table up more, giving Mommy a better view of what Bethany was doing to me.

My exhausted mother was content to stay like that for a while, even though her other clothes were nearby. She shook her head in amazement at what she was seeing.

My dick was still erect, just so long as Bethany lapped on my most sensitive spots. She still had it held up at a dramatic angle, and was careful to keep her head at a side profile from where Mommy rested, as well as her hair out of the way, almost like she was most interested in putting on a sexy show just for her.

I heard Mommy quietly ask, "Doctor, how it is possible that he's still erect?! It can't be!"

The doctor chuckled. "It can be, believe me. Your eyes don't lie. Your son is a very virile, sexual stud. Just imagine if you lived a life like that mother I talked to on the phone. Can you imagine how much time you'd spend naked and kneeling, with his incredible thickness filling your mouth? Or taking his hot pole between your gigantic breasts? Or, better yet, doing both of those things at once, just like you loudly suggested while you climaxed last time!"

Mommy certainly must have realized that it was way beyond inappropriate for a professional doctor to use that sort of language, but it was like she'd mentally snapped. She was so far gone into her erotic delirium that I doubt she cared. She just mumbled approvingly and lewdly licked her lips while she continued to stare at Bethany's busy tongue.

I felt shivers race up and down my spine, because it was so very clear that Mommy was heating up with thoughts of giving me blowjobs, titfucks, or both at once!

"Oh, Bethany," Dr. Morgan said, "please take some measurements of Brian's penis. We need it flaccid first, then fully erect."

Despite the fact that my eyes were still glued to my mother's cartoonishly erotic body, and Bethany was still valiantly licking it to try to keep it erect, I had come so many times in such a short period that I knew I would go flaccid as soon as she stopped with her talented oral attentions.

Bethany went to a drawer and pulled out a ruler.

Just as I'd surmised, as soon as she disengaged from my dick, it went completely flaccid in a hurry.

Apparently Bethany made the same assumption, because she seemed to have expected that. She grabbed my cockhead and pulled it up. "Five inches," she said.

Mommy was paying attention, and proudly said, "That's how long some men are when they're fully erect!"

The doctor nodded. "Indeed. Now, girl, let's see how much longer he gets in an erect state."

Bethany frowned. "Hmmm. Mom, I mean, doctor, his penis is... well, obviously, it's not hard."

"Oh come now, Bethany," the doctor said with a smirk-smile. "Be creative. I think you're developing special feelings for him, and we're well beyond the usual doctor-patient relationship. Give him a special treat."

She looked to Mommy. "That is, unless you object?"

There was a long silence as she considered that. Her face was soaked with sweat and she seemed exhausted from her big orgasms, but there still was a lusty fire in her eyes. She weakly complained, "This is so wrong. All of it. Insane!" She looked up to Dr. Morgan. "But... you are the doctor. And this is medically necessary, right?"

"Oh, definitely."

Somehow, I highly doubted that. But I wasn't about to complain!

The buxom doctor smiled at her daughter. "Go for it, girl!"

Bethany thought for a moment, then smiled at me. "I have an idea. Of course I'm going to want to play with your cock some more. That goes without saying." She grinned impishly.

Then she became more uncertain, and almost shy. "But, while I'm doing that, Brian, would you like to look at my big breasts? I know they're not gigantic and all-around perfect like your mother's are, but they're really big F-cups. Did I tell you that already? Boys are always coming on to me, and I know you really like them big."

I nodded vigorously. Even though she was down to just a bra with straps that still barely clung to her shoulders, it would be a very different thing to see her topless.

That wiped away her uncertainty and put a beautiful smile back on her face. She sat up straighter and proudly thrust her chest out. Just doing that caused one strip to finally give up and slide down, fully exposing one nipple.

She reached back to fully remove her bra. "Here they come, Brian!" She pulled off the bra and revealed all of her huge, young breasts. I had dreamed for years about seeing them, and they were bigger and more beautiful than I had imagined (probably in part because they'd grown since then). But my penis was still soft.

She frowned. "Hmmm. I guess these don't look so big compared to your mother's."

"No!" I said. I put a hand on her head and tenderly stroked her dark brown hair. "It's not that. They're - they're amazing! And so big! I think you have - well, had - the biggest breasts in our high school. You were THE busty beauty that I longed for, and you're even more beautiful now."

She still seemed surprisingly unconfident in her extraordinary looks. "Really?!"

"Really. Now, they're even larger! And you're... um, so beautiful, all over! Even your smile knocks me down."

She smiled widely and stroked my face. "Oh, thank you, you cutie!" She turned to the doctor. "Mom, isn't he the best?"

Dr. Morgan grinned too. "He does seem to be a special one. Maybe it's time you give him a special reward."

Bethany giggled. "Definitely! A special, slurpy reward!" She stared longingly into my eyes and licked her lips lasciviously.

I noticed the doctor had unbuttoned her blouse all the way down to her belly button. Even as I looked her way, with Mommy looking elsewhere, she reached into her blouse and somehow quickly pulled her bra out of it. She gave me a wink, then shook her platinum blonde hair. I couldn't quite see her nipples, but still, she was doing a very nice job trying to help me get erect.

My sexy nurse looked down at my crotch and frowned to see my penis was still flaccid. She took it in hand and started to stroke it, but it seemed limp and dead.

I looked back to her. "It's just that I've... um, ejaculated so many times. I'm just really tired."

"Of course, I understand. But we have to get that measurement." She let go of my penis while she pondered deeply.

Then she came to a decision. "Of course I can't wait to suck you off some more, and maybe that'll be enough. But maybe not." She took both of my hands, and to my shock (and my mother's, judging from the gasp I heard), placed them on her large young breasts. "Just to be sure, I want you to play with my big, bouncy boobies while I make your cock really hard again with my lips and tongue, okay?"

My hands were overflowing with the biggest 21-year-old breasts I had ever seen.

Her hands went straight back to my crotch and resumed gently massaging my flaccid penis.

I groaned with pleasure.

To my surprise and delight, so did she. "Oh, Brian, that feels so good! I love the way you're feeling up my breasts. Mom, Brian's hands feel really good on my tits. It's like he has a natural touch. And I can tell he's having fun because his cock is starting to engorge again already."

Dr. Morgan looked to Mommy. "Did you hear that? It seems like your son loves playing with big titties as much as he loves looking at them. Can you imagine what he could do to you? Playing with your J-cups while you alternately suck and titfuck him, all evening long?"

Mommy didn't verbally respond to that, but she sat up stiffly. She brought her hands to her huge globes, and seemed frustrated to find she was wearing a bra, even though it was a see-through one. She also seemed frustrated that Bethany was only jacking me off so far.

She suggested, "Bethany, please listen to your mother! What are you waiting for? He'll never get stiff unless you use your mouth too."

She said that even though we all could see that my penis was rapidly growing merely from the handjob plus the tit play. In fact, it already was about more than half-erect.

Bethany replied, "Oh, I'm getting there, but I'm having such fun enjoying his hands on my buxom chest. He has such enthusiasm!"

Mommy asked impatiently, "Can't you suck him off while he continues to play with your sexy body?"

"Ooooh! Good idea!" Bethany immediately leaned in and swallowed my entire cock in one go, since it wasn't fully engorged yet.

I moaned and groaned as a great erotic rush washed over me. I had to let go of my sexy nurse's wonderful globes and put my hands on her head instead, because the pleasure was literally too much for me to cope with.

Sitting up on the exam table, Mommy didn't have a good view, due to Bethany's head being in the way.

The doctor walked to the side of where Bethany's head was bobbing, and she leaned in. She soon reported, "Ms. Pepper! It's growing! I can see your son's cock growing inside her mouth! So fast!"

Mommy got excited hearing that. "Good! Very good!" She let her bra straps slip down her shoulders, to better fondle herself. "Son, if it helps you, look at me playing with my big breasts! As I'm sitting here, I'm thinking how wonderful it would feel if I were in Bethany's place!"

I couldn't believe that she'd just made that confession. "Mommy! You're thinking about sucking my cock?! For real!"

"I am! And not for the first time! Like I said, I'm kind of obsessed!" But after she said that, she seemed to have regrets, and turned her still-blushing face in shame.

Dr. Morgan saw and heard all that. "Ms. Pepper, that's good! Honesty is good! I think we're having a breakthrough here! And does he always call you 'Mommy?'"

My blushing mother could only silently nod to confirm that.

"Good! That's a VERY good sign in my office. I heartily approve. Tell us: have you masturbated to thoughts of sucking his big fat cock?"

Mommy breathlessly panted, "I have! So many times! I'm especially obsessed about that! It's my favorite fantasy!"

The doctor urgently asked her, "And how often do you masturbate to a big climax after deliberately spying on your son when he jerks off? Thinking about your lips wrapped around his pole and sliding relentlessly while you diddle yourself!"

Mommy didn't hesitate this time. "Oh! Every time! Every single damn time!" She said this while staring intently at Bethany's increasingly difficult oral struggle.

I was even more stunned and amazed by my mother's words. My heart thumped like a pounding hammer. I'd had no idea she'd been spying on me at all, much less having those masturbatory fantasies too! I clutched at Bethany's head with my hands while I fought the urge to cum with all my might.

My cock engorged the rest of the way so quickly that Bethany found herself deep throating it! She had to pull back some, but still, her lips were far enough down that she was past her gag reflex.

Mommy leaned forward eagerly, still fondling her bouncy orbs, but still unable to directly see much due to Bethany's head. "What's happening?!"

Dr. Morgan proclaimed, "It's getting stiffer and longer! I think it's fully engorged! Not only that, but it looks like my daughter is deep throating him!"

"NO!" Mom exclaimed, getting even more excited.

"YES! Kind of by accident, I think, because it was partially flaccid in her mouth and then engorged so quickly. But she's hanging in there as it grows and grows, even though tears are coming to her eyes!"

"WOW! Son, did you hear that?! I think you need to give Bethany a special thank you! Deep throating a cock YOUR size must be next to impossible!"

I still had both of my hands on Bethany's head, although the danger of an imminent cum explosion was slightly receding. I ran a hand through her gorgeous hair. "Um, thank you! Holy Toledo! That feels so incredible!"

Bethany doggedly hung in there. More and more tears were streaming down her cheeks, but it seemed she was determined to impress me.

Mommy urgently complained, "Bethany, please! Can you move a little so I can see?!"

Somehow, even with tears of struggle streaming down her face, Bethany managed to tilt her head as well as brush her long hair out of the way, allowing my mother to have a full, direct view.

Mommy all but screamed, "Oh my God! Oh my GOD! Would you look at that?! So much cock! Plunging straight down her throat!"

I was hanging on for dear life, as the urge to cum returned with a vengeance and nearly overwhelmed me. I had to shut my eyes tightly and clench my pelvis muscles. Talk about insanely wonderful pleasure!

But despite all that, I managed to hear the doctor tell my mother, "Can you imagine if YOU could do that? How proud you would be! Such love, such pleasure, such dedication!"

I heard Mommy reply, "Oh, I know! But it must be impossible!"

"Not true!" the doctor firmly replied. "If she can do it, you can do it too. It just takes practice, practice, practice! Suck on his cock every chance you get it, and you'll do it, I promise!"

My excited mother squealed, "Oh! FUCK ME! That sounds incredible!" She never ever cursed, so that was a sign of how far gone into her lust she was.

Finally, after what must have been close to a full minute, Bethany was forced to pull all the way off. She clutched at her throat, panting. There was still plenty of my cum dripping down her face, but she seemed to have forgotten all about that.

I wanted to say something in gratitude, but I was forced to just sit and pant too, because the rush of pleasure from her tight throat was almost too much to take.

Mommy loudly and enthusiastically clapped, and so did Dr. Morgan. It seemed my mother had turned some sort of corner in terms of admitting and accepting her true sexual desires for me.

I kept my eyes closed, but I carefully peeked in my mother's direction while I slowly recovered from that pleasure blast. She was still lewdly splayed out in the stirrups, gloriously sweaty and naked. She had one hand at her pussy and another on a nipple, and was definitely masturbating herself to bliss.

After another minute or two, a still panting Bethany looked over to her mother. "Mom! Did you see that?! I'd never deep throated anybody, much less something as thick as he is, but I did it! I'm so psyched! That was a total trip!"

The doctor only slightly smiled. "That's very nice, Bethany, but make sure you get that measurement. Don't let him go flaccid while you recover."

"Oh, darn!"

My mother said from the bed, where she was still freely fondling her huge tits and sopping wet pussy, "Bethany, if it makes you feel better, I'm VERY impressed!"

"Thank you!" Bethany said. She released my cock with one hand and put the ruler next to my now fully erect pole.

I belatedly told her, "And I'm very impressed too!"

Bethany stared up at me and beamed. "Now, that's what I want to hear most. See, Mom? Some people around here appreciate quality cocksucking!" She stuck her long tongue out provocatively.

Dr. Morgan was leaning in to look at the ruler's measurement. That caused her open blouse to open a bit more, allowing me to get a peek at her erect nipples. She said, "I'm very impressed too, believe me. But we have to remember that we have a job to do."

"Nine inches exactly!" Bethany said, proudly, closely looking at the ruler.

The doctor chided her, "Wait! Don't forget to measure the width. That's even more important than length when it comes to giving a woman pleasure, as you well know."

"Mmmm, I sure do," Bethany said happily, licking her lips. "When it's in my mouth, it's almost TOO thick! But it's just right!"

There was a brief pause, because the doctor had to get a tape measure for Bethany to be able to measure the circumference, in order to get a good sense of the width.

Mommy very reluctantly stopped playing with her pussy, because I kept looking her way while we waited for the tape measure. But she was so worked up that she couldn't stop caressing her huge globes, even when I stared right at her.

Bethany did the measurement, and found my dick was between six and a half and seven inches in circumference.

The doctor whistled in appreciation. "Wow! Incredible, again!" She looked into my eyes as she explained, "That may not sound as impressive as nine inches in length, but believe me, it's way more impressive. There have been studies where women rated the pleasure they got from different sized penises, and the best numbers were for a penis about eight inches long and six and a half inches around. So, Brian, you have close to the perfect penis size, plus a little extra!"

Bethany cheered. "Yeay! The perfect cock! I think I'm in love!" She giggled.

She handed the ruler off to her mother and stared up into my eyes even more adoringly than before. "What a big cock for a boy like you!" Not only did she resume stroking my boner, she pinned it up against the side of her face at the same time. "Mmmm! I could really get used to having fun with this monster!"

I didn't know what to say to that, so I tried to respond non-verbally as best I could by continuing to run a hand through her hair.

She purred contently while licking as much of my cock-meat as came within reach of her tongue. And she had a very long tongue! In fact, I was shocked to see just how much of it there was while she had it sticking out of her mouth, and I guessed that it would look still longer if she stuck it out as much as possible.

After about a minute of that, Dr. Morgan said, "Very good. Now, put Brian's big cock away and put your clothes back on."

Bethany looked to her mother beseechingly. "But Mommy! Don't you think Brian needs another cum?" Bethany said, almost begging. "I only got to suck him off a little bit earlier, and I kind of promised him I'd finish him off later. I was working up to that again."

The doctor rolled her eyes. She turned to Mommy. "What do you think? Should we watch while she sucks him off again?"

"YES!" Mommy said with undisguised enthusiasm. Then she lamely tried to hide her feelings. "Er, that would be okay by me. I guess. I mean, she did promise him earlier. It would be rude not to."

I thought back to Bethany's amazing deep throating effort not that long ago. Wasn't that the fulfillment of her promise? But hell, once again, I wasn't about to complain!

The doctor looked to her daughter. "Very well, since you promised. But be quick. We have another appointment in a few minutes."

Bethany again gave me a radiant smile and squeezed her own breasts through my hands. "Okay! Sweet! Brian, I'm going to suck on your cock now. And not just a little bit, like I've been forced to do sometimes earlier. I'm going to go all out! You can keep feeling up my bare breasts if you want. I really like your magic touch! Or I suppose you could fondle them while you look at your mother's naked body again, and imagine you're playing with her. That always seems to make you cum fast."

She started to lean in, and opened her mouth wide. But then paused, and added, "Don't cum TOO quickly though, okay? I really love sucking your cock, and I want to thoroughly enjoy this!"

I looked to the doctor, who was still showing off peeks of her erect nipples, due to the way her blouse was unbuttoned so far down.

She rolled her eyes again, but grinned too. "Very well! I guess today's the day we throw away all the usual rules. I suppose we have more than a few minutes, if you think he can last that long!"

Bethany squealed, "Yeay!" Not wasting any time, she engulfed my cockhead and started frantically bobbing on it.

Again, I was impressed by the length of her tongue and just what she was doing with it to my boner inside her mouth.

I looked over and saw Mommy, now much more alert, bring a hand back to her pussy mound, even as her massive chest continued its sexy heaving and wobbling while she fondled herself there too.

Dr. Morgan also looked back at Mommy. She said, "Ms. Pepper, please come here."

"There?!" Suddenly my mother got shy.

"Yes, right here." She nodded to a spot on the other side of Bethany's bobbing head. "I want you to see this up close as I tell you something important."

Mommy reluctantly got up and then knelt down on the spot the doctor had indicated, just on the outer side of one of my legs. That put her so close that she could have easily tilted her head in and helped Bethany lick my shaft!

Dr. Morgan said, "Okay, good. Ms. Pepper, I hope your attitude towards helping your son has evolved during our appointment. Because that's all we can do, help. I'm convinced that both you and him are not just nymphos and satyrs, but downright hypersexual, though I'll have to run some tests on your sexual fluids to be sure. There's no cure for that. Instead, it's much like having a kind of permanent poison ivy. You can help it with an ointment to cool things down, but it'll never go away."

Mommy looked to her in confusion. "An ointment?"

"Yes. Here, let me get it for you." The doctor got up to get the ointment.

Mommy leaned in closer and licked her lips hungrily as she watched Bethany bobbing and sucking from up close.

Frankly, I was more aroused and interested watching my mother's blushing and lusty face than even watching Bethany's sliding lips. But I kind of was able to do both at once, because I immediately noticed that Mommy started imitating everything Bethany was doing, including keeping her mouth open absurdly wide. For instance, when Bethany's cheeks caved in from intense suction, Mommy's cheeks would do the same, puckering up while keeping her lips open in a perfect "O" shape.

That continued for a minute or two, until Dr. Morgan came back and resumed kneeling on the other side. Mommy sheepishly closed her mouth, and blushed redder.

The doctor held up a large tube of cream. "Here's the ointment." She looked right at Mommy as she said, "It's very special. I made it myself, based on the results of my research. It can help with both of your conditions. I want you to apply it to his erection at least three times a day. At least! And I say 'erection.' It'll do no good if you apply it when he's flaccid. But if he's erect more than that, and you're around to help him, you should apply more. Oh, and it helps to regularly apply to it his testicles as well."

Mommy looked at the tube in wide-eyed wonder. "How does it work?!"

"Well, there's no immediate effect at first, to be honest. But if you rub it in thoroughly, and then keep rubbing it in until he cums, and you do that on a daily basis, eventually, it should cool his libido some. He'll end up cumming maybe three or four times a day instead of five or six."

Mommy furrowed her brow. "Wait. You said rub it in until he cums! How is that different from a handjob?"

"In practical terms, not at all. Except for the long-term effect of the cream. But don't worry, if handjobs aren't your thing, the cream is edible and even has a nice cherry flavor. So you can rub the cream in and then suck him off until he cums if you like. Or, you can get creative and dab it on both sides of your cleavage and titfuck him until he cums. I recommend a variety of methods, to make sure the cream works."

Mommy's jaw dropped as those words sank in. "Holy mother of...!"

But then she frowned even more. "But... but... all cream aside... when it comes right down to it, what you're telling me to do is to stroke, suck, and titfuck my son's cock many times a day until he's all out of cum! And then do it all over again the next day!"

The doctor nodded in a matter-of-fact way. "Yes. If that's how you want to look at it, that's one way to look at it. But I see that as a positive, not a negative. You complained that he spends many hours a day masturbating, to the point that his grades are suffering. I'm sure that's true, since he is hypersexual. No doubt, his stamina has reached a point where it takes him a long time each time just to cum. But... if YOU help him, he'll be much, MUCH more excited! He'll cum in, say, ten or fifteen minutes, instead of an hour or more. If you consider how he cums five or six times a day, the time quickly adds up. His satyr urges will be satisfied, leaving him plenty of time for homework."

She finished by asking, "As his loving mother, isn't it your duty to help him in that way?"

Mommy just knelt there in nothing but her high heels, staring at Bethany's sliding lips as she pondered the issue. "If I agree to this... I could end up doing what she's doing to him right now! I might find myself bobbing naked on my knees every single day!"

The doctor corrected, "Except for some sexy high heels presumably. Those are a must. Don't you feel extra invigorated wearing them right now?"

Mommy furrowed her brow. "It's strange... but I do! It makes me feel... I dunno... extra naughty."

Dr. Morgan grinned knowingly. "Exactly. And that's a good thing because, yes. you could end up bobbing on his thick pole over and over, every single day. The naughty thrill of your high heels can help you get an extra burst of energy when your mouth is tired out from so much endless sucking."

Mommy seemed to be having great difficulty breathing. "What... what are you saying here?! If I agree to all this, I could end up my son's cocksucker slut!"

Dr. Morgan said sternly, "It's not a matter of 'if you agree.' These are doctor's orders! You MUST agree. Do you understand? And yes, you may well end up as your son's big-titted, cocksucking mommy slut. But you've already admitted that's your longtime fantasy. Your obsession even."

The doctor reached out and put a hand on Bethany's constantly bobbing head. She stroked her daughter's hair while we all watched the steady sucking. "Just look at what Bethany is doing. Tell me in all honesty: aren't you constantly salivating, wishing you could be in her place? Aren't you going out of your mind, getting to see my daughter suck him so much without you getting to do it at all?"

Mommy sighed heavily. "You got me. I'm so horny! It's all I can think about! I'm so ashamed of my desire. I can't stop blushing. But at the same time, I'm almost angry at you that for not letting me even lick him yet!" She realized what she'd just said, and sighed again, "God, I'm so awful!"

"No, you're not," Dr. Morgan said definitively. "It's only natural to feel that way. Look at her go! Look at the sheer joy on her face! She's had boyfriends, but this is different, I can tell. She's discovering the pleasure of serving a truly superior cock!"

Mommy sighed again, but this time with intense longing.

All was silent for the next minute or so except, of course, for Bethany's loud and lewd slurping.

Finally, the doctor asked, "So, given what a wonderfully suckable cock your son has, would it REALLY be such a hardship for you?" She raised her eyebrow again, and smirked.

Mommy continued to stare at Bethany's sliding lips, not to mention her frequently caved in cheeks. "No... I suppose not... It's just that... Well, it's going to be such a lifestyle change! For both of us! And it feels wrong. Sinful, too!"

The doctor reached across Bethany and patted one of Mommy's bare shoulders. "I know, I know. But, just like that mother you heard me talking to on the phone, the one with the son with the broken wrists, a loving mother does what's needed to be done for her son. Right?"

"Right," Mommy replied, but she still looked uncertain and unhappy. "Except her son has broken wrists. My son's wrists are just fine."

The doctor replied, "True, but that boy is a mere satyr. Your son is a full-on hypersexual being. An extreme situation sometimes requires extreme solutions."

"I don't know..." Mommy bit her lip in worry

The busty, platinum blonde doctor tried a different approach. "I've only just met you today, but I know your type. I believe you love your son deeply, so deeply that you'd take a bullet for him. Wouldn't you? Would you trade your life to save his?"

Mommy answered without having to think it over, "In a heartbeat!" She looked up at the doctor. "You know he's my only child. He's my pride and joy, my entire life! Nothing matters more to me than his well-being. Nothing!"

Dr. Morgan smiled. "Just as I'd figured. So if you'd take a bullet for him, certainly stroking or even sucking his big cock would be a breeze in comparison. I'm positive you both will come to enjoy it." She pulled her hand off Mommy's shoulder, then handed her the tube of cream. "Here. Put it on him now."

Mommy's face had finally stopped blushing, but that quickly changed. "What?! Me?! Now?!"

The doctor chuckled. "Yes, you." She tapped Bethany's shoulder. "Sorry. I'm going to have to deny you again. The needs of our patients come first."

Bethany pulled her lips all the way off my throbbing cock-meat, but glared at her mother almost angrily. "Damn! That sucks!"

Mommy put her free hand on Bethany's shoulder, causing her to turn the other way. "Bethany... God! You look so beautiful!" She clarified, "I'm sure you always look like a knockout, but I'm talking about my son's cum still splattered all over your face. It's so sexy that I can't even think straight when we're up close like this!"

The sexy nurse smiled from ear to ear. "Thanks! But you're the lucky one. You get to live with him. He's gonna paint your face with his pearly seed every day!"

Mommy was startled at first, but then she looked my way and gave me a big smile. "Mmmm. That's true, isn't it? Wow! That gives me goose bumps!"

Believe me, I felt goose bumps too, and a thrill rushing up and down my spine.

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